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02-21-2008, 06:52 PM
Hey everyone! I'm back from a loooonnnnnggggg hiatus. And from gaining back the 10 pounds I lost last summer (:(). Anyway...as the subject of my post states, I want to get down to 125 lbs by June 21. Why? It's the first day of Summer AND my boyfriend's nephew is getting married, so I have a WEDDING I need to look hot for! :yikes:

So that means I need to buck up and DO this! No more messing around! I'm NOT going to fail this time. I won't allow myself to. I'm sick of WISHING I looked better than other girls, and I'm sick of being jealous of other girls. And I'm sick of wondering if my boyfriend secretly wishes I looked like some of the hot girls that are around us sometimes (he plays soccer, and I'm constantly by all the other girls that watch their boyfriends...and some of them look pretty darn good - they're latinas!). But no more of that for me.

Now...how am I going to do this? This is where you gals come in. I'm going to need some help developing a plan. Here are some of my problems, and if anyone has some suggestions on how to improve, please let me know! Because obviously these things haven't been working for me (seeing as I can't lose or keep off this weight)....

- How in the WORLD can I give up pop? I've tried everything in the book....flavored water, sparkling water, 1/2 can of pop and 1/2 can water, etc.

- Does anyone have any suggestions for rewards? I'm thinking of coming up with a points system, where I earn a certain number of points for working out X amount of minutes a day, and points for healthy meals/snacks and each cup of water a day

- How do you all stay motivated? I'm usually motivated 1-2 weeks, and then it all goes to **** from there. I don't know what to do once I hit that point.

- I want to go hardcore with working out. I know a lot of you like to say to "start off small", but I'm not really starting out. I've been working out on and off for years now. I just need to do it every day. And it seems I can't find a plan to stick to because it's too easy or boring. Any suggestions on good workout plans or videos?

I think that's all for now. And this is long enough, LOL. If anyone has any suggestions, jump right in! Thank you SO much!

02-21-2008, 07:02 PM
Well, I can try to help...

1. Switch to diet. For some people, it makes them crave sweets, but others do just fine. I never gave up soda, and neither did several other big losers here...we just switched to calorie-free varieties.

2. Make your rewards fitness/health based. For example, new songs for your iPod, new workout wear, some cool gourmet ingredient normally out of your price range, a new pair of running shoes...if I try to reward myself with NON-health related items, it rarely works for me, but exercising so I can get better workout gear or experiment with some healthy cooking technique really works for me.

3. Fight through it. You have to DECIDE...this is the time I'm going to do it. Period. Then when you hit that 2 weeks, you say "well, I'm just going to keep moving ahead, because that's the decision I've made)...and then you do it. I don't really know how else to describe it...you just COMMIT. You make giving up non-optional.

4. Maybe your plan should be to mix it up. Do you have a gym with classes? You could do some standard workouts 2-3 times a week, plus a rotation of fun, new classes 2 times a week. You could go to the roller rink on Saturdays, or go for hikes. If boredom is your issue, mixing up your workouts is your solution...and it makes it so much fun. Find a rock climbing wall. Find a place that rents kayaks or canoes and go a-paddlin'. Take up a new sport and find an adult league where they play. Variety with exercise is GREAT if you find yourself getting bored...and knowing you have some FUN, out of the ordinary activity coming up is really helpful for making the regular, standard workouts feel less boring.

Hope that helps...and welcome back!

02-21-2008, 07:04 PM
Welcome back!
I like to have small goals so I know I can reach them and so I can celebrate often. I think it is good to have non-food goals like haircut, manicure, buy new underwear, new jeans in a smaller size etc. These things help make you feel good, stay motivated, and help show off the new you!

02-21-2008, 07:06 PM
Thanks, those are great tips. Keep 'em coming!! And I have another thing I forgot to mention, which I can't believe I did, because it's such a huge thing.

I just started a new job, so I'm sitting at a desk all day. And I munch ALL DAY! How do I make myself stop?? I always pack a big lunch box full of healthy lunches and snacks, but no matter how much I pack, I still end up going to the vending machine for snacks instead (chocolate cravings or something, I dunno...). That's one I really need help with...

02-21-2008, 07:09 PM
labonita something could be triggering you to want snacky stuff. I know for me I do fine until I start eating snacky foods. It is a roller coaster that is hard to get off. Diet soda for me does make me crave more food.

Try ww crackers and hummus, try a small amount of portioned nuts, try celery and carrots. Grab some fruit and yogurt.

02-21-2008, 07:11 PM
Yeah I sit at a desk all day too. And I work for a company that has tons of food in stock that we can snack on! I finally had to decide to STOP eating it.
Now I bring my own snacks and limit myself to them...usually a banana for the morning and a baggie of baby carrots for the afternoon. Sometimes some pretzels or a hard boiled egg. And lots of water, maybe some Crystal Light.
It's a choice. We have to choose to do it. And it does get easier.

02-21-2008, 07:20 PM
Quit taking money to work. Keep your cash at home. If you have to bring cash because you have to stop somewhere (cant imagine where that a credit card wouldnt work as well) then leave all your small bills and change at home and only bring $20 bills. After a few weeks of breaking the cycle the cravings should reduce.

Try not to eat at your desk at all. Break that association. When it is healthy snack time, get up and move away from your desk to eat your snack. If you cant leave your cubical without getting yelled at, at least stand up. Eat it on the way to get a drink of water, whatever. Stop the eating WHILE working habit.

Exercise, diet. At some point you have to move beyond feeling the need for motivation. Because you nailed it right on the head. Motivation only lasts for 1-2 weeks. After that it has to be just part of your life.

Sign up for a 5K or 10K to walk or run depending on your fitness level. Make it be a stretch goal. Download a training program. Do it.

Get yourself a mantra for those times you struggle. i.e. "who is stronger, me or the chocolate". I sing"Free Will"

02-21-2008, 08:22 PM
Hey! Sounds to me like "new job tension," and your answer to it is to munch.

Get yourself something to chew on that isn't food--like a coffee stirrer, some gum--something that won't hurt your mouth but isn't food. Basically a "chew toy." :lol: And then, slowly break your habit of having to be eating or chewing. For instance, you could limit yourself to chewing on your "chew toy" once an hour for minutes--that's just a made up number, choose what will work. The idea is to get to the point where you don't chew on things at all, unless you are actually having a meal or snack at the planned-on time.

This trick also helps for people who are quitting smoking.


02-21-2008, 08:30 PM
I agree with Amanda about the diet soda, I did it and honestly now I can't even drink regular without getting sick. It'll take a little bit to get used to it, but it's worth it. I would suggest ones that taste almost exactly like regular. For example Coke Zero to me tastes very close to regular coke and Diet Dr. Pepper tastes very much like regular. Start small, also what my bf's mom did was half and half at first. Half diet half regular, then slowly started adding more diet until there was no regular.

02-21-2008, 09:21 PM
I never was a real soda drinker, so I can't help there. I might have some when we go out to dinner or a movie, but I just don't keep it in the house.

For #2 and #3, my motivation is based in my reward. For example, my 10/15 pounds lost reward was a new suit (clearance, but it's sharp as ****). My 25 pounds lost reward is an iPod shuffle so I have something to take to the gym. At 50 pounds (or 3 sizes, my halfway point, whichever comes first), I get a mini-shopping trip at Old Navy. And since my clothes are already baggier, it gives me to motivation to keep going.

02-22-2008, 03:45 PM
I'm fanatical about rewarding myself--I work hard and i deserve some treats!

My rewards aren't based on pounds lost (too focused on the scale for me) but on time spent exercising. If I hit the gym three or four times a week for a month or so I'll splurge on new pants or a facial.

02-22-2008, 03:55 PM
You've gotten some great advice already.

I just want to add that for mindless munching at the desk, I bring along raw string beans.

02-22-2008, 04:20 PM
Thanks so much for the help everyone. I almost forgot how supportive all of you are here! I love the "chew toy" idea. LOL. I'll have to try that one. You all give such great advice!

Hat Trick
02-22-2008, 05:06 PM
RE: Motivation

This is from Skwigg's blog (http://skwigg.tripod.com). Best advice I've heard yet.

"Motivation, as in being all rah-rah excited, doesn't happen to anybody, or if it does, it's fleeting. I'm not motivated to workout. I do it both because it needs to be done and because I'm emotionally invested in it. Very much like bathing and brushing my teeth. I may not always enjoy the process or the time it takes, but I do it at the start of every day because it makes me feel good about myself and gives me confidence. I don't want to be all scary and stinky and have people run from me. :-) However, at no point do I feel "motivated" to haul myself out of bed in the morning and get in the shower. I just do it and don't entertain the idea that I might not. I'm someone who bathes. You can be someone who exercises. It's just that matter-of-fact."