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02-10-2002, 12:45 PM
We are a group of non-traditional lifestyle individuals. We are partnered, single, widowed, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, gay, bi-sexual, bi-colored and straight. We bask in our diversity and unite in the same goal of losing weight. If you are relatively open-minded and accepting of ALL walks of life, please join us.

02-10-2002, 01:01 PM
Five pages is entirely too long for a thread!!!! That is why I haven't posted. I hate waiting for it to download and look through it to see what was the last thing I read ect. I FINALLY saw Harry Potter last night. It was good although I liked Monsters INC better as entertainment goes. I loved the books mind you, the imagination factor was lacking in the movie. My mom watched the boys for a few hours so Chris and I could escape. We both needed it. The commute is yuck to work, but I am getting used to it. I am asking Chris for a foot spa for Valentines day. I am not used to the standing up all day. My schedule sucks this week. I have 2 half days and a 2/3 day and 3 full days. Lots of training meetings and it is my turn to work a Saturday and I have to close one night a week. So, I get all this stuff in one day. But actually I shouldn't be as tired because the days are shorter. There will be another store closer to my home in 2 years. I got these cute pants. There are a soft twill. Black with a white floral pattern. But from far away they look like the pattern is gray. That will be seen as a no no. BUT my soon to be step mom got me a white blouse with a black beaded floral pattern over the front that matched perfectly! So now I don't want to take them back. I suppose there is no reason I can't wear them outside of work. But on my days off I know I will be heading towards blues and pastels instead of this tux color sceme we have going on!

My soon to be step mom sent me this box in the mail. 5 work shirts. One was actually navy and white but I love it so I am not gonna say anything. All brand new. She sent me a few hand me downs as well as a Nine West black purse and pair of black shoes, 6 pairs of brand new hose and bridal magazines. She wanted to show me the dress she ordered for her upcoming wedding to my dad. She is a nice lady. I do hope this works out between them. I miss my dad here close to me but his happiness is more important.

I am off to do my annual Sunday laundry. I need to stop at the market for bread and milk and juice. We are eatting at Chris's parents for dinner tonight. Yeah, no cooking for me!

As for diet, I am doing wonderfully at work. I am working on the meals once I get home. Which is hard cause I am normally wiped out. But I am working on it. ~flower

02-10-2002, 01:40 PM
For what it's worth, I dislike new threads b/c now I can't remember what anyone said, and I can't scroll down to find out! ;) (BTW, Flower, why don't you just click on the "first new post" arrow?)

I walked 5.92 miles today! Ouch; I have blisters now. I had to really push myself the last couple of miles, but mind won out over matter.

I finally had it out with the noisemeisters downstairs last night; now it seems that they were rearranging their furniture all day yesterday (which they seem to do on a weekly basis) b/c they're having people over today. Figures. Plus, they're cooking something that smells like dog food. These people really need a house so they can noise up and smell up the place freely.

Catch you all later.

02-11-2002, 12:30 PM
Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. My typing is all backwards today, my fingers are cold.

Evan (5 year old) is down with an intestinal bug, so he is really low energy and kind of pitiful. Usually a robust little guy, it's strange seeing him laid low.

I'm well, still on pins and needles about this job. Argh. Oh well. It gets me way out of my comfort zone, that's for sure.

Congrats Ruthie, on your life-moving-forward!

Flower I envy you your nearly-step-mom! My mom was like that when she was alive. I remember her buying me my maternity clothes when I was pregnant with my first baby.

IF I get this library job, I will have to get some non-jeans, more conservative-style pants to wear.

Diet is iffy this morning, I was starving after my papers. Needed food very quickly.

Pop back later ~


02-11-2002, 01:03 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Well, what a SHORT weekend that was! I'm so happy this week is one of my short ones - 3 day weekend comin' right up!

Well, no 200 game this weekend... Saturday I was awsome - not one game under my average (a measly 118). My lowest was a 130 - my highest a 152. Sunday was awful - the lanes we were on weren't giving us anything! I finally pulled a 123 and a 120 after a 104. Nothing was giving ANYONE a strike. Even one of the bowlers with a 196 average was 60+ pins below her average! Bad, bad lanes...:mad: However, it was great exercise. I filled in for a team with a sick member Saturday, which added up to 12 games in 2 days.

Wildfire - An "oooohhh" and "aaaaaaah" for that diamond! Heck, I had to buy my own diamonds when I was married - even my engagement ring (no, I'm not kidding, he bought a '49 Panhead Harley Davidson for $5,000 instead).

Ruthie - You quit??? Hooooo Yeaaaaa!!!! Congrats and hold on tight for the ride!!! :cool:

Flower - I'm off on Friday and planning to see Harry Potter. I wanted to see it on a weekday, early, because I hear it's looooong. But worth seeing huh?
I'm so happy you're getting a step-mother that you like! When is their wedding?
My step-mother tolerates me (as I do her). She kinda just came in and took over and since I was essentially the "woman of the house" from 6-15 years of age, her "I'll take over now, get outta the kitchen" attitude just pissed me off (not to mention not speaking English with her son in front of my Dad and I). I'm happy that my Dad's happy - but she and I don't really have much to say to each other. I'll never forget my Dad telling me he was getting remarried - the way he put it? "I'll save on taxes if I'm married so we're going to Tahoe next weekend" LOL! How romantic! :rolleyes:

Ok, I'm outta here for now. I'm up .5 this week but not stressed about it. My body, being that this is week 3 of eating healthy, has officially gone into shock and if I'm not "fixed" soon I'm going to make the stock price of Ex-Lax go up... sore muscles too from not bowling for 6 months.

Back to work!


02-11-2002, 11:14 PM
Hola chicas :D

Punkin, it's something in the air....I bowled horribly tonight! Managed to pull off a 130, 116 :eek: , 127....and I blame the lanes, too!! Everyone was bowling poorly tonight. I am completely jealous of your 3-day weekend. Glad you're no longer married to that guy, if he chose a bike over your engagement ring....now that's priorities!:rolleyes:

Lamorgan, hope Evan's bug is short-lived, and that you don't catch it.

Ruthie *ugh* neighbors! The apartment on one side of us is vacant.....and I'm frightened what might move in there! How are those blisters?

Flower, your almost step-mom sounds great! When is their wedding?

Where are Eydie, Amyjo, and Venus? Have those darn Keebler Elves been plotting with the evil Honey Bears again and taken you three hostage?

My diet is off yesterday and today because my IBS is rearing its ugly head. I've been reduced to white rice, bananas, applesauce, and clear liquids. I'm down two pounds, but I know it's water-weight. When you're in horrible pain you just don't want to eat/drink anything. So, I won't be posting on the food journal until this settles down some.

I'm off to bed. Have a great Tuesday!

02-11-2002, 11:15 PM
Hello. Ruthie-thanks for the tip about the arrows. I had never used them before! duh!!! I never even wondered about them.

Punkin-yes, the weekend was way too short. Lamorgan-I do hope you get this job. You so deserve it!!!!

Work was okay today. Kinda drawn out. We had to find stuff to do as they were paving the pack lot and no truck delivery. We get 2 trucks tomorrow and 1 on Wednesday to make up for it.

I am going to go put my feet up. I haven't relaxed yet. I came home and immidately started dinner. I was hungry. I only packed a salad for lunch. Big, but still just a salad. Around 4 my tummy was grumbling.

Til next time, flower

02-12-2002, 06:32 AM
Just a quickie, before I type (OMG they gave me so much work last Friday, and the woman there called me yesterday to tell me she had a truckload more; good cause it's $$, bad cause I have papers due...).

Wildfire, hope your IBS resolves itself soon. And about apts....I think I might actually be coming soon to the end of my tolerance; not that I will be in a position to buy a house any time soon, but I never thought I'd even consider it. I've always enjoyed the feeling of having people all around me, but the inconsiderate ones make apt. life suck. My blisters feel fine, actually -- but yesterday was a rest day; I walk again tonight. I asked a podiatrist at work what to do for them, and he said put Vaseline on them, which surprised me.

Flower, sounds like you're settling in at the job. Oh, about the page downloading too slowly -- you can also go to "Edit Profile" and set how many posts each page shows; I think the minimum is 5. You might want to also do that if you have a slow ISP.

Punkinseed -- drink water! Lots of it! Sorry about your bowling scores..the highest I ever scored was like 75 :lol:. The interesting thing is that since I'm ambidextrous, I can bowl with both hands just as well!

Lamorgan, when are you supposed to hear about the job? Hope your little one is better soon.

OK, girls, time to go do the only thing I do anymore....work, work, work. Saturday morning I go for training for my *fourth* job, can you believe it? I just keep telling myself all this effort now will pay off when I'm free later to do the things I think are important.

Oh, and I could use a cheer to get me back out there to do another 3 miles tonight...

02-12-2002, 11:54 AM
Mornin' all... I thought I'd post a quickie to save us from slipping off the bottom of the threads list!

I slept like the dead last night... until my 4 month old kitten jumped on my face - nice way to wake up at 3:15am... then the neighbor's dogs started up and we have coyotes so it was a pre-dawn symphony. I have a headache and considerably grouchy now. I'm seriously considering calling animal control on the idiot with the dogs - they bark constantly and even with them being 15 acres away from me I can STILL hear them. He even had one of his dogs shot a few months back - no one knows by whom, but his dogs get out, run people's horses, bark all night, snarl and growl when you walk past his house and have tried to attack my Mom's dog when we're out for a walk. Sorry the dog was shot, but honestly, I'm starting to understand WHY someone shot him!

Wildfire - I hope your IBS clears up. I have what my Dr. jokingly calls "nervous stomach" - which I don't think it so funny. It's no fun - hang in there!

Ruthie - yep, water, water and more water... I'm floating awaaaaaaay.....
That's cool that you can bowl with both hands. I'm left handed, but bowl right handed (that's what happens when your righty parents teach you how to bowl). I've thrown 1 left handed ball and it felt really odd. I went to a "bowl better" clinic and the instructor, who we jokingly called "God", told me I should really practice throwing with my left... Maybe one of these days I'll give it another shot!

Well, back to work...


02-12-2002, 03:55 PM

The bowling results are in!!!!!!

:cool: $$ oh yea $$ :cool:

In my division:

Our team placed 3rd

the team I filled in for placed 2nd

My partner in doubles and I placed 3rd

and I placed 6th in All Events (overall scoring)

Three of these pay!!!! WoooHoooo!!!!

Terri :lol:

02-12-2002, 08:24 PM
Hi Sweeties! Wow, I don't check in for a couple of days and things are really jumping. Ah, we have such rich full lives!

Had big changes at my workplace--a new director coming in and I think it's a good thing all around. A new day has dawned and hopefully we'll see a reduction in the stress level. Time will tell....!

I'm so enjoying my daily walks outside at the park. [I'd used a treadmill for so long and I live in the beautiful green country--what am I thinking?! Still love the treadmill for those rainy days though.] I've been listening to books-on-tape while I walk but will try a meditative walk tomorrow. I feel like I'm going thru some changes spiritually and need to sort it out. [I'm a long-time Wiccan who's feeling drawn to Buddhism.....can these 2 diverse 'religions' find some common ground or will they have to thrash it out?! Hmmmm...always something!]

Lamorgan, when will you find out about the job that you really really want? My fingers are crossed for you!

Ruthie, you are the queen!!! You've made a huge decision; you're so brave. Sometimes you've got to just step out.

Wildfire--sorry to hear about your IBS. It's been a while though, hasn't it, since you've had anything really dramatic, right?

Flower--I'm so envious of your new wardrobe. Black and white are my colors---one of these days I should branch out!

Punkinseed, I'm enjoying your posts and getting to know you better. Love the kitten on the face story! We have a revered ancient cat here that licks our faces in the middle of the night. Scratchy! Oh well, I need the exfoliation!

:) :devil: :D :lol: :s: :) ;) :smug:

02-12-2002, 08:58 PM
Hi girls. Thanks for the good thoughts concerning my IBS. Unfortunately, it never goes away. I have stretches where it isn't so bothersome, and times of full-blown attacks, and times that are in-between, but it is there every single day. I don't speak of it often, I usually just deal with it and push myself to keep going, but the last few days have been really painful. Today was slightly better, so I'm hoping this bout is coming to an end.

Ruthie, I have been at the end of my tolerance for neighbors for years now. I want a house so badly....and we are working on it, have the financial plan, etc...but it's going to be a few years before we actually get one. I imagine the Vaseline would provide a barrier against friction on the blisters and prevent them from breaking too soon?

Punkin, congrats on the multiple wins! Good job!! You know, that "nervous stomach" has several names....IBS being one of them, and also spastic colon, oh and a personal favorite...."gastric neurosis" :rolleyes: At least that one has some semblance of true definition! Leave it to me to end up short-circuited. ;)

Eydie, nice to hear you're enjoying your walks so much. Wicca and Buddhism...an interesting journey.

Venus, if you're lurking, please come back!

I'm calling it a very early night...been a day and a half today!

02-13-2002, 06:34 AM
Hey chicks. I crashed, crashed, crashed last night; I plopped on the sofa and was asleep by 8:00. I guess it was bound to happen -- I have just been pushing myself so hard. I didn't walk, I didn't work, I didn't study, and I ate nachos for dinner. On my training schedule, Friday would have been my next rest day, so I guess I'd better walk that day.

I realized yesterday I have five jobs...f/t job, p/t transcription job, research project #1, reseearch project #2, and transcription for doctor with private practice. :dizzy: And I'm going to school, and I'm training to walk in a marathon. Ay yay yay.

Eydie, good luck with your new director. Hope it works out. I have been toying with the idea of getting a walkman for walking, but I'm torn between wanting to listen to music and enjoying the sounds of my walk (birds, wind, dogs barking, children laughing). I know I'd enjoy the music and it would motivate me, but I also worry my walk would be disjointed with one sense occupied. Maybe I'll alternate.

Wildfire, I hope I didn't scare Venus off with my enthusiasm over Team in Training. She sent a photo of her in the last marathon to my personal e-mail addy, and I sent her back one, and that's the last I heard from her.

Way to go, Punkinseed! Congrats on the bowling scores.

Time to go do more work.

02-13-2002, 10:24 AM
So strange Eydie that you speak of mixing Wicca with Buddhism, as I have a kind of Pagan - Zen thing happening. Go figure. I did a spirituality workshop last autumn and it ends up I'm an Ecstatic Hermit. :)

The job (I so desire) still has to be offered within the Haldimand Library System, 6 libraries. Then it goes public. This is a wicked test for my patience and self esteem. Just trying to push down my anxiety and go on with my life... sigh.

Congrats, Pumkinseed, on your bowling results!

I'm big time into Black to wear, but not white. Can't seem to keep white white. When I was in college I'd bring home my botched laundry attempts and my mother would fix them for me....

I'm branching into earth tones.

I've been so hungry lately, and must drink water. Tired too, energy is way down but I think we're all fighting off the same virus that Evan has had.


02-13-2002, 11:02 AM
Hi. I spent an evening eatting lime flavored tortilla chips, watching What Women Want and Practical Magic on DVD and sipping a hard lemonade. I had a buzz after a regular bottle. I obviously don't drink a lot. Chris went to the gym and then to play pool and I was disappointed not to be spending time with him. Althought I do think the time alone was good for me in retrospect. I had a 1/2 day yesterday and I have a 1/2 shift today. I don't go in till 5pm. I need to go to the store and pick up a valentine gift for the boys. The worst thing about my new job is that because I stand for 8 hours, there is no way I am walking as my excersice. ~flower

02-13-2002, 11:40 AM
'ello all :wave: It's my Friday-eve!!!! Did I mention that I'm getting a 3 day weekend??? ;) Wow, do I need it!

Quiet uneventful night. I found out that 2 pop tarts are 8 points!!!! I got this information AFTER I ate them... Well, at least I stopped at 2 and not the entire box. The rest of the box is in the freezer.
The rest of the evening I spent watching Who's Line is it Anyway? and John Edward. I'm such a party girl... :rolleyes:

Eydie - I wonder if there's just something about Buddism that "works" with Pagan beliefs? If you look at my bookshelf it's filled with books on witchcraft and Buddism. I've always been curious about adding Buddist beliefs ito my Pagan beliefs - then realized they're not so different.

Wildfire - Oh, ya know, I hadn't thought that IBS and my "nervous stomach" were more than likely close relatives. I don't think they're the same because I'm "normal" 99% of the time, it's just in the cases where I'm nervous or anxious or, well, almost any intense emotion my innerds kinda freak out a bit. I can't imagine feeling that bad all the time... I'm sorry yours is a constant thing. It's probably a bit like my headaches though - it's a huge pain, but it's been going on for so long that it just becomes part of life...

Ruthie - You're making me tired just reading all the things you DO! I hope you find a day to fill a tub with hot soapy water, fill a glass of wine, lock the kid outta the house and find some sudsy bliss for a few minutes!

Flower - Ditto for you!!!! :D

Actually, I think we ALL need to find some bliss this weekend!!! Have you all noticed how light it's getting in the morning? I walk to work most mornings and usually have to use my flashlight. Yesterday was the first day that the sun had come up enough to see my path without it!! Spring's coming!!!!! :cool:


02-14-2002, 08:14 AM
I found Venus by using the search function on this site. Here is what she wrote on February 2:

<<My father died yesterday -- peacefully and in his sleep. He was a man of charming eccentricities, a hermit of many years who was a voracious reader and had a quiet love of his family and a fierce love for his quirky set of friends.

I'm heading back home to the Midwest for a week or so to take care of things. My brother inherited our father's schizophrenia, so it's going to be a task to keep things going smoothly. We're about it for family, and I have so much to do.

Slept finally for a bit last night but woke at 3 a.m. Even with a whole notebook filled with lists, there's really nothing you can do at 3 a.m. when you're a thousand miles away from where so many of them need to get done. So I did a little workout on my elliptical exerciser, wrote in my journal, and, when dawn came, went for a 7-mile walk. By that time, it was a normal hour in the Midwest, and I was able to make some more phone calls. I felt much more clear-headed than I would if I'd eaten instead.

Though there are no dad-and-daughter moments to cherish, I owe my father the dignity of my own grief. And to that I commit a week of abstinent and lucid sorrow.>>

I hope she will come back to our thread when things return to a vague semblance of normal...in anticipation of that, Venus, my wholehearted sympathy for your loss. I hope this time was as easy as it can be. Please feel free to lean on us. I think I speak for all of us when I say that in a short time, we had come to think of you as a friend. I know I did. Hang in there.

02-14-2002, 11:02 AM
Good morning women!

Goals today:

Drink water. Haven't been lately, and I can really see it in my face. Walking in the cold sucks the moisture out of your skin, and I don't want to look like a prune.

Think about what I'm putting in my mouth! Haven't been lately. I feel so agitated, and am definately eating to fill some sort of void.

That's enough goals for one day.

Sorry to be short, must work on an assignment and get it sent in.


02-14-2002, 11:04 AM
Venus I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know you won't know this until you're able to come back, but please know we're there with you in spirit.

Much love,

02-14-2002, 06:54 PM
Hello all...

Just saving us from dropping off the bottom of the threads. We're really quiet this week!

Nothing much happenin' here. I'm off in 40 minutes for my 3 day get-away (ok, I'm getting away to my own house). I'll be gone until Monday here on the list...

Have a great weekend ladies!!

Terri :wave:

02-14-2002, 08:04 PM
Ruthie, thanks for passing along what you learned about Venus. Are you back to walking tonight?

Venus, my sympathies on the loss of your father. I hope that you are holding up as well as can be expected, and that when you feel ready you will return to our group. Like Ruthie said, we're here for you if you need support. We are a small but caring group in more than just weight loss....we are friends here, and consider you one of us.

Punkin is off on her extended weekend by now....man am I jealous!

I'm getting really tired of the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). No real news here.

02-14-2002, 09:09 PM
Hey guys!
I haven't died... I will either post (a real post) either tonight or tomorrow! I just wanted to let you know I miss you! and that I am doing horrible!!!! :(

Oh! and Happy Valentines!


02-14-2002, 10:57 PM
Venus-I am too sorry about your loss! Amy-Hugs!!! So sorry you are so down!!!!!:( Wildfire-I guess chocolates are a no no if you are eatting all white foods!!!!! Enjoy your weekend PS!!! Lamorgan-my water intake sucks too. I will up my intake too.
Ruthie-how are you today??? I am gonna go take a bubble bath. I worked late last night, and went in early today. I am so tired. ~flower

02-15-2002, 01:45 PM
Hi! Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm not doing that well with my food intake, but am faithful that I'll find my groove again. Still doing great with the walk, yoga, etc.!

It's good to see the food journal up again---I plan on hopping on this weekend. A suggestion: add your daily exercise to the food journal too?

Later! :D

02-17-2002, 10:38 AM
Well, someone had to rescue us from the bottom of the list!

Sorry, girls...been feeling pretty rotten and a little sorry for myself, so I haven't been posting. I may attempt to eat normal foods today as the "safe" foods don't seem to be helping (and I'm getting really tired of them!)

We can't all jump ship at the same time, so come on....get posting...be it good or bad!

02-17-2002, 11:37 AM
A few weeks ago I noticed I was loosing lots of hair. The stylist at the salon confirmed it yesterday. It seems way more noticable as I run my fingers through my really short hair. I have lots of hair stuck to my hands. I couldn't get my hair to work well in updos so I cut it off. I am going to the doctor on Tuesday to see if I can figure out what is wrong with me. I am scared! So far no bald patches as I have always had lots of hair but I am loosing a few hundred strands a day and this will be noticable thing if this keeps up. I already notice it up front near my hair line. The salon said it doesn't look like normal female balding. ~flower

02-18-2002, 12:16 AM
Flower ~ How is your protein intake? Are you strict dieting? and have you had your thyroid checked or are you on Depo Prevaro(sp)? All of the above will cause you to loose your hair.

I have had three bouts with Large amounts of Hair loss. Twice was because of the Depo shot and the third time was due to my bulima and I was losing too much protein to produce enough keratin to keep my hair from falling out and then I had about a year before my body started to produce the amount I need for my hair to start back growing, I also had to have some shot (from the dermatologist) to help my protein production.

