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02-14-2008, 02:40 AM
I have been on phase 2 for a few weeks now and I was wondering if everyone is eating all the food items we can nuts, beans, grains, fruit, dairy, etc. everyday? I don't always eat beans or dairy everyday but I almost always eat my nuts....funny how that is :D. Anybody eating it all everyday? Seems like it would be a lot of food. I usually don't eat lunch either because I am just not hungry. Anyone else? :?:

02-14-2008, 06:19 AM
Nuts some days
Beans some days
Grains some days - sparingly
Fruit daily
lowfat Dairy daily

It's working for me so far.

02-14-2008, 08:01 AM
Nuts or peanut butter every day
lean protein, veggies, dairy every day.
Beans almost every day
One serving of grains most days (sometimes two, sometimes none)
One serving of fruit about half of the days (?)

Except I have been Ph1ing this week, but that is my usual menu.

02-14-2008, 08:32 AM
Grain is usually a bowl of all bran, dairy is yogurt. I don't eat cheese. 2-3 fruit a day most often apples or pears and occasional grapefruit. I do measure caloric intake for now. I run about 1200/day

02-14-2008, 09:16 AM
Maybe one grain a day. (Today I had a sandwich for breakfast, so that will probably be it for the day)
Dairy everyday (cheese, yogurt in the evening, milk in my coffee)
Beans a few times a week.
Fruit once or twice a day (I bring fruit and cheese for my snack at school and sometimes put fruit in yogurt for an evening snack since I don't actually have "dinner" at night..our big meal is at 2)
Protein with every meal and tons of vegs.
Peanut butter just about every day...or other nuts

02-14-2008, 09:27 AM
I am eating a little whole wheat every day and I try to eat some fruit every day. I don't have dairy at all, except for cheese. Otherwise, it's just random. I am still eating my veggies though!

02-14-2008, 09:44 AM
Hey, your name is Kara too!!!!!! You even spell it right!

I eat grains every day - mostly brown rice since wheat is a big trigger for me. I get one to two servings of brown rice a day.

Veggies - definitely the four and a half cups minimum!

Fruit - one or two servings a day - I love fruit and it doesn't cause me any problems

Beans - just about every day - I don't eat meat so they provide a lot of my protein.

Dairy - 8 ounces of milk with dinner every night is pretty much my dairy. Sometimes I have a yogurt with breakfast or a sprinkle of cheese on something.

Nuts - I generally stay away from them as I have portion control issues with nuts, but I've found if I allow myself one day a week to "splurge" on nuts, it works out better than counting out only ten for a snack every day.


02-14-2008, 10:25 AM
GGKara, PLEASE make sure you eat lunch everyday, hungry or not. You may not know that you're hungry, but your blood sugar level will drop. Either you'll end up eating bad choices because you'll be ravenous later, or your body will go into starvation mode, thinking you won't feed it, and store fat rather than melting it off. You need to get in all your meals and snacks--if they are making you too full, just eat less of the things that are less healthy (i.e. saturated fats) and make sure you keep the lean protein and the veggies/fruit. You might find some motivation in this--my nutritionist told me that everytime you eat, you "rev up" your metabolism for a while. So eating several small meals is more effective in weight loss than eating one big one. :shrug:

You don't have to eat beans everyday, but they are the ultimate SBD food, IMHO. They have protein and so much fiber, so they keep you "regular" and make you feel really full.

On the other hand, especially if you are under 30, you need calcium every day. Make sure you're taking a supplement if you aren't getting it in dairy. I've read some stuff lately that says it might not be as true as they thought, but a study a while ago suggested that three 8oz servings of milk and/or yogurt (low-fat or fat free) a day helps you lose weight. Just a thought.

I always ate whatever dairy or beans I wanted in all phases. I ate my nuts everyday but was careful to count or measure them out--they have tons of calories and are the sticking point for many a Beachie. When they wonder why they aren't losing, they often figure out that it's because they were eating more than one serving of nuts. ;) Nothing wrong with eating them, just make sure you keep it to a serving. It's one of the few things we are asked to "count" on SBD.

As for grains/fruit, check out the What's Your Phase 2 Combo? ( thread in the FAQ. It tells about different chicks' use of grains/starches and fruit in Phase 2.

02-14-2008, 12:56 PM
I added back in fruit first, usually 1-2 a day.
Now I have added grains, but not every day, 3-4 times a week.
Beans are good on Ph1 & 2, we have them 2-3 times a week. (often our beans are sprinkled over salads)
I eat cheese almost every day & yogurt & milk 2-3 times a week.
I have found Nuts to be a trigger for me to overeat, so I eat peanut butter 1-2 times a week, but have to avoid nuts unless served to me.

