30-Somethings - Week of Feb 10!!! Happy Heart Day Week!

02-10-2002, 09:46 AM
Hi Everyone!

I am back. I am so sorry that I have not been around. So much going on and I was feeling like such a loser! Since I could not stick to a WW plan or any plan for that matter.

But now that I have hit Rock Bottom. I weigh more than I have in YEARS! In fact I am to embarrassed to even tell you. I am in really bad health. And I am scared if I don't do something. It is going to get worse.

I hope you don't mind I started the thread. Welcome to all the newbies.


02-10-2002, 10:31 AM
Good MOrning!!!!!!!!!!!
Pryia--U can always start the thread!!!THe early bird gets the worm(I guess that is 2pts!!!:D )
I would have said: HAPPY MARDI GRAS week but yours is great too!!!!!Sending U a big hug!!!!Things will get better cuz U R stepping in the right direction!!

IT was a blast last night!!I think I got 20excercise pts just with the right arm!!!!It is miserably sore today cuz I tried to reach the farthest people away to give beads to!!

Well, off to cook breakfast for everyone!!We have friends from Mich visiting for MG!!!

02-10-2002, 12:18 PM
Hi All,

Happy Sunday!! I am pretty stiff this morning...DH & I couldn't even drag ourselves out of bed until after 9:00!! We both worked really hard yesterday to get the house in order. He and FIL put the shed up, and SIL and I organized the house. I actually feel like I can have people over now. I can't believe what a help my SIL was to me, because she's not really like that, but it was good to have an outside opinion on storage and stuff. We got all the boxes emptied and the stuff that we don't need right now is in plastic bins out in the shed. :D

Pryia- Glad to see you back!! :D Hang in there, you'll find your niche again. I don't know what your situation is right now, but maybe you can check out that place that I just started going...Curves. I think it's a reasonable price for the service, if you can swing it.

RR- Glad you had fun last night, now you have to work on the left arm!! ;)

Have a great day all!!

02-10-2002, 01:17 PM
Hi all - I've had a pretty good week point wise, except Wendesday I was 18.5 over!!! So, to have an "op week" I should only have 12 points today! Will likely try for 18 and call it done. I am not quite exercising yet, but am THINKING every day about how I might LIKE to exercise - Baby steps right? :D

Lyssalou: Good point - eating better to be healthy is much more important than simply losing. Maybe if we all keep this attitude, we will simply learn to eat well because it is good for us. We can then stay away from the scales and be pleasntly surprised when our pants fall off at the market :D. Glad to hear the scales finally made a move, hope it stuck! Best of luck with the exercise.

LBH: Hope you are back to feeling yourself. I hate those horrid days. In kind of a slump here myself. Great to hear you enjoyed curves - that is a huge step in the right direction! When do you think you might make a career change? I am thinking the same way, but it seems like such a colossal effort to even start looking for something new. I will need to get on that! As for the shakes, I have been having a slimfast a day (4 points). My favorite is the dark chocolate fudge. When I first drinking them, the aftertast bothered me. I would keep them really cold (actually freeze them and then let them thaw) and that helped. Now, I actually LIKE the taste! Haven't tried the kashi kind. (Target sells slimfast for cheaper than anyone else I have found - $4.99 for 6 and $9.99 for 12 - plus there are cupons in the paper every few months)

Rabbit - thanks for the pats colors! Been seeing A LOT of them :). Glad to hear you had such a successful weekend - what is pilates? Your new thought really has me thinking - not just about weight loss, but about my whole life. I am doing fine in most areas, but really don't see why I'm not doing better. Am I afraid? Lazy? Still just too depressed? Not fun to think about, but so worth while.

RR: Hope the quality time with refman has been possible! Great to hear things went well at the Dr. I have always thought "kids" would be my choice, but this week i am leaning toward "beamer":devil: Good for you on the program - I have been chowing down fields of green beans myself lately. Glad to hear the parade was great - you must be exhausted!

Nanci: Not to knock the pats, but if a super bowl was ever fixed, wouldn't this have been the perfect year? The PATRIOTS in their RED WHITE and BLUE coming from the bottom, entering as a TEAM and taking it all. Quite an uplifting scene for america. It truly was a great game. Congrats on the losses! Enjoy the wine tasting. By the way, I don't know if you eat pirates booty, but I saw this thing on the WW general thread saying that it has way more fat per serving than the package says (like 8 grams instead of 1 or 2!) That is just so wrong.

Juldiet: Yeay for all the productive exercise! Sorry to hear you are "stuck" - I think a lot of us are. Stick with it and you will be rewarded;) enjoy your trip.

Lizzard: WOOHOO on the 12's - I just started again and am going slow also - frustrating but WE WILL GET THERE. Don't know if this is true, but just a thought - Maybe you are being too good early in the week (making up for the weekend) and by thursday your body just says "GIVE ME FOOD!"? I have had that problem in the past.

BFB: Good to hear from you! From what I have heard, sometimes the beer monkies like to hang around even when you have had NO beer. They are very difficult to catch, but they enjoy occasionally sticking their toe on the scale as you weigh, causing all types of mayhem. Keep plugging along and you WILL see the results you want.

Tech: congrats on the loss! Your minigoals sound like a great idea.

elissa: I am switching to the 18-23 range this week! (bouncing right now between 149 and 151, so figured it was time). How I will miss those 2 points! That is what really got me thinking about where my points "go" in the first place.

Pyria: Welcome back!!! This is the first big step. You can do it!

02-10-2002, 11:04 PM

Pyria: good to hear from you, hang in there.

Nanci: we're awaiting the wine report!

RR: how nice of you to think of the people at the back of the crowd. I had a friend tell me last week that she was cleaning out their garage and she found a huge sack full of beads. She knew it was over 10 years old because she and her husband had never gone 'down there' together. Her husband has been packing around this bag (garbage size) for 12 years (thats 6 houses!) he just didn't know what to do with them. I told her I knew someone I could send them too but alas we were too late!! They'd been put out with the garbage the day before. (She could of at least taken them to the thrift store!!!)

This week will be good for me! I always lose a couple pounds while I'm in Philly. Lots of city walking (fast) and only 2 meals a day. Maybe I can make up for my bad week of munching (PMS).

I won't make VD goal but thats o.k. I'll work on a new goal (this is the first time I've not met a goal).

Bad news in the area. 3 men are missing on Table Rock Lake (just 2 miles from my house). They have divers out looking for them. Its been cold and very windy. I guess they were out bass fishing early this morning and tipped over.

- jul

Backfor 2002
02-10-2002, 11:52 PM
Ok I had to come and confess. We were so BAD. I think on Saturday i had about 3 days worth of points. OH NO! This is the first time we have been over on plan since we started right after the first of the year. I feel icky.

We just need to jump back on track right away.

We had a great time and went to a lot of wineries.

I need to get ready for the week so I will check in with you all tomorrow.

02-11-2002, 10:15 AM
Nanci: glad you enjoyed, now get back on track this week.

Update on the men missing. They are on the other side of the lake from where I live. They were all young, 19,20 and mid-20's and they left to fish Sat morning in a homemade boat. The ramp they used was found, the truck and trailer were there. One boot has been found. The 19 and 20 yr olds went to school with the daughter of a friend of ours.

Lyssalou: you might enjoy reading some of Geneen Roths books. Between reading those and getting my meds changed for PCOS. I lost 42 lbs without really trying. Just a different mindset concerning what food is. The book Breaking Free from Compulsive Eatting is the one I read. Now I've reached that plateau where I really need to 'try' to lose the rest of the weight. 20 lbs to go - I can do it this year!

Goal today: WATER!! Lots of it!


02-11-2002, 10:45 AM
Hi All,

I lost 1/2 lb. this week...remembered to WI this AM. :D I'll take anything at this point...I may not be completely OP, but I feel good about what I'm doing. :D

Jul- That's a shame about those 3 guys. Have fun in Philly!

Nanci- So it was one day, or weekend, you'll be back on track, now that you're back on a weekday schedule, I'm sure. :D

Bailey- Not sure what I'm doing about the career change. I guess when things calm down, I'll check more into the real estate thing. I've had the slimfast shakes...I like the powder better than the premixed cans. DH drinks them too. Haven't had one in years. Wish I could have a blender here at work, I'd drink the Kashi shakes here, they taste horrible just shaken in the shaker cup.

Hi to everyone!! :D Have a great day!!

02-11-2002, 12:24 PM
Good morning all!!! Sorry about posting in the wrong place yesterday, but I was looking for a week title that looked like the previous weeks - it never dawned on me that you might change up things once in a while!!! :o

Dh has lost 10# in 2 weeks just by mostly eating right. I am so proud of him!!! I can tell his clothes fit him better. I just had to brag on him.

Baily - I can't quite get the hang of exercise either. Video tapes are too hard to learn, and keep up with. The tread mill hurts my calves too much, and it is hard to go anywhere to exercise with the kids (even on a walk!!!)

RR- sounds like you really had fun at Mardi Gras

Jul - did they find those 3 men yesterday?

LBH - Congrats on the .5 #!!! Slow and steady wins the race.

02-11-2002, 03:26 PM
It's another Monday and I feel really good today. Why do women have to go thru these crazy moodswings?:dizzy: I'm determined to have a OP week. For some reason I feel great and have amazing willpower all week until Wednesday & Thursday nights (I think you might be right Bailey). I'm gonna really try and pay attention to myself and find a solution to this. Sunday morning my scale was down another lb but I'm not officially counting it until WI this Friday (hopefully it'll still be gone!:D ) Great job to all those who lost recently!!

Tech, I love citrus too much to cut it out completely. I just wanted to stop for awhile to see if my mouth would feel better and it does. Instead of eating a huge bowl everyday I'll eat a small one every other day. Hopefully then the acids won't cause the irritation anymore.

Bailey, I'm gonna have to look at my food consumption and see where my points go. I think I do a pretty decent job of getting my fruits and veggies in. My others probably come from bread, dairy, and meat. I've been really watching my sweet intake. When I have a choc craving I usually have a small glass of Choc skim milk after dinner and it cures me.

Lyss, don't start telling bad puppy stories. :) I'm considering getting one in a couple of months. Right now all we have are low maintenance pets (fish & turtles) but I really miss having a dog. Tell DH congrats for us!!

LBH - Great job on going to Curves. Getting there is the hard part.

02-11-2002, 05:28 PM
hi all!

I've had a great week except for the m&m's. Dangit. I'm not even sure of the points so they are not on my journal. Need to work those babies off.

Liz - oh no on the food allergy! Hope that works to just cut down.

Bailey - point use. Hmm. Well, I usually use 2 pts in the morning on grains, 1 on fruit. Lunch is usually salad & something else - totalling anywhere from 2 to 8 points - depending if I'm bad or good. Dinner is usually around 8 pts - some kind of chicken (alot of times!) and always veggies. Leaving points left over for popcorn and/or skinny cows. I usually like to only use 18 pts from my meals, then snacks, and then some left (does not always turn out that way). ~ I like to think of that saying in regards to my whole life also, that's why I like it.:) ~ Pilates are stretches and floor type exercises - supposed to give you long lean muscles like a dancer! ~ Woohoo on the 18-23 range. You're doing great!

Tech - congrats on your loss!

Elisa - good luck!

Lauren - yeah on curves!

RR - have fun with all of your mardi gras stuff!

Pryia - welcome back! I've been wondering about you.

Lyssa - your playground sounds neat! ~ Hooray on the jeans!:D ~Yeah on the wise decisions eating out!! ~ Hooray for dh! ~ And I enjoyed your family photos - thanks for sharing.

Jul - oh I hated hearing that about such young people. Hope it's all a mistake and they are found okay.

Nanci - whoops!! ~ But hey, one bad weekend won't kill you - as long as you don't let it turn into a bad week, bad month and on and on. And you're doing too good to let that happen.

Somebody at ww said last week that they heard the skinny cow points are wrong and the nutritional info is incorrect on the package - that they are 4 pts instead of 2! Oh, I so hope that is incorrect.

DH sent me an email card with a box of chocolates - he said, look honey, chocolates with no points!! :lol:

have a good one!


I will require more of myself.

02-11-2002, 06:10 PM
Liz - don't worry, my puppy is a good puppy, I'm just a bad puppy owner. I was told to have him nuetered at 6 mos. and I didn't. And I haven't done good at training him(he was doing great, I just didn't follow through - one of my fatal flaws!). Otherwise, he is a wonderful dog. And fixing up the back yard was great for the kids. That's where they are now except for the child who didn't finish her scoolwork this morning. :(

And I hope your mouth clears up, and you can go back to eating your citrus. I wonder since citrus is acidic, if you could eat a food that is "base" if it would counter the acid? But then again, I don't know enough about food chemistry to tell you which foods are base!!! hmm... I wonder if dh would know!!!

Rabbit - I don't do ww points, but I looked at skinny cows this weekend and while they are fat free, they aren't sugar free. but Blue Bunny Ice Cream is fat free, and no sugar added, and oh so good on taste.

02-11-2002, 06:19 PM
DAY 39 AND AF IS HERE!!!!!!!!!I am not complaining about the cramps from h#$$ or the fact that I think the ole uterus fell out in the grocery store!!!!;)I think that horrible chapter of my life has finally closed and I am starting over!!!!!

Rabbit--THe m&m's would do it for me also!!!I owe REfman some brownies but will not even attempt to make them this week!!!No way!!!!

Lauren-Yeah on the 1/2 lb!!!!!

