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02-14-2002, 07:41 PM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

02-14-2002, 08:25 PM
Hi my friends, just not making it in here. You know I told you I had to shake the crumbs out of my keyboard a day ago, well it didn't work last night. I had to buy another one. I just got it hooped up a little while ago. Boy, it's going to take some getting used to. I've had a great day, not having any problem keeping and of the commitments to myself except walking on the treadmill and finded some quite time for me. I'm walking on the treadmill, but the quite time I'm not doing. Got to get committed to that. I am walking on the treadmill, but I have to really force myself. I am proud fo myself, and I am so happy that I talk to everyone in the store and ahhhhhh at the babies. I'm in the middle of fixing dinner now so I don't have much time. I'll be back in the morning and answer everyone.

02-14-2002, 08:29 PM
Hi Everyone

Hope your having a great day. Mines been pretty good. My wrist is feeling better today. I've not had that sore of a wrist since before I had surgery on my left wrist. But I'm not having the numbness during the night luckily. I hate that. You can't just lay there and shake away the numbness, you have to get up out of bed, or at least thats how it was for me.


I got candy and a cute card. Not that I need the candy, right now I'm about ready to gag from having to much of it today.

Skeeter, I see you are on line right now, probably posting the same time as me. I tell you, I really think they need to revamp the judging of the ice skating. I think what happened is really pathetic. Its just a gut feeling but when I saw Russian couple get up on the medal stand, I just felt they knew who should of won and it wasn't them. As they stepped up there and I saw their faces, it was like I knew they knew. Canada definetly outskated them. They were perfect and I don't know how anyone could of missed that good of a performance. Oh!!! I want to see the US win the gold in the mens but MY guy is #1 right now. Is he good or is he good!!!! Love that guy's skating.

Marlana, thanks for starting the thread. I guess $160 isn't to bad to get your puter back. I've got to have more memory installed one of these days. I know that will help the way this thing runs and I'm sure I'm going to need more added to my hard drive one of these days. I'm just trying to hold off as long as I possibly can. So far everything is going ok with this thing, I've not gotten that blue screen for a few days.

Tobey, gosh, up at 5:30 and running and getting to work by 8:30. Sheesh, I guess that is what you call discipline. Thats great. Oh, I got some news, I'll tell you about it after I post to everyone.

Tainia, welcome to our little group. We are always glad to get newbies and I think you will like us. I think we've all grown close and consider each other friends even tho we've not met in person. I love coming here. Its usually the first site I visit when I go on line.

Marybeth, Oh, I know how you are feeling. I know that out of control feeling, and not just out of control with the food, your whole life feels out of control. I hope your Dr's visit helps. When I start not sleeping, well, that usually means I'm headed towards a depression and I have to do something about it before it gets really bad. I'm really sorry about your job and I hope you can find something else soon. Hopefully they offer you a decent severance package.

Did I miss anyone? Hi Sally.

Oh, my news is dh found another job and starts Monday. He is very happy and so am I. Whew, thats one worry off my mind. Oh, we got our notices today at work that all employees under the Governor have to take what they are calling a "furlough" or temporary layoff day because the states budget is in horrible shape. I say its too much spending on the Governors part, building things that dont need building, starting programs we don't need, etc. You know what I mean. Anyway, the union is fighting it but we had to pick a day or they'd of picked one for us. I don't mind. If it saves jobs, then its worth it. But if they still intend major layoffs, then I say "shame on the Governor and our government reps"!!!!

Well, I've mouthed off enough. Gotta finish dh's favorite dinner, Tacos. Take care everyone.

02-14-2002, 08:30 PM
Hey ladies, I just want you all to know that I have missed you very much. Ok, a lot has gone on over the last couple of months. Let's see where to start. If you all remember I work with mentally ******ed adults. And I think I told you about my cleint I was most proud of Jeff. Well he go sick the first of December. I had been off Monday, Tues., and Wed., I got back to work on Thurs., and they were telling me that he had not been feeling well. Break time came and I could not get him to eat ( Very unusual for him, he ate everything and wanted more) well lunch time comes still he eats nothing. Friday, he kept trying to lay down. She still would not eat but would drink so I kept drink for him. By lunch he was throwing up. They finially sent him home. To make this a little shorter, On tues the next week he is still throwing up so they take him to the Dr. He lets the Dr. take some blood ( very strange he is afraid of Drs.) Wed morning his skin has turned gray and they take him to the emergency room. He gets there and is in a semi-diabetic coma. His blood sugar is over 1000 ( not 100, 1000). They tried everything but his organs had already started to shut down. We lost him on that Thursday. It really hit me hard. Then right after christmas my adopted grandfather died. I went to the doctor and he put me back on wellbutrin. Then the first of last month (Jan) our house is broken into and they stoled everything. Including the computer. So I have been unable to get online:( So with all I have been dealing with and belive me this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more but I will not go into it right now. I have put on weight. I have done nothing but eat. I don't know how much I have gained I am afraid to get on the scales.:o
So I guess I will not bore you all anymore right now, but I hope to hear from you all soon.

P.S. My new email address is tarmc@hopper.net

02-14-2002, 08:45 PM
Happy Valentines Day Everyone. :wave:

I had a great day with hubby today but I did awful on my food. The only good thing that I did was start my day with a two mile walk. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch after that because hubby had me running around all day visiting with our neighbors and friends. He and our friend decided to take us girls out to an early dinner so it was good that I hadn't already used up a bunch of calories.

Marlana~I did as you suggested and stayed out of chocolate today. My husband controlled his desire to purchase another box of chocolates this year too. I took a box of those Hershey Pot of Gold chocolates to Orlando last weekend and left them there to get them out of the house. That box had been here since Christmas and was really starting to call out to me. :D I can't believe that you just got your computer fixed only to have your keyboard die. I sounds like a conspiracy to me. I still haven't had the time to work on my contract but at least I have been thinking about it. I hope to have something to post by this weekend.

Marybeth~I'm so sorry that you either have to move or lose your job. That gives you the right to come here and vent as much as you want. If I remember right, you just bought the house that you are in not so long ago and it is on a lake. I can sure understand why you wouldn't want to leave. Dayton is right next door to my home town. The weather there is much colder than where you live. I spent a year in Woodbridge, Va while my first husband was at Ft. Belvoir and it didn't get nearly as cold as southern Ohio. If you are going to drink, you picked a great one. Irish CrŤme is my favorite.

Tobey~Your post gave me good chuckle. :lol: I heard on the news today that a second gold medal will probably be awarded to the Canadian couple. That is such good news because they skated perfect and deserve it. Tonight is the finals for the men and I am eager to watch. I am also looking forward to the ladies. Michelle Kwan is my favorite. We still have another birthday to get through next week and 6 in March.

Taina~Welcome to the boards. You will be sure to find all the support that you need here. There are a lot of super nice ladies all over these boards willing to listen and help.

JoJo~Hope that your wrist feels better so that you can enjoy your evening with your dh. Have you been watching the skating? The finals for the men is on tonight. I am cheering for Alexi and Timothy.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and loving Valentine evening. Stay out of the chocolates. :lol:

02-14-2002, 09:01 PM
There was three of us posting at the same time. :lol:
JoJo~Alexi is your favorite skater too isn't he? It is almost time for the Olympics to start so I have to hurry. I'm glad that your wrist is feeling better. Go Alexi :) Great news about your dh new job. I'm sure that was a better Valentine present that the box of chocolates.

Teresa~It sure is good to hear from you again. I'm so sorry about your grandfather and all your other bad luck. I have also gained back all the weight that I had lost and my only excuse is partying and having too much fun. I hope to get back OP tomorrow and start eating right again. We have missed you and are so glad to have you back with us. Try to come back in often.

