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02-18-2008, 12:58 PM
I was reading an older Denise Austin book Lose that Last 10 Lbs which I'm finding is quite difficult to do. I like some of her ideas of moving more throughout the day and I'm just trying to get a routine down to really rev it up and lose the last weight and keep it off.

Prior to dieting, in the am I'd drink two red bulls, sit in front of a morning show, maybe eat a muffin and peanut butter. Grumble as I hate mornings. I'd waste time on the internet before getting work done (not this site but ebay amazed at the "finds" when they showed up at my door), take my boy to daycare, stop for a burger or go to starbucks for a mocha latte (before there were skinnies). Finally feel energy in the afternoon and push myself at my office. Maybe go out and play with my boy, ride a bike whatever he wanted to do. No real formal exercise. Threw in a frozen meal or something easy not requiring much thought. Watch tv or play with my boy in the evenings. Get him to bed, watch movies. Go to bed late after perhaps a few beers.

MY DAY: Now my routine has me energized... as you can see I'm still spending time playing on the internet in the am. First I drink a ton of water. I cook the thick real oats mixed with wheat germ, flax, bee pollen and berries (Clean Dieting plan). I'm still drinking that Red Bull, but feeling energized but I get on my bouncer for 10-20 min and believe the best energy is from revving it up in the am. I take my shower, and do what Denise calls figitizing - I do calf raises and squats in the shower. After getting dressed rather then hanging out as former me in my sweats at my home office I'm more focused and am getting more work done in the am's.

Mid am I'm doing the idea from the Superfoods Diet book, I chug a low sodium v8 and sometimes have some nuts or other snack as well. By lunch I'm not famished as I was before so I'm not tempted to go to fast food to get a huge burger to 'feel good'. I make a sandwich with Ezekiel bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato and mustard with a small salad or soup, only soups from the books/articles I've read (according to some "experts" one idea is to eat the same lunch or two variations every day, and I'm finding this works for me at lunch as I before didn't put thought into meals). I do 10-120 min of exercise, either a walk or bouncer to rev it up again after lunch. Then I'm more focused in the afternoon to get work done at home, sometimes my boy is with me and we take breaks throughout the day.

Mid afternoon I'm grabbing a healthy snack. And now I'm cooking "real meals" most of the week for dinner, sitting at the table with my boy. Sometimes on the weekends I'm cooking enough for leftovers so I don't have to grab those frozen dinners. I'm keeping cooked chicken, beef and other things handy for times I'm in a hurry or just beat. My fridge is stocked with veggies that I am able to quickly add olive oil and garlic to for a side. If I eat starches or bread for lunch, I don't for dinner or vice versa. In the evenings I do either cardio or weights, rotating every other day. On weekends one day is a play day with my boy, 60 min of fun, bike riding, park, mall where I walk, etc. I might do 10 min of yoga before bed and I'm getting to bed earlier.

DENISE'S DAY: This is far from Denise's Day: She gets up and does her 6:45 am 30 min exercise then stretching. Wakes up kids and showers, and dresses in a 20 min streamlined routine. Makes a healthy sit down breakfast for her family like cereal and fruit with milk. Does her fidgitizing while brushing teeth, buns firmer. At 8 am she prepares lunch (turkey or tuna sandwiches) and snacks (apples, carrot sticks and oatmeal cookies) for the kids and herself. Fills up fie bottles of water for the day, stores one in her car. While driving kids to school does tummy tucks in the car. Arrives to her home office and does 30 tricep toners while talking on the phone. Always walks in place while on the phone, burning more calories then sitting. Every 1/2 hour to hour she gets up and stretches or fidgitizes (wall sits perhaps). 10:30 am stack time, sweet potato is her favorite.

At noon she takes a 10 min walk in fresh air. Eats her sandwich as she walks along the river. Bak to work, makes sure her posture is good at the chair. 2 pm reads newspaper, graps a dumbell and does seated bicep curls while reading health news. 4 pm she does a few kickboxing moves to get the oxygen flowing again. 5 pm, every day after work she goes outside with kids at leat 20 min for fresh air and exercise, like catching a big rubber ball. Next they walk their dog. 6 pm, cooks dinner, grills and makes salad. 7 pm, cleans dishes and does arabesques at kitchen sink. Plays games in evening or watches tv. 8 pm, hangs the official "kitchen is closed" sign up. Puts the kids to bed, watches tv and relaxes with husband. Does pushups and crunches during commercials. 9 pm reviews the day a few minutes, reminds self of positives in life and counts blessings. 10 pm heads to bed to get at leat 8 hours of sleep.

