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01-28-2008, 11:20 PM
G'day all,

The starting of a new thread is not exactly a 'user friendly' excercise, it always takes me a bit to jolt my memory where to start.

In answer to my spray tan...no I did not stand naked :eek: to have this done, just a towel. The beautician I went to is Peta's sponsor and is a lovely person so I was very comfortable getting this tan.
It looked great but it does not last that long, as your skin sheds so does the tan:(

Glenda I hope your surgery went well, I missed coming here a few days so unfortunately did not heed your request to stop emails:(

I, of course, have forgotten what was said on the previous thread :dizzy:

Stay happy and well all


01-29-2008, 09:51 AM
Glenda: by now you are in your recovery day, and I hope all is well. If you feel the way my DH did you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your vision, the brightness of colors, etc.

Karen- I get some of your emails back also. Are you no longer using the Adelphia address? I seem to remember something about that

Off to the dermatologist this a.m. We both have some places that need to be checked and probably zapped. It is not a pleasant experience, but better than the alternative. That is the price we pay for the Florida sunshine, I guess.

See you all later. Ann

01-29-2008, 03:49 PM
good Afternoon Ladies
Glenda Hope you are startint to feel better My DH is starting to get cataracts so I should probably make an appointment to have them checked they were not bad enough to require surgery yet The Dr wants to keep an eye on them
Well I must be doing something right I am down 2 lbs this and my Dh has decided he wants to lose some weight so that helps me keep motivated

Hope every one else is well Take care Suz :carrot:

01-31-2008, 04:43 AM
G'day all,

Well done Suz, wish I could report the same results:(

Ann I don't know if I should say this but Alan and I have both been pretty lucky and have had no need to visit a dermatologist. We are now very aware of the damage the sun does but that has not always been the case:( and many of our peers regularly have skin cancers brnt off.

I am disappointed I have had to put my bike riding on hold until my physio gives the OK.

We had the grand children yesterday, as we usually do on a Wednesday. We decided to take them out to a tourist area about 1 1/2 hours drive. We had a lovely time and the kids really enjoyed themselves. We caught the horse tram that runs from the mainland to a small penquin island. The kids just loved the horses.

I had a meeting with the people from the Australian Cranio Facial Foundation, it was very interesting and whilst I still feel a bit nervous about doing the website, I also feel quite excited.

Hope everyone is happy and well


01-31-2008, 11:28 PM
Hi all: We are back to some warmer weather again. i just really like the warmth.

we just had a short visit from DH brother and SIL. It is inspirational in a way, since the brother is not well at all and he has had strokes and other problems so that his walking and ability to get out of a chair is very limited. the inspiration comes from SIL who is such a strong care giver. She drove all the way from Utica, N.Y to here. He has to have a wheel chair much of the time as walking with just the walker seems much to difficult for him. He is diabetic, and she has to give him insulin every day, as well as check his blood sugar, and blood pressure.
She is nurse, as well as wife. I just have to give her so much credit, since she just doesn't show all the frustration she must feel at times, when he wants to give up. If all goes well they will be in So. Florida for 2 months and we do hope to go down and spend a few days with them in their apartment.

I expect that this will be the last winter coming to Florida. i know she is concerned about the prognosis for the future. He is soon to be 81 in April.
she makes me count my blessings for sure.

Maria: I'm sure you will do a wonderful job with the up and coming web site. You do such nice work. Your time with the kids sounds like fun.

Suz. Congrats on the weight loss. I am afraid to get on the scales next time, since with the family here about the only comfort for brother is food, so we went out to eat a couple of times. Good for your DH wanting to lose a bit. It is so much easier to have that sort of support.

Guess we are having our own little thread here. Where is everyone else?

Time now for bed. :yawn: Ann

02-01-2008, 03:09 PM
Afternoon Ladies
Well it started to snow here this morning about 6:30 and its now about 2:00 and its still coming down we probably have about 6 inches and it is supposed to snow well into the evening It is so nice to be able to watch it snow and not have to worry about driving in it My DH is out shovelling for the second time today

We have been in to town 2 times to get a bifold door for our closet in our bedroom and we can not seem to find any so I phoned and the place we tried first is getting some in on monday

Maria I am sure you will do a great job on the website

Take care Ladies and have a great weekend Suz :carrot:

02-01-2008, 05:18 PM
Suz, I can't believe you are getting another walloping from Mother Nature. I checked out the news channel and saw what is going on your way. We almost had a storm on Tue, it passed us by, but gave us some really cold weather with high wind chill factors. All is forgiven, it has "warmed" up (I use that term loosely).
Sorry I have not been participating in the challenge as I had promised. I am doing my regular workout and trying to eat right, but not a lb. has budged. I am reading a book now and have come to the metabolism chapter so maybe I will learn why I can't seem to drop a pound.
I guess I shouldn't complain too much after reading what Ann's BIL is going through. Sally's friend has become her husbands nurse since his stroke. It must be so hard to be the caregiver after so many years of having a partner in life.
Maria I hope you continue to catch the little spots of skin cancer before they take hold. What damage we did to our skin when we were young. I am always afraid to sit in the sun now. I take vitamin D because I know I don't get enough from the sunshine.
I had been working out on the eliptical machine, and now think I didn't do my knees any favor. They have been bothering me more than usual. It is hard on our bodies sometime, we have to find the right thing to do.
Karen I too have been getting back the e-mail I send you. What's up?
Well, back to my housework... I took a break with a cup of tea.
Take care all...

02-01-2008, 06:59 PM
Ladies, I have made it through this week. And it sounds like some of you are having worse weather than we have had. I just don't get along with this cold weather well. This morning it was 13 degrees and last night it snowed a lot. Today it should have melted somewhat.

Having one eye okay and the other not is just a bit of a challenge at work. I am wearing some reading glasses because my arms aren't long enough, but at home I can read close up. I will be happy to get this all done, but colors are so bright now and so fuzzy and yellow with the other eye. Wow, but this age thing is fun, isn't it? But again, Ann, you made me realize how blessed we all are when you were talking about husband's relatives.

Maria, know you will do great on the website. I am very jealous of you taking the kids out and enjoying the day. Tomorrow is Makenzie's 5th birthday party. Going to a kid place that I love too. It is inside and has huge slides and places where kids can crawl through and jump. It is hard to believe she is 5 already. Will get to see Colton who is 2 1/2 months now. His mama said he is now smiling. Maria, I think the spray tan is the only way I will ever look or feel slim. This metabolism thing is tough to beat. If only my thryoid would speed up a bit.

I suppose we will be by ourselves for the Super Bowl. What a big deal! Only like the commercials.

Peggy, keep washing those hands. Here at work we have so many cases of the bad flu. Nobody wants that.

Have a wonderful weekend.

02-01-2008, 09:10 PM
G'day all,

Ann that is inspirational having a sister in law like that. Don't know if I could be that patient and I hope I will never put that test.
I am a bit like you Ann and not too keen to get on the scales:dizzy: Suz is doing a great job for all of us:carrot:despite the 6 inches of snow wow, that seems a good reason to have some lovely warming casseroles!

Nice to 'see' you Trudy, it is such a pain when you are into the groove of doing some excercise and then some part of your body just doesn't want to cooperate anymore:mad:

Glenda 'happy birthday' to Mackenzie:hug: I am sure the party will be great. Your eyes sound like they will be just great when they both 'match';) How strange to now realise how bright colours are, like a whole new world opening up.

I have started doing some research and doing some mock websites to replace the Craniofacial one, I will post links for you to view in time to come and hopefully get some honest feedback.
I have bought a new keyboard, I am sick of the cordless ones always needing batteries replaced.

My spraytan is just about worn off:(, I might do it again if I have a special function to go to, it beats being out in the sun.

It is a beautiful day here again but no rain:(. Haven't had rain for almost a month now, not even a bit of a sprinkle.
Peta and David have to go to a wedding tonight and Peta wants to have a 'BIG' night so Matilda and Poppy will stay the night with me.
The wedding ceremony is held on the beach near my place, I might walk down with the kids, I am sure Matilda would love to see the bride.

Have a good weekend all....


02-02-2008, 08:38 PM
Hi All!
Not much to report from MA...although I just saw the eye dr. for a 1 yr followup on the retina tear and it seems all is well for another year. He did mention that I have Cataracts in both eyes but they are very small and I don't need to worry about them for a while. I will remember how wonderful your surgery came out Glenda, when my time comes. The other eye dr. said that my glaucoma is still down and to keep on with the drops. Actually I guess I did have something to report. Getting new glasses next week with a stronger distance prescription...maybe I can see road signs again. LOL

Glenda, again, that was wonderful news about your eyes and when they match you will be feeling 'mahvalous'!

Sally: You must be in Texas by now and I hope you enjoy it as much as you did Maui. Your trip home was another thing altogether. Hope your feeling better.

Trudy: Knees can be a big pain. DH's knees are really bothering him and now I am having the same kind of trouble. Stairs are really hard let alone trying to exercise.

Peggy: Your last post was on another page and now I can't remember what you said except that the kids at school like the salads....that's a good thing.

Ann: Your sil is an exception to the usual rule...she is comfortable with the care of her husband and can do it well. More power to her!

Karen: I have also had a couple of your emails returned but I think it is that we have two different addresses for you. Maybe you can let us know the correct one.
Suz: Keep up the good work. You are going to beat us all.

Maria: I have no doubt you will do a splendid job on the web site. You seem to have that magic touch. Hope you have a wonderful overnight with the girls. I am sure they will love seeing the bride.

We are not doing anything special for the 'Super Bowl' except keeping our fingers crossed for the Patriots. With all this hype I hope they can concentrate and just play a good game.


02-03-2008, 10:36 PM
Hi all: DH is watching the super bowl and I am playing with the computer. I am not a foot ball fan at all. Never have been. As a matter of fact, I am going to bed early. I was up at 5:40 this a.m. to get ready to be in church by 7:30 for our early service. Since I am singing now, we have to be there to have sound checks and all. So I am getting sleepy. a bit early.

we to have had very little rain. I keep having to water my flowers. we finally made a decision about out grapefruit tree in the back lawn. It was so big, and the trees on the property behind us were shading it so much that it was growing toward the house. We considered just having it pruned, but since we are not eating them anymore, and we are only passing out all the fruit to anyone who wants it, it seemed smarter just to cut it down. So we had a fellow come in and do it. the yard looks so different now. There are so many others in the park who have grapefruit, that if we really wanted some, another year, we could easily get some. Now comes the job of filling in with grass sod. Always something.

My challenge part is not going so well. I have started walking again, and of course go to Curves 3x a week. But as you all say, the older you get the harder it is to lose, and I guess the metabolism just slows down. And I don't have thyroid to blame. It is just me.

Off to bed now. Go Patriots. Ann

02-04-2008, 09:45 PM
Ann I think it would be great to go into my backyard and pick a fresh grapefruit. It must taste wonderful. How come you aren't eating them anymore? My DH can't because he takes Lipitor, but I eat quite a few of them. Right now the stores have Texas Red.
Gloria Didn't realize you had Glaucoma. How long have you been treated for it? I go every 6 months for pressure tests, so far I am at the high end of the safe zone. There is a lady in my aerobic class who has had Glaucoma since she was 25 and is legally blind. She has had several surgeries that give her some sight, there always seems to be some new treatment.
Maria Did you have fun with your little girls? How is the web site research coming along? You do keep yourself busy.
Glenda How did Mackenzie's birthday party go? I'll bet the kids had a great time. How can our girls be 5 already?