02-14-2002, 11:34 PM
Good evening gals. From the looks of things, you'd swear I've been gone for weeks. There were sooo many posts to catch up on. I don't have it in me to post to everyone tonight. Maybe in the morning. Yesterday was class all day, then my yoga class in the evening. I'm still very glad that I signed up for it. Today I spent the day with my preceptor for my care management practicum. She works alot with the open heart patients. It was fairly interesting. I suppose it is one career avenue I might consider. I'll have to see how the rest of the semester goes. I did have an incident this morning though. I usually don't eat breakfast in the morning. With working 2nd shift, I eat just before work, 1pm, at work if I get a chance, and then when I get home about midnight. Anyway, this morning I was standing in a room working on pre-op teaching with a patient and just about passed out. Turned out to be a low blood sugar. Then I felt pretty wiped out for a few hours. I guess I'm gonna have to try to pace myself a little, and at least have a glass of moo juice in the morning. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's.


02-15-2002, 12:14 PM
Good morning all

I am sooo tired this morning. I had a hot date last night :devil:. It was the best Valentineís Day ever. We through the picnic blanket on the floor last night for dinner and we stayed there until 11:00 pm. But I ate and drank too much :nono: Dh bought me a dozen long stem roses and some Godiva chocolate truffles (all that is left now is the box!). It was fun Ė we used all of our picnic gear Ė plastic plates, plastic glasses, the works! The cat also thought it was great that we spent the whole night at her level. We even put the roses on the floor with us.

Marlana: Sounds like you are doing fantastic! Way to go! Did you buy a special keyboard? I am going to have some quiet time this weekend. Dh has to work for a few hours on Sunday. I am looking forward to it. As part of a surprise for our 5th anniversary I am putting together a scrapbook. We met in 1990 and have saved a lot of little tidbits through out the years. I have stubs from concerts we went to in university, cards from flowers he sent, really bad pictures of us, etcÖ But it is really hard to find time to work on it because dh is always around! Unfortunately I didnít read your Valentineís warning until this morning Ė I think I almost ODíed on chocolate last night! :nono:

Jojo: Iím very glad to hear that your wrist is feeling better. I didnít realize that you had to have surgery for it before. I know what you mean about the candy. I donít I could even look at a piece of chocolate today. As part of dinner, I made a double layer chocolate cake Ė the recipe is actually called Total Eclipse Chocolate Cake. We only had two small pieces last night and then I brought the rest in to work. The guys are have just inhaled it. CONGRATULATIONS TO HUBBY! That didnít take long at all! Good for him! We had days similar to what you are describing here in Ontario in the mid 1990ís. They were called ďRay DaysĒ after the Premier who implemented them. It affected any provincial employee (i.e. nurses, bus drivers, etc.) and you had to take 3 (I think) unpaid days a year. It very unpopular and didnít last very long. Oh tacos for dinner! We are having fajitas tonight.

Teresa: Hey Ė welcome back! Iím so sorry to hear about Jeff. I canít even imagine what you must have gone through. That is an incredible story. Oh dear Ė I just finished reading your post. :( Your grandfather passing away and your house being burglarized. What an awful time it has been for you. I canít even imagine that there is more. Please stay in touch with us and let us know how you are doing and if there is anything we can do. We are all here to support each other.

Skeeter: Glad you had a nice day with your hubby too. Sounds like we had similar days good times Ė bad food. :angel: :devil: Did you say 6 birthdays in March?!?!?!? Wow! As I think I mentioned yesterday was my BILís birthday. Well you know what, he such a guy he got me a gift!! I came in this morning and there was an e-mail from him with a link. I click on the link and find out that he has bought me a 12 month subscription to Runnerís World What a sweetheart!

Jen: Jen, Jen, Jen Ö.. I have a lecture coming on about the importance of eating breakfast but you are a nurse and you already know so Iíll just keep quiet. :nono: I guess it is great that your school exposes you to different areas that you would normally get to see. So if you did make a shift, you have a better idea what you are getting into. Working with open-heart surgery patients sounds very tough. That must be emotionally and physically draining. Did you get to spend some time with bf yesterday?

Guess thatís all for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


02-15-2002, 01:19 PM
Hello Yíall :wave:

Well as Valentineís Day goes mine was not as romantic as one would hope, I was under the weather and stayed in bed...by myself, except when the cats joined me...most of the day sleeping. Hubby was very happy with his stuff cabbage and has been eating if for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My counseling session today went very well, she thinks the Wellbutrin is just not working and advised that I discuss with my Doctor going back to the Zoloft. Iíve got a call in now as Iíve still have some Zoloft from last year when we transitioned me to the Wellbutrin to see if I can just start to reverse the process.

Mom has agreed to move to the assisted living facility we found. She missed taking some of her important Meds last week and has fallen this week twice, luckily she didnít break any bones. So, this weekend we start packing what she wants to take and will actually move her next weekend. She is still on the waiting list for a 1-bedroom apt. but they have what they call an alcove apt. available right away. I thing between her Doctorís appointment last Monday and all thatís happened this week she sees that staying alone is just no longer an option.

Tina, WELCOME! So glad you decided to join us! This is a wonderful group of ladies that I have come to feel as if they are my rock, they are always here when you need them the most!

Jo Jo, Iím so glad hubby has found another job, it gives me hope that I will have something all lined up before my last day with MeadWestvaco. Thatís ĎThe Planí as hubby and I have come to call it. Get a new job and start right after my last day here so that I can collect the Ďrestructuringí benefit and basically double dip for 2 months. That money would go a long way towards the new roof we need. Weíve been in the house now 12 years Ė hard to believe we built the house in 1999. How time files when you are having fun!

Teresa, welcome back! And I thought I was having a bad couple of months. I know where youíre at girlfriend. Iíve been struggling with depression for years and just when I think Iíve got it under control something happens [or as lately many things all at once] and I take that spiral downward. But as I said earlier my session with my counselor went well and now Iíve just got to get the Meds. readjusted and work on my ĎPlaní!. Hang in there, things do get better.

Well I know Iíve missed some of you, but itís lunchtime and I promised my coworker that Iíd go on time today, she has to be out of here for a lunchtime appointment at 1:30. Any way hope everyone has a great weekend, mine will be busy for sure. Monday is a holiday and I plan to work on the taxes and my resume.


02-15-2002, 03:15 PM
Hi All

I just had to share this.

If you are feeling :( click here:



02-16-2002, 01:25 AM

Its a little late for me but I wanted to post and then read, if I can stay awake, that is. I didnt sleep very well last night. My mind was very busy for some reason.

Dh is getting excited about starting his job. I'm so glad he got something. I just didn't think he'd find something this fast because it seems like unemployment is high around here. Well, I'm really glad it happened this fast.

Tobey, thanks for the link. That was so cute and I'm going to send it to some friends. I'm really beginning to wonder about my wrist. It felt better yesterday but it got sore today at work. If its the carpal tunnel, I sure don't miss the numbness that usually goes along with it. I'm just going to take some anti-inflammatories to see if that helps me. I'm sure not anxious for anymore surgeries. I've had enough to last me.

Marybeth, I've taken zoloft and it helped except I didn't sleep very well while I was on it. Sleeping has always been a problem for me. Once I'm asleep I'm ok, but its getting to sleep is whats hard for me. Thats really good your mom is moving into a place where she will have help. My mom was so darned stubborn and totally refused anything like that. I'm sure you will find another job and it would be great if it came along right after you left this job. I think I'd enjoy a little double dipping myself.