He told me it was very common for "avid" dieters... I wasn't diagnosed with bulima/anorexia at this time... to loose hair.

Honestly, even though I know better that is one of the only reasons I don't binge and purge anymore... I don't think I could deal with loosing my hair again.

Just a couple of things to consider.

I am so tired guys! This is the first weekend, in a month that I haven't worked and I still don't feel rested. I am not eating right- I don't have time to exercise and I feel like a cow!. Went to the store tonight and got some decent "to go" food. I worked out with Kevin for about 30 minutes last night. If I could just get in a 15 to 30 minute work out a couple of times a week I would be rocking but I am so tired by the time I have time it is just not an option. We are buying a treadmill in the near future. Maybe that will help because I can read/study and walk at the same time.

Well got to run,
will check in soon

02-18-2002, 01:18 AM
:wave: HELLO ALL once again!!!
I have finally moved into my own place with my kids and hubby as well. Sorry for being away so long but due to a stupidity on my behalf I left online for a while. We just got here Feb 1st so I still have alot to do . BUT the shopping was fun.. Bought new Dining room set and Fridge and freezer and pictures and mirrors and stuff.. I am so thrilled to have my place now..
Well about my weight...... YUCKY PLOOHEY is all I have to say.. My depression and self pity caused me to gain 12 pounds I am up to 264 pounds .. I am working on it though.. Since I have moved ( I was living with my mother for the last 2.5 years lets just say I dont think I ever want to do that again ) I have came down with viral infection in my lungs which drove my asthma crazy..Now that things are getting back to what I think is "normal" I can start focusing on me again. BUT due to the infection I can HONESTLY say I been drinking LOTS of water!!:)
Nice to see that we are growing in numbers..Welcome ALL..
For Valentines Day my hubby bought me a 1/5 carat diamond ring, I know that seems tiny but due to our budget it is better then nothing.. Funny thing is I am not a diamond person.. He bought me a damond tennis bracelet for Christmas but I had him return it since I was more interested in getting a place then to wear a bracelet that might break ..
Things between Him and I have gotten ALOT better since my disappearing act offline..
I missed you all .. Hopefully I will be able to keep my computer running.. Somehow my recovery disks vanished :cry:when we moved and they are not at my mothers.. I guess I could find out if Hewlitt Packard could send me new ones..( I Hope) I am never comfortable when I doint have all my backup PC stuff in place..

Amyjo and Flower .. I know how you feel about the feeling when you see YOUR hair piling up on the floor.. I see that alot myself.. Luckily I have slightly long hair so I can braid it so I dont leave a trail.. I have had thyroid tests ( which only tells me I am a very low normal) like I know what that means..
Amyjo have you ever had a thyroid test.. ( PLEASE forgive me if I asked this in the past but I have been away awhile) Hair loss and tiredness are two signs ( according to my doc, that is why I was tested)
WILDFIRE!!!! sorry to hear that your IBS is acting up again.. Those brat diets suck even whn you dont have to deal with IBS.:)
Oh well I will end here for now.. This is my first night back online so I am tired and need to sleep my zythromax makes me sleepy amnd they changed my dose of Celexa to 30 mgs up from 20.. ( I used to be on 200mgs Zoloft)
Take care and I WILL BE back soon
(((((((((((((((HUGS TO YOU ALL)))))))))))))))))))))))))

02-18-2002, 07:53 AM
Hey Sheila! Nice to see you back! Congrats on the new place. I remember you talking about wanting your own place...glad one of your dreams came true.

My hair has been thinning for several years now, but it's hereditary -- my mom has the same problem, but worse than mine. I figure I'll look like her in 20 years. Oh well. Flower, hope you find out what's causing your hair loss.

Wildfire, hope you feel better SOON!

Eydie, come join us at the food journal! The more, the merrier.

Amy, I know what you mean about being too busy to catch your breath. I feel that way sometimes, too. Hang in there.

I'm back on schedule with walking, now that I switched my time to early morning. I'm ready to go at 6:00 AM, but by 6:00 PM , it's another story. I walked 7 miles yesterday, my greatest distance to date, and I actually feel a lot better than a week ago after walking 6 miles! Today is my rest day, and although I have work to do (when don't I?) I hope to do some yoga tonight (Rodney Yee). I think stretching and strengthening would be a good "cross-training" on days when I don't walk.

I'm still bingeing in the evening. I am beginning to despair of ever getting control over myself. I have also been battling very depressed feelings, which I think are a result of my never having any down time. I made myself lay in front of the TV and do nothing for a few hours yesterday, and it was very therapeutic :lol: . I'm surprised that I feel depressed, since I would think with the regular walking my mood would be better.

Well, guess what? It's time to go to work now.

02-18-2002, 10:00 AM
About the hair loss... I have had periods of losing hair after each birth, and this last time it seemed to never stop. Hormones, maybe. My Doctor (when I was 25) said to keep my hair short to keep the weight off the roots, and don't brush unless you have to! It helps not to brush or comb when your hair is wet, too. I would notice especially thinning at my temples, because I used to pull my hair back, and had no bangs.

I notice less hair loss when my hair is shorter. If the medical end checks out clear, maybe a trip to a stylist who could recomment protein-rich hair therapy?? (Yes I know; $$$$$$. I don't have any either.)

Having some anxiety lately, this whole job thing has me tied up in knots. Interviews next week sometime. I feel borderline nuts, and the children are tip-toeing around me, so I must be really loopy.

Trying to eat well, but I seem to have a whole inside that makes me want to eat even when I'm not hungry. A bad sign. Today I am on target, ate a good breakfast, have some hearty soup in the fridge for lunch. Sent the leftover pizza off with John this morning so I wouldn't be tempted.

February is such a hard month in cold-weather climates. Absolutely no sign of spring for at least another month, and winter starts to feel endless... Minus 10 (celcius) this morning when I was out doing papers, my water froze.

Hello to all! Have a great day...


02-18-2002, 02:17 PM
OK thought I would jump on real quick since I have a few minutes to check how everyone is doing.. I still have tons and TONS of boxes to unpack. It actually feels like a surprise party everytime I open one box.. I havent seen my things for years I forgot what my stuff looked like. My living room / computer room is startuing to take shape.. My computer area has all my certificates hanging up in front of me.. ( nothing much just my GED and small buisness certificate and acheivement cert and my basic computer certificate. ) But i was told I should hang them to display the hard work I did to receive them.. Since I got them with six month of 1998.. I want to brush up on what I have learned but since I dont have the $$ to do so I guess I will wait till my son starts school then get a job to save for more schooling..
Ruthie Thanks for the warm welcome back.. Thought maybe no one would remember me .. :dizzy:
LaMorgan I am sure you are a shoe in for the job your looking into.. Dont get all squirrely it doesnt help the focus on things.. I know my kids are a bit on edge since I am so afraid to make niose since the owner lives next door.. They are great people but kids do make noise and Timmy makes alot more then he should.. He hasnt slept right since we moved in , He isnt used to city noises ( like cars driving by, fire truck sirens, etc) Good thing though He is FULLY 100% potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought he would never be off the pull ups..*doing snoopy dance*:D
Since moving and cooking for my own family I have noticed I do make some wise choices on eating.. Although I do confess I have had sauteed mushrooms(with marg not butter) more then once on my deck of card sized steak.. Mashed potatoes with chicken broth ( low fat) instead of using milk and butter. More veggies and ALOT of water (sams choice bottled water or my flavored soda water ,zero calories and zero sodium) . The water where we live now tastes funny since they put the floride in the water.. Before it tasted more chemical now it just taste grosser then chemicals.
Weather here in NH has been cold .. Once I get all unpacked I will explore my new surroundings.. I wanna see if there is a park or something close by to walk Timmy to so he can play..
Oh well I will end here so that I can get more unpacking done..
Take care all and I will talk to you all soon

02-18-2002, 04:38 PM
Helloooo everyone :wave:

Had a peachy long weekend. I took my best friend's advice and treated it as my little spa weekend. I got up a little later than normal, had some tea, took a long walk (in 30 degree weather!), read, took a long hot shower and rented a few movies... Aaaah... can't wait to do it again next week!!

Saturday I went to a Cowboy Poetry night at our ranch's saloon. It was a fundraiser for the horse riding club my Mom's president of and also to benefit the chapel's family center. It was SO much fun! I won the raffle for a free spay for my kitty Stella - she wasn't so thrilled with the win however... :p

Shiela - Welcome back! I don't know if I've ever met you??? I can relate to unpacking boxes being like a surprise party - my (now ex) husband and I moved into his Mom's house 1 year after we were married and ALL our stuff went into storage - 8 years later when I left and moved into my own house it was amazing to find out what I owned. I have brand new wedding presents that are over 8 years old! :lol:

Eydie - I'll add my exercise to the journal - that's a great idea and maybe it'll motivate me to do more!

Flower - I've been on Depo Provera for 8 years with no hair loss. I did loose hair the first time I lost weight (not rapid) and the Dr. said it was probably age/hormone related. I was about 23. It stayed thinner than "normal" but it did slow down after a few months. He also mentioned that it could be stress...

Lamorgan - good luck with that interview next week!!!!

Had a great week weight-wise. I had an extra beer at the cowboy poetry reading (I had planned to have 1 - one turned into 2) but all in all I had done good the entire week so that made up for the little indulgence!

Hang in there ladies!!!!!! :cool:


b'bye 250's!!!!!! :wave:

02-18-2002, 10:04 PM
Hello everyone. I notice my hair falling out just as much when it is short. It is not breakage like normal, these have the root on them. I am going to ask to be checked for thyroid, 3 years ago I was borderline abnormal. I also want to be checked for diabetes. The wierdest thing is that I have really dark rings around my eyes. Not just under but my eye lids too. Almost like I have 2 black eyes. It is real noticeable in my work bathrooms. My mom commented on them yesterday, I haven't had racoon eyes for awhile and now they are back. I am not strick dieting but my red meat consumption is low and my soy consumption in high. My soda habit is back. I picked up a multi vitiam yesterday with iron and calcium. By the way, everyone at work loves my hair short. I interviewed for a visual designer at the Great Indoors. I will find out at the end of the week. I think I would enjoy that a bit more. ~flower

02-19-2002, 10:07 AM
Hello to all and good morning!

My 9 year old gets dark circles under his eyes when his food allergies are acting up. I've just noticed lately that he has been over-emotional and a little freaky, so I've told him we are going to be more careful what goes in him again. He was not pleased... Back to soy milk... My 5 year old loves soy, and recently I tried this Green Tea Rice Milk by Yu, and he liked it... Strange little guy.

Today Evan and I are going ice skating. The first ever time for him, he is the 5 year old, and the first time I've gone skating for over 20 years.

I must admit to feelings of nervousness.

He can use a chair thing to push around... I don't think they have them for adults! lol

I hope it all checks out for you, Flower.

Yesterday I picked out new glasses, $216. (Yowch)

They are kind-of funky, with square wire frames and thicker, plastic arms. When I had my eyes tested last week it ends up the glasses I've been wearing for 3 years are too strong.

I'm just blathering on... need to go eat a grapefruit. I have this urge to devour everything in my fridge. Period due in 3 or so days, and that's probably why I've been so agitated lately. When I don't drink lots of water, I really do have more difficult pms.


02-19-2002, 01:07 PM
Hello again :wave:
Today my daughter is home again because of a stinking cold.. She has had it now for 5 days I am TRYING hard not to catch it since I just got over dealing with viral infection.. It is cold and breezy out
I been doing alot of thinking about my weght issues. A little inner voice wants to convince me that since both my parents sides of the family are on the "fuller figure" size that I am destined to be big.. Looking over the family reunion pictures from last year I noticed that my moms side have a fuller hip and butt then what I would think is a normal size. She is the baby of 14 ( 7 girls 7 boys) There is only one of them that is what I would consider a healthy weight. Their children are big and the childrens children are on the big side as well.. My Dads side are all fuller figured types but they are big all over (moms side , sad to say has big butts like ducks)
But despite all that inner talk I am still convincing myself that I CAN be a "normal size". But my focus and willpower needs to be in full effect. That is why I am here.. You ladies have been able to keep me focused.

Punkinseed : I think I met you once quickly when I had a quick chance to log on.. You just started on here.. So glad to see that your still here.. You make a great addition to our supprt family :D
Funny thing I am weeding out all the wedding gifts we received when we got married (17 years ago) lets face it I am a pack rat and I would have felt terrible if Aunt "Nellie" stopped over and she noticed that the towels she gave us werent in veiw for her to see.. ( those towels were so threadbare now that I have no choice)

Flower: I have the "raccoon eyes" look alot of the time.. Sometimes they get so bad I look like I was in a bar room brawl. Never thought of trying to see if a multivitamin would help.. See you teach me stuff even when it doent come to weight loss.. I think you will do fine on your career endeavors..

LaMorgan The ice skating place I wanted to try out DOES have skating assistance props for the adults.. But I still chickened out. I didnt want to embarrass my kids if I fell on my butt in front of their friends.. I have a "thing" about falling, I hate it..I dont fall very gracefully..I have never been on skates.As for glasses I had to buy new ones last year to pass my driver license renewal test.. I spent $329 on one pair but they had a deal buy sunglasses for $99 and a second pair of prescription glasses for $50 off. So I got away with a pair of reg and a pair of sunglasses ( both prescription) For $378.. I hope I dont need to buy new ones for a LONGGGGGGGG time.

So far for daily exercise all I have really been able to do is unpack and set up and postion furniture..Not a real exercise but I do get tired from it..Plus now we have steep steps to the kids rooms and I hit those stairs ALOT, especially when my 4 year old is a bit too quiet
Food intake is better now then when I was at my moms.. I can cook the way I want without having to ask if it is OK with everyne
OK I think I blabbered on long enough for now.. I will jot down more when I get a chance later today

Till then Take care

02-19-2002, 07:46 PM
Yikes! Girls, I've got to pull myself together here---my eating is out of control and I don't know why. You know how that can be when something's just eating away at you [Ha! :lol: ] and you can't put your finger on it?

Oh goody---more soul-searching...Does it ever end? I'm at the stage where none of my clothes fit well and I feel mushy. I'm doing this back and forth thing a LOT these days and I'm quite sick of it!!!! It's just embarrassing at this point. :(

I'm even thinking of doing a one-day fast just to get my appetite in check. Pretty drastic for me. Look for me on the food journal tomorrow--come **** or high water!

[Hoorah! Sheila's back!!!
:D ]

02-19-2002, 08:30 PM
Good Evening all! I have a class chat at 8pm, so I'm just hanging around until then.

I skated, and didn't fall! I was very nervous about falling, I don't think I'd do it nearly as gracefully as Evan did. I was very careful for the first 1/2 hour, and then I relaxed and did ok for the next hour. Evan had so much fun, all smiles each time he ended up on his bottom, nice to see he has a less negative attitude than his 9 year old brother who can be dark and negative at times, when things don't work out perfectly right away.

I certainly feel a slight stiffness in areas that don't get addressed when I walk!

I think that February is really tough to get through.

See ya in the morning!


02-19-2002, 09:58 PM
Hey Sheila! :wave: Good to see you back, and so glad things are settling down for you. I owe you an e-mail, and will get to it soon, I promise.

Flower, it's liberating to chop all that hair off, isn't it? I do it every year or so, to varying degrees. Hope you find out what the hair loss is all about. Could just be stress with the change in your daily routine, working longer hours, not sleeping enough, etc.

Ruthie, how is the evening battle going? Hey, if you're exhausted at 6pm that would help with the evening munchies, wouldn't it, if you were sleeping? :)

Lamorgan, don't you know the trick is to push the kid around who is hanging on to the chair? :D

I'm still feeling so-so and really getting fed up with it. Although I'm paying attention to my food in a different way, my focus is getting back to feeling halfway normal, not weight loss.

That's it for now. Have a great Wednesday!

02-20-2002, 10:22 AM
Not too many calories in muffin batter, is there?? Ha Ha. They were at least very healthy muffins, full of bananas and oat bran and spelt flour.

And yes, I did hang on to the chair-thingy for the first little while 'helping' Evan. :)

My goal is to drink lots of water, and get through the rest of this month with as little damage as possible.

My computer is not feeling too healthy lately, my eldest thinks we should reboot. So much work, I'll have to save my bookmarks and my email addresses, plus school stuff.... Maybe over the weekend we'll get it done. The hard drive is really making some horribly sick sounds.

Til later,

02-20-2002, 06:49 PM
Hello lovelies...

What a boring/crazy day. I never knew I could be so bored and so busy all at the same time. I guess I'm just busy doing things I've been doing since I was oh, 16?! and it's just become menial... Yaaaaawn. Time to go home soon.

Flower - do let us know what the Dr. says about the hair loss and dark circles - I'm concerned... I'm sure it's nothing, but still, let us know.

Eydie - Does the soul searching end? Nah, never. Just this week I was entertaining the idea that it was possible I had a spiritual "hanger-on" who was living out their previous lives' food addiction through me. Then I realized that the problem was probably all me and not some ghosty with a taste for Ho-Ho's - but HEY, at least I was expanding my open mindedness right?? :rolleyes:
As for the fast, that might be a good idea. I did one when I started with almost a ritual feel to it. While I was drinking all the fluids (water, tea, Crystal Light) I kept imagining all the negative food cravings leaving my body and the cleanness of the water purifying me. So far, so good... :cool:

Lamorgan - ice skating?!?!?!?! OOoooooh, I miss ice skating!! My parents met while ice skating - my Dad was a speed skater and also worked at Sutro's in San Francisco (Peggy Fleming practiced there during that time), and my Mom was a figure skater. I used to spend every week at the rink... oooh, I miss freezing my little butt off in my little yellow dress and thick wooly "nylons". Ok, gotta belt out a little Barbra... "Memories.... like the shadows of my miiiiind, misty water colored memmmmories...."

Everyone else :wave: HELLO!!!!!

I better get back to work...


02-21-2002, 01:11 AM
wELL, i WENT TO THE DOC'S. I told him about my hair loss, my dark circles and my heart racing at times. I also mentioned that I have this awful cruddy cold. I also told him that the nurse practioner said I had an extra heart beat at last visit. (Jan). Well, he heard it too and I got to have my first EKG. How exciting. I thought there would be more to it. The diagnoisis-irregular heart beat. Nothing too serious. I had an abnormal thyroid test in 98. He completely believes we will find a really abnormal reading. I fast Friday night and get tested first thing Sat morning. A regular blood screen plus the sensitive thyroid screening. I go back in a week or 2. I also have antibiotics to get rid of this crud in my sinus' and lungs. Thyroid will cause my sleepiness, hair loss, heart racing and irregular heart rate and it will cause me to not be able to loose weight. Imagine that....`flower

02-21-2002, 02:37 AM
Hi All I am Back
Flower Good Luck on the tests .. At least if it is an abnormal thyriod you will have the answers of weight..Hmmmm something you said about the test though... I never fasted for my tests therefor maybe my results were inaccurate.. My doctor really must have graduated by the skin of his teeth in Med school he isnt the smartest doc I have ever met..:eek:
Punkin: I stay at home so I guess my days are always dull as a spoon. Soon my son will start Kindergarten so I can get a job or increase my marketabilty in the career feild by going to school.. I havent figured that out yet.. I just need to get my house unpacked.. I am running outta room for my junk and I guess a trip to the goodwill is in the future.. ( but I buy more junk when I go there)
LaMorgan: Hmmmm I dont know if the muffin batter has many calories.. I know that the cooked ones do.. I think the oven adds them so I think your safe :lol: Well of course you held on to the chair thingy afterall you had to instruct your lil one the proper way to hold on to it.. That takes a proper way of place the hands so you were doing the right thing
Eydie : My soul searcging is always on going.. I always over analyze things to the point of making no sense at all.. (After all I did try to convince myself my weight is due to my "fuller figured" parents and there families. ) But I best kick that thought out because I will start to beleive it.. My clothes I hate my body I dislike. I hate looking at me in the mirror ( but I have been able to look at my face to put on my "face" when I have to) SO I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT DESPITE of heredity
Wildfire; Yes you do owe me an email but due to your being a tad under the weather I will excuse it for a bit.. BUT once your better I wanna hear from you.. :dizzy:
OK Tomorrow I have a docs appt so I can finally ( I hope) get rid of this nasty yuck in my lungs that causes me to wake up most the night in a coughing fit and asthma attack so bad that I have to go out in the freezing cold to stop it.. I sleep in a living room chair upright all night in order to not have attacks.. If they cant figure this out I am looking for a new doctor.. My sleep pattern is so much in an upheaval that my daily routine is WAY OFF kilter..
At least I can also find out if I lost any weight from drinking bottles and bottles of water to purge my system and keep my throat from drying ..
Talk to you soon in the am .. Sorry for my snippyness just tired I guess
Take care

02-21-2002, 06:47 AM
Hey gals. I had a good food day yesterday! Yay! Wildfire, you joked that if I was too tired I might not eat, and that was actually a thought that had crossed my mind. My thought, though, was more along the lines of making sure I work, work, work, study, study, until I'm ready to drop, and then go to sleep. None of this couch potato stuff where I migrate from the sofa to the kitchen. Walking is going GREAT -- I LOVE it!

Sheila and Flower, I hope you both get your medical problems straightened out. Wildfire, actually, you too with the IBS.

Terri, congrats on leaving the 250s!

Lois, good for you skating! I also have fond memories of ice skating, but for me it was a social thing from 6th thru 8th grades -- all weekend long my friends and I were at the rink. My best friend and I were hockey skaters, for some strange reason. We didn't play hockey, but we skated hockey-style; I never learned figure skating. We dominated the ice, though! :lol:

Eydie, I so know what you mean about needing to get in control! I have no advice for you except to stay focused. When are we going to see you on the food thread as promised? ;)

Aight, chicks, have a great day.

02-21-2002, 10:45 AM
Period due, and I feel tired and cold. Want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket. But my bathroom has a wonky smell so I think I'll be heading up there with a pail of hot, sudsy water and clean that sucker instead.

