100 lb. Club - Accountability/menus/planning - week of February 10 - February 16

02-10-2008, 08:16 AM
Welcome! Do you need some accountability? A place to list your plan? A place to list your menu? Support? This is the place to get it!!! We can do this!

02-10-2008, 08:31 AM
Hi folks...I had a tough day with food starting with the afternoon. I was making ham and bean soup and tasting it like crazy. That made me anxious and overate before I went to bed. It wasn't a huge binge, but, it wasn't planned and I ate standing in front of the fridge and grabbing food - instead of thinking it out. Isn't it nuts how food can get a hold of you.

But, thank goodness, everyday is a new beginning. I have a good food day planned. Just hanging with my DH and doing some paperwork in my office at home.

today -
plan and journal food
lots of water
stretches and movement

breakfast - ff cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, ww bread, natural peanut butter
snack - carrots
lunch - open face turkey and lite cheese, asparagus
snack - yogurt with flax, apple
dinner - cup of ham and bean soup, square of corn bread, roasted veggies
snack - oatmeal, milk, fruit

I'll catch up with everyone later on.

Have a GREAT on plan day. Treat yourself as good as you treat a good friend!

02-10-2008, 10:41 AM
Good Morning! Ok, so I am sure my neighbors are going to think I have absolutely lost it!!! The sun if actually peeking through the clouds this am and I just went around the house opening every blind and curtain I could reach! Gotta get some sunshine!!!! It is freezing cold--going to be single digits today, but that's ok at least there is sunshine!

mathpuppy--Welcome back! Sounds like you were able to work in some great exercise!

bigtxmomma--Good for you for resisting the munchies! I'm w/ Linda...a cup of hot tea is a great way to get rid of the munchies! Oh, yea, air popped popcorn is a good one too.

purple--Oh I feel your pain! I have let myself get caught up in projects or errands and don't take care of myself all too often! Good for you for catching it early on and putting a stop to it. Have fun shopping! I hope you find some great bargains!

Beverlyjoy--Thanks for starting us off! Great attitude--new day, new week! You can do this!

My knee and shoulder are really sore today--I think I was on my feet a little too much yesterday. So, as soon as I finish here, I will take the dogs out and hit the recliner. The plan for today is ice/heat and mindless tv and lots of water to drink. Oh and of course, curled up w/ the dogs--they always make me feel better! Dinner just has to be put in the oven later and lucky me, hubby will be home from work to enjoy it with me!

I didn't sleep well last night, so I will be taking a nap, that's for sure!

Have a great day!

02-10-2008, 11:17 AM
Hi chicks!
Here's today:
B - coffee with milk, V8, deviled egg, turkey bacon
S - string cheese
L - leftover stir fry
S - latte
D - split pea and ham soup with lots of veggies thrown in, raw cauliflower
S - Greek yogurt with almonds and agave nectar

One full day on plan yesterday - first one since Monday, whoo that's a relief! Here's to another one!:coffee:

Maybe I'll nap with you mj! DS had a friend over and they kept me up half the night. Unfortunately I am never able to sleep during the day, but sometimes a nap sounds so appealing, I wish I could. Isn't it amazing how a little sunshine this time of year can give you such a lift!
Beverlyjoy, today will be a great food day for you and me, I'm sure.

math puppy
02-10-2008, 02:02 PM
good morning my little troopers!

my plan is to hit the gym today. maybe i can get my work out buddy to come, shes pretty faded from the long trip we had, but i think she would be up for it. i had about 6 newman oreo cookies yester day! dont feel too bad about it, know i can work it all out this week. we are starting the zone diet this month. im kinda excited to have a real plan that we both share! it feels more supportive to be on the same plan with the person you live with

beverlyjoy- i remember when i stopped haveing big binges..it was so amazing to me that i could actually stop myself and have a small binge. anyways, i know youll do great today!

mj5- haha, i just got back for CA lots of sun there! gotta love it!

shmoodle- have you tried making your napping room as dark as posslible? maybe its the lightness that is triggering your internal clock? well, its winter so i bet its easier togo to bed early since its so dark in the evening. :)

see you guys later!

02-10-2008, 04:26 PM
Phew! Made it through yesterday in one piece!

My goal for today is to get in more water and to not let myself get so hungry at work that I come home and want to binge. I managed not to, but God, I wanted to.


B: egg white scramble with mushrooms, onions, and spinach, a banana

L: Grilled chicken breast on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and black olives, "pickled" cucumbers and onions on the side substituted for the icky chips I would have eaten instead, 1 orange

S: (before work): Lite yogurt, baby carrots w/ Laughing Cow

D: Mom's night to cook, and I've got no idea what she's making. If it's something I want, I'll have it, otherwise, I'll just kinda have to improvise. Probably stir-fry, if all else fails.

I'm feeling pretty draggy today, so I think it's time to lace up my sneakers and have a WATP date. Some WATP and resistance band training should perk me up a little. I've got another long shift tonight, and I really can't afford to be draggy and sluggish like I was yesterday. I was so exhausted mentally and physically that I just kinda sat there waiting for my last kid to get picked up so I could take out the trash, hit the lights, and clock out.

Definitely not a very good attitude to have, so I'm going to work on that today.

bigtxmomma: Good for you for resisting those munchies! That can be so hard to do.

Beverlyjoy: You'll have a great food day today! You'll get that PMA working and everything will just be smooth sailing! I really believe that half the battle is in our heads, and you always seem to have that in check.

MJ: I hope you get your knee pain under control soon! I know how devastating knee injuries can be, and how much they affect virtually everything you do during the course of a day. You can get through this!

math puppy: Don't beat yourself up about those cookies! Yesterday is gone and can't be changed, but you're right! You sure can work off those cookies, plus interest. Good for you for getting out and going to the gym!

If I missed anyone, I'll catch up with you later!

02-10-2008, 05:04 PM
I drug a friend to the mall today to get some jeans that fit...I have been wearing my 20s and they are literally falling off. I was hoping to be in an 18 but I am in a 16 :dance: I wasn't expecting that at all! Honestly, I was afraid the 18 wouldn't even fit. They are just a perfect fit, small amount of room in the waist and no extra room in the crotch where I normally buy them too big. It was fun shopping with my friend, and she showed me that the ones I would normally have bought were too big!

This was the motivation I need to get tough on myself again. i'm going to exercise right now :D

(sorry, posted it in last week then redid it here so it will be seen).

Sara--Nice to see you around again :hug: I wondered where ya went.

02-10-2008, 05:24 PM
Size 16? This calls for a celebration!

:cheer: :cheer2: :cheer:

Awesome job! I'm so proud of you, and I KNOW you're proud of yourself! And you have every single right to be, you've worked so hard. Way to go!

Have a great workout!

I have to run off to work soon, but I'll be back here after my shift, I'm sure.

Have a great day, OP day everyone!

02-10-2008, 06:42 PM
Hi again! I had a nice, rested day. Knee still hurts, but I need to try to some ice later. Plus, hubby is home now so he can take care of the dogs and wait on me! ;)

Schmoodle--So did you get to nap? I'm not sure I actually slept, but I rested! Gotta love sunshine!

mathpuppy--Glad you enjoyed the sunshine! I keep reminding myself that soon I will be complaining that I am too hot!

Sara--Sounds like a great plan for today! You can do it today! Thanks for the the + support!

purple--CONGRATS!!!!! size 16 that's awesome!!!

I am going to try to wear regular pants to work tomorrow, although I can wear workout pants if my knee/leg is still too swollen. My supervisor told me on Friday she basically doesn't care what I wear right now.

K, back to the chair and pillows for me!

02-10-2008, 09:41 PM
MJ: I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better today! Keep taking it easy and work that ice pack, honey!

I had a really short shift tonight, which is kinda two-fold for me. I was very tired and just mentally not in the game, but I do need the money right now, badly. Oh well, nothing I can do about it, so no stressing over it either.

I think I'm going to start adding in some stretches and simple yoga poses to my daily routine, to mix things up a little and add another dimension to what I'm already doing.

Oh, and I actually got a compliment from a co-worker tonight! She hadn't seen me since I left full-time around the first part of December, and when I walked in, she commented on how much smaller I looked. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd gained back everything I lost, but I was glad to get the compliment.

02-10-2008, 09:53 PM
Hello girls well just got my laptop hooked up and ready to go. I made it to the gym today. It was like a blizzard when I arrived there so I took my time working out. Nice one hr. workout no one else was around hardly so I had the choice of whatever equipment I wanted. My intake today was within my limits too. I did bake some cookies yesterday got into them a bit but shipped them out to the kids today only a few left for the hubby. I plan on working out 3 more times this week hopefully I can make it.
Bev I am planning on bean soup this week I made baked him for dinner tonight saved the bone.
Congrats to you girls your on a roll good for you shopping.
I am going to shop to this week a few new things for spring. I got an extra 30 percent off coupon can't let it go to waste now can I?
Take care and I will try to be more accountable this week with checking in. At least I have increased my exercise and am trying to eat better. cool that we can ck calories on this site now. I am loving that one.

02-10-2008, 10:12 PM
Ahhhh MJ, milk the sweat pants awhile longer and be comfortable :lol: sounds like you have a very nice boss.

Sara--if she doesn't realize you put it back on...don't tell her :sssh: You're going to get it all back off, so don't worry! Just take the compliment and keep going.

cckayac--no, can't let those coupons go! that is why I shopped today actually, and ended up with some really great deals on nice clothes that actually FIT...haven't had that in a long, long time. Good luck on your shopping trip :)

I did my Jillian backside tonight, and used my new 5 lb. weights because the 3 lb. weren't doing much for me anymore. I definitely feel the upper back tonight! She said working the upper back gives the illusion of a smaller waist, so I think about that as those muscles are sore. We're having a late night here which will mean a tired morning...hubby isn't even home yet and I'm starting to get annoyed. He wants me to make us a big salad for dinner so I'm sitting her starving and tired and no idea when he'll get back. I might just call him and say I"m eating now, he can throw his together when he gets here. I'm so tired :(

02-10-2008, 10:24 PM
:dizzy:Hello...I am new to this site and new to chatting...blogging....posting...etc...I finally got up the nerve to join and I have been lost since then. Any help as to how this all works would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to lose pretty much my entire life and I finally decided that I can not do it alone. HELP!! PLEASE!!!

02-10-2008, 11:03 PM
Hey! :hug: :welcome3:
It's nothing once you get the hang of it...just take your time :)

First of all, you will want to subscribe to the 100 pound club. There should be a tab at the top of the page. That way, when you log in, you can just click on us and here you'll be :)
When you add 3fc to your favourites, just make sure you're on the 100 pound club main page, and it will bring you back here whenever you open 3fc...that's what I've done.

As for everything else, well, just post any questions you might have...and it's perfectly OK if you have MANY! There are no silly questions...we're all in the same boat ;)
You've made one post...and that's great!

You also happen to have found the most wonderful, supportive place on earth (in my opinion, of course!) where you can lose this weight with people who feel the same way you do! You've now got a built in circle of friends/family...who are here for you 100%.

I'm so glad you've found us!


If you need more help, you can click on my username and "send a private message", and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. Or you can just post, and everyone else will help too :)

02-11-2008, 12:19 AM
Hey you guys! Had an ok day today foodwise (we went to the beach, and I ended up mostly eating low fat string cheese all day and sandwich meat =/), but I didn't do much exercise -- the temp at the beach seriously dropped 15 degrees when we got there, and a huge fogged rolled in. We froze our butts off. But I was in a bad mood when I got home, and instead of grabbing food, my body and brain was like, "Goooooooooooooo forrrrrrrrrrr a walkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk." So I went to the park and did the 1.25 mile loop and I'm so proud of myself that instead of vegging depressively, I actually exercised.

I need to go hang out with DH so I'll catch up later!!

02-11-2008, 06:40 AM
Hi chickies! Yesterday went pretty well. I stayed in my calorie range and had a nice day hanging with my DH. :) Felt good to go no where. I had time to meditate twice. Meditation has made a big difference in my life and relationship with food. Storytelling tonight at a library about 10 miles away - theme...Winter Tales! :D

- taking Mom to doctor this morning - it's too cold for her get her car warmed up, etc
- meditation
- lots of water
- ice and heat on my pieces and parts
- journal food
- PMA - positive mental attitude
- paper work and program tonight at a library

breakfast - ff cottage cheese, ww bread with natural peanut butter, pear
snack - carrots
lunch - HC Chicken and Dumpling soup, asparagus, turkey
snack - turkey, applesauce
dinner - "fried" brown rice with egg whites, 1/2 banana
snack - oatmeal, milk

Mj5 - YES..open those windows and let the sunshine in - it's good for the soul. I hope heat and ice help you...feel better. :hug: Glad hubby will help.

