Exercise! - changed the eating, time for the exercise...

02-13-2008, 02:25 PM
in january i began changing my eating habits and have successfully been able to keep it up (even bringing dh in on it without any complaints). i have been adding in some exercise the last few weeks, mostly just walking 1-2 miles a few days a week. i bought a ymca membership last week and am going to buy a fitness membership on saturday which will allow me to go to any class anytime i want (for $20, can't beat it!). i have always been a somewhat active person and i love exercising and all that (once i get started and get into the routine). so now i have developed an exercise routine that i am hoping to stick with as much as my daily schedule will allow (which is why there are sometimes a couple things a day, just in case i can't make it to one). here is my plan, please tell me if you think this will help me to see results. i need to know that i am getting in enough cardio and toning kinds of things. i don't want to lose fat without building muscle. so please tell me what you think of this:

monday thru friday: walk 1-2 miles briskly holding weights (eventually work into running possibly)
monday and wednesday: cardio kickboxing class (it's an hour long)
tuesday and thursday: ab and thigh class to tone and tighten those areas (30 minute class)
tuesday: tae-bo video with a group of women at a local golf club

it sounds like a lot, but i know i can do it, it's just a matter of making it my routine. but am i going to get what my body needs?? am i building muscle and burning fat?

02-13-2008, 02:41 PM
I love cardio kickboxing. By love I mean its ultra challenging, hard to make, near-tortuous when there, and wonderful after! :D

It does seem like quite a commitment - I know I don't have the time for something like that. Good luck, and just do the best you can!