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02-21-2008, 03:46 AM
G'day all,

Suz we don't have the cold weather that some of you experience, in our winter, that is in Adelaide, we never have snow, our winters are quite mild, I do not even possess a winter coat only lightweight jackets.

Peggy I just went to a funeral of a an 84 year old lady, she was just amazing, she was involved with so many things, the church was packed, it was one of the nicest funerals I have ever been to. The minister was just a delight, the singing of members of the church community was just magnificent and after the funeral we had a lovely supper organised by the ladies of the church. I couldn't help but think of my own parents, their lives, their funerals and how different everything could have been......

Trudy your visit to your s-i-l really brings it home to me how cold it must be, far out having to plug everone's car battery to ensure you get home!!!!
Pleased to hear Slavika is enjoying her holiday in the warmth!

Ann you continue to be busy as usual, good for you. Sounds like Bonita Springs will be a nice little break for you and your SIL.

I went to the Craniofacial organisation this morning for another briefing for the website. The work they do is just amazing. They have provided me with before and after pictures to create into a slideshow, just fantastic.

I will share it with you as soon as I can, you will be impressed with the work they do.

I have to fly, visitors at my door....


02-21-2008, 11:48 AM
Girls, right now I wish I were retired with my whole heart. My office is an armed camp. Has something to do with this unrelenting weather and a lot to do with stress from home. One lady is giving us the cold shoulder and we don't understand why.

Today I have two doctor's appointments. What fun! One is the week post-op for my eyes and the little girls from Cancer Care called yesterday to remind me of my blood test which I scheduled so long ago, I forgot. I probably surprised her with my "Oh sh.....!" response but it just took me off guard. Yesterday my brother had a procedure and my sister. We just talk anymore about what latest doctor's visits we have had.

Okay. I'm cranky. Trudy, with that weather I would probably be in a padded room by now. I am in awe of you. And Peggy, you are another awe-inspiring person, taking care of your in-laws like this. I did this when I was younger and now wish I could go back and see them a little bit. Oh well.

Maria, I get into those nostalgic moments a lot. Some people are so blessed with wonderful attitudes, more valuable than all the money in the world. I would like to live my life so my funeral would be that much a send-off. And you are right. 106 degrees is about as bad as 32 degrees. Cabin fever no matter which way.

Suze, sounds like your weather is a little more bearable, since the bad comes and goes. And don't you love going into your new renovations and just looking.

So glad Slavika is having a great time and being pampered in the sunshine. Just had to throw an envious thought out of my mind.

Ann, love to hear about your busy lives. And what fun to have the ladies appreciation dinner.

Well, soon off to the first of my appointments for the day. I have to walk about 3 blocks in this cold. Yuck!

02-21-2008, 12:07 PM
Good Morning:
Glenda_ I hope all goes well with your appointments today. No reason not to, i am sure. I know what you mean, always seeming to talk about Dr. appts and health. That is one thing about living in a retirement park like we do. We all seem to be doing that. We also compare Dr's and their 'bedside manner':D:

Maria: It will be interesting to see what you are doing with the website. Are these people to rebuild faces, etc from sever trauma? It seems fascinating to me.

The temp is a little warmer today, but cloudy. I enjoyed watching the eclipse for a while, but then a big cloud came and it was totally obscured from view.

I have been busy answering a whole set of questions from my GD about my thoughts on a number of things. She is doing a paper on generations etc, so I am putting in my thoughts about family and what I generally think about life. I guess that would be the best way to describe what she is asking. I have had to do a lot of thinking.

This afternoon we will be going to our tax preparer to present all the stuff so he can figure out our income tax. There is no way we could do it anymore. Things have become too complicated.

What do you all think of the New York Times article putting 'smut' onto John McCain? I think the Times is basically a liberal paper, and they will do anything to discredit a candidate that they don't approve of. It is a bad sign of the times, being unscrupulous.

My dryer buzzer is calling me. have a great day. Ann

02-21-2008, 05:49 PM
I am not so cranky :tantrum: today. The temps have warmed up and it isn't windy. :lol: The weather wasn't the topic of conversation everywhere I went today.
We did watch the lunar eclipse... we kept on running out to the garage to take a look. My brother had strong binoculars which really brought it close. The moon actually looked red. It was a very clear night.
I had to laugh at the sharing of medical problems we all do. Last night the young folks talked amongst themselves as the 4 of us discussed our latest aches and pains.
Glenda I hope your doctor appointments were positive. I have a physical next week and am dreading it already.
Ann what will happen if no one steps up to take over your job? Would you stay on?
Maria Some elderly people are so joyful to be around, it sounds like that your lady was like. It is like the e-mail we received about the man who went into the nursing home liking it already. I hope I will be like that if I live long enough.
Peggy It has to be hard not showing your feelings when your MIL is not pleased with life.
As a Canadian looking in on the upcoming US elections, I find that most people are fixed on whether it will be Clinton or Obama, and we forget about McCain being President. Over here, those two get the most press.

Well, back to my kitchen chores..:hun: I am trying to work a miracle with 2 chicken breasts. Bye all..:dust:

02-21-2008, 06:19 PM
Ah Yes, those everlasting DR's visits. That is happening here, too. Tomorrow I have my yearly check up and then the 3rd of March a 6 month check up for the kidney problem I had in August. On April 2 I have my 5 yr Clorestoral (sp) test and on the 3rd Jack has a consultation with a heart DR at MGH ( Mass Gen Hosp). He has been diagnosed with an aortic valve problem but right now no operation has been suggested as he has no symptoms. However, he thinks and I agree that a second opinion is a good idea. Daughter, Chris, who is an OR nurse at MHG for the last 25 yrs. has found us a good DR. At the end of April Jack has his 6th month check up with his reg. heart DR. And on it goes. I have made a chart on the computer of all our appointments just to keep everything straight and so we don't forget.

