Weight and Resistance Training - Lift and Chat: February 16 - 29, 2008

02-16-2008, 12:27 PM
I just realized when I typed the thread title that this is a leap year! so add some leaps to your workouts :p

I did a short but heavy leg workout this morning. Then my lower back screamed at me and I stopped. sigh...one step forward, one step back. I was hoping to go skiing tomorrow but between the rain forecast and my back, it's not looking good :(

Food was dreadful yesterday. I dipped into "work food". So far I've been successful and using the "not my food" mantra, but I was tired, sore, upset, and there was a BIG box of "nutty, sweet and salty" Nature Vally bars sitting there. A very big box to start with.

Back on track today with salmon, spinach and oatmeal for breakfast!

Anybody have exciting weekend plans? boring weekend plans?


02-16-2008, 12:51 PM
Boring here! :wave: I was shivering in line at the gym when they opened the doors this morning (I must be :crazy:). It felt like I had 25 pound plates strapped to my legs doing the elliptical, but I made it through my 30 minutes of intervals and did 5 minutes on the bike for dessert. :D

Today is a cooking day. I maxed out my soup pot with three pounds of mixed dried beans, two big ham bones, water, onions etc! I'm keeping a close eye on it and hoping it cooks down because right now I can't even stir it. :lol: I'll also bake some Fiber One muffins and make the cottage cheese "cheesecake" -- not sure which flavor. With a freezer full of grilled salmon, I'm in good shape.

I haven't been lifting on the weekends since the gym is still insanely crowded. I'm addicted to the peaceful 6 am weight room, with me and about 8 - 10 guys, everyone doing their own thing -- with no chitchat!

Mel, was it smoked salmon for breakfast? Or were you hardcore and went grilled? :lol:

02-16-2008, 02:25 PM
Hi ladies,

I just got back from the gym where I had an excellent and exhausting workout. I'm eating breakfast now: I call it a 'Burrito Omelet'--an omelet with black beans and salsa inside, topped with sour cream and hot sauce. Only 256 cals, 25g protein and 8g fiber. What's not to love? :)

I should be cooking today too, Meg. It's my turn to make our lunch soup for the week and I should make more salsa and some more of these kamut crackers I've been enjoying with hummus in the afternoons. But after my week from ****, I really, really need to get some work done, so the cooking might have to wait. Tonight bf's band is playing at a local wine bar, so I'll be doing that in the evening. Tomorrow one of my friends is having one of his famous brunches (read: boozy event that begins with cocktails at 11am and doesn't end until evening). It's tough. :)

02-16-2008, 03:52 PM
I've got a nice stiffness on today. Ah - the rewards of lifting!

02-16-2008, 04:06 PM

I posted on the other thread! Just to tell you that I loved the video of the overhead squat. It looked like an enormous lot of weight, and she really really looked good.

Baffled- good to hear that you are back from your week in ****. Scary that the meds can screw one up so bad. I quit smoking and I find keeping my food in hand much more difficult. in 2 weeks this will be 80% second nature to you.

I did the 2nd week of NRWL workout 1b today, and elliptical for 35 mins. Food is still out of control and the scale is up.

Have a great day all,

02-16-2008, 05:07 PM
Btw, I warmed up today with a long set of OH Squats. I just used one of those light body bar things because it was just a warm-up, but it felt pretty tough anyway. :) I need to work on my squat form anyway, and I'm thinking maybe the OH part might help me to keep my UB upright while I squat down lower.

The other thing I discovered yesterday (looking at millions of those crossfit videos) are Tabata Squats. Next time I'm stuck somewhere without being able to exercise, or if I have an unreasonable amount of anxiety to work off, I'm doing those. You can see the Crossfit people doing them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku-eOGXScOQ
(For those who don't know what it is, you do as many squats as you possibly can in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then do squats for 20 more seconds. You're supposed to do 8 sets. The rest at the bottom in this video is just an extra dimension of torture, I think.)

02-16-2008, 06:00 PM
Ouch! I'd say it's an added dimension of torture. I've done tabata squats often in the past, but never "rested" at the bottom. Rest like that I could do without.

Meg posted a tabata squat video last year where three girls were really flying. Of course, they rested at the top. Considering, the pause at the bottom here, the girl in the brown pants was incredibly impressive. I think I would have been more like the guy in the white shirt that looked like he was ready to lose his lunch.

Of course, If I did lose my lunch, I would make sure to hit the guy cheerfully calling out "rest" as we sat in the bottom for 10 seconds. I bet that sucker had a smirk on his face when he was calling out rest too. :devil:

02-16-2008, 06:28 PM
Oh my! OUCH. We had a bodypump instructor who had us doing tabata squats, but never with the rest. Now it makes my knees hurt to watch. :lol: That gal in the brown pants was like the energizer bunny! And what made me want to lose my lunch was the camera operator! Every time he did a fast pan I felt a lurch......

02-16-2008, 08:43 PM
lol, I do them with my clients as an alternative to leg cranks. One of my least popular bodyweight warm-ups :devil:

02-16-2008, 11:30 PM
Mel, I thought your inner sadist would enjoy making use of such an exercise. :)

02-17-2008, 05:10 AM
Mel's inner sadist is pretty extroverted. ;)

02-17-2008, 08:21 AM

All those people in the videos look so gorgeous like what they are doing is effortless.. I'm a long way of that, and I do not think I'll ever get there.

Great weather today, sunny! I went for 30 mins run on the threadmill in the gym today, and for the rest I am intop house cleaning cardio and getting DS and DD into cleaning their rooms and doing their homework cardio. I sometimes feel pretty stupid bugging them about their school responsibilities. DD isn't too bad, but woth DS I feel like i am more concerned about his futire than he is. Surely this should be the other way round?

Have a great weekend all,

02-17-2008, 11:42 AM
Mel's inner sadist is pretty extroverted.

:dunno: I am so mis-understood :dunno:

02-17-2008, 11:44 AM
Rabbit- How old is ds? I have exactly the same situation. Unfortunately, I don't think it's unusual with boys.

Sore quads despite a short workout!

02-17-2008, 03:07 PM
So I went gym shopping today. :chin: It's the first time in three years that I've decided to take a look around.

These places were like vacation resorts. :dizzy: While I was touring the womens' dressing room a member approached my DH who was waiting in the pool area. First, let me tell you, this guy lost his credibility when he flopped up to DH with fins on his feet. So sorry I missed this. :rofl:He buts in the conversation my DH is having with the sales guy to say, "Just face it you will just have to join because this place is pure heaven." :rolleyes: I guess my idea of heaven is a little different than aquaman's version.

Both of these gyms boasted every kind of "Machine" on the market today. Most of which I would not sit my glutes on anyway. What I also don't need is a gym that offers a spa and hair salon. :fr: When the sales guy took us back into the massage area with the dimmed lights, music, waterfalls and leather couches, it spooked me.

By the time the tour was over I was filled with anxiety. Shouldn't I be impressed with the numerous conveniences these places offer: saunas, spas, hottubs with waterfalls, beautiful locker rooms, cafes, and OMG on staff hairdressers?

As I looked around I viewed these places from how I would use them. I love my current hairdresser and would never dream of having anyone else cut it. I am far too cheap to spend 6.00 on a protein drink at the bar. And I don't think I could squeeze in enough time in two hours to take advantage of the sauna or whirlpools. Unless I'm nursing an injury. In both cases the free weights area were the same size as the gym I currently use. The cardio areas while bigger didn't have anything that my current gym doesn't already own. My gym also has more FreeMotion equipment than the other two.

In the end I think I will renew my current membership. I am looking for a new experience this year but I know I will not find it in these places. My next trip will be to visit some personal training studios. Maybe that's the next level that I need. :dunno:

It makes me sad to think that so much effort is placed upon providing these amenities to appeal to people seeking good health when what they really need is just so basic.

Anyway, just a vent. Thought I would share.

02-17-2008, 07:30 PM
Hmm, sounds like too much a total experience for me too, Lydia. I'd like the pool though. We have only the local HS pool here, and in addition to be heavily clorinated, and having dreadful times for lap swimming, the dressing/locker rooms are appalling - ewwwww. When I do go, I just whip my suit off, throw on my sweats and go home. At least at the gym I don't feel like I'll catch something, and they have real mirrors, not metal. :lol:

02-17-2008, 09:55 PM
I belong to a gym somewhat like that with a salon (lavender-rose petal facial after my leg workout? :rofl:) because it is less than 5 minutes from my office and the only way I can lift during my lunch hour. It's also the closest gym to where I live but I'd always laughed at it as the "unfitness center" or country club health club. It does have a good free weight area, loads of free motion machines and wonderful cybex functional trainers (http://www.cybexintl.com/Products/Strength/FT360/Default.aspx).

I've never used the pools or salon, but I love the convenience.

Lydia, if you really want a new challenge, why don't you try one of Mike Davies boot camp classes or trainers? His office is (I think) somewhere pretty close to you.

I tried a set of Overhead Squats today- I just couldn't resist trying them before I got on the treadmill this afternoon. Oh my. I used a naked olympic bar, squatted really deep and managed 12 before my arms gave out. How much weight do you think that woman on the crossfit video was using? I know they were rubberized plates so a full size plate isn;t necessarily 45 pounds.
Baf- they will certainly improve your squat form if you have problems keeping your upper body upright- you have to!

I'm off work tomorrow. Yippeeee!


02-18-2008, 05:49 AM
Mel, if I'm reading the video right, it looks like she was doing body weight on the OH squats at 123 pounds. :eek: Now I've got to try them today, but with my repaired rotator cuff, I'll start with the 35# bar and see how it goes.

02-18-2008, 10:19 AM
Meg- I read that and it didn't make sense to me. Thanks. So those plates were about 35 per side :faint: If someone helped me get the bar up there, I might do 2 :lol:

I had several vials of blood drawn this morning and am debating how long and how much water I need before my workout. I desperately need to workout!


02-18-2008, 10:41 AM
I've been sitting here giggling as I read this thread this morning.

I'm off to spanish class & then to the gym. I'll report back later. For some reason my legs are still sore from Friday, which seems especially crazy as the only legs I did was lunges - darn pms!!!

02-18-2008, 11:43 AM

Lydia - what a hilarious description of the other gyms. I can't think why one would want a hairdresser or a beauty salon in a gym. Maybe more into the "wellness" thing? You might actually scare people there with your workouts !

Mel - DS is 16. I do so hope that his school attitude is temporarily off and will perk up before he finished secondary school (in another 2 years).

Meg, mel - thanks for the info about the amount of weight in the OH squat video. It is incredible!!!NOt that she weighs 123 pounds 9I believe that easily) but that she OH squats that amount!!!

I did the 2nd round of stage 1 workouts of NRWL this morning after getting out of bed. The stuff is so quick I can actually do this at home before i hop under the shower. I am done in 25 minutes, quite incredible. And i had upped my weights to 18 kg (including the bb at 10 kg), so about 40 pounds, and it went fine. Maybe i'll put another 2 kg plates on for my next 1a. AND I did real pushups again, 10 of them. it is still very hard and i could only do 9 on the 2nd set.

Have a great day all,

02-18-2008, 12:19 PM
Lydia - You might actually scare people there with your workouts !

I could tell I was annoying to the sales guy. I saw him perplexed when I confirmed that there was only one flat bench. Plenty of adjustables though. I have found the adjustable benches don't provide enough support for me. Something about that open space bothers me. But as far as scaring other members I really doubt it. This place was so big I could go everyday for a month of Sundays and still be incognito.

Mel: Oh yes, thank you! We talked about Mike Davies bootcamp last summer. I just forgot the name. :doh: I have to say that the website is a wee bit intimidating but this might just be the experience I'm looking for. I have to contact them to find out exactly where they are. The website doesn't give an address which means :yikes: I have to reach out to contact them. Am I really good enough for this. :dunno: http://www.mikedaviesfitness.com/ Oh but what is life for if not to be lived with some personal risks. :rofl:

After my gym shopping yesterday I went back to my old haunt to get some leg work in. I also did some incline work on the treadmill which I haven't done in at least six months. As much as that wore me out I'm going to need to bring that back into my rotation. About those OH squats. I'm thinking I'll practice those in my basement with a broomstick before using one of the lighter bars at the gym. :D

02-18-2008, 12:27 PM
Morning everyone.

