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02-01-2008, 03:51 AM
:val1: Okay, that's a reach, but it's February and we might as well find something cheery to say about it!

I think I need new reading glasses for the computer -- I find myself leaning all over the place trying to read the screen these days. It's exhausting! :tired:

02-01-2008, 01:28 PM
whew!!! glad the january thread is over!!! WABBY--i looked at the computer ,saw a list,and immediately thought Lettie had stopped by!!! i don't think even HER lists were that long---That would have been about a MONTH's worth for me at the speed i have been operating!!!---i was instantly jealous when you said YOUR DAFFYDOWNDILLYS WERE UP!!!!! and then you mentioned the GARDEN show!!!! swoon!!!!-----you are right about Peachers===thank heavens she hasn't been talking about all the fresh strawberries and tomatoes!!!!----i do remember Painty posting a pic of pansies growing last year at a greenhouse in her area---i still look at it!!!!! well,we are expecting an ice storm this evening---PEI hasn't had power since Monday because of the storm at the beginning of the week-----never mind---i think i will listen to music,like wabbs and maybe i will get something accomplished! party on cows~

02-01-2008, 01:38 PM
just a pic of my darling lilacs on the dining room table in spring...............

02-01-2008, 07:10 PM
Oh, that's gorgeous. Like a whiff of spring. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's snowing again here. I don't know what the forecast is, I'm hiding my head in the sand.

DD's birthday is next weekend, and she is planning to come home. How shall we celebrate, without inviting more than 2 or 3 people into our house? Honestly this place is getting worse and worse -- now on top of having half a kitchen floor, and the ceiling falling down, the bathroom floor is rotting out. God I hate my house.

What was I saying? I'd like to plan a nice restaurant meal out. I know I will be over-ruled on it though. DD will want me to cook something she likes, and/or make one of her favorite desserts, and DH's family will insist we go there on Sunday, so brunch is out. maybe I'll just take myself out to dinner and celebrate 20 years of fatness.

:p Oops, didn't mean to unload that on you guys. Love you :chockiss: :chockiss:

02-02-2008, 10:53 AM
Unload away, Kiwi. :hug:

Ok. I think I'm coming down off my burst of energy. I'm feeling back to my lethargic self. I think the cold and damp is really contributing to my achiness. I just realized that maybe it's not normal to hurt all over and I think I may have inherited the arthritis that runs in my family.

My Kaydy is here this morning. She's still snoozing. She's beginning to put words together into sentences. They're still in Kaydy language, so I have a hard time understanding, but the changes since I've seen her are amazing. My name is Naama. I bought some valentine window clings at the dollar store and she was so excited to put them up I thought she might hyperventilate.

Bagzie, when we first looked at this place the lilacs were blooming. It's what made me want to buy it in the first place. I absolutely love them. The daffs are up, but not blooming yet.

Kiwi, why don't you talk DD into a family birthday dinner at home one night, and then a restaurant big blow out the next? I think you should all go bowling again. Just remember, all DD sees when she walks in the door is home. And honestly, who cares what anyone else may think? I would absolutely love to come sit at your kitchen table and have a cuppa joe. If the roof leaked I'd just find a bucket and have another cookie. :cofdate:

02-04-2008, 02:30 AM
Oh that age is so cute, isn't it, Wab? DH's nephew's little boy is the same age as Kaydy, and we saw him today at my SIL's house. He has changed so much since I saw him at Christmas time -- talking up a storm, everything you say he has to try out, it's so adorable. How about a photo of Kaydy?

I have given DH the word about next Sunday -- it is the day of the Democratic Caucus here in Maine, and DD and I are both planning to go. It will directly interfere with any Sunday family dinner, and the in-laws will certainly not understand that we find it important, so DH will have to explain to his family why we are not available. Perhaps this will also make going out to brunch beforehand a possibility.

Super Bowl was sort of exciting, eh? I almost didn't watch, not really caring that much even though the "local" (yeah, only 300 miles away) team was playing. All came down to the last couple minutes, which was a bit of a nailbiter. Did anyone see the eTrade commercials with the baby on the computer? They were the best. There were 2 of them. Funny as H***


02-04-2008, 10:05 AM
It's hard to know what kids see when they go home. DS has gone to his dad's condo again for another fencing tourney. Dad lives in a gigantic condo complex with a guard at the gate and all. Both visits the dad has told the guard to let DS in and both times the guards have refused. They have to talk to the dad on the phone and the dad has been at work. So .. when DS goes to dad's house, he sees himself stuck outside in the weather, tired from a long drive, hungry, and unwelcome.

When he comes here, he sees a mess.

For the past several months, I've been too much aware of my heart beat. I dread night time because I hear it and what I hear, at night, is that every fourth beat is not here. In the morning, it's better but still some are missing. I took magnesium and it helped but last week I could not stand it any more and went to a doc who put me on beta blockers and it's much better now. Was supposed to see him this morning but they called to reschedule to tomorrow.I see on Wikipedia that beta blockers are not the best drug available but they're something I can afford.

It worked in my behalf that the doc is actually a P.A. and had just got back from a weeklong conference about women's health. I fit right into his new info and was sweet and caring. I have cut out caffeine, chocolate and am eating more veggie things. He also thinks red wine is a good idea. Hmmm.

Kiwidd is going to be 20????? I am so alarmed by all this growing up stuff.

02-04-2008, 04:09 PM
Wow, that sucks for DS. I'm sure it is entirely up to his dad to make sure that he is allowed in; the guards most likely are only following what they've been told, i.e. his dad maybe never really made the arrangements :dunno: Well, every kid has to learn that his/her parents have their limitations. I think I'll go clean my house...

I'm glad the PA is right on top of things. Hey! I thought chocolate was good for your heart! You know, a little bit?

02-04-2008, 07:05 PM
I want to be thin like Bagz. *click hells* *click* *click*

Didn't work.

I have nada to say as I have no life. I've heard that chocolate is good for you, too. He was concerned about slowing down the beat and caffeine is found in choco, I guess. Anyway, who could eat a little?

The Capital Steps will be here in a couple of weeks. I'd love to go but have no one to go with. I need a life coach. I choose you all. Coach me.

02-04-2008, 10:19 PM
well,first tell me what the captial steps are and i will tell you to go alone and maybe meet some interesting people,OR,trip in front of a handsome man and make it look like it's his fault and use his arm to limp into the event? we were in halifax all weekend at a wholesale show so i am not up to snuff on the activites in the pasture---i will peruse and get up to date---the superbowl was crazy last night--i was glad new york won,it made it more exciting,and i didn't really care either way----it's just fun to watch the big final sports events!!!====OH MY GOODNESS .speaking of events,we are all excited about SUPER FAT TUESDAY!!!!===it's the super tuesday primarys AND PANCAKE DAY TOO!!!! AND THE INSANE WIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY STARTS A NEW SEASON!!! _-- have any of you seen those chicks?? they are UNbelievable!!!!-----ok,i read the other posts-----kiwi darling--your baby is not a teenager any more----my dd's seemed 'wierded out' by being TWENTY----is your darling having angst leaving the teens or is she cool with it???? it's crazy to be the mother to TWENTY-SOMETHINGS!!!-----wabby has the best of babies----i would love to see a new photo of the darling K-baby-----if you don't want to put it up here,how about an email????----peach----i got your email about the fencing----i am going to access it on the good computer---this family dinosaur doesn't have any applications that are up to date anymore!!!---that's nuts about the dad and his guards=----they should have a better set up than that---poor kid----where is this place????the same state as you guys????----well,i have to go finish the dishes====late supper=---i made zero point carrot/cauliflower soup and IT WAS LOVELY!!!! i love carrot soup { i pureed it} see yas lata.

02-04-2008, 10:43 PM
Clicking heels will never get you to lose weight unless you jump up and down and wave your arms at the same time. And do it for an hour.

I watched the fencing. Cool!

Okay, I didn't CARE about the Super Bowl, but I didn't want the Giants to win. So apparently I did care. Just not very much.

DD can't be turning 20. She's still a child. One of her friends wrote on dd's facebook "does this mean we have to stop acting like we're 6?" :lol:

I just finished watching a documentary about Celtic music. It was 10 years old. Mostly about Cape Breton. Had Loreena McKennit. And Natalie MacMasters -- do you know her, Bagz? She is performing in Bangor soon and DH wants to get tickets.

Took Jetski out for an amble today. A very strenuous amble. Snowshoeing up and down hills, it was exhausting. I get extra credit.

02-04-2008, 11:27 PM
fantastic workout kiwonkers!!----sounds fresh!!----i LOVE natalie mcmaster---she is sooooooooo cute====of course i adore loreena {saw her last fall in town at the imperial}----if you like fiddle music,and celtic music you will love natalie---she is adorable----a real Caper {as they call them} ---sort of a lilting irish-like accent. one of my friends from cape breton knows all the mc master clan----some of natalies relatives have been to parties in town and they all play the fiddle!!!-------------okay--bedtime---night night

02-05-2008, 02:13 AM
Do you (anyone) know what is meant by the phrase "evening cameo"? I just read this in a blog and I can't figure it out. I would think it meant an appearance in the evening or something, but that doesn't make sense in context.

Natalie McM was dancing while fiddling in a cut from some concert footage in that documentary. Looks like it might be a fun concert.

02-05-2008, 12:15 PM
I tried to look it up and found a clutch purse. Maybe we need the context.

I just to the doc and am much better. Pulse was 54 down from 80-something and he suggested a little caffeine and a little less medicine. Great relief. Mailed five postcards today .. two to foreign nations. I am mailing one to lcp and would like to mail her something else she needs but she hasn't responded to me in a few days. Her blog is very depressed. She misses the U.S. and doesn't sound like she's fitting in there yet. She's been told she sneezes too loudly and her violin playing is too sad. Then the viiolin broke.

Started watching, on DVD, The Riches and think it's wonderful. So funny and so unlike ordinary tv. For example, New Christine going on and on about "I'm not coming home til I have sex" just doesn't make me laugh. It makes me bored.

Why did Shots, of all people, toss us away again? Can't trust anyone I guess.


02-05-2008, 03:55 PM
Hold on, I will find the context. I've seen the phrase used in sports stories, mostly cricket, so I think it's a British thing, but it seemed to mean an appearance.
“Yes, I bet you did,” I said. “I spent one summer picking pears.” I did not add that I had got the sack from pear picking after I was found up a tree reading Jung (my evening cameo was dream interpretation). (

Do you suppose it means "moonlighting"?

We are having more snow today. I took Jet and drove into town to get the car inspected earlier. Then I had to take her out of the car so they could do the inspection, so I was wandering outside with her for 15 minutes. The snow was the weirdest stuff I've ever seen: it was in little 1/4" sticks instead of flakes! Very odd. When I got back in the car and drove home it started to sleet, but I think it is back to snowing sticks now. Strange days.

02-07-2008, 07:33 PM
Hey, what happened to us? We seem to have disappeared for a couple of days. I was posting a message on here and my computer froze up completely, even the mouse locked up. Apparently this is what happens when you try to do the right thing and put virus protection and so on on your computer. :rolleyes:

So what's your excuse?

DD is coming home this weekend, demanding french silk pie. We are having a pizza party at the in-laws (mine, not hers :dz: ), and I am givi

I was just about to tell you what she is getting for her birthday. Now, what if she checks here to see what's going on with us? Serve her right, I guess.

Oh, yeah, I wanted to say I'm glad you're better, Peachie. Scary stuff.

And, I went snowshoeing again today with my big bad puppy. I went up a hill through the woods and came down the hill. It was lovely -- someone had made a trail, so it wasn't too difficult going -- and when I got to the top I could see several mountains and a lake! Then I kicked myself for not bring my camera :lol:

02-07-2008, 10:10 PM
Go back. Bagz would show us pictures of something that beautiful.

My kitty is in the hospital. I must sleep alone now. Hope he's back soon. Same old thing .. not eating, drinking, etc.

A woman got arrested at my store today. She filled a shopping cart with about $200 in stuff, mostly baby stuff, and walked out right past the most suspicious manager we have. What I can't figure out is how he got her to stay there while he called the cops. I would've walked away and left the car in the parking lot. I know they'd follow her to her car but ... I guess she couldn't walk far enough to evade the cops. Never mind.

I have taken up drinking. It is your influence plus the doc who old the to drink red wine. I found some 6 percent wine. Pretty good. and I really like that mint chocolate Bailey's.

K. Must go. I am watching 3:10 to Yuma tonight.

02-08-2008, 02:45 PM
Hi. My excuse is that I've been busy making lists and then not marking anything off them. Well, I mark a couple things off, but mostly I just transfer things to the next day's list.

The first thing on my list every day is exercise, and I have been doing that. I've walked a half hour every day since I got back from AZ. In the rain. Except weekends. I get weekends off. Supposedly it will help my mental health. I need all the help I can get.

Have a loverly weekend, cowsies.

PS I saw a crocus blooming on my walk today.

02-08-2008, 03:01 PM
Congrats on the walking, Wab! Congrats on the drinking, Peach! Oh, wait a minute... I don't know, Peachie, drinking alone without a cat, sounds like you need supervision. Yeah, that Bailey's is good stuff, but it's not going to do your heart any good!

Sorry to hear about the kitty cat, is it kidneys? Male cats are so prone to kidney problems. My previous cat had kidney problems at a fairly young age, which seemed to clear up with a short time on the chicken and rice diet. He died of kidney failure, but not until years later when he was 15 or so. Or was he 18?

Gotta go do stuff. didn't accomplish much yesterday -- other than my trek up the hill. DH got me looking at old videos to compile something for DD. I got woik to do!

02-08-2008, 10:33 PM
I have another cat to drink with. But if Bailey's won't help, what will? Granted, the doc said red wine but this is close. The "red wine" I bought has cane syrup in it and no fruit juice. Says on the label.

I paid off a credit card. yay yay and more yay. One more (larger) to go. Sigh sigh and more sigh.

I am home tomorrow.

02-09-2008, 10:21 AM
Lush's lists used to overwhelm me. I couldn't imagine doing so much. They seemed to be in big chunks like clean the lr, cover the pool, clean the gutters. My idea of a list would be move books from sofa, make sure pool is ready to be covered, find out where ladder is. So it's probably my fault she left. I'm sure I wasn't nice about the lists. Here is my own list. Feel free to ridicule:

1. Pick up area in front of linen closet so closet door can be closed.
2. Wash and put away all laundry.
3. Clean path from front door to kitchem.

LCP has this blog where she posts how unhappy she is. I have written her and she writes back but now she has stopped. I offered to send her books or whatever but wanted to know what she would like. Why send her something she didn't want at that price? She doesn't answer. Now, I feel that if I pursue this, I will appear to be stalking her. I have a lot of affection for this girl. What to do?

DS is going through the RA application again. He knows they'll ask him the hardest thing he's ever overcome. I suggested the day that he walked from his dorm to the hospital with a collapsed lung, stopping along the way to see what was happening in physics class.

What happens when you pay off a credit card? Will I get a thank you letter?

Have you tried Bertolli's frozen meals? They are so tasty and so simple to heat up. I watch for them to go on sale (buy one get one) as I think they're about $7 each. But they're delish. One bag feeds two people, it says, at about 500 calories.

Did Lush ever post a list then sit and type and sit and type and procrastinate? No. She did not.

The vet doesn't know what wrong with the kitty. Testing would be expensive and she's treating him as though he has what the had last time and he seems to be responding to antibiotics, steroids and an iv to rehydrate him. She said that when he's out of the cage, he just wants someone to hold him. isn't that a terrible thing to say? Guilt inducing. He's a sweet cuddly cat. He's in a cat clinic, no dogs, and in a cage twice as big as others have with a little cat bed, cat box, food, water and about that much floor space to walk on. When I was there he was stuffed in the little area behind the cat box with his head on the box.

I go now. I be back.

02-09-2008, 11:31 AM
OK, that well pretty well.


1. Clear off dining table.
2. Pick up hallway.
3. Clear off ottoman.

Knit, watch cartoons, look for mail delivery to kill time.

02-09-2008, 01:46 PM
1. Pick up area in front of linen closet so closet door can be closed.
2. Wash and put away all laundry.
3. Clean path from front door to kitchem.
That sounds like a full day to me. You're a wonder. Must be the Bailey's. Please tell me you did not buy wine with cane syrup in it. Wine has grapes in it. Fermented grapes are good for your heart.

I forget where lcp went. Japan? I know nothing. I'm not too surprised she has stopped writing to you. I think it's pretty hard to keep up a relationship like that (ex's mom) unless there are other family connections involved. I haven't talked to my brother's 2nd wife since they divorced. Not because I don't want to talk to her, but you know, awkward, nothing in common, moved on. Sad, but true. Hope that's not the case with lcp, maybe she's just busy and you'll hear from her one of these days.

So DD and bf got home, we went over to his house for dinner last night. She finally set foot in our door about 11 pm, but she's so sweet about it you can't really hold it against her. She's swamped with homework, so she is doing that today while I finish the pies and DH works on her b'day present :lol: She and the bf scrapped their previous cellphones plans and got a plan together. All by their little selves. Saving themselves a bundle of money.

Gotta go cook

02-09-2008, 02:59 PM
please explain IMMEDIATELY how ds and bf saved money with a cellphone plan. DS and I have one together and it's just under $80 a month with the discount I get for working where I work.

She's in Korea. She is Korean. She does not like it there and misses chairs.

I am watching Dexter. It's supposed to be so good but I'm so sick of these bloody body parts shows. Everything is tv is the same d*mn*d show over and over in different cities. When will that change? Why isn't there something for everybody instead of just something for the autopsy crowd?

Yes I bought the syrupy wine because I did not the label until I got home and because it was cheap and because the alcohol content was 6 percent and someone had JUST told me about wine from Germany with 5 percent alcohol that was sooooo good and she couldn't find it here.

What is dd getting that requires finishing? Drapes? Handmade chandelier? padded coathangers?

02-09-2008, 08:41 PM
hi girls---i have been remiss this week----i know you missed me----and YES i take my camera everywhere so miss kiwonkers had better get up the mountain and take pics again!!!---i am tired and want to read the Globe and Mail----i buy it every saturday and NEVER get to read it---my ds13 just made low fat fettucine alfredo----he is getting really good at it----i had some----it was lovely!!!!it's called eenie meanie fettucine----well,it still has fat in it,but no cream-----i have nothing exciting to report,but i loved checking in to see youse guys hhs hhs hhs---maybe i will make a list!!! kiss kiss !!happy birthday kiwiette!!! yesterday was bob's birthday and tomorrow i will have a birthday supper for him----mom was suggesting i invite the whole family,but i said NO!!!!---bob doesn't like it and i hate it when sunday dinner takes all day to make and all night to clean up---it's the only lazing about day in the week---for the record,l feel guilty about not wanting to host the family but for once,i am really following through with guilt and all,cause i know i will just feel all put upon if i do all that work---so either way i will feel something have to be in the mood to do all that slaving!!!

02-09-2008, 08:46 PM
A man absolutely hated his wife's cat and decided to get rid of him one day. He put the cat in his car and drove it 20 blocks from their home, leaving it at the park. But upon arriving home, he found the cat just walking up the driveway.

The next day he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away. He put the beast out and headed home. Once again, as he drove up his driveway, there was the cat!

At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right until he reached what he thought was a safe distance from his home and left the cat there.

Hours later, the man calls home to his wife: "Hun, is the cat there?"

"Yes," the wife answers. "Why do you ask?"

Frustrated, the man answered, "Put the little ******* on the phone. I'm lost and need directions."

02-10-2008, 04:06 PM
Yes, I know I have been AWOL. Bad, bad Sugar! No mojo. None. My life sucks.

Things that happened (in list form, of course):

Took ds14 to the eye doctor and found out he needs glasses. No surpise considering the source.
DH ripped up the terrace and has ordered new wood for it. Very messy.
Walked 1 1/4 (count 'em) hours with DH today. He says it's good for our relationship. We talked about cabbages.:D
(Finally) cleaned the toilets. About time.

I promise I'll come back tomorrow when I'm in a better mood.

02-11-2008, 04:39 PM
please explain IMMEDIATELY how ds and bf saved money with a cellphone plan.

Yes I bought the syrupy wine ....

What is dd getting that requires finishing?
DD was paying over $50 a month as her part of a family plan with her aunt and her cousin and his wife. At the same time, the BF was on his family's plan which didn't have enough minutes; he had to wait until 9 to talk to her or end up paying extra. So now they are paying $70 plus tax (lord knows how much that is :?: ) between the two of them and have enough minutes to talk to each other whenever they want, I guess. I don't think you can get a cellphone plan that amounts to much less than 35 or 40 a month, unless you go prepaid like mine. Prepaids are good for people who don't need a lot of minutes.

So I'm still curious -- what is the syrupy wine? Manischevitz? Seriously, when they talk about red wine being good for your heart they mean dry -- like cabernet, shiraz, merlot, burgundy, that stuff, right? I have never researched it because I can't drink red at all (migraines), so I'm not sure.

The present that needed finishing was this DVD that DH made with photos and video of DD's birthdays through the years. I spent a lot of time looking at videos and marking the spots to clip and put on the video sections. Which DH mostly ignored. He is still working on it, revising the damn thing to make another copy (he gave it to her Saturday), new intro blah blah blah. And he ran through it with me and we found a glaring mistake which apparently he's not going to fix. :rolleyes: Well, at least not until he makes another new copy. I don't know, he's still editing something, I don't know why he couldn't fix that. I wish he'd go plow the driveway again or something.. LOL

It is 12º out plus this wind that has been whipping around out there since last night, making giant snowdrifts out of the new snow we got yesterday and making it really cold in our bedroom. It's blowing so hard that malf the windows in the house are covered by snow, some of them are completely white.

I was going to correct that so it said Half the windows, but I decided I like Malf.


02-11-2008, 04:53 PM
I forgot to tell you what I did yesterday: we had the Democratic Caucus here in Maine, and I not only went, I volunteered to work at the polls in November. I also...wait for it...drum roll please..... am a delegate to the state convention in May! Why I volunteered for this, I'm not sure, it will probably end up costing me a couple hundred dollars because I'll have to stay overnight one or 2 nights in order to attend all the stuff, but heaven knows I need something worthwhile to do, so I guess it's a good thing! I was in a minority at the local caucus, but at the state level, it will be a majority, so that will be exciting to be on the winning side there (I'll let you figure out which side that is). Hard to say at this point, which will be the winner at the national convention, but as long as we get the freakin' Bushies and their ilk out of Washington, I will be happy!

Oh, I forgot I'm not supposed to get political here. It's on topic though, because I lost another pound, um :chin:, oh yeah, when I got up to speak (yes I did!). Speaking in public is worth at least one pound, isn't it?


02-11-2008, 08:36 PM
In a fit of boredome, I peeled the label off the syrupy wine but Arbor was part of the name. Arbor Mist maybe. There's a lot of their stuff in the store.

I am in a bad bad mood. My cat, the good cat, is home from the vet and I paid dearly to get him. I needed that money for real life things. Depressed over it. I'm not even liking the cat at this moment.

I'm disgusted with politicians, too. Why did Hillary put up with Bill all those years? Why does anyone respect Ted Kennedy? I just hate that he never went to jail. I am just grumpy.

Cow earrings would cheer me up but what's the chance of that???

I heard two astounding things on NPR. First, 3 percent of the babies born in England or London belong to Pakistani Muslims. These people, the report said, marry first cousins and 1/3 of the babies born with hereditary illnesses come from that 3 percent. They health services people are campaigning to get them to stop marrying first cousins.

Secondly, Canadian is a new derogatory slang word for black person. I can't explain it. The world moves too fast for me.

02-12-2008, 04:42 PM
Canadian is a new derogatory slang word for black person
Wow, I'm having a hard time getting my head around that one. Does that mean we need a new name for Canadians?

I am wasting my whole day on the computer, it seems. I keep forgetting what I'm doing, getting distracted by something else. I think I need a lobotomy. So far I have been reading up on the election, enjoying a travel article about Iran, trying to input my food list on Fitday, filling in calendar dates regarding DD's school calendar, looking up balloon bouquets, researching study abroad deadlines and costs and trying to update my defragger program. And I don't mean that's what I've done, I mean that's what I have open now. No wonder I'm confused.


02-14-2008, 03:23 PM
:val1: So where are you all? Making valentines for your honeys? :val2:

I took some pictures! of pretty crystallized trees! We are all ice around here. Had a foot of snow the other night, although the top half of it was all sleet. Then it rained and rained on top of it, we lost our power for 12 hours or thereabouts. I don't actually know how long because now we have a generator and I got to have lights, heat, water and even TV! I turned it off when I went to bed, and when DH got up this morning, the lights were on. Now everything is glittery outside. I will put some photos up on facebook and send you the link.


02-14-2008, 04:02 PM
Happy Valentine's Day, cowies! Love you all. ::val1:

All valentined out. Still no mojo. Tomorrow will be better.

02-15-2008, 11:12 AM
hi children. I can't get into my email. I am hereish. I am going to get my hair cut but I want it longer and I want the coloring to grow out but I hate the real color and I wish it curled. So I don't know what to do.

Valentine's Day was spent at work selling flowers, candy and cards all day. My fav was the guy who bought a standing rib roast and artichokes. He was making dinner including bernaise sauce for the chokes.

Someone entertain me. All I have to say is b*tchy stuff.

02-15-2008, 03:28 PM
i AM BACK into my email thanks to ds. During the process, he learned his material gf's middle name.

I am wondering about Shots. Why does she come and go? Well, why does she go? I was in a bad mood yesterday and bought Bailey mint chocolate. Hmmm. And I bought a cork screwer removal thing just in case. I would be in a better mood if people would post.

Sugar should be back any minute. I will sit here and wait.

02-15-2008, 06:52 PM
Here I is. Nothing to say. My iPod is acting funny. I though it was broken but then I read the effin' manual and brought it back to life. I think it just has a low battery. Like me.

Another campus shooting. How awful. :(:(:(

02-15-2008, 07:18 PM
You fixed it by reading the manual? Marvelous. Talk about the following:
1. Fav movie not in English.
2. Last day it rained and what did you do?
3. Where do you think the satellite will land?

02-15-2008, 10:11 PM
we just watched " two days in paris" i think it was called---it was a 'relationship' movie----mostly french,dubbed in english----kind of, dorky------the girl who was a photographer, liked taking pics of her lovers with helium balloons tied to their wingdings. i was looking for Parisian Romance----only found thirtysomething party people who were too trendy for me-----the last time it rained,i was here in the house complaining about the rain----freezing rain that has now turned to ice everywhere---- i think the satellite will land in the pacific ocean,and i also think the starwars type of people will blast it if they can,because they can---and just to show off that they can----i have to work tomorrow so i think i will go to bed-----dd number two turns 22 on monday---how did i get this effin old---dd number one will be 24 in may------fly fly fly away time time time-----------------and no i have not been DRINKING!!! see yas tamara!!

02-16-2008, 03:11 PM
1. Fav movie not in English.
2. Last day it rained and what did you do?
3. Where do you think the satellite will land?Since I am not paying attention to the satellite, and when it rains here I look out the window and worry about when it will freeze, I am going to answer question #1 three times:

A Pain in the *

Isn't it odd that they all start with A? Everyone should see Amelie, it is such a lovely little quirky movie. The 2nd one is an old French one, slapstick, the reason I like it is that by the end of the movie you can't help saying "Oh my god what a pain in the *" :lol: The 3rd one is a Spanish movie I saw decades ago and can't find again. Maybe I remember the title wrong because when I look it up, it doesn't seem to be the one I want to see. It was about a beautiful little dark-eyed child and it was just wonderful and I don't remember anything else.

Can I trade in for that guy with the artichokes? Here's what I got for Valentine's Day:
nothing but a hard time

02-16-2008, 05:08 PM
Talk about the following:
1. Fav movie not in English.
2. Last day it rained and what did you do?
3. Where do you think the satellite will land?

1. None of the movies here are in English. Which one should I choose?
2. Ummm...Tuesday. I put up my umbrella and kept on walking.
3. Germany. Heard it on the news today. Will take pictures if it lands in our back yard.

02-16-2008, 11:00 PM
Here's what I am mad about today: I lived in this house on this highway for over four years. I have a bad cat who will not use the cat box and who goes outdoors daily. For the First Time in my knowledge, he crossed the damn highway today. When I got home, he came running across the road, not from the neighbors yard like always. He will be killed soon and I feel angry and helpless about it.

Well, are there good movies in Germany? Name one. I dare you.

I think I heard of the one where the person ties helium balloons to wingdings and photographs them. A tad too creative for me.

I had this local customer today throw a tantrum because she hates snowbirds. She was on her way to her boat house, whatever that is, to meet her children who were coming from out-of-town and some snowbird had told her the local economy depends on them. She pointed a finger at my face and said, "Who do you think they build these highrises for?" She went on-and-on and ended by saying that the snowbirds are not even of the quality we used to have as now we get "FACTORY WORKERS." I was very embarrassed just listening to her.

02-17-2008, 10:04 AM
They were talking about quantum physics this morning and I realized I'm in the wrong universe. I am going to go look for the one with the thin, neat, smart me right now.

I am here all day. Please post a lot.

02-17-2008, 10:56 AM
I am still here. I am gathering up stuff that I would've used in the little kids classroom and getting it ready to give to a young woman whom I like very much and who is going to school to be a teacher. Right now, she's teaching a home schooled six-year-old to read. I always thought that kids who were home schooled were taught by the parents. Anyway, I am getting rid of stuff and Bagz told me once that it's only way to clean. I can't bring myself to give up the books though.

02-17-2008, 11:45 AM
Someone tell me what to do with children's CDs? Just hand them over, right? It's just that I remember paying for them but wouldn't it be nice to get rid of the clutter. Bagz!1 Tell me.

02-18-2008, 02:35 PM
Where was I yesterday? :dunno: Sorry I missed your onlineness, Peachie. I suppose you are right about getting rid of stuff. Think of it this way, if you don't have someone you can give them to who will use them, then you can donate them to Goodwill or whatever and somebody will find a treasure trove of good stuff and be thrilled. Our library takes donations of any books and cds in decent shape -- if they don't want it their catalog, they sell it at their annual book sale. Or you could try Freecycle.

Speaking of old stuff, the director of the high school show choir asked me the other day if I had anything good for costumes for their show -- they are doing The Wedding Singer, set in the 80s I guess. The only thing I could think of were old bridesmaids dresses. I guess I'll go look through them, I think I had 3, but one was a red velvet gown that, well, would look better on a fainting couch than a person. I would be more inclined to lend these if DD was still in it, but they are fairly organized about costumes, so I assume I'll see them again. He will be some surprised when he realizes that they are size 10s or so. :lol:

I have not been doing very well on the food logging lately. I've got to get on the stick, because, true to form, when I don't write it down I eat twice as much. Last night I ate an entire bag microwave popcorn. At least I didn't add butter...

Later gators

02-19-2008, 03:25 PM

I have another dietitian appt tomorrow. I can't imagine why. What could she possibly tell me that she didn't already?

I should go eat something.

I have a grocery store question. Do they teach baggers to bag in paper anymore? When I request paper bags, they do half the stuff in plastic anyway (sometimes they ask me first, and I feel pressured to be agreeable, like I've done something very onerous by asking for paper) and frequently they pack the paper bags so full you can hardly pick them up. More than once I've asked them to take a few things out or not to make them so heavy. One of the girls who did the worst job was only about 85 lbs herself; I almost asked her if she would want to carry bags that heavy.

One time I wrote up a complaint about it and I was assured by the store manager in a personal letter that they would take care to bag my groceries in paper every time. Of course it made no difference. What's the inside scoop?


02-19-2008, 06:57 PM
You wrote a complaint letter? You can help me deal with my credit card company. I write them often.

They learn to bag with experience. My advice is to find a bagger or baggers who do a pretty job or who seem to actually care and go down the lines they're in when you can. Praise them. Guide them. Tip them. Tell them exactly what you want .. paper but not too heavy. No plastic. You can say that "NO PLASTIC!" People say it. They carry things with no bags to avoid plastic.

My questions: Why don't you have your own bags and why do you prefer paper to plastic?

I am going to check out this game called Second Life. DS says it's expensive but this woman at work said it's free. She has had a stroke and hip surgery and then cancer. When she got the cancer, she didn't tell anyone in 3-d life because she was depressed over it all. She told people in the game and they got her through it until someone at work found her in tears and she had to 'fess up.

Bye. Love you. Smack.

02-19-2008, 07:52 PM
I filled out those "suggestion" cards, added my name and address.

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to pick a line based on the bagger. Most of the time I don't see anyone bagging, or a checker bags for the line next to hers when she's not busy. I have no discernible routine to my life (except sleeping late) so I don't see the same people from one time to the next. The people who do the best job bagging are also the people who make me the most uncomfortable; one always asks me about DD and I feel guilty that I rarely ask about her daughter; the other is apparently mentally disabled and always makes challenging awkward remarks when I ask for paper. There are more. God, no wonder I hate shopping. Maybe I'll switch stores. The IGA employs mostly teenagers, who are perfectly happy to pretend they don't know me even when they do. Well, except for DD's friends, but they are very pleasant to encounter.

I've considered bringing my own bags, but I would be embarassed to show up with a collection of 5 or 6 different ones, and I'm too cheap to buy theirs. Also the main reason I use paper is so I can reuse them again for garbage bags. Although one reason I hate plastic bags is that I put my groceries in the back end of the SUV and plastic bags just slump all over and everything rolls out, while paper bags stand up nicely next to each other. That's my official reason.

Plus I live in a paper mill town for heavens sake! -- you'd think the local stores would be proponents of paper!

I had the impression that anyone could join Second Life for free. But I guess there are a lot of parts of it you have to pay for. That is sad about the lady with cancer. I hate to think what I would do with a diagnosis, maybe the same thing. I'd be more likely to tell you all about it than relatives.

I'm going to go make Greek braised green beans. DH is at a meeting and wants to fry up moose heart when he comes home. I will need to have something really good to counter with in case it's barfy.

Did I ever tell you that I use 2 computer mice now? One on the left side, one on the right. One is a rollerball. Switching off has saved my elbows, I think. I credit my old OT guy who forced me to keep trying to find a solution that worked.

02-19-2008, 11:11 PM
Are their bags 99 cents and hold as much as 3 or 4 plastic bags and stand up like little boxes when filled? They are very nice. Otherwise, bring your own and be a rebel. Lots of people bring old funny bags. They like them and we don't care.

DS just learned that he didn't get the internship he applied for. I am sad about it. I think it's the right path for him and all that.

Hey, we have ONE customer everybody hates. Her usual greeting to baggers is, "Do you know how to bag? Have you seen the video?" Try that, especially on the ones who pretend not to know you. You can pretend to be someone else as well. This particular customer asked an uppidy office staff person for something and the os-person said they were understaffed and she couldn't get it right then. The woman then said, "Go scr*w yourself" and went off and reported her. I thought it was amusing. Still do.

02-21-2008, 07:25 PM
WELL!!!IT'S MUSICAL WEEK---and like kiwonk,i am roped in to the scene once again---this time they asked me to DO THE BACKDROP,THE DAY BEFORE OPENING NIGHT!!!!! HOW INSANE IS THAT?????--- the musical is Oliver Twist----the backdrop behind the London Bridge is just a black wall-----they decided after watching dress rehearsal that it was too stark,so COULD I COME AND FIX IT!!!!--- well,i had to hang over the chasm between the bridge and the back wall of the stage in order to work,so no way was i PAINTING!!! so i went to the art supply store and bought a box of white chalk pastels====i drew the whole scene which was just rooftops and spires-----no one touches the wall,so it won't get ruined over the five performances-----CRAZY EH!!! _--it took a few hours but it was kind of fun-----one of my good friends has a daughter in the show ----she plays Nancy---Bill Sykes' girl---she steals the show---just a fantastic actress and singer and only in grade nine----soooo=---i have seen the performance twice already and i am going again tonight!!!---this is a busy week,cause there are three dd's here,one is home for 'reading' week---haha,not much reading going on!!----i am still very sick of this crappy winter and my mother is heading for florida on a bus with a tour of ladies-----BIG MOUTH SNOWBIRD TYPES NO DOUBT!!!-- they only stay for a few weeks though!------i like the grocery bags you can buy at the store---our new ones at sobeys have BLUEBERRIES ,KIWIS,AND OTHER FRUITS PICTURED ALL OVER THEM---VERY PRETTY!!!!! if i ever send your chicken bones and cow earrings i will send a bag too----i like talking about sending things more than actually sending them---the trouble is,i really do have a stack of chickenbone boxes waiting to be mailed----what an effin LOSER THIS COW IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME DAY -----WHEN IT FINALLY HAPPENS IT WILL BE A SHOCK INDEED----THE FIRST PERSON TO SEND MY AN OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT PIN,I WILL SWEAR ON THE HOLYBOOKS OF THE WORLD TO SEND CHICKENBONES-----THAT IS WHAT I REALLY NEED---INCENTIVE!!!!

02-21-2008, 07:32 PM
FEATURING---THE KIWI BAG!!!---I CAN'T FIND THE BLUEBERRY ONE RIGHT NOW---- n%26safe%3Doff%26rlz%3D1B2GGGL_enCA203CA203%26sa%3 DG

02-21-2008, 08:19 PM
That is a nice looking bag. My dear, did you know that if you click on the little "world" symbol you could actually include the link in your message? Just saying... :D I wonder if they sell those at our IGA. Normally I shop at the Hannaford because it has better selection, but the IGA is where all Dd's friends work during vacations. I could get one of those kiwi bags and carry it all over the place and nobody would know I was advertising my internet name!


Or I could make my own bags. Hmmm I've always wanted to make tote bags, never actually gotten around to it. I'll bet if I could come up with some nice designs, there is a local shop that would carry them. Too bad I have no artistic talent.

Does anyone recognize this script below? DH has collected a bunch of jewelry from the Grammie Store (what DD calls her grandmother's vast collection of yardsale and family castoffs) to see if it's worth anything. This is a silver man's ring. It was so tarnished it didn't look like anything much; I cleaned it up, but it's still not real pretty. We're wondering what it might say.

I am bummed that DS didn't get his internship. How could they be so dumb as to not snap that boy up? Oh yeah, it's the government, maybe that answers that question.

02-21-2008, 11:11 PM
oh my heaVENS!!-- I MISSED THAT PART ABOUT PEACHBOY-----HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD HE NOT GET THAT?? I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE SOMEONE BETTER QUALIFIED!!!--- can you reapply or are there any other decent possibilities?

02-21-2008, 11:12 PM
what world thing??you know i know nothing about this posting business---i even forgot how to make coloured lettering!!!

02-22-2008, 05:19 PM
what world thing??you know i know nothing about this posting business---i even forgot how to make coloured lettering!!!Yeah, I know, you're so new at this LOLOL -- When you reply, all those little icons above the blank message box --> the one that looks a blue circle with a little chain link over it is the link icon. Click it Woman! ( :lol:

It's snowing here again :dizzy:

I have to go make signs. I am the expert paper sign maker. Our h.s. is hosting the district vocal and instrumental jazz festival next week. Hopefully I will get to watch show choirs and stuff, although I am working in the office during it, signing people up and stuff. Right now I need to be making some signs for them. And stuff. Lots of stuff.

Then a few weeks later, we host the state instrumental jazz festival. Tons more work. I haven't figured how I'm going to do the outdoor signs this year; last year a lot of them blew down or got soaked. The weather was hideous. Everyone keeps saying it's going to be nice weather this year. Ha, never happen.

ta darlings.

02-22-2008, 09:55 PM
make them pay for laminated sheets----then at least if they blow down the signs won't disintegrate!!----WABBY HAVE THOSE DAFFYDOWNDILLYS BLOOMED YET?????Thanks for the ideas kiwonk-----just for helping me out i am sending you a kiwi bag-----BUT FIRST I NEED MY OBAMA PIN!!!

02-22-2008, 10:57 PM
I don't have an Obama pin. I have no pin. How is this related to chicken bones? Chicken bones, like postcards, are one of those things promised but never delivered. Obama pins are something you have to go out of your way to get but probably are obtainable. But I haven't obtained one.

Does anyone remember Pistol Pete Maravich? I saw him play basketball once. i remmeber he was the most skilled something in basketball history ever. I just found that he has a Christian blog. Search Pistolpete.

DS read in a book that when they were planning the Panama Canal, which coulda been in Colombia instead, they knew they were making thousands of native people (Indians) move but didn't care. He's glad he's not working for people like that. This relates to the internship somehow.

02-23-2008, 11:54 AM
Bagzie, I tried my best to get you your Obama pin, but they're all backordered......... unless you want an Asian Americans for Obama pin or a NJ for Obama pin. I could get you a Women for Obama bumper sticker.

I'm going to Seattle on the train today w/ my sis's for the garden show. Maybe I could take pictures of daffodillys there. Only crocuses are blooming here, but my daffs are ready to burst any day now.

Environmentally correct ppl here choose paper grocery bags b/c they're easily recycled. Do you all have recycling services where you live? I was shocked to discover that in AZ they have NO recycling service. We have a huge bin that's bigger than our garbage cans where you can throw all your recyling stuff into. No sorting. In AZ they throw away everything and pick up garbage 2 times a week. Unthinkable.

Peaches, I was going thru some photos yesterday and came across one of you and Z-boy when he was only up to your shoulder. Would you be shocked if I sent you some Seattle postcards? This may only be a tease.

02-23-2008, 03:44 PM
make them pay for laminated sheets.......
i am sending you a kiwi bag-----BUT FIRST I NEED MY OBAMA PIN!!!Last year we did laminate the signs, but then we kind of ruined it by either stapling them to wooden poles or punching holes in them to tie them to metal poles :doh: Someone suggested we use a whatchamacallit rivet-like thing to make holes in them. :shrug: Oh yeah, grommets!

Cool A Kiwi Bag! Wow, I couldn't even get a campaign poster or bumper sticker at the caucus. I was willing to swipe it off the wall, too, but apparently other people got there first. I will have to dig deeper.

Does anyone remember Pistol Pete Maravich? I saw him play basketball once. I remember him. Same vintage as Bill Whatshisname the guy from NJ, wasn't he? Or was he the same vintage as Larry Byrd. I seem to recall he was kind of good looking. When I was 14, that was the important thing in basketball players. A friend and I used to go to the b-ball games at Davidson College because the players were really cute. I have a ton of autographs. Can you imagine -- a college guy being asked for an autograph by a couple of cute teenyboppers as he's running off the court all sweaty. :lol:
Environmentally correct ppl here choose paper grocery bags b/c they're easily recycled. Do you all have recycling services where you live? I was shocked to discover that in AZ they have NO recycling service. Supposedly our recycling center recycles plastic bags too, but I am the suspicious type and have my doubts. Certainly paper is easier to sell. And if it goes in the landfill it will someday breakdown, unlike plastic film. I'd be in favor of the corn-squeezins plastic bags they used for a while and I hear are doing again, but I'd still want the paper for the sake of sturdiness and reusability. I haven't bought a package of kitchen garbage bags in decades, literally.

I'm always astonished at people who don't recycle -- it's utterly unfathomable for entire communities to just ignore it! My aunt used to recycle back in the 70s; I remember her flattening things and I remember my mother thinking it was such a chore for her. But my parents have been recycling for years themselves. When we first started going to the beach 8 or 10 years ago, they used to collect all the recyclable stuff we produced during the week and load it into the trunk of their car and drive it home to recycle it! After a few years I discovered recycling bins on the island so we use those now, but I respect them for that kind of dedication. The people who live in this town have to cart both their garbage and their recycling to the dump, separate everything themselves. We live outside of town and have garbage pickup, but I still take my recycling to the dump, all sorted. I can't imagine just not doing it, unless it was quite impossible. Such as, if you lived in this town and didn't have a car. I guess you would starve to death and get buried under a mountain of garbage anyway, so problem solved....

Wow, crocuses and daffodils. Mmmm such a lovely thought.


Distant fantasy.


02-23-2008, 10:29 PM
I want an Asian Americans for Obama pin more than anything!!! Send it with the postcards and I'll find local candy to send you in lieu of chicken bones which Bagz has eaten by now.

Is anyone else's screen all weird on 3fc? Like too wide and things don't fit?

02-23-2008, 11:10 PM
my screeen is tooooooo wide too!!!---i DO want a bumper sticker!! i really do!!! and asian pins are good too!!! Okay you bags----you have shamed me into sending the chicken bones---really it's true!!BUT------tell me again why you need postcards---i thought that was all done??? explainez vous!!!

02-24-2008, 11:56 AM
I won the postcard contest. People are now to send ME postcards so they can win. The person with the most points wins. Everytime someone sends me one, I have to send one back. Some send a lot and I needs variety to send back.

I learned something sweet about my store. There's a woman in her 90s who works handing out samples of stuff. She has no regular hours. She comes in whenever she feels like it. Isn't that nice?

02-24-2008, 02:10 PM
There is this man on the radio who barely can read and he's reading from the Bible. She stretcheth. Out her hand. To the. Needy. Her husband. Also. Calls her blessed.

Some of his words are all mumbly and I don't know what he means.

Who can find? A virchus woman. Who can find? A virchus woman.

Aman. Yes. Aman. Aman the Lord. Aman. I see the influence my muh muh muther had on my life. Aman the Lord. I heard the gospel. That changed my life. Aman the Lord my heart.

02-24-2008, 03:25 PM
Peaches is goin ta H-E-double hockey sticks :devil: You virchus woman you.

I have found something for Bagz. She will be very excited. She will send me chicken bones.

My 3fc window scrolls over a long way to the right, but I can see all the posts without moving over. If I grab the right edge of the browser window and pull it right and left, the text just wraps to the window and I can read all of it. You can't? Post a question on the help forum; Suzanne will probably know what's wrong with it.

My DD actually stayed put this weekend at school, while the bf was home on vacation. DD went to the movies with her roommate and some other girls, went sliding (sledding) last night -- at least she was planning to, and went shopping for smoked salmon to bring to a potluck dinner with the assoc. she belongs to. :chin: I wonder if all this fun will make the bf nervous.

Things keep flying by my window; it's freaking me out -- I can only see it with the corner of my eye. Must be chunks of snow falling off the roof.

The prison bars of icicles have all melted and gone. Although we still have 4-5 foot snow/ice/snowdrifts. But it's really sunny today and maybe some of it will shrink.

Here's a surprisingly good thing to eat: I bought one of those chinese cabbages ( (napa?), and the other night DH had already eaten dinner, so I made this for myself. I sliced the whole head in half lengthwise and used half. I mixed olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper on a plate and, using tongs, swished the cabbage half around in it. Meanwhile I sliced a clove of garlic and started it cooking in a griddle pan with olive oil, then put the cabbage in the pan and grilled it on both sides. Scraped all the oil and vinegar into the pan (only a spoonful or so). Added more salt and pepper and ate it with a knife and fork. Absolutely yummy. Not very cabbagy at all, except where it wasn't browned.

Later gators

02-24-2008, 05:13 PM
Are you sending me one too? Virchus is virtuous to those of us who can read and speak understandable English. I like cabbages.

02-24-2008, 05:19 PM
I forgot why I came here to post. I bought a bottle of wine, screwed in the corkscrew, and am not strong enough to pull it out apparently. What do I do?

02-24-2008, 05:35 PM
I can't read the messages - everything is so wide. Like me. I was on a total roll - exericisinging 30 mins a day and I lost 6 whole lbs and then got struck down by some kind of sleeping sickness virus that makes me sleep all day and all night.

We have to pay 20 cents for plastic shopping bags but they are very sensible and sturdy and can be reused hundreds of times. We use those or cloth bags. There are no baggers here - you just chuck all yer stuff back in the cart and then bag it wherever you like - in the store, in the parking lot, throw it all in the trunk, whatever. Germany is known as a "customer service desert" . Not dessert, which would be good, but desert, which is dry and dusty and bad.

02-24-2008, 07:21 PM
Heehee you're making me laugh, Peachie. Okay, here's what you do when you can't budge the corkscrew: Put the wine bottle on the floor and wedge your feet on either side of it. Then pull up slow and steady on the corkscrew. That should do it. If the cork breaks and part of it falls inside, I have a party trick for removing it....

Sugar, I'm so sorry you are sick. Hope you sleep it off! That must be one of the perks, or perhaps I should say compensations, of not having kids at home anymore: I hardly ever get sick these days.

Speaking of sick, I went on a "sick" snowshoe hike with Jet this afternoon. We still have so much snow, but it is covered with a thick layer of ice, then more snow. Makes it really hard to get anywhere, but I decided I couldn't wait any longer to get poor Jet out for a long walk, so I plodded along. It was tough going, I must say. Kind of worried that the dog would hurt herself, because she bounds ahead and runs over the top of the snow, but frequently breaks through the ice layer. A couple of times it stopped her short. Most places the snow under the ice is soft for about a foot deep. I took an old ski pole with me in case I needed it, and I plunked it down in one place and it went down 3 feet! Well, Jet is tired anyway. That was the goal.

Hey, I'm noticing some wide lines too: when I'm in the reply page, if I scroll down to look at the previous messages, they run off the screen. I'm going to ask Suzanne.

I'm going to bid on an ebay item tonight. Wish me luck.

Peachie, what's DS going to do for summer now? Is he planning any study abroad next year, or has he done enough of that?

02-24-2008, 09:04 PM
I think it's rubber. It's really stuck. I pulled and pulled and it's no taller. Should I go to the nearest Baptist and ask for help?

I don't know what he's doing. What are you buying?

Now I know why Germans act like they do in the store.

02-25-2008, 11:54 AM
Peachy, do you need postcards with a message written on it, or blank, pristine, no writing on it postcards?

My excellent adventure to the garden show is over. On the way home the train engine broke and they had to bring a replacement from Portland to rescue us. We were supposed to get in at 8:30 pm and our arrival time was actually 10:45. It was a looonnnnngggg trip. I ate enough food to last me a month and had several yummy cocktails. I went shopping and bought 3 pair of shoes and 2 pair of boots. I love shoes. The size is always the same, and you don't have to look at your *ss when you try them on.

Sorry you're feeling sickly, Sugar. Hope you perk up soon.

I'm not walking today. I walked up hills and down hills in Seattle yesterday. I deserve a day off.

02-25-2008, 06:21 PM
Peachie, what kind of corkscrew are you using? Just a straight one with a fixed handle? Have you tried anchoring it between your feet and twisting the corkscrew (to the right)? If it really won't budge, it must be really really dry. Cork or plastic should work the same way, although plastic won't crumble when it's dry. I suppose it could get glued to bottle by sugars in the wine though. How about holding it under hot water, drying it off well and trying again?

Or you could use it to christen a boat.

What is it about trains? I remember Sugar got stuck while travelling by train not too long ago. How was the garden show? Did you see my friend Julie?

You are so right about shoes, I never thought of it that way. You gotta love a mirror that only shows you from the ankles down.

02-25-2008, 07:30 PM
I don't have a boat but I may christen the sidewalk out of frustration. The corkscrew has a little hat that sits on the bottle and guides the screw into the center of the cork. I got the screw all the way in. I pull and pull and nothing budges. I am not really strong so that may be it. I never want another corky bottle ever.

When I picture those shoe-mirrors, I think I need to shave my legs.

I always feel teary eyed when I hear of people being kind. that 90+ woman who gets to choose her own hours did it. Watching nighttime Price is Right and seeing Drew Carey stop a game when a woman becomes confused rather than let her run out of time and lose. He told her to take a breath and explained exactly where she was in the game. So sweet. And you've probably heard of that book "How Starbucks Saved My Life" by this guy who had an exceptionally successful life then ended up with nothing. He was having a cup of coffee in Starbucks when the manager offered him a job and now Tom Hanks is interested in the book he wrote about it. I heard him interviewed the other day. He told about his job in the shop is cleaning the bathroom and once when it was newly clean, a homeless man asked to use it. He told the man it was out of order and the manager, who hired him, took him aside and told him never to do that again as the last thing that man needed was to be disrespected. Everyone who comes through the door gets respect, he learned from her. I just love that stuff.

02-26-2008, 01:35 AM
I love that stuff too, Peaches, but you never said if you need unwritten on or written on postcards.

Kiwi, thank you for asking, the garden show was wonderful and not crowded. We walked until I had to take my shoes off and put them in my bag. No one seemed to care if I walked around in my socks. For someone who loves shoes so much, they sure do torture me.

I bought a cute little desk from Craig's list for $30. I'm going to give it a new coat of paint. It's adorable. I'm going to redo my office area, even if I am going to be moving. I have a decorating itch that needs to be scratched.

02-26-2008, 04:51 AM
Peachie, I just had to post to tell you about another nice thing someone did: I had recorded the Academy Awards and only watched part of it last night. I watched the rest of it tonight. A young man and young woman who I'd never heard of before received the Oscar for best song; they seemed to be pretty shocked that they won. The man did his little speech and when the woman got up to the mike, the music started playing and they were escorted off the stage. Then there was a commercial and after it, Jon Stewart (who hosted it) brought the woman back onstage to do her little speech. I thought that was pretty sweet -- he must have realized that this was probably the biggest moment in this woman's life and she would kind of be leaving feeling cheated of it.

What the **** is this I hear about Ralph Nader?

02-26-2008, 05:58 AM
What the **** is this I hear about Ralph Nader?

He's running for president again. As usual. :dizzy:

Speaking of politics, I think Hillary should stop being so damn cranky. :mad:

I need to go teach the urchins at the library. Ten 9-yr-old girls. Ooog.

02-26-2008, 09:46 AM
I need blank ones to mail to other people, Wabby.

That is sweet, Kiwi. It's just spur-of-the-moment decisions to do some tiny thing. They don't seem to come all that often.

Something tells me Sugar is not a Hillary fan.

02-26-2008, 11:41 AM
Whether you're a Hillary fan or not, she seems down right Sybil-ish lately. One day she's standing next to Obama talking about what an honor it is to be running against him and the next day she's being extremely sarcastic about him. If she's going down, I wish she'd do it gracefully. It would leave her options open for a campaign in the future. There's always 2012..... and if McCain is any example, you can keep running until they check you into the old folks home.

It has come to my attention that I'm buying shoes and desks and stuff instead of facing reality and selling off a race car and a boat and a horse trailer and a motorhome. It's a lot more fun to buy shoes than it is to go through your love's clothing and stuff. It's what I have left and it's almost unbearable to face. Sorry to be such a downer, but hey, that's me today.

02-26-2008, 02:21 PM
awwwwwwwwww wabby----it's so good to have you back ---hearing about the garden show and your shoe fetish!!! going through your love's things---that is heartwrenching----i will send you hugs and warm thoughts and lots of love----it won't help much but for what it's worth----maybe it will help if someone who is really deserving buys something----i really wish this month would hurry up and get over with--i have never seen so many shack wacky ,stir crazy,AND CABIN FEVERED PEOPLE---I SHOULD BE LIKE British Admiral Lord WHO suffered from cabin fever, and thus on the ship HMS Victory had an enormous cabin built to settle this confinement disorder.----AND!!!! KIWI CAN ATTEST TO THE FACT THAT WE ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER EFFIN STORM TOMORROW--I HAVE LOST COUNT-------I THINK IT'S AT LEAST TWENTY SINCE OCTOBER------kiwi---did you say that dd was not coming home for 'reading week' or 'mid winter break'???? dd22 was here all last week and dd23 is off this coming week-----they all seem to have different times----

02-26-2008, 02:25 PM
Yeah, that doesn't sound like the sort of thing you'd look forward to, Wab. But you'll get to it when you're ready. Maybe while you're preparing yourself psychologically for this, you could take the motorhome on a little tour -- to, oh I don't know, Maine, New Brunswick, maybe Florida?........................... ;)

We're going to get maybe 15 more inches of snow today and tomorrow. Isn't that exciting? :snowglo:


02-26-2008, 03:03 PM
kiwi---did you say that dd was not coming home for 'reading week' or 'mid winter break'???? dd22 was here all last week and dd23 is off this coming week-----they all seem to have different times----They don't have a winter break. They have a reading period before exams at the end of every term, but that was in December. Tufts has a spring break in March. Of course her BF had his winter break last week. Then he has another one in April I think. Tufts only gives them the one week, they're tuff, lol.

I'm sure your dd's would prefer to have time off at the same time, but it's kind of nice for you, eh, to have one home one week and the other the next? Maybe actually get to spend some time with them? I feel like I barely saw DD over her Christmas break. I'd like to plan something to do with her when she does come home next month. Heaven knows what. She is already planning to go skiing with one of her friends one day. Oh I know! Spring cleaning! :rofl:

02-26-2008, 05:29 PM
well dd23 lives at home this term!! so i see her all the time and she works here at the shop!!---i just think it's wierd that all these universities in the same area wouldn't have the same break---they are all friends and like to do things together--but WHAT THE HEY!!! they are young adults and seem to party non-stop,so don't get me wrong--i am not feeling sorry for them!!!!----they are really wracking up the debt though---we couldn't afford to pay for school for them so they have student loans and lines of credit----there was a piece on 60 Minutes last week about Denmark=----the taxes are 50 percent in that country but all healthcare,maternity leave,childcare and university is paid for by the government----including second degrees-----AND the students are given a monthly allowance to live on while at school------now we have managed to get health care covered here and we have welfare but university is VERY EXPENSIVE------ I wish we could figure out how to fix that one!!

02-26-2008, 08:09 PM
Ah, I'd forgotten she was living at home. Yeah, college is very expensive here too. We are in a fortunate position in that DD is getting financial aid due to the lack of income around here, but we have sufficient savings to pay the part we owe. If she decides to continue her education after Tufts, she will probably find herself in debt too. Not that I'd discourage her from it, by any means. Last thing she wants to do is cut short her education, but the choices may get tougher later on. Although if she gets this internship she's up for this summer, she will have a huge leg-up on a future job in government -- a security clearance and experience in a government agency.

Well, we have done the grocery shopping, and DH stocked up on gas for the generator just in case. So let it snow!

02-27-2008, 11:49 AM
I was ready to rant about the words running off the side of the screen when voila! (how do you like that french??? I'm so swab and debonair) it fixed itself!

My brother in law once actually asked if he looked swab and debonair. It's an inside joke around here. Gpa Jim used to say his kids were a bunch of ballbearians. Edumacated we aren't, but I think we have several family members who could have been president.

I love youz guys. Brrrrr! you northern women are tough.

02-27-2008, 04:49 PM
Free thoughts:
Glad y'all are still around and thawed out.
Did you see Ellen Quindlin's essay in Newsweek about how the time when you REALLY loose your kids is when they graduate college and move off some place? She got it right, I think. You can still have some success making them come home during breaks and holidays until then. DD29 is heading to China in April, DS25 is busy deciding whether to stay in MA or move to DIL's hometown in Indiana. I'd like to go visit them, but have been accumulating chemo side-effects and have no energy, sore hips, and a gloomy outlook.

(Wabby, I can be in the dumps with you, if you like... and I feel I "ought" to be celebrating being alive. Eh... right now, it doesn't feel that much worth celebrating.)

I'm going to attach the framed version of a sheep I sold. I've started painting in oil... the original is only 6x8, but the purchaser wanted it twice that size, so I sent it off and had it "giclee'd."

Trying to decide whether to sleep of my sugary lunch, or go paint the cat. (a cat portrait, not the cat....)

02-27-2008, 05:56 PM
Indeed you are Trez Swab, Wab. Ballbearians, indeed. :lol:

the original is only 6x8, but the purchaser wanted it twice that size, so I sent it off and had it "giclee'd." That's a cute sheepie. What is giclee'd? Are you talking about the framing job or did you have the painting resized? Is that even possible? Inquiring minds and all that.
Sorry to hear you are suffering the side effects and feeling carpy. I wish you energy!! :goodvibes
It's depressing to think that time will only stretch the distance between us and our kids, but I know you're right. I find myself thinking back to when I was my dd's age, and feeling bad about how cavalier I was with my family. Truth was, though, that I didn't feel very strong bonds with them. Fortunately they have strengthened over the years, but it must have been really crappy for my mother. I can only hope DD has more fond feelings for her dear old mom and dad than I had.

Well, we got a ton of snow last night, how about you, Bagz? I had to go out and pull DH and his plow out of a snowbank earlier. With my bare hands, don't you know. Yep, we're a tough lot. JK, I used my SUV :dizzy:

02-27-2008, 06:28 PM
ohhhhi love that sheepie---he is a darlin!!!-----well,we got SNOW!!! and then for lards sake---RAIN!!! so now we are back to where we started----i took pics last night of the steps since i didn't take down my christmas trees from the porch---it looked like christmas-----CRAZY!!!!------i think since we live by the water,kiwonk,we tend to get alot more rain after the snow--cause when we went inland on the weekend,they had big snowdrifts all around-----i have not worn boots all winter---i hate boots and would rather have wet feet than have to wear them!!!!------painty--i am so sorry you are feeling like sh#t-----not fair at all---my friend with bc just finished chemo and is starting radiation----is chemo over for you??? I am sure the residual is not pleasant either--------------CRAP!

02-28-2008, 11:29 AM
the snow on tuesday night and the sun on the ocean this morning....

02-28-2008, 12:48 PM
Is that your house in the first pic?? Gorgeousssss. Why are you so talented? May I call you Bagz-o-chicken-bones just to be mean?

Guess what I ate for two days in a row. Dr. Oz's green drink that I found on the Oprah site. It has apple, parsley, spinach, other stuff and is ok. Pretty healthy huh? Celery, lemon and lime juice, cucumber, ginger root. That's all.

02-28-2008, 01:03 PM
Just a brief check in-- Will feel better when I'm at the easel!
What is giclee'd? Are you talking about the framing job or did you have the painting resized? Is that even possible? Inquiring minds and all that.

It's depressing to think that time will only stretch the distance between us and our kids, but I know you're right. I find myself thinking back to when I was my dd's age, and feeling bad about how cavalier I was with my family. Truth was, though, that I didn't feel very strong bonds with them. Fortunately they have strengthened over the years, but it must have been really crappy for my mother. I can only hope DD has more fond feelings for her dear old mom and dad than I had.

Giclee is a fancy word for inkjet copy!! :D So one can either scan the painting (when it is dry, of course) or take a photo and send the scan/photo to some magic place which has the aforementioned HUGE giclee printer (because they'll print them up to 48 inches on a side!) AND, the giclee company can print on canvas and then stretch it so can be framed, or they can stretch and wrap it so it can be hung without a frame (Like Z gallerie if you've been one of their stores). It was surprisingly inexpensive. And since they're working with electronic files at that point, they CAN resize the image.

It is my not-so-humble opinion that it is the parents' responsibility to act in such a way that their kids feel close and want to maintain contact. Now even terrific parents will probably want more contact than the kids WANT to give, but as I get older I am more and more aware of the things MY parents did that made me want to run for the hills. And I try NOT to do those things so that my kids will take my calls, answer e-mails and let me visit once in a while!!

-is chemo over for you??? I am sure the residual is not pleasant either--------------CRAP!
I've lost track of how long it's been since the original Dx, chemo and radiation. 3 years, I think. But the Onc MD wants me to take Chemo-by-tablet (i.e. Tamoxifen) for 5 years. :( And while people don't usually talk about post-chemo meds they ARE equivalent to chemo and they do have side effects. Mine aren't "side" effects... they are butt and belly effects.

Guess what I ate for two days in a row. Dr. Oz's green drink that I found on the Oprah site. It has apple, parsley, spinach, other stuff and is ok. Pretty healthy huh? Celery, lemon and lime juice, cucumber, ginger root. That's all.
And what did that DO for you? It seems it would make you full of vitamins, but also full of gas. I don't watch Oprah or Oz... so please do tell!

Best to all, I'm off to the easel.

02-29-2008, 09:55 AM
I'm not sure what is that drink would give you gas. Cucumber? I don't think any of the other ingredients could possibly and I don't have a problem with cucs. It fulfills a lot of that 5-a-day veggie fruit plan, puts chlorophyll into your poop and , as you said, adds vitamins plus fiber. I can't see anything wrong with it at all except you have to make it.

There's a cashier where I work who is older, experienced, sweet and good at her job. She has told two of the young women baggers that they can never again bag for her. She doesn't like how they do it. What bugs me here is that there are male baggers who do the same kind of job but she didn't say that to them. I still feel that women get treated differently from men in this world. I think that nut preacher who told me I wasn't saved would not have said that to a man or to a couple. I think a lot of the criticism given to Hilary is because she's a woman. We have one woman manager out of six in the store and she's perfect. But I think she has to remain perfect, more perfect than the men, to get ahead. She's beautiful, communicates well, treats everyone with respect and kindness. Compared to her, the men are moody. I feel like a feminist today. Going to burn my bra now.

02-29-2008, 10:28 PM
Just be sure there are no breasts in the bra while it's burning. :-)

03-01-2008, 09:32 AM
yes,don't throw the babies out with the bathwater!!!-----HEY KIWI---ARE YOU GETTING THE EFFIN STORM WE ARE EXPECTING TODAY----If it wasn't March today i think i may have to pack up for Bali today====this is TOOOO much!!---i agree,wabby--we northern women are troopers----BUT THERE IS A LIMIT!!!!! the march break starts today for the schools,so i am taking the week off to hang with ds----poor guy---he keeps hearing about all these people going off on TRIPS!!!!-----disneyworld,sugarloaf,sunday river----maybe we will go to moncton!~hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa i am at WORK and since there is a storm brewing,we likely will not be busy today---that makes me mad since saturday is usually the best day------my lardyloo i love to complain---speaking of which---i think it was mean of the aussie journalists to out Prince Harry----even the annoying British press had let him be-----oh well,i guess he had fun being normal for ten weeks!

03-01-2008, 09:34 AM
just dreaming of my spring pots

03-01-2008, 03:18 PM
Yep the white carp is coming down a mile a minute. DH is worried about finding somewhere to put the stuff! He has to plow a long driveway and clear out space in the yard to turn around and park the 2 vehicles, and it's filling up with snowbanks. It's ridiculous! He just came in from plowing and is contemplating calling a front-end loader to pick up some of it and take it away! He can't plow much of it out of the driveway without causing an extreme traffic hazard, so we have to find room for it here. You'd think you could move the snow back by pushing the top part of the banks with the plow, but those banks have hardened up and won't budge.

It's March and I think we need a new thread. Your flowers are sooo pretty Bagz. Maybe I'll do some seedlings this year; that would make it seem like spring might come someday.

03-02-2008, 03:57 AM
Kiwi-- Please post on THIS thread when y'all change to a new title... so I can keep my "daily subscription" viable.
It was wonderful here today (sorry)... and I thought I would plant stuff tomorrow, but it's suppose to be windy and back down to freezing for Monday morning... so... I am off the gardening hook.
Unfortunately, the power surge from Friday's power blackout here fried my "MotherBoard." So all my email stuff is taking WAY longer than usual.
Any of you who want to be in my email address book can send me a PM, OK?
Or email me directly at 4dana(at)airmail(dot)net

03-02-2008, 07:30 PM
this is a reminder painty that we are starting a march thread------come on over!!!