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02-17-2008, 03:42 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.:yes:

02-17-2008, 11:38 AM
Hello to all!!

Well --I finally got the WATP video at Walmart Yesterday. I was only able to do 3/4 of mile, but I guess that is a beginning. My goal will be to work up to 1 mile by the end of the week. I lost 1 lb--and although I am not thrilled with that --at least I didn't gain. I have certainly realized that at my age, I will have to work harder.

Christina-Thanks for the tip on the videos. I hope I can keep it up--I like the fact that I don't have to go outside and I can hop right in the shower helps. Hope you had a great Valentines day!

Franci--Who is your favorite author? I try and read alto too, but it is hard with a busy schedule. I like the motivational stuff, but if I had more time I would read some good fiction. I didn't know you guys might be moving. - you will have to fill me in on your life!

Mindee- Your flowers sound beautiful!!! And the backpack story was too cute.

Jane - I so hope that Neal is OK...Please keep us posted. I am sure you saw that I got the video. I am praying for the discipline to keep in up a day at a time.

Tammy- Congrats on the weight loss!~! You have done a great job. I only wish I was 139 lbs

Sue -I will be heading to Aruba in May and I've heard we are staying at a Casino. I have never gambled so it should be very interesting experience.

I hope all you guys have a great Sunday!



02-17-2008, 03:18 PM
Hello Ladies,

Jane -I haven't checked the closed thread yet. I do pray Neal is better today. You 2 are in my prayers.:hug:

Vann - CONGRATULATIONS!!! 1 lb gone is 1 lb gone. Whohoo!!! Small weight losses and even staying at one weight is a great accomlishment. I think I am beginning to learn that. I'm glad you got your videos. I love the WATP but my knee won't let me do it. I hope when my weight gets back down some that I will be able to do it again. I would love to alternate with it and my Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD I just got.

I thought I might share with y'all how I have revised some things on my way of eating. I still do IE with the idea of "I eat what I want, when I want, but moderately". I always hated counting calories although I have always had great success doing that. It was so time consuming having to look things up. That is why I loved WW old way of doing it, because it gave you more of a guideline on the amount of starches which I feel the pts system doesn't do. When I bought Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies" DVD, I also ordered his FoodMover while I was at it because he still gives a limit on starches. While waiting for the materials to arrive, I suddenly realized counting calories is so very easy to do these days because everything is on labels. I also would love to have a flat tummy when I get down to my goal weight and I had read about the MUFA foods of the Flat Belly Diet in my recent Prevention Magazine. I also read some message about it on a thread here on 3fatchics. So I have finally designed my own Food Plan. I counting calories with the principles of both IE and the Flat Belly Diet. I didn't buy the book and didn't have the jumpstart, but I do eat small meals throughout the day and am learning to use some of the MUFA foods in them as much as possible. I have been doing this 100% for the last 3 days of this week.

As you may have noticed I took my weight loss scale off of my signature. That is because I had gained back my weight + a lb. Two weeks ago I weighed 221 and last week I had gained up to 225.5. This is why I have been working so desparately to find something to work for me. Well this morning at my WI I am back down to 221. I have lost 4.5 lbs of the 6.5 lbs I had gained last 2 weeks. I am down .5" in my waist since my last measurements taken 2 weeks ago. The interesting thing to me that I weighed what I did two weeks ago. So I believe the belly fat is going down. I have tried to take the best ideas of the different things I read and make it work for me. What really excited me about the FBD is that I am 64 years old and there is a lady on this website on another thread that is around my age and she is doing the FBD (she got the book and joined on-line) and she has lost 12 lbs on it. That is great news to me because we have always heard that whn you hit a certain age it is hard to lose. Maybe it is what we eat with or on our diets that makes it difficult for us. Who knows. She does exercise too. Any way, I just thought I would share with you. I will keep you posted with how it is working since this is an experiment in the works for me.

:hug: To everybody. I hope is doing well and have a great Sunday afternoon.


02-17-2008, 03:51 PM
Jane- I hope you didn't have to take Neal to the hospital. Keep us posted.

Trish...I am going to be 60 this year. Doubt that I would ever have a flat belly again.....but I am interested in reading about that eating plan. Anything to get some pounds moving at this age. :) I have had such little motivation this winter, and some I think is feeling like just saying "what the heck." But I am trying to get back on track and even walked outside today for 1 and 1/3 mile. That's not much, but a beginning. It started raining or I would have done more. Thanks to some of you gals mentioning Richard Simmons I just got out my two tapes... Sweatin to the Oldies 3 and Sweat and Shout. Maybe this is the week that SOMETHING will get me moving.

Vann- We have often talked about going to Aruba. I hear it is wonderful. We like to gamble, but really don't go for the big bucks...just low rollers here. I am having withdrawal though from Vegas and can't believe I didn't get to go yet this winter. Maybe next month.

Kind of a lazy, rainy day here even though it is warmer today. As I said above, I got in a walk. Now I am getting ready to prepare a meatloaf dinner.

Hi to everyone and have a nice Sunday....

02-17-2008, 04:10 PM
Hi ladies,

I did have to take Neal back to the ER yesterday with extreme pain. I thought they'd admit him, but they put him on stronger meds and told me to schedule an MRI for him. He was in a lot of pain through the night, still, but seems a little better today. I'm worn out, and worried about him.

Take care,

02-17-2008, 05:13 PM
:hug: Jane - You have been on my mind a lot. I hope the meds work and that the MRI helps you find the problem and it will be correctable.

Sue - Boy do I understand about wondering "what the heck". My sister and I laughed when I talked to her yesterday because I told her that sometimes I wonder "why bother" especial when I would work so hard and the scales either would not move or go up. Then I get up to walk across the room and I know and remember why. But it REALLY IS NOT FUNNY. I think many times those of us who are over weight laugh at ourselves to keep from crying.

I understand the women who designed the "Flat Belly Diet" are going to be on the Rachel Rae Show Tuesday explaining the diet. You can also go to and read about it as well. I get the magazine which is where I saw it first. Then I went to the website and printed up what I could about it. I also found a thread about it under General Diets on 3fchic. I think if they get enough of us interested in it they will finally get one going. That is where I learned about the woman Bobbi from Golden Girls thread who has lost 12 lbs. You can read what she wrote there under General Diets and go to The Flat Belly Diet if you like. Don't give up Sue. We may be in our Golden age, but I believe it should be and can be the best years of our lives. Good luck!!!


02-17-2008, 09:54 PM
Hi Chicks.

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days. Forgive me that I don't do Indiv. but I just found out that my Uncle had a heart attack. :cry: He is home now, he was in a hospital not too far from here, only I just found out today, and so did my mother. 30% of his heart was damaged, they put in a temporary pace maker just to get his heart going right and then they took it out.

So needless to say this scared the $#@! out of me. This makes #4 in my family who has had a heart attack, and one has died from it. One was my cousin who is younger than me and healthy (or so we thought) and he still had one too.I don't know why the others never opened up my eyes before, but that is no matter, the matter is my eyes are wide open now.

So in the morning I plan on calling my dr and having him send over scripts to the lab for DH & I to get our blood drawn to check everything. He wanted me to do that last time I was there for my back and I never did. Now I am going to just tell my dr, you tell me exactly what to do and I will do it. No questions, no complaining, no whining, I am doing it.

Lots of fruits and veggies, even if I have to hold my nose to eat them, I will. lol. Whatever it takes. Infact here in few min. I am going to do some exercises, even if its just 10 min. a day, its a beginning and I will do them every day regardless. No excuses!!! :no:

Sad that it takes something like this to open my eyes. But I guess sometimes it takes something serious to make you "wake up" and realize you are not invincible.

I also told DH whatever it takes for me to lower my stress, if it means getting another job, I will do it, its for my health and stress doesn't help. Either that or find ways of dealing with the stress a lot better. Yoga or something.

I also told my mother, whatever it takes, I want her here with us. I told DH I don't want her alone. So she is going to look into what it will take to get her out of that contract from work. I said whatever it takes.

Anyways I am sorry to go on and on about my family and all that, but it has scared me.

Thank you all for listening.


02-18-2008, 04:39 AM
just popping in here quickly.....I have been kept busy with other things that I haven't really been online that much this past weekend! I am sure that I will be able to get online on Monday since Tommy is going to be busy all day pretty much.

we went over to my sister's house on Saturday night and had some fun! we had pizza for dinner, and then went into her basement and played some pool. It was a nice night to be had by all! we talked some about my dad's party but mostly it was about what was going on with us. I did find out though that she has the Carmen Electra Strip to Fit workout dvd's and that she likes them. SO, I am thinking about bagging the TurboJam and just getting those ones instead! I have been wanting to get them since I first saw them, but I was wayyyyyy to self conscious to even attempt to try them out then!

Vann~ I had tears in my eyes when I saw my oldest son with a back pack on! It really made things real that he is going to be going to school soon! I will try and take a picture of my flowers on Monday. Great job on the 1 pound!!!

Trish~ I have been wanting to try the WW thing. I have been getting some of the WW boxed meals for lunches for me and so far I have found plenty of options that I love. So, I am going to look more into that. I am even going to look to see where the nearest WW location to me is. I know that there is a curves literally right around the corner from me.

Jane~ I hope neal's back feels better soon!

Sassy~ A friend of ours just lost her grandfather to a sudden heart attack about a week ago. It really does take one of those "aha....wake up" moments to make some one sit and go "wait a minute, I need to rethink what I am doing here." I have just found yoga and I do the limited movements that I know from my Biggest Loser dvd to help me calm down.

02-18-2008, 01:41 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

I was gone all day visiting my sister. She & BIL are moving in the next few weeks and they are selling some furniture that won't fit in the new house. So.....we decided to buy some of it. A new couch (not even a year old yet) a lounge chair and a canoe. Well....the canoe isn't furniture but we've been looking at canoes for the last few years and just haven't bought one. They only used it 3 times. So I'm pretty happy. Also getting a large dining room table. That used to belong to my grandparents and so she's just giving me that (to keep in the family) I felt like I went to a major discount sale!!

Jane--How is Neil doing? I hope he's starting to feel better. I worry about you being so stressed and worried about him. Let us know how he's feeling.

Shannon--I hope you made it to the chitchat! Very happy to have you a part of our group. Looked at your profile photo....beautiful! Looking forward to getting to know more about you.

Vann--Aruba?! How fun. (Or is this a business trip?) If so, will you get to enjoy the surroundings? My BIL is leaving for Canada in a couple days....always traveling for business, I threatened him w/my company the next time he's sent to Hawaii! :lol:

Trish--I have gotten rid of my tracker bar long ago due to my inconsistencies of losing/gaining weight. The holidays really get me out of my "good" eating routine. And then it seems to take me a good few months to get my mind set back. I'm starting to feel that it's time to get serious (again!) Someday it'll just "be".

Sue--I've had little motivation this winter too. It's almost tiring to try to be good and self cautious. But I really need to snap out of my little rut and just get back on track. I want to feel good about myself and not so sluggish all the time.

Sassy--Hugs about your uncle. I just found out my Uncle who lives in Seattle had a heart attack a couple weekends ago! It really makes you take a look at yourself to see what we can do to improve our lifestyles. When I gain weight, I gain all in my belly area....worse place to gain it! So I need to lose that extra cushion.

Mindee--Have you already ordered the Turbo jam? Have you looked around to see about renting either DVD before purchasing? Maybe that would help you to decide. I get so excited about new exercise tapes and then once I get them....I use them for a little bit and eventually....they're collecting dust. I'm terrible!

Hello to the rest of you gals!! :wave:

Well ladies...I need to get ready for work. Wish I didn't have to go, I want an extended vacation....but work doesn't want to give it! :D

Have a lovely Monday!!