According to my book, the way to speed up the metabolism is to do strength training, build lean muscle and it will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss and a smaller dress size. Aerobic's are fine for cardiovascular health, but does little for the metabolism. Nothing but WORK, WORK, WORK! Why can't there be an easier way?

It is so damp out today, We are above 0, cloudy, snowy, damp and miserable. My knees are so sore, and I think it is because of the weather.

Bye for now..

02-05-2008, 12:10 PM
I have an appointment tomorrow with my optomalogist who will prescribe what will happen with the other eye the next week. I don't know if I just don't feel well today or not, but I am having a bit of dizziness and it might be because of the one-eye thing. I will be glad to start doing some strength training as soon as I can lift over 20 pounds. Just want this to end, but end good.

It sounds like everyone is busy. My Ann, to think you get up that early on Sunday is just unbelievable. What would your park do without you. How big was your grapefruit tree. My, that sounds so exotic to me!

And Maria, just living that near a beach sounds so wonderful too. I bet your girls had a good time the other night. Makenzie had a fun party. They gave her a microphone and she thanked everyone for coming to " my most wonderful paaaaaarty!" We took care of her and Jackson while her mom and dad did some shopping for her after the party. Her real birthday was Monday and she had another special day then, of course.

Yesterday our air conditioning in the building was off and it was 70 degrees outside, higher inside. And of course, I was dressed warmly. Today it is cold and raining outside and the heat is on. How did we ever live without air conditioning, but this Oklahoma weather is totally opposite the day before!

Trudy, hope your knees quit hurting. There is nothing like an ache that just will not quit. Suze, hope you are staying warm. I guess there are record snowfalls up yourway.

02-06-2008, 08:27 AM
Morning Ladies
well to start my weight stayed the same and it looks like I will be getting some of my exercise by shovelling snow We are getting hit agian with about another 6 inches

the bedroom closet is fianlly done in our room it took 4 trips into town to get the last door we needed Now onto the next bedroom redo closetspaint entire room rip up old rug put down new flooring and then put together new bed and that room will be done Looks like this romm will keep us busy for about the next 2 weeks thats if all the materials are available when we need them

Hope everyone is doing well Suz :carrot:

02-07-2008, 11:49 AM
Guys, where are you all? I want to "talk." Leon is puny and at home in bed. He is sick with a cold and I am sick of the noises that emit from his body. Yuck! But I feel sorry for him. There are so many people right now that are gone from work and so sick. It is a time where we all feel we are living in germs.

I have been walking about 60 minutes on a treadmill 4 times a week. I can't lift more than 20 pounds until this eye stuff is over with.

Well, no news. Just February!

Suze, your bedroom sounds like it will be beautiful and totally redone. Good for you. I have been so bored in the evening with TV and have even been watching American Idol. Sure is a mean show.

02-09-2008, 08:12 PM
G'day all,

Sorry to hear Leon is not well Glenda, if the noises are too distracting, you could always move into 'our' bedroom;):D

Sounds like you are busy with your 're-do's Suz.
We have been in our house for 6 years now and it was brand new when we bought it. As most of you know we have probably only lived in the house for about 1/2 of that time because of Alan's work.
I have always hated the carpet, it looks nice but...it is some acrylic mix and it is cream consequently to keep it looking cream I have had to have it shampoed just about every 6 months.
Next friday we are having our new carpet laid throughout the house, it is still a light colour but with some texture and it is pure wool, we are hoping it will be as good as the salesperson said it would be.
To give the whole house a bit of a freshen up, I have been washing curtains, re-organising cupboards, book cases etc. It is looking good and the carpet will hopefully finish it all off nicely.

