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02-21-2008, 06:45 AM
Good morning all my new friends!

Did anyone watch the eclipse last night? It's frigid cold here so my son and I kept going out, looking at it (we couldn't see it from the windows) and coming back in every ten minutes or so... it was absolutely breathtaking!!!!

I FINALLY seemed to get over this hump of not being able to lose weight... I'm down another pound this morning... but I'm NOT getting excited. It's these twelve pounds I keep losing and gaining back. Once I get under the thresh hold of where I usually start gaining back, then we'll celebrate!!!!! But the past several months I couldn't seem to get under 189... (Yes, I gained a lot back). this am I'm down to 187.... when I see 175 I'll celebrate, cause I haven't seen that in like ten years :(. But thats why I joined curves!!! Although this week I'll only get to go two days, yesterday and today, it's worth it. last week I went four days. I'll be walking the dog, even if it is frigid cold and can only go for 15 minutes. Poor Jade, she's getting cabin fever!!!! (Especially when the neighbor dog comes a courting!)

02-21-2008, 07:06 AM
Good morning!

Loriann, you were so fortunate to be able to see the eclipse, it was too cloudy here. :( Congratulations on dropping another pound, it's always so exciting to finally see the needle on the scale go downwards!

We got a little snow yesterday, just enough to make the roads slippery on my drive home. If they didn't live way out in the country, it wouldn't be so bad, but the roads out there are hilly and winding, and they can get pretty dicey.
Oh well, it's supposed to be a beautiful sunny day today, before another storm hits us tomorrow. ;)

02-21-2008, 07:09 AM
Good morning Linda: I'm glad you made it home yesterday!!!! And I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy the BEAUTIFUL WONDER we had!

02-21-2008, 07:12 AM
Loriann, it can be discouraging sometimes, but it WILL come off! Just keep plugging along.

Missed the eclipse last night..forgot about it...but it was storming here, so I probably couldn't have seen it anyway.

Nothing exiting happening here. Still battling some pain in my foot from my "exercise" accident on Monday. Looks like my nail is going to come off too...just in time for sandal season! I'm having to wear flip flops to school.
Hoping to get back to the barre by this weekend cause I miss it and had really gotten in to it.

Last night I wanted "something" but not sure what and ended up making a frittata with a new pan I had ordered. It was so yummy...almost like a cross between pizza and quiche. very good!

Morning Cottage...we were posting at the same time...stay warm!!

Hope you all have a great day...

02-21-2008, 07:15 AM
Cat, sorry you are in pain! Sandals? Oh, you in Lousiana... hehehe.. come up here and try wearing sandals!!!!!!!! Chill factor yesterday I swear was below zero!

02-21-2008, 07:52 AM
good morning all, it was storming here also so i couldn't see the eclipse. i did get to see the solar eclipse in Hawaii when I was in the sixth grade (i think). I have pics of it. My grandpa was a perfessional photographer and took pics for all of us to keep. That was so interesting and really exciting to see. The weather here is yucky. It stormed half the day and it's supposed to storm all day today.

femme-I think whatever I'm getting here is moving to you.

Everyone else-Have a wonderful day

Me-I just can't get past the lower 200's. i was doing sooo good then the weekend came and blew it. Now I can't get in the mindset again of losing the weight. I am so frustrated. I take some energy pills because if not, I won't have the energy to move around. I also take B12 vitamins to help with my metabolism (which I don't know how many mg you're supposed to have in a day). I'm getting so frustrated with my weight. I want to be down at least 10 pounds by easter. I want to reach goal by May or June. But I did sit on my DH lap yesterday for the first time since I've lost weight and he said that he can feel that I've lost weight. He said that I am alot lighter even if it is just 10 pounds.

02-21-2008, 08:04 AM
aawweee tk... that was sweet ofdear hubby... don't lose sight... you'll get there as will I... DETERMINATION!!!!!

02-21-2008, 08:49 AM
Yeah, that made me feel good for him to say something like that. He usually wouldn't. Maybe that'll help me get the mindset again. I want to be able to sit on his lap and really be lighter.

