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02-14-2008, 04:25 PM
I went out this morning with the intention of buying two cupcakes for valentines day - one for me and one for DH. I get to the cupcake store and I am having a really hard time deciding which ones to get - there were so many and they are all so cute and tasty... Fifteen minutes later, I'm heading out the door with 12 cupcakes!!! :yikes: :faint: Um... hello? Diet? Will power? Where did you go?

I get home and sheepishly show DH the cupcakes. He's happy - he likes cupcakes and he doesn't have as much weight to lose as I do. So, what the heck - I'm not going to throw perfectly good cupcakes away, and we dig in. One good thing about having cut back on the amount I've been eating over the past few months is that I really can't eat as much as I used to - two cupcakes was my limit.

Now comes the really stupid thing - I left the open box of cupcakes on the table and left them for a few minutes. I come back to find one of my cats with his head in the box, licking up all the tasty icing! This cat is diabetic - he definitely shouldn't be eating icing. It seems common sense and will power are in very short supply all around here!

Oh well, I've been pretty good about monitoring and limiting what I eat most days, so it's not really a big deal to fall off the wagon as long as I get right back on it. I'll just pedal a bit harder on my elliptical for the next week to work them off (one day for each cupcake).


02-14-2008, 04:39 PM
We fall off the wagon and hop back on the elliptical the next day. Right! :-)

How did you eat the rest of the day? Two cupcakes surely didn't kill your diet forever... just be sure to stay on target for the next couple days.

I know I am planning to have a dessert worth between 300 and 400 calories tonight since it's V-day... I'm making room and eating light today JUST so I can have it. Now the hard part is deciding what is worth the big splurge!!!

02-14-2008, 05:43 PM
Be glad you only had 2 and that the cats got the rest. At least it kept you from eating more later in the day. I have been thinking about making hubby a sweet treat for dinner tonight but may not as i would be more tempted that he will be.
Just do good the rest of the week and 2 cupcakes wont hurt you.

02-14-2008, 06:08 PM
well, actually there are 4 left - the cat was only halfway through the rest when I caught him. But I reached my fill with only 2 and I seriously don't want any more. I'm satisfied and happy to stay that way. I think I'll let DH eat them :D

I'll pedal my buns off while we're watching our new zombie movie tonight (zombies are our valentine tradition) :lol:

The stupid cat keeps hopping back up on the table to see if I've left him any more treats. Great - he'll be fixated on that for months now :rolleyes: