100 lb. Club - acountibility/ menus/ planning week of feb 17-feb 23

math puppy
02-18-2008, 01:13 AM
welcome! do you need acountibility? a place to put your menus? support? this is the place for you! together we can do this!

math puppy
02-18-2008, 01:16 AM
note: i couldn't for the life of me, find the current thread for accountibility so i just started a current one! hope im not stepping on anyones toes! :o

how has my day been? oh, why i would love to tell you!
i didnt do too terrible yesterday, was on the upper side of my cal limit like trisaratops, but at least there was no over eating! today is good too, but i dont have the energy to get any exercise in today. i think i just about passed my weekend challange so long as there is now binging tonight!

this last week really had me in a headlock, but now i feel hopful again.;) thanx guys.

xtrisarahtops-sorry bout your knee feel better soon. let your dogs lavish you with thier magick doggie kisses, i swear they have healing properties
mj-lol " ahhh maybe we can get a little closer to normal (whatever that is)around here" :lol:
bigtexmomma- 365! you go!
girlygirl-good planning on dinner, sound like applebees came through for you. wow day 4 already?!

im going to bed now, see all you later

02-18-2008, 07:59 AM
Good Morning! Ok, it's official...I rsvp'd for my reunion....I know it's pretty cliche, but that is my new incentive! My plan is to get in 6 days a week of exercise, healthy food choices, and lots of water. I know I can do this! I don't just want to lose weight, I want to be healthier!

Rhonda--Great job! wow, what an eye opener w/ your favorite restaurants...great job doing your homework! The reunion is either July or Aug...hasn't been picked yet...

Beverlyjoy--Wow, when it rains, it pours! How are you feeling today?

Sara--Wow, lots of dogs at your house! Oh, your poor knee!!!

mathpuppy-Thanks for starting us off! Great job!

Good news--my knee feels better! No great, but better. I am going to call the ortho (just like I promised) and get an appt for my f/up. I am going to go to the gym tonight and I will take it easy. I have packed my lunch and am making a chicken stir fry w/ lots of veggies and brown rice for dinner.

Gotta finish getting ready for work.

Have a great day!

02-18-2008, 08:10 AM
mj--glad the knee feels better, hope you still take it easy until you are sure it is good to go. Your stir fry and rice sounds so yummy :T

I feel really good this morning. Yesterday I felt everything just clicked again. I'm back in that zone where everything seems so easy and I just do it all on automatic pilot. I love these periods, but now that I know they always pass into those other periods where I have to struggle to do every little thing, I will be more appreciative of these easy days. I can't wait for Jillian to kill me this morning :lol: even though I am sore from yesterday in the legs.

I hope everyone has a very good day, and that all our boo boos give us some relief, and that no temptations fall into our path. Remember--there is no temptation we cannot overcome. Just put your heads into one day at a time girls...and we will get through it!

02-18-2008, 08:44 AM
MGoodmorning all you sound like your both on top of your game good for you. I am trying to get in at least 4 workouts this week. I started yesterday with the sunday a.m. workout which I totally like not too many at the gym etc. Now I ate within my cals yesterday which was a bonus. So if I can just keep up this nice start for the week it will be nice. I would also like the autopilot mood to keep me motivated in my routine without thinking just do the right things. Well take care girls and hope your week remains positive.

02-18-2008, 09:26 AM
Hi chicks, here's today:
Here's today for me:

B - 2 poached eggs over spinach, Canadian bacon, V8, coffee with milk
S - string cheese
L - Roasted Red Pepper Soup, triscuits with chicken salad
S - latte, apple
D - Lean ground beef patty, Steamed green beans
S - Greek yogurt with agave nectar and almonds

The weekend was pretty good. Saturday I was completely on-plan, and Sunday I mostly was, except I had allowed for 2 cups of popcorn while watching a movie with the kids, but it turned out 2 cups was really not much and I ate more, probably 3 - 4 cups. That's a new experiment for me, I have been staying away from popcorn up until now.

mj, it may be cliche, but it's powerful motivation! Mmmm, stir fry is my favorite!
Great way to get through the weekend mathpuppy!
Purple, I'm so glad you're back in the zone. Mind giving me a hand? I'd love to climb back up there with you!
Have a great week, cckayac!

Gonna go take some Tylenol for my backache and do the WATP DVD. I hope some stretching will help! I don't feel like I slept well last night, even though I didn't wake, I think I had lots of crazy dreams and tossing and turning.

02-18-2008, 10:15 AM
Good morning, Accountability Friends! Math, thanks for starting things up for us around here. Sounds like everyone is on fire and ready to make this a great on-plan week.

I had my third weekly loss in a row today.:carrot: I lost 1.4 pounds. I'd like to kick that number up a notch for next week's weigh-in and I know of only one way to do that.....sweat! The kids are out of school this week and I'm able to sleep-in which means I'm well rested. No excuses! I will be on the treadmill today. Plus, I need to start getting myself ready to begin the C25K on the 1st.

Today is my first day in my new department...with my new boss. I need to keep this short and sweet. I'll be back later today for personals...and to report on my exercise!

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-18-2008, 01:26 PM
Good morning and happy President's day! We got our President tree out last night and had fun singing patriotic carols all evening. Haha just kidding. =D That would be funny, though.

So anyway. I'm all energized. Going to do full workout today. We have to do some grocery shopping and other errands.

B: 2 eggs & 3 small Gimme Lean sausage patties, coffee, water
L: Tuna & garbanzo salad with red cabbage slaw
D: hmm dunno yet

Strength, WATP, Biggest Loser

I didn't do much exercise yesterday, except we went to a museum and walked a bunch. Then I had to carry DD about 3/4 of a mile to our car. THAT definitely gave me a workout.

I need to drink more water today. I feel kind of dehydrated, even though I drank a lot of water last night. I almost binged last night because DH was being a turd. But then I watched a movie and drank tea instead, and sobbed through most of the movie because it was sooooo sad (Away From Her -- about an older man who has to put his wife into a facility for Alzheimer's patients.).

math, it sounds like you had a good weekend!

mj5, ooooo reunion time!!! I don't think there is a better incentive, really. =D Take it easy on your knee, tho!

Purple, thank you for describing that period when you're on auto pilot. I totally know what you mean, and I really never thought about it as a period.

cc, good job!

Schmoodle, I love popcorn. I can't wait to fit it into my plan again in a few weeks. That's awesome you had a fully on plan weekend.

Grats on your loss, Rhonda!!! =D Hope you have a good day in your new department! I can't wait til you start C25K to see how it goes!

02-18-2008, 01:57 PM
Hi folks!!! I have been busy and haven't had time to do the personals for a few days.

Last week I was really struggling....I had two binges and overate one evening. :( This isn't good. I sat down and thought about why is this happening....I think maybe it's a culmination of frustsration over health issues. I felt physical pain in my foot and back, the meds were giving me a tummy ache and I felt like..enough is enough. My usual MO is to head into the food...and I did that several times. Thankfully, today I feel better - I've planned for a healthy day. I am going to not just keep count of my calories...I'll go back to the old way...calories, fats, sat. fats, carbs, cholesterol. It makes it real to me. Hopefully, that will help.

I got my foot wrapped by the doc and I'll try to keep a positive outlook. I'll try to ease into my foot and ankle brace. Good grief!! I just want to feel good!!!

My plans for today:

storytelling with the seniors this am
journal food and food values
journal feelings
PMA -positive mental attitude
ice and heat

breakfast - lf cheese on ww toast, 1/2 banana, 1t. natural pnb
lunch - egg white & lf cheese scramble, cauliflower, brown rice
snack - yogurt, flax, crackers
dinner - french toast, turkey baken, sf syrup, veggie
snack - cherrios, fruit, milk

Math - so glad you started the accountibilty thread!! :) Glad to hear you had no overeating. :D That's great. Top of the calorie range is OK...that's why we have a range. Being hopeful is so good...glad to hear it. :D

Mj5 - reunion...Fun! It's a good incentive, yes. You have a good plan today and I am so glad to hear that your knee is feeling a bit better. :D

Purple - It's wonderful you are in the good "zone"...I love when that happens. I love you PMA today too!! :D

cckayac - good plan for today. :) Four workouts this week sounds like a good amount and doable. :) Good job with the calories!:D

schmoodle - I think we need to experiment with different foods we like..to see if we can fit them in our plan. Just count in what you ate and carry on! Hope your back feels better. :hug:

Rhonda - Hip Hip Hooray on your weight loss! :carrot::carrot::carrot: Good luck today...hope your first day in your new position goes well. :D Tell us about it if you have a chance.

