South Beach Diet - How much of this is water weight, etc?

02-01-2008, 01:03 PM
How much of this is water weight, etc the first two weeks, phase 1. I weighed myself about 1-1/2 weeks ago at 170, and this am I weighed myself at 165.5 on the scale. That's almost five lbs in no time. I've been working out too so it might be true. My clothes are fitting better, I look better. It just seems too easy, to concentrate just a week on the South Beach diet, eat 1200 calories and lose like this. Before, the last 3-4 months I was doing the slow dieting suggested from the Best Life Now and others. Sure I lost some weight but not like THIS. I'm in business, I want quick results. I realize I'm going to have to keep working at this, and I'll have to be careful, but I'm just wondering...

This means I have only 5.5 pounds to go to meet my goal for early march in weight loss by about my birthday, at this rate that should be easy. But I know the low carb diets get criticized in other books because they say that a lot fo the first weight is water loss, ,sometimes muscle loss too. Sure I'm thinner but I've been lifting some light weights, that should keep the muscle right? Everyone has something different to say about dieting, I've done the South Beach before and it works for me. Maybe I just do better on protein to begin with, I get fat on a lot of carbs. That's what I need to remember as I add in fruit and breads, that they just don't agree with me and I need to keep them quite light compared to other people. I think I'm what one book said, I'm a quick burner, and that's why protein diets work.

02-01-2008, 02:52 PM
Short answer--there's really no way to tell WHAT you're losing from one week to the next. Over time, you can have your body composition checked, but even many of the methods used to do that have margins for error. Just be happy you're losing, and keep up the great work :)