Support Groups - Lo-Carb #20 The metal "bump" in the road

02-12-2002, 06:55 AM
Just a quick note. Seems like my computer time is limited lately.
DH likes hiw new job. SO alls well in that corner. The drive is killing us both though. SO a move is definately in order. Like I need more stress in my life.

Melody I ma glad your head is better, SOrry about the puppy though.

Sue how are you doing? I haven't seeen any recent posts from you.

Dana, How is teh exercise going?

I am feeling alittle discouraged myself with teh weight thing. Got the winter blahs or something. The scale is back up tp 231. Don't know what the deal is. But it sure is frustrating. UGH!

Well off to the room.

DOn't miss Melody's post on #19

02-12-2002, 09:14 AM
Good Morning my fellow weight loss warriors,

All is well here today. My back is feeling better, and the puppy is doing well. I brought him home yesterday, and he had some of his vision back. He seems even better this morning he wasn't bumping into things like he was yesterday. The vet said he was a miracle puppy. It was amazing that he made it, and is doing as well as he is. I think we are going to name him Roscoe. I know that is a weird name, but it seems to fit the little guy.

I am back Op after a slight bump in the road. I stuck to the diet yesterday and plan to again today. I will concentrate on upping my water today.

Will be back working on the house full tilt tonight. We took last night off. BF had a head ache and My back needed the rest. Saturday (moving day) looms on the horizon and the house "ain't" done. I haven't even got to start packing yet. This will be interesting.

Both my boys are sick. Devin woke up with an earache, and Christian has been running a fever since last night. He is complaining that his head hurts. I bet that he has strep. My neice had it last week. The baby is well, but her nose is running green so she will be getting it right behind the boys. I guess I will be in the doctor's office today! Oh Joy!

I get to go pick up my elliptical trainer today. I picked up the check for it yesterday. I don't know when I will have time for BF to put it together though. All we ave been doing is working on the house.

Well ladies, have a great day!:)

02-13-2002, 06:59 AM
My Goodness it sure is quiet around here!!''
I am still blah. The weatehr is crazy. My sinus' are still not right. And I hate winter.
Trying to increase my running time on teh treadmill. ANd have started doing teh starirmaster agin. Tryin to boost my fat burning.
Stilll hanging in between 230 and 231. Got frustarted and still am because I have been wearing the same size since before x-mas. I so want to be wearing a size 20 pants. ( button up ones). I did measure on 2/7 and lost a couple of inches but I am definately not losing fast enough. UGH!!
Well off to h*** room.

Sue and DANA whats up?

Melody glad everything is better. Sue loves her eliptical trainer. Don't overdo it with the back. You don't want to get sidlined. Hope the kids are better.

02-13-2002, 09:06 AM
Hello Girlies!

Where is everyone?????

The boys are both sick. Christian has been diagnosed with the FLU!!!!! (UGh!!! I can't stand to get sick! I have to move this weekend!!!!) Devin has a ear infection in both ears! Christian seemed to be better this AM, but he had just gotten out of bed after sleeping for 12 straight hours. the baby is still holding her own, but her allergies are acting up so it won't be long.

The Puppy continues to get better. This morning he was running around the house trying to chew on everyone's feet! He seems to see pretty well now. We named him Roscoe. My four year old wanted to name him "butthole", but I did not think that was an appropriate name for such a cute puppy.

The house is coming along slowly. I don't know how we are going to get it all done before Saturday. Josh (bf) said he is moving in Friday. He asked if I was going to stay with him that night. I said "no" not without the kids. My Mom has had them for the last two weeks with me working so much, and us working on the house. She needs a break. They wear her out.

Still Op, but my resolve is wavering. I think TOM must be getting close, it always gets hard around this time of the month. I keep visualizing, and all that stuff I was doing to stay Op, but it's not working as well. I really need to find me some chromium.

I will concentrate on drinking 64 ounces of water today. I need to work out, but need to get the house done worse. Maybe by next week, I will be able to start toning this flabby, overweight, body! Josh has a weight set he is bringing with him in the move, we will have a weight Room...OOOHHHHHH! I got my elliptical trainer yesterday. the D@#*n box was so heavy that I almost pulled my back out trying to get it in the cart! Christian had to help me (this was immediately after leaving the Doctor's office), and he was so weak from the flu that I thought he was going to collapse. Devin kept moving the cart, so we wouldn't be able to get it in the cart. He is such a ittle punk sometimes, but aren't most 4 year olds? He thought it was hilarious:lol:. C and I were ready to get him! We left him unharmed, but I had to restrain Christian on several occasions. He doesn't understand that it is the little brothers job, to drive the big brother crazy.:lol:

I have a reunion this summer. My 10 year. I can not go fat! Must start working harder, must start working harder!

Fralick...Don't let the winter blahs get you down!

Everyone else...Chime in!!!!! We miss you!!!!

Stay OP!!!!:) :D :cool: ;) :p :dizzy: :smug: :^:

02-13-2002, 11:03 PM


I am sooooooo excited! We had to go for a few days without one while the old one was being upgraded....but we are back online! AAAAAAnd.......I can write to you all in color now! Wo ho!

The weekend with my guys at our youngest son's college was wonderful!

I am on plan..getting some exercise .and chugging the water! I hope the metal monster moves this Friday!

Not much time to write as I have alot of computer STUFF to do with getting us all back up again! So hello to you all! I missed you these couple of days!

Dana HOPEFUL..back on line.and COLORFUL!

:o (and I can make smilies again too!

02-14-2002, 06:52 AM

SUE WHERE ARE YOU? I know I have been out there,in poor me land. But I didn't see you there. I hope all is OK drop a quick line if you can.

I wish I knew what my major malfunction is. I am exercising. The scale does what it wants. I am frustrated and blue. I think I am a bit overwhelmed with all teh changes my household is going thru since I switched jobs. Maybe it's caught up with me. UGH!!

DANA Congrats on the new computer. Girl you sure are colorful!!
Way to go on the enthusasm.

Melody, Sorry the kids are sick. You will have an extra busy weekend ahead. Don't hurt yourself!

Pam how are you?

Anyone else out there?

02-14-2002, 09:31 AM
Happy Valentine's Day Chicks!

I am not Op today. I am very upset with myself. I can't seem to overcome temptation, I very much want to lose weight, but I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I know that if I could work out, that it would help, but until this house gets done, and we move in and get settled. I do not see it happening. I am behind schedule as it is, and I just do not see how I can get everything done. UGHHHH!!!! I should have took a few days off this week! Too late now though.

Christian is still sick, but feeling better. He did not get to go to school today, so he missed his Valentine's Day Party. He was veryy upset. He missed last years too, because he had Strep throat. Devin seems to be better. He is not complaining of his ear hurting.

Dana....I am so glad you have a new computer! We missed you too.

Fralick...Stress will make you fat. If you are stressed out over the changes in your life, that could be causing your stall. Relax, reevaluate, and keep at it. You will work it out somehow.

SWEET SUE......WHERE ARE YOU???????? I need one of your kicks in the butt. Come on girl! Get on my back! I hope everything is okay with you and DH.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

02-14-2002, 05:52 PM
Hi guys I am here!!! I have been fighting for computer time with DH he found the games on the net and OH boy I can now wait tillhe is gone back to wrk now nest week the kids will be home. I have been doing great with the exercise and eating. till today this is a planned DO from eating DH took me oput for a breakfast and we have boy scout dinner tonight. so that is what i am doing.

I am on the run again so Just had to stop in ans say that i am still alive and thinking of you guys every day!!!!

Dana I am still on your back and on yours too Pat and yours Melody!!! EXERCSIE!!!!

Lee and Terri??? how are you guys doing???

and how about Pam??? how is your back?

Well have boy scout blue and gold tonight and must get ready for that as i am getting the dinner set up. so I am running but my thoughts are with you!!!

02-14-2002, 05:59 PM
MELODY you hhave an elliptical trainer????? I am so jelous!!!! (I am Off Program today to so do not feel bad) I had pancakes with syrup!!! :eek: and the boys have been stuffing me full with valentines candy kisses and hearts!! :eek: TOM is a really hard time for me. some times i just accept that i wll be off program for a few nibbles and all goes much better just try to keep control over the muchies and you will fair much better than if you fight it then go hog wild. Do what i call a controled carb eat. you will feel much better and feel incontrol so it is not as bad getting back OP>

How is the puppy???~~~~~~KICK~~~~~~~ YOu asked for it!! :lol:

Pat just hang in there soon it will come off I am having the same problem but have started to see some changes in my size but not on the scale!! I think i will be in a 12 soon!!! WHOOO HOOOO although i am still in the 170 range!!

Dana I can see that youare excited abvout the new puter and your cllors aere just exploding!!! way to go!!!

A few more hors of being off program and then all will be back for me. unfortuanatly that means on weigh in day i will be full of fluid from carb loading!!! OH WELL!!!

02-15-2002, 08:47 AM
Good Morning Chickees!

I am still off program today. I am going not to try to stress out over it. I am stressed out enough, with the move tomorrow, and everything...I have an observation at work today, and the cleaning crew did not come and clean this place up last night! AAAAGGHHHHH! Like I needed this!

How was everyone's VDay? Mine was okay. Nothing special. Except I got an engagement ring!!!!!!!!!:dizzy: I wasn't even expecting it either! He put it inside a card, when I opened the card up the ring was inside, inside a post it note. The post it read, "Do not remove until you have read the card." I read the card....I can't tell you what it said though, I was too excited. Then when I moved the post it note the ring fell out, and he had written "Will you marry me?" under the note.....isn't that so sweet!!!??? It's about time though, we have only been together 7 years, and have 2 children and just bought a house together. I guess he is finally ready.

The puppy is great. He seems to have made a 100 percent recovery. Devin just loves him. He plays with him constantly. He really is a cute dog.

Both the boys are better. Christian returned to school today, poor thing. Now Trini needs to goto the doctor today.
I can't seem to keep them all well.

Well guys good luck getting OP. I will try tomorrow to get back on the "wagon".

Sue I am glad you are back with us! Tell Dh he has to share!!!!

love ya!

02-15-2002, 09:52 PM
Hello all,

Geez, did you think that I had abandoned you all????? I have been so busy with work and the kids running me all over and when they are home they are online and when they arent home I try to get online and then GUESS WHAT????? hubby has discovered how to use the computer AAAGHHHH!!! I just about come unglued when he gets online now cuz he never wants to get offline........I dont know why he all of a sudden got interested in this ( well, I know its the basketball he can look up stats, scores, lines etc. and follow it)

so now I have to kick his butt off of here so that I can get online before the kids come home......I guess that what sharing is all about huh??:dizzy:

Anyway, I havent been strict OP, just kinda watching it...havent had time to exercise this week....unless I can count housework????

Melody----sounds like you have been busy,busy,busy.....I would have been so stressed out with all that you are going thru BUT.... CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT...YIPPEE!!!! NOW GET EVERYONE HEALTHY ( Including the dog, poor thing) and look forward to a new adventure with your new house and future:)

Sue----hope all is well with you and hubby??? how is he by the way????

Dana----Im glad to hear you have new computer....Im thinking of getting another on for myself (aaahh, wouldnt that be heaven??)

Pat--- way to keep on...hang in there...the scales havent moved for me in like 4 months.....frustrating I know!!!!

Ok--question for all of you??? what is an elleptical machine???

My friend is getting married and moving and she is getting rid of all of her weights and benches and I thought that would be great to have in my room that holds my treadmill.....might be able to make into a workout room-----

OK. my daughter just got home from watching her little boyfriend's hockey game and now she wants online so she can chat with him AAAGGGHHH!!!!

Talk to everyone later......

02-18-2002, 08:36 AM


How will I ever get to the puter???

by getting up earl;y!!!

Well still able to do some killer workouts so all is not lost. I think i have lost fat and gained muscle,,but the online calculator that i used had changed and i do not trust the ones that just measure your waist and weight and height. not good so i have ne definitive way of doing my bf% untill Ozzie comes in whth his machine. but that is so variable with my weight i do not want to do it when i have lost of fluid so I guess i will have to wait till I and he is ready at the same time!!! :(

Terri glad to see you here. I missed you the weights sounc like a great choice. I have been doing some killer workouts but i do them at the gym if i was home i would think of tons of things to do and not do my exercise. so off to the gym for me!!! I saw on a board by a church Jesus was in the desert for 40 days and did not fall..... I read that yesterday and can find many ways to apply that. it gives me food for thought on staying OP among other things. so how about it??? how about making this lent season a time to get back OP????I know perfection is not in order but it sure can be a goal...??? Stress makes, atleast me, eat without thinking I have been more aware of my stress eating and eating healthier choices like a few carrots instead of the cookies that it used to be. even celery sticks are a great stress relever.The ellip;tical traier is a machine that is like a standing bicycle, your feet nefer leave the platform and they move in an eliptical circle so it mimics runnu=ing or walking but is much aseir on the knees and ankles. they have some that have hand movements too and they do burn whole lot more calories that anything else that i have used. some have different resistance s you work harder and some have grades so it seems like you are walking or running up hill. but it is a much harder workout wel I would not say harder but more bang for the buck. I like them the best!!!

Melody are you done with the job yet?? If i remember you are. sohow is the new found freedome??? LOL as if there is such a thing. there is never anything like freedome you will find many other things to do!!! Melody I just realized i was so over wealmed with the elliptical trainer that i never did say congrats!!! WHOOO HOOOO now youjust need to get the guy to take you up the isle!! that may take a few more years!! LOL

Pat did you find the fly lady??? what do you think. I have to confess my house has never been cleaner and i mean not only on the surface but inside. i am not ashamed to have anybody come in the house at any time. there many be messes but not total chaos like before (chaos+Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) It is not perfect but it is much better. How is the diet??? staying OP? I know wwe all suffered gains this week atleast the few who dared to step up there I alsmot did not but knew i had to. It was the end of my challenge. what a funny thing!!! But i do blame it not only on my carb load but the ham and the fact that i have not been driking enough so my body is feeling drought so it is holding on all the water it can get,

Dana how do youlike th enew computer??? I know that you must love it. I am sure that the kids do to. I believe that is why we have not heard much from you with the long wekend here all the kids must be home so I will not expect to here from you till tomorow. Have you felt me on your bvack??? aren't i heavy??? LOL that is the way it should be. I had a huge laugh when a friend who is thinking obf being a state trooper was telling me what she just started to do to get her legs in better shape to do al the requirements. now sit down she is a farmers wife and she is VERY strong well she has decided to build up the strength in her legs by throwing a calf over her shoulders and run up and down the barn! I almost drove off the road with laugherter i was thinking of you when she was telling me that, what a hoot!!!

Well i am waiting for my food to settle then i am doing a few loads of laundry then headding off the the gym. so i will "see" all of you next time the puter is available!! :lol:

02-18-2002, 09:14 PM
Hi All!

Yep..LOVE the new computer!

Sorry I have not been on much! Work is crazy. (Getting ready for an audit.) Also. registration for the new school year is right around the corner! Busy beaver!

Hubby and I have been spending good quality time together. He has given up "snuff" after 20 years by using "the patch." VERY difficult! I have never had a "tobacco issue", but I understand the craving part. I am trying to keep him busy and have purchased some "candy" for him. He is cranky..but God bless him.ithas been 6 days and he is tobacco free so far. Please keep him in your prayers! It is hard!

On plan..........but feeling fat. TOM is here and I feel like crap!

Not much to report. I am still not exercising like I should even with nasus riding me and the kicks in the butt!

Take care all!

Dana (Hopeful that I can move my @$$ on a regular schedule!) :lol:

02-19-2002, 06:32 AM
Hi all,
I am still around. Where would I go?

The scale read 230 on Friday. I agree w/ melody that stress is the plataeu culprit. SO I have been trying to de stress myself. I am still OP which is probably the most frustarting part. Got my wedding dress on the other day. DH and I will be married 15 years in April. or is it 45 LOL. Depends on teh day of the week. teh dress was on but I wouldn't want to sit, breath or eat in it. I put it on because I had run out of "goal clothes" to gauge my progress. The work out are going well.

Hi to everyone I will have more time tomorrow for individuals.

02-19-2002, 09:14 AM
Congrats Pat, on getting on the wedding dress!!!!!WOOO HOOOO that is an accomplishment! Way to go!

I think all the gaining we are doing is the time of the year. I think we will do better when Spring finally arrives. I know I will. I love to be outdoors.

Well, we got moved in to the new house. My Mom is a complete mess. She misses the kids so bad, all her and my sisters have been doing is crying...(and me too some , I miss my Mommy! :cry: ) The kids are okay. Christian is having a really hard time with it. He is 10 and even though he likes his new house. He misses his "home" and Mamaw, and Aunt Pammy. The way everyone is acting you would think we moved half way across the country...not just a half mile away. It's hard moving away from the only house you have ever known. I miss my bed! We brought Josh's, and I really miss mine. Christian misses his as well. The ceilings were too low to bring his. He had a bunk bed, with a desk under it. Devin and him are sleeping in a twin bed together. It's just temporary until I can get them a full size mattress, for the full size bed that I have. Change is difficult, especially on the leiitle ones. Devin, has been mean to Pam and Mom. I think he thinks they deserted him. Trinity seems to be taking it all in stride. She cried half the morning yesterday. She was really happy to see her Papaw last night though. She really got excited, whren she saw him. I guess she is missing everyone too. She just can't express it.

BF is doing OK, living with the kids. He has never had them around 24/7 and him and Devin were butting heads there for a while. Devin is 4, stubborn, has a smart mouth,and is just like his Daddy! Now you can see why they are butting heads! they are just alike! Trini is driving him crazy touching his DVD player, and his remotes. I told him to get used to it. She is a baby and babies must explore!

The house looks good though. Lots of room. I still am not completely moved in though. There are a few more things I need to get in the next few days. The baby's room is not done yet. I still needd to put on another coat,and do the trim again. I will be done when all the painting is done, and I can relax.

I am not OP. Tom is finally here. I PMS-ed forever it seems. I will be glad when it is over. I feel so fat. I am planning on doing some kind of workout today, even if it is just a walk. BF still hasn't put together my elliptical. I will be glad when he does. I am anxious to get going on it.

Sue, I am glad that Dh is well and back at work...keep those workouts up.

Dana...Good luck with Dh quitting his nicotine...that is very hard, from what I hear. Maybe you and me can get this exercise thing on track together....HEre are some kicks in the butt>>>>>>><<<<<<< Don't forget to give me some!

Tornado, the kids seem better (for now) and dog seems to be doing great. Engagement- It will probably be another 7 years before I can get BF to marry me!:lol: Thanks for the congrats!

Everyone have a lovely day!

02-19-2002, 10:56 PM
Melody I can feel for you and your family having made the move. keep up the good spirits.

Dana your wedding dress??? That is one of my goals I am afraid to try it on, but soon.

Pat take one day at a time

I am still working out and staying OP, I have a head cold and am heading to bed, so I will say good night and be aware that this is the only place i visited today I just checked my mail but did not respond, to any I needed to come here, Hopefully i will tell all about my day today when i can think, just know that you guys mean so much to me that i needed my fix!!! (and hopefully that will help you all know how much you mean to me!!!)

have a great day and hopefully i will see you all tomorow when i feel better

02-20-2002, 09:16 AM
Good Morning Chickees!

Oh SUe! I do hope that you are feeling better! Rest up girl, and get better. It's nice to know you love us so much, that you took a "detour" on your way to bed, just to stop in. I know what you mean about your "fix". I talk to you guys "in my head" all day long...planning what I am going to tell you guys next!

Well ladies, it's confession time...

My name is Melody and I am a carb addict. I know that eating low carb is better for me. My stomach doesn't hurt, I don't get nauseous, I don't have GERD symptoms, or acid reflux. I feel pretty damn good when I eat low carb. So the question is, why don't I stick to it?

Because I am weak. Because food is my drug, because cakes, cookies, and pies turn me into a pile of fluff. I want to reach my goal, but I want to eat my cake too....two things that do not mix.

So today I have started a new. I am going to do CAD, keeping track of my calories, my fat, and my carbs. I will drink 64 ounces of water a day this week, upping it to 80 next week and 100 the following week. I will exercise 3 days this week, going for 4 next week, and 5 the following week.

I will remember that if I go off on one of my little binges, I will pay for it in pain. My stomach will roll, and toss, and burn. I must remember that. (If I slip you guys remind me!!!) And If I stick to my program, I will be rewarded with a slimmer physique, and the ability to run that 5K I want to complete so badly.

It is in me to do guys give me the support, and it's up to me to do it.

Okay, now that I have rededicated myself to my program...on to daily news.

I walked for about 20 minutes last night. I would have loved to do more, but time was limited. I plan on doing some weight lifting tonight...hopefully the kids will cooperate and go to bed on time, so I can do something before I must hit the sack.

Bf works 3 shift...his schedule changes every week. Last night was the first nght in the house by myself with the kids. I didn't even get spooked. That is pretty good.

Does anyone have any ideas about a good supplement/ vitamin? I have been feeling like crap body aches, and I don't feel like doing anything. I want to sleep constantly...any suggestions?:^:

You guys have a great Day! Stay OP!

02-20-2002, 08:18 PM
Hi. I am druged up on spudophedrine and nmotrin and nose snuffers. OOOHHHH AAAAAHHHHH my head swims everytime i move to fast, but life must go on. I find out that if i take all my meds and drink a cup of coffee i can really move!!!!

that is what i did just before i went to exercise. i was still draging so i did 10 min walking slw on the treadmill then 10 on the elliptical I was deciding to stop when my PT came on and well Ozziwe said i can sit down and do my exercise he wanted 60 min on the bike!!! let me repat that for you
60 min on the bike
well with a grumble i got on the bike and started slow then speeded up i ended up doing 16 miles that means 16 miles an hour average!!! So not a bad day for the exercise bit. eating well when i feel like this i have the tendancy to stuff my face and well i have been stuffing but with good foods. so I am OP.

I too have a confession

I too am an addict. I am addicted to any carbs be it grains, sugars, fruit. I am addicted. Like an alcoholic i may thin one is ok then the next day it is 2 then e and more. well i know that avoidint eating is not a choice (although I wish that it was) I must avoid any contact with the offending foods. As there will be times that is impossible i must be strong. and the only way to build up the strength is to remain faithful and true to myself. that means no unplaned snacks, no binging out of control. No just one will not hurt. I went to McD's yesterday with 6 kids. I managed to eat a double quarter pounder and rip of all then but and ate a total of 5 frenchfries (my favorite of all thw world) I fought with my self so hard. I wanted to eat them all, but i gave them away, and proudly stod up and said no I did not want them(to one of the kids with me) I remained stron, and that is the only way that i will be able to have control over this addiction that i have. Just eating those 5 started cravings in me that i alsoms succumbed to. But being aware of them and preparing for them is helping me in staying strong. I have an addiction that willnever go away, I am in control now, but who know how long that will be. I too need help, I need help keeping my focus, keeping my goals in front of me, keeping my head on my shoulders.

I will join you in the rededication Melody, and with all of our strenth we are stronger than individuals. together we will overcome!!!

Darn tooting I will be glad to remind you of your stomach!!!! :lol:

I also love to ride backs during the exercise time (right Dana and Pat?) it helps me do a longer workout :lol:

As far as a supp what do you take??? if your muwscles are achey then you may need to take a potassium supp. as well as a good multivit. I take an generic vit and it seems to work fine for me but it is compated to centrum. i also take potassium and a calcium/mag/zink combo

well i am heading to bed as i am still whiped!!!

check in Terri, Dana, Pat, Pam any any of our lurkers (you too Lee)

02-20-2002, 10:12 PM
Hello My Buddies!

Depressd over the scale not moving. BUT---I AM NOT I only have myself to blame. Busy and tired are no excuse! On plan.but that only gets yo so far. I need to move my butt!

Hubby is dong well with the nicotine stoppage! He is mad that itis sooooooo hard. It is a struggle.

Back to work!

Take care all!

Dana (Hopeful and STUCK!) :p

02-21-2002, 06:41 AM
Hi all,
Another quick note. We had phone line trouble. UGH
Am still OP, working out etc. The metal monster is still mean.
Hello to you all. STill hanging in.

02-21-2002, 08:56 AM
Hello ladies!

I am tired this AM. I went to bed at 10:00, but I weish it was earlier. I will be glad when BF goes to work this weekend, so I can relax. I have been moved in since Saturday and have yet to get to sit on my couch. I am not joking. I work from before sun up to after sun down, I haven't got anything else done on the house. I have been to busy doing the routine stuff, dinner, dishes, clothes, bathing kids, helping with homework, getting them to bed. By that time I am ready to collapse. You would think having BF around would help, but it does not. He does only what he wants to, not what really needs to be done. For example, He was working on his "Jeff Gordon" Room lasr night...It is our enclosed back porch that I let him have willingly to put his Jeff Gordon crap ( I am not a fan, I like Dale JR. #8 whooo hooo, he's sexy!) in that room along with all his deer heads, and fish trophies. He was painting a # 24 on the wall, and then griping at me because the border in the laundry room was not up yet. Here I was running around, getting the kids ready for bed, doing laundry, etc., etc. I could have killed him...he could get off his duff, and put the border up himself instead of painting his tribute to Jeff Gordon! UGGHHH! I was so mad at him! I did not talk to him the rest of the night.

I am Op today. Hoping for a solid start to my challenge...which I hope most of you join...It's on the miscellaneous club page..."the Bunny 10 pound challenge"...check it out. I am hoping to get my jiggly butt moving. I of course didn't get to exercise yesterday...MIL came out, so that put a crimp in my plans. I may have to work out in the Am, which means getting up earlier, which I am not a fan of! I am not a morning person. Plus it would mean getting up at 5:00 AM which is unthinkable, UGHGHG!! But I guess if I can't squeeze it in any other way, that is what I will do. I have to be dedicated.

I will be glad when BF gets my elliptical put together. I am ready to go!

I hope to hear from everyone today1 Have a truly wonderful day!

02-22-2002, 08:40 AM
Melody men are like that they think that what they are doing is more important than anything and do not realize what it means to take care of all the little stuff. but just let it slide. I know that it is hard but he is not really familiar with all that it takes to be a father. this is different. do nt let it go just let him know calmly that there are more important things to do and the family comes first and then you will work on the house. and take ti just 15 min at a time. just concentrate on only 15 min on one prioject. or you will get overwealmend and distracted. you can focus for only 15 min and get tons fo stuff done in that time. If you let this get the better of you you will lose yor focus on your self and be destructive for both your diet and your self. you are worth it,you need to remeber yourself. K?

now for me. my head cold is much better. still here and still needing soem decongestandt, but not as severe and i can smell a bit, and breath. so not all is lost.

Pat and dana i an here wathching for you guys!!!

Pam, terri Checkin!

02-22-2002, 09:03 AM
Good (BLAHHHH) Morning!

It is the huge cow reporting in for her daily! :lol: I am in such a muck today! I am really upset because I seemed to blow up an entire size over night. I drank All my water yesterday :), and I think I retained it all! I couldn't hardly get my fat jeans buttoned this AM. And there is nothing like full length mirrors to remind you just how HUGE you really are. I guess it is a good thing to have around. At home, we only had one, and it was in my dad's room (of all places), so I didn't get a full look at myself that often. In the new house we have 2, one in the boys room, and one on the bathroom door, and let me tell you it is scary! I mean, I knew I was fat, but sheeesh, I am a cow! :lol: I will just turn all this negativity into motivation to move my fat @$$ tonight. It will take me all day to get there.

Yesterday I stayed OP, most of the day...fell off a little at the end. It's hard having to cook dinner for all these carb eating, fat loving, sugar sucking, little creatures, and not eat any yourself. I will just have to stay strong, and hope for the best. I drank all my water yesterday, but did not get to work out. BF was off, and we had too much other stuff to take care of. He was really sweet last night. that is unusual. He asked me last night....You don't like me anymore do you? Then I felt bad because I have been so preoccupied with the house, that we haven't spent much good quality time together. when he's home all we seem to do is bicker over the house. So after the kids were in bed we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie. Well, I fell asleep...he watched it.

Well I veered off the course a little bit. Anyway back to how fat I am. I am not weighing today, because i know it will be a gain, and I don't think it would do me any good to know how much, so I will skip it, and weigh next week, when hopefully I will be back on track, and weigh a little less.

Sue I am glad you are feeling better. I am hoping for a speedy full recovery for you.

Pat, Terri, everyone-Where Are You?

Have a good weekend! TGIF!!!!!:)

02-22-2002, 07:01 PM
OH THOSE MEN!~!! just wehn you are ready to kick them to the street they do some thing really sweet!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

You got to love them!!! Glad thatt hings are getting more on an even keel. just be prepared it will continue to fluccuate!! Hold tight!! but take those sweet moments and cherrish them. today my DH was giving me a hug (his arm was draped over my shoulder) and petting the dog at the same time. I asked him is that what i need to do wag my tail and lick you???:o :o Darn man he just ingnored me and kept on petting the dog!!!:eek:

Well Op today I did take a small bite of a choc chip cookie (there was only one and DD was eating it quite fast) and a smal bite of a apple muffin, but that was it for Off plan things still within the carbs as i had nothing planed except my fiber one with me cereal, and a few carrots. baby ones.

going to go to bed early today as i am tired and have an early day tomorow!!!

Hey guys where are you???