Schmoodle - you've planned for a great day. :) Yes, - the sunshine is cheerful. It was sunny here too yesterday - even though it was cold. The sun just makes ya feel better.

Sara - Great plan! I agree exercise always gets the motor going. PMA is actually my DH saying - he has been saying it ever since I known him (very up beat person). So after 30 years...I say it everyday too. :D

Purple - size 16 jeans. WOW. :bravo: Congrats - that is major. I know it must feel so good. Great workout, too.

cckayac - good for you...going to the gym when there's just about a blizzard! :carrot: Now that's dedication. My ham bone was left from xmas....enjoy your soup!

mustlosein08 - Welcome! :welcome3: feel free to post your plan and progress or whater. We can do this together.

bigtxmomma - Fantastic! Taking a walk instead of eating. :carrot: Way to go.

Have a GREAT on plan day folks. Treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend. :)

02-11-2008, 07:41 AM
Good Morning! I was up early, so I thought I would pop in! It's going to be another busy day...sick of me saying that yet?!

Sara-- Good for you for adding some stretches and yoga! And that's awesome about the compliment! Thanks! Unfortunately, you can relate all to well to knee pain!

cckayac--Great job on your workout! NO! Cannot let that coupon go to waste!

Purple--That's awesome that you had to increase your weights!

mustlosein08--Welcome! Just jump on in!

bigtxmomma--Good for you!!!

Beverlyjoy--Glad you had a nice day yesterday!

I hopped on the scale this am....no change. It's ok--I hardly exercised at all, so I didn't expect it to go down and it didn't go up, so that the good news!!!

My knee is sore, but I think it might be a bit better. Still not ready to try the gym tonight...going to give it a few more days, then I might try some 'easy' cardio (or maybe not yet--depending on how it feels--I promised the doctor I would go easy!).

I have my lunch all packed and we are having leftovers for dinner.

Gotta get ready for work...it's hard to get moving this am, it's SO cold....-15 windchill. Brrr...keep reminding myself before I know it, I will be complaining it is too hot!

Have a great on plan day!

02-11-2008, 08:49 AM
Good morning, Accountability Friends!

:welcome2: Mustlose. Hope we see lots of posts from you.
Purple - Size 16?! Wow! Congratulations!

Today is weigh-in for me. I've lost 2.4 pounds and am now in the 220's! :carrot: I cleaned house all weekend as a way to avoid the kitchen and it worked. And, I must say, my house looks great.:D My goal for this week is to start getting the exercise so I lose some inches.

Like MJ, I have a very busy work day and its already started for me. I'll be back later to chat a bit more and get "personal."

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-11-2008, 09:04 AM
Hi chicks, here's today:
B - deviled eggs, turkey bacon, V8, coffee with milk
S - string cheese
L - leftover shrimp stir fry
S - latte, celery with peanut butter
D - Taco Bake
S - Greek yogurt

Hope your week gets off to a great start everyone!
Purple, congrats on size 16!:carrot:
mustlose, you will get the hang of it in no time, and you'll love it here! It's a great bunch of supportive chicks and it's been so helpful to me in my weight loss.
mj, no nap for me, but I did lie on my bed and read for a while. Don't often get to do that.
Happy NSV Sara!
Rhonda, you are really on a losing streak!

Oh it is so cold here this morning, I am not looking forward to the walk to school! At least the wind has died down and there is some sun.
Have a good one chicks and stay warm!

02-11-2008, 02:21 PM
Beverly, I always have to watch myself too, otherwise I sample and sample and it's like, wow, that could have been a whole serving. Are you a librarian, out of curiousity?

mj5, I cannot blame you for opening the curtains!

math, Newmans oreos are awesome. They're one of my fav cookies. =D Hope adjusting to being home after vacation isn't hard on you.

Sara, you sound like such a good daycare provider.

Purple, way to go with the 16s! That's awesome.

Sorry if I missed someone. My head hurts from reading the posts sometimes. lol

2 eggs, 3 small Gimme Lean patties
Coffee, water
Lunch/dinner: lentil soup w/ a lot of veggies
Snack: don't know yet

Strength training
WATP or park

I feel lazy from yesterday. At least I got my walk in, but I didn't do any strength. So today I'm going to be more on the ball, I promise.

02-11-2008, 05:03 PM
Good grief, I feel like I nearly got blown away out running around today!

My goals for the week:

Went and picked up job applications this morning. Hopefully I'll get something out of it!

Breakfast: Egg white scramble with mushrooms and onions, 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: Picante Chicken and Pasta Smart One, small salad with lettuce, pickled onions, tomato, cucumber, and some homemade salsa as a dressing, 1 whole wheat tortilla cut into eights and run through the toaster.

Snack: banana, lite yogurt

Dinner: Mom's making pork chops, which I hate, so I'll probably just grill a chicken breast with some veggies and a salad.

02-11-2008, 07:07 PM
Hi again! If I only knew how busy it was going to be today, I would have stayed home! I had the only two am people in one dept call in sick today...luckily it ended up working out ok, but wow....it was a little crazy there for a while!

Rhonda--Congrats!!! That is awesome!

Schmoodle--I am glad you were able to relax and read! It's cold here too..I am really ready for Spring!

bigtxmomma--What did you do for exercise today?

Sara--Sound like great goals for the week! I know something will work out w/ all those applications! Too bad you are so far away, we are hiring!

Food choices were good today. Water was terrible--not sure why, except that I was cold...I should have made tea--no excuses tomorrow! I have 3, yes 3 different kinds of decaff tea in my office and a water cooler down the hall w/ all the hot/cold water I can drink.

I am really getting hungry, so while I wait for dinner to warm up I am going to have some salad...I don't want to sabotage a good day w/ junk! Besides, since I am limited w/ working out (maybe a little by the end of the week), I really need to make sure food and water are extra good!

One of our dogs needs a minor surgical procedure on Friday--she has this weird looking growth on her butt. The vet doesn't seem too concerned, but also said that it really should be removed. So, surgery it is! Hubby has Friday off, so he'll 'babysit' the other dog who will be lost when I drop the other one off at the vet. It's kind of sad to watch really...she'll search her kennel, then sniff around the house...... I am going to work 1/2 day, then pick her back up and the four of us will just relax for the rest of the day.

ok, time for salad!

Have a great night!

02-11-2008, 09:22 PM
mj5, thank you for keeping up with me! =D =D Today I did about 45 mins of strength and stretching, and 1 mile WATP + kept going for a bit afterwards. Yay! I am slightly in pain, though, but good. I also drank a LOT of water throughout the day.

02-11-2008, 09:36 PM
My first accountability post. I had a great day with food today. I stayed on plan. I also got my walk in this morning. I did gain 2lbs though. But I did not stay on my exercise or food plan last week. Trying not to beat myself up too much. I was sick all week long. I felt better by Friday, so I "comforted" myself with food. Now my kids and hubby are getting sick.

B: 1/2 cup fiber one, 1/4 cup milk, 1 egg, 2oz cream cheese
S: Celery w/PB
L: about 1 cup of romaine salad, mozz cheese, and dressing, pizza on this new funky flatbread I found, 1 TBS sauce, few slices of pepperoni, and some cheese
S: 1 slice string cheese, 15 cashews(yes I counted):-)
D: Chili, lf sour cream

I feel like I'm eating way too much, but it was working before I got sick last week. And it's a LOT less than I was eating a month ago. S

Everyone stay warm!


02-11-2008, 10:16 PM
A big welcome to mustlose and Missy!!!! I find once I get on here, I can't leave :) the support is wonderful and the people are great too!

Okay, so I'm BACK. and NO i did not SKI. :(

Sadly, the little cold I had turned into a full-blown body aching, sweating, shivering, feverish FLU. I spent all weekend cooped up with family in a condo. Honestly, I just wanted to go home and go to bed.

There were however 2 highlights to the weekend. I did leave the condo briefly on Sunday to see the kids in the snow with their skis on learning to ski. It was SO CUTE, I cried. I was emotional for a lot of reasons which I will get into in a bit. The second highlight was that I was assured to have lost more weight than I had hoped. I barely ate all weekend because of feeling sick. I had some crackers and some soup, but really, I'm sure I am down another few pounds. This highlight of my weekend really doesn't compare with the first in any way, but it's the only other thing that was good about being away.

I am a bit emotional about being at the ski hill. First of all, I can't believe how many people go there and how much fun active, healthy people are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad because I have missed out on literally years of having fun, all because I am too big to do things (or I perceive myself as being too big to do these things). What is shocking to me is how even 10 years ago, (before kids, before being over 220lbs), how I never thought to go and have fun skiing??? Did I think I was too fat then>?? My god!

I resolve now, to lose the weight, the guilt, and the burden. This is more than just losing weight now, it's a mission to gain the confidence I need to know there is MORE TO LIFE than eating chips and watching TV.

Next year we are going back, and I plan to ski, take lessons, have fun, enjoy it all....I plan to show my kids that I can do this too. That mommy can learn to snowboard too. Next year I will be well under 200, and I should be able to find ski pants in my size!!!!!!!

Okay, so I came home 3pm on Monday and I weighed myself. I was 256 after having eaten my first big meal since being sick ( I am feeling better as of this morning). So I am usually about 3-4 pound heavier in the day, so I am thinking I will be 253-254 in the morning.

I'm glad to be back home, and I'll be posting my regular menu tomorrow!

Cheers, Ginger

A quick PS: this is the third FLU I've had in 6 weeks. I'm a tad worried it's something else, so I am going to my Dr. just in case.

02-12-2008, 01:02 AM
Glad to see I'm not the only new person who is not very familiar with message boards, etc. Starting to know my way around a lil :)

I'm amazed at how many of you are able to drop the weight, it is an inspiration. I have tried very hard without much success, so hopefully this time around I will make it work. I'm still trying to figure out what will work for me, and have settled on a little combination of everything - Low carb, low calorie, low fat... mostly lean or low fat protein and vegis with small amounts of fruit (1 serving a day?). Today was pretty much my first full day on this plan and I think I did pretty well. I do belong to a gym right downstairs from where I work but I have not been there in several months. So I think this week I'll start up again.

I hope I will soon have some results... last time I worked at it very diligently for 3 months and only lost 5 pounds :( very disappointing... so I gave up and gained 20 more since then!

I am hoping that this time with a little encouragement and support I will be able to push through and keep trying, even if it takes me a loooooong time.

Please let me know what methods seem to work best for you guys and how long it took you before you started losing... do I just have a stubborn body or what??

02-12-2008, 01:51 AM
KharaarahK: What worked for me in the past was my own plan of sorts. I didn't set a calorie limit, per se, but instead, I gave myself a range, 1600-1800 calories per day. I found that having a range gave me a little more flexibility, and made it not so nerve-wracking.

Tons of water is also a big thing for me, because it keeps my mouth busy, makes my stomach feel full, and also helps you dump that extra water weight.

I try to include fresh fruits and veggies as much as I can, because that's a personal preference, I think. Sure, they're necessary for a healthy, balanced diet, but some people have problems with the sugars or have issues digesting certain fruits and veggies.

Is it possible that maybe you were TOO restrictive on your calories last time? When we don't eat enough, our bodies go into starvation mode and start hanging on to every thing we eat, so we really don't lose much.

We've all got different bodies and different metabolisms, so what works for one isn't always going to work for another. I think the biggest thing is to make small changes in the beginning, and then add to them as you get more comfortable with your new lifestyle. We can't make this a diet, it has to be a lifestyle change, something we can live with forever. I think that's really where a lot of people struggle, is that they lose weight with some crazy diet, and then as soon as they start eating "normally", it all piles back.

math puppy
02-12-2008, 03:21 AM
hey guys sorry i dont have time to write alot, i have to get to bed, but i did skimm your posts and plan to catch up on the post i missed tommorrow.

my main reason for squeezing in some computer time on 3fc is to say that i am definatly doing sit ups after i get of the comp.

there! now its in writing, that makes it leagal! ha ha!

purple fly -wow!!!! im so happy for you! and maybe a little jelouse! lol but also glad for the inspiration!! ill think of you next time i think of slacking on the work out routine or the letting a binge attack sneak up on me!! enjoy your new jeans you earned them!! =D

mj5- im sorry your knee hurts so much! that must make exercising hard.. did you injure it or is it always that way?

xtrisaratops- yay for yoga! being limber is always good

mustlosein08- welcom! and i love the name!

kharaarahk!- im so glad you are here! welcome and cant wait to support you in your journy!

okay thats all i got time for, ill check on you all later!(err...tommorrow)

(lol i didnt have time to spell check anything, just pretend i was drunk while writing this and you might be able to forgive my terrible and im sure numerous misspellings!)

02-12-2008, 08:04 AM
Hi friends...food was good until hubby brought me a brownie. I could have said no...but, ate half. It was chocolate....couldn't resist. However, I need to remind him NOT to bring me treats. I felt guilt....that's no way to live.

movement and stretches
journal food
water, water, water

breakfast - grits,lite cheese, grapes
snack - cooked flax with ICBINB spray
lunch - open face turkey and lite cheese, carrots
snack - apple, crackers
dinner - "grilled" lite cheese, tomato soup, roasted veggies
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

I'll catch up with you all later. Have a great day. Treat yourself as well as you treat a good friend.

02-12-2008, 08:32 AM
Hi guys! Just wanted to throw one in that you guys inspired me yesterday. I was having trouble beause I'd plan my mornings, not my evenings, and end up over my calorie goals. I planned it all out yesterday, marked it up today on MyDailyPlate, and feel pretty good about it.

B: Scrambled eggwhite with veggies, lf cheese on 1 ww toast
S: Banana, Yogurt Cup
L: Perogies, Salad, lf Ranch dressing
S: None- at work, won't have anything to munch on.
D: MDonalds O.o 6 Nuggets with honey and a parfait.
S: A peanutbutter on white toast, maybe.

You guys are inspiring!

02-12-2008, 08:58 AM
Good morning, Accountability Friends!

:welcome2: to Missy, Kharaarahk and Souvenirdarling! So glad you all decided to post here. This is a great group of supportive and encouraging partners. I credit much of my success in weight loss to coming here and posting each day.

I didn't get around to working out yesterday. I had a presentation for work and ended up working late. Hubby strained his back on Sunday, so I was responsible for dinner. Have I mentioned how much I despise cooking? Then, I had to make a "Wallyworld" run and pick up a little something for my oldest DD. Today is her birthday. She turned 12 at 7:05 this morning.:) Today, we are taking the family to dinner to celebrate. She wants sushi. (yuck!) I'm not sure where we're going as we moved here last June and we've not found a sushi place for Hubby and DD yet. Wherever we go, I'm looking for something low calorie or as healthy as possible. And, I'm determined to get in a workout sometime today. Maybe at lunch.

Kharaarahk - I lose weight very slowly. I'm now 43 years old and I had a total hysterectomy in 2005. I fight hard for every single pound I lose. For me, the Southbeach plan worked very well. This plan taught me how to eat healthy whole foods. However, one word of advice....if you decide to follow this plan, please check out the recipes on the Southbeach chicks threads here at 3FC or invest in some Southbeach cookbooks. The foods can be quite delicious, however, the frozen meals don't taste that great. As of two weeks ago, I began calorie counting because my weight loss had stalled. I pretty much still eat Southbeach approved foods, however, I now track how many calories I'm eating each day. This has made me very aware of every single bite I eat and has been a real eye opener for me. I was eating way to much healthy foods to lose weight. For the majority of people, losing weight really is all about calories in versus calories out. therefore, I've found that exercise is a must no matter what eating plan I follow. Without some sweat equity, the scales will not budge.

Ginger - 3 episodes of the flu within 3 weeks? Hmmmm....that doesn't really sound right. Maybe you haven't ever fully recovered from the first one and you're relapsing. Or, maybe its not the flu. I'm glad you've decided to go see the doctor.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

02-12-2008, 10:40 AM
Hello everyone.

Purple - CONGRATS on the 16's! That is awesome.

It is a bad scale week for me. I just got over 'that time of the month' and I am feeling all bloated. I did not even weigh myself on Friday. Hopefully this Friday will not be too bad.

I am back at work. It is nice getting out of the house, but I miss my baby girl!

02-12-2008, 10:46 AM
I went on a walk yesterday with Kathleen. We walked to and from the shopping plaza across the street from our apartment complex. I didn't time it, but we walked the entire time (walking in 2 stores was a little slower, of course) but I'd say all and all we got about 30 minutes in. She got to sweating a little. I didn't sweat, but my legs were all tingly all over when we got home.

Food: not that great. I need to get back into my food journal. I've been having trouble sticking to it... writing down 2 to 3 days, then missing 2 to 3 days, etc.

02-12-2008, 11:08 AM
Hi everyone! I officially overdid it yesterday and my knee is really sore today. I put the word out first thing this am at work today that MJ is in the office and if you want anything, you come to me!
bigtxmomma--Great job! That's what we are here for!


kissingginer--Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you ended up so sick! Good for you for coming up w/ a plan and a goal for next year!

kharaarahk--Hang in there! I go in spurts...I'll lose, then maintain for a while. You can do this! What works for me is making healthy food choices--I figure I am making life time changes--not just a diet, so I have to do something I can live w/ forever. Nothing is forbidden, just watch portions. I workout at home (dvd's) and go to a gym. I am 'benched' right now w/ and injury and even when I am healthy I struggle w/ exercise, but I had been doing better. Drinking lots of water is key too.

mathpuppy--I injured it (and re-injured it) a long time ago and had multiple surgeries. Unfortunately, it's never been the same since. There is one more surgery looming, but we are trying to push that as far away as possible!

Beverlyjoy--1/2 is better than all! It's ok to treat yourself once in a while! I love your statement about treating yourself...I think we often forget to take care of ourselves!


Rhonda--Sorry to hear yesterday was so busy! Happy bday to dd. Sushi, yea, not a fan either. Good luck getting in a workout today. I know you can do it!

margaritachic--It's good to hear from you!

rakel--Great job on your walk!

So, my plan to try even some 'gentle' cardio by the end of the week may be a bit ambitious...still playing that by ear, but I will not overdo it!!!!

I have had one cup of de-caf tea and am going to go make another one. It's pretty cold in my office, so cold water just doesn't sound good right now! Plus lots of people are sick and I am hoping the tea will help me stay healthy!

Have a great day!

02-12-2008, 11:30 AM
Just to write down my plan for today:

Light strength exercises because my muscles are feeling it
WATP 1 mile

That's all I can commit to for exercise today. I'm in a bad-ish mood. Hopefully it will improve after bfast.

For food:
Bowl of lentil soup & egg for bfast
lunch: smoothie
dinner: lentil soup?? If I go out and get some tomatoes, I'm going to make portabella "pizzas"

02-12-2008, 11:31 AM
Ginger--I was thinking you seem to have been sick a lot lately, but you have little ones so that is not entirely unheard of. Get checked, smart girl. I agree with you on the sadness of years lost. I have thought about that a lot and it's one thing that keeps me going as well. I am so glad you go that realization, it makes that trip and the flu worth it because it's one of those "aha moments" that stick with you. Just another reason to stay OP...don't waste another single day! YOu are NOT too big to do fun things. If I can roller skate at my daughter's birthday party in a couple weeks you can do those things as well :lol: i actually roller skated with them at my heaviest, 257 ;)

mj--rest the knee...but i do like to hear about you trying to do all you can and not letting it be an excuse. Take it easy now though.

rakel--even light workouts burn calories, good job! I don't know that I'd ever have any spare money if I lived across thes treet from a shopping plaza :lol:

margarita--the great thing about TOM gains is that it is only water and will go away soon enough...as long as it really is just TOM bloating. I tend to lose the same during TOM if I don't give into the intense cravings, so unfortunately my little TOM gains are usually not water :( but I correct it and it comes right back off, so no worries. Hang in there, it goes away.

Rhonda--glad to hear you still trying to work those workouts in...how is the calorie counting working? Sorry about hubby, baby him back to one piece.

Sounvenir--sounds like planning works for you! Keep at it, and welcome to the group.

Beverly--tell hubby you want things that smell good, not taste good (and not smells good as in food)! I told hubby that and he's done better about gifts now.

mathpup--I am a bit jealous of myself :lol: I did not expect to be in 16s at all, and would not have tried them had I not had a friend with me who made me do it. She said "don't look at the size, just put them on" and they FIT. Now, not all the 16s fit, some I was kinda in between where 16 was tight, 18 was loose. But I found 2 pair that fit perfect and they were both 16 and I bought them! I wore one yesterday and it's amazing how much better I feel in them, compared to the 20s I have been lugging around in. I always thought it better not to spend $$ on in between sizes I'd just shrink out of, but it does a lot for my confidence to wear something that fits so that opinion has changed! I can't wait to see what size I fit when I hit my 20% goal....20 more lbs to go for that.

Khara--The only thing that has worked for me long term, and that I feel I can keep up for life, is calorie counting. It's simple, easly to follow, and when I feel I want a treat or have to eat out I don't have all the guilt, long as it works into the calories. I do try to limit fat and keep about half from protein because I feel better when I do that...but when things get tough I just require msyelf to stay in my calories no matter what I eat, and it works for me. I can also adjust calories for one day depending on circumstances, so just feels very natural and not stressful for me. Everyone is different though, and it took me awhile to put together what worked best for me. It will take time, but you'll find things that work, put them together and have your own little plan.

missy--welcome to the group :hug:

Sorry if i didn't go far enough back to completely catch up, but I have to run out the door now...just missed you guys and wanted to see how you all are doing :) I'll be back later.

02-12-2008, 03:43 PM
Hi everyone!

okay, so I have a fridge full of nothing to eat and now 2 sick kids with fevers. They got my flu. So I can't leave to go grocery shopping, so I am going to have to be creative.

today's plan:
b: crackers and PB, tea
s: oranges
L: eggs and ?? usually I would eat a veggie, but there are NONE. Agh!
S: oranges
D: beef stir fry (I do have enough cauliflower for the family. But beef and cauliflower and onions for a stir-fry? yikes...it'll be my worst one ever.

Purple: It was a huge AHA moment for me. I don't think I could possibly write about it, the way it felt. You are roller skating!! That's fab! No things shouldn't stop me from doing them just because I feel too big to do them, but the reality is, that some things just aren't very possible because of my weight. I can't rock-climb with hubby because they just don't make safety gear big enough for my size, and it's so hard to climb with all this extra weight. I totally get what you mean though. Oh and CONGRATS on the 16's!

mj: sorry to hear your knee is still bothering you. rest up!

Rhonda- I've seen your posts here and elsewhere and I just wanted to congratulate you on your losses - that calorie counting and fluctuating your numbers seem to be working.

beverly - how could he bring you brownies! good for you for only eating 1/2!

rakel: awesome going for a walk. :D I need to do more of that too when I get healthy.

bigmomma: sorry you are in a bad-ish mood...i was there last week, hang in there.

Margarita: tom comes and goes: hang in there and you'll see the scales drop next week

Cheers everyone!

02-12-2008, 04:26 PM
I screwed up, you guys. I have to tell you because I am accountable to you. But anyway, fast food is one of my weaknesses. I didn't each much until I met DH (I lived in Maine for most of my adult life, and you just don't eat fast food in Maine). DH was addicted to fast food when I met him (he hates cooking and worked weird shifts), and I got addicted, too. We pledged to stop eating fast food a couple months ago.

Then today DD and I were out shopping and I wanted a drink on the way home, but I don't like leaving her in the car while I go into a convenience store, and I don't like taking her in because she'll want something and then freak out if she can't get it. So I called DH and was like, "Ugghhh does it count if I just get a drink from Sonic?" and he said it was okay, so I went to Sonic and got a diet coke and asked for lime and cranberry juice for DD. Then DD was all, "Mommy, I want a burger." And we hadn't eaten lunch so we were both hungry but I said no way but I was definitely tempted.

Then I got the drinks and my diet coke was really sweet and as I'm driving away, I'm thinking, "Wow what if they put like a sugary flavor shot into this?" but I KEPT DRINKING IT ANYWAY!!! ?!??!?! I knew there was a 50/50 chance it was just lime or flavor shot (my ability to taste sugar is really warped now that I haven't eaten any sugar for two weeks). But it was like I almost wanted it to foil my plan so I could go back to eating junk again.

Anyway I got home and looked up nutrition facts and the fresh lime added to sodas is just fresh lime... 21 calories with like 3 grams of carbs or something, so it's not bad. And there are two pieces of lime in my drink. But on the way home, I kept thinking that I might as well binge as soon as I got home because what was the point, anyway.

But I didn't. But I almost did. I wanted to. I still want to. =/ =/ =/ =/

I have no willpower. DD is down for her nap and as soon as she wakes we're out of here to go get stuff for making Valentines to get my mind off it. :(:(:(:(:(

02-12-2008, 04:45 PM
Girly, happy birthday to your DD! I'm shocked that she likes sushi. Hope you were able to get in a workout.

Rakel, good job on the walk. That's good you were able to tie it in with something interesting, like shopping. =D

mj5, I'm glad you're taking it easy and resting on that knee. Yea, let them all come to you!!

Ginger, I think beef and cauliflower and onions make a good stir fry. =D Esp if you have some yummy seasonings.

02-12-2008, 09:22 PM
Bigtxmomma, congrats on NOT going on a binge. It's so hard to stop wanting that junk food. For me, it's sweets. Anything sweet or carb-rich. I think the only thing that is keeping me on track is: I'm worried about my health. Back pain, diabetes, heart attack....I think it's great that you and dh are giving up fast food.


02-12-2008, 09:35 PM
MJ, I hope your knee is better.

Ginger, we have all been sick at my house. I was out of the office pretty much all week last week. Now my kids are getting it. Hope they feel better soon.

There was a cake at my office today, chocolate, and I didn't eat it!!! I wanted to, but I'm going out for my b-day this weekend. So, I stayed away. No exercise today though, it's my long day at work, 8-8. Well I hope I'm out of here by 8.


02-12-2008, 11:24 PM
But I didn't. But I almost did. I wanted to. I still want to. =/ =/ =/ =/


The only thing that is important here is the "BUT I DIDN'T." The almost did and wanted to don't matter...you DIDN'T do it :hug: That is awesome. You are going to go through these times and it is SO HARD, trust me I understand completely I've been there, but you have to just get through it and know that those cravings will go away in time. Give in and you are starting over from square one again, and then you'll still have to go through those hard moments again later...why not get them out of the way now? :hug::hug::hug: YOU CAN DO THIS! You proved that to yourself today. You can!

02-12-2008, 11:29 PM
Ginger--Okay so there are some things you can't do, but never pass up trying things that don't require equipment, okay? ;) I feel for ya on the empty fridge with sick little ones...I was there just a week or so ago, such a hard combo to get through.

I am happy to report I feel out of my dark mood today. I just woke up feeling better. It is also day two of TOM, so I think I just had a very bad PMS period, that always lightens when I actually start. It's early though, so I didn't think about it being that.

Tomorrow will be a challenging day for me. It's my daughter's sixth birthday and I'm feeling pretty sad over her turning another year older. I have to go to her school with adorable little mini cupcakes and a bunch of cookies...valentine decorated since it's about all I could find this time of year, and those little cupcakes have always been my favs. I will have extras, but plan to leave them with the teachers if they'll take them. As a back up, I might "forget" to take them when I leave :lol:

Night everyone...hope we are all doing well! I'll check back in the morning and then after her school party...whill need to stay accountable with those cupcakes :)

02-13-2008, 12:00 AM
You guys are awesome. Thank you for your support. I felt like ****, and seriously, if it wasn't for this board I probably would have binged. =/

math puppy
02-13-2008, 02:34 AM
whoa, i just got an awsome workout. there is a particular teacher at my martial arts school that gives these intense warm ups combined with alot of leg work and sparring. omg it kills me, but somthing about getting all that cardio always makes me feel... clean.. i dont know how to explain it, but that the closest i can come to discribing it. i feel clean and aleart and "in the zone" to bad i wasnt more of a morning person, it would be an awsome way to start the day.

in other exciting news: i didnt go over my calories today! :carrot:
now if i dont eat anything else tonight ill be a-ok :)

kharaarahk- i have found that calorie counting has worked best for me. also i concentrate on getting enough protien and veggies and low carb. working out is very important too!

purple- how did the cupcake caper go? did you leave them with the teacher?

beverlyjoy-dude, if some one gave me a brownie, i dont know if i have reached the point where i would only eat 1/2! will power!!

souvenierdarlnig- glad to help! keep up the good work

girlygirlsebas- did you sneak your work out in during lunch? thats always so hard for me, props to you for even thinking about luch time work outs.

rakel-i can be like that to (slacking on the journaling). but i got these really small compisition books that fit in my back pocket, and now i try not to leave the house without them. i kind of think of them as just as important as not forgeting my wallet. haveing them on hand has really helped my food journaling

mj5- even gental cardio can make you sweat!

bigtxmomma- portibella pizza?! okay, you have to tell me how you do that!! omg im drooling just thinking abut it! and also, you DO have will power! now repeat after me: "I HAVE THE POWER!" quick! now pose like he-man and pretend you are just as in shape as him. feel better? hee hee
(my biggest challange is bingeing too, its an up hill battle!)

math puppy
02-13-2008, 02:38 AM
oh yea, and in other accountibility news....curiosity got the better of me. i steped on the scale even though i said i wasnt going to till friday, but umm.... i gained on my vacation! noooo.... well, i was expecting it, but i dont have the heart to change my ticker,... im just going to leave it there to remind me that im not that far away :P

02-13-2008, 03:09 AM
Thanks for all the advice everyone and also the great support and encouragement! I really appreciate all the input.

I've decided that for now I'm going to just take it meal by meal and try to eat primarily lean protien and vegis. I'm going to limit myself to 1 serving of fruit a day because once I get sugar in my system (or starches) I will start craving everything and have a hard time controlling it! But if I omit those things it's pretty easy to stay in control as long as I don't let myself go too long without eating. I used to always skip breakfast and would be starving later on, then eat too much througout the day; Because of it so I am FORCING myself to eat breakfast before work (even though I have to get up earlier which is soooo hard for me!)

I did well today though! I actually went to the Gym for the first time in a long time and I ate very well and didn't even feel deprived. I just keep reminding myself it's always easy in the beginning so I really need to watch myself after a couple weeks. I did lose 1 pound though! (I think...) My scale tends to give me different readings each time I step on it so I usually just take the number that comes up the most often. :p

BigTXMomma - I was quite impressed at your ability to hold back your urge to binge! I know that feeling sooo well... At the end of your post you said you have no will power but CLEARLY you have a great deal of it! You should be feeling great about it.

Math Puppy - don't you worry, I know you will be back to where you were in no time at all. :)

02-13-2008, 07:48 AM
Good Morning! Ok, so staying in my office all day yesterday...or at least on my floor, seemed to help, so same plan for today! Still really sore--now the bruises are starting to show :( I think my plan to try to work out this week may have been a bit ambitious. I am thinking I will give myself through the weekend, and hit the gym Monday after work. I have to say, I miss my routine! It's different when it's a 'forced' break from the gym!

bigtxmomma--Good for your for committing to exercise! Hope you were able to get into a better mood! Mmm, portabella pizza sounds SO good! I never thought of that! You grew up in Maine, I LOVE Maine--it's where dh and I went for our honeymoon! Well, it was a drink. Not a total binge. You CAN do this!!! One day at a time!!!! You do have willpower--you could have turned your car around and ordered junky food and you did not! Go You!

Purple--Thanks! I owe it all to my parents! SO glad you are feeling better!!! Happy bday to dd!

kissingginger--Hope everyone feels better soon!

Missy--Great job resisting today!

mathpuppy--Awesome workout! Great job! You will be back to your ticker weight in no time!

Khar--Great Job!!!!

Sara, Beveryjoy, Schmoodle, Rhonda, and anyone I may have missed...have a great day!

To everyone where it is snowing/icy...stay warm and drive safe!

02-13-2008, 09:02 AM
Good morning, Accountability Friends!

DD's birthday dinner was fun. We went to a Japanese steak house. I had the steak and shrimp. Of course, they use tons of butter on the grill for the chopping and dicing, but I tried to keep my portions small and avoided too much rice. And, I had a diet coke in lieu of the plum wine. Then, I ate a very small piece of her birthday cake with a tiny spoonful of ice cream. The sugar in the cake and ice cream gave me a head rush and left me feeling really tired. I can't believe that I used to eat a whole bag of Hershey kisses in one day and have 3-4 cups of coffee each day with 2-3 TBS of sugar. No wonder I gained so much weight!

Margaritachic - I remember how tough it was to leave my DD's to return to work. I think its great that you're staying on-plan despite the tough times. Hope the scales reward you nicely on Friday!

Rakel - I'm with you on the food journaling. I also track for 2-3 days then stop. Why don't we make a committment to each other to journal everyday for at least 2 weeks.

MJ - I know you miss your routine, but pamper yourself some. And, your bruised achey body deserves it! Plus, what better way to avoid all of the illnesses than to hide out in the office? Hope your soreness eases up soon.

Momma - IMO, willpower is very over rated. I don’t have much of it for myself either. So, I rely on pre-planning. It also helps to write this stuff down in some type of journal or blog as a reminder to yourself of what happened and what you can do to prevent anything happening in the future.

Purple – I am so glad that your dark mood has lifted! It’s great to “see” your smiling face again.

Ginger - Next year’s skiing trip is gonna be great! I also had an a-ha moment near the beginning of my journey. I had joined 3FC, but wasn’t fully committed to changing my lifestyle and staying on-plan. Then, my family went to Disneyworld. We had been several times before, but this time I was 75 pounds heavier. I couldn’t keep up! My knees and feet were aching and I had no stamina at all. For me, that was the point where this journey became more about my health and future well-being than about how I looked. I’m happy to say that subsequent trips to Disneyworld and other family fun days have been much more enjoyable since I’ve lost some weight.

Missy – Great job with avoiding the chocolate cake!

Math – Sorry that the scales are showing a vacation gain. Keep up your great workouts and staying on-plan and you’ll switch that around in no time!

Khara - Yes, this journey is easy in the beginning. But, we can be 100% certain that the difficult times will come….probably a lot sooner than we’d like! But, you can do this! Keep planning. If you fall, pick yourself back up immediately and keep going. And, plan plan plan. I really do think that success is based upon lots of planning ahead for any roadblocks that might come your way.

Accountability time for me: I never made it onto the treadmill yesterday. My scales have stopped dropping and I know that my luck has run out. I must include exercise in my plan to keep the scales moving. I'm feeling a little tired and depressed today (maybe the sugar from last night?) but I know that I have to get on the treadmill today. So, I'm committing to at least 30 minutes.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

02-13-2008, 12:11 PM
Hi folks...finally, I have a chance to catch up with you all. I've done well with my food yesterday and I am grateful. :) I am so glad I'll go tomorrow to see the orthopedic doctor for an opinion on my back pain and foot pain. :(

Today DH is going to the company's national sales meeting where they will announce his new position. I think it will be good. Time will tell.

I don't have to be anywhere today - so I can putter at home and catch up on paper work in my office (never ending, it seems.) I am getting lots of calls for summer jobs - yippee! :D

my plans:
journal food
ice & heat
stretches and movement

breakfast - ff cottage cheese, peach, natural pnb on ww bread
snack - roasted veggies with parm. cheese
lunch - HC manicotti with brocolli
snack - baked apple, yogurt
dinner - blueberry 12 grain pancakes, turkey bacon, sf syrup
snack - cereal, flax, milk

Now to catch up!

bigtxmamma - you asked if I am an librarian. No...actually, I am a prof. storyteller and puppeteer. Wonderful job! Your plans are looking good.

Sara - good goals and plan!

Mj5 - hope your doggie does OK with his procedure. Part of the family - absolutley. So sorry your knee is being so painful. :hug: I totally understand how draining that can be. What does the doctor say at this point?

Missy - Welcome! :D:D So glad you had a good day. Now don't beat yourself up if the scale doesn't say what you think it should...the scale always catches up eventually - with your actions and intentions.

Ginger - so sorry your were sick on your special weekend away. Ya know, it's a wonderful and doable goal to be able to be on those slopes next year! Three bouts of flu is awful....you take care. :hug:

Khar - Welcome :D :D ...so glad to hear you did well your first day on plan. I've had success with what I call "organized calorie counting" . I eat between 1400 - 1700 calories a day...making sure I eat fruit, veggies, protein, healthy starch, dairy and fat every day. Good job at the gym!! :carrot:

Souvenior - Good plan! And very good goals!!! :)

Rhonda - I hope DH heals quickly. It's hard when their down. Ya know..where I live we can get really good sushi at the grocery store. You did a great job at the restaurant!!!! :D Good for you.

Rakel - good job on the walking! :)

Purple - good idea about the gifts! I'll tell DH. So glad to hear your out of your dark mood. I am so glad you didn't bake for your daughters treat at school. :) It's too hard to NOT eat it...too tempting.

Math puppy - Doing situps is awesome. :carrot: So glad you've been staying on plan!

Hi schmoodle. Hope you are doing well!!!!

If I left anyone out...so sorry.

Everyone...have a great ON PLAN day. Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend.

math puppy
02-13-2008, 12:13 PM
good morning just have a sec to say high and tell everyone that they are going to have a great day! go team go!

khara-good job going to the gym dosent it feel great! one meal at a time baby!

mj5- glad you found somthing that worked for your knee

girly-isnt it amazing what happens when when you stop eating sugar?

02-13-2008, 12:31 PM
I am about to go get my son and won't be back home until after I do the cupcake thing at the school. Wish me luck getting rid of all the cupcakes...I bought those little ones thinking there won't be many left and hopefully some kids will want another one and they'll get eaten. I feel bad because I bought a pack of 20 goodie bags and enough stuff to fill them, and no extra candy on purpose. Well...there were only 19 bags in the pack and I didn't want to go back to the store so I just put the stuff for the last bag and some extras into a ziplock baggie and gave it to my daughter, so she won't get a goodie bag today. But, she doesn't need it anyway and didn't seem to mind, so why do I feel so guilty like I have to go buy another pack of bags just to put hers in one so she won't feel left out :?: Hubby demanded I NOT do that, it's silly, she doesn't even care, so I'm not going to, though I really want to.

Beverly, I am not a baker! I do good to whip up a box of brownies or the little cookies that you just put on the pan and stick in from time to time...well, not even that anymore, but you get the point. I hate cooking, which is why it was a HUGE leap for me to start eating healthy. My lunch I just ate...a large can of 98% fat free breast of chicken in water (drained) with just a little NSA relish. Drain, dump in a bowl, throw in some relish, over with. Lunch for one :lol: I do that or salads a lot when it's just me, save the cooking for when the kids and hubby are around and I have to do it.

02-13-2008, 05:01 PM
Ugh, accountability time.

Yesterday was really great....until "the box" came....the box stuffed with all the Valentine's crap from my boyfriend. Most of it was sweet, non-food stuff, but then I dug to the bottom of the huge box, and there it was: my weakness. His mom makes these sugared pecans that are AMAZING, and they've always been my weakness. Honestly, before I even had time to react, I was sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR shoving them into my mouth.

Instead of throwing them out, I took the remainder of them and packed them into very small, individual servings, 5-7 pecans, and threw them into the back of the freezer. They've been relegated to treat status only, unless I can't handle that, and then they meet the trash bin.

Today has been better, but my main focus has been on water + stretches.

02-13-2008, 07:16 PM
Hi again!

Rhonda--Sounds like you did really well at dd's bday dinner! Did you make it on the treadmill today?

Beverlyjoy--I hope you get some answers at the dr tomorrow! Paperwork just never ends does it?! My dr says right now wait (my *favorite thing in the world*) for the swelling to go down. Then I can see how the pain is. If it is like pre-fall (which most likely it will be), he can inject it with a cortizone-like injection. It will at least take the edge off for several weeks. That will bide me some time to get my workouts back on track, continue to lose weight, continue to strengthen the muscles, etc. We'll continue that cycle until I just can't take it anymore. At some point I have to have the underside of my kneecap re-surfaced and some other stuff done. Luckily, not nearly as bad as a whole knee replacement, but NOT a pleasant surgery--that's the reason for pushing it off as long as possible. Keep up the GREAT work!

Purple--How did you do?

Mathpuppy--How was your day?

Sara--Minor setback. Great job w/ packaging them up and putting them in the freezer!

Anyone doing anything special for Valentine's Day? My hubby is very anti-Valentine's Day. Not because he isn't romantic. He just thinks that we don't need one day designated to show our special someone how we feel...we should make a point of doing that every day....and he does! I must say, he has pretty much converted me to his way of thinking...That being said....he is going to make me my favorite choc covered strawberries. I bought a few strawberries at the store and a little choc. That way, there aren't too many in the house because I know I would eat them ALL!

02-13-2008, 07:24 PM
MJ...they're my favourite too!

I'm making some for tomorrow night as well :) And maybe we'll drink a glass of the champagne I got for my birthday...maybe not though...it's not our fave.

02-13-2008, 08:06 PM
Well girls great workout and intake till late this afternoon then I lost it all together for about a half an hr. Damage for my efforts earlier in the day I will blame my weakness on valentines day. Ate a white half moon cookie and had some italian bread about 3 slices too many. I did eat split pea soup for dinner at least something healthy. After my lovely workout and my rest of the day of intake going so nicely. So on the day no junk for this girl I had mine today hope you all stay strong and take it from me it was tasty but not worth it. Oh well no since crying now huh? Move on and suck it up!

02-14-2008, 12:42 AM
Thank you all for your encouragement. =D I stayed on plan today AND worked out, so I'm happy. I kicked that craving's butt.

math puppy: LOL! He-Man! Heeheeheee. Thank you. =D Made the portobello pizza tonight. I marinated a giant one in balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and seasonings, and roasted it in the oven, then piled on sauteed onions and peppers and then some mozz cheese. It was pretty good, except I overcooked my shroom. =( It was kind of gummy. Not bad, tho. =D

Khara: good for you waking up earlier for breakfast! I know it's a pain in the butt. Are you doing the egg thing? That's generally what I do for the protein. I have the same trouble with my scale. It skips around eerily, and I wonder how I could get three different readings 5 pounds apart at the same weighing. =/ Maybe time to invest in a new scale.

mj5: Maine is so awesome. That's so cool you guys went there on your honeymoon. =D I can't believe I live in freakin' Texas now. It's horrible to go from one of the most gorgeous places on earth to ... the land of oil refineries and billboards. It's really depressing. We're not big into V-Day over here... we're doing some stuff mostly for DD cuz she gets excited about these kind of things. To me, it's not a big deal at all.

Rhonda: that's awesome you can stay on plan during dinners out and special events like birthdays. I think your pre-planning is a good idea... leaves less to chance, and you don't have to improvise when you're sitting there with cake in front of you wondering what you should do. I'm going to start planning my next days and hope that gives me less of an inclination to stray.

Beverly: I hope things go well for you tomorrow!

Purple: you are so funny, obsessing about an extra treat bag for your DD! That's really sweet. =D It's hard to maintain equality, isn't it?

xtisara: good job with the pecans. I'm glad you didn't get rid of them entirely, because you shouldn't deny yourself. Also, sugared pecans are kind of healthy. Your bf is sweet.

cck: Good job on the workout and moving past your minor transgression with your intake. It probably best just to buck it up and move on. =D

math puppy
02-14-2008, 01:59 AM
today at work (im a cashier at a grocery store) some lady bought a bag of pretzals and a bag of cookies (good stuff too!). she had already opened them and ate a few by the time i rung them up but when i was putting them in her cart she told me not to put them in her cart, and that she wanted to leave them there! she was going to pay for them because she snacked on them, but she wasnt taking them home!

omg she had will power, if i let go and snacked on somthing in the store i would take it home. but not her, she just put her foot down and refused to take them home. she even said "i dont want to eat them all, if i take them home all eat them all, just keep them"

i felt like i should of said somthing that expressed how proud i was of her, but i was so in shock i didnt. if i could do it again i would of said "oh my god girl, i have been there so many times! i am impressed with your will power, keep it up!"

oh well, next time.

i had too many fajitas today on account of my gf and our house guest making alcoholic beverages. all i had to do was toss one back and i ate 5 fajitas!! omg. i was drunk!
its kinda funny, but i now know to never have "lemon drops" before dinner. never never never.


......(but dang those fajitas where good)

first thing in the morning i am working out hard core and making sure to stick to my plan to make up for tonight!

purple-i know you can leave the cupcakes and snacks there. im cheering you on from the side line!

mj5-yummy! if you make too many you can email me one :)

xtrisaratops- great idea splitting them up into servings. thats somthng i always fantisize about doing, but some how always lack the non-lazy power. let us know how it works for you

cck-tomorrow is a new day right? i know that just as much as anyone. the important thing is that we dust ourselves off and try again!

btxmomma-thax for the yummy new recipe! cant wait to try it

bevjoy-keep us updated on what the dr says!

02-14-2008, 06:46 AM
Hi friends....yesterday I went out to feed the birds thru the snow and the wobbley ground made my food (old injury) hurt so much. :( Out of frustration and pain - I did over eat last night. It didn't solve anything.I am planning for a good day today. Today I'll ask the orthodedist about my back and foot. Good grief!

I have storytelling this morning...I'll hobble in -it will be OK.

I hadn't planned on weighing this week - scale strike - but, I did because I have a doctor's appointment & I have to get weighed there. I am happy to lose one more pound. :)

today -

breakfast - egg white scramble, 1/2 banana, pnb toast
lunch - open face turkey and lite cheese, carrots
snack - pear, crackers
dinner, HC french bread pizza, green bean salad
snack - cereal, raisons, flax, milk

Have a great day everyone! Remember to treat yourself as well as you treat your good friend. :)


02-14-2008, 08:19 AM
Hi chicks, just flying through to wish all a Happy Valentine's Day. I'll be back later to read the thread and post a menu. Sorry I've been absent for a few days, but that doesn't mean I haven't been (trying to stay) on plan mostly!


02-14-2008, 08:22 AM

Another busy day today...I'll check in later.

02-14-2008, 12:03 PM

Happy Valentine's Day, my Sweet Accountability Partners! I "heart" each one of you and truly am thankful for the support and encouragement you all have given me. :grouphug:

Today is day 1 of my challenge to myself to stay on-plan for 365 days. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in my body and health over the next coming year. A big 'Thank you' to Purple for motivating me to do this. I've also decided to start the C25K program on March 1st. This was great motivation for me to get on the treadmill for an hour last night. I actually stepped off at 30 minutes to quit, but made myself get back on and finish up an hour. If I'm going to run, I need to work on some stamina.

Beverly - Congrats on losing another pound! :carrot: I hope you get encouraging news from the doctor today.
Math - :nono: No more lemon drops! (Now, if they were margaritas...hmmm;))
Momma - Congrats on staying on-plan and working out yesterday!:broc:
cckayac - :nono: No more italian bread! Its tough...especially bread!...but, you can do this.
MJ and Linda - Have you had your chocolate covered strawberries yet? My mouth waters with just thinking about them.
Sara- I'm so proud of you for making a plan on how to handle the pecans.:hug:

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

02-14-2008, 12:11 PM
Rhonda :) You are so sweet :hug:

Nope...haven't had the strawberries yet....it's 8:00 in the morning!
Actually Rudy and I decided we're going to wait till the weekend when the kids are at Mom's to have the fancy pork tenderloin and chocolate covered strawberries (not together of course..:lol:)

Mmmmmm :drool: Can't wait!

WOW...it's a big day for you! 365 days on plan AND gearing up for the c25k??? You're a braver woman than I, my dear friend! Congratulations!


02-14-2008, 12:39 PM
Hi! Another day of hanging out in my office. I must say, I am getting LOTS done! That's a good thing, I am only working 1/2 day tomorrow.

cckayac--minor setback. I like your attitude!

bigtxmomma--Great job!

mathpuppy--mmm fajitas sound good too! ok, I'll send one over!

Beverlyjoy--Minor setback. You can do it! How did your appt go?

Schmoodle--Thanks for popping in!

Rhonda--Great challange for yourself! No, dh is making them for me and he has been sick, so hopefully tonight!

Linda--I'm sorry to say I have eaten choc covered strawberries for breakfast before...they are fruit, right?! Not this year though!

I am doing ok...food choices are still good. Water is better. Tonight after work I am getting groceries. I am going to make some Italian Wedding soup this weekend...YUM! Dh actually has the whole weekend off...we have no plans, so a lazy weekend of watching movies and resting for both of us...I think it's exactly what we need!

02-14-2008, 01:13 PM

Rhonda, 365 days isn't a challenge! It's a... it's a ... gosh I don't even know. That's like the queen of all challenges. =D I can't wait to hear about how C25K goes!

math, lemon drops, yummmmmmmm. =D

02-14-2008, 03:21 PM
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I went to the Dr. this morning about all my flus. Given that I am around children all day and my daycare kids, it's no wonder. She did say that your immune system does significantly get lowered the first time around making you more susceptible to subsequent flus. Anyhow, she did send me for a chest xray, because my asthma just can't keep up with all this congestion.

All the kids have now had fevers for the last few days making my sleeping nights difficult. My DH also has it and has been in bed for three days, which means I am supposed to be the strong one right now. I AM feeling better, finally. It's hard when the whole family is sick. I hope for spring to come and for all of us to be over this soon.

I'd love to do personals, but I just can't --I got to run. I'm thinking of all of you, and I'll catch up soon!


02-14-2008, 05:25 PM
Ginger, I'm glad it doesn't look too serious! I bet it is children. Hope the xray comes out ok. =D

mj5, mmmm Italian wedding soup. =D

My accountability for today:

2 eggs, 3 small Gimme Lean sausage oatties
leftover portabella pizza from last night
don't know what we're doing for dinner tonight... maybe greens & some beans!

about 40 mins of Biggest Loser cardio & WATP brisk (I gave up only half a mile through WATP because my legs were sore from the Biggest Loser vid, lol)
20 mins of various strength thingies

I drank a big thing of water, and a big thing of iced tea... will do more water after my smoothie.

So far I have been able to resist Valentine's Day. DH bought me some beautiful tulips instead of candy, but he did however give DD candy, which made me think, "hmm maybe I should make her Vday cupcakes." And then I realized there was NOOOO way I could resist that. =/ So I think I'm going to try a recipe for a souffle made with just ricotta and eggs and limes for flavoring. I SHALL NOT BE TEMPTED!!!!!!!!

02-14-2008, 05:55 PM
Rhonda: 365 days on plan? Good grief, you're a machine, woman! I wish I was dedicated enough to commit to that!

Ginger: I worked at a daycare 6 days a week for 6 months, and I think I was sick the entire first 4 months I was there. I always had SOMETHING, whatever was going around, and I was exposed to it constantly, so I couldn't ever get over it. What worked for me was LOTS of water, constant hand-washing and using a mild hand sanitizer throughout my shift, and investing in a good multi-vitamin and remembering to take it every day.

MJ: I'm so glad you seem to be feeling better!

bigtxmomma: Sometimes, we just can't avoid temptation all together. But good for you for trying to work around it! Improvising and tweaking things to make them as healthy as possible is something the best we can do, and that takes more dedication than anything I think, to put the extra work in rather than just say, "Screw it, I'll bake cupcakes!".

Linda: Chocolate covered strawberries? Pork tenderloin? Give me a second, I need to wipe the drool from my keyboard.


Right, personals done with. If I missed you, I'm terribly sorry!

Food today has been EXCELLENT! Water has been right up there where I want it to be, and I did 2 miles of WATP this morning, even though my legs muscles are absolutely killing me today. Every time I go up the stairs, my legs shake. It feels good!

Alright, I have to head off to the ATT store to get my phone fixed. I'll pop back in later!

HAPPY V-DAY EVERYONE! Have a safe, OP one!

02-14-2008, 06:42 PM
MMMmmm, Sara...I KNOW! Me too! I can't wait for that :)
Pork tenderloin is SO yummy. I'll be working those things into whichever day we have them though, so I'm not too worried about going off plan :)

Happy, happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I hope your day is absolutely bursting with love :love: :val3: :cheers:


math puppy
02-15-2008, 01:10 AM
i hope you all had a happy v-day!
i had a good work out this morning as promised, and i even graduated to some heavier weights on some of my weight training exercises! pleasent suprise for me!

i didnt count all my cals yet, but my i had a nice light dinner with my honey and i feel pretty good about it. today was a good day

im also reading the "zone diet" book and think im gonna give it a try soon. it makes sense to me, but im sure ill still count calories because im just so used to it!

bevlove- another lb lost. you are a shrinking woman!

schmoodle- lol cute cat pic, you must love cats, just a hunch.

girlygirl-awwww i heart you too! (what is a c25k?)

mj5- yay for lazy weekends. let you knee rest

ginger-keep us updated on your result, im sure you be fit as a fiddle in no time!

02-15-2008, 02:04 AM
I’m super excited because when I went to the Dr. yesterday I realized that my scale at home is at least 3 pounds off - since my last visit about 3 weeks ago I have lost 5 pounds. Yeah! The scale is finally going in the right direction for once.

I did well again today - I had eggs w/ green peppers, mushrooms, and salsa for breakfast; Chicken w/ stir fried vegis for lunch; yogurt for snack; a salad and a few meatballs for dinner (no spaghetti!). Didn’t get to the gym today but I will tomorrow for sure!

Sara- At least you didn’t eat all of the pecans! That’s something right? Good idea packing them into very small portions and freezing them.

Mj5- My husband and I don’t really celebrate either for the same reasons… Your guy seems very sweet that he makes an effort each day to show his love.

Looks like a lot of us had a hard time avoiding our cravings today with all of those yummy valentine’s goodies about… I know I personally had a crisis at work today when I had a super craving for chocolate. I almost gave in but I called my husband and asked him to talk me out of it! I noticed that I was doing just fine all day until I started drinking diet coke and suddenly the cravings hit. Then I remembered something I read about the chemicals in diet soda actually causing hunger and cravings. Pretty ironic…

TXMomma- My favorite thing to make is sautéed vegis (zuchini, onion, garlic, peppers) and add some scrambled eggs. It’s delicious and it keeps me full for a long time. I was talking to someone else with a digital scale who said she had the same problem. I guess the old fashioned ones are the best, my mom has one of those so maybe I’ll just swing by there and weigh in occasionally…

MathPup- You know it’s funny, when I first started reading your story about the lady eating the cookies in the store and then not buying them I had a completely different reaction then you. You thought to yourself my god she has great willpower for not buying the cookies which I totally true. But I did not think of that at first, all I could think of was this image in my head of this poor woman who probably had a horrible day and just could not stop herself from ripping open a bag of cookies in the middle of the store and gorging on them. It reminded me of a book that my son has where cookie monster is at the grocery store and goes crazy in the cookie isle and ends up in a big heap of cookie crumbs and empty bags and boxes of cookies and Bert and Ernie say “be sure to pay for the cookies you have eaten!”. I think Cookie Monster should totally join this group. He needs some serious support.

Beverly - Great job getting back on track J

Girly- That’s terrific, an hour on the treadmill. I think I would fall on my face if I tried to do that right now…

Ok well I have to go now so I didn’t get to read all the rest of the posts but I will check again tomorrow! Happy V_Day everyone!

02-15-2008, 07:53 AM
Hi folks...my day went well yesterday. I had a healthful day of eating.

I saw the orthopedist. I hadn't seen him for a while and he was beaming with joy for my weight loss & it felt good. I explained the whole thing about needing to wear the foot and ankle brace, trying to slowly ease into and the back pain that later came. He did a thorough exam and determined that one leg is longer than the other and the new brace exaggerated it. He gave me Lidoderm patches to wear, a muscle relaxant for bedtime, a lift in my shoe to help even it out, to use lots of heat and instructions to start trying again with the brace. He could feel the muscle spasm where my pain is and said that my back pain was not from my gall bladder - not to rush into any surgery unless I get gall bladder disease symptoms. So, all in all - it was a good visit. I go back in three weeks. Still, no exercising for now - but, later he said.

plans for today

journal food
office work

breakfast - pnb toast, turkey bacon, 1/2 banana
snack - veggies
lunch - cottage cheese and fruit, toast, carrots
snack - string cheese, crackers
dinner - crock pot salsa chicken, brown rice, green beans
snack - cold cereal, flax, milk

I'll catch up with you all later on.

I hope you all have a GREAT day. Treat yourself as good as you treat your best friend.

02-15-2008, 12:52 PM
Beverly, it must have been so great to hear such positive feedback from the orthopedist. Congratulations on yesterday's eating!

KharaarahK - 5 pounds! WOW. Great Job!

mathpuppy - I haven't tried the zone, but good for you for counting calories.. I'm not there yet, but I hope to be!

Linda - Hope you had a great V-day!

xtrisaratops- I'm there with you on the hand-washing (I'm practically obsessed since having premmie babies in the house), but I am not currently taking any vitamins. Maybe I should add that in the mix. Sometimes I just think being around this many kids - it's just inevitable!

bigtxmomma- good for you for resisting making cupcakes!!

Rhonda - 365 days - that number seems daunting to me, but I don't doubt you can do it!!!!

Schmoodle - miss your posts! thanks for popping in!

mj5- lazy weekend? What's that?!! (I'm just jealous!)

Yesterday was a good valentines day - got the kids and DH some chocolates, and resisted temptation for myself. DH was sick so he didn't get me anything --I don't mind, it's a good year for letting go of expectations. Maybe next year we will go out and celebrate with dinner or something, but for me it's not something that has to happen on Valentines day.

So, I still haven't been to the grocery store and the little men of my house were up-in-arms over the fact that there were no cheerios this morning. Apparently, we CANT live without those :)

So my plan is to try and watch what I am eating and keep portions down. I do have apples, so those will be my snacks.


02-15-2008, 01:19 PM
Our Valentines day didn't go too well, but that's OK :)
Hubby was so tired and grumpy after work!
However, on a good note, I was barely over 1200 calories for the day, so I'm pleased with that!

We're going to pretend that either today or tomorrow is V-Day, and celebrate then ;)

Hope everybody else had a wonderful one!


02-15-2008, 01:24 PM
ARGHHHHHHHHH I accidentally deleted my post. It was soooo good. Well, not really, but i had done all the personals.

xtrisara, congrats on such a good day!! =D

math, I hope the zone book is helpful! I've never read it, but it sounds sensible.

khara, it was such a hard day for cravings, wasn't it? That's awesome you can call your husband to talk you out of cravings. I do that all the time because I know if I get it out there, I'll be less likely to succomb. You know, diet coke on an empty stomach increases my cravings 100x. I don't notice it at all if I'm eating something, but when I'm hungry, it's awful. I read a story a few days ago that diet coke (and fake sugars) trick your body into thinking that it's going to be getting xx amount of calories, and when it doesn't, it flips out and you get triggered into eating more at your next sitting to make up for it.

Beverly, that must be a relief to know that it's not gall bladder pain! Your ortho sounds like such a nice doctor. =D I hope the new treatment makes you feel better.

Ginger, who can live without cheerios???! lol I'm sorry your DH was sick for Valentine's Day, but you're right... it's easy to live without it. It's a pretty bogus holiday.


Today I'm kind of sore. I have like weird stretchy pains, so I'm going to go easy on exercise today. I'm irritated because I didn't get a good night's sleep again, either, and my DD woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual. So I'm super growly. =/

2 eggs, 3 small GL sausage patties
broccoli/cheddar soup
probably more broccoli cheddar soup for dinner lol

I ordered an exercise ball online, so I'll probably fool around with that and just do stretches/strength stuff. =D

02-15-2008, 02:12 PM
I'm sorry I haven't been around chicks, I have been so busy, but honestly I've maybe been avoiding you because I really haven't been doing so well lately. I went on a scale strike for 3 1/2 weeks and then weighed in on Valentines Day. I had 3 lbs. to go to my Valentines Day Goal, but the scale didn't budge a bit. I was disappointed but not too surprised because I knew I hadn't been on plan. So what's been happening is I am completely on plan all day and then I'll have a slip in the afternoon or evening and have some cookies or something sweet.
I marveled at how easily the first 45 lbs. came off, but I kind of knew this day had to come, and that the next 50 I am going to have to fight for. I am nowhere near giving up though, I am making adjustments. I have been giving a lot of thought to how to deal with my sugar cravings. I want to get off artificial sweeteners, and I don't think complete abstinence is going to work for me either, so I am going to have two planned treats every week. I'm also still not exercising too much, but today I did a WATP DVD, and I am going to join the indoor pool at the Y this weekend. I know I can get back on track and I am committed to it. It was a huge mistake to allow the Girl Scout Cookies in the house. We still have several boxes left, so I will take those to my Mom's house tonight, and the kids will still be able to enjoy them when they are there.

Okay, so I have already slipped up today, but here is the menu:
B - oatmeal with blueberries and milk, hardboiled egg, coffee with milk
S - 5 thin mints :(
L - White Bean and Turkey Sausage soup
S - latte, celery with LCLC
D - WW pita pizza with black olives, artichoke hearts, turkey pepperoni, goat cheese, salad, glass of wine
S - Greek Yogurt with almonds and agave nectar

Rhonda, you so sound like you've got your mojo back. Thanks for showing me the way! Your goals are super.
mj, care to share your recipe for the Italian Wedding Soup? It's one of my favorites, but I haven't ever made it myself. Your weekend plans sound perfect.
Linda, I agree, we shouldn't need Valentine's Day to be romantic. It kind of gets the guys off easy if they only have to buy roses once a year.
Ginger, it sounds like this is turning into a long, weary winter for you. I hope you are all healthy soon.
bigtx, high five for resisting the cupcakes!
Sara, sounds like you are doing great!
mathpuppy, what clued you in? lol. My girls always wanted a puppy, but I told them when they have their own house they can have whatever they want. I'll stick with my kitties.
Khara, a 3-lb. freebie! How awesome is that?:carrot::carrot::carrot:
Beverly, glad you had a good doctor's visit. Hope the new things help your back pain. In my family, we all have one leg significantly longer. I think everybody is off to some extent, but if it's off enough, it can cause you problems. When my Dad was a runner, he had terrible back problems until they figured it out.

Okay, sorry for the novel! It feels good to be back and have made a clean breast of it. The phone is quiet today, so I'm off to do some more training modules before picking up DD from school. Tonight I have a birthday party to go to, and I WILL avoid the cake.

02-15-2008, 04:04 PM
So TOM is still lingering. Is that normal after having a baby? I think it may be leaving finally today, but it was here for about 9 days. Eeek!

I have been doing baaaaaaad since returning to work. Not drinking enough water, fast food, and lots of soda. I need to get back on track! The scale has not moved. I am still the same weight. I am grateful that it did not go up!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

TGIF! :carrot:

02-15-2008, 05:42 PM
How old is the baby again? And are you nursing?


02-15-2008, 07:22 PM
Hi everyone! I don't have time to do personals today...trying to get a few things done so it can really be a lazy weekend. Don't be too jealous, I would MUCH rather be active...I just need to give my knee one more weekend of good rest--I am hoping that will do the trick.

If you need a rest, come on over to our 'recovery' house...dh has bronchitis, one dog had surgery today and has a mean looking scar on her hiney, the other dog is down in the dumps because her 'big sis' is in pain, I will be propped up on pillows and ice packs. Thank goodness for digital cable and movies on demand!!! ;)

The dog came through the surgery fine, but we won't know about the biopsy until sometime next week. Unfortunately, the surgery was THREE times what I thought it was going to cost!!! Of course, dh never asked for an approximate price, so that's why I was TOTALLY shocked when I picked her up!

On a positive note, a friend told me that the liz claiborne store near us is closing and is having a massive sale right now. I am sad they are closing--it's an outlet and they always had great sales! But, I went and bought two pairs of dress pants and an awesome pair of jeans...all three for $14!!!!

Schmoodle--I think you asked about the soup recipe...I'll have to find the link online--it's not my recipe, but from the local grocery store where I shop. I have changed it a bit to make it healthier, but it is really good and really easy!

I'll check in w/ you tomorrow!

02-15-2008, 08:28 PM
Hi Bluesers. Sorry I've been MIA today. I've been in bed all day with a horrible stomach ache...no fever, no vomiting and no diarrhea, so not sure what's going on. I finally had Hubby take me to the ER. Wouldnt you know it.....during the 45 minutes of waiting to be seen, my stomach ache went away. So, we stopped by Blockbuster so I could pick up the next discs of season 2 of Desperate Housewives. Unfortunately, the stomach ache back again...just not as severe. Needless to say, day 2 of 365 has been on-plan. I haven't felt much like overeating.

I'll try to post personals tomorrow. Think I'll head back to bed. Hope everyone has a great on-plan weekend.

Happy Birthday, Theresa! :bday2you:

02-16-2008, 01:15 AM
Hey you guys.

I have no time to do personals. Just wanted to write that I stayed on plan (mostly). We went out for Chinese food, and I ate beef and scallops with vegetables in a brown sauce. I only ate a 1/3 of the food on the plate, so that's good, but I imagine the brown sauce had high carb or fat content and am feeling slightly guilty. It really is hard to eat out.

math puppy
02-16-2008, 04:45 AM
okay, i have reached the point where i normally quit... the point where i start getting lazy because i keep slipping up and just figure "its a throw away day, i might as well just keep eating" ugh! i hate this part.

(deep breath) but i have already decided that this is going to be the year that i lose the wieght, so i have to keep going... i just need something to make it feel they way it felt the firt week. maybe i should give my self a challange?

okay i got it. this weekend is my stay on plan challange! sat and sun i will stay on plan. that seems safe enough. if i dont fail im more likely to feel uplifted!

girlygirl-hmm that is a weird thing. do you think it could be a ulcer?

mj5-you should just open a spa at your house ;)

schmoodle- the important thing is you dont give up. we are all in this together and we can do this! side note: i have 4 cats myself, and right now a friend is staying with us...and she has 2 cats. so right now i have 6 cats in my house!! its like playing ref all day! lol.

02-16-2008, 09:05 AM
Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well!

Rhonda--Oh, no! I hope you feel better!

bixtxmomma-=Good for you! Learn to let the guilt go (easier said than done!) Eating out is hard, but not impossible! It sounds like you did better than you would have before?

mathpuppy--Yea, this part is hard, BUT you CAN do it!!!! Ooh, a spa day sounds nice! I think I'll take a nice hot bubble bath today!!!

purple--we haven't heard from you, how are you doing?

How is everyone else? I know I am missing a lot of people, and I apologize for that! I just really want to keep my knee elevated as much as possible this weekend....maybe this will convice dh that we really need a laptop! Ok, need is kinda strong....but I really, really want one!

Our dog is feeling MUCH better....now it's a battle to keep her from licking her stitches...I hate to put the collar thing on her! I just realized that our vet clipped her nails while she was there. I LOVE my vet...that is NOT one of her favorite things to hve done!

Below is the link for the italian wedding soup. I just realized that they reference a lot of their 'store brand' products , so if you aren't sure of what something is, let me know...ours is all ready...I just have to re-heat and add the pastina--I can't stand soggy pasta in soup, so I always wait until we are going to actually eat it before I add it.


02-16-2008, 09:06 AM
oh, I forgot to say, I actually change up the recipe to make it healthier...I use either 90% lean ground beef or ground turkey, increase the veggies, low sodium stock, things like that....

02-16-2008, 09:14 AM
B - Kashi Waffle with a smear of peanut butter, hard boiled egg, coffee with milk
S - V8, raw celery and cauliflower
L - Split Pea Soup
S - Latte
D - Leftover Taco Bake (making potato soup for the kids)
S - Greek Yogurt with almonds and agave nectar

mathpuppy, maybe if we hold hands and chant "we can do this" for a while! My cat limit is two. I once had four and that was too many, so DH decided two would plenty - although he loves them too.
mj, thanks so much for the recipe. I just love collecting and trying new recipes! I've found such great ones on this forum over the last year. Glad your puppy is feeling better!
bigtx, you're right it is hard to eat out, but you will figure out the best places to go, and if it's an occasional thing, I don't think it's anything to feel guilty about!
Rhonda, hope you had a peaceful night and are feeling much better today.
margaritachic, how old is your new baby?

We've got an exciting weekend of multiple birthday parties, errand running, and cleaning. I'm pretty happy that it's a three day weekend, I may get everything done that I want to! Hope you've all got a fun one planned! Today I challenge myself to get through an entire day on-plan.

02-16-2008, 10:28 AM
Hi folks...yesterday was a disaster. I had terrible foot pain and ultimately frustration - I ate way too much. So glad that every day is a new beginning.


breakfast - cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, ww bread, natural peanut butter
lunch - Morningstar Farm "corn dog", greenbean salad
snack - apple, crackers
dinner - one pork chop, brown rice, salad
snack - cold cereal, flax, fruit, milk

Have a great day. I'll try and get back to do the personals.

02-16-2008, 12:35 PM
Good morning, Accountability Partners!

Feeling much much better today!:carrot: No stomach ache and well rested.

Beverly and MJ - Hope your hurts start feeling better...soon! Pamper yourselves a bit, ok? You deserve it!
Schmoodle and Math - After being on this journey for over a year, there is one thing I can say with 100% certaintly....the difficult times will always come back around! But, I really think that these difficult times are the times when we learn something about ourselves that will ultimately help us to lose the rest of our weight and maintain once we reach goal. Hang in there! Better days are coming. That's another thing I know with 100% certainty....the better days always come back around, too. But, only if I keep trying.

Today is day 3 of 365...and, its the weekend. Weekends are always my toughest on-plan days. Last weekend, keeping myself very very busy was a great solution. So, today is another house cleaning day. Hubby will be very happy.:D

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan weekend.

math puppy
02-16-2008, 02:32 PM
i had a plan friendly breakfast and the begining of day one looks promising.
its a whole new day!

last night( well i guess it was morning) when i posted i was so sad.. i had just started a binge raid in the kitchen, and i had this second of clarity. i put the stupid small curd cottage cheese back in the fridge and i thought of all our hard work to lose weight. and how i have really had to work for the last couple lbs i recently lost. then i just logged on here. thanx guys for being a place i can turn to when i need it :hug:
this would be so much harder without you here!

mathpuppy, maybe if we hold hands and chant "we can do this" for a while!

Today I challenge myself to get through an entire day on-plan.

okay schmoodle, next time you want to go off plan i want you to imagine us chanting "we can do this" i bet we can make it this whole weekend.:carrot:
girlygirl can be our totem person since aparently she has more then enough will power for everyone on 3fc! good job on day three girlygirlsebas! im:p going clean house too :p

bigtxmomma- good job on only eating 1/3 of th plate. i usualy have to cover my plate with somthing so i would stop eating off it. first i had to cover it with anothe plate, and eventually worked my self up to a napkin

bev- no sweat, that day is over! "we can do this!" just one meal at a time.

have a great day everyone! ill be thinking of you guys and haveing my fingers crossed that the willpower farie is visiting you all!

02-16-2008, 07:15 PM
Schmoodle, I'm glad you posted instead of avoiding. And you need to give yourself credit for not gaining any weight in those weeks you didn't weigh yourself. You have a new plan now, and that's so good. =D

mj5, lol @ the description of your sick house. That's just AWFUL that everyone is in some kind of pain, even the animals. Glad your dog's surgery went ok and she's feeling better. =D You're so lucky you get Wegman's. I loveeeee Wegman's. Best supermarket ever. I hope they move down to Texas eventually.

Beverly, yep, glad every day is a new day. =D

Rhonda, I'm glad your stomachache went away. What an awful way to spend the day.

math, I'm glad you recovered from your almost binge fest. I'm going to remember that the next time I think about binging, that part about how hard we've worked to lose these few pounds.

I'm doing good even though there are cupcakes in the house. Grrrrrrr. I made DH hide them so I don't have to look at them. Instead I'll eat my crustless quiche. =/ I did a lot of exercise today -- about 15-20 mins of strength, about 15 mins of Biggest Loser cardio, then a little over one mile on WATP brisk. And did exercise ball stuff. And I've eaten well. And drank a bunch of water. Yayyyyyyyyy.

02-16-2008, 07:20 PM
:wave: I'm here :wave: Thanks for asking about me, mj. I just have not been able to get online because hubby is home and putting a bunch of his CDs into his new Ipod, and we spend two days searching all over the place for a DSL Lite for DDs birthday. She was with us when we finally found one, so we let her pick a game and she is so excited to get it. I'm making her wait for her party though because i already gave her the rest of her presents and I want her to have something to open from us at the party.

This is my third day OP and it's not been easy at all. My challenge with Rhonda to get through a full year has been my biggest motivation...but I am making it so far :dance:

Rhonda--SO sorry to hear about the tummy ache, that always sucks. How did you do today? I know weekends are hard on you.

I'll catch up with everyone later or tomorrow morning....I still need to exercise tonight :grouphug:

02-16-2008, 07:22 PM
Hi again! Just waiting for dinner to heat up. Ahhh, I love being lazy once in a while, although I cannot wait to get back to my routine! I am going to try the gym on Monday. I promise to take it easy, but I need to try sometime!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great day!

Schmoodle--No problem! I actually find a lot of great recipes from that site--they have samples at the store and hand out the recipe--I'm sure most stores do, of course to get you to buy more groceries!!! have fun this weekend!

Beverlyjoy--Oh I am so sorry yesterday was a bad day. Great attitude!!! A new day, a new start!! Hope your foot feels better! Rest and do something nice for yourself.

Rhonda--So glad you are feeling better! I actually did pamper myself a bit. I gave myself a manicure while I was lounging today! Not as good as going out for a manicure, but MUCH cheaper!

mathpuppy--Great job!!! Just to let you know, you are the reason I gave myself a manicure today! It was my 'spa treatment' for myself! Now I have pretty pink nails!

I have been wanting to treat myself for a mani/pedi, but haven't wanted to spend the $ and probably couldn't sit for the pedi right now, so thanks to math puppy's suggestion for about a spa day...I touched up my toe nails and gave myself a mani. My nails are now a nice pretty pink color!

02-16-2008, 07:25 PM
bigtxmomma--we must have been posting at the same time. I LOVE Wegmans too...it's my home away from home! I always find some excuse to go there! It's ok...everyone (even the dog) is getting better! Good for you!!! You are doing great!

Purple--Glad you popped in!

02-16-2008, 10:58 PM
I'd like to murder hubby right now :devil: He has been off at his mom's all day working on a tractor with her hubby, and he has my 4 yo son, so I called at 6PM and asked if they would be coming home for supper. He said no, that grandma had my son and was fixing him something and they had McDs not long before. So I feed us, get all tucked in bed, halfway asleep and he calls..says they are on their way home and both are hungry. I was like "and you want me to cook, or what?" and he said "well, we're hungry." :mad:

So here it is almost 10PM and I am SO SO SO tired, debating on whether to start cooking or just call and tell him to pick something up or fix sandwiches for themselves when they get here. I know he's been working hard all day and is tired, but SO AM I,and very cranky to boot. I'll probably end up just cooking or making them sandwiches myself because that's what I always end up doing. Just needed to vent. Sorry guys!

02-17-2008, 01:33 AM
Well, I think my knee decided it needed to be more sympathetic towards MJ's knee. I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, stood up, and had to fall back into bed. For some reason, my kneecap felt the need to shift downwards and rotate in the socket. It's done this before, so I know how to handle it, but man, it really had bad timing.

Had mom take me to the doctor. He ordered MRIs to see if I re-injured my ACL and MCL. I really feel like the ACL is probably messed up again, but I'm managing. I've pretty much been on the couch upstairs for most of the day, zoned out on pain killers and snuggling with the dogs. The dogs really enjoyed it, but I wasn't too thrilled. Finally, I had my mom bring up my resistance bands; just because my knee is out of commission doesn't mean I can't do SOMETHING.

Food today could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse. I was within my calorie range, but I was towards the upper end, which I try to stay out of as much as possible. It was mostly lean protein though, so it'll all work out. Rhonda and Purple have inspired me, so I think I'm going to commit to my own 365 days on plan challenge. With my knee so messed up, it's more important than ever for me to stay 100% on plan with my food and water intake.

So thank you girls for inspiring me :hug:

02-17-2008, 07:36 AM
Purple--Feel free to vent here anytime! Totally none of my business and if I am over-stepping here just say so, but...I would say he's an adult and can feed himself? Not your fault that he waited until 10:00 to come home.

Sara--I am so sorry! I hope you just need some rest, and it's not a re-injury! Too bad we aren't closer, we could lounge together! Mine ended up hurting yesterday too later in the day, so I hit the pain killers too....Snuggle w/ the dogs, they make everything better! What kind of dogs do you have?

Food was NOT great yesterday, not terrible, but not great. I did do awesome w/ water though.

How is everyone else? Today we are just hanging out again. Dh is feeling better, not great, but better. My knee is better, my shoulder started hurting again yesterday--I think that was from lifting and twisting w/ the laundry basket--No more of that! I made dh carry it up the stairs last night! Even the dog is better! Ahhh, maybe we can get a little closer to normal (whatever that is) around here this week!!!!

Have a great on plan day everyone!

02-17-2008, 08:28 AM
I just got a new incentive....not only is dh in a wedding this summer and I want to buy a cute dress, BUT I just got an e-mail about my high school reunion. YIKES!!! The dreaded reunion! I still live in the town where I went to school, so I still see a lot of the people I went to school w/ but it's the thought of being out of school that long and well, I wanted to be in much better shape by now! I know it sounds totally cliche, but I want to look HOT at my reunion--if we go, if not, I want to look HOT anyway!

02-17-2008, 12:01 PM
Argggggghhhhhhhhh is everyone committing to the 365 day challenge? Darn you, Rhonda! ;) hahah

Okay. I'm doing it, too. You guys are inspiring. =/ Hey, if you foul up a day, do you have to start over, or do you deduct a day?

02-17-2008, 12:22 PM
Good morning, Accountability Friends!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I made it through day 3 of being on-plan. I do have to agree with Purple, it was tough! I ended up not cleaning and going shopping with the family. Hubby and I did the pre-planning thing before we went out. We looked up calories for our favorite restaurants. What an eye opening experience! My favorite place..Texas Roadhouse...doesn't have their calories listed anywhere. Guess that means they don't have anything remotely low calorie! We always thought that having turkey minis and the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays was a relatively good option....NOT! There are 517 calories in two little minis...and that is before the salad bar. And, my favorite burger at Chilis...the Chipotle Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger without the fries...1090 calories! Anyways, to get back to the healthy low calories options...our best option turned out to be Applebees. We've never been big Applebees fans due to repeated poor service, however, we decided to try them again yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised. We had great service and great food and were able to stay on-plan. Of course, everyone got dessert except me. That was the hard part. But, I made it and am now on day 4!

MJ - You reunion sounds like a great incentive! How long do you have before the big day?
Sarah - So sorry your knee is hurting! Remember...pamper the princess!
Purple - Congratulations for making it through day 3!
Momma - Great job of hiding the cupcakes. This did make me smile. I remember....before starting my plan....I was the one hiding the cupcakes so that everyone else wouldn't eat them up before I got to them! :o

then i just logged on here. thanx guys for being a place i can turn to when i need it :hug:
this would be so much harder without you here!
This is what I love about posting here on the Accountability thread and having several accountability friends. When each of us are struggling, there is always someone here who can encourage us and help us stay on-track. So glad we were here for you when you needed us!:hug:

Today, I am definitely cleaning house. Not only does the house desperately need my attention, but tomorrow is my official weigh-in day and I want to move my tickers again.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

02-17-2008, 12:27 PM
Okay. I'm doing it, too. You guys are inspiring. =/ Hey, if you foul up a day, do you have to start over, or do you deduct a day?

Hey, Momma! We were posting at the same time. So glad that you and Sarah have decided to challenge yourself to 365 days! Purple and I were inspired by Selina, one of our teammates on the Biggest Loser challenge. She has lost a ton of weight and really made some changes in her life and we want the same thing. Since this is your challenge to yourself, you can decide what rules you want to follow. For me, I'm aiming for 365 consecutive days. I'm not sure what Selina's and Purple's rules are for themselves. If I think about it too much, I get a little bit panicky, but I'm a very goal oriented person, so I think it will work for me. I've been thinking about doing this for the last few months and I finally took the plunge. I hope it works well for you, too.

02-17-2008, 12:32 PM
Hi folks...I had a good food day yesterday and hoping for one today. I think the meds I am taking for my aches and pains are not agreeing with me. Ugh. One more thing to pile on. Oh well - I'll carry on.

Have a good day. I'll try and catch up with everyone later on.

journal food
plan meals
lots of water
PMA - positve mental attitude

Mom's coming over for dinner.

breakfast - cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, peanut butter on ww toast
snack - green beans
lunch - egg whites with lite cheese, toast, cauliflower
snack - apple, crackers
dinner - tuna noodle casserole, tomatoes
snack - cold cereal, flax, milk fruit

02-17-2008, 05:24 PM
MJ: Haha, I've 5 dogs right now, plus 2 who are "visiting", which basically means they're staying with my gramma. They make her feel safe, so it's fine.

The dogs we have here are....oh boy, long list coming......Sarge, a little min-pin mix, Keesha, who is a full-blood Schipperkee, Trooper, a straight-up mutt, Pepper, a long-hair chihuahua/papillion mix, and Gretta, a purebred Schnauzer.

Our two who are "visiting" are Skippy, our Schipperkee male, and Gracie, who is actually MY Pomeranian.

They certainly enjoy when I'm hurt, because that means more couch time with a human! I, on the other hand, don't enjoy it so much.

Freaking pain killer knocked me for a loop today, so I'm pretty out of it. I'll get around to eating when mom gets home and can bring me some food. My knee is so swollen today it looks like someone stuffed a softball in there! Ugh.

02-17-2008, 06:19 PM
I have my full plan which is all the small things I try to stick to each day, that has kind of come together over the past year and it's my full "plan." But, I don't expect myself to be right on with all that every day, so I wrote down a "rough day cheat sheet" which is 4 very basic things that I MUST accomplish every day or I failed the challenge. For me, these are to get in my Jillian workout, some sort of cardio, stay within calorie limit, and get in 4 bottles of water. That is the bare minimum for me to consider it on plan.

You'll have to set your own rules, momma. I will consider it challenge failed if I miss any of those 4 things any given day, but I also have written in 1 completely free day a month where I don't have to count calories, exercise, do anything I don't wanna do, completely free day...but once a month only so I'll plan carefully. I do allow one day off exercise a week if I need it as well, so those won't count against me. You'll have to establish what your very basic plan is and hold yourself accountable to that each and every day. I haven't considered what happens if I don't meet those 4 things...it's not in my head to fail, I'm just going to do it every single day no matter what. No excuses.

Sara--sorry about the knee, hope it can be fixed quickly. We have 3 big dogs and they make me feel real safe when hubby is out on the road. Sierra is a 3 year old husky, outside dog who is SO gentle and precious to us but will bite if someone comes in that backyard, very protective of us. Bandit is a 1 yo pit bull mix, but actually looks nothing at all like a pit and is a big ol' wimp...someone could break into the house and we'd be lucky if he opened an eye to look :lol: he's taken to outdoors with Sierra lately. Fancy is my big baby, black lab house dog who doesn't like to be left in the backyard more than an hour at a time. She's my lap dog, and thinks she's small the way she lays on top of me :D I call her my blanket.

I had another black lab but someone shot her in our backyard about a year ago. I still cry sometimes over that, and Fancy looks almost exactly like her so that helps and doesn't help all at once.

I'm cooking supper so have to jump off again...but glad to have some new people taking the year challenge. WE CAN DO IT! I suggest just writing down your plan, the absolute minimum you have to accomplish to call each day a success, and then hold yourself to that.

02-19-2008, 01:12 AM
Hi everyone,

I’m still doing well and keeping control of my appetite. I was very good the other day and I am so proud that I want to share it with you. We were out and about doing some shopping and it was getting late. We were all hungry and my husband wanted to stop and get something to eat. I thought I’d be able to find something healthy pretty much anywhere, at least a salad, so I let him pick a place. Well he picked this burger place we really like… but nothing on the menu looked very healthy, even the salads are probably loaded with fat. So I ordered for him and my son and I didn’t get anything for myself. I ate a tuna sandwich at home on low carb bread instead. I was so proud! I proved to myself I have more willpower than I thought and now I know I can do this.

I really like the idea of the 365 plan but I’m afraid to make that kind of commitment because I think I would be setting myself up for disappointment. So far it has been working really well for me to just take it day by day, meal by meal. I tend to panic when I think in the long term and then I want to binge! I need baby steps J

TX Momma - Glad to see I’m not crazy about the whole diet coke thing… I think I am going to avoid it from now on! Splenda doesn’t seem to affect me much but aspartame I really try to avoid.

Girl girl - I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ve had bad experiences at Applebees as well, and actually know some people who will not eat there anymore for that same reason. However, it’s a shame they are just about the only chain restaurant that has healthy options. I prefer to the food there to go but then the food always has that plastic smell from their containers so no mater what you get it smells/tastes the same. It’s good you actually had a decent experience this time!

Puppy - If you ever feel like you need some emergency support just give me a call J

Sara - Sorry about your knee! That is a lot of dogs… I don’t think I could handle even one. I have a hard enough time with two kids I think a dog would put me over the edge!

Mj5 - Glad to hear you and your dog are better J High School reunion?? Oh I dread the day… I always pray I will not see anyone from my past when I go out in public. Hopefully by the time my reunion comes around I will be in great shape. I still have a while to go…

Firefly - I cannot believe someone shot your dog, that is HORRIBLE. L

Thank you all for being so inspiring - I hope you have a great day tomorrow and keep on your plan!