02-21-2008, 09:28 AM
Mornin' all! Wow, at 8:00, there's already 7 people are early birds! :coffee:

Loved the lunar eclipse...and the way it brought my neighbors out of their houses so we could visit and laugh together. We have an amazing neighborhood full of wonderful people, but in the winter it's so cold that we barely get a chance to wave at each other before heading for the warmth of our houses. It was crystal clear last night and we were amazed at how many stars we could see without the moon's light. When I went to bed, the eclipse was over, and there was an actual patch of moonlight on the floor of our hallway from the skylight above. Wow! That's one bright moon! :cool:

Loriann, I love the name Jade for your dog--how sweet! Yeah, our pup has cabin fever too. We've been throwing her toys down our long, skinny hallway for her to chase and keeps her busy and active. But she can only do it for so long, and after a nap, she's circling the walls again! ;) Congrats on the loss--I know how it feels when you're losing the same weight again, but you're going in the right direction, and that's powerful! :cp:

Wowee, Cottage, it's pretty stormy out there! We haven't gotten much. :shrug: Hope you can stay home in the next storm...

Cat, I'm so sorry about your poor foot! I don't know what you'd attach it to, but last year I saw some press on toenails! :lol: You never know... ;) I hope you can use the bar again soon!

:hug: TK, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so down. :hug: You know, whether you believe in The Secret or not, it does seem to be true that a negative frame of mind can make less positive things come into your life. Try to focus on the positive things (like that wonderful lap NSV...I still can't sit on DH's lap without making his legs go numb! :o ) and look for changes in your life--can you go up stairs without breathing hard? Can you exercise more or faster or longer? Can you do fun things, like hiking or dancing, that you couldn't do comfortably before? After all, that 200 is just a number on a scale. If you have to, try weighing in kg, or measuring in the English method of "stones" (no joke!) so that the numbers are different and don't frustrate you. Also, think about whether you're "ready" to go below 200. I made it to "ONEderland" several years ago and then bounced around between 198 and 203 for over a year and a half. Everytime I'd get below 200, I'd overeat till I was above it again. I think it really scared me and I just wasn't ready to get that low. Can't say more...still working on that, but it's something worth thinking about. :hug: BTW, are you measuring yourself? It's amazing how much it can help to see how many inches you've lost. Sometimes the scale doesn't move at all, but the inches do! :love:

Off to make some tea and oatmeal. My throat is SO dry this morning, no matter how much water I's like I spent last night in the desert with a bag full of dessicants in my mouth! :p We have a humidifier turned up as high as it can go on our furnace, too!

Had a really good time at Faith Formation last night, though my back was hurting me in the pews. I brought an orange and slice of cheese for the break time, which was a good idea since those goodies looked yummm-ee! :drool: They mentioned that next week they'll have a treat to eat for all of us, during their talk. I hope I can figure some way around that...

Last day of work over break week. I'm hoping to get some niddly things done. Off to the gym after work, unless my friend calls. She has a tiny dog and we have a tiny dog and we've been hoping that we could get them together for a "playdate!" She loves to walk her dog but feels uncomfortable walking her at night, so I offered to walk with her. I hope it works well--our dog is very amiable, but I've never tried walking her with another dog. We'll see! :crossed: We'll either do that after work today or sometime tomorrow.

A friend of mine who was due March 4 with her first child, is going to now deliver by C-section on 2/26. Her baby is huge (over 9 pounds at 35 weeks!) and she's been tested extensively for gestational diabetes, but doesn't have it. Apparently, she and DH just breed big 'uns! :lol: Anyways, there's no way she can have her little boy naturally, so they're scheduled for next Tuesday. I'm SOOO excited for them! :hyper: If I have time tomorrow between the dog walking and possible coffee date with a friend, I'll see if I can go over to her place and help her get things ready.

