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02-01-2008, 11:03 PM
I've never had a turkey burger. Do you buy ground turkey and make them yourselves or do they have a frozen variety? I know I wouldn't be able to get anyone else in my family to eat them, but thats not so much an issue since i'm rarely home for dinner.

02-02-2008, 10:43 AM
I would make them myself, I don't think I've even seen frozen ones. Sometimes in the meat case, they also have pre-made turkey or chicken burgers. Then you can always freeze them individually.

Phase 1 total weight loss 10.4 pounds. YAY! :D

I can now officially enjoy my whole wheat English muffin.

02-02-2008, 03:22 PM
I buy pre-made turkey burgers because I'm lazy :p My fiance eats them just fine, and he's not dieting or anything. I buy a box of lean turkey burgers by Jennie-O. I thought they would be really bad as far as sodium and such since they're pre-made, but the only ingredients are turkey and spices--the sodium is remarkably low. They are found in the frozen food aisles, not really with the fresh meats.

Well, South Beach is on hold for me right now. I have a pretty bad cold. I've got some head/nasal congestion, but the worst part of it is a lot of coughing and a bad sore throat, so it's more in my upper chest. Eating makes my throat feel better, so I'm constantly reaching for something. I had some no sugar added ice cream, but it has sugar alcohols, and I had too much of it one night and spent the next day and a half being very gassy :o So I've been eating regular, full sugar ice cream instead, and some of my soups have things like corn or noodles. And I REALLY just want some juice, but I don't have any here, so I haven't had any yet, but I think I might go buy some.

When I feel all better, I'll hit up Phase 1 again. My scale said 316 this morning, so even though I've been eating off this plan, I guess I haven't gone too much overboard. I hope I can continue that.

02-03-2008, 01:21 PM
I started P1 Monday, 1/28/08. I'm excited to weigh myself tomorrow and see how I did after my first week....I have been following P1 religiously, but I travel for work, so my first/only restaurant dinner on Thursday was challenging. It was difficult to know exactly what is in the "mustard sauce" on the pork chop and how much evoo was on the brussel sprouts and to say no to wine. I got stuck in traffic Friday eve on a 2.5 hr drive home, and ended up not eating dinner until 8:30 when I got home because I didn't want to stop at a restaurant for dinner and fast food is part of what got me's a little frustrating eating out but I'm sure it will get better.

Best thing is I'm proving to myself that I actually do have will power....the pork chop/brussel sprouts came with a non-disclosed pile of mashed potatoes, and I didn't touch them. The waitress looked at me funny when she asked me what she could start me off with and the first thing I blurt out is water and please take the bread away....I need to become less concerned with what others think.....having a difficult time getting breakfast in, which I know is bad, but otherwise it's going pretty good.....I'm on the road all next week, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

02-03-2008, 01:25 PM
Welcome, KT! Sounds like you've been strong when it would have been much easier to just cave in to restaurant food--keep up the great work!

As for me, I'm still feeling kinda crappy. My nose isn't running as much, but I'm coughing a lot, and my throat still hurts. I'm going to try to start Phase 1 again tomorrow, though.

My scale said 315 this morning, so something's going alright even though I've been terribly off plan for a couple days now. Although, it could just be taking its dear time showing up on the scale, so I'll weigh in again tomorrow morning (Monday) and then wait until the following Monday to weigh again (or at least to announce my weigh-in...not sure I can actually stay off the scale for a whole week :p).

02-03-2008, 01:35 PM
Hey, everyone. I'm going to restart the SBD tomorrow. I had a good start at the end of December and into January, but after all that hard work, I lost only 4-5 pounds. Well, I got really discouraged, especially since I was walking too. When I came off Wellbutrin, I gained back a LOT of weight, so I'm going to see the doctor next week about going back on it.

One of my hardest problems with dieting is the snacking! I'm taking classes online so I spend a LOT of time in front of the computer and reading. And I snack a LOT. Like I can go through a whole bag of pecans in a day if I let myself.

My plan is to find foods that are quick and easy to prepare and that let me snack throughout the day. Also, I'm going to master this eliptical machine I have sitting in this room.

02-03-2008, 01:42 PM
Hey jillybean,
Thanks for the kind words.....colds suck! Have you tried the ColdEase cough drops? They always seem to help me.....

I haven't really been excersizing much, but since I'm going to be in hotels every week during February, I'm going to have no excuse since there's a work out facility right there.....should be interesting to see if I can motivate my butt to excersize.....

02-03-2008, 05:09 PM
:welcome: to all the Newbies! Feel free to come on over and join us in the Daily Chat, too. We look forward to having you join us!

02-03-2008, 06:54 PM
My menu for tomorrow (starting Phase 1 again tomorrow):

egg salad (2 eggs, reduced fat mayo, Nasoya dijon mayo, paprika), low sodium V8
sf Jell-o
2 frozen grilled garlic and butter tilapis fillets, tartar sauce (made myself with reduced fat mayo and no sugar added sweet pickle relish)
raw celery with 2T natural, no salt peanut butter (only ingredient is peanuts)
spaghetti squash with Ragu no sugar added pasta sauce and ground extra lean turkey breast
no sugar added fudgesicleI think the above represents the first time since being on SBD that I will have a day come in at less than 3,000mg sodium!

02-03-2008, 09:58 PM
Are you feeling better yet, Jilly? :hug: Colds are very annoying.

02-04-2008, 06:35 AM
Are you feeling better yet, Jilly? :hug: Colds are very annoying.
I was feeling MUCH better yesterday--even had a productive day of bathing and brushing both puppies, cooking a spaghetti squash for tonight's dinner, baking chicken last night for dinner, and doing a couple loads of laundry. But when I went to bed last night, I started coughing a lot more, and now this morning, my chest and throat hurt all over again, and my nose was all stuffy. Yuck. I'm still going to try to re-start Phase 1 today, though. I'm also going to try to come home from work early to nap :(

02-04-2008, 12:56 PM

Jill suggested I post here. I guess I'm a little late, not starting in Jan. But ............better late than never. I'v copied and reposted who I am and why I am here.

I'm new and have been reading through the boards. I'll add my thread and maybe we newbies can group up together for this phase for support.

I am here because:

I have borderline diabetes, and high triglycerides. The new Dr. was not fond of the Nutritionists diet for my diabetes. It controlled my sugar, weight started coming off, but the T's are still way to high. The new Doc recommended the SB diet, so here I am.

Married 35 years, ( that tells you I'm old)

I am not the most computer literate woman, and I wonder if my smiley face will show up when I post this...............

Mom and Grandmom . MOther to 3, grand Mum to 2. A foster son still visits frequently and I get to me the honored grand mum to his 2. I like it a lot !

Nurse......its hard sometimes to not argue with Dr.'s and Nutritionists. But I have seen the awful effects of diabetes, and I want to keep all my fingers and toes.

Current weight, 190, needs to be 140. I haven't figured out how to do the cute gizzie at the end of the post yet.

For breakfast I had my version of bubble and squeak.
Cabbage, onions, mushrooms and turkey sausage. I'm now off to eat my cheese stick before I hit the grocery store for veggies and fish. I'm gonna miss eating my apple these two weeks!

Think Red. Keep your heart healthy

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02-04-2008, 12:59 PM
Ok I am not at all sure what happened. When I posted my reply I ended up here.

I see people are posting this month.............Hello!

Bear with me...........I'll figure this out and I hope to find you again


02-04-2008, 01:00 PM
Welcome, Kay! This is for anyone starting in 2008, not just January, so you're fine! If it were only for January starters, the thread only would have lasted 2 weeks and we'd all be done with Phase 1 by now ;)

02-04-2008, 02:05 PM
Jill, I went through Strep Throat 2 weeks ago when I was in the first week of Phase I. I found that eating raw cauliflower (to scratch it) and hot things like sweet & sour soup and chili made my throat feel great, and I made it through without cheating. I hope you are feeling better and can stay on track this time.

02-04-2008, 05:06 PM
I'm going to join all you Phase 1ers if that's okay :) I've been around since October but need a week to get back on track.

Kay - Your recipe sounds like my kind of breakfast. I'm going to try that with veggie sausage. Do you add any seasonings?

02-04-2008, 06:04 PM
Hi everyone! Do you mind another Phase 1-er? I'm on day 4 - so far so good. Just a little groggy today - feel a little "out of it". But, sweet cravings are down dramatically - I didn't think I'd get through those first 2 days, but I don't even really have a sweet tooth anymore!

I haven't read through all 36 pages of this thread but plan to do so over the next few days. In the mean time, if any of you have tips or tricks, let me know - maybe private message so I dont' bore everyone else here!

I would especially love non-egg breakfast ideas. I don't really like eggs and I don't have a whole lot of options.... today I had yogurt and a cheese stick. would love some variety.

02-04-2008, 09:48 PM
I just started Phase II yesterday. So far today I think I ate like I was still on Phase I. I am going to have to work at adding starches and fruits. I am scared to!

02-05-2008, 06:51 AM
When I moved into Phase 2 (for the whopping 2 days I did it), I only added fruit, and I made sure I didn't eat the fruit alone--I ate it with a protein. For example, I made a strawberry banana smoothie, so I had milk with my fruit. You could also do an apple with some nuts, cheese, or nut butter, or a banana with some peanut butter...things like that. Even in many other weight loss ways of eating besides South Beach, it is recommended that you not eat fruit alone because it can cause sugar/insulin spikes just like anything else with sugar. Just a suggestion :)

I'm still feeling quite icky. I stayed mostly on plan for Phase 1 yesterday--I did have some Blue Bunny no sugar added strawberry ice cream, though, which is obviously a Phase 1 no-no, but MAN did it feel nice on my throat :D It's all gone now, though, so no more of that to cheat with.

I attempted to make some Phase 1 friendly broccoli cheese soup last night in the crock pot. It smells good, but it looks kinda funky, like teeny tiny little chunks instead of being creamy. I'll have to try it, though, before I decide to dump it all :dizzy:

02-05-2008, 10:22 AM
Okay, for breakfast I wrapped a WW tortilla around my usual eggs & salsa. It was delightful! I have officially jumped in! (Except I need to get to the store and buy some fruit. There isn't a bit in my house.)

02-05-2008, 11:16 AM
We bought some La tortilla whole wheat wrap/tortilla whatever they are, I did not like them-ick. We made a quesadilla. Need to try different brand maybe. I do like the Ak Mak whole wheat crackers though. and we bought some kashi cereal I havent tried yet, but I could hear DH enjoying it one morning.

02-05-2008, 11:24 AM

I made it through day one of phase one! The only awful thing to happen was the ricotta cheese stuff I tried for my evening snack/dessert. EWWWWWW

I tried to post earlier and my pewter crashed. So I went to catch some CNN and the satellite crashed. If I have to work with the new IV machines today everyone better just watch out!

You'll laugh at me when I tell you why I was so mixed up yesterday. I finally read all the little boxes on the top of the screen and guess what, there are 35 pages in this thread! I kept reading page one.

Glad someone else like my bubble and squeak. Is it true I can only have turkey sausage once a week? Is it because of the fat grams? If I give up an egg can I have another sausage?

I have found the recipe boards so very helpful. I think I'll skip the chunky and gluey broccoli soup Jilly, but I did find a great sounding recipe for tonights Talipia.
Nursing tips for sore throats.
Old fashioned idea for sore throats, but it works. Gargle with warm salt water. Not hot water........and don't eat afterwards or you'll think your eating brine.:) If cold feels good to your throat put an ice pack on the sides of your throat, against your lymph glands.

On to day two. Can I have cottage cheese instead of the Ricotta? They pretty much compare fat and carb wise.
Veggie omlet
Cheese stick
Last nights Salmon on todays Salad
Something for snack...........probably left over veggies. I like em.
Taliia with veggies.


02-05-2008, 11:37 AM
I bought the hand made whole wheat tortillas at Trader Joe's. Funny thing, afterwards I went to my regular grocery and noticed they have the SBD ones. I will get those next time. They have like a ridiculous amount of fiber.

Yeah, Kay. You can have 1% or 2% cottage cheese.

02-05-2008, 11:57 AM
Fair warning on the actual South Beach brand products--they are owned by Kraft and, of course, they're out to make money, not really make you healthy :devil: Carefully read the ingredients in the SB products. I''ve heard that some of them contain a lot of chemicals, and some even contain *gasp* high fructose corn syrup :fr: So keep an eye on the ingredients because sometimes, other brands are actually better for you than the SB brand. I know a lot of people have complained about the chemical-tasting SB brand cottage cheese that contains a bunch of fake ingredients not found in regular cottage cheese, and regular cottage cheese is fine on SB, so I'm not sure why they mess with things so much!

Thanks for the tips on feeling better, everyone. My throat is feeling a bit better today, so it's mostly chest congestion that's bugging me. I'm already home from work (only went to the office for about 2 hours this morning), so hopefully a good day of rest will help to kick this thing.

I had egg salad for breakfast and turkey dogs with homemade sugar-free ketchup for lunch, so so far, so good for eating today :^:

02-05-2008, 12:49 PM
The SBD tortillas are fine on the diet. They really are the best I have found so far, as far as ingredients and nutritional values. I should have mentioned in my other post that the store I found them at here in Indiana was Meijer, in case anyone has one of those nearby.

02-05-2008, 02:24 PM
Woo-hooo! I got a signature!

02-05-2008, 03:49 PM
Hi chicas!

Decided it was time to get back on the beach. :beach: I did really well late 2007, then I got tonsilitus, switched jobs, Christmas avalanched...excuses excuses :o.

This time DH is joining me so that makes life easier. (Cut back to the autumn there...I'd be eating my stirfry and he would come in with fish and chips!!!:devil:)

I weighed myself today and was worried I had gained back and all my hard work had gone down the tubes. But I not only stayed the same, I'm actually down a pound from when I last weighed myself in December!!:goodscale: :woohoo:

So :dust: to all us chicks on the beach. We can do it! :cheer:

02-05-2008, 03:52 PM
Welcome back to the beach and good luck to you! Congrats on maintaining while off!

02-05-2008, 04:02 PM
Hi Jenny, it's great that you were able to maintain while you were on "vacation." Especially with the holidays thrown in there. It's good to have you back!

congrats on the signature naked1! Keep those posts coming!

02-05-2008, 05:02 PM
WooHoo-I got my SIG-doing the SIG dance!

02-05-2008, 05:02 PM
oops-guess not :(

02-05-2008, 08:25 PM
SAnativegirl....I'm still signature-less gives me something to look forward to!

Day 8 of phase 1 and still going all of you in Phase 1: We not only CAN do it, we ARE doing it! :broc:

02-05-2008, 10:17 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

only1naked I've been having the same issue. I'm almost scared to add the carbs back in, even though I could have had them for a week now. So right at this moment, I got brave and I'm actually eating one of those whole wheat English muffins I got at trader Joe's last week. Actually they say British muffins, that sounds fancier.

02-06-2008, 09:46 AM
I just changed my goal weight. I upped it 5 pounds from 155 to 160. I have been doing more research and I think that would be a better and more realistic goal for me and the way I hope to look. The last time I weighed 168 I was in a size 10 jeans, and I don't want to get much smaller than that. The good news is, in changing that, I just got closer to reaching my goal! HA!

02-06-2008, 10:10 AM
only1--haha, yay for being closer to goal! :D ;)

Neko--"British muffins" DOES sound fancier! I've never seen them called that, but I'd probably be mor elikely to buy them with that label :p

bella--when you had the blueberries, did you have them alone or with something else? I find eating fruit alone ALWAYS makes me hungry, but when I eat it with plenty of protein, it doesn't hit me as hard.

KT--congrats on 8 straight days! Phase is over before you know it!

elusive--having someone else work with you on this (DH) is SO helpful. My fiance doesn't really need to lose much weight, so he's not on the plan with me, but he understands that if he wants any type of junk food, he needs to bring it to work and keep it in his office so it's not in my kitchen. He'll also eat whatever I make for dinner, so that helps, and if he orders a pizza, he gets lots of toppings I don't like :p

As for me, I'm so glad I FINALLY found some no sugar added ketchup last night! I've been searching for weeks, and though I'd seen stickers on the shelf at one or two stores, they never had it in stock until last night. YAY! I'm still not finding any no sugar added bbq sauce, though...I tried making my own at home with a recipe I found on here, but it was pretty awful :barf:

I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleased, but I will save my excitement for my "official" weekly weigh in on Monday.

I'm feeling a bit better today--my throat isn't really sore anymore, and my runny/stuffy nose is pretty much gone. It's just this darn coughing--makes my chest hurt, makes my stomach muscles hurt, and keeps me (and Jeff) up at night. I'm tired today, but I am feeling more human, so I'm going to try to work a full day in the office for the first time this week.

I'm proud to report that I was 100% on plan yesterday. Today's looking to be the same.

OH, and I made a fabulous discovery while grocery shopping last night. I LOVE egg salad, and I have on occasion caved and bought egg salad from grocery deli counters for lunch when I'm at work, but they often have some sugar in them. Well, I was at Bloom last night (chain grocery store, for those who don't have them), and they sell plastic pouches of plain, already-peeled hard boiled eggs. Awesome! Now I know if I don't have a lunch, I can go to bloom and grab some hard boiled eggs and make my own egg salad, sans sugar :D

02-06-2008, 10:21 AM
Hey Jilly

I keep hard boiled eggs in a ziplock in my fridge at home.

I am on day 12. I feel so in control. I went out to this fancy Italian restraunt last night. Not my choice it was a celebration for someone. My friend and I split a meal. She ate the potatoes and half the steak. I ate the green beans and zuccnini and salad and half steak. LOL I was stuffed and so was she. She ate my helping of bread too. LOL ALmost everyone had dessert. I skipped dessert but I did have a cappucino. I am in control of what I eat and I am not obsessing on what I can have next or anything. I love this way of eating.


02-06-2008, 10:28 AM
I keep hard boiled eggs in a ziplock in my fridge at home.
I keep hard boiled eggs in my fridge, too, but in the case that I forget my lunch and end up having to find something to have at work, now I know I can just go grab some at Bloom. I wouldn't pay the extra price to just buy them because I'm too lazy to hard boil my own at home :dizzy:

Another exciting (to me) item I found last night that I forgot to mention--sugar free maple syrup by Walden Farms. It doesn't have sugar alcohols like all the other brands I checked, so I'm excited to try it :)

02-06-2008, 10:53 AM
Sorry Jill I didn't mean to imply you were lazy. I didn't know if you had a fridge and could just keep them in there at work.
LOL and there are days I would buy the preboiled ones cause there are days I am to lazy to cook. LOL That is why I keep some already boiled in the fridge. But too lazy to cook is why I am the size I am cause it was quicker/easier to hit the drive thru than it is to cook. Learning to like cooking again.
I have to hide my boiled eggs cause my son will eat them. When I say where are my eggs he just grins. LOL I have to hide tomatoes too cause he eats them like apples. I don't mind him eating one but 3-4 tomatoes a day isn't good for his tummy. He is 6. He's my veggie baby!! LOL Yes, tell if the SF syrup is good. Sounds yummy!!!

02-06-2008, 11:00 AM
I saw preboiled eggs at the grocery store. But I was afraid to buy them, how can you tell if they're fresh enough to eat.

tammie I wish I could get my son to eat more fruits and vegetables. He pretty much hates them all and gives me problems about eating any. I think he takes after my brother who is a certified junkfoodtarian.

bella The P1 pancake recipes aren't bad. They're not exactly the same, but it beats eating regular eggs every morning.

Jilly Glad you're feeling somewhat better and found your sugar-free ketchup. Maybe you can try making BBQ sauce from the SF ketchup? I haven't tried any of the forum BBQ sauce recipes yet.

I had another one of my fancy "British" muffins for breakfast with peanut butter. Definitely no odd cravings and suprisingly I'm still feeling pretty full from just one muffin with 1 TBS PB. :)

02-06-2008, 11:11 AM
I saw preboiled eggs at the grocery store. But I was afraid to buy them, how can you tell if they're fresh enough to eat.
hmm...the ones I saw were in a resealable package with a "sell by" date. I believe they also had citric acid used as a preservative.

tammie--no sorry needed; I was just explaining why I was so excited to see them there. I do normally bring food to work for lunches, but there are always those days when I'm rushing in the morning and forget my lunch bag at home! I try not to store more than one lunch's worth of food in the work fridge at a time because the office refrigerator gremlins have been known to steal other people's food :devil: And here I thought I worked in an office of professional, mature adults :rolleyes:

02-06-2008, 11:18 AM
I try not to store more than one lunch's worth of food in the work fridge at a time because the office refrigerator gremlins have been known to steal other people's food :devil: And here I thought I worked in an office of professional, mature adults :rolleyes:

Well obviously they must be professional adults, it's just those pesky refrigerator gremlins. ;)

Will they even eat the healthy stuff? Where I work, people will steal junk food, but never healthy stuff.

02-06-2008, 11:24 AM
Will they even eat the healthy stuff? Where I work, people will steal junk food, but never healthy stuff.
I think anything that's easy to grab and eat is fair game. Like hard boiled eggs, frozen entrees (my coworker's Lean Cuisine went missing last week), etc. I even lost some all-natural unsweetened applesauce cups I had in there once. At least my refrigerator gremlins are health conscious :p

02-06-2008, 12:47 PM
Jilly, I LOVE the quotes in your sig, especially the first one.

Reading this lunch-at-work stories makes me realize how fortunate I am that I work less than a mile from home, so I go home for lunch every day. I kind of take that for granted, and now that I am on this plan I need to be more grateful!

02-06-2008, 06:07 PM
Hi, checking in late tonight

Day 3, Phase 1

So far so good. Chili from your recipe boards today..........cold and snowy here in Mich. today.

reading all the talk about egg salad..I know whats in my lunch tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first big challenge. I will be at work all day..........Lots of temptations there.

reading about children and their likes, I am still fascinated that my youngest grandson wants to come to Grandma Kay's house, because I have strawberries " all the time!" He passed up the cookies and brownies to get to the strawberries. Of course when I know he is coming there is always a fresh box of strawberries!


02-06-2008, 06:25 PM
Chickies, I just split this off from the big Phase I thread. Long threads really slow down loading for those of us on dial-up!
Here's the link for the old thread which is now going to be closed. (

02-06-2008, 08:23 PM

Today is my first day on SBD Phase 1 - so far so good :)

I lost about 25-30# with just plain old watching what I eat and exercising over the last couple months, but I seemed to have hit a plateau so I thought maybe this would help give me a jumpstart. Anyway, looking forward to digging up so good recipes and shaking things up a bit ;)

02-06-2008, 09:09 PM
Hi chigirl and Kay. Welcome to the beach. Good luck to both of you!

02-07-2008, 02:57 AM
Back on South Beach after a few years away. Restarted January 7th and after a tough few weeks feel I am on my way again!

For now, catching up on the postings. Looking forward to trying out the recipes and reading others experiences.


02-07-2008, 03:32 AM
Hi chi and cie! Welcome :welcome3: to the beach! :beach: The chics here are really supportive and I find it's a good place for ideas and support.

Speaking of support! Ok so it was Ash Wednesday yesterday and I knew I had to go to mass after work. Stupidly, I did not pack a mid-afternoon snack which led to me buying an eek!:yikes: atkins bar just so I wouldn't start gnawing on my arm in the middle of mass. Then when I got home I couldn't be bothered cooking and around eight, feeling is if I had not actually eaten dinner I ate a full fat hot dog that was in the fridge. DH is trying to be really good and caught me sinning with the forbidden food when he came in from work. I'm not as organised and motivated this week and my control is hanging on by a thread. I should be cooking breakfast right now but as always I get REALLY sick of eggs after the first few days.

I just keep asking myself why I do this when I know better. I'm trying really hard not to respond with emotional eating but it's getting harder. I know I can do it, but I'm finding it difficult to make sure DH is happy on plan as well. He needs more to eat than I do and I'm not used to making south beach diets for two plus his difficult work schedule means he can't always have the things I've planned for dinner cause he works late.

Sorry I just needed to vent really bad. I'm going to make breakfast and quit moaning. Thanks if you made it to the end of this post, I appreciate it.

02-07-2008, 06:42 AM
welcome, newbies!!

Jenny, maybe you could try mixing up your breakfasts a bit? I get tired of having eggs every day, too. Sometimes I shake things up just by making egg salad instead of normal "breakfast" eggs. Or sometimes I have some ham or Canadian bacon with a Laughing Cow light cheese wedge spread on them. OR some turkey sausage links with low-carb ketchup or mustard (this is not an everyday thing). Or a glass of no sugar added chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast (I checked the ingredients, and I'm pretty sure this is okay on Phase 1). Or some sliced turkey rolled up with baby spinach and cream cheese. Or some vegetable soup. Whatever I feel like--there no law that says you have to have "breakfast foods" for breakfast! :D

Ruth, thanks for starting the new thread. In addition to making the page load faster for those not on high-speed internet connections, I think it will also eliminate the confusion for those just joining us who might think the other thread was just for January :yes:

I stayed on plan again yesterday, so I'm on to Day 4. I was STARVING yesterday, though, but I think that may be because I Was feeling better and hadn't eaten as much as usual the previous days since I was sick. Hopefully I won't feel so hungry today.

Yet again, my throat feels fine today, but my nose is stuffing up again, and I woke up coughing a couple times last night. I wish I could just sleep through a night--I really think that would help!

Tonight, we will be puppyless for the first time in 4 months! I have to drop them both off at the vet this morning to get spayed/neutered (one of each), and they have to stay there overnight. Well, our male has to stay over for 1 night, and our female has to stay over for 2 nights. So, Jeff and I are going out tonight :D Maybe dinner, maybe a movie--not sure yet, but we won't be rushing home to relieve the pups of their crates!

02-07-2008, 10:16 AM
Hi to everyone!
I am on day 2 with SB. I have tried SB before but always seem to "panic" after phase 1 and go back to old ways of eating. Hopefully, this time, I have changed my thought process and see the SB as a lifestyle than a diet. I want to lose 20 pds. Currently, I weigh 175 and am 5'7". I appreciate all the support and recipes that can be found on this site.
Hope everyone is having a good day!

02-07-2008, 10:20 AM
2 more days of phase 1 for me. I am not nervouse I am excited. I want an orange. LOL Funny how I have been looking foward to an orange but could careless for the chocolate hubby has in the house.


02-07-2008, 01:42 PM
Hello everyone, I am starting South Beach tomorrow:carrot:. I joined this community so that I could have some support...I have tried to do South beach before and failed. I am a college student so its hard to say no to all the fried foods and easy to grab stuff..but I found that I have gained 40 pounds over the last 3 years. If you could give me some tips on the meal plans you followed and what kept you going through phase I that would be awesome! :dizzy:

02-07-2008, 09:36 PM
Hi everyone

Day 4, Phase 1

I did not drink the grape juice or nibble from the machines at work! Were talking a biggie for me. It was soooooo hard not to have a sip of juice, but I know I would have drank more than " a sip"

Tammy O: An apple...........I miss an apple for breakfast. I like 1/2 half an apple with whatever else I am eating.

Hi Bobbi : I am very new to this collage friend swears by the turkey roll ups. He wraps the turkey around a celery stick and /or a cheese stick. They survive his back pack and get him through the mid morning munchies.

Hey Lucy, I too appreciate the support here. They are patient and tolerant of my computer ignorance and point me in the right directions


I made it through Day 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02-07-2008, 09:53 PM
Kay, I am drinking a glass of the grape flavored Crystal Light (well, actually the Wal-mart store brand) and it is DELICIOUS! Maybe it's something you'd wanna try.

02-07-2008, 10:48 PM
Hi Chicks--
I am new and I am SO discouraged. Been lurking here for the last week and learning so much from you all. I'm on Day 11 of Phase 1 -- and have only lost 2 pounds. That's the sort of fluctuation that I might normally see -- without all this effort. I think I've been pretty good -- no cheating. And tho' I haven't exercised everyday, I get in a three-mile walk every few days; last weekend I did 5 miles on Saturday and 7 on Sunday.

From lurking, I thought maybe I wasn't drinking enough water. I'm now at 2 to2.5 liters. Been eating plenty of veggies I think --I've measured my salad quantities to check. Here's a typical day:

B: LF cottage cheese, glass V8, two mugs coffee
S: glass of NF milk
L:half-can tuna w/teaspoon mayo; tomatoes; green beans; bottle fizzy water; mint tea
S: wedge LF Laughing Cow; bottle water
D: 10(x2) peanuts; salad with sliced turkey, including full red pepper, green beans; bottle fizzy water; cinnamon yogurt (NF/SF)

The peanuts are dry roasted in the shell and there are typically 2 small nuts in the shell -- so maybe 20 total. I eat them as an 'appetizer' while I'm fussing in the kitchen. The dessert is plain NFSF yogurt, with a packet of Equal and some cinnamon stirred in (really good!).

After five days at roughly the same level, I finally lost another pound (for 3 total). Was so thrilled that I tried the famous Taco Bake last night to celebrate. And now I'm back up. Am I doing something wrong that you can see? (I suppose it doesn't help that I talked yesterday to a friend --a guy, natch -- who has lost 9 lbs in his first four days. I know, I know -- but it ain't fair! <g>)

02-07-2008, 11:20 PM
I am new at this, too. To me, if that's a typical day, it seems like there's a lot of dairy there for Phase I, but hopefully someone with more experience than me can help more. This board is definitely the place to find out! Welcome.

i ate my skinny me
02-08-2008, 12:06 AM
I actually started in January but did such a crappy job of sticking to phase one that i started over . So i guess i am on phase 1 day 8.

7 lbs lost so far.

Only1: The Wal-Mart SF water flavor packs are great. are they ok for phase 1? Technically yes, but as far as getting over the whole sweet craving is it ok? Just wondering because I have tons of them. TIA

02-08-2008, 12:43 AM
Hi Chicks--
I am new and I am SO discouraged. Been lurking here for the last week and learning so much from you all. I'm on Day 11 of Phase 1 -- and have only lost 2 pounds. That's the sort of fluctuation that I might normally see -- without all this effort. I think I've been pretty good -- no cheating. And tho' I haven't exercised everyday, I get in a three-mile walk every few days; last weekend I did 5 miles on Saturday and 7 on Sunday.

From lurking, I thought maybe I wasn't drinking enough water. I'm now at 2 to2.5 liters. Been eating plenty of veggies I think --I've measured my salad quantities to check. Here's a typical day:

B: LF cottage cheese, glass V8, two mugs coffee
S: glass of NF milk
L:half-can tuna w/teaspoon mayo; tomatoes; green beans; bottle fizzy water; mint tea
S: wedge LF Laughing Cow; bottle water
D: 10(x2) peanuts; salad with sliced turkey, including full red pepper, green beans; bottle fizzy water; cinnamon yogurt (NF/SF)

The peanuts are dry roasted in the shell and there are typically 2 small nuts in the shell -- so maybe 20 total. I eat them as an 'appetizer' while I'm fussing in the kitchen. The dessert is plain NFSF yogurt, with a packet of Equal and some cinnamon stirred in (really good!).

After five days at roughly the same level, I finally lost another pound (for 3 total). Was so thrilled that I tried the famous Taco Bake last night to celebrate. And now I'm back up. Am I doing something wrong that you can see? (I suppose it doesn't help that I talked yesterday to a friend --a guy, natch -- who has lost 9 lbs in his first four days. I know, I know -- but it ain't fair! <g>)

IMO it seems like you might not be eating seem to do a decent amount of activity, have you entered it all into fitday or tracked the calories on it? Seems like it could be really really low.

I know on SBD you don't 'have' to track your calories, but i still do to make sure I am getting enough fiber, low enough in fat, etc...I also try to keep my daily calories somewhere between 1400-1500 a day since I exercise. And I STRUGGLE to get that many - I eat 6-7 times/day to try to keep my metabolism up and even though I may not be hungry I know I am gonna be low for the day so I just force the food down (like I just downed 1/2cup of garbanzo beans as my evening snack(@ 10:30 :dizzy:) to make sure I got enough fiber for the day)


02-08-2008, 01:18 AM
Only1: The Wal-Mart SF water flavor packs are great. are they ok for phase 1? Technically yes, but as far as getting over the whole sweet craving is it ok? Just wondering because I have tons of them. TIA

I can't answer that. I have never craved sweets, so it doesn't bother me. My issue is with cheese, chips, etc. Sorry!

02-08-2008, 06:56 AM
Hi guys. My how time slips through the fingers like water! I can't believe it's been a couple months since I posted. I've been so busy I haven't planned my meals, and we ALL know what that means. So, here I am once AGAIN trying to get myself on a regimine! I truly need help, so If someone would be my "buddy" on the yahoo messenger that would be a blessing as I do not come in here often. Good luck to all of ya!

Oh yea, since my last effort I put on ten pounds (weighing in this week at 191, but this morning down to 189) So I'm quite disappointed!

02-08-2008, 07:13 AM
only1, I am the same way--I'll take cheese or chips over candy any day! I can easily pass by free chocolate (I'm probably one of the few women in the world who really doesn't care much for chocolate), but if someone puts ouf a bowl of, say, free dry roasted lightly salted cashews, that's a whole different ball game!

02-08-2008, 11:00 AM
seaduck Maybe it's just water retention? Guys don't tend to suffer from that very much.

Loriann I don't use yahoo very often, but if you use msn feel free to message me. I'm :)

02-08-2008, 11:14 AM
I'm a slow loser, too. Lost 6 the first week, zip the second, 3 the third week, maybe one this past week. Dont concentrate on scale.
I know I cant have nuts around, too tempting. Maybe its the salt in the nuts and/or V8. change up your menu some, dont get bored. Keep at it, it will come off. DH lost 14 but I know I cant compare to him. But hey 10 lbs is great for me, I'll take it!

02-08-2008, 11:17 AM
Good morning

Day 5, Phase 1

Its getting easier to plan meals..........The grape drink sounds fabulous ONL. Before we get another snow storm I need to go out, am I am looking for that. In fact I like Crystal light and usually have it in the summer. I mix it with seltzer water and call it a cooler ! I haven't seen the grape though.
Sea Duck: I am a guilty watcher of the biggest looser. The last two weeks have been about eating enough calories, especially when you exercise. You are doing a fair amount of exercise compared to my couch potato leg lifts. I would look into the calorie thing if I were you, can't hurt.

My DH who is a horrible eater, and loves his beer etc. Has the most wonderful blood work! His Cholesterol is fine, his triglycerides are fine, his sugar is fine......Rotten ol man!!!! He is somewhat following this diet with me. For example I made a mock spaghetti sauce and served mine over cauliflower. He had pasta. I'll loose something, but I just know he'll loose a ton more.

But I'm not loosing my hair, and I console myself with that :)


02-08-2008, 11:34 AM
only1, I am the same way--I'll take cheese or chips over candy any day! I can easily pass by free chocolate (I'm probably one of the few women in the world who really doesn't care much for chocolate), but if someone puts ouf a bowl of, say, free dry roasted lightly salted cashews, that's a whole different ball game!
I don't care for chocolate either. I might on occasion eat a candy bar (never solid chocolate), but I downright detest the taste of chocolate pudding, cake, ice cream, etc. You are right, it isn't very common!

02-08-2008, 01:57 PM
Bellaluna: Maybe I am just slow. My goal is to lose 25 pounds. This is definitely a new way of eating -- five meals a day feels like I'm eating all the time. My pattern used to be breakfast, maybe lunch but not always, dinner. I'm not a cook, and to be honest, I don't think too much about food. I know that doesn't sound like a recipe for putting on weight, but maybe two-meals-a-day was part of it. We also eat out a lot. And we typically have wine with dinner. One thing that attracted me to SB was the sense that a lot of sugar was creeping into my diet. And now I know it was more than I even guessed! After years of not having problems, I put on 30 pounds after I got married -- I went from 125 to 155. I think husbands might be the issue. <g>

Neko: Hard to imagine that it's water retention given how often I need to run to the bathroom! <g> But maybe that's how these things work; I do feel like I'm consuming a bit more sodium than I used to. I'm past worrying about TOM (I'm 53...don't know if age matters).

Chigirl: I don't know about the calories; haven't checked, but I will. I haven't really been hungry, and when I have, I've eaten a bit more. The Taco Bake was very filling.

Only1naked: I confess that I'm a little confused about dairy. I really like dairy --one of things that attracted me to SB. It seems that you're not supposed to overindulge on milk (even no fat?) or yogurt (even no fat?) but low-fat cheese and cottage cheese (and sour cream?) are OK. I might be wrong on that --I hope someone can set me straight. But I think I've been within the guidelines.

Many thanks to you all. Your support helps a lot.

02-08-2008, 02:46 PM
But I'm not loosing my hair, and I console myself with that :)
hehe. I have a skinny, horrible eating husband too. I also console myself with the fact I have a full head of shiny blonde hair and he's only got a bit in the back. :devil:

seaduck From what I've read here (and anybody who knows I'm wrong, feel free to correct me) you should only have in P1, two servings of lowfat dairy a day (ie milk, yogurt) However, cheese is very low in carbs so I think it is considered a protein source. Cottage cheese is all protein and no carbs. If you play around with fitday, you can see a difference in the fat/carb/protein composition between cottage cheese and FF yogurt. Sour cream I think you consider a fat, so you really shouldn't overindulge on that.

hmm.. So definitely no TOM issues to consider withwater retention. lol I'm still at the prime age for that so it's always a consideration for me. Maybe it's too much sodium. Those laughing cow cheeses are low in calories but high in sodium. I love them, but I've been trying to avoid them. Canned salmon and cottage cheese are both high in sodium too. I try buy the low sodium kind of cottage cheese, but sadly it's not quite the same.

02-08-2008, 03:10 PM
Alright, I do not know what is wrong with me. I am SO hungry and feel like eating all the time! It's not near TOM, I'm not pregnant, I eat plenty of protein (over 100g a day), I take a daily multivitamin, I get fiber in my diet, and I'm not exercising (I know exercising can sometimes cause hunger from burning calories). I'm not eating sugar or many "unallowed" carbs, and it's not just cravings, and it's not just boredom (I'm at work, not home twiddling my thumbs watching tv or anything)--it's hunger. I've tried waiting it out for at least 20 minutes, but the feeling doesn't go away. I've tried drinking water to make sure it's not actually thirst (I've had 4 LITERS of water in the past 7 hours). I am at a loss as to what else to do. I overate yesterday and am well on my way to overeating today (I know you don't have to track calories on SB, but I do anyway when I journal my food, and my calories are getting quite high). Bleh. Anyway, back to trying not to eat anything for my last hour here at the office...

Neko, "not quite the same" is a major understatement in my book when it comes to low sodium cottage cheese--I couldn't eat more than the first bite! :p Not that I'm a huge cottage cheese fan anyway, but I thought since I didn't care for it much anyway with all the salt, maybe I wouldn't miss the salt, but that definitely backfired for me.

02-08-2008, 04:28 PM
Jill, have you considered using a fiber supplement, like sugar free Citrucel or something similar to help make you feel fuller before you eat? Even if you are getting enough fiber, maybe drinking a glass of this before a meals or snack times can help get rid of some of the hunger. Are you a fan of cauliflower, like I am? I will never get hungry because I can munch on that all the live long day. Do you have a guilt-less option similar to that one that might be a solution?

02-08-2008, 04:47 PM
[B]Neko[B]-- Re low-salt cottage cheese: I'm with Jill on this one! Stuff's vile. Husband bought it for me by mistake. Yikes. I ended up putting salt on it so I could get it down. And then gave the rest to the dog.

Jill--I wish I could advise you, but as you can tell, I haven't got this figured out either. But maybe 'overeating' -- if it's the right stuff -- ain't so bad. You might settle down. When I started, I think I was obsessing a bit about this and thinking about food all the time, so I felt like I was really overeating. And then one morning, I didn't do that anymore.

02-08-2008, 11:32 PM
Hi chicks, mind shoving over so I can spread out my towel? I am moving back down to this part of the beach for a week or so starting tomorrow. I need to get myself out of Girl Scout cookie ****. Okay, I'm just going to curl up here and go to sleep. See ya in the morning. Please tell the cabana boy I'd like a cuppa cawfee waiting when I wake up.

02-09-2008, 08:00 AM
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. My problem is I can't stand any veggies plain--must have some kind of sauce or dip (usually made with cheese or sour cream) to smother them in. I've ALWAYS hated veggies, and though I'm eating more veggies on this plan that pretty much ever before, I doubt Iwill EVER get my full 4.5 servings of veggies a day :dizzy:

I was thinking about Only1's fiber suggestion, though, and I think I may try that. If nothing else, it certainly can't hurt, right? Unless it has, umm, gastrointestinal effects of too much fiber :o

I know sometimes we need more food, but I'm certainly not doing any exercise that owuld make me think I need more right now :p And I know on SB, we can eat as much as we need to feel satisfied, but it's already having very negative effects on my scale, and I don't want to overeat myself right back to where I started, especially since I've not lost a lot of weight yet, so I don't really have much wiggle room. And I know the scale is not the be all end all determinator of success, but my pants sure aren't fitting any looser, so...

Well, look at me, I feel like such a whiner! Sorry, guys--I really am usually quite positive! I've just been feeling like a bottomless pit lately and wich I could figure out why.

I ate pizza last night. And NOT a whole wheat crust. I did order thin crust instead of regular, but it's still a bunch of white flour crap. Howcome there are no pizza delivery places that offer a whole grain crust? Maybe that should be my new business venture :p

02-09-2008, 08:14 AM
Jill, I think I would like to see you do a week of Phase I with NO CHEATS. It looks like you have been having quite a few cheats, which can easily contribute to the feelings of hunger. I don't know if a week of Phase I by the book will solve the problems, but it's another thing that can't hurt. Wanna give it a try?

02-09-2008, 11:07 AM
Only1, I can definitely give it a try. ha, I'll have to start tomorrow since I had another piece of the pizza this morning :p That's fine, though, since I'd originally intended to do the full 2 weeks again, so tomorrow would be starting my second week anyway. And I don't think there are any events going on at work, nor are we going to any parties or anything (although even when I did go to a party with a buffet the first time I did Phase 1, all I had was veggies and chicken breast!).

bella, cravings aren't the problem for me at all. I can easily pass by the chips, the bagels, the donuts, the chocolate, etc. I was just HUNGRY. We ordered the pizza not because I was craving it, but rather because I was frustrated and didn't feel like cooking or eating another d@mn salad :o

Also, now that I've gone and taken a nap and thought about some things, I'd like to stop focusing on not being able to pinpoint my hunger and focus on something more positive. Since I started (somewhat loosely) following South Beach...

I have not had McDonald's in a month.
I have been eating lunch out much less--I usually bring something to work for lunch, and if I do go out, I get a chicken caesar salad without croutons.
I have been eating dinner out much less--Jeff and I used to go out for dinner almost EVERY night. I'm not kidding; it was getting pretty ridiculous. When I started SB, we made the agreement that we would not eat out for dinner on weeknights, only weekends, and still not for EVERY meal on the weekends.
While I haven't lost tons of weight, when I started, my scale said 322 (I considered 320 my starting point since 322 was an unusually high number for me), but my scale said 313.5 this morning.
When I drive to work in the morning, I no longer feel like falling asleep at the wheel, I'm still tired since I get up at 5am, but I used to have junk for breakfast (often McD's), and I would just DRAG all morning long and sort of feel like I was in a fog. I don't get that feeling anymore.
I'm eating more veggies. I still don't eat as many as I should, but I've definitely increased my consumption.
I've tried some new recipes. Some good, some not so good, but it gets me thinking and trying new things. I used to cook new things a lot when we lived in an apartment and had no puppies, but since we moved into our townhouse in August, I had hardly tried anything new at all, so it's good to get back in the kitchen (even though I don't like cooking, but I do like trying new things :p ).
I'm feeling more in control. Even when I have my little "cheats," they are things that are still MUCH healthier than the junk I used to eat on a regular basis (i.e., fast food, sandwiches from 7-11, potato chips, etc.).
When I look in my closet and see a piece of clothing that doesn't fit me anymore, I used to think, "ugh, why do I even keep this around?" but now I usually just think, "hmm, not quite yet."
I've regained the strength I thought I'd lost to say no to free goodies (like the cookies at the office yesterday!). There was a time a little over a year ago when I was ON FIRE about turning down things I knew I shouldn't eat, but I'd fallen back to old habits, and I couldn't seem to pull up my big girl pants again and say no. But now, I do it all the time again.And so, even I find SBD is not the key for me, it has helped me in SO many ways. I may go back to whole foods and calorie counting eventually (which I know is basically SB anyway, just with fewer restrictions), but starting out a more defined plan has really helped a lot.

02-09-2008, 03:14 PM
Look at that list, Jill! What a great idea to write those things down. Bad eating habits don't develop overnight, and they don't go away overnight. It takes a while for your body to adjust. Look at the changes you have already made, and it's only going to get better/easier the longer you practice good eating. It's like anything else in life - the more you practice, the better you get at it, until it becomes second nature. Congrats on your weight loss and best wishes for a successful CHEAT FREE Phase I!

02-09-2008, 04:06 PM
Jill, your list sounds so motivating too. You must be saving money too by not going out to eat so often.

I was beginning to think I would not lose another pound on SBD but was pleasantly surprised this morning. Down another pound since last week. I've been on phase II 3 weeks and so far have lost 2# in the last 3 weeks. I am just eating one carb (oatmeal) and one fruit a day. I need to add more fruit but I'm worried if I add anything, I won't lose anymore at all.

02-09-2008, 04:18 PM
Jill, your list sounds so motivating too. You must be saving money too by not going out to eat so often.
We do save some money. We take turns paying when we go out, so I only pay half the time, and we have separate accounts since we're not married yet. I pay for all the groceries, and our weekly grocery expenses have gone up considerably, so I don't see too much difference in my wallet, but I bet Jeff sees it in his!

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions from everyone here! You know, it's weird because I feel like people think I'm new to this because I'm new to the SB section, but I've been on 3FC for a few years. It's new to me to be treated like a newbie--not in a bad way :dizzy:

I'm going to try to plan out my menus for the entire next week today. That way, I'll know exactly what to buy when I go to the grocery store, and I won't have the excuse of not having anything to make in the house.

02-09-2008, 04:47 PM
Gained 2 pounds from a week ago. :(

I'm moving from Atkins so I think it happens that there's an initial gain.

Ate cleanly, no cheats and did my daily walk. Feel physically better than December which was a low point.

Even in the fall I was counting calories. I did lose but got into low calorie fast food. Then I was ravenous all the time. It was so bad it feeds into the self-hatred when the binges are over.

only1naked, you are so right. Bad eating habits did not form overnight.

jillybean720, you will do what's best for you. Great positive list.

Happy Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat!

See you next week.

02-09-2008, 07:34 PM
Oh, man! Day 2 on phase 1 and I have a seriously fuzzy head and am exhausted. How long does this feeling take to pass? I did this in 2003 but don't really remember. On the plus side, I did lose 1.8 lbs yseterday! :)

02-09-2008, 11:01 PM
Jill: I'm not sure what being treated like a newbie means, but I thought that you were sharing how you were feeling because you wanted input. On forums, I'm always grateful whenever somebody gives me advice or invites me to see things differently, so was just trying to pay it back a little bit. But sorry if you actually didn't want any responses! :)
That's absolutely not what I mean nor said! I seem to have quite the knack for not portraying my intentions appropriately when posting--I'm sure I'll learn to spit the words out correctly eventually :dizzy: It's just a whole new group of people here in the low carb and SB sections that I didn't really interact with in other sections even though I've been here for years. I did not mean it in a bad way AT ALL, nor did I mean for anyone to take it as meaning I wanted them to stop offering input :?:

meggin, I'm not sure if you're exercising at all, but some suggest to hold off on exercise during Phase 1 since some people feel pretty drained. So, if you're exercising, you may want to cut back a bit. If you're not, then just ignore me ;)

Cie, I fell into the same trap you mentioned--I was counting calories, but I started eating lots of junk (fast food expecially), so even though I was staying within my calorie range, I wasn't feeling too hot :( But SB has helped me to make MUCH better choices--not that I didn't know what choices were good and bad before, but having some set guidelines to stay within helped me to get back into a better eating pattern :)

I went to the store earlier, and now I've got some egg muffin thingies baking in the oven. They have egg, spinach, onion, turkey sausage, center-cut bacon, and reduced-fat cheddar cheese. They better be good, because I made 2 pans of them (24 muffins total)!

I also made 2 salad dressings earlier, and I like them both! I posted the recipes in the recipe section. I used the thousand island dressing I made as a dip for some broccoli florets earlier--very yummy. All together, a quite productive day. I'm ready to start tomorrow for a perfect week.

02-09-2008, 11:49 PM
Oh, man! Day 2 on phase 1 and I have a seriously fuzzy head and am exhausted. How long does this feeling take to pass? I did this in 2003 but don't really remember. On the plus side, I did lose 1.8 lbs yseterday! :)

Depends.. If you're blonde the slightly fuzzy feeling never goes away. ;)

I felt a little out of it the entire P1. Not quite bad enough to worry, but a little off. I started feeling more normal once I added a few carbs back. Great job on the weight loss.

Jilly, it's definitely easier if you're prepared. I usually bag up some vegis and make a few breakfast type things on Sunday. Or else I'd be too busy in the a.m. to get things done and wind up eating whatever was convenient. That's pretty much how I got fat in the first place, just eating whatever is easiest. :o

02-10-2008, 12:15 AM
I've been busy getting ready for my week of Ph1 and have 1 successful day under my belt. I went to the store earlier, then made a platter of deviled eggs, cut up and washed raw cauliflower florets, made a big shrimp stir fry so I have leftovers, and chopped veggies ahead for soup to make tomorrow and taco bake Monday night. Even if I get lazy like last week and don't want to cook. I'll have no excuse. I'm going to make a pot of split pea soup tomorrow, and I accidentally defrosted a 2lb bag of shrimp so I'll have to cook them too. Maybe shrimp salad for lunch tomorrow?!

I did get a little headache this evening and a case of the PH1 crankies.

02-10-2008, 08:11 AM
If I don't chop my veggies ahead of time, I'm lost...though I really don't like to prepare things, am very impressed with you chicks for being ready!
Sundays (today!) is my prep day for the week. With working full time and having a young son, it's the only way for me. I spend a couple hours on Sundays doing meal prep for the week, which includes chopping veggies, making sure meats are thawed, organizing recipes, putting "Do not eat" stickers on things in the fridge my hubby needs to keep his paws off of because we need them for a meal, etc. It makes the cooking so much faster during the week. Also, hubby and son are not allowed in the kitchen during meal prep. I don't need males under my feet or in my way when I am in my zone. :lol:

02-10-2008, 11:00 AM
Hey Jilly How did those english muffin things go? Do they heat up well. They sound super yummy so if they do I would like to make them. I usually do prep work on Sunday too. I really want to make the oatmeal bars since I am in phase 2 now but wondering if I should. I am afraid of portion control but I have been thinking about them since I started phase 1. LOL I am going to make some quiche cups today though. Those have become a staple for me.

02-10-2008, 12:14 PM
Only I don't have to worry about hubby but as I mentioned before ds who is 6 will eat all yogurt, tomatoes, lunchmeat, fruit in site. So I have to kinda hide it in the fridge. I don't mind him eating but 4 tomatoes in one day isn't good for his tummy. I am afraid he has his momma's lack of self control. LOL he tried to eat my red pepper yesterday but decided he didn't like it.

02-10-2008, 12:19 PM
If I don't chop my veggies ahead of time, I'm lost...though I really don't like to prepare things, am very impressed with you chicks for being ready!
haha, I am the SAME way! I know I need to plan and prepare in order to be successful, but I really just don't like being in the kitchen. I don't like preparing, I don't like cooking, I don't like cleaning up...:devil: But, as mentioned, this is a lot of how I got fat in the first place--laziness and eating convenient, easy foods! So I make myself do it whether I like it or not. A lot of times, I do like I'm doing this weekend--get it all done on the weekends as much as humanly possible so I don't have to worry about being in the kitchen much during the week.

tammie, I had one of the egg "muffins" this morning--I stored them in the fridge an just popped on ein for about 30 seconds to heat it up. I really like it! I've read from others that they freeze well, too, so I froze a bunch of them and will take those to work during the week.

I have issues with portion control, too, so I took all these little egg muffins and put them in the little snack size ziploc baggies, 2 per bag. That way, I can just grab a bag rather than having them all in one container for me to pick out of.

Oh, and yesterday was a much better day for me. I was off plan, but I was not feeling nearly as hungry as I had been for the past few days. And, even though I was off plan, I still didn't eat anything fried and didn't go completely crazy.

Today's plan:

V8, egg muffin
egg muffin
salad (maybe romaine, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, shredded cheddar, chicken, and broccoli with thousand island? or romaine, baby spinach, chicken, and sliced almonds with Asian sesame dressing?)
broccoli florets w/dressing
chicken "parm" (boneless skinless chicken breast w/pasta sauce and Italian cheeses), side salad
egg salad (eggs, mayo, mustard, onion powder)Does that all look 100% on Phase 1? My pasta sauce has no sugar, all my cheeses are reduced fat, my mayo is soy based and only has 1g sugar per serving, my salad dressings are homemade (recipes in the recipe section), and my V8 is low sodium.

02-10-2008, 12:30 PM
Ugh, not 5 minutes after I hit submit on my last post with my plan for today, my cell phone rang. Some friends of ours who live in Georgia are up and want to meet for dinner at Applebee's tonight. We only get to see them maybe twice a year, so we said yes. Now off to check the Applebee's website for a menu so I can plan ahead...

02-10-2008, 12:47 PM
Good morning

Day 7, Phase 1...........I made it!!!!!!

New thought for the day..........I am finding I like fish! Never my favorite before.

I didn't get to post yesterday, Trying to get things done before bad weather hits us again.

Jilly what exactly did you make? If I go to the recipe file will I find it under egg muffins? They do sound good. I'll go check there first :)

Here is a question I am pondering. March 3 through the 10 I will be in S. Texas. Where it is warm and there is no snow! I'll be in phase two by then. Do I stay Phase one until I leave? Do I just do the best I can while away and do Phase 1 when I get back? I know what the book says, I'm just wondering what anyone with experience would say?

So far here is the plan. We have a room with a fridge and micro wave. I have a dish that can cook my eggs in the micro. I'll keep cheese sticks and almonds on hand. However there will be alcohol involved some nights. I'll really try to stick with white wine, but on a hot day in Mexico there will be at least one beer. How do I eat out when I don't know the restaurants we'll be going to? I'll try to stick with broiled fish and salad. I'm sure the dressings will be the full fat ones. Any and all ideas will be quite welcome.


02-10-2008, 12:58 PM
Jilly what exactly did you make? If I go to the recipe file will I find it under egg muffins? They do sound good. I'll go check there first :)
I'm sure the recipe section has something similar, but I followed what was posted in the low carb section thread about breakfasts. Here is the post I followed:

02-10-2008, 06:07 PM
Hello there
Hope you dont mind me joining. I have been using 3fatchicks for my ticker, and some recipes, but wanted to find somewhere to get some support. I am on another board, but a smaller one that broke off from another board, and I actually dont really like TOB anymore. Not saying much, but I like you guys. Anyway, my story - I started SB back in Sept, and did well for first couple of months, and then Christmas happened, which wasnt too bad, up 2lbs, but have been around the same weight (192) up and down for month before that, and after Christmas, so, as someone said, doing the cha cha cha with my weight, and then 3 weeks ago my Father passed away. I didnt have a great relationship with him, but it was obviously still a shock, and I went into comfort mode. Eat, Eat, eat. Have gone up about 6lbs, and am now teally starting to crave choc and junk food. So tonight, made decision am going back to phase 1 as of from tomorrow.
Need help and support, and like what you all say.
So hope you will let me in, and I look forward to the chatting.

02-10-2008, 06:18 PM
Welcome Clarri,
Good to meet another Irishman! :drinkup:

02-10-2008, 06:26 PM
Hi Clarri, welcome aboard.
Sorry for your loss. :hug: We all have setbacks, I'm sure you will be right back on track tomorrow!

02-10-2008, 06:53 PM
:welcome2: Clarri! You're welcome to join us in the daily chat, too!

02-10-2008, 09:43 PM
Hi Clarri,
I'm new to 3FC myself and have found it a great support....hope your first day of Phase 1 is a great one!

02-11-2008, 06:46 AM
Thanks for the lovely words.
I have just had brek and am feeling very positive. :carrot:
Am really determained to stick the 2 weeks out. Need to prove it to myself that I can stick to it.

02-11-2008, 07:30 AM
Good Morning

Hi Clari, nice to meet another starter :) If I can do this I know you can!

Day 8 Phase 1. Weigh in , -8, pretty good for week one.
My blood sugars are still to high though,

On to week two.
Off to work on a -17 degree morning. Lunch is packed and so are my snacks. Gotta stay away from the juice and the machines.

I won't have to be to careful of the school buses this morning, they have closed most of the schools again.


02-11-2008, 08:34 AM
Kay, -8 in one week is not "pretty good"--it's AWESOME! :carrot:

Clarri, welcome! I know how hard it is to stick to aplan when emotions are running high, but if you can stick to it at this time (which I know you can!), the rest will be a snap in comparison :hug:

I think I did well at Applebee's last night. I ordered a tilapia meal off their Weight Watchers menu. It was just the fish (not breaded and, by the taste of it, not cooked in butter--can we say BLAND?), "seasonal vegetables," and then I got broccoli instead of the rice pilaf it was supposed to come with. It was supposed to be "lime confetti tilapia" or something, but it was so bland--it had a black bean salsa on top of the fish, which was really just regular tomato salsa with a few black beans and yellow corn kernels here and there. The bad news: it wasn't very good at ALL. The veggies were undercooked and half cold when I got them, and the fish was pretty much flavorless. The good news: I only ate about 3/4 of the fish and a few bites of broccoli. I think my only "cheat" was maybe 5 individual kernels of corn in the salsa, which I'm sooo not counting as a cheat :p Oh, plus I drank 3 big glasses of water while there (I have a harder time getting my water in on the weekends, so that was good).

I weighed in this morning at 313, so down 4 pounds from last Monday; down 2.5 from my lowest from the week before that. So overall, definitely making progress despite my many SB indiscretions. Hopefully, I'll do even better this week with NO indiscretions! I can't WAIT to be out of the 300s (not that I think it'll happen in a week, but I know I'll be closer).

02-11-2008, 10:27 AM
Clarri--YOU CAN DO IT!!! :cheer2:

Kay--great job!

Jill--don't you just hate that! I ordered a salmon saute at a restaurant (listed ingredients salmon, asparagas and mushrooms with rice--I said hold the rice) and what I got was bits of salmon and veggies swimming in a cream sauce.....congrats on sticking to plan and congrats on your weight loss...hooray!

I just finished my first 2 weeks on the beach....I feel so great for having stuck it out....I feel strong and I did prove to myself that I can do it!
I'm going to do 1 more week of phase 1...weighed in this am at 198. First week of Phase 1 I had no cheats and did not excersize.....second week I had no cheats and started excersizing (5 days of excersize--1 hr/day). Second week was travelling for work and had to eat out quite a bit....found it difficult to get in all of the veggies....feeling good and sending out postive vibes for the rest of you.....

02-11-2008, 10:54 AM
KT, so you're down 12 pounds in 2 weeks even with frequent eating out? That is AWESOME!! :cb:

02-11-2008, 10:59 AM
WOW! Great job KT. That's a fantastic P1 loss.

Jilly, I find that all the food at Applebees is like that. Generally not hot enough and rather blah. I keep wondering how they manage to stay in business.

Guess who managed to forget half her food at home again this morning. :o

02-11-2008, 11:08 AM
Thanks, Jill! Take out salads have been my mainstay--I've been calling ahead and that way I haven't had to deal with the person taking my order looking at me strange when I say no this and no that and dressing on the side, etc, etc....I have to say that it has been fun interrogating waitstaff: Let's play "How well do you know your menu"!

One thing that I haven't done well is breakfast....I've been sleeping through goal for this week is to eat a healthy breakfast. I made a double batch of veggie quiche cups last weekend and threw them in the freezer....forgot to pack any and ended up not being able to go home for the weekend, so breakfast has been a bust.....picked up some low sodium V8s and will try to at least drink that and a glass of skim milk.....breakfast scares me because before I always seemed to be hungry a couple hours later....then again, that was before SB when breakfast was McDonald's bacon egg and cheese bagel (in fact, my butt resembles that sandwich with heavy emphasis on the bagel!) or a bowl of refined rice chex cereal or some other meal resulting in carb induced craving....On the road until Wednesday, so 3 more days of interrogating waitstaff!

02-11-2008, 11:10 AM
And thanks Neko! I hate when I forget stuff....especially if it's food!

02-11-2008, 01:36 PM
Hey everyone,thanks for the advice..I have been doing really good so far. Surprisngly I have not had any headaches or felt sluggish which I thought I would..this has pretty much been my menu this weekend. I am going to switch it up for today and tomorrow.

B:2 eggs scrambled, 6 oz V8 low sodium
S: Lean turkey wrapped around l-f chedder cheese stick
L: salad of mixed greens with chili
S: Celery and natural peanut butter
D: grilled chicken with garlic and evoo roasted brussel sprouts
Dessert: s-f jello with f-f cool whip
Beverages: Hot tea with 1 suger substitute and Water

Anyone have any good Phase 1 dessert tips..and innovative snacks that keep you going?

02-11-2008, 01:51 PM
Bobbie, I don't really get the headaches (or at least not more than usual) or sluggishness on Phase 1, either. Lucky us! I'm not much help for dessert or snack ideas. I basically just eat 6 mini-meals each day so I can break my mentality of having sweets (or, in my case, something super salty or fatty, which is actually what I often prefer over sweets) as a dessert. In between meals, I have the same types of things I have as my meals, such as egg salad, tuna salad, tossed salad with chicken, veggies with dip (I make my own dressing to use as dip), turkey sausage and Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge, etc. I used to eat the sf Jell-o, but I didn't like it plain, and I had a hard time keeping Cool Whip in the fridge without sneaking additional spoonfuls :o

I'm having a great day so far. My salad for lunch was AWESOME. It was the first time I'd tried my new homemade Asian sesame dressing, and I LOVE it. Now that I know I like it, I can make a bigger batch so I won't have to make it as often.

02-11-2008, 02:47 PM
hi ladies, after a long time, i'm back on the beach. me and hubby restarted yesterday, and all day i was plagued with a bad headache. is that only for phase one? could it be carb withdrawal? i feel better today, although i would like some fruit.

everyone seems to be doing so well... it makes me want to stick it out!

02-12-2008, 11:08 AM
Good morning

Day 9, Oh wow can it really be??? Phase 1

Bobbi, I buy SF and FF pudding cups, and if I am really pushing it I put a TBS of LF cool whip on it. One night I even stirred in a few crushed pecans!
OK if the pudding isn't on Phase one, don't tell me, I really look forward to it!:)

Yesterday was a hard day. I did my best

a Lady brought in her "Church" Lasagna for lunch. I float different units, and she had made a point of having it there on a day when she knew I worked. a nice compliment!) I ate a silver dollar size piece and picked out some of the noodle. I think it spiked how hungry I felt in the afternoon. I had to work over and got home starving and late. The darling dear called and wanted to know " Chicken? can you do chicken?????" He bought a rotisserie chicken and a bag of frozen veggies. The chicken probably had to much fat in it, but I was so hungry I would have the feathers. I ate slow and didn't eat to much.......... so it was the best I could do, no pudding for a snack last night!

Thanks for listening

I love reading everyones menu's and ideas. I have egg muffins in the freezer and boiled eggs in the fridge. for snack time it doesn't take much to turn them into a deviled egg. I am searching for the stuffed mushroom recipe, I love mushrooms :)

BKF: scrambled egg and egg beater with onion, pepper and shrooms, salsa on
Snack: cheese stick
Lunch: Chicken salad on bed of lettuce etc.
Snack. celery sticks and home made dip
Dinner, Fish, salad and brussle sprouts
dessert, pudding cup!


02-12-2008, 11:31 AM
Hey Bella

Kraft Handi Snacks. My local spartan store had a sale, 10 for 10.$ They come in Vanilla, Cramy Caramel, and Chocolate.


02-12-2008, 01:42 PM
Day 3 of phase one, and I'm happy to say that i'm avoiding temptation. I'm making chocolates for a party on saturday, and i have no desire to snack on them. cupcakes have gone unnoticed. m&m cookie- no problem. I think much of my food addiction could be psychological, and that I am breaking it's hold on me.

so far:

breakfast fritatta: broccoli, eggs, and lf cheddar; turkey bacon
lunch: tomato, avocado, and mozzarella yummy!

Apple Blossom
02-12-2008, 04:06 PM
Hi. I am starting phase 1 today and thought it would be nice to have some company. I did it once before with great success, but ran into some major stresses in my life and gained the weight back. So I hope I can drop some weight and feel good about myself again. Swim suit season is not too far off!!:fr:

02-12-2008, 11:24 PM
Hey everyone thanks for the was such a good day...I wasnt feeling to well this morning so I took some meds and slept in and missed breakfast...but for lunch I had my awesome chili and some veggies and dinner was really good. I grilled a chicken breast and than put partskim mozrella(probably spelled that wrong), roasted red peppers and fresh basil leaves chopped on it and than threw it under the broiler to let the cheese melt. I had that with some grilled asparagus. IT WAS AWESOME! Anyway, Im really looking forward to Saturday which will be a whole week on phase 1 and I will be weighing myself for the first time. I feel so good, my energy is up, I have not had any cravings either surprisingly. Being a college student I am surrounded by bad food but I just go in and head straight to the grab and go department and get my chicken salads and leave. I do not even look at the chinese or hamburgers. Im moving to California for the summer so Im really looking forward to showing off my South beach body once I lose all this weight..Im so confident about this diet!

02-13-2008, 10:59 AM
Good morning from snow covered Michigan

If we get anymore snow there will be no place to put it! My sneaky cat ran outside this morning and disappeared under the snow. When his head finally made it above the snow it was a plaintive Mewo????? that was heard through the land.

Phase 1, Day 10............Days are moving by quickly! If I can do this Bobbi, I know you can'. I didn't believe people when they told me that either.......but I don't have cravings. I miss my apple , because I am use to it, I miss toast with breakfast, not because I am hungry, but because of habit. I did't realize how much juice I was drinking at work until I couldn't have it. Thats a habit I won't take up again.

I need to check out Phase II now and see what and how to add things in next week. I can see why so many people talked about being fearful of leaving Phase I. I can do this,,,,,,,,,,what if I fall apart on II?

One day at a time


02-13-2008, 12:17 PM
Whew, I can feel the confidency and positive vibes emanating today! :vibes:

I discovered a new favorite Phase 1 meal last night--I took some grill chicken breast, smeared on some homemade bbq sauce, put sliced avocado on top, and then topped with a piece of thin-slice Swiss cheese. I microwaved just long enough for the avocado to heat through and the cheese to melt. YUM! I posted the bbq sauce recipe in the recipe section.

My scale was very nice to me this morning. Well, it was annoying because every time I stepped off and back on, it gave me a different number, but all of the numbers were lower than Monday, so I was happy anyway :D

Apple Blossom
02-13-2008, 02:09 PM
I made it through Day one! I didn't feel hungry either, I think because I ate a lot the day before (Day before the diet binge;))
Jill, your chicken sounds really good! I'm going to get some avacado next time I shop. I'm usually a vegetarian, but I love meat (YUM) so I am eating it to make life easier. For me, meat is a big treat!

02-13-2008, 05:39 PM
Hi Ladies! Looks like everyone is keepin it real BEACH style! :beach:

KT: sorry I missed your post the other day...welcome to onederland. Hopefully someday I'll join you! :broc:

DCapulet: I totally remember you from a wee while ago. How are you doing?:hug:

Bobbie: I found an AWESOME ;)dessert recipe for yogurt and s/f jello. You basically heat up one of the bigger tubs of plain l/f yogurt with s/f jello of your choice. DONT boil or yogurt curdles. I put mine in muffin cups and allowed them to set in the fridge. So far I've done lemon and I also tried raspberry. They turn out like wee cheesecakes!

Kay: Bella's right! You can do it on phase 2 just softly softly. I added a bowl of bran cereal sprinkled with cinnamon my first week of P2. Then wholemeal tortillas.

Jill: Why do scales freakin do that:devil:? I use one at the gym but they measure in stones over here so I have to calculate in my head that 20stone7 is 287.

Apple: :welcome2: It's good to see you on the beach!

Update for me: I started a way back in September and was pretty successful and then fell off over the holidays. I dragged myself in and weighed myself to discover I was able to hold the holiday pounds at bay! Then I weighed myself this week after re-doing phase 1 and I lost another 4! :woohoo:

02-14-2008, 06:44 AM
I've been adding lots of nuts and avocados to my meals lately. I read about "The Flat Belly Diet" (which I don't think I could ever follow simply because of the silly name! :p ), and the basis of that is a study that showed how monounsaturated fats are insanely good for you both helathwse in general and in weight loss. I think their 4 super monounsaturated fat foods are chocolate, olives, nuts, and avocado. So I figured I would add in as much as I could to my plan since they're allowed anyway...couldn't hurt, right? I also cook with olive or nut (macadamia nut) oils.

My scale was more normal this morning. It held steady at 309.5, down 3.5 more pounds since Monday :D Even if I don't lose any more than that and just hold steady over the weekend till my "official" weigh-in on Monday morning, that would be awesome!

Come Monday, I'll start a bit of transition period to Phase 2. I'll only add additional good carbs at 1 meal per day to start with--maybe a fruit smoothie for breakfast or a wrap for lunch or something. I would love a sandwich, but I don't think I'd eat enough bread to buy a whole loaf and not have it go bad.

We went grocery shopping last night, and Jeff likes cereal for breakfast (and not exactly Kashi) and giant bakery muffins for afternoon snacks. I wish he wouldn't eat those muffins--I'm sure they pack about 400 calories a pop--but I guess it's better than fast food for lunch every day (which is what he was having back when I met him). I make him keep any junk like that that he wants in his office at work so I don't have to try to avoid it in my kitchen.

Well, off to get ready for work--although I really just want to go back to bed today! :devil:

02-14-2008, 11:13 AM
DCapulet: I totally remember you from a wee while ago. How are you doing?:hug:

elu: :hug:
I'm good; things have finally calmed down a little in my life: I finished college, both kids are in school, and I'm not working full time. It's great. So now I can work on myself. Being on SB is even better this time because my husband is on it with me. It's day 5, and we're going strong.

Last night was my birthday; the last one before i stop counting. I went out to eat, and ate a chicken sandwich on a bun. I know the no bread rule, but I also totally planned to eat it last night. I also planned to eat french fries, but after only 4 f them, I was totally full! and then, for the first time ever, I stopped eating the fries, and sent them away. They didn't come home with me, and I was so proud of myself!

Tonight, even though it's V-tines day, hubby and I are doing no carb. We're going to Legal Seafood for steak and lobster. Yum! and no carbs in site!

Happy Valentines day everyone!!!! :cheers:

02-14-2008, 11:24 AM
jilly, It takes me 2 - 3 months to get through a loaf of bread, but I just pop it in the freezer. It's easy to take out a slice at a time and let it sit out for a while and thaw or microwave it for a few seconds. I don't eat it a lot anymore either, but it's nice to have around for if I get a hankering for a piece of toast or a sandwich.

jenny and dcapulet, it's so nice to see you ladies posting again! Make sure you pop into the daily thread too - that goes for everybody!

02-14-2008, 12:10 PM
dcapulet, good job on the fries last night! I don't think I've ever only eaten 4 fries in my life :dizzy:

I'm not having any carbs tonight for V-Day, either. Jeff's taking me to the BRazilian restaurant nearby where they come slice fresh cooked meat right onto your plate at your table. I'll have some chicken, a couple kinds of steak, some turkey, maybe a little sausage, and whatever else they might have tonight (last time, I tried some lamb, but I was not a fan). And, of course, I cut off any visible fat!

Schmoodle, I would love to freeze some bread! I'll admit I didn't even think of this, but my little freezer is always packed TIGHT! I have a lot of frozen veggies, some frozen fruit, frozen meat, a few Lean Cuisines, and then I always keep a few frozen pizzas on hand for Jeff for the nights when I try something new for dinner thatgoes awry :p I'd love to buy a bigger fridge/freezer, but in the meantime, I've been meaning to get an additional chest freezer to keep in the basement--maybe with my income tax refund :chin:

02-14-2008, 02:46 PM
good morning

Day 11 of Phase 1

Yesterday was a day I could not get enough to eat. I ate "legal" foods, but to much of them. Nothing like a high anxiety day to stuff your face. Had nothing to do with hunger...........just the need to eat. I don't get these "anxiety" days to often anymore, but I sure wish they would go the way of the hot flashes!

Thanks to every one for the kind words about Phase II. Last night we had spaghetti. I eat mine over veggies. I don't miss the pasta. I do miss toast for breakfast, Im a little worried about eating it though, I don't want to hooked on an old habit.l

Jilly your restaurant sounds divine. Living in Poo dunk Michigan, we do not have many fancy restaurants. I am envious. And hey 3.5 gone already! I can't weigh my self early, I see the loss and then think " I don't have to follow this for the weekend, just be careful" Then there is no more loss, and usually a gain. :)

There is a Mongolian Barbecue about 40 minutes away. Wonder if DH would like to try that? I wouldn't have to eat the rice or noodles, and I should be able to have lots of veggies and meat.

decapulet: My BD is in June, and I am having cake on my birthday! Maybe no fires, no bun, but there will be cake :)


02-15-2008, 10:28 AM
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

I did pretty well eating out last night--LOTS of different meats (New York steak, top sirloin, prime rib, chicken, sausage, pork loin...), so I'm sure my fat was higher than I would have liked, but I avoided all bread and dessert. The salad bar had some rice and potato sides, which I also avoided, and instead opted for the roasted veggies (broccoli and zucchini), seafood salad, chickpeas, and black beans. Not perfect, of course, but I got a LOT of variety and avoided the blatantly bad stuff. I'll be drinking extra water today to battle the extra sodium!

02-15-2008, 11:03 AM
Jilly, you're making me hungry. I haven't been to a Brazillian BBQ in forever. Now I'm really wanting to.

02-15-2008, 11:08 AM
Jilly, you're making me hungry. I haven't been to a Brazillian BBQ in forever. Now I'm really wanting to.
hehe. I had never been to one until just last month, so it's still a cool new thing to me. There's one near our house that's only $16.95 per person (although last night was more for V-Day because they had fish and prim rib, which are not normally available), so it's quite affordable, but we have to be careful not to go there too often because it is SO easy to eat WAY too much! I think it will be on our list of places to go when we have family visiting or for a special occasion, but not just when we feel like going out on the weekend. It really gets my taste buds going for things that are savory rather than sweet.

02-15-2008, 12:08 PM
Good morning

Day 12, Phase I

Jilly you did great! One of the reasons I made the decision not to eat out for two weeks, was because I don't have that kind of will power. I'm hungry, the bread smells good, I eat it.

We didn't go to the Mongolian Barbecue last night, Had scrambled eggs, with lots of veggies and salsa on top.

eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast,
Shrimp Salad for lunch
Salad, and Chili for dinner


02-15-2008, 03:57 PM
Kay-I grew up in Michigan and I very fondly remember playing in the big snows. We would build tunnels and snow forts. I remember times when we HAD to tunnel out the front door down the sidewalk because it was that deep! Now, I hate cold weather. I enjoy seeing the snow, but I have no desire to go out in it. I love spaghetti/marinara sauce--my homemade of course, have you tried it on spaghetti squash? It is quite good.

Jill- I see you are in NoVa...I live in Vienna and work in Reston and we are moving to Ashburn the end of the summer. For breads, I agree with Schmoodle on the freezing, or I put it in the fridge, BUT--whole foods sells smaller loafs, like half loaf size. This might work better for you. Or just throw the leftovers in the yard for the birds. Do you go to the Brazillian restaurant at Fair Lakes or the newer one at Fair Oaks? We have been to the one at Fair Lakes, but not yet to the one at Fair Oaks. If you have tried both, which do you think is tastier?

Hello to everyone else...I don't usually do posts on the dailys, but I read them almost every day.

02-15-2008, 04:55 PM
Jill- I see you are in NoVa...I live in Vienna and work in Reston and we are moving to Ashburn the end of the summer. For breads, I agree with Schmoodle on the freezing, or I put it in the fridge, BUT--whole foods sells smaller loafs, like half loaf size. This might work better for you. Or just throw the leftovers in the yard for the birds. Do you go to the Brazillian restaurant at Fair Lakes or the newer one at Fair Oaks? We have been to the one at Fair Lakes, but not yet to the one at Fair Oaks. If you have tried both, which do you think is tastier?
I live in Woodbridge and work in Fairfax right now (have also lived in Manassas and Alexandria, and have worked in Centreville, Chantilly, and Falls Church :dizzy:). The first Brazillian place I wnt was the one in the Fair Oaks mall (Taxas de Brazil, I think it's called). It was very good, but their dinner prices are a bit high, so we don't go their on our own dime (the time I went was for a holiday lunch--VP footed the bill ;) ).

What is the one in Fair Lakes? I haven't been there. The one we go to is The Charbroil Grill in Woodbridge (not exactly in your neck of the woods!). I'm actually off to Herndon tonight for a friend's birthday party at a Mexican place. It will take all I've got to avoid the chips and any tortillas at a Mexican place!

02-15-2008, 05:14 PM
Jill-the one in Fair Lakes is called Malibu Grill. Lunch is $14.95 and Dinner is $19.95 + drinks. It is a fun place to go with family. I think the dinner price for kids is $9.95. My neice(9) and nephew(6) loved it.

Apple Blossom
02-16-2008, 12:52 AM
Well, I have made it through day four. I think the week end is going to be tough, I'm taking the kids to the beach and we'll be eating out. I'll bring good munchies for the car ride and:crossed:
Jill, I tried your avocado chicken, except with salsa instead of bbq sauce. It was good! I had a HUGE piece of chicken and I'm feeling stuffed. I ran todays menu on FitDay and I was really surprised at how low the calorie count was. I'm wondering if I maybe missed something. I'm going to do at little extra exercise later just to be sure.
My brother is very fond of Brazilian Steak Houses. I've never been, since I'm not really a meat eater.
Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Keep posting your losses, I love hearing good, encouraging news!:goodscale

02-16-2008, 06:40 AM
Have fun at the beach, Apple!

Skinny, I have driven past Malibu Grill a million times--I never knew it was a Brazillian steakhouse! With a name like that, I thought it was maybe a normal steak and seafood kinda place. Good to know!

I went out for Mexiacan for friend's birthday last night, and as soon as I sat down, the birthday girl told me she picked that restaurant because they have THE BEST chips and salsa. I never found out--I didn't have a single little chip! I ordered a bowl of black bean soup and a salad (romaine, tomato, onion, cucumber, and a single avocado slice). They only had 2 dressings, neither of which I liked, so I topped my salad with some salsa and sour cream. Not too shabby--avoided all chips, tortillas, rice, and corn!

With all this eating out lately, I'll have to make sure to drink my water at home this weekend. I'm usually really bad about drinking water at home, but this weekend would be a good time to start!

02-16-2008, 09:16 PM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Holly and Im 35 from NJ. I started SB almost 3 weeks ago and I just found you all here. I just started transitioning to PH2 and I have been doing really well on this diet. I did WW a few years ago but with 3 small children I do not have time to count points and the SBD is a much better fit for me and my lifestyle. To date I have lost 9lbs.

I went to a concert last night and I treated myself to the most delicious cheeseburger ever..I did ask for a whole wheat bun and omitted the ketchup..I think I died for 10mts and went to heaven it was soooo good. Back to the grindstone today though. I have to admit it was a great little treat for all the hardwork!

I look forward to getting to know you all and ride this journey together.

02-17-2008, 02:01 PM
Hello all! I am finally starting South Beach Phase 1 tomorrow. I am in the process of getting my grocery list together. I don't think I will be following the menu's that they give in the book, but will follow their guidelines on how to adapt the plan.
I have a 'ton' to lose, but I feel horrible and can't wait to feel good about myself again.
The funny thing was that I was reluctant to start because you can't eat fruit for 2 weeks. But you know what? How ironic that I don't even know that last time I had fruit! Or veggies for that matter! I eat pure carbs, meat and cheese. So, I think my body will be happy.

I am also looking for a buddy who is just starting. I have 140 to lose, and am 33 years old.

02-17-2008, 06:45 PM
Hey everyone, I have been gone for a little while but Im back. I am in my second week of phase 1 and this weekend was a little bad..I had a couple of potato chips at a get together..but im back on track. Im looking forward to starting walking tomorrow...I think adding that in will really impact my weight loss.

02-17-2008, 06:46 PM
:welcome: Holly and amariepaul!

amarie, I have a lot to lose, too. I started at around 320 and would love to someday see 150, so I guess that's about 170 to lose total. With Phase 1 (which I've been following with varying degrees of strictness since mid-January), I am down at least 12 pounds. I know if I'd really been stricter about it, I would have lost more, but sometimes life gets in the way!

I am moving on to Phase 1.2 tomorrow :p I'll add in a fruit each day for a week or two and see how that goes before reintroducing any grains. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning for my "official" end of Phase 1 weight.

Hopefully, we can slow down on the restaurant eating from this point forward. I ate out WAY more this week than I would have liked. Between out of town friends visiting, Valentine's Day, a friend's birthday, traveling to visit family, and juat a little laziness added in (today's trip to Chipotle :o ), I ate out a total of at least 5 times this week. That's WAY too much! It should normally only be 2, if not 1. Today was tough because there were plenty of things for ME to eat inthe house, but nothing Jeff liked, so that's why we went out. I need to remember to better prepare for BOTH of us, not just me.

02-18-2008, 11:19 AM
Hello and

Day 14 of Phase 1 was yesterday. So I'll be moving over to the new Phase II thread today.

I lost 1 lb. Which is better than 0. Even better news my fasting blood sugars for the past 3 days have been under 100!!!!!

I have an apple planned for later today,,,,,,,,,,,,,Phase II here I come


02-18-2008, 11:58 AM
I'll see ya in Phase 2, Kay!

I weighed in this morning marking the end of my Phase 1 (off and on for about 4.5 weeks :dizzy: ). I weighed in at 309, so that's 13 pounds gone from my highest. 200s, here I come!

Apple Blossom
02-20-2008, 04:39 AM
Hi Jill!!! Great job! I'm so glad you are seeing results. Even with all the eating out you are making the right choices and moving in the right direction. Way to go!!:cp::cp::cp:
I have finished my first week of phase 1 and I am already dreaming of what carb I will eat first. Probably some fruit. Oh yum.....
The scale isn't moving much, but I'm sure by next week i'll be happy....

02-20-2008, 09:13 AM
Hi all
Cant believe I havent posted in so long. have so got to get into habit of checking!!
College been keeping me v busy, so forgive me.
Im doing ok. I lost 3lbs last week, but had bad weekend and now know its due to TOM!! So today being a good day, and have decided to take each day meal by meal. I seem to go off track if I plan too far ahead. :^:
Today I have had -
B- 2 eggs scrambled, with red onion, and left over braised brussel sprouts!!!:dizzy:
S - 8 pecans
L - salmon darne, salad
S - lf fromage frais, mixed seeds
D - turkey curry, mock rice
S - banana with lf creme frais

I am now doing phase 1.5. I am trying to stay away from grains as much as poss, but will have some now and again. Also fruit didnt affect me the last time so having fruit..
Hoping to get another 2lbs down this week. :carrot:

02-21-2008, 12:13 AM
About 2 years ago I had a pretty good start on the SB plan and lost about 25lbs. As I tend to do, I began to maintain but did little to keep on track with SB. I started drinking again when out w/friends, and allowing myself to indulge in burritos and pizza.

In the last several months my clothes have begun to get tighter and I haven't worked out in forever. Just the other night i ate a whole pizza by myself and I feel sick about it! :( So here I am. I've just stumbled upon this site and signed up. I really want to stick to the SB this time. I also need to start working out. I'm hoping to get lots of ideas and encouragement from reading here.

Part of my problems with the diet is I'm a single girl and often low on funds. This means cooking fresh meals all the time isn't always easy or convenient. If anyone has any ideas or helpful hints on good quick lunches to bring to work or anything else it would be much appreciated.


02-21-2008, 07:07 AM
WElcome Soccer Girl! Check in here often, it'll help keep you on track (I know, I'm as guilty and bad as you, lose and gain 15 lbs, never going under a certain point.)

Ok, so this week I sorta started back on P1.. I say sorta because I've allowed a couple triscuits (yes, they are SB p2 acceptable!) with chili, and I'll have an apple with Peanut Butter for a snack (not everyday, just when I need to tie over from lunch to dinner!)...

Yesterday's meals....

Breakfast, 2 slices turkey bacon and 1 cup ls v8.
Lunch: South beach frozen meal (p1)..
Dinner: fish with steamed brocolli and couliflour
Snack: dried fruit (ok, I ate the whole bag.. note to self, no dried fruits)..
Dessert: one no sugar added fudgesicle!

I'm hoping today's is better, here's what I have planned:

B: 2 slices turkey bacon, 1c. v8
s: celery w/lc (laughing cow cheese low fat of course)
L: southbeach frozen meal (I used to say no.. but I've found when I make something like fish with no left overs that these come in handy)
s: apple w/pb (if needed)
D: chicken and veggies.

02-21-2008, 10:53 AM
socogirl - I'm a single mom so I have some similar issues. What I do is fix dinners that I can then freeze in Ziploc freezer containers. When I make soup or chili or some casserole, I normally get dinner that night for my son and I and I can freeze another dinner (without veggies and then I add in newly cooked fresh or frozen veggies when we have it for another dinner) and I also put up some containers for lunches. I like to add extra veggies to the containers for the lunches. Then I just heat them in the microwave and it is easy, fast, and on plan.

02-21-2008, 10:54 PM
Hi I am new to three chicks and and SB PH1 I am trying to find a place to talk daily with people for support cause i tend to slip of the wagon every once in a while
Co you all have any suggestions?

02-22-2008, 04:56 PM
Thanks Loriann! It's good to know you're not the only one out there. :hug:

Well so far so good (albeit just 2 days in!) i think.

Yesterday I forgot to bring my boiled eggs with me to work for breakfast. So I went to a cafe near work and ordered my usual breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese, turkey, tomatoe slice, on whole wheat. I took it back to the office and threw away the bread - put the rest in a bowl, threw some hot sauce on it and enjoyed. I realize the deli turkey part probably wasn't the best, and it wasn't lf cheese - but i still felt good about it.

snack was a small snack size back of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, pistacios)
lunch was a salad made at a salad bar (romain lettuce, some cheese (again not lf but wanted the protien), two hard boiled eggs, cucs, a few thin strands of red onion, kidney beans, garbonzo beans, and oil and vineger for dressing -that was hard! as i love balsamic vinegrette).
dinner was chicken salad lettuce wraps.
and i didn't have ONE soda all day - that in itself is amazing - although i did allow myself 2 cups of coffee.

today was similar:
breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs / 2 cups of coffee (it's all in one big cup... :D)
snack: chili lime seasoned peanuts (i know these have salt, but they're okay right?)
lunch: similar salad as yesterday, but with a few pieces of salomi for extra protein
dinner: planning egg salad lettuce cups.
i might have to allow myself a diet soda today, as my energy is waining big time... but over all i feel good about my plan so far.

any thoughts, suggestions, or information - please pass it on.

Have a great weekend everyone!

magnolia blossom
02-23-2008, 11:36 AM
Viksmom: I'm new here, too. I think this board is very supportive (I've been lurking this week.) :)

02-23-2008, 10:03 PM
I am just beginning SBD today. My aunt is in Phase 2 after losing 15 pounds in phase 1. She has really encouraged me to begin this journey. I have tried SBD before, but without much luck...I think I have ADD when it comes to sticking with diets!

I plan on succeeding this time! I have a lot to lose, but we will take it one day at a time! DH is doing it with me and is very supportive!

Headache, cranky and tired today...obsessing about food...drank a lot of water and survived my first day! YEAH! I know it gets better! I hope to be on this board a lot for encouragement and ideas!

02-25-2008, 02:34 AM
I've hit rock bottom. I just ate a whole package of chocolate chip cookie dough. I wasn't even hungry for all of it, but it's like I couldn't make myself stop. I have "beached" before and when following the plan, I felt healthy and energetic. I just don't know if I have it in me to start over. I desperately need some encouragement outside of my mom and husband (who frankly is starting to get annoyed by my complaining and I can't blame him). My plan is to dive into phase 1 tomorrow. I have to do this.

02-25-2008, 06:23 PM
Jilly, glad to hear you are sticking with it in spite of all the ruts in the road. I had a lot of the same pitfalls that you did but I managed to keep off 7 of the original 12 I had lost last month in spite of tripping over myself in the process.

I too am restarting (sort of like regifting) Phase One. I debated it but I thought what the heck.

I agree that there seem to be a lot of different detours one can "accidentally" and not so "accidentally" take.

Caveat newcomers: Watch the nuts! They seem to be hard to stop at 15 for some people!

I too have struggled with low funds. There is nothing to say that you can't have tuna for your fish, lean ground beef for your meat and make some great soups. Lots of great recipes on here!! Schmoodle seems to find the best ones. Check hers out!

As for me, I am going to learn from my mistakes this past 7 weeks. I like South Beach and the beach is where I plan to stay!

Welcome, all you newbies. Glad to have ya all here with us.

Keep us posted of how things are going with you!!

02-25-2008, 07:47 PM
Hi All!

Well I slipped a little this weekend. Did allow myself to go out and endulge in my favorite drink (vodka soda), and had a few bits of dessert. But overall I do believe I have done pretty well, I think, in my eating and snacking. When coming home from the bars, instead of reaching for the phone to call the pizza man, i heated up some french cut green beans and chopped tomotoe. It satisfied my craving for something warm and spicy (hot sauch of course) and I didn't fall into my normal pitfalls. I asked for double veggies instead of the yummy garlic mash potatoes that were offered with my steak on Saturday. When going out for a happy hour cocktail with my coworker at Chevys - we split a salad instead of ordering fatting apps or eating the chips and salsa. Little by little I'm making better choices. I may not be doing it exactly by the book, but I feel good about what I've been able to start doing so far. Tonight it's pepperionchini roast beef in the slow cooker!

Codico - Just get right back on. That's what you have to do I think. We all slip up from time to time, but just have to get back on. Like I said in my earlier post - I went off for over a year and have finally gotten back on. And I'm so glad I have. Let the cookie dough guilt go and just make today a new day.

I've only been on here since last week - but the encouraging words everyone has has helped so much. Thanks everyone!


02-26-2008, 01:08 PM
howdy everybody!

just another "newbie" to add to the bunch:) have previously lost 16kilo with sbd, kept it off for 1 1/2 years then gave in to emotional/comfort overeating. sigh and regained 9kilos. so it's back to ole drawing board.first day back on phase one and i already feel queasy and icky, had a glass of milk to stay the symptoms of sbd "flu" but it could all be in my head..eww eggieweggs every day...siiiiiigggggggh well, enough with the whining! looking forward to losing and supporting!!



02-26-2008, 01:15 PM
@codico .. as one emotional overeater to another (cookie dough is my favorite binge-food, too) i can only say each day is a clean slate..don't beat yourself up for it..dwelling and blaming will only cause more anxiety and guilt leading to more cookie dough....leading to... you catch my drift. i have so been there! chin up and right back into it!

02-26-2008, 04:53 PM
Thanks, Jandaman (and others) for your support. I am also going through the SB flu, but I'm trying to be strong. It is frustrating for me because I hate my job and it makes me sad. Then I come home, and all I want to do is eat and sleep, not clean the house and workout like I should. But this site reminds me that I'm not alone, so thanks to everyone who posts.

02-27-2008, 12:50 PM
Hi Mind if I join in?
I am new to SB have not bought5 the book , just going to try to figure it out here. Any suggestions. I saw someone said SB tortillias can you have those on Ph 1. What about legumes?
Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

02-27-2008, 12:56 PM
I echo the same sentiments about just picking up where you left off and keep going. What else can we do? We can't take it back, right? If you think about this in a long term way, having that cookie dough will seem like a blip on your road trip. A pee break, so to speak!

I have spent more time trying to determine where I went wrong in the past seven weeks. As for the SBD flu, my understanding is that it will be less/more depending on what and how you were eating prior to beginning SBD. I had come from several months of following WW and I really kept control during the holidays so I didn't have a lot to detox.

I have already identified that I can NOT have some of my old favorites! I binged twice on delivery pizza. For me, going off plan has much worse results than it sounds like it has for all of you. Maybe, it's my age or the fact that I have dieted so many times that my body is more "sensitive" this time around.

I hope you all have better luck with keeping your limits on eating nuts but I just seemed to want to keep on and on.... so that has been taken off of my list. Other than that, everything else has seemed to agree with me. Don't let 4 1/2 c of vegetables intimidate you. I have found it quite easy to fit it in---easier than I too thought when I first started.

And, again, I decided not to exercise during Phase 1 which seems to be the general consensus from everything I have read or heard. I am not overly tired.

Again, I do love this diet and how it is set up. I feel healthier today than I did January 1st. Now, that I have found out, through trial and error, that I am one of "those people" who needs to ease into Phase 2 very very slowly (I didn't the first time and my weight lose stopped!) I think I will make the transition a lot smoother.

Remember, this is only 14 days and "this too shall pass". So, when you are feeling all icky and dumpy you will be turning a corner soon and then be saying how great and peppy you feel!! It will come, just wait and see.;)

Good luck everyone and welcome again.:hug:

02-27-2008, 01:30 PM
nanci - It is very important to read the book. You can find it at many libraries. We also have the food lists in our FAQ section so check there too since that has the updates. Tortillas are not going to be allowed in phase 1 but whole grain ones are fine in phase 2. Legumes are fine and in fact will help prevent symptoms of the south Beach "flu"

02-27-2008, 01:44 PM
Not to apper stupid but what is the SB flu. Remember I am new. Thanks

02-28-2008, 07:07 PM
This is what I read recently:

" To avoit the SBD flu you need to add up to 2 cups of low-fat milk/plain yogurt with sweetener and flavors like vanilla, up to 1/2 cups of beans incluing lentils, plus making sure you drink enough fluids, specially water."

My guess is the SBD flu is withdrawal from all the crap you ate before you started this plan (not to say that any of us were doing that ;) ). It's like quitting smoking or alcohol (which by the way has tons of sugar in it!) or even caffeine.

You feel like crap for a couple of days until all of what you had before you started "cleaning up your act" (not that any of us ever has needed that ;) ) has been flushed down the toilet (literally and figuratively)

I read the other day about how drinking caffeinated coffee can decrease your chance of ovarian cancer. Well, considering that my maternal grandmother died of cervical cancer and my mom currently has advanced endometrial cancer, this caught my eye.

The problem is I went caffeine free about two years ago. I tried caffeine back recently and I kept mentioning to my DH how tired I felt each morning when I awoke even though I had slept the same amount the night before.

I don't know if I want to return to that up and down swings again just so I might decrease my chance of that kind of cancer.

I have to think some more on this know what I mean????

03-03-2008, 09:42 AM
Phase I folks, join us on the March thread. Here's the link! (