We are told to expect a storm tomorrow so we got some shopping done today. Not that I feel we would ever starve if we couldn't get out but....LOL!

Norma: Having to plug your car in when you go visiting is the sign of real COLD!!

Maria: On the other hand 106 is going just a little too far in the other direction. I will be very interested in seeing the new work you will do for the website.

Peg: I hope you can get some time for yourself. It isn't easy to be a caregiver. Been there and done that and 'timeouts' are really necessary!

Glenda: You must not recognize yourself with the 'new vision'. Hope everthing continues to go well.

Ann: It is lovely that your GD is asking you those questions that make you think of your past life. I don't think most of the younger generation realized what our lives were like not so long ago. Jack has been on the question end but it had to do with his time in the service. It seems that all 8th graders study WWII and other confrontations in which we were involved. He has had 3 interviews so far...two from his grands and one from a neighbor's kid. He says he is putting out a sign...interviews granted....$5. LOL They all come over with their questions, note paper, and video equipment.

Suz: We haven't done any renovations here for a number of years but I have always loved 'This Old House' which is on our public television channel. They do some very interesting work. Your house will be almost like new very soon.

Well I guess it is time to think about getting food on the table.

Stay well and warm or in the case of Maria...cool.


02-21-2008, 08:22 PM
G'day all,

Ann it is the most fascinating organisation Craniofacial Australia. They deal mainly with children with clef palettes and a number of other deformities I had not heard of and will incorporate into the website. Such incredibly brave children and then the amazing results giving them a relatively normal live rather then be put into institutions which was the fate of these children not so long ago.
It certainly makes you realise how fortunate we are to have healthy children and grandchildren.
I cannot wait to show you guys some of the amazing transformations.
Here are some examples from the existing website http://www.craniofacial.com.au/acfu/conditions/growthdisorders.html

Trudy it is a bit the same in Australia about the US elections, I know some of you strongly disagree but I would still like to see Hillary make it and very definitely NOT McCain. I listened to an address he made in LA when we were in the States and was quite shocked that someone with such a narrow view of the world could possibly be an American president.
I would be quite happy with Obama as well. I only look at it how it would effect my part of the world.
I guess that is enough of politics.....:dizzy::rolleyes::yawn:...I am sure you would agree Ann;);)

Good luck with the doctors appointments Glenda. If you were to retire what are your plans on filling the day? I feel retirement is really something that one needs to plan and then it is still a lot of adjusting. I feel very blessed that I am now doing what I love eventhough at times it gets a little overwhelming.

Gloria and Ann I think it is great that the younger generation is so interested in our past. I also think when you start to relate some of the things that you experienced in your younger life, you realise how much you really have done in your life, you sort of forget.
I can imagine Jack would be thoroughly enjoying relating his working life etc. to the younger generations. We certainly enjoyed listening to some of his stories when we visited. He is such a joyous man, you must be doing something right Gloria;)

Our carpet is down and I am pleased with the results other then it is lighter then I thought. What a huge effort changing carpet is! I am glad we have a large tiled family area where all the furniture was able to go.
Won't be doing that again in a hurry!

I must fly and get on with some work...


02-22-2008, 10:59 PM
I don't know where to begin to answer everything so will just ramble on.

I will not go back to the chorus, even if no one else steps up. I might consider it if a whole year goes by and nothing happens, but I doubt it. I would have to have some really great ideas to start again.

My GD is not only asking about things in my life but also asking opinions about what I think of todays children, how my life was different, what I think is good and bad about today.
Here's one of the questions- What do you think of todays adults? Todays children? What advice might you give them about life in general?
Or-=What do you think are some misconceptions young people have about old people? How should we try and correct them?

How would you answer these. I have had to do a lot of thinking, and i may have to go back and change some of what I put in my first draft of the questions.

Politically, I am basically a conservative, and a Republican, so I don't have much to say about either of the Democratice candidates. My personal choice would be Mike Huckaby. I like what he says on a lot of issues. I am upset at the New York Times, a basically liberal newspaper, with their starting their smut campaign against John McCain. The smut campains turn me right off, and I sure don't like to listen to the candidates bad-mouth one another. They need to stick to the issues. I have very unkind thoughts about Hilary and it isn't because she is a woman. A woman president would be good, just not her.

Maria: I've never even heard of those facial deformaties before that are on the existing web site. the transformations must be almost like miracles for those children. Gives them a whole new life.

Peggy: Are you snowed in? I heard that Ohio was getting socked with snow. True?

Gloria: It is great thaat your Jack is helping kids and telling them what it was like. There are so many forces against telling what WW2 was really like. And it is disturbing to know that there are those trying to say that the holocaust never happened. I'll never forget those photos that were published at the time. And i was just a kid, but that is something you can't forget. Our kids need to know these things.

Glenda: I hope all is well with your Dr. appointments. Are you thinking of retirement? I have found it very fulfilling, because I now have time to do all those things there was never time for before, when i was working full time. I know some gals who do a lot of volunteer work, Hospice, and Hospital Pink ladies. That was never for me, but I do other volunteer work, like at church in the office, and also I have time to do some of the crafty things I like to do. I'm hoping to start another quilt now.