Well, must get out of this bed and go pick up Toodles!!!The kids are off school cuz of MG soo she willl be pooped out from playing at daycare all day!!!!!
198lbs(college)-125lbs(1990's)-151lbs(1999)-104lbs(2000)then met Refman, got married,pg then m/c-138lbs(Jan4)--now 128lbs
Ok..that sums up my life!
:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

Backfor 2002
02-11-2002, 11:18 PM
Ok I am back on track. I am not going to let the weekend get to me. I am going to eat on the low end of my points for the rest of the week and exercise every day.

Pyria, We have missed you! I am sorry that you are having a hard time and feeling so poorly. Keep coming here, I think it helps so much. I am sending you some hugs.

Vick, I am glad the parade was fun. I can just picture you throwing those beads.

Lauren, Great job on the 1/2 lb. Congrats on getting the house in order. That has to feel good.

Bailey, That is interesting about the Pirates Booty. I haven't had it in along time and guess I won't be.

Jul, That is just awful about those guys. I hate to hear stuff like that. It is just so sad.
Have a nice time in Philly.

Lyssalou, That is Awesome about your husbands loss.

Liz, I am glad you are feeling so good. It is so nice when we hit that groove.

Rabbit, Oh NO! Say it isn't so about the skinney cows! That is going to severly bum me out. I have really been enjoying having those as a treat. That was nice of your husband to send you the e-chocolate.

Everyone have a great evening. I am off to make my breakfast bars.

02-12-2002, 12:34 AM
Just needed to say - I need a life! Just watched the pairs olympic figure skating. Controversial judging between gold and sliver... I am bawling my eyes out!!! Even the girl who deserved the gold held it together better than me! PMS???

02-12-2002, 11:52 AM
Hi All,

Went to curves last night...had fun again! :D The only thing I'm having a problem with is my heart rate. You're supposed to keep it at 70% for fat burning, which is 22 for me. Everytime I checked it Friday, it was 25, which is 80%, I think, which is burning muscle I think. So I went slower last night, but it was still 24. I asked DH if it was because I'm fat, or out of shape, and he said probably both, but once my body gets used to it, maybe in a couple weeks of consistant going, it'll get lower.

Bailey- :lol:, yeah, I'd say it sounds like PMS...I didn't watch the skating, but it sounds like you're PMSing!!

RR- Isn't that sick...did you ever think you'd be happy to see AF?! :lol: That's how I've felt the last few months with all the spotting...waiting for her to come, so she can go!! :devil:

Lyssa- Bad mommy!! Get that puppy neutered!! I don't recall if you said how old he is now, but it's really much less traumatic for males than females. It's literally just snip, snip and it's done! :lol: And most shelters or towns will give you an application for low cost neutering. I know when I worked at an animal hospital, it was $25. for neutering. And it's much healthier for him in the long run...less chance of cancer, etc. OK, I'm off my soap box... :D

Two years ago at this time, I was on my cruise in the western caribbean...I've decided that when I get to goal, whenever that is, I want to go on a cruise again! OK, so this was brought on basically because it's really windy and cold the past couple days, and I dug out my Mega 4 cd...that's the band on the ship! :lol: So I'm sitting here listening to caribbean party music, wishing I was there!! Oh to be in Cozumel, drinking lots of rum punch!! Aahh...

Gotta run!! Have a great day all!!

02-12-2002, 12:11 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I was at home sick yesterday with a bad cold but I'm back at work today. I also got on the scale yesterday and it wasn't so bad so while I don't think I'll quite make my Valentine's Goal, I think I could be really close which will be so great. I'll get on the scale Thursday morning and find out so I can give myself as much time as possible and hope I have a good week. Things should be better now that my husband's back and he's ready to get back on track. You know what's so sad - I decided to treat myself to pizza on Saturday night - order it however I wanted to, blah blah blah. And then it was bad - don't you just hate that. It was soggy and totally disappointing. I still ate half but I threw out the other half figuring why should I waste calories on bad pizza. Oh well.

Bailey - now I know why I don't watch as much figure skating anymore!! The judging drives me insane and this is certainly not the first time that the best skater, giving the best performance hasn't won. What a bunch of crap. okay I fell better now.

Pryia - I'm so glad to hear from you and I'm so sorry for what you're going through. The only thing I can say is everyday is a new day and so is every minute so don't worry about the past. You can start fresh at any time!! And I know how easy it is to avoid places like this when you're feeling terrible but try to pop in and I think you might get some motivation even if you're not looking for it! I hope things pick up for you - and don't be a stranger.

RR - sorry about the cramps but I know it's still a good thing right? Mardi Gras sounds like a blast and I'm really going to have to make to New Orleans one day. I think I'll love it there.

LBH - glad you're house is coming together I'm sure it helps take some stress off. Keep up the good work with the weight loss too!

Jul - hope you're having fun on your trip and hope you lose that couple of pounds with all the walking. any more news about those missing people?

Nanci - it's really okay to splurge once in a while - I think if you don't you're more likely to just go completely off track forever! The trick is to just get right back to it. I've also been eating better with my husband joining in on the counting of points and it's been great to do it together. We've definitely splurged on occassion which is what makes it feel like we're just eating healthier most of the time, instead of on a "diet", if you know what I mean.

Lyssa - My husband also lost like 9 pounds in his first week - it was so amazing. He's of course slowed down but he's still lost about 30 pounds since we started trying around 5 months ago. As I said I don't feel like we're dieting just eating better and smaller portions.

Rabbit - seems like you're doing so well lately - and m&m's aren't too bad - unless of course you can't stop!! which is sometimes my problem.

lizzard - congrats on the scale at home being down. As I've said before I'm obsessive with the scale. This can be good and bad at times but for me it's mostly good. Hope you keep the pound off until Friday - who knows maybe you'll lose even more by then!

Okay now I really have to get back to work. (sorry to whoever I missed) Have a great day!

02-12-2002, 01:30 PM

I figured out my m&m points (it was not pretty) and I'm going to try to make up for them this week.!

Lyssa - I think I've had some blue bunny fudge bars before & they were good.:)

RR - I'm with you, sometimes it is just too dangerous to have the stuff around!

Nanci - hooray for getting back on track!! ~ Did you know that WW has a skinny cow out now too? And it is 2 points. Perhaps it was just a vicious rumor started for marketing purposes!!:lol: ~And did you say you were MAKING breakfast bars? How?

Bailey - I WATCHED THAT TOO!!! I was so bummed Canada didn't win. They surely deserved it.

Lauren - I'll bet your heart rate will go down after awhile. It's good that you're trying to take it a little easier until then.

Elisa - Great that you are so close to your valentine goal!! ~ And unfortunately I did not stop in time on the m&m's. But I'm learning. Always!

Have a good day everyone!

102.402 miles
I will require more of myself.