02-18-2008, 01:55 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....just enjoyed some yummy macaroni and cheese that Tommy made. dealing with a few snags along the road to planning my dad's party. now I just need to get on the same page with Brandon and Marissa's party. we are almost there on both parties so that is a great feeling for me!

Marti~ Nope, I haven't ordered it yet. I will look into seeing if I can rent it first to see how it is. I just might get both that way I can keep it all high impact and a lot of fun!

02-18-2008, 02:16 PM
Hello Ladies!

I'll make this a quick one considering I'm sick, probably with the flu :mad: We had a 3yr old last week admitted with the flu and at the change of shift, he decided to turn blue on us and, I'm sorry, but if a child is in distress, the last thing I'm going to do is take the time to gown, glove and mask up before helping that child. I just rushed in, put him on oxygen while others were helping. It didn't occur to me what his diagnosis was. I did get the flu shot this year but they are saying that it didn't cover the strain that is prevelant now. The child survived, was placed on life support and transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital and I believe that I ended up with his flu. I got an appt for 4 today with my pulmonary doc. I'm just in a panic because I have my eye surgery scheduled for 2 weeks from this Thurs. I gotta get better!! Anyhoo, Jane I hope Neal is feeling a little better and you have sched his MRI. I've never had back issues but I understand they can be unbearable at times. I'm heading to lay down for an hour before my appt. My chest and stomach muscles have had a workout from all the coughing just wish it was from really exercising ;)

02-18-2008, 05:35 PM
Tammy~ I hope you are feeling better soon!

02-18-2008, 08:16 PM
Jane--Hope Neal gets feeling better soon!!

Tammy--Hope you get feeling better!!

Marti--DS loves canoeing!! He actually worked for a whitewater outfit one summer. He actually did well cause it was near Harpers Ferry which has alot of civil war history (Cristina--it was on a question on Jeopardy the other night). He's such a history buff he made a great guide. The place in Eugene fell threw. The couple he was going to move with are getting married and moving back here. It looks like he's going to end up in Portland this summer. I actually feel alot better about the friend he is going there with.

Mindee--I love to play pool. I used to be really good at it. Our friends are fixing up a cabin on their property and are have put their pool table in it.

Sassy--sorry about your uncle. my brother had a scare a few years ago and the men in my mom's side of the family do tend to have heart problems.

Trish--I am going to check out the thread & the website. Trish I took my ticker off too. I had lost and then went back up--I have been so frustrated. Unfortunately I have been unmotivated--hopefully I will get myself back on track.

Sue--it was warm this morning but didn't last--did get to see some blue skies--almost forgot what they looked like.

Vann--I'd like to sneak to Aruba with you. My dd and I were going to go on a cruise for her 21st bday in June but her having the baby kind of put a damper on that. I told her the next cruise will be a Disney one!!

I am taking my President's Day floating holiday tomorrow and watching that grandboy. I am so wrapped it's not funny. Hubby is too. We went to hubby's grandad's 97th bday on Saturday. It was fun seeing everyone. I can't believe I didn't take pics!! Heard some really sad news today. The grandbaby of a coworker that was born Jan 24th died this morning of sids. So sad, makes me worry about my little one. He went to the cardiologists appt last Friday--the hole is still there and they gave Teri & I some things to watch for but they are thinking like the peditrician that it will close shut on ot's own. He goes back in 3 months to keep an eye on it.

Hope everyone has a good night!!

02-18-2008, 11:54 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....just putzing around online. Tommy just got home from his Lodge fling.....and we are spending some time together since all three kids are asleep.

Jules~ I will keep your co-worker's family in my thoughts and prayers during this time. I can't believe that Dominic is almost six weeks old!!

02-19-2008, 04:08 AM
Evening ladies.

I'm getting ready for bed, thought I would stop in and see how you're all doing.

Mindee--Sounds good to have a variety of exercises. Hope you can get them both. Is it already time to plan for Marissa's birthday? Didn't you just have her????? (boy time flys)

Tammy--Oh I hope you start feeling better. I can understand not wanting to take the time to glove up when a little one is so sick. Take care of yourself and get rest if you're able.

Jules--Moving to Portland is he? Then I take it that he's definitely coming to Oregon! He'll love it. Did you say he's visited before? I like Portland. It's just so busy for me....I'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to lots of traffic! I do hope you give me a buzz when you plan for a visit.....I will meet up w/you!

Hello to all the rest of you girls.

I got my walk in today and that's w/my backend aching! Sciatica is acting up on both sides. Never had that happen. So I'm a little wobbly. I was hoping to stretch it out w/walking...sometimes that helps. Tonight though....I had to cut it short. Too much.

I better hit the eyes are drooping!

Have a good night!

02-19-2008, 06:14 AM
Vann~My fave author is Sophie Kinsella. She wrote my fave book ever, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Theres like Shopaholic books, plus she some other funny books out. Her stuff is chick lit. And ya..we're moving sometime this year. Only thing, we dont know where to yet. We had to pick orders sucks.

Cristina~The book is called, Undead & Unwed. It was pretty good. I read the whole thing on sunday, lol. I'm halfway through a new book called, The Chocolate Lover's Club. Its pretty good.

Tammy~I hope you feel better soon!! :hug:

Jane~I hope Neal feels better soon!! :hug:

Nothing much is new with me. We had so much fun in Seattle. We bought some stuff, & saw the movie "Jumper". I picked out my birthday present, lol. The sucky part was that when I took my wedding band to get cleaned, the chick told me that one of the diamonds was loose and it came out. So it had to be sent back to NY to get fixed. It should be back in 2 weeks. Now I'm just walking around with my engagment ring, lol. It was funny cuz we got up to go to at 8am, and we left at 3pm. We were so tired, that we fell asleep on the ferry. Then we got home around 5, and went to sleep..and didnt wake up until 6am on sunday!!! Well, we basically just slept on and off all day sunday. It was a very lazy day, lol. We cleaned again on monday though. I now have 6 bags full of clothes to wash. Joy. :mad:

Anyways..I shall go to bed now. Hope everyone has a good week. :carrot:

02-19-2008, 09:49 AM
Good morning ladies!!! I was not on much over the weekend...and I will be back later. HAve a great day!

02-19-2008, 12:50 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Jules--I was in your neck of the woods shopping at Hagerstown Outlets on Sat. We needed to return a few things from xmas. But I was just started to feel like crap and barely made it through most of the stores. My dh was disappointed as he is a shopaholic. The man has more clothes that I have. He realized how bad I was feeling and we headed home after a few hours. How's little Dominic. Are you enjoying your day with him?

Vann--I agree with lb is one lb lost and it's to be congratulated!!! :carrot: Good luck with your WATP video. I also love to stay at the casinos but I'm too cheap to throw away too much money. I'll play the slots a little but every time I throw that quarter in I start thinking "that could be a pair of shoes...hmmm.....I never win"

Trish--I'm happy that you have found a plan that works for you and it does make sense.

Sassy--I hear your concern about the Heart Attack scare. Both dh and I had really high cholesterols about 2 years ago and we made a pack to not worry about dieting (he doesn't need to diet, he's tall and thin) but to start making real changes in our diet in general. We switched to all whole wheat products including pasta, increased the fruits and veggies, cut out as much as we could of hydrogenated foods, started to go much lower fats, very little fried, started using ground turkey instead of beef, ate the heck of our 100 cal foods and our cholesterols plummented in a little over 6 months.
Making those changes helped me start dieting without a major shock in my food choices. We still plurge at times but overall, I think we both eat so much heart healthier now.

Mindee--I love hearing about your kids. I recently looked at the "over 50" thread here on 3FC and they have a rule that you can't talk about your kids, grandkids, aches or pains, etc. I thought, how boring. They want to keep it at diet and exercise only. Let them keep it to themselves!! I might do some mac n cheese tonight. I need some comfort food.

Marti--I kept my tracker to try to keep me accountable but, if you noticed, it did't move at all during the holidays. I was too ashamed to add the lbs that I had gained :o

Jane--How is Neal??

Christina--What's up with the wedding plans?

Hugs :hug: to Ellen, Francie, Sue, Shannon and anyone else I might have missed.

Well, I went to the doc yesterday and I have pneumonia :mad: I was put back on antibiotics, steriods and codeine cough suppressant. Feeling a little better today and have to call the doc back today to give him an update. He wants me to stay out of work all week but I really don't have the vacation time to take. The hospital no longer gives us sick days off per se. They wrap the time into your overall vacation time to try to deter people from using it cause you see it as vacation time and not sick time. Sneaky huh!
I need to save my time for my eye surgery so I might suck it up and go to work on Thur and then I have 3 days off after that to rest. Not doing too much besides surf the web. Trying not to do impulse spending on-line in my boredom. Going to take a nap and just try to rest because dh started complaining of a sore throat and cough and you know what that means....if he comes home sick, my resting days are over. Men are such babies when they are sick.

Update on my mom stuff. My stupid brother took her out of the rehab center because she was complaining and took her back to her house. Mind you....the woman couldn't walk on her own, was wearing diapers and needed assistance for everything and now he claims that she is doing all her own cares and he left her alone!!! She had a friend stay the first night and I've been too sick to help out. I'm going to call and see how she is in a few minutes. He actually took her out against medical advice and didn't even get prescriptions for her new meds so she will be back to uncontrollable Parkinson symptoms in a matter of days. :?:

Hope everyone is having a great day. I think I'll take some codeine and fade into a nice sleep :dizzy:

02-19-2008, 02:18 PM
Hello Ladies

Just passing through today. Watched the Rachel Ray show, did any one else.? Interesting. I would like to know more about the 4 day jumpstart, but still not going to buy the book. It is too expensive even on it is a $49 +. So I will just do what I am doing.

I got a call from my sister late last night and my Daddy had to take our step-mom to ER yesterday. She had a pen (sp) stroke. Daddy found out she hasn't been taking her meds so he will have to supervise that again. She is a sweetie and I don't know what he would without her. He cried with me on the phone this morning because he doesn't want to loser her. He said felt like he did at that same hospital with Mama when he got the bad news and we lost her. I prayed with him and I think he felt better when we hung up. He is a minister and he is used to being there for others to comfort them. He has many good Christian friends and his Pastor to be there for support. I think he just needed to hear from us girls. My baby sister in GA will call him later today and I told him that I'll call back tonight to check on them. I feel for you Tammy and others here going through things with your Mothers etc. He was always a Mans man and so strong being there for us girls and our Mama. Now it is so hard to see him like this. I remember him being there for me when I had my fears every time my deceased husband would get sick and go into the hospital assuring me all would be okay. And then how he took over helping me with the details etch and comforted me when my 1st husband of 1 1/2 years and then my DH of 31 years passed away. I definitely know how he feels. He doesn't want to go through all that again of losing a mate. DH I have now lost his wife of 31 years a few months before I lost my DH of 31 years. We were blessed to meet each other 2 yrs later and marry. We both have that feeling of not wanting to go through losing a mate again, but not wanting to be the one who leaves the other. So I hope that the fact that I could talk with my Daddy in the same type of situation helped comfort him with the fact that I understand and he is not alone. It is just hard with my being here in SC, my baby sister being in GA and he is back in TX. I am just thankful my other sister and her daughter live there and of course all our blessed friends who are like family are there for them. Mom has childre but they fight all the time and cause trouble which doesn't help her. Sometimes I think my sisters and I love and care for her more than her own children do. Oh well, enough of that.

Tammy - I hope you get well soon. You take care of yourself. You and your Mom are in my prayers.

Jules - I am sorry to hear about your coworkers grandbaby. I went through that once when I had my own Registered Child Care in my home. It is a very shocking and devastating experience because there is nothing you can do. My heart goes out to them and my prayers. Dominic looks so cute. I told DH about his little heart. DH worked in NeoNatal ICU for almost 20 years as Respiratory Therapist. He has seen a lot of that and explained it to me. He said that the doctor can fix it if it doesn't close on its own, but it usually does close on its own. We will keep him in our prayers for it to close without surgery.

Jane - How is Neal?

Mindee - What is the latest with Brandon? I tried to catch up on reading message, but I may have missed the latest. Has he stated school yet?

This turned out long for a fly by so I will just say Hello to all those I missed and I am thinking of each of you even if I didn't mention you by name. Hope everyone has a good day.


02-19-2008, 03:02 PM
Morning chickies....Sunny today, but still cold. I have put on a pot of ham and beans since DH loves them. I love the smell. :)

We just made plans to go back to the riverboat tomorrow and spend the night in the hotel. Mom is feeling so much better and wanted to go. We decided it would be far better to have a room so she can rest if needed. She hasn't been anywhere except the Dr. for so long....
Her new meds. seem to be working well. We wanted to wait until she had been on them for a week, just to be sure of no side affects before we took her out of town. So far so good.

DD in CA called and she has been offered 2 jobs..isn't that the way it goes? She has been out of work and looking avidly for 6 months. Now I hope the company she goes with doesn't fold. The last 2 jobs she had folded. (I keep teasing her about putting them under) One was a huge international law firm and it went bankrupt.

DD here has a family full of sickies...all having terrible colds or broncitis. I told her to stay away. :)

Patty and Tammy...I am sending prayers your way for your Mom and step-mom. It is so hard to watch a loved one going down hill. :hug:

Okay, I am off to fold laundry. The never-ending laundry!

02-19-2008, 10:49 PM
Hi ladies,

Vann - YAY for the 1# gone. Think of it as 4 sticks of butter, and you'll see how much it is - nothing to sneeze at. I like WATPs, too. My minds wanders while I'm doing it, though, lol.

Trish - darn it, I meant to watch the RR show, and see the women who started the FBD. It sounds interesting, kind of what Dr. Oz says - stay away from saturated fats, and eat good ones. Hope your stepmom is better, and tht your dad is better with it now.

Sue - my sis and her DH go to Vegas and Tunica all the time. They are high rollers and get everything comped. Me, though? I don't gamble much at all. I'd rather spend the money on something tangible, lol. YAY for your DD, getting 2 job offers.

Sassy - glad your uncle is ok. Yeah, something like that can be a wake-up call for us.

Mindee - how's the party planning going?

Marti - the furniture sounds so nice! So does the canoe. You and James will have lots of happy time in it this summer. Is your back better?

Tammy - it's admirable of you to take care of the little one with no regard for yourself. Bless you for that. Sorry you have pnuemonia, though! Online shopping can be so addictive, especially for someone like me who has such limited shopping choices in this area! I just bought a Spanx smoother and will wear in at Katie's reception. Hope you're feeling better.

Jules - how was your day with Nic?

Francie - your trip in Seattle sounds like so much fun. I've never been on a ferry, and would love to do that some day.

Ellen - hi

Cristina - Katie says thank you very much for sending the wedding card. That was so sweet of you!

Thanks for all the concern good wishes for Neal. His steroids have kicked in, and he's feeling a little better. Marti is right, I have been so stressed over this, and have felt so inadequate to help him. My eating is bad, and I know I'm only overeating as a comfort thing.


02-20-2008, 12:28 AM
Quick "hi." Wanted to say that I am glad Neal is feeling better Jane. I am sure you will get right back on track when things calm down. What is Spanx?
Going to be gone tomorrow and Thurs. That is, if it doesn't dump lots of snow on us.
I managed exercise today on the stepper and it was easier than I remembered. Maybe I was more determined. lol. Food was not too bad either. Baby steps.....but at least in the right direction.

See you in a couple days...ya'll behave.

02-20-2008, 12:34 AM
Hi Ladies.

Well I am doing ok with my new "lifestyle" change, not wonderful, but it will get there. I am not trying to concentrate so much on it because that usually makes me end up failing so I just try to make the healthiest choices I can. :)
Still have to incorporate exercise though. That is a biggie I know.

Anyways, moving on........

Nothing new here. Just working. Yippee!! lol. Its cold here today, I walked outside to go to work tonight and wow was it cold!!! :brr: Supposed to get snow in the AM, so DH drove me to work again.

Thank You all for your kind thoughts and support for my Uncle. :hug:

I am just going to start Indiv. from today. ok??

Marti -- I hear ya, my back has been achy today. I think its the snow coming in the morning. Sometimes walking helps mine and sometimes it just makes it worse. Depends. I hope your aches go away and you are pain free.

Francie -- DH & I wanna go see Jumper. Was it any good? Sorry to hear about your ring, hope it gets all fixed and all pertty again. ;) UGH the joys of laundry.....:p

Sue -- UGH sorry to hear about the phenmonia. I've had that cough medicine with codene, wow that stuff is good. But usually knocks me out. lol. Glad your mom is feeling better. Have a good time on the Riverboat. :hug:
Good Luck to your DD.

Tammy, Patty, Jane and everybody out there who is ill or has ill loved ones, my heart and prayers go out with you and your family. :hug:

Oh and I found I have the ultimate will power!! The last 2 weeks my co-workers have ordered pizza and have offered me to have a slice and I said NO!!! And yes I WANTED that pizza, I absolutely love pizza, but I love my health more!!! I am so pleased with myself, just for that, saying NO!! :carrot:

Hi to everybody out there who is busy, unable to post, or ill or with loved ones that are ill. :wave:


02-20-2008, 03:22 AM
hello are you all doing?

I am just scooting through here quickly, since I am going to get to bed sooner then normal so I can get me and the kids on a better suiting schedule....especially now since Brandon is going to be going to school. So, I wrote out the schedule that I want to get us on, and I am hoping and crossing my fingers that I can keep to it 100% enough to make it something that we won't need the sheet for anymore! Plus, I want to make it so that we all get the proper amount of sleep that we need to function. Tommy has told me over and over again that I need to get to bed sooner because he sleeps better when I am in bed with him (and vice versa).

nothing else really going on......Tommy has to work on Wednesday and Thursday.....and then Friday my in-laws are coming over to watch the kids so we can go to Brandon's IEP. Then Tommy will drop me back off here at the apartment, and then he will take the van in to get worked on.sometime this weekend we will be meeting up with one of my best friend's (from when I was younger) aunt. she is pregnant and just found out that she is having a girl. tommy's oldest brother's wife just got an infant carrier and asked me if I know anybody that could use it, so I asked my friend's aunt and she said that she could use it. then who knows where else we will end up. then my in-laws will be back bright and early Monday morning, so that me and Tommy can go to court for his ticket that he got from the accident. which reminds you think we should take the pictures of the damage to the van with us? what about our little folder of stuff from the accident and when the lady called us?

Sue~ That sounds like a nice trip for your mom! I am sure that she is going to love it! And that is great news to hear that her meds are working!

Sassy~ Great job on the saying no to pizza! I really need to get my booty back in gear! I had to buy smaller underwear because my size 9 and 10's were getting too big. I put on one of my new pair of size 8's after my shower, and they were telling me in a not so nice way that I needed to get back on track!

Marti~ Yup it is time to plan her birthday party already! She is going to be the big 10 months old on Sunday. I can't believe that she is going to be a year old in two months!

Francie~ Have you ever read any books by Brandilyn Collins? My mom gave me a book of hers called "Brink of Death." I haven't started it yet, but I was reading the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book, and from what my mom told me, it is a story based on something that really happened. It is the first book of two, I believe. I can't wait to start it, because I have a feeling that I am going to get so into it, that I won't be able to put it down!

Ellen~ How are you doing?

Tammy~ I have been in groups like that as well. I don't feel as comfortable in those kind of groups as I do in the ones, like you ladies, where I can mention anything and I can get feed back if I need it or advice if I happen to need that. How is your mom doing?

Trish~ I actually did watch RR, and if you go on her website and join her Club can sign up for a chance to win her give-aways! I just went on there and signed up for all the recent ones....including the Flat Belly Diet book! I am also going to check around here locally to see if they have the book and for how much! I in fact put a reminder on RR on Monday after seeing the preview for Tuesday's show so I knew that I wouldn't miss it! I will keep your step mom in my thoughts and prayers during this time. The latest on Brandon is that we have his IEP this Friday, and we will know more about where we stand after the meeting. He will be starting school before the end of this school year, but as for which day we don't know that yet.

Jane~ My new avatar is a picture of me, with my new hair cut, smiling! I had Tommy take it on Tuesday afternoon. As soon as he took it, I looked at it and went "man, I look like I am 300 pounds with this little tiny head." To which he responded with "well, if you are going to be critical about my photo taking, then I am going to stop taking them." The party planning is going well. We actually picked a date and now we just need to get invitations and send them out. But first I have to make sure that Brandon is sticking with his Monster Jam theme. He has gotten into Diego recently, so I have a feeling that he will be switching to Diego instead of Monster trucks.

Vann~ How are you doing?

02-20-2008, 04:30 AM
Hello ladies...

Just a little past midnight here...waiting for hubby to come home before I go to bed.

Next week is vacation. Will be finishing the bathroom (finally) and helping my sister move. (I'll get my "new" furniture then)

I'm in pain. I've never had both sides ache at the same time. Just pitiful really. I hobble in both directions. My body feels 150yrs old! It doesn't help that I sit all day at work. So I'm constantly getting up to walk to try and ease it a bit. Not helping. I got my walk in today. It was on a slower speed, but I got it in. I don't want to make excuses for not exercising. Of course, if I was in unbelievable pain I wouldn't do it.

Francie--Glad you enjoyed Seattle. My Uncle lives there. He loves it. I need to visit someday....always wanted to see Seattle just never have.

Tammy--Oh I'm sorry that you have pneumonia! We've been seeing a lot of that here in Oregon. Well, I've seen the positive results of it anyway....take care of yourself and don't over do it at work.

Trish--I'm at work when RR is on, what is this jump start about? (besides jump starting a healthy life) Does it sound a lot like what Jane mentioned Dr Oz?

Sue--Sounds like fun going to the Riverboat. I'm happy your mom is feeling well enough to want to join! It would be hard only taking trips to the doctors all the time. Hope you don't get snowed in and have lots of fun.

Jane--I'm so happy to hear that Neal is feeling better. A gal at work had to get a steroid shot for some ache in her hip. She said it was sore for a bit but now it's much better. I'm sure he'll heal quickly in time to dip you during a dance at Katie's reception! I'm so excited about the canoe! We'll be using it that's for sure. I was surprised that they had only used it 3 times.....but then it dawned on me.....they have little ones!

Sassy--My back isn't what really aches. It's the butt bone (near my hip area) all the way down to my ankles. Right now I really feel it in the back of my thighs. I feel like I've been beat w/a baseball bat! You're going to do great w/the weight loss. Keep up with watching what you eat, saying no to pizza (how do you do it!?)and you'll start noticing the difference in no time!

Mindee--It's always fun to see what little ones are into these days. My niece who just turned 5 had a Hello Kitty theme and my nephew loves Spider man. For my niece, my sister rented this place that I had NO idea even had parties! It looks like a big warehouse. They sell outdoor playsets, the huge wooden things, and inside they're all set up for families to look can also play on during a birthday party. Pretty neat. Although I thought it didn't seem right to see kids climbing on one that had a "sold" sign on it!

Hello to anyone I may have missed. Well sitting up has caused some throbbing to shoot through my leg so I'm going to go lay on the couch like a potato! :D (Now really....where did the saying couch "potato" come from? )

Have a good night! :wave:

02-20-2008, 09:17 AM
Trish & Tammy~I hope your mamas will be okay. :hugs: I'll keep them in my thoughts & prayers.