Suz: Are you finished with your redecorating? It must give you a feeling of satisfaction to have it completed. How about your snow level? I must say I am so happy that I don't have to drive in the stuff anymore. Do you ever get to Kingston? I like that city alot.

Time for me to turn in. I walked this a.m., did Curves and then tonight we had an hour of linedancing, so I am ready for a snooze. Have a great weekend everyone. Ann

02-24-2008, 06:26 PM
G'day all,

Beautiful Monday morning and it promises to be a lovely day despite no rain:(

Ann it must be a bit challenging having to try and answer all those questions of your GD, good she is interested in the past and what this generation can learn from it.
On politics I agree with you that the 'smut' that gets thrown around at times of elections is a disgrace and doesn't do anyone any favours.

I have a very busy week, our daugther, son-in-law and little Saskia will fly over on Thursday from Melbourne and will be staying for a week.
They have not been home for some time, we usually go and visit them in Melbourne. She is looking forward to catching up with her friends in Adelaide.

I want to try and get as much work done as I can before they get here so I can relax and enjoy their stay.

Have a great week all,


02-25-2008, 04:01 PM
Afternoon Ladies
We are almost done with the second room Just the floor to put down and then put the bed together when i have not been able to help my DH with the renovation work I have been cleanibg out my filing cabinrt and refiling stuff We both went through our clothes and got rid of things we do not wear anymore and after I clean them all I will be donating 3 big boxes of clothing to our community care store

its been so nice here the last 3 days sunny, mild and tomorrow we are going to get another snow storm about 4 to 6 inches it will be so nice just to stay home and watch it snow

Take care Ladies Suz :carrot:

02-26-2008, 04:58 PM
I am going to retire in June 2010, as of now. Just at times it sounds like I should retire tomorrow. The office has declared a truce now. One lady just had her feelings hurt. I just don't take offense as easily as I used to or I would be angry all the time.

My eyes are fine, but I definitely will have to have reading glasses and both eyes are very different so I will have to have official reading glasses from the doc. Sure enjoy seeing as well as I do for far vision.

It is super cold here, but sunny. I met two friends for lunch and walked about three blocks and it wasn't bad at all as long as you are really, really dressed warm.

Maria, I think regarding politics, I just dread the whole thing. I am already so tired of the bickering, but ready to get some new blood. I think things are so sad right now in the world, but unlike Mrs. Obama, I am very proud of our country in so many ways. We have good lives, lots of problems, but lots of blessings too.

I have been going to the gym lately and not lifting weights, just walking for an hour on the treadmill. Last night all the treadmills were busy and I rode a bicycle for 15 minutes and then on to the treadmill. Last night I was so sore I had that dreaded "lead butt" syndrome. I guess I need to change up my routine. And I know I can go back to lifting weights now, but that has always been a chore.

Ann, I hope every school child has those homework assignments. I think we are educating a lot of kids who can do amazing things on the computer but don't know what direction Canada is from the US. So history is often left behind. If you ever get Jack to write his experiences down, post them somewhere. I would love to read them. History is my passion.

Getting a new president of the university soon. Everybody is going in circles, trying to please. I am on my way to get some aspirin for the above-mentioned syndrome. To each his own.

02-26-2008, 05:22 PM
Glenda take it from me. Hand weights can be dangerous to your health. I dropped a 7 lb hand weight on my foot yesterday and broke my big toe. At first my toe felt sort of numb and then the pain set in. It was after the workout when I was returning the 2 7lb and the 2 5lb, it just slipped. How careless I was! I am sitting here with my foot on a big pillow.
Too bad there is so much tension in your office. How many people work in the office?
Maria How nice to have a visit from your daughter and family. I am sure you will enjoy spending time with them and little Saskia.
Suz Your redecorating is moving along so quickly. More snow... hope that doesn't happen to us. I have had it with that stuff, I want to see spring again.
Ann I am not fond of politics either. Looks like we might be heading into another election too. All the back stabbing and nastiness makes me want to tune the whole thing out.
Gloria You have had your physical already, hope the doctor didn't find anything else wrong. I go tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to it. I have a list of questions to ask.
Hi to Karen and Peggy ... keep well everyone.

02-27-2008, 06:57 PM
G'day all,

Probably won't be here for the next week or so, our daughter is arriving lunchtime and is leaving again next Thursday.
I am looking forward to having them here but it will be very busy.

Sorry to hear asbout your mishap with the weights Trudy , sounds very painful :eek:

So only another 2 years Glenda and you join most of us in retirement:carrot::carrot:. I can only speak for myself and found the first 12 months or so quite difficult until I adjusted and found new and exciting things to do.
I now wish I had discovered some of those things 20 years ago:dizzy:

It is quite incredible how much 'rubbish' we keep in our wardrobes, we have done a similar thing Suz, I have not only got rid of excess clothing but all sorts of other things as well. I hope whoever buys it from the charity store I donated it to will get good use out of my excess 'stuff'!

Have a great week all, see you next week when I am back to 'norma' again after my visitors.


02-29-2008, 11:06 AM
Hey girls, good news here. I know people might get tired of hearing about my good cancer test news. You know that I don't really, really actively worry about it, but I do get a bit nervous around time to go get the results. Well, again it was good news. I felts so relieved last night. This is the 14th anniversary of my first diagnosis and the 10th anniversary of my recurrence. I am very blessed and really do know that. Several are survivors of some health problem and know that each day is such a gift.