Skeeter, Alexi was so good last night. I think he deserved to win even tho I'd of loved to see the US guys take the gold. Least we got a medal out of it. You know, I think I was a little hard on the Russian couple. I thought they knew they didn't do as well but then I found out they hadn't seen the Canadian performance and they really did think they'd done the best but were confused by the reception they got when they went out to the medal stand. They are victims in this also. I've seen them skate other times and they are really good. Yes, Alexi is my very favorite. I just think he is a doll. I know I'm old enuff to be his mother but ****, I'm not dead and I can still look!!!!:lol: :eek: And believe me, I do look!!!!

Jen, whats a "precepetor"? Never heard that word before. :lol: I'm sure it has something to do with your classes, it just sounds like it would. Sounds like you've been busy.

Teresa, we've missed you to and its good to see you again, well, not actually see you, :lol: you know what I mean. :lol: I'm so tired I'm getting silly. Thats really sad about your client and having all your stuff stolen. You can vent here anytime you want as we support each other in more than just food matters. I hope things start turning around for you and you feel better soon.

Marlana, no Marlana???? Where are you? Hope you get used to your keyboard soon. I got one of those ergonomic ones and I love it. I even bought one for work.

Well, I'm going to get off here otherwise I'm going to fall asleep right here. Take care everyone.

02-16-2002, 10:57 AM
My face is red, I posted this yesterdsy on the last board. :o :lol: So here it is!!!!
Wrote on Feb. 15th.
Good Afternoon Ladies~~Boy I thought I would never get to turn on my puter today. I had to do a good cleaning of my living room today the way I used to do it. You know dust everything and make it shinny and pretty. Also got to getting creative too. I'm just doing things as I come to them and its working out so well. However I am very tired. I'm staying up at night until the Olympics go of and that makes for not enough sleep.

Tobey~~ I am so upset about the little couple skaters that got cheated out of their gold medal, It was so clear who won that medal. Can you believe it, the damn judges cheat. Boy I can't believe it, you run 5 miles before work. Just proves we can do it if we set our minds to it.I must have my reminder unchecked on my puter. I'm sorry, I missed your birthday, will you forgive me. Hey hard for hubby to forget your birthday. I bet your dinner last night was a fun fest, I hope so. I can just see you all decked out in red yesterday, Oh to be so small.

Skeeter~~Girlfriend if your back to walking again that is a very good beginning. You have so many things going on all the time. What has happened, you didn't use to go this much. Girl didn't you know that food has a very quite voice that only compulsive eaters can hear, you know like a dog and sharp noises. I'm having a real hard time getting used to this new keyboard. Almost like the other one but the feel is different.

Marybeth~~Sorry to hear about your job. It just seems like a person can never get ready for something like that. I was shocked when you said you had been drinking, I don't know why. But I do admire how honest you was about it, most of us would have kept that a secret. I sure understand why your out of sorts. Man what a blow. You will come out of this funk, we always do. Who knows maybe you'll find a much better job. You can dump any time you want to, that's why we are here. You take care of yourself, and don't you stay out of here too much, we will worry about you, DO YOU HEAR ME???? I took zoloft one time a few years ago, I finally took myself off. I thank a person should take something if they need it. And for God's sake don't compare your romantic like to that of Tobey, that girl always has something up her sleeve along the lines of romance. I'm glad your mom is going to live somewhere else, it's just some added stress off of you. She will be fine there and will end up being happy there too when she gets used to it.

Jo Jo~~I am so glad your hubby has found a job, and working with trucks should be a pretty steady one, they will always be needed.I hate that numbness at night too. Right now mine has let up some. In the spring when I go out and start working again, it will flare up again. It didn't cost me anything to get my puter fixed, the warranty I bought paid for it. I did have to buy the new keyboard, but it only cost 9.49, can you believe they sell them that cheap.Good attitude about the days furlough, use it for yourself and enjoy the day.
Terasa~~I thought you was gone for good. So glad to see your post roll up. My Lord girlfriend, what else could happen to you. I hope insurance paid for all your stuff. Sometimes it is hard just to be on line friends. Sometimes I feel the need just to hug someone, that's how I feel right now, I would just like to hug you and say we've all gained weight, don't worry about what you have gained, it can be lost again. "This to shall pass." We care about you, just keep coming in.

Jen~~I know what it feels like for blood sugar to drop out. When I'm eating right and losing weight I have to watch what I eat for breakfast or mine will drop out in about an hour after I eat. I have not eat any starch or sugar at all the first meal of the day. But after that I'm OK. My blood pressure seems to be getting better early mornings. Maybe its because the meds are really getting built up in me, maybe because I have a better attitude, or maybe because I'm eating much less and eat less salt. It was 156\80 this morning, beats the heck out of 177\97 doesn't it??

I thank I got everyone, sure hope so. OH I got a new camera like Skeeter got but I haven't had time to learn to use it yet. I don't thank I told you all yet, but I found a 20.00 bill yesterday, so run onto this camera and put 30 to go with it and bought it. I hope it works, Skeeter's does. Until tomorrow, be good to yourself.
Teresa...the attachment is for you.

02-16-2002, 05:00 PM
Good Afternoon AGAIN~~I don't seem to be getting in here until afternoon anymore. I guess as long as I make it in it's good. I'm just getting so organized here you wouldn't believe it. I just put up a cork board beside my puter so I can put things up there that I need to remember but can't...like I printed out all the little faces so I would use them more, since I write out of my outlook express.:p....see just had to glance over and see what to type. Maybe I will learn them if I use them enough. I'm having a good day. Had or have a problem with one of my fish. Goldie...A Platy was acting funny this morning so I put her in a net basket so the other fish couldn't bother her. She is having babies, but I thank she is having a problem with it, she isn't acting too well. I only seen one of them and the next time I looked it was gone, she's had lunch. What a bad mom, she should feel bad.:rolleyes: I'm having a good time with this little camera, I'll just have to get some good pics of my fish tank and show you all.

Jo Jo~~ I was here yesterday, I was just living in a state of confusion.:dizzy: I started the thread and then when I got ready to reply I replied to the wrong thread. It is very good that dh found a job so fast. Men have a need to feel like they are the main money maker for the family. You know men, they are strange little fellows. The time off would have been nice, but he will be more satisfied working. I just got a plain ol keyboard. I was so glad when they decided to give the Canadian's a gold medal too. They won it.

Tobey~~ I don't thank I mentioned it to you yesterday but I was wanting the little couple from Canada win the skating, I got so mad when they got the silver. They will get lots of money now though. Now it's going to be a different story when the girls hockey game is played between US and Canada. By the way I checked out the link you posted and I tried to send it and it wouldn't let me. I will try again, it's really cute and a good thing.

I'm trying to do some sewing so I better get back at it. Have a great week end girls. I am!!!!:D

02-16-2002, 09:26 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

I have been so busy the last few days and really need some time to myself. My dh is sick again with bronchitis. I also woke up with a sore throat and sneezing this morning. It's like a duplicate of a couple of months ago when we were both sick. I have been taking my vitamins every day so maybe it won't get any worse.

Marlana~Well, I can sure tell a difference in your daily attitude since you got in control again. It sounds like you are in control of all aspects of your life right now. Congratulations, girl. :) I got both of my dogs groomed in the last 2 days. My friend that taught me how to groom them came over both days and did the actual haircuts after I bathed and brushed them. She did it a little different than I do and they look very classy right now. No pom poms or painted nails. :lol: These are country poodles and they don't go for all that sissy stuff. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your fish. Maybe you can get some of the babies. I haven't taken anymore pictures with mine yet. One of these days, things will calm down around here and I'll have more time to play with the camera and the photo program.

