Weight Loss Support - Easy Exercise calculator (opinions PLEASE!!)

02-08-2008, 02:35 PM
Hey guys!

So, I found this website awhile ago but I never used it. I enter my body weight and how many calories I plan to eat a day and it tells me how much exercise I need a week in order to get there. Could someone (if you have the time) check this website out for just a little second and give me your opinion if this works or not? I'm the type of person that needs both flexibility (food choice) and structure. I need to know that what I'm doing WORKS without having to be told exactly what to eat. Dieting does work for me and I eat very healthy meals. I've lost almost 20 lbs and have kept it off but I seem to be at a plateau. This is because of lack of exercise and I'm just wondering if this exercise calculator seems legit. Thanks SO much. I do't like to exercise unless I have a concrete goal. The numbers on the machine don't matter as much as just having something (a number) to aim for.

The website is listed under my signature because it can't be posted in my thread for some reason.

THANKS!!!!! :hug:

02-08-2008, 02:49 PM
It's not working for me. Says I need to install an Office component but when I click on the link to do so, it does nothing.

Sounds very interesting though!

02-08-2008, 02:53 PM
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On the calculator, it uses widely accepted formulas, BUT...

No one's body is a machine! There is no formula that can tell you what your unique body will burn. The formulas can give you an estimate, sure, but not your exact calorie needs.

On the same note, there is no really accurate way (outside of something like a bodybugg, which measures a number of factors such as sweat, heart rate, etc. from an armband) to calculate the exact number of calories you are burning through exercise. Machines, notoriously, overestimate the number of calories you burn. My elliptical says I burn 1000 calories an hour, which is RIDICULOUS...even if I push pretty hard, I'm guessing it is closer to 400.

I put my numbers into there...the weight I am, the number of calories I eat a day, and it said I should be losing a lb a week...in reality, I lose about 2 lbs a MONTH. My metabolism, despite weight lifting and having tons of muscle, just doesn't burn a ton of calories to keep me going. These formulas ALWAYS tell me that I can eat about 500 calories a day more than I actually can.

I have known very few people who match the formulas. The people I do know who match the formulas either a) have a lot to lose, so they can eat more calories a day or b) have never had a weight problem. So I would never consider the numbers given to me as the end-all-be-all.

You might take the numbers given to you there as a starting point, but don't get discouraged if your body doesn't lose according to the formulas...almost no one's body does!

02-08-2008, 03:04 PM
Thanks so much for your prompt replies! I'm sorry it didn't work for you circi. I guess my problem is I'm fnding NO motivation to get on the path to exercise. I either overdo it and burn out quickly or I sit on my butt and stay the same weight. My boyfriend is a runner. He runs 6 miles every morning and absolutly loves it even though he isnt a morning person at all. I just want to find my niche and until then, I would settle for a countdown everyweek for my exercise time. Thanks girls. You're the best

02-08-2008, 03:09 PM
What about an exercise ticker, like the one in my signature? You can set a weekly or monthly goal, then work toward it and update it daily. Something little like that can really get the motivation going...especially if, at the end of the week/month, you give yourself a little reward for meeting your goal.

For example, you could set an exercise goal for the week of 180 minutes...that's 30 minutes a day over 6 days. If you meet that goal, you buy yourself a little reward...maybe 5 new songs for your mp3 player so you have new tunes for your workout. If you meet your weekly goal each week for a month, you could get yourself a bigger reward, like new gym clothes, a mani/pedi, or if you have the budget, a massage.

I like to keep my rewards exercise-focused, so I get further encouraged to exercise (ie, if I exercise, I get new songs for my ipod or new workout clothes, which makes me want to exercise more to wear the new gear or listen to the new songs)