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02-13-2008, 03:06 PM
Has anyone done SBD without using any cheese?

In the beginning the fact I could eat a lot of cheese made this way of eating great for me. But since my hysterectomy and they showed me a picture of my uterous bisected I haven't been able to eat cheese. I thought it would be great because I was eating way too much cheese anyway, but I find myself eating way too much of everything else. My weight is creaping back up and it's my fault...:cry: But anyway, I've been given the ok to exercise again so I just need to get off my lazy self and start doing something productive :woops:

I need to do phase 1 again to get these stupid cravings out of my system but when I went to check out recipes, it seems they almost all have cheese-at least the ones I used to eat.

So if you done SBD without all the cheese-was it because you hate cheese or you chose not to eat it for health reason.

And if anyone wants to see a picture of my fibroids to help you get off cheese I'll be more then happy to send you a copy. :eek:

Sarah in MD

02-13-2008, 03:28 PM
Oh, Sarah. I'm sorry about the mental picture!

I've been kind of combining the Extreme Fat Smash recipes with being on South Beach (they're almost exactly the same principles) and there's not a lot of cheese in the Extreme Fat Smash menus. I think I might have had two slices over the course of three weeks!

I'm sure you can adapt any recipe to eliminate the cheese. Good luck!