Our son David played an unbelievable game of cricket yesterday and made the headlines in the sports section of our newspaper this morning. It was great that we were all at the game to see it. I know none of you are too interested in cricket so I won't bore you with the details!
Matilda was chatting to one of the spectators about his dog, the man really wanted to watch the cricket and asked her if she liked watching the cricket, she said 'yes but my dad is always playing cricket' in other words I don't get much of an opportunity to pat a cocker spaniel and I rather do that then watch the cricket. When David reached another milestone in his game and there was a lot of applause, she just casually said to the man that it was he was her Dad. He said what a good player her Dad was she said 'yes I know he just like playing cricket':)
It was a lovely sunny afternoon, all very enjoyable.

The website is going very slowly, it is such a lot of work and I am a bit overwhelmed by it all.

I won't even bother to talk about weight or excercise :(:mad::dizzy::^:

We did have a nice overnight with the girls last weekend. Matilda loved the bride on the beach, it was a beautiful warm afternoon. We walked home and I fed Poppy and put her to bed and Matilda sat up with us till 8.30. She really is 2 1/2 going on 18!

Off to lunch today...have a nice weekend all...


02-11-2008, 06:29 AM
Morning all
Maria Sounds like your house is going to look very after the new carpet goes in We have been removing carpets and replacing with wood floors and small area rugs and mats something I can wash regularly the next bedroom is comeing along nicely, we are working on the closet but now have to go and pick up some more materials so we cam continue on Congrats on your son's cricet game honours

We got hit again with snow this weekend about another 3 inches and yesterday and last night it got very windy and cold its about -20 with the wind chill
Well I must go another busy day Suz :carrot:

02-12-2008, 12:41 PM
Your description of Matilda just pretty much resonates with me. I don't know if it is little girls that just mature quicker or what, but Makenzie has always talked like a grown-up too. The other day she was in a shopping basket and her mother, sister and she were being checked out. Everybody else around was black. Out of the blue she looked around and very loudly said, "Well, everybody's got to be some color!" Her mom and sister were glad to get out of the store. Do you all celebrate Valentine's Day? Just got the little kids' valentines in the mail.

Nothing going on here. Tomorrow is my next cataract surgery. He is going to do an implant that would help me see close up so I will have mono-vision. Hope it works well for me.

Suze, how much snow do you have on the ground there? We have none, but it is so darned cold! I don't have clothes for this weather. I just got a new coat and it is leather. It is worthless in this cold weather, but it looks good. hee! hee! as Sally would say.

02-12-2008, 05:44 PM
G'day all,

Glenda I know what you are saying about Mackenzie, they are somewhat similar the way they chat like little adults, they are very cute.
I polished my nails the other day and Matilda asked if I put on a top coat because my polish will last so much longer!!!!! She is not even three yet! Good luck with your surgery.

Suz you will be able to relate, what a lot of work putting in new carpet! We are paying extra for the carpet layers to move the furniture but I have to move all the little bits and pieces and I have more little bits and pieces then I thought!
It is a bit of a trend here in Australia people changing from wall to wall carpet to polished wooden floors and rugs. It looks great in some houses but it wouldn't in mine. Both my children have ripped out all the carpet and have had their wooden floor sanded and polished, it looks super.

Today we have to go to a funeral and tomorrow we have the girls. We thought we would take the girls to Cleland National Park. It is a wildlife park with very tame kangaroos, koala's etc. The weather is beautiful and we are sure the girls will love it. It not being school holidays and in the middle of the week, we will probably have the park to ourselves.


02-12-2008, 10:48 PM
Hi everyone:
Lots of news to catch up on. Everyone is busy with the remodeling. We've done some, and i hope to do a bit more painting in our entry way, but not right now. That is for a bit later when I have more time.

Our Showtime is now over, no more selling tickets or trying to pressure people into supporting it. We had an Irish entertainer, Cahal Dunne, and he is excellant. Everyone liked him a lot, and we did have a good crowd. He is a singer comedian,and pianist. And to top that off, just a very nice man.