Jen~I can't seem to make myself eat breakfast either. For the past week I have been forcing myself to eat a small bowl of oatmeal in the morning. I am trying to get my metabolism to kick in. Have you ever tried any of those breakfast bars? Some of them are really good. Maybe just a little snack like that would keep your blood sugar up in the mornings.

Tobey~I am so glad that your romantic evening turned out as well. It sounded great. My only problem would be sitting in the floor for very long. When I was young, I wouldn't have believed that just sitting in the floor would cause so much pain in the bones. Getting old sure keeps me entertained with surprises. :lol: You really have a cool BIL. He sounds like a keeper. That was the cutest little teddy bear. :love:

JoJo~It was a thrill to watch Alexi skate and see him win. He is one good looking boy, and with a romantic accent too. (We all look) :D Timothy is good and I am so glad that he got the bronze. I think that Plensenko has an attitude problem and although I have enjoyed watching him skate, I don't care to watch him off the ice. It was also very good news that the Canadian pairs skaters are going to get he medal that they earned. Let's just hope that the problems with these voluntary judges is addressed and fixed. Scott Hamilton suggested hiring judges that are impartial. That sounds good except, where do you find the impartial judges? I'll bet you are very relieved that your dh found a job and he is starting so soon.

The Olympics are on again so I better go watch. Y'all have a great weekend.
My friend took a picture of me and the boys at about 25 miles an hour the last time we went 4 wheeling. This is on the entrance to a state park where we had lunch. We reached it by back trails through some very thick woods. It was 16 miles one way. She rode on the back of my husbands 4 wheeler to get this picture of the boys with their ears blowing back that way. They love to ride this way when the ground is flat. They are wearing harnesses and leashed in so that they can't fall out of that basket.

02-17-2002, 01:21 PM
Good (??) morning. I was hoping to get in here yesterday to post, but I never quite made it. Of all things, my bank has something screwed up, or I do and I just can't find the error, but I've bounced checks this week when I should have plenty of money in the bank. This happened a couple of years ago and I sat down with someone from the bank and we couldn't find the mistake so she just gave my account what I thought that I had. Now they send your check book register to be checked by someone at the corporate office, out of town. I'll never win this time. I almost wish I could find a mistake I made and fix it. I guess I'll just be out the money (about $200). I'm gonna look for a new bank this week. Enough of this crap.

I didn't get to spend any time with dear bf this Valentines. I spent the day (12 hrs) at the hospital. What a great day, huh? And now I'm working all weekend. Tuesday we are going out though, dinner and George Carlin (a famous comedian.) We have 3rd row tickets, so that will be good. I'll need a good laugh.

I may also have to find time to get into the doctor this week. My legs swelled up, starting on Friday. I didn't eat anything loaded with slat, and I'm not anywhere near pms. Sometimes I feel like I'm an old woman. And last night my hip hurt so bad I had to take one of my pain pills leftover from my surgery just to get to sleep. But boy did I sleep good!

Skeeter- I hope you and your husband start to feel better soon. I suspect the vitamins will help. I think I'm going to try either milk, yogurt, eggs, or a protein bar in the morning. I don't want any "quick sugar" . I'll have to get to the store and take a look at the bars.

Marlana- Your blood pressures are doing much better. I've got a "rough draft" of my contract with myself, but that is as far as I have gotten. I had a couple of good days with food, but yesterday was only fair. I'll have to try again today! As long as I keep myself busy (not a problem) I do better.

Jojo- Congrats on your husbands new job. It's great for him that he wasn't off work for very long. A preceptor is like a trainer type person. I follow her around all day, see what she does, and she is actually going to have me doing some of the teaching and assessments by the time she is done. It's almost like she's training a new employee.

Tobey- I have plans to start breakfast, especially on my early days. I ended up having half of a glazed donut and milk that morning at the hospital. I'll let you in on a little secret about how men handle open heart surgery. The ones who do the worst emotionally are the ones who's wives waited on them hand and foot. We got one guy who just hangs his head. It's really pathetic sometimes.

Marybeth- I can't think of anything (well almost) better than in bed with cats on valentines. Ohh, that sounds weird. But I love to fall asleep with a cat purring next to me. I can only imagine how much cabbage for breakfast lingers through the whole day! It's always hard trying to transition someone from complete independent living to assisted. I hope the move goes well for you and your mom.

Well, I guess that's about it for today. I've got to go finish laundry and do some homework before working today.


02-17-2002, 02:51 PM
Hi Everyone.

I'm not dressed yet but plan to once I get off here. I am stuck at home without the car cause dh had to leave his truck in his moms garage because he has his big tool box in the back of it till he starts his job tomorrow. Its very heavy and I can't imagine someone trying to steal it out of his truck, but you never know. Plus someone from his old job pulled a stunt, locked the box up and now dh doesn't have keys for it. The guy who sold it to him is going to trade him locks so that he has keys. Dh is very p'o'd at whoever locked it and took off with the keys. If it was a joke, its not funny.

I dont mind being stuck at home in the least. Dh took the car to his moms and then is going to drive his truck out to get the new locks put on the tool box and then is going to stop by his former boss's to watch the Nascar race. I'm going to run the vacumme and go through all the mail that has piled up. I always end up with a big bag of trash when I go thru it. I guess I should go thru it as it comes in then I won't have all the junk. I also need to dust and I'm going to run the shampooer over the carpet. Tomorrow is a holiday so I'll run some errands then and get some groceries.

Jen, I hate checkbook errors and can never figure them out. I've not balanced my checkbook in so long, luckily I've not had any problems because of it. Rather than figure it to the penny, I round each check up to the next dollar amount. Its worked well for us so far. Once we had $600 extra that came in handy when an emergency came up. Of course, it took quite awhile to build that much up. It does sound like there is a problem with your bank, especially if they were willing to put in the amount you thought you should have. The banks around here charge you to go over your checkbook for you. Something like $25 an hour which I'm not willing to pay. I agree, it is relaxing to have a purring cat next to you when you are falling asleep.

Skeeter, That was a good picture you attached. It looks like your boys enjoy going out on the 4 wheelers as much as you do. I agreen, Pleshenko does have an attitude problem. He is just too cocky. I think they said he was just 18 or 19 years old. He won the last Gold in the last Winter Olympics. He is good but I think Alexi is so much better. They also suggested not letting the skaters country judge when they skate. It sounds fair but then again, it was a French judge who cheated so that the Russians won. They also suggested having a whole bunch of judges come in and then at the last minute select the 9 or 10 to do the judging. I just don't know how they can do it without there ever being any cheating. I really think they will do something after this incident. People are in to much of an uproar over it. I hope you and your dh start feeling better soon.

Marlana, Wow, it sounds like you are doing great in getting your life organized. Makes me think of a series of books, and now I can't remember the name, Oh the Simple Abundance books. There is one on getting your life organized. I hope your platty is doing better now. I need to get my new camera out and start playing with it. I've taken a few pictures with it but I haven't installed it on my puter yet. Dh also bought an extra memory card for the camera but I can't imagine taking that many pictures with it.

My mouse is giving me fits, getting stuck when I move it. Its getting really irritating. I've tried to use another mouse on here but only had problems with it. Maybe I'll just go try to find one exactly like the one that came with the puter.

I've got to get off here now and get busy. Take care and I'll write tomorrow.

02-18-2002, 11:52 AM
Hi everyone!
Been too busy in work to get back here recently and at home, there are either kids on ICQ, kids working on homwork or something else which prevents me access to MY computer!

