Exercise! - Begginer exercise question HELP!!!

01-31-2008, 09:51 AM
Good Morning, Anyone know of a good exercise DVD for beginners. I have never exercised before, but now that I am 31 and had my 4th yes 4th daughter 21 months ago I still have 15 pounds to lose. My oldest daughter is a cheerleader and basketball player and I can't even keep up with her on the court for more than 5mins. I tried Jillian Michaels (The biggest loser) DVD Monday, that is the last day I exercised. I hurt so bad it hurts to sit and I only completed 15mins. TO HARD CORE FOR ME!! RIGHT NOW THAT IS!! So what did you guys start off with? Thanks Christy :?::dizzy: :?:

You all are so motivating!!

01-31-2008, 09:59 AM
For starting - The Walk Away the Pounds DVD's are great. Simple moves - easy to do. And there are 3 different ones - the one mile, two mile, and three mile. I found they get boring quickly - but they are fantastic for just starting or for days when I really don't feel like doing anything.

I have also had some good luck with Denise Austin's DVD's. I bought a cardio dance one - I actually hate the cardio part, but it has a strength training portion that I LOVE. I don't know if you have Netflix or Blockbuster online - but they have workout DVD's you can rent - which is a good way to try some out and find one you like?

project chel
01-31-2008, 10:14 AM
I love Walk Away the Pounds. I have never liked fitness videos because I could never keep up... The first WATP I did was Walk Strong as I found it for about 4 bucks at a consignment shorp. It does intervals of cardio and weight training and I still do that one quite a bit. Then, I got the 1,2 & 3 mile cd at Walmart. And I love those too. They are easy to follow with simple moves (no fancy dancing type stuff) and I think they're fun.

01-31-2008, 10:16 AM
I like the richard simmons videos lol...don't laugh now, they're fun! :lol:

01-31-2008, 11:14 AM
Sounds like walk Away the Pounds is where I am going to start. I need something slow that I can keep up with. What is the length of the videos? With 4 very busy girls to get everywhere, a full time job, and currently enrolled to earn my Associates Degree in Education; so I have a very limited amount of time. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!! Christy

Jodi N
01-31-2008, 11:33 AM
OK, I'm not laughing AT Chunky Dunker, but I AM laughing with her! She's right! Sweatin to the oldies is a blast! I can even get my kids to do it with me...We laugh so hard I skip crunches because my stomache already hurts!
Look on Ebay or something, these are so oldschool I bet yo could get 'em dirt cheap!...I stole mine out of my moms VHS collection

project chel
01-31-2008, 11:36 AM
If you start with the 1,2 & 3 mile dvd (all workouts in one dvd) The 1 mile is about 18 minutes, the 2 miles is about 30 minutes and the 3 miles is about 47 minutes. The time goes by really fast. The Walk Strong dvd is about 35 minutes I think. If you want to, you could go to youtube.com and search Leslie Sansone or Walk Away the Pounds and find little bits of the workouts. That's what I did and thought it was something I could do.