I know Maria is having the time of her life, and probably falling into bed, asleep before her head hits the pillow. But what fun! I like to relive those times over and over in my memory.

Makenzie and her daddy went to a father-daughter dance right after Valentine's day. It is a very serious affair with no mommies. Anyway, she wore her princess dress and got a flower corsage, the works. And she and Joel had been practicing dancing. He said she dips with a very dramatic flair. I can't wait to see pictures.

Well, here is hoping you are all seeing the sunshine and hearing a bird or two.

Have a good weekend.

02-29-2008, 04:41 PM
Afternoon Ladies

Well it is snowing again we are supposed to get another 2 or 3 inches by tomorrow I am sick of this too I WANT SPRING

The room is done we just have to put the bed together now my DH is excited about doing our bedroom We may start it next week but we will soon have to start some plants indoors for the garden The garden will keep us busy until late Oct

Hope everyone has a great weekend Suz :carrot:

02-29-2008, 10:48 PM
Happy weekend, everyone-

Norma: sorry about the broken toe. that must be very painful, and there is not that much that they do for broken toes anymore. did you get any sort of splint, or imobilizer?

I have to tell you that this Granddaughter is in a PHD program for physical therapy, and she gets to work with all age groups. and also sports medicine. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this assignment is for her studies, but I'm sure I'll find out. I finally sent off my answers today. I hope she will find them useful for her project.

I survived my treadmill stress test today. I did a lot of huffing and puffing toward the end, but they talked me through it. The worst part of the whole thing was that I got so dry, the room is cold and dry, that I got into coughing spasms and just couldn't seem to stop. Finally by the time I had the second set of pictures taken I was managing not to cough. A struggle, since you have to lay so still, and not talk or move. I'll get the report on Tuesday. I think I did okay. but time will tell.

This has been a week for Dr's. Dh had his iron infusion on Thursday. Never a dull moment around here.

Suz- I don't envy you all the snow. do you have a greenhouse to start your plants? So you have one more room to do.

I am afraid we may have some major work, but I sure hope not. We had a bad rain storm on Tues. and it leaked in all around one window, at the top. The casing was all soaked. Our neighborhood handyman came and looked at it and I hope he will be able to tell us tomorrow just what has to be done. I sure hope nothing major.

Maria- I know you are having great fun with your kids, and I expect we'll see some new pictures after your time together is over.

Glenda: I know the relief you must feel after your test is over. I know that is the way I feel when I am finished with the check-up colonoscopy and he says everything is all right.

I imagine that Peggy must be enjoying snow days from school, if all I read about Ohio weather is true.

And gloria- I hope all your Dr. appointments are all positive for you both.

Now it is time for me to go to bed. I've had a very stressful
:stress: :rolleyes: :eek: day. :D: Ann

03-04-2008, 04:11 PM
Afternoon Ladies
Ann I do not envy myself either I an so tired of the snow and cold and after a really nice day yesterday it was in the low 50's we have another winter storm watch for tonight and tomorrow We may get anywhere from another 4 to 6 inches of snow It was so nice yesterday that I opened up the windows to air out the house It not to bad today so I went for a walk before lunch
I am hoping that its not to bad tomorrow so I can get out to go to my exercize class just have to wait and see

Hope everyone else is doing OK Suz :carrot:

03-06-2008, 03:47 AM
G'day all,

I have the house back to myself again! It was fun having my daughter, s-i-l and grand daughter visit, it was also a lot of work, I really think she thinks I am her age.:dizzy: We have also had some horrendous hot weather making outings not that much fun. Early mornings at the beach were beautiful.

Last night we also learnt that Alan will be in Malaysia for 3 months and they would have liked him to be there yesterday however he is booked to go next Tuesday, so a few days to hand over his cricket duties to me and fill me in on all the tedious stuff of paying bills etc.
I will probably go for a few weeks half way through his stay. I am not keen on Malaysia but a few weeks should be OK.

Whilst he is away I will have my meals delivered, (http://www.liteneasy.com.au/home/default.cfm) with a bit of luck I will shed some kilos.
We are planning to go to Cape York in July, so Alan hopes to be home mid June.

This is definitly Alan's swan song, NO MORE CONTRACTS after this one:carrot::carrot:


03-07-2008, 04:42 PM
I was hoping you were having a great time with the kids, but I knew you would be exhausted when they all left. I wish it would cool off for you. We are still having pretty cold weather. Today it is 37 degrees and still threatening to snow. We can't complain about moisture, just the cold.

Trudy, I bought an exercise ball and did half the workout and decided to build up to doing the whole thing. Thought I would be sore, but wasn't at all. I am disappointed. Boy, do I need to work on my "core" strength! I can walk forever, but doing crunches is very hard. Those three big surgeries I had sort of just took away all muscle in my abdomen and then I haven't regained anything.

Maria, I looked up Malaysia to see where Alan is going. Another name I have heard of and didn't know where it was. It doesn't sound like great fun, but it is probably beautiful. I am glad he is finally doing the swan song. You will all feel better when you have carved your retirement in stone. But I love the fact that you are doing the mail order food. I know two people who just tried Jenny Craig and they both hated the meals and didn't do it at all. But I know lots of people do that fine. Especially now without a man to cook for.

We get our new little dog on Saturday from our granddaughter Brooke. This is a 2-year-old Schnauzer named Ginger. Brooke with the baby just doesn't have time for her anymore. And she comes with a wardrobe. How funny! So we will be a bit tied down again, but it is time, I think.