I have, though, been REALLY consistent on my treadmill I am proud to say - five days a week, Monday to Friday, no matter what - I am slowly working up too so I am actually STARTING to burn calories (it was pathetic when I started a month ago). Now I have to work on the diet ...

As a Canadian ... thanks for all the support for our skaters! It was heartwarming to see how the Americans were so supportive. I don't watch much of the Olympics as I have been so disillusioned over the past few that I can't watch and enjoy without thinking of all the BS that goes on ... but I did catch the skating and along with everyone else was appalled!

Just wanted to say hi! Hopefully will get some time later to catch up with everyone

02-18-2002, 12:22 PM

Good Morning~~Monday morning and it's been a week since I made the commitment to myself. So for I would grade myself at a C, I need improvement in some area's. I need improvement in food, walking on treadmill and spending some quite time. The 3 hardest things for me. I shall try and improve on those this week. My food has been better, but not good enough. I've walked on the treadmill about every other day. I have not spent any quite time. grrrrrrrrrrrr Shame on me. I'm in charge, only I can change it. Nothing else going on here, except the weather is like spring.

Skeeter~~ Sorry to hear you and dh are feeling not so good. I hope I don't get another cold this year. It's almost March and about time to start fishing again. I can't hardly wait. I hope we get to camp more this year. Yesterday he tore the propane tank out of the RV, it had a leak. So we are getting ready. I couldn't stay up and watch all the skate dancing last night I was just too sleepy. I did see the French team and they are good.

Jen~~OH my, how do you get a bank straightened out? I've never caught them in a mistake yet. That is one of the things I made a commitment to myself is to work out my statement every month. I sometimes don't do them for 3 or 4 months.:nono: Boy I would be fighting for that 200.00 too. My dear child you have such a hectic life, no wonder you legs are swollen, their rebelling. You got your Mother, stress, your a nurse, stress, and your going to school on top of that, stress. No wonder you are having problem with health. And it hasn't been that long since you was in the hospital. I put all dh and my meds in pill boxes and this morning when I done it I noticed that HE had taken almost all my pain pills so he could sleep. I had got them when I went to the Dentist. He is so messed up on his sleeping, some of it is in his head.

Jo Jo~~Today's the day, dh is starting his new day. I know you will be glad to get home this afternoon and see how it went. Girl a thief can steel anything. We once had a air conditioner stole out of out living room wall. I'm doing so much better than I was, but I have plenty of room for improvements. I had to buy a new mouse a month or so again, and this one I've got now is crazy. The cursor can be setting at a certain place on the screen and it will just take off and go to the top or side of the screen. I've already figured out I would like to have a good digital camera, all I need is the money.

I'm sure it has warmed up outside so I need to get out there and clean the sunporch. Y'all have a good day. The attachment is of Neon taken with my new rink-a-dink camera.

02-18-2002, 01:27 PM
Hello All

Wow looks like the boards were busy this weekend. As usual I was my lazy self and didnít get in. :nono: Friday we had to rush home so that hubby could watch the Canadian menís hockey team be beat badly. Tonight we also have to rush home for hockey. Hopefully with better results this time! Saturday was spent doing chores and then we went out with friends that evening. Sunday dh had to work for a few hours so during that time I went for my long run. I did 10 miles. That gave me a weekly total of 24 miles. My current goal is to average 35 miles a week. Iím still several weeks away from being able to do that. But slow and steady wins the race. So after that long run, I have myself permission to flake out for the rest of the day/evening. Actually by the time night rolled around, I was beat! I actually fell asleep on the couch around 8:30. Dh dragged me to bed around 9:00.

Jojo: Iím so excited for your hubby. That is so fantastic that he was able to get a new job so quick. I sure hope those anti-inflammatories help. I donít blame you for not wanting surgery. Are your pains work related? You would be surprised at what people will try to steal. I imagine that it is all worth a lot of $$. Some guys play really dumb jokes donít they? If you mouse is getting stuck, it sounds like it just needs to be cleaned. If you flip it around, you should be able to twist open the whole where the ball is. The take out the ball, wipe it down and dust out the inside of the mouse. If you happen to have a can of air, that works great. If not, just use a dry, lint-free cloth. Hope you enjoy your day off today Ė and think of us poor Canadians stuck at our desks today.

Marlana: My living room needs a good dusting too. I plan on doing chores for most of the evening tonight. Had plan on doing a lot of things yesterday but Ö. I am a firm believer (now) that you really can do anything if you really want it bad enough. Hey you didnít forget my birthday. In fact you sent me a nice e-mail on that day (it was back in January). Maybe my post was confusing Ė it was my BILís b-day but he is so thoughtful he sent me a (just because) gift. I have always loved wearing red Ė I used to get decked out in even when I wasnít small. What luck finding that $20! I think that is fantastic that you treated yourself to the camera. Canít wait to see some pics! How is Goldie doing? For that hug link, I donít think the forwarding option works. You will have to cut think I posted on the board and copy it into an e-mail yourself. That is how I received it. Hey you must have been listening to me type. You posted the picture of Neon as I was writing!

Skeeter: :( Poor Sickies :( Our evening was fun. Although I have to confess I did have some cushioning. I started off sitting on the picnic blanket itself but that only lasted about 5 minutes. OUCH! So I ran to the bed and grabbed the 4-foot body pillow to curl up on. It is very comfy. Yep, I do love my BIL. Dh and him have a great relationship. Even though they live 18 hours apart, they are always doing things for each other. I felt special to be included in that loop. I LOVE the picture of you and your boys. That just looks like to much fun! Oh I almost forgot. This weekend we went to a small local pet shop and they were selling those doggies harness/pouches/carriers. They had some pictures of people using them Ė too cute. I was telling dh that you had one for your boys. He thought it was so funny to have a baby snugly for dogs.

Jen: What a nightmare with your bank!!! That is why I like internet banking. We have instant access to all of our records. Although it is bad at Christmas time when you want to pay with your debit card Ė it list name of the store that you were at! Not good for joint accounts. :lol: I have heard that George Carlin is very funny live. Youíll have to let us know how it was. Sorry to hear your leg is bothering you. Didnít this happen to you before? Why doesnít that story of the open-heart men surprise me? If you are having trouble eating in the morning, you can always try drinking it. A fruit smoothie made with lf/ff yogurt is a good thing.

Moonstone: Glad you had a chance to check in. Did you have to pry someone off the computer? Congrats on the treadmill work! I think as you see your progression, it motivates you to push it a little more. Skating definitely has gotten a dirty reputation over that few years. It is good to see though that people are fighting back.

Well I think I am all caught up with everyone. So time to chow down some and then hit the gym. My body with think that 3 miles at a relaxed pace will be a treat! :lol:

Have a good one

02-18-2002, 06:24 PM
Did you all miss me or WHAT?:devil: I've been soooo bad; actually I was doing a Mamalana thing and trying to get my housework/kidswork done before I get on the computer--and you see how often I've been on lately! :lol: Anyway, missed everyone, and no, I haven't gained any weight in the last few days--I've just finished catching up on posts, and I'll be back tomorrow morning and write to everyone properly!
Love you all,

02-18-2002, 09:36 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

My dh has asthmatic bronchitis again and I woke up with my throat hurting worse and my sinuses screaming. I can't believe we are both going through this again. I got hubby in to see his doctor today but haven't called mine yet.

Marlana~That's a pretty good picture of Neon. Don't you just love those little cameras? I would have gotten one a long time ago if I had known that it would be so much fun. I feel sorry for someone that can't sleep. I love to sleep and am very good at it. :lol:

JoJo~Those dogs love to ride. We padded the inside of that basket for them. They are standing on their back legs when that picture was taken. That is their favorite way to ride as long as the ground is not too bumpy. That 's why I had to harness them in the basket. The bigger one fell out several times before I found a way to harness them in so that they could still move around and enjoy themselves. Wasn't that award ceremony nice last night for the Canadian couple? I don't get as interested in the ice skating but am very anxious to see the ladies starting tomorrow. How was your husbands first day at the new job?

Jen~I agree that you need to find a new bank. Something sounds fishy with the one you have now. You will get plenty of laughs when you see George Carlin. He is very good and of my generation. :lol:

Moonstone~So glad to hear from you. As for the skaters, fair is fair. Jamie and David preformed a perfect routine and deserved the gold. I am so glad that justice was done in their case and enough public outcry to bring attention to the existing problem with the judging. Now it is being said that the ice skating was decided before anyone skated. What a shame it will be if that proves to be true. WTG with the treadmill. Keep us posted.

Tobey~Wow.....35 miles a week. You go Girl. :D My dh used to walk 45-50 miles a week until the bugs (deer flies) got too bad last year. He never started back except just to walk a couple of miles with me when I am able. I am so angry that we are getting these yuckies again. The weather is perfect for everything except laying in bed with a cold. :frown: Maybe after we are well, I can get a picture of my boy in the pouch. I only carry the smaller one when he gets too hot and tired. The bigger one runs all day chasing squirrels and 2 miles is nothing for him. He is jealous though and looks at his brother in the pouch with green eyes. :) Love the attachment.

Sally~Glad to hear that you are doing okay and only been busy. I have been wondering how you were doing with all that stress caused by your ex. Come back soon and fill us in.

Gotta go check on hubby. Y'all have a good evening.

02-19-2002, 12:11 AM
Good evening gals. I finally made it in here again. Today was a lllloooonnnngggg day. I spent 8 hrs with my preceptor at the hospital. Not really that bad, until I tell you that I got home from work at midnight, to bed at 1 am, and I was back up at 6 am. I'm gonna sleep good tonight. I have to catch up on my homework tomorrow too. I've slacked off this past week. But it'll even out.

After I spent the day at the hospital I stopped at a car dealership. I must be out of my mind, tired, exhaused, 16 of the last 24 hrs spent at the hospital, and I stop to talk to a car salesman. I was not impressed with this place. The salesman wasn't too bad, all things considered, but the finance manager was a piece of work. She seems to think that the other dealer I've been working with is lying to me about the agreement we have worked out. And that I'm some sort of idiot about the expiration dates of the rebates. I'm probably gonna go talk to the first place tomorrow, maybe get the car. I've got a ton of rebates for another oldmobile, since they are going to stop making them in a few years. I almost can't pass up the deal I've got. But 2 of the rebates expire at the end of the month, and with my schedule, I can go tomorrow or Saturday. They had 2 cars exactly the same, now they are down to one, so I should get going. So much to do, so little time.

I still haven't gotten into it with the bank. They check the last month for free, but charge for anything after that. I wonder how far they'd go back before they admit to the mistake? It might not even be worth the hassel. Must be how they stay in business.

Skeeter- Oh you poor dear. Sick again. All that nice, warm weather and too sick to enjoy it. Perhaps we should trade places.

Sally- Hey girl, good to hear from you. I'm not doing so hot with the "Mama plan" either. Try again tomorrow I guess.

Tobey- Heck, at this point I'd be happy with 24 miles a month! Guess I'll have to get busy with that too. Yes, my leg bothers me often, but worse lately. Must be a sign of my habits, the more I exercise it, the better it feels. It hurts more to walk than run, the flexion feels alot better than extension. I sleep with it bent about to my chest. I had a soy protein slimfast for breakfast today!!!

Marlana- Good for you for getting as far as you are on you contract. I'm proud of you! I don't know if I can straighten the bank out now that it is all done out of town. Might be their strategy. I just keep thinking of how relaxing this spring and summer will be when I'm done with school and things settle down. At least I can see the light at the end!

Tammy- Congratulations are in order for you to. Way to stick with an exercise program!

Jojo- What I would give to get stuck at home alone. Sounds heavenly. I thought that not figuring in my interest for the year would be enough of a cushion to prevent bad checks. Apparently I was wrong. Last night I talked one of the cats into relaxing on my back, purring, and working her feet. Oh how wonderful.

I have to go to bed now. I am pooped out, and have alot I want to accomplish tomorrow. What else is new???


02-19-2002, 07:53 AM
Morning Ladies,
I want to try and get a decent post in before I have to get the mutts up for school in a few. I would have been in here earlier this morning, but I was--ahem--on my treadmill.
:cool: Not for very long, mind you, but on my treadmill none the less. And it was moving. :lol: I just weighed and haven't lost another ounce--but haven't gained either, so I want to try and jiggle things along here soon...spring's coming, ladies!
Jen, how's work treating you?? Sounds so hectic! My job isn't real stressful, but I get bored sometimes. I still think I'm a frustrated nurse---I wish I could convince Jeff that I really need to go back to school, and he needs to help me pay for it! Do you have an Oldsmobile, or thinking of getting one? I've had mine for almost five years now, and haven't had a minute of trouble with it....I think JoJo bought one recently, too.
Ah, speaking of which---Mrs. JoJo is at home while hubby's at WORK! Most excellent! I'm so glad he found something quickly. Jeff's been looking around for something that pays better than what he makes, although we have plenty enough (Can't have too much, you know); he doesn't make as much as an electrician should, though; the job market is really bad right now; I'm just glad we're working. I know that makes you feel better.:cool:
Hi Skeeter--loved that picture of the boys! I think my Maltese would like those four-wheelers. He likes anything when he can be with his people, and he loves to go bye-bye car (had to whisper that one, cause he gets excited when he hears---well, you know---bye-bye car). I'm still debating on whether to bring him to Disney World---I don't know if I can stand to leave him for over a week. Hope you're feeling better, and hubby too! Take care of yourself.
Tobey girl, how's your weather up there? It's almost spring here...I can see it coming! I've got to plan my flowers for this year, and my garden (which is shrinking each year, because I let it turn to a weedbed!) I told Jeff I would try one more year and see how I do this time. I go great guns for a few weeks, then look out the window at all these weeds and just give up! Sort of like our weight, I guess----needs daily attention. Jeff got me a new mountain bike for Valentines/anniversary this year---it cost so much I feel guilty if I don't ride it! I do like it though, and I think that might be my exercise-of-choice now. Since I haven't gotten to the point of enjoying exercise yet, I have to do something I will stick with, I guess! Your Valentine's day sounded lovely! Your Runners World subscription reminded me about a computer class I took not long ago. The guy next to me would act like he was paying attention to the instructor, but when I would look over at his screen, he was on the Runner's World website!
Mama, how're the fishies? Your picture looks like my Finley--he's about that color. The girls have a pale pink and a maroon one. They are still doing well---building their little bubble nests. You sound like you're still doing so well! I'm so glad you've been feeling better about yourself and everything else lately!
We want to camp more this year, too--I hope we get to at least once or twice a month.
Hi Moonstone--you're doing well on that treadmill, I hear! I'm still not real friendly with mine, but we're getting there. I know what you mean about not getting to the computer much; we have FIVE computers (more computers than people!) but I still don't get on here much; only two are connected to the internet, since we don't want the girls surfing without supervision, so I usually just play games if I ever get a chance to get close to one! At least my housework is going better; my mother in law is coming to visit in a week or so, and I wanted my house to be cleanish...as cleanish as it can get, anyway.
Marybeth, how're you doing? I'm sooooo sorry about your job. I wish I could just come and get you and let you stay with us for a while! Take care of yourself, and let us know how you are! We love you.
Sorry if I missed anyone---hope I didn't and know I did!
Love you all, and I'll see you all tomorrow

02-19-2002, 08:03 AM
Hi all! Well, we're back to "Spring" weather in Toronto - it's supposed to be up to 7 (that's celcius for you Americans!) today! Very weird weather ...

Dolphin - good luck on your car - in general, I HATE car dealerships - they are all stuck in the 50s - think women know nothing about cars and hubby will be paying the bills! It drives me crazy - I know way more about cars than my husband - with the exception of one Hyundai I had I have always driven old cars so have learned over the years what makes them tick - I have a GREAT mechanic, really sweet and honest so that really helps - he is always telling me he is going to hire me because I am usually right concerning what is wrong with the car if I have to bring it in!

Dolphin, don't give up n teh bank - the bottom line is that if you are quite certain about their mistake - make THEM pay for it no matter how far they have to go back. I HATE letting them get away with things!

Skeeter, I'm sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well - have you thought about going to the health food store and taking ecenecia? It's a natural herb that boosts your immune system. During the winter I always have some in the house and when people start to get run down I start giving it to everyone - it REALLY works well!! My husband is a teacher and for years was always catching colds and flus - my sister talked me into trying it and he hasn't been sick in years! Also, the dogs are adorable!

Sally, we all know what it is like with the wayy time gets eaten up!

Tobey, you re absolutely awesome! I can't imagine running half a block! I commiserate with you on our abysmal hockey team ... something is not right with this picture - hockey is OUR sport!! But let's know forget our womens' hockey (which everyone seems to) - they're doing AWESOME!

Hi Marlana - I know how hard it is to get back into the groove - I stillhaven't addressed proper eating yet but for more than a month now I have been getting on the treadmill - what is great is that now I find it is easier and easier to get on it each night - in fact on the weekends I feel something is missing because I usually don't use it - so it hasn't taken really that long to get used to it (although, believe me, I know how EASY it is to get OUT of the habit too!) - I haven't weighed myself but I can feel my clothes aren't so uncomfortable so I think it is helping. The quiet time would be the hardest thing for me - there never seems to be any time for that but sometimes I think that is more important than anything! It helps you to recover your equilibrium and put things in perspective as well as to committ to yourself.

For all your cat lovers, when I went to bed last night I had Irish (our 3 legged cat) leaning up against my right side, Scully was on my stomach, Mulder was on my left side, Cossettee between my legs and Pippin (my old 20 year old cat) was curled at my feet! My husband came to bed and pointed out there was no room for him ... especially since the dog was lying beside the bed on my side! I pointed out he didn't purr!

Starkeeper - I have major carpel tunnel as well - runs from my wrist up to my shoulder - I have been using some light weights - (2 lbs I think) - it is REALLY helping - the most important exercise is to hold the weight in your hands and rotate your full arm 360 degrees - first front, then back - do it a few times each night - I have been doing it since I re-started my treadmill and I have found it really works - my wrist and especially my shoulder is much, much better.

MbG - how long have you been on the wellbutrin? It often takes 4-6 weeks for the effects to kick in. Good luck.

JoJo - thrilled to hear about your hubby's job - apart from the money, it is hard on a guy when he is not working (hard for anyone, but most men really get depressed). That's fantastic news!

Oh, and Jen, you have to eat someting in the morning - I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking it has to be something substantial - have tried the new Vector bars - they're quite good and full of soy and vitamins!

Well, got to run, love to all and talk to you later

02-19-2002, 03:59 PM
Hello Yíall :wave:

Well all my plans for the 3-day weekend went out the window when my sister called from the emergency room on Friday. Turns out Momís 2nd fall was a little worse than we thought, nothing broken, but we are back to 24/7 care until Saturday when we move her to Sudley Manor. I left work Friday, got home ate a quick dinner packed my bags left hubby a note and drove north on I-95 on a Holiday Weekend! :dizzy: I did get one run in on Saturday, but I should have done it Sunday and Monday also. We were able to get a Home Health Aid in starting yesterday during the day, but one of us has to be there at night. She just doesnít have to strength to take care of herself. She wasnít pleased about the Aid but she get over it.

Food continues to be a struggle for me right now. It isnít always that Iím eating the wrong stuff, Iím just eating too much and not exercising. I did however manage to stay the same at weight-in today.

I did find out last night, at a business dinner with the boss, that the plan is for the credit department to be moved to Dayton by July 31st. So it looks like Iíve got 4 or 5 months to find a new job, provided they decide Iím needed until the actual move is complete. If I do get the 4 to 5 months I really think I can find a job that I could start in August.

Well donít have time today to write to everyone, so Iíll close for now and will be back tomorrowÖthanks for all the support, I can feel the :love: coming throughÖand it's great...sending you all a big HUG


02-19-2002, 10:34 PM
Good Evening~~I had to stay off the puter this morning we had some stormy weather going on. I went to Tulsa today so just now finding time to write on the board. I guess I told you all that my Platy was having babies. Well she had some babies, I don't know if she was through or not, but she died. How ever she ate all the babies except 3 and they was dead. Just one of those things I guess. I got 3 more fish today, they are so cute. They are dwarf Coral Platys. They are light orange on the head, the body is yellow and the tail is bright orange. Their names....My babies!!! Can't tell them a part, except the male, he has an extra part.:lol: Anyway I'm still hanging in there on at least part of my commitment to myself. Got to get better.

Tobey~~ You thought there was a lot of post when you come in yesterday, I can't believe how many I have to answer now.:dizzy: I hate to tell you but I'm hoping USA wins the Hockey. They seem to be pretty good, mercy I don't know they may have lost today, I haven't heard anything today. I agree 100% on we can do what ever we thank we can do. I always thought I could do a lot of things and I can as you know....BUT....I need to convince myself I can take this weight off in order to do it. It's all in the mind, got to get the mind straight. Hey have you noticed...you have a fellow Canadian in here now.?

Sally~~ Yes we missed you Miss Sally!:D I'm glad I'm not on a fast time table on getting this post typed. I have not got used to this new keyboard yet. I spend as much time backing up as I do going forward. Congrats on not gaining any weight. One time in my life I've stayed the same, that was one time I was in a plane flying over Tulsa and I stayed the same from one side to the other.:p Tell me about spring coming...I had to take my jacket off today while I was in town. grrrrrrrrr I thank your finely and my Neon is the most common color going. I haven't got a good picture of Cleo yet, he won't pose for me. I'm already checking out the RV in hopes we get to camp more this year. Fishing right around the corner.

Moonstone~~I don't remember if I have welcomed you into our group or not, If not a big WELCOME! Must say you Canadians are more up on our measures than we are on yours. I don't know what Celsius is compared to F. but I do know our weather is great right now. I'm still having to make myself get on the treadmill, it's a battle everyday. It's as if there is 2 people in me and one wants to walk and the other one don't. You have a 3 legged cat. There used to be one here, but the darn thing fell in the pool and couldn't get out. You'll notice that I'm so old that I've had almost every experience all you are having now. I just noticed that myself. Anyway once again, "Welcome to our group."

Marybeth~~Oh my heart sunk when I read that you Mom had a fall. I feel for you and her. Getting old is not easy. Before my Mom passed away we liked 3 weeks keeping her for one year. But there was 4 of us kids to take turns keeping her. She stayed once with each of us during the year. She had cancer. WE can give up on the food, we just can't. Us all hope that you can find a new job just as good as the one you have now.

