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02-01-2008, 09:58 PM
New month but no running for me today :( .... Snow, sleet, wind, snow... No way will I go out there :nono:

02-02-2008, 12:23 AM
Thanks for starting the new month, Ilene! :)

So -to repeat myself (;)) 5.25 hard miles on the treadmill today. Boo! Don't know why it was so hard... tomorrow will be better! :yes:

02-02-2008, 01:01 AM
Heather -- Worth repeating :yes: ... Dreadmills are ALWAYS hard :yes: ...

02-02-2008, 04:15 AM
I did a 6 mile tempo run yesterday (1 mile warm up, 4 miles at 8 minute miles, 1 mile cool down) but I'm not sure whether I'll be running today or tomorrow. It's my sister's hen weekend, and it's snowing. I'm taking my running stuff because there's a gym at the spa we're going to during to during the day today, and at the hotel we're staying at tonight, and for once a treadmill looks like a nice option (I only have a 3 - 4 mile easy run scheduled, so I can bear it for that length of time), but if I miss it, I'll just let my body take advantage of the rest.

02-02-2008, 09:51 AM
I'm doing a 4 mile race tomorrow morning, and today I'm going to run over to the packet pickup, which is about 4 miles roundtrip. I'll use today to test out my new workout clothes and see if they'll be good for tomorrow. My goal is to do an 8:30 pace for the race, so we'll see.

Then next week I have another half-marathon! Goal for that is to beat my previous time (even if it's just by a few seconds), and to feel GOOD doing it so that my race pictures come out better and not like I'm in agony :)

02-02-2008, 03:35 PM
Laura - good luck tomorrow!! How'd the clothes feel?

Thanks Ilene! Snowy here too, as you can imagine, but at least the roads aren't as treacherous today as they were yesterday! :yikes:

Helen, I'm a bit thick here - what exactly is a 'tempo run'? I know you've explained how your six miles are broken down, but I'd never heard of a tempo run before I started using 'Running Ahead'... is it maintaining a set speed?

Heather :D

02-02-2008, 04:31 PM
Hi ladies! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I thought I would post my 10k race report. Copied and pasted from my blog:

Let's see, how to start? Oh yes, it was a beautiful day. I don't know if anyone reading this is familiar with the Natchez Trace, but this is where this race took place. It's a parkway that follows the route of an old trail that went from Mississippi to Tennessee and had high traffic from Native Americans and European explorers. There are markers all along the way. People like to bike there and run. It's nice and wooded with the occasional farm land or cows and there are plenty of deer peeking out of the trees. In other words, this was a nice place to run.

I picked up my best friend we drove down the Natchez Trace Parkway, not really sure of where this place was. Eventually we found it and I hurried over to the registration tables since there was only about 10 minutes until it started. I was running a little late due to childcare issues.

Anyhoo, I get over there and the lady says "You can pay here" and I said that I'd already registered online. She told me to go over to the box by the truck. Apparently she should've been more specific, because I found myself rummaging through the box of winning plaques , which were in brown colored envelopes (it was the only box I saw!). And I'd just realized my mistake when one of the race organizers busted me....I joked that that was the only way I was going to get one of those! Anyway, I found the boxes, which were totally not where she said they were.

I lined up with the rest of the runners, toward the back where I belong, and listened to instructions. This was the first race I'd run on a road that was not closed off, so we were warned to watch the traffic. I decided then to not listen to my ipod. I was so incredibly nervous, my tummy felt like it was full of butterflies.

So the gun went off and I ran much faster than I intended, but it felt so good that I kept it up. A lot of people passed me, but I was expecting it, so I didn't' sweat it. I just tried to look around at the beautiful surroundings. I was surprised to see another very overweight person running too. I don't know why, but I felt pride in her and I gave her a smile as I passed her and then later after the race. I won't make this long and drawn out, but it was a good run. I was a little discouraged around mile 2 when the first speed walker passed me (how in the world can those people WALK a 5k in under 30 minutes?!) But there are always 3 that attend these races and beat the slower runners. Luckily, they were only doing the 5k, so I didn't have to see how badly they would've beaten me at a 10k lol.

Around mile 5 is when I really started getting tired. Some people who were speed walking the whole thing (though I think they may have started out running) went ahead of me and I just let them. Then I saw a guy who'd been in front of me for a good while and decided to focus on getting in front of him. I eventually did and that felt good, but it was hard. Then the last 0.5 miles a lady behind me kept trying to run faster than me so we went back and forth and I think I was like 3 seconds in front of her lol.

But here is the best part: My time was 1:17:50! I can't believe it! On my training run it took me 1:20 just to do 5.5 miles. Someone told me good job as I finished and that made me feel really good, but made me wonder if I looked pitiful out there. I didn't place of course, but I felt so happy that I'd done it at such an unexpected time.

I am already very sore.

02-02-2008, 04:43 PM
Bravo Leeda....You finished the race and that is NOT pitiful at all...

No running for me today did legs at the gym...

02-02-2008, 05:03 PM
today I looked out at the weather and my normal stoic run in anything except ice attitude gave way. I postponed my run for 40 minutes and then went out. Didnt do the pace run I was supposed to do, but still finished my 7 and change.

please please please let it be decent tomorrow. I dont have the strength to do 13 on the sidewalks with tentative footing. HAving to stick to sidewalks means lots of little loops

02-02-2008, 11:38 PM
Way to go, Renee - you ought to feel awesome! :yay:

Hope your weather's better tomorrow, Ennay.

6.5 miles for me tonight. MUCH better today :)

02-03-2008, 08:40 PM
Hey gals! You all have had a great start to February. I'm about to head out for my unscheduled run this morning. Today is supposed to be a rest day, but I'm bumping up tomorrow's run to today and Wednesday's run to tomorrow because we'll be spending the entirety of Wednesday en route to the States. Despite the fact that we leave Seoul at 11:30 in the morning and arrive in Philadelphia at 4:30 the same afternoon, we'll actually be traveling for about 25 hours! It'll be our fourth cross-global (:)) trip and the kids have been SO good the last three times that I am praying they continue the trend. I've been hyping it up as a big adventure like the last times and I have new coloring books, reading books, and a couple new movies for everyone. Plus snacks. Lots of snacks! (For them, not me!)

Did a six miler yesterday, outside in beautiful just-above-freezing-sunniness. It felt good to get back outside again! Today looks bright and promising so I'll probably do my three miles around the flight line so I have something interesting to look at.

Heather, you've been rocking this running! Way to go!

Renee, nice race! Was it your first? I've *never* entered a race before, so it'll be an experience once this marathon comes around!

Ennay, I'll hope for nice weather for you if you hope for nice east coast weather for me come next weekend. K?

Good luck at your race, Laura! I'm sure you'll be stunning in your new duds. You are the stealer of the scene, right?!

Helen, enjoy your time with your sister! (Now that I know what a hen do is...:)) I'm sure the dreadmill will treat you just fine for your short run.

Ilene, thanks for starting the new thread. Way to go getting that running in despite the less-than-fun conditions!

Off to get ready to work out!


02-03-2008, 08:41 PM
Hey, check it out! Less than 900 miles to go!!!


02-03-2008, 08:56 PM
@ Kara: :woohoo: Look at that girl go!! ;)

02-03-2008, 09:52 PM
Kara, this way my first 10k. I ave done 2 5ks. I'll be crossing my fingers that your kids have a good trip. I can't imagine just taking one on that long of a trip, so your kids must be little angels! I know you are going to do great on your marathon...and the next 900 miles! :)

Ilene, thanks!

Heather, awesome 6.5!

Today was a rest day for me, also had to work a 12 hour shift.

02-04-2008, 08:26 AM
I know, Heather. She's awesome, huh? I wanna be just like her when I grow up!

Thanks for the crossed fingers, Renee!

Got in three miles today. It was a bit windy, but not too bad for only being out there for a short run.


02-04-2008, 10:20 AM
Renee, I just wanted to pop in and say great race. I think 10K is the most brutal distance! The longer runs are at a much more civilized pace and a 5K hurts for so much less time. I've never been more sore than after a 10K, and even my marathon was less painful. I'm so proud of you!

Hi everyone! Literally dreaming of running these days. Back with you about August.


02-04-2008, 10:44 AM
Anne, wonderful to see you! How are you feeling?? Glad you're dreaming of running - last night I dreamed that I was shoveling chocolate bars (secretly, so no one could see me! :o) into my mouth, and I woke up SO mad at myself... until I realised I'd been dreaming!! Freaky! :yikes:

Off for a run!

02-04-2008, 01:47 PM
Day 1 of c25k DONE! :carrot: My quads are freaking killing me lol! I just ate a banana to try and help with the cramps. I did .5 mile of laps in the pool too and I tell ya, the treadmill was the easy part! OMG! I think the laps are harder because I have asthma, but hopefully I can build up to a complete mile. All and all feel proud and pretty good. it was a struggle doing both and I just kept saying to myself, YOU CAN DO THIS! and I did! :)

I do have a question though.... I am obviously doing the c25k on the treadmill. How many of you have done or are doing that? and can you please tell me what is a good speed for a beginner to go? I was doing 3.0 and at first it felt to fast but once I got used to it I felt like I could have went faster.

02-04-2008, 01:58 PM
DIVA! Yay, I'm so happy to see you here! Congrats on getting through the first day! And the extra lap in the pool, you are good! My best friend did C25k on the treadmill and I think she started out at 4.0 and now can go up to 5.0. About the asthma, I read a running blog where a guy got his wife who has astham a tshirt to wear in races that read "Kiss my Asthma". Pretty funny.

Anne, thanks for the encouraging words, I appreciate them :)

I did 2 miles today with hills and the stroller. Very windy today, but in the 70s! I guess "winter" is about over for us :(

02-04-2008, 05:58 PM
I did a 4 mile race yesterday. Let me preface this by saying that my fastest mile split in ANY race ever (including 5ks) is 8:23, and that happened exactly once. I'm usually around 9/9:30. My splits for the four mile were 9:31 (when I was bobbing and weaving around the masses at the start), 7:46, 7:14, 7:30! OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T BELIEVE I RAN THAT FAST!!! I felt totally fine too - not like I was going to die. It looks like the half-marathon training has paid off, and is teaching me to run faster at shorter distances!

02-04-2008, 06:13 PM
It looks like everyone's doing really great!! I'm with Anne -- I miss running! I feel like a slug. I know I have a good reason to stop running right now, but I do long to get back to it. It's weird to imagine not running all summer, but I'll be HUGE this summer, since I'm due August 1!