Sue~Spanx is totally awesome!!! You basically just put it on, and it slims you out. I had one, but I dont know where it went. Some people say that they're kinda expensive, but I bought mine for 30 dollars at Torrid!!! I heard they were coming out with a bra that doesnt give you back fat or whatever. I just havent been able to find it.

Sassy~Ya, Jumper was good. Dh really liked it. I didnt really like the ending though. Hayden Christenson is H-O-T-T!!!!!! LoL!! Yay for saying no to the pizza!!!

Mindee~What is the book actually about? I feel like I've heard of it, or seen it at the store, I just can't remember..

Marti!~It sounds like you need a massage. Hope you feel better soon!!

All the mom talk got me thinking about my own mom. The 2 year anniversary of her passing will be in May. I never considered a life where she wasnt there. And its hard to believe, that I've lived 2 years of my life without her.

Anyways, I made the decision to go get a blood test done to see if I have PCOS. My regular female doc is deployed, so I'm stuck with a male doc, which I hate. But I've been putting this off for too long!! I need to find out why I haven't been able to get pregnant. Oh ya, my weight is now at a standstill. I've been at 196 for awhile now. I workout and eat right, and I'm still here. It doesnt make sense to me.

We went to bed last night after The Biggest Loser, and I woke up at 3am!!!! It's 5am right now, so I'm gonna go clean the kitchen and do some more laundry. I did half a bag yesterday, lol. Hopefully I can take a nap later today without messing up my entire sleep shedule.


02-20-2008, 12:48 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

THe good news is I made it to the gym this morning...the bad news is I did not finish my workout because I got really nauseated. I don't think I am getting sick, feel pretty good otherwise. I think it is hormonally related...bout halfway thru my cycle, so that is prob what it is (TMI) Off to rest and do some laundry...hoping to get it all washed and dried, but may not fold.

Hope everyone has a great day!

02-20-2008, 01:38 PM
Morning ladies....

I'm still stiff as a board! Will this week ever end? (Usually last about that long)

Francie--Getting yourself blood test to have yourself checked is a good idea. I hope you get answers to your questions. As for the massage....that sound wonderful, I should tell hubby that it's desperately needed.

Ellen--You went to the gym, how ever long you stayed doesn't went! That better than I've done since I got the membership! I still haven't gone by myself. But really need to, I need to get myself a routine. I'm going to try and start next week when I'm off work.

Good morning to the rest of you. :hug:

Well work is backed up and I'm not in next week (except Friday) so I need to get ready so I can get in early and try to catch up.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

02-20-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi Ladies

A quick fly by today. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my step-mom. I talked to Daddy last night and talked to her for a moment. I can hear the fear in her voice, probably more of an uncertain feeling. Daddy said the doctor said that there is a scar on the brain that controls the equilibrium, but he has a medication to help heal that. We are blessed that she did not experience any paralyzing any where. The doctor is going to put her into therapy starting today to learn how to stand and walk again. He didn't know at the time if it would be as outpatient or what. Her rehab will be done at the other hospital and they are very good. Thank God for telephones... especially cell phone so I can keep up with them daily.

Jane - Glad Neal is better. Hope he will continue to get better. You will be able to get back on track. As for the FBD diet, actually, except for the 4 day jumpstart, it is not much different in results than the SBD. I figured it wasn't worth the money to purchase it.

Mindee - I intended to tell you that I liked your new hair cut. I can understand about the way you feel about a picture of yourself. I don't like pictures of me. DH took one of me for a before picture and I was going to have him put it as an avatar here, but haven't done it. Just haven't decided that I want to see it all the time. I am glad things are working out for Brandon. I am praying for him.

Hello and :hug: to Everybody else!!!

Have a great day!!!


02-20-2008, 05:44 PM
Hello are you all doing?

So, it looks like we are living in Mindee's house of sickies (instead of the Disney Channel's Mickey's House of Mouse). Marissa started last night with a hacking cough....and today it continues, but she is still her happy little self. Brandon took a nap today, and he only does that when he is sick. Although they were up at 7am this morning. But they have been sneezing we will either take Marissa to the doctor's tonight or tomorrow. With my FIL coming over on Friday with my MIL, I want to know what we are dealing with before hand, so that if it is something contagious we can get her on some antibiotics so he won't be able to catch it. My MIL said the other day that my FIL hasn't been breathing that well lately. So, I mentioned it to Tommy when he called me at lunch time. So, I will see how he is feeling when he gets home.

Marti~ I hope your pain goes away soon! I have heard of places like that, but I didn't realize that they rent the warehouse out for birthday parties! It does sound like it was a lot of fun for the kids! We are planning on having their party here at our place. We were trying to see about doing it at a local buffet pizza place, but since Tommy has court on Monday for his ticket he got from the accident, and since we can't predict how much money we are going to have at that time, we just figured that we would play it safe and have it here.

Francie~ This is what is on the back of the book as for an introduction so to speak:

Annie Kingston moves to Grove Landing for safety and quiet - and comes face to face with evil.

When neighbor Lisa Willit is killed by an intruder in her home, sheriff's detectives are left with little evidence. Lisa's daughter, Erin, saw the killer, but she's too traumatized to give a description. The detectives grow desperate.

Because of her background as a courtroom sketch artist, Annie is asked to question Erin and draw a composite. But Annie knows little about forensic art or the sensitive interview process. A nonbeliever, she finds herself begging God for help. What if her lack of experience leads Erin astray? The detectives could end up searching for a face that doesn't exist.

Leaving the real killer free to stalk the neighborhood.......

I will do a quick search to see if I can find anything else on the book! I didn't find anything relating it to any real life case....but it has gotten great reviews. I am going to look around to see if I can find the sequel to his called "Stain Guilty" I believe.

Ellen~ You are doing great with your gym visits! Keep up the awesome job!

Trish~ Thanks for the nice comment on my hair cut. I love it! I wanted something shorter, but I didn't want to go drastically short right now since it is still cold. So, when it starts to warm up some more, I am going to probably get it trimmed shorter. I love putting my picture for my avatar because it reminds me as what I am working for.....and it inspires me to get on trucking along to get the next after picture on here. Thanks for praying for Brandon!

02-20-2008, 11:59 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - Spanx is a type of spandex that is all the rage to wear as a smoother under clothes. I'll let you know how I like it. We're supposed to get snow here, too. Believe it or not, I'm tired of it! Hurry Spring!!!!

Sassy - yay for your renewed willpower.

Mindee - yay, you're smiling! I like Diego, and have a plastic placemat for Jackson of Diego. The DGDs have princess ones, lol.

Marti - hope your back/butt is better today.

Francie - let us know how the PCOS test goes, ok?

Ellen - I hope you aren't getting the flu. :hug:

Trish - I feel the same way about my cell phone - what did I do w/o it? I've even been known to wake up a friend by calling too early, lol. ;)

Neal didn't stay better very long. He's in the hospital, and long story short, has had a spinal epidural for pain. Hopefully, the pain will go away, or at least lessen. I'm totally worn out. I'll be at the hospital most of tomorrow. Take care. :hug:

02-21-2008, 12:12 AM
I am back again.....

Jane~ I will be waiting to hear how you like the Spanx. I have thought about buying some but I keep forgetting to check and see if any of the local shops/stores here sell them. I know a couple of stores at the local mall sell them, but for close to $30. Is that the going rate for them? I like Diego as well! I like all the shows on Nick Jr. actually. Brandon is trying to talk even more just from watching them, so we are getting some where! Marissa had guava as her fruit tonight, and I was telling Brandon what she was having, and he was really close to saying it, but he was trying to use a w sound instead.

I am off here to make Tommy some chocolate chip cookies. He has been asking me to make some and I keep telling him that I will and just get side tracked and don't get a chance to. So, I told him I would make him some, and then some peanut butter cookies for me and the boys to enjoy. (they get too crazy with any amount of chocolate!)

Did any body get a chance to check out the lunar eclipse? I just happened to remember when American Idol went to commercial and I was trying to get Brandon to sleep. So, I had him get his jacket on really quickly, and I took him outside to see it. He liked it, and I explained to him why it looked brown like it did (we went out there before it was completely covered).

eta: I forgot to tell Jane that I hope things with Neal's back start to get better. How long are they saying that Neal will be in the hospital?

02-21-2008, 02:35 AM
well, no need to go to the doctor's office or prompt care with Marissa. I have identified the culprit that has invaded the house of sickies. Marissa woke herself up out of a nice sleep with.....dum dum dum.......the barking seal cough! My little princess has croup! I gave her a breathing treatment using the albuterol for the breathing machine and her face got all blotchy. So, I am going to call the pediatrician's office in the morning to see if we can possibly get her an appointment on Thursday night. (thankfully Tommy doesn't work on Friday!)

02-21-2008, 09:36 AM
Thanks for all the support! I am still feeling somewhat funky...I woke up ok, but started feeling nauseated while getting the kids ready. Otherwise not feeling too bad, getting tired of laying around...but being on my feet seems to make it worse.

Jane~I will be praying for Neal...I hope they can help!

Mindee~I didn't get to see the eclipse...I thought about going out, but it was too cold!

Trish and Martie~:hug: & :wave:

Gotta go lay down again. :(

02-21-2008, 11:37 AM
Mindee~The book sounds interesting!! I'm gonna have to check it out soon.

I havent been able to get a doc appt. They're all booked up. But everyone is telling me that I can just go in and have it done. So we'll see. Anyways, I'm so tired, but I havent been able to have a good sleep in 2 days!! I have so much on my mind its not even funny. I woke up at 3am again today so it sucks so much. But when I woke up, there was so much light in my room I thought it was 7am!! LoL!! The moon was soooooooo bright!! It was kinda pretty though. Anyways, I'm gonna go lay down and watch some more Sex & The City.

02-21-2008, 12:39 PM
Jane--Big Big hugs for you and Neal!!:hug::hug::hug: I'm so sorry that he's in so much pain. Hopefully he'll get the help he needs while in the hospital.

quicky here for me today.....need to rush, trying to get to work early if I can and I had a bad night of sleeping. It was 4:00 the last time I stared at the darn clock!

I'll catch up w/you all later!

02-21-2008, 02:51 PM
Morning chickies... Cold here and more bad weather coming. We did not go on our overnight due to predicted ice/sleet down south. We thought we might not be able to get back home. So, we plan to go Sunday, weather permitting.

Today we went to pick up mom's script. at her Drs. and stopped for breakfast. Now we are just settling in to await ice and snow here. I have plans to work on some sewing after my load of laundry is finished. I was going to play "Susie Homemaker" and bake DH a cake and pie for the next week's consumption. Trouble is he hasn't eaten all the cookies I made him and he just got fudge out of the freezer. So, I told him he doesn't need anything else right now. :) I don't care for the fudge or the I am safe. I was even going to make a cake that I didn't care for. Earlier this week I baked him cornbread and biscuits both, which he has been eating on now. I usually like to bake a few things when I get started. lol

Guess I will go and get my chores done so I can curl up and read when the snow hits. :)

Hi to everyone and hope you are warm and safe where you are.

02-21-2008, 05:21 PM
hello are you doing?

nothing new on this end.....just dealing with a sick munchkin, and two boys that don't want to listen! right now I am watching Oprah and she has on the Dancing with the Stars winners and the new cast. I can't wait for the new season!

02-21-2008, 07:02 PM
Just a quick note to say hello. Nothing new happening here.

Jane - I am so sorry Neal had to go into the hospital. Hope he will be back to himself and feeling better real soon.

Mindee - I hope your little Munchkin is well soon. Good luck with the little fellows who don't want to listen. LOL Do I remember those days.

Ellen, Francie and Marti - Hope y'all are feeling better soon.

Sue and all those in for cold, sleet and snow stay safe and warm. We are suppose to have cold and rain. Not low enough for a freeze that I know of.

Everybody else -Hello and have a good evening.


02-22-2008, 01:27 AM
Trish~ thanks for those nice words. the boys did better with listening when daddy got home. Brandon even went with daddy to get dinner. Marissa is doing better, but like any other time we have dealt with croupy kids, they get their bad parts at night. so she has her moments at night when she ends up waking herself up because she can't breath through her nose.

02-22-2008, 06:41 AM
My power just went out. I hate it when they have scheduled power outages!!! I have about 15 mins of power left on my labtop, and I dunno how much longer I'm gonna have a connection. I'm actually sitting out on the balcony, cuz I get a better connection out here, lol. Its raining and soooooooooooooooooooo cold!!!!!!!!!!!! I have about 2 sweatshirts on and socks on my hands cuz my gloves are on the car, lmao!!! Can you say internet junkie?!?! LOL!! Anyways, I'm gonna go check Perez Hilton before my labtop dies. Goodnight ladies.

thank God theres no bugs out here!!

02-22-2008, 01:17 PM
Another quicky by flyby Marti! :running:

Last day this week and it's going to be a long one! Then I have 4 days off next week but have to go to work for a couple hours for a 2hr meeting.

Such chaos. But in the should all work out.

I have DD this weekend, so computer time will be limited.

Will check in when I can.

Talk to you all soon.

02-22-2008, 03:08 PM
Neal came home but is still in pain. He's going to a neurosurgeon in Evansville Monday.

I don't have much time for the computer, but I'll be back when I can.

Have a good weekend.

02-22-2008, 04:55 PM
Jane- Thinking of you and hoping Neal is going to get some help for his pain. Nothing worse I'm sure. Also hoping that you get some rest during this trying time. OIC about the Spanx. Where do you get them?

Marti- Have a nice week-end with DD. Good luck on getting the computer away from a youngun'. :) Have fun on your 4 days off.

Francie- Wow, hope your power doesn't stay off long. Raining and cold in WA.? Ahhh, isn't that a given? I have never been up that way, but always hear about the rainy weather. Hope you get results from your Dr. soon.

Mindee- I remember those nights of "stuffy" noses and no sleep. I know one time I was rocking my DD, who was sick, she was crying and I was crying from exhaustion. It is a rough time for all. Hope things are better today.

Trish- Hope you don't get the cold weather we are having. It has snowed and sleeted all day and is around 25*. Luckily we don't have to go out, but I do need groceries tomorrow. Hope it clears up.

Ellen- Hope you are feeling better today also chickie. Is it the flu? Take care of yourself.

Cristina- Where oh where have you gone? Hope things are okay at your house and you are warm and cozy.

Sassy- Everything alright at your house? How are you doing?

I have been keeping warm and just puttering around the house. No big projects. Also reading and doing crossword puzzles. Eating has been pretty good...except for some sweets. I need to stay away from those. I am making quiche for dinner.
Exercise is going to get better. I talked to my BFF who has exercise equipment. She is over her illness and ready for us to start working out together. Soooo, I told her as soon as it clears up I will be over. She is about 3 minutes from me so no big drive. I am thinking we can start next week, maybe 3 days and as many minutes on each machine as we can stand. Then when the weather gets warm we can add a walk. I will try to ride the bike or do the stepper on the days I don't use her machines. Let's hope with us helping each other to get some momentum we will succeed. We have been friends since 6th we don't worry about exercising in front of each other and can gab for hours. (6th grade was a long time ago for us...1960.)

Wishing a great week-end to all you fine ladies.

02-22-2008, 05:01 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Finally feeling a little better. I have never missed an entire week of work before due to being sick and definitely getting cabin fever. I have been spending too much time on ebay and just doing overall on-line shopping. I am in love with my new office. I'll see if I can post some pics soon. It's so cozy and warm in here and it keeps me out of the kitchen. My computer used to be set up at the kitchen at the built in desk area. I might get a lap top later to put there because I like to look up recipies and have it handy. The other day, I had to run back and forth to the kitchen and office with my mac & cheese recipie and then finally just wrote the dang recipie down.

Invited to a wine and cheese neighborhood party tomorrow night and hopefully will be feeling well enough to go. Just about killed my dh while he was home for 3 days with flu-like symptoms. Men just can't handle it. Now, I'm not talking about poor Neal......Jane he does have an excuse to complain, poor guy. My heart goes out to him. I can't imagine having that kind of back pain. Hugs to both of you. :hug:

Not doing well with staying OP. I've only wanted comfort foods all week. The steriods are making me mad with hunger :mad: so I'm trying to drink a lot. Hopefully we can go out to eat tonight so I can get out of this house and see how I feel. The weather has been nasty with icy rain and a bit a snow so we'll stay close to home. Hope everyone is doing well!!

02-22-2008, 07:44 PM
hello are you all doing?

well, the IEP went exceptionally well!! Me and Tommy are extremely pleased with everything! his teacher and his speech therapist are great! they even do OT (occupational therapy) in the room with all the kids, twice a month. Both the goals for the teacher and the speech therapist, are dead on and they are excited to meet Brandon and get it all started! They have his start date as Monday the 25th, but they said that it usually takes transportation five school days to get him fitted into the route. But they will call me and let me know what time to have him ready for the bus. He is in the morning class, and like I mentioned before, they can't wait to meet him! His teacher was telling us about some upcoming field trips that she is planning. One is to take the kids to the zoo in the spring time and the other one is to take them bumper bowling in April. The zoo trip, they will be not riding a bus, but the parents will be transporting so that the parents get one on one time with them. (Tommy is excited about that trip)

His teacher did say that if we want to send a snack in for his birthday that she prefers that it isn't the store bought cupcakes with an inch of icing on them. She did say that the first thing she does with the kids when they get off the bus, is they all take turns going into the bathroom and using the toilet. (So that is a BIG time bonus!) The teacher sends home a Monday folder with basically what the weeks plans are, but she also will send home a daily note to let us know what he did while he was there, so that it will help us in asking him questions about what he did. But she said that we will need to send in some pull-ups, wipes (for him), wipes (for the classroom), money for snacks, money for milk, extra clothes, and I think that was it. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday is regular milk during snack time. Wednesday is juice during snack time, and Friday is always chocolate milk during snack time!

Marissa is doing better.....somewhat. She has now started with a runny nose and she got up from her nap and was saying "owwwwww" when I laid her on the floor so I could get diapers. So, we are going to take her into prompt care so that we can make sure that it hasn't progressed into something more then Croup.

oh yeah....Tommy went to a meeting at the temp agency that he is going through, and they informed him that the company that he was working out, got rid of all the temp agency employees. So, he has to call back on Monday, and they will try and get him back into a place that he was working at before. The company didn't even give the two ladies in charge at the temp agency a reason for getting rid of them! So, now let's just hope that court goes great on Monday!!

02-22-2008, 11:46 PM
Hi Girls.

Here I am. I just haven't felt up to posting..........Work was busy this week and I am just glad to have time off again! lol. We got all that nasty snow and ice here. Then on Monday its supposed to be 45? I think Mother Nature is totally hormonal. lol.

Nothing much going on here. I splurged yesterday for one meal w/ DH since Thursdays are our only day off together. Then I got right back op. ;) I still have not exercised.........I know bad Sassy. lol. Just can't get the energy up to do it!! lol.

Sue -- I hear you about steroids!! My dr put me on those for my back and man oh man I ate about everything in site!!! lol. Everybody at work is so sick too, it is so bad, so far, DH & I have managed somehow to not get sick, at least as sick as everybody else has been, we have had a few sneezes, aches, and felt just icky, but nothing like what you and everybody else at work has.

Jane -- Big :hug: I am keeping Neal in my thoughts and prayers. I can totally sympathize with back pain, it is definitely not fun at all. So my heart goes out to him.

Marti -- Have fun and Enjoy!!! :D

Mindee -- Glad things went well and glad Marissa is feeling better, hope things go well for Tommy.

Francie -- take care. DH said that their power at work has been flickering :o. Our work has a generator, but it doesn't always work right.......:p

DH & I rented The Brave One w/ Jodie Foster lastnight, it was really good!!!

Very Weird. I just now got online and signed into messenger, DH messages me saying "finally. r u ok?" I am like, yeah. He has been trying to call me for several hrs. So I look at my phone, sure enough I have 4 VM's from DH. I checked my phone as soon as I got up about 6:30 or so. After DH IM'd me and I checked my phone, I noticed little Zzz's by my ringer. It was on silent mode!! I do not know how that happened because on my phone, to change the ringer, you have to hit not one button, but two on the side of the phone at different times and when you hit the one, it makes a noise, so I would have heard it if I had accidentally hit it. Also I've had this phone for at least a year now and this has never happened before and I keep my phone in my purse when I go out and I put it in my pocket when I am walking around the house, then I take it out, so if it was going to happen, it would have happened before and it never has. Very strange. But DH was flipping out cuz he couldn't get a hold of me. He said he was almost ready to drive home to check on me. lol.

He said the roads are horrible, all ice. One county that is close to ours is on Level 3, which means the city is shut down, only emergency vehicles are allowed. I told DH if work offers hotel rooms, take one. No since in him being out in that if he doesn't have to be.

Big :hug: take care out there everybody!!!

02-23-2008, 02:00 AM
Sassy~ I hope that your hubby doesn't have to try and venture out in the yucky icy weather!

02-23-2008, 03:29 AM
Sue-Lately, its been really warm and hasnt been raining where I live. Thats why I was so surpised to go outside and see it raining. The last couple of times I've gone out at night, I didnt need to wear a sweatshirt because it hasnt been that cold.

02-23-2008, 06:05 AM

Well I did it! I exercised!! :carrot: To some CRAZY woman, who concentrates on Abs -- which I desperately need, not just for looks, but to help with my back problems. This lady is freaking crazy, you should have seen me and what I was doing!! She has you on all fours on the floor and take one arm and hold it in front of you and the opposite leg out and then bring them in. I was like "WHAT?" I did it but I know my cat was looking at me like, "What the he** is she doing?" lol. I couldn't do it all but I did most of it. Felt better afterwards.

On our cable we have these Exercise on Demands, where you can watch Exercise programs and pause and stop and rewind just like a video or dvd and they are all free (with our cable service) so there are lots to choose from. I may try a cardio tomorrow!!!

:woohoo: Go ME!!! :carrot:

Did you ever wonder why nasty mean people's lives are so easy and why good decent people have to struggle? Just was thinking about it and it is true. Good hard working people get crap and the nasty mean people get everything they want. Just irks me.


Just some thoughts.....


02-23-2008, 12:43 PM
Morning ladies!!! DH let me sleep in, and boy did I sleep! I had a lot of heart burn last night, so I did not sleep well. I Am feeling better, I gave myself the rest of the week off from the gym, but I think I will go today...could definitely use a walk on the treadmill. Hoping spring will come soon...the girls were out in the yard yesterday, and they came running in saying that there was ice under the snow! They thought it was so cool...I knew about it because a part of our yard dips, and it always gets water/ice. But they were so funny sstrying to "skate" on it!!! Well, have to running and get my day started. HAve a great weekend all!!!

02-23-2008, 02:37 PM
Quick fly by again, Ladies

Jane - You and DH still in my thoughts and prayers.

Mindee - Sounds like things are going to be good for Brandon. I'm glad Marissa is doing better and I pray she is on the mend. Hope all goes well for Tommy job wise and in court Monday. You kids have been through so much.

Sassy - Wierd about the phone. You and DH stay warm and safe in the weather.

Ellen - Glad you got some much needed rest. Glad your girls enjoyed the snow. So cute to watch kids learn or discover new things to them.

Marti, Francie, Jules, Sue, Tammy and any one else I missed hope you are all doing well and staying warm.

I talked to my Daddy last night. He sounded good. My (step)Mom is in the rehab center now. I talked to her for a few minutes and she sounded great. She has such a great attitude and she is a fighter. I think her children are going to be better too. She has one daughter who is a trip, but the complaint we have heard in the past was that Daddy had taken her from them. My Daddy has been telling them the past few days how much she needs them and how happy she gets if they just call her and that it is important that they be a part of her life. So I think there can be a lot of healing in their relationships through this as they see Daddy wants them to be in his and her life and he has no desire to isolate them from her. Also Daddy says she is on cumidin (sp) and her blood got too thick. Daddy is going to insist that her blood be checked every two weeks. So good is going to come out of a bad situation. The doctor says it will take 2 weeks for her to learn to walk again and she then she can go home. She told my sister to tell me that she is going home in three days. LOL She will start PT Monday in 2 so I don't think she will go home in 3. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for them.

Everybody have a good week end.


02-23-2008, 07:59 PM
Just a quick note to say Neal is much, much better! I'm even going to leave him on his own tomorrow while I go to church. Thank you for all the good wishes. You guys rock!

I'll try to be back later tonight for indies. :hug:

02-24-2008, 01:42 AM
Quick one tonight ladies, I'm beat...thanks for all your kind words and thoughts...

Jane, I'm so glad to hear Neal is doing better! :carrot: :cp: Not sure if I missed it -- did the Dr. say exactly what is wrong with his back? Ruptured disc or something like that?

We got our tax refund, going to pay some extra toward the Master Card since we had unexpected travel expenses. But I finally got a bike! This is the model I selected, it's really pretty:

Hope that link works. I had to get a model with a coaster brake instead of a hand brake because my grip strength in my hand isn't reliable anymore since my injury.

We had fun at Disneyland; Tali was thrilled to meet the princesses and all of the other characters :D I will miss the girls, but I'm also glad not to have the responsibility of babysitting all of the time anymore.

OK, I'm exhausted and must get some sleep... :grouphug:

02-24-2008, 03:04 AM
hello are you all doing?

well, it seems like when it rains it pours. now all three kids seem to be sick. so since we have court on Monday morning, I am going to try and get them into the pediatrician's office on Monday so that we know exactly what we are dealing with AND so that I can make sure that Brandon isn't sick for his first day of school!

02-24-2008, 02:58 PM
Another quick Hello & check in Ladies. We actually got up and went to church this morning and then ate out and went to Home Depot to get some stuff for the guy to do our yard tomorrow. DH mows (riding mower) and trims, but yard need to be arriated (sp), fertilized, seeded and straw over seeding in back yard. Also beds needs pine needles so we are having that done. Maybe I will be up early and get my exercise done hopefully before the guy gets here at 9 am.

Katiecat - I like your bike. I would need a single speed like that myself. I would get one and ride with DH but he is so afraid of me falling and getting hurt.

Jane - So glad Neal is finally feeling better. I pray he will continue improving. Does he still need an MRI?

Mindee - I am so sorry all the children are sick. Hope it isn't anything real bad. Sounds like a really busy Monday. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

I hope everybody else is doing well.


02-24-2008, 03:05 PM
Today was my WI day. No weight gain or weight loss. :dizzy:Scales were the same, but :Dthank God for the measuring tape which is encouraging. Lost 2 1/2 inches over all.:carrot:

I don't think I have ever said that when it all comes down to it I am doing IE with WW Flex. I really didn't plan it. It just fell that way. I figure if I keep doing what I need to do some where along the way the weight has to start coming off. I just refuse to weigh what I do now this time next year.

:hug: Trish

02-24-2008, 05:38 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really big on this end.....getting ready to watch some Nascar soon! Tommy and Brandon are going to make a run to Wal-Mart for some necessities. Marissa and Logan are sleeping right now....although Tommy just mentioned that Logan was awake, but I don't hear him moving around and making noise.

Trish~ Thanks for the nice words. They are having somewhat of a good day. Brandon's cough is getting deeper as the day goes on, but he isn't coughing/hacking constantly like Marissa and Logan. (of course now that I mentioned everything, Logan is now playing in the bedroom)

I am actually leaning more towards WW points. There is a local branch just around the corner, but for right now, I want to do the plans but right now money isn't an I have a couple of websites that can help me with that.

02-25-2008, 01:46 AM
we have court in the morning, so we are going to take them hopefully tomorrow afternoon! I am going to mention to them when I call that we had taken Marissa into prompt care Friday night and that we were told to follow up with her pediatrician if she isn't getting better. She isn't getting worse, but she still has her cough and every thing. And now with Logan and Brandon getting whatever she has, I just want to make sure that it isn't something that could turn into some thing worse like pneumonia.

also, while we were watching the Oscars, Marissa was playing around on the floor. she was doing an army crawl, or as I told Tommy, we have an inch worm on our hands! she was so cute! she would lift her butt up and then use her arms to drag herself forward until she was flat on her belly, then lifted her butt just to do it all again.........and she was gaining speed with each attempt at moving! right before we put her to bed, she got on her hands and knees and moved a couple spots and then she laid on her belly to move a scarf that was in her way. so, it won't be that much longer before she is extremely mobile!!!

02-25-2008, 05:47 AM
Morning Peeps. lol.

DH made it home just fine. Today is supposed to be a "heatwave" at 45 degrees!! Think its time to break out the shorts?? :lol:

Ellen -- UGH I can truly sympathize on the heartburn, it definitely stinks!! I am on Nexium and so far that works, but from time to time I have a bad flare up and the only thing I found that gets rid of it when I have one of those is the Mylanta ultimate strength.

Jane -- so glad to hear that Neal is feeling better.

Mindee -- awww the "army crawl" sounds so cute. ;)

Trish -- :congrat: on the 2 1/2" loss!! I was gonna measure me and I cannot for the life of me find my tape measure!! lol.

Katiecat -- I love the bike!!! Very cute!!! Glad you had fun!!

Take Care all!!!


02-25-2008, 12:48 PM
Hola ladies!!!

I'm gonna be real quick here. I'm supposed to be cleaning..and I wanna get everything done before dh comes home from work. Although I'm doing more dancing around than cleaning though, lol. I cant help it though.."Everytime I hear music, I just cant make my feet behave." 10 points to the 1st person who guesses what movie that line is from, lol.

Alrighty..nothing new to report really. Dh is gonna to try to take the morning off soon to take me to get my blood test done. I was reading on some baby site that stress can effect your ovulation when you're trying to concieve. I'm guessing that is a huge problem with me. I gotta find out a way to reduce my stress. Any suggestions? I'm also thinking on getting back on anti depressants..cuz depression cant be good for when you're TTC. I'm just a huge effin mess, lol. I'm also hoping and praying that the doc will put me on fertility meds asap. I wanna try and have a baby while dh is on shore duty!! So ya, keep your fingers crossed!!

Okay..I break over. Back to cleaning/dancing. TTYL!!


02-25-2008, 03:12 PM
I have some exciting news!!!

1-My friend & I are gonna do the Breast Cancer 3 Day!!! I'm so excited!! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. Has anyone ever done it?

2-I lost 2 more pounds!! Woohoo!!

3-I'm done cleaning. I'm just organizing everything now, lol.

02-25-2008, 04:29 PM
Hello ladies...

TRISH...nice picture of you in your avatar! WTG on the inches! :carrot:, we're having a heat wave too, lol! Supposed to be a whopping 54! Woohoo, :lol: With the wind though, it is still kind of cool.

JANE...glad hubby is feeling better. bike, I LOVE it! I saw one in Target last week that I want...similar to that but A LOT cheaper, lol! Glad you guys had a fun time at Disneyland.

FRAN...woohoo you go lady! :woohoo: I do the same, especially after I've exercised and am all energetic...can't keep the feet or mouth still, lol! I have an under the counter stereo in the kitchen that I keep on all day so there's always music going, well, except for when Jeopardy comes on and after dinner. Good wishes for a little one in your future! :crossed: I was going to do the 3 day run once but didn't get the fee in on time. Of course I thought it odd that they demand you to pay $100 to sign up plus the minimum donation, but I was going to do it anyway. One day I will!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on...exercise, laundry and reading.

Have a great day!

02-25-2008, 04:39 PM
A quick howdy doo to you all! :wave:

In the middle of finishing the I thought I should let you all know that I won't be on the computer much if at all. Didn't want you all to wonder if I've vanished.

We're hoping to get it done this week. Not sure if it'll happen but we'll try.

I better go help hubby.....can't have him doing it alone.

Hugs to you all. :hug:

02-25-2008, 04:42 PM
Cristina~Okay, that was something I didnt know about. I didnt even see that when I went to the site. What was the minium donation?? I thought you just had to raise money, I didnt know about all that other stuff. But its good to know now. I sent away for info, so maybe all that stuff will be mentioned in it. But thanks for letting me know, now I can mention it to my friend.

02-25-2008, 11:01 PM
Hi Girls.

Francie -- Were you ever diagnosed with PCOS?? Or was that you? Sorry I've been a bit "out of it" lately. lol. Anywho, I have PCOS, I was diagnosed in 2001. I've been through most of the tests and ttc and all of that stuff. So if you want someone to chat with, just PM me. :) I wish you luck.

Cristina -- Yeah it only got up to a whopping 30 something today -- what a heatwave!! lol.

Hey whenever you all are done cleaning yours, come on over and do mine, would ya? :lol:


02-26-2008, 03:01 AM
hello are you all doing?

court went great. Tommy had to pay $150 and the judge is going to check his record in 60 days and as long as he doesn't get any tickets or accidents, then he will get no points from the ticket or anything like that. we took the kids to the pediatrician's office Monday afternoon. Brandon has an ear infection in his right ear, bronchiolitis, and croup. Logan has a double ear infection, bronchiolitis, and croup. Marissa, our little cootie princess that started it all, has a double ear infection, bronchiolitis, and croup. So, they are all on antibiotics for the ear infections.......and they are on a steroid for the bronchiolitis, and also breathing treatments. We were told to give Marissa a breathing treatment for 3 minutes instead of 5, to help her break up the gunk in her chest. so, they are all on breathing treatments every four hours.

also, I got a call from the transportation department Monday afternoon. Brandon is to be ready between 8:10 and 8:15am on Thursday to go to school! (as long as he is feeling better.....other wise I will be calling in for him)

I called the pediatrician's office to see about getting them in Monday afternoon, and the receptionist says "are they sick?" I said "yes they are" to which she let out a sigh and said "hold on." She then came back on the phone and said "how about 3:30?" I said "for all three of them? that would be fine." I hung up the phone and told Tommy and my MIL, who had watched the kids while we went to court, and Tommy said "what kind of comment is that?" I said "apparently, we take the kids to the doctor's office only when they are healthy."

02-26-2008, 04:13 AM
Sassy~I havent been diagnosed with it. I'm really nervous about being tested. I know its just a blood test, but I'm nervous about the results. But then, I could not have who knows. I'll let you know.

02-26-2008, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies- Another snowy one here. Enough already!!! (sorry Jane)

Quick "fly by" posting. I just wanted to say I did great yesterday, calories were good and I exercised. Just a little exercise to get started on my BBF's equipment, but it was something. AND...ta between meal junk. I had fruit all ready for a snack last night in case I got hungry, but didn't need it. Now just to do this for about another 6 months. Hahaha... SO far today I had an OP we will see how the day goes. One day down and one day at a time.

Back later....

02-26-2008, 12:48 PM
Good Morning Ladies

A quick one today. A rainy day here and then it gets cool again tonight and for the next few days. We need the rain after yard done yesterday.

Mindee - I'm glad everything went well in court and that you got the little kiddies on the mend. Reminds me of when all 3 of mine came down with the chicken pox at the same time. It was good they got it at the same time and got over it at the same time, but still no fun when the are sick. Does Brandon seem excited about school?

All you in the cold snow/rainy parts of the country... stay warm and I hope you get rid of it soon. You can send some of it our way tho. We can use any wet we can get. We are still on water restriction due to 7" deficit in our rainfall.

Sorry for right now no indies so All You Jaded Ladies have a great day.


02-26-2008, 01:43 PM
Hi ladies,

Please forgive me for not doing indies. Neal and I are headed to Evansville soon, where he will have back surgery very early tomorrow morning. He saw the specialist yesterday, and was able to get a quick apt. due to a cancellation.

I'm going to take the laptop with me, but not sure when I'll have a chance or a place to use it.

Please pray for Neal, and take care! :hug:

02-26-2008, 01:59 PM
A big :hug: coming your way Jane. :yes: Most definitely You and Neal are in our prayers.


02-26-2008, 02:27 PM
Jane~I will keep you and Neal in my prayers. I am surprised that they are moving so quickly with surgery. Hope everything goes well, and you both get home soon!

Wow, sorry I have been MIA for a few days. Still kinda tired??? and having some issues??? May be preggers, but don't want to find out yet...had 4 misc so far, and I am not ready to deal. So IN denial here!

Otherwise things are not too bad. DH stayed home this morning so I could go to the eye dr. He will go in to work about 1pm, but poor thing has been working form home all morning. No new glasses for me, Yay, and everything checked out. We did get another 4-5 inches of snow, but everything from before melted already. Shoveled the driveway in record time, and feel good. Will head to the gym this evening with the three kiddies so they are not all wound up form being cooped up in the house. Also have to get laundry rolling, so I may be doing that too. have a great day ladies, and I will try to get back later to do indies!

:hug: and :wave: to all you JL

02-26-2008, 03:39 PM
Hello...'ll have to share pics of your new bath when you are finished.

Jane...hoping all goes well with the surgery. And wow, I too am surprised at heading straight to surgery...must have been something bad.

Ellen...go take the taste lady! Now you have me curious, lol. I know what you mean though...I lost a baby and have a friend who had 5 very sad.

Francie...if I remember correctly, I think the donation was $2,500. I didn't think it would be a problem because I was going to hit up everyone I know and get more.

Sassy...yeah, they said it was going to be in the 50's today again but it is only 44 and again the wind is blowing pretty hard...makes it a lot colder. I am just so sick of this weather already.

Mindee...aaahhh, I forgot to mention Brandon starting school...:yay: for him! I bet he is excited for sure. Now, is this kindergarten, head start or per-school? For some reason I didn't think he was quite old enough for kindergarten yet, can't remember anything, lol.

Hiya Jules, Trish, Sue, MaryKate, Tammy and anyone I missed.

Not a lot going on today...same old stuff, different day! Got part of my exercise done. Let me tell ya...the turbo jam is a killer, yikes! This is only my 3rd time doing it and I think once I get the learn and burn moves down I will be fine but ouch! I did it once when I got it and then my back went out, but not from it, I don't think. So just getting back into it starting last week. Only doing it two or three times a week...on the days I do weights, the jump rope and ride the bike, which is today and Thursday.

Anywho...have a great day, and stay warm!

02-26-2008, 04:07 PM
It is bad. Due to spinal disc damage, he has no reflexes in his right leg, and has "profound" weakness in it, too, that the specialist said may never be completely healed, and can take up to a year to even know for sure. We were just about to head out the door when the hospital called. The lab results from yesterday show elevated white blood cell count, so now he has to see our local doc to find out why. More testing! In the meantime, since he's in a wheelchair now, I got a temporary handicap tag today to hang in the car. What a blessing to have it, but I sure wish we didn't need it.

Anyway, I'll be here when I can, but he needs a lot of attention since he spends almost all of his time in bed.

02-26-2008, 04:41 PM
Jane~:hug: to you & Neal :hug:

Cristina~Wow, that is a big donation!!! LoL!! I dont know if I could raise enough money..:(

Ellen~I'm sending you some baby dust :yay: (that was as close to baby dust as i could find, lol.)

Nothing much going on with me at the moment. I have a doctor's appt on monday. I'm hoping that they wont give me the run around like last time. I really want to be tested!!! Oh ya...I tried out this meditation dvd that I have. It made me realize how tense & stressed out I am. I seriously could not relax!!! My mind just wouldnt shut off. :( I'm gonna try it again tomorrow.

Well..I hope the rest of you ladies are having a nice day.

02-26-2008, 09:46 PM
Christina~It is hard, but I do have my other three to comfort me. TOM should be here sometime next week, so I am going to wait until then! I have personally kept EPT in business because of this fertility business.

Francie~Love the baby dust!! Keep trying the can take some effort to "turm off" our minds...btw LOVE your new avie pic!

Jane~Did they reschedule Neals operation??? I hope the infection is easily detected, so he can get in so they can fix the nerve damage. Will still keep you both in our prayers.

Made it to the gym!!! and got DS's catch up homework all done too!!! He has been having so much trouble with reading and Math...thinking about homeschooling. I wish we could do half and half...I know I can help him with the reading and math, but he gets so much out of his other subjects, that I cant give him. Most likely he will stay in school ( I don't have much patience left) and I will just have to push to get the extra help in at night.Well, have to get the kids ready for bed.

02-27-2008, 01:04 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....the kids are feeling better. Brandon and Logan are back to their normal selves! They were wrestling and every thing like they always do! They were even back to themselves enough to give Marissa a bath with orange juice! They are not coughing as much any more, they don't sound as congested as they were. So, if all goes well and Brandon is feeling 100% better on Thursday, he will be getting on that bus and going to school! I told him that he was going to be starting school and riding the bus in a couple of days and he was ready to get his back pack packed! He had pulled out some pull ups and was ready to put them in his back pack!

Francie~ Good luck with the testing! I will send you all the baby dust that still seems to be lingering around here.

Ellen~ Did we forget to mention that this group is good with pregnant women? I first joined this group after I had my oldest son, and was on a great work out path, and then got pregnant with my second child.....and it started over again when I got pregnant with my daughter. Through every thing, these women in this group were extremely helpful and supportive!! Good luck!

Trish~ Brandon is extremely excited about the idea of riding a bus and going to school. We will see tomorrow, as long as he is better, how he actually handles the getting on the bus and going to school part. I am just so thankful that Tommy is going to be here! (he is out of work right now because the company that he was working at got rid of all the temp agency workers. so now he is waiting for something to come around. I hope he finds something soon because after his check gets deposited this week (from last week) we will be trying to figure out how to get things) But he does have so many options out there! he found a job for a local dealership delivery parts, which he has done in the past. And he also found a job for a mechanics position which he has experience for that as well. So......hopefully he can get either one!

Jane~ I will keep you and Neal in my thoughts and prayers. How is he doing now?

Cristina~ He is loving the idea of we shall see how he actually does with the getting on the bus and actually going to school. I am just hoping (and thankful) that Tommy will be here when he does get on the bus! I am sure that I will shed a couple tears when the bus leaves.......

02-27-2008, 01:13 AM
Jane, BIG :hug: for you and gentle (little hug) for Neal. Hope he is feeling much better soon and heals really quickly! My brother in law had back surgery for a ruptured disc and it went very well, helped him immensely, so that's what my hopes and wishes are for Neal, too.

Had hoped to post more tonight, but I'm exhausted so this will be a quick hi to everyone :wave: And good job :bravo: to everyone who has:
lost weight (even 1/4 lb!)
lost inches
stayed OP
eaten healthy
exercised (even a little bit!)
or made any other good changes or healthy habits :D

I'm really hoping the weather is nice this weekend (stormed all last weekend) so I can ride my new bike a bit. I am also hoping to start back to WW this Saturday morning, fingers crossed that I get my act together and make it to the meeting.

'k, night ladies...

02-27-2008, 12:42 PM
Good morning. Cold and snowy I sound like a broken record? At least the snow isn't piling up...yet.

Yesterday went well, even though we went out to dinner. I got a chicken stir fry and a side of fresh fruit. I left most of the rice and ate the chicken and tons of veggies. I left the rice because I wanted a small slice of the whole grain bread. After having just a light breakfast and lunch (under 500 calories) I think I did okay with dinner. And I had my cereal and banana for breakfast today. This week was supposed to be for me to get away from bad snacks and eating between meals so much. Well, I am proud to say I have cut that out completely and don't miss the candy/sweets much. Yet. In the process I started counting calories and journaling. (which I was going to start next week, after the snacks were gone) SO, I am pleased and hoping to do as well when we go visit SIL tomorrow. Of course, I know I need exercise and I am working on that too. Slowly, but I will get there.

Jane- I am sorry to hear that Neal needs surgery. My prayers are with him as he goes through so much. And, hugs and good thoughts for you Jane. I know how trying just waiting and being there can be. Take care of yourself too.

Katiecat- Good luck on the WW and getting out to ride your bike. I am so ready for our weather to allow me to ride. I got up to 8 miles a couple times last year and really felt good riding. My DD lives N of San Fran and she is tired of rain. :)

Mindee- Glad to hear the kids are recovering. Brandon must be so cute trying to pack his back pack. I remember every one of my kids first is fun, but sad at the same time. The others will miss him when he is in school and be so glad when he comes home.

Ellen- Good job on making it to the gym with all the illness you have had. It takes so much out of a person and delays the program for sure. *fingers crossed* for your pg test.

Francie- Also good luck on your dr. appointment. You know if you are stressed it is not good when trying to get pg. With my third I was having trouble and I was in a stressful job which we decided for me to pg. right away. So the meditation and relaxation might just do the trick for you. :)

Cristina- You are an exercising dynamo. I want to be like you!! I just don't think I will ever get to liking the work-outs. Now, maybe the walking and biking if it ever gets warm here. I am going back to my BFF's house to exercise again today.

Trish- Love the avatar picture. You look very pretty. I am still putting up with the cold and snow. Would love to send you the water we will have once this all melts.

Going to have to be careful the next few days with food. SIL's tomorrow and I already looked at the restaurant web site and can do ok. Then Fri. is Mom's leap year BD. SO we will eat good that day too. LOL

Okay, off to try to do some housework. :)

02-27-2008, 01:24 PM
Ellen~I found this for you.. Hehe!!

Mindee~Thanks sweetie!!

KittyKat~I'm sending nice weather vibes your way so you can ride your bike!! Good luck with WW.

Sue~i know!! I need to relax. I swear, I'm not usually this stressed out. I just have a billion things on my mind. Dh is working late for 3 weeks, then they'll be going out to sea. Then he's gonna be gone for a month this summer. And I'm worried about getting this place all nice & clean again before he leaves. I'm stressing out about dh's upcoming advancement test..and about where we'll be moving to..and if we should live in military housing again or if we should buy or rent a house. I need a vacation from my mind, lol!!! I'm gonna try meditating again today.

Lately, I've been dancing around the house. Its probably considered to be a workout..but I just like to see it as having fun. Working out has been so forceful for me lately. I dread doing it. But dancing around is so much for fun. I used to do it a lot back in the day. I'd turn the lights off and dance my bootay off, lol. I wish I could find a blinkie that said "dancing away the pounds." Dh & I have been walking around the base too. We used to walk all over our neighorhood back in the day, so its fun doing it again. We havent done it this week though, cuz dh has a cold. Probably from walking outside, lol.

Well I'm gonna go..bbl.

02-27-2008, 02:45 PM
Hiya ladies...

JANE...hugs to you and Neal. :hug:

FRANCIE...that is quite a bit of money! You sounds like me...sometimes my brain will not shut down!

SUE...hopefully we all will be seeing some warmer weather soon! I cannot wait for spring to get outdoors and walk!

ELLEN...good deal on getting to the gym!

MARYKATE...lots of luck on WW and hope you get to ride that pretty bike soon!

MINDEE...I'm dying to know how Brandon's day at school went, and the bus ride! Did he get on?

Nothing much going on today. Had some errands to run this morning and then did most of my exercise. Will do that last 30 minutes later this afternoon, after Jeopardy. Gives me an extra little boost in the evening so I don't sit and doze on the couch before dinner, lol. Anywho...have laundry to do, see ya!

02-27-2008, 06:44 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end....just dealing with two boys that are driving me batty!! can you tell that they are feeling better? now Tommy seems to have come down with what they as I type this, he is sleeping on the couch, my little cootie cutie was sleeping until Brandon woke her up, but she is good for going back to sleep. So, I have the Bashem brothers driving me batty right now! good thing for no means they go to bed early! so, as far as things are going now, Brandon will be getting on the bus in the morning. I will make sure that he has his medicines and his breathing treatment before he gets on the bus! (so, if I don't make it back on here tonight....which I probably won't because I am going to be going to bed early so that we can get started on this new schedule. long story short.....if I don't make it back on tonight, I will be on tomorrow)

Cristina~ I will let you know tomorrow.....right now the bashem brothers are driving me bonkers! can you tell that they are feeling better? My little cootie cutie princess that started this all is sleeping........OHHHHHH and she is CRAWLING now!

02-27-2008, 06:47 PM
they are doing a story on the news right now about carbon monoxide poisoning and what not. I was actually just thinking about getting one to have here in the house. we had one when we lived in the town house not too far from my parents because the managers made is mandatory to have them.

same news station is also doing a story on my hubby's cousin and her family. their son was diagnosed with leukemia last August. Her husband is a local firefighter and he asked his fellow fire fighters to donate money for an arcade for the cancer center that his son goes to. they got enough money donated and then some, so they talked to Costco and Costco made sure to get in all done and delivered in a week's time. It got delivered last week......and the kids are enjoying it being there!

02-27-2008, 08:33 PM
Boy, I don't know where to guys have been posting like crazy!! I will do indys next time!!

Ry is still moving to Portland not sure if it's April or August yet...both Adam and his girlfriend want him to come. She is going out for school and her Dad is going to set them up in an off campus apartment and then the boys will work and cover expenses. Her Dad is happy the boys will be there for two reasons--to help with the bills and to keep his baby girl safe. Now the two in Eugene want him to come live with them again...they are nuts!! I am much happier with him going with Adam.

Teri and Nick are doing well. They are coming over on the weekends and staying. Me and Grandpa are loving it. Dave is still in jail due to the violation of probation and is facing up to a year. His friends have made major slips and Teri is finding out all kinds of lies. He has come clean and suppossedly told her everything at this point and wants her to wait for him and has promised all kinds of things. Am I being mean in wanting her to move on. It's easy to change when you are in a controlled enviroment--I just don't see it sticking when he gets back into the "real world".

Hubby has been alternating between driving me insane and making me remember why I do love him. The baby is mellowing him.

I can't wait for spring!!

02-27-2008, 10:59 PM
Hello everybody. Didn't sleep last night much and tired tonight. Going to watch movie with DH and then try to go to bed early. I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

Mindee - I'm thinking of you with your little young man starting school tomorrow.


02-29-2008, 01:49 AM
well, we managed to make it through the first day of school without any problems! I took him out to the bus and got him on it, and he didn't even cry! he just smiled and stuck his thumb in his mouth! I stepped off the bus and walked towards the apartment. I turned around to wave at him as the bus took off, and he was too busy staring out the other side of the bus!

He got out of school at 11:36 and a little bit before noon, the phone rang and it was his teacher. She called to let us know that he did great! he was nothing but smiles when he got off the bus until the time he got on the bus. She said that he was very good and did amazingly well! He got off the bus at 12:10 or so, and he was nothing but smiles! Tommy took some pictures of me getting him on the bus and getting him off the bus. He had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back!

this is working out great! he was already more talkative when he got home from school. he even had some projects in his back pack that they did! and he was so excited that he got to put them on the fridge! he even got to pick out dinner for his first day of school. He picked out smoked sausage, pork and beans, and angel hair pasta. (he loves his pork and Tommy had to make two cans!) I even made him some cookies for his first day of school.

Poor thing came home from school, had a little bit of a stomboli that I had made for us for lunch and fell asleep. He woke himself up when he went into a coughing spell on the couch. but he was so exhausted that he fell asleep at we are off to do it again on Friday. we will be working more with him on his schedule and getting us all into it! Tuesday will be a little bit crazy because at some point we will have to go grocery shopping.

(I put the pictures up on my myspace) I will try and get a chance to post them on here somewhere. I did some major cleaning while Brandon was in school on Thursday. I got plenty of clothes for the boys, Marissa and some other sizes to give to my mom. I hadn't had a chance to go through them yet, and figured then was as good a time as ever. I will finish going through them when he is in school on Friday. Logan is bored now that Brandon is in school.....he will play with Marissa, but then when she lays down to take a nap he is up my butt......or by daddy.

Jules~ It is good to hear from you! I will have to venture over to your page to see if you have any new pictures up!

Trish~ Thanks! I thought there would have been some tears on both sides.......but nope....I think we all felt at ease with the situation since we knew where he was going and who he was with.

02-29-2008, 04:13 AM
Hola Girls.

Well this week has gone FAST for me anyways. Of course my week is only 3 nights, but that is 3 long nights. lol. I was soooooooo sleepy yesterday morning I think I fell straight asleep as soon my head hit the pillow!!! Then DH & I didn't get up until 7:30!!! :faint: Ah well it is our night off.........

Well I wish you all well in whatever you are doing today and this weekend. I want to get serious about some cleaning chicks. My DH's "Office" has turned into a "Storage" and it is awful!! I HATE having a room that we cannot use!!! But I am tired of looking at that mess in DH's office so I want to tackle it or at least begin to tackle it!!! lol. Wish me luck and if you don't hear from me in a few days, send someone, would ya??? :lol:


02-29-2008, 01:27 PM
A quick hello to you all! :wave:

I have been busy. And it seems like I'll busy forever! Sheesh!

Haven't been concentrating on exercise much....too busy taking care of things, but I need to get on the ball and incorporate something in my daily chaos!

Hope all is well w/you and I'll chat soon.

02-29-2008, 02:29 PM
Quickie here this afternoon...I have been doing good about no snacking or junk food. Meals have been pretty good too, with maybe a tad to much a couple times. All in all I feel positive about the eating and haven't even gone to the freezer for any chocolate all week.

That being said...I have some not so good news. My back is out...yeah, way out. I don't know if it was the machine at BFF's or what. I have had trouble in the past, but not for awhile now. So...WATP might be the only thing I can do, and have done it once, gently. Last night I slept 1/2 the night in a recliner on the heating pad. Can't get comfy in bed, and can't roll over, Even hard to get OUT of bed.

Today is Mom's birthday so I have a cake in the oven. Gotta run for now.

02-29-2008, 06:34 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....I managed to get through all the boxes of stuff that had been sitting on the porch. I have the things that we are keeping all put away. I have a lot of stuff for my mom, for either her friend's little boy or my sister Robyn's goddaughter due in July. Which is awesome! I even have a car seat and a smaller bag of stuff to go to a friend on Sunday. We are going to go visit my mom tomorrow to take her the stuff. Tommy got a call today from the temp agency and they have a job for him starting Monday. The hours are 4am to 4pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday if needed. So, that will help out!

The kids are doing a lot better. They are finishing their prelone today, the steroid for their lungs. Marissa will finish her amoxicilan on Sunday and the boys will finish theirs on Wednesday. Other then that they are doing well. Logan was a pita today......even after Brandon got home from school! He didn't take a nap at all.....which is a major issue when he acts up!

02-29-2008, 08:00 PM
Hello to everyone in the group. I am new to 3FC, and think this thread sounds like a fun place to be.

I am 34, married and have 4 kids: 11,9,6,4 I "stay at home" and enjoy crocheting and singing. I enjoy working out, but procrastinate just about everything so I often need a kick in the butt.

I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoy meeting new friends online like this.

I can't wait to meet everyone!

Just call me "K" or Krystal...

02-29-2008, 08:42 PM
Hi there Ladies

I think everybody has been busy. We have too. I hope the week end will be nice and quiet. Nothing planned except Sunday we will be going to churchif Dh gets rid of his terrible headache he's had for days. I finally did it. I joined the Flat Belly Diet website yesterday and spent most of the day reading up on the plan and planning my meals and making a shopping list for the 4 day Jumpstart so I could go to the store today to get the foods I need. I start day 1 of 4 day JS tomorrow. I decided I wanted the recipe for the Sassy water. I am drinking the water tonight and have a big pitcher of it in the fridge for tomorrow. I think I'll be one of those who continues drinking it after Jumpstart since I am one who likes it. I also read some other ways to make it afterward to. I don't know if I'll be back here until after the week end, but I will let y'all know how it goes. I'll spend the
4th day reading up on the 28 Day plan following the 4 day JS.

Mindee - So glad Brandon likes the school and it went so well for you, him and the children. The fact that he had so much to tell you when he got home sounds like he hasn't had anything important enough to him to talk about until now. You surely have been a really busy girl. Congratulations on Tommy's new job. I am so glad you didn't have to wait too long for it to come through and I know you two are really glad and relieved as well.

Sue- So sorry about your back. Please tell your Mom Happy Birthday. How is she doing? I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

Marti - It is good to be busy, been there done that. However, always remember and don't forget to be sure to take time out to take care of yourself. It makes you better at what you do.

Jule - Loved the picture of the baby. How is he doing? How are you doing?

Sassy - I always enjoyed having extra days off, but long hours are hard. You know DH and I keep talking about how we need to clean the office. I really dread it but we need to do it.

Jane - We miss you. Sure pray that Neal is doing better. Our prayers are with you both. I know what it is like to be sitting on the sideline why DH is going through these type of things. It isn't easy for you. My thoughts and prayers go out for you as much as for Neal. Hope o hear good news from you soon.

Vann, Tammy, Katycat and anyone else I missed I hope all is going well with each one of you.

Everybody have a Great week end.


03-01-2008, 12:43 AM
Hi everyone, Neal is rescheduled for surgery March 12. He's still in so much pain, and is depressed. I've been doing everything in my power to help him. Also, the internet has been crazy, and the tech was supposed to call me today to set up an appt. for repair, but didn't. I'll straighten that out Monday.

Please don't think I've forgotten you, and I'll be back as soon as the 'net is fixed. :hug:

03-01-2008, 03:38 AM
just quickly popping back in here.....

we are planning on going to my parents house on Saturday, so I really should head to bed. right now, I have a little Marissa eating a bottle on the floor. I took her bumper pads out of her bed today when I was changing her sheet. I had gone into my room to put some things back in my purse and I had heard her move around and then saw her staring at me. She proceeded to look right at me, start crying, and then start yelling mom as she was crying as if I hadn't even seen her!

Trish~ How much is it to join the FBD website? I know that if you buy the book, it is free. Let me know how that goes. I really want to try it, but I haven't actively looked for the book around here.

Jane~ I hope that the surgery goes well for Neal, and he will be better in no time!

Krystal~ Welcome to the group!!! You will love it here!!! My name is Mindee, and I am a stay at home mom to three great kids! Brandon, who will be 4 in April; Logan, who is two years old; and Marissa, who will be one in April. I live in Michigan with my hubby, Tommy, and I am 25.

03-01-2008, 07:58 AM
See you at #289. :wave: