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02-01-2008, 06:48 AM
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group concerning the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies, our daily efforts, receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here (

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02-01-2008, 08:01 AM
Diet Coaches - A minor act was a big victory for me. Yesterday I had a meeting where we worked straight through lunch, which was provided. I was chomping on a chicken breast sandwich on focaccia bread - a really tasty bread but white flour and much oil. Focaccia is on my list of white breads to avoid. At the quarter mark I stopped, finished off the chicken, and threw away the 3/4 focaccia roll. It was pretty easy for me to ignore the FREE chips of six varieties, the FREE hot, fresh baked cookies, and the FREE sodas. But it was a big deal for me to throw away food. CREDIT moi.

Looking for someone to volunteer to start the discussion on Program-day 9 Select a Diet Plan and 10 Set a Realistic Goal.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your efforts to fight the "Mood" and get back on track. I do hate those snacks that seem so unnecessary after they're done. LOL at the thought that heartburn is your gift to remember how you like healthy eating.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Yeah that your weight loss was noticed. Your plan to do something for yourself sounds so conducive to surviving as a mother. Both sound fun. Every wedding I attend I recommit to taking a ballroom dance class with DW so that we're not so clumsy on the dance floor.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for conquering the family dinner on Wednesday - that's really a big one, kudos for all the exercising, and kudos for getting right back on plan after getting thrown by the schedule change. Congrats for the great weight loss.

CherryAutumn - Kudos for marching forward completing the first bunch of Beck Program-days. And KUDOS for giving yourself credit for doing so.

CatR - What fun to be reminded of Mammoth Lake. I hiked there once - fond memories. Thanks for so many points that resonate with me: figuring out desserts, wishing to eat like everyone else, time for food prep and exercise.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for completing the hunger exercise, and double kudos for recognizing when you were done so that you could get back on track. I can understand the emotion of saying goodbye to the old self. Perhaps the old self will understand if her bon voyage came with small pieces of cake, LOL, so you don't have to ramp up to start your ramp down. Look forward to your Advantages Response List (ARL).

Readers - "I now know … If I regain weight, I can go back to using the skills I learned to lose it – every time." Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-01-2008, 12:00 PM
Thank you for the welcome. The eating slowly and mindfully went fairly well yesterday. *credit* - I did only have one plate at dinner without seconds.

Day 6 - Find a diet Coach - My husband and i are doing this together so he is my diet coach. He has always been supportive of me and always encourages me to do my best. Also i am sure that you guys will be my diet coaches to in a sense.

02-01-2008, 01:09 PM
Hello Everyone May I join your group?
I've purchased the Beck Diet Book before Christmas but there was alot of life issues and I've not picked the book up until lastnight and I've only read a few pages. I have been very impresses with what I've read. Well I look forward to reading more and getting to know you guys.

02-01-2008, 02:39 PM
Hi everyone!

Really busy today but I wanted to post these and make it "official". :) On another note, I also just wanted to say thanks for being here! DH volunteered to be my coach, but he doesn't really understand what CBT is about - or, for that matter, the struggle I've had my whole life with food and body. I'm tremendously grateful to have his support, and also thrilled that you all are going through it with me and understand what I'm feeling!

Stated in present tense and as positive statements:
· I’m reducing my risk factors for high blood pressure, maybe even reducing my blood pressure.
· I enjoy getting dressed in the morning because I love the way clothes hang on me.
· I will be more comfortable and healthier throughout my next pregnancy.
· I like looking at pictures of myself. Single chin and visible cheekbones! C cup boobs! Butt dimples! Abs! Tight firm thighs!
· I get joy out of shopping for clothes. I can wear better clothes in smaller sizes.
· I have more confidence.
· My spirit is lighter.
· I can run long distances at a good pace, and feel good doing it.
· I automatically gravitate towards the best and healthiest food choices, and I love to exercise and feel almost compelled to work out.
· I’m a healthy mother.
· I like myself.
· I feel good when I look in the mirror.
· I feel in control.
· I feel great physically.
· I inspire my family to take good care of themselves.
· I’m guaranteeing I’ll be there for my kids for a long, long time.
· I have boundless energy.
· I’m able to focus my time and energy on all kinds of issues that have nothing to do with food, weight or body size.

02-01-2008, 05:32 PM
Wow a new month already,Jan was a good month for me staying on track for the most part and easing back into exercise which I really do enjoy.Funny how some things about dieting can be easier for some and some are easier for others.I find it easier to get my exercise in,drink 8-12 8oz glasses of water daily and to stock up on healthy food options.I will take credit for these.More difficult for me would be staying away from candy and desserts and moodiness that just makes me want to give up.Beck adresses these sabatoging thoughts but the work is ongoing.I found myself thinking today"I don't care what Beck says I don't want to read those cards and I want to eat what I want to".I gave in,ate some candy and then thought to myself "that did not taste as good as I remember,didn't like it much at all and didn't take away my moodiness". Is that progress?Then I remembered some of my cards to avoid eating what you haven't planned.When faced with a craving:1 label it-identify the feeling is a craving
2-stand firm-tell yourself you will absolutely give in
3-don't give yourself a choice-NO CHOICE
4-imagine aftermath-picture yourself giving in and feeling out of control
5remind yourself why you are withstanding the craving-you won't be able to attain your goal if you can't withstand your cravings

Welcome kuhljeanie and mezmerize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kuhljeanie-You have put alot of thought into your advantage list,I especially would like to join you with· "I automatically gravitate towards the best and healthiest food choices, and I love to exercise and feel almost compelled to work out."
Is there a certain set day we start the week to adress the new chapters 8 and 9?

02-02-2008, 12:57 AM
big hello to everyone,

Welcome to Mezmirez-Beck has alot of great things to say-love the step by step but still it takes time to really intergrate all of her ideas and make the long term changes. We are a great group here-much luck on this journey.

Wendylan Yes, it is progress when you try the old ways(overating in order to feel better) and you really know it does not work any longer. You still may give it a try occassionally but the behavior is on the way out because you have acknowledged this just doesn't work. Wish I had your success in doing exercising. Much credit for your changes.

Kuhljeanie-how wonderful you have a supportive Dh-they are best (got one too) but this is a great spot to go over stuff in details they are not aware of. My Dh can actually forget to eat when busy-wow not one of my common responses. Thanks for posting your list. Feeling in control and mastering poor eating habits is big one for me also. Having lost 66 lb I do feel so much better inspite of still being over 300lbs. Hopefully by the end of April I'll be under 300's.

CherrryAutumn-glad mindful eating went well-at 1st I found it hard. It is great tht DH is working the program with you-keeping posting and let us know what is up and if we can help.

BillBlueeyes-Isn't fun you can throw away food which you know isn't that good. Sounds like a mindful choice that you didn't want to "waste" the cals on it. Enjoy that conscious choice to remain thin. that power to notice, decide and then throw away-nothing mindless here. How quickly you were satisated with a small portion-then focus on the protein. Hurray!!

I have had a good day-ate on plan, have to remain patient as my weight goes down every so slowly. A bit of salt in the soup seems to put 3/4 of lb back on. Hold the faith and I'll under 300 by the end of April. In someways I feel I have crossed over to letting go of mindless indulgence and truly understanding that food can not take away my unhappiness-that takes other skills than overeating. Sometimes I'll still try some high cal treat and when I check in I can know that while fun to taste, it provided no long lasting emotional change and what a shame to delay my weight loss!

A hello to all of our busy Beckers-

02-02-2008, 01:58 AM
Hello there coaches/friends,
Bill-great work on throwing away foccacia bread! And resisting all the free stuff...

Cherryautumn: So nice to have a diet coach so available to you. This group can supplement that too-we are all doing the same program-who else can relate as well?

Mesmerize: Welcome to the group!

kuljeanie: Great list of advantages! I like all of them but especially: I’m able to focus my time and energy on all kinds of issues that have nothing to do with food, weight or body size.

wendylan: That IS definitely progress. I envy you that the exercise part is coming easily to you.

Sue: I am having a hard time being patient with weight loss too. I went into it solid that I would take is SLOWLy since this is forever but it is easy to fall into that pattern of wanting it to come off quickly.

Happy weekend to everyone. I look forward to making a few more dishes to have in the fridge (kudos to me ahead of time..), exercising twice during the weekend and resting some more-still exhausted (realized that I get up during the night if I hear what I think is Henry breathing funny or has to go out to pee or something). He is getting MUCH better but I am still watching him like a hawk in case he begins to fail again.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

ps waving to maryblu!

02-02-2008, 05:47 AM
:welcome: Mezster (mezmerize) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you never got your proper one of these (gulp, 3 1/2 years ago!!!), :wel3fc:

Do you prefer to be called Mezster, Mez, or ???

Looking forward to getting to know you, also.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-02-2008, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches - Today I need to do some serious walking; I've made choices this week that have cut back - all good choices, but I didn't make additional choices to get the walking done. I do admire all the Beckies here who are making choices in their lives that prioritize exercise and the whole process of healthy eating: planning, shopping, cooking, and preparing.

We'll have dinner tonight with an old friend visiting from out west. I'm just feeling really happy that I'm thinking about different neat restaurants and I have a calm sense that I'll eat on plan at any of them. Before my journey I'd think about LARGE portions and stuffing myself; during my early journey I'd worry about how I was going to handle it; right this moment, I'm looking forward to some special food - not worried about over doing it. For this one moment, I'm experiencing the relationship with food that I really want for the rest of my life. Not thinking that I've achieved this as a new state, but as a moment. It sure feels good.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Seems like one really big step: "I feel I have crossed over to letting go of mindless indulgence." Way to go!!! I'm with you on betting on the two hundreds by the end of April. Does 3FC have a neato name for the two hundreds like they have for Onederland?

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Happy cooking weekend! Good news that Henry is getting MUCH better! Hope you get to a rested state.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for January on track, for stocking up on healthy food, and exercising. And BIG kudos for being able to see what you're doing with the sweets and remembering the Beck steps for responding to that. "Is that progress?" Yes, I think that's progress, BIG time.

CherryAutumn - Kudos for eating slowly and mindfully. I was kinda shocked when I found out that my fork was always headed to my mouth before it was empty.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Neat that you wrote your Advantages Response Card in present tense and as positive statements. I, too, really like: I’m able to focus my time and energy on all kinds of issues that have nothing to do with food, weight or body size.

Mez (mezmerize) - Glad that you've joined us. When you get to the first Program-day will you share some of your Advantages Response Card with us?

Readers - "I now know … I can do it! I have the skills now. I know how to do it, and I’ll have these skills forever." Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-02-2008, 01:27 PM
:wave: Hi everybody.

I got my book yesterday. So now I can get officially started.

So far I have the following for my Advantage card:

1. Get in shape for great backpacking next summer.
2. Reduce abdominal fat to lower my risk for type 2 diabetes.
3. Feel better---more alert and energetic.
4. Stop putting off buying clothes until "I have lost weight".

Have a great weekend.

02-02-2008, 04:57 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome!

02-02-2008, 05:00 PM
All I wrote didn't past for some odd reason so here I go again. Finger Crossed

Thanks for the warm welcome!
Coastalsue – I also lose weight at a turtle’s speed and at times when other would zoom past me. (At least that is how it seemed) I get a bit down but I just go over my plan I know what I was doing was right and the weight did come off! I guess my body is just over protective of my fat cells.

BillBlueEyes – LOL @ the gulp 3 ½ years ago! I don’t recall if they had that smiley at the time I joined. Thanks that was very nice. As far as being called a certain name that’s up to you...if you don’t feel like typing just call me Mez. The nick Mezster came from a wonderful 3FC person that taught me never to give up and I will find my way. (lessofsarahtolove) I see you’ve maintained for 10 months WTG!! That is to me is very motivational. I will be very happy to share my Advantages Response Card with you.

02-02-2008, 08:20 PM
Day 7 - Arrange Your Enviroment - Well i think it went well. I proceded to find all the foods that trigger over eating and put them up in a cupboard or pushed them to the back. I am short so this makes them difficult for me to get at them.

kuhljeanie - i enjoyed reading your list of advantages.

mezmerize - Cant wait to read your advantage response cards

02-02-2008, 09:52 PM
Hello to all, and welcome to the new Beckies. :hug: We are growing again. I am impressed to see how quickly everyone is jumping in, getting the Beck wisdom, and freely posting.

I have been gone a cuppla days. ...and for some reason, my last post didn't get posted. I said I'd be awol for a bit.

Took my Dear Aunt to get a pacemaker installed...only in Minnesoda.......gotta love it........the admitter at the hospital asked her what her religion was, and she said, "Lutheran"...only in

I really am so impressed with what has been going on, I have to go back and re-read. Speed reading just is an injustice.


02-02-2008, 10:19 PM
Hi Beckies!

A most enlightening day today, as I did Jon Kabat-Zinn's body scan (thanks Sue) as if for the first time. This mindfulness exercise is one I've been doing for years, but today I feel I finally got the point. I can hold all tension and stress in awareness, lightly, and be with it. I knew this, but the knowledge only deepens over time. This to me is a true antidote to emotional eating and cravings!!

Great yoga class this morning too.

Mezmerize - Welcome!! How is the book going?

kuhljeannie - Great, exhaustive advantages list! This should hold you in good stead. I love how you stated everything in present tense and positively.

wendylan, you are so right - "the work is ongoing". Moodiness is so hard to overcome! I too have struggled with it for so many years. But with Beck and each other we can do this! I think your reaction to eating the candy is absolutely a sign of progress. You probably would not have had those thoughts before! well done.

Sue you have had a great insight - "food cannot take away our unhappiness". So true! And on another level - do we really need to "get rid of" our unhappiness anyway? Is there anything else we can really do other than accept that it's here anyway and be with it? You go - you WILL be under 300 before you know it!

Heidi - kudos to you indeed for cooking in advance! All good wishes that Henry continues to improve.

Bill - Enjoy that wonderful moment! You truly have changed your outlook on food. Credit TOI!

CatR- Loving your advantages list. Can I go backpacking with you? :)

CherryAutumn - Excellent job on Day 7! I don't think I have really dealt with that properly yet myself, so kudos to you especially.

MaryBlu - LOL on "Lutheran" :lol: I agree, it is great to see how this group is growing. Beck is really catching on!

Waving to anyone I've missed! I hope to be more regular with my postings.

02-03-2008, 01:56 AM
Hello all,

Well is has rained, rained, and rained. So I have a bit of cabin fever. They're projecting some bits of sun on Monday. hurray!! Did go to a very inspirational poetry reading today. Afterward they all were going to another location to discuss creativity-I froze that I just not that artistic. rats-wish I could be more comfortable with my skills. These folks are kind of inner circle of the arty folks in our area, I sure I would sounded soo uncool. That uncomfortable space of too nervous to go but sad not to do. One day I'll take more risks. Credit-ate/drink nothing at the reading nor afterwards.

BillBlueEyes-glad you feel that sense of internal calm facing food while socializing. Treasury those times, I truly believe they are on the increase-I am always delighted when eating light is effortless. I recently got books on pairing wines with foods-having fun with my 2oz of different wines with different courses-very mindful of tasting acidity/tannens/oak with foods. 6 oz of different wines with different course feels so luxurious when drinking it so mindfully and analytically. Wine is becoming a food enhancer not so much an alcoholic beverage. This kind of my whole foods sample experience.

MaryBlu-the cosmos let us get Praire Home Companion on the radio tonight. He talked about the Lutherans in Lake Wobegone-along with the -45 wind chill factor. Warming thoughts to you. Hope your aunt does well.

Erika-Agree that Yoga and meditation are such powerful tools to use instead of food. I don't know if we need to rid ourselves of unhappiness, but studying budhhism taught me that unhappiness is truly a product of my mind and attitudes not necessarily an objective reality. That alone has been very freeing for me that and the practice of looking directly at pain, anger, happiness and I now know that it all passes--everything is only temporary. You are right-look at it, be with it, accept it, and then notice it does pass away. Then with the Beck exercise of dealing with hunger. I learned even hunger is very temporal and passing. That was hugh for me.

CherryAutmn-the clearing out of certain foods was another biggie for me-it really helped-DH hids his treats about the garage and his car-after awhile I can tolerate more "treats in the home. But I am an ice cream magnetic. Somethings are tough for me to ignore when-alone, late a night, overtired and a bit upset- a cleared environment is such a help.

Mezmerize What chapter are you on? I have been frustrated with the slow weight loss, but the good news is that with Beck I have made some permanent changes of my attitude toward food and seeing the futility of emotional eating and how to change it and that feel really good!! I am very optmistic of future(but regretfully slow) loss.

CatR-much success on achieving the goals on your advantage card. Still have my 7 month old card on the refrig-still have the same reasons. Reading them does really help.

Heidi-hope you having some fun, rest and relaxation this weekend. Would love to be still teaching -my favorite is very young children with autism-just don't have the energy any more. Teaching is a tough but important job. glad the pup is still doing ok. Much credit for the cooking-good to plan for the nights when you feel soo tired and DD is soo hunger.

Hi to Jean and Wendylan much sccesss to all. This ain't easy, but is sure beats being unhappy and unhealthy. Miss some of my "comfort" foods, but everytime I pick up anything heavy, I an so glad that I have lost more weight than the item I picked up.

sue-looking forward sun

02-03-2008, 06:13 AM
Diet Coaches - Did some catch up walking. CREDIT moi. Had a great dinner with my old friend. Eating wasn't an issue. CREDIT moi. Today's challenge is to watch the Super Bowl without the seemingly mandatory eating that is usually associated with it. It'll help if I get in a good brisk walk before kick off.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for doing the poetry reading without eating or drinking. Sending sunny thoughts to a California woman deprived of her sunshine, LOL.

MaryBlu - Sending healing wishes to your Dear Aunt. Sending warm wishes to thaw you out.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving. Sending healing thoughts to Henry.

Erika (eusebius) – Just WOW at your response to Jon Kabat-Zinn's body scan.

CherryAutumn - Kudos for arranging your environment.

CatR - I'm particularly grabbed by: 4. Stop putting off buying clothes until "I have lost weight", because I have a list of actions in addition to buying clothes that fit that sentence.

Mez (mezmerize) - There does seem to be a bunch of you old timers who were moved by lessofsarahtolove.

Readers – "Many dieters who end up in my office have been on and off diets for years. They all have one thing in common. They don’t know how to think like a thin person." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-03-2008, 11:10 AM
Hello all!

It's so wonderful to get online and read how you all are doing. "Inspirational" is kind of overused, but it still fits. Yesterday was my first official On Plan day, and I was on plan all day for the first time in about two years. DH suggested pork chops for dinner since they were fresh and had been in the fridge for two days and it was time to eat them, so a few hours before dinner I sat down with my plan and reworked it for a different dinner. Same calories, same macro ratios, but a different meal. I figure I can be flexible but stay on plan, as long as I'm not making it up at the time I'm putting the food in my mouth. He was very sweet about it and even weighed my chop to make sure I got exactly 4 ounces. I was such a smart girl for marrying him!

One of the things I was thinking about as I caught up on everyone's posts is this idea of using food to avoid emotional discomfort (or physical exhaustion, which seems to be a common theme as well.) There's a lot of good in knowing that food won't fix sadness, but I especially liked Erika's comment that there's not necessarily merit in avoiding the sadness either. This was something that occurred to me while I was doing day 12 (deliberately letting myself get hungry.) It's never the sadness, or the grief, or the anxiety that leads to self-destructive behaviors - it's the attempt to avoid or circumvent the feelings that does it. (Pema Chodron says this much more elegantly.) When I'm not fighting or running away from my discomfort, it can become my teacher. And it becomes even clearer that unhappy emotions are just as fleeting as happy ones.

This has a more practical ramification for me as well. I mentioned that I've just started training for a half-marathon in May. Yesterday morning I went for my first long run of 4 miles (they get longer and longer every week.) By mile 3 I could feel blisters forming on the arches of my feet. I didn't slow down, even though they hurt. I just thought, these are blisters, and while they're uncomfortable, they're not a serious injury. When I get home I'll take my shoes off and put some bandaids on them, and they'll get tougher the more I do this. How fabulous and powerful! Bill, maybe you might consider signing up for some sort of race or event that requires a structured training program. I've found them motivating, when I know that I've invested $50 or so and I want to feel good at the finish line.

Thanks to the many who liked my advantages! I've been borrowing freely from you all too. :)

I'm considering skipping a Superbowl party this afternoon (under the guise of taking care of my sick kid.) It's going to be a junkfest, and frankly I don't have the mental energy or the time put in to breeze past the chicken wings and cookie cake. Instead I might skip it altogether. In a few weeks, I'll be in a better position to go to something like this.

Have a wonderful and mindful day!

02-03-2008, 04:09 PM
Hi there Friends!
I had to go look up Jon-Kabat Zinn and the body scan. I would really benefit from the mindfulness exercises. Fascinating. I put his book in the cart at amazon but will wait to buy since I have some other books on my nightstand right now that I want to get through first. So much good stuff out there to read and learn. I would love to practice “being with the feelings” and remembering that they will pass. Aha moment: that it is the avoidance of those feelings that cause emotional eating and not the feelings themselves. It is true and the hunger exercise connection is brilliant too. THANKS!

Sue: kudos for going to the reading and for not eating or drinking at it but got some inspiration from it.

Billblueeyes: I love that we are all on different places on this path and we can look to you to see how things can really come together! Being in that calm place in your mind in a social situation with desireable food around? Sometimes it feels like those moments are so far away if not impossible to have. Reading your experience with it gives me hope!

Happy SuperBowl Sunday everyone. I personally find that this day is a good day to grocery shop or drive any other place that is normally crowded. 

Just made dish #1 for the week and will make the other later on. Credit moi. DD and I made valentines for our family members and played basketball yesterday at the park (credit moi deux). Doggie even got to come to the park with us this time and he LOVED it! I gave in to temptation with some chips that were in the house and then ate some unplanned ice cream. I felt badly about it for a spell, recorded it all and planned today which is going much better so far! (that is “troi” credit).

I visited with a friend yesterday who is going all gangbusters on weight loss. He is on a strict 1200 calorie diet, roughly following glycemic index guidelines and eating a good balance of food. He “has not eaten a single thing off his plan for a month”, has exercised for one hour each of those days and has lost 30 lbs in one month. We talked about Beck (I tried not to preach too much..but wanted to!) but he is just on a roll and doesn’t feel like he needs any new skills right now. It really reminds me of how I have done weight loss in the past-going for perfection and super intense. I was fighting feeling that my way is “weak”compared to what he is doing right now. I had to remind myself that my plan is working for ME and that the skills I am learning and using will stay with me for my life and in all areas of my life. I must be flexible since if I am perfectionistic and then inevitably have a snafu, that I will know ahead of time that this does NOT end my plan and that I know how I will respond to it.

Anyone game for doing the next two days of the book? If not, I will do them.

02-03-2008, 11:33 PM
Sounds like everyone is just moving along in the right direction,always good advice and encouragement.I had a good day today and bumped up to 40 laps in the pool since the kids wanted to stay home and I had some extra time.Also had some unplanned peanut butter cups,I have really been struggling since Thur. weigh in which is strange since I had a good loss.I am working on what my sabatoging thoughts that are holding me back,sometimes I write a thought down and then look at it thinking"THAT is the thought I am struggling with?"Suprising what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.Anyway,I cut up some vegetables and packed a lunch for Monday back to work for me.

02-04-2008, 12:37 AM
CherryAutumn – I’m 5’4” my son and husband are both over 6’ I’ll have to have them hid their treats

Eusebius – The book is going great it’s a real eye opener. I have a yoga for weight loss dvd I’ve yet to open it.

Coastalsue – I’ve also got cabin fever. I went to sears and picked up a outdoor book and I’m so ready to sit out in the sun! It’s way too cold and I don’t know when the snow will be gone. I’m now on chapter 2 since I’d pretty much knew what diet plans I was going to use. I not to look at all the weight I want to lose. I break mine down to 10 lbs at a time it doesn’t seem that bad to me then.

Kuhljeanie – Great job reworking your meal!

Wendylan – Cabin fever hit once again! I love to swim.

BillBlueEyes – I skimmed Chapter 3 so I know what Credit means WTG!!! LOL you calling me an oldtimer makes me think of a old miner you see in cowboy movies. (I’m 43 yrs young) I have a odd sense of humor that is why. When you stated the 3 ½ years of my being here. I was very proud of myself for not giving up. (which is what the before 3FC me what have done) I thought of lessofsarahtolove and once again I’m thankful for all she taught me. She was amazing at guiding and making you believe that you can do it and I did I lost 40 lbs but things happen I wasn’t able to get online… That is why I feel The Beck Diet Book will help me. Here is part of my list.
Advantages Response Card
1. My Health
2. I’ll enjoy shopping for clothes more
3. I’ll be able to play with the grandkids and not tire out as quickly.
4. Like myself more

02-04-2008, 02:23 AM
Hi all - How exciting to see that so many of us respond deeply to mindfulness techniques. Between those and Beck I think we are unstoppable!

It has been a slightly rough day for me. three full days in a row with DD is wonderful in some ways and quite draining in others. For much of it i managed to remain mindful, but for other parts, it was tough to deal with down feelings, tense stomach muscles, and a loud child bouncing off the walls despite lots of physical activity and good food. Fortunately it didn't result in a binge ... I just find myself craving good feelings, peace, a jacuzzi, maybe a weekend in Bermuda. How strange the mind is.

Sue - for what it is worth I think you are a very creative person. I know what you mean about inner circles though. They can definitely be intimidating. Awesome job avoiding the "free" food. You are so right about the hunger exercise showing the temporality of hunger. What a great insight.

Bill - Hope you are enjoying your mindless-snack-free Super Bowl. Kudos for walking and for a good dinner with your friend.

kuhljeanie - well done with your rejigged pork chop dinner! So true about not avoiding sensations or emotions ... I do it even when I think I'm NOT doing it. The mind is so clever and insidious sometimes. But awareness can still hold it all. WTG on training for a half and on your attitude to the blisters! I have run a half once and I thought it was great. All the best for continued success in your training!

heidi - Yep, you really get these concepts! I am now almost thinking that we could have a Kabat-Zinn book discussion once we are finished reading Beck, or have one in parallel. Great insights re: your gung ho friend and dieting perfectionism too.

wendylan - you are doing exactly what you need to do! The struggle seems so tough sometimes. I have often struggled after a good weigh-in ... it's like the mind is trying to trick me into not losing any more. great job with food and exercise today!! 40 laps in the pool would kick my rear :lol:

mez - great advantages card! i see we are the same height and fairly close in age; cool! though I think your son must be a bit older than my daughter if he's over
6' LOL. I like how you are breaking stuff down into 10 lb goals - very Beck!

Well ... time to attempt another body scan with eyes open so I don't conk out... zzzzz ... another weigh in tomorrow morning but I probably won't lose this week. Oh well, as Beck says ... keep on keepin' on ...


02-04-2008, 03:48 AM
Hello all,

billBlueEyes-sorry about the superbowl-wanted the patriots to win as is seemed important for you. Heard that so much food is eaten on superbowl Sunday that it is 2nd most caloric day in the US with Thanksgiving Day being the first.

Erika-a tropical resort sound wonderful-meet you there. Being a mom is a wonderful but intense 24/7 role. Glad inspite of stress you stayed on your food plan.

mesmerize-Sounds like you'll be on the beach with Erika and myself. Nice to read your determination inspite of set backs. Health and more energy are so important to me also-actually do feel so much better with my limited weight loss.

Kuhljeanie-very impressed with your dedication to run a marathon!! hope the blisters are healing quickly. Agree that at times it is the supression of our feelings/thought that creates such difficulties for ourselves. The other day I was fretting if a decision/ action I did will be OK with others, my friend came up with a great approach. He asked ,"well what is the best that will happen because of what you did"-and since I did with this reason in mind, I could let go the "what ifs" if others did not like it. My DH also will measure and weight out food for me-that is great support!!

Heidi-A dream of quick weight loss, glad you worked out what is right for you-Never has quick off for me remained permanently off. Wish him well. The time in the park sounds great-basketball and happy pup. Credit for recording the extra treat and going on. It sound like you keep builiding up a strong foundaton for the changes.

Wendylan-This sounds strange, but I felt like a little girl inside who was stumping her feet and would periodically refuse to do the healthy thing. It has taken months for me to get her to fully agree to cooperate with this food plan. I think enough time of this Beck stuff is taming her and now she even thinks the reasons on the cards are more important than her temper tanturms to overeat. I know that sounded wierd-but I never clear sabatoging thought but it was more as a kid like response of the I want it and I want it now. Yeah back to the veggies.

Thought about making a dash and to go for a long car ride-the highway had just reopened and expected to stay open until high tide this evening will push the river over the road again. But we were practical and stayed at home. If the road closed early it would take us over 4 hrs to get home if the other roads were even open. We got invited to a rainy day picnic-by other rain crazed friends-made devil eggs with low cal mayo and mustard and carrot sticks and brought a large water bottle with ice water-I did good and had no chips, tacos,crackers, cookies, brie, brandy ect. The odd things is that I have been wanting to eat less, to eat less rich, and really wanting to loss more weight. While my loss is very slow, I am enjoying a time with few cravings and a real sense of not wanting to overindulge. This is very different for me!! What an increditable change this is for me!! I am so hopeful for the future and my health!!


02-04-2008, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches – Got in two good walks in the warm weather, including a long brisk walk before the Super Bowl; I needed the catchup. CREDIT moi. Congrats to the New York Giants for a game well played. Ouch! Had an opportunity to indulge in a variety of good food at a nearby Super Bowl party when I stopped in briefly during halftime; didn’t. Maybe I’m losing my touch or something – wouldn’t that be nice. My feelings do not, however, match my actions. My eating is on plan, yet I have the feeling that I could lose the whole thing at any minute. Perhaps another example of Beck’s Thinking Mistake #2: Negative Fortune Telling
You predict the future negatively, without considering other possible outcomes. A more balanced fortune telling is in my daily Response Cards from Beck: Believe It - I've learned to: Do (strategies, eat mindfully); Remind myself (Response Cards); Motivate myself (Advantages, CREDIT moi); Keep honest (3FC, journal).

Sue (CoastalSue) - LOL at the image of you stomping your feet and having a tantrum. BIG Kudos for staying on plan at a large social setting. You just keep moving forward!

MaryBlu - Hope all is going well with your aunt.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - CREDIT toi quatre for giving yourself credits, LOL. Kudos for your rapid bounce back from minor unplanned eating. Your story of your friend's intensity reminds me that I'm trying to learn to maintain while keeping food in its proper place in my life; I'm still working food at a level of intensity that isn't likely to last. My plan (hope) is to get skills and habits in place so that eating is like brushing my teeth - I don't think that I plan it, but it always happens. Hugs to Henry who goes to the park.

Erika (eusebius) – Never heard craving used this way, "I just find myself craving good feelings." What a powerful word to go along with desperately using food to try to change the current feelings. And, good luck at your weigh in this morning.

wendy (wendylan) - 40 laps is like forever to me; I haven't mastered swimming laps yet. Hope to find a trainer or somebody to help me learn this. Being astounded at your own thoughts must be the core of what Beck is trying to get us to do - BIG kudos.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Thanks for driving home the thought, "'s the attempt to avoid or circumvent the feelings that does it." Room for me to work on that one. And thanks for the idea to sign up for an event like a marathon to help me stay on track with exercise.

Mez (mezmerize) - LOL at "old miner." Thanks for posting your Advantages, "My Health" is in the top of my list also.

Readers – “This program teaches you how to talk back to your sabotaging thoughts in a convincing way. …” Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-04-2008, 11:53 AM
Yesterday as Day 8 -- Create Time and Energy The hard part for me is the planning out meals for the next day. I tend to want to rebel because when i write it down in a plan the last thing i want to do is follow it. I think it will take a while for this to become a habit.

Today i am working on selecting a Exercise Plan--I think that exercise will help me feel better about myself and has been known to help fight
depression which is a big one for me.

CoastalSue - great job at the picnic. I can't wait till i am at the stage where it seems a lot of you have worked so hard t reach. Where you are happy with your decisions and don't feel down or left out because you don't get to eat what others do.

eusebius- sorry to hear that you had such a rough day. Hope your weigh in goes well.

mezmerize- I just had to chuckle at the picture of us being 5'4" and having the tallest person we know put the food where we have trouble reaching it.

Wendylan- I think that is a great idea to write down the thought you are struggling with to read it. I may have to try that.

hbuchwald- Thanks for telling us about you friend. It is really something to think about. That is great that you gave yourself credit.

Kuhljeanie- Wow 4 mile that is great. Sorry about the blisters though.

billBlueEyes- That is great you were able to get two walks in. I can't wait for warmer weather and some sunshine. Great that you resisted temptation at the superbowl party you stopped at.

02-04-2008, 03:59 PM

Thank you for all your insightful comments. You guys really cover a lot of ground. I am going to need to check in a couple of times a day to keep up.

I am going to have to watch what I eat for the rest of my life to feel my best. This goes beyond dropping a few pounds. If I eat sugar, I get tired and depressed. It doesn't make sense to eat rich desserts and other foods to please someone else or give myself momentary "pleasure" if it is going to affect how I function.

I was really stressed over the holidays because of all the food I was exposed to and the worry about putting on weight. I gained 4 pounds. Anxiety about food does not help. I am already concerned about how I am going to manage my quilt groups monthly potluck, which will probably be at the end of this month! I think it is going to be a while before I am easy being around a lot of food.

I am following a combination of 2 diets. I did well a couple years ago cutting my carbs down below 180 gms/day from Lose Weight the smart low-carb way. I know I have some carb sensitivity, so that made sense. I don't have any energy if I cut the carbs too low. I started my latest "miracle diet" a couple of weeks ago with the "Flatten Your Belly Diet" that showed up in the last issue of Prevention Magazine. You incorporate olive oil and other oils, avocado, nuts, olives and chocolate (which I am passing on because of the sugar). This dovetailed very well with the reduced carbs. I did not flatten my belly, but I have eaten an ounce of nuts a day for a couple of years. I sadly acknowledged that there weren't going to be any miracles.

However, I am doing very well with the increased fat (around 33% of my diet) because my blood sugar is a lot more stable. This probably helped when I passed up the brownies at the carving meeting. I have kept my fat intake down to 20-25% for years and that might not have been a good idea for me. I do get hungry at times, but I feel much better than I have with my previous dieting efforts. So I have hope that I going to be able to stick with my plan long enough to reach a good weight.

My goal weight is 122. I once got down to 123-125 for a few years. 125 seemed to be my maximum weight because I started getting sluggish. 115 would probably be too thin because of my lean body mass. I am going to get below 125 pounds and re-evaluate the situation.

This takes care of last weeks chapters. Now that I have the book, I'll be able to participate in the current chapters more and play "catch up" with the first 8.

02-04-2008, 10:20 PM
Eusebius – My son just turned 18. He graduates this year. Humm Guess I have another Advantage to losing weight. To be at a healthier weight at sons graduation. I love breaking it down Today was my weight in and I lost 2 lbs. If you look at my ticker it shows I’m half way there. Now if I had the full weight loss on my ticker to me it doesn’t look like much. It’s a mind game that works very well for me. Keep going never give up YOU WILL DO IT!!

Coastalsue – It’s great you planned what you would eat at the picnic and stuck to it!! I’m very proud of you!!!!

BillBlueEyes – WTG getting a walk in and staying on plan.

CherryAutum – I can really relate to Exercise I sure drag my feet with that it’s been one of my main problems is starting a workout plan. Plus planning my meals I do try to loosely plan by having healthy items in my home.

CatR - I really like that you wrote You noticed how you felt sluggish at a lower weight and it makes one think about what they think would be the best idea weight to what weight is actually the healthiest for that person. Great insight.

02-05-2008, 01:13 AM
Good evening!

Wendylan: I am very much experiencing what you describe: sabotage after some success. I need to do more journaling about this but I am wondering if somewhere inside of me I am afraid to lose more weight. I am definitely maintaining if not losing VERY slowly. I was losing much more quickly before but, because I have been giving into snack attacks at night the last few nights and not exercising, it has slowed way down. Kudos to you for packing that lunch and getting some chopped veggies in there too!

Mezmerize: Love the idea of being able to keep up with kids as an advantage! I do love the visual of the 10 lb increments. Where did you get the little icon? I assume that it looks somewhat like you do? Very cool!

Erika: I do understand how exhausting it can be to hang with kids all day long. I LOVE my dd so much too but it would be so hard to stay at home with her ALL the time. I LOVE the idea of “I just find myself craving good feelings, peace, a jacuzzi, maybe a weekend in Bermuda.” We are looking for the GOOD feelings and this is also a way that I have not heard of using the idea of craving… I would like to try and use that to counter sabotaging thoughts that drive me to my snacking. I just want to feel calm and relaxed and it is MUCH more healthy to desire something good for me that may actually help me feel calm now than to eat (which makes me feel anxious after eating it in these circumstances). Genious!

Sue: I am so happy that you are in that frame of mind where you are WANTING to eat well, etc… It feels sooo good to be in that place. I am trying to get back to it too. I have been doing just fine during the day and then at night… I threw the chips out (they were healthy chips too) and am putting the candy bowl UP high (too bad I am the tallest one in the house!). You sound so healthy and balanced.

Billblueeyes: I copied down, “Believe It - I've learned to: Do (strategies, eat mindfully); Remind myself (Response Cards); Motivate myself (Advantages, CREDIT moi); Keep honest (3FC, journal).”… I am trying to get that down to a neat little mantra something like in Stuart Smalley Saves his Family, “I’m gonna’ trace it, face it and erase it..”. He is an old SNL character who was addicted to self help and 12 step programs… HILARIOUS (to me anyway). Seriously though, Believe, Remind, Motivate and Keep Honest…..those are the tools!

Maryblu: Hope all is well with you and your aunt!

CherryAutumn: Creating time and energy for self care (weight loss or maintenance) will be one that probably most of us will have to be mindful about for the rest of our lives. I can see how, especially during maintenance, that it would be easy to say that “I don’t need to do this one anymore…” and then slowly not do many of the behaviors that will help us maintain. Bill-any truth to that for you? I keep thinking of that oxygen mask on the plane analogy…we HAVE to do the things that we need to do to take good care of ourselves BEFORE other stuff (dependents or work or whatever) like putting on our own O2 mask before putting one on our child’s. Maybe I should hang oxygen masks around my house. Or around my neck? It is getting late… 

I purchased a great software program that I am now recording my food and exerices into. Kudos to me for doing that since now I am spending MUCH less time online (I was recording on another site where I was getting sidetracked by some fun bells and whistles on the site…articles, etc…). Great resource to remember WHEN I NEED IT only!

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-05-2008, 02:51 AM

another good but uneventual day on program-tried out a new(from the library)DVD on doing yoga for folks with arthritis-very good and enjoyed the gentle stretchs/ I am enjoying feeling so focus but the weight is so slowly getting off-the behaviors are becoming more and more ingrained-It is the most optimistic I have ever felt about doing permanent weight loss. It is sort of a calm acceptance of the work needed-I finally accept that I have no choice if I want to loss weight. If I do blow it, then just get back on the planning wagon and re lose the gain. One thing is that we all have are own pacing-some are so much more focused and diciplined, while I have needed months to work thru my serious sabatoging behaviors-(At least I hope I have worked thru serious long term binge eating) Hang in everyone as think Beck has alot of good stuff. Honestly I really had to work at preplanning and now I have modifiied some things as I have a more general food plan for each day-some categories can have changes in them but over all I always stay within the cals and have a balance of protein, veggies, milk, fruits, a bit of carbs and some treats.

Billblueeyes-even more credit for maintaining your goal inspite of a test of spirit-the spirit/emotions/ desires can and do come and go but your strength has been your dedication. That dedication will always pull you back to program even if you might have a lapse. Maintaining your goal is part of you along with the new behaviors from new cooking skills to mindful eating. After feeling the concern you problem solved with your response cards.

CherryAutumn-Preplanning was a realy drag at first-now my grocery shopping is revolving about the preplanning. all my old breakfast have been replace with lower cal items, -cottage cheese, ect. It did turn into a new eating style for me along with learning alot about caloric foods.

CatR It is a real art to learn what is the best combo for your own body versus some "latest" new diet. Sound like you have put alot of thought in the best for you. I am always trying to figure out what is the right number of calories for my age, weight and lack of exercising when not swimming. There is alot of conflicting info out there. Dh who is very active and thin adds snacks of nuts and more whole grain bread.

Heidi, what is that about saboatging ourself after some success of losing? I have done that over and over again. Because I am such an emotional eater I think it is more the fear of losing an way to calm myself than fear of losing weight. I build a tension level that i must binge in order to psychologically feel better (a false myth I believed and overate due to)-so I just snap then eat. It is working on ways to comfort/calm myself other than eating that has lessen the binges. Somedays I have still have a low grade anxiety level going on which I think for decades I have eaten to stuffing down.-it is pain to have such days, but they pass and so does the tension even tho I didn't over eat. It has taken me close to 9 months to actually say Oh Well to food and mean it, in the past "Oh Well" was an annoying challenge which often I responded to by over eating. It was like "I dare you not to cross that line" and of course I did because no one is going to tell me what I can and can't do. hope my babbling have made some sense.

Best wishes to all


02-05-2008, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches – Lunch yesterday was red beans over broccoli slaw (slivered broccoli) - an idea from Meg on the Maintainers Chat. I cooked the red beans several weeks ago and froze half; this is reaping that effort – you regular cooks probably do this all the time, but this is the first time I’ve pulled a quart of something out of the freezer that I had cooked earlier. CREDIT moi.

I ate on plan at a buffet spread last night, even though slightly overdoing super crackers with Tapenade ("Combine garlic, olives, anchovies, capers, thyme, rosemary and lemon juice in a food processor. Slowly add the olive oil.") CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos that you just keep banging forward. Is yoga an old friend that you're getting back to?

Heidi (hbuchwald) - I always appreciate your thoughts about self care and managing time. And your comment about Saturday Night Live (SNL) reminded me that the Court Jester could say with humor what couldn't be heard otherwise. So, SNL was our generation's Court Jester!!!

CherryAutumn - Good luck with your work on meal planning. Methinks Beck has more lessons for us in this than just the obvious. I have room to work on this since I opted for the more generic version offered in the back of the book for maintenance. But I did work out my leeways for parties, restaurants, celebrations, and samples that help me to remain responsible in situations that might otherwise tempt me to act out of control.

CatR - Terrific insight, "If I eat sugar ... it is going to affect how I function." It continues to amaze me that different foods really do affect each of us in our own way.

Mez (mezmerize) - Seems to me you capture the essence of Beck with, "It’s a mind game that works very well for me."

Readers – "When you hear that little voice in your head say Oh just eat it, it won’t matter, you’ll be able to tell yourself, Yes it does matter… I want to be thin …" Beck, pg 18. [Continued...]

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-05-2008, 09:33 AM
Hbuchwald - I found that when I hit the 200 mark I sabotage myself. I just can’t seem to get below that. Fear is what one of my feelings and others I can’t put my finger on. That is my main reason for the Beck book. I heard from many others that they to have this. Many have different views to why this happens and I think they are all right since I’m sure there are many reason for it. I just have to find mine and work through it. I know I can do this and it’s going to be one major victory once I hit below 200. You can get your own personal Icon at It’s a URL to show you how clothes will look on you. I use it to be inspired on what I look like at each weight loss stage. I like to make my own tickers since it keeps me busy and focused. Yes I’m very close body wise to looking like that. My hair is longer almost to my hips. Which program did you go with?

BillBlueEyes – That sounds very good. Thanks for the Tapenade recipe.

02-05-2008, 12:21 PM
I have an exercise plan in place and now I am on Day 10 - Set a realistic Goal. What is eveyone else using as their realistic goal?

02-05-2008, 07:16 PM
CherryAutumn: I have set my goal between 120-125 because I felt better during the brief period that I was below 125. That was about 30 years ago. My big health-related concern is my abdominal fat, so a more reasonable goal might be to attain a waist/hip ratio of .80, above which the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes and other health nasties begin to climb.

Regular exercise is really important. I would weigh a lot more than I do now had I not exercised regularly over the years. When I slack off on exercise, I usually stop planning my meals and gain a pound or two.

Meal planning did get easier for me over time once I got a general pattern established. I am using Mastercook now, but I used to work out several menus for each meal and put each menu on a separate index card, and then picked the cards that would make up the next day's meals.

CoastalSue: Amen to the conflicting info! Letting go of the mind games concerning weight loss is a big deal. I have moments of acceptance, then I am off and running with the sabotaging thoughts.

Heidi & Mezster: I think one of the factors behind my sabotaging behaviors has been fear of failure---fear that I might not actually be able to attain and maintain a healthy weight. Also, the time and energy I have spent on reading diet books, trying diets and so forth could have been a distraction from dealing with other life issues.

I didn't have any Super Bowl challenges so have been able to keep on plan. Since I have a better idea how I need to eat in order to feel my best, my card for social situations will be: choose the best proteins and vegetables/fruits I can and no sugar. :)

02-05-2008, 07:55 PM
Hello everyone,I am plugging along.We had a lunch and meeting today provided by one of the drug representatives.I ate one plate of what was served and some salad.They had big cookies for dessert and I did not have any of those,that is a big step for me because I love the sweets.I kept thinking to myself,NO CHOICE NO CHOICE NO CHOICE! We also have a dinner out on Thur. at a fancy italian restaraunt provided by one of the representatives for some of the medication we use.I was thinking on Thur. I would just eat a fresh mozzarella appetizer,salad with blue cheese and walnuts and a grilled chicken and pasta meal.Do you think it is sometimes OK to have a meal of just what you want without usual diet restrictions. In the past I have reserved one meal a week kind of like a cheat meal to have what I want without guilt and then get on with my usual plan.

BillBlue Eyes-You are doing just great,you seem to sail thru buffets and meals out so easily,you are an inspiration to us all.Plus you are on maintenece and you follow the steps and exercises to the letter.

CostalSue-You are so right about us just accepting this is what we need to do and if we fall off the wagon just get up and keep on going.It takes time and we must go at our pace.I can so identify with your picture of a small child stopping her feet refusing to cooperate with myself.That is the perfect description.

hbuchwald-We really are together in this sabotaging ourselves,thank you for letting me know I am not alone in this.Ican do really well and then I just get a moody disgusted feeling and lose ground.I am also looking for the root of this.keep up the good work!

mezmerise-Great job on the 2 pound weight loss!That is the best we can hope for!Do you live in an area where you can swim regularly?I also think I have some thoughts behind sabatoging myself that I can't put my finger on.

cherryautumn-I have set for myself at least 4 exercise sessions per week lasting 30-45min.I usually swim laps at local YMCA and I have worked from 20-40 laps over the last 5 weeks.Sometimes[like tonight ]I take a 45 min water fitness class and my boys come with me for rec swim.When I don'twant to go they are pulling me out the door.I also have treadmill and bike at home.In warm weather I take a 30 min lunch break walk at work.Exercise really boosts the spirits and gives me energy.

catr-Great job at picking the best diet for you!Sounds like you know what your body needs and we do know best for ourselves.

eusebius-Great job avoiding a binge and to crave things like peace good feelings and jacuzzi instead of food! Great progress.I had a thought a few days ago when really stressed out "I can't wait to get in the pool" Wow and so much better than I can't wait to eat a carton of icecream.!!!Good job eusebius!

kuhljeanie-Great job at getting your diet under control and weighing your food to be sure!

Well off to the pool for me!

02-05-2008, 08:35 PM
Hi all,

I am very happy to find this forum. I am working on Beck's book and workbook and it has given me great hope I will succeed this time! I'm 50 years old and need to lose weight for my health + I really want to! I am working on my resistance muscles, getting exercise and giving myself credit for every challenge especially not overeating in the afternoon and evening. I started at 140 lbs and have lost 3. Getting close to my first 5 lb goal. I look forward to reading your posts and am already encouraged by all the little lines at the bottom of posts showing weight already lost.


02-05-2008, 09:08 PM
:welcome: Lewarner :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, for the special event of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

WOW, your Start/Current/Goal shows that you've already lost 103 pounds; is that possibly a typo?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

02-05-2008, 11:50 PM
I see our day#9 is SELECT AN EXERCISE PLAN

I have been rereading the chapter to refresh for our discussion.In the first paragraph Judith Beck talks about studying weight loss of participants at the National Weight Control Registry that have lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off.She writes"nearly 90% of dieters who lose weight and keep it off do so with a combination of diet and exercise."So we can see that exercise is not optional if we want to kep the weight loss off permanently.

The book goes on to list the other benefits of exercise:
Exercisee helps you stick with your diet
Exercise might help control appetite
Exercise boosts mood and sooths stress
Exercise burns calories
Exercise preserves muscle tissue
Exercise builds confidence
Exercise makes you feel better physically
Exercise improves your health and helps prevent disease

The book goes on to discuss spontaneous exercise and planned exercise
Spontaneous being things you do in your regular life to increase your movement like park further away and walk,take the stairs.Alot of people on the board use a pedometer to track steps to make sure they are moving enough.Personally I find this exercise a little harder,I arrive at work sit down in the nurses station and plant myself for the day.Nursing has become alot like secretarial work.Answering phones,questions,calling doctors and a ton of paperwork,not alot of physical laborat least for psychiatric nursing during the day hours.Even at home I ask the kids to take things upstairs or carry in groceries.
Planned exercise,she writes is not optional if you want to lose weight.Also chose a form of exercise you like and can stick with.Start out at a reasonable level and increase over time.I have already talked about swimming being my exercise of choice and in Dec I signed up for the Y with my two boys so we can go together.My husband complained at first because of the other times I joined for a membership and quit after a few times.But with the kids reminding me and going with me when he is working nights we are averaging 4 times a week.I add on to my workout a little at a time.
The chapter goes on to discuss sabatoging thoghts regarding exercise and then ends with the thought

"Once I accept that exercise is esential and start doing it consistently,dieting will be easier."

02-06-2008, 01:09 AM
Coastalsue: The library for exericise videos-I am going online tonight to see what is there… great way to get some variety without spending money! You really sound like you are in the groove of this stuff. I also really hate to be told what to do, hate that I have (in the past) felt like I HAD to lose weight…I was thinking mostly of others' expectations of me to be thin and wasn’t feeling like I needed to do it for myself. It feels different this time. I can definitely relate to the emotional eating cycle you described as well.

Sue, Mez and CatR: About the sabotaging thinking… I sometimes wonder if I am scared of successfully losing weight. In that way, it is good for me to lose slowly-take any strong reactions/attention from others and then let it die down…then lose some more. ??? I really don't like the head trip I have put on myself in past attempts when everyone comments and then stops commenting after awhile... I would wonder if I still looked okay/acceptable. Ick... I am stronger than that and can handle whatever comes my way. Weight is such a personal thing yet so publicly acknowledged/discussed. I prefer to keep it close to the vest but obviously cannot do that forever since people do notice when a person loses a lot of weight.

Billblueeyes: That recipe sounds really delicious (and healthy and hearty too). It would be really helpful if Beck wrote a book about maintenance… It seems that it will be or is a need for successful beckies who are done losing.

Mezster: Thanks for the url for the virtual model-I will check that out. I got the FitDay program. Do you use one to record what you eat? I like seeing the nutrient breakdown.

CherryAutumn: I know my “goal weight” from doing Weight Watchers in the past and from other charts that I have found online. I also just know what weight works for my body from being that weight way back when. I am aiming for 170 which is the top of my range for my height but any less than that, I look skinny.

CatR: I have been doing a similar system with meals on index cards. I love having a system that works and is easy to manage! Do you use mastercook to put recipes in and see the nutrient values or just to store recipes? What did we ever do without computers and especially the web? Hard to imagine huh?

Wendylan: I definitely think that it can be fine for a person to eat “non diet” stuff. I think that is what helps many of us not feel deprived. Portion control and recording it would be important to stay on track. I really think that we all have to tweak things or choose programs that suit our lives. I love how you take your kids to the pool and they count on going so it helps you stay in the game with your swimming! Thanks for taking on Day 9! I have a few exercise videos and followed a show on tv to do some yoga (which I had never done before). Of course this is the most fun with a 5 yr old doing it with me! It LOOKS so easy when I watch the people on tv do it but it was challenging and I felt like I got a great workout even though I did 30 min instead of the whole hour. I find myself “loving it” when I have to go to the office at school or walk somewhere else in the building..I walk fast and try to get the most out of my steps for that spontaneous exercise.

Welcome lewarner! Yes, people do lose using BDS. I think that the biggest benefit using this program though is that we gain skills that we can apply for the rest of our lives (and even in other areas of our lives). So we know what to do if we gain a few pounds in the future. It sounds like you are really getting into it!

NO SNACKING for me tonight! I am SOLID on that… done eating for today. Credit moi! My teammates at work are razzing me a bit since I have been cooking so much lately…they see all the stuff I have been making. I already feel so great about this big change but it is nice to hear others acknowledge it too. A few of us took a healthy cooking class a month or so ago and are looking into taking another-FUN!

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-06-2008, 04:36 AM
Diet Coaches – Caught up in a big crunch at work. No walk; no gym; little time for 3FC. Oh Well. But, I didn’t turn to the vending machines to deal with the tension as in days of yore. CREDIT moi. Just thinking, This too shall pass.

Re: Day 9 – Select an Exercise Plan. My initial plan came from “my” (seldom utilized) personal trainer at the gym. The surprise to me, and the joy, is that I tweak it rather regularly. It’s a huge emotional lift to me when I add a few pounds to my weights or slightly increase the number of reps. There is plenty of room here for me to get more deeply involved in mixing up my daily plan to get the most out of my exercise time. When my SIL heard that’d I’d joined a gym, her response was, “Give it six months.” I thank her for an additional motivator to keep at it for 2+ years now.

Heidi (hbuchwald) – Kudos for your ” NO SNACKING”. For me, the current Beck book does serve as a maintenance guide, despite its constant reference to weight loss. I only found Beck after I was six months into my current maintenance phase and was looking for something to increase my sense that I could remain responsible for maintenance just as I had been responsible for weight loss. I’ll report back in 5 years, LOL, if it works to help me meet that goal, since I’m counting on the studies that show that people who have kept it off for 5 years tended to keep it off thereafter.

wendy (wendylan) – Kudos for your performance during the drug company meal. You ask about special meals. I like that Beck states that she doesn’t use the word ”cheat” for special meals, but encourages that we plan extra calories for special occasions. She seems to push us to avoid a sense of failure with its invitation to abandon responsibility. Sounds like in the past you got great benefit from a special meal each week without guilt. Is it possible for you to incorporate that into your current eating plan without using the word “cheat”?

CherryAutumn – My goals are to stay within 5 pounds of my current maintenance weight and to keep slowly increasing my exercise plan. Hadn’t thought this out loud before, but it seems realistic to suppose I will reach a “maintenance exercise level” at some point and then to slowly reduce that with age.

CatR – What a great testament to the benefit of exercise, ” When I slack off on exercise, I usually stop planning my meals…” Slacking off exercise has a similar effect on me – I can feel myself drifting away from personal responsibility for my life.

Mez (mezmerize) – It’s neat that you are phrasing your concerns in Beck terminology so that you can apply the Beck strategies to overcome them. It does encourage me to apply Beck to my blockages when I see Beck being used by others.

Lewarner – Yep, that old “afternoon and evening” is great time to shift into eating, LOL. Even though some people swear by early morning exercise, my afternoon walk or trip to the gym helps me to avoid the mindless eating I had been doing during this period.

Readers – " … you’ll be able to tell yourself, Every time I eat something I’m not supposed to, it makes it more likely that I’ll give in again in the future …" Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-06-2008, 09:44 AM
CherryAutumn – WTG on sitting a realistic Goal!

CatR – I declined the invites to the Super Bowl parties. I knew it was too early and I didn’t have the skills to say no. I’m so happy about doing that!

Wendylan – Nice job avoiding those cookies! As far the fancy Italian dinner I think that we all know deep down what is best for us and if we truly feel that it won’t hurt our progress then do what you feel will work out for you. I live in northern Iowa recently we’ve been hit with many snow /ice storms. I don’t belong to a gym so swimming will have to wait till this summer when the pool is open.

Lewarner _ Welcome!!

Coastalsue – I’m not from a very big town and our library has a wonderful selection of workout videos. So do check into yours. When I 1st started my journey I used the Walk Away the Pounds Videos. I lost 40 doing that. I have bad knees and doing them didn’t bother them in the least. I did put on my own music. I record my food on Weight Watchers Pure Points software. A friend bought it for me long ago. It’s Weight Watchers Points on a disk it’s wonderful it has everything you need journals, fitness, food measurement , inspiring quotes ... The only problem is it is a British program and most of the preprogrammed points food aren’t found here in the states. So when I 1st started I had to log in all the nutrients to get the point values. It comes with a Calculator (in the program) that figures points quickly for when I don’t have time to log in the info. I’ve heard great reviews about fit day even way back when I started it still going strong so it must be a very good program.

BillBlueEyes – Congrats for not going to that venting machine and tweaking your workout. Is your SIL still wiping the mudd from her face after that comment? Hehe
Well as for me I asked my husband to be my diet coach. He had some misgivings about it. He wanted to know what he had to do. He didn’t sound all that trilled about it. I did say he didn’t have to. He’s now insisting on it. I don’t feel he really wants to. I think he fears me asking him not to snack next to me. I have learned to deal with that for the most part. I do have my bad days. I do have a plan of action. I asked him not to leave his “treats” next to my computer and if his munching is starting to get the best of me I’ll let him know and we’ll work it out from there. This was one of the hurdles I had to overcome in the past to lose my 40 lbs. Sometimes one has to find a way since all things can’t be changed.

02-06-2008, 09:26 PM
Thanks for all the welcomes and encouraging words!

Bill, I like the suggestion to exercise in the afternoon after work. I am going to see how that works for me. I do have less hunger after exercise.

What a great thing that you avoided the cookies at the meal, wendylan. So many choices and so many chances to practice resistance. I've always seen resistance as a negative thing. But turns out that being resistant can be a good thing!

You can get under that 200 lb mark, mesmerize! You must have plenty of reasons you want to do so that are very important to you.

I am just pleased to learn that maybe I am not so weak willed as I always thought. Turns out my will has needed more support and nurturing to make it more powerful. I am just looking forward to every situation not being such a temptation. Such a pull. I do like NO CHOICE, NO CHOICE, NO CHOICE, though.

After 2 weeks on 1600 cal/day, I notice being not really full or being a little hungry makes me feel emotionally uncomfortable. Being over full (my idea of full) makes me feel at peace or secure or something. I'm working on a response card or two to try to combat this. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. I just need to remind myself that being hungry, not hungry or over full has no relationship to the quality of my life or my day or me. It's just food in the stomach!

Take care all,

02-06-2008, 10:55 PM
Exercise: The land right above our property belongs to the Forest Service, so I jog and walk there when conditions are good. I alternate that with weight training DVD's. Right now I am doing step aerobics because of the snow.

:wave: Hi. Lewarner. I joined this group a couple of weeks ago and have gotten a lot out of reading the other posters' comments. It is a big help finding out that others are dealing with the same weight loss issues. I am in my third week of my eating plan which is also 1600 calories. I was disturbed about feeling so "light" and not being stuffed "full". I have gotten used to feeling that way now. So maybe you just need some more time to adjust to your diet.

Heidi: I use Mastercook to lay out my meal plan for the next day. It provides the nutritional information for the day and the number of exchanges for each food group so I can double-check that my vegetable/fruit intake is enough.

Mez: Good luck with working through your issues with your husband.

BillBlueEyes: Maintaining a healthy weight for the long term is a challenge, since I have never done that. It is nice to find out it is possible.

My quilt group potluck is early this month, like this Saturday. So in addition to picking the best proteins/fruit/vegetables and no sugar I think I'd better add no alcohol. It will just add more calories and probably undermine my good intentions. If I am careful, I am should be able to keep the total day's calories below my maintenance level.:)

02-06-2008, 11:46 PM
Billblueeyes: I can see how adding weights to your workout would be highly motivating! Maybe that kind of thing can serve as the “carrot” for me after I lose weight. Being able to do things that you couldn’t do before is very exciting (exercise related or not)…

5 years-oh yes, you can do it!!!

Mesmerize: Great job on knowing your limits on the superbowl parties!

Lewarner: have you done the hunger exercise yet? I cannot remember what day you said you were on. That is a good one for putting hunger in its place.

CatR: How nice to have a trail right next to where you live! Your quilt group potluck sounds like a challenge. Will you feel deprived if you don’t indulge with your friends? Can you bring a veggie tray or something that you are excited about eating or drinking? Someone (was it you?) went to a woodworking party and brought some nice smelling tea to sip on while others were snacking on stuff… sounds like fun though. Maybe quilting will be enough of a distraction from the food????

I did some yoga last night and my “core” feels like it got a great workout-I LOVE that feeling! I got lots of spontaneous exercise in today as well-credit moi! I ate on plan and don’t even want any snack food-I think I am back on track which feels so wonderful.

Gearing up to sign up for the dance class..I am sort of chicken but also excited. I also need to get a current schedule for our pool-it is indoors and my daughter is old enough and can swim well enough now that I could swim laps for part of the time while she plays in the other part of the pool…even once a week would be grand and I can do my home stuff the other times.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-07-2008, 12:40 AM
Hello all,

Welcome Lewarner-glad you are posting with us. I have been eating at 1600 for about 5 months with some regretable binges with company and during the holdiays. But I finally have gotten comfortable with that amount of food during the day. The other day we went to resturant and some of choices sounded so rich and heavy-a friend walked by groaning about how full she was from the rich breakfast. I easily changed to two eggs on the side and a great fruit bowl. I also have learned via Beck that I need a full 20 minutes once the meal starts to really have hunger pass and it does.

Catr-Great plan for Sat. after months with out wine, I have started to add it back at 2 oz a glass-got some really small glasses and drink it very mindfully-much easier to do it at home than at social gatherings-I get too distracted. I also am very leery of sugar and much white flour.

mesmerize- In our small area the library is one my main activities, do a lot of volunteer work there-once a week we get a book deliverly of books which patrons can order from other branches. Love the free options available. I am using the free options of fitday and find it works for me, really learned about portions and calories from doing it daily. There is cold hard truth when recording the figures. I had a bit of candy-about the half the size of my baby finger-I had to add 72 calories to my amount-I bet I'll never have that bite again. Hey that vitural model site is a gas.

Wendylan-thanks for doing # 9 I need the reminder. Swimming is my biggie-you plan to include the kids is also great for them-Another good habit to them to learn. PS I have spend soo much money on gyms and used exercise equipment also. But one keeps trying to find the right activity.

Heidi-important goal of no night time snacking-In the past it was one of my dearest unhealthy habits-late, alone, binging-I bet I added 200-500 calories every night with that habit. It took awhile to learn to go to sleep without of very full stomach-occassionally still a bit restless at night.

Well I remain on the Beck Plan but I have been crabby lately-thought it was the rain, but we have had 2 days of sun, but I am still crabby and easily annoyed. I think I'm like a smoker who quite smoking and fighting withdrawal-I am just plum agitated to lose the quick relaxing feeling( but very temporary feeling) of eating when and what I want. In the past I would be on target then would have a big blow out-have a small gain and then get back on the Beck plan. I think the blowout was a tension release. I am tired of yoyo effect so am very commited to staying on plan. I am not overindulging but am weathering this short fuse about very minor things. My work schedule has not allowed for me to swim much-the pool has very short hours in winter. Swimming is very calming for me ( that and shopping and still have been able to get out of town yet) Anyway I am eating healthly, losing very slooowly, and a bit annoyed at everything.


02-07-2008, 05:09 AM
Diet Coaches – Several days now without a good walk due to my work crunch. Today should be easier so I can get out at lunch for a walk and get home early enough to get to the gym. Right now I miss feeling that all is right with the world that I get from exercising on plan. But, my attitude is to work at getting back on track rather than to think that I might be falling off the cliff. For that thought, CREDIT moi.

Am starting to plan for Saturday night's company party with walking hot hors doeuvres, cold hors doeuvres station, three different entree stations, and a BIG dessert station. Need to wrap my head around the notion that these are choices instead of an opportunity to eat some of everything.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for marching forward despite the crabbies. When your "work schedule" is too busy for swimming, you don't sound as "retired" as I thought you said you were, LOL.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for getting a "core" workout. I'm still working on getting enough core workouts. When I do get there, I can feel it, so know that I'm doing the right stuff. Thanks for the encouragement for my goal to maintain for 5 years; please hang round for the next 4 years and 2 months to help keep me going, LOL.

CatR - It's great that you're carefully planning your quilt group eating; each time you eat on-plan, makes it easier for future times. Plan, plan, plan, and reap the comfort. If I plan enough, and have my mental NO CHOICE card polished and ready, eating events become much easier. Let's send each other supportive thoughts from our respective Saturday night eating challenges. Just knowing that you're working on yours at the same time will help me.

Mez (mezmerize) - Sounds like you have a plan for dealing with snacks and "treats" at home. I've found that it's easier to talk to my DW about food if I use my 3FC diet coaches for most of the detailed, repetitious discussion; my intense interest in the minutia of my eating doesn't make it a topic that bonds us as a couple. Besides, it sometimes reminds her that she got busy and forgot to eat lunch! Can you imagine how annoying it is to be married to someone who can FORGET to eat lunch? What's wrong with her!!

Lewarner - It's neat that you are so aware that you have to retrain you sense of "full." It took me a while also to adjust to the notion that stuffed wasn't necessary. Thankfully, I now find stuffed to be uncomfortable. Keep the faith, it'll come.

Readers –" … you’ll be able to tell yourself, It matters every single time …" Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-07-2008, 10:00 AM
Lewarner – Thanks , I’m not sure how to answer the not really full or being a little hungry question. I would like to ask have you noticed what you were doing/feeling when you sensed this. Example were you bored, sad, mad…. Does it happen at a certain time of the day/night? Try logging when you feel this way maybe you low sugar at a certain time of day/night. If it’s just boredom then maybe you can look for ways to combat it by listening to music, looking at a photo album, reading whatever you think might help you past the danger zone of overeating. Also how much fiber are you getting? I find that has really been a great help in making me fill full. I purchased those Special K protein drinks. I’ve heard that protein will help to curb your eating. It also has fiber so that is a plus I bought the kind you mix with water in the tea flavor. I’ve used them in my time of need they are 60 calories. I don’t like to drink my calories so I don’t drink them very often. (just another tool I use to trick myself)

CatR – Great you have a plan of action for the potluck. Being prepared for the what may come only makes us stronger! KUDOS! I think the DH and I will work this out. You see when I lost my 40lbs my husband seen this and started his own plan and lost over 100lbs. He’s since put most if not all back on I’m not sure since he won’t weight himself but he’s back in his old pants. So I’m not sure if this is the reason for his foot dragging. I know if I sit him down this weekend and talk to him I can assure him I expect nothing of him other than support. You can’t force someone to eat healthy and I hope in time he’ll try once again.

Hbuchwald – It made me smile when you said you like the way your workout made your core feel. I recall loving that feeling when I was working out! You made me crave a workout!! Many thanks! What kind of dance class is it?
Costalsue – I’m glad you enjoy the URL. I find swimming very calming. Fingers crossed you can work in more time for swimming.

BillBlueEyes – I love this I’m going to save it to read! BROVO! “Need to wrap my head around the notion that these are choices instead of an opportunity to eat some of everything.”

As for me I am planning my workout. I’m leaning towards Walk Away The Pounds since it’s been awhile since I’ve really worked out so I think it’s a nice place to start. I also have a DVD that is called Yoga For Weight Loss those two sound like a good start for me.

02-07-2008, 02:08 PM
Heidi: Your dance class should be a lot of fun.:D

The hostess is providing salmon and baked potatoes. I am going to bring a green salad and grapes/raw almonds for a dessert contribution. Thanks for the reminder about the herbal tea. There are 7 of us and usually 3 bring high fat/high sugar desserts. The desserts are served a couple of hours after lunch and they are kind of the showcase for the afternoon.

I think most of the "social pressure" with the quilt group will be in my head. I have a habit of anticipating other people's behaviors, such as assuming that I will be pressured to eat stuff when I turn it down. The reality is that it probably won't be that big a deal to them. I have had 2 opportunities not to eat cookies, so now I will have the opportunity not to eat other kinds of desserts. I have a game plan and now just need to relax and have a good time.

CoastalSue: Re: crabbiness about loss of your food fix. A lot of negative stuff came up during my first two weeks. I finally decided that what was happening wasn't as bad as the years of mental anguish that came from hating my body and feeling worthless because I couldn't achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

BillBlueEyes: Your company party sounds like a Las Vegas casino buffet, but with better food. I will be sure to send good wishes your way.

Mez: The walking and yoga should be a great combo. It won't be long before you start feeling better with the exercise. The yoga will also reinforce the mindfulness that we need for BDS.

You are lucky that your husband has experienced the weight loss/gain. That should help a lot.

02-08-2008, 01:04 AM
Sue: I am so proud of your weathering the grouchiness and sticking with the program. I wish I had some great ideas for how to overcome it… hang in there. We are overcoming some really strong habits and look how far we have come so far!

Billblueeyes: Great way to put the not exercising into perspective. And we will think of you and CatR on Saturday night and wait for the report on Sunday! My challenge will be on Sunday-a group of friends and I are meeting and having brunch out (the challenge part since I don’t know where we are going)..then to a play-I love that I am doing a grownup thing for ME! I plan to eat breakfast, consider the brunch to be lunch and then have a nice salad for dinner… will allot a certain number of calories for lunch and be MINDFUL!

Mezmerize: Core is still sore.. makes me really feel like I did some good work! I love it! I plan to take a ballroom dance class. FUN!

CatR: Most of that food sounds really healthy and delicious! I love it when I can have fish when I am out-I haven’t cooked that at home much at all so it feels like a treat to have it already prepared, etc… YUM! You sound solid in your gameplan-have fun!

I had another great day eatingwise.. And today was weigh in day. I had been at a plateau for a week or two and then had those snack nights.. well, they were relatively healthy snacks but a lot of salt. I didn’t gain anything during that time and now that I am back not doing that, I am down 4 lbs. That was motivating to see. Not much to report-happy that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is right around the corner!

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-08-2008, 06:12 AM
Diet Coaches – Got back on track yesterday with a walk at lunch - combined with a necessary errand, no less. CREDIT moi. Again unable to squeeze in a gym visit - continued to be overbooked and in need of working on my priorities a bit. Oh Well. Today's challenge is to complete the task of my work crunch so that it doesn't hang over my head all weekend.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Congrats for the 4 pounds down, and kudos for getting so quickly back on track after the snack attacks. Also kudos for planning the grownup events for Sunday - I well remember how easy it is to get so involved with kid stuff that grownup events would be too infrequent. My admiration for working your priorities. Still sending healing thoughts for you, DD, and Henry - hoping his healing continues.

CatR - Smart choice of "grapes/raw almonds" for dessert. It's so much easier in a social situation to choose an attractive dessert than it is to play the NO CHOICE card. You might even start a trend - wouldn't that be nice. Another way to make fruit seem even more attractive is pomegranate arils. They are so good, and are especially attractive to people who have never thought to serve them.

Mez (mezmerize) - Kudos for choosing your exercise plan. I'm a BIG fan of walking and find that wearing a pedometer helps me to stay honest and motivated. Will you be doing the yoga at home or with a group?

Readers – " … you’ll be able to tell yourself, I’m just trying to fool myself …" Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-08-2008, 03:16 PM
CatR – I love Salmon. My mom use to make it as a kid and I wouldn’t touch the stuff. I’m glad I out grew that. My husband got me a Aero Garden for Christmas. I love having fresh herbs like to on it. When I 1st seen it on T.V. my family LOL at me because I said I wanted one. I just love it!!! I’m thinking of buying another one. Maybe Valentines Day.

Hbuchwald – That does sound like fun!! Many Congrats on the 4lbs loss!!

BillBlueEyes – It’s good you were able to get your walking in. I will be doing the Yoga at home for right now. You know I have a pedometer from when I worked out before. I have to try and dig that up. Thanks for the reminder!!

As for me yesterday I put in the 3 mile walk away the pounds dvd. I wanted a fast 1 mile walk. I told myself that I would only do 1 mile. I want to make sure go into this slow. I really wanted to continue with the dvd but stopped at 1 mile then cleaned my house. It felt great!! For dinner last night I made a salad I put the follow things on it. Tomato, cauliflower, bell peppers –red-yellow-green, balsamic , salt, pepper and small can of 98% ff chicken breast. (I forgot to take out fresh CB from the freezer) Not long after eating I had terrible cramps bloating and ugliness! I'm still feeling sickly now and it’s 1p.m. Well I get a call from my sister and told I wasn’t feeling well…long story short turns out she had the same problem and so did my other sisters and father. (I have 7 sisters and 5 brothers) 5 of my sisters and my father had their Gallbladder remove. This is not the 1st time this has happen to me it’s been off and on for few years. So I have a doctors app. On the 15th. She asked if I ate a high fat meal. I said not even close. What do you guys think?
I am determined to pop in the Yoga dvd and do as much as I can. I WILL DO IT!!

02-08-2008, 04:42 PM
No unusual challenges today. I am sticking right with my program. My weight has been bobbing up and down around 133 and I hope I make that Sunday (my official weigh-in day) so I can change my tracker. Another reason to watch what I do on Saturday.

Mez: I think it is good you have a doctor's appointment to get this checked out. That was not a normal reaction to the meal you described. I hope you get to feeling better soon so you can continue your walking program. :hug:

Heidi: Sounds like you have a good plan for Sunday for allowing for a fun day with your friends. I will be sending good wishes to you Sunday morning. It was great that you got back on track before things got completely out of hand.

BillBlueEyes: One of my quilting friends makes a fruit salad that includes the pomegranate arils. They do add a touch of elegance. I hope you can get in a gym workout between now and the company party.

02-08-2008, 11:11 PM
Hello to all,
mezmerize-I know zero about gallbladder problerms. Is there an advice phone in line with your health plan? Anyone at your medical clinic to review it with? Hope that you are doing well now. Sound like a pattern to discuss with your Doc.

CatR-Hope your scales go down-some weeks are just so slow to lose the lbs and other the weight just drops.

Heidi happy 4 lb loss!!!! Congradualtins! You wrote not much to report however the report is that you are doing being successful with Beck-alot to give yourself credit for.

BillblueEyes-well Dh and I are retired however inflation requires we do a number odd jobs when they are available.-plus we both volunteer at way too many communtiy projects. Not getting the exercising in does effect my mood-but so does getting in debt-so it off to work we go when ever we can.

I have been able to swim for 45 minutes on each of last 2 days-one day was 4:00PM I was the only one there and it was so cold and windy-The pool had white caps on it but I still got my blood pumping. Today at 12:30 is was more like the high 40's out with only a mild wind- a bit better. Had company last night and was company to night. I just prepared tons of raw veggies-the stand by of carrots, celery and cauliflower. I have the fun of chewing while playing cards, but so few calories. I don't care what is served as long as I can indulge in salads and raw veggies and drink lots of water. I give myself credit for being prepared and not eating the other high calorie foods and drink. The crabbies are passing with out having sugar foods Like Beck preach- all these non-hunger reasons for over eating can be weather and they do pass. Sometimes it is annoying to be on a strict budget both for our finances and calories. I know the long term reward is excellent, but kid in me want a short term reward and NOW. But the wiser one is still winning over Miss implusive.

Best wishes to all

02-09-2008, 12:41 AM
Billblueeyes: Great to get that work project out of the way so you don’t have to worry about it on the weekend. I hope that you can relax soon! Off to look up pomegranate arils!

Mezmerize: Great that you got that walk away the pounds video in-so smart to start small! I have those vids too and will get them into my mix! I am glad you are getting checked by a doc… hope it is something minor!!!

Coastalsue: That is dedication-to go swimming with whitecaps in the pool! Yowsah! I love to munch too-raw veggies are so great for that… and I have been drinking green tea at school-I like having another hot beverage that doesn’t have to be a starbucks nonfat mocha no whip! 

Yes, I need to give myself credit for overcoming the snackies… and for doing the good things. It is more challenging to be mindful when life is busier. Bill is right about it being a luxury to have a day out with friends when raising a little one! I am so excited and will be shopping/cooking tomorrow instead of Sunday so I am ready for the week. I am looking at a few cooking classes for the Spring time.

Waving to the busy beckies not able to post.....

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-09-2008, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches – Yesterday included a walk at lunch and the gym after work. CREDIT moi. During the walk I bought some rolled barley to add to the oats next time I make granola - just wondering what they taste like. It is so great to REALLY like oats since they're such a healthy food and so inexpensive.

Tonight is the company party. I'll be thinking of my Beck strategies beforehand, hoping to just have fun while I'm there and have the eating be a minor part. I'll be reminded that DW and I should take a ballroom dancing class so we don't look like dorks on the dance floor. I only think of this on the day I'm attending a dancing function, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for swimming in your Minnesota-like weather: 45 minutes with the whitecaps - WOW. And kudos for your planned veggie snacks in a social situation - what a great area in your life to be making progress.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Yeah for homemade green tea; boo for our collective addiction to overpriced Starbucks. Have a productive, busy Saturday. What kind of cooking classes are you looking for?

CatR - Sending supportive thoughts for your quilting party tonight.

Mez (mezmerize) - Great that you're got a plan to start slowly on your exercising. Your salad sounds yummy, but distress afterwards is boggling. I have no useful response. The only times I've had a response to food has been to spoiled food of some sort and the distress was limited to the GI tract which did its standard routine for clearing itself out rapidly. It isn't at all clear to me how the gallbladder can cause this. Glad you have a doctor's appointment. Amazing to have a large family; must make planning a family reunion a major event.

Readers – " … you’ll be able to tell yourself, If I eat it I’ll get a few seconds of pleasure, but then I’ll feel bad …" Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-09-2008, 08:52 AM
CatR – I use to have my official weight in on Friday then I found I would sometime be naughty on sat and Sunday thinking that Oh I can work it off by Friday. So I stopped that since it didn’t work for me. I now make my official weight in on Monday it sure keeps me in line on the weekend.

Coastalsue – Glad to hear the crabbies are passing. High five on the bing prepared with the veggies and water. I did get in touch with my sisters and some wonderful people from 3FCs answered some questions in a thread I posted. All pretty much said the same thing. It is great that I think I have a reason for this problem that has been on and off for years.

Hbuchwald – Do you have a cooking class in mind? I’ve always wanted to an Asian food class. Maybe this summer I’ll do just that.

BillBlueEyes – Let me know about the rolled barley. I love oats they remind me of home when I was a child my mother would make oatmeal for breakfast on cold winter days. She’d put cinnamon or a touch of nutmeg. I loved walking into the warm kitchen and smelling that.

Well I did manage to do some of the Yoga For Weight Loss dvd. I had a heck of a time with the breathing. It seems I just go use to breathing in through my nose and out of my mouth. Now with yoga I do it all with my nose!! LOL I’m feeling much better today and I’m going to be very careful with what I eat. I believe the cauliflower was the trigger for my gallbladder acting up. It was the only new item added to my salad and after speaking with friends and family it was a trigger to them as well. My sisters told me of my aunts and uncles on my father’s side that had theirs taken out. I’m fairly sure that is my problem and I guess an ultrasound will confirm it. Which is nice since it’s a noninvasive. My husband surprised me with another Aero Garden and also purchased the Roman Lettuce and the Italian Herbs refills. I’m going to start my lettuce soon. He said they had a cherry tomato refill which I may get in the future since I love summer tomatoes and it will sure be nice having fresh veggies growing in my kitchen when it’s blowing snow outside. It’s also a nice lesson for my grandson to see plants growing in water. Bill our family reunions are a blast!

02-09-2008, 06:29 PM
Hello everyone,
Just made "easy salmon cakes" for a few meals this week-yum! I also signed up for a salsa dance class and found a cooking class that I will take. The cooking class desire is a general interest in seeing people make healthy food. I tend to follow recipes and sometimes they just don't turn out well.. This class has 6 sessions and has knife techniques, vegetarian entrees, summer fruit and vegetable salads, pizza and foccacia, fish cookery and bbqing and great grilling. Another goal is to just get out and do some things for ME. Credit moi. :)

Things are fine here. I am just plugging along and doing things around here today since we will be gone all day tomorrow. Henry had another blood test yesterday which I will get results for today or Monday but he is looking GREAT and doing more of the little things that he used to do all the time. We are sure loving him up and appreciating him even more than we did before!

I think that Sue may have send the grouchies over to me.. :) I am just sort of anxious/crabby/restless. I will journal a bit to try and figure out what is up. I am going to try a new 10 minute dance dvd workout that I got for xmas. I will do 2 sessions of it-maybe that will help me feel better!

Thinking about CatR and BillBlueEyes at their events tonight.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-09-2008, 07:11 PM
Greetings, all.

I am glad to see you are all doing well with your Beck strategies, but I never doubted it. We all fall down at times, but it seems the dusting off process is getting quicker and we are getting more confident. Would you agree?

Have been struggling even to keep up reading your posts. :(

Heidi, I am so glad for every day Henry feels good! Our dear Bear is 12.5 years, and still a happy dude. Had cancer surgery last summer, but seems to be doing great. He is part Chow, so he loves the cold.

I have been trying to keep up with my online class and learning two new softwares for application at work--not my forte, for sure. Way cool, though. Leaves me not much time for studying Beck, so I am grateful for those of you who to continue to post and motivate me.

It is a balmy -10 right now; wind chill is about -40. DS went into the blizzard warning 60 miles away to hit golf balls. What is a mother to do??

Keep up the good work!:)

02-09-2008, 11:10 PM
Allow me to sum up my past week in one word.


Oh, maybe that's not a word ;) Well, anyway, the less said about it the better. You know what? I am starting over again. I think I got sick ... strangely, not the same kind of sick as I usually get, with horrible sinus headaches and such ... but just really, really tired. After several hours of teaching on Tuesday, I just kind of shut down. And then ... did I say the less said the better? Silly me! :o

No matter. I will weigh in in the morning, and I'm going to read the book again. I think maybe this time I will allow myself 2 days for each message to sink in.

It seems like all of you are doing terrifically well, and I will need to be around this sort of excellence to succeed! So I promise to be more faithful in my postings.

Even if I've gained all 9 pounds back (which I doubt), I have learned so much that I feel I can only be more successful now!

Talk to you all soon

02-10-2008, 01:20 AM
Thanks for all the fantastic input! I am still learning your names but thanks.

I do think I need some time to get used to the hunger and eating levels. Some days I go slightly over 1600 and another day I will end up at 1200 or less.

The other night I had a lot of cravings so I ended up eating CheezIts and a coke for dinner. Not healthy but under my calorie limit and I felt better the next day.

Exercising in the afternoon after work has really helped with the hunger during that time of day. I'm looking forward to better weather too.

I am reading the book very slowly. I started almost a month ago and am just working on the 2nd week or the start the diet week. But I started the diet 2+ weeks ago. I have skipped around a bit, looking at the hunger section.

Someone mentioned eating slowly (I need to keep track of names, really) and that is one I am working on. I eat way too fast. So thanks for the reminder.

I was encouraged to hear that eating smaller portions and healtier options gets easier. I look forward to that.

Take care, lewarner

02-10-2008, 08:53 AM
Diet Coaches – Did the company party last night. Thanks to all of you for your support. Stayed within the maximum of my plan. CREDIT moi for that. I would have liked to have stayed closer to the minimum. Oh Well. Smart move was to start with a whole plate of veggies (Crudites) without the dip (avoiding the massive cheese and breads table). That helped me to avoid some of the hot hors dourves walking by, but not all. From the dessert table I overdid the fresh pineapple and other fruit so that I only had room left on my plate for the one dessert that I had planned. It would be major food porn to list all of the stuff I avoided.

I did have a major (for me) victory: I left a small amount of focaccia bread on my plate when I had butternut squash ravioli and "Caesars salad" without dressing (ignoring the cheese covered cheese ravioli). That little step then helped me to later leave a slice of jerk pork and some other stuff that I didn't need from my second plate. (Of course, I didn't need a second plate at all, LOL.)

I gained some confidence in my ability to make choices in the face of abundance, as well as some humility that I don't have it conquered yet.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Sending happy thoughts. And LOL at your phrase, "but the kid in me wants a short term reward and NOW." I do think you're on a winning path.

MaryBlu - Warm welcome back! Sending warm, warm thoughts to Minnesota - negative ten is just sooooo cold. Good luck with your two courses. Sounds like they are consuming much of your free brain time. We'll keep up with the Beck and hold your place here even when you don't have time to post; good to hear that you at least have some time to read.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Both your Salsa and cooking courses sound interesting; have fun. Kudos for making active choices for yourself. Your salmon cakes sound yummy, kindly email a few to me, LOL. Thanks for your thoughts for my party last night.

Erika (eusebius) – Warm welcome back! Kudos for getting back on your plan after a "BLECH" week. We are all so capable of making getting back in the saddle just about the hardest thing. How goes the practicing for your Concerto in March?

Mez (mezmerize) - Your AeroGarden is such a kick (I googled it) - can imagine you picking your herbs when the snow is blowing. Sending you positive thoughts for your medical appointment. Would be great news if your solution is so simple as to avoid cauliflower.

Lewarner - Kudos for exercising in the afternoons and avoiding some eating opportunities. Reading the book at the pace that you have time to absorb it makes sense to me. It took me 72 days to do the 42 Program-days. I dawdled for at least a week on the hunger section. That worked for me. Not to worry about names - concentrating on stuff like the hunger exercise is really more important. It's great that you keep moving forward, keep up the good work.

CatR - I thought of you last night during my party to feel encouraged to stay on plan. Thanks for that help. Looking forward to hearing how your quilting party went.

Readers – " … you’ll be able to tell yourself, I can resist this …" Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-10-2008, 03:14 PM
Hello all. I've been with Ericka in "Blech" zone. Reading your posts keeps me a least treading water in a effort to forge onward in my efforts to reshape the brain and body. I found a great article in today's newspaper about someone who challenges others to write a 6 word novel describing some aspect of their lives. I thought it would be a fun challenge for us to summerize some Beckisms in 6 words. I'll go first: Eat mindfully. Put your fork down.
Lots of credit to you, Bill, for all you passed on at the party and thanks for not sharing the "food porn" lol.
Maryblu: Have you thought of starting a Blue Woman Group? A friend of mine's DS performs with the Blue Man Group in Chicago. You probably would not need much blue facepaint as you must already be pretty blue from that fiercely cold weather. It is a balmy 75 here in Houston today. Thanks for posting even when you are so busy.
Credit to moi even in the midst of "Blech"ville. I attended a luncheon with free filet and a decandant chocolate cake and I did not finish either but left some on my plate. But... then DH came home after a bbq cook-off this morning with a hugh homemade cinnamon roll for me and ribs so tender they were falling off of the bone. What is the opposite of Credit? I will choose to think like Bill and call it humbling. Onward on the journey...

02-10-2008, 07:23 PM
I'll start with the good news. I did weigh 133 pounds this morning so I could change my ticker. I also found that I have lost an inch off my abdomen and an inch off my waist. I had a great time with the quilt group.

I ended up with eating some of everything. I did have a small amount of the desserts, but I wasn't hungry at the time; so I need to remember to ask myself if I am really hungry before having more food.The card I came up (choose the best proteins and fruits/vegetables, no sugar, no alcohol) was OK for a buffet or restaurant, but I need to find a middle way for this monthly get-together. Something along the lines of a reasonable "free day".

The more serious maladative thinking happened later. I was depressed because I hadn't followed my plan and figured I wasn't going to get down to 133 in the morning so I ate the 3 chocolates in a box we got as party favors. This would have been a good opportunity to throw away food. Then I started coming up with reasons why I wouldn't be posting in this group anymore (stuff like "lack of time"). So I was in a fine state of mind.

I am back on track. Just had spice tea after the morning service and stayed far away from the cookies. I donate the tea so I'll be sure there will always be some. Thank you everyone for your support.

Mez: I didn't know cauliflower could trigger a gallbladder attack. Good luck in avoiding future attacks.

Heidi: Good news about Henry. Your two classes really fit with the goal of living a healthier life and should help you to stay on track.

BillBlueEyes: it sounds like you came up with a workable plan for your party. Good work.

02-10-2008, 08:04 PM
Hello everyone,I have been reading the posts but have been too busy to post myself.Welcome Lewarner!!!!!!!!I had a ww weigh in Thur and gained 1 pound which I was not happy about,I was hoping to get over my 10lb mark.I did however carry on.I had my dinner out Thur. and enjoyed it without guilt.Fri out with the family to Chili's and stayed within my points and had enough food left for lunch Sat,I am still nervous about eating out.I got to I think day#33 which adressed eating out,some good advice in the chapter.I would like to plan a dinner out to adress the exercise regarding eating out.I feel like bct has helped me stick to my plan better than ever before although the actual weight loss has been very slow.Has anyone tried the protein water from special k.I got a free one in the cereal box and I am trying it tonight.I had an awful day at work and half way through the day has visions of candybars,I took a break and read my cards and did not have the candy bar.Almost ordered pizza for dinner but decided to go home and take the time to make a healthy weight watcher recipe for a deepdish pizza and ate only one serving.For me this is progress and I will take the credit!

Suchatwin-I like yor idea for 6 words to describe our beck journey.I would pick ME IN CONTROL MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES

BillBlueEyes-Congratulations on your success at your company party! Boy you have had alot of parties and dinners to attend lately.You just remind me that this plan is for life and even at goal alot of thought goes into the choices we make.It also brings to mind in the book the thought that we have to change the way we think about parties and celebrations,you have really met this goal!
lewarner-welcome again! Great job getting started and going slowly through the book.I have been working since Dec going through the book and taking my time to study and practice each step.

eusebius-Don't give up,we all have setbacks and days we just can't take it anymore.Great idea to restart reading the book and study steps,sometimes it just takes a reread to get understanding.It is a process for all of us.One step forward two steps back it seems but we make progress.

maryblu-I agree with you we do have our setbacks but we are not giving up!
hbuchwald-Sounds like you are on top of things!Making new recipes,taking cooking classes and dance classes!WOW!!

mezmerize-Great job on changing your weigh in day to Monday.This is a process and that is just the way we need to find something standing in our way and fix it.

coastalsue-Extra credit for you on the swimming in the cold water and having the healthy party foods.I am also working on finances as well as weight.I am going from working full time five days a week to parttime 4 days a week at the end of the month and this is a big cut in pay.I am doing it becuse of the kids and added responsibilities at home due to my husband's job requiring more time and energy from him.It is not easy eating this very healthy diet on a restricted budget either.I average spending $800 a month on food and home supplies and I want to cut it to $500 a month.I am a member of the cheapskatemonthly website regarding finances.

CatR-Good plan to change your weigh in day to stay on track!

02-10-2008, 08:23 PM
CatR-Great job on the weight loss!I just had to comment on your most recent post.I just had to say I am right with you,mind just goes crazy and starts thinking thoughts it is hard to recognize that lead to overeating.This is what Beck is all about,slowing down, sorting out our thoughts and fixing our faulty thinking.At work I started to get mad thinking I am just not appreciated,disgusted because some staff did not show up for work due to an ice storm,angry because the staff that did show up now have to work short with dangerous patients.Next I'm thinking I deserve a reward for showing up CANDY TO BE SURE ! That is crazy thinking.At the end of the day I started thinking again,I have worked so hard and I have to get the kids ready for school and my husband will be at work and won't be able to help meTHEREFORE I DESERVE TAKE OUT PIZZAS.Only with the help of Beck I did not have the candy or pizza.

02-10-2008, 10:40 PM
Hi Beckies!

I am so happy to be back! My body is feeling elated after a week of blecherousness. I made some awesome bean enchiladas for dinner - 4 pts! There was a massive birthday cake at church today ... one of our parishioners, an enviably slim and dapper man, turned 95 this week. Well, he deserves the cake for sure but I passed it up. Instead, a New Moon Kitchen vegan chocolate chip cookie later on (planned) - 1.5 points and scrumptious.

lewarner - you are doing great! Is it wrong that cheezits for dinner actually sounds pretty good to me? :lol:

Bill - Thank you for the welcome back and for asking about the concerto. It is going pretty well with a month to go. I should put up a ticker showing how much I have memorized, LOL ...
Well done at the company party! you demonstrated some great techniques there.

SuchAtwin - my complete empathy about blech zone time. Good to see you posting here and keeping a finger in the pie so to speak. 6-word summaries - What a great idea! Don't get me started with stuff like that . How about:
NO CHOICE _ I'd rather be thin!

Or maybe Haiku:

Sabotaging thought:
I really deserve this cake.
Helpful response: NO!!!!!

Ok, I'll stop before I start writing limericks (There once was a woman named Beck/Who was breathing down dieters' necks)

CatR - Kudos on the weight loss!! and on getting back on track! You are doing great!!

Wendy - Credit to you for keeping on keeping on, and for making pizza instead of ordering! And thanks so much for the kind thoughts and wise words. You are so right: one step forward, two steps back, and who's to say what "forward" and "back" are anyway, ultimately? All of it is learning and growing.

Have a great night all,

02-11-2008, 12:17 AM
Great to Hear from everyone,

Love the updates about everyone-Hey. this is hard work but it does work-The miracle is not perfection but the trying again. Hang in there-I am a yoyo dieter but doing Becker (in my slip shod way) I have lost 68 lbs. I tried to carry some tools weighing over 50lb and was sooo glad that was off my joints. Had a wonderful play day yesterday and was on program until 6:00PM then had too much rich mexican food. Then operated on one of stupidest sabatoging thoughts of mine- since I have blown it at dinner- then it is OK to over indulgence the rest of the night. Yep, if 400 calories is too many let's add another 600 for the rest of the night. My "logic" for being a bright woman amazes me. Result I know I want to lose more weight and did go back on program but felt very hunger today. Good new was that I could walk so much further on our outing- I am excited about getting more weight off these joints and getting more mobiltiy. The sun was shining, the temp was great and my massive crabbiness has passed. Sure hope it didn't go your way Heidi.

BillBlueEyes-credit for you planning and eating at the office party. Glad you gained a sense of confidence about you skills-humility that slip up can occur but knowledge that your committment will propel you to return to your healthy eating style.

Erika- Would love to hear one of your concerts.-good thought on your practicing-both music and Beck. It has taken me much longer than 6 weeks her book suggests.

Wendylan-Thanks for the web site-We also opted for me to work partime when the 4 kids were younger-they just need more support and supervision sometimes. Good luck on the making the budget changes.Sorry about the disppointment at the scales, but so good that you stayed on your plan even after a rotten day at work.

CatR- you caught a number of those sabatoging thought and truly thought them thru-glad you are still here with us. Even last night when I blew it, I had to remember that I had been on program for over 30 days and had only over eaten during a 5 hours period, I had to give myself credit that I had blown it for only for less than 1%-heck to be eating healthly 99% of the time is really good for me-amazingly good in fact.

SuchATWin-my 6 words-Need a thin mind to loose weight!! Oh those DH treats-Keep on trecking-with time we get more resistance to "surprise" foods.

Heidi-Sorry if my California crabbies made it up your way-I do remember Feb as one of my favorite months, fewer teaching days between pay periods and 2 three day weekends-hope that helps your mood. I actually think I can feel like a smoker who is quiting, always wanted that puff (for me that chew) which can give the instanteous moment of relaxation- and get crabby when I can not do that extra eating. But I am enjoying learning to cook low cal yet yummy new recipes. I not eating much, but I want it to taste really good! Go Henry!!

a big HI to MaryBlu-may spring soon arrive, Mezmerize- be well and hope the aero garden is cool and Lewarner-This Beck stuff is not easy for me, it sure has gotten alot easier for me

I may not post tomarrow as have along day-most in travel and may not get home to very late a night. Best wishes to all


02-11-2008, 06:11 AM
Diet Coaches - Just got my next milestone; I incremented my sidebar to 11 months in maintenance (meaning at this weight). CREDIT moi. Naturally, my preferred count is from when I started my journey, so I'm motivated to make this next month when that number will reach 2.5 years. Now that will be a kick. I ate a bit light yesterday to gently balance my party load. CREDIT moi. Facing two more days of tension at work then some calm.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for walking further - just love hearing how you are improving your mobility. And thanks for a timely thought for me, "The miracle is not perfection but the trying again."

MaryBlu - Don't make fun of our puny 15 degree cold. For normal mammals, that's pretty darned cold, LOL. I choose to keep my image of you out in your gardens.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Thinking about your salmon cakes this morning, LOL. My late Australian Shepard absolutely adored broiled salmon - she got the skin and some scraps. Does Henry get his fair share?

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for the bean enchiladas and for the clarity of thinking to turn down the birthday cake of a beloved 95 year old man. I just love hearing the Erika-joy in your post. But, LOL, you shouldn't start stuff like:There once was a lady named Beck
Breathing mindfully down my neck
In order to win
I thought like I'as thin
Eating vegetables by the peck.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for recognizing that your thinking was off when you thought of candy bars and ordered pizza. And double Kudos for making yourself a healthy pizza. You do seem to have a grasp of using your Beck tools. Good luck in your planned restaurant exercise.

Was struck by your observation about the number of times I've reported eating out lately - it set me to counting. In the last 29 days, 25% of my meals have been eating out!! Good grief, no wonder I've been thinking about it a lot. I think this is a passing phase.

CatR - Congrats on the new ticker weight and an inch gone forever. Kudos for your quilt party success. Continuing to work out a specific food plan option for your quilting party seems smart. Beck gives herself a 20% head room for eating out; I give myself MUCH higher. My big concern isn't a few calories of party food, but the big loss if I think of myself as being helpless in my eating. Then I can do REAL damage. Hope you can think of a name for your plan other than "free day" - for me, that phrase seems like an invitation to being helpless. YMMV.

Mez (mezmerize) - Sending healing thoughts for your gallbladder, whether it's the culprit or innocent.

Kitt (SuchAtwin) - Kudos for leaving some "free fillet and a decadent chocolate cake" on the plate. That's two hard ones for me: FREE, and leaving food on the plate. Your DH sounds like he needs some Beck spouse training about what he's allowed to bring into the house, LOL. What a neat idea, "summarize some Beckisms in 6 words:" My body. My life. I'm driving.

Readers – " … you’ll be able to tell yourself, I want to lose weight more than I want a few seconds of pleasure." Beck, pg 18.
Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-11-2008, 10:38 AM
Hbuchwald – The cooking and dance classes like so much fun!! The 10 minute dance DVD sounds like fun! I have a 10 minute workout DVD I like to do when it a rush. Let me know how you like it.

Eusebius – We all stumble… it great your picking yourself up! Have you make a cake with diet soda yet? It’s just the cake mix and you add a full can of diet soda and bake. It is actually good. There is a recipe for it somewhere on 3FC’s. I made it for my husband’s birthday when I 1st started my WL Journey. He ate it and he’s a true Mikey! (Life cereal kid from long ago)

Lewarner – I find that a good workout curbs my hunger. It did it a little too well the other day I ended up skipping lunch and eating too much dinner. Lesson learned eat lunch even if I’m not that hungry just eat lighter. Eating slowly is something I have to be very aware of. I’m trying to think of the best ways for me to time my bites.

BillBlueEyes – Way to go, Keeping things in check at the party. Very empowering to show such strength when faced with such food porn. You know I’ve found that I cook healthier foods since I got my 1st AeroGarden. It helps me to plan my menu. I’m eating more fish because I love fresh dill. To me my meals are more flavorful and it looks so nice seeing that sprig of parsley decorating my plate just like in restaurants.

SuchAtwin – Aw 75!! I can just feel it now… if I stand on my heat register!! I’m so jealous!!

CatR – BROVO!!! One the weight /inch loss! Credit your thinking of a way to work with your monthly quilting routine. I’m not sure if cauliflower is a trigger for everyone. For some of the people I spoke to it was. I figure it’s mine also since only new thing I added. So I’m going to steer myself from it until I know for sure what is going on. I don’t want to test that theory.
Wendylan – Credit for not giving in to desire!

Coastalsue – Isn’t a socker to feel or see what we’ve lost. Lessofsarahtolove once told me when I was feeling down because I felt I haven’t lost enough weight in a certain amount of time. To go to the store and pick up a 1lbs package of butter for each lbs I lost hold them in my arms and look at them. It was a real eye opener!!

Today I weight in and I’ve lost 4lbs. So I happily danced my WL ticker girl to that. My husband seeing my success is starting once again. He never really said anything to me but noticed he bought more ground turkey, apples, fish and other healthy items. So kind of unspoken but he knew I’d get it. I’m very happy!

02-11-2008, 11:52 AM
Hi everyone - I'm so busy, I don't know which end is up - but I wanted to say hi and let you know I'm still reading (at least trying to) and keeping up with everyone. Fulltime work and fulltime graduate school is kicking my BUTT. We're also getting ready for el nino's 1st birthday party next weekend (LOTS of prep since I don't want to feed guests crappy food) and I'm starting week 3 of 1/2 marathon training. Oh yeah, DH is sick so I'm on duty for all the kid-care too. I guess the good thing is that keeping all these plates spinning requires such rigid adherence to my plan, it's the only thing keeping me afloat these days. I've got my weekends scheduled with tasks down to the hour in order to get everything done. I haven't strayed, though I've had to reorganize food from snacks to meals and back in order to make it work. Here's to hoping I don't crash and burn before the next 12 weeks are through! At that point, the degree is earned, the marathon is run, and we're on to the next (moving from Cincinnati to Dayton, which requires remodeling two houses.) Maybe I should think of my diet and exercise as training for my life. :dizzy:

My novel: No more body abuse through food.