02-04-2008, 06:38 PM
Lisa - are you walking? What are you instead of running? And you know why *I* ask! ;)

Diva - welcome, and well done! One day done :) I'd say anywhere from 3-4mph should give you quite a good workout to start - you'll feel it when it's time to speed up ;)

Laura - you speed demon, you!! :woohoo: That's awesome!

Renee - There's a woman in my neighbourhood who runs with her stroller - I'm always in awe of her... she makes it look easy, but I have a hard enough time just 'pushing' myself! :lol: Way to go!

A quick 3.5 miles for me today - I was in a hurry, and we laughed pretty hard when hubby said to me later: "I can't believe you now consider 5K+ a 'quick run'!!!" hahaha - I feel INVINCIBLE! :lol3: just kidding. ;)

Heather :D

02-04-2008, 09:17 PM
DIVA! Yay, I'm so happy to see you here! Congrats on getting through the first day! And the extra lap in the pool, you are good! My best friend did C25k on the treadmill and I think she started out at 4.0 and now can go up to 5.0. About the asthma, I read a running blog where a guy got his wife who has astham a tshirt to wear in races that read "Kiss my Asthma". Pretty funny.

Anne, thanks for the encouraging words, I appreciate them :)

I did 2 miles today with hills and the stroller. Very windy today, but in the 70s! I guess "winter" is about over for us :(

Oh my goodness! {{{{{Leeda Ray}}}}}}}}}}} It's so good to see you gf! how have you been? I miss you in the BL challenge this time around! What'cha up to????:hug:

02-04-2008, 11:20 PM
Laura, oh my gosh, you ARE fast!! Good going!!

Lisa, sorry you can't run, but the little one will be well worth it :)

Heather, you ARE invicible!! See how far you have come? Woot!
I have to tell you that I HATE the stroller. I only do it because I have no choice. I will love it when he is old enough to ride his bike or something beside me while I run. But by then there will probably be another little Renee running around, so I'll still have the stroller lol. I do like taking walks with the stroller, though.

Diva, I just ran a 10k. My race report is on the prior page. I miss you guys a lot and peek in to see how ya'll are doing every now and then. :)

02-05-2008, 02:51 PM
A horrible 2.8 miles for me outside today, with hills. I was aiming for 5K, but got really nasty cramps (tummy) and had to walk the last .5KM. Yuck. Still, better than nothing. :yes:

02-05-2008, 03:17 PM
I did a horrible hill session this morning. I was meant to be running last night but was wiped out from the weekend (tired rather than hungover or ill) and couldn't face it, so I got up extra early. :yikes: it was hard, but hopefully it will do some good!

02-05-2008, 04:40 PM
Laura - that is BLAZING fast lady! I cant even fathom that fast for that distance.

Weather is back to 40 and rainy, what a relief!

02-05-2008, 10:26 PM
I did 3 miles today with the stroller.

02-05-2008, 11:12 PM
I was going to chime in that I think 10K's are much harder than the other distances. If you have ever heard of the McMillan curve it is a formula that predicts your pace at different length races. Last year I was in a couple % of all distances from 5K to marathon....except the 10k. 5K's you just run all out until you peter out and then you are almost done. 1/2's you pace yourself. 10K's you have to run ALMOST all out but not quite for a LONG time.

02-06-2008, 03:32 PM
I was going to chime in that I think 10K's are much harder than the other distances. If you have ever heard of the McMillan curve it is a formula that predicts your pace at different length races. Last year I was in a couple % of all distances from 5K to marathon....except the 10k. 5K's you just run all out until you peter out and then you are almost done. 1/2's you pace yourself. 10K's you have to run ALMOST all out but not quite for a LONG time.

I have to admit, that about 4 miles in I was thinking "Why did I want to do this?!" followed by "I'm never doing this again!"

02-06-2008, 04:53 PM
That feels better. I haven't had a good run outside for nearly a week, but I did just over 10 miles this evening and felt better and better as the run went on, which is always good. I'm meant to be running back into work in the morning, I ran home so all my stuff is there waiting for me.

02-07-2008, 11:47 AM
I have been really sluggish on my runs the last few weeks. Struggling to hit even the slow end of my target range on easy runs. slog slog slog

Today I had a "well if I cant run 10 minute miles, maybe I can run 9 minute miles" moment ...ended up doing a progression 10:45, 9:45, 9:20, 8:45 and then about 1/4 mile at 8:00 until it was time to cool down. Felt better

02-07-2008, 02:47 PM
Ennay = are we the same person? I had a sluggish, slog-along 4 miles today. Oh no wait - I just read how fast you run! ;)

02-07-2008, 09:54 PM
Hi everybody. I haven't really posted in this forum much but I did a couple of times at the beginning of January. I started the C25K the first week of January, and I just wanted to chime in with how I'm doing. I've always found running really hard, but I think that's because I tried to do too much too fast. I recommitted myself to this whole "getting healthy" thing at the turn of the new year and getting serious about exercise was one of the things I decided on attaining. I thought trying to run might help me shed pounds faster, and the c25K seemed like a great program.

Fast forward to this week - I am now in week 5 of 9 of c25k and I have to say I am actually enjoying it. I didn't think I would ever enjoy running, but I have started to look forward to my 3 running workouts a week. I am doing it on our treadmill because it is too cold outside for me. I am not aiming at becoming a long distance runner or anything, but I would like to be able to run 2 or 3 miles without stopping. I really am seeing results from the running - I have lost 6 pounds since the start of the new year (that's a lot for me because I was going back and forth between the same 4 pounds from October to the end of 2007 so losing 6 pounds in 5 weeks is great for me, especially since I am getting closer to my goal weight). I feel great after I complete a running workout.

I just completed the week 5, workout 2 - 8 minutes jogging, 5 minutes walking, 8 minutes jogging. The next workout is 20 minutes or 2 miles jogging. I think I am going to repeat the workout 2 another time though before moving on the the 2 miles/20 minutes. I have been a little sick with a crappy cold the past few weeks, so I am not trying to push myself way too hard, and I felt like I could do better with the workout 2. Is it bad to repeat a workout? I know it might put me off from the training schedule, but I feel it would do me better to repeat a workout and feel comfortable with it then move on and fail at the next workout.

Thanks everyone!

02-07-2008, 11:59 PM
Nova - that's an excellent idea, and congrats on doing so well so far! :yes: I repeated days in the C25K programme - and I think I may even have repeated a whole week here ro there!

You're doing so well - keep it up, and post often to let us know how awesome you feel when you do that 20 minutes for the first time!! Remember - don't worry about speed - the girls here gave me that advice when I started, and it was the BEST advice I've ever gotten - well, that and don't climb under the school bus, but never mind that... :lol3:

Heather :D

02-08-2008, 02:50 PM
Nov, I too repeated few workouts, there's nothing wrong with it, go at your own pace and make the program work for you! I am so happy that you love it now. I know that 20 minutes seems like a mountain, but you can totally do it. I remember how surprised I was when I did it. Let us know how it goes!

I did 3 miles today with the stroller and hills. I'm signed up for a 5k next Saturday so pretty excited about that. Oh and I did 2 miles yesterday with my best friend.

02-09-2008, 09:38 AM
Hey gals!

We made it home and are almost adjusted. I got back on track yesterday with three miles. Had to do them on my parents' treadmill as I didn't have anyone to watch the kids for an outside run, but at least I got them in. I was supposed to do them on Thursday but I was still so tired I was swaying on my feet, so I didn't think running would be the smartest of ideas. Yesterday was a planned rest day so no harm done. When my in-laws get back from breakfast they're going to watch the young 'uns for me so I can hit the asphalt for another three miler. Then I've got seven on the docket for tomorrow.

It's nice to be home!


02-09-2008, 10:20 AM
Kara, glad you're home safe and sound!

Rest day for me today.

02-09-2008, 05:38 PM
Hi I hope you don't mind if I re-join here. I sort of stopped running for a while, then after I had been doing enough strength training, I started to run before my sessions. Just 1 mile with a little warm up and cool down. I found two girls that like to run with me before class, so it helped a lot to have someone to talk to. The mile flew by. My 1 mile is now between 9-10 minutes which I never ever ever thought would be possible.

Today I decided enough was enough. I can run on Saturdays on my TM and do more than the one measly mile. So I did 2 miles in about 23 minutes and didn't die too bad. I am going to try to work this up. I just got a job, so once I start and my kids go to daycare it opens up more time for me to workout. I am quite excited to be back and running again.

Tomorrow is my off day and is also my 28th birthday, so I am going to enjoy a lazy day at home with my kids and maybe go to the movies or something. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

02-09-2008, 11:28 PM
I have my second half-marathon tomorrow... going to bed in a few minutes but I'm excited :) My first goal is to do better than my first one (even if it's just by a second), but I'm not sure that will happen since it's supposed to be REALLY windy tomorrow, which will probably slow me down. My second goal is to feel good and not look crazy and on my deathbed in the race photos :) Will update you girls tomorrow on how it goes!

02-10-2008, 11:01 AM
Good luck Laura! Welcome back cakses!

02-10-2008, 11:07 AM
Good luck Laura - let us know how is goes, you running woman, you! :D

I am DESPERATE for a run - haven't run since Thursday... it's odd getting used to a body that craves running - or anything other than chocolate! :lol3:

Have a great day, all!
EDIT: 5.5miles for me :)

02-10-2008, 12:58 PM
I did NOT feel like running when I woke up. I wanted to go back to bed and skip it. I've been really tired the last day or two. BUT... I went anyway. Was falling asleep on the subway getting there, which just shows you how not energized I was. Then, the race had winds of 20 MPH with gusts up to 29 MPH! From miles 7-10 we were running directly INTO the wind... it was awful.

However, I still pulled out a time of 2:01:53... I'm thrilled!!! :) Thanks again for your (unknowing) support, as I played Heather Small's "Proud," which I think of as my 3FC song, at mile 12 and it helped push me through :)

02-10-2008, 01:28 PM
Hi I hope you don't mind if I re-join here. I sort of stopped running for a while, then after I had been doing enough strength training, I started to run before my sessions. Just 1 mile with a little warm up and cool down. I found two girls that like to run with me before class, so it helped a lot to have someone to talk to. The mile flew by. My 1 mile is now between 9-10 minutes which I never ever ever thought would be possible.

Today I decided enough was enough. I can run on Saturdays on my TM and do more than the one measly mile. So I did 2 miles in about 23 minutes and didn't die too bad. I am going to try to work this up. I just got a job, so once I start and my kids go to daycare it opens up more time for me to workout. I am quite excited to be back and running again.

Tomorrow is my off day and is also my 28th birthday, so I am going to enjoy a lazy day at home with my kids and maybe go to the movies or something. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Cakses, welcome back! Happy birthday!

02-10-2008, 02:37 PM
Hi all, I'm new to this sport, can I join in?

I've been following the C25K, well, sort of. Honestly, I found the intervals hard to remember past week 2, so I just modified it a bit to make it easier to remember. I'm currently doing this 3 days a week, because I already have dance skating 3 nights a week, which is another leg-intensive workout that abuses my ankles. I figured that was enough for a beginner, leaving one day off each week.

I don't have a way to track mileage right now, so is it okay if I just report my run/walk times for now?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself.


02-10-2008, 02:53 PM
Well done Laura, and welcome back cakses. Welcome Cheryl.

I was away for the weekend, but decided that was no excuse for skipping marathon training! I decided to travel down to London on Friday night so I could run on Saturday morning rather than spending Saturday morning travelling, even though that meant paying for an extra night at the hotel. It paid off, it was a glorious day and I ended up doing 18.75 miles (I'd been aiming for 16 but misjudged it slightly because I wasn't doing a route I was familiar with). Also, the schedule said 16 miles/2 hours 40, and I tried to go by time and did 2:45 and a bit. I know that means I'm running faster than it says, but I think it should be OK. Almost all my long runs at the moment get faster in the last few miles. I try to stick at about 9 minute miles, which is faster than my schedule says, but feels comfortable, and the last three or four tend to be about 8:40 - I'm working on the basis that if I'm feeling good enough to pick up the pace in the last few miles I'm not running too fast. yesterday I started picking it up at about mile 12 or 13, and the last few miles were 8:46, 8:43, 8:46, 8:40, 8:36, 8:36, 8:40, which isn't far off target marathon pace.

Today was a rest day to recover :)

02-10-2008, 10:02 PM
Cheryl, welcome...I just did times the whole time I did C25k. Welcome to the thread!

I did 6 miles today. It went well despite a crazy schnauzer that decided to come after me around mile 4.

02-10-2008, 10:16 PM
Yikes Leeda! I hate when people leave their dogs out to chase people! grrrrr

I'll be restarting the c25k tomorrow. I ended up real sick last week, plus TOM arrived so it was bad, but I am feeling better now. :)

02-10-2008, 10:32 PM
I FEEL SO EMPOWERED RIGHT NOW!! :D I just ran for 20 straight minutes! I posted a few days ago here that I was scared about the next workout in the c25k - run for 20 minutes or 2 miles with no walking (that was the scary part for me). I asked about repeating workouts, and I'm so glad for all the positive responses I got about repeating workouts and just doing what you feel comfortable. I'm in week 5 right now, and workout 2 was 8 minutes run, 5 minutes walk, 8 minutes run. I didn't have any trouble with that but I was terrified about moving on to the next workout, 20 minutes/2 miles. I repeated the 8 min, 5 min, 8 min yesterday morning. It went fine, and I thought I might try and move on to the 20 minute run early next week. Well, today I bought a cute little purple ipod shuffle. I have a regular Ipod but it is really to cumbersome for running, and I find that I get bored with television sometimes while running and I wanted music, so I got a cute little shuffle, bought a few new songs on Itunes, and decided I really wanted to try it out with running. So after dinner tonight, off to the basement I went, and hopped on the treadmill. I told myself I would just go for as longas I needed and if that wasn't 20 minutes that was ok and I would just push myself next time. I was surprised when the first 10 minutes of running went by so fast. The next 5 minutes wasn't as fast, but it wasn't bad. I found I was really having to push myself the last 5 minutes of running, but I was so determined to get to that 20 minute mark so I just pushed through. It felt AWESOME when I was done!!!! Like, it really was a mountain I had just climbed. I really just can't believe that I was able to run for 20 straight minutes. When I started c25k in january I knew that I could probably run for 5-8 minutes, but never thought I would get to 20. I'm really excited to see what I can do in the future. I don't think I will ever be in a race, but just knowing that I can run for a prolonged period of time (longer than 5 minutes for me) makes me feel like a champion!

(I know this is a bit silly, but I have accomplished things during my weight loss over the past 10 months that I never thought I would and I keep surprising myself:))

02-10-2008, 11:05 PM
Well done, Nova!! :yay: What speed did you set that treadmill at?? ;)

02-11-2008, 09:21 AM
Hi Cheryl! You are an exercise machine! Keep up the great work!

Laura, way to go finishing in that time with those winds! Good thing you didn't fall asleep on the subway!

Heather, you running fiend, you! Keep it up!

Happy birthday, Cat! Hope you had a nice day!

Renee, I hope your rest day was glorious!


02-11-2008, 09:26 AM
Helen, can I say that you're my hero? I want to be you when I grow up!

VTfan, I forget your name. That runners' high is my favorite part of running. That and the stretching afterward! You rock!!!

Renee, I can't believe you got chased by a dog! What a motivation to speed up! Can you call that a fartlek?!?!?!

Diva, good luck getting started again!

I got in my seven miles yesterday morning, which was good as the temperature dropped about thirty degrees throughout the day. It was gorgeous when I ran, which made the running so much more enjoyable. Today's a rest day, although I'm tempted to go out and do just one mile to get my ticker to 100!

Happy running!


02-11-2008, 10:21 AM
Kara - I LOVE watching your little running girl - look at her go! It's -20 here again today - thank goodness for my treadmill!
Edit: 3.5 easy miles for me today :)

02-11-2008, 11:55 AM
Renee, I can't believe you got chased by a dog! What a motivation to speed up! Can you call that a fartlek?!?!?!

Kara, you are hilarious!! Glad you had a good seven miles, yikes about the temp. I say go for that one more mile!!

Nova, that is so awesome about your run! Congrats! About the ipod, did you know that you can download a podcast that was made for the couch to 5k program? Robert Urley or something did them and they are on itunes for free. He counts the intervals off for you. and plays music in between.

Diva, sorry you were sick! I hope you have no trouble getting started back in C25k

Heather, -20! y'all make me glad I live in Mississippi...though when it's 100 degrees and 90% humidity in the summer I'll probably be singing a different tune :)

02-11-2008, 01:00 PM
Good morning!

Just got home from the GYM. I restarted my c25k! I feel so good! But during it I think I am am gonna die! LOL! My legs BURN! Guess that's the point huh?...hehe My legs feel all wobbly and funky after I get off the treadmill though...I slowed it way down and cooled down today before hopping off and did some stretches. I think I may partake in there weights and weight lifting machines next time. I came home and did more stretches, and abs and arms and chest on my ball. :)

Leeda, thanks for the heads up on the itunes music for the c25k, I'm gonna go look for it. I took my ipod with me too. ;) It was 19 degrees here this morning. I guess that's downright balmy compared to some of y'all temps, lol! Like Leeda, during the summer I'll want the heck out of here! Although it's not as hot in East TN as it gets down in Alabama.

02-11-2008, 01:22 PM
i can't believe i found this site, this is exactly what i've been looking for! I hope you don't mind if i join in.
I began running just a month ago (and was winded and queasy after the first half mile). I'm now up to 4 miles twice a week, and anywhere from my minimum of 1 mile up to 3 miles the rest of the week. I've been wrestling with the same 10 pounds for the past 2 years (29 was the age my metabolism decided to slow down) and in the past month managed to run off 5 pounds. I've been a half-hearted 4mph walker for the past year or so, but without changing my eating habits and only walking a couple miles a few times a week, the walking wasn't affecting my weight. Now with my daily exercise, a whole lot of water and better eating choices I'm feeling so motivated and so much better about myself!
At this point my average is 4 miles in 53 minutes, fluctuating anywhere from 3-6mph, my goal is to shave off about 8 minutes before my friend and I enter a 4 mile 'fun run' on St. Patricks day!

02-11-2008, 05:38 PM
Wooo!!! I plucked up the courage to run with the fast group today. Well, OK, I was bullied into it, but I did it! Admittedly I was at the back of the fast group, but it's still the first time I've ever attempted it so it put a smile on my face.

02-11-2008, 09:24 PM
Oh, for heaven's sake, Helen. Were they Olympic trainees? You're the fastest runner I know!!!

Welcome to the board, dvs! Isn't running grand? Sounds like you've had some terrific progress!!!

Diva, I'm sure your legs will recover and be even stronger! Keep it up!

Heather, I'm glad you like my running girl too. She's so motivated! Doesn't she just look like she'll do anything to get to the end of that course? Is that bad that my inspiration is a tiny icon?!

I'm off to get my little snack and then watch some TV. Three miles on the schedule for tomorrow. I'll be hitting the treadmill if it's still cold out there - brrrr!


02-12-2008, 12:00 AM
Welcome, dvsminx! We're thrilled to have you jump in :) You might also want to check out the Featherweights forum. I post a lot there, and it's great for sharing strategies to lose those last few pounds (which can be very different than strategies for losing a lot of weight).

Helen, I agree with Kara... you are quite a speed demon so I can't imagine how fast that group was!

I posted a full race report at my blog - feel free to check it out. As for getting some new miles in, I got upgraded to the WestinWorkout room at my hotel, which means I have a treadmill IN my room. And it happens to have a bar across it that is very handy for putting my laptop on, so I'm literally writing this while walking on it. Not too fast, but still... every step counts! Have a great week everyone :)

02-12-2008, 09:41 AM
Laura, I'm so jealous! Sounds like a spa weekend! I read about a workout cruise the other day, too. Congrats on your race!


02-12-2008, 02:58 PM
Kara, where did you see the workout cruise? I would LOVE to take a vacation like that.

02-12-2008, 04:19 PM
Oh boy! Kara's little running girl is up over 100! :yay: Well done!!

02-12-2008, 04:30 PM
Well done Kara!

And everyone, believe me there are plenty of people faster than I am. Particularly as the fast group is almost exclusively men. I've been running with the club for about 18 months now, and there are only two or three women I can remember ever trying to run with them.

I did 3 x 1m fast this morning, with wu/cd and recoveries that was 5.75. I was impressed that I got to the gym earlier than I did when I get the bus in, despite taking a slightly longer route. I had an early meeting though, so pretty much just did a few stretches before I had to head off for a shower.

This weekend I must have a running shoe cull. I think I have about six pairs under the stairs, and I've just ordered two more pairs (they were on special offer if you bought two pairs and as I know I like them I thought I may as well), and really should get rid of some of the old ones. I like wearing the old ones for cross country so it doesn't matter if I ruin them, but I don't think I need that many pairs to do that with! I will take a pile to the recycling place I think.

One of the new pairs will be the Marathon Shoes, so I need to start breaking them in. My current pair are at about 400 miles so won't last long enough.

02-12-2008, 06:26 PM
Thanks all, for the warm welcome!

Saturday night I got in an "extra" skatedance session with some friends. Turned out not to be extra, after all, because I tripped over something on the skate floor. Didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but all day Sunday I was gimping around with a very sore left ankle, and decided to skip my regular skate practice. Luckily, it seems I just bruised it good, because by late Monday morning, it was feeling much better, so I got in 30 mins last night, and everything is still working this morning. This week I'm doing 5R/1W (5 min run, 1 min walk) for 30 mins, and Thursday I'll do just a straight run, probably 30 mins again like last week.

Diva, congrats on restarting the C25K!

Nova, I knew you could do it! My first straight run was last week, so I can relate...when I started, I was impressed I could run for a whole minute, lol!

Helen, WTG on running with the fastest group!

Minx, I'm new to this group, too, but welcome!


02-12-2008, 09:25 PM
Back from the gym a little bit ago where I did 3 miles straight running. This is a big feat for me because I have always stalled at 2.5 miles. When I hit 2.5 I was getting pretty tired, so I just sort of sprinted the last .5 to get it over with but I still couldn't believe it. I did my 3 miles in 33 minutes, while not amazing, was well below what I thought was possible. I am thrilled and so looking forward to taking a day off (of running only) tomorrow to recover. I think I may have figured this whole thing out. I just can't run every day right now. Either way though, I am thrilled to say I made it 3 miles and maybe just maybe I can do a 5k in the spring now!

02-12-2008, 09:53 PM
WTG, Cat, on making 3 miles. Sounds like a good time to me!


02-12-2008, 10:28 PM
Way to go, Cat - that's an 11minute mile, and that's pretty darned great! :yes:

Helen - does it smell nice under your stairs with all those used shoes? :faint: Clear 'em out, speed-demon! :lol:

6.5 miles for me tonight - a good day, overall :D

02-13-2008, 12:24 AM
Heather, :rofl: You're too much! Great job on the run!

Cat, you rock! Keep it up! I don't run every day either. In fact, until I started this training schedule the most I ran a week was three days.

Enjoy your new shoes, Helen!

Laura, I read about the workout cruise in a fitness magazine I was perusing at the gym. You know, one of the ones someone left in the cardio room. I have no clue which magazine it was or even if it was from the last six months! That cruise sounded like so much fun to me, though! I actually just read about a running cruise in my February issue of Runner's World. A runner organized a cruise with running excursions in each port. That also sounds like a blast! The exercise one just had a bunch of exercise classes on the boat.

Cheryl, glad your ankle's OK.

Ennay, where are you?

I got in three miles today, which did indeed get my little girl over the 100 mile mark. Whew! Can you believe it?!


02-13-2008, 01:30 AM
30 mins tonight.

02-13-2008, 07:37 AM
Those sound amazing, Kara. I would absolutely love to do some kind of tropical vacation where I work out all day and then maybe have a few drinks at night :) A good balance!

02-13-2008, 09:13 AM
Maybe I'll see you on there! How fun would that be? A 3 Fat Chicks cruise?!


02-13-2008, 11:35 AM
I've seen 2 running cruises advertised. Bingham has an alaska "marathon" cruise where you run 26.2 miles over the course of 5 days. Some on land, some on the ship. Most of them except I think 1 run are runs just for the people on the cruise with maybe a 10K that is a real race

I saw another cruise through I think baja or carribean that organizes honest to god open to the public races every day so that you end up with again I think it is 26.2 over the course of the cruise.

02-13-2008, 01:31 PM
Well, I ran for the first time since hurting my knee in September. Those two miles felt so darn good! I was so excited waiting for today to come--couldn't believe I felt that way. Hoping to be ready for a June 5K race that I did last year that had a really nice course.

Off to my aqua jogging class, which I think is helping rehab my knee.

02-13-2008, 02:55 PM
Sheila!!!! welcome back!

02-13-2008, 04:42 PM
:wave: Sheila - great to see you, and way to go on today's run - I bet that felt AWESOME! :yay:

02-14-2008, 12:50 AM
Hi Sheila! Glad to hear you got in a good run!

Ennay, thanks for the info! That sounds like a blast! I've actually just recently considered planning marathon vacations. I saw some really cool ones advertised in Runner's World - Great Wall of China and Greece and really great places like that. It would be so motivating to train for something like that! I've always wanted to take a cruise, too, so to be able to do one where I knew I'd be at least working off the food I was eating would be terrific!

Four miles for me today...33 minutes! WOW! I was rockin'! It was raining cats and dogs all day though so I did run on my sister's treadmill. I can't wait to get back outside again. Hopefully the weather will co-operate by Sunday for my longer run.


02-14-2008, 10:46 AM
:woohoo: Kara - you and Helen... can't see you anymore for the dust - !
3.5 miles today.

02-14-2008, 04:58 PM
Just finished day 2, week 1 of the c25k. OUCH! :D

02-14-2008, 07:47 PM
Diva, good going, almost to week 2!!

Kara, were your sneakers smoking after you finished that run? :eek:

I've not been feeling well this week, but I did 2 miles today. I have a 5k this saturday, and wish i had been able to run more. Oh well! And I doubt this will be a PR because I've heard the course has tons of hills!

Happy Valentine's Day! :val1:

02-14-2008, 07:49 PM
Thank you Leeda. it was HARD today. :dizzy:

02-15-2008, 01:11 AM
WTG Diva on day 2! :woohoo::cheer2:

Kara, you were smokin'!

I did my second straight run today...30 mins without walking. Which brings me to a "pace" question. If I'm jogging, and after the first ten minutes of torture, feel like I'm in the "got this all day long" zone, I'm sweating and breathing harder than normal, but can still talk, is that where I want to be/stay for a while, as far as speed goes?


02-15-2008, 01:23 AM
I did my second straight run today...30 mins without walking. Which brings me to a "pace" question. If I'm jogging, and after the first ten minutes of torture, feel like I'm in the "got this all day long" zone, I'm sweating and breathing harder than normal, but can still talk, is that where I want to be/stay for a while, as far as speed goes?

Yeah pretty much! You want to stay somewhere in the "I can still talk but not chatter away all day like I am on the phone" range. Best described as "I CAN still talk but I'd really rather not".

02-15-2008, 04:32 AM
Good description ennay! I tend to use the length of my sentences as a guide too - if I can talk, but try to keep it at short answers to questions I know I'm working harder than when I can give a lengthy explanation of what I've been up to recently! I sometimes vary between the two depending how hard I want to work and whether I want to talk to the people I'm running with anyway...

02-15-2008, 05:52 AM
Thanks Ennay and Helen, that pretty much describes where I'm at now, so I'll try and keep it at that level.


02-15-2008, 10:55 AM
WTG Diva on day 2! :woohoo::cheer2:

Kara, you were smokin'!

I did my second straight run today...30 mins without walking. Which brings me to a "pace" question. If I'm jogging, and after the first ten minutes of torture, feel like I'm in the "got this all day long" zone, I'm sweating and breathing harder than normal, but can still talk, is that where I want to be/stay for a while, as far as speed goes?


OMG! 30 minutes straight?!!! :woohoo: WTG! that is totally awesome! I look at 30 min's and wonder if I'll ever get to that point! You Rock!

02-15-2008, 01:28 PM
Hi all - happy Friday! :D

I did 4 miles today, but shook it up a bit by running half a mile at 5.2mph, then a quarter mile at 6mph, then a quarter mile at 6.5mph - for four miles. Felt good - got my heart rate up... not sure I can call it fartlek or intervals, but it was an interesting change!

02-15-2008, 01:56 PM
Just got home from the GYM. I finished day 3, week 1 of the c25k. Doesn't really mean anything though since I am repeating it next week, lol! But I do feel good and for some reson thinner, even tho I know I'm not, lol!

02-15-2008, 07:51 PM
I did a 7 mile run today at about a 9 minute pace. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for running, and I ran by the Hudson River, which was great to look at. A bit windy, but nothing compared to my race last week. Overall, I was really happy - it felt SO easy and relaxing! Hard to believe that less than a year ago I was terrified to run 5 miles because that was "so far." I'm thrilled with how much better at running I've gotten, and I'm thinking more seriously about training for a marathon now. Will keep you ladies posted!

02-16-2008, 02:39 PM
I had a bit of a blah long run today. It was just over 19 miles, about 15 seconds per mile slower than last week. I'm not bothered by that, it was a hillier, more difficult route (off road through woods jumping over tree roots etc), and I did 7.2 yesterday whereas last week I had a rest day the day before my long run, it's more the fact that I didn't get into the zone that bothered me. There are days when I feel like I could just run all day and I love it, and then there are others where I have to force myself to take every step. Today was one of the second group I think, but at least I kept on going, and I was still well within the pace I should be training at.

cross country tomorrow, we're two races off winning the league we're in so they want everyone to turn out to try to wrap it up a race early. I don't know how my legs will feel in the morning, but at least it will only be short and it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks so there shouldn't be much mud. I think it will be frosty though!

02-16-2008, 02:58 PM
Helen, there are days when I literally say to myself, "One step closer to being finished..." about a million times a run! Then there are, "Oh my word, has it been an hour already?!" days. For me it has a lot to do with what I ate the day before.

Renee, I'm sure you'll set a Personal Record for Hilly Courses! Good luck!

Laura, glad you had a nice run!

Heather, I love to mix up intervals, too. One friend from this website once suggested "running your phone number" so I would run for the number of minutes of each number of my phone number at a particular pace. It's a good way to pass the time! And you can add in your area code if you want to do a longer run. I'd run our phone number, my parents', my sisters', my in-law's...each came out to be *about* an hour, with the area codes.

Cheryl, way to go! When I started running about a year and a half ago, I could BARELY finish a mile in twelve minutes! It took me almost a year to work up to being able to run five miles at a time!

Diva, keep up the great work! You'll be off the "couch" and on to the "5K" in no time!

Four easy miles for me today. I realized last night that I had done an extra mile on Sunday, above what the training schedule said. Oops. Next week is a recovery week, and it's really the last "easy" week of the whole schedule, so there's no turning back after that!

Oh, Avery just dumped the dog's entire water bowl on the floor. She is trouble.


02-16-2008, 09:52 PM
Hello all! :wave:

Lesson learned tonight (and a VERY obvious one!) - DON'T run after a big meal... well, not half an hour after, anyway. :barf: 4 miles for me, but I kind of want to lie down! :lol:

Chat soon -
Heather :D

02-16-2008, 10:29 PM
8.2 mile tempo run today. The 7 miles of tempo were faster than my January 10K so a pretty good run. Then we were having good sunshine so I strollered the kids to the park and downtown for lunch. I'm pooped!

02-17-2008, 01:52 AM
Diva, thanks for the support! I still can't believe it myself. You will get there!

Helen and Kara, you're scaring the new people. Miles of running, and no "zone"? That's it. I'm taking my pizza and going right back to the couch. ;)

And Kara, I wish I was doing a 12 minute mile! I timed mine today, over 2 miles, and it's more like 16 minutes, which is about the same as my walking pace, lol, but at least it's more of a workout! :D


02-17-2008, 05:14 AM
Don't worry, even if I don't hit the zone during the run, I still get the smug post-long run glow to cheer me up. Far better than pizza and sofa!

It is indeed frosty out there this morning, but I said I'd do this cross country so I'd better start getting ready. I don't think I'll be doing it very fast though, I can still feel the run from yesterday in my legs. At least it isn't very long, and I can share the glory if/when we win our league!

02-17-2008, 09:37 AM
I'm back, it wasn't as cold as I was fearing, the sun is quite bright which warmed everyone up a bit. I was quite pleased with how I ran, I took the first lap fairly steady and was 5th of my club's runners at the half way point, but on the second lap I picked the pace up a bit and came 3rd for the club by the end. The good news is that we finished top in our league again, so with four wins from four so far over a five race series we're pretty much guaranteed to win the thing and get promotion :)

02-17-2008, 11:08 AM
Helen I am so jealous of your club runs. I know I would run much better if I were regularly running with other people who were faster than me. And WOW for the day after a long run

I had the zone last weekend for my long run...hope I get it today!

02-17-2008, 11:18 AM
Well, I had a horrible 5k race yesterday. It was cold and raining when we started. I ran as fast as I could starting off, got nauseous around mile 1.5 and had to slow down. Then it started pouring down raining right when I was going up a set of particularly bad hills. The hills were so steep, I stopped to walk a few. Also I discovered after the finishing with a horrible time of 38:32 that my Ipod (which I clipped to my waistband to protect it from the ran) had chafed a huge blister onto my belly.

Actually. I was kind of proud of the blister :)

Anyway, I am going to do 4 easy miles today as soon as the baby wakes up from his nap.

Heather, I learned that lesson long ago after a particularly big meal that ended up on the side of the road during my run :barf:

Scenestealer, that is wonderful about your pace on such a long run! I will be happy when I can do that one day.

Kara, you are tough, you can do it!! Avery sounds like my little hellion, er, child.

Diva, congrats on finishing week one...however many times you finish it, I will keep congratulating you because it is an accomplishment :)

jamsk8r, I started at 15-16 minute miles and can now do 11-12 if I put my body to it. Keep on trucking, you are doing great!!

Ennay, great tempo run :)

02-17-2008, 11:42 AM
Gosh, you've all been busy!

Renee - how horrible for you - but you did it! :yay:
Diva - I echo Renee: good job! Keep going!
Cheryl - Nothing wrong with your time at all, and girl, you ARE doing it - way to go! :yes:
Helen - you are such a trouper, it doesn't surprise me that you and your team are top of your league - you're my hero!
Ennay - can you explain what a tempo run is for me? I looked it up online, but I didn't understand the description. :rolleyes: Duh!
Kara, Laura - you guys having a nice weekend?

Rest day for me today :D Chat to ya'll tomorrow :)
Heather :D

02-17-2008, 12:51 PM
Heather, I'm sure ennay will be able to provide a better explanation than I, but here is what Hal Higdon says...his is the only explanation I've ever been able to understand:

Tempo Runs: This is a continuous run with an easy beginning, a buildup in the middle to near 10-K race pace, then ease back and cruise to the finish. A typical tempo run would begin with 5-10 minutes easy running, continue with 10-15 faster running, and finish with 5-10 minutes cooling down. You can't figure out your pace on a watch doing this workout; you need to listen to your body. Tempo runs are very useful for developing anaerobic threshold, essential for fast 5-K racing.

I'm starting his 5k program tomorrow...I really need to improve my 5k time.

02-17-2008, 01:00 PM
I'm lying in bed trying to get up the motivation to go for a run. Today I'm trying to do 15 miles - my longest run ever - so it's a particularly daunting task.

02-17-2008, 01:19 PM
Laura, good luck with your run today!

Helen, I was only joking...I don't even own a sofa. Congrats to you and the club on your impending win!

Renee, thanks for giving me hope! Sorry to hear that your 5K was so tough. Good for you for pushing through despite the rain and blister...ouch!


02-17-2008, 01:56 PM
Laura - hope you enjoyed it!

02-17-2008, 02:53 PM
I had a good 10 mile run followed by 4 miles of ugh. Did have someone faster to run with today and it was great...right until it hurt!

02-17-2008, 03:12 PM
You Cool Runners are the bestest, YOU all amaze me :hug: ...

Today I finally got out to run... a measly 5k but it was a very good one... Bright and :sunny: gorgeous morning... Now the snow is coming AGAIN!!

02-17-2008, 05:19 PM
Thanks Renee! That makes SO much more sense to me! :)

02-17-2008, 11:37 PM
Great to read about everyone's runs (good and bad!). Hope the 15 miles went well, Laura.

An incredible sunny Oregon day! I ran 2.75 miles today at just under 11 minutes per mile. No knee pain! I debated about adding that .75 so soon after my first run, but everything seems to be okay. It's wonderful to be getting back to my usual pattern of running Wednesday and Sunday. Probably going to stick with just two days for a while.

02-18-2008, 08:38 AM
I ran 15.5 miles, and it felt fantastic! I'm a bit sore today - mostly in my ankles. Usually I get sore in my calves, and they're not really sore today, which is good - means I finally learned the best way to stretch them :) The ankle soreness isn't bad, and I'm sure will be gone by tomorrow.

So now that I've gone this far, I'm thinking I want to attempt a marathon. Helen (and other marathoners): what training plan do you use? I've seen a lot online, but I would ideally prefer not to go through a whole 16 week plan - I'd rather do a marathon sooner. My work schedule is so unpredictable that I don't know if I can keep it up for 4 months - it's a lot easier for me to plan for the short term. It seems like my running so far has already kind of followed a plan, so I'd like to take a 16 week plan and start at week 9 or something. Does that seem reasonable?

02-18-2008, 08:46 AM
I use a plan from Runners World, depending what time you're aiming for there are plans that would have you at about 15 at week 9 or so, so it's not impossible, but I tend to think that the longer you spend building up to a marathon the easier it will be. I personally feel like I could have done with another 6 months or so of base training before I did my first, but then I suppose I know other people who start running once they get their marathon entry confirmed and manage it just fine.

Remember that if you have a 16 week schedule, the last 3 weeks will be a taper which means that if you jump in at week 9 you only really have a month of full on training. If what you've done in the past month or so looks vaguely similar to weeks 4 - 8 of a plan then it might work.

It also depends what goals you're aiming for. You've already run 15, and I know plenty of people who have done marathons on less than that - but they've run/walked it, and not got the times they could have done with more training. If your goal is just to say you've done one, then you'll be fine. If you want to give it a really good shot, taking more time to build up to it might be sensible.

02-18-2008, 05:45 PM
Nice easy eight miles for me today - quite proud of that, it's my longest run to date! :D

02-18-2008, 11:58 PM
Wow, way to go Heather!

Laura, awesome run! I hope you find a good marathon plan!

Today was a rest day for me.

02-19-2008, 03:40 AM
Hi all.

Congrats to Laura and Heather on the longer runs!

Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but my sister was off work and wanted to get together for walking and running today. Since she is just starting, and could only run for a minute before needing to walk, I decided to try running that minute at a faster pace than normal, then walking for 2 minutes. What I tried to do was to make it halfway around the track in that minute, making my pace about 6 mph. The first 3 were easy enough. The last 7 were hard, but not too hard. I did run one lap faster than that, but it was too much, and recovery took too long, so I cut it back. Overall, it was an awesome workout, so I think I'll make this a weekly workout, sticking to my comfortable slower pace for the straight runs.

Sorry, I know I didn't cover all the newer posts, but it's late here and I'm wiped out. I'm off to bed! Tomorrow I will take a rest day.


02-19-2008, 04:45 AM
It's so cold. I thought it was bad enough on the club run last night, but this morning my interval session was so cold that I had to pick the ice crystals out of my eye lashes when I finished. It started to snow midway through too, so I was a bit worried about slipping particularly on the fast bits, but I made it here in one piece, and probably kept warmer running through it than if I'd walked from the bus stop. My body was fine, it was just the exposed bits that felt the cold a bit.

02-19-2008, 11:32 AM
Wow, Helen - I just glanced through some of your early entries in your blog - and read about you running 5K for the first time at the gym - girl, can I be you when I grow up? Look how far you've come!!! Awesome! :cheer2:

02-19-2008, 01:40 PM
Laura - I use Hal Higdon as my base plan and adapt from there..


Novice 1 you would be about week 10 of an 18 week program, Novice 2 you would be about week 8 of an 18 week program.

If you are just looking to finish you could probably start there, but it wouldnt hurt to give it a little longer.

02-19-2008, 03:33 PM
Part of marathon training is getting your body used to the distance--same as part of getting to your first 5K. Hurrying the process is going to greatly increase your chances of injury--and of either not making your distance on your schedule or of completing the distance once, injured, and never running again.

02-19-2008, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone!

Not sure if you remember me I'm kinda quiet here.

I'm signing up for a Triathlon! Just deciding on which one.

I'm upto 3 mins run and 2 minute walk for an hour now. Up to 36mins of an hour total running. Really pleased with my progress.

Its so cold/snowy/icey here though... and I walk to the gym it's be a true test of my dedication.

02-19-2008, 04:53 PM
I guess my point about the distance is... I've basically been unintentionally following a marathon training program for about 2 months. I didn't follow a specific plan, but if I look at my mileage, it maps pretty closely to the standard plans. A half-marathon is now a comfortable long run for me, and even the 15.5 miler I did on Sunday felt very good, and I wasn't sore after. So I think I'm ready to jump into the middle?

02-19-2008, 11:35 PM
Having done marathons both ways....the longer and slower you can ramp the more you will enjoy the marathon. I would say if you can...repeat the 12-16 mile distance a couple times. What are your options for marathons? How many weeks out? Look at races and pick one you really would like to do and see.

I wouldnt say you should necessarily go back to week 1, I never do week 1, but I take the full 16-18 weeks (or more...a lot of the work I am doing now is to prepare me for October marathon) I would be more inclined to repeat weeks 4-8 of a program twice than cut my current distance to go back to week 1. Long term I try to always be "half marathon ready".

You say 4 months sounds like a long time to train...but what are your long term plans for running? What is after the 4 months? That might give you an idea of how to tailor a training program.

I should add...that while you have been ramping like you were following a standard program, most programs say you should have been running a year before starting...6 months at the minimum. I dont know what your history is, but that can affect how safely you can ramp up.

between 16 and 20 is where it gets significantly harder.

02-20-2008, 08:27 AM
Thanks, Ennay. Basically, I'd like to keep running for the rest of my life... but my job makes it really impossible to make any kinds of plans like that. Lately I'm working about 70 hours/week, and am traveling for work - which makes it much much harder to work out. I've been good about working out, but can't really go running when I'm traveling b/c I'm only at the hotel until 7:30 AM each morning, and get back at around 10 PM every night. 10 PM to 6:30 AM aren't really good hours to be running in a strange city, unfortunately.

Also, this project that I'm on now isn't even considered a high burn project. I've done months where I worked 90+ hours per week, and barely had time to sleep. There's no telling when I might get on one of those again, so that's what I mean by it's hard for me to plan four months out.

Scary that between 16 and 20 is where it gets tough! I'm going to aim for 17 this weekend I think.

02-20-2008, 09:50 AM
Laura - I saw you post in the other thread - what's a 'foam roller'? I only know that as something to paint the walls with! :lol:

02-20-2008, 11:10 AM
Hi everyone!

Not sure if you remember me I'm kinda quiet here.

I'm signing up for a Triathlon! Just deciding on which one.

I'm upto 3 mins run and 2 minute walk for an hour now. Up to 36mins of an hour total running. Really pleased with my progress.

Its so cold/snowy/icey here though... and I walk to the gym it's be a true test of my dedication.

WOW! You go girl! WTG on the running. Mel, sent me the first 8 weeks of your running sched, I may give it a try myself. I've been wanting to stay in the TM longer if you can believe that! LOL!

02-20-2008, 11:53 AM
Wow, it has been a looooong time since I've been around here! Good to see so many of the same folks still posting here, as well as newer runners.

It's winter and it sucks and I haven't been able to run outside much since November. Like maybe 2 days it was warm enough on the weekend and I had to deal with slogging through slush, so it's been mostly sparse treadmill running for me :(

I signed up to do the Point Bock Run (http://www.pointbockrun.com/) on 3/1, so I'm brushing up for my first 5 mile. I've only done 5k races and never in the winter so this should be interesting. I'll be running with my sisters, but I'll be sure to tell them not to let the old fat lady ;) slow them down so I doubt I'll actually be running with them. Hopefully the promise of a nice pint gets me to the finish line! :lol:

3.75 miles last night, planning 4 for tomorrow.

02-20-2008, 02:39 PM
Just got home from the GYM. I did 45 minutes walk/run on the treadmill and then did the weights and stretching. Came home and did some abs on my resistnace ball. <----My fav way to work my abs anymore. The first 30 minutes was spent redoing week 1 of the c25k and the extra 15 was just because I was having fun. :D

02-20-2008, 04:18 PM
Hey all! I've been having some grumpy days lately waiting on word of when my husband will be where. Sorry I haven't been checking in. The good news is that, even though he has to go away for ten weeks, they got his class moved so the kids and I can stay here in the States with family instead of going to Germany and being cooped up there without our "stuff" while we wait for the shipment to arrive. Never a dull moment...

I've kept up my running, though. Thank goodness. Exercise is my saving grace - all those endorphins keep me from curling up in a corner with a bucket of chocolate!


02-20-2008, 04:21 PM
Good for you, Kara - and I see your little girl still boogie-ing along! :cheer2:

I did an awful 2.5 miles today; three nights of eating crap has made my body tired, bloated and crappy feeling - unsurprisingly! Ah well, one day at a time and a longer run tomorrow :)

02-20-2008, 04:51 PM
Heather, isn't that something how what we eat *severely* impacts our running? Last night I did four miles in the evening, right after dinner. I didn't have another choice and I really wanted to get the run in. I had roasted brussel sprouts, baked eggplant and zucchini, and brown rice for dinner and it was still all globby in my belly as I was running. I still finished in just over 35 minutes, but I didn't feel awesome like I usually do after a run. I definitely prefer running either in the morning on an empty stomach (aside from my guzzle of water before I head out) or in the early afternoon after having something bland like oatmeal for breakfast a few hours before. I'm going to have to tinker with this running-on-an-empty-stomach thing when I get up in the higher miles - it's worked for me up to 13 miles at a stretch, but I don't think I'll be able to handle much more than that without some fuel.

Laura, I use the schedule on marathontraining.com. Combining the two schedules was spot-on for me to prepare for the marathon I found in September. I've only been running for about a year and a half, and only above five miles at a time for about six months, so I wanted to take it nice and slow so I wouldn't encounter any injuries that would set me back. My original goal was just to finish, having run the whole race, but since I've found it interesting and challenging to do a bit of speed work in my shorter mile days I might set a time goal once I get further into the program and have a better idea what I could accomplish. I just signed up for the marathon to give me a running goal for this year. I was tired of just running for running's sake, if that makes sense. I needed something to aim for, and the marathon was the perfect goal for me.


02-20-2008, 09:02 PM
Kara, I'm sorry things have been crummy for you lately. Big hug!!

Heather, here's hoping for a better run next time. At least you got out there and did those 2.5 miles instead of nothing!

Diva, sounds like you had a good workout!

Shananigans, looks like a fun race, I hope you have fun in it! And you never know, you might just leave your sisters in the dust!

Idealmuse, good to see you here! You are doing great!! And a triathalon! Wow, I can't wait to see how well you do!

I did 2 miles today with hills and the stroller. I haven't been feeling too well since that 5k, kind of a stomach bug I think. I'm going to do this 5k the first weekend in March that is supposed to be a flat fast course, so my goal is to try and get under 35:00 for that.

02-20-2008, 09:43 PM
Diva - If you get to a point where you need the rest of the run schedule let me know. I actually run a bit longer then suggested at first I jumped right into 60mins but I can give you the exact times if you want too.

Leeda - Great to see you former Red Teamer! Looks like you've been kicking some running butt!

So I did it!!! Last night I signed up for the Tri. Not only a Tri... but an Olympic length one. (Don't worry I'm signing up for a Sprint one before that to get my feet wet) It's going to be a super-challenge but I'm up for it.

02-20-2008, 10:32 PM
Diva - If you get to a point where you need the rest of the run schedule let me know. I actually run a bit longer then suggested at first I jumped right into 60mins but I can give you the exact times if you want too.

Muse, that would be awesome! feel free to pm it to me whenever ya want. :D Thank you so much! Melissa says she likes this one better because it's longer but the running times are shorter and ya have longer to biuld up to a longer run and whatnot. I like being on the treadmill and feel like I could go longer so that sched might actually be better for me as well. Where did you find it? Thanks girlfriend!

It IS great seeing Leeda here isn't it? I've missed her! :hug:

02-21-2008, 03:57 PM
Renee - I can't believe you got an iPod blister! That is so hardcore!

I'm doing 4 miles today, really slowly. Like 4.8 miles per hour slowly. It takes me like 50 minutes.

02-21-2008, 04:08 PM
Hi Julia :wave: welcome to the :snail: club of the Cool Runners... I am a :snail: too :wave: ... I did 5k/3miles this morning in 43:48 mins , 14:00 pace :rofl: .... I enjoyed every second of it, it was a bright and :sunny: -13c/8F, as I said loved every minute of it :D .....

02-21-2008, 04:20 PM
Ilene - are you in Toronto? If so maybe we can run slowly together sometime?

02-21-2008, 09:19 PM
It WAS a better run today - I guess all the sugary crap is moving through me... 8.5 miles and I had to stop myself - felt like I could just go on and on... good days, those! :D

I'm off for my skiing weekend, runners - have a great one yourselves, and I'll check in on Tuesday! :wave:

Heather :D

02-21-2008, 11:16 PM
Hey gals! Don't you love how we all are doing something healthy for our bodies, even if we're running a little or a lot or slow or fast? It's the best!

Have fun skiing, Heather!

Ilene, you are a cold-weather-running fiend! I cut off outside running around freezing temps. Someone told me once that winter was her favorite time to run so I was all hopeful about this winter and running outside but - yikes! - not for me!

Julia, you do those four miles. At whatever pace you can make it!

Muse, you are now tied with Helen as my heroes! I can't wait to hear about your triathalons!!!

Renee, I hope you feel better soon!

I got another three miles in today. I ran on my sister's treadmill because I was watching her kids for her for the morning and they were napping. Easier than waiting all the way until tonight to do the run. I just love running before breakfast! I've got one run left on this "break week" and then next week starts the real mileage ramp-up. No turning back after Saturday!!!


02-22-2008, 12:10 AM
I don't mind running in even the low teens, but the icy terrain, and often the wind and snow make running outside in the winter around here kind of dangerous much of the time.

4 miles in 41 min on the treadmill. Went by surprisingly fast and easy :)

02-22-2008, 06:56 PM
I have to say HEATHER that it really seems you are kicking butt!

02-23-2008, 06:09 PM
Heather, it seems like you just started to run not that long ago, and here you're doing 8.5 miles. I'm so impressed! :bravo:

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in western Oregon, and I suited up for a great run along the bike path to be followed by a beginning pilates class (have never done pilates).

Then my digestive system said, you're not going anywhere today. Dang! So instead of going out in the sun, I'm hanging around the bathroom, feeling kind of shivery. That kind of feeling where your skin is sensitive? We're leaving tomorrow for a week in Idaho so I'm spending the rest of this lovely day drinking hot tea and trying to feel better before I get on that plane.

02-24-2008, 03:11 AM
Hi all. Sheila, hope you are feeling better this evening!

I've been keeping up my jogging. Up to 35 minutes of straight jogging at a go now. My first 5K is in 3 weeks, and I'd like very much to be able to jog the whole thing, even slowly, if I can.


02-24-2008, 02:57 PM
I have a question. What would be a good finish time for a first 5K? Not great, but not laughable either.

02-24-2008, 05:02 PM
So many factors... I'd go for a time you're happy with and not bother what anyone else thinks. And anyway, just finishing a 5k puts you ahead of most people!

I had a really good run today. I haven't actually raced a half since last May - the only one I've done since then was with the wheelchairs as a preparation for NY. I've done three marathons in that time but no halves! Anyway, today it was back to the very first one I did back in 2006, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've been training well, but I haven't raced more than 5 miles for a long time (and that was cross country) so I didn't know how I'd feel about a long hard effort.

My PB from last year was 1:43, but my marathon schedule had me aiming for sub 1:45. There was a pacer for 1:45 and I planned to stick with her and then pick it up towards the end if I felt good, but ended up doing the complete opposite and decided within the first mile that I'd pace it myself and went a bit faster. I did wonder whether I'd be able to hang on at the end, but I did, and smashed my PB by coming in at 1:40:11. I'm really pleased with that (although not entirely convinced by the race time calculator that predicted 3:28 for the marathon based on it!).

Of course, it meant I felt obliged to celebrate with pizza, but I earned it ;)

02-24-2008, 06:02 PM
I sure hope you enjoyed that pizza Helen, because you certainly DID deserve it... :bravo: on the PB...

02-24-2008, 07:33 PM
I wanted to get in a really long run today, but got stuck doing a ton of work, and so I wasn't free until 4:30 (when it was going to get dark soon). However, I did a 2 mile run outside... in 15:11!!! I think that's my fastest pace for a run ever. Amazing how 2 miles now feels like just a walk down the block :)

02-24-2008, 11:10 PM
Helen and Laura, you guys are speed demons!!!

I had to run Ennay-style today because my iPod was completely out of battery. Evidently, yesterday (technically 22 hours, 5 minutes, and 31 seconds before I ran today) when I "turned off" the stopwatch, it really just kept going so there was no juice left this morning when I got up to run, and no time to charge it if I was going to make it back in time to get Connor ready for Sunday School, so I ran in the quiet of my own thoughts (yeah, right, more like incessant jabber of my own thoughts!). Seven miles done. I have no idea how long it took me...more than an hour, less than an hour and a half I think!

Here's a question to you long distance gals...what have you found to work for you in eating the night before a long run? And this might sound gross, but do you do any kind of "colon cleanse" eating in the days before a marathon? Please stop reading if you don't want to get into TMI territory, but I sometimes find I feel like I have to go #2 toward the end of a long run (around about ten miles or so) and I'd hate to have to fight that for fifteen more miles in the marathon. But I don't want to over-compensate and dehydrate myself in the days before the marathon. I did a Google search for eating tips for marathoners and I really didn't come up with much good info. And what about the Gatorade? It's full of sugar, and has high fructose corn syrup, which I avoid in my daily eating. Would I do just as well drinking water through the marathon? The race is still seven months away, but I had to think about *something* today since I didn't have my music!



02-24-2008, 11:34 PM
Hi guys -

My second day in week 7 of my program and the four minute runs are still a bit rough at the end. I'm likely going to do the 4run/2walk for 60min for 2 weeks in a row.

On a side note I had my first swim class for Tri training. Was mostly drills, but it was fun and surprisingly exhausting not while I was doing it but afterward I was wiped out for the day.

For those of you who lost a lot of weight when you started running did you find you hit a wall where you weren't progressing until you dropped more weight? It hasn't happened yet here, but I'm just wondering.


02-24-2008, 11:37 PM
Just popping in to say I did 4 miles without the stroller for once.

02-25-2008, 12:19 PM
Kara, I often have a dire need to go to the bathroom after a long run. And I just can't use a Port a Potty for that (I use it for quick breaks before a run, but not for longer things). I try to hold off on running until after I've gone to the bathroom, but it can be tricky if a race is really early in the morning.

This is going to sound really crazy, but... I've done best when I've gone out drinking the night before, but still gotten a decent amount of sleep. I think it has to do with the fact that when I go drinking I get a little carb-crazy and also let myself go with eating a bit.

02-25-2008, 02:40 PM
So, you think the carbs are really the answer and not so much the alcohol? (I hope so because I really don't care much for alcohol :lol:)


02-25-2008, 06:16 PM
I'm having some newb confusion, if you runners can help.

I've been following the C25K by time, because I didn't have a way of measuring mileage in the beginning. Since then, I've run at a school track a few times, so I've figured I'm jogging a mile in about 15-16 minutes. (woosh! lol) I can jog that pace for 30 minutes, easy enough, and nothing hurts, but I've only been doing that for 3 weeks.

I'm just not sure what to do now. Should I try to speed up, or should I try to jog longer, until I get to 3 miles? Or do I just hold here for several weeks? I'm not having much luck finding what happens after the 5K part. Thanks for any advice!

Forgot to say, I'm jogging 3 days a week, is that still enough, or do most runners start adding in more days at some point?

02-25-2008, 06:43 PM
Hi all!! :wave:

I thought I'd pop in and say hi to all my runner friends! I miss running, and I'm gaining weight like crazy (I walk when I can), but I'm actually enjoying being pregnant. Mostly what I enjoy is just knowing that I'll have a little baby at the end of all this! :bb:

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well. I've skimmed the posts and it looks like you are!! :)

02-26-2008, 08:47 AM
Cheryl, have you ever used mapmyrun.com? You can plug in your start address and it comes up with an interactive map that you can use to plot distances and routes. I would say after you get yourself up to running a 5K, you need to enter a race to treat yourself! How much fun would that be?! Then maybe start working on a 10K!!! I ran three times a week until I started this marathon training. Now I do four days some weeks and five days other weeks.

:wave: Lisa! Glad to hear you're enjoying being pregnant!

I got in my three miles outside today. It was supposed to rain this morning but it hasn't started yet. I'm glad I got up early so I didn't have to do the Dreadmill!!! I can't wait for spring so I can be outside most days.


02-26-2008, 09:06 AM
Hi everyone! Just popping in to say hi. I'm on week 7 of C25K right now and I have to admit it's a little tough. Week 7 is running for 25 straight minutes and it is a kinda hard, but I'm still pushing myself to do it. I've begun giving myself rules when I run. I turn on my ipod when I start running and I put a towel over the timer on the treadmill. I tell myself that I can't look at the timer until 5 songs are over. Then, by the time 5 songs are over, about 20 minutes has gone by and I only have a little more to go. It is kinda silly, but the timer and I have a hate/love relationship. I find that if I watch the timer, it goes by more slowly, so I'm forcing myself not to look at it until 5 songs are done.

My fiancee thinks I need to slow down on the C25k. I'm running the program in minutes instead of by miles because in order to get the mileage, I would have to be running at 6.0 mph and I just can't get that fast yet. I've been going at 5.0 mph and just doing it by minutes. Now, I sweat A LOT when I exercise, especially running, and I tend to get very red in the face. The past few times that I've run for 25 minutes, and especially last night, my fiancee tells me that my face looks like it's on fire, and he even felt my skin last night after I ran and he said he doesn't think I should be that red or that hot to the touch. He thinks I'm pushing myself too hard - even though I CAN run for 25 straight minutes, he think maybe I SHOULDN'T run for 25 straight minutes, and should slow down to maybe 20 minutes of running for awhile. I kinda understand what he means, because last night after my run I didn't feel so hot, but I think that was just because I hadn't eaten yet. I do tend to get VERY RED when I run, but it's always been that way when I do heavy exercise.

What do you guys think? Do you think I should cut back and do the 20 minutes for a while, and maybe some intervals, or go ahead and finish up the C25K? I've got one more 25 minute workout, then a week of 28 minutes, then the last week is 30 minutes. I feel like I can continue with the program and finish it out, but my fiancee's words are still ringing in my ears and I feel like maybe he does have a point.

02-26-2008, 11:07 AM
HI all - I'm back! :wave: Skiing was AWESOME - but eating - oh, my goodness! IT turned into a weekend of 'free-for-all' eating, and we've both "gained" an astonishing amount of weight... I put 'gained' in quotation marks since I don't really think we gained ten pounds in nine days... I think some will fall off now that we're home and eating well again... I'll change my ticker in a couple of days when I know where I REALLY am! :o Ah well - it was well worth it - and I enjoyed every bite! :lol3:

I'm sure this week's running will be a bit harder due to all the food, but I'll still get in a few miles, and since I've met my February distance goals, and easy week might be just the ticket!

My muscles are aching, but I have a massage booked this afternoon - ahhhhh. Can't wait :)

Chat soon -
Heather :D

02-26-2008, 01:18 PM
Heather - Glad you had a good time! I'm sure most of those pounds will come right off after being "back to normal" for a couple weeks.

Decided to brave the sidewalks yesterday since it wasn't unbearably cold and the snow that was predicted didn't come till later at night. It was a little more like ice skating in a few spots and slow going (an hour for about 4.5 miles!) but it was nice to get away from the treadmill for a day. Looking forward to my road race on Saturday. Forecast is a high of 30 and partly cloudy, only 20% chance of precip. With a nice ice-free course this looks like the best outdoor run I'll get before spring!

02-26-2008, 05:19 PM
NoVA, what about running at a slower pace? You have to follow your body's cues. No passing out on the treadmill, now! (And how sweet of your fiance to be worried about you!)

Heather, welcome back! Glad to hear your trip was nice. I wish I was going with you for that massage!

Shananigans, I had the same icy running experience a couple days ago! I was so afraid I was going to fall and all the people in their cars were going to have a blast laughing at me! Great job making it through, and good luck at your race!


02-26-2008, 05:34 PM
NoVaVTFan: I was just talking with my sister the other day, who was talking to her boss who has been doing marathons and such... He says that your heart rate shouldn't go over 150, that anything higher is just too much strain on your body and isn't doing any good. (I found this interesting - when I first started to work out, Dec. 2001, I could only do 10 minutes, slowly, on the elliptical and my heart rate, according to the elliptical machine, would shoot up to 205+. I sometimes wondered if I would drop dead from a rate that high... but I was in HORRIBLE shape. I figured, if I didn't feel like I was going to drop dead, and if nothing hurt and I wasn't in pain, then I was OK).

Are you able to take your heart rate? Check it out, see how high it is. If it is too high, you may need to slow down. If you aren't feeling well after, I would listen to that, too, and slow down a little. When I jog on Saturday's, with the running group I just joined... I like to tell myself - 'I am the turtle!' Slow and steady... slow and steady...

I have ALSO heard - that it is OK to be pink in the face, but RED is not good.

02-26-2008, 08:08 PM
Kara and Carver - thank you both for your replies! I started running at 4.5 mph, and moved up slowly throughout the 7 weeks to 5.0 mph. Now when I try and go back to anything below 5.0, it just feels too slow. I will try doing it next time at maybe 4.7 or something like that to see if I'm any less red in the face and winded.

I wear a heart rate monitor sometimes when I run and at an average when I run I get up to an average of about 85% of my max heart rate. I haven't actually looked at what my heart rate is, but next time I will try it and take a look to see if it's around 150.

As far as pink being good and red being bad, I've never heard that, but it does make sense. I get red pretty easily - I am always red toned even if I'm totally sedentary sitting at my desk at work (red face runs in my mothers family), and I get especially red when exercising. I'm gonna pay more attention to what my body is telling me and I might slow down. To me, as long as I keep chugging along, even if it that means at a slower pace or for a few less minutes, then it's good to me. Running has really helped my weight loss along these past 2 months and I want to keep it up, so I will keep it up maybe just a little slower, and maybe not for quite so long. Running is awesome!

02-26-2008, 08:26 PM
I have a hard time with setting an arbitrary "too high" heart rate number. When I was pregnant with my first, the doctor told me not to do any exercise that got my heart rate over 125. I literally couldn't even walk on the treadmill. It was ridiculous. I'm not in too bad of shape - heck, when I got pregnant with my first I had only been "retired" from competitive gymnastics for two years! I think it's more important to listen to your body. If you're feeling too winded, or especially dizzy or sick after your workout, you could be pushing yourself too hard. I'm all for pushing our limits, but I don't want to go too hard and then suffer in the following days, compromising those workouts. You have the rest of your life to work up to these goals, so take advantage of the time!

Slow and steady wins the race, indeed!


02-27-2008, 03:24 AM
Kara, thanks for the reply! :) I haven't tried that yet, but saved it for future perusal.

42 mins jogging for me today. I was planning on 40, but since I was SO close to making 3 miles, I went ahead and finished it.


02-27-2008, 12:33 PM
Sure thing, Cheryl! And great job on the three miles!

I did five miles in the ZONE today! I was cruising right along and didn't even mind running into the wind for the third mile. Made it in 46-something anyway! I've still got my runners' high because I had my most favorite breakfast ever - crockpot steel cut oats - last night so that was ready for me when I got home and Connor is cruising through his schoolwork today so I couldn't be in a better mood!

Happy day everyone!


02-27-2008, 05:09 PM
Kara - your recipe sounds fab - I think I'll try it - I LOVE my oatmeal in the morning, and what a nice idea to get up to it all made and ready!! Thanks!

Cheryl - great job!

Shananigans - thanks, you're probably right!

Glad to see so much positive running going on here, folks! :yes:

7 miles for me today, the first four in intervals. Felt good... I was running to 'Miss Congeniality' and laughing out loud!!

02-27-2008, 05:32 PM
I had an awful run this evening. The stupid thing is that I knew I wasn't in a fit state to have a good run, but I still tried to do a long run anyway. Since my half on Sunday I've run hardish sessions on both days, then I went out for lunch today and didn't really digest everything properly before I was scheduled to run. But it was the only slot this week when I have enough time to attempt a long run so I decided to try it anyway. I was SLOOOOW (for me), and had to stop at 6 miles to dash into a supermarket to use the loos. At 10 miles my stomach started playing up again so I decided to cut my losses and try to learn from the experience. Missing my long run this week won't ruin my chances, overtraining might. I try to stick roughly to the schedule, but if it means I have to do stupid back to back runs I must remember that I've done enough training by now to give myself some slack.

Then to make it worse, I got in and couldn't find my garmin. I drove back to the gym and couldn't find it there, then back home again where I found it on the drive, it must have fallen out of my bag when I got out of the car - good job I didn't run over it when I went out looking for it!

I'll be offline for a few days now. My sister's getting married on Friday so I'm heading over there first thing in the morning to start the preparations/celebrations/recovery from the hangover!

02-28-2008, 09:07 AM
Heather, you'll never go back! I've tried microwaving quick oats, stove-top quick oats, stove-top steel-cut oats, stove-top steel-cut oats with soaking overnight, and the crockpot steel-cut oats, and the last is the easiest, fastest (since you sleep through most of the work!), and tastes the best! Can't beat that combination!

Helen, have a wonderful time at your sister's wedding!

I did four miles in the single-digit windiness this morning. Whew! Can't say I'm not glad that one's done.


02-28-2008, 03:35 PM
I did an hour walk/Run on the TM this afternoon. The first 40 was spent doing that and then I landed funny on my right foot and it was hurting after that so the last 20 I just walked at a fast enough pace to keep my heartrate up. I was bummed out about it. I'm icing it and trying to stay off it now. it hurts along the top from the toe next to the pinky toe all the way up. :(

Hopefully I can go back tomoorw....it seems like there is always something...

Does anyone here go to the GYM with a full face of make up? That always kills me when iIsee women doing that. I don't wear a lick when I am working out. iIt'll clog the pores yanno. LOL

02-28-2008, 04:24 PM
Diva - I see women running with a full face of makeup, and I'll admit it makes me laugh, too! The only time I've done it was when I was all made up for the morning, and decided to run in the afternoon - I looked very raccoon-like by the time I was done, and every time I wiped my sweaty face I smeared make-up on my running capris! Maybe I'm wearing the wrong makeup - is there a specialist 'running make-up'?? Does it go on with a trowel?? :lol3: Oh, I am SO funny... ahem. Ah well, I am definitely NOT a made-up runner!!

Today is weights, but I think I'll throw in a couple of miles as well - still working on getting back to normal after my long weekend of eating! :lol:

Helen - have a wonderful time and tell us all about your sister's wedding when you get back!

Heather :D

02-28-2008, 06:15 PM
I wear makeup at the gym, but that's just because I usually go at night and don't bother taking my makeup off before going. However, I wear very little makeup - concealer, mascara, blush, lip gloss - so I don't think most people can tell.

02-28-2008, 06:51 PM
Kara - didnt see if you got any other replies but...I have the same problem with long runs (and short runs sometimes) but rarely with races. Long runs I tend to get up in the morning and just go. Races, with the drive and the other stuff I usually eat some breakfast and fluids and that in combo with nerves usually gets things going by the time I get to the potties at the starting line. I leave PLENTY of time. Many runners swear by coffee 2 hours before the race to move things along.

changing topic!

I need to try the steel cut in the crock pot, but I think I would want a smaller crock pot for it.

Heartrate - while you want the majority of your running to be in the 140-150 range-ish you want to work your whole range. Most runners start too fast. They can get the HR up to about 125-130 power walking and they start running and leap up to 165 and up. The average person is most devoid of training in the 130-165 range. (all of these are rough numbers). Spend MOST of your time below whatever rate helps you talk and be pink and not red, but spend a little time going faster. and a little time going slower.

02-29-2008, 07:55 AM
I wear makeup at the gym, but that's just because I usually go at night and don't bother taking my makeup off before going. However, I wear very little makeup - concealer, mascara, blush, lip gloss - so I don't think most people can tell.

Yeah see I can understand that. Back in the day when I was a working woman, at the end of the work day, I'd head over to the YMCA to do my workout and wouldn't bother washing my face either, but by the end of the day, most of it's gone anyways. Make just seems to disappear on me after about 4 hours...well, except mascara, but everything else seems to go away. I don't wear much either Laura. These 2 ladies looked like they had just fixed theirs and one had on HEAVY lipstick. I just thought it was funny. ;)

What about cardio?
Anywho, I dunno what I did to the foot, but I couldn't even walk last night. I feels a little better this a.m. but I can still feel pain when I put my full weight on it. Do y'all think I can still do some cardio today? I know running is out and possibly even walking on the TM. What about the Elliptical? Do ya put a lot of pressure on your foot to use that???

02-29-2008, 12:06 PM
Diva, be careful with that foot! When I first started couch to 5k, I had ill fitting shoes that caused me to land on my foot wrong one day and I sprained my foot. I was like you, couldn't walk for the first day, and ended up using crutches the next just to stay off of it. I would wrap it and ice it to facilitate healing and I didn't run anymore for 4 weeks just to make sure it was ok.

Can you use a stationary bike or maybe swim? That would keep pressure off of it.

I ran 1.5 miles today and then walked another mile. Just wasn't feeling very into it today.

02-29-2008, 01:58 PM
I've decided to stay off it today and the rest of this weekend and see how it feels on Monday. If nothing else I may just use the Bike or maybe the elliptical for a while. :( I ws getting pretty good too gf. I know it's the shoes. I have 2 different sized feet because of a birth defect so my right shoe is always a lil too big for my right foot. I usually stuff it with paper or whatnot but I pulled it out and tossed it and never replaced it, so maybe that was it? I dunno. We can't affford to buy 2 pairs of shoes for me. Anywho, I am icing it, keeping it wrapped and staying off it as much as possible. :hug:

02-29-2008, 02:46 PM
I don't know if I've worn make-up since my wedding! No, probably for my sisters' weddings I did. Maybe five times in the past eight years? Definitely not for exercise!

Diva, you are so cool! Your feet are two different sizes? That is pretty neat!

Ennay, thanks for your answer on my embarassing question! Do you think tea would do the trick? I don't drink coffee.

Renee, hope you find the zone next run!

Today's my rest day. Just wanted to check in.


02-29-2008, 07:19 PM
Diva, hope your foot injury isn't serious. :hug:

I got 35 mins of jogging in this morning.


02-29-2008, 08:31 PM
Diva -- I have a girl friend who has different sized feet and she found this organization that gave her a name to a woman who had the opposite sizes that she had and they now trade shoes... I have no idea where or how she found out about this and I haven't seen her in years so I can't really call her and ask... But maybe your hospital or Red Cross would be able to help you...

Jogged 45 mins today, bright cold and sunny with no wind, it was awesome :D

02-29-2008, 10:08 PM
Thanks Ilene, I'm gonna look into that. Might also be a cool way to make a new friend and have someone to shoe shop with, lol! I'm icing, wrapping, & resting this puppy all weekend, and looking onto inserts and an old sock for stuffing again, lol! If it's not better by Monday, I'll just try the elliptical, or the Stationary bike and lift weights. I'm gonna get a workout in come **** or high water! ;)

03-01-2008, 12:39 AM
3.5 easy miles for me today - will catch up properly with you all over the weekend! :wave:

03-01-2008, 02:02 PM
Got in my 3 miles this morning. I'm glad it was a short run because I did the whole thing with what felt like a raquetball under my ribs. I don't know why, but I hope it clears out before my 7 miles tomorrow morning. That wouldn't be fun.


03-01-2008, 11:24 PM
Hi ladies!

Diva - Hope your foot feels better soon. Must be really tricky getting yourself outfitted with a proper pair of shoes with your feet being different sizes.

Helen - Can't wait to hear about your sister's wedding! Have a good time.

My HR is usually somewhere in the 160s when I run, I can sustain that for close to an hour without feeling like I'm gonna die so I don't worry about it too much.

I almost never wear make-up period, much less to the gym. There was one woman at the Y I used to go to in LA that would go and touch up her make-up periodically, she carried it around in a gold fanny pack. Weird!

My first 5 mile race went pretty well today, I finished in 51:43 and placed 9th in the female "Big Bock" division (150 - 170 lbs). My sisters were nice enough to let me set the pace and ran with me the whole way. The said the enjoyed the slower pace, will help them be in better shape for their 12 mile training run tomorrow. They're running a marathon together in the spring. Think I'll be on "support crew" for that one. ;)

Happy running all!