02-12-2002, 02:19 PM
It's Tuesday and I'm still feeling good. I think I'm just extremely happy to be down a lb and off that plateau. I've also been taking these herbal energy pills that DH had. Normally stuff like that makes me neurotic but these don't. I used to go home after work and be a lump on the couch but with these I'm able to get some stuff done and still get a good sleep. I'm not sure what they're called but I guess I should find out.:o

Rabbit, good luck on your point make-up. Be strong.:)

Elisa, hope your feeling better. I'm not gonna make my v-day goal either but I'm almost there. We'll just have to start a new set of goals.

LBH, if your not used to exercise your heart rate will be high at first but will get better with time. Just be careful not to let it get too high. Great job on the exercise!!! Don't you just love cruises?! I went on a 3-day one last Nov to the Bahamas (1 yr anniversary for DH and I). It was our third time. We have a new Carnival boat at our port (The Pride) and I'm planning on going next year. I should be bikini material by then!!:D

Bailey, you're too funny. Don't you just love emotions. Men have no idea how lucky they have it!! I hope things are better today.

Backfor, I just wish I could keep this groove for more than a couple of days. What's in your breakfast bars??

RR, roflmao!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: "Clean up on aisle six!!"

Lyss, my DH is at home today finishing the last part of our fence line. We're going on vacation in April then visiting family in June or July. Hopefully we'll get one after that. I don't think he's romantic enough to surprise me for V-day with one -- that would be a total shocker!! Damn!! Now I have my hopes up!! I had a small bowl of citrus this morning but made it 1/2 oranges and 1/2 grapefruit. So far so good.

To everyone else...have a great day, keep up the good work, and stay away from those m&m's!!:D

02-12-2002, 04:56 PM
I haven't left yet. I leave tomorrow night. I just get so excited about this twice a year trip that I talk about it forever. Sorry.

Yesterday we went to Lowes and ordered new patio doors and new front door and storm door. They were delivered today and will be installed tomorrow. It will be so nice to have the back doors open like they should (replacing cheep sliding door).
I bought some paint. Laura Ashley Gold4 and painted the hall bath today. It looks rich with the gold walls, the purples, navy, and olive. Now all it needs is a new floor.

I need to check and see if they ever did find those men. I haven't had local news on since Sun. night.

later, jul

02-12-2002, 05:33 PM
Good Evening!!!Noo excercise to report...Went to the therapist lady this evening...I think I am stopping that...I am tired of it already and feel good most of the time..

Lauren--Keep it up and U will get used to it and the heartrate will be perfect!!

I have only watched Hockey in the olympics...Sorry to hear that the judging of the skating was crazy..

Well, off to write in the ole journal!!!

02-12-2002, 08:08 PM
I am having a bad day, and I haven't wanted to stop by, but I decided I should anyway. And to top it off, I have a bad cold and don't feel like cooking dinner, which means dh will be bringing dinner home. I can't think of what will be healthy, and still tase good. I know last weekend we went to Taco Bell and ordered a burrito with just grilled chicken, lettuce, and pico de gallo, and it was really good. Maybe I will get him to get that. (I won't mention what it is I really want!!!)

LBH- I have a call in to the Humane Society. They only charge $20, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of low income requirement. As soon as I can get him in, he will have surgery. And I didn't mind your soap box either. I have a few myself, and I am sure ya'll will hear them eventually. (I promise they are painless!!!)

I am so glad you like Curves. But with out child care, that lets me out. I wished I lived in a good school district so I could send my kids to school, and then I could go somewhere like that to exercise.

Liz - What is it with men and not being romantic. I know there are a few out there, but I never managed to find them. Women thrive on romance, but men seem to be clueless. Maybe you should drop some clues about wanting the dog, and see if he picks up on it. If he's like my dh though, he won't. Dh is a real sweet heart, but romance is not in his vocabulary. Did I ever mention that my daughter's nickname is Lizzard? My brother gave it to her when she was born - I wasn't amused back then (how un "girlish"), but now means something to her and she likes it!!!

Jul - please let us know about the young men. And have fun on your trip.

Rabbit - But was your blue bunny fat free no sugar added?

Baily - You're not alone. I need to get a life too, and I can't blame it on PMS!!!

WEll, I guess I will check back with ya'll later. I actually feel better after reading and replying.

02-12-2002, 08:19 PM
Update: they did find the bodies this afternoon. They had to drag part of the lake (pretty good size lake over 950 miles of shoreline). Found the boat too - so maybe we can get some answers to the 'why' question. Its just so sad when young people lose their lives so quickly. They did correct the age of the older guy he wasn't in his 20's he was 36, but the other two were 19 and 20.

I'm going back over to Lowes to get a new mirror for the hall bathroom. DH came home and loved it! Its taken me 9 years to add some color to our basic white walls. So far both bathrooms are done. Next my mom is going to repaint the downstairs hall this week while I'm gone, but it doesn't count because its going to be basic white again. I think the school room will look good in a light yellow (right now one wall is rather 'water color splatter' - thats where the table is that the boys paint on).

- jul

02-12-2002, 09:11 PM
Jul- do you home school? We do too!!!

Backfor 2002
02-12-2002, 10:21 PM
Oh big bummer I was posting and it just went poof!

Oh well I will start over! I am very glad the day is over. It seems like my whole team has been taking cranky pills.

Lyssalou, I am glad you are feeling better after checking in.

Bailey, I heard about the skating fiasco. I get so annoyed when the people I want to win don't.

Lauren, I am so glad you are enjoying going to curves. That is half the battle with sticking to an exercise program.

Elisa, Sorry to hear you were feeling icky. I agree with you about the splurging once in awhile, the problem is we way OVER splurged.

Vick, I am glad you are feeling so much better. You have got a great attitiude.

Jul, The bathroom sounds gorgous. Have a great time on your trip.

Rabbit & Liz, I love the breakfast bars and have started making them again so I can get some protein in my diet in the morning. It seems to fill me up and satisfy me until my mid morning snack.

Rabhit I know you aren't going to like them as they have Peanut Butter in them.

1TBS Peanut Butter
2 TBS hot coffee or hot water
1 or 2 tbs raisons
1 packet reduced calorie hot cocoa. I use the lowest calorie stuff i can find.
3/4 ounce outmeal.
Mix all together and put in freezer. I take out in the AM and then eat them when I get to work.

Everyone have a great night!

02-12-2002, 10:48 PM
Lyss: yes we homeschool. We travel a lot from may-dec and would miss too many public school days. I like the freedom of homeschooling and at this point (the boys are only 4 and 5) it doesn't take much time each day. We'll do more of a year round schooling doing 3 or 4 days a week. I'm trying to get us into a show in Denver mainly so we can go to the museum and see the 'cool dinosaur bones'. We'll be going to SC and Florida in april and even though we'll spend one day at Disney, I need to find some other more historical or interesting places/museums for us to visit on the way there and back.

Lowes didn't have any mirrors I liked - I'm going to check a 'new' antique store tomorrow.

I talked DH into letting me sand and paint the kitchen cabinets. They are oak but I hate the varnish or stain or whatever it is on them suposed to be a honey color but has a hint of orange in it if you ask me. Its a galley kitchen so its not too thrilling.

Nanci: your cereal bars sound interesting. I'll have to try those - I hate granola bars.

O.K., going to send the boys to clean their room and the school room and DH and I are going to watch a movie.

- jul (who for the first time ever is actually already packed and not going to have to run around the house like crazy 30 min. before I leave looking for clothes, shoes, makeup!!)

02-13-2002, 01:02 PM
Well, I did not make up any points yesterday, I used them all! But today is a new day. And I have to be careful as we are eating out tonight - and I weigh in tomorrow.

Yesterday I saw some of Oprah - and Dr. Phil was talking to this woman and he told her she "had to require more of herself!" I did not know Dr. Phil was reading our website. Ha!:lol:

Lizzard - I am so glad for you that you have broken your plateau! ~ I don't know why I've been having this m&m problem - they've never been a problem before. I think it is my looking at them as "forbidden food". Bad habit I've got to break.

Jul - Have a great time on your trip!!:D ~ Your hall bath sounds very pretty! ~ I'm so sorry to hear about those guys. They were so young, too young.

Lyssa - I think so, they were some type of fat free fudge bars. Which reminds me, DQ has some great FF fudge bars, and they are one point. :)

Nanci - Darn! You're right about the peanut butter. I also don't like coffee. I'm a weirdo, I know.

have a good day!

I will require more of myself.

02-13-2002, 02:00 PM
Ok, Rabbit, now you did it!!! You had to say "Expect more of yourself!!!" Darn it I was just getting so comfortable with the opposite, and now I have to change. :lol: I guess I actually needed the hear that myself. Thankyou!!! Good luck on making good dinner choices tonight.

Backfor - I hate when that happens about replies going poof. Usually I have something great to say that I couldn't reproduce again when that happens.

Jul - (If you read this before you leave) We will have to chat sometime about home schooling. We are zoned to a really bad school (in my opinion) and that is why we home school. If I could put them in a good school I probably would. It is just so hard to do with 4 kids. But I have a friend who has 9 and she manages to succeed somehow!!!

Well, I am off to "expect more from myself" - I am sure DH will appreciate that.

Have a great day all.

02-13-2002, 04:38 PM
Lyss, I leave tonight. I have a friend with 8 kids and she has homeschooled them from the beginning. The oldest is now 16.
There is a huge number of homeschool families around here. I know its harder when your feel like your forced to homeschool in order to ensure that your children get a decent education. Our school isn't great either. I've been told they start off in Kindergarten telling the kids "don't tell mommy and daddy that we're doing this" - new age relaxation and other stuff.
I just got Rebecca Rupps Home Learning Year by Year. Are you familiar with it. I don't plan to use one set curriculum because it seems like each subject the boys learn in a different way. My email is riverside@tri-lakes.net if you want to chat. I'm also on ICQ sometimes #25210630.

I am not motivated to do that last minute cleaning before leaving. Even though I know my parents will be coming tomorrow to help Kenny out for the weekend.
- jul

02-13-2002, 05:10 PM
Jul- You're friend doesn't happen to live in NJ, does she??? Sounds like my SIL's sister!! She has 8 and home school's them all!! Her oldest is also 16... I think, he may be 17 now.

02-14-2002, 12:05 AM
Well, after the canadian controversy, my main man Todd Eldridge had trouble at the olympics AGAIN! Poor guy. I think maybe I will stop watching too!

Anyway, have a trip coming up to SLC (pleasure)in 3 weeks, go from there to DC (business), home for a few days and then to Europe (business), Then home for a few weeks before going to Florida. Really was hoping to lose big before these trips. Did great (down about 5) but now am STUCK!!! (have still managed to post a loss each week, but have been in the same "daily weigh-in bouncing range for 2 weeks) Oh well, I am still doing good and will have a great time on my trips. And the lbs will eventually catch up with me!

Chugging down the water and still feel parched - dry lips to the point of hurting and dry mouth. Have had to get up and pee 3X while I have been posting this - maybe I will have some miracle goal day drop tomarrow :LOL:

Jul: I know you are away - HOPE IT IS GREAT! Sorry to hear that you will not meet your goal for the first time. You will get there. Tragic to hear about those kids.

Nanci: You made it a long time without going over plan! Hope you had a great weekend. Glad to hear you are back on track. Don't get too down when you overdo, JUST GET RIGHT BACK ON THE HORSE! Honestly, I don't even know any of the pairs skaters, the whole scene was just so sad...

LBH: Congrats on the loss! I am so happy for you that you are feeling good and enjoying curves. I am by no means an expert, but I don't think you are in danger of burning too much muscle. I think what happens is when you go over a certain heart rate, your body goes into a different mode (less oxygen) and you burn less fat, but you don't necessarily burn muscle. Anyway - I am pretty sure that if you go slow and stick with it you will see improvements in your heart rate quickly:D (I've been there) The cruise sounds like a GREAT reward! Maybe you could give yourself a little $ each day you stay OP and save it special for the cruise? We are having your same weather--Enough! (we have been so spoiled this year)

Lyssalou: Tell DH congrats! I agree - have the puppy neutered - makes it easier for them and you (although I cried when I did it - got the dog so worked up about "something being wrong with mom" that he bit the mean vet when she whipped up his tail and stuck in a thermometer while grabing hold of the "works":devil: As far as exercise, you could try a yoga tape - I have one called yoga for weight loss. It is easy to follow and has all kinds of modifications so you don't need flexibility to start with (or I couldn't do it!) Also, Susan Powters has a good aerobics video that is a bit confusing to me BUT she keeps reminding you that if you don't get it, just walk in place and pick it up when you can. Works for me (now where DID i put that dusty old thing...)

Lizzard: Glad to hear things are going so well! I used to have chocolate milk for my chocolate cravings a lot too. Switched to Slimfast shakes because they have all the vitamins, but they are $$$, more points, and not as good as hershey's (although I don't know if I would actually think that now, the slimfasts grow on you).

Rabbit: What is this nonsense about skinny cows? I have seen them all over your journals and FINALLY went out and bought some - they are great! Say it ain't so. Sorry to hear about the M&M's - You are doing great on payin the morgage! Hope you enjoyed your early VD dinner. I knew Dr. Phil would eventually notice your brilliance! (p.s., with you on the coffe. How do those people choke it down and pretend to ENJOY it??