How is everyone? Suze, you are busy and doing well. Slavika, you are home again. I loved the pictures you sent of the condo. Who wouldn't?

03-07-2008, 05:45 PM
G'day all,

Adelaide continues to be in the grip of a heat wave never seen in March when we are supposedly going towards the end of summer:?::dizzy:
I have attached our forecast for the coming week, 38 C is approx. 100 F in your language. All I can say is thank goodness for airconditioning.

Alan is getting organised to leave on Tuesday, he is staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Kuala Lumpa for a few weeks and will then move into a 2 bedroom serviced apartment. I cannot believe how much work is piling up for me, I will probably be very pleased with a break in Malaysia when I get around to it.
Malaysia is quite a beautiful country but it is hot (a bit like Singapore) and at the moment the last thing I want is more heat!
Malaysia is also predominently Muslim, it never ceases to amaze me how women survive in that sort of climate with all the paraphenalia that Muslim women wear.

Glenda I have had the Lite 'n Easy meals before when Alan has been away and I have found them to be nice and tasty. I have oredered the plan for 1500 cal a day, it really makes you realise how big your portions should be when you are on 1500 cals a day!!

I have got a horrendous cold at the moment, haven't had a cold for yonks, very annoying:mad:

On with some work while my coldtablets are working and I am not feeling too bad other then a dripping nose!

Have a great weekend all,


03-10-2008, 07:16 AM
Morning Ladies
Well another horrible weekend weather wise we spent the weekend digging out from about a foot of snow it started to snow about lunchtime on friday and snowed for about 10 to 12 hrs that gave us about half of our total then it started agian mid morning on Sat until early Sunday morning but it was very windy Sat night so it looked like there was more snow b/c of the drifts

The room is done my DH is making a bedside table and I am going to order a new bed spread for the bed

We have to get some of our veggies started for the garden and into the green house

I also must have done something right this week I lost 1 1/2 lbs it could have been the snow shoveling

Take care Suz :carrot:

03-10-2008, 12:03 PM
I did click on your forecast and just cannot believe it! That is hot in the middle of summer, but toward the last I am sure it is miserable. If it is hotter than that in Malaysia, I bet Alan isn't really keen on going either.

All, we did get our little dog. Her name is Ginger and she is 2 years old. She weighs 6 pounds and did come with some clothes. She is a lap dog and is getting used to us and the sounds and the yard, but really doing very well. At night we put her in a crate and she moans for awhile, but seems to be okay. I am always so tired that I don't even hear her. She is happy to get up in the morning. What fun it is with a dog, but also how tied we are. We drive to work together and I usually spend an hour at the gym while Leon does whatever he does. Now we will go home and I will drive back. Can't leave her any longer than that.

Slavika, is Patches happy to be home? Enjoying the emails.

We saw the gg grandson this weekend. He is smiling and very round. His mama's milk is doing great. And his mama is just glowing. Remember when getting up with a newborn was fun. Ah, youth!

Where are you guys?

03-10-2008, 10:45 PM
G'day all,

The heat continues here and setting all sorts of records:dizzy:
Malaysia does not have the high temperatures that we have but it is nevertheless a tropical country so still quite hot and very humid.
Alan is ready to go and I will be taking him to the airport in 30 minutes. I have decided to go over early May for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how much work I have.

Glenda what sort of little dog did you get? They certainly are a tie but also fun to have around.
It is a bit lonely for him/her by herself whilst you are at work, why not get a playmate.
When we had the pappilions we had the two, it made us feel better when we were out and they had one and other.

Suz well done with the loss. I hope I can start reporting a few losses now that I have all prepared meals whilst Alan is away.

Must fly...


03-12-2008, 04:44 PM
Afternoon Ladies
It is a beautiful sunny day here and also mild We are supposed to get rain tomorrow but the long range forecast is above the freezing mark for temps and the rest is a mix sun cloud and rain Spring is coming

We started some of our veggie plants for the garden yesterday we started about 4 dozen tomato plants that about 6 different kinds and a few other plants

Hope everyone is doing well Take care Suz :carrot:

03-14-2008, 04:31 PM
Hey, guys, This comes to you from a beautiful, sunny Oklahoma. Finally! I walked to a restaurant at lunch and didn't even need a coat. Yea! It has been a long time.

Well, this weekend is shaping up to be a very full one. Joel and family are definitely coming because Makenzie wants to see grandma. And Kyle and family may come up because it has been so darned long since they have been to our house. Wouldn't you know--all at the same time!

Are the rest of you US girls having any trouble with the time change? This whole weeks has been like trying to wake the dead in the morning and I'm usually not like that. I hope I finally get used to it. My sweet Ginger dog doesn't like it either. She has made it one whole week in the bathroom during the day. I hope this weekend Leon can get in the doggie door for her. This is the sweetest little dog. She just does not know how to play yet, just cowers if you try to rough house with her.

Suz, I have a friend who just got her onions planted. Hope you got your garden started.

Karen, where are you? And Slavika, are you just making the rounds getting your friends to know you are back in town? Peggy, are the kids driving you nuts yet with spring fever? Next week here is spring break. Do you get that?
Maria, how are you doing without your honey? Is he settled in? And Trudy, as the kids say, "Whatzhapnin'?" Gloria, still cold?

03-14-2008, 08:33 PM
After Glenda's chatty post I feel so remiss for not posting for a while. Not much going on here. We have been cold, wet, sunny, just about the whole gamut of weather. Next week is 'Spring' if that really means anything. LOL
Got my new glasses...had a problem with the lens popping out but that is fixed. However, they are still not quite right. I don't know what is the problem...not really slipping but since I have trifocals and never had a problem with them before I am wondering if maybe the three sections are just not where they should be. Need to get back and have it checked out. Saw the urologist and all is well...she doesn't need to see me again unless I have more troubles with my kidney. The stone proved to simple calcium not anything I need worry too much about. Hurrah!
We hare having everyone over for Easter...haven't cooked for a crowd since last July. Hope it is a good day so they can play outside, at least for a while. The grandkids are not babys anymore...8, 11, 3 are 14, 16 & 24 so I have only got a few chocolate eggs and some plastic eggs w/candy. Rather that have an egg hunt I will have the 12 plastic eggs in a tub and they will pick out 2 each...the 24 yr old is getting his own bunny and not in the game. One egg is golden and that person gets a large bunny, chocolate.
There will be 14 for dinner and that should create some chaos!

Maria: Hope all is going well with you and your 'single' life. I am sure you had a super time with your daughter and family. Not having to cook may just be the turning point for your diet.

Glenda: You will have a good time with your family and the kids will just love your new dog. A doggy door sounds like a great idea.

Suz: Getting a great start on your summer garden. We used to have a garden but after the squirrels and birds ate everything 2 years running we gave up on it. I just have some herbs on the back deck where I can keep an eye on them.

Ann: That stress test is tough. Jack used to do that till his knee gave him problems, now he does an echogram instead. How was your mini vacation?

Peggy: Are you getting ready for the spring break at school. Hope you have great weather so you can really enjoy your time off.

Norma: Oh, my! A broken toe! I am sure that must have hurt a lot but I hope it has gotten better by now. My yearly physical went fine except for some moderate arthritis in my left knee and he found some high blood pressure the he is monitoring.

Sally: Welcome back, belatedly, but I sure have enjoyed your emails.

Karen: Hope all is well with you!


03-16-2008, 01:24 AM
G'day all,

What can I say other then the heat continues and is the main topic of conversation on TV and in the newspapers. It is unbelievable and at the moment it is 41 degrees or 105 in your language. This now our 16th day with hopefully 2 more to go before some sort of a change.
We haven't had rain since early february and we then had the princely amount of 1.8 mm, which is really very little.
Our gardens are seriously suffering and our fruit and veg prices have sky rocketed:(

On a brighter note, I am enjoying my delivered meals and feeling thinner already;)
I will try and book some flights to Kuala Lumpier Malaysia for early May. I will probably stay 10 days, 2 weekends before returning home taking up grandmother duties again.

I am quite enjoying a little time on my own other then I don't sleep well when I am on my own which is a pain.

Gloria what a house full! I am sure it will be a great day with you and Jack collapsing into bed at the end of the day, exhausted but happy.

My birthday is on Good Friday, I do not remember Easter being this early. It was Alan's birthday today, the kids and I rang the hotel, he was still asleep but was pleased with our call.

Hope you are all having a great weekend...


03-16-2008, 06:22 PM
[SIZE="3"]Hi Everybody: I spent awhile getting caught up on all the posts. Suz looks like you have have been doing a lot of redecorating, Maria getting new carpeting, Glenda getting a little doggie...seems like all is going well on the board even with Trudy's broken toe and everybody's doctor's appointments. South Parde Island which is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico was really nice and apparently we had really nice weather for the month of February. Texas isn't usually that warm at that time of the year. To get to the mainland you cross over the Queen Isabella Causeway which is approx 2-1/2 miles long. Quite something. When I laid on my bed at night I could see the lights that were strung the length of the causeway. :) My bedroom had floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the room so the view was wonderful. The other thing my bedroom had, was fIuorescent lighting that ran all along the bottom edge of the leather covered boxspring. :D:D LOL LOL, never saw that before. Hmmm, any ideas what that would be for???? :?:It had a great pool and hot tub and everything was kept just spotless I was on the 7th floor, the same as my condo in Maui. The view at that height is just perfect. Everything is far cheaper in Texas then it is at home and definately cheaper than Maui. I was experiencing shortness of breath while there. :cry: For example if I walked a short distance on the sand I would get out of breath and feel a tightness in my chest. I was given Nitro after my heart attack in August but never had to use it but I did use it there. It wasn't too bad but then when we went to go home things just didn't go well for us. By us, I mean my brother and SIL. and I. I had a wake up call for 3AM Sunday morning and our flight was leaving Brownsville at for Houston at 6:25AM. Well that flight was late in leaving so we were late in arriving in Houston. When we got to Houston we had to clear security and my brother wears braces on both his legs (bad knees) and of course he set off the scanners. They made him go to another room and take his pants off to examine his braces and by the time they were through we missed our connecting flight to Denver. Our luggage was ticketed to go right through to Winnipeg, but they stopped the luggage in Denver. Apparently if you are not on the flight then your luggage doesn't go either. United Airlines didn't have any flights that day for us, leaving for Denver, or Calgary or Winnipeg so they sent us to Air Canada. Air Canada got us on a flight leaving for Calgary at around 5:30PM and it was now around 9:00AM. That meant we had to spend the whole day in the Houston airport. It seemed that the more stressed I got the worse my breathing became so I didn't even want to walk around the airport to look at the things in the store. I stayed with our carry-on luggage and Brother and SIL did go and then came back for me and we had lunch. As it got to the time we should be leaving, well SURPRISE our flight was delayed. When we finally got to Calgary SURPRISE again.......our flight to Winnipeg was delayed. By now we had been up nearly 24 hours, I was so tired and felt so sick I could hardly wait to get home. We should have arrived in Winnipeg 4:35PM Sunday with our families there to meet us and instead we arrived around 2:30AM Monday morning. I have to say that when when we landed in Winnipeg I was less anxious, and my breathing was back to almost normal. We had to put in a claim for our luggage at the Airport to be sent to Winnipeg since it was still somewhere in Denver or where ever. :devil: We each caught a cab and headed for home. I think the way I first laid in my own bed I didn't move a muscle until late the next day. The gal that had kept Patches for me was dropping her off around 11:00. I asked how she had been and my friend said there had been "some issues". I asked what kind of issues and apparently when Winnipeg was experiencing that cold cold weather my darling little sweet dog decided it was better to poop and pee in the house then to go out. YIKES.....did I ever feel bad. :( Well since I have been home she is back to her usual bathroom routine and does NOT mess in the house. I surewas happy to see her. I have rented the same condo in S.P.I. for Feb next year but this time I asked my cleaning lady's 19 year old daughter if she would like to house sit for me for the month and take care of my dog and of course I would pay her and she said yes. I can cancel my reservation at the condo 30 days before I leave, if I have to. It's hard to know that far in advance how things will be. S.P.I. has a a non profit organization http://www.seaturtleinc.com/ that takes care of injured sea turtles. In 2005 tourists found a a 5 inch green sea turtle, "Allison", bloody and missing three of her flippers. The turtle perserved thanks to injections of antibiotics and a forced diet of squid. Somehow she swam with just one flipper even though she can only move in a counterclockwise direction. With the help of a dentist Allison's caregivers hope to make her what's believed to be the first sea turtle fitted with a prosthetic flipper. The dentist is donating her work for free and plans to make a tiny attachment for a small bony stump that could hold a fake flipper made of silcon on her left rear side. My SIL and I went to see the turtles (Sea Turtle Inc) and we got to see Allison. I am hoping that I can read about her on their web site and perhaps by next year she will have her new flipper. Allison could grow to 450 lb and it's important that she has this flipper otherwise she would be destined to living her life in shallow water and the prognosis would not be promising. Sea Turtle Inc relies on donations and with all the publicity about Allison the donations are rolling in which helps all the turtles there. If you like check out their web site. Well gals I guess I had my say. Talk to you all soon..........Remember Allison, I found it to be a heartwarming story that so many people worked so hard, to help this ONE injured turtle. She is now 3 years old and a normal size for her age. :):)[
P.S. I forgot to mention, I see my doctor tomorrow about the angina attacks I have been having. He was on holidays for 2 weeks and is back tomorrow./SIZE]

03-16-2008, 07:05 PM
G'day all,

How nice to see your long post Slavika, your aviation experience is the very reason I just don't want to fly long distances, living in Australia EVERYTHING is far away:( The flight to Malaysia is about 8 hours, so that is not too bad.

Now where are Karen and Peggy, haven't heard of those girls for quite a while:dizzy:

I am going to sound like a broken record but another 39 degree day here today:cool::mad: Our 'cool' change was supposed to come on Wednesday but they are now saying it might start moving in around midnight tonight:carrot::carrot: and tomorrows forecast is for 30 degrees, considerably better but not what I would call cool.

I have lost a little under a pound with my new eating and no alcohol at home regime. Nothing spectacular but at least it is a little less.

I also put up a new little website of the grand girls over the weekend www.adam.com.au/mariascholz (http://www.adam.com.au/marischolz)

I must be off and handwater some of my plants before EVERYTHING dies on me:(


03-17-2008, 03:56 PM
Afternonn Ladies
It is another nice day the sun is shining but still a bit cool with a temp of 3 or 4 C ( thats about 37 to 40 F)

Glenda & Gloria We have only started some plants in our indoor green house and within a week some are already staring to come up We still have snow on the ground but we made some raised beds last for our lettuces so we are planing to make a cover for one so we can plant some lettuce , spring onions, spinch and get a head start on those as well as some snow peas and sugar snap peas We wil plant all these outside as soon as we can

Slavika Hope all goes well at the Doctors If I had aal the fight delays that you experience I would be stressed out too

Maria It sounds like you are doing well whilw DH is away

Hope everyone else is doing well Suz :carrot:

03-17-2008, 08:02 PM
Hi Everyone :)
Maria I tried your new website but couldn't access it.
Slavika I get tired just reading what you went through on your trip home. Changing 4 times is awful. How did your doctor appointment go? I am going to phone you.
Suz I can hardly wait for the gardens to be planted so we can harvest all those wonderful veggies that we have imported right now.
Gloria I had a similar problem with my eyeglasses when they were new. They had to glue a screw into the frame to keep it very tight so the lens didn't pop out. I think I need a stronger prescription, seems like I am always adjusting the distance when I am reading.
Glenda Wish I had your puppy Ginger. I like her name too. You and Sally make me want a puppy! It has warmed up here too, but not as warm as Oklahoma. Can't wait for all the snow to melt.

I was making Paska buns in my bread machine today. Of course I was multi-tasking as usual... brownies, chocolate chip cookies and laundry at the same time. Somehow I got so involved with the other things I didn't hear the "beep" to add the raisins. By the time I figured out I missed the opportunity, I tried to knead them in. Not sure how they are going to turn out... looks like I will be making them again.

My DD and the kiddies are coming over tomorrow. The little guy needs a haircut and he won't let any hairdressers near him. My sister in law is a hairdresser, and he does like her a lot, so I am having everyone over for lunch tomorrow so he will get all relaxed and let her cut his curly hair. This is why I was doing all the baking.

Time to relax... bye for now..

03-17-2008, 09:24 PM
Hi Everybody: I did see my doctor and my blood pressure is great and he said my heart sounded ok too. He said not to stress over it and everything would work out ok. I have been feeling ok the the last couple of days. He wants me to start walking on my treadmill again but instead of going for 1/2 hr to try 10 min three times a day. In the meantime, I have to have a blood workup done and he will send my medical records to a cardiologist and to expect a call from him. He said they will likely do a stress test and a couple of others on me. I feel better just because I had a chance to talk to him about how I was feeling. Hope you gals are all doing well. :D

03-18-2008, 08:35 PM
Hi Everybody: Hmmmm, looks like I will have to talk to myself, Where is everybody? I forgot to mention that I gained weight when I was away. I told the doctor on Monday that I was having a really difficult time getting weight off and he said that now that I am on insulin I will have a harder time. :( Isn't that just great...like I wasn't having trouble already. ANN did you have a nice time while you were away? I see some grass now along the edges of my yard, so slowly the snow is melting. GLENDA, I like your doggie's name. I maybe should have given more thought to naming my pup but I guess she just looked like she should be called patches. I went out today with my DIL. I had to buy a new light fixture and a birthday gift for a friend and we also had a light lunch. I sure am lucky to have that sweet girl for a DIL. We had a super day. :D

03-18-2008, 09:33 PM
Hi Everybody:
We're home. Got back Monday p.m. only to find out about the death of a friend. And today was the Memorial Service. I sang a duet with another gal, and it was all right. Had a quick practice yesterday.

We had a lovely time. Went to a dinner theater, and saw 'Anything Goes'. It was a great production and most enjoyable. Just the seats got hard after a while.

We also had the opportunity to hear the Perdue University Male Glee Club. They were outstanding. I'm a pushover for mens choruses. And these kids were really good. everything memorized, and they had some neat small groups. Quartets of various types. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Sunday we went to church and there was a guest speaker- Josh McDowell. That was a nice surprise. He gave a good message. He has written many books but his first was 'More than a Caarpenter'. He wrote that after trying to prove that Jesus and Christianity was nothing. And as a result of all his searching and study he became a Christian himself. He found out that Jesus was and is real.

So all in all we had a great time. Also traveled a ways to a bird sanctuary, and that was fun. some new birds I had never seen before. Fun to visit, but wouldn't want to live there. Altogether to much traffic.

Our only worry was that SIL is getting worn out. So tonight I meddled and called their oldest daughter and sort of filled her in on the situation. She was glad that I did. It would be nice if one of her kids could find a way to come down and drive them back, but without asking if they wanted help. Because if they asked, of course they would say no. Don't know how it will work out.

We're glad to be home and sleep in our own bed, and our kitty is happy to have us home too. She is a great talker and meows at us a lot. Right now, while I am on the computer she is right behind me on the bed.

Talked with daughter Holly tonight, and she has discovered that she has sleep apnea, and is going to have to go and have another test with the equipment that is supposed to keep one breathing all night. I guess just one more side effect of the Lupus. I hope that the apparatus will work for her. Stopping breathing in the night is a scary thought.

I haven't read all the posts yet, but now will go back and do so. Then maybe I can make appropriate comments.

See you later. Ann

03-19-2008, 02:52 PM
Slavika, thanks for the neat post. I used to come here all the time and ended up talking to myself a lot. I wonder if there was a difference in S.P.I. of air pressure. I was so sick in New Mexico once I thought I was having a heart attack, but it was just that altitude sickness. Anyway, glad you had such a good time and got home finally. You are right. You do have a wonderful DIL. I have two and what one lacks the other has in abundance (of good things). They have enriched my life so much. Not good news about the insulin and weight. I wonder why I am like that and don't take insulin.

Ann, so glad you informed your niece of what is going on with her parents. It is a touchy subject sometimes, but sounds like you SIL needs a breather. And glad you had such a wonderful day. You all sure do go a lot. The proverbial Happy Retirees, I guess.

Gloria, what a houseful you are going to have. We are going twice to OKC this weekend, once for Jackson's 4th BD party on Saturday and then on Sunday to my sister's for Easter on Sunday. We will get up early and go to my old church there in El Reno and then on to Barbara's. She has such a fun day planned for all the kids. Her DIL just had a baby girl on Monday. Looking forward to holding that bundle.

Maria, so enjoyed your pictures. Those girls looked like they were having a ball. Your daughter looks so much like you. Very pretty family. Are you getting just a little bit lonely yet?

Last weekend was wonderful. We had Makenzie and Kyle's family. Scored a touchdown when Shanna came in and Makenzie acted like, "Move over. You are in the way of the TV." She does love her grandma.

Boring as heck here. It is spring break and everyone is gone. I am taking off next Thursday and Friday. This time change has about eaten my lunch!

Suz, wish I were around for your harvest. Everything you grow I love. Are these cash crops for you all? Or do you just do it for fun?

Trudy, how funny! You can just bake and cook and not eat it? Never could. That is why I just don't cook. And even at that......well, you know. So, your toe is better, right?

Karen, Peggy, where are you?

03-19-2008, 06:41 PM
Next thread all, see ya there.