Lydia, my current Y is the most low-budget establishment imaginable, but I once belonged to a beautiful gym in Australia. All the walls were painted colors and everything was shiny. It didn't have a salon (wtf???) but it did have a coffee/snack bar. I loved that part actually. I'd finish my cardio and then grab a nice espresso before going about my day. There was even a little seating area overlooking the pool. And, they had giant bowls of Pria bars that you could grab for free on your way out if you needed a snack. It was a nice gym. My Y hands out sweat towels for free so I don't have to bring my own. That's as high class as it gets. :)

02-18-2008, 12:28 PM
OK, I tried overhead squats this morning. Being a chicken, I grabbed a 25# bar to start and immediately felt it in my lower back. There's definitely a sweet spot overhead to hold the bar and once I adjusted (my hands were actually behind my head on my first try), my back was OK. I went up to the 35 and then 45# bars (only got 10 at 45, Mel!) (I used the squat rack for the 35 and 45s)

The whole time I was struggling with my form and I'd like to hear from any of you who have tried OH squats. I was trying to use classic squat form with feet about shoulder width apart, toes straight ahead, and weight on my heels. But my knees were definitely coming over my toes and my knees were splaying out all over the place. I felt like my weight wanted to be more on my toes than my heels.

When I came home, I watched the video again and noticed that the woman in it is taking a very wide, almost sumo stance, with her toes pointed out. Her knees were out over her toes. So what do you all think? Is this the right way to do them? Mel, did you adjust your form?

02-18-2008, 12:30 PM
Lydia - That sounds sorta like my gym. DH's insurance pays for our gym memberships, but this list is limited, and the closest one to our house that's not Curves, is a spa/fitness center. It's okay, a little skimpy on free weights, but it will do for now. I can go with a different gym on a month to month basis, so eventually when I get up to speed I will transfer it back to one clser to my office. I do like that becuase most of their business comes from the spa part, the gym is usually empty. Most days I'm the only person in there at 6am. And I will admit to hopping into one of the tanning beds this morning before work. ;)

I did my first NRL4W workout yesterday. OMG I didn't realize how sore I'd be today. I love/hate those step-ups.

02-18-2008, 02:09 PM
Meg: Her wide stance was the first thing I noticed in the video. This is how I squat too. The shoulder width stance is just too uncomfortable for me and I naturally just stand a little wider. :chin: While watching her my concern was her speed, depth, and the strain she appeared to be under. She does look great though.

02-18-2008, 04:49 PM
Meg, I noticed it when I did the warm-up set the other day: something about putting your arms above your head and keeping your back upright seems to make my knees want to bend out rather than forward. Maybe it's a balance thing, or a mechanical thing.

I think these tabata squats might be the best friend of the quitting-smoker. I was feeling antsy in here (my office) a little while ago so I found a big online stopwatch and did 4 mins of tabata squats. It got the blood pumping and cleared my head right up! Yay! It's nice to be able to sneak in a little extra exercise to calm the nerves and alleviate anxiety. (It's also nice to have the kind of office where I can close the door and do aerobic activity without anyone else knowing what I'm up to in here. :) )

From the perspective of muscle recovery and etc, these tabata squats count as cardio, right? I can do them 8 times a day every day of the week if I want to, correct?

I'm a little freaked out. I've been doing random reading on the web and the consensus appears to be that each cigarette you smoke requires an extra 10 calories of energy as it moves through your system. 10 calories doesn't sound like much, but I was a 2 pack a day smoker and I'm appalled at the prospect of having to reduce my maintenance calories by 400 a day!!!! :yikes: That's far too many! I'll starve to death! So if I do do 8 sets of tabata squats 8 times a day on top of my regular exercise, at least I'll be burning some extra calories. I don't want to be fat!!!!!! Or hungry. I want to be lean and well-fed.

02-18-2008, 05:03 PM
Baff, that calorie burn is why cigarettes are called the number one selling diet drug in the US, unfortunately. :rolleyes:

But you're doing the right thing for your body and health!! Don't go slashing 400 calories off your daily totals right away ... those numbers may not be right for you (remember what we always say about calorie calculators being guesses?) And perhaps your appetite won't be as big if your metabolism isn't artificially stimulated by smoking? Trial and error, with meticulous tracking, is the only way you'll figure this out. You're not going to get fat! :hug:

My vote is that it's OK to do Tabata squats every day. Even though you're using some resistance (your bodyweight), I don't consider it enough to break down muscle fibers and require repair, which is why we ordinarily need the 48 hour rest period. This is more of an endurance exercise than a strengthening one -- and you better believe that you're burning calories!

Another benefit of whipping off a series of squats when you're feeling antsy is that you may get an endorphin rush that could be a substitute for nicotine. Swapping an unhealthy drug for a healthy one? :)

Hang in there!

02-18-2008, 06:12 PM
I naturally do all my squats with a fairly wide squat. Don't ask me for OH squat tips, however. I'm god awful. I really pitch forward badly.

As for Tabata squats, I agree with Meg and don't see why you can't do these very often. Unless, someone is just starting out and bodyweight squats are someone's current resistance level, then you shouldn't be breaking down fibers. In fact, if you are well beyond BW, then this will probably serve as active recovery. Thus, it shouldn't be considered in your resistance training at all, it should be worked into your cardio/energy systems training. Personally, I wouldn't do them everyday, just as I wouldn't do HIIT everyday, but I would have no problem working them in 3 or 4 times per week. However, that's just me, and of course, like many things, it depends upon your recovery ability. 8 times a day, every day, though I don't think is sustainable. If you are going as fast as you can during the 20 second periods, then these are only 4 minutes, but a very intense 4 minutes. Your muscles will recover, but don't forget about giving your CNS a chance to recover as well. This type of intensity too frequently could quickly lead to overtraining. I would start with fewer sessions and add slowly. However, that's just IMO.

02-18-2008, 07:40 PM
Just a quick hi. All is going well. Am 281 and soon to break to the 70s, pleased with that. Doing it with Atkins which is the only thing that stabilizes my blood sugar (no diabetes, just insulin resistance). Atkins proved healthier than most think when you do it to the book--though it flies in the face of what most limitedly consider healthy. ANyway, feeling good.

Training is better as is stuff with my trainer. Giving it a chance to improve....

I've lost 8lbs and 8 inches in 2 weeks on the Challenge, but I think someone else is in the lead. ((shrug))

Haven't focused enough on strength and miss it terribly, but will return to it when I'm back to solo training in April.

02-18-2008, 09:48 PM
Baf- I joke about starting to smoke so that I could eat more :o not seriously, though! IMO, that was the BIG LIE (by omission) in the French Women Don't Get Fat book. Adding more activity is a great idea. I'm sure your students would love tp start each class with a 8-10 set series of Tabata squats!
Do you remember the leg crank series? We do 20 body weight squats, 20 alternating lunges, then 20 jump squats. Rest. Repeat.

What are you maintenance calorie levels? Maybe you can find a way to "bulk up" you food and lower the calories a bit without feeling that you are eating less.

I did alter my form and used a wide stance and a wide grip for the overhead squats. I was watching myself straight on in a mirror and noticed that my feet were more turned out than normal. I tried to straighten them, but everything went haywire then. I'm definitely going to add that to my "wacko and olympic lifts" day.

I try to really mix up my stance with squats. I'll use the smith machinefor very narrow stance squats which really isolate the middle head of the quad, and do very wide and/or plie stance single dumbbell squats to hit the outer sweep and inner. My new favorite is one legged with the non-working leg heel resting on the working knee. I do these with a ball and a wall and some dumbbells.

With a heavily loaded bar, I do plain vanilla squats or box squats.

After doing cardio this afternoon, I felt too woozy to lift. I think the lab vampire took a few too many vials of blood this morning. It's going to make it hard to get all my lifts in this week. I have a doc appt tomorrow at lunch time, so will miss lifting then too :(

Rabbit- my ds is 17 and a 1/2 and hasn't outgrown that attitude. I'm hoping a lightening bolt hits him pretty soon...figuratively speaking!

Have a good one,

02-18-2008, 11:20 PM
Baf- I joke about starting to smoke so that I could eat more :o not seriously, though! IMO, that was the BIG LIE (by omission) in the French Women Don't Get Fat book.

Ha. I know you think you're kidding but really, wouldn't you be tempted to take up smoking if you got to eat an extra 400 calories a day?!?!? Cigarettes are so delicious! 400 calories is lots! I don't know that I'd have gone to the trouble of quitting if I'd known something like this was in the works! Grumble, grumble. I thought the weight-gain from quitting had to do with sitting around eating chocolate in a manic attempt to make food feel like a cigarette (which is what I've been doing all week, as my newly pudgy tummy will testify). I just don't know how long this crazy eating goes on before I nip it in the bud and start getting everything back under control. Right now I'm like a 4 year old with ADHD and a ginormous appetite. Nothing is normal.

But, exercise turns out to be the absolute best thing ever. I'm so very, very glad that I have become fit in the last year and developed a LOVE for exercise so that I'm able to do exercise now that I need it for my sanity. If I were horribly unfit I'd be completely screwed.

This rambling, psychotic post suggests to me that I need to bust out another 4 minute tabata workout. I'm a wreck.

02-19-2008, 12:20 AM
Very interesting reading about everyone's squat adventures - lol! I am not yet ready for OH squats myself. My squat is by far my weakest lift - I really struggle with form. Today was actually squat day for me (I do box squats usually) & it was by far my most solid day to date. I am no longer rocking at the bottom & think I may actually be able to drop the height of my box soon (I'm just at/or slightly above parallel now but by removing one riser I'd be comfortably below parallel). I should be able to start putting some real weight on the bar soon as well. Damn form has taken me 7 months to master!

My big PR today was that I did full out push-ups!!! First time in my life 2, 3, 2 & then finished out the sets with girlie push-ups. Just think how many I'll be able to do when I finally hit my goal weight!!! Lol

It was a good day in the gym despite this exhaustion I still haven't been able to shake.

02-19-2008, 05:01 AM
Congratulations, LG! Very cool feeling to do big boy pushups. :strong:

Don't sweat the squats. :) I couldn't even begin to try them until I was under 200 pounds due to balance issues (just couldn't balance all that excess weight). Then I started with a broom handle until I got the form down. They're probably the hardest exercise to master, form-wise, but once you get the form right, you'll have it for life.

Just wait till you get to your goal weight on squats too -- you'll be the Queen of Squats! In fact, a normal weight makes everything in (and out!) of the gym so much easier. :carrot:

My OH squat adventure gave me sore muscles where I've never had them before! They're definitely going into my routine too, but I'll play around with the stance. I think they'll be a lot easier if I let my knees and feet do what feels natural -- go wide and turn out.

I'm under doctor's orders to take it easy today after a minor medical procedure yesterday so am thinking of what I can do at the gym that doesn't really count. I'm not supposed to elevate my HR or blood pressure but I really don't want to take a day off. I'm thinking a little bike and some shoulders? :chin:

02-19-2008, 06:14 AM
Hi, can I join you?

I want to make weight training a part of my life :D but I'm taking things very slowly. (I couldn't do a 1 hour resistance training work out 6 times a week right now :faint: haha.)

Yesterday I did 2 sets of 20 squats (a couple hours apart) and today my legs are SORE! If it wasn't so funny it would be sad. :lol:
I'm trying to start slowly, going to the gym 2 - 3 (more like 2 now :() times a week and doing some squats and (very easy) variations of push-ups at home (almost) every day. Well, unless my muscles are really sore, I don't think I'll squat today. :dizzy:

I'll probably lurk more often than not, to get some motivation. But I wanted to say hi anyway. ;)

02-19-2008, 08:24 AM
Welcome lalala!!!

:bravo: LG!!!

drive by post-


02-19-2008, 10:58 AM
I'm also working on my squats. I think one thing that keeps me back are my tight hamstrings. I'm working them though. My squat is getting oh so much better.

02-19-2008, 12:35 PM
Hi LWL, are there any fruits or veggies that you have found to be counter to your plan? I woke up today realizing that in my attempt to incorporate more protein I"m not getting the fruits and veggies and want to try harder. So, anything you avoid? I'm allergic to apples (so probably pears too), but like everything else. Do you all eat bananas, grapes & carrots? Other than that I like oranges and broccoli which I haven't heard anything negative about.

02-19-2008, 12:38 PM
Well, I'm back sigh from the Beautiful Bahamas! Yesterday morning I was on the beach enjoying a frozen lemonade :beach: and today, here I am, back at work. :(

It was a great trip - the weather was lovely, the people were nice and a good time was had with good friends. Now for the food :o I certainly ate and drank more than I do at home but I wouldn't say that I went crazy. And I did run 5k twice (outside, early AM with a lovely tropical breeze), played tennis, went kayaking and tried out their circus school where I managed to somehow do a perfect knee hang and backflip dismount on my first try! How? I have no idea and I was scared to death but enjoyed it anyway!

Now it's back to reality. I liked reading all of the recent squat posts and I want to be inspired but I have an odd problem lately with a pinched nerve in the groin area. It's all a bit bizzare and it causes weird symptoms, one of which is the feeling of bee stings in my thigh if I squat too much or too low. Not fun - still trying to work out how to fix it!

Hi to everyone...gotta get some work done, I suppose.


02-19-2008, 03:41 PM

OK, after all this talk I'm going to try the OH squat tomorrow as i do my NRWL 1B workout, as an extra. But NOT I guess with a loaded bar. I'll surprise the kids by adding a broomstik to the pile of iron on the 2nd floor landing between our bedrooms.

Mel - so I'll have to go with this for a minimum of 1 and half years more ? Send the lighting stroke over the altlantic once you are done with it!

Have a great day all,

02-19-2008, 04:22 PM
Thanks for the pats on the back!

Today was cardio day. 30 minutes on the treadmill & 15 minutes on the bike. Ugh - I hate cardio - soooo boring!!! But it's done for today.

02-19-2008, 05:15 PM
hey everyone, its been a long time since i have last checked in. I am starting a new weight training program. I was just wondering, should i be taking a protien drink only on the days i exercise or on all days.

Lifegurad- i know what you mean, i hate cardio with passion. I just put on some music and before i know it i am done.

02-19-2008, 05:19 PM
I too hate cardio although there are some things that make it better, like watching a good show on tv (I have lots of Dvds).

02-19-2008, 07:00 PM
Fran, I don't know of any fruits/veggies that are counter to my plan except of course those I don't like! Bananas a little higher in carbs/calories - and around here in price! Lately we've been eating fresh oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, apples, pears, along with home-grown frozen raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb (DH only - I can't take all that sugar). Same with veggies - if I like it, I eat it! This weekend I cooked parsnips for the first time - really good! I also got a huge bok choy in my CSA box last week, and I've been trying to incorporate it into everything - the thing has a life of its own! :lol:

I don't eat grapes much because of the price, though I like them. I never eat watermelon (ick!) and not much other melon because they're either underripe or expensive - or both. Same is true of blueberries - in fact most berries. We stick with the raspberries and strawberries we grow. We also grow currents, but those get made into jelly.

02-19-2008, 07:14 PM
I too hate cardio although there are some things that make it better, like watching a good show on tv (I have lots of Dvds).

I couldn't do cardio for very long (read: more than 2 - 5 minutes :rofl:) without TV. My gym has a small TV for each cardio machine, which is great - if I start watching something interesting, time flies! :D

02-19-2008, 10:41 PM
Hi all, I'm just back from the gym where I did Stage 2, WB from the NRLW book. I did start with another warm-up set of OH Squats. I did 20 reps with the 18lb body bar, attempted a chin-up (I'm getting close!) and then proceeded with my workout. I feel good and am sweaty.

I'm not a giant cardio fan either, although now that I've quit smoking, my morning runs with the dog are already less painful and more pleasant. Plus, spring is coming and I'm looking forward to being out in the world with my dog, running in the sunshine...

02-20-2008, 01:47 AM
What is this thing called spring? :rofl: It has been in the 40's here since Sunday, and tonight it is pouring rain. We have very little snow left - but plenty of ice once you get off a main road. We are also having very high winds with the rain and just from the car to the house was a very wet experience (we have no garage, just a carport). Yuck.

02-20-2008, 08:28 AM
Fran- My main fruit consumption is apples and frozen mixed berries, so I'm not much help to you. I avoid bananas because of the calories per bite. Other than that, the only fruit I totally avoid is kiwi since it once landed me in the hospital with an allergic reaction. I eat almost all vegies, but try to stay away from the starchier ones: peas are little green starch balls, IMO. I don't eat white potatoes. If it's green, orange, or yellow and leafy or a "fruit" vegetable, I'll eat it. My mainstays are huge mixed greens salads with spinach, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

Pat- It's warmer there than here! I don't want spring yet- I have to use my new skis a few times first :dizzy:

lalala- I'm another TV cardio fan. I record LOTS of shows and have a daily dose of crime and gore with my elliptical session. A one hour TV show is perfect for 45 minutes of commercial free cardio!

Elisa! Welcome back! Glad you had such a good time and became reacquainted with the :sunny: Welcome back to the real world :)

Off to work- gym at lunch :) :)


02-20-2008, 10:26 AM
Well I'm happy to see I'm in good company in my opinion about cardio. LOL

02-20-2008, 11:32 AM
I generally don't mind cardio. If I have my ipod, I can go for hours, or at least one hour :D. Without the ipod, 20 minutes, max. I generally prefer outside to indoors, but I'm starting a C25K and the treadmill is much kinder to my knees, and with the timer its easier to know when to speed up and slow down.

So I did NRL4W workout 1B yesterday, and today I'm very sore. Someone tell me this will go away by tomorrow, so I can do 1A again.

As for fruit - I love grapes, oranges, apples and pineapple. Anything else is just okay. Except strawberries, which I'm allergic to.

02-20-2008, 11:43 AM

I did the 3rd week of 1B today, and I graduated myself to the 20 kg bar. I feel quite proud of that as I have never lifted with so much weight. I am not sore though, so I might have to go look for my extra weights!

have a great day all,

02-21-2008, 12:45 AM
Gosh, isn't it funny that many of us are allergic to fruit!

Did anyone hear the news clip today that carbs are GOOD for you? It was on a fox or cnn news update, and they're not saying eat crazy stuff, but what was interesting is that for rice, beans and pasta, it is not digested in the stomach but not until later in the intestine where it creates important amino acids which EAT UP fat instead of producing sugars in the stomach. Maybe this is recycled old news, but it was the first time I had heard it.

02-21-2008, 04:01 AM
That's really interesting, Sportmom, do you have a link?

02-21-2008, 08:07 AM
:wave: Leg workout today on the ski slope! Brrrrr....


02-21-2008, 10:57 AM
I had to postpone my second 1A workout this morning, I'm still way too sore from 1B. Maybe by this evening. Is there any downside to using a muscle rub cream (besides the smell)? I've heard Jillian Michaels say on her poscasts not to use otc pain relievers like ibuprofen becuase it inhibits the body's own ability to fight pain, so I thought maybe a muscle rub work work differently?

02-21-2008, 03:07 PM
:wave: everyone. Haven't been around much, but I'm still here. Still struggling with motivation, though.

Also struggling with my chronic hip injury, unfortunately. The most recent flareup came this weekend, when I (stupidly) went for a 30 min run on the treadmill and then walked/strolled around Phillie for about 6 hours. My own damned fault, but it's still annoying: I'm not even 40, for crying out loud, and it really bothers me that I can't enjoy a day of walking without being in pain for 2 weeks thereafter. God forbid I try to jog regularly, let alone play tennis (which pre-hip I enjoyed a lot).

Enough of my whinging. Hope y'all are having a good week. HD and The Boy are off visiting Grandma this week, so it's been really, really quiet around the home front.

Be strong,

02-21-2008, 07:56 PM
Well the source of the exhaustion is confirmed - I am pregnant! It's been 6 years of trying to get here so this is NOT a complaint. Now the decision as to how much lifting I can continue to do. I want to continue all of it but others in my life wish me to stop almost completely. Somewhere there is probably the correct thing to do.

02-21-2008, 08:02 PM
:congrat: Lifeguard! That's wonderful news!! :hug: We've got two moms-to-be in Maintainers: LisaMarie and Wndranne. Maybe you can consult with them about exercise since they're both avid runners?

02-21-2008, 08:05 PM
Wow Congratulations Lifeguard!

I just hope it isn't contagious if there are 3 of you so far...

02-21-2008, 09:19 PM
Congratulations LG!!!! :hug: No wonder you are exhausted. I sleepwalked through the first trimester of both my pregnancies. Most docs will tell you to do what you are used to doing, but there are some exercises (mostly prone) that you want to avoid. There are a couple of lifting when Pregnant books out there- check amazon.

nelie- It's certainly not contagious if you just stay on the computer!

Skiing was great today. I'm 100% convinced that I would be unable to do it without the cardio and strength training. My dh, who play ice hockey 1-2 times a week is totally wiped out and he quit an hour before I did :D

Sure was COLD tho! I stopped when I had no feeling left in my feet- kind of hard to ski that way :brr:

02-21-2008, 09:37 PM
:yay: YEAH LIFEGUARD! :yay:

Keep us posted with how you are doing! No wonder you have been so tired. :faint: Try to get as many naps and dates nights in as possible. :D

Kaw: Sorry to know that your hip is flaring up. :hug: I hear your frustration about not even being 40 and the thirty minute run on a treadmill. ~sigh~ I have those moments too. No real answer for you except to say I know those days.

Elisa: It looks like you had an awesome vacation. Good for you! I'd say there was plenty of activity to balance out the meals. I bet that time away went really fast! :D

Fran: Interesting information about the carb intake. I'll have to look at the article. You always seem to find the coolest stuff.

Mel: I'm hoping this is the last ski trip you get this winter. Not that I want to deny you your fun but I am so over this freaking weather I'm ready to leave the Midwest.

So. After two rounds of antibiotics I am over the strep incident only to come down with the flu. WTF. Seriously. Took my last pill two days ago and ran a temp last night of 101. GRRRR. Actually, I probably feel a lot like you do Lifequard: nausea, extreme fatigue, headaches oh, and muscle aches not related to DOMS. My immune system must be at an all time low. Even my kids have been healthier than me this winter.

My membership to the gym expires tomorrow and I still haven't made a decision. I've been too sick to try any of the new places out so the saga continues for a little longer. :dizzy: Hopefully I'll be feeling better Saturday and I can slip into some of these places over the weekend.

Okay, so that's enough "sunshine" from me for this post. :D I'll stop complaining now and go back to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!

02-21-2008, 10:40 PM
I don't have a link to that story - searched for one but no luck. Lifeguard - that's fabulous! SO quick too - well, once you got on the clomid. That was my luck too. Sorry, I peeked at your blog!

Lydia, I feel so badly for you. i suspect it was that evil hospital experience that lowered your immune system to this level. I also think I was soo sick in Dec and early January bc I had 3 rounds of cipro in Oct & Nov that I never needed for those 2 misdiagnosed uti's which turned out to be kidney infections. I think those antibiotics opened me up to every bug in the 'hood.

Dee - can't live without my ibuprofen. Clearly, Jillian has not had the muscle and joint pain that I"ve had. If they forbade the people from TBL campus from having them, that would be a dealbreaker for me w/o a doubt!!

02-21-2008, 11:14 PM
Mel - Good point! Good job on the skiing too.

02-22-2008, 11:14 AM
Congrats, lifeguard! That's way cool!

Every body is different, of course, but FWIW I continued lifting until around month 7.5, at which point I gradually phased out lifting. I knew it was time to stop lifting when I rolled off the T-bar row.

I started up again -- very light & infrequently -- a couple of weeks post-partum, as I recall.

Just for kicks, here's a pic (http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=85) of The Boy from one of my first days back. (This was taken at home, obviously. Not too many gyms allow newborns in the free weight section.)

Be strong,

02-22-2008, 12:29 PM
Thank you everyone! It was sort of shocking after trying for so long that our very first cycle on clomid took.

Kaw - that picture is way cute - & that is one of my favourite websites btw!

02-22-2008, 12:32 PM
Dee - can't live without my ibuprofen. Clearly, Jillian has not had the muscle and joint pain that I"ve had. If they forbade the people from TBL campus from having them, that would be a dealbreaker for me w/o a doubt!!

From what I understand from listening to Jillian is that she is very anti-NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen and naproxen because the downsides (kidney issues, impairs the body's natural muscle repair abilities, etc) far outweigh the upsides. However, she did say on her show that if they are taken for a short time per a doctor's direction to treat an injury, she had no problem. What she appears to be very against is using these to treat DOMS and similar minor aches.

On her show, she did say that the doctor's on TBL do give them out to contestants (if I remember correctly, she felt they did so too easily and willingly) so you would have no issue with the show. However, she did say that she tries to get her team to not use them and they have had success dealing without them.

This is not to say that she has a "suck it up" attitude when having you deal with pain and inflammation. She would rather have you attempt to deal with it naturally. On her show she has offered several possible ways to try to decrease inflammation and pain.

Among them:

Rubbing linessed oil on affected joints
Including ground flaxseed in your diet, in such things as yogurt or cereal
Using the spice tumeric in your cooking as the cumin in it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties
The use of curcumin pills (another source of cumin if you don't like the spices)
she has cited research showing that moderate doses of caffeine (equal to about 2 cups of coffee) can reduce post workout soreness by up to 50%
She cited a study that showd that 1/2 cup of cherry juice post workout has shown to have an antinflammatory effect. (She did say the name of the antioxidant it contains, but I couldn't spell it if I tried)
She reminds to take a multivitamin which contains several antioxidants.
She has talked about the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger.
She mentions the use of glucosamine for joints
And of course she reminds about the cheapest, obvious, and probably most overlooked. Ice.

Bill Hartman, in Alwyn Cosgroves "Strength and Conditioning Interrogations" added:

"For injured clients, I always recommend two things be addressed beyond the basics
mentioned above. Pineapple and water. Yes, pineapple and water. The pineapple
contains the enzyme bromelin which contains a natural anti-inflammatory. Water is
necessary to prevent dehydration. If the brain recognizes that the body is becoming
dehydrated, it increases production of histamines that can result in increased pain."

Also stretching post workout and foam rolling pre-or post workout have been shown to help with recovery and to restore tightened muscles to proper length.

02-22-2008, 12:38 PM

Oh so you were taking clomid? My ob/gyn a while back told me if I ever wanted to have kids she would put me on clomid. I told her no thanks :) Although who knows what will happen in the future. Sometimes I think about possibly adopting in the far future.

02-22-2008, 01:17 PM
Congrats LG!

Btw, what is clomid?

02-22-2008, 01:35 PM
Clomid is a drug that is often prescribed to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) patients to help them ovulate. Many women with PCOS have a lot of issues with not being able to get pregnant so clomid helps.

02-22-2008, 02:00 PM
Thanks for all the answers about ibuprofen! I just waited it out and used the muscle rub once.

Lifeguard - That's wonderful news, congrats!

02-22-2008, 02:32 PM
Yes I did use clomid. After a year on metformin (not diabetic but it is used in pcos to regulate the cycle) & losing 70lbs things were still not working on their own. We only did one cycle of clomid at 50mg (which is the lowest dose). I didn't really have a lot of difficulties with side effects until I got the hcg shot to help enduce ovulation - I've been exhausted ever since! Hcg is the pregnancy hormone that the tests detect & the one that creates the exhaustion.

02-22-2008, 05:34 PM
Hi all! I feel like a drive-by poster so I hope you don't mind too much if I ask a question.

I have been using our Bowflex and I am ready to move to another level. Mainly cause I do not have the expertise needed to self-train. I read some of ya'll's conversations on here and I scratch my head at the terminology. :lol:

So I checked out this gym today. It is right by my house (great!), locally owned (great!), flexible hours (great!), and each session is pretty much one-to-one with a trainer. They come up with plans and switch them around. They talk nutrition and do a body fat check at the end of each month so you can check progress. Their MAIN thing is training athletes (like the kind who go to college on scholarships) and they are very serious about all this.

All good....right?

My question is about the cost. For three 1-hour sessions a week (one-to-one with a trainer), it would be $250/month or about $19 per session (my math could be off---please forgive!).

DH said that was a lot of money. It is, but I do have my own money for that, thank you very much.

It is outrageous? It is month to month so I feel like I will try it, but then I read on another thread that people are paying $20/month for a gym, but that wouldn't include personal training, right?

Any thoughts are welcome.

Congrats again on the pregnancy, Lifeguard!

02-22-2008, 05:41 PM
Midwife, $19 per session is outrageous, alright ... outrageously CHEAP! Oh my gosh, what a deal you're getting! :eek: At Ballys, the lowest introductory rate is 3 hour sessions for $99 and normal training is between $45 and $85 per hour. And that's in addition to the gym membership fee! (usually only one introductory session of PT is included in a membership)

I would grab that in a heartbeat for a month and see how you like it. Those prices are the cheapest I've ever heard of for personal training! :carrot:

02-22-2008, 05:43 PM
$19/session is insanely cheap.

A personal training session can cost anywhere from $40-$100 (and beyond) per session. It all depends on whether you would do that much training with a personal trainer at a gym. When I used a personal trainer, I used them once a week and went to the gym and worked out by myself the rest of the time.

So if a personal trainer cost $50, then a month would cost anywhere between $200-$250 for personal training alone if going once per week.

My only concern is possibly that if you wanted to workout more than 3 times per week, are you constrained by the gym? Or can you go beyond your 3 times per week personal training sessions?

Oh and a point of reference, I belong to Ballys and I have a super cheap nationwide membership so I haven't given it up. Problem is I don't go because it is a bit far from me and it is the suckiest Ballys I've ever seen. So I did look at the 2 gyms closest to my house. Both are really nice gyms and I get a discount through work. One of the gyms is $66/month and the other is $80/month. That is with the discount.

02-22-2008, 07:01 PM
$250 a month is a lot for a gym membership but not a lot for the 3x a week personal training! That really is cheap! If you can afford it and like the idea of all that personal training, then I say go for it.

The only thing is that, like Nelie, I'd want to know if I could come to the gym at other times to do extras or to burn off steam with cardio or whatever.

02-22-2008, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the feedback, guys!

It sounded like the only sessions that they offer at this gym are with personal trainers. The owner said they really like to be involved and it sounded like using the equipment without a trainer is discouraged. So if I was going to do extra weights, I would probably go to my in-laws 'cause they have a weight machine. As for cardio, we have an elliptical and most of my cardio is actually running outside, so that piece of it is not something I am looking for.

I am a total novice when it comes to weight machines and lifting. I have discovered a germ of a bicep since I have been using our Bowflex but I have a feeling I don't even know what I don't know about weight lifting, y'know? So the personal trainer, 'weightlifting for dummies', walk me through these bars and weights is exactly what I need.

She asked me what my goals were and I said that one of my initial goals is to do a chin up. She asked me what kind of chin up....ummm....you mean there is more than one kind of chin up? So you see, I need help!

It turns out that one of my friends delivered her baby, so that was a funny coincidence.

Thanks for the comments. I love the expertise on this board! And thanks for the questions, too! I will be asking them.

02-22-2008, 07:26 PM
midwife- I work at a private training gym. Clients are only allowed in there with a trainer, and we charge from $60 per session (if you were an old client who stuck with one of three trainers from 2 previous gyms) to $80 for new clients. If you buy less than 10 sessions at a time, add $5.00 per session.

That really seems too good to be true, to be honest. I don't know of any experienced, certified trainers who would work for that rate, let alone the cut that the gym owner would take.


02-22-2008, 07:49 PM
Hey Mel,

If you don't mind, I'll PM you the website. The website needs some help technically but it has the trainers' credentials. If you don't mind, I'd be interested in your feedback.

She did give me a discount. People like midwives.

02-22-2008, 07:59 PM
It sounds like a great deal. Are you in a small town? Back home I had a similar deal (although the gym is also open as a regular gym) & it was fantastic. Small town gyms & private, small gyms tend to be able to do cheaper set ups.

I would encourage you to do it, especially if you can sign up for just one month at a time. If you don't like it after the first month, then nothing lost but a few dollars.

Going with the personal trainer was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself.

02-22-2008, 10:21 PM
Thanks, Lifeguard. :-)

I'm in a medium sized town but in a rural poor state, so I guess that might explain why it is less expensive than in other places. Mel checked out the credentials of the trainers and they seem fine. I think I'll do it!! I'll let you guys know how it goes!

02-23-2008, 06:38 AM

Midwife - sorry, no experience at all on the personal training stuff

Lifeguard - congrats on the pregnancy

Just reporting that i did do NRWL 1B again, and definitely graduated myself to the 20 kg barbell. Went for a run outside aftewards, and finished with 5 mins elliptical. And altough the run oputside was not so great ( I put on c25k week 4 and was unable to do the 5 mins runs) I still noticed that I have made major progress in just doing it and while runing. I used to think days about if I woould run outside, and now i just thought the weather looks nice, put on my shoes and went out of the door.

Have a great day all,

02-23-2008, 06:21 PM
I signed up today and my first session is Monday.

She sent me to a sports nutrition store with a list. The woman working in the store thought we were there for my 15 year old daughter. Nope---it's all about mama!

I bought protein powder, glucosamine powder, and an EFA supplement. She recommended a certain mutlivitamin but they were out so I will go back later this week. This list reflected the basics listed above in a sticky from Mrs. Jim, so I feel like I am on the right path.

So much of this is new for me. Drinking calories? I have worked a long time to get away from that. She explained that the protein in a shake is absorbed more rapidly following a work out and talked about protein synthesis happening in the first 20 minutes.

I feel so trusting. I'm sure I'll be full of questions, angst, and excitement. Starting something new is both fun and scary.

Have a good weekend ladies!

02-24-2008, 10:05 AM
Morning, LWL!

Enough futzing around: spring is just around the corner, I'm going to Arizona over spring break, and it's TIME to lose the holiday weight. Yeah, I know ... it's nearly March!

I haven't been having a lot of success in the clean eating department (damn you, Trader Joe's peanut butter), but at least my workouts are going well. I did weighted pullups for the first time yesterday. It was just a dime plate, but I figure with the 2-3 pounds from the chain + the 5 extra pounds of lard I'm carrying around, that's nearly 20 lbs, no? :)

BTW, I saw a serious lifter at the gym yesterday. Short burly guy, powerlifter build. He was doing deadlifts on the platform next to me. Singles, at 535 lbs. :eek: As in, a 50Kg plate + 3 45s on EACH side of the bar. That's like, a quarter of an elephant. A third of a moose. Half a Smart car. Nearly four of me.

Be strong,

02-24-2008, 10:26 AM
Midwife: I am so excited for you! This will be a great new adventure for you. It is a lot of information to take in at once and I am sure must feel like you just have to trust a lot of people right now. The more you read the more you will begin to see the same things repeated in different areas. This will help you feel a little more confident about the new choices you are making.

I had to smirk at the assumption from the clerk this was for your teenage daughter. Don't feel bad. It's happened to me too. Last month I went into my friendly Wild Oats store to pick up my supplements when the clerk behind the counter asked if there was an "athlete" in the family. (Everyone else here knows this story) Okay, so I am nearly 40 and old enough to have a kid in HS I suppose...Anyway, I said "Yeah, it's me." He sputtered a moment and then challenged me with a what do you do comment. Course when I told him I lift he was like oh yeah, my mom does that a little bit its good for her osteoporosis... Whatever chump.

Anyway. Enjoy the process and you are right it is all about Mama as it should be. :devil: At least once in a while.:cool:

02-24-2008, 11:42 AM
BTW, I saw a serious lifter at the gym yesterday. Short burly guy, powerlifter build. He was doing deadlifts on the platform next to me. Singles, at 535 lbs. :eek: As in, a 50Kg plate + 3 45s on EACH side of the bar. That's like, a quarter of an elephant. A third of a moose. Half a Smart car. Nearly four of me.

Be strong,

LMAO!!! You're too funny! Actually this sounds like my trainer & the guys he trains with. They pull crazy big numbers. Kind of inspiring & kind of scary. Sigh - no big numbers for me for awhile - it's too bad - I like max lift days.

02-24-2008, 02:07 PM
Just returned home from the gym. Ugh - this exhaustion sucks. Within a few minutes I'm sweating & out of breath & hoping for it all to end. It's taking me so much longer to get through my workouts! Ah well, all for a good cause.

02-24-2008, 04:03 PM
She cited a study that showd that 1/2 cup of cherry juice post workout has shown to have an antinflammatory effect.

I have to tout the use of cherry juice. My DH takes it for aches and pains (not related to lifting--I just can't get him to lift weights!) that affect sleeping, and it really works well for him. He's quit a couple of times because he didn't think the cherry juice was really working, and each time, the aches and pains came back so he doesn't sleep well. Anecdotal information, of course, but it certainly works well for him. He used to take NSAIDS all the time, but seldom takes them since he started using cherry juice each night. When he's traveling he takes the cherry juice pills.

02-24-2008, 04:11 PM
Wish me luck. In a few moments, I'm heading to a gym. I haven't been in a gym in uhh well over a year :) We'll see what happens.

02-24-2008, 05:31 PM
:yay: Nelie:yay: So....How was it?

Finally I felt well enough to go try one of the new gyms I toured last weekend. It was a nice workout. I think I would like to see what it would be like on a weekday morning before I make any decisions. So far though, I'm thinking I like the way my current place is set up much better. If the new place were my only option I could be quite happy doing my thing there but I have choices. :dizzy:

Sheila: Thanks for sharing the cherry juice! They sell it in pill form? This is something I would like to try. Darn. Knees.

Have a great evening everyone.

02-24-2008, 06:37 PM

Something happened on the way to the gym that reinforced my reasonings for not joining a gym.

On the way to the gym, I saw a kitty on the side of the road, partially in the road. So I stopped in the middle of the road and put on my emergency lights. The car behind me stopped as well. I thought the kitty was eating something, but no, the kitty was bleeding out of her mouth/nose. Someone had hit her. I tried to pick her up but her shoulder was dislocated and she was in a lot of pain. Luckily another car pulled up with a box to put the kitty in and they took the kitty somewhere. They said they knew where to take her.

So I was pretty sad and unmotivated after that but I decided to go try the gym anyway. It was good to workout and a free workout is always appreciated but I think my babies are more important to me than getting out and joining a gym. I hugged my babies when I got home, thankful that they are safe.

I am also amazed at how many people stopped to help the little scared and hurt kitty. I hope she is making friends in kitty heaven as I think she probably had a hard life although she didn't seem feral but was without any tags and was very dirty.

Oh and some butt head also pulled up and started talking about how a rabid raccoon was found recently, blah blah blah. I guess he didn't think we should've stopped and helped the kitty. I only do what I know how to do although I never felt so helpless because I knew my vet was closed and I didn't have anything to carry the kitty in.

02-24-2008, 07:47 PM
Oh Nelie. That is so sad. :hug: That kitty is so lucky you happened to come along. Who knows how long it would have been there if you had not stopped. You get many points for going into the gym on top of that experience. It would have been too much for me. Triaging kittens in the middle of the road and then walking into a gym for the first time in over a year. Enough for one day ~whew~

02-24-2008, 09:07 PM
Nelie - You should be proud of yourself for stopping and doing what you could for the kitty and also for continuing on to the gym.

I think I've got the blues or something. Maybe it's a bit of a post vacation thing or maybe it's the winter but I've just been eating so much the past few days. How is it that I managed to make it through the Bahamas without too much damage and then I come home and can't stop eating? I haven't done this in a while but I'm just sick of myself. Blech. I think (maybe) if I stay off the scale, I can reverse the damage soon enough but sometimes I get on the scale anyway and then I get sooo upset.

I guess I'll just chalk it up to a bad week and know that I have lots of good, healthy groceries in the house. Hopefully I can refocus for tomorrow (even with the work breakfast that I know awaits me).


02-24-2008, 09:49 PM
That very sad Nelie: I can understand why you're so upset about it! OTOH, it is heartening that so many people were willing to stop and help a wounded kitten. That restores some of my faith in humanity.

I've decided that I'm not allowed to complain about my post-quitting weight gain until I actually give myself a giant kick in the butt and get my eating back under control. I shall be completely silent on the subject until then.

02-24-2008, 11:42 PM
Elisa, back b4kids when I used to take those kinds of vacations, coming back to the cold was very depressing for me as well. I found the only way I could tolerate it was to immediately go and book my next tropical vacation - even if it was a year out, as soon as I got back. Then I had a new brochure to look at to get me thru til spring. It worked!!

Cherries. Rats, forgot to mention. Allergic to them too.

02-25-2008, 08:36 AM
nelie :hug: you are a good soul.

Late for work....

02-25-2008, 11:29 AM

Good work on the kitten AND on continuing to the gym.
I can relate to hugging your cats when you came home, but I do not see why they should keep you from going to the gym ? They are inside the house I would think ?

Hi to all the other LWL.

I did NRWL 1B, 4th week this morning. Full deadlifts are much harder than stifflegged deadlifts I have discovered. And DB overhead press appears also much harder than BB overhead press. In the last year I have done BB exercises much more than DB exercises because i found them easier on the arms. Now i wonder, could that be because with DBs you use the arms more??

Have a great day all,

02-25-2008, 12:42 PM

It is kind of who I spend my time with and I am such a kitty/puppy mama that it is hard to be away from my babies.

Although, I'm exhausted from a sleepless night last night. I'm rethinking the gym. I can't tell you how nice it was to do assisted pullups and work on various machines. I also discovered I'm stronger doing a closed grip pullup, palms facing me than a wide grip pullup. The gym is nice and one nice thing is they have a sign that says "no cell phones on the gym floor". They have tons of classes along with a pool. It does cost more money that I would ever think of paying for a gym but then again if I use it, it is probably well worth the money. I don't know, I'm conflicted. My other option is checking out the even more expensive gym that is also close to my home but I imagine that place is much more of a meat market.

02-25-2008, 12:56 PM
I did NRWL 1B, 4th week this morning. Full deadlifts are much harder than stifflegged deadlifts I have discovered. And DB overhead press appears also much harder than BB overhead press. In the last year I have done BB exercises much more than DB exercises because i found them easier on the arms. Now i wonder, could that be because with DBs you use the arms more??

You are using all of the stabilizing muscles more with the dumbells. The two hands on the barbell give a much wider base of support so it requires less stabilization especially for anti-rotation. So, it should be harder. For most people, on exercises where the BB and DB variations use the exact same motion and place the loads in similar areas, such as overhead press and bench press, your DB RM will be about 80-85% of your BB RM.

Now, if you are feeling it's harder because you are failing on one side earlier than the other and failing overall before you normally would with a BB even with the % adjustment taken into account, then you have an imbalance which the dumbell work will help to alleviate as long as you remember to base your loads and total work performed on what you can do on your weaker side. The BB allows the strong side to compensate for the weaker side and sometimes, it compensates so well that you don't notice it until you do some unilateral work.

02-25-2008, 03:52 PM
Oh and I do have something else to report. The TSA does consider a 15 lb kettlebell a weapon :) DH wanted to take a kettlebell on his trip but didn't want to take too heavy of one. He tried to take it on a carryon but they stopped him at security and told him he'd need to check it because it is a potential weapon.

Mamma Louie
02-25-2008, 04:58 PM
Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. I hope to be a regular to this forum. I will be 41 years old in a little more than a week. And I have been on a calorie counting, 25-30% fat, low sodium, eat close(r) to the ground diet for two months tomorrow. I feel fantastic! I have always been very strong. Even as an old fatty, I put my 20 year old employees to shame when we have to move around 150 lb espresso machine (I own an espresso catering business. No I dont move these beasts on my own - I love my back :)) But even when I was a skinny minny, I never had the definition I wanted. But the idea of weight lifting for woman was just not something women did. I have been intrigued lately but after reading some books sharonrr1 recommended I am on fire for free weight lifting. We are hoping to buy a weight set off craigslist this week. I am also planning on seeing a personal trainer at our local Park & Rec center.

My whole family has been behind me 100%. My DH is completely following the diet to try to reduce his cholesteral, lose weight (man he loses so much faster than me) and get off his meds. My 10 year old is very interested in weight training. I was a bit leary, especially because, like weight training for women, weight resistance for children was also discouraged in my day. But my DH, who is in nursing school said there is significant evidence that weight resistance helps build stronger bones (no barbells, bodybuilding or strenuous stuff - all supervised).

It does make sense to me. A driver took a left in front of me while driving a motorcycle when I was in my 20's. (Yes I was fearless back then! But that accident and natural childbirth has given me a strong dose of aversion to pain now!) My left arm was very banged up and required surgery. The doctor told me later that he had doubts he could fix my arm, but when he opened me up he found large, strong bones!! With what my DH says about weight resistance and bone mass it makes sense. I grew up on a horse ranch and stacked tons and tons of hay as well as shoveled more s*** than I want to think about. hehe. We are now urbanites and our son does not get the kind of weight resistance we did as kids (My DH grew up in rural Ireland and used to pick stones out of the fields for farmers. From what he tells me I will take shoveling manure over picking stones any day!) I have some resources like http://www.strongkid.com but I am always open to advice.

I am so very excited to be trying weight training. I am even more thrilled to be finally be doing something for me! And, to my overwhelming joy, my family is cheering and joining right in! I look forward to getting to know everyone better! I have been on 3FC for a little over a month (I lurked for awhile) and I just love this place. What wonderful information and support! :hug: ~ Gretchen

PS Thanks Kim for the link to http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=85 on one of your posts. I was lurking the forum, reading posts and saw your link. I know this is the place for me!

02-25-2008, 05:33 PM
Personally, I think a 10 year old belongs more on the playground than in the weight room and the best investment in weight training for a 10 year old is a good jungle gym where he can various pullups, dips, climbs, etc. Try googling and searching YouTube for "Playground Workout" you should get plenty of ideas. I sincerely believe it is better for kids (and actually most adults too) to learn to handle their own body weight before loading them up with external resistance. Not because I believe weight training will stunt their growth (it won't) but because I think it is best to build up a solid foundation first and bodyweight stuff is the way to do that IMHO.

That said, if he is really excited about being able to do something with mom and dad and really wants to train with you, then if he is given a program specifically tailored to his young, growing, body, then he should be fine. I think you need to have someone who is certified to do so, come up with a program for him. Many YMCAs have programs to teach Kids proper resistance training (not sure what age they start at though). Perhaps your local rep center has similar programs with qualified personnel.

There are some comments on weights and kids attached to this video.


The boy's father checks in with a comment at the top of page 3.

02-25-2008, 07:10 PM
Welcome Mamma.

I would basically second what Depalma said. I'm not a mother, I have no clue about how to be a mother etc but I do have some concerns about kids and weight lifting. Obviously it is good for kids to get exercise but as kids are growing, I think weight lifting should not be anything remotely rigorous.

As for women, go for a good rigorous workout :)

It does look like you are doing your homework about such things so at least you are aware of some of the concerns with children and weight lifting.

02-25-2008, 07:52 PM
Welcome Mama Louie! Glad to have you join us :) It sounds like a perfect situation with your entire family in this together. Yep, men lose faster and build muscle faster, so don't get caught in the comparison trap. If It's any consolation, women tend to have better endurance!

There are all sorts of great bodyweight and plyometric exercises your son can do. Do you have anywhere you can securely attach ropes to a high beam in a basement or garage? rope climbing, doing low pull ups with his feet against a wall and holding a rope in each hand are fun exercises for kids. There a loads of ways to train other than heavy weights.

Glad you found us!

Elisa- My sympathies...I hope you get over the post-vacation blues soon.

I had one of those goofy , just before you wake up type dreams this morning that I was fighting off a crowd of people in my family room all trying to do their workout on MY elliptical this morning :crazy: No one there when I got downstairs :lol:


02-25-2008, 07:55 PM
Mel - You should know that no one else besides you wants to exercise in the morning :)

02-25-2008, 08:51 PM

Nelie, as I finished reading CHarlotte's Web to my kids last night, I was reminded that one of CHarlotte's grandchildren was named Nellie. Is that related to your name? I know it's not your real name - just to assure others here I wouldn't ask if your mother named you after a spider! But it's a cute story and perhaps you named yourself after one! ;)

02-25-2008, 09:14 PM
Well, I managed to completely ignore the huge breakfast spread at work today and my food was mostly back on track. I think the blues are more work related than anything...just some changes happening but nothing too serious.

I need to get to the gym tomorrow - I think that might help and I need to feel that spring is coming!! The forecast for the next week is not great but it will be March soon so I know it's coming eventually.

:welcome2: Mamma Louie!


02-26-2008, 12:25 AM
Welcome, mamma louie! glad you found us, and that the whole family is on board. It helps to have all that support, in addition to what 3fc can provide.

BTW, my son (the infant in the picture on Krista's site) doesn't lift. He sometimes hangs out with me while I'm lifting at home, but he usually spends his "gym time" playing with the Swiss ball. Remember the strips with Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) in his sandbox? Picture this, but with a giant ball for knocking over block structures. Way fun.

New PR on bench in the gym this morning. I'm basically an oversized rubber washer away from benching the big girl plates (45s). Coincidentally would be an oversized rubber washer away from 100% of BW. Maybe next week!


02-26-2008, 01:51 AM
But it's a cute story and perhaps you named yourself after one!

Hmmm, Fran. Do you know any cute water rats? :rofl: My name came from those kids' rhyming games. My friend was Helen, Helen, Watermelon!

Had a good cardio workout today. We're leaving 5 weeks from tomorrow (Tues) so I'm hitting the cardio harder than the weights from now on. I need to be in good shape to keep up on this hiking trip. I'll never keep up with DH, but perhaps with some of the other women. :) I'm still doing my knee strengthing stuff though. Hate to blow one out on the trip. :fr: I'm taking the brace too....

02-26-2008, 03:02 AM
Kaw - that is so awesome! I've been working hard at my bench but now no working on the pr's for some time. Sweat a couple reps for me!

Today was cardio - really struggled keeping my breathing under control & had to shut it down early (I try not to use my inhaler unless absolutely needed).

02-26-2008, 08:39 AM
:bravo: kaw! Those are definitely big girl weights!!!!

Watch out for your elbows- I stopped playing that game last year due to excruciating tendonitis from big girl weights. I tried again last week after a year off- and my elbows are sore at 30 pounds less than my max lift a year ago :(

I remember you were having problems with some exercises and endonitis- how are you doing?


02-26-2008, 09:02 AM
Count me in as impressed too, Kim! I'll never set the world on fire with bench press due to my repaired shoulder -- shoulders and chest are my weakest muscle groups. Alas.

OK, here's the report on Overhead Squats, Round Two. Last week I really struggled with the form, came home and watched the video again, and concluded I was doing them all wrong. So this week I racked the bar in the highest setting in the squat rack so I could just step under and lift straight up -- that worked out well. 45# bar again. I lifted the bar (hands wide) and took what I would call a pliť stance, like I would use with a pliť squat holding one DB, with my toes pointing out. And that felt far more natural than trying to use classic squat form. My knees headed out for the sides rather than straight ahead but they tracked over my feet since my feet were turned out (does that make sense?) I could get my butt down to the level of my knees, which is pretty good since I have knees that don't like to bend.

I did three sets with the bar: 12/11/9. The weak link clearly is my shoulders, though I can feel the amount of stabilization required from my core.

I'm still entranced with this exercise and plan to keep working on it, though there's no way that I'll ever get close to bodyweight! I'm wondering if I would do better starting with these when I'm fresh? Today they were fourth in the lineup after squats, one-leg leg press s/s calf raises, and track lunges, so my legs were beat. Finished with one-leg extensions and curls, per doctor's orders. Wonder what he'd think of overhead squats? Must ask at my next appointment! :lol:

02-26-2008, 09:04 AM
Mel -- The elbow is better, thanks for asking. I still feel it the day after pullups, so I've cut back on those to 1 day a week (from every workout ... because I could! :)). YTWLs have really helped my shoulders -- I wish there were an elbow equivalent! I'm also trying to be better about taking my glucosamine and MSM, to see if that helps. And, my Arizona trip (T-14 days) will entail nearly two weeks without lifting.

Tuesdays are my busy day at work, so must run. It'll just be a short day at the gym: HIIT, methinks!

Update: Meg -- the 45 lb. bar is nothing to scoff at w/ OH squats, especially at the tail end of a leg day. It's not an easy exercise to get the hang of, vis a vis balance, positioning, etc.


02-26-2008, 11:13 AM
kaw, so what is the total weight on that?

My PR for bench press (on a smith machine though, I never wanted a spotter and I would never try it on my own) was somewhere around 135. Of course I'm no where near there now.

I'm still considering joining the gym. Although I'm still wishy washy. I talk myself into it and out of it on a moment by moment basis. Would be nice to have access to all that equipment again and it'd be nice to try some classes...

02-26-2008, 11:42 AM
Nelie, can you sign up for a short period of time so you can see how much you'd use the gym? Or would you have to sign a contract for a year (or more), like at Ballys?

02-26-2008, 11:49 AM
Actually the price for month to month and a contract are the same with the discount I can get. Which makes me feel a bit more comfortable.

The plan in my mind is to put my pup in doggie day care twice a week (she is going once a week now) and go to the gym those 2 days, possibly in the morning. Then to go on Saturdays and Sundays.

I guess I should stop being wishy washy :) I also want to try rock climbing this summer so that is part of my motivation. I'm also going home in a little over a month so now may be a good time.

02-26-2008, 12:08 PM
Gyms are fun Nelie! Imagine how many fans you will attract with your insane kettleball routine!

Kim, congrats on the bench press!! I've never even tried that with the bar--I always use DBs and consequently have never come even close to my body weight (or anyone else's for that matter).

Meg, I've been working on my squat form generally, and it seems to me that to drop down below parallel the body does seem to demand a slight plie stance and more so with the OH thing. The woman in the video is definitely working with her feet and knees slightly out.

I'm ready to start the next stage of the NRLW plan this week. Today is gym day but I'm going to go after work rather than before in order to have plenty of time to figure out all these new exercises. There's all kinds of crazy stuff--including these YTWLS that everyone likes, and a single-arm OH squat. (Meg, the book says to keep toes pointed straight ahead, but it also says to only go as low as parallel. Do you think this is the issue?)

Oh, and I had a perfectly on-plan food day yesterday!!! I'm very, very pleased. Now I can start to undo the quitting-smoking damage. Ticker to come after I've weighed.

Happy workouts!

02-26-2008, 12:21 PM

Depalma - thanks for your info on the DB vs BB excercises. I'll stick to the DB routines in the exercises that are indicated. I actually have differences between my arms : right is stronger, even tough I have RSI on that side.

Meg - thans for the OH squat info. I'll keep using to the broomstick for the time being

Kim - WOW! REALLY big girl plates !

Mama - welcome !

Have a great day all,

02-26-2008, 12:36 PM
Baff, I just went and grabbed my book to check out their OH squat. Mind you, I'm completely a novice when it comes to OH squats, so I'm just guessing here! (I've never seen anyone in my gym do them)

The NROLW version is using two DBs, one heavy and one light, and the heavy one is always below the waist. So I think the balance issues are different than when you're holding a weight with both arms over your head. I see that the model is leaning forward a bit, like in a traditional squat, though her knees are definitely moving out instead of straight ahead in the second photo. I've never tried those and will the next time to compare the two exercises. Got to say, the OH squat feels different than any other exercise that I've ever done (which is probably why I'm so intrigued with it!)

I found this video Overhead Squat (http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/OverheadSquat.html) on Exrx.net and it calls for a wide stance with toes pointed out. However, the model is holding the BB behind the head, which I don't think I was doing -- I need to check in the side mirror. So I may still be doing them all wrong.

Here's a YouTube video Overhead Squats (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTc8kY3kz0g) showing BB behind the head and the guy says to pinch your shoulder blades together.

Here's Krista (http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=123) and she agrees with slightly behind the head, with a wider stance and more toe turnout:


This is a fun exercise, but I don't recommend trying it until you've mistressed the squat. You'll need every ounce of balance you own. However, this exercise is great for challenging hip flexibility and strength, upper body strength, and torso stability. Start light. I mean real light. Don't try it with the 45 lb. bar. Just trust me on this one. I, I mean a friend of mine, wiped out on her first attempt at the overhead squat because she tried it with the full-sized bar. Luckily my friend was in the power cage so no real harm was done, just a big embarrassing clang. A broomstick is a better way to begin. Then try with a light bar such as an E-Z curl bar or a light preloaded barbell.

The key to success in this exercise is holding the bar slightly behind, not directly above, your head. Think about stretching the bar outward as you hold it, like a piece of taffy. Your hands won't actually move, of course (I hope), but trying to stretch the bar outward will keep the tension in your upper body and provide a solid foundation for the bar.

Again, this should be done in the power cage if possible. Raise your arms overhead and note how high your hands reach on the cage. Set the bar on the pins just under this point, at about the level of mid-forearm or wrist. Set the safety bars at about the level of the base of your ribcage. Approach the bar and grab it with an overhand snatch grip. A snatch grip is a very wide grip. Your shoulder flexibility and individual body mechanics will determine exactly what feels most comfortable. Take the bar off the pins and step back. Get it into position overhead, and remember, slightly behind your head. Stretch the bar taut and keep it tight. Note also that the back must have a bit of an arch.

Descend into a squat as normal. You may find that the overhead squat stance is somewhat wider, with more toe turn-out, than your regular squat stance. The rest of this movement is pretty much like a regular squat. The difference, obviously, is the position of the weight, which demands much greater attention to balance and form.

Really focus while you're doing this movement. Unlike many other movements, the slightest lapse in concentration can result in a wipeout. It's a great exercise, but you have to pay attention and concentrate hard while you're doing it.

Oh yeah, and this exercise isn't often done except in Olympic weightlifting gyms, so expect people to give you "What the ****?" looks as they continue with their sets of one thousand leg lifts

I can't wait to try again next week! :strong:

02-26-2008, 12:51 PM
Nellie -- 2x45 (plates) + 45 (bar) =135.

On OH squats: I have long wings, and it always seems like the most comfortable grip is the one that involves putting my hands EXACTLY where the bar rests on the pins. Murphy's law?

Cardio accomplished. 1/2 of meetings accomplished. Let's hope the forecasted 7-10" of snow don't materialize before the other 1/2 are out of the way.

Come to think of it, 7-10" of snow would be a great excuse to cancel the afternoon's meetings. Hmmm..... Go snow, go snow, go snow, whoop whoop whoop!

Be strong, and stay safe northeasters!


02-26-2008, 01:05 PM
Awesome kaw.

I guess if I may join a gym, I should read my NRLW book :)

Mamma Louie
02-26-2008, 01:35 PM
Personally, I think a 10 year old belongs more on the playground than in the weight room and the best investment in weight training for a 10 year old is a good jungle gym where he can various pullups, dips, climbs, etc. Try googling and searching YouTube for "Playground Workout" you should get plenty of ideas. I sincerely believe it is better for kids (and actually most adults too) to learn to handle their own body weight before loading them up with external resistance. Not because I believe weight training will stunt their growth (it won't) but because I think it is best to build up a solid foundation first and bodyweight stuff is the way to do that IMHO.

That said, if he is really excited about being able to do something with mom and dad and really wants to train with you, then if he is given a program specifically tailored to his young, growing, body, then he should be fine. I think you need to have someone who is certified to do so, come up with a program for him. Many YMCAs have programs to teach Kids proper resistance training (not sure what age they start at though). Perhaps your local rep center has similar programs with qualified personnel.

There are some comments on weights and kids attached to this video.


The boy's father checks in with a comment at the top of page 3.

I dont ever think we would be satisfied with being "playground parents". While there is a place for playgrounds, I think it is much more important to expose children to a variety of healthy activities. Sometimes they stick with it, sometimes they don't. That's besides the point. More important, they are moving and opening themselves up to new experiences. So far he has tried (from what I can remember) skiiing, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, Akido (he is taking a hiatous after 2 1/2 years of classes), Little League, tennis, frisbee golf, biking (He started riding a trike on his own when he was 2. At three he could ride a bike with training wheels. At 4 he could inline skates and ride a Razor scooter. His nickname at daycare was Mr. Wheels), swimming (he's been in pools steadily since he was an infant), and this summer for his camps (he gets a budget and he picks out his summer camps) he chose golf, sailing and extra swim lessons. Right now he is helping me train our dog for dog scootering (http://www.dogscooter.com/) (what a blast!).

My philosophy is life is a juicy red apple and we should not be afraid of taking a bite! (ok, well motorcycles are a bit scarey for me). My mother allowed me to experiment with healthy activities until one stuck (what a surprise horseback riding!!). At 13 years old, under my own motivation, I set out and achieved my goal of becoming the top English rider in my division in our county. For the next 4 years I trained in dressage and hunter/jumper until I was working with Olympic medalist trainers. (Then boys became more interesting and the whole horse thing went by the wayside (sigh)).

BTW, we are planning to do the Avery Faigenbaum method, which is endorsed by the American Pediatric Society.

Anyway, I haven't had much time to search for weight sets, although I am hoping to find one by this weekend. Until then I'll probably just lurk (It's fun to read about your various workouts and look up the different moves. I have so much to learn! From the thread I dont think I will be doing OH squats for a long long time!) I am excited to try this new activity! Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone better. (Sorry I am so long winded. I get on a roll sometimes. hehe. I'm like this in RL as well. One of my friends calls me Yakmeister.)

nelie - check out the information on the link I posted earlier. There are definate advantages to weight resistance for children (not only the bone mass issue but in helping them keep from getting injured in sports). Dont get this confused with body building or strenuous lifting. This is another good basic info site as well. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A15830-2004May10.html

Mel- I LOVE the idea of attaching a rope for climbing the walls! He has been pestering me to go to the local rock wall. What a great, inexpensive alternative. I will get me DH right on that. lol!

sportmom - I applaud you on the courage to read Charlotte's Web. I cant even look at the book without crying. What a sweet and sad, sad story.

kaw- I didnt realize that was really your son. What a cute guy!! I remember housr and hours of building block towers for my boy when he was little, which he would gleefully destroy! I just read the article about lifting for girls.

02-26-2008, 02:36 PM
For the OH squats instead of thinking of putting the weight back behind your head perhaps try to think of putting your head forward between your arms. I find this really helps with my overhead lifts.

Mamma - If he likes the ropes you could also check out an outdoors store that caters to rock climbers. They sell fake rocks that you mount on plywood. They can be moved around so if he gets really proficient you can change the "route" & make it more challenging. I went to a school with a guy in high school who did up his parents basement walls with these & spent hours down there!

02-26-2008, 09:41 PM
Hi guys! I'm running around like a crazy woman but I wanted to touch base with you all. I had my first workout session last night. I felt challenged during it and today the soreness has come on---slowly, but I can feel it. I feel it in every muscle group that she pointed out I was working with each exercise.

I'm really looking forward to going again tomorrow.

The nutrition guidelines are going to be my big challenge I think. I am used to calorie counting and eating whatever I want whenever I want as long as it was pretty healthy and fit my daily calorie goals. She has me eating 6 times a day and 3-4 protein shakes a day (3 on non-lifting days and 4 on lifting days). The shake mix isn't bad (I got chocolate) but I can already tell that I will be getting some more flavors. I'm going to do my very best sticking to her plan for 30 days. The lifting and the exercise are simple long term changes--though I have been in the exercise habit for awhile--- and I know nutrition is very important with weight training....I'm just a bit dubious about the shakes. Does anyone here premix protein shakes for the day or do you mix them at the time you are going to drink them? This kind of goes back to the trust thing. I know SHE knows what she is doing and as I learn I can individualize and tweak things as I go (I am a bit of a free spirit). It was a very fun workout though. I'm enchanted.

02-26-2008, 10:15 PM
In my experience premixing the protein shakes adds up to YUCK!!! Better to get yourself one of those shaker cups.

02-27-2008, 08:31 AM
I have a shaker cup and mix just before I drink. I agree with LG, premixing them = yuck.

3-4 shakes a day seems high IMO. What does the rest of your food look like?

Somehow I pulled or strained an ab muscle yesterday at the gym :rolleyes: It didn't begin to hurt until about 2 hours afterwards, so I didn't connect it to my workout. The pain was pretty excruciating by the time I got to the gym where I train in the evening. My rheumatologist is a training client there and happened to be there- he poked and prodded me, and told me to head to the ER for a CAT scan or ultrasound if it got worse. :eek: I finally remembered it felt exactly the same as when I strained an ab a year and a half ago and did go to the ER only to find out there were OTHER things wrong! By 9 pm I was pain free. However, I didn't do cardio this morning and may just walk at lunch time!

Food continues to be a struggle this week :(

Mel :lol:

02-27-2008, 09:16 AM

Mel - that sounded like a bad day!:hug:. And I hope they did not find anything scary wrong in the ER.

Nelie - The NRWL book is fun, if you have not tried it yet i recommend you start with some light reading cardio

I did NRWL again today, stage 1, 1a for the 5th time. The 20 kg barbell went Ok for the squats & the bent rows. Maybe...I can go heavvier again next week ?? it seems to be the whole point of the book but it sounds so scary to me to have heavvier weights. I definitely have to think about it.

Have a great day all,

02-27-2008, 09:20 AM
3-4 shakes a day seems high IMO. What does the rest of your food look like?

I agree with Mel. 3-4 shakes is really a lot.

Basically, there are usually 2 reasons for using a protein shake rather than a real food meal.

1. Post-workout when speed of digestion is a factor and you want to get fast digesting protein and carbs in.

2. Convenience. If you really wouldn't be able to transport real food or have time for a real food meal. For example, college students who would have a hard time transporting food or having time to eat between classes, could slam a shake and eat a small serving of almonds.

Did she advise 3-4 shakes based on your busy lifestyle for convenience purposes? If not, I'd like to hear an explanation of why she feels, other than peri-workout nutrition or in cases where meals would otherwise need to be skipped, she finds the shakes preferable to real food meals. Perhaps, there is something for me to learn here.

However, of all the training programs I have seen and all the reading I have done, the only programs I have seen that have this many meal replacements per day were put out or supported by supplement companies.

Also, I would be curious to see what the rest of your food looks like as well as the macro breakdown of the shakes that you are using. I'm assuming she has you using an MRP product rather than a protein powder to get the carbs and essential fats you need because if these shakes are using a powder that is primarily protein, then this diet would probably be severely lacking in the "energy nutrients."

02-27-2008, 10:33 AM
Rabbit - don't be scared of the heavier weights. Go for the heavier load, if you can't do as many reps as you'd like then move to something slightly less. I love it when I get to move up - it's exciting!

02-27-2008, 11:59 AM
Hi guys,

I bet the protein shakes are for convenience. I am not that into meat. I like fish but I worry about too much mercury.

Basicly, she recommends six mini-meals a day, with protein at each meal.

She has a list of protein servings that are about 25 grams of protein (4 oz chicken breast, lean ground meat, steak, tuna, turkey; 5 oz certain kinds of seafood; egg whites + 1 yolk; cottage cheese; protein shake), and she recommends a total of 5 servings from this protein list (some meals have less than a whole 25 gm serving). Three of the minimeals have either 3/4 or a full protein shake. I was wrong with my other post----there are 3 shakes a day, workout or nonworkout.

Then sprinkled through the day she recommends 2 servings of carbs (also 25 gms that I can choose from a list---typical carbs, pasta, potatoes, tortillas, bread, oatmeal, cereal); half a serving of fruit twice a day; 2 servings of fat (a serving is defined as 5 grams, choices include lowfat cheese, almond butter, olive oil, avocado); and a serving of vegetables (defined as a cup). I think that the cup of veggies is a minimum....there should never be anything wrong with eating a cup of spinach + a cup of cauliflower + a big old salad. I've always considered steamed or raw veggies "freebies" and I always will. She also has me taking a multivitamin, which is a big step for me.

I haven't had a lot of time to sit and look at the list and consider it, so this conversation has been enlightening. It is clear that I need more calcium, so I need to find a way to get that in, cause the calcium in a multivitamin is less than I consider adequate.

I also need to plug all this in to Fitday. :lol: I'm sure my regular protein intake is inadequate for this new adventure, and with 2 jobs and 4 kids, the convenience will be a factor. I very rarely eat red meat and I can handle poultry maybe once or twice a day, and fish 3-4 times per week. I am also not interested in going through 5 eggs to tease out egg whites two or three times a day. I am going to look at Eggbeaters next time I go to the store, but I do like to buy cage-free chickens' eggs. Anyone know if Eggbeaters are from cage free chickens?

Total protein I am to aim for:

nonworkout days: 125 grams
workout days: about 130 grams

That is a lot more than I am used to!

I am pretty good at getting the most nutritional bang for my calorie buck, and I tend to eat a lot of vegetables. I'll need to pay attention to calcium a bit more. She also wants me to take EFA supplements, and I can do that.

She does not sell any of this stuff, and I am suspicious enough that I would have run out the door if she did. I did go to a sports nutrition store, but DH pointed out that we might look at Costco. I'll pick up spinach, asparagus, and blackberries while I'm there. :lol:

02-27-2008, 12:11 PM
Wow, that is a super specific diet! What are your goals with all this, Midwife?

Re eggbeaters: there is a brand of egg whites that one of my grocery stores carries that is 100% egg whites from cage free chickens. I can't remember the brand, but take a look at your grocery store and see what they have.

02-27-2008, 12:24 PM
I have been thinking a lot about my goals with this. Some are specific and some are vague.


I want to do a chin up.
I want to learn how to use the equipment correctly.
I want to weight train 3 times a week for my health and to boost fat loss. (we are going to measure body fat each month so that will be quantifiable).


I want killer, kick-@$% arms and shoulders.
I want to be an athlete. (I run and have enjoyed achieving goals in that arena, but I have always been the non-athlete in the family)
I want to set a good example for my kids (especially my girls!) that we can always bust out of our comfort zones and achieve the remarkable.

And lastly:

Why the heck not? :lol: I am 35 years old and I have always been a soft person....cuddly, roundish, maternal, squishy. I want to see what my body is capable of. What can I do? My body is amazing and there is so much untapped potential.

I've told a few people about my goal of doing a chin up. Most of the comments are: wow, that will be really hard. Wow, that will be a lot of training. Wow, don't get too big <whatever!!!!>. Wow, why would you want to do that?

My trainer's response to that goal? Okay, sounds good!

And I think that is another piece of this adventure. I spend 99% of my life "doing" for other people: patients, children, volunteer stuff. But this is something I am doing for myself. I think it will benefit all aspects of my life, but there is something very nice about focusing on myself. It is a rare and unusual event!

02-27-2008, 01:06 PM
Midwife - Those are pretty good goals. I would love to do a chin up.

One of my goals is to do rock climbing and I need muscle strength for that.

02-27-2008, 02:38 PM

That looks like a very good diet. And if the shakes are needed for convenience to make sure that you get your protein in, then that is also a very good recommendation and I love that she is making sure that you are getting some fats in there both with the real food choices and the EFA supplements. It looks like you are in good hands.

As for pre-mixing shakes, I agree with the others. You might want to consider a magic bullet blender for work and such. It is fairly portable and allows for a better shake than just a shaker bottle.

Good luck! You'll be nailing that chin up in no time!

02-27-2008, 04:12 PM
Nelie - I did a lot of rock climbing in college. It's really fun! My biggest issues with it were (1) I'm not crazy about heights! and (2) for some reason I have trouble retaining how to tie knots :shrug: Drives my DH nuts, he can do knots he learned in boy scouts a zillion years ago. Anyway, if you have good balance and some upper body strength, you should do fine.