About our grapefruit tree- I was taller than our house, and in our back yard the trees in the neighbors yards are so tall that they shaded the grapefruit tree. It had started to grow toward our house because of the shade. We thought about just having it pruned, but since with some of our medications we can't eat it a lot, plus DH doesn't like it at all, it seemed just the wise thing to take it down. The back yard looks very empty. I hope we won't be sorry.

I finally broke the news to the chorus on Monday, that I am retiring from the job. I have led the group for at least 12 years maybe more. i can't remember now exactly when i took over. At the time the director fell and broke her hip and I got the job. It was a hard decision to make, but, I just feel that it is time. Quit when you are ahead. Not after people begin to think you need to quit. I have just gotten burnt out, no good ideas any more, and it has been more work than fun lately. So this program will be my last. Everyone keeps saying, well maybe after you have a sabbatical, you'll want to come back, but I rather doubt it. Maybe by that time there will be someone new to do it, but I know if I don't quit, no one would come forward and say that they want it. I hope all this makes sense.

I tried an interesting dessert tonight, low in calories and quite good. I have some small ramikins and I took an apple and cut it in half. Each half went in to one of the dishes. I had some cranberry sauce, and I stirred in 1 TBS into the apples. Then added a few raisins and some cinnamon, and a little sugar. Then I put a topping of oatmeal, a little brown sugar, cinnamon, and enough soft margerine to hold it together. Baked it until the apples were tender, and then served it with some non-fat whipped topping. YUM!

Suz- I don't envy you all your snow and cold. Or any of the rest of you either. I just like our Fl. temperatures. Tonight we are supposed to get a lot of rain, and we keep getting the weather bulletin across the tv screen about a tornado watch for many counties, ours included, until 11:00p.m. tonight.

Glenda- I hope all goes well with the second surgery. You will be amazed when all is over. Sorry that Leon is under the weather. Bad colds are just miserable.

Maria: your Matilda sounds like a little lady. Don't you think that when young children spend the bulk of their time with adults, it is easy for them to talk to other adults.
There seems to be a difference with children who go to day care and spend more time with kids.

Gloria: Glad your eye checkup went well. having eye problems is a bit on the scary side.

Keep the good jokes coming gals, as I can use some of them at our coffee hour. I do have to be a bit discriminate, since I can't offend anyone. So I could ask the pantyhose quiz:D: but I do enjoy getting them all and so do my listeners. They don't know that I screen things so carefully.

Getting time for beddybye. So goodnight all. Ann

02-13-2008, 07:08 AM
Morning Ladies

Glenda We have a lot of snow in the past week we have got about 15 inches of new snow and that does not count the 3 inches we got last night We are supposed to get more on thursday night as well

Ann it is very cold here it has been about -20's over the night and into the teens during the day

Maria I have always like the look of wood floors and find it easier to keep clean than have to scrub carpets

We will have to start some of our plants for our garden at the begining of March and that means it won't be long until we are working outside I can not wait Jan & Feb so far have been cold and snowy and with all the extremes of weather it does not help my DH tinnitus

Take care Suz:carrot:

02-14-2008, 05:46 PM
Ann your recipe does sound delicious. I think the cranberry with apples would be so tasty. Wrote it down and will try it. Cinnamon is supposed to be good for weight loss, but I forget why. I didn't realize you were doing the chorus for 12 years. Is anyone stepping up to take over?
Glenda Hope your surgery went well. It will be nice to have that anxiety over and done with.
Suz You certainly have had your fill of snow. We have had very little, but it has been so cold that nothing melts. Yours comes and goes I understand. At any rate, I will be glad to have this winter over with. Today is -14F, at least there is no wind, small consolation.
Maria When we were changing our carpet, our hardwood floors were exposed for the first time in so many years. They are so beautiful, but I like the feel of carpeting so much better. Trends come and go, right now it is fashionable to have the hardwood. On another topic, I think that you have Karen's address still at aldelphia... she wrote us recently that she changed it.
I hope I have that right...:dizzy:
I am trying a new recipe for Chili today. I will be adding a soy product instead of the ground beef. Has anyone ever tried these soy products? It will be interesting to see what we think of it... very adventurous for me. My DH buys the Tofu wieners and I hate the smell of them when they are cooked.
I received a bouquet of flowers today..:val3: better than chocolates which I would not be able to resist until they were all gone.

