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02-15-2002, 01:13 PM

I thought I'd go ahead and start our Easter Goals thread. I notice Lizzard already has hers figured out.:)

Congrats to all who did the Valentines Day goals! Whether we reached them or not, it is still a positive step to try.

We have 6 weeks until Easter so think about what you want to accomplish by then!

My goals.

For Valentines Day, I wanted to lose 5 pounds and lost 4.75 in the 6 weigh ins. Although I didn't make 1 pound/week, I'm going to be more aggressive on this goal (I will require more of myself) and set my goal at a 6 pound loss. I will miss my first weigh in because I'll be out of town next week, but look out week 2.;)

OK, post your goals and good luck!

Weigh ins
2/21/02 - out of town
2/28/02 - maintain
3/7/02 - missed weigh in. not off to a good start.
3/14/02 - out of town, no weigh in.
3/21/02 - +2.5 :(
3/28/02 -

3/21/02 - I went in the wrong direction - hope you all are doing better than me!

02-15-2002, 01:39 PM
Thanks Rabbit!

OK - 6 weeks and 3 trips. UGLY. I am going to post my ww WI's here, not my "daily"

Start 02-14-02 149.8
(trip to slc 3/5 to 3/10, DC 3/10-3/12)
3/16------144.5:devil: -------143.5:)
(trip to europe 3/16 to 3/21)

2/19 - ok, 2nd week in a row only a .4 loss and I am totally OP! Oh well, it's not a maintain or a gain so I am boing to be happy:^: and keep working on it and hope to see results. (at this rate, I won't make my easter goal until the end of JUNE!) On a positive note, this plateau has me exercising - not a lot but every little bit counts!

2/26 - so, I guess I will go today. According to my scale, I am up .5 from last week. But, according to weight commander 7 day moving average (by the way, this program is great), I have gone down just over .5. So, I am hoping that the 1/2 lb on my scale is really just an ounce or something and that I will maintain??? NOT!!! On to better times!

2/28 + 3/1: Better times are here!! Down considerably these past 2 days. Let's hope it holds out till WI on Monday!

3/4: WOOHOO!!

3/16: Wow. I expect to give some of this back at my next WI, but if I can make my goal (145) I will be THRILLED! Maybe I would lose better if I ate more points?:lol:

3/23: OK, maybe I really do need to eat more points. I thought I would have a gain because last weeks wi was uncharacteristically low. Then, I ate double my points all week and I am about the same as last week. Hmmm.

3/30: I had originally set my goal as 142 by the 2nd. Won't make it back to WI, however, and am UP 5 today (dear AF). So, all in all I am pleased. See ya on the swimsuit goal!

02-15-2002, 01:50 PM
Bailey - I'm with you on the trip thing. I've got atleast 2 trips during that time, maybe more. So we've got to be extra cautious. Good luck!


02-15-2002, 03:29 PM
OK, I've got 6 wks...I really need to make my goal this time!! I wanted to be back at my lowest which would be 226.0...the first time I started losing, but I'll save that for the Memorial Day Goal!! Hey, can you believe it, the next goal will be Memorial Day?! Cool...I mean Warm...weather that is!! :D :D :D

Well, I'm kind of frustrated that I didn't lose this week, because I was only 17.5 pts. over for the whole week! I know that sounds really crazy, but that's good for me!! So my goal is to lose 7 lbs. I hope all the exercise catches up and I have a good loss next week.

Starting Weight FEB 17th: 241.0
FEB 24th Weigh in: 244.5
UGH...I'm bloated...why always around WI? I didn't expect a loss, but not a 3.5 lb. gain!! :eek:
MAR 3rd Weigh In: 244.0
WHY...is the scale not moving?! :(
MAR 10th Weigh In: 244.0
Hmm...it's not moving because I'm eating crap..
MAR 17th Weigh In: 244.0
Yup, still eating crap...but getting in a better frame of mind! Hey, at least I'm not gaining!! :rolleyes: So now I have 2 wks to lose 10 lbs...NOT...at this point, I'd be happy to lose 1 lb.!!
MAR 24th Weigh In: 245.0
The good news is...I didn't maintain, the bad news is, I gained a pound. :( What did I expect, eating 6 mini donuts?!
MAR 31st Weigh In:246
Well, look at that, not only have I managed to gain 5 lbs., I also managed to pass my all time high by .2 lbs!! If that wasn't a wake up call, I don't know what is!!
Easter Goal: 234.0

Cheekies Mom
02-16-2002, 02:48 PM
Hi everyone! Newbie here. I posted my bio in that section if anyone's interested. I like Lauren's idea of coming back and updating the posts.

Feb 16th........214
Feb 23rd........
March 2.........
March 9..........
March 16........
March 23........
March 30........202

Goal 1
That's two pounds a week, and since my Doc. - actually my Nurse Practictioner - has me on 1400 cal., low sodium diet with mandatory 30 minutes a day of something aerobic, this sounds reasonable.

Goal 2
To fit back in my good sports bra. All Santa brought me for christmas was bigger boobs. I gained almost ten pounds and I swear its all in my chest.