Midwife, I wish I could find a deal like you did around here. Some days I feel like I really need my hand held and/or :kickbutt: to keep with my WL and food routine. I've only used the powdered protein shakes a few times; right now I have some Atkins ones that come as liquid, but I don't use them often. I'm not sure I work out hard enough to need them, and usually I'm going right home to dinner which has a good amount of protein anyway. As for calcium, I find it hard to get enough with my food so I take supplements. I like the chewable ones. I get a brand that WalMart carries (something like Spring Valley brand).

02-28-2008, 01:41 AM
I am 35 years old and I have always been a soft person....cuddly, roundish, maternal, squishy. I want to see what my body is capable of. What can I do? My body is amazing and there is so much untapped potential.

I love this. :)

Actually I like the whole thing.

I want to do pullups too. For a while I was specifically pursuing this as a goal with lat pulldowns and the assisted pullup/dip machine but then I stopped and developed a different system. I get to the gym, do a 10 minute warm up run, go over to the pull-up bar, attempt *1* pull up (fail, hang there, etc), and then go over to do the warm up OH squats and start my program. Astonishingly, every day I do it, I get a little closer to completing the chin up. Another week or two I should be there, and then I can get to work on the pullups. It's cool. Bodies are cool. It's amazing what we can train ourselves to do, when we give our bodies the opportunity to try. :)

02-28-2008, 05:25 AM
Baff, that's exactly what I did too! While I was still losing weight, I decided that my long-term goal was a pullup. So in addition to doing sets on back day, every day I tried one on the assisted pullup machine at the lowest setting I had ever done (this is when I was still heavy and was using 70-80 pounds to counterbalance). I dropped it to 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 and by the time I could do a few at 20 on my own, I was ready to shoot for the big girl ones. I think I was almost as excited aboout doing a real pullup as I was reaching goal!!

Midwife, I love your goals! Once you get bitten by the bug of challenging yourself, there's no going back. You are going to love discovering your muscles and inner athlete. Don't be surprised when you find yourself in front of the mirror, flexing your triceps or checking out your shoulder development. Just don't let anyone catch you or you'll get odd looks. :rofl:

I can't wait to follow along on your adventure with you!

02-28-2008, 07:21 AM
I love your goals, too midwife!

Baf- doing real pull ups was a huge goal for me. When I finally managed to do a few unassisted, I was the most surprised in the gym. But that didn't stop me from running around and telling everyone in the gym! I was that excited.

Early day for me. Dh has to be taken to a school across town in a few minutes to go to a Robotics competition. Yawn! I managed to get up half an hour earlier than usual and do a 2 mile treadmill run. Lifting at lunch, if I don't fall asleep first!

Have good one, stay warm on the east coast!


02-28-2008, 08:36 AM
It's another cold one here today! Yes, I'm sick of it and still waiting for even the slightest bit of a thaw. I can't remember the last time winter bothered me this much. sigh Did my power class yesterday...always fun and a great workout. I love putting on my favourite exercise top and, while I'm putting my hair into a ponytail, I notice some nice little muscles in my arms. :o I couldn't share this with anyone else, since it sounds so vain but it's fun.

And can you believe that I almost feel like my collar bones now stick out too much?! How wrong is that to complain about. Who am I?? ;)

Midwife - love your goals too and I would love to do a pullup but I haven't even tried one without the machine. There's no way I could do one now. I'm still working on my big girl pushups. I actually think the yoga is really helping with that. There is so much upper body strength required for lots of the moves and I am just loving it.

Have a great day everyone.


02-28-2008, 01:06 PM
Hello all,

I never thought about actually trying a pullup. I'm too much of a chicken. I know I'd look like a big dork although I could try on the assisted pullup without weight... hmm :) (IF I join the gym)

I've noticed it for a while but my upper body is getting a lot more defined. On my back, the bottom edge of my delts are very visible. (This may sound gross) This morning, I decided to pull my loose skin while flexing my arm and my biceps are very visible! Of course loose skin is a sigh. My upper arms are probably the worst place of all and aren't bouncing back as much as I'd hoped they would.

I've been reading NRLW and enjoying it. I got excited when he started talking about cardio not being important but then grumbled when he mentioned HIIT. Yeah yeah I know, cardio is still part of the mix :)

02-28-2008, 01:37 PM
I got pretty close on my chin up this morning! My chin got within an inch of the bar. Yay.

This morning I did Stage 3A for the first time. All fine. Some weird balancey stuff, but no probs. But then I did the 'bodyweight matrix' they are subbing for intervals on A day. This bw matrix is quite possibly the most torturous thing I've ever done in the gym. Mel, if you don't already do something like this to torment your clients, I recommend starting (especially the clients you secretly don't like). It goes like this (all bodyweight, no rest):
24 squats
24 lunges (12 per leg)
24 lunge jumps
24 squat jumps.

Then you rest for twice as long as it look to complete the lot, and repeat.
I know it doesn't sound like much but I was dying half-way through the lunge jumps. I had to stop 3 times on the second set to get through them all. It was crazy. I run, I do HIIT, I lift heavy weights but THIS completely did me in. My legs are still jelly-like, and actually, I wasn't sure that I would be able peddle myself home on my bike. :eek: Try it if you think I'm exaggerating. The whole thing took me 14 mins, including the long rest.

02-28-2008, 02:04 PM
Baff, when Alwyn C. taught that matrix to a seminar I took, he made us do it in less than 90 seconds (but only one time, thank heavens!) :dizzy: You would have cracked up seeing a roomful of personal trainers falling over, staggering around, and clutching onto each other for support. :lol:

02-28-2008, 02:30 PM

Midwife - sounds like great targets to me! My target for 2007 was a chin-up.t did not happen, but maybe I will manage in 2008 ? At least I am lifting again!

Meg - you had me laughing with the body matrix story!

have to run,
have a great day all,

02-28-2008, 04:37 PM
That bodyweight complex looks hard. When I read it in the book my legs hurt at the thought of it. I find jump squats alone killer!

So I am suddenly finding myself feeling very lost at sea. Ever since I found out I am pregnant I have found my workouts severely suffering. I don't have a focus anymore as I am really feeling unsure as to how hard I should be pushing myself & I am sweating & tired within 5 minutes of starting my workouts so I'm half afraid I'm already pushing too hard. I need some guidance but I don't know where to turn 'cause almost everything I find says "don't overheat & don't get your breathing to strained" - but it seems I hit that so fast!

I'm also finding my motivation is down the tubes. I obviously cannot focus on losing weight anymore & it seems I shouldn't be trying to make any strength gains either. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

Sorry - just needed to vent & I don't know any other place.

02-28-2008, 11:55 PM
90 seconds!??! It took me just under 3 mins for the first set, and I didn't realize I was dilly-dallying! :dizzy: Second set took longer, because I had to stop to rest during those vile lunge jumps. Who was the sadist who invented those, anyway?!?! I have a feeling that sore quads will greet me in the morning. My morning run with the hound is going to be harder than usual.

02-29-2008, 02:46 AM
OMG, I looked at those and my knees turned and ran the other way. :rofl: I could manage the squats and lunges I think, but the jumping ones NO WAY! I admire you young gals who still have knees.....

02-29-2008, 08:30 AM
haha! those a famous! I do start some of my workouts with them! How did you guess, Baf? I have to admit, I use a 10 rep scheme for most of my clients and we gradually work up.

Turns out one of the best exercises for osteoporisis is the much detested jump squat- so I'm doing 25 of them every morning when I get off the elliptical :p

Today we have a lunch for my new assistant. No gym time! The restaurant we picked has a great salmon salad, tho :)

LG- I can really empathize. You will get over the exhaustion, tho, and although this is not time to strive for new personal bests or break speed records, your body will really thank you in a few months for staying in shape, for gaining a healthy amount of weight, and for doing everything you can to stay in shape. It's just going to be a different shape for a while. A strong lower back and legs will help you get through that loooong last trimester. Gaining a reasonable amount of weight will help you bounce back post-pregnancy. Take it from someone who gained 65 whopping pounds with #1 and 19 with number two- it was easier the second time. 19 is on the low side, but I was already heavy and had gestational diabetes. Besides, once you drag yourself out of the "why bother" funk, the exercise may really help you feel better. Do you have access to a pool? I swam a lot (real lap swimming, not just bobbing around) once I got pretty big in the second and third trimester. It was just more comfortable than walking or jogging!

Hang in there!


02-29-2008, 10:43 AM
Thanks so much for all the support and feedback. :hug:

It has been a very busy week and I have had two sessions so far. I have actually lost 3 pounds this week and I am a little cautious about that. I have been sticking to the nutrition plan, and I wonder if the relative reduction in carbs has caused my body to dump some water weight. I've never seen the scale move that much! It's nice to see, but I am also totally prepared to see it do some strange things with this new adventure.

Nelie, I know that you are one determined lady and you will be climbing some serious rocks soon!

Depalma, I think I will get a magic bullet. My to do list today: get Magic Bullet, look for multivitamins, and pick up protein powder in a non-chocolate flavor. Who would've thunk it?

I was hoping to make this a long, thorough message, but I gotta go get the kid up for school! I'll be back!

02-29-2008, 11:03 AM
midwife - Do you have a Macy's near you? they have a magic bullet like blender, it is called Bella Cucina blender. I bought mine for $19 and then bought a second one to travel with. It is awesome although I 'upgraded' to a Vitamix for myself, my husband uses the little guy daily.

I'm continuing to read NRLW. I guess I need to buy some protein powder. I want to avoid soy so I'm looking into hemp. I saw some rice protein powder last night at a website but I read reviews about it being very grainy.

02-29-2008, 11:08 AM
Morning everyone,

I am being punished for yesterday. Body wants to know why I forced it to do a whole new series of exercises and why I finished with jump squats! My knees are furious (not young enough, Pat!). There will be no running today. I'll walk the dog and hopefully hit the gym after work to use the elliptical for some calorie burn.

Midwife, congrats on the weight loss. Your body is bound to respond dramatically to dramatic changes in your program. I wouldn't worry about it at all, for now.

02-29-2008, 12:54 PM
Lifeguard: I can only tell you that the first trimester was the worst for me when it came to fatigue. Really, you will likely feel more like yourself in a few months. Give yourself all the rest you need because your body is making a lot of adjustments right now. You most likely already know this and everyone else is probably telling you the same thing too but still rest when you need to and give yourself permission to be okay with it.

That being said you don't have to give in to nine months of hanging out on the couch unless you are put on bed rest by your physician. Once you start feeling a little better it should be okay to do some nonimpact cardio. I would probably not do the HIIT. I remember seeing several pregnant women in my gym using the elliptical most days of the week even into their last trimester.

Mel's advice of swimming is a great one. I didn't discover the pool until my eighth month but wow what a difference that was for me too. In the water I felt like I was no longer pregnant. It took so much pressure off of my legs to be in the pool.

You may also want to see if the hospital in your area offers fitness programs for expectant mothers or perhaps a personal trainer who specializes in this area. This could also be helpful to you once you are postpartum and ready to move back into the level of fitness you were working at prepregnancy. Good luck and hang in there.

02-29-2008, 12:57 PM
Mel - thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

Last night I did a lot of reading online & e-mailed my personal trainer back home about it. I think I have worked myself out of my mental slump. I sat down & wrote down my pregnancy goals in terms of consistency with exercise, things to try (I figure now is a good time to add the yoga) & weight gain (doc says I can safely gain 10 or less). I feel much better about things

I am off to immigrate now (wish me luck - Costa Rica is not known for it's efficiency!) & to the gym afterwards.

02-29-2008, 05:43 PM
Lydia - I had already decided that HIIT was too much. I get so sweaty & out of breath so quickly right now that I figured HIIT just couldn't be a good thing.

I do have access to a pool so I should start using it more (I do like water afterall!).

Today's workout got totally pushed aside as on my way back from the immigration office (& on the way to the gym) I was reended. Fortunately I was completely stopped & the guy behind me wasn't going too fast. I'm fine - pretty much negligable damage to the car. The guy tried to say I backed up & tried to get me to pay him (I was on a highway - there was no backing up going on!). Finally got things kind of sorted out & now I am home & ready for a nap!!!

I'll take the pooch for a walk this evening when it cools down a little.