RR: So glad to hear you doing so well. You might think about tapering off seeing the therapist slowly - that's usually suggested. I used to have clients come once a week until they "done" with that, then every 2 weeks for a little while, then every month for a few months. That way, you don't feel like you are wasting time etc. but still have someone to go to if you hit a bump in the road.

Elisa: Hope you are feeling better! Great on getting close to the VD goal - let us know! Almost started crying when I heard your pizza story (and it really isn't even that time - what's the deal here). I know the feeling. One day, I had only fruits and veggies and H2O all day so I could get a quarter pounder with cheese and really enjoy it with no guilt!! Went through the drive through and ordered my standard, raced home and was devistated. They had put on pickles AND mustard (don't like 'em on my burgers) and it was so old and stale. I had one bite and made something else, but was SO dissappointed. (My next one was great!)

Take care all - hi to everyone I missed.

02-14-2002, 01:18 PM
Well it's Thursday -- my usual eating frenzy day but I'm still feeling in control of things. I didn't make my Valentines goal but I made progress towards it which is good enough for me. I've set my next one to lose 7 lbs by Easter which I doubt I can make but it's worth a shot. I took my measurements again last night cuz my pants are feeling less tight and sure enough I'm losing inches (it's been 2 wks since last msrmt). So needless to say I'm in a great mood today.

I hope everyone is having a good Valentine's day. My DH didn't get the fence finished the other day so I'm pretty sure no puppy for me.:( Oh well, I know we'll be getting one soon enough and I've waited this long. Instead he's cooking me a nice steak dinner tonite. I guess I'll be splurging a little bit but I'm trying to be good for breakfast and lunch so I have some extra points leftover for dinner.

Bailey, have fun on all your travels. Sounds exciting!! Are you going to be in FL for business or vacation? I like choc slimfast shakes too but I usually blend them with ice and a banana.

Jul, I don't know if you'll see this but in case you do...Did you say you were looking for places in FL to take your kids that were educational? I know someone in here said they toured the NASA Visitor Center but I can't remember if that was you or not. They've got an incredible museum and tour there and it's only 45 min away from Orlando. If you're hitting the Disney parks I think Epcot is a great place. It's all about education and has tons of hands on things. Plus the whole back of the park is made out to be like several different countries with things to teach you about each one.

Lys, people have called me lizzard since I was in the 6th grade. I've always like it.

Nanci, ohhh, those breakfast bars. I tried that the other day. What consistency are they supposed to be? I made the mistake of making it when I was hungry and they smelled so good I couldn't wait for them to freeze. I ended up eating it with a spoon.:D

Have a great day everyone!!

02-14-2002, 01:27 PM

Hi all. I stayed within points last night at my valentines dinner! WooHoo! Did not put any towards the m&m's (only had .5 left), but I'm still happy.

One of my walking buddies gave me a chocolate covered strawberry today & the other one gave me a valentine cookie - will have to guess some points so I can enjoy something tonight after weigh in.:D

Lyssa - You're welcome! I try to remind myself of that when the going gets tough - gotta have some kind of phrase to fall back on. ~ Luckily I did fine on my dinner choices, I really studied the menu. ~ 9 and homeschools! Wow! I really admire the choice you have made for your family. :)

Jul - you are probably off enjoying yourself! I wanted to say what a good job I think you do with your boys. They are very fortunate.

Bailey - I feel bad for Todd also. I was so hoping he wouldn't fall this time. ~ Boy, you've sure got lots of traveling coming up! ~ Those skinny cows are great and I'm not going to count them as any more points because it all could be false. ~ I don't know how people drink coffee either. And I'm with you on the pickles & mustard also! I used to love quarter pounders w/cheese (plain) but have not had one for ages. Great that you did what you had to so that you could have one.:)

Liz - Hooray for the inches lost!! Cool that you have set your Easter goal already. I'm going to have to do that.

Have a super Valentines Day all! :love: Watch out for that candy!

I will require more of myself.

02-14-2002, 04:00 PM
Hi All,

I've tried to post a couple times today, but I just didn't have enough time to reply to everyone's long posts!! :D

I think I'm starting to realize something. Today I went out to lunch by myself. The only reason I went out was because I don't have any money, and forgot to make some tuna last night, so I had to go somewhere that I could charge it until pay day on Friday. Anyway, I went to Friendly's...possibly the slowest moving restaurant on the planet...but it's right down the road and never too busy, so I didn't mind going in by myself. I got a chicken bacon swiss sandwich and fries, and hot chocolate to warm me up. I decided before the food came, that I would only eat a few fries. I did, I ate like a handfull. I had my hot chocolate before the food came, partly because I was cold, partly to fill me up. And I had water too...I always have water. I ate the whole sandwich, except for part of the roll, because I was getting full. What I realized after I was done...that I should've realized before I started...was that I didn't need to eat the whole sandwich. I could've either cut it in half and wrapped it to go with the rest of my fries and had it for dinner, or I could've eaten the inside and left the roll...or better yet, I could've just ordered soup and salad!! :lol: Anyway, I think my body is finally adjusting to the fact that it doesn't need soo much food. I've always been a bulk eater, and I guess mentally I'm still getting over that!

Now that I don't have that many points for dinner, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I could have cereal and a skinny cow, or tuna and nothing for dessert...but I'm really a dessert person.

I had this great dinner planned for DH for Valentine's Day, but I didn't have any money to go out and buy what I needed, so I told him I'd make him something special for the weekend.

Hope everyone's having a great Valentine's Day!! :D :love:

02-14-2002, 04:25 PM
Happy Valentines Day!!! :love:

Well, I was pretty happy last week, I journaled 5 days as promised (went over on points every day, but at least I wrote it down :lol: ), and drank my water most days, and as a result (drum roll please) I lost 2.5 lbs at WW on Tuesday. I was pretty supprised since like I said I was over on points most days, but I'll take it.

Our WW leader did her annual holding up of the 1/2 lb of fat, it's pretty amazing and nausiating.

LBH - glad you're enjoying the exercising, and isn't it cool when we actually make progress.

Rabbit - I'm with you on the coffee thing, I like mustard, but not hamburgers (unless they don't taste real :lol: )

RR - glad you had fun at Mardi Gras, you're too funny about AF, and I agree with whoever said to ease off on the therapy, or at least keep a name you can call if you get down.

Nanci - Congrats on getting back on track after the weekend. Glad you had fun even if you did over indulge.

Oh well, can't respond to everyone because we want to squeeze in a walk before I leave for quilt class. The weather here is sunny and beautiful, doesn't feel like Feb. at all :?: .

I'll get back with everyone tomorrow.

- Tech :spin:

02-14-2002, 04:55 PM
Ok, I don't understand how to use Enhanced mode or I would have made a nice Valentine for everyone!!!!So this will have to do!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!:love: :angel:

I am so busy expecting more of myself, that I don't have time to post much. But it seems like the weight loss slump so many of us have been in lately is passing. Even small weight losses are losses. So Hooray for us all!!!

Yesterday, I re-arranged my kitchen to allow the kids better access to the back door since they are spending much more time out there. And today, I have to finish cleaning it all up. It actually felt like a real work out. I hope I will accomplish that again today!!!

Don't sweat the food fopas (if I spelled that right), only learn from the mistakes we make, so we can make better choices in the future.

Here's to the size 3 swim suit I hope to be in soon (ok, maybe not this summer, but hopefully the next! ):lol:

02-14-2002, 07:27 PM
Hello all...
Just a quick note to say hello...Busy day tomorrow and I will be back to post Sat or Sun..Say a prayer tomorrow at Noon and I will feel in the details when I get back!!!!
Happy Valentines day Everyone!!!

Backfor 2002
02-15-2002, 01:20 AM

Well we just got back from WW and I have to say that I am pleased. I was down .4 and DH was down .6 I know it wasn't lots but after the weekend we had it was great. I am really proud of myself and the fact that I got right back on track. Previously I would have said oh well the week is blown.

Everyone was suppose to bring labels of foods they like. It was pretty intersting to see what ppl like.

Rabbit, Way to go on that VD dinner! You are really doing well.

Lyssalou, I am with you on that suit goal, although I will never be a size 3. I just
love the sun and being out in it. The DH gets sick of me insisting that every vacation involves a palm tree.

Bailey, I cried when I watched Todd skate. It broke my heart for him.

Liz, I freeze the bbars and then take them out and let them sit for a 1/2 hour or so before eating them. But whatever works. :-)

Lauren, How is curves going? Is the heart rate coming down any?

Tech, Congrats on that 2.5! That is AWESOME!

RR, Ok do tell! I am going crazy to find out what is happening at noon. I will be saying a prayer for you though.

Boy I told you earlier this week everyone at work has been cranky well it is getting worse and I think it is rubbing off. I got so irritated today I almost told an employee of another mgr in another group to f...... well you probably get the picture. I had to get up and leave the building and go for a walk.

By the time you all read this it will be Friday AM so HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

02-15-2002, 10:17 AM
Hi All,

Well, I had a great Valentine's Day! :D When I got home from work, I didn't see any lights on through the sliding doors. When I got to the door, I saw the candle on the coffee table lit, when I walked in, there was DH, off to the side where I couldn't see him and he said Happy Valentine's Day honey!! He had strung up the heart shaped lights he bought from Oriental Trading company last year, over the sliders, he put a bunch of balloons around the ceiling, and he had a couple fuzzy navels ready on the coffee table with heart shaped straws in them!! So then I told him I have dessert, what does he want for dinner. We decided on chinese, but from the freezer. He went out to get the mail and I went to change...he said, oh, careful in the bedroom, there's a couple in there, as he walked out the door. I was like, a couple of what?!?! :lol: Went in and he had these two huge stuffed monkeys laying in the bed, under the blankets!! :lol: I was practically in tears it was soo funny!! Not to get into too much detail, but we have this Barrel Full of Monkey Love thing between us...I don't remember exactly how it started, but it was hysterical. We had dinner and the rest of the night was, well...romantic. :devil:

How was everyone elses?!

02-15-2002, 11:32 AM
Well, our Valentine's Day wasn't so romantic. Dh had class last night after work (he is in college, trying to get an IT degree, so he can support this motley crew we have); so he didn't get home until 10:30. He brought me a rose, and he talked to me until 12:00 last night. Which is something we haven't been able to do in 6 mos, because his new job takes so much out of him. It was sweet.

Tonight, my parents are coming over. My mom said Valentine's got here quicker than she was prepared for, and so she needed the extra day to get our Valentine's stuff to us. I totally understand, she is in college, too. She is studying Music Education. She gave up college all those years ago, to be a wife and mom, and after that life just sort of carried her even further away. 2 divorces, husband 3 died, and husband 4 is simply the most amazing man for her!!! She is a clarinet player for the Houston Concert Band, and for the Second Baptist Church Orchestra. (all on top of going to school) Needless to say we don't see that much of her. It will be nice to see her tonight!!

Backfor - I doubt I will ever get back into a size three either. I think having 4 kids has permanantly altered my bone structure. But it is nice to dream!!! I prefer sand over palm trees!!! And weight loss of any sort after having a bad weekend is awesome. That just goes to show you that with your resolve, you can just pick up where you left off, and keep going.

Tech, Rabbit, et. al - I couldn't survive with out coffee. I have to have it to chase after these kids, and sometimes even that is not enough.

LBH - Could your dh give romantic lessons to the rest of the men it the world? Just Joking. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening. May the romance last forever!!

I can't wait to hear/read how everyone else's Valentine's went!!!

By the way, I am sorry I post such long posts, but I talk even more in person! Be glad I am just posting instead of talking!!!

02-15-2002, 12:00 PM
Lyss- Long posts are great!! (ah-em...Dani, where are you?!) Oh, just click on the little button for Enhanced mode, then you pick what font, color, etc. you want. When you're done with that font or color, click Close Current Tag, or if you all done, click Close All Tags. In your profile, you can set it to Enhanced Mode automatically, so you can just pick you font, color each time.

Did I mention I wrote DH a poem for V-day?! :D He like it...he was touched (or amused?!) that this was his first "Lauren Original"!! :D That's great that you and DH got to talk though...it is very hard to do when you have such wacky schedules!! And it's soo important to a healthy relationship! I will never be a size 3 either!! I don't think I've ever been a size 3...maybe 3T?! :lol:

Nanci- Curves is going great, I really enjoy it! Went Monday and Wednesday, and going tonight. Wednesday my HR was 21 the first time, but that was less than once around, 23 the second time and 25 the third and fouth times. I'll just keep going and hope that in a couple weeks it's down!

Tech- Good for you journalling 5 days and Woo Hoo on the 2.5 lb. loss!!! :D What did your leader hold up as a 1/2 lb. of fat?!

Have a great day all!!

02-15-2002, 12:22 PM
I had a great V-Day too. When I got home I lit tons of candles in the living room and bedroom and finished just in time for DH to arrive (he had been at the grocery store). We opened a bottle of wine and I helped him a little in the kitchen and then relaxed on the couch while he cooked an incredible dinner for me. After that we exchanged cards and cleaned the kitchen together before retiring to the bedroom.:devil: I got lots of kissing, holding hands, and talking time in. It was a perfect evening.

Lyss, Sorry ya didn't get romance but at least you got some major quality time. That's whats important. I can relate to the college thing -- I did that on and off for 10 years. I need to go back for my Masters but can't do it yet. I'm still burned out. That's great that your mom is going. Good for her!!

Backfor, congrats on you and DH's loss!! Keep up the good work. I hope next week gets better for you at work.

Tech, good job on the journaling. I have a hard time keeping up with it too but have been doing good tracking it on this website. It has really helped me to see what I need to work on.

Have a great weekend everyone!

02-15-2002, 01:46 PM

I lost one pound last night at weigh in! WooHoo! Trust me, I was thrilled, considering the m&m fiasco - other than those I had a good week.

SKINNY COW UPDATE! My ww leader called the company because of the rumor and they said it was false, the nutritional info on the package is correct - so they are only 2 pts! Whew! (I think the pb ones are more though, aren't they?)

Lauren - I know what you mean, it is hard to get over bulk eating! Realizing what we are doing wrong though is the first step. ~ Dh is just too cute!:)

Tech - YEAH for journaling! Yeah for water! Hooray for 2.5 pounds lost!!:D ~ Yuck on the fat! It is probably motivating though. ~ Quilt class!!! I'm jealous.

Lyssa - Loved your being so busy expecting more of yourself!:lol: ~ Size 3 - oh my!! ~ Your mom sounds pretty amazing. ~ I understand how you feel about coffee, dh is a coffee freak.

RR - I said a prayer for you. Sure hope all is well.

Nanci (skinny minny) - Hooray on your loss this week!! ~ Thanks for your support! ~ Great that you were able to cool yourself off at work - not always easy to do.

have a great weekend everyone. I'm having company for the weekend and then will be out of town next week, so I'll don't know when I'll be able to check back in. I still plan to count my points while I am gone - got to stick to my lent deal.

I will require more of myself.

02-15-2002, 02:05 PM
RR: Wow this day came up fast (if it is what I am thinking). I have sent several prayers your way and hope you are all well.

02-15-2002, 03:04 PM
You can stop crying now...they gave the Canadian's the Gold!!!!
It's a good thing too -- they deserved it!

:D :lol: :D

02-15-2002, 03:24 PM
Liz is correct...

-- Olympic officials award gold medals to Canadian figure skaters Sale and Pelletier; international skating officials suspend judge. Watch CNN or log on to http://CNN.com /AOL Keyword: CNN for the latest news.

I get "Breaking News" from Cnn, and that is what their email said!!!

:) :smug: :^: :lol: :wave: :angel: :D

02-16-2002, 05:28 PM
Hello all!!!!
Well, my baby had her heart surgery yesterday and did wonderful!!!She was soooooo brave!!!!!!!!!!!We called her IV the airplane and her heart monitor things "stickers".SHe even stayed in the bed from 3pm until 9 this morning!!!They used a cardiac catheterization procedure and threaded up a patch and it worked beautiful...THe hole turned out being 13 mm soo it was bigger than anyone thought....No open heart !!!!!!
Of course, with every hour vital sign checks, Iv medications and the constant "beep" of the heart monitors.,I slept 2 hrs total..I am soo glad Little Tootie is now home and I can relax with Refman. He did not make a good partner yesterday..He knows alot about Engineering but the nursing is for me!!! :dizzy: He couldnt understand why the constant monitoring, etc etc!!
THe nurses let me do everything with the IV and removing everything soo it made her more comfortable....Now, we have to keep her from getting "hit" in the chest for 6 weeks, give her Aspirin for the next 6 months and then just do the echocardiagrams every year!!!!
Thanks for the prayers!!!!

Backfor 2002
02-16-2002, 06:25 PM

I am so HAPPY that everything went well. That is GREAT news!


02-16-2002, 06:36 PM
Hi all,

Will try to be brief this time. Valentines was great - we had "romantic time" on Wen night. Thurs, exchanges gifts (flowers for me, pants, socks and cable tv for him), then walked over to the pond on Boston common and went ice skating. It was so crowded but so much fun. Even my toes are out of shape! Then we went to legal seafood for dinner (my favorite!) and came home and talked - great night. Still bouncing right around 150...

RR: I am so thrilled things went smoothly - I can not imagine the stress you have been under. Hope these next few weeks of being careful fly by for you all. That is truly the best news.

Lizzard: Congrats on coming close to goal and the inches lost and the perfect valentines evening! Good luck with the easter goal and the puppy! Florida is a pleasure trip:cool: We go every year and I love it. Was hoping to be in the 130's for this year - won't make it, but I will be close! Thanks for posting about the canadians - that was the first I heard of the decision - what a mess.

Rabbit: Yay staying op of VD and congrats on the lb. Good job with the M&M pennance (sp). If I am good tomarrow, I will have made up for last week as well. I am really only behind on milk this week. So, I was looking more into what counts and what does not. I have a little cheese every day but not much so never count it. But, I HAVE been counting icecream and skinny cows! OOPS! Will need to get back to having a yogurt each day along with my slifmast! Glad to hear the skinny cow news - now if they only could count as that milk! Best of luck with your busy week.

LBH: Good you are learning about your food requirements! I so often eat far more than I need. I do best if I can just constantly eat throughout the day without ever having any one big meal - OH, to be a cow! What a great hubby - Barrel full of monkeys love thing? Do tell - NOT:LOL:. Great job on curves!

Tech: WOW!!! GREAT JOB last week. Where do you take quilt class? Sounds fun

Lyssalou: LOL - don't get TOO busy expecting more from self - take time to reward self for good accomplishments! Sounds like you all are very busy and doing a great job. Glad you and hubby got a chance to chat.

Nanci: Congrats on the loss and on getting right back on track. Havn't talked to anyone from Chatham, but from the interviews it sounds like Todd is happy he did well in the LP. Hope things turn around at work.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

02-16-2002, 11:08 PM
Well, in addition to being overweight, I am a slob. I have always struggled with that, but since having the 3 & 4 yr. olds 1 yr and 1 day apart, It has been even more difficult for me to fight. Well, I am working hard to "expect more of myself" (I really love that phrase); and I have almost gotten my kitchen cleaned, and made major headway in the living room. I wonder how many calories housework burns? And I am working on keeping up with instead of always catching up with laundry.

We splurged for breakfast this morning, I took Martha White muffin mix, 2 c. Rolled Oats, and 1 1/2 c. milk, and made muffins. It is aprox. 250 cals. for 2 muffins, with only 25% of calories from fat. It was a nice treat from bran cereal and milk and better than donuts. The kids even thanked me for cooking, which is very rare.

My scales are continuing to move. I am so glad, because I was worried that I had hormone problems that might make it difficult to loose. But so far so good. I guess I have lost 3 lbs. this week. Which means I have lost 5 lbs. since I started posting. And possibly 10 lbs. total from my top weight. (I lost 5 lbs. right before I even started on this diet because I had a bladder problem, and I had started drinking lots of lemon water - aprox. 100 oz. a day. - cleared up the problem, and I lost 5 lbs.)

RR-I am glad everything went well for your family. Heart problems can be very scarry. I also send wishes for a speedy recovery.

Baily - Wow on the romantic date. Seafood is the most romantic meal in my opinion.