Best to everyone in case I don't make it back for a while!!!

02-11-2008, 06:30 PM
I kept on plan yesterday and today is going OK. In the past it has taken me 2 or 3 days to get back on track after the monthly quilters' lunch. So progress!

CoastalSue: I did forget to give myself credit for sticking to my plan for the 3 weeks before the lunch. I certainly ran through a variety of sabotaging thoughts on Saturday, which seem silly now.

Erika: Congratulations on turning down the cake and waiting for your planned treat.

Wendylan: Saturday was my day for crazy thinking. I certainly didn't slow down and look at what was going on. Being a bit too hung up on weighing 133 the next morning didn't help. 133.2 wouldn't have mattered in my long-term effort.

BillBlueEyes: I haven't thought of an alternative to "free day", but I wasn't thinking in terms of "running amok". I was going to plan what I would be eating in the morning and at night, then not overeat during the lunch.

Mez: Congratulations on your weight loss. You will be having to make a new 10 pound ticker before too long.

Kuhljeanie: Watching what you eat will help you do all this. Good luck.

02-11-2008, 09:48 PM
Good day for me,day off.Kids had 2 hr school delay due to windchill so I did not have to get up till 9am.Went grocery shopping,lots of fruits and veggies,very little meat because I did not like the prices.I have alot already in my deep freezer anyway.Went for my swim alone during school hours,44 laps I did a few extra and took my time.Rewarded myself with some time in the hottub and went home and made dinner.Tortelinni soup with turkey sausage and dinner rolls I baked in the oven.Fruit and skinny cow icecream cone for dessert.Big snow storm predicted for Tues and Wed.,I have to work and may end up staying late.At least my husband is off in case of school cancellation.I had better pack a big lunch and snacks to take with me.I end up stressed alot at work especially if people don't make it in and we have to work short. Have a good night!

02-11-2008, 11:56 PM
Hi, all. Quick shout out. I was "speed reading" posts and this jumped out at me, CatR:

"Then I started coming up with reasons why I wouldn't be posting in this group anymore (stuff like "lack of time"). So I was in a fine state of mind."

Sabotaging thought to be sure, but just your awareness, just knowing it for what it was, caught you! Remarkable. Credit you! We have tools, and sometimes they just sorta catch us.

BillBE: regarding your limmerick, I was going to say, don't give up your day job, but then I read your 6 word novel, and it has promise!

CoastalSue: so glad for you to have so much less to lug around, and so much more walking/moving joy.

Heidi: SO is watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and I couldn't help but think of Henry! Glad for each day you have him with you.

We are not done with the cold..predictions of -6 for a high on Thursday, and -2 for a high on Friday. * still aren't running very well. ..this, too, shall pass.

Keep the faith, all!

02-12-2008, 01:13 AM
Hi there friends,

Just plugging along here in the moderate weather zone! Not much to report here...just a busy week at school before a week off. Lots of deadlines to meet and paperwork to do-oh yeah and TEACHING too! :) We are packing for our trip and just taking care of business. Trying to enjoy what I am doing and not stress out too much.

Coastalsue: The crabbies are not so bad now...yeah, I think that I am tired and busy but that is life… We actually have the WEEK off next week and my dad is taking my daughter and I to Disneyland for 4 of those days-WOW! I will have some challenges there but I have a few ideas on how to make it a successful on plan experience. So, you saying that you went off last night and ate so much more since you “blew it at dinnertime” is what I relate to lately. I had those snack attacks for several nights in a row and then got back on track. It REALLY helped me to write it all down ended up being not as much as I thought it would be. Yes, 99% of the time healthy in a month is DARNED good! I think of what those binges used to be and know I am doing okay in the big picture as well. Perfection it is not but yes, the power is in the coming back on plan.

BillBlueEyes: 11 months at the same weight-YAHOO!!! The salmon cakes turned out to be very mediocre…Henry can have them all this time unfortunately for me. I am envisioning sending Judith Beck a compilation of limericks… and 6 word phrases....HA!

Mez: Congrats on that 4 lb loss! WOW! Hold a 5 lb bag of sugar.. or for people who have really lost a lot (like Sue..) my daughter weighs 50 lbs… -WOW!!! It really is a dramatic reminder of how far we have come.

Kuhljeanie: Your name should be Wonderwoman! That is a LOT of plate spinning. Great work staying on your healthy body plan. Do you make time to relax a bit? Are you laughing at that question? :)

Maryblu: Hi there! Great to hear from you…Hang in there… Spring is right around the corner!

Wendylan: your soup sounds soo good! Great work on the 44 laps and what a wonderful reward-to relax in a hottub.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-12-2008, 07:24 AM
Diet Coaches - Only have to make it through this last crazy day at work so I can get back to walking and my gym. Fortunately, this level of crazy doesn't happen that often. DW made a white bean with spinach and other vegetables soup last night. Was a nice light dinner. I'd guess that she is still balancing from our company party last Saturday night - a demo for me of how one thinks like a thin person.

MaryBlu - Know you're busy, so extra glad that you keep coming by. Besides, I need the candor that one would expect of a diet coach, "don't give up your day job," LOL. I do CREDIT moi for the only completed limerick - Ericka gets the assist for thinking of limerick and writing the first two lines.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for already planning your eating and exercise for next weeks trip to Disneyland. Does that sound fun. I do like this perspective, "Perfection it is not but yes, the power is in the coming back on plan."

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for 44 laps and for staying sane when working short handed. Your job sounds like it could really induce stress if you didn't consciously work to control it.

CatR - Kudos for the speedy recovery from the quilters lunch - that's real progress. Thanks for clarifying that "free day" doesn't mean "running amok." I've got this negative image from my experience watching a relative at a Thanksgiving dinner announce that she was taking the day off from Weight Watchers and proceeding to stuff herself. Wasn't a pretty sight.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for keeping your eating and exercise in perspective while you are so UNBELIEVABLY busy - good luck keeping your head above water.

Mez (mezmerize) - Kudos for your 4#'s; I noticed immediately on your ticker since it's a unique one. Your fish with fresh herbs from your AeroGarden makes me drool. "FRESH DILL" [ /font=Homer Simpson], LOL.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:I know I shouldn’t eat this, but I don’t care. ...If any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-12-2008, 08:52 AM
Kuhjeanie – To say you busy is putting it moderately!! I was getting a full body workout just reading what you are doing!! I hope the DH feels better soon.

CatR – Kudos for making progress from your quilter’s luncheon.

Wedylan – When you write about swimming I imagine summer warm breezes, birds singing… very peaceful. You Tortellini soup sounds yummy!

Hbuchwald – I’m offering up some free snow interested?

BillBlueEyes – Your wife’s soup also sounds wonderful! It’s crazy blowing snow outside. I think soup will be a perfect lunch for the grandkids and I. LOL at Homer! I’ve been watching it since it aired on The Tracy Almond (sp? Or am I just hungry for them??) show. Very funny!!

Today I’m very tired. I went to bed about 1hr early. Humm just must be one of those days. Drinking coffee and hoping to feel it kick in. I’ve been having what if I don’t lose any more weight thoughts yesterday and this morning. I mean I keep thinking what if I do everything right and I just stop. I don’t mean like a plateau I just mean my weight won’t go down no matter what. I know that it’s not possible but it keeps creeping in my head. GRRR!! As Dory would say “just keep swimming”

02-13-2008, 12:08 AM
Hello All,

Really need to read the posting and to post. I have been rather half hearted in planning and recording-then my worst habit has cropped back up-over eating late at night. I have had a great evening meal-tasty and plentiful. My vow is that tonight I'll not eat one more thing-only drink water!! I am committed to post tomarrow how I did. Also noticing I am eating faster again and relishing each bit. My vow for tomarrow is to eat slowly, put my folk down more and taste, taste my food.

credit-did have a great swim-the weather was sunny, no wind and well into the 60's-cloud, wind and rain to be soon coming. But sure have enjoy the last couple of days.

BillBlueEyes-glad the craziness at work is passing. Congradulation on your milestone!

Mezermize-Yeah the 4 lb loss-Why is losing weight takes so long when we are so mindful of what we eat, but when we eat mindlessly we can gain soo quickly. Hang in there-the older I get the slower the weight comes off but it does. I am just getting alot of practice for maintinance.

Heidi-happy up coming vacation. Wishes you success to accomplish all and still remain on you food plan. Sorry you new cooking experience haven't been that great. I am a big fan of EatingWell mag-most of thing have been good plus they give the cal count for everything.

MaryBlu-My Norwegian friend says us northern folks have the blues in winter because it was a good thing to be depressed when one has cabin fever in the winter and not to be volatile and acting out harming family members. He belives we are program to have it and that my crabbies was just a form of winter depression. He feels all passes mid Feb.

Wendylan-Great you had a good day-you earned it-keep up the swimming-How long are you in the pool? know any great stomach flattening exercises for the pool? I sometimes run across the pool and can really feel the resistance in my legs.

CatR Credit for a quick returns to plan. -the longer I go the harder it is for me to fight the cravings which seem to return so quickly when I over eat. I should get fuller when indulging but just get more cravings.

KuhlJeanie-talk about "you go girl" Success for All your ventures.

Sure glad I gave myself a challenge-already thought about eating something this evening.

02-13-2008, 01:58 AM
Hi there everyone,
Sue, I could have written what you did about how you are having a hard time at night, wanting to eat, etc.. I went to therapy tonight and my therapist had gone to see Judith Beck last weekend in Seattle for her workshop. It sounded like an overview of the program with sprinklings of interesting tidbits-some I had heard before and others, I hadn't or had forgotten.

A timely piece of info for me was that Beck says that there usually comes a time (typically 2-6 months into the program) where people may feel like they have lost momentum...her prescription is to redo the first 14 days! She reminded me that I have not relapsed but would probably benefit from recomitting to all of those beginning rules/strategies... (slowing down when eating, reading the cards, etc..).

From my conversation with her this afternoon, I really do feel rejuvenated...
I am getting my cards OUT to look at (from being in my purse for "when I need them")
I made two more healthy recipes tonight: deceptively (or not) delicious chicken nuggets and balsamic/parmesan roasted cauliflower-YUM! AND I ate one of those substandard salmon cakes for dinner tonight and enjoyed it!!! I think that eating them RIGHT after removing all that nasty stuff like skin and bones from the meat may have grossed me out a bit-it seems like a long time ago now so I forget that part! :)

My favorite tidbit that she told me that Judith said in the workshop was that EVERY SINGLE DAY, Judith Beck plans in a full sized candy bar for herself at the end of the day. She looks forward to it, thinks about it and eats it each night. Right now it is snickers but it has been other types of candy. I LOVE this...she is living what we are living and has found a way to get a treat that she truly enjoys and looks forward to everyday....

Does anyone know how long she has kept her weight off so far?

Keep up your hard work everyone-til tomorrow, Heidi

02-13-2008, 05:54 AM
Diet Coaches - Work crazies are under control. YEAH! Yesterday included a walk at lunch and a gym session after work. CREDIT moi. I asked DS why my black eyed peas tasted flat. He said they were really good - just need a bit more salt. He's right. My desire to nudge my taste buds to a greater sensitivity to tastes other than fat, sugar, and salt has to proceed gradually. I just went too far in one step in this batch. My pedometer is feeling a bit lonely with my past week of distraction. So, today's goal is a long walk after work.

Mez (mezmerize) - Bummer that the Sabotaging Thought that this isn't going to work for you keeps coming back. That thought visits me rather frequently, and, apparently to enough people that Beck wrote a Response Card:Believe It!

I'm losing weight because I've learned how. I now know:1. What I have to do (e.g., plan my eating, eat slowly while sitting down, use anti-craving strategies)
2. What I have to remind myself (e.g., hunger and cravings are never emergencies, NO CHOICE, Oh, well)
3. How to motivate myself (get support, read my Advantages Response Card, give myself credit every day)
4. How to keep honest (report my weight change to my diet coach weekly) Beck, pg 240.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Big Kudos that you are so consistently working your Beck program - that so helps to motivate me that it's the right thing for me to keep on keeping on. You are so lucky to have a therapist who appreciates Beck to help you keep focused. And, your balsamic/parmesan roasted cauliflower sounds absolutely yummy. I do feel the need to send my condolences to Henry now that you're eating HIS salmon cakes, LOL. Sign me up to buy a copy of your cookbook, Un-deceptively Delicious.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your swim and for your re-commitment to getting back on track. Bummer that the evenings are coming back as a challenge; great that you identify that and are making a plan. I do like the notion that winter depression is an evolved response that has the advantage that we don't kill each other due to cabin fever.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:It’s okay if I eat [this food] just this one time. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-13-2008, 09:44 AM
Coastalsue – Kudos for recognizing you nightly over eating and nipping in the bud!

Hbuchwald – Sounds like a wonderful session. Thanks for sharing!

BillBlueEyes – Glad to hear the crazies are gone from work. I’m sure your
pedometer is very happy to see you once again. Thank you very much for the encouragement!! It really helped me!

As for me yesterday I shoved way to much snow that kept falling. I then gave myself 1hr to get myself relaxed, then I had to work out. I felt much better.

02-13-2008, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone - just a quick note, but I needed to share. Yesterday was my kid's 1st birthday, and DH thought the perfect place to go celebrate was Golden Corral. DS LOVES mashes potatoes and macaroni and cheese, and we generally don't have that stuff in the house. It's also kid friendly (nice to know mine isn't the only one dropping a french fry here or there.) So off we went, with me thinking that I've finally got the perfect environment to practice day whatever-it-was, intentionally putting more food and off plan food on my plate, then deliberately not eating it.

All went fine. The kid had a fabulous time feeding himself and flirting with our server, and I stuck to plan with one piece of skinless baked chicken, steamed cauliflower and carrots, and 1/2 c mashed potatoes. DH had a ball watching the kid go crazy. Cnce we got home, I let myself feel the cravings I'd been ignoring while we were actually AT the restaurant, for pretty much everything. I didn't let myself look at the desserts - just kept thinking that they were crappy anyway and I wasn't going to waste a good binge on low-quality calories. I hardly let myself think about the fried shapes (DH's fabulous term.) I just torpedoed to the "safe" areas and took forever to eat my one plate. Here's the crazy part. Once we were safely home, with teeth brushed, I had a rush of guilty - like I'd binged bigtime. You know that sort of "damn, I've let myself down again" kind of sadness? What WAS that??? Am I experiencing some sort of phantom limb pain for a behavior I'm not actually doing? Has anyone else had this happen?

And just need to crow a little - I've shaved almost another whole minute off my mile! At this rate, by the time the race comes around, I'll be an actual runner. (Gurgle.)

Back to the carousel...have a good one, everyone!

02-13-2008, 01:38 PM
I have been giving some thought to managing my eating in social situations and restaurants. On my usual plan I get around 750 calories for lunch and the 2 snacks, so this gives me something to work with. If I eat small portions and use some sense about what I choose to eat, I will be able to stay on track.

BillBlueEyes: thanks for sharing your wife's strategy of eating somewhat lighter for a few days after a major celebration.

Mez: your exercise will help keep the weight coming off. Just take it one meal at a time and you will make it.

CoastalSue: if I don't plan, I seem to work in all kinds of extras like they don't really count.

Kuhljeanie: Congratulations on your restaurant victory! I haven't experienced what you felt after brushing your teeth. If you have "pigged out" in that situation in the past, you might have just been experiencing your usual conditioned post-event remorse even though it wasn't appropriate for your behavior.

02-13-2008, 02:56 PM
Morning all,

Success with not eating last night after dinner. I am glad to get off that mindless eating mode. Today I will: 1. Write down my day's menu 2. Record I eaten the food and calculate all the cals. 3. eat slowly. :carrot: Feel good to be back on program.

KulhJeanie-your posting got me thinking about all the emotions I triger just by eating healthy. I have spend years hiding complex feelings by overeating. Sometimes I have to weather out "odd" feelings just when not eating to being full or ease a craving. I swear I still have then little implusive kid in me being pissed that I am not overeating. I also find often a high food environment emotional-even I don't eat. Power for acknowledging it and not eating! I am trustng Beck that such emotional responses will lessen with time. You are a runner!!

CatR- keeping share your plan for eating out of home-social/restaurant is my biggest problem area. The hunger hounds get unleashed. I tend to have 350-400 cals for breakfast, 400 for lunch, later afternoon snack 100, 700 cal dinner. I made this up on my own-does it sound reasonable?

BillBlueEyes-I hate using that salt shaker-we both take blood pressure meds-but foods taste so much better with right amount of salt. Still we are down alot and find alot of other foods too salty now. Don't forget the all the credit due for eating on plan when work was crazy-remember when stress was dealt with via the candy machine.

Heidi that is great that you have support with a therapist who respect Beck and cognitive therapy-Fun reading your posting about Beck and the evening candy. Is there a behavior you want to set up a challenge between the two of us-i.e. not eating after dinner or such?

I had a bit of an ouch feeling about the last line of BillBlueEyes posting about Believe it on honest weight. I have put on 4 1/2 lb back since Sat night-All the charts say I can consume soo many cal being over 300 (plus swimming for 45 minutes 4 x a week) yet if I go over 1600 on comes the weight. Hoping it is water and will leave just a quickly if I remain under 1600 cals for the rest of the week. Sometimes I wonder if I should add a bit more cals each day and then maybe I would not regain so quickly with the slightest increase. This weight is sure stubborn plus the bones complain with such pain if I exercise much if not in the pool. Whine, Whine, I do appreciate that I have a health issue which is curable! It is just all the work of retraining my emotional brain to respect and support the needs of my total body.

A wave to everyone


02-13-2008, 03:03 PM
I am off work today and thought I would have the kids home due to the weather but they had a 2hr delay instead.Yesterday at work wasn't so bad and I got home on time despite the snowstorm.Big mess to clean up outside,the snow has turned to a very cold rain and everything is icy.I can't get up the courage to go out there and face it.Anyway I was on program yesterday but no exercise,today I made a ham melt on a weight watchers pita with jalapenos,red pepper and onion,an apple and 100 cal smartpop popcorn.Slept right through breakfast,will swim tonight if I can get to the Y,may not due to weather.Weight Watchers weigh in Thur.,have a nagging thought"If I do not lose at least 2 pounds I am gonna pack it all in forget this whole thing because it is not working or worth it!"Guess I better call it a sabbatoging thought.
Coastalsue- Great job on keeping up your swimming even if you strayed a little with the food.We have the rest of our life to get things right.I try to keep myself bust at night,I make some jewelry and find I can't eat while I am working with it.Sometimes I want to eat so bad I turn off all lights and go upstairs and watch tv in bed to avoid eating.As far as swimming I have been getting faster as time goes on.Takes me 35 min for 40 laps,I vary my laps using the kickboard for some and webbed swimming gloves to strengthen my arms.Afterwards I usually stay in the pool and do some waterwalking or strengthening exercises and watch the kids do their jumps ect..for about 15 min.THe water fitness class is 45 min and it is done in the deep end with the water walking belt on.That class uses some ab strengthening moves.The belt keeps you up and she has us flutter kick,jumping jack movements,and cross country ski moves in deep end.For abs she has us stand upright with belt on and place your legs at 45 degree angle and do tiny flutter kicks and then 45 degree angle toward the back.Do you swim in your own pool or somewhere else?I have a pool in the yard for summertime and I do some ab exercises,holding on to the side wall with both arms and back against the wall lift legs out in front using the abs,also bring knees into the chest and return to straight out in sets of 15 at a time.At the Y they also have styrofoam barbells that we hold under the water and do tricep and bicep curls,these really work for arms and I am always sore the next day from these.
CatR-Great job thinking through the eating out and social situations with a plan you will suceed.
kuhljeanie-Wonderful plan you had for your dinner out and your exercise. Much credit!I don't think I would be able to handle myself as well at Golden Corral.
mezmerize-Great job dealing with your sabatoging thoughts,shoveling snow,relaxing and working out instead of eating!!!
BillBlueEyes-Good to hear things are calming down at work and you are getting your walking in.In spite of stress you are doing what you you have set out to do!I appreciated your response card Believe It as well,thanks
hbuchwald-Congratulations on your renewed efforts reading your cards and making new recipes.
maryblu-Keep warm,your weather sounds awful,we are in PA and bad weather sometimes but yours sounds much worse.

02-13-2008, 09:58 PM
Do you all know, do YOU? Do you know how much collective WISDOM is in this group?

You all have been so very gracious about the fact that I have been seriously taking rather than giving. Worse, still, I have been speed reading the posts, and I miss alot. I have to say, though, that Kulhjeanie, your post about feeling weird after behaving so Beck-like at the restaurant really puzzled me. NO! I have not felt that.........well, not exactly......not exactly.....not after rejecting and practicing Beck behavior, have I felt guilty, as if I had binged? No. But I have felt deprived. I have felt that being exposed to bad tasting, low quality food and resisting it.....I felt somehow deprived.......that is not the same thing.....but WAIT! Not to dispair, because for the umpteenth time, CoastalSue nailed it! Another perfect 10!

"KulhJeanie-your posting got me thinking about all the emotions I triger just by eating healthy. I have spend years hiding complex feelings by overeating. Sometimes I have to weather out "odd" feelings just when not eating to being full or ease a craving. I swear I still have then little implusive kid in me being pissed that I am not overeating. I also find often a high food environment emotional-even I don't eat. Power for acknowledging it and not eating! I am trustng Beck that such emotional responses will lessen with time. You are a runner!! "

We are onto something here, I tell ya!!!

Now, for my itty-bitty contribution to the greater good: "I hate using that salt shaker-we both take blood pressure meds-but foods taste so much better with right amount of salt." CoastalSue, in response to BillBE.

Salt is a stealth-killer! It is. The AMA is trying to get the FDA to classify salt an an additive and regulate it. It has happened with trans fats, now it is time to get a handle on all the sodium added to anything, everything. Once you reduce it in your diet, you will not miss it; in fact, you will be offended if it is too heavy. And I get really pist at the cross-addiction conspiracy going on in the food industry. There is salt in sweet stuff, and sugar in salty stuff. !$@%$%@^%

I digress. This is not a "diet" thread, It's the behavior, stupid!

So here is my speed post and bit of Beck wisdom. The hardest step (for me) is by far the most powerful. Day 15. Write down what you eat. Eat whatever you want, standing, in your car, late at night....just write it down. It stops the insanity. Cold. Reporting to coaches stops the insanity. How many times has BillBE given credit to not only himself, but to diet coaches? Just the accountability, whether writing it down, or reporting to all, stops the insanity.

"My vow is that tonight I'll not eat one more thing-only drink water!! I am committed to post tomarrow how I did. Also noticing I am eating faster again and relishing each bit. My vow for tomarrow is to eat slowly, put my folk down more and taste, taste my food." CoastalSue

and then

"[I]Success with not eating last night after dinner. I am glad to get off that mindless eating mode. Today I will: 1. Write down my day's menu 2. Record I eaten the food and calculate all the cals. 3. eat slowly. Feel good to be back on program."

* feels good to be back on program.:):)

P.S. thanks, CoastalSue, for the Norwegian wisdom. I think there is some truth there, to be sure, but wondering about the vitamin D and Omega 3s link, too.........LOL.......In my family history, there is someone known as "Black Peter"...a winter CRAZY GUY, for sure!


02-14-2008, 02:14 AM
BillBlueEyes:Thanks for reviving the Believe it response card-it has it all in there doesn’t it?
Mez: I was thinking, “how nice that she can get her workout from something like shoveling snow”…then you said that you worked out AFTER doing that! You go!
Kuhjeanie: Excellent work at that buffet..I have not experienced phantom limb for behavior before. Strange things happen but you kept on going…I wondered if you were going to say that you ate some off plan food when you got home..A minute off your mile-WOW!!
CatR: Great plan for eating out and at social gatherings.
Coastalsue: Challenge on! I also did just great on my plan last night. I really do also like that Beck has that candy at night.. I think that this could help me with my nighttime snacking. I stop eating pretty early (6:30ish) and by the time dd is in bed, I am a bit hungry. Now, I know that I can live through it but that is also the time that I used to binge… so saving a special snack or treat for when she hits the hay may be what I need to do for myself. It worked tonight-I had a skinny cow and then stopped… My goal tomorrow is to eat sitting down everytime and eat SLOWLY… I am doing well with recording my food/planning what I eat the night before. Kudos to you for coming clean with yourself on the small gain. In the larger scheme of things and especially with you being in your current mindset, that is a small blip in the road!
Wendylan: Your water exercise class sounds wonderful! And that is just perfect that your kids can do free swim while you work out! I must see what my options are here for that kind of scenario.
Maryblu: It is ALWAYS great to hear from you. This IS such a smart group..I get so much from it and also feel like I take more than I give. I always get so much out of the stuff you say-no worries!! I REALLY notice the added salt in foods and really don’t enjoy it. When I was younger, I really did love extra salt on things but for some reason, now I do not. That is one of the reasons that I am cooking more now-I can control it and others can add more salt if they prefer. That is one fight we don’t hear much about (yet?) with food industry.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s day which means that my 5th and 6th grade students will be bringing all kinds of tempting foods for the party and also showering me with gifts of chocolate. Gameplan: Eat a lunch that I REALLY look forward to (I have food that I cooked that I am excited about..that cauliflower was a winner for one thing..) and eat it slowly. Have a diet doctor pepper in my classroom during the party. I will deposit any non Hershey chocolate into the garbage when I get home. I LOVE that my students care to get me gifts but I just can’t have all that in my house. I may pass some others on for others to enjoy (the PE and Music teachers who don’t’ get showered as much as we classroom teachers come to mind). I will allot 200 calories for dessert tomorrow night so that I can look forward to having some chocolate if I feel like it.

Til tomorrow my friends, Heidi

02-14-2008, 06:24 AM
Diet Coaches - I substituted shoveling snow in the rain for a planned walk in the rain. I really wanted the walk with the emotional reward of a large pedometer reading. Shoveling wet snow before it turned to 4 inches of ice was the wiser choice. CREDIT moi. And CREDIT moi for getting through the work crazies last week without leaning on the vending machines (thanks Sue). I'm about to go have a peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast just to break up my routine.

[ Looking for someone to initiate discussion on Program-day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings, and Program-day 12: Practice Hunger Tolerance. ]

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for getting back on track and for your admirable candor. Sending you my warmest supporting thoughts for staying on your plan to reach twoderland.

MaryBlu - Thanks for the sanity, perspective, and salty encouragement. I think you're right on track about the salt. My goal is to head toward the 1500 mg daily Sodium recommendation rather than the current AMA recommended 2500 mg. My blood numbers are just fine - right now. But, I believe the observers who suggest that limiting sodium will help to keep them there vs. those who suggest that limiting sodium is only useful to those who already have a blood pressure problem.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for having a plan for your incoming chocolate. It gave me a reminder that I have to remain vigilant; the immediate thought that flashed through the thinks-like-a-fat-person portion of my brain was, wish I was her RL friend and could get all that FREE chocolate. The old thinking is always waiting to be triggered.

wendy (wendylan) - Sending positive thoughts for your W.W. weigh in today. Thanks for admitting the Sabotaging Thought about losing it. You remind me why Beck has three Program-days for Get Ready to Weigh In (21, 28, 35). The positive thoughts are for your brain to have a sane response to the scale, whatever it reads.

CatR - Kudos for continuing your planning for social/restaurant situations. The strongest strategy for me in the Beck arsenal is the simple planning in advance. With a plan, I avoid falling off the cliff to a place without a rational bottom.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for on-plan eating during the DS mashed potato show, aka Program-day 30: Stay in Control When Eating Out - that sounds like a YouTube winner, LOL. Amazing observation about "rush of guilty - like I'd binged bigtime." I've had rushes of feelings that seemed to come out of nowhere but never thought to correlate them with something like denying cravings. Thanks for that insight.

Mez (mezmerize) - Kudos for shoveling AND doing a workout. I know about that shoveling business. After work it was raining pretty hard so I had to make that tempting decision to shovel the snow or leave it to wash away. Save some heavy lifting if I leave it; face some thick ice if I leave it and it freezes. Made the decision to shovel, partially for the argument that it was good upper body work. Good choice - this morning anything not shoveled is frozen solid.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:… I’ve had such a hard day. I deserve to eat this. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-14-2008, 03:00 PM
:wave: everyone.

CoastalSue: I think that how the daily calories get divided up is an individual matter. If what your plan works for you, there is no reason to change it. I am hungry soon after I get up and function better if I eat most of my food during the day. My dinners run around 300 calories.

02-14-2008, 03:29 PM
Hi everyone! Again, a quick one - I feel bad when I don't respond to everyone personally, as you do for me. I appreciate your thoughts on my strange mood two nights ago and think it's a vestige of the grief I'm experiencing for my old self/behaviors. I've had lunch out two days in a row and stayed on plan, walked past doughnuts and bagels in the breakroom almost every day this week without really thinking about it, left half a bag of sunchips and a cookie on my plate at lunch, haven't skipped a workout in almost 3 weeks, and I feel - strange. Like I'm not really me anymore. I'm losing weight steadily and it's FABULOUS. My pants are all getting too big. Running is easier. Everything I wrote about on my advantage card is ever so slightly coming into focus, and I just feel - weird. Part of me is wondering when it's going to come to a screeching halt when I fall off the wagon for the 13th billion time, and part of me knows that's not going to happen. I'm only on day 27! Could my thinking be that profoundly changed in less than a month? Is this what bypass patients feel like? Instead of my body changing that dramatically and quickly, it's like my brain has had a bypass. Even while confronted with a growing mountain of evidence I'm having a hard time accepting that I'm really thinking and behaving differently. But if that's really the case, I'd like to hunt down the good Dr. Beck and give her a massive hug.

Again, I wish I could spend the time responding to everyone personally (Maryblu I'm feeling ya, lady) and I feel like I'm taking more than giving - I'm just going to make a vow that when I've got a little more personal RAM available I'll be more on the ball with everyone as individuals instead of posting these rambling blog-type entries - and know that I value everyone's time and thoughts!!!

02-14-2008, 04:50 PM
Hello everyone. I’m sorry this is going to short. I’m not feeling well. (TOM) Sorry Bill if that’s TMI.

kuhljeanie – WTG for sticking to your plan at Golden Corral , and your WL.

CatR – Thanks for the encouragement! I had a test at one of my favorite places to eat. (My husband took me out for our 25TH he did ask if it was ok) I ordered my meal along with a to go box. My meal came and I quickly put ½ of everything into the box. I ate my meal and I was comfortably full. It was wonderful no guilt and feeling proud. I took the leftovers home and by the next morning they were gone. Just as I thought they would be. My son ate them I told him he’s welcome to any take out I bring home.

coastalsue – Congrats on not eating after dinner!

wendylan – Your Pita sound yummy! You know guys have helped me figure out what I’m going to make myself many times!

maryblu – I enjoyed your speed post! I’m not on day 15 yet.

hbuchwald – When I started Working out 7 days ago I really hated it! I mean with a purple passion hated it!! Now you know I kinda like it. I’m liking thinking I want to do it!! I only let myself do 1 mile. At 1st I was yes it’s over … now I’m holding back from doing more. Next week I’m going to add another mile and work my way up. Who knows maybe someday I’ll be in a marathon. HA! Great plan on dealing with the Valentine Sweets.

Bill – Just noticed you were Boston…geez duh! Yea with every scoop of snow I think your burning lots of cals. Yea that ice is a pain to get rid of!

As for me… I give myself credit. I made tacos and noticed something after eating one. (I filled it with more veggies than meat and no cheese.) I was full!! It happen after I took a bite out of the second one. I thought why am I eating this… I think I’m full!! LOL I waited and I was. So I wrapped it up and once again it was gone by morning…. *POOF* My mouse struck again! AKA – DS in high school

02-14-2008, 07:49 PM
Just a quick check in.Had my WW weigh in and weight stayed the same,didn't handle it well.Had a 1 lb gain last week and stayed the same this week.Hurt my back today when my car door was frozen shut,pulled the door open and slipped.Terrible lower back pain,sat in the tub and now laying on the heating pad after work.No swimming and I have been eating nonstop everything I think I shouldn't.Bad day and just lost all drive to do what I know I should.Tommorrow is another day.

02-14-2008, 11:49 PM
Wendylan, Oh, no...I feel your pain! Sometimes, even though we know we are having sabotaging thoughts, we just give in. We KNOW that if we would just go back to the Beck plan, we would be back on track, but we choose not to. I hope that we all can send you healing, positive thoughts that just pull you the book...I don't think it matters where.....just dig works if you just DO will feel confident if you get back on track.

mezmerize: I am glad you, too, have the "to go box Bandit"..a DS who can consume about 3000 + calories a day. Such a gift! (mine is pretty sweet, too)

Kulhjeanie: I am so glad you are feeling the strength and confidence of does it, enjoy it.........but, CONSTANT has happened to me......I get confident ...and let and enjoy....but, be careful........what is so hard for me now is to be so close to "OK"...not there in my mind..and what I know was best for me before (15#s less of me!)..But, still, it is so easy to slack off....and so, just stay with us, girl! Stay posting, accountable....teaching us, holding us accountable..

IF someone will pick up and lead days 11 and 12, I will chime in....they are powerful just never know what piece of the puzzle you will need at a particular time.....but if we all keep sharing, it will work...I just marvel at what we are all learning and sharing.

I love our team!

02-15-2008, 01:11 AM
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Nothing like receiving a tattered cardboard firetruck that was buried in my daughter’s room along with a “thank you card” with her handwriting of my name and hers on it….this in response to me giving her a valentine and her wanting to reciprocate. So sweet!

Wendylan: Oh no….I am so sorry about your back! We take that kind of stuff for granted until something happens….Yes, tomorrow is another day and you have a plan… sending you healing thoughts…

Maryblu: It is so good for you to share with us your experiences with Beck and weight loss. I feel a panic after I have lost a lot of weight and begin to gain… it is so great that you came back to Beck (did you ever leave it all the way?)…. True confession: I have, in the midst of a sabotaging thought, said to myself, “all I have to do is pick up where I left off after I eat xyz”…. Thinking that I need to eat that food but will control some level of it… what a head trip that is!