02-16-2002, 04:45 PM
Easter Goal Hmmmm,

I'm going to go for 1 lb per week which makes the ultimate goal 243.6 or 142.6 depending on if I go the last week since we're leaving for FL to visit the in-laws the day I usually go to WW.

As an additional goal I'm going to come here at least 3 days a week to get motivation :) .

Starting Weight FEB 12: 248.6
FEB 19th Weigh In: 251.0 (oops up 2.4 :( )
FEB 22nd Weigh In: 250.0
MAR 5th Weigh In: 248.4
MAR 12th Weigh In: 248.0
MAR 19th Weigh In: 248.4
MAR 25th Weigh In: maybe
Easter Goal: 243.6 or 242.6

3/6: Well so far I've failed miserably at the checking in 3 times per week, but I am down a net of 0.2 which leaves me with 4.8 lbs in three weeks :eek:. Time to get back on track!!!

3/14: down another half pound. Not looking good :(

3/22: back up that half pound, not gonna make my goal. Hope the next one goes better. :^:

- Tech :spin:

02-17-2002, 03:14 PM
I am going for 10 pounds. I have to get this crap off.

starting weight 234

Bunny day goal-224

Weigh in (week of):
2/24-missed on vacation( on program though)

3/3- Will miss meeting at work!
Bunny day-
(will be the Tuesday after)

As you see I stuck it to the top! I agree updating is not a bad idea. But also don't be afraid to add in another post if you want to also.

02-18-2002, 12:52 AM
From everything I have read, it is safe to loose 2# per week. so, I would like to loose 12 lbs.

Actually I set a goal when we started this "diet" of weighing 170 by dh's birthday, which is 4/3. So, I wouldn't mind if I made that - I know, just like I want to wear that size 3 swim suit!!!:D But I am off to a good start with "behaving myself" now if I could also add exercise. I guess that would be another goal for Easter, is to have a good exercise plan in place, and doing it regularly. What about for those of us who want to increase our exercise, to record how many minutes we exercised that week.

Weigh in:________________Exercise for week:
2/17-185 lbs., ____________0 mins.
2/24- 181.5 _____________90 mins. :)
3/3- 177 lbs_____________90 mins.
:dizzy: this is too wierd!!! Am I dreaming?Didn't exercise as much as I want to, though, because I am cleaning out my house.
3/10- 175 lbs._____________0 mins.
had to clean my house for a party. spent all week doing it so it would actually be clean.I am glad I did. :)
3/17- 178 _____________ mins.
3/24- 174 :) _____________ mins.
Bunny day-169.5 __________ mins.

I don't believe it, I beat even my ultimate goal for this date!!! excuse me, but PTL!!!

Let's get our hearts healthy, while we get skinny!!!

02-18-2002, 02:38 PM
I can only seem to manage to lose 1/2 per week but so long as I'm losing it's fine by me. I set my goal a little high but that makes it more challenging.

2/17 - 161
2/24 - 160
3/3 - 160 :( no loss
3/10 -159
3/17 - 158
3/24 - 158
Bunny Day Goal 155 - Actual

I can do this if I stay OP. Right now I just can't wait to get into the 150's!!!!

3/4 -- okay, I'm stuck at that 160 number and can't get off. I didn't stay OP much last week. I didn't go on any eating frenzies I just wasn't very strict with myself. I'll try and do better this week but it's my PMS (can't get enough food into my mouth!!) week so who knows how it'll go.

3/12 -- holy cowabunga!!!! I'm finally down into the 150's!! I thought I was gonna have to cut off an arm or something!!!!

3/18 -- what's going on?? my body is finally responding. I have a feeling I'm gonna have a tough time being down another pound by the end of this week. I'll have to really be a good girl this week.

02-27-2002, 01:53 PM
Glad I checked in here for motivation - I did not do good while gone last week & am not looking forward to my weigh in.


02-27-2002, 09:23 PM
GO RABBIT! GO RABBIT! Get back on that horse

I got this great new idea to ensure I see a loss next WI.....I got my hair chopped off:lol: Might I mention "bangs" might not be the best idea if you happen to be going grey in only one stripe right at the edge of the ole bang line...

Anyone know of a good rinse?

02-28-2002, 02:32 PM
Bailey - I'm back on! We've been having low cal dinners this week. ~ Sorry can't help you with the rinse.


03-05-2002, 07:22 AM
Here are my stats so far.

Starting weight 150.60 pounds

Mid jan- early feb (-4 pounds)

........(Start of Easter goal)
........145 Feb 23rd (-1 lb)
........143 Mar 1st (-2 lbs)
........141 Mar 9th (-2 lbs)
........139 Mar 18 (-2 lbs)
http://www.pedagonet.com/mini/new3.gif 137 Mar 28th (-2 lbs)

03-05-2002, 06:03 PM
Welcome angelcat! Good luck on your goals!:) Feel free to join us on our weekly thread.


03-22-2002, 03:28 PM
WOOHOO Angelcat!!! The 130's!! I can't wait for that.

03-22-2002, 09:13 PM
Easter is almost here! :D