Now that's an amazing day, something to work towards... of course Denise does this for a living!

02-18-2008, 01:04 PM
What is your day in the life of a dieter like?

02-18-2008, 01:50 PM
My Day In The Life:

7:30 a.m. - get up, shower, dress, drink a V-8, grab some baked oatmeal or a boiled egg.
8:30 a.m. - leave for the office - get my one splurge for the day - a Dunkin Donuts coffee w/ half and half.
9:00 a.m. - arrive at office, fill up my water bottle, sit in front of computer and work.
11:00 a.m. - packet of oatmeal at my desk at work or if I've already had oatmeal, a piece of fruit and some cheese. More water.
2:00 p.m. - lunch at my desk - usually a turkey or chicken sandwich on whole grain, a pickle, *maybe* some baked Lays if I've been good otherwise.
4:30 p.m. - An apple and some sunflower seeds or almonds (need the energy for the gym)
6:00 p.m. - Go to the gym.
7:30 p.m. - Go home. Fix dinner with protein and lots of veggies, no carbs. Do house work. Play on the computer. Watch TV. Drink water. Sometimes have a glass of wine before bed.
11:30 p.m. - go upstairs, sometimes take a bath, sometimes just read in bed. Putter around until midnight or 12:30 when I go to sleep.

Rinse, repeat.

(I don't go to the gym every night, but if I keep it in my routine like this, I'm more likely to go than not. On the nights I don't go it's usually because I've gone grocery shopping, or because I'm meeting a client later in the evening.)


02-18-2008, 02:33 PM
5:30-6:00 Get up, weigh in, make coffee, feed cat, unload dishwasher, go into home office. Look at day planner and guess at what to do, begin emails, work, etc.
8:00 or 9:00 Breakfast. Shake w/egg or cereal, w/1% milk, fruit. Sometimes 2 cooked eggs with 1 piece whole grain toast. More work.
10:00 sometimes a snack, depending on breakfast and whether I'm feeling hungry. Go for walk--30 to 40 minutes. Back to work.
12 noon or so. Lunch. Usually a Lean Cuisine, sometimes with extra vegetables. Or, may go out for lunch to one of a few places where I know what I can order. Then... back to work.
2 or 2:30 snack--my snacks are tuna w/ crackers or carrots sticks, or cottage cheese w/same, or Kashi bar or protein bar, or 2 oz. cheese or string cheese with half an apple.
Between 3 and 5: Trip to Post Office or FedEx drop, bank. Swing by gym. Work out (cardio, weights) for 45 minutes. Or, go to pool and swim a bit, soak in the hot tub.
5:00 Try to tie up loose ends for the day. Or, if can't, then figure out how much I can get done in the evening.
5 or 6:00. Dinner. Lean Cuisine, salad, salad dressing.
6:30 to 10. Vegging out in front of TV, desperately seeking something worthwhile to watch. This is the danger time for me. I really want to snack in the evenings. Usual snacks: popcorn, or dark chocolate chips w/nuts, or yogurt w/ fruit, or baby carrots... Restraint! Restraint!
9 or 10: Take shower, go to bed, read until sleepy.

This is my weekday schedule. Weekends involve household tasks instead of quite so much work--but sometimes I have to work weekends as well. Not listed are planned outings for recreation, such as museums, concerts, going to a park, etc., and shopping trips for food. I have a housemate and we share a lot of the household tasks. Also not listed are spiritual activities such as meditation time.

And that's the "boring" life of someone losing weight... ;)


02-18-2008, 02:37 PM
Oh yeah, weekends are a whole 'nother story.

Fridays, Saturdays, and some Sundays are usually working on location, shooting. Keeping to a schedule then is not possible. I pack a cooler in my car with things like yogurt, nuts, cheese, sunflower seeds, baked oatmeal and I just grab what I can when I can.

Also I tend to eat banquet food on those days and so not terribly healthy, but then again, I'm working hard, walking, running, crouching, climbing, and slinging around 30lbs of equipment for 9+ hours a day. So I just don't stress about what I eat on days I shoot.


02-18-2008, 02:54 PM
Hm, I really have fallen into a pattern and didn't realize it til I wrote this out...

I have different schedules for MW and TThFr because of class, I'll do Monday since that's today:

6am: wake up, stretch for 5-10mins depending on how I feel. Shower quickly, dress quickly (20 mins total). Blow dry/straighten hair, do makeup (10 mins). With the remaining 20 mins before I catch my bus I make breakfast -- usually an egg on an english muffin or a bowl of oatmeal -- which I eat standing as I prepare my lunch for the day.
7am: Get the bus downtown to work. Get there at 7:15.
7:15-11:30: work work work. Occasionally get up to refill water bottle and/or pee. Nothing exciting here.
11:30-12:30: lunch! I try to eat for the first 1/2 hour and go walk for the remainder, though sometimes it becomes a 40/20 split and sometimes I miss the walking part entirely. Lunch is always some combo of sandwich and/or soup and/or salad with fruit.
12:30-4:15: work work work. repeat water/pee thing from morning. At about 4pm I eat a snack to get me through class (usually yogurt and museli, or rye crackers w/pb, or dried fruit and almonds).
4:15-5: make my way to campus by bus or car.
5-6:15: class.... fidget.... I've been sitting there holding my abs in for intervals, and alternating holding/stretching my legs as discreetly as possible.
6:30: home, fix a healthy sit-down dinner for me & DH.
7:30-8: digest while surfing internet.
8-9ish: work out - either something in the living room or out to jog, from 20 mins to an hour.
9-11: watch a movie or play board games with DH or read or play with cats. Mostly been reading for my orals coming up in April. We don't have TV so that's not an option.
11pm: bedtime!

It's been working for me :) I could definitely do with a more active job but I'm stuck here for now.

02-18-2008, 03:40 PM
Lol... This is mine:

6:18 am: Hit Snooze button
6:27 am: Hit Snooze button
6:36 am: Hit Snooze button
6:45 am: Hit Snooze button
6:54 am: Hit Snooze button
7:03 am: Panic over the time, roll out of bed - run to shower
7:10 am: get dressed, eat breakfast (which is one of the following: 2pkts instant oatmeal, bowl of cereal, or egg & cheese sandwich: each only 6 pts.)
7:14 am: Prepare lunch and snacks - for lunch I do either left overs or a sammich wrap or soup - I bring 1-2 pieces of fruit and a 'crunchy' 2 - 4 pt. snack - either a cup of cereal, a Kashi bar, etc.
8:00 or so...: Arrive at work, a little frazzled, take 132 stairs up to my floor
11:00 am: Eat piece of fruit
12:00 or 12:30: eat lunch
2:00 or 2:30: go down 132 stairs, buy a tea, and go back up 132 stairs
3:00 or 4:00: eat snack
5:00 pm: go down 132 stairs, leave work, struggle with rush hour traffic in Hartford, pray that car does not over-heat
5:45 pm: arrive at home... at which point, I either prepare dinner or exercise and then prepare dinner: dinner has been a protein (chicken, fish, shrimp, ham, etc. and a veggie) I skip carbs at dinner, since I get carb snacks and carbs throughout the day - no need for them at dinner, too. This also helps me to focus on filling up on the veggies
7:00 or 8:00 ish: eat snack while watching TV
10:00 or so: go to bed (yes, I like my sleep!)

02-18-2008, 05:46 PM
Varies a little from day to day but yesterday went about like this:

- 5:45 get up and get dressed for the gym
- 6:00 arrive at gym
- 6:10 start 1 hour body pump session
- 7:20 arrive home
- 7:30 eating breakfast of 2 slices wholegrain toast with vegemite and cup of tea while reading Good Taste magazine
- 7:45 make lunch - sandwich with shaved ham, lettuce, beetroot, shallot, cucumber, tomato, cheese and homemade tomato chutney
- 8:00 shower, dress, makeup
- 8:30 Dance around my room for 15 minutes just cause
- 9:00 Arrive at work
- Don't stop until 1:10 when finally have lunch
- 4:00 Quick pit stop at home between appointments where I snack on an apricot and shaved ham
- 5:30 back at the gym for 1 hour spin class and then the abs class afterward
- 6:50 Arrive home
- 7:10 Eat dinner which is homemade leak & potato soup with couple slices wholegrain toast
- 7:30 watch TV for an hour with sister
- 8:30 Cup of tea with honey
- 8:40 shower
- 9:00 watch another half hour of TV
- 9:30 Sleep time!

02-18-2008, 06:46 PM
6:18 am: Hit Snooze button
6:27 am: Hit Snooze button
6:36 am: Hit Snooze button
6:45 am: Hit Snooze button
6:54 am: Hit Snooze button
7:03 am: Panic over the time, roll out of bed - run to shower

Ok, yeah, you can add that to the beginning of mine too. Also the annoyed yell from the other room where my roommate hollers "are you going to get up and turn that damned thing off????"


02-18-2008, 07:43 PM
HAhaha, Scraver, you cracked me up!

When I was working (now I'm a student again) I used to do the very same thing, always arriving a bit too late. I was a real panicker. I was always, always late everywhere I went, just because I was depressed and attracting into my life what I feared most, of course. I stopped that, started being more positive, started telling myself that I'll be on time, and amazingly, now all the traffic lights seem to work in my favour when I'm on the bus :) Also my weight dropped :)

I get up after nine hours of sleeping (I'm a real baby). I make my morning cup of black tea with a tsp of muscovado sugar.

I go to the toilet, every day after being awake for ten minutes or so, for at least a week now (I'm still a newbie).

I brush my teeth and remind myself of the things I am grateful for.

I weigh. I update my fitday. I get hungry.

I have a light breakfast, like two slices of wholegrain rye flax bread with some light cheese spread, fresh pepper, tomato or cucumber, and tea like above; or two scrambled eggs (on a tsp of margarine) with a bit of ketchup, and a probiotic yogurt.

I update my fitday.

I do the laundry, if it's a nice day I turn on some drum and bass music and enjoy my half-dancing laundry folding-hanging up routine. I do some cleaning around a house that can never be cleaned, because my sister's boyfriend is constantly using his "physics student veto" against cleaning. No, I'm kidding, he's trying lately, not succeeding, though. He hasn't figured out the equation to putting the empty bag/carton in the garbage, or putting the coffee on the shelve, where it belongs, yet.

I stop fretting about the mess and go sit at my computer, to do this.

I look at my messy table, and want to clean it up. I'm almost there.

I get the urge to study. I go and shake in the corner until it passes.

I go out for a walk, maybe to the shop or the center of the city for coffee, in which case I update my fitday the second I step back into my room.

(optional, can be put anywhere in the day)
Fret about the internet not working.
Unplugging the modem for ten minutes.
Updating my fitday.

I make lunch. Usually something with a carbohydrate base, like rice, potatoes or pasta. I'm trying to get my family to switch to the wholegrain versions. Until I succeed, I am stuck with the refined ones. I add legumes, veggies, seasoning. I eat my share.

Painstaking calculating of the calories, fats, carbohydrates and protein the meal I just cooked had, per 100 grams, and how much I had. This is a bit tricky without a scale :) I am a pharmacy technician, so I know my way around, proportionally.

Updating my fitday.

If it's Monday or Wednesday, I go to tai chi class and love it. Have a banana or two. Go home.

Update my fitday.

Make myself some dinner, sandwiches with slices of tomatoes and cucumber, with alfalfa sprouts and mayo. Or unprocessed muesli (oats with all kinds of nuts and seeds and raisins) with honey and green tea, a piece of fruit or two.

Update my fitday.
Sit at the computer, do this. Watch some movie or Stargate Atlantis, or some Whose Line, take a shower and brush, reminding myself for what I'm grateful, then turn on three episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender on low volume, cover my eyes and fall asleep listening to my favourite, prettiest, most heart-warming piece of TV artwork.


I drink water throughout the day, I just refill my evian bottle all the time, and if I go out, I have one in my bag. If I don't, I buy it. I also take a vitamin pill somewhere in there, if I had something with fat, to bind the A D E K, so they get absorbed.

I'm not an exercise bunny yet. I like walking though, and just got an eliptical machine. I step on it every day a few times for a minute or so, so I get the hang of it :)

p.s.:can anyone explain to me, how the tickers work? I am ready to have one, but guess I missed an internet-evolution step somewhere, because I do not know what to do. It's true I haven't been foruming for five years. It's quite different now.

02-18-2008, 09:09 PM

Click "User CP" at the top left of the purple strip.
Click "Edit Signature"
In the next window you'll see how to add a ticker! Follow the steps.


02-18-2008, 10:12 PM
5:30 - awaken to a favorite cd playing. Stretch in bed before getting up for 1-2 songs
5:35 - bathroom & :goodscale:
5:40 - Bible reading and :coffee2:
6:15 - pilates, yoga or resistance band (or weight) workout:yoga:
6:50 -http://smileys.sur-la-toile.com/repository/Grands_Smileys/manger.gif - varies, but is usually grain & protein - 200-250 cals
7:05 - get dressed and ready for work
7:25 - leave for work (walk to work in the summer)
12:30 - winter - lunch break at desk, then walk the halls, summer - cross the street to the park and walk the 2 mile path
5:00 - home for a 30 - 60 minute workout (cardio) usually WATP, aerobic dance or Tae Bo (summer - outdoor activities like gardening, walking, etc.)
6:00 ish - supper (crock pots, microwave ovens, and rice cookers are WONDERFUL inventions!)
7:00 meetings about half of the time - otherwise - light chores (laundry, dishes, mending, etc.)
8:30 - update fitday, computer activities including 3FC of course :D Often a glass of red wine and a protein snack (lowfat cheese stick, few nuts) :cheers:
9:30 - http://www.iheartpaws.com/forums/images/smilies/oregonian_showersmile.gif
10:00 - http://www.comicguide.net/images/smilies/zzz.gif

02-18-2008, 11:52 PM
Jay, is THIS your job? You work at home?

02-19-2008, 07:26 AM
Jay, is THIS your job? You work at home?

Um, not sure what you mean... Do you mean 3FC moderation? Oh heavens no, there's no pay involved here. :lol:

I do work at home and am my own boss. I have two businesses, one is seasonal, the other is year round. On the plus side, I make my own hours, can take my work anywhere (not tied to a geographic location). On the minus side, I'm somewhat isolated, I have no sick days or paid vacation, and my boss sometimes makes me work 7 days a week. ;)


02-19-2008, 11:39 AM
My days are kind of general. I have no times really.

6-8am: Wake up kids, eat breakfast (usually cereal, waffle, or pancakes and fruit), get daughter ready for school, make her & husbands lunches, take her to bus stop or drive her to school.

8-9am: watch cartoons with son, check email

9am: have a snack (usually fruit)

9:30-11am: cleaning and whatever else

11-11:30am: make and eat lunch (usually a sandwich, pretzels, fruit, or leftovers)

noon - 1pm: put son down for nap, shower

1pm-3pm: Watch tv, do laundry, eat a snack

3:30pm: pick daughter up from bus stop

4-5pm: pick up house, break-up numerous fights between kids

5-6pm: do dishes and make dinner

6-7pm: eat dinner and clean up

7-8pm: kid time, bathes and put kids to bed

8-10pm: spend time with DH

10pm: bed time for me

Weekends are much different since I work overnights. I'm usually up for 24+ hours from Friday to Saturday and then I sleep almost all day on Saturday, go to work at 10pm, get home by 8am, sleep about 8 hours on Sunday, but am in a total funk the rest of the day, go to work at 10pm, get home about 8am and then sometimes I have to stay up on Monday till my DH gets home from work or I sleep from 8-noon (if he goes in late) and then stay up till the kids go to bed and then I crash.

Notice the lack of exercise. I usually use the treadmill while my son is taking his nap, but it's broken. I just can't make myself do my boring walking videos. I need to figure something out.

02-19-2008, 09:44 PM
Jay, I figured it was volunteer work, thanks for all of your suggestions to me and others. And your time. I'm just so thrilled to be "catching on" to this game of weight loss and nutrition thanks to you and others. I've been an addict of fitness/ladies magazines for years but I've learned more here then anywhere and it's motivating. I work at home too, it's isolating so sometimes I take my laptop to coffee shops or the library, but rarely do I go out to eat to "get out of the house...." that was a BAD idea that helped contribute to my getting FAT, all of the calories. But I'll do what you do, choose carefully a few places I CAN GO like Souper Salad on the cheap day, etc. I might even join the gym, I've been working out at home (dvds and free weights)but being home so much, it might be something I'll enjoy as an escape. Seems as though you break up your day exercising twice. I'm doing that more too, a little in the am, maybe I'll start breaking for a longer walk after lunch. Then some in the pm.