Hope everyone has a great day!!! :sunny:

02-21-2008, 09:54 AM
Loriann I didn't see the eclipse - I was in bed at 9:15. Heres to you seeing 175 in a healthy time period :goodluck:

Morning Cottage

Cat take care of that foot - A few years ago I fell down a flight of concrete stairs and luckily the only thing that happened was I ripped my big toe nail off (very painful) and yes it too was 2 weeks before my cruise

TK thats an NSV any way you look at it

Laurie a 2/26 baby thats awesome. Thats my fur babys b-day and my cousins b-day. My thoughts & prayers for her smooth delivery

I was up at 5am this morning and on the treadmil doing a 15 minute high intensity work out and I am glad I did it as I feel like I have soooooo much energy. This evening dh & I are going to buy me a heart rate monitor, I did some reviews on here but any advice from you guys would be great

Hope yoy gals have a great day!

02-21-2008, 12:15 PM
What does NSV stand for? I know its a dumb question but I dont' know what it is.

02-21-2008, 12:33 PM
TK a NSV is a non scale victory

I just had to write that the 5am walk this morning has me feeling great - like i can conquer the world

02-21-2008, 12:50 PM
That's a great NSV, Gonna! :high: You're an inspiration...I wish I could get up enough vim to get up so early...I think it would make me feel so alive!

TK, there are no dumb questions!!! :hug: Thanks for being brave and asking! :D

02-21-2008, 02:00 PM
Laurie thanks for the confidence boost.

02-21-2008, 09:18 PM
Wow! Seems like a slow day today!! I'm out in the most remote country I've ever seen and they still have Wi-Fi!! Can you believe it? Well, just saying "hey". Need to eat as our food just got here. Have a great Friday, chicks!!

02-21-2008, 09:24 PM
Kim thanks for cecking in an letting us know all is well - hope your Friday is great as well

Good night!

02-21-2008, 11:32 PM
Evening, all! I'm just now sitting down at the computer and it's almost 10:30! We had quite a day...up early to get my exercise in and then over to my sister's house to watch her two little girls while she took her husband for a colonoscopy. He's 30! He had a large polyp, which they removed and believe is benign, but we'll still be saying our prayers. They didn't get back until right before we had to leave for Connor's violin lesson, so I had to call my brother to come watch my girls while they were napping because they would've been really grumpy if I'd skipped their rests to take them to the lesson. He was free, luckily, and didn't have any homework, so he stayed with them for me. Then back home to make a quick dinner before taking Connor over to my parents' house so he could work on his pinewood derby car with my brother and dad. Then home to get the kids into bed and unwind a little. I've had a great on-plan day and I'm feeling quite proud of myself, after last week's indiscretions. Gotta stay on track. Tom gets home three weeks from today. I know he doesn't care if I gain or lose five pounds, but I feel better when I eat better so really I'm doing this for me.

Tawnya, I had to ask the same question about what NSV stood for about two months ago. Don't feel badly about it at all!!!

Linda, I'm sad you couldn't see the eclipse. We got to see it here, although it was so cold out there we only really watched it for about five minutes. I woke the kids but only Kadyn wanted to come out and see it. Connor told me he was "too tired". Silly boy!

Lori, your energy-charged posts have me motivated! Remember that every little choice helps you toward your goal. I was reading one of Bob Greene's books a couple months ago and he talks about how our bodies have "set points" that are difficult to get past. Sometimes you have to up your exercise or reduce your calories or play with you combinations of carbs and protein and fats to get past them, and you often encounter cravings when you get there because your body "wants" to stay at a certain weight. So if you get to that point and are feeling grumpy about sticking with the plan, remember that you're just about to whoosh yourself into a new range!

Cat, I just had a toenail fall off about a month ago and it was so strange! It took about four months from when I injured the nail bed until the nail actually fell off. And there was a brand new, thin, wavy nail under there! Our bodies are just amazing!

Gonna, hi to you!

Kim, glad you get to check in! Hope your food was yummy!

I hope I didn't forget anyone. I'll try to check in earlier tomorrow!


02-21-2008, 11:35 PM
I knew there was someone else...Laurie! I'm glad you had a nice time at the Lenten group. Hope the treat next week is easily avoidable!