Have a great day everyone.. :val2:

02-14-2008, 07:53 PM
I am finally checking in here. Have been really busy with mil and her trips to the hospital. She spent 2 weeks there off and on. Once for bronchitis and the last time for 5 days - who knows why. D is at his wits end and his one sister came into town to help a little. I wish she was like Ann's company and not feel sorry for herself.
We had a snow day the other day. You snow people would laugh-there was an inch or two and it closed the town. We are having a long weekend for Presidents day. Maybe I can get something done around here. All your sprucing up and painting has me in the mood.
Maria I know you will do a good job with the web site. My niece, the wine buyer, told me the other day that she is coming to Australia the first 2 weeks in March. She is landing in Sydney and going across southern Aus to visit wineries. She thought Adelaide was on her itinerary.
Got to run. P is on the phone.

02-15-2008, 05:32 PM
All, my surgery went well after it finally went. I was there at 7:30 in the morning and thought it was strange that so many people were just sitting around. Found out a "key piece of equipment had malfunctioned" and had to reschedule the next day. After talking to the doctor, I told him I was so disappointed because Leon and I had taken off work. Anyway, drove home to eat a big breakfast and got a phone call from the doctor asking me to come back, that the electric relay had been repaired. So, for a little bit felt like a yo-yo. He said I was the only one he called back because I was the only one who had to take off work. The surgery went well. I am going to have to have reading glasses, but that is all. Pretty great!

I am going to complain. It is cold and going to be colder. This weekend is supposed to be cold and miserable. So tired of that. Yesterday was beautiful and I want to go back to being used to that. Ann and Karen, you are the people I most wish to be right now. Sunshine! How I love you!

Ann, there always comes a time when it is time to change direction. I remember when I and a friend always taught Bible school, but there came a time when it was someone else's place to be there. But your choir will miss you a lot. It might be fun to participate as a regular, not the director. Will you be a member or a member of the audience? When will this take place?

Going to take care of Makenzie tomorrow night so her parents can have a weekend out. She is always a hoot.

02-16-2008, 05:14 PM
G'day all,

Just for Glenda, great your operation went so well and if it makes you feel any better it is going to be 106F for the next few days, I know I would rather be cold then this hot.

Good to 'see' you Peggy, that does sound like a lot of work looking after your m-i-l. Isn't she in a nursing type home? It is exhausting looking after 2 grandchildren one day a week, I would think it would be even more exhausting looking after an elderly person.
If your niece is in Adelaide she is very welcome to give me a call. We live very close (walking distance albeit a long walk!) to arguably the most popular beach area of Adelaide. My phone details are at the bottom of my emails.

Trudy we have cement floors, the older type homes have wooden floors which are very often polished when the homes are being done up. I am a bit with you, I do prefer the feel of carpet but my sister would never go back to carpet.
How nice to get a bunch of flowers, we don't really celebrate Valentines Day, it seems to be more for the young.

It is very early sunday morning, best do a few things outside before it gets too hot to do anything outside.


02-20-2008, 07:44 AM
Morning Ladies

Glenda so glad your surgery went well I wish there was something they could do for my eyes I have scar tissue on both of my retinas its called macular dystropy and they say they can not do anything for it I can still drive but in 5 yrs or so I may not be able to!!

Its still really cold here -20's C thats about 0 F and it os also a bit windy We are almost done with Feb
Maria Is it still hot in australia What are your winters like?

We are getting close to finishing that 2nd bedroom we just have to get the 2 bifolds, get the wood flooring rip up the old rug and lastly put the baseboards back on we soon will have to start some of our garden plants

Take care Suz :carrot:

02-20-2008, 01:22 PM
Another boring snow day and the roads are fine. Wish they could figure out what a real snow is like. So no school today.
Glenda that was nice of that doctor to call you back since you took a day off of work. At least the equipment didn't stop working while he was doing your eyes. I am also tired of the cold. I hate bundling up in coats and stuff. I am soooo ready for spring. And so are my daffodils that are starting to come up and have buds. I hope they survive.
Maria, D's parents are in an assisted living home. They have been there for a year. When my fil had those little episodes last Jan they went there when he was released from the hospital. He hates it but he is her caretaker. My friends mom just died and she was amazing. She was 90 something and until just the last couple of years she did everything. Even went blueberry picking. Wish my mil had the same attitude. D's sister is here till next week-it is nice to have help.
Suz you will have a nice shiny house when you are finished with all that you are doing. Just in time to go out and be in your garden.
Our Wild Oats market is turning into a Whole Foods Market. I will have to go check it out but I bet it is pricey.
We are supposed to watch P tomorrow night. He is feeling his oats and being a typical 2 almost 3 year old. He can be so cute one minute and a little stinker the next.
Well I guess I should do something. Maybe I will go ride my bike and get some exercise.

02-20-2008, 06:06 PM
Hi All,
I have to add my 2 cents worth on the weather topic. We are having the worst Feb. I can remember. Today it is -24C with a wind chill making it -36C... can you even believe that? That wind cut through me like a knife. I had some errands to run after my work out and I moved very fast from the car to the buildings. Unfortunately we have to go out again tonight. Wish I could just stay home. It is my sister in laws birthday, and we always gather together for the family for all these occasions. My brother will have some electrical cords outside so we can all plug in the car batteries. I would hate to be stranded tonight. We are all looking forward to spring, and it is coming. We don't have the lights on when we eat our supper now, the sun is so much higher in the sky. When it is so cold, the sky is very clear. Wonder if we will be able to view the eclipse tonight?
Sally phoned me on the weekend. She is having a really nice time with her brother and sister in law in Texas. She was upgraded to a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo because they were painting the smaller ones. She is living in the lap of luxury, and even has maid service once a week to clean up the apt. I miss her and will be glad when she gets home.
Not much else is new, hope everyone is having a great WARM day..

02-20-2008, 11:53 PM
Hi all:
I won't tell you about our nice weather, because I don't want to make all you cold weather sufferers unhappy. Because even our cooler weather would be warm to you.

we went out and watched the eclipse tonight for as long as we could, before a big cloud came and just covered it right up. It really is a beautiful thing to watch. This universe that God has made is so aweinspiring.

The chorus rehersals are going as well as could be expected even tho' we don't have all that many practices left. March 10th will be here before I blink. Right now there isn't anyone to take over, but hopefully someone will show up. I stayed longer because there wasn't anyone in the wings, and so maybe now that I will be out, someone will come forward. I might sing in the group, or maybe at first just be an audience member. Time will tell about all of that, of course.

My friend who directs our Kitchen Band put me in her show this year. She also makes it into some skits and playlets. So this year it is the Pirates of Lake Henry. (That is our lake) and I get captured by the pirates and tied to the mast, until my husband the Governor comes and rescues me. Just pure corn, but we all have a good time with it and the audience seems to enjoy it.

We had ladies appreciation luncheon today at the clubhouse. All the men wait on all of us. We get a flower and a glass of wine, and our meal, and entertainment. It is a fun time, and all the guys are dressed in black pants and white shirts. And they all look so serious, so afraid that they will spill something.

How is all the redecorating coming Maria and Suz? By now it must be nearly complete.