My tiny cat Tipsy brought us a rabbit head this morning... (BLETCH!!!) She was quite determined to bring it in the house to share with us, but Mat and I somehow managed to remove the rabbit head and dispose of it all the while telling her what a good pussycat she is for helping out by bringing us such lovely gifts.... :p

'Tis a sure sign that spring is on it's way soon, but I hope it wasn't the lovely little rabbit that lives at the end of the street that I see hopping around every once and awhile....

One Easter morning 3 years ago we arose to find the Easter bunny in three pieces on the Kitchen porch...

Sorry I'm so grusome this morning. Can you believe what is going on with that Cremation place? I find myself scouring the paper for bits of news... It's so much like an X-files show.

Have a great day!


02-21-2002, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone :wave:
OK went to the docs and this is what happened I been using my inhalers wrong.. I used flovent (a steroid) for occasional attacks when I SHOULD have been using it twice a day and 1/2 hour before strenuous workouts. I used my albeturol faithfully every 2-3 hours when I SHOULD have been using it for relief of attacks and 4-6 WHEN needed.. They also put me on a nasal spray to stop my sinuses from going haywire ( yup a steriod nasal spray) and they put me on a decongestant to clear up the yuck in my stuffed sinuses Good news is I weighed 264.8 pounds on the 7th, today........263 ..............I lost 1.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! :spin: :spin: :spin: I am soooo proud! My next appointment is the 28th for my yearly physical..

Awwwww LaMorgan you are obviously well adored by Tipsy. I had a cat that loved to bring me mice and snakes AND DROP THEM ON MY PILLOW WHILE i SLEPT.... She never killed the stupid things I would wake up with grass snake slithering across my neck or little mouse squeaks when Mittens smacked the mouse to keep it in place.. Ever wake up with a mouse in your sheets??? Not a pleasant thing...I miss that cat :cry:
That cremation place is just eerie and what I cant figure out is how come the families didnt know that those urns didnt have their beloved in it..Urns arent sealed ..Anyway your right like an Xfiles theme..
As for the camper that someone bought in Arkansas that they found a baby in a tote. That is something I want more info on.. That camper had NH plates and I cant understand what kind of sick people would kill a baby girl and leave it in a tote in there camper wrapped up in plastic..Who ever did that should hang..(NH is the only state in the US that has not removed hanging as capital punishment) but I know they wont use the option. I am a somewhat kind person but that sort of stuff really pi**es me off..(forgive my use of nastiness but that is the "cleanest" word I could think of)
Ruthie congrats on your good food day yesterday !!!You just reminded me that I need to eat I havent yet (and I am typing this at 3.20 pm) well I did have a slim4less bar ( a walgreens knockoff of slimfast) at about 11 am. I bought some slimfast shakes I will give them a go for a bit. It is much easier to do then figure out what to have for breakfast and what not.. I am too tired to cook for me in the am or even think of eating anything.so I will just drink my breakfast..LOL
OK I yapped on long enough for now I have stuff to do....
Take care ladies

02-21-2002, 06:03 PM
Good afternoon and happy Friday-eve!

Slow, quiet day... I have a headache... I feel like eating the refrigerator... WHY does my Mom have to have an M&M dispenser in the front room?????

Flower - THYROID!!! I hadn't thought of that!! I have what they call "hot spots" on my thyroid that when they kick in I feel like I've had an entire pot of coffee (quite helpful for weight loss) and "unfortunately" they can't treat it because there's nothing actually there - it just happens when I'm stressed, anxious or anything adrenaline related. When I let my WW meetings it would kick in all the time and I'd have to purposely slow myself down because I'd be buzzing through the room. I went through the whole irradiated thyroid scan thing too. I really, really hope this is it and they get you treated! Wow, what difference it'll make in your weight loss and general feelings!

Sheila - Wow... I hope you feel better now too that they've got your drugs straightned out and some good stuff to clear out the, uh, gunk?:p Congratulations on that weight loss!!!!!!
Also, what is this about a baby found???? That's awful! We just had our own sicko here in Oregon with that Longo fool that killed his wife and kids, ditched them in the bay then bolted to Mexico to live it up. I hope he fries too...

Ruthie - Woooo Hooooo on that good eating day!!! Doing one makes the next one come even easier! Once I've been eating really good for awhile I almost get to where I'm afraid of messing up the streak!

Lamorgan - Your cat killed the Easter Bunny???? :lol:, oh sorry, is it insensitive to laugh?? My Mom's old cat Howlie used to bring her crickets with one leg pulled off so they couldn't jump away (or just jump in circles, ha!). Ick... I'm glad my girls are inside cats - the worst they bring me is a slobery feather covered mouse.

Yes, the cremation thing is sick. Just disgusting... I'm going to have to ask my Mom if she actually ever looked at my Grandma's ashes. They're sitting 20 feet from me, but I'm NOT looking - which is probably why these people got away with it for so long - WHO wants to check out the cremated remains of a loved one?? I'd rather assume that whatever is shaking around in that urn is really Grandma and not have a little peek.:(

Well, I'm going to go find an icepack for my head...


02-22-2002, 08:38 AM
Okay. I can't resist telling my cat/mouse story. We had a cat named Deva and she was a great mouser. The only thing is she was a lover not a killer. She was rather rubenesque for a cat and we'd hear this muffled squeaking and she'd be laying there with the poor things trapped under her ample belly. And she'd be calm as a Buddha with such a look of serenity on her face; it must've been like a massage because she was crazy for belly rubs!
Sheila, that was horrifying about your cat bringing you living gifts. I got a good shudder out of that one! Congrats on that 1 1/2 pounds gone forever!
Have had 2 good food days now. I told Garry that if I could just get thru the first day I'd be okay,that I'd know it could be done.

Advice please. I've noticed that for the past month or two I've had back pain off and on. Not anything vague, but real pain. And it moves around. My question is do I still do yoga and dumbells while it's happening? My inclination is to work thru it. If I do nothing it's worse--walking seems to help, but what about things like crunches? Just so you know, I'm not going to do anything if I feel some ripping pain!

02-22-2002, 09:58 AM
I'm thankful that they don't bring me live treats while I'm sleeping. Found some more of the bunny this morning beside the tree. Hope the rest stays where it is, or has already been ingested.

Wild mama trained all her kittens to hunt back in Mississauga when she lived under our back deck. We brought the kittens in at 8 weeks or placed them at 8 weeks, but obviously her good training had already taken root. She used to bring them dead squirrels to play with as tiny kittens....

She is a good mother cat, and chances are these very domestic kittys could survive on their own if they had to... I'm sure the neighbours think we don't feed them...

I think it would be a fun cat-book; a collection of 'what the pussy-cat brought home' stories!

Eydie: I am hesitant to advise when you have back problems but my instinct would be if it hurts less with mild activity, and more with no activity, then to keep up with the mild activity. A visit to a Chiropractor may help balance you out, too.

Sheila, congrats on the weight loss! And Punkin, hadn't heard about the baby... Oh how incredibly tragic.

My interview will be next Wednesday... :)

Ate lunch for breakfast. Lovely stuffed Swiss Chard packages... Don't care how many points they are, they were so good.



02-22-2002, 01:39 PM
Happy Friday!

Here's an interesting little quiz that I found in WW magazine. It has to do with how much humor can help our hearts (literally).

I scored a 69 - guess I have a little extra heart help! :lol:




02-23-2002, 06:31 AM
I had a very...challenging day yesterday. I'm upset again b/c DD is seeing that dreaded scumbag boyfriend again (punch one) and I found out b/c XDH called me rather drunk to tell me he had been hanging out with them in the bar (punch two). What the **** is wrong with people? I ended the afternoon by having a car accident -- just a fender bender, but I did the bending -- I let myself get totally distracted thinking about DD and lost track of the car ahead of me. Thank God, no one was hurt (well, the woman I hit was sore, and will probably be worse today) and there wasn't much damage, but in NJ, the capital of car insurance, when there's even a minor accident everyone pays and pays and pays. Fortunately I'm planning to get rid of my car when I go to grad school, so however high my premiums go, it won't be for too long. I felt so bad that I hit her. That was the 2nd financial problem of the day ... in the a.m. I investigated why I got a bill for spring tuition, and it turns out I've maxed out my federal financial aid. My counselor suggested I try a commercial loan, so now I'll be another $2000 in debt -- but fortunately the rates for student loans are 1/3 to 1/4 of what credit card rates are, although they're linked to the prime rate, so we shall see. It was just a tough day. I cut myself some slack and let myself have a bowl of cereal (eww, I tried a new brand called Grainfield's, and it's gross) and a Clif bar, although fortunately my heart wasn't really in eating my troubles away, so that's good. I'll respond more personally later -- I have to get going on my walk now.

02-23-2002, 09:55 AM
I scored a 58, so I'm not doing too badly.



02-23-2002, 07:51 PM
I scored a 68.

02-23-2002, 10:18 PM
Hey guys I got a 75....

I have found that in my life if I didn't laugh I would cry.....and the fact I have a really sick sense of humor so I laugh at things that most people don't~


02-24-2002, 01:59 AM
Hi everyone!

I loved all the cat stories. One of my cats used to leave dead mice in my slippers-a wonderful wake up surprise!!! The cat we have now brings anything vaguely mouse size and dumps it on top of us while we are sleeping! Soy packets, lego pieces, straws, you name it!! We have to keep flowers up high, because she will leave a trail of grasses, ferns and flowers from the vase leading upstairs to our room!! A gesture I appreciated until I found the vase on its side in a pool of water on the wood table. :eek: :love:

02-24-2002, 07:53 PM
Just so you know I am not abandoning this time but I HAVE to take a hiatus a few days I have the FLU! :cry:and bedrest is in my cards due to all my other stuff I am dealing with heatlh wise
I will be back soon I promise

02-24-2002, 10:47 PM
Sheila, hope you feel better soon! Take it easy. I'm going back on calcium starting tomorrow, and have upped my probiotics. I have to get this under control, like soon!

Dentrassi, welcome!

Ruthie, geez...what a day! I know you know this already, but the more you protest to DD's choice of boyfriend, the more she'll want him around. I went out with some real idiots....and eventually realized they WERE idiots, after years of everyone telling me so. One day, and hopefully in the very near future, she'll see him for what he really is. Sorry about the fender bender...been there, done that. I have to say how proud I am of you sticking to the walking schedule....you're logging quite a few miles, girl! :)

I've decided I'm going to sign up at our local YMCA. I want to start at the very bottom....they have an aerobics class for people who are just starting to get fit, and that's the one I want to start with, and some weights. They are in the process of finishing a brand new Y that is about twice the size of the existing one, and the new one has an indoor walking track around the second floor level of the gym. I don't know if membership prices are going to take a significant hike once it's opened, but at least I can go and pay monthly. I didn't want to get into any year-long contracts. I did that before and hated the gym...but still had to pay for the membership every month.

Spring is closing in on us quickly, and warm-weather clothes. I am re-dedicating myself to getting it together and getting healthy.

I'm going to go take that quiz. Hope you all have a great Monday!

02-25-2002, 12:18 PM
Hello ladies!

I'm so sore ! I spent a few hours Saturday stacking rocks to line both sides of my driveway. I have a 278 foot long driveway, so needless to say, I didn't get it finished, but WOW are my legs sore!!!! I am down 1 pound... Good, but I know it should've been a bit more - my water filled sore muscle legs I know are part of the culprit. I feel good though and that's what counts!:strong:

Ruthie - Man, what a crappy day! I'm so sorry! As for the cereal-fest - have you had the Special K Red Berries yet?? Oooooh....:ink: I could eat those until my tummy explodes... 2 points a cup... enjoy!

Amyjo - Ya know... the attitude of "if I don't laugh I'm going to cry" is so ME! It is how I survived '99 - what a crappy year that was...:(

Dentrassi - Welcome!! I know all about mousey sized things being dropped on you! My kitten Stella is guilty of that. I have those little furry mice for her and she'll slober all over them then drop them on my face while I'm sleeping so I'll wake up and play with her (she plays fetch). I usually just hide them under the covers. This weekend I changed my sheets and found 4 mice under the covers...:lol:

Sheila - Feel better soon!!!

Oooooh, they have a cow doodle now!! I looooove cows!

Terri :moo:

02-25-2002, 09:42 PM
Good evening... I've been HORRIBLE with what I've been putting in my mouth. Tomorrow will be better, I too must dedicate to spring clothes. I bought a pair of short chocolate brown pants at Cotton Ginny Outlet for $14.95. My interview has been confirmed for Thursday at 11:10 am. I can't believe I've become so obsessed with this job, it's only 10 hours per week but dammit it's exactly what I need right now!!!


Soon it'll be all overwith.

I feel so bloody boring with all this. Sorry everyone...

Lois :)

02-26-2002, 11:06 AM
Hello all... :wave:

Lamorgan - I will think positive vibes for you on Thursday! I really hope you get this job - the *perfect* job doesn't come around very often!

Nothin' going on out here in the great northwest. It's cold, but my power bill went down $31 so I guess it is warming up more than I realize! My little Stella kitty is getting spayed tomarrow - I'm a little nervous.

Oh, and I have this Friday off!!!!! Yea for left over vacation! :cool:

Terri :moo:

02-26-2002, 11:10 AM


This morning I was just finishing up my tea, the final slurp when something solid, like a small pile of string went into my mouth....

I spit it out and there was a sad sight: a LARGE, drowned, steeped, and sweetened spider.

The soggy thing had been IN MY MOUTH.


Poor spider.

Have a good day.


02-26-2002, 11:14 AM

Oh these are so cute! Punkin, good luck with your pussy-cat. She'll be fine, but I understand your concern. She'll be so much happier as a spayed cat, you're a good cat-mom.


02-26-2002, 11:54 AM
Lamorgan is right, Punkin. You are being a good kitty Mom.

Our kitty plays fetch too!! Until she gets bored, then she runs to the item, bites it, turns around and looks at me as if to say, "Okay, now its YOUR turn."

02-26-2002, 12:03 PM
:joker: Yea, these are cute!

I actually considered breeding Stella because she's a polydactyl, but the more mature she gets (read: more sexually mature) I just can't handle the pushy-ness. She's just like her sister was - pet me NOW, scratch me NOW, pay attention to me NOW!!!!! No howling of heats, just very pushy for attention - usually in the middle of the night. I decided there really was no point in breeding her if it was going to make her that miserable. I also have to have 1 of her 14 front claws removed because it's pretty deformed. It has 3 other claw nubbins (looks like a lobster claw) underneath the claw itself. Can you imagin if those had actually grown??? A 17 toed cat? I have a hard enough time trimming her 14.

On another note, I didn't mention before. Today's the 3rd anniversary of my Grandmother's passing. My house is built on her land and this year her passing is really on my mind because of just how much things have changed since she died. All I have now and the decisions I've made in my life since she passed, I have to thank her for...:angel:

Till later!

Terri :moo: (did I mention I love cows???)

02-26-2002, 12:22 PM
Punkin You are a GREAT cat Mom !!! I have always had my cats neutered/ spayed due to they were outdoor cats and they liked to .....well enjoy the company of the neighborhood cats..I always felt bad but there is a huge cat population vs human around my area.. Bad thing is I am a softy for a fuzzy face I would adopt them all if I could but I cant..
LaMorgan : sorry about that little added surprise to your tea.. Guess it was thirsty and just had a bit too much.. Yuck!! Good luck on that job
Wildfire : Hope the calcium and probotics works .. You will get it in control just have to be patience ( Ya like that helps much I stink at support when I feel like crud.) That new Y sounds great.. Ya know I didnt even realize my area had a Y now I do.. Hmmmm I might have to check that place out..
Dentrassi Welcome :D
Well all I havent been doing much of anything lately Just been too yucky feeling..Guess I need to increase my water and juice intake and purge myself of the flu.. Food hasnt been one of my interests lately but I try to eat something just to keep the hubby from telling me to
My DD is outta school this week for vacation.. She was out all last week due to this flu she shared with everyone.. She has been pestering me for a friend to sleep over..Like I feel like dealing with another kid right now...NOT!!!!
Well I guess I have said everything (which hasnt been much of anything but just so you know I didnt disappear
Take care and I will post soon

Sorry if I didnt get everyone but I will try to next time around

02-27-2002, 06:14 AM
Lois, best of luck with the job interview!:)

Sheila, hope you're feeling better soon.

Wildfire, how are you??? Have you started at the Y yet?

Punkin, let us know how your kitty is.

Dentrassi, welcome.

Hey guys ... I GOT INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!! :D :lol: :) :smug: :strong: I'm still waiting to hear from the 2 other schools I applied to -- should hear in ~3 weeks -- but at least now I know I'm going somewhere .

OK, gotta go walk 4 miles before work. Everyone have a great, OP rest of the week.

02-27-2002, 09:43 AM

Good morning! Today is skating day, for Evan and I. I walked for 2 hours this morning, had to deliver papers for my 14 year old who has the flu.
Managed not to eat the kitchen when I was finished, although I almost did! I had to make lunch for the 9 year old, and he wanted pizza bagels to zap at school, and then I made myself one too. Luckily a child wanted half, or I would have inhaled far too many points for breakfast.

I'll scarf down a grapefruit soon, seem to really need that vitamin C.

Watched a cool show last night on the History channel. 'Surviving the Iron Age', about 17 people, including 3 children who are left at a Celtic hill fort to survive for 6 or 7 weeks. Last night took us to day 5, and already they are dropping like flies from food poisoning.

A different twist on the 'survivor' theme. My daughter and I really enjoyed it, we both decided that we would be wonderful at that sort of thing. One of the volunteers is a Druid.

So Ruthie, how do you find you are feeling from all the walking? Is it affecting you in a meditative way? I trace out when I walk. It's very much a mental exercise as well as physical.
You must be noticing physical changes as well.

Congrats on Grad school!

Have a great day; Sheila, Dentrassi, Wildfire, Punkin, Flower, Amy and anyone else who I missed!


02-27-2002, 12:50 PM
Good morning!

Well, I just dropped off Stella :( Poor little girl was howling... They said they may keep her over night because of the declawing - I'm going to call this afternoon because I can't believe they're going to keep her for having 1 of her 14 claws removed... I think she'll be fine - I don't want her to stay...

Sheila - I know what you mean about adopting all the fuzzy faces. That's exactly what Stella is - an unplanned adoption. I wanted a poly kitten from my best friend's cat, then the entire next litter, except one (which my Mom has), was born "normal toed". Of course I loved my Luna, so she came home with me. When another unplanned litter came and all of them were poly - you know I was going to take one! Now momma cat is still not spayed and I have a fear that if she has another batch I'm going to have a 3 cat household...

Ruthie - Congratulations!!!!!

Lamorgan - I did the History Channel thing last night too, but I watched History's Mysteries and they looked at the origins of Stonehenge (guess the Druids can't claim it after all). I got a feeling from the advertisements that they're coming up with a "History International" channel... they'd BETTER not mess with my History channel - I like it just the way it is!

I better get to work. I'll check back this afternoon to let you know how my little fuzzy-baby is doing (fine, I'm sure). I'm SO thankful tomarrow's my Friday...


02-27-2002, 01:47 PM
Hello All :wave:
I am feeling a bit better this morning :D Not at 100% but better just the same..I have a doc appt tomorrow for physical and follow up on this viral stuff.. Well I will have to reschedule the physical part (papsmear) which I will hear it since I TRY to schedule that around my TOM but lately that shows up when it feels like it not a set pattern, oh well he will get over it..
Punkin Stella will be fine whether she beleive it or not you are looking out for her best interests..Since I have moved I have not adopted a new cat,which is good cause my DD is allergic to cats ( which I think is weird cause she used to have a cat and no allergies) My mom has 4 so I guess I have visitation rights. I do miss one of my moms cats he adopted me when we lived there. According to her he misses me too. He has been camping out in my former bedroom and looks out the window alot.Like he is waiting for me to return , and he will not allow the other cats near the bed where I slept..
Lately I havent been watching much TV I rented a few movies instead. Shrek was rented for my kids but I like it more ..:lol: Another good one was Cast Away but I think Meg Ryan would have been better for it rather then Helen Hunt..(My opinion)
Ruthie: CONGRADULATIONS on the school!!!!!! :jig: You will do great!!And you are doing great on the walking too.. When I get over this yucky feeling I will have to start walking again.. ( with my inhaler in one hand and my son in the other hand..)
Wildfire Hope to hear your update soon
LaMorgan : Enjoy your skating day!!
Everyone I missed hope your day goes great as well and hope to hear from you soon
Well all I gotta go and try toi get some house work I fell behind on done.. My DD called up and said she has 5 bags of clothes coming home with her ( her friend grows like a weed she out grows them before she wears them twice)Lovely I think I will be living next to the washer for days ...LOL
Take care all

02-27-2002, 02:46 PM
Oh we had fun skating, and I've remembered how to twirl. Pretty cool to be nearly 40, not skate for over 20 years and to be able to twirl. :)



02-27-2002, 08:21 PM
Hi everybody! I'm still around. I've been posting on the food journal and then everybody left it. [Except Ruthie!] Was it something I ate? Come back and post. It's fun to see everyone's menus and know their private food quirks! :lol:

Punkin, How's Stella? I remember those post-surgery naked velvet bellies--the cat, I mean! :D

Lamorgan, good mojo for your interview tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the death of our old dog, Remus, so I'm feeling a little wistful about that. Still love that dog! Thank Goddess for photos!

:) :( :^: :D :lol:

02-28-2002, 07:21 AM
Lois -- first of all, KICK *** on the interview! Best of luck.

Re the walking, the mental part is tricky for me -- yesterday I finally did a 15-minute mile (walked 4 miles in an hour), and I found the secret was swinging my arms more vigorously and not thinking! I tend to think, let my mind mull over things, while I walk, but for the pace I need to be at I need to focus on my body doing the right things. So it's not really meditative (yet) but I do find it to be a metaphor for my life -- I am alone, moving rigorously toward a goal, and I am cheering myself on because there is no one on the road with me to cheer for me. Since I just discovered the mental secret to walking fast, it may ultimately become trance-like. And yes -- I am definitely noticing physical changes. The scale hasn't budged, but I am definitely less round and my clothes are more comfortable. Even yesterday on the subway I looked up and saw my reflection in the window and noticed immediately that my face is more angular. I also feel marvelously energetic -- just souped! This has been the best thing to happen to my physical endeavors since I gained weight -- and I wish Venus was around so I could thank her!

Wildfire and Flower, where are you guys? Hope all is well...

02-28-2002, 09:39 AM
Ruthie, congratulations on grad school! One less thing to worry about. I'm betting you'll get into all three, then have to decide which one you want! So glad to hear you're seeing some physical changes from all your walking, too! A little inspiration for hitting the pavement so early in the morning.

Lamorgan, good interviewing vibes being sent your way!

Eydie, I remember when Remus died...has it really been a year? Time passes so quickly.

Sheila, that viral crud is hard to shake...hope you manage it soon, though. No cat? How does one live without a cat? I just couldn't do it.

Punkin, how is Stella? My Salem is declawed (front paws), and he was kept overnight, but it was much more involved than just one claw. He was fine when we picked him up, he just sat on his hind legs with his front paws in the air for a couple of days. He was jumping on/off the bed, the bathroom counter, etc.....and making me have fits watching him. I didn't find out exactly what was involved in the declawing surgery until he was already having it done. I called the vet in a panic from work to try to stop it, but it was too late...it was in process already. I cried for days holding him in my lap, looking at his stumpy little toes. I felt SO guilty. I know it is a real topic of debate, to declaw or not declaw. My vet assured me he would be fine in a few days and not even realize he no longer had claws. She was right. He is a clumsy cat, and not having front claws his balance when jumping high is slightly comprimised, but he still "scratches" the corner of the couch and a wicker basket that I have. He is a completely indoor cat (other than sunbathing on our lounge chair on the balcony). I've often asked myself would I do it again, and I honestly don't know. It turned out well with Salem, but to be the one responsible for his discomfort and initial pain, and if it hadn't turned out as well as it did......well, I don't know if I could subject another cat to it. I know, I digress....your Stella was just having an extra one removed. Hope she is home and feeling better today.

Well, the IBS won today. I called in for work. I usually drag myself in even when I feel horrible, but there was no possible way for me to get into a car and hit the highway this morning. Where I work they don't believe in you coming in part way through a day if you feel better. :rolleyes: If you're sick enough to stay home, you stay home all day. Okay, fine with me.

Ruthie, I am going to sign up at the Y this Saturday. I called for information, and it is $31.00 a month for March and April (in the old building). They are completely closed for the month of May while the move takes place. Monthly membership for the new building, opening June 1, is $49.75. Quite a hike, but the new building has two pools, fitness center, indoor walking track, nutritionist services, all fitness classes (aerobics, step, toning, etc) are included in your membership. I did the math, and if I go three times a week, it's about $4.00 a visit. Still reasonable, and the new building has much more to offer.

Well, I think I need some tea. Let's hope my gut agrees.

02-28-2002, 11:55 AM
Hello all :wave:

Stella is home, safe n' sound.... They didn't make her stay overnight - they closed her declaw wound with surgical glue and she was able to come home. She's jumping around like a normal lunatic - I actually had to tell her to chill out a bit, she was making *me* nervous. She's licking her belly - not the stiches, but the fuzz, which I'm sure itches like all get out. Her sister Luna has been (forcefully) bathing her since she came home - she literally holds her down to clean her.

Tomarrow I'm off!!! I'm going to get my studded tires taken off and replaced with my regular ones. I have faith that we're not going to get much snow now... (finger's crossed)

Twirling Lamorgan - It's Thursday... it's your interview.... now GO KICK SOME INTERVIEWING BUTT, GIRL!!!!!!! Let us know how it goes 'k??

Eydie - I understand about your Remus. I lost my Shiba 14 years ago this September and I still think of her... Great dogs don't die - they come back as our future puppies.;)

Wildfire - I'm sorry you're not up to snuff again (still?) I hope you're feeling better real soon!

I debated on declawing both my cats. My Mom has always declawed her cats. Mine on the other hand, I've never had a real reason to declaw... I was able to take the extraordinary amount of time to teach them where they can scratch and they even understand "easy paws" - for when *I* become the object of the talons' assault. They've learned to retract pretty much on command. Neither Luna nor Stella have touched any of my furniture. They have 3 big scratching posts that are mauled to shreds though! I also keep their nails trimmed, that helps a lot. Occasionally one of them will dig in the claws to stretch - using a chair or couch - and all I have to say is "EXCUSE me?????" and they stop and go to the post... I felt bad having to have the one nail taken out (she's favoring it a bit) but the nail was on her "extra set" and it curled so severely I couldn't trim it and it was growing right into her pad - so it was for the best.

Well, better get some work done so I can veg this afternoon!

Terri :moo:

02-28-2002, 02:05 PM
Look at my new signature!! Isn't life grand? Such overwhelming relief, I just feel like sleeping for a day.


We had our first cat declawed, and although it was a hard decision, I don't think John or myself ever felt too badly about doing it. She was an indoor cat, we had just gotten married and everything in our apartment was new.

All the pussycats we have now are not declawed, but all (except for wild mama) are spayed or neutered. They all go outside (again, except for wild mama), it was nearly impossible to keep them in with little kids constantly letting the cats out! :dizzy:

I think they are quite wild actually because of their early weeks as wild kittens. We used to have a Little Tikes mountain at our old house that has tunnels underneath and I'll never forget the 6 little kittens playing tag through the tunnels.

Ah well, need to do my assignment.

Happy, happy Twirling Lamorgan.

02-28-2002, 02:25 PM
WHOOO HOOOO! *twirling with Lamorgan* Congrats on the job!!!

Punkin, glad to hear Stella is doing fine. Luna is trying to wash that vet smell off her!

02-28-2002, 02:43 PM
WoooHooooo!!!!! Congratulations :spin:Lamorgan!!!!!

Wildfire - You're probably right... when we got home Luna followed her around sniffing her from head to toe. She probably thought "well, you don't smell like me or momma anymore... here *liiick* I'll fix that!"

Terri :moo:

02-28-2002, 11:30 PM
Congrats LAMORGAN!!!!!!!!

Wildfire I am doing better FINALLY but they wanna give me a bigger dose of the steriod inhaler ..I just spent 150 on medical perscipts this week I will wait on the new one..

I dont have much time so just to update the scale went down from 263 to 262.4 Dont know what that means except a loss so I am thrilled!!!!!

Talk more manyana

03-01-2002, 06:07 AM
A L L R I G H T L O I S !!!!

Congratulations...I hope this job turns out to be everything you hoped for -- and more!

Sheila, good for you on the loss!

Punkin, glad the kitty's ok. I'm jealous of all you cat people -- I grew up with cats but became quite suddenly allergic at 16, and as the years have gone by I have just gotten worse and worse. I would love to have a kitty, but...

Wildfire, boy this IBS flare-up has gone on and on. Hope you kick it soon.

Eydie, I know what you're saying about feeling abandoned on the food thread [HINT, HINT]. Even if you're not sticking to program, guys, it's a great way of tracking the choices you make . I think it's been a helpful part of my (successful to date) effort to get the bingeing under control.

OK, I'm off to walk 3 miles in the cold. Later I have my gum surgery. :( I won't be eating much for a couple days, I guess...

03-01-2002, 09:01 AM
Hoorah, Lamorgan! May it be everything you want it to be! Will you be keeping your other job too? I know how that is to be so up in the air about something. Finally, the pressure's off!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday so I had cake and ice cream for dinner last night--oh well, today is a new day.

If you have a special occasion that screams for ice cream, may I recommend Healthy Choice's Dulce de Leche low fat ice cream? It's outrageosly good, creamy and caramel-y! [and goes well with cake! ;) ]

Punkin, I'm glad Stella's home!:)

03-01-2002, 10:06 AM
Thank you for all the well-wishing everyone! I'm soooo tired today, I think the relief has caught up.

Yes, I'll keep delivering papers, it's my maintenance plan! :o If I didn't walk each morning for an hour and a half, I'd have gained back everything I lost last year. As it is I must stay very aware what I eat. Sometimes it's amazing what goes in my mouth when I'm not tracking properly.

Also I like to walk in the dark under the moon. I think up the most wonderful poems, and I now carry a pad and pen to jot things down because often by the time I get home I've forgotten them.

Poor kitty to have her claw growing into the pad of her foot. Think of all the unfortunate kitties out there who don't have a caring person to watch out for those sorts of things. One of my neutered cats is spraying a lot in the house lately. I am ready to scream! Had to wash Morgan's knap-sack today because it smelled like cat. Yuck.

Must be a sign of spring. If I had known that neutered male cats still spray I may have done a few things differently... I know that all males don't do this but Morris is very male, very dominate, very determined and possesive. A Male-chauvinist cat. :lol:

Have a great day! Hello to everyone sorry I'm not being personal today, must make some coffee and clean this messy house.


03-01-2002, 01:26 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!!!!
I am feeling alot better today !!!!!!!!
LaMorgan when I am out in the night under the moon I get a sense of calmness and fulfillment that I cant really explain ..my mind is clearer and my self esteem just boosts .. I know it doesnt make much sense to most people but it is the best time for my sense of oneness.. (ok I will stop I sound flaky :lol:) Sorry about your Kitty deciding he is master and still marks his territory despite his neutering.. I have heard of that happening (I have had cats all my life) but words still dont remove the smell of cat :(
Ruthie My daughter just became allergic to cats all of a sudden.. I didnt know that could happen I thought the doctor just had a cat-hating thing..I have always been around cats they are calming and they seem to know stuff about you before you do.. I had a cat once that just would NEVER leave me alone. She would do everything in her fuzzy power to try and keep me from doing stuff , like jump on stuff I needed to lift and rub all over my face to distract me.. Or Sniff my belly and meow like she was in pain.. 2 months later I found out I was 5 months pregnant but due to complication I was internally bleeding so I thought I was just having messed up monthly cycles. Unfortunately due to that complication I was unable to carry to term ,even after 10 days of blood transfers and hospital bedrest ,due to excessive blood loss..
As for the food journal I dont post there because I am not on any special program. Slimfast you drink your breakfast and lunch and eat at night thats basically it.. A very dull food journal if you were to ask me..
Wildfire Just rest and get your IBS in control that is more important right now.. I know a few people that deal with IBS so I can only tell you I do know it sucks and that flare ups can drain you physically and emotionally. Get your calcuim in and your acidphillous ( I cant spell that word ) and post when you feel better.
Eydie Happy Belated to your Hubby!!!!! That ice cream sounds REALLLLL GOOD :T
I been checking out a few sites I like www.workoutplan.com just for a few pointers
Well Ladies I will end here Talk with you soon

Since I been feeling better I dont think I will be home to post this weekend so I will talk to yall on Monday (unless I sneak on :s: )

03-01-2002, 09:37 PM
Hi girls!

I was back to work today, and had an uneventful IBS day....shhhh...don't tell my gut. I hope it is the start of a calm period.

Tomorrow I am going to the Y to sign up and get a schedule for exercise classes. I know my way around a weight room, so that I can do on my own. I am going to be back OP and getting in shape. I ordered a nice knee-length leather coat and it's just a little bit tight in the chest.....I'm betting if I lost 10 lbs it would be fine. So I'm going to hang on to it as inspiration. I really think I'm ready for the gym, and there will be lots more to do at the new Y. Like water aerobics....they're fun and never seemed like exercise! I'm looking forward to hauling some weights too....I was actually pretty cut before IBS sauntered into my life. I'm gonna be a grrrrrrl again! :strong:

Sheila, glad you're feeling better! And congrats on the loss! That's spooky about your cat knowing there was a problem with the pregnancy. I agree though....they just seem to know things.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Eydie! :)

Ruthie, how did the gum surgery go? Take it easy this weekend, especially if they've given you any pain medication. I'll be back on the food journal starting tomorrow.

Anyone watching Survivor? Looks like Marquesas will be better than Africa.

I'll report in tomorrow after the Y. :wave:

03-02-2002, 09:39 AM
Hey guys! My surgerized site hardly hurts! Yay! And...I just looked thru the food thread from the beginning (~a month ago) and I see definite improvement, although I still tend to go for a high-fat meal at least once a day. Something to work on.

Where is Flower? Flower! Hello! Let us know you're ok!

Wildfire, you go girl! The gym scares me. I am not social enough. Let us know how it goes.

Sheila, that is totally bizarre about your Gyno-Cat! I am so happy you sound so much more content than in your previous posts, when you were living at the old place.:wave: ;) Yay Sheila!

Lois, my favorite thing about walking early in the a.m. is when the sun is rising on one side and the moon is beaming on the other. Breathtaking!

Eydie, thanks for the ice cream tip -- my b'day is next month, maybe I'll check it out.:s:

Take care, girls. Gotta go do some fundraising for my marathon!

03-02-2002, 01:24 PM
Thanks for asking about me ladies. I am so busy, it is not even funny. I worked 44 hours this week and I have 48 scheduled hours next week. I also did a wedding this week plus kid duty. I have to get bills, grocerys and laundry under control this week end. Griffin is clung to me every second he can.

I missed out on saying congrats on the job, congrats on grad school, congrats on the new home! You all know who you are. :)

I am just trying to find 5 minutes to check in here each day but the last 3 days, I have not had even 5 minutes!!! I have tomorrow off and then who knows my next day off. We open the store on Friday if we get the permits in on time. 4 days early. Grand opening is the 21st. Lots of overtime and lots of stress.

I need to get off line and call the doctors and find out when I can get in to check on my results.... Sometime in the evening.... More tomorrow. I have to relax for a bit while things are calm. ~thinking of you all and missing my free time termendously!!!! ~flower Ps/Isn't it ironic, when you have $, you have no time to spend and enjoy it!

03-02-2002, 01:50 PM
Flower....... GREAT to see you again , you been missed.. You know I havent had much time online since moving either.. I thought maybe things would be less stressful ( they are BUT) I have no personal time..

Ruthie..... You are soooo right I am much more content since moving.. I been able to cook what I want, do things to my own schedule and NOT someone elses.. I dont have my mother telling me things (that I swear) she just tells me to get on my nerves..

Wildfire....Glad your feeling better now (*knock on wood*:jig: ) That jacket sound great.. I am not a coat / jacket person ( no wonder why I get colds and flu so easily) I did have to break down and buy new pants that fit me now I didnt want to but I had to.. Nothing special just the old ones have seen better days.

Well I have to get going.. Hubby only has one day off this weekend and we need to go and do some stuff. We barely see each other since he started this job..

Take Care All

03-02-2002, 05:19 PM
Hey chicks!

Well, I don't have to worry about getting to know anybody at the gym. It's so small I won't have a choice...I'll be rubbing elbows with whoever is on the machine next to me! :D It was fairly quiet when I was shown around, and nice and cool in the gym area. It cost me $54.00 for the next two months, which isn't too bad. I have an appointment with one of their fitness trainers at 10:30am tomorrow just to get shown around the gym and how to use everything. I already know about 95% of what they have, but I'm sure there will something in there that I haven't seen since I used to haunt a gym. Sometimes just figuring out how to turn on a treadmill can be a challenge. :lol:

There is a class on Wednesday nights I'm interested in, it's Abs & Back. I need to work on both....I'm sure my usual sore back is partly from weak back muscles. A lot of their classes seem more advanced than what I'm ready for, but I'll check out a few and see what I can do.

Ruthie, glad your gums aren't painful after the surgery. When is the marathon, anyway? And is it a full-lenth marathon?

Flower, glad you found a minute to pop in! Even though you're tired and don't have enough time to do everything, just remember how badly you wanted to find work when you were waiting to hear back on interviews. ;) Hopefully once the store is open you'll settle into a more regular schedule.

Sheila, isn't it wonderful having the freedom to do as you like in your own home? I don't know how you survived as long as you did at your mom's. Yeah, I got a fantastic deal on the leather coat, and of course it's no longer available. So if I were to return it I know I'll have to spend more to get one like it in a bigger size, and that's IF I can even find one now with all the spring clothes coming in. I can wear it and it looks okay if I don't button it all the way up right now. Once it's broken in a little and I lose a few pounds, I think it will be perfect. Before you know it, you'll be buying new pants because your other ones are too big! Oh, I checked out workoutplan.com, it's pretty neat.

Well, I'm going out for a walk. Haven't been able to since my recent IBS battle started, and I need the air. Went grocery shopping after the Y, so I'm all set. Like Ruthie says, no excuses, no distractions!

03-03-2002, 01:35 PM
Ah, come on girls! I know you're out there somewhere! :p

I spent an hour with a sweet, well-meaning, very nervous Y staff member, along with two other new members for a tour of the fitness center. Good thing I already know a lot about the various weight machines and proper form, etc....because he didn't seem to. I didn't want to embarrass him by pointing out his mistakes, so I kept quiet. I stayed to do 20 minutes on the recumbant cycle, after trying the elliptical trainer for about 10. I'm going to scout the web for a good upper body and lower body workout and assemble my own workout routine. Upper body, lower body, and rest days.

Tomorrow night I bowl, so I have until Tuesday evening to get ready.

Today is going to be spent cleaning up here!

03-03-2002, 02:43 PM
Good afternoon everyone, winter is trying to return to Southern Ontario, but I suppose it's still that time of year.

My youngest guy has a bad cold and is kind of pitiful and sweet, cuddly and sleepy. A glimpse of the baby he was a few years ago! Husband working yesterday and today so not much going on here, except cleaning up and cooking, then cleaning up again.

Last night we went out to play Euchre, had fun but were out way too late.

Have fun at the Y, Wildfire! Too bad the staff isn't too knowledgable. Could be hazardous to gym-newbies.

Tons and tons of laundry to do,

See ya tomorrow

03-03-2002, 04:32 PM
Hey everyone! I am still breathing... granted it is through my mouth right now since I have another sinus infection... :( Finished the first half of the semester, the "bad" clinical is over I don't know what I made yet, got an A on the final so I hope I pulled an A out of this foresaken clinical. It has been a Heck of a month.

I don't know if you remember me telling you guys my sister in law was going to have gastric bypass surgery... but if I didn't she did. She had it on February 14 and was in the hospital until Saturday before last and was back in that Monday and they are estimating that she will be in for at least two more weeks. They did the surgery laproscopic and they originally messed up the stapling and had to go back in on the 22 to fix that it had abcessed. They fixed that and sent her home like 3 or 4 days later. Then she started running high fever took her back to the ER and after several test it turns out that they "nicked" her spleen in the process of the surgery (must be something pretty common because you have to sign consent papers to acknowledge the risk of damage to the spleen) well she was infected with fluid above her diaphragm and below as well as a pocket of fluid around her spleen and stomack. :mad: I really wish she had tried harder to loose the weight "naturally" but after a life time of being overweight and being 350+ pounds on a 5'3 frame she didn't feel like she had a choice. She says she wouldn't recommend it to her worst enemy and if she had known it was going to be this hard to recover she wouldn't of done it.

We are in the process of converting our workshop into a work out shop.. we purchased a weight machine and a punching bag in the past month, next purchase is a good treadmill and little TV for out there. I haven't had a lot of time to work out but it is nice just being able to step out the back door and do it when you want to. We are going to carpet it, so that it wont be so uncomfortable to stretch and do floor work. With the treadmill I will be able to read, study and walk to get in some extra miles that I have been slacking on.

Love my new job, the ER is amazing, granted this is primarily a childrens ER- I am mostly dealing with kids with snotty noses and fever but I am learning sooooo much... I love it.

Flower I am glad the job is going well, understand the lack of time, I have been lurking but just don't seem to have the time to post.

Ruthie, I am so happy for you!!! Grad school!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You turned your notice in too, didn't I see that you posted that? Knowing that your getting there has to be amazing. Grats on the commitment to the walking too... Maybe one day I will make the time to train for a marathon (dream of mine) !!!

Wildfire, I am glad your feeling better, I have been studying GI in school this month... it sound like IBS is the complete pits!!! Good luck with the Y!!

To everyone else, glad your well!!! Will post as I can.



03-04-2002, 03:34 AM
Remember me???? I am baaaaaaaaaack. After 6 months of graduate school, I am finally able to check things out, having finally established a routine.

Am I still welcome? I still need support!!!


03-04-2002, 06:25 AM
Hi Linds! As far as I'm concerned, you're always welcome here! (Or is this like "Survivor," and the group can vote you off? :lol: ) Glad to see you're doing well.

Amy, congrats on the A. You're doing great! It's funny you mention making the time to train for a marathon -- I had to start getting up at 4:30 to make the time! I'm sure in a couple months I'll be getting up at 4. I need the coffee time, too, as I am a total addict. Your workout room sounds great.

Wildfire, back pain can also result from weak abs, not just weak back muscles. The abs and back class sounds good. I have convinced myself I have to start working on my abs for walking -- the back muscles are stabilizers, and they needs the abs for support, etc., etc. I have to make myself do it on my rest days. Glad your IBS is getting under control.

Flower, thanks for checking in. Yes, working life can be stressful. I've worked my whole life, and I can't believe I'm finally getting out of the 9-5 office thing. It's starting to get a little scary as the reality sets in, but I am still determined. I should hear from the other 2 schools I applied to within 2 to 2-1/2 weeks, but I have a feeling I am going to end up in Boston. Anybody know that town? I've been there twice in my whole life -- once when I was 17 (that was like 10,000 years ago) and once last August.

Had another milestone walking yesterday -- did 9 miles, in under 3 hours! And I wasn't -- and still am not -- very sore! I have discovered that it takes me a good 2 miles or so to get warmed up. I can't hit the 4 miles an hour pace until then. Clearly to do the marathon I am going to have to do a slow-fast-slow-fast kind of deal. So now I am figuring it will take me 7 to 7-1/2 hours to finish the marathon. I hope they don't have a time limit. It's still early in the training schedule, though -- week 5 of 16.

OK, chicks, let's have a great, OP week!

03-04-2002, 06:29 AM
BTW, since the board now says page 1-2-3-4-5-6-last page, I presume we've hit our limit, so I'm starting a new thread. See you there!