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01-31-2008, 10:25 AM
I am just starting out and never was serious about a diet before so I am LOST! O.K. here I go with the questions.

1. Does green tea work? Does it have to be plain green tea or can I get the tea bags that also have honey/rassberry/ect. flavoring?

2. Is Jello o.k. to eat as a snack throughout the day?

3. What is a mild fish that doesn't taste " fishy " and do you know an easy way to prepare it.

Thanks for any info, I need all the help I can get, my husband thinks this is a joke and is not making me feel great about myself, but hey whatever I'm doing this for me. Thanks:)

01-31-2008, 11:16 AM
Green tea has antioxidants and is good for you, but I it's not a weight loss wonder drink. Some studies have shown it has the ability to provide benefits to weight loss. Green tea with flavoring should work fine, make sure the tea is actual tea and not "herbal" tea (which doesn't contain actual tea leaves).

Here's a report of one of the studies:

Jello seems like a fine snack, but it wouldn't be very filling for me. Low fat hummus with a few pita chips, low fat cottage cheese with fruit are much better snacks (in my opinion) but there is nothing wrong with jello as a snack. Just watch portions, of course.

Not sure about the fish, I'm a salmon fan and make that as my fish of choice. I think tilapia is a mild fish and the internet should have 1000000 ways to make it.

Good luck with the husband, he is sounding a bit like a jerk (by your description of this situation, I'm sure he's a good guy normally).

01-31-2008, 11:24 AM
Thanks for the help. Yeah my hubby is being a jerk about this, he just doesn't think I'm serious about this, but he usally is a pretty decent guy. I just want to kick his butt over this.

01-31-2008, 11:54 AM
having said that I did NOT know that herbal green tea is not actually green tea. They sure want us consumers to spend all day reading labels, huh? I will have to check on Lipton's version. FYI, I made up a tall container of iced green tea last fall (hey, I live in the south) and I drank it a lot with Splenda added but I got such a strong stomach ache--a real intense burning. I think it was all the caffeine which I don't drink (haven't since 2005). I do see though that Lipton's makes a decaf version so I plan on trying that soon.

If you like a flavored herbal tea I made Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry "something or other" a couple of weeks ago(again brewed it for iced) with some added Splenda. It was FANTASTIC!! It tasted like weak punch but it had taste! LOL I think you could "correct" that by doubling the amount of tea bags used when making up a big "brew".

I am not a big Jello fan but I have since gotten "hooked" on the sugar free varieties. I especially like the black cherry, cherry and orange.

As for husbands, well, you know they are what they are...... once you start losing, then HE will be the one helping you pick out the groceries and making suggestions. He WILL become your biggest fan, just you wait and see.;)