Today, I had my plan in place and was solid. Then one of my sweet students brought in a nonfat mocha (a small one) and a lowfat muffin. I thought about throwing the muffin away but struggled with the “free food” thing that BillBlueEyes talks about sometimes. Then, treats kept appearing on my desk including several boxes of chocolates. Credit Moi for not opening those chocolates and for leaving them at school-I will put them in the staff lounge tomorrow or in the mail to BillBlueEyes –haaaha. I did eat several small chocolate items that came across my desk. I didn’t keep perfect count of how many but ballparked it on my food log. Then, my friend, who is the parent of one of my students comes in with a bouquet of flowers and a card… and she says loudly, “apparently your students don’t know that their teacher is shrinking…get those chocolates into the staff lounge!”… It was just what I needed at that moment! I went RIGHT back on plan at that point and feel fine now and don’t feel like eating something that I shouldn’t. Another friend came in and asked if I wanted to do the danskin triathlon (it is a sprint marathon)…we can share the legs… I agreed to do the biking part-it is 12 miles! Our goal is to simply finish and I am excited about possibly having a more tangible fitness goal to work toward. I am awaiting a call back from her to see if she is still on board with that so we can sign up when registration begins! WOW! I feel like I am waking up from sleeping many years away! Big kudos to me for getting myself out there more and for planning activities that I am excited about and support my healthy lifestyle!

Hope everyone is doing well… who will pick up days 11 and 12?

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-15-2008, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches - Did my gym and a short walk. CREDIT moi. Instead of roses, I got DW a ticket to the Boston Flower Show - gazillions of flowers in March just when the spirit needs a boost from the winter doldrums.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving - hope you're in the pool.

MaryBlu - Thanks for the reminder: Believe It and CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - What a great Valentine's Day story. Kudos for making a plan and sticking to it. (Checking my email for excess chocolates, LOL). Good luck with your triathlon. Are you already biking? By-the-by, several postings ago you apparently lost a space between ':' and 'T'; without the space, ": T" becomes ":T", LOL.

wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for that back. Kudos for getting it into a tub and onto a hot pad. Sorry that your weigh in hit you hard. Beck seems to recognize how easy it is for us to be knocked off track when a weigh in doesn't meet our expectations. In Program-day 21: Get ready to weigh in, she writes:"If you view your weight as an indication of how weak, inadequate, or out of control you are, then weight gains (or smaller-than-expected weight loses) can easily result in overeating. If you took your temperature, you would use the number on the thermometer as a guide to decide whether you should go to work,whether you should take over-the-counter medication, or whether you should call your doctor. When you weigh yourself, use the number on the scale as a guide to decide whether you should keep doing what you're doing or make some changes." Beck, pg 171.Hope your back feels better today and your scale reading becomes no more than a scale reading.

CatR - Only 300 calories for dinner seems like an admirable shift of your eating to earlier in the day.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - You're a valued contributer to this group in whatever form you choose contribute. I just love your notion of bypass surgery for the brain. I, too, have to continuously fight the Sabotaging Thought that this healthy lifestyle will come to a crashing end with no warning. I read my version of the Believe It Response Card every day. I now have the tools to live this way. Forever.

Mez (mezmerize) - Kudos for stopping after one bite into your second veggie taco; so nice to be aware of the sense of being sufficiently full rather than only aware that a food opportunity is available. LOL at the thought of your refrigerator mouse; I had one of those. When he left for college I had the amazing rediscovery of the joy of leftovers. Now that I'm eating rationally, I wish he was back.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:... I can’t resist this food. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-15-2008, 09:34 AM
Wendylan – I hope you feel better soon.

Maryblu – I’ve learned so much from this book. I don’t if it’s just me but I find I’m The Beck Diet Book Pusher! I have many wonderful things to say about it and when I go to explain it to friends I jump all over the place for every step is just as important as the next!

Hbuchwald – Aww very cute Valentine! LOL @ sending them to Bill. What great friends!!!

BillBlueEyes – I bet the flower show is something else!!
I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! My husband got me Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party for my Wii player. I’m going to give it a try as soon as I’m finished here. It has a get in shape working and calorie tracker. I’m not sure how involved it is but if it gets me moving then I’m all for it.

02-15-2008, 02:04 PM
Maryblu: Day 11 is learning to tell when you are really hungry.

Hunger: You haven't eaten for several hours. Hunger is the empty sensation in your stomach which is often accompanied by stomach rumblings.

Desire: You eat a big meal and still want to eat more.

Craving: You have a very strong urge to eat, accompanied by a feeling of tension and an unpleasant yearning sensation in your mouth, throat or body.

During this day, we are to log how our stomachs feel and the strength of hunger on a scale of 0-10 for each meal and snack.
This is to be done:
Before the meal or snack
Midway through the meal
Immediately after the meal
20 minutes after the meal

I am now in the 4th week of my eating plan. I feel hunger before it is time for another meal or snack. Cravings rarely come up. I am retired and am usually at home, which is devoid of the trigger foods, like ice cream, which would set cravings off. I eat enough to take care of the hunger, but my meals are small and I usually don't feel "full". I frequently desire more food, even 20 minutes after a meal, but don't feel any compulsion to actually eat more.

Now the reality is that I am only going to be able increase my daily food intake by about 300 calories at maintenance if I increase my daily fitness activities to allow for the lower caloric requirement of my goal weight. So I may be just learning what "full" means.

Heidi: How wonderful to have a fitness-oriented friend. The triathlon should help keep you on track.

Wendylan: You did have a bad day! The most important thing is to just get back on plan. I hope your back pain subsides soon.

Mez: Dance, Dance sounds like something fun to do.

BillBlueEyes: A ticket to the flower show for DW was a creative idea. I have done my share of stress-eating when there is too much to get done, so good job in not supporting your local vending machines.

02-15-2008, 06:32 PM
Howdy all,

thanks CatR for doing day 11. Misplace my book, but still have the workbook. I know hunger, I know that it passes but recently been plagued with very strong cravings and desires. I have had a very tough week-emotionally I feel on edge, anxious and often very defeated about all of my capabilities-I have been eating more. I also been using more artificial sweeteners -made a yummy granitas with blood oranges and splenda, drinking more splenda sweeten sodas.-I just read there is some research that such sweeteners harm weight loss. The body may treat it like it is sugar and responds with wanting more food. In the past I haven't been bothered by the stuff, but recently I seem to only maintain my weight loss, or gain but not not to lose more. What do the rest of folks think of the stuff-any problems with it?

Today I am recording my hourly anwers to the Question- Do I feel like eating now? Does any one else feeling like sharing their recording of the day?

Heidi-great valentine day posting-Good luck on you bike ride. I so understand sabotaging thought- just this bite of stuff right now then I'll go back on program-but I am doing this over and over again. Both having the bite and going back to program.

wendylan-ouch, ouch oh the pain of sore back. Yep that makes a bad day. We both will back on progam as of this minute-we want to be thinner and this is the only way.

Mexmirize-great val gift- Hope it is a fun move.

BillBlueeyes-Fun outing on Val day-I love looking at landscaping and garden shows. My DH and I took a long ride and saw snow on the tops of the coastal Mountian range. exciting-got some thai food also- So caloric is that thai ice tea - least at the mexican meal I had low cal fish tacos-no cheese or sour cream and they were yummy.

Has any one used the Veggie cook book by Bittman?Know of a good easy veggie cook book? I need more easy yummy veggie dishes.

Maryblue-hang in there- it's also tough to be about 140 lb away from goal. If I am "perfect" I should reach goal by 12/09. Part of me really want to say what the heck I'll never make-but slowly I plug away. Both of my brothers are diabetic and over 300lbs and they think I am crazy for even try dieting-just accept our family fate to be fat.

KuhlJeanie-loved hearing your success!!! go go I bet all that running really helps.

I do get credit for continued swimming-I find it also helps my morale so much. No more rain is schedule until mid next week, The pool drops down to the mid 70's which is a bit hard my arthritis along with just being so cold when the outside temp is in the 40's.

today plan is to record my response to craving, desire and hunger, meditate, stop to look at sabotaging thoughts versus of giving into them.


02-15-2008, 09:54 PM
Hi all and thanks for the suppport.Back feels a bit better today but still painful.Hope I can make it back to swim by Sunday.Bad food day again today,I am thinking of switching to the WW core plan.It is my second choice from the Beck book,choose a second diet plan.I have been looking up some recipes online.The WW flex plan just isn't working very well for me and I am getting frustrated and losing very slowly.I am going to start Sat with that and I have to shop for a few items. As for splenda I use a few packets daily,in my tea or yogurt and have one diet soda daily and I do not have a problem with it.I like it the best of all the sweeteners but I do not feel I go overboard with it.One thing I love when I am craving sweets is a sliced lemon with splenda sprinkled on,it satisfies my sweet craving.I will check in Sat.thanks wendy

02-15-2008, 10:21 PM
I am willing to post Days 12-14. Since Day 11 got started late, I thought I would post Day 12 on Sunday, Day 13 on Tuesday and Day 14 on Thursday. That would get us caught up. Any other opinions?

CoastalSue: I am sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time this past week. Are you concerned about being able to continue to lose weight? You have already shown that you can do it with your 68 pound weight loss. It doesn't take much off-plan eating to stall weight loss. I hope your current difficulties pass soon.

Wendy: I am doing better at keeping on plan than any time in the past because I finally found what works for me. Good luck with the WW core diet. I am happy to hear your back is starting to get better.

02-15-2008, 11:02 PM
Dear Beckies,

I woke up this morning with the "DOH!" smack in the forehead. I stayed up all night and it dawned on me.......that my post yesterday was somewhat misleading....and thanks, Heidi (hbuckwald), for bringing me back to full disclosure with your question:

"Maryblu: It is so good for you to share with us your experiences with Beck and weight loss. I feel a panic after I have lost a lot of weight and begin to gain… it is so great that you came back to Beck (did you ever leave it all the way?)"

Here is what I need to clarify: My 80# wt. loss was PRE-BECK. It happened about 6 yrs. ago.. just a steady 5# a month wt. loss for over a year. I had a reason to lose; I was running for political office.......ran twice, lost twice, the last time by 8 votes,( out of 4500 +cast) any rate, that was pre-Beck. I had been fat all my life. Not just my adult life, all my life. I was fat in grade school, high school, college, and all my adult career. I was about 46 when I just got full.

I "found" Beck about May of last year, and it just clicked. It rang so true with me, I knew. I knew from here on, I had the plan, the sure-fire behavior floor plan not to fail. What is not working for me now is that I use it just long enough to lose a few pounds, get confident, and then just do my own thing, gain it back, and then have to go back to Beck. I am in a spot where the pain of a few unwanted pounds is not enough to keep me on track with Beck....and, thanks for the reality check, dear Sue(CoastalSue) "Maryblue-hang in there- it's also tough to be about 140 lb away from goal."

We all know the one practicing Beck day after day after day is BillBE. Bill, you are just remarkable. You are the ONE who practices CONSTANT VIGILANCE..and I do realize that while we all depend on your daily post, it is your TOTAL commitment to it Beck, call it maintenance, you are TOTALLY committed.....and I am just playing with fire...I am ......I am just playing with fire..except I truly know that the Beck CBT is my ace in the works........just writing it down.....just having a diet coach to report is a "no fail" behavior plan.

Look at the changes in all of us..all of us who have reported that moment of realization, of catching ourselves being mindless....because we have to report to someone, or write it down.

I know that I now remember that feeling of being much more "on my game" during the day when a little bit hungry.(day 11) feels good! It feels so much more ALIVE.
Who needs that sluggish full feeling mid-day? You know how you feel at 1:00 on Saturday when you are having fun and have had no time for lunch..right??

We are all in different stages of believing in the certainty that Beck CBT works, in our need/desire to change, to commit to getting control of our eating behavior; that is so evident from our posting; I just enjoy digging through all are all the proof that the BDS works...more than I am...

Thanks to everyone here for being so willing to share.

Happy Saturday.....I will be writing a paper.......:(

02-16-2008, 01:07 AM
Hi friends/coaches,
I have to check in quickly-packing and getting stuff ready for a house/dog sitter. We leave for the happiest place on earth tomorrow morning!

Maryblu-thanks for sharing your weight loss journey. I think I know what you mean about getting to a "good enough" weight. I feel like a million bucks after losing the 40 lbs that I have lost. I have 75 more to go but feel good and if I lose much more, I will have to/get to buy new clothes. We do have the tools (Beck) and the role models (Bill).

Sue: My comittment while I am gone is to write everything I eat down. I don't know how I can plan what I eat until I check out where I am going to be. I know how to balance my meals from all the preplanning I have been doing and am going to be on the Beck Satellite program for a few days. If I am recording what I eat, that can hold me accountable. I will also eat slowly.... be mindful and try to enjoy every minute of my trip!

Off to pack and get ready. I don't know if I will have internet access so will plan to check in again on Wednesday (we get back on Tuesday night).

Talk soon and keep on Beckin'!

Til Wednesday, Heidi

02-16-2008, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches - Finally got in a day with two long walks of an hour each - about 19500 steps. CREDIT moi. I've accepted so many good reasons for slacking off my exercise, as differs from the earlier part of my journey when I'd get out for a 6am walk when my day was booked at both lunchtime and after work. Need some attention here. Re Program-day 11, Desire is the feeling that keeps coming to me: when there is food visible in a serving dish on the table, when a waiter passes with hot hors d'oeuvres, when I smell fresh baked bread. That's when I most need to work my Beck strategies. Fortunately, I've not had a lot of cravings; I do admire those of you who regularly fight those.

Sue (CoastalSue) - It took me a week to complete the simple task of recording my hunger feelings over a day - I wouldn't think about it until time for the next meal. My hunger was high (7) before breakfast and before dinner. Hunger always reduced to (0) 20 minutes after a meal. Lunch was more ambiguous; I was hungry no more than (3), but desire was high (7-9) - my brain is scheduled to eat at midday and I WANT IT NOW kicked in. Good luck on your recording day. I'm hoping you choose to share your results.

Re Splenda: What has worked for me is to avoid sugar tasting stuff, whether cane sugar, HFCS, artificial sweetners, honey, or maple syrup. Those sweet tastes don't reduce my need for sweets, they make me want more sweets. I have to just get out of the cycle as much as I can. Even the dried fruit I add to my granola awakens my desire for more sweets, but I feel able to control that. When I add fresh fruit in season, I don't have that desire to add a second peach like I have the desire to add six more dried figs. I offer no theory for my response, nor do I assume my response fits anyone else. I'm grateful for all who have share their peculiar, personal responses to food so that I'm learning to accept that my response is my response without the need for it to be the same as everybody else's.

MaryBlu - Blush; your words are way too kind, but I do thank you for them. I look forward to buying your book, The Run for Political Office Diet, LOL. We both have an 80# pre-beck loss and a strong commitment to the Beck strategies to take us the rest of our journey. Just wondering if it might be time for you to review Chapter 11, When to Stop Losing and Start Maintaining. By Beck's criteria, you might just be at your maintenance weight now, and could stand to feel really good about yourself if you were able to accept that. Perhaps worth considering.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Have a wonderful week in Disneyland. Kudos for having a plan in your pocket.

wendy (wendylan) - Sending supporting thoughts for your back. Kudos for actively working which diet plan is the best fit for you.

CatR - Thanks for starting Program-day 11. It's interesting that you describe your desire for more food as learning the feeling of full. That has certainly been true for me; I had evolved the concept of "full" to be "Thanksgiving Day stuffed." Has taken a while to redefine it to be closer to what Beck calls "mild fullness."

Mez (mezmerize) - How do you use your Wii for the Dance Dance Revolution? Do you recommend the Wii for home aerobics?

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:… I’m upset. I have to eat. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.
Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-17-2008, 08:08 AM
Diet Coaches - Mindlessly melancholy this morning. Don't know what I'm asking for, so I'll do it this way.

Sabotaging Thought:Just wondering if this desire for food is going to decrease with time or if it's the lifelong penalty for being formerly obese. Yesterday my NSV was going to the hardware store and not obsessing about their FREE popcorn all the way there. Skipping the popcorn was a big deal in the early part of my journey, but that isn't really so hard now - my Beck strategy is to ask, "Do you want greasy hands for the next half hour or to just buy your stuff, get out of here, and be pleased with yourself for the rest of the day?" So it's an NSV for me to not-obsess for 30 minutes. Is that all there is?

I would have thought that as I approach 2.5 years into this journey that thinking about food and exercise would be a minor part of my daily life. Oh, I'm very pleased with my new weight and healthy lifestyle, grateful for the support that helped me get and stay here, and CREDIT moi for my contributions. But, it would seem that this level of focus would be behind me now. Even after having our first kid we only talked about childbirth ("centimeter by centimeter") for a while and then became fully engaged with the next phase of life. I'd very much like to reduce thinking about my food plan and exercise plan to the same level as thinking about my teeth brushing plan and my wear clean socks plan. Or, as was captured by the title of the book, How to Raise Children at Home in Your Spare Time.

Helpful Response:"And when I was 12 years old, my father took me to a circus, the greatest show on earth.
There were clowns and elephants and dancing bears.
And a beautiful lady in pink tights flew high above our heads.
And so I sat there watching the marvelous spectacle.
I had the feeling that something was missing.
I don't know what, but when it was over,
I said to myself, "is that all there is to a circus?

Is that all there is, is that all there is
If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is." Peggy Lee, years ago.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as:… I ate something I shouldn’t. I may as well blow my diet for the rest of the day. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-17-2008, 02:03 PM
Thanks for calling the question, BillBE: "Just wondering if it might be time for you to review Chapter 11, When to Stop Losing and Start Maintaining. By Beck's criteria, you might just be at your maintenance weight now, and could stand to feel really good about yourself if you were able to accept that. Perhaps worth considering."

It is obvious to me that this is where my body wants to maintain, as evidenced by the fact that I can stay at this weight with very little sacrifice. I should be grateful for that, and your coaching really brought that home. The problem is, I have been where I want to be, and I loved it! Mel from maintainers said this:

" I know my body wants to be heavier, but I don't like it heavier. "

And speaking of maintainers, BillBE, reading(searching) those posts makes me think this WILL be a lifelong struggle. l see no evidence on there to the contrary! I do see a lot of self-satisfaction though; they are all still, for the most part, gleeful; so maybe that is the reward for the struggle.

I need to just suck it up and get serious, stop whining and just do it. We all have our struggles, and CoastalSue really, in your own sweet way, you pretty well made me realize I don't have so many b-----es coming! I don't call you our moral compass for nothing!

I really feel that I need to contribute something to this team; everyone is working the Beck CBT method as best he or she can. This is the most important part for me share: It is a no fail behavioral plan to lose the weight. and keep it off. We can chose not to do it and fail, but if we chose to follow the plan, we can be certain of success. How powerful! What those maintainers are telling us is, "It's worth it!"

That said, I am going to commit to the team. I am going to suck it up and just do it, and I will be here to cheer the rest of you on...and speaking of just doing it, I did not just do it and write my paper yesterday, so guess what I get to just do? And that with my brand new issue of Nutrition Action calling my name. (Thanks, BillBE, I read on another post your recommendation. And the first page is about my new nemesis, salt!)

02-17-2008, 03:32 PM
Hello all,

Have been doing the Beck tasks of preplanning, recording the cals and recording hunger, desire and cravings-amazing how they disappear when I pay attention and start analyzing them. However last night I went to a wild, flamboyant, crowded gathering with rich hors d'oeuvre and good wines-I behaved with little restraint.-eating behaviors that is-I think I went from desire to straight out food lust. I am posting now to avoid that "since I have blown it I'll over eat for days". Plus I really feel sluggish as my body is coping with all the food/wine. It is begging me to eat more wisely.

I think acknowledging the tough parts to losing and/or maintaining is also part of the process. I read 75% of eating is emotional-thus there is a variety of emotional responses to restraint. I do feel like a smoker who quit smoking but never goes a day without wanting a cig. The other day I was wondering if I was emotionally fragile in that I can go into a large tail spin over rather small incidents-I know how to push my body-work when ill or in pain, but can unleash the self doubts in a flash and spend so much energy on internal dialogue to rebuild my self worth. It is desire and cravings that are so much harder for me to conquer-I can easly deal with the physical uncomfortable of being hunger, it is the head uncomfortabliness that is so hard for me. Here is hoping that understanding the difficulties for me, helps with me be more successful about changing my food habits. One thing about all moods-they exist, but they always go away after a while.

BillBlueEyes-after reading your posting I put on myCD of Peggy Lee-Black Coffee-Always like the song "Is that all there is" There are time in my life that the sentiment just fits. What is NSV?

As Maryblu would say, I need to suck it up and get back on program-inspite of last night debauchery. This program works- it is just my brain that goes into "panic" overeating believing that food cures my negative thoughts.


02-17-2008, 04:30 PM
I am calling it quits. I am not really cut out for this online posting. I have no idea what I can say in reference to today's postings and don't feel that my last post was particularly helpful.

Thanks for your support.

02-17-2008, 04:51 PM
CatR - I think your last post was very nice and well planned and would be helpful. I do understand how online posting can take up time and we all have things that need to be done. I wish you'd stay. I understand if you have to leave. Please do try and check in once in awhile.

I found the Dance Dance R. To be a really good workout. It had me log in my weight which is password protected. (non of my son's friend can see my weight) It lets you choose how to workout. I took out jumping since I have horrible knees. I could choose to workout a certain amount of time or by calories. It very nice. Right now I'm still figuring out stuff... As far as the workout it reminds me of a workout dvd you bring home and think I'm never going to be able to do that and after awhile you can. When I started I was stumbling now I'm not doing to bad and I'm only on training. LOL it's lot of fun!

02-17-2008, 05:27 PM
CatR- Don't give up! We are all working at our own pace,some are further along then in the book than others.I am not a big poster online either but I feel a connection with this group.I find your posts very helpful and it helps all of us to see others get frustrated and down sometimes.As I read daily I can see myself in others posts,we have good days and we have bad days.We get moody and we want to give up,I was quiting on Thur and Fri but I am feeling a bit better and know quiting is not an option.When I was feeling down CostalSue wrote to me"We both will back on progam as of this minute-we want to be thinner and this is the only way." I appreciated that and I do believe it is the only way.Also BillBlue Eyes reminded me of his advantage card"My Body,My Path" when I felt I wasn't losing weight as fast as others in my WW group.If posting is very time consuming just post a check in when you have the time.

costalsue-Great job on all your planning and recording of calories and hunger levels.I agree wholeheartedly what you said about a small incident causing a major tailspin.I would like to forget Thur and Fri all together but this is a process and I will learn more.

maryblu-I give you credit for evaluating your plan and making a commitment "to just suck it up and get serious, stop whining and just do it"

BillBlueEyes-I have to tell you 19500 is a heck of a lot of steps! Your other post regarding desire for food brought to mind someting from day 23 counter the unfairness syndrome."Dieting might not be fair--Everyone experiences some kind of unfairness in life.This is mine." I do believe this is my unfairness also,I will have to continue working at this the rest of my life.The chapter does end with"Once I stop telling myself that dieting isn't fair,dieting will be easier." I do understand though that you are not dieting you are maintaining which will last forever.I tend to think this will be my weakness forever to be managed,not drinking,not smoking,not drugs.Also I think of the alcoholics and drug addicts I meet at work.They have to be viligant at their meetings, working their steps and helping others with the same problems.They have to do it for life if they expect to stay sober.So many also avoid their substance for years,become complacent,slack off,or have a high stress episode and then have a relapse.I expect food is like this for me.

hbuchwald-Have a great vacation!!

02-17-2008, 05:38 PM
I forgot to mention myself,I am doing the ww core plan and have followed it Sat and Sun,so far.I hope to see better results at the scale Thur,although my scale at home shows a 3 lb gain after my binge Thur and Fri feeling sorry for myself.WW core gives an extensive list of foods to eat that do not have to be counted.Healthier foods,vegetables fruits,lean meats and whole grains do not have to be weighed or measured.Also a few points are given for extras.Sometimes when doing the flex plan I get into the habit of eating too many snacks,treats or sweets even if I stay in my points.Core is healthier for me overall but bread and lowfat dairy are not included.Only fat free dairy ,dressings,mayo can be used unless you use the few points.I dislike some of the fatfree dressings,cheese ect..But I am going to work at it.I bought some new grains to try,polenta,barley and kasha.No swimming since Mon. due to weather and my back.I will be returning Mon eve.

02-17-2008, 09:56 PM
:?::?:I went to a Beck seminar and I am hooked. I bought the book as well asthe workbook. I have been procrastinating getting started. Any words of wisdom from anyone who's been following it. What the best way to get started? Thanks!!!:?:

02-18-2008, 05:43 AM
:welcome: iloveme2008 :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, for the special event of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

You are the first person posting here who I remember who has attended a Beck seminar. What a great introduction her program.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

02-18-2008, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches - Some friends had us for dinner last night - a real pleasure because the hostess served modest portions (with seconds available from the kitchen if desired) including a dessert served in a tiny bowl with small spoon. I ate solidly on plan by eating exactly the same as the other three. But did one better, I left some baked potato on my plate. Leaving food is difficult for me. So, CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Thanks for the reminder, "One thing about all moods-they exist, but they always go away after a while." Hard to scold you for your debauchery when your writing makes it sound so appealing, LOL. But, Kudos for getting right back on track. Like moods, parties go away after a while. NSV stands for Non Scale Victory, meaning any positive step other than weight loss numbers.

MaryBlu - Good luck with your paper today. Thanks for the reminder that being mindful is a lifetime struggle. You can expect me to come back periodically with the desire for a reprieve, LOL. And thanks for the reminder, "stop whining and just do it."

wendy (wendylan) - Good luck with your core plan and your stack of new grains. What kind of polenta did you get? Thank you for the insight that my desire to be spared my focus on food might be interpreted as a feeling of the unfairness syndrome, per Program-day 23. I'll go review that.

CatR - When I read your Program-day 11 discussion, even though I've read it several times myself and even posted a discussion about it myself, I saw in your description a new way to see desire for food as a learning process. That perspective was a gift from you and I'm grateful for it. Your posts carry insights and understandings that are a real contribution to this group. I do hope that you are able to find the time to be able to continue.

Your last post reminds me that I, too, frequently don't have an insight on how to respond to a specific post. What I do is to just respond to the part that I do understand. One of the great gifts to me from this group is their responses that show me an understanding that I missed.

If you do decide to take a hiatus, recall that it's been previously written on this thread something like:After a hiatus, just post from the current day; the history of why and where are not required.

Mez (mezmerize) - Neat that you can tailor the workout on your Wii - that certainly gives it an advantage over a DVD.

iloveme2008 - I can't imagine a better way to start Beck than to 1) Take a Beck seminar, 2) Post on 3FC to start your support group, and 3) Identify three items of your Advantages Response Card in your 3FC Additional Information, "Right now I am interested in becoming more fit and healthy to be able to live my life to the fullest!" You're on a roll! Next is to start the reading. When it seems right for you, you can leap ahead of where you are in your reading to join the group discussion as we review the book together. We're on Program-day 11 (initiated by CatR) right now and will probably progress more slowly than you will read.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as: … This is hard. I don’t want to keep dieting. …If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-18-2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks, CatR for your work with our group. I hope you will hang out and stay with us from time to time as you choose. I think BillBE has done a great job of keeping us all from feeling pressure to contribute if we don't feel up to it. That said, I have felt badly at times for just posting what was on my mind rather than some "deep" Beck insight. I think we all can/should resist feeling guilty because:

a. there are enough other life situations for us to feel guilty about


b. This team/group does do more than just post about "I ate this, have to get back OP"...we really do. You just never know when something you read from someone else just grabs you and rings true, and you never know when you will be the one to post just what someone else needs at that time.

Welcome iloveme2008. The great thing about Beck is you get to read and study for 2 weeks before you start a diet.....and all the steps leading up that are great preparation; they really are.

Now, for accountability, my paper is done, and I am looking forward to just kicking butt with the BDS. I am ready to behave sanely when it comes to food.

And for the record, I am committing to forgeting the unfairness thing. I am so OVER that. Cancer is unfair. Mental illness is unfair......this preoccupation with food..this love affair with food...not so bad as unfairness goes....and the BDS gives us all the tools we need to cope. C'mon, it could be gambling addiction, etc. etc...we are all smart, rationale (even though we can all behave pretty darned irrationaly where food is concerned!) and we are PROACTIVE, as evidenced by our committment to BDS.

02-18-2008, 07:14 PM
welcome iloveme2008 !!!!!
Stayed on my core today,learned I don't mind brown rice instead of white.Not sure about this polenta,it is Foood Merchants Brand organic sundried tomato garlic in a tube.I could not find it at regular store so I had to go to heathfood store. I fried it in 1 tsp of olive oil sliced thin and with brown rice and jalapenos.I made tacos for the kids and I ate some of the meat with salsa with the polenta and rice.Polenta tasted funny and mushy,maybe someone has a better recipe.Anyway back to swim tonight 7:30 sharp, my back is almost back to it's old self.Don't know how people deal with longterm back pain.My husband fell off our roof 2 years ago and broke ribs and part of his back,he still has pain alot of the time.He was lucky though that he didn't end up paralyzed or unable to work.Have a good night everyone. wendy

02-19-2008, 02:43 AM
Hello all,

Welcome to iloveme2008. Love your name-as doing Beck is about loving ourselves to become healthier. Starting with the advantage cards-really looking at why I wanted to lose-really wanted to lose was the best start for me.

CatR-hope you do come back--Just telling your day is fine enough of a posting. I love reading about everyone's successes, sharing frustrations and recipes. MaryBlu said the best about never know when something you write grabs someone or some else's posting will grab you. I know sometimes my posting may not sense to another one else, but I learned more about me just writing the stuff.

Well I decided that I need some thing else to give me a dieting boost. I dabbled with WW, then did calorie counting for months-But I am so tired of not losing, I going to do some SlimFast for a week or two. I know that it is only temperary but needed a change, I think my craving and desiring food has been increasing so I hoping having fewer choices for a week or so may make me more appreciative of remaining with more healthy choices. Been doing a good job swimming-up to an Hr today. Finally have a swimming buddie a couple days a week-really helps to meet someone at the pool. The lack of yummy fresh veggies is really getting boring-Also a bit tired of citrus, bananas and apple-ready for some fresh berries soon.

Tonight I saw the French movie-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-very well done about a man who lves in a state of total paralysis and could only communicate by blinking his left eyelid.-an increditable story of a human spirit.

WendyLan-success to you doing the core WW-Hang in there as it is so disappointing not to see the scales go down. I am so determined to get out of the 300's soon but my body is letting go of the weight soo slowly I just made a vegetarian dish with marinara sauce, eggplant, zucinni and sliced some of the tube polenta about the dish-along with mozzerella cheese-pleasant winter dish-quick/easy. Have a good swim tonight.

BillBlueEyes how fun to share a dinner with friends and not have to deal with all the food issues-Too often food is the elephant in the room which no else sees but I can not ignore-even if I don't eat I'm saying non eating mantras the whole evening. credit for plate remains!!

MaryBlu-I intellectually agree that the idea of the feelings of "unfairness" of being on food plan is bit much given some of the other health problems which are so much difficult to heal. That said I still get so tired of the planning, recording and limiting my choices. And as you said there is enought for us to feel guilty about without getting too upset if occassionally we admit this is darn hard-not impossible but darn hard! That is my mood tonight-but it will change!!

Mezmerize-glad your dancing doing you right. What is a Wii?

Heidi-Hope you are happy in the happiest place-My kids loved the place for years.


02-19-2008, 06:19 AM
Diet Coaches - Got on track with my gym and walking on Monday's holiday. CREDIT moi. Had the best lunch - hot lentils (dal) over cold broccoli slaw. Just a great combination of temperatures, flavors, and textures. I'll pack that for my lunch today.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for the swimming. Good luck with the injection of Slim-Fast for a few weeks. Seems like accepting responsibility to take an action to break out of a plateau. It gives me hope for civilization that there exists someone on planet earth who doesn't know what a Wii is. That, Sue, makes the life you've designed for yourself seem sooooooo appealing.

MaryBlu - Kudos for finishing your paper. Yeah for the thought, "there are enough other life situations for us to feel guilty about." When not feeling guilt, all my resources are available to correct a problem. E.g., a gazillion people can ride bicycles because, when they begin to tilt left, they adjust by leaning right. But, there is a group of people who CAN'T ride bicycles. Seems that when they begin to tilt left, they panic, and keep tilting till they fall over. My vision is that thinking like a thin person is like riding a bicycle, so to get there, I have to work my head stuff that produces guilt because I've tilted left rather than just leaning right. And you, MaryBlu, are superb at reminding me that the Beck strategies are the best thing I know about to correct that head stuff.

wendy (wendylan) - Glad your back is calming down. Thanks for the polenta info - I didn't know it sold in a tube. I'll have to try that. Polenta is easy for me to like since I like grits.

Readers – "Most dieters who end up in my office…have such thoughts as: … I’ll never lose weight. If any of these thought sound familiar to you, you’re the perfect candidate for the Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-19-2008, 11:04 AM
Hello my coaches,

Had a rough eating weekend. We had a brunch birthday party for my son, and after spending an entire day baking and decorating a 3-tiered cake and cupcakes, and baking french toast casserole and breakfast pizzas, with all the stress and the work and the fridge so full of party food leftovers we were calling for backup every time we opened the door because it was scary full. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Too tired to plan meals, too tired to exercise when I got home from class last night. Not just head tired but body tired too. Too tired to cook MORE food of the low-calorie variety.

So yep, I ate a fair number of non-plan meals (since there was no plan and the smell of bacon everywhere). While being annoyingly aware of backseat driving on my own thinking. Every time I'd had a thought like "I'm too exhausted to make something different, and I DESERVE to eat pastry" I'd almost immediately have another Beckie thought. Got to the point where I just got tired of my brain switching modes.

Today I brought a giant platter of leftovers into work. It took about 15 minutes for them to disappear - reminded me of old National Geographic footage of piranha devouring an entire cow. Tomorrow I'll deposit something else. I'm recalling the piece about changing your environment, and I'm feeling a little conflicted about pushing my pastry smack in the office and making it someone else's problem, but no one seems to mind, and there are a lot of thin young guys going to town on it. Some of the food DH wants to keep (the kid loves the casserole) so I'll learn to ignore it at home. I just don't want it to go bad. Funny, huh? I don't want to waste good food, so I leave it on a counter in the kitchenette for other (thin) people. Still thinking about how I want to handle the cake. I made it from scratch, and it turned out so beautifully a friend has asked me to do her wedding cake. It's my son's first birthday cake. It tastes fabulous. It's made from good fresh ingredients. And I know at the end of the day, my body only recognizes it as calories, and the birthday party is over, and my child is no longer an infant, whether or not I continue to eat cake. I've got a standing meeting on Wednesdays with a group who eats my cakes and won't have any issue with taking care of it for me, but the idea of not having any more makes me feel sad. I think, one more piece, and somehow it's tied up with my sadness at my baby getting older. In what universe does eating cake keep your babies from growing up? I'll be making another one in a week or so to start practicing two new techniques I'll need for the wedding cake, and I won't have trouble giving THAT cake to the steering committee at the Wednesday meeting. Somehow this particular cake has magical baby-related properties that demand I eat more of it.

Do I actually sound as insane as I think I do? Criminy... staying perfectly on plan for almost three weeks and I feel like I set myself up. Since it didn't last forever, and now I'm not sure how you work in things like small pieces of your baby boy's 1st birthday cake. Or how you work them in without having a neurotic meltdown. Or just how to occassionally eat a piece of cake without getting completely derailed (can't recall precisely which number of thinking mistakes I'm managed to hit, but at least 2 or 3). Once again, ugh. And rationally I know that I didn't go completely crazy. (How can you, with that voice whispering big-girl, responsible STUFF in your head all day, when you want to stomp your foot and stuff your face like a 3 year old?) Had a little water retention but that's gone now.

Wow, this has gotten kind of long. Thanks for staying with me! I didn't write down my plan for today, but I've got all the usual food in all the usual portions. Will get back to writing it all down tomorrow.

Do you all try to work cake (or whatever your version of it is) into your plans?


02-19-2008, 06:40 PM

My post today was going to be about automating my eating for a while....and there you are:

"I think my craving and desiring food has been increasing so I hoping having fewer choices for a week or so"

Good for you; I hope it works. The other thing about it is that it might help you feel good about a little less volume. When I am not over-eating, I get a real pleasure about not being so stuffed.

I have noticed that I feel more alert, more capable, much more energetic during the day when I am somewhat hungry. I like it.

Drs. Oz and Roizen recommend it in You on a Diet They recommend eating the same breakfast and lunch every day for some time and choosing from a few standard dinner choices. It is helpful to make things automatic..No Choice..

Meg on maintainers talks about eating a lot of the same foods regularly, and the National Wt. Loss Registry lists it as one of the tactics that maintainers use.

I have been reading the Medifast thread for some time. The part that appeals to me besides the quick results is the automated No Choice part.

So, I am automating. I will use 2 cards a lot....I have a specfic advantage card.....feeling at my very best late in March during a presentation I will be making, and the "No Choice" card....I just don't want to have to make choices. Automated eating will take so much of the focus off food...just eat it for the nutrition, not for the other pleasures of food right now.

I am telling myself if I automate and use the "No choice" card, then writing down what I eat (hate the discipline it takes to do that, but it is so powerful, so effective) will be a lot easier.

I am pretty determined about this, and Sue, you GO, GIRL!

02-19-2008, 06:51 PM

I was so excited to reply to Sue, I didn't even offer a word of empathy for you. I had to lol, though at:

"Every time I'd had a thought like "I'm too exhausted to make something different, and I DESERVE to eat pastry" I'd almost immediately have another Beckie thought. Got to the point where I just got tired of my brain switching modes.

It is so cool that Beck is speaking so forcefully to you already.

I really have a different approach to the cake thing than I pick up from Beck. I say, "yes, work it in". If it is that important to you, then work it in. There is nothing in Beck that says you can't, other than we you read about her own personal behavior, you would think she is say that with great affection.

02-20-2008, 12:48 AM
hi all,

had an ok day- had to fight wanting a "bite" of anything edible that I saw. kind of abnormal for me to have some many food desires-. Right now my brain is too easily overstimulated by food. Thanks for the support for the slimfast-I was ready for a change and I agree with you Maryblu about few choices-in fact I did that for months-then sort of snapped and added small portions of other foods-now I need to return to those few choice but just can not do the same ones again. One thing about the slimfast plan is that they recommend more calories earlier in the day than I was eating- more calories for breakfast and lunch and then more snacks during the day. I sort of like it. They then encourage a meal of about 500 cals(for me) for dinner-lots of veggies, some protein and some starches. Tonight I made tofu stir fry-yumm. I did the Medifast about 15 yrs ago-lost quickly and alot but I didn't learn to change my habits so regained it and more-bet working Beck and doing it would be much more successful. To a thinner you for the March presentation.
Really been pushing myself swimming- a bit tired and stiff-but feel so relaxed-Plan to swim again tomarrow.

BillBlueEyes-Hope you enjoyed being back in the gym. yes, I love my odd world up here on the rural coast. The shopping we have is grocery and hardware stores but I enjoyed not having the chain stores clammering for my money.

KulhJeanie - Your party was increditable but so much work-On top of all of your other activities it sounds like you are also a great pastry/cake chef. Wise to bring in leftovers to the young, active and thin-who actually based upon my sons can eat like piranhas. Interesting connections of the cake to your son's milestone of being one year old. Such tricky emotions can tied to foods and events. Could it work to cut the cake up and freeze the pieces for smaller servings over time? I get that I hate to cook feeling and have some frozen stuff for those moments. My favorite is 1/2 of calif kitchen Silician pizza which is 465 cals.

About having treats for me-At times is works very well to a small planned and measured treat each day-other times it seems to trigger cravings and desire for more. So I go back and forth based upon how in control I feel on my plan.
I have to do a variety of actions to trick that 3 yrs old in me from sabotaging the food plan. But I read you committment to sort out and figure out what it takes to remain on the beck plan for the long run. Please keep sharing as I have similiar struggles.

tomarrow family arrives for a two night/ 3 days stay. Should be fun, busy and alot of cooking for me. I have no dessert planned and hope they can cope.


02-20-2008, 01:53 AM
Hello there coaches and friends,
Back from Disneyland...exhausted but had a fun time. I won't go again for a long time-going on rides is NOT like what it used to far as my plan,I wrote everything down, walked a LOT, swam a bit and lived in the moment for most of the trip (eatingwise and otherwise).

I am so excited for my routine/structure to be back in place. I am seeing a nutritionist tomorrow and hope for ideas to tweak my eating plan.

Funny to read about Sue and Maryblu wanting less choice and that You on a Diet and other sources say to make breakie and lunch routine. I have been doing that for a LONG time and have always felt like I should vary things more. I saw we need to do what any of us feels we need to do. It really does make things easier to not have so many choices.

I have the rest of the week off from work! I have some appointments but also lots of down time to relax, get some things done around my house and to get some of my cards up on mirrors and other strategic places in my house as constant visual reminders!

CatR: I REALLy hope that you at least check in periodically. Everybody's lives are in different places and we all have different needs. We also have different limits to what we can do. Everyone understands that and it really would be a shame to not hear your voice at all. No pressure at all...just a reminder that this group doesn't have requirements about all posts needing to be deep and profound!

I will weigh in tomorrow.. I FEEL like I at least maintained even while on vacation... but we shall see what the scale says. I will be mentally prepared either way..I feel good about how I handled myself on the trip and enjoyed myself and that is that!

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-20-2008, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches - Did two long walks yesterday - felt really good. CREDIT moi. Walked past Whole Foods without going in to debate whether taking their samples would be in response to Hunger, Desire, or Craving. CREDIT moi. A pleasant, gentle day.

Sue (CoastalSue) - You make SlimFast sound like a reasonable plan for you now; a short stint could be just the thing to bring you to your desired twoderland. Good luck with your 3 day visitors, I'll be sending supporting thoughts your way. By-the-by, did your 3 year old escape into Jean's discussion? LOL.

MaryBlu - Good luck on your new automated eating plan - sounds like it is clear to you that it's what you need. Seems really smart to have a near term Advantage - your March presentation. I find it easier to be motivated by the near term.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for your performance at Disneyland. How did your 5 year old DD respond to the place? Wondering what you mean by "going on rides is NOT like what it used to be." Kinda amazing that less choice seems to be the strategy of the day.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for finding any sane path during your wonderfully insane 1st birthday party. And Kudos for getting rid of the tempting left overs. I am so touched by the "magical baby-related properties" of the cake that I doubt that even Beck herself could be so cold hearted as to generate a Helpful Response such as, "There are about 150 pounds of magical moments twixt birth and leaving for college; I'll learn to use the treadmill to celebrate the passages of life," LOL.

You seem to be doing a great job of remembering your Beck thinking. Will you make Fondant for the wedding cake? Isn't that difficult? Yes, I work cake into my plan on occasion. Fortunately, my Desire is satisfied with one bite, so my challenge is to avoid the remainder which is very difficult for me to throw away (i.e. I've not yet in my life ever tossed a dessert). If DW is nearby, she tolerates me taking one bite of her desserts - that works. Otherwise, I just work in the whole serving even though I know while I'm eating it that I don't need it.

Readers – "Instead of cheat, I’ve used the words unplanned eating and overeating. These terms are less negatively charged. … " Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-20-2008, 10:31 PM
Checking in,I have been so busy with work and kids.Had good day,took my lunch break to go over my cards and when I arrived home my son had a load of candy to sell.I let the kids pick one each and my husband had two,I however did not have any which is a huge accomplishment.I will be faced with this struggle for the next week or so.I think reading my cards helped alot to help me avoid this struggle.Told myself NO CHOICE.Second struggle,Mom invited us to dinner at last minute,always a big struggle there too.Ate one plate of food,refused dessert and then took the kids to Y and swam 44 laps.I give myself credit today,my weigh in is Thur. and hope to see a loss.I lost it for two whole days last week after I stayed the same last week after a 1 lb gain the week before.Some days just seem to flow easily in the right direction others are a struggle from the time I open my eyes,anyone else feel that? But I can remember not long ago every day being a complete struggle,progress.I will post more tommorrow thanks everyone wendy

02-21-2008, 01:20 AM
Hello all,

Well Wendy I can really relate to those easier and harder days. After days, things are finally getting a bit easier for me as far a food lusting. I finally took off 5 lbs of water gain weight-That makes me feel better. Plus I have been swimming alot- daily for 30-1 hr of laps. Now i am getting a number of small spots of skin rashes-I hope I am not reacting to the pool chemicals-honestly there is always something that crops up when changing behaviors.

BillBlueEyes-I always savor those quiet pleasant days-I envy your walks. While the weight loss has increased my mobility- I have gotten a electric cart for those time when I am standing over 10 minutes. The cart has increase the range of activities we can do as a couples-long walk/rides, museums ect. But hiking and bike riding are really missed.

Heidi-Great to read your sense of success of the Disney Trip-keeping track and exercising-much credit. I often read you take very active trips-skiing with your family ect.-Sure beats sitting around and eating. Relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation. Does going to a nutritionist help?

I made a simple/low cal dinner and it was appreciated-our guests noticed both the weight loss and increased energy and less caloric foods about the kitchen. I did get ice cream which they promised they would all quickly finish up. I hope so.


02-21-2008, 01:20 AM
Hi there everyone,
Things are okay here... I overplanned today so I am tres fatigue and plan to hit the hay after checking in.

Bill: my daughter did really well at DL... I used to LOVE rides-the turnier, joltier, faster, etc.. the better.. I now feel slightly if not full on nauseous after riding some rides and don't experience the sheer joy of roller coasters that I once had. Nice to learn this about myself I guess. :)

I experienced uplanned eating but am done with that. My stomach feels really sick. I really do find that when I focus on the SCALE I get back into old diet mentality. I want to get fully back on to my "food nourishes my body" mentality and "exercise gives me energy and strength" mentality.

Tomorrow is a hair appt and then I plan to relax a bit and get some meals planned so I can go to the store and cook up some good stuff to have in the fridge.

Hope everyone is hanging in there.. til tomorrow, Heidi

02-21-2008, 01:28 AM
Hi there Sue,
I didn't see your post until after I posted.

I just checked in with the nutritionist-it was the first time I went. She is the one that taught a healthy cooking class that I enjoyed so much a few months ago. It helped me today to "tweak" some of my breakfasts. I am going to a ( much as possible) 20% fat, 30% protein and 50% carb ratio. My main change is breakfast. I usually eat a bowl of cereal with nonfat milk and a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter. I will not have that every day but will make veggie frittatas to keep in the freezer for during the week-I will have have 2 of them (made in muffin tins) with a piece of toast for one breakfast option and then another option is plain yogurt with either stivea or another sweetener that I she rec ommended that I cannot remember the name of right this second..then some kind of fruit and nut combo on top of that. The other big one is to decrease if not eliminate the artificial sweeteners in my diet. I drink diet pop (on average one per day) and have light yogurt during the week at lunchtime. It was a good session of brainstorming ideas to continue my healthy eating path and cooking on the weekend for easier workday meals path. ONe great idea (I thought anyway) was to roast a bunch of veggies to have in the fridge for during the week. I could make a soup later in the week if I want or put the veggies into an egg scramble the following weekend.

Goodnight my friends, Heidi

02-21-2008, 06:03 AM
Diet Coaches - Watched the Lunar Eclipse last night. Tried to imagine myself an early man on the savanna of Africa trying to make sense of the moon turning dark, then red, then reappearing. Must have been a freightening experience.

Did my gym with enough vigor to justify racing home to consume a protein shake within 15 minutes (which Mens Health magazine says is the window available to feed muscle regrowth, or else the workout is wasted [sic]). CREDIT moi. Used my walk at lunch to buy oats to make granola for my breakfasts. It gives me a warm feeling to combine two tasks of my healthy lifestyle. The batch of granola I made over the weekend included 20% rolled barley; I don't taste much difference than all oats, so won't continue experimenting with it.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for serving a low cal dinner to your visitors; seems like you're making progress in the difficulty of keeping on track with house guests. And Kudos for the continued swimming; sounds like it helps your head as much as your body.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Sounds like a really useful session with your nutritionist; that's really great - frequently I hear people complain that they just don't get anything from a nutritionist. That bunch of roasted veggies in the fridge sounds yummy. I could try that for the lunches I prepare for work.

Thanks for the clarification about Disneyland rides. I have that same problem. My childhood joy at rides has been replaced with a sensitivity to nausea, so, have to pass on most. Oh, Well.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for handling the candy and your mom's dinner. And Kudos for then swimming. Yep, I too find days that are a struggle and days that just sail along. You sound like you're responding with good strategies on your tough days.

Readers – "People who use them [the words unplanned eating and overeating] are able to take a more benign view and say, Okay, so I ate something I didn’t plan to eat or I ate more than I was supposed to. But they’re also able to then add, It was just a mistake, no big deal … I’ll get back on track for the rest of the day." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-21-2008, 10:04 AM
Hi everyone!

Still struggling with my eating and exercise this week. I started thinking about all the deep, dark reasons I'm sabotaging myself, if I'm going through some Thing that I need to explore, and eventually just decided that last weekend knocked me on my butt and threw me off my schedule. I'm not any less busy but I didn't have that weekend time to do homework, meal planning, and laundry, so now I don't have meal plans, meals, homework done, or folded clothes. The general mess, combined with still being tired, and a kitchen that's still got lots of cake and pastries, and OF COURSE I'm having a tough time this week. Nothing deep or meaningful about it. I'm just overscheduled with no time to catch up.

So, for the next two days we'll do the best we can (me and DH) with what's in the fridge, and after my long run on Saturday I'll take an hour or two to plan the week, make my shopping list, and get cracking. It's going to feel like such a relief to look in the fridge and see 8 million little gladware containers with portioned meals, instead of cake, cheese danish and ham salad sandwiches!!! I'm also excited about possibly taking a nap this weekend, if the stars align.

Heidi, can I ask how much a nutritionist costs? Is it per session? I've been hearing about this idea of fast or slow oxidizers and letting your type determine if you do better on low carb or low fat. It would be nice to talk to someone knowledgeable about that - but my funds have been a bit depleted from buying new running shoes and sports bras (badly needed.)

Congratulations Wendy! That's tremendous (both the candy and your mom's house.) And yep, some days are just harder than others for me too. Which I agree is a HUGE improvement from pre-Beck days, when every day was a struggle. Now at least some of the time, I know why and what I can do about it. Although not always. YET. :)

Hi Bill, yes, I'll use fondant. I normally do. I make my own from marshmallows, and it's 100x better than store-bought or "real" glycerine-based fondant. I can roll it a lot thinner, too. My first post-Beck cake was a little tough, since I realized how much I was eating during the process (cake batter, licking icing off fingers, eating carving scraps.) I'm going to figure out how to work in an actual piece here and there. Thanks! I'll post pictures of one or two of the better ones. My son's birthday cake was lovely and I'm very proud of it.

Cheers everyone!

02-21-2008, 09:56 PM
Good evening all.I had my weigh in today and lost 2 pounds!I lost the one I gained two weeks ago and another.Core food plan seems to agree with me so far but it is alot of planning ahead.For my 10 pound goal I bought myself a food processor,I have alot of recipes to try that use it.I made some healthy cream of broccoli soup and salsa with it today.I got carried away with the salsa and kept adding ingredients and I have a huge bowl full.I swam Wed eve and again on Thur afternoon.Doing pretty well. By the way that darn candy is here and my husband is trying to give some to me,NO CHOICE!I am going to get to work on some beading while I watch TV,keeps my hands busy.
We are expecting anothersnowstorm and I have to work the next 3 days through it,hope I don't end up staying overtime.

kuhljeanie-Sounds like you have a great plan for the weekend getting organized and preparing for the week,it is so much easier when everything is ready.

BillBlueEyes-You are steady as a rock! Great job keeping up with your workouts and preparing for your meals.You cook quite alot also,it is so much better when you know what is in the food and you are prepared ahead of time.

hbuchwald-Sounds like a great appointment with the nutritionist and you are adjusting your diet just as CBT suggests.

coastalsue-Swimming up to 1 hr a day is a lot of laps,it feels so good to swim.Swimming is my favorite exercise[I think yours as well] and it helps the joints,burns calories and relieves stress.When I used to swim laps a few years ago I would swim between 60-70 laps and I would experience a kind of runners high.Kind of like I start to get tired but then I keep going and get a second wind and feel like I can swim forever.Have you experienced that?I have not reached that point recently though. I was able to have a nice relaxing swim this afternoon without the kids and then then hotub. Great job on serving a health conscious meal to your guests.

maryblu-Sounds like you have a solid plan for your meals and writing everything down and you are determined!

02-21-2008, 10:39 PM
Hello All,

Well I must give my respect to all of you parents of young children- we have watched our 15 month grandchild and Dh and I are anxiously awaiting her bed time in 1 1/2 hrs. Plus last night we slept on the sofa versus our regular bed. Anyway really feeling our age inspite of her delightful personality but she goes continously and explores all. The parents so deserve the break but wow are we tried.
I think it might have been easier to cook than to watch the grandchild all day while the parents went sight seeing. Ate ok except had some ice cream for that pick up feeling.

Wendylan-yeah on the weight loss! I am starting to get addicted to swimming also. It is so rewarding when an exercise also begins calming me. We have a number of storming days ahead so don't know if I 'll be swimming or not for the next couple of days. .

KulhJeanie-glad you understand how getting exhausted can undermind us-One of my major reasons for poor eating is exhaustion-just when my body need the best energy source from food I eat crud.-not reasonable but my common pattern. Like today I got in the ice cream but I was soo tried-

Heidi-thanks for the info the nutritionist-I may give our local one a try. I could some more support.

BillBlueEyes-Cloud cover hid the eclipes from us. But did see a rainbow this moring-the kid in me still finds this a good omen. Is the protein shake the best idea when doing weights or should I even think about it after a hr swim?-the water does have alot of resistance.


02-22-2008, 01:50 AM
Hi friends,
Help! I am snarfing on some chocolate right now. I had a GREAT plan today and ate my new breakfast #1 (yum!) and then got my hair done and planned to have a fish taco out but was at Trader Joe's (healthy/inexpensive grocery store) and got cheddar popcorn and ate the whole bag in the car! I ate a nice dinner and now taht dd is in bed, it is me and the chocolate. I feel sort of sick too. I am planning tomorrow's food and will plan in a milk chocolate bar full sized (thanks for the inspiration Judith Beck!) to get my sugar craving satisfied. What is going on? I will have to look at my calendar to see if there is a hormonal reason and/or journal to try and uncover an emotional reason.

The nutrionist is covered under my insurance so the original consult was 57 bucks and any follow ups will be 8.50. Without insurance, it would have been 125 for the first visit and 85 for follow ups. None of the ideas discussed there were earthshattering but it helped me to sit and talk with her about eating situations and get her ideas about them. She gave me lists of ideas for snacks and recipes to make and freeze that are kid friendly, et.c.. I really paid attention to the artificial sweetener issue... I bought some stevia today and some agave syrup to try with my yogurt and any other thing that needs sweetening. I bought veggies today to roast and have in the fridge. One phrase she said that I really liked was that "good food nourishes our bodies"... again, not something brand new but nice to hear and focus on.

Challenge tomorrow: going to the Harlem Globetrotters with friends and out to eat before hand. I don't know where we will go. Options I am thinking about: veggie burger with ketchup, tomato and lettuce only OR veggie rice bowl OR big salad with dressing on the side.

Bill-so great that you are walking so much and cooking such healthy and delicious food (and rebuilding your muscles after working out!).
sue: may you get a good nights sleep tonight-kids are so fun but so tiring. For me, it is getting MUCH easier as she gets older but still can be quite draining. It is really nice of you to take her overnight!

wendylan: the food processor as a reward-GENIOUS! The soup sounds so good-same with the salsa. Keep up your hard work!

kuhljeanie: Looking up the oxidizer thing... is that related to glycemic load? Yes, sometimes it is good to talk with someone who knows this stuff and is current. I am very lucky to have great insurance that covers it-it would probably be cost prohibitive for me if that weren't the case. Not sure that I need to go back but will keep the door open just in case. She was very interested in Beck Diet Solution and is going to check the book out from the library....

I am off to chug water and sleep with my Beck book under my pillow...

til tomorrow, Heidi

02-22-2008, 07:06 AM
Diet Coaches - Walked in the cold yesterday, both at lunch and after work. CREDIT moi. DW bought some Florida strawberries, which were tasty enough to remind us that Spring will eventually come to the East Coast.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your continued swimming and GD chasing - great exercises both. Re: Protein? Whether it's useful would be better answered by someone like Mel or Glory over in the exercise threads. One needs to budget about 200 calories for 20 grams of protein in a glass of milk. It works for me primarily because it serves as encouragement by stroking my fantasy that I'm building muscle. Eighteen year old bodies really know how to build muscle so rapidly that extra protein is required. I think the ability decreases sharply thereafter.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for your continued energy working your plan. My empathy for getting snookered by the popcorn in Trader Joe's. My resistance seems to drop an order of magnitude as I walk through the exhilarating section of produce at Trader Joe's. I feel such a part of the healthy, whole foods life that the next items I encounter, however greasy or processed, just jump into my basket as if they were broccoli.

wendy (wendylan) - Great string of Kudos for Beck-worthy strategies: Kudos for beading, Kudos for a food processor as a reward, Kudos for swimming, and Kudos for the NO CHOICE to candy. What a great visual image: all the veggies scampering away to hide from Wendy at the food processor making mounds of healthy food, LOL.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - BIG Kudos for recognizing that you had to think about why you were off track. For me, that's the big step: recognizing that my current situation would benefit from some thinking. Only then do I have any hope of applying the Beck strategies. Good luck with your run on Saturday and your recovery plan. Your schedule continues to amaze me.

Readers – "The word cheat doesn’t appear again in this book outside of this box. I’ve omitted it intentionally because too many unsuccessful dieters have all-or-nothing thoughts about their eating: Either I’m perfect on this diet or I’ve cheated … if I’ve cheated, I’ve blown it – I may as well continue to cheat for the rest of the [day/week/month/year]." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-22-2008, 12:01 PM
Hi everyone,

Terrible weather here - it took me two hours to complete what's normally a 30 minute drive from daycare home. El Nino screamed the entire way. Draining - but there's a little grace in it. The university was closed last night, and I'm working from home today. DH took the kid this morning so I pretty much have the whole day to take care of work and school - and if I play my cards right, I could theoretically do my grocery shopping on my lunch break, and be a little ahead for the weekend. Phew!

As far as off-plan eating and exhaustion go, it actually makes perfect sense biochemically. I understand that the body produces leptin while sleeping (leptin being an appetite regulator.) When you don't get enough sleep and don't produce enough leptin, you end up with too much ghrelin (opposite of leptin - makes you HUNGRY.) Which is why college students who stay up until 3:00 am can put away a whole pizza. Or I could anyway.

Turns out I'm also dealing with hormone-induced cravings this week. I was so freaking busy and tired, I missed some obvious signs. Now I understand why my mom says that menopause is a relief! :) Sorry if this is TMI - but man, given everything, I'm suprised I didn't do worse than I did. I'm thrilled I haven't gained this week. The good news is there's no more cheese Danish to tempt me. The bad news is that it's gone because I ate all that was left for dinner last night. And then some of the kid's Valentine's day candy. On the plus side, I unloaded the leftover buttercream icing to a nice lady at work who has no qualms about eating it straight from the container with a spoon. I'm not sure I could do that even in the throes of my worst PMS-induced binging - but hey, if it works for her, now I've got somewhere to take that stuff.

Bill, Wendy, Sue, Heidi, thanks for the support! I just have to suck it up until the second week of May, when I FINALLY get to walk for commencement. Seven damn years coming. No more degrees after this! (At least not while I'm working full time.) We're moving this summer and I'll have a much longer commute (45-60 minutes) but it'll seem like a breeze compared to this. Then one more round with a second baby (that's the plan, at least) and then in a few months we'll be sleeping again. Somedays I wish I was younger, but I made terrible choices for myself then!

Happy Friday,

02-22-2008, 12:33 PM
Hi all. Thought I'd say hi. I'm new to Beck (day 6), but not to dieting, exercise, and weight swings.

I'm 52 years old, currently 8 pounds below my absolute high weight, on South Beach, which I've had success with before, until I reverted to old habits and regained. I spend time on an SBD board, too (not here). I'm exercising at Curves, treadmill at home, and dog walks. Doing this with a friend, and DH, who is also heavy is exercising, gladly eating healthier meals, and he's very supportive.

A few days after getting back on track w/South Beach, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrallation (heart irregularity) on top of my high blood pressure (medicated) and high cholesterol (at the moment not medicated, pending a couple months of healthy eating and exercise).

So, right now, my committment to doing what I can to get heart healthy is very high.

I'm finding Beck very helpful and insightful. (as you can see I'm not doing it perfectly, since I'm already dieting....but I couldn't get myself to wait).

I've been lurking all week here, so I figured it was time to say hello. Looking forward to the support that's pretty clearly here, and to getting to know you all.

02-22-2008, 07:27 PM
I got my test back today I've have Gallstones I'll speak with the surgon Monday.
This has been a bad week for me mentally. I've tried to focus on fitness because I do feel better and with TOM I'm a weriod with moods plus with all the other goodies that come along with it. This week the scale jumped up to 213.6 now I'm back down to 210.0 Which isn't offical til monday. I've munched on bagle chips waiting for the call from the doctor today. I was fooling myself that I wasn't worried maybe if I had faced I actully was a bit I wouldn't have done that. Now I need to figure out the damage. UGH I'm sorry for rambling. I feel bad for not posting suporting you guys. I think I need to restart Beck at least the 1st part. Actully I'm not really sure what is going on. Is it the gallstones, or getting close to that 200 mark? UGH

02-23-2008, 03:57 AM
Dear friends,

I was successful in my restaurant challenge! We ended up going to a pizza place. I got a thin crust veggie pizza and ate three pieces (it was a small pizza) and brought the rest of what was left home to eat for breakfast tomorrow. I also had a side spinach salad. The Globetrotters were playing in a city about an hour’s drive from us. I got DD an ice cream cone on the way home and I didn’t get myself anything. I had the following response card as my mantra today: “I cannot be loose with my eating and also lose weight.” Credit moi… I also made a healthy version of sloppy joes (lots of veggies in it..) and it was delicious!!! Credit moi again…

Tomorrow’s challenge is that I am seeing a very good friend who is one of my old “eating buddies”… I am suggesting meeting at a park so our kids can play and we can visit and also trying to plan it between meals so I can eat at home.

BillBlueEyes: Love the strawberry reminder that Spring is around the corner. I love it when the days are longer and the weather is sunnier… NICE!

Kuhljeanie: 7 years of school? Yowsah…. Glad that you have commencement coming up.

Barbpos: Welcome to the group! You sound very motivated. I understand wanting to get right to the healthy eating part of things.. don’t minimize the other steps in Beck –there is a lot of power there to help with the long range goal of keeping weight off. You can do it!

Mesmerize: I am so sorry to hear that it IS gallstones! I recently pulled out all of my response cards from the bowels of my purse and put them in places that I SEE them regularly and think about them… I have been trying to keep one meaningful one for that day in my head OR one of my reasons for losing weight. Starting over is good but maybe just revisiting one or two of the days may help??? Take it or leave it. Hugs to you…

02-23-2008, 05:20 AM
:welcome: barbpos :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, for the special event of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

Auspicious timing for a Boston area person to join this thread on the very day that the Red Sox start spring training in sunny Fort Meyers, Florida. Strongly suggests that your journey will be a winning season, LOL.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

02-23-2008, 06:52 AM
Diet Coaches - Got to the gym before the snow but substituted shoveling for my anticipated walk. Both CREDIT moi and Oh, Well. It is light, easy shoveling snow that can't possibly stay long if I'm eating strawberries, LOL. Too many things to do this weekend, some due to pointless procrastination, including preparing tax info for an accountant's appointment on Monday. Yikes!!! Beck needs to add a chapter on the danger of getting behind. There's a part of my brain whispering that snacking will reduce the tension. Need to use that Response Card other's have published, "If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the solution."

[Looking for someone to start the discussion for Program-day 12, Practice Hunger Tolerance]

Heidi (hbuchwald) - What a great Response Card, “I cannot be loose with my eating and also lose weight.” Will have to steal that for my collection. Kudos for your success with the restaurant eating challenge. You didn't mention whether the Globetrotters won, LOL. By-the-by, how is Henry doing (other than excited to have you both home again)?

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for getting back on track. Good luck with getting a little ahead this weekend. "Phew!" seems like an understatement, LOL. Thanks for the insights about ghrelin, leptin, hunger, and sleeping - another good reminder that it's crucial to schedule sufficient sleep for a healthy life.

Mez (mezmerize) - Ouch about that gallstones test! Sending supporting thoughts for your conversation with the surgeon on Monday, as well as for your weigh in. Keep the faith; doesn't sound to me that you're off track so much as just experiencing a bump in the road,

barbpos - Sorry to hear of your new diagnosis :( Hope that South Beach and Beck can make some positive changes there. And, Kudos for a roaring start on your Beck journey. It's perfectly acceptable in Beck's book to start your diet when you already know what you're going to do. Sounds like you have your primary diet plan and exercise plan in place. Beck strategies are great for the issue you raise, "until I reverted to old habits and regained." Do you have a real life diet coach or do you plan to use this group? Jump right in with comments anytime.

Readers – “I’ve found that people who view themselves as having cheated usually feel demoralized and even ‘bad,’ which makes it even more difficult for them to get back on track." Beck, pg 18.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-23-2008, 01:11 PM
Hbuchwald – Kudos on your restaurant challenge and your plan to meet up with your friend. I read these ways to work around what sometimes seems impossible thinking the old way. It is very inspiring.

Barbpos – Welcome!!

BillBlueEyes – LOL at the procastionation comment. I think I have a huge touch of that myself.

Today is a new day and I’m going to do my best to stay focused. I do give myself credit last night my husband picked up some of the best food porn for my son and himself. He asked if it would derail me. I said no. While I do what to order (more food porn) I know it’s something that will only make me feel bad after I eat it. It’s only a desire. I can control it. So we went to the drive though and I kept that in mind it’s only a desire I’m in control. We drove home and I made myself a veggie pizza with lots and lots of veggies. (It was so good!) You know what I didn’t crave or desire what they ate after I got I’m in control in my head. I’m horrible with words I hope you get the just of what I mean. I started my other Aerogarden 4 days ago. I planted the salad mix. They are growing like weeds. Already ½ inch high. My herbs are still doing great. I have a surplus of Basil and dill. I’m going to dry. My husband and son joke saying I’m turning our kitchen into a jungle. I really should take a picture

02-23-2008, 10:06 PM
Hi to all,

Mexmerize-Congradulation on the success of dealing with the food porn-That was very admirable to then go home and cook for your self-I think that was a hugh victory-much credit. I am envous of fresh basil-I could find none the other days and the dish was not just the same-keep us posted about the garden-may have to get on-fresh basil is one of my favorite herbs. Sorry to hear about your gallstones.

Welcome to you Barbpos- Very glad you joined us-What day on you working on? so nice you got a home team helping do Beck-The weight loss will help with the blood pressure. Improved health is my biggie as I have 11 yrs on you and this weight is really bothering my joints- and so far have avoiding getting diabetis. Best of luck on making the healthy changes.

BillBlueEyes-you are so brave to make the tax appointment prior to getting everything ready. This week was slated to do the taxes however the kids and GD visit changed that. After I get them 1/2 done then I'll make our appointment. I am looking forwatd to change in Veggie with spring and summer. I did have some great Strawberries at last week party-(too bad they were dipped with rich dark chocolate-yes quite good).

Last night we went to the movie and saw How to Cook your life with Zen master Ed Espe Brown who answered questions after the film. It focused on the gift of preparing wholesome foods along with some of the zen philosophy. A gentle sweet movie especially after some of the increditable violent ones around.

Heidi-Sometimes I get the organic TJ-dark chocolate-73% super dark-a small secton 45 cals +2 oz of good red wine-I now don't like regular sweeter chocolate anymore-that is good thing for me.Still finished that ice cream which everyone swore they would eat but forgot to. -Great you have a plan for when around old eating buddies-I got couple eating/ drinking buddies who I love but whom I have a very hard time spending alot of time with.-the old habits just crop right back up.

Jean-interesting science about why exhaustion and overeating are so closely linked. Love the name El nino for your son-way too much time in the car with crying baby!. I bet all the exercising you have been doing the last number of weeks has helped with scales even when you did over eat.

I have put in 5 days of swimming for 4 hours and inspite of some stupid overeating I did not regain anything Yeah-plus I moved much more than usually due to babysitting. Today has been very cold, windy and raining (glad the kids left in time to miss this storm) so I know the pool is in the low 70's-joints are already painful-hard to open jars and such So the joints will hate the cold. I am addicted to swimming and love the sense of relaxation afterwards and really do miss it.

Take care all

I'll the next session of Beck tomarrow-if the power stays on-the wind is really howling so never know.


02-24-2008, 12:45 AM
Hello there Beckies,

My challenge today was so problem whatsoever! I ate my lunch at home as planned, met up with friends who we haven't seen in too long, let the girls run around at the park while the moms chatted in the sunshine. NICE! She brought brazil nuts and apples to the park to snack on-no problem! Then, tonight, I made "quinoa lettuce wraps" (a recipe from the nutrionist) and they were DELICIOUS! I have leftovers for tomorrow and the next day-YUM! I didn't know what quinoa was until I took that healthy cooking class-I really like it. I called a friend to go for a good power walk tomorrow and her daughter can babysit my daughter. I will take doggie so he can get a good "deep tissue" walk in too-he can handle it again now! Anticipating going back to school on Monday after having a week off. I love teaching but I sure love my time at home too!

Mezmerize: I love the aerogarden concept! DD and I were talking last summer about doing a garden this year. I should do some starts inside soon and plant them later on outside. It sounds so nice to be able to clip your own herbs and lettuce as needed at home! I would love to see a picture of the jungle in your kitchen!

BillBlueEyes: This is really unusual but the game was VERY close but the GTs did win thankfully..hahahaa... Henry is doing just GREAT-it is such a miracle but he really is just like he was before the whole episode. I am hugging him now.. :) The snow sounds so wonderful... but then, I am also enjoying our SUNNy weather and feeling like Spring could be a good thing too!

CoastalSue: Love that movie title! I actually bought some dark chocolate at Trader Joes the other day. I REALLy love milk chocolate and haven't loved dark that much in the past. I am going to try it again with my "big girl tastebuds" and see if I can acquire the taste. Great job on the not gaiining despite some unplanned eating. Your love of swimming is so inspiring! I love that you are addicted to that relaxed feeling after you swim. Is the pool in your neighborhood? yard?

Til tomorrow friends, Heidi

02-24-2008, 05:58 AM
Diet Coaches - Serious pressure to get my tax prep done for tomorrow's appointment with the accountant. The challenge is to use the pressure to keep me focused on the task while avoiding the Sabotaging Thought that snacks are what I need to relieve the pressure.

A nice reminder that my healthy journey is real is that DW bugged me to bring the two wrapped Christmas gift chunks of good quality milk chocolate and white chocolate to some meeting to get rid of them; she's tired of them sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for Godot to come take them away. Prior to my journey, they would have been soooo long ago snarfed down, and now they're a nuisance to be disposed of. Nice change.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your continued swimming and staying on plan. I have a wonderful visual image of you swimming across the boarder to twoderland, LOL. That does sound like an uplifting movie; hard to believe a whole movie about preparing healthy foods. That would help me to accept that "Nobody eats healthy by accident," and reduce my whining about the effort it takes to plan, purchase, prepare, cook, store, and pack a healthy lunch each day. Send me a little of your acceptance and gratitude, LOL.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Boy, do "quinoa lettuce wraps" in the fridge for next week's lunches sound appealing. Do you have a link to the recipe? Kudos for the success meeting your friend in the park with healthy snacks. Yeah for Henry; you don't suppose he faked this whole thing just for the extra hugs do you?

Mez (mezmerize) - Kudos for standing down the food porn for a home made veggie pizza. What a concise summary of Beck's message, "I didn’t crave or desire what they ate after I got I’m in control in my head." Can't be more clear than that.

Readers – “If you’re ambivalent about starting the Beck Diet Solution, consider this: Many people gain a few pounds every year due to a natural age-related slowing of the metabolism. …" Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-24-2008, 12:49 PM
I am so glad to have found this!

Hello I am new to this site and new to the book. I am on Day 4 today and I've already had to stop myself four times from eating standing up at the stove. I am making spaghetti and I want to taste the sauce, and taste the meat and taste the cheese. Sheesh!

So since I am to take credit for the things I did well, I am crediting myself for NOT eating standing up today at the stove!


02-24-2008, 02:23 PM
I've been lurking here for a while -- I'm starting Day 8 -- but I haven't really introduced myself before now. I hardly know what to say to everyone, and I'm not good at keeping up with what everybody's doing! But onebyone inspired me. :)

I'm planning on using the group here and over at the 100 lbs. to lose area as my diet coaches, so I thought I better pipe up. Thank you BillBlueEyes for being such a great group leader around here!

02-24-2008, 02:34 PM
Greetings all,

and welcome onebyone. Isn't it amazing what a little awareness will do? Good for you!

I really whizzed through the posts last night and tried to catch up, but I know I missed alot...did see that Henry is doing GREAT, though, and I am so glad of that!

This is a designated study day, and I am bummed out about that because it is springtime in Minnesoda....28 degrees feels like 80 after the -30 readings this past week. That was -30 actual temp...wind chills were something like -50. Chilling.

BillBE, it was about -10 the night of the eclipse, but no wind, so we were out checking it out several times. Living in the sticks has its advantages...vitually no light to distract from the show. Awesome.

It is a study day, so I will take up the Practice Hunger Tolerance theme. It is a powerful one for me because I feel so much better, so much more alive, alert, and just plain upbeat when I eat just the right amount and no more. If I start to get noticeably hungry 3 hours after eating, then I am eating the right amount. It is just that simple. And if I am going to get to the right weight for me and stay there, then I will be as Mel on maintainers says, hungry several times throughout the day. I had better get used to it!

To effectively do the experiment/hunger demonstration/awareness exercise outlined in Day 12, i.e. skip a lunch competely ( I did it by accident a few weeks back and "counted it" as my day 12), we are to really analyze our discomfort with being hungry by referencing other situations and how the discomfort felt. I intend to do the exercise this time for real and will report back. I know some have already done so, and I am sure they will chime in on their findings as well.

For now, I will just challenge those of us lifelong overeaters to practice not only hunger awareness, but too full awareness. What feels like normal to many of us is really a fullness that is stuffed..that stuffed feeling that we have a lot of the time. I am not talking about Thanksgiving stuffed, but certainly dinner out..too -big-a- steak stuffed...or even good- old -comfort- food -hotdish- this -tastes- so- good- just -as-spoonful- more....oh, one more...stuffed...after a meal like that, do you feel energetic? I don't. I feel couch potato syndrome big time. Stuffed is the way we have eaten most days of our overweight lives.... we aren't really hungry by lunch or dinner, but it is time to eat, the meal is ready, and we eat a full meal! I know that if I am not aware, both of hunger and of stuffed, that is exactly how I behave.

Constant vigilance!

02-24-2008, 08:46 PM
:welcome: onebyone :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, for the special event of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

What part of the planet are you from?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

02-24-2008, 08:54 PM
:welcome: hafowler :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you weren't properly welcomed when you joined two years ago, :wel3fc:

Care to reveal the origin of your name?

(Thank you for your kind acknowledgement.)

[Congratulations, the Giants play good football :o]

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

02-24-2008, 11:15 PM
Hello all,

Welcome to Hafowler and onebyone. This is a great spot for sharing the work of changing those ingrained unhealthy eating habits.

Maryblu-thanks for doing an informative lesson on hunger-I also found this one of the best lessons for me-really had to look at how little hunger really was a factor in wanting to eat-so many others things made me want to eat-visual, social cues, emotional ect. Also learned that when I eat a modest amount I can feel hunger for awhile but it always stops after 20 minutes-just like I was told so often but did not believe until this exercise. As you said I actually can feel more alert with less food.

Today I notice that portion control is so important to lessen the "idea" of being hunger. We were out all day so we had some deli sandwiches-large yummy ones- 1/2 was just perfect for me-which was what I ate-but many times I wanted to get back into the bag and finish it -just because it was there. I was not hunger just had this crazy notion of entitlement to having my other half of my sandwich-I am chalking it up to old programing to eat until the portion is done. Learning what is right for my body versus finishing the current super sized portions in place in front of me. Next big step is lessen the desire/lust once I am near too much food.

Guess that is the beggie for me-to QUICKLY get myself refocused when craving unnecessary food-even if I don't eat it I dislike the preoccupation.

BillBlueEyes- hope you are done preparing for the tax man/woman- credit to do in Feb versus April-14th. Much credit for having to get rid of leftover treats from Christmas-very impressive not to unwrapped and eaten that candy-especially waiting for Godot to finally come. Yeap this new way of cooking can get me down at times-so much prep versus popping some high cal prepared dish. Some of the concepts mentioned in the movie came when people could not afford to lose one grain of rice- we do live in such abundance and ease to get foods. Helped to remember how blessed we are here.

Heidi-Your outing sounded great - both food, friends, and weather sounded fun. What are quoina lettuce wraps? I am looking for a good comprehensive veggie cookbook to learn new ways of cooking. I go swimming at an outdoor pool which is about 15 miles away-a bit of a pain-both the outdoors and commute-but the setting is lovely -can see the ocean- and pool is beautiful with usually less than 8 people in it, often I am the only there. So tranquil. I think it is the exercise which gives me the boost even when my body doesn't lose the pounds-inches go-plus my mobility and mood improves. Have a good teaching week-I love the challenge of running my classroom but loved playing when school was out.


02-25-2008, 12:31 AM
Hi coaches/beckies/friends,

Today was very nice here weatherwise. I took DD to the park and ran around with her and our neighbor girl a bit. I did stuff around the house as well. I also did a 2 mile walk with a friend who has been sounding really depressed lately. I asked her yesterday if it might be good for both of us to walk periodically together. She was into it and the walk went by very quickly. I brought Henry and he loved every minute of it. She could only walk for 2 miles which was just fine for us starting out doing this and then that ended up feeling really fast and pretty easy. Great way to begin! We also made a pact that we would each exercise at least twice this week. I committed to getting up earlier in the morning to do it at least once. I tell you since you are my coaches and I have more accountability when I tell you!

My adjustments based on nutritionist visit have been very smooth overall. Credit moi for cooking healthy food that I look forward to eating. So far, I am still enjoying the cooking part. I usually HATE the prep and the organizing, etc... I have a little system that is working right now so I appreciate that it is still positive.

BillBlueEyes: MAJOR kudos on that chocolate sitting there for so long-that is a "gargatu-step" in resistance-one that I aspire to be able to do as well. Henry faking! The lettuce wraps recipe is hard copy-I am happy to type it in if you really do want it. It was a bit random that I chose that recipe out of the bunch in the book-I really was into doing something with quinoa and just love these wraps! Just let me know….

Onebyone: Credit to you for catching yourself standing and eating-those nibbles here and there add up quickly which we realize when we slow down and be more mindful when eating. Great work on noticing-sometimes those things can be so habitual especially when in a hurry cooking, etc.. Welcome!

Hafowler: Hello to you too! Don’t worry about keeping track of everyone-just share or ask what you want to. Those dancing characters are a neat idea-they are so HAPPY looking-what a wonderful visual and way to give yourself credit for all your hard work.

Maryblu-I am so impressed with how in touch you are with being able to tell what “just the right amount of food” feels like for you. It is so good to hear from maintainers and having a real idea of what life is like during that glorious time when we are at goal. Seriously, since doing the hunger challenge, I actually LIKE feeling hungry before meals. I know what you mean about alert, etc… I am now remembering how bogged down I used to feel when I would binge or just never let myself get hungry.

I was sitting at dinner tonight and contemplating whether or not I should eat the other half of my sloppy joe type thingie… I LOVE the stuff (another recipe from nutritionist in the name of being healthy and kid friendly)..I thought about the fact that I was not hungry anymore. I was not full but definitely not hungry. I still ate it. It was planned and I just did it. I need to practice the exercise in putting more on my plate than I plan to eat and then throw part away. That is SO hard! I didn’t feel terribly stuffed but slightly uncomfortable. Oh well… and back on track (not really off track but I was not hungry and identified that to myself…something about that is “off plan”). Oh well again.

CoastalSue: Once again, it sounds like you and I have similar issues that we are working on. I wrote the above before reading about you with your sandwich. How is the nighttime eating going for you? I haven’t had any big temptations lately and have been just eating on plan for the most part. It sounds like you have been doing well with that too..???

Okay…what is godot?

Thank you for the reminder of how much food (and everything else) we have as Americans. It is so easy to take it all for granted isn’t it? That thought actually may help me slow down when eating a bit more.

The pool sounds the ocean view and it not being crowded!

Happy Monday everyone. Kids are always mellow on Monday mornings but after a week off they will be REALLY mellow.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-25-2008, 05:44 AM
Diet Coaches - Grrr... still working my numbers for this morning's appointment with the accountant for taxes. It's almost funny to note how the Desire for snacking grows huge as my tension rises - particularly since the pressure is due to my own procrastination. The Desire is large enough that I can see it and use the standard Beck strategies. It didn't slip under the radar and guide my hands to munchies. My biggest concern is mindlessly going off track without an opportunity to think of a response. For my procrastination, Oh Well. For staying on plan, CREDIT moi. Due to tension I had my evening snack of a Navel Orange early last evening and felt some hunger before going to bed. Was a nice feeling, since I knew it wouldn't kill me; Hunger is not an emergency. Responding briefly then back to numbers.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for being aware of your desire for the second half of that sandwich, and Kudos for not eating it. Good to be reminded, [I]"actually can feel more alert with less food."

MaryBlu - Thanks for starting Program-day 12. Great idea to practice "too full awareness." It's fun to find out that stuffed and even full aren't the required state after a meal. I like Beck's phrase, mildly full.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for dealing awarely with the sloppy joe's half sandwich. Waiting for Godot is a play by Beckett that was performed frequently in the 60's or so. A quick read of the opening paragraphs at Wikipedia: will convey the notion that Waiting for Godot is waiting for that which is never going to come.

onebyone – Kudos for being aware of eating at the stove and Kudos for stopping. The early chapters of Beck caught me by surprise when I saw how many mindless eating habits I had. I think it's hard when cooking to distinguish the necessary tasting to correct seasoning from the tasting because it looks good.

hafowler – Please feel free to just jump in; it's not necessary to figure out who's who and to respond. It's never required to respond to everyone, anyway. It makes a lot of sense to respond to just one posting that touched what you're currently thinking. The big thing is to post regularly to keep yourself accountable. You're on you way toward that 100 pounds.

Readers – “… Add to this the fact that it takes only 20 or so extra calories a day to gain 2 pounds a year. This means that if you’re 10 pounds overweight today and do nothing about it, a year from now you may be 12 or 13 pounds overweight … the year after that, perhaps 14 or 15 pounds … and so on and so on. …" Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-25-2008, 10:50 AM
Coastalsue – If I thought the herbs would make the trip I’d send you some. My sister was stating how expensive my areogardens were. I do admit they were. (A bit over $250.00) One my husband got one clearance. I said yes but so is eating unhealthy. I no longer eat fast food and I make really healthy meals now. It’s not just open a can and pour. Plus I really love seeing me actually grow something. I’m a terrible gardener. I’ve even managed to kill cactuses. Also how much am I saving in future medical bills if I continued to eat the old way. I don’t think she got it but I couldn’t be more happy with aerogardens and that is all that matters. Glad to hear you maintained.

Hbuchwald – I’ve never heard of quinoa. Is it a protein replacement like Tufo or a veggie? Sound interesting. Sounds like you have a wonderful day. WTG

BillBluesEyes – Kudos on keeping that chocolate at bay. Your wife has a great idea for getting rid of it.

Onebyone – Welcome!! I too was big on “tasting” while standing. I found I sample way more than I though. Especially when watching my grandkids. Kudos on catching yourself.

Hawfowler – Welcome!!! I look forward to helping you with your WL journey.

As for me trying to play catch up with post. School was delayed 2 hrs and it has thrown off my day. So if I missed anyone I’m very sorry. I’m going to try and sneak a workout in before the grandkids are here. I’m a bit nervous about speaking with the surgeon so I’ll keep that and mine and not let it give me a reason to snack. I’m in control.

02-25-2008, 10:50 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome onebyone and hafowler!

It's just lovely taking a short break this AM to read everyone's thoughts. I'm resonating with so many, after this weekend...every Feb we have a nice brunch to celebrate the many Feb birthdays in my family, and I overdid it. I could feel it on the way home that I was too full, and I commented on it, and DH said, "you didn't eat that much! About half of what you ate last year." So in the face of eating off-plan, I guess a little credit to moi for having re-framed my idea of overfull. I still didn't want to eat again until 8:00 last night - but to my credit again, a few months ago I would have eaten sooner because it was time.

On my long run this Saturday, I did something painful to my foot. The swelling is much improved, but I feel a little panicked that I might have injured myself. The real fear is that I won't be able to exercise the way I have been, or even worse, that I won't be able to run my race in May. I'm trying to figure out how to identify a podiatrist who will tell me what I want to hear.:^:

And can I just take a moment and credit DH? He saw me limping around, and told me to sit down and give him a list of stuff to cook. Now the fridge is completely stuffed full of healthy, portioned meals and fresh fruit and veggies. All the party food is gone (except for the last remaining pieces of cake, but I'm no longer interested. I sort of hit saturation.) It's time to start thinking about practicing royal icing flowers for the wedding cake.

The Hunger Day...I distinctly recall that as the day I was inspired to post, since I wasn't sure I was doing it right. And now looking back I'm pretty sure that I didn't. I overdid it (is there ANYTHING I don't?) and actually got to the point where it was an emergency. It did make normal hunger more recognizable though, and thinking about that now, might be one of the reasons I had so much off plan eating last week. I'd been hungry most of the day for both weeks I'd been on plan. I'd been satisfied for a few minutes after each meal, but the rest of the time I was hungry. But I would just say to myself, hunger is not an emergency, and I don't need to eat. This is true - but I don't think Beck's intention is that we ignore feeling hungry most of the time. I need to play with my plan so I'm only really hungry just before mealtimes - not all the time! I loved hearing that Maryblu gets hungry every three hours, and that's how you know you're eating the right amount. That sounds like a good measure. It's so hard for me to figure out how many calories I should be eating to lose, between exercise and nursing. I'll up it another 200 a day and see if that works. It just feels like I'm eating way more calories than other people on diets - but if I continue to lose, I guess that's what I need.

Heidi, so glad to hear that Henry's in the clear! Also, I'm a huge fan of quinoa - what kind of seasonings do you put in your wraps? I've been making a quinoa salad with corn, basil, and sweet peppers that I got out of the Moosewood low-fat cookbook. Sue - that's a good collection, but I have another one called "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison, and that is a COMPREHENSIVE TOME of a cookbook that has everything you could ever imagine veggie-wise. I'm so looking forward to finishing school so I have more time to COOK! I love, love, love cooking. And thanks Mez for turning me on to Aerogardens. DH and I were looking at them last night, and are going to get one for the new house. Which one do you have? Which seed kit?

Bill, thank you for raising the intellectual bar of our conversations! :) I haven't read Beckett in years but that's good stuff. I used to be huge into Ionesco. Made me excited to think about my kid getting old enough to start appreciating really good writing and ideas. (NOT a reason to eat cake.) ;)

The BIG highlight of my weekend - when we got home from the brunch yesterday, all three of us took a real nap (2+) hours. It was absolutely blissful - just the most delicious and wonderful thing! Ahhh.

Here's to a fabulous week of feeling strong and healthy!

02-25-2008, 11:05 AM
Hello everyone. Thanks for the kind welcome!

I found Day 4 not bad but today! Hoo Boy! Day 5 Mindful eating. I've already had 4 sabotaging thoughts I wrote down. And resistance? wow. I do not want to eat slowly. I always inhale my food. Always shovel it in. never really care about it excpet in the company of one inlaw who really eats slow! Super slow. Even regular eaters comment about her pace. And to me it's torture. She eats to enjoy the company at the table. Go figure. And she doesn't struggle with a weight issue as far as I can see (you never know what goes on in a person's heart).

I did follow the book for breakfast. It's plain I now have to reclaim my kitchen table. It's been a pseudo-countertop for too long. We NEVER use it. I think I've eaten there twice in the 4 years we've lived here. That's about to change. I think I'll make that my "change in the environment" that she writes about on Day 5. It'll be a big obvious one if I get that table set up for actual eating!

BillBlueEyes to answer you question I reside in the northern hemisphere, above the equator, above the border with the United States, in Canada, in Ontario, in Ottawa, in a rented townhome with a hubby and a tubby cat who is also engaged, unbeknowst to her, in a struggle to lose weight. It's mostly my struggle not to overfeed her... and me!

All the best to you all today!

02-25-2008, 11:46 AM
Hi all. I decided to stop being overwhelmed by the thought of responding to all of you and to post again.

Day 8 here and doing very well. I love the "if hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the solution" response card. I now have it posted on my fridge, and it's my signature line on the South Beach Diet forum. I also really love the idea that if I eat over a problem, I then have 2 problems.

BBE- I to have a live coach - a friend of mine told me about Beck, and we started together. We've talked almost every day this past week. But, I plan to use this forum as support as well. And as much as I like the Sox, I'm not counting on them :) any Bostonian would be crazy to do that success is in my hands (with support, of course), not theirs.

HAFOWLER - I see we're just a day or so off from eachother. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

02-25-2008, 02:58 PM
Hi Mez - almost forgot. Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wa") is a grain, looks and cooks a lot like couscous, but has a nutty flavor. It's just fabulous as far as grains go - lots of fiber and protein, and it packs a nutritional wallop with B-6, magnesium, manganese, copper, folate, zinc, and riboflavin (to name a few.) A great alternative to pasta, good hot or cold, easy to cook.

Good on ya, Barbpos! I was until recently trying to keep up with everyone, and it got to be too much. My hat is off to Bill, Sue, and everyone so thoughtful and considerate to respond to every single person. I just can't do it but I don't let that stop me from posting. Who knows? That random thought you decide to post might be exactly what I need to hear today, whether or not you specifically direct it to me. :)

02-25-2008, 07:50 PM
Kuhljeanie – Both Aerogardens are the basic ones. (you can buy the accessories for full size plants to work with also) It comes with Gourmet Herb Mix. (Italian and Purple Basil, Parsley, Chives, Cilantro, Mint and Dill.) I bought other seed packs since Target had them on clearance for only 4 dollars. I just started the salad mix with has romaine lettuce I’m not sure what the other mix of lettuce. I found a web site that list what is in it. I’ll have to find the addy. I also bought a box of romaine lettuce and a box of Italian Herb mix which contains mint, basil, savory, parsley, garlic chives, oregano and thyme. WTG on noticing how full you felt! You know I use to just ignore it before I got the beck book. Now I’m so aware of many things and still learning! Quinoa sounds wonderful I’m going to look for it thanks for the tip!

Well it looks like surgery for me on Monday. One of the gallstones I have is 1 1/2 inch. It was pretty much of a done deal as far as surgery no thinking about it. So off to the doctor Thursday to make sure my heart and lungs et are ok for it. If they do laparoscopic my recover will be quicker since it's only 4 small incisions usually recover time is around 10 days. If they have to open me enough for his hand to get through it will be 4 days in the hospital and much longer recovery. I was told that the doctor plans on doing it laparoscopic but things may change during surgery and he will do open surgery. I sure hope not since it will leave a bigger scar and the recovery time. So that is where I sit now. I've have to make a to do list of things I'll need done before Monday. Plus they said shop for the food you plan to eat afterward. I'll try and pop on to answer, support and just be there for you guys. If what I say is short please don't be offended.

02-25-2008, 11:07 PM
Good luck, mezmerize! Take care of yourself.

I'm down 2 pounds this week, which makes me really happy. One of the many things that's different about this lifestyle change (as opposed to my "diets" of the past) is that I'm doing it slowly, the smart and sane way. Eating well, exercising. In the past, I starved, over-exercised. I would never be happy with .5-2 pounds/week of loss. Hence the extra 100 pounds I'm carrying around, and my body's low starvation set point.

The Beck Plan is helping me more than I can say, and it's another huge difference. I'm working on reprogramming my mind as well as my body. I have to stop thinking like a fat person, and learn to think like a lean, healthy person.

Eating mindfully, only eating while sitting down and giving myself credit often and generously have made this more like a challenging game than a chore. I can't wait for my workout every day. I love planning my meals and snacks -- seeing how much I can eat for the least points (I do WW Flex). There isn't enough credit in the world to give myself for those! :)

Hope everyone is well!

02-26-2008, 12:55 AM
Hello peeps!
Not much to report here. I had a great day in many ways. It felt good to be back at work as it turns out. DD and I did our pretend "cooking show" where we cook together and act like we are talking to the cameras. She is hilarious when she does this. We made homemade fish sticks and they are the best ones we have ever made. We have done this a few times and didn't LOVE the recipe. Both of us love this one! Any parents out there read any of Ellyn Satter's stuff about feeding kids? She calls herself a "nutrition moderate" and stresses everyone love their food, enjoy eating and try to relax and trust ourselves with food and feeding. She is a nutritionist and hates all the rules-even the ones regarding the food pyramid. I don't have that total trust in myself about food/feeding yet but I do think that I am building it. Her philosophy is that parents are responsible for the when, where and what of eating the kids are responsible for the if and how much they want to eat. WOW. I am still reading but have been trying to enjoy what I eat-fits with being mindful/appreciative and eating slowly.

I got out of bed this morning and did 10 minutes of yoga with a show on tv. It felt good to get up early and stretch and do something physical. I will do another 20 minutes of something tonight in addition. Credit moi!

Okay, I want an aerogarden now after hearing all about it from mezmerize! Actually, it would be great to have two: one for the greens and one for the herbs.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-26-2008, 02:12 AM
Hello all,

we had a great weather today after being slammed by storms and 60 miles hr winds during the weekend, no power at time, today-lots of sun but still some wind. The pool actually felt warm due to the solar gain. yummy swimming. Had a calm, relaxing easy going day. what a treat and how unusual. Nice when eating healthy is so easy and there are no food fixations. My weight is plateauing but I am losing inches so soon the lbs will drop again-onward to get under 300's. I have to make peace that I am a very slow loser but it beat gaining and being 400lbs.

Heidi-great fun with the Heidi and DD cooking show-such a gift to your Dd plus learning positive attitudes. I am worling an improving my attitudes toward daily (boring) tasks. Satter's advice sound so much better than the keeping kids at table for hours until they ate their peas ect. I learned the clean plate lesson or else way too well.

mezmerize-hope for a quick easy surgery and recovery. Heard good things about laparoscopic-take care and we are rooting for a speedy recovery. If you become a distributor for the gardens let me know-they sound like a lot of fun. My poor herbs on the deck look awful-some died during a freeze, other just hate the cool windy salty air.

Hafowler-yeah on the 2lb lose. Like you I have tried to lose a lot of weight many ways-some very unhealthy-Beck is the 1 st time I am coping with my eating patterns and really learning new skills to cope with food-I am going slowly but am continuously losing. Most importantly I have confidence that I am not going to regain.

KulhJeanie-Posting is the most important-don't worry about note to each individual-I just love reading what is up with everyone and how things are going for them. Thanks for the Quinoa info-may get some soon. Just got see the Madison Veggie cookbook today-liked it alot. I really dislike the meat industry and want to greatly reduce my animal eating.

onebyone, barbpos-so gald you guys are joining in-I too really loved that quote of "If hunger is not the problem then how can food be the solution." I need a tatoo of it. I have spent year misusing food to solve emotional problems-tension, boredom, make my teens behave, blues-such a long list which I wanted ice cream to solve.

BillBlueEyes-I know you made the your appointment well prepared. And eating more food last night would not have made you finish quicker or more accurately. But the *&$% desire does crop up so quickly. Much credit for seeing the irrelevance of linking completely the taxes with food. I see you as being very vigilant and astute and don't believe you would do mindless eating for any serious length of time. I trust you to remain very committed to your new way of eating. Credit for sticking to the plan even if your early snack meant going to bed hunger.

wishes to all

02-26-2008, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches - Did it. Made it to the accountant with the numbers all lined up in their respective columns. CREDIT moi. And better, before the day was over I had emailed her with the four pieces of missing information. Double CREDIT moi. Here in MA, we have to include proof of health insurance coverage (form 1099-HC) or the state will charge us for coverage. Wonder how many people will remember to get that form attached. Then back to feeling normal: walked, did gym, cooked up some green beans for this weeks lunches. Thanks for your support while I was feeling stressed - knowing it was there helped me ward off the munchies.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your continued swimming; always sounds to me that you keep going like a freight train when you get to the water.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Interesting thoughts about "trust ourselves with food and feeding." Like Intuitive Eating, that seems like a worthy goal for when we have this fat person thinking under control.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for the family brunch - what a great measure of your progress. Jealousy for the naps. Ouch for the foot; hope there's a podiatrist out there strong enough to stand down your determination and make you take care of it. LOL at "intellectual bar"; you might have to wait for Erika (eusebius) to drop by if you want to discuss Ionesco.

Mez (mezmerize) - Ouch for the surgery. Kudos for your calm acceptance and rational planning. Your Aerogardens should have a nice salad ready when you recover.

barbpos – Kudos for having a live Diet Coach - that's the ideal. I need you to pound me with "if I eat over a problem, I then have 2 problems." That's always clear to me after I've stuffed munchies and the real problem remains. LOL at your realistic view of the Red Sox; sounds like this isn't your first year as a fan.

onebyone – Kudos for confronting mindful eating and rescuing your kitchen table. Love the thought of "unbeknowst to her" - can't wait for your book, Stealth Beck for Tubby's, LOL.

hafowler – Congrats for your 2 pounds. Kudos for giving yourself credit and for such a refreshing attitude toward your plan.

Readers – “… But instead of gaining, you can lose weight and maintain your weight loss by practicing the principles you’ll learn in The Beck Diet Solution." Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-26-2008, 10:49 AM
Good Morning New Chums!

It's Day 6, Diet Coach time. I don't really have one. I thought I had one on another board but she's gone AWOL. I fear back into the food. So. I have a DH, and he would help, but I am reluctant to ask him. I have involved him in many of my past turnarounds with food and I am tired of seeing myself do that only to abandon the plan that was going to do it "this time". It is okay to have online diet coaches? I feel like I need to do exactly what she says in the book, which would mean asking for DH's help.

What do you guys do in terms of Diet Coaches?

As for following the book, I found myself fighting my fork this morning. I did not want to put the fork down. I had to deliberately tell myself to do it. Such resistance! I want to have the fork and the food on the way to the mouth right after the last forkful has gone in. wow. The frenzy of eating gets so disrupted by slowing down. It almost feels boring to me. Is that crazy or what? Hmmm. Would love to hear what you think.

Have a great day.

02-26-2008, 12:41 PM
Hafowler – Congrats on the 2lbs loss! I like your view on making it a game than chore. I also slow down my system by starving myself. I had a 1lbs loss this week. That is with working out. I’m happy with it they all add up in the end.

hbuchwald – Your cooking show with DD sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’ll have to look into that book maybe my library carries it. It would be nice reading material when I’m laid up. I’m an Aerogarden Junkie! It’s getting so bad as I want another one! 1 for my herbs, 1 for my lettuces, 1 for either fruits or veggies. (they have strawberry plants as well as peppers, snow peas, green beans, tomato’s and now they have edible flowers which I’ve always wanted to try!) I seen somewhere they are even going to have tea. Geez my kitchen will soon really look like a jungle!

coastalsue – Kudos for being positive. I know that seeing that scale freeze or slowly move down can be a bit too much at time. I remind myself that it’s a temp thing and my body will get it and like you said it’s beats gaining.

BillBlueEyes – Kudos on making it do the accountant, working out and eating healthy! Aww a fresh salad form my aerogarden will give me something to look forward to. Right now I’m worried about the size scar.

Onebyone – Welcome!! You can have kind of Diet Coach that will work for you. Please do consider your DH you know many of us have had the “this time” and I’m sure your husband doesn’t think any less of you for that plan not working out. You will find a plan that will work so never give up and don’t be afraid to ask for his help. I have my DH help me and he’s been there for my past “this times” and if I need him.(which I hope I don’t ) the next time. This is a learning process and with each failure we learn. I think of this way. I’m a mother and a grandmother. When my kids/grandkids were learning to walk did I discourage them when they fell? No I cheered them on to try again and again giving them the confidence to go on and know they could do it. I still cheer them on with jobs interviews, my son taking the SAT and so on one must never give up. You’ll find your way.

As for me I’ve been busy trying to get things in order. My DH said not to worry he can take care of things. I want to because it takes my mind off it. Eek grandkids are here early.