Texmama - tell me about your President's tree. :) Sound very, very cool!! Walking IS excercise...it counts!! :carrot:

I hope you all have a GREAT day.

02-18-2008, 03:34 PM
Hi everyone! So far, so good today. I was really getting hungry before lunch and rather than reaching for the snacks I had a cup of tea. I still have some of my lunch left, so I'll have a little snack before I head to the gym, so I won't be starving when I get home.

Purple--I am so glad everything 'clicked' Love when that happens! Me too! Oh, don't worry, I won't push too hard, it will be nice to get back into a routine, though!

cckayac--Great plan!

Schmoodle--Great job!

Rhonda--Three weeks in a row, that's great! How did the first day go?

bigtxmomma--Sounds like a great plan!

Beverlyjoy--Good for you!!! I know you can do this!

02-18-2008, 03:38 PM
oh, I almost forgot...I did weigh in today....stayed the same again. It's ok, though. No exercise at all last week, so I didn't expect to lose. I didn't gain and that is the good news!

02-18-2008, 08:33 PM
Well, today was crappy in my neck of the woods.

Basically, my town got blown off the map. The refinery, which is basically the only thing there is here, exploded this morning. Thankfully, only 40 employees out of the normal 200+ were working today because of the holiday, and there were only 5 injuries reported, but getting rocked out of bed at 8 AM feeling like you're in the middle of an earthquake starts your day off rather badly.

I got my MRI results this afternoon, and I did a lot more damage than I had thought originally. I'm back to the full knee brace for 8 weeks, and I've been told absolutely no weight-bearing movement for awhile. Sucks, but I don't want to make this worse.

I have to be 100% on target with my food and water right now, no excuses. I can't just cheat here and there and sweat it off. I have to get into gear!

02-18-2008, 09:34 PM
Beverly, that was really good to take time to think about what's causing the urge to binge. And feeling miserable and in pain will do it. =/ It's so freekin' hard to keep going during those low moments, but you made it through. =D And I was just joking about the President's Day tree. Cuz I was sitting there thinking, "Wow, does anyone do anything for Prez day?" I seriously should get a tree with little ornaments of all the prez heads. That would be pretty rad.

mj5, yay for tea!! That's awesome your scale stayed the same. =D That really is good. You should be proud of yourself for being able to maintain.

xtrisara, wow, that sucks about the refinery. So lucky it happened on a holiday. =( And I'm sorry about your knee, but glad it's braced up. I remember you working your butt off with WATP just a few days ago. Can you do stuff sitting in a chair, like doing upper body strength stuff? You could get some wicked biceps. lol

I had a good day today. I exercised a whole bunch, and stayed on plan food wise. I finished the evening with 1.5 bowls of lentil soup w/ a ton of veggies. I don't know what it is about soup that is sooooo good and soothing. And it's so filling. Even though DD and DH ate sandwiches, I was pretty content just to have the soup. SO I'm feeling really good right now. Until I get the munchies around 10. =/ Oh well.

02-18-2008, 09:47 PM
:hug: Beverly, it has to be incredibly hard to stay on plan when you have so much going on and feel so much pain. I don't know that I could do it, so you are holding it together very well. We all slip up sometimes, it just gets too much and we are human. Try not to be real hard on yourself. We have to understand ourselves, give some love followed by a kick and get back to it. :hug: I wish I could somehow take some of that pain away.

Sara, wow! I have never experienced anything like that...must have been scary. Sorry about the damage in the knee...you should think about doing some stuff in a chair, just prop it up maybe so you don't rely on it any.

mj, how did it go at the gym today?

txmomma--I was so glad to read you are joking :rofl: I was shaking my head thinking "what kind of whacky nut is this lady?" How did you do with water and the exercise today?

Rhonda :carrot: yay for the loss!

Schmoodle, sending you some major :goodvibes: Come on, you can make it back to the easy days, they are always right around the corner even if it is a long winding corner.

cckayac, did you stay on plan today? 4 workouts in a week is totally reasonable. Just don't let yourself off the hook..it's not that you want to do it, you WILL do it.

math puppy
02-19-2008, 02:28 AM
hey gang!
im haveing a good day today, i think i just got through my rough patch! this is the first time i didnt give up afte a series of set back! im so proud of myself and thankful for all the support i get her! yay!

im really hungry right now and cant wait for dinner but my plan is to not go over my cal plan. i know i can do it now!

mj-reunion is a good insentive my guilty admitance is that i have this fantisy of looking fabulous the next time i see the heart throb i had a crush on in college. i dont see her often (last summer) but we talk on line and i know well see eachother eventually... so if your cheesy your not the only one! :loglal:

purple- jillian is your trainer? i bet that helps alot! isnt the zone great i think im heading that way now!

cckayac-glad you met your goals! have a good week!

schmoodle- glad you had a good weekend, i thought you and tried to send you any spare willpower you might need!

girlygirl-congrats! thats so great! good luck with all the new job/boss/deparment! tell us how you like it.

bigtxmomma :lol: you crack me up! prez day indeed! sorry you had a bad night and im glad you didnt use food to help you through it. im proud of you for finding other methods

beverly- it happens, especial under stress! dont be to hard on yourself the important thing is you are not giving up and your being accountable. you'll be back on track in no time!

saratops- woah! glad your house is still standing! too bad about the knee...can u do sit ups?

karah- great job with the tuna sandwich! that is some reall will power! you can call me if you need to be "talked down" anytime!!

night guys! im off to a op dinner ;)

02-19-2008, 08:15 AM
Happy to say that my food was back on track yesterday. :) I am grateful. It's hard when I feel any physical pain...I want to jump head first into the "feed bag". But, I was able to get thru it. Today will be good, too...I hope.

lots of meditation, also guided imagery
lots of water
plan and journal my food
PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

breakfast - cheese toast, applesauce, 1 t. natural pnb
lunch - ff cottage cheese, scrambled egg whites with ketchup, cauliflower, brown rice
snack - yogurt, flax, crackers
dinner - veggie burger with lite cheese on lite bun, veggies
snack - cold cereal, fruit, milk

Have a good day everyone!

mj5- having a cup of tea is a great idea. :) Really, so simple...but, very effective

sara - Oh my goodness...I am so glad you and all the folks in the explosion were not seriously hurt. As far as your knee goes...so sorry to hear that you're back in the brace. Do what the doctor says. :hug:

txmamma- IF you ever do make a Presiden'ts tree (I still think it would be fun, too) - you must post a picture LOL. ;) Glad you had a good day.:D

Purple - thanks so much for you cyberhug (LOVE those emoticons). :) I am pushing thru. Good job on your calories and exercises! I agree...journalling is such a useful and effective tool.

Math- not giving up after set backs is a huge accomplishment!! That's wonderful! :carrot::carrot:

02-19-2008, 09:09 AM
Math--I do Jillian's DVDs every morning, so I feel like she is my trainer :lol: don't I wish she really was! I also follow her first book for my calories and so far she has really worked for me. I am doing the original dvds now, not the beginners :dance: I have to follow the modified beginner on a lot of moves, but I am getting better at least. I also just got through my first rough period without giving up :hug: we can do this, we really can this time.

I got through last night without going over calories. My daily journal/log for the year challenge is helping me so much. i write down all my objectives for the day and check them off at the end of the day, circle if it was accomplished day or not. Then on the backside I journal. The journaling is such a great help. I couldn't pinpoint why I wanted to eat so bad last night. It wasn't hunger. It wasn't an emotional binge feeling. It must have been hormonal or something :?: This is the first time I haven't been able to find a reason, and the urges weren't strong like when it's emotional either, so who knows. I just hope it doesn't continue today.

I'm experiencing something new to me...morning hunger! I used to stuff myself so full at night I still woke up full. Now that i monitor the calories I am waking up very hungry and eager for breakfast!

02-19-2008, 10:08 AM
Good morning, Accountability Partners!

I'm running behind on my work since I was out on Friday, so I only have a couple of minutes. Today is day 6 on-plan and I'm doing great with my eating. I just wish I could say the same thing for exercise. I just have this crazy mind block about getting on those scales! New job is okay...nothing has really changed because I have to clear out my last project from my previous position before I can really get started on the new stuff. I'll have tons to learn, but I'm excited. I'm also thinking of doing the 3-day walk for breast cancer in October. Also, I'm waiting on a return e-mail I sent yesterday asking for information about volunteer opportunities with the American Cancer Society in my area. I lost my Mom to ovarian cancer in 2004 and I always promised myself that I'd get involved with awareness and fund raising. There's a Relay for Life event here in my county in May. I'm looking for a team to join.

Sorry to cut things short, but I have to put a serious dent in this project. The whole thing is due on the 29th and I'm running very far behind! I'll check in later to catch up.

02-19-2008, 10:47 AM
Good Morning! I went to the gym last night. I only made it 20 mins on the bike before my knee really started to hurt. I stopped because I don't want to end up 'benched' again. I was disappointed, but it was better than nothing!

Sara--Oh no! Thank goodness there weren't more people in the refinery yesterday! And your knee. You poor girl. Sounds like you have a good attitude right now--no, don't make it worse. Take care of yourself--it will be SO worth it in the long run!

bigtxmomma--Oh, I forgot to say something about Pres day...someone where I work wanted everyone to wear red, white, and blue to celebrate Lincoln's bday last week, but she forgot to tell most people...it would have been funny if she remembered to tell everyone! Awesome day yesterday!!! Soup is awesome! I am planning on making some veggie soup this weekend!

Purple--How are you? The gym went ok--I only did 20 mins on the bike, then my knee started to hurt, so I stopped. It was a sharp-shooting pain, so I figured I better not do any more. I was a little disappointed, but I don't want to do too much and end up 'benched' again! Wow, we must be on the same wavelength or something...just yesterday I was thinking that I need to think about what my objectives are and come up w/ a checklist so I will know if if have been 'on plan' or not for the day. The thought of a 365 challange is a little overwhelming to me, but I have been thinking about it! ;)

mathpuppy--Great job! I have always been overweight, so I just want to be able to walk in and look GOOD. I know I won't be at my goal weight by August, and that is ok.

Beverlyjoy--I am SO proud of you! It is hard enough to do this, but when you are in physical pain, YIKES, it is much harder.

Rhonda--Great job! You will work in the time for exercise, I know you will! I think the walk is a fantastic idea. I just saw a commercial for it over the weekend.

Rakel--How are you?

As I was saying to Purple, I have been thinking a lot about the 365 day challanges that are going on. I must say, that is a little overwhelming to me. I am more of a one day at a time kind of a girl! That being said, I am also a planner! So, yesterday I was thinking about how I would like to come up w/ a checklist for what I consider an 'on plan' day--things like eating breakfast (something I struggle w/), drinking water, exercise, etc. General enough so that I don't feel TOO restricted (I tend to rebel when that happens), but enough of a guideline to give me some direction. It also has to be easy--if it feels to cumbersome, I won't do it! I am going to give it some more thought and by this weekend (I also work well w/ deadlines) come up w/ either a chart or something to use. I also want a reward system incorporated into it...besides losing weight and being healthy, I want to reward myself w/ something! I love having a plan!!! I'll share what I come up with.

I want to thank each of you because you all had a part in coming up w/ this!

02-19-2008, 12:42 PM
Hey everyone,

Just checking in quick, just wanted to tell Purple the morning hunger is very new to me too!! Actually I noticed it yesterday for the first time, and now it happened again this morning. It's a weird feeling. I *used* to eat so much at night that I was never hungry in the morning.

I gotta run and get the kids dressed...chat soon my friends! :)


02-19-2008, 12:43 PM
Meh, it's 10 am and I'm just waking up. DD had a really bad bellyache around 3 am last night, so I was up for like an hour or two with her. I had a snack because I was hungry and I was fixing her toast. I had like 4 slices of deli turkey and 2 slices of 2% Amer cheese. So like 250 cal total, more than I would allot to a 3 am snack. =/ I felt bad afterwards because I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing.

TODAY will be on plan!

eggs & gimme lean
LENTIL SOUPPPPP (I made too much =/)
more lentil soup

Oh and hey Purple! Just cuz I didn't have a President's Tree doesn't mean I'm not a whacky nut. ;) lol And also, I'm afraid of Jillian because I heard she was scary & tough. I was reading reviews on Amazon for new fitness videos and everyone was like, "omgggg I can't do Jillian." So I got a Biggest Loser DVD with Bob Harper, I think his name is. But it kicks my butt. =/

math, awesome for staying on plan and having such a good day!

Beverly, I'm so glad you pulled back on track and had a good day yesterday. And I will totally take pics of a prez tree if I ever make one.

Rhonda, that's awesome to get involved with the ACS and do something on behalf of your mom. =D That'll be very motivating.

mj5, hahahhahaah. Wow. That's pretty intense, getting dressed up for Lincoln's birthday. That's really a good idea about a checklist.

Yea, about the 365 thing. I've done 15 days so far which I've journaled for, so I think that's going to be my starting point. A year's not that long. Right? I mean, it would have been just a year where I could have potentially grown much fatter than I already am.

Okay more later I'm all blahed out. I fell asleep with DD last night so I slept poorly.

02-19-2008, 01:32 PM
Hi again! I have been so busy today, I didn't have time for my mid-morning tea. I will have it this afternoon, though--it really helps w/ the 'munchies'!

I am thinking about using a calendar, rather than a checklist now--I'll come up w/ a list of what an "on plan" day means and then each day I'll list what I do each day on the calendar--that way I am focusing on what I do each day, rather than focusing on what I didn't check off my list (I know me, that's what I would do...) Of course, the goal would be do list everything on each day--that's where the reward comes in-- X number of days w/ everything will equal a reward. Just have to work out those details!!!

Purple and Ginger--Yea for being hungry in the morning!

Ginger--Hope everyone is feeling better at your house!

bigtxmomma--I hope dd feels better! As for your snack...it could have been a lot worse!

02-19-2008, 06:37 PM
Had a good day so far. I didn't have soup because we went out for a picnic, so I had some tuna/garbanzo salad & red cabbage slaw and half a tomato. Pretty good, tho. Then a smoothie after workout. I drank a bunch of tea and water. Need more water soon, tho.

My own strength stuff for about 10 mins, then Biggest Loser strength & sculpt
WATP brisk, a little over a mile

DD still asleep. We need to go to the library this afternoon to return our books, and then maybe have DH meet us at the park. I'd like to go for another walk. The weather is ridiculously beautiful at this time of the year. We need to take advantage of it before the heat comes on in. =/

math puppy
02-19-2008, 10:12 PM
hello, wow i am so hungry today. i think it is going to be an upper limit day.
im going to my kungfu class to workout tonight and cant wait. im a little worried about dinner afterward im sure ill be famished. i gues i could just take a momment before i dish up and think about all the hard work i have been putting in?

anyways, ill see you all later! have a good night. ill check in after dinner if i can.

Beverlyjoy- how did your day go?

Purplefirefly-morning hunger! :lol: I sorta have the opposite problem, im so hungry before I got to bed then I mysteriously wake with no hunger. i have to wonder what the heck is going on there…
Congratz on pulling through. Isn’t it great! ;)

Girlygirlsebas- so glad you are getting involved in something that emotionally supports you as well as physicly supports you. I bet youll have no problem finding a team!