I sometimes have what one might perceive as meal skips, BUT, if you eat an extra snack instead of a meal it can keep your blood sugar stable and keep cravings away. Spacing the daily food intake throughout the day helps tremendously. Sometimes our social norms for meal times don't work for all of us, so "think outside the box" or the "lunchbox" in this case. Just don't try to take all your daily food/calories in at 1 or 2 meals. This could set you up for a multitute of continued food issues. Plus I think that one of the important things to learn when dieting or changing to a new way of eating is that it is NOT a good thing to eat to full or beyond. Being satisfied and no longer hungry is good. Always eating until you feel stuffed is a bad habit. This is something I have had to battle as I can be an emotional eater and having that full feeling or over-full feeling is a big part of that process.
Keep your dairy products up or take a calcium supplement. Bone health is important.
If you aren't hungry at lunch, just be sure to have a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack to spread that food intake throughout the day. Your "lunchtime" can be whatever time of day works for you.

02-14-2008, 01:07 PM
Very good points, SDM! :cp:

Yeah--there's no reason why "breakfast" or "lunch" has to be a much bigger meal than your snacks. And you shouldn't force yourself to eat past full. But sometimes we think we aren't hungry when we really should be--or are and don't realize it. I read a book called Food and Mood and was SHOCKED at how many hormones are involved with telling us we're hungry or full. It's so easy for part of that system to be upset if we eat in unhealthy ways for a while (like before SBD, perhaps). So, if it's been 3-4 hours since you last ate, have a little something, even if you aren't hungry, okay? :hug:

I was reading something recently that said to imagine hunger on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being totally not hungry and 10 being absolutely ravenous. They said you should eat when you're about a 5 or 6 and stop when you're about a 3. I thought that was interesting! :shrug:

02-14-2008, 01:52 PM
which, I think, is sometimes lost in all of this when discussing about what we are eating vs what we are not eating. Remember, this is a well balanced food plan. If you follow it, you should be getting all of the important nutrients you need to eat healthy.

I find that my appetite is not the same every day. Some days my meals are smaller than others. Some days they are larger. I do try to make sure though that the foods that I am eating more of is either the low glycemic vegetables or the lean meats. Those we can eat in unlimited amounts.

I agree that eating the smaller meals and more frequently does actually aid me in losing weight. Sometimes, I have not been able to do that and I miss it. And, I was never a person who ate that often before starting this diet either!

I have decided to give up nuts for the time being. I just find it too hard to stop at 15. I am almost going to consider them a treat to have once in a while in the future.

I have found out that the lower the glycemic index the better for me. I ate corn once and I found it difficult to stop at 1 c!! Carbs like breads and grains I really have to watch. Low glycemic fruits are not a problem.

It goes without saying that sugar in anything is best left out for me! I have found that eating no sugar desserts have really helped a lot. I am somewhat concerned about the artificial sweetners but then I am obese and that is not exactly healthy either. You have to "weigh" the good and bad effects of each and decide which is worse. I think being over 100 lbs overweight is more unhealthy than a small bit of artificial sweetner, don't you?

Good luck, good discussion.

02-14-2008, 02:48 PM
pamatga, I agree BUT... I recently became aware that I have begun to use the artificially sweetened stuff in the same way I used to use real sweets. I didn't feel like I abused them at first and they have helped me enormously to lose the first 50 lbs., and I've got another 50 to go. But I feel like I'm at the point where I need to start thinking about the habits I'm developing and if I can or want to carry them over into maintenance when the time comes. I never used artificial sweeteners before South Beach, and I'm not sure I want to develop a habit of using them every day for the rest of my life. Better to learn how to address the sweet tooth issue, so I have begun weaning myself from them now. I am not implying that this necessarily applies to you, you just touched on something I've been thinking about lately and I thought I'd just share the view from where I am right now.

And I read something of Kara's in a recent thread where she addressed the nut issue - and I think we've ALL overindulged here! She said she now eats them once a week instead of daily and that way she can have all she wants. I think that's a really interesting approach, and I may try that myself.

02-14-2008, 04:11 PM
Thanks everyone:hug: It's nice to hear different perspectives on this.
Laurie - The scale is interesting. I will think of that when lunch time rolls around. I usually try to eat something...its just hard for me some days. I think I might need to switch up my breakfast. The eggs and meat hold me over really well...and I am not hungry for a long time after. I usually end up eating breakfast, a snack when I should be eating lunch, dinner, and then maybe pudding or yogurt.

Thankfully I don't have a nut issue. I was never really fond of them...but enjoy them now. I have more of a peanut butter issue... :D

I finally tried the Greek style yogurt...thanks to schmoodle...I see you talking about it all the I got some. Its really yummy! I should be getting my dairy now. I have rekindled my love for milk today.

I am getting my veggies everyday. Thankfully I love veggies. Thanks mom for making me eat them! I guess eating beans once or twice a week is not bad. I have been totally slacking on the water this last week though. I know that is not good. My bf brought home a lot of diet soda and I find I am drinking it way more than I should. It also makes me its gotta go! I will be breaking the news to him later today....after he opens his gifts...hehe.

Kara - Well my name might be spelled right...but I probably pronounce it differently than then I guess it would be spelled wrong...?!?!?! :D

02-14-2008, 04:21 PM
Hey, Kara! Sounds like you've got a good hold on what might help. Maybe an omelet with veggies instead of meat? If you spread the food out, it'll help. Do you think that you might be getting less than 1200 calories? You might want to use for a day or two to see how many calories you're taking in. If you are getting less than that, you are likely to have a lot of trouble losing. Your body will think it's starving and cling to your fat like nobody's business.

I love diet soda too...but I keep it to something I only drink with meals (not that it's healthier then! :rolleyes: ). It makes us thirstier and the sugar substitutes might make us hungry, too. Try carrying a water bottle around with you. You may drink more if it's always there.

So, how do you two Kara's say your names? I always think of it as car-uh. Does one (or both) of you say cay-ruh?

Hope you have a great time with your BF today!

02-14-2008, 09:06 PM
And I read something of Kara's in a recent thread where she addressed the nut issue - and I think we've ALL overindulged here! She said she now eats them once a week instead of daily and that way she can have all she wants. I think that's a really interesting approach, and I may try that myself.

I'm experimenting with this idea. I've found when I have to count out ten or fifteen nuts, I feel really deprived and crave more. I definitely think it's a psychological craving. I LOVE nuts - the taste and texture and, honestly, saltiness. But I've found when I don't put a limit on them I can stop myself when I've had "enough" without that "enough" being a terrible amount. It seems to work out better for me this way. I'm fine having them just once a week if I can have thirty cashews. I just work it into my calorie allowance. It wouldn't be something I could fit in every day, but on a higher-end calorie day it makes me happier.


02-14-2008, 09:13 PM
So, how do you two Kara's say your names? I always think of it as car-uh. Does one (or both) of you say cay-ruh?

Remember we're from south Jersey...

My family calls me KA-ruh (with the /a/ like in "apple"). When I lived in Enlgand, though, I was CAR-uh. I respond to anything. I have three sisters and a brother! I've answered to my dad's name, the dog's long as it's yelled in my general direction, I come arunnin'. :D


02-14-2008, 09:16 PM
Schmoodle, that is such a great point about the artificially sweetened stuff. I worry about that as well.

I can't eat much with Splenda because it sets me off. Plus I really don't care for the aftertaste.

I am still pretty much avoiding grains unless I have a SB bar, but eat everything else on the list (mmmm, nuts)! I always focus on a protein and veggie for each meal and then add other things as desired. Though am finding that the days I am at home instead of work, I often switch my snacks and meals (like have a snack-sized meal at 7 am then more of a breakfasty meal during my snack time around 10 am). My appetite is weird that way! Can anyone see a problem with doing that?

I break up my breakfast into two small meals, generally - one around nine and the other around eleven. Then I don't eat "lunch" until three and then dinner around six or seven.


02-14-2008, 11:14 PM
So, how do you two Kara's say your names? I always think of it as car-uh. Does one (or both) of you say cay-ruh?

My name is like car-uh. But like Kara...I will respond to anything that sounds remotely close. One of my teachers in school called me Karla for a whole semester. :dizzy:

I think I will try Fitday again, Laurie. It's possible I am not getting enough calories. I tried it a few weeks ago but it was hard to put in things I I had to add in every item individually for the recipe. Is that how everyone does it or am I missing something?

02-14-2008, 11:52 PM
I think I will try Fitday again, Laurie. It's possible I am not getting enough calories. I tried it a few weeks ago but it was hard to put in things I I had to add in every item individually for the recipe. Is that how everyone does it or am I missing something?

You can make a custom food..what I would do when I had the online fitday was go forward to a blank day and put in the whole recipe, then write down the nutritional info and enter that as a custom food. The download version has a way to build custom foods out of ingredients so it is easier.

I am a 80%SBD gal now but I tend to do about 2 grain servings- occasionally 3 (more if I am running a lot) and 2 fruit servings. Nuts are hit and miss, I tend to over do them for awhile and then not have them for a long time. I really love the wasabi almonds I found because about 15 is all I really want. I doubt they are totally SBD, but I am only 90% strict.