02-26-2008, 01:10 PM
Hi Onebyone! DH, DS and I are headed to Washington DC for St. Patty's Day for a very specific (Canadian) reason - Great Big Sea are playing! Do you know them? My BIL is from Winnipeg, and assures me that all Canadians are required by law to know a certain number of GBS songs. :) DH is my (sort of) diet coach, and the wonderful folks here are as well. He's magnificent and helpful and supportive and would never belittle me for being on round 173, but he can easily go from being coach to enabler, so I sometimes find I have to coach my coach. He also doesn't really understand what it's like to think like a fat person and is often puzzled by my challenges. Also, I could talk about food, exercise, and diet all day long and I'm pretty sure that would bore the crap out of him. Whatever works! My mom also lost 80 lbs over two years and has kept it off for five; she's fortunate in that she had a come-to-Jesus about her obesity one day out of the blue, made the decision, and that was that. Some of what I'm dealing with is great to talk about with her, other things she just doesn't get. So find your support wherever and with whomever it makes sense. I also feel ya on the shovelling thing. It's hard when I'm running late (which is usually.) But I also know that I do/did eat way too fast to try and get it in so I didn't have to think about what or how much I was eating. Hard to taste or enjoy it - which seems odd for someone who kept saying how much I love food! I seemed to love it but not have any respect for it. So, yeah. Right there with ya. :) I still have an almost daily conversation with myself at dinner to get that damn fork out of my hand and on the plate. Still don't believe that I need to have that next bite IMMEDIATELY ready when I haven't even swallowed the one in my mouth yet!

Mez, good, good luck and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they can stay laparoscopic. We're considering getting the 3-aerogarden special they have advertised on the website - that might be a nice use of tax return funds! Course, will have to actually DO taxes in order to get the returns. I'm all over it, but DH tends to wait till the last minute. In prior years this wasn't an issue, but in prior years we weren't actually married. Hm.

Did make an appointment tomorrow with a podiatrist. I'm trying to talk myself out of working out tonight. I'm scheduled for a speed run today but maybe I'll substitute something easier on the elliptical. I just hate the idea of not working out. I didn't wear my pedometer today to avoid encouraging myself to walk more, and I feel oddly nekkid without it.

Hafowler, credit credit credit on the game mentality! I'm a sucker for spreadsheets. I track all my steps, my calories, my running pace, I average stuff, add it up, etc. It's more fun that way.

02-26-2008, 04:00 PM
Feeling a little out of sorts the past couple of days....sluggish and a little queasy. My doctor friend tells me that it could be the A Fibb. of it could be the flu-like stuff that's going on around here. Despite not feeling great, I went to Curves yesterday after work (yea, me!), and proceeded to pull something in my knee on the leg curl machine....I iced it last night and it's still sore today, but somewhat better.

This is someone's idea of a bad joke, since I'm at Beck day 9...EXERCISE :). I actually started last week with 5X a week exercising -- either curves, treamill (20 minutes), or 45 minute dog walk, and now I'm not sure what to do while I heal a bit. Maybe I could look at swimming....the next town over has a nice pool with some public hours. For today, I think I'll do 5-10 minutes at 3 mph on my treadmill, without a lot of incline, and I'll see how I feel afterwards.

02-26-2008, 04:50 PM
Hello all,I am still here just sick with the flu.Sleeping hours upon hours,fever,aches all over and eating whatever,had the very strong opinion that I don't feel well and I should eat whatever I want.Have not weighed myself and have not read my cards.Same old crap sneaks in so easily,I have been reading along and it sounds like everyone is doing really well.
barbpos,Hafowler,Onebyone welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,it seems you are all jumping right in.The plan works,I find I slip up after a weigh in[lose or gain],when I don't feel well,or when I feel deprived.I tend to stop reading my cards and let myself slide.
I have finished the book and I think I need to start over.I do weight watchers and have been back and forth between flex and core, sign up Thur for another 8 weeks at work.I get frustrated also because others are losing faster than I,but I must admit they are following the plan all the time.In the past I have lost weight much quicker on ww.I swim for exercise and try for 4-5x a week,average of 40 laps.Due to this flu I have not gone since last Thur.I have to rerstart now! I have baked potatoes and chicken with rotissere chicken seasoning in the oven for dinner and salad[my boys tell me only girls like salad].I went to Sams Club while sick on Monday and threw all kinds of thing in the cart so I have every kind of fruit and vegetable you can think of and way too many loaves of bread and rolls.I spent $274 there,could hardly fit it in the frig.I bought a bathing suit and when I got it home realized it was marked wrong and not the right size.Note to self "Don't shop when sick and a bit dazed"Hope they will exchange the suit I did not even try it on.
mezmerize-Good luck with the gallbladder surgery.Hope you get to stick with the laproscopy so you can heal up real quick!

02-26-2008, 10:27 PM
Hi, all, only had time to read, but yes, Kuhljeanie, I LOVE BBS...I am so happy for you that you get to go..enjoy!:):)

Good going, all. Credit, all!:carrot::carrot:

02-26-2008, 11:40 PM
Hello there everyone,
Today my friends and I said YES to the Danskin Triathlon! We will do it as a relay and have the goal of finishing, period. It feels good to take a risk like that, work toward something and to do one more thing for ME. Not to mention role modeling these things for DD. I got up early this morning and did a bit of working out-got on that treadmill for the morning news. Credit moi!

CoastalSue: I love those days where eating doesn’t feel like a challenge (or not eating rather…). You sound so balanced and healthy and like you are really building those lifestyle habits to keep the weight off! Kudos to you! Yes, it is so hard to know what to do with kids sometimes-you want them to eat but forcing doesn’t work and neither does imposing major restrictions. Her ways make sense to me and help me give myself permission to loosen up a bit. Funny that it doesn’t feel conflicting with my eating plans. It seems that it should but I can see how to make it all work.

BillBlueEyes: What a relief to get that big tax task out of the way! So many details and stressors built into the whole thing.

Yes, trusting myself with food and feeding seems huge. In the name of raising my daughter though, I am really trying my hardest to make food “no big deal”…based on this book about feeding kids, one of the big changes that I have made is that I put all the food on the table in serving bowls. I scoop out what I want/have planned and she takes what she wants. She can take whatever she wants and sees that I am doing the same. I really do feel more relaxed about HER eating… and mine too during meal time. The hard part is when I am tempted by unplanned food which usually happens when she is in bed or when I am at work. Clear as mud?

Onebyone: Most of us here use this group as online coaching/support. Some of us have tried having live coaches. I felt the same way as you, wanting to follow Beck to the letter. This part just didn’t work for me. It is way too hard to get a person who hasn’t’ read the book or who isn’t doing this plan as well to “get it”. We may all have to tweak Beck’s strategies to make them fit our lives. In Round ONE of onebyone versus the FORK, the winner is….. ONEBYONE!! I chuckled at your “fighting my fork” comment.

Mesmerize: Great analogy of your grandkids learning to walk and encouraging them and helping them along. You won’t have to leave your home if you get all those aerogardens. Your home will be a self contained ecosystem! HA! Sending positive energy your way-go laprascope!

Kuhljeanie: Your mom is an inspiration… Glad you have an appt with a podiatrist!

Barpos-kudos to you for going for the exercise. Smart to slow down if your knee is hurting. May your flu symptoms be not the flu and may it be shortlived whatever it is!

Wendylan: I am so sorry that you are feeling so badly. Hope it passes quickly and painlessly.

Maryblu: Keep on truckin’! Hope you are doing well.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-27-2008, 03:06 AM
Hello all,

Just a short note-Today was our 25th anniversary-did a new and rather complex recipe-a low cal pulled pork dish-the canned chipotle were soo hot-kept adding diary(none was asked for in the recipe)- to tame it down-overall rather a bit of a flop-plus I have tons of it. The 25 yrs have been good-tonights dinner less so. Oh Well. grabbed a handful of M&M ate a couple and really tasted them-a bit blah-so put the rest back into the bag. credit, I keep hearing myself ask" Is this unplanned food solving my problems?." Never once did it-now I am looking at specfic things to do when I want to munch. tired-actually sit down and drink some ice water. Sad-put on upbeat music, mad-meditate, bored-read a mag procrastaining-just do the the task or play a quick computer game. For some reason that phrase of "food other than hunger can not solving any problems" is really sticking with me this week. I am unsure of who posted that but thank you alot.

sorry to hear some of you folks are sick-get well quick

KuhlJeanie loved the idea of ease of Dh going from coach to enabler-That is my Dh also-He is so wonderfully accommodating from picking up surprise ice cream to weighing out my chicken. He does get confused if I am on a food plan or not-there have been so many food moments in our life together.

Heidi-you sound like you are doing so well to insure healthy changes, going out for the marrathon, going the the nutritionist, cooking lesson-along reading about meal time for you DD-Much credit to you.

BillBlueEyes-glad things are getting back to normal for you. I just started our taxes along with trying to learn new programs on the computer-both stressers for me.


02-27-2008, 06:58 AM
Diet Coaches - I threw away a bottle of salad dressing. CREDIT moi. Double CREDIT moi since I never throw away food. For the record, it might not have been that hard for some of you, considering: I hated the stuff; it was 3/4 empty; my DW said she'd die before she used it; it was 130 calories per serving and my favorite is 5 calories per serving; it had an expiration date of May 2005. But, LOL, I had to start somewhere.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for the uneaten M&M's. Congrats on your 25th anniversary - may your next 25 be as happy!! What a nice description you gave of identifying an emotion and choosing a response.

MaryBlu - Waving, nodding my head, and winking, "Whadd'ya At?" GBS, "What Are You At?"

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for the Danskin Triathlon. Amazing to put serving bowls on the table for your DD to choose the "if and how much." That's certainly living your belief. What a healthy attitude toward food is possible for that young lady.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for signing up for another 8 weeks of WW and Kudos for coming right back after a rough time. You deserve to be kind to yourself with a journey that includes set backs - Beck would encourage us not to compare our journeys to someone else's (perhaps mythical) effortless one.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Thanks for introducing me to Great Big Sea. Seems they understand U. S. Presidential Debates:Saw a man sleep in an alley lane with a paper for a bed
And the headline shown beneath the man and this is what they read,
"If elected there would be no persons living in the street"
But the paper couldn't even provide shelter for his freezing feet.
And I hope they haven't forgotten, The promises they made. Great Big Sea, "Someday Soon"

Mez (mezmerize) - Sending supportive thoughts as you prepare yourself for your surgery.

barbpos – Ouch for a pulled something in your knee. Double Ouch because it occurred during the Program-day for exercise.

onebyone – LOL at "fighting my fork." Boy, was I ever shocked when Beck made me aware of my rapid food stuffing. It got easier after the initial efforts. I use this board as my diet coach - for accountability and feedback. My DW is a great supporter and consultant on the big picture, but it would be asking too much to share with her my cookie by cookie struggles. On this board, I can write about a single oatmeal raisin cookie as the Cuban Missle Crisis Cookie as if that were a subject worthy of discussion.

Readers – “The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It doesn’t tell you what to eat – you can choose any nutritious diet you want. … " Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-27-2008, 10:30 AM
Kuhljeanie – I hope your appointment with podiatrist has gone well. DH bought an elliptical last year . While I love the workout I’m not able to stay on long.

Wendylan – I hope you feel better soon. Kudos for getting fruits and veggies while shopping.

hbuchwald – Am cheering you on your training and when the race comes!

BillBlueEyes - "it had an expiration date of May 2005. But, LOL, I had to start somewhere." :lol::bravo:

As for me still planing. I didn't get much done yesterday I came down with a bit of a bug. Stomach pain and slight fever. So slept after grandkids went home. Woke cooked dinner watch a movie and went to bed early. I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm going to try and get some walking in. Thanks for all the well wishes.

02-27-2008, 04:45 PM
As Bill the Cat would say, Aaaaaaack! Bum knees, flu, gallstones, and general yickiness! Big hug to all who are feeling poorly - and that's a lot of us! :grouphug:

Just a quick update - happy news from the podiatrist. I don't have a stress fracture - more likely tendonitis in the bottom/side of my foot at an insertion point. She sold me a pair of $30 OTC insoles (as opposed to custom, $460 orthotics) and vaya con dios. Within 2 hours I was back on the treadmill. :exercise: Yay! I now have a completely new set of blisters, but I'm getting used to blisters. Part of that runner machismo. ;) I may look into getting some moleskin until that particular spot on my arch starts to callus up.

And glad to turn on more good people to GBS! I'm really excited - another band that's playing the same festival used to tour with them, and I kinda sorta know the bass player, so I'm hoping to shamelessly parlay that into having a beer with GBS. Now that I'm safely past my 20's and married, I have no compunction NOT to act like the rabid groupie I really am. :)

Back to it - I have a ton of homework and real work to catch up on. Hope everyone feels better soon!

02-27-2008, 06:30 PM
Oh, my Diet Coaches... :)

Credit Moi X 5 billion -- Last night my mother made a pan of big, chewy, sticky fudge brownies. I was working in my office, and I could smell them. Man, just thinking about them right now makes me drool. At first I was going to forgo the delicious treat entirely, but then I thought to myself, "Am I really going to be able to stick to this for the rest of my life? No more treats ever?" And as we all know, there's a difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. SO... I had one. I sat down, ate it with a fork on a plate, a tiny bite at a time. (I've been working hard on Day 5!) It was delicious, and I was completely satisfied at the end, without the urge to binge it might have sparked in the past. Seriously, not two months ago, I would have grabbed four or five an wolfed them down without a second thought. I wouldn't have tasted them, wouldn't really have enjoyed them. This way, the brownie was SUCH A TREAT, which is what it was meant to be. I enjoyed every bite. I really TASTED it. I'm really proud of myself and feel rewarded!

I have to confess something. I'm a writer, and right now I work strictly from home, so I have a large amount of control about the kind of stimulus and temptation I have to deal with. The only thing I can't control is what my elderly parents, who live with me, decide to eat. But still, I can't imagine that this journey would be nearly as comfortable and easy as it's been if I had to deal with some of the temptations the rest of you do. So, kudos to you! Sometimes I feel guilty about my success because I'm so blessed as to be able to have that kind of control. Another negative thought I have to work on getting rid of!

I'm about to start Day 11, which I think will be really handy for me and my compulsive eating history!

Also, thank you to everyone for the kudos! They feel so good -- I need that kind of feedback, both positive and negative. That's why you guys are my diet coaches!

Hope everyone is well!

02-27-2008, 08:43 PM
I have to complain to someone,I still don't feel well and have fever and no energy,my husband is on my nerves and to top it off I lost my Beck notebook and all my cards!!! I am going to try to return to work Thur. and I have been eating whatever I don't have to cook.Searched all over for those darn cards,lost them sometime btw Sun and now.Big bad day I am having.

02-27-2008, 10:13 PM
Hello all,

My big accomplishment is continuing to swim between 45-60 minutes daily. Getting more energy. Plus it helps to focus on a new goal when the pounds just don't come off. I am postive that soon a number of lbs will come off but the swimming sure keeps my moral up.

Wendy may your big bad day soon go away-Isn't this a great spot to spout?!! I have been working not to get anger with myself as I have had a clumsy forgetful day-losing keys, drop glasses of milk, misplacing things ect-icky but as bad as yours.

Hafowler-great Beck skills in fully enjoying while limiting the amount and giving yourself credit for all the changes. Have no guilt about your success-food devils/tempations can crop up in any environment at any time so it is your hard work which is the cause of your success. I have eaten alot alone driving in my car in the past.

BillBlueEyes-talk about out with the old-LOL I actually have done the same with salad dressings-one of our kids actually went thur the refrig and lectured us on the old stuff. Now when they come they are surprise how little food we buy and keep around. We shouldn't keep old stuff around but tons of chips/coolies would be a good idea for thier visits.

Big wave to everyone-heal up from illinesses and/or tendonitius. Heidi-hope you had a good teaching day.


02-28-2008, 12:41 AM
Hi there friends,

Today has been just great eatingwise. We got up extra early today so I could get a blood test and then take car to shop and get rental car…ready for bed now! I am going to get on that treadmill in the morning-great way to get up and get energized!

CoastalSue: Happy Anniversary! I am sorry that your dinner didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to-and BIG kudos for putting those m and ms back. I am making a response card right now with the idea of-“eating not solving problems unrelated to hunger” on it. Great idea also to identify what can help under different circumstances (sad, mad, etc..). Excellent work and you sharing it helps me too-thanks!

Teaching was great today…gearing up to do report cards though-BIG task!

BillBlueEyes: way to throw that dressing away!!!

Mezmerize: Way to take care of yourself. Hope that bug passes quickly.

Kuhljeanie: That is fantastic news about your foot!

Hafowler: I am salivating at the description of those brownies! MAJOR kudos to you on your process in dealing with them. NO guilt needed about your success feeling like it is easy. I think that most people have easy times and also some challenging times. I really think that it would be more difficult for me to manage food/emotions, etc… if I didn’t work outside my house. I am thrilled that it is going so well for you and that takes away nothing from anyone else-enjoy it!

Wendylan: Hugs to you….

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-28-2008, 05:54 AM
Diet Coaches - Did gym yesterday. CREDIT moi for increasing my routines from 2 to 3 sets of 15 reps each. The protein shake after gym workouts certainly does seem to be helping my head to think I'm slowly getting stronger. No need for anyone to mention that it's my own ears doing the lifting. Protein shakes are my magic white feather of choice.

[Looking for someone to start the discussion for Program-day 13, Overcome Cravings]

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for the continued swimming - you just keep going and going. Nice that you're focused away from the pounds part of your journey.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for a good eating day. Sending energy vibes for your loaded schedule today.

wendy (wendylan) - Sending warm supportive thoughts for you to feel better so it's easier to stay on track. Hope you find your Beck book and cards.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yeah for no stress fracture. Back to your Energizer Bunny mode, LOL.

Mez (mezmerize) - Continue to send good thoughts as you prepare for your operation.

hafowler – 5 billion Kudos for your sticky fudge brownie performance. That story is such a good lesson for the rest of us that it should be in the next edition of Beck's book. My favorite part, "and I was completely satisfied at the end, without the urge to binge."

Readers – "… That’s because any reasonable diet will work for you if you have the right mindset. …" Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-28-2008, 09:19 AM
Good Morning All.

I'm in a real funk today. I did not follow mindful eating yesterday at all. I just ate the way I have been eating; in front of the tv, on the way to the couch (eating while walking), but to my credit I wasn't bingeing, just not following the BDS way. I didn't post either. And today I feel crappy about it. I did have a sit down breakast already, no distractions, and I plan to have a good day today. I haven't opened my BDS workbook yet. The whole "not doing the BDS perfectly on Day 6 diet coach day" has actually thrown me. I am such a perfectionist. "Can't do it exactly the way it's written oh well, can't do it at all" PHOOEY! I don't want to be that person! So I am officially saying that you readers out there are my diet coaches and I will use my DH for that as well, but I need both. Thanks for being here for me. I'll check in again later.

02-29-2008, 12:59 AM
Hi there coaches,
I just made some chicken noodle (with lots of veggies) soup for freezing and eating-yum! DD and I went to the park and ran around and I got a few laps around the track in while she played with a friend. My plan to “try and acquire a taste for dark chocolate” is working! I have had a small square each night and, for now at least, it does it for me! Kudos to myself for taking great care of myself.

BillBlueEyes: excellent work on increasing your workout.

Onebyone: Everyone has those days-hope you can try to be easy on yourself so that you can move on. Beck has a card for responding to that thought about “if I messed up, I may as well throw in the towel for the day”… with “I ate something unplanned but it isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean that I have to abandon being on my plan. I am back on my eating program right now”. That is a drastic paraphrase…you get the idea. You can do this!

Til tomorrow, Heidi

02-29-2008, 01:19 AM
Hello all,

onebyone-Did I every understand your posting-I can go between mindless eating and diet perfectionism-neither road is really good for us humans. I am a slow Beck learner-with many set backs but have managed to make enough changes to lose 69lbs and keep them off. I have written about a crazed 3 yrs old child in me who implusively want to eat everything she wants in order to cope with life's problems and an adult who wants to get healthy. With enough repititions of Beck exercises the kid is calming down and the adult is more in charge of food habits. not perfection but hugh growth over the past 9months or so.

1. Do forgive your self for eating mistakes- the sooner the better. 2. Look at mistakes only to learn from about how to make changes to they don't happen again. 3. Don't look at mistakes to prove you can not be successful. -One of my favorites is to use mistakes to prove and reinforce my poor self esteem.-not going there again. 4. Give yourself credit-credit for making any healthy habit changes. You overate-not robbed a bank, hurt someone-in the chart of "bad" behaviors this is quite minor how ever has a big long term effect on your health. It has taken me quite awhile to learn this-I think Beck mentions about talking to your self as if you were talking to a friend with the same problem-I know I can be supportive,understanding and problem solving to a friend who overate and been working on giving myself the same kindness.

Here is the biggie- you posting and set a goal to behave differently-give yourself big Credit for that. I get credit not for how sucessfully and quckly I have done the program but for how often I fallen and gotten back onto program! Hang in there we all have a different pacing in learning the Beck lessons.

BillblueEyes-that sound like a big jump to add another complete repetition to your gym sets. Seems like you are enjoying the workout more and more. About the protein boost I would go with your basic feeling in that if you feel better then it is better for you.

I have made 4 days of swimming for 45-60 minutes each day this week. I have lost a lb but I decided that the slower weight loss is due to changing fat into muscles which weighs more. I may be wrong but it is a helpful belief and stops me from feeling so discouraged about the slow loss. Who really knows what the facts are but this is working for me. I'll keep it.

Heidi- glad all is going well. I am working on seeing the nurtionist here also-slow process in that have to get approval from insurance ect. I do love the dark chocolate-it is so strong (just a small section works for me) that now I don't like regular chocolate bars which is a really good thing for me.

a big wave to all


02-29-2008, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches - CREDIT moi for another minor food discard yesterday. After having some yummy 5 grain crackers with our lentil vegetable soup last night, there were only broken chips and crumbs left in the bag. Before this journey, I relished gobbling up the remnants of the bag - concentrated salt and sesame seeds with cracker bits. But last night I tossed them into the compost rather than into my mouth. Be gentle with me, it's really a small step, but an important one for me to keep distancing myself from the feeding frenzy mentality of my past.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for your continued swimming. Congrats for the lost pound. With that much swimming you are certainly creating muscle and driving out the embedded fat. I appreciate your thoughtful comments about the extremes of "mindless eating and diet perfectionism." Every day I read my Believe It Response Card to work my brain to accept the kind of ideas you presented - that the proper response to eating mistakes isn't going back to full bore mindless eating.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for taking care of yourself. Having home made chicken noodle soup in the freezer sounds like great emotional support for staying on plan. I am aghast to be reminded that someone needs to “try and acquire a taste for dark chocolate.” It roils my prejudices that a Craving for dark chocolate isn't hard wired into everyone's brains at birth.

onebyone – Welcome to the group of us who have officially asked the participants in this thread to be our diet coach. It works for me. Ouch for the funk; it's useful to remember that it will pass, that it will return, and that it will pass again. Oh, Well. Do I ever recognize the "eating while walking" to the couch. I would take a bite during the three steps from the stove to the kitchen table. I always popped the last slice of strawberry or slice of banana or almond or raisin into my mouth, presumably to prevent starvation before I sat down to eat my granola. All mindless eating patterns that now seem to me to be part of an eating frenzy mentality. I credit myself on this board for resisting that and appreciate the support. But those are examples of behaviors I don't discuss with my DW who might find it difficult to appreciate why I was focusing on such minutia, rather than the more obvious calories in vs. calories out.

hafowler – Continue to relish your sticky brownie story. Thinking about "I really TASTED it." One gift for me from eating mindfully on the Beck program is an increased sensitivity to the spectrum of tastes - moving beyond the tastes of salt, sugar, and fat.

Readers – "… The Beck Diet Solution teaches you how to get yourself to eat the way you’re supposed to eat. It shows you how to talk back to the I don’t want to, I don’t have to, or I can’t voice in your head." Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

02-29-2008, 10:43 AM

Oh I could just hug all you guys out there
:grouphug: <---- That's the best I can do.

thankyouthankyouthankyou for being here. I am so happy to be understood.

I managed to clean up my place yesterday morning for a maintenance inspection by the management here in the complex I live in. I am a terrible housekeeper. Terrible. But I did what was needed and in the process I truly liberated my kitchen table! And the bonus is that the stovetop is shiny and clean. Wow. I am about to have a sit down breakfast at my kitchen table and I have a lunch date in the same place before I am off to school. Amazing. I feel hopeful. I am planning on a big weekend with some new rubbermaid bins and the spare bedroom, moving stuff from about 15 broken and battered cardboad boxes and into bins, or onto shelves or into garbage bags. That's the goal.

Today is Day 9 Get Moving. I was actually working out fairly regularly but I slacked off over the last two weeks so today, on the occasion of Day 9, I did my 2mi WATP DVD and have written down that I will get to the Y over the weekend for a water aerobics class on Saturday and Sunday morning. I LOVE water aerobics and I never do it. Go figure.

I deserve credit for not having second helpings last night, and for eating sitting down. And today I deserve it for making a plan!

Thank you everyone for the help dealing with messing up and then beating yourself up about it. I appreciate it so much.

Have a fantastic Friday.

02-29-2008, 10:46 AM
Good (hopefully better!) morning all! You know, it may sound counterintuitive, but Onebyone ,I really appreciate what you've written. When I fall off the wagon the last thing I want to do is document it for other people to read, because I'm also operating under the perfectionist mentality. I want to eat perfectly on plan, I want to exercise every second I've planned out for it, I want to feel good all the time, and I want to be the one reassuring and helping other people when THEY fall off the wagon. I wonder if at the heart of it, it's a control issue? Anyway, I'm guessing more of us struggle with perfectionism here than not. And fall harder when we don't live up to our own inhuman standards. When we're doing everything "right", it's easy to feel good about ourselves. It occus to me that the healthy place between the extremes of diet perfection and out of control or mindless bingeing happens when we love ourselves regardless of our behavior. Somewhere along the way I decided I could earn more love and acceptance by doing more or better, and even though that's absolutely not true for my family, my husband, or my friends (who love me just because I'm me, imagine that) it's true for myself. I gotta learn to love me even when I eat unplanned dessert, don't manage to get that 3 mile run in. Or bomb a midterm. Or let my house get messy. Or don't make all the party food perfectly, from scratch. You get the idea. So thank you, and HUGE credit for posting what you did. The more I think about it the more I realize that I was paying lip service to it before but didn't understand what those extremes really mean. It's conditional love for yourself, which just isn't good enough.

Hey Bill! Sounds like you're on the beginning of a real tear. Good for you! :bravo: Before you know it, you'll be dumping all kinds of crap you don't want in your body. It actually feels pretty good once you get into it. Like eating dark chocolate feels good once you get into it. Right, Heidi? Every couple of months I like to clean out some area of my house that's become overrun with stuff I no longer want or need. I love that clean feeling. Perhaps we can apply the same thinking to our bodies!

And Hafowler, no need to "confess" to a thing! I'm in agreement with Heidi (I think it was Heidi - sorry if it was someone else who replied in kind!) I credit my insane schedule and never being home with forcing me to stick like glue to my plan. If I was home during the day, who knows how much I'd be eating? I'm not saying that I won't appreciate the extra time when I'm done with school (9 weeks now, but who's counting) but working from home is only an advantage if you're able to make it one. Which apparently you are. You go on with your bad self. :cool:

Off to the doc's (just a regular checkup.) I haven't had once since before I got pregnant, so here's to hoping that all my bloodwork comes back healthy, and I've got my pre-hypertension under control.

Happy Friday, everyone! Wendy, Onebyone, feel better soon! Like Bill said, it's all temporary. Truly and existentially. (Which reminds me - has anyone heard from Erika lately?)


02-29-2008, 11:30 AM
Hey all.

Still going pretty strong. Today is day 12 for me....not doing the exercise...I've fasted for religious reasons annually for the past 39 years so I know what it feels like, I'm hypoglycemic, and I'm comfortably moving along with South Beach, eating 3 meals and 3 snacks....and the big success is that there has not been a single day with more than 3 snacks, all planned. I'm also not going to make my decision not to do the exercise a big rebellion or a reason to reject the rest of Beck...this is progress too.

(so, now you know I'm 52 years old and Jewish.....)

A couple of challenges/new situations since doing Beck are coming up this weekend....a potluck dinner tonight, and synagogue tomorrow. In both situations many people eat standing, and there will be foods that I'm not eating. My plan for the potluck is: 1 plate of food, with choices focused on protein and vegetables, eaten sitting down. A small serving of seconds, if I'm so inclined, but only salad or plain vegetables. I my plan for synagogue is just one plate of food, food as close to SBD straight and narrow as is reasonably possible (probably smoked fish, humus, vegetables, fresh fruit)

Also, I have a confession. I've been eating some of my food in my car. Even though I'm technically seated, I know it's not the kind of undistracted situation which allows for mindful NO MORE. I don't remember her discussing eating in the car at all in the book, but I know I'm not the only who does it.....look at all those fast food drive-throughs!

Knee is better. I've been exercising, but with some modification (less incline on the treadmill, skipping the offending machines at Curves).

Had my echocardiogram yesterday. Cardiologist appointment next Wednesday. Mood has been variable this week....fear, some lows, today pretty good.

Thanks for listening.

02-29-2008, 08:16 PM
Happy upcoming weekend to all,

Yeah-lost another lb-finally 70 off and now 1/3 of the extra fat is off. I certainly am the tortoise in the race to get rid of the lbs off but I'll reach the finish line one of these days.

Had a day long workshop-no time for swimming and mountains of candy and bake goodies about the tables-cruel, cruel-did have a very small portion of one baked good-credit I then stopped! I think if the tiny piece had never been there I would have resisted. Never would have touched one of the hugh cookies/muffins-but thought i heard my name being called by the small sliver of one muffin. Yeah- not to go mindless due to feeling a bit trapped and bored and very food stimulated being around so many folks eating so many treats.

I think that Beck keeps emphasizing the importance of credit because as group I bet many overweights feel so critical of ourselves-Many folks feel that they need/have the right to make a negative comment about my size-there are so many study about how society can feel so negatively toward the overweight. I now look at overeating a unhealthy coping pattern I am changing but it is not a sign of my moral weakness nor intellectual abilities. Anyway you all keep giving yourself alot of credit for changing such ingrained habits.-my 2 cents for today. Ain't easy to change but so necessary.

BillBlueeyes-keep hearing you letting go of implusive food habits-It is the old role to finish the bit of food left over-to small to save yet no one else wanted just because they were full. For me it is even letting go of the guilt of "wasting" it really is just the material to increase my waist and trash my own body.

A big Hi to everyone-fun healthy weekend, have plans for tonight so most run


02-29-2008, 09:56 PM
Hello everyone,I am feeling better today and have been following my ww core plan for Thur and Fri.It is snowing here so no chance to get to the Y for a swim but should be able to get there Sat afternoon.Finally feeling better after the flu episode and got back to work Thur and Fri..Still have not found my cards but have begun to rewrite cards and reread my book,I find new insights every time I reread.
Costalsue-Great job!another pound gone forever and a great time resisting the baked goods.
barbpos-Sounds like a solid plan for your potluck dinner and good insight that eating in the car may not help with focus.
kuhljeanie-Thanks for the reminder that our moods are just temporary,I am feeling better today physically and emotionally.I can identify with the perfectionistic attitude also and by the way my house is very messy and here I sit on the computer.
onebyone-Great job doing your WATP and planning for a water aerobics for Sat.I exercise at the Y also swimming laps or taking water fitness class,?I will be at the Y Sat also.I have a WATP too but dogs get under my feet too much.My house needs major organization also.
BillBlueEyes-Wonderful job with the leftover crackers and lentil vegetable soup sounds great.I moved on to try barley veg beef soup[I made off the box] and liked it on my grain journey,yet to try lentils.
hbuchwald-"Kudos to myself for taking great care of myself."Your quote,I love it and feel I need to add it to my cards if you don't mind!

02-29-2008, 11:50 PM
Hi friends,
I lost another pound today too-now I have lost 45 lbs! WOW! I wanted to reward myself and bought an inexpensive dvd/vcr player for my room. I now need to hook up my daughters portable dvd player in the living room to play an exercise dvd so this is a treat for myself for that and also just to be able to watch a movie in there periodically.

CoastalSue: I hope that I come to prefer dark chocolate-I LOVE milk chocolate and have forever so that is hard to imagine. Exciting about losing the pound but yes, you are right-probably muscle being formed. You are exercising so much…. I am trying so hard not to focus on that number but on how great I feel and how much more energy I have. It is nice to see the numbers on the scale move down too though I have to say!

Wow-two lbs! Does it go in waves for you? It does for me. I almost think that I need to plateau to get used to the new weight and then gear up for losing again???? Slow and steady is the way to go for permanent weight loss! What a great way to look at eating-as a coping strategy. It really is uplifting to give oneself credit for the good stuff. It changes the focus from a product success (weight loss) to a process success (behaviors that promote weight loss).

BillBlueEyes: I completely relate with the crackers at the bottom of the bag thing and the feeding frenzies of the past. Big kudos to you! Yes, I know that my chocolate preferences are not terribly refined… give me a reeses or a Hershy bar and I am happy…In response to your response to hafowler and how it is so great to savor our food..I was just saying to someone today who asked me how the “healthy eating thing is going”…I feel so satisfied with the food I am eating. I don’t feel like I am on a diet-but truly wanting to eat the food that I make for myself. I really cannot believe that-I have never felt so “integrated” with the cooking/eating healthfully/overall, taking good care of myself deal.

Onebyone-Big congrats on unburying your kitchen table. That makes a big difference in ambience when eating. I have a young daughter (5 yrs old) and we cleared off the dining room table and got a pretty table cloth and a candleholder and eat dinner in there by candlelight with cloth napkins. My goal was to have that special time with her, teach her manners but mostly just to make mealtime a nice experience. Way to take control over the working out! Water aerobics are so fun and have come so far with the webbed gloves and floatie things that people wear. I need to dig up my pool schedule to see if I can make it periodically to a class like that.

Kuhljeanie: I love cleaning stuff out too-have you seen the flylady woman’s book called “Body Clutter”? She goes by that concept-that we are holding on to “stuff” that we need to let go of… makes sense in many ways. Good luck at your appt!

Barpos: Great planning for the potluck! You really sound like you are doing the beck stuff and taking care of yourself!

03-01-2008, 05:33 AM
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Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!