Mj-I have always been overweight too. But im telling you, this is gonna be the year for us! :Lol: good luck on your planning a plan!

Ginger- congrats on the morning hunger!

Bigtexmomma- I know those early am snacks oh so well. Wow 15 days on plan, you are my hero. ;)
Lol you have to take advantage of the weather before the heat comes in!? wow, up here in seattle wa, we are all holding hands praying for sun :lol: we have like 5 HOT days a year tops, but im sure it doesn’t compare to texas. Have fun on your walk :)

02-20-2008, 07:01 AM
Good Morning! So I know I have to work late tonight, so I got up and did a watp dvd. I only did a one mile before I started feeling the pain in my knee...can't wait to get to the ortho for that injection! (Never thought I would say that!) It will at least take the edge off for now....

bigtxmomma--Sounds like you had a good day yesterday!

mathpuppy--I agree, this is our year! How did you do last night?

Ok, so far I have decided: a calendar--so I can see at a glance how I am doing. Still have to work out exactly what "on plan" means--right now leaning towards: eating breakfast, drinking at least 5 bottles of water, exercise, and healthy food choices. If I do all four of those, I will put a star on that day of the calendar. I will weigh in on Mondays and note my loss (hopefully) or whatever happens on the scale. 14 days of stars will equal a reward. They will not have to be consecutive days, although if they are consecutive, it will be a bigger reward. At the end of each month I will re-evaluate my definition of "on plan" and change it as needed.

I think that will give me some direction, w/ out feeling too restrictive.

Hope everyone has a great, on plan day!

02-20-2008, 07:23 AM
Hi friends....I had a good day yesterday...am so grateful! My peices and parts are feeling a bit better.

Today I'll be gone most of the day. Storytelling all day at a school. Tonight is Open Mic Storytelling at restaurant. (yes, there is such a thing!). I don't know if I'll tell a tale...but, I am helping to organize it.

Here's my plan:

ice, heat
journal food

breakfast - egg scramble with ketchup, peanut butter toast, 1/2 banana
snack - 1/2 banana
lunch - natural peanut butter on ww with honey, applesauce, red peppers
snack - yogurt, flax, crackers
dinner - out - lental soup, small salad
snack - cold cereal, fruit milk

I'll try to get back for personals before I leave if I have time.

Have a great day everyone.

02-20-2008, 09:20 AM
Beverly, I love it when you say "pieces and parts" :) Just always makes me smile.

Math--I am hungry at night sometimes as well, but I wake up extremely hungry the next mornings! Let us know how kung fu goes...sounds very interesting!

mj--Are you going to buy a new calendar to do this in, something special? I think you're onto a good idea.

Now, where's Sara and Rakel? They haven't been around or I am missing their posts.

:grouphug: I agree this is our year...we can do this :strong:

02-20-2008, 10:13 AM
Beverlyjoy--So glad it sounds like you are feeling a bit better!

Purple--Yes, I am going to buy a monthly wall type calendar--but probably not hang it on the wall--unless I hang it in our room--don't want in 'on display' for just anyone to see! Although, I will share w/ dh. I almost called dh yesterday and asked him to pick me up a calendar, but I decided that I want to pick out my own. I actually bought one for my office that I'm not really using...it would be perfect...it's called "Motivational Moments" and each month has a really cool scene of someone doing something rock climbing or whatever and a motivational statement. This month is rock climbing and the statement is about perserverence. Sounds like I already have my calendar!!! Now I just need some stickers!

Sara has been around a bit, but Rakel hasn't--hope everything is ok.

02-20-2008, 10:24 AM
Good morning, Accountability Friends!

Made it through on-plan day 6 by the skin of my teeth! I ended up at the very upper limit of my calories. I just couldn't seem to get full and I was craving french fries. I didn't have any, but that was only because there were none in the house. I've been feeling a bit stressed about this last work project and fighting some depression. I have a history of depression and I have to be on guard for this. I think the recent weight loss is throwing off my hormone levels. It might be time to go get my levels checked and change my hormone therapy again. I hate feeling like this! I'm usually a very optimistic person. I have a wonderful life and have absolutley nothing to be depressed about. But, that's the nature of these things...they don't always make sense. Thank goodness the sun is shining a bit this morning. I need that sun.:sunny: What is really crazy is that I know exercise makes me feel better, but I just can't seem to find the energy to get on the treadmill. Arghh! I'm aggravating myself!

Momma- I haven't been on a picnic in years. Did you spread a blanket? Hmmm...I may have to try this with my girls.
Math - Plan, plan, plan.....make a plan for how to handle dinner, then enjoy.
MJ - Your calendar plan sounds great! For me, staying on-plan is all about the calories and staying within my limits for each day and for the week. I vary my calories each day in attempts to prevent plateus and keep my metabolism going. But, I do have a set limit for the week that I don't want to go over.
Beverly - Your job sounds so interesting. Hope the open mic event goes well this evening.

Today, I am working overtime again on my big project. I'm hoping to put this thing to rest by this Friday instead of dragging it out another week. We'll see. Also, I must get on that treadmill. Staying on-plan with my food + sweat equity = permanent weight loss. I know this and its time to put it into action.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-20-2008, 12:58 PM
Good morning, accountability buddies! I am a bit tired today. This is the 2nd night in a row that DH's kept me up late because he's been in the middle of a for-fun project. Well, two nights ago he was just playing some game. Honestly, I'm all for separate bedrooms.

math puppy, KUNG FU!!!!! That's so awesome. I need to find a cool sport to do. Actually, when I get in better shape I'm totally doing roller derby. You're lucky you live in Seattle. The Pacific NW is like the most beautiful place on earth. Yea, in a month, it's going to be humid and in the 90s. The heat, I don't mind, but the humidity is unbearable. You can't breathe.

mj5, I love your idea for a reward system! I also really like your goals for what makes an on-plan day. I think that sounds very reasonable.

Rhonda, I'm sorry you're feeling down. =( That's definitely a good idea to get your hormones checked to make sure they're not having an effect on you. Yea, we go on picnics a lot, mostly because we don't have a yard, so we're always going out to the park. But we don't use a blanket! =( Too many fire ants around here. And snakes. Is Georgia the same way?

Anyway, I'm going to post because DD and I are playing hide and seek (i.e., "oooooo mommy is out of the way so now i can eat this whole tub of toothpaste!"), and I've had this window open for 45 mins! =/

02-20-2008, 03:54 PM
Everyone is soooooooo quiet today! Darn all you busy people! =D

02-20-2008, 04:35 PM
It is quite in here today, we must all be off exercising ;) We'll just have to blame those great new jobs a couple of our ladies have now.

It's 3:30 and I only have 100 calories left for the day and I am HUNGRY :cry: It's a 1200 calorie day and I'm thinking I can't handle these anymore. I have just been feeling hungry all day, not emotional or anything, just real hunger for some reason. I had a big salad with a lot of grilled chicken breast for breakfast (I don't like many breakfast foods so don't make myself eat them daily), then broccoli and meatballs with cheese for lunch, then one more serving of meatballs for snack just a few minutes ago because I couldn't take hunger anymore...but they didn't fill me up. These are turkey meatballs made by our local grocery store, and they are really big and yummy. They ususally fill me up because 1 serving is 3 big meatballs, but today I have had 9 of them total plus the salad and broccoli and I have been starving all day :?:

...and it's making me grumpy :cry:

02-20-2008, 09:49 PM
Wow, Purple. Maybe you should up your calories. I mean, if you're genuinely hungry, shouldn't you eat more? I've been wondering this a lot because I've been exercising a bunch, and I'm getting sooo hungry. And I feel like I'm eating more and more. =/ I guess I'll see on the scale next week.