Girls I've been working on this post for over an hour. I type in between skaters. See ya tomorrow. The attachment is of Cleo. You can see his color, but thats about it. He's so laid back he won't run from me and go down. I can touch him and he just sets there.

02-19-2002, 10:56 PM
Hi Everyone

Hope you had a good day. Mine was pretty good but I was so sleepy at work. I came straight home and put my night gown and robe on.

They just showed the womens ice skating and I'm so happy Michelle Kwan is in the lead. I hope she can keep it up.

Marlana, dh started his new job yesterday and he comes home filthy. But he loves that for some reason. So far so good and he likes it. He is just happy to have a job. So am I. Awww, sorry about your moma fish and her babies dying.

Marybeth, sorry to hear your moms fall was worse than you thought it was. Its rough and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Moonstone, you dont need an electric blankie with all your animals to keep you warm. My dog doesn't like to lay next to us on the bed, unless she wants something or wants out and she will chase the cat off the bed the majority of the time. My cat likes to lay next to me under the covers.

Sally, yes it was pretty nice having the day to myself yesterday. Sounds like your kiddies are keeping you busy. How's things with the ex? Has he been bugging you much lately?

Jen, what kind of Olds are you looking at? We've got a Cutlass and I really like it. I'll tell you, I've gotten spoiled with the remote for the lock and trunk, one night I came home from work and was pushing the unlock button to unlock my back door. Plus we have an automatic sink at work and whenever I go into a bathroom that doesn't have one, I put my hands under the faucet and wait for the water to turn on. Its just way to automated these days.

Skeeter, I was so scared to watch Michelle tonight, I was worried she'd fall but she didn't. She did great. What do you think of Sasha Cohen? She is really good to. I watched the finals in the ice dance last night and its really pretty. Not as exciting as the regular figure skating but it was good.

Tobey, oh that tool box!!! I told dh this is the last new one he is getting. It cost almost $4000 and he almost had to let it go after he was laid off. He got the locks straightened out. Turns out the night supervisor thought he should lock it up (even tho there were no tools in it) and he put the keys up. He didn't know dh was coming to get it the next morning.

Well, I've got to get off here now. I'm going to try to go to bed in a few mins. Take care everyone.

02-20-2002, 07:25 AM
Morning Ladies,
I'm not sure this is going to post or not; I think I just got cut off; we'll see. Hope everyone is doing okay today. Our weather is horrid today--lots of rain and storms. And it's my ex's birthday! :devil: The girls have a dental appt., so they won't see dear old dad today. We had teacher conferences yesterday; the teachers said the girls are fitting in beautifully and doing very well. I think the lowest grade either had was a 93 so far; so Mama is pleased. :cool:
Mama, sorry your fishies died; that's a shame! I hope you find some pretty ones; we haven't tried the platys yet; that will probably be next for our zoo. I'm not too friendly with my treadmill yet either, but we're getting acquainted now at least. Our weather has been warm, too; today we must be getting what you got yesterday, and the weatherman is saying the next two weeks are going to be colder and wetter than usual....I knew it was too hot for January---it's going to snow in March! Oh well, at least it won't last long, being so close to spring.
JoJo, how's hubby doing? I know about those dirty clothes! Jeff bought me a super duper washer last fall--one of those Maytag Neptune front loaders, and I've got a special cycle set for his work clothes---I named it "grubbies". I've gotten spoiled by my car, too---it's the first one I've had in 25 years that actually runs like it's supposed to! I almost dread trading it in when the time comes, cause I don't know what else I would want. Jeff wants to buy a big rumbly diesel truck in the fall--oh yay. Those things cost as much as a small house! Actually they are as big as a small house. We may need to pave the front yard.
Marybeth, I'm glad you got to write again so soon; sometimes we don't hear from you often enough! (I'm very bad about that too!)
I'm so sorry your mom had the bad fall; my mom is 84, and she falls at least once a week---I just know the hip is going to break one of these times. She hasn't done anything except bruise herself up so far, but it has to happen sooner or later. I'm glad you may have longer at work than you first thought---just get a good resume going and send it everywhere--even places you don't think you would want or could get....you never know!
Moonstone, you sound like me with the kitties; I love to have my kitties around at night--nothing like getting a good purr going!:lol: Mine like to go out and "mouse hunt" at night, though, so I have my little Maltese on the bed at night; he waits til we go to bed and turn the lights out, and then we have to call him--he has this little ritual he goes through. Such a funny little guy! My husband isn't much of a cat person---more a dog person, but I told him that I would always, always have to have at least one cat---so he would have to just scratch a glad spot and get over it! :D He's adjusted quite well, thank goodness; I would hate to have to let him go.:s:
Hi Tobey, Carol, Skeeter (you and Mr. Skeeter under the weather again? Hope you're better!), Jen & everyone!
Love you all, and talk to you tomorrow,
This probably needs to be on a new thread, but I'm running late! Sorry!

02-20-2002, 01:31 PM

Good Morning~~It is still morning here..11:00 AM. I went back to bed this morning, the Oylempics are keeping me up too late. Work is done already except for the extra things I will try and get done today. Nothing else going on.

Jo Jo~~I was very glad Michelle won last night too. All the American girls are pretty good. I watch the Olymics every night. Sometimes I cry like when the American Mexican won the speed race last night. It was so touching because he cried. My husband gets dirty too. He is a machinest and get grease all over himself. Here's a tip to get the jeans clean. Turn the hot water up as high as it will go. It does a good job with just laundry soap if the water is hot enough. It would break you trying to use spot remover. But if you find you need something else let me recomene one. "Mean Green" it's sold at Dollar General stores and is the best grease remover I've ever found. And it's cheap cheap, beats 409 to peices. I'm glad he likes his job, they can be heck to live with if they hate thier jobs.

Sally~~Good for the Mutts, makes Mom feel good if they are doing well in school. Our weather is still holding in there, but I understand we have a chance of snow on Monday...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I was liking what we have now. I had to put a divider in my tank this morning, 2 males was after the same female and she is already PG, they was wearing her out running her from end to end. Fish!!! Just like man.:lol:

My lunch is ready and I'm needing it badly, I just had a bowl of Bran Flakes this morning and I'm a bit shakey. The attachment is of my tank. Have a good one everyone.

02-20-2002, 03:29 PM
Hello Yíall :wave:

Well last night I went right home from work, fixed a grilled cheese sandwich [3 pts.] and then crawled in bed. I think I got about 12-hours sleep and feel sooooooooooo much better today, both physically and mentally. Iíve set the date for the Estate Sale and the painters are working on the exterior of Momís house as we speak and will move into the interior next week after she is moved out. Sister Caroline will work next week to have our realtor [friend of the family] come out and give us her recommendations for whatever else should be done before we put it on the market. Tomorrow is a big Doctor day for Mom, sees her regular Doctor plus the neurologist.

Talked to a friend last night, and I told him how I was looking forward to things getting back to normal, then I defined Ďnormalí as not having to drive up to Northern VA every weekend. After Iím living that Ďnormalí I work on getting to the next level of normalÖfinding a new job. The weather today is in the upper 60ís here and I believe hubby is out playing golf before work. We are to get some much needed rain tonight into tomorrow, but itís to be dry for the weekend which Iím grateful for since we will be using pick-up trucks to move Mom.

Marlana, sorry you lost more fishesÖwhat is it with fish that they always seem to eat their young?

Sally, so glad the girls are adjusting well to the new school. I knew they would.

Tobey, Jen, Moonstone, Jo Jo, Carol and everyone else keep up the good work.

Love to allÖ