I had a good day, turned bad. I did strength stuff while watching the L Word, and then I hit WATP brisk, but there was a storm and DD woke up and I tried to help her go back to sleep but she couldn't. So I did WATP with her there, which was almost disastrous: "DD, you need to move to the couch or I might kick you!" It was a tad aggravating and dangerous, so I stopped after a mile. Then I did strength and sculpt from Biggest Loser, and afterwards I was famished.

That point was good, until I started cooking dinner, and there was a potty training incident I shall not speak of it again. >< However, I was so traumatized, I switched off mentally, and as I was cooking dinner I kept dipping into it. So I sort of stuffed myself but without stuffing myself. I decided NOT to eat dinner, except for one of the mushrooms, and I'm sequestered in my room so I don't eat anymore. =/ It's just been one of those days. =/

Anyone watching the lunar eclipse? We are still stormy and have massive cloud cover, so I can't see. =(

02-20-2008, 10:42 PM
Hi chicks! It's been a busy couple of days, work mostly, and getting ready to travel. I leave early tomorrow AM (leaving the house at 4:30, eek!) and I'll be gone through Saturday, so I will be scarce for a few more days anyway. I am doing pretty well staying on plan though - travel is always a challenge, but I am feeling a little stronger so hopefully all goes well. Hope you guys have a great end of week!

It has cleared up here and I could see the moon pretty well a little while ago, so I'm going to go see if I can watch the eclipse.

02-20-2008, 10:43 PM
Ooooh, I've got a perfect view right out of my parlor window!

02-20-2008, 11:44 PM
I'm here, and reading every post :) The new job is going really well so far. I still have just the one client on Wednesdays..but it's good!

I'm still feeling bad about not posting personals for every single person! You guys are so darned good at that!

Sending love to everybody!

math puppy
02-21-2008, 01:06 AM
hey guys!
i just worked out and im going to do sit ups tonight. i love sit-ups now. I used to hate them with a passion! But since I’ve been doing them more and more they don’t hurt as much, and I’m really seeing a lot of improvement! My main motivator is I want to keep up in my kung fu class. 3fc and kung fu are my biggest supports for losing weight. Im so lucky I have both!
Yester day was good, I was upper limits on the cals just like I thought I would be, but today is not bad, im not supper hungry and I’m at 1100 cals right now, plenty for dinner.

Oh yea! I have been meaning to ask something! I have seen you guys using the terms “dh” and “dd” but I don’t know what they mean, I came up with a few meanings in my head, but just incase could someone clue me in?

I hope you are all doing well and happy! See you tomorrow.

Mj5- good job working out early. That’s motivation. That’s a fun plan. I think I might consider a calendar idea. I love the inspiration rock climbing ect. Calendar… maybe you could put a cut out of your face on the people doing the inspirational things? lol
Mj’s knee- cut it out would you!

Beverly-glad you are feeling better, did you tell a tale?

Purplefirefly- I love kung fu, it always gives me a good work out and helps me learn how to move my body. I think the reason I got so big was I didn’t have a good connection with my body. Kung fu is helping me reconnect with it in this amazing way. i have never been so aware of what my body is doing and how it is feeling in my life. Gee 1200 cals isn’t much, do you do that every day?

Girlygirlsebas-sorry you feeling so depressed, good thing you know what it is so you can have it checked out. You have most people beat there! Glad you got through day six okay. Did you get on that treadmill?

Bigtxmomma- i love it here too. I do a lot of camping. Roller derby sounds exciting! so was dh playing a video game? Maybe you can have him move it out to the living room? A full nights rest is important for a total body workout! Well, that what I like to think, but I probably just love to sleep hee hee. If you're getting hungrier and hungrier maybe you are going to have a big loss up soon!

Schmoodle- have a good trip! Talk to you soon!

Famograhm- I don’t watch much tv. So in the evening im on the comp for a good few hours. So I got time for personals…but whew! Sometimes it’s a lot of work :lol:

02-21-2008, 09:00 AM
HI folks...yesterday was an on plan food day...I am grateful.

Today - I am going to buy my grandson some birthday presents for his first birthday. :):):)

My plans-

getting ready for Michigan today

ice and heat
journal food and values
lots of water

breakfast - ff cottage cheese and 1/2 banana, pnb toast
lunch - hc clam chowder, caulifower
snack - crackers, fruit
dinner - turkey italian sausage, peppers & onions, garlic toast
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

I'll do the personals when I get back.

Have a GREAT day.

02-21-2008, 09:13 AM
morning, everyone! I'm down another 2 lb. this week :carrot: Just nice to be moving once again....I was tired of seeing 226 on the ticker. I am past freaking out that this is the point I quit last time. I've surpassed that number and it doesn't phase me anymore. i'm on a roll again.

On 1200 calories...no, I don't do that hardly ever but the way I split up my calories it was necessary to have a couple days on that level to get the 2 lb. this week. With putting in 2.5 hours of exercise yesterday 1200 was just not enough, so I won't be going below 1300 anymore..usually though, my calories range between 1400-1700 a day, they just vary day to day and week to week. 1200 usually comes up when I "borrow" from later days in the week to go over earlier in the week...so I'm not going to be letting myself do that anymore, and just make sure I am higher each day even if I have to lose less :shrug: I would never make a good anorexic, starving is not something I can deal with.

I ended up having a "freebie salad" as I call it. Fresh veggies and salad greens I never count in my calories, they are what I fall back on when I want to binge or go over...so I made a salad with lettuce, baby spinach, green peper, cucumber, and just a few cherry tomatoes, with a tiny bit of lite balsamic vinegar dressing that is very low cal. It helped get me through the evening feeling more content...going to work another week of calories now, and there will be no 1200 days!

02-21-2008, 10:26 AM
Good moring, Accountability Partners! Purple, Congratulations on your two pound loss! :carrot:

Yesterday was day 7 of being on-plan. I think this is the longest consecutive time I've ever stayed on-plan. Unfortunately, the scales haven't moved at all since Monday's official weigh-in. I've been at the upper limit of my calories and not working out, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Today is a 1200 calorie day for me and I will be getting on the treadmill today. I took some time to read the Cool Runners thread yesterday and I made a list for myself on my blog of reasons to exercise. There are tons of great reasons so it would be extremely silly of me to not get going.

Momma - You mention being extremely hungry. Are you tracking your calories and getting enough fuel for your body each week? Are you eating enough protein and healthy fats? This may be just an adjustment time for your body, but it never hurts to take a careful look at your plan to make sure you'll still keeping it healthy.
Schmoodle - Hope you enjoy your trip.
Math - DH=Dear Husband and DD=Dear Daughter. I'd hate to imagine what you thought they might mean! ;)
Beverly - So glad you had a great on-plan day yesterday!
A big 'Hello':wave: to everyone else.

Today, its cloudy and overcast...no sun at all. And, I still have this project hanging over my head. But, I'm feeling so much more optimistic and cheerful compared to yesterday. Not sure why, but I'm going to enjoy the ride.:D Hope you're having a great on-plan day!

02-21-2008, 10:52 AM
Good Morning!

Rhonda--Great job resisting the fries! Go get those levels checked!!! Hop on that treadmill, you are right, you will feel better. You can do it, I know you can!

bigtxmomma--Hope you were able to get some sleep last night! I had to laugh about dd being in the way during your watp...I have to put my dogs in the kennel (not that I recommend you do that, but the way ;) ) or else one barks and jumps around--as soon as I put on my sneakers she thinks we are going for a walk and the other one tries to stand next to me and I am afraid I will step on her! Today is a new day! You can do it! I totally forgot about the lunar eclipse and missed it...

Schmoodle--I know you will do great while you are away! Glad you saw the eclipse!

Linda--Glad to hear the job is going well!

mathpuppy--Great job! That's funny about the pic of my face...maybe I'll do that! I do need to find some sort of picture or something to put on my desk at work to remind me of my reunion so when I am thinking about snacking, I make a cup of tea instead. Right now I just have a post it note (along w/ a zillion other post it notes) that just says 'reunion'...I need something else, though.

Beverlyjoy--Have a great day today! Are you going to your grandson's bday party?


I have started my calendar...I was going to wait until Monday, but I had everything I needed, so I figured why wait? (I went to the craft store during lunch and stocked up on stickers because I plan on using a lot of them!)

I don't think I mentioned this before, but at my work I spend a lot of time helping my staff develop short term and long term measurable goals, valued outcomes, etc....I think that's why this whole calendar thing (visual, goal oriented) came from.

So far, so good...I gave myself a sticker for yesterday. I am on track so far today. I have also decided that Sundays are a "free" day for exercise. I can choose to do it, but if I don't and I do everything else I will still get a sticker for being on plan. Especially w/ my knee the way it is right now, I do need a day off to rest. That reminds me...gotta call the ortho for that appt...I have tried to call, but the line was busy.

Have a great on plan day!

02-21-2008, 01:08 PM

I've been reading all the posts, and yes I know I've been MIA. My household is sick-free now. I'm feeling better, but I've been avoiding the treadmill, I'm not sure why. I was well enough last sunday to go outside for a walk, but the rest of the week I've found myself not motivated to even remotely get on. I'm right there with you Rhonda - I know I would feel great doing it, but having been sick I'm still in that "mode" that I can't break out of.

I've been weighing steading at 253 - 253.4. I've had a few cheats here and there, mostly planned ones...but it's starting to catch up. Last night I was hungry at 9pm, so instead of say popcorn or something snackie I heated up some plain cooked chicken breast and ate some and had an apple. It sure satisfied me, but it could have practically counted as another dinner, not snack.

I've had some other problems lately: Since losing the weight, I've been feeling better and been more joyful! (yeah!), however the bad news is I keep picking my kids up and cuddling them, and twirling them around the kitchen and twisting my back when I do pick them up....etc, etc....none of these things are bad, they are just making me super sore (kinda like an upper body workout), but I'm back on the Advil again. When I wake up it hurts- then I don't want to get on the treadmill because I'm sore...etc.etc). What's great is I have a better quality of life with my kids, but my body hurts.

Purple- 2.5 hours of exercise - WOW. I am in Awe! 2 lbs - you deserve it!

bigtxmomma- we watched the eclipse last night with the kids :) it was beautiful. Clear skies here. The kids loved it.

Linda- awesome that the job is going great!

Schmoodle- will miss you - stay on plan during your travels if you can!

beverlyjoy- have fun shopping - I love to shop for kids :) it's so much fun!

Mj5- awesome on the calendar ! and the free day is a good plan, sometimes you need choice.

Math- i love sit-ups too. I should do them more often, because it's something I know I like to do. Getting down to the ground and getting back up is what I find hard. Soon (another 20 lbs!) and hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.

On another note (sorry this is such a long post!) I'm leaving this weekend for scrapbooking. Two nights away from my family and none of my other scrappin friends are going to be there, so I won't know anyone! I'm a very outgoing person, but I'm still feeling a little intimidated. I plan to use the pool and the gym while I'm there. And I've bought a huge bag of carrots and snap peas to take with me for snacks so I don't eat junk, chips etc. I know the food provided is not going to be low-fat, but I will eat normal portions and try not to over-indulge. But I probably will enjoy some dessert saturday evening. That's my plan. If it's nice, I might go for some outdoor walks too.

Okay, I've blabbered long enough! Have a great day everyone. :D


02-21-2008, 02:57 PM
Wow, it's really quiet today...I may have to start singing and you DON't want that!

ginger--I am so glad you popped in. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Jump on that treadmill--you CAN do it! Oh no, not a sore back, that has to be the worst! Ok, totally understandable about the treadmill....hard to do when you hurt! Take care of yourself! Have a great time! Enjoy the time away, I am sure you will meet some people, use the pool etc., and yes, even treat yourself to a desert on sat.

So far so good today. I am way ahead of schedule for water today. I even ate my lunch today that I brought! I want my sticker tonight!

I called my ortho...my appt is in a month! What is up w/ that?! The regular receptionist is off today, so I am going to call back on Monday and see if I can get in sooner. If not, I'll suck it up and take the pain meds more often (not something I want to do).

K, gotta run..

02-21-2008, 03:55 PM
Hi, ya'll!

I'm staying on plan today food wise, but I think I'm going to chill out on the exercise because my hips are giving me weird little pains. It may be my TOM causing it, or I might have injured myself. Or, when I did WATP, I discovered that my body is working differently. My posture is totally different now that I've been exercising, and when I'm doing brisk walking, the way I move my legs is changing, so I could be having some weird skeletal readjustment? I don't know. But today I'm taking it easy, or maybe I'll just do strength and sculpt.

Personals in a bit!

Food today:
1 egg, 3 pieces of Gimme Lean
1 slice of veggie quiche, cheese stick
Stuffed mushrooms

Will drink water.

math puppy
02-21-2008, 05:22 PM
i had to have my blood drawn to day i was scard i would :faint: faint!
but i didnt! :high:

hee hee.

its so nice outside i think instead of being indoor and haveing constant stand offs :sumo: with the fridge i should go out for a walk and take some pictures of alki beach or somthing. hope your all doing good.

oh yea, i also feel emotanaly strong enough to put my ticker to where it should be again. the last lb will be gone soon enough :)

02-21-2008, 05:31 PM
HI friends....I am back to catch up with personals. I am having a good day. Tonight is my class "Understanding Your Relationship with Food"

Purple - glad you got thru you day yesterday - I love your term "free salad" - it's a great concept. Two more pounds down are awesome!!!! :carrot: :carrot:

Bigtxmamma - You've had some great workouts - listen to your body and rest it a day if you think you need to. Yes, I saw the eclipse...it was an awesome sight. :D

Schmoodle - Have a safe trip!!! :)

famograham- I am so glad to hear that your job is going well. :D

Math - You LOVE sit-ups....I am SO impressed. :carrot::carrot: That's awesome. DH mean 'dear huband' and DD means 'dear daughter'. Yes, I did tell something last night at open mic storytelling. It was a rap that I wrote. Who knew I'd every write a rap!!!! :o They liked it...it's about storytelling - it's aimed at school age kids.

Rhonda - HOORAY for seven days on plan! :carrot: That's wonderful. You can build on this momentum.

Mj5- I just love your calendar idea. :D:D What kind of stickers did you buy (I love stickers). Yes, we are going to Michigan this weekend to see Alex (my Grandson) and his parents my son and DIL. :D There will be a party. I can't wait to see that little boy! Yes, I hope you can reschedule the apt. to see your otho.

Ginger - so glad you and the family are all finally healthy. Be careful how you pick up the kids. Try to do it with your knees (if they are strong enough) as well as your back. (if that makes sense). Have fun at the scrapbook weekend. :) :) Great idea that you are taking your snacks! :cool:

Hope you are all having a GREAT day.

02-21-2008, 08:23 PM
Ginger, I am jealous of your scrapbooking vacation..that would be pure heaven for me! I hope you have a blast and make good use of that pool. It's also great to hear about you swinging your kids around and feeling so good in your body. Wonderful!

math--did you take any good pictures?

txmomma--I don't know about skeletal readjustments, but i know my posture improved from doing WATP, and as I get more physically fit the way I exercise does change, but just because I do more, kick higher, etc. Take a day off if you think your body needs it. Always listen to your body!

mj--oh no! Don't sing :lol: Getting stickers would motivate me too....funny because that's what they use at my son's preschool even :lol: guess you never get too old for stickers.

:drill: Rhonda, did you get on the treadmill :kickbutt:

02-21-2008, 11:08 PM
Hey guys, just checking in. No time to do personals (well, i'm actually just REALLYYYYYYYYY low on patience). Had a bad day. I stayed on range food wise, so I guess I should be happy. =/ Oh well. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

02-22-2008, 07:11 AM
Good Morning! I just finished a 1 mile watp dvd. I still plan on getting to the gym, but since I seem to only be able to tolerate small bursts of cardio at a time, I thought I would try some in the am and some in the afternoon too. We'll see how the old knee feels this afternoon!
bitxmomma--Sounds like a day of rest is what you need! Sending you a hug. Today will be a fresh start!

mathpuppy--Did you get outside for a walk? Glad you survived the blood draw...never fun!

Beverlyjoy--So glad to hear yesterday was a good day! Have a great time this weekend!!! I was going to use some stars that I had and just buy some more, but when I went the craft store, they were having a HUGE sale on their stickers...so I bought all different kinds--stars, ladybugs (I LOVE ladybugs), so words of encouragement, stuff like that. I didn't ahve a lot of time, so I started w/ those, but bought lots!!!

Purple--Believe it or not....I used to sing in college, but I am way out of practice. We used to sing classical stuff. I have even sung at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC--what an experience!!!! But, that being said, you do NOT want to hear me today!!! I think my dh thought the sticker thing was a little childish at first, but now that he 'sees' it, he is pretty excited about it too!

So far I am 2/2! I was even over my 'goal' for drinking water! It's funny, because yesterday I was way late leaving for work and had a quick though of not going to the gym, but then realized I would be putting my sticker in jeopardy and immediatly drove to the gym!

Today the plan is to go to the gym, then get groceries. So glad it is finally friday!!!

I'll be back later! Have a great day!

02-22-2008, 07:14 AM
Hi accountability friends! Yesterday I had a on plan day with food. :)

I am getting ready to go away to Michigan to celebrate my grandson's first birthday. :) The weather has made the roads slick...but, I think they'll be salted by the time we leave.

I've got my bananas and 100 calorie packs of crackers packed for snacks or nibbles. :D

When I go out of town I usually still write down my food and keep track with exchanges since I can't really plan ahead like I do at home. It's worked in the past. I am hoping for the willingness to use the tools I have.

Exchanges today:

dairy - 2
protein - 6
starch - 6
fruit - 2-4
veggies - at least 6
fats - 3

I can make a very small piece of birthday cake equal a fruit and starch - voila...it's magic. ;)

I hope you all have a great weekend. I think DH is bringing his laptop...I'll check in when I can. :)

02-22-2008, 09:59 AM
Good morning, Accountability Partners!

I only have a couple of minutes, so just wanted to check in with you. Glad to see that everyone is doing so well. I'm still on-plan. No exercise yet as I've been putting in long hours on this project. The scales have decided to smile for me a bit, so I started the day off on the right note. Speaking of my project, I better get going on it. I'll check in again later and get "personal" with everyone.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-22-2008, 11:44 AM
Rhonda -- congrats on the new position! YAY! :)

MJ -- thanks for asking!

I see that most of you are struggling a little this week... but also finding that you can overcome it. That's very important. I know that I oftentimes throw up my hands when I overeat or fail to exercise... and it's not hard to do. Stay strong ladies. I know we can do this, and if we don't believe it we need to keep saying it until we do :)

Things have been a little hectic as of late. Sunday night my shoulder started hurting really badly and so I've been trying to stay off the computer outside of work, and when I do get on the computer, I have a lot of projects that I'm working on, and planning for the wedding, etc. It's only a month away now! My shoulder doesn't do too bad during the day, but I've been having a problem when I sleep. Apparently I move constantly throughout the night and that will actually wake me up and then I'm miserable and can't go back to sleep. I also think it was keeping me from really healing, because every night I just toss and turn and cause more stress and pain for those muscles. However, I think I have finally found a way for me to sleep without really moving much... today I feel much better and did not wake up in pain. Not to say the pain still isn't there, but more of a low throb, like a headache. If it doesn't show signs of improvement or the pain continues to be extreme, I may have to bite the bullet and go see a doctor for some stronger pain killers or _something_.

On the weight loss side -- I've been pretty good about my exercise up until Sunday when this started hurting. I haven't neglected my exercises entirely, but a lot of things hurt for me, so I have been taking it easy by walking and doing some light stretches that feel good when I do them, and not doing the ones that hurt. My food was pretty bad for awhile... but it's getting better. Today I stayed up pretty late and got really hungry, but I didn't eat because I already ate the calories I should have. I ate more chocolates than I should have, but I stayed within my calories.

This morning when I was getting undressed for the shower, I thought, "Maybe I am going crazy, but I think I look smaller." The scale only said 275, but I pulled out the tape measurer and my hips were 51, my waist 45 and my bra 43. I am basically a pillar shape, LOL. My hips and bra didn't really move much -- an inch, but my waist has moved 3 inches from a few days ago.

I'm trying a new approach with my weight loss -- I'm going to try taking more protein and eating smaller, more frequent "snacks" and doing some weights/stretches every day with some walking or on the bike. I'm not going to focus on getting my heart rate up so much as just working out my muscles. I think this latest bout with my shoulder blade is teaching me that I shouldn't be so brass with my attempts -- though I am young, my body is still fragile and I need to be careful not to hurt myself. It is definitely not hard to do that.

The new job is going great, and it looks like they may be moving me to full time next week... though the past two weeks I've more or less been full time with over 35hrs a week (but not quite 40). John is still looking.

OK, now I'm going to walk over to a Salon nearby and see if I can make an appointment or get my hair cut right then and there... it's been a long time overdue. I've got a ton of errands I need to do today, too.

02-22-2008, 01:48 PM
Yay Math Puppy! Good for you, doing sit ups. =D And getting out of the house to avoid the fridge. I know what you mean about the lack of connection with your body. Oh, and DH plays computer games mostly, so he likes his gigantic desk, which is in our bedroom. =/ He's been overworked lately, so I think he's trying to make up for lost personal time. Not to mention that we're both hardcore night owls. =/

Purple, freebie salads rule!! Good job with your 2 lb loss!!

Rhonda, grats on day 7!! Did you rock your treadmill yesterday? Yea, I may need to up my calories. I'm aiming for ~1500 each day. I'm not very good at counting, though. =/ I keep a mental tally in my head, but I estimate portions. I usually tack on an additional 15% for error. =/ I just never let myself go hungry, but then I get worried that I'll overeat. Meh.

mj5, hahahaha about the singing!! =D I'm glad you started your calendar! I think that's a great idea to have a visual representation of your goals. That's cool that's what you also do at work. =D Heehee, your husband thought it was silly at first. Mine would too, I bet. You sound like you're having a great day.

Beverlyjoy, happy bday to your grandson! Work your exchange magic!! =D Hope the drive is safe.

Ginger, I hope you have a fun weekend scrapbooking! Planning ahead will definitely help you stay on track. =D That's wonderful that you feel so good and healthy. =D

Rakel, I'm glad you're back! Sorry you are in so much pain. =( Yea, tossing and turning will really prevent you from healing. Shoulders give you the worst pain, too. That's awesome that you lost 3 inches!! Maybe your muscles are building up while you're taking it easy. =D I'm glad your new job is working out!

02-22-2008, 02:03 PM
Oh yea. I had a decent morning. I'm sooo going to work my butt off today. I can feel it! Rawr! I'm glad I took yesterday off w/ exercise. I'm feeling much better today. I was really freaking out last night, but I'm okay now. I think I was upset because DH is taking over for his boss because his boss is in court for the next few months -- he's in the middle of a SUPER nasty divorce. So DH is working overtime, and he's stressed out, and then honestly, sometimes I feel divorces are contagious. There is a very fine line between working on your problems and just giving up.

I also keep hearing about his boss's ex and what a "psycho" she is, and it's like, gosh, give her a break. EVERYONE has the potential to be the psycho ex. They were married 10 years. She wasn't a psycho back then. I guess it disturbs me because DH and I separated for eight months last year, and we've been back together that long, but part of me is just waiting for it to nosedive again.

I don't know. I'm seriously TOMing. lol Usually I'm a mean & growly TOMer, but now I'm all weepy and fragile. It's kind of funny. =D

My food is on plan today. Of course, it's not even noon. =/

02-23-2008, 08:17 AM
rakel--how does the new haircut look? you deserve it....3 inches in a few days is awesome! I'm really glad you like the job.

I am very :mad: at myself today. I ruined my 365 day challenge last night. I had a long, busy day and barely found time to eat so by 8PM when I finally got home from my daughter's gymnastics class I was beyond starving. Hubby ordered chinese food but I didn't order myself anything because there would be no way to judge the calories and I know it's high fat. But, my son started running a fever and I got busy giving him a cool bath, Tylenol, etc. and I didn't get my own food made. They ate and there was a ton leftover on the counter and I just ATE. I didn't totally binge until I felt sick, but I know I was way over calories. Thing is, at that point I didn't care. I didn't even think about it much I just dove in out of complete hunger and exhaustion, not wanting to cook for msyelf.

I know I was over my calories, so I am starting over with my 365 challenge. I did learn something though: I need to have something quick to grab that will really fill me up, and in last night's case i should have had hubby pick me up something from somewhere I can look calories up online. I did have a good bit of calories left, so even a McDs chicken sandwich with no mayo would have stayed under my limit...I just didn't THINK about that! My thoughts don't go to fast food anymore...which is good, but last night could have helped me stay OP and keep with my challenge.

i am disappointed, but at the same time I feel determined to get it right this second time around...I'm not going to quit!

I won't be around again today. DD has to cheer then it's her birthday party and looks like my son and hubby will be home sick so it's all on me today.

02-23-2008, 10:41 AM
Hi friends...we made it safe and sound to Michigan. :) I must have given that little boy about 100 hugs & kisses. :hug: We went to Chili's for supper and I had salmon, rice & brocolli - I shared my rice with Alex. He loves rice just like his dad did at that age.

My food was good yesterday & I kept track with exchanges. The hotel has an expansive breakfast buffet - they even had hb eggs! So, this morning I has 3 egg whites, raisin bran and skim milk.

Today -

lunch with old friends :)

then off to the grocery and then going to son & DIL's to make an antipasto plate for the party

Alex's birthday party!!! :D:D:D Pirates are the theme! :D

food wise - exchanges today

protein - 6
starch - 6
fruit - 2-4
dairy - 2
veggie - 6
fat -3
100 calories to play with,if necessary

Have a great day.

I did 45 minutes of meditations already
will journal my food and exchanges

Happy times with my family :):):)

No time now for personals...maybe tonight.

Have a GREAT day.

02-23-2008, 01:23 PM
Hello Acountability Partners!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. Last evening, I had the house to myself as Hubby took the girls roller skating and for pizza. I've been renting Desperate Housewives and I'm in the middle of the second season. Good stuff! I watched about 6 episodes last night. Today, I'm going for a hair trim then tonight is neighborhood Ladie's night. We're getting together for another round of Bunko and good food and fun. I've already saved some calories to have a couple of snacks and a margarita. I'm also going to look for a new top to wear while I'm out getting my hair cut.

Rakel - It was so good to hear from you again. Congratulations on losing the three inches!
Momma - Hope the TOM moodiness leaves you quickly!
Purple - I'm glad that you're not letting last night's off-plan meal keep you from continuing on your journey. Don't worry too much about the 365 days challenge. The challenge helped you to stay on-plan on other days and that's a very good thing.
Beverly - Enjoy the pirate party. Arggghh, me matie!;)

Oh....I forgot one very important thing. I'm signing up for belly dancing classes!:belly: I'm so excited..I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-23-2008, 04:06 PM
Rakel--So good to hear from you! Sounds like things are going really well, aside from the injury. Take care of yourself!

bigtxmomma--How are you? Enjoying some warm weather? I'll live vicariously through you right now...it's freezing here! I'm w/ you on the divorce thing...obviously no one else really knows what goes on between two people, but at times it just seems like when things get rough, time for divorce. I'm sure that is not always the case, by the way!

Purple--The good news is you didn't ruin anything...ok, so things didn't go the way you wanted them to, but today is a new day. I can see why you want to start over, but don't beat yourself up! have a fun day today!

Beverlyjoy--So glad you made it to Michigan safely. Have a great time!!

Rhonda--Enjoy the home alone time! Have fun getting your hair cut, shopping, and ladies night!!! Belly dancing classes...how exciting!

I am 3/3 for stickers and well on my way for #4! I realized this morning at 10:30 when I hadn't eaten breakfast yet that I better eat something!!! I had been cleaning and just hadn't gotten around to eating, yet. I had some oatmeal w/ some mixed fruit in light syrup. It was SO good! Since I ate breakfast late, I am just getting around to eating lunch now, but that's ok...then I will put some veg beef soup together in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow, get some laundry going, do a little more cleaning, get my workout in, take a bubble bath and THEN relax w/ the dogs--can't wait for that part!

The other day I ordered myself a pair of diamondique ear rings from qvc. They came today and oh my....they sparkle even more than my real ones! Of course they are bigger than my real ones, but still....they are absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE them! Dh was skeptical when I told him I ordered them...he's not a fan of fake jewelry, but now he's hooked, especially after I told him how little they cost!

Have a great on plan day!

02-23-2008, 06:33 PM
Hi guys!

I'm having an okay Saturday. On plan food wise, and I did a little over a mile in WATP brisk, then I went into the Biggest Loser strength and sculpt, but only did about 5 minutes of that before giving up! I'll do it later on, I think. It's so much easier to stay on plan foodwise when you're working out regularly. It's day 20 for me and I feel pretty good.

Purple, I'm sorry about your challenge. =( You're totally right, though, you need something that you can eat immediately. Don't be so angry with yourself. You found a spot where you were vulnerable, and figured out a way to deal with it. That's really good.

Beverlyjoy, glad you guys got there safe and sound! Hope you are having a blast with your family!

Rhonda, sounds like you're having a wonderful weekend! Desperate Housewives is a great show, and I hope you like your new haircut!

mj5, yay for all your stickers!! Yea, we're going to go do something outside because it's gorgeous out. My mood is so dramatically improved by nice weather. Sounds like you're going to have a good day! How do you get motivated to clean? I freakin' hate cleaning. That's awesome about your new earrings! =D

02-23-2008, 08:18 PM
Ahhh, finally finding some time to relax!

bigtxmomma--I agree--so much easier to stay on play w/ food when working out too. I don't want to blow a good workout by eating junk! I also hate to clean. I find that if I start at it first thing in the am (I am usually up before dh, so no distractions), I am done before I know it. On the weekends, I try to get the cleaning out of the way on Saturday, that way I have Sunday to just relax or do whatever I want--that's kind of my reward for getting it done! This was just the 'normal' picking up and surface cleaning...what my house needs is a good intense cleaning, but I haven't been in the mood for that yet! In two weeks we are both on vacation and we are going to clean out our attic and the 2nd floor...I'm looking forward to it, but kinda scared....never know what we are going to find!!!! We have lived in this house over 10 years and never really cleaned out the attic....Luckily we can take stuff to my grandmother's that we can sell in her garage sale. Other stuff we will take to donate, the rest...trash! Well, besides what we are keeping, of course!

Sara--How is that knee holding up?

I have done well w/ food, water (drank more than planned), and exercise today. I ate lunch really late so I am not hungry for dinner. I'll probably wait until later and have a cut of tea and a small snack--looks like another sticker! ;)

I am going to go snuggle w/ the dogs...dh is working tonight, so it's just us and the tv.

02-24-2008, 07:05 AM
Good Morning! I am up WAY too early for a Sunday am...I have been up since 5am! There is a nap in my future today! The laundry is almost done, soup is back in the crock pot--at least it has been a productive hour!

Not much planned for today. My mom is going to stop by today so that will be fun. She might have some clothes for me to go through that she is getting rid of -- even more fun! She is about a size or two behind me in weight loss, so she is keeping me stocked up!

mathpuppy--how have you been this weekend?

Rhonda--How was ladies night? I am so overdue for a hair cut it isn't even funny...better add that to my list of things to do!

Dh has to work late again tonight, so I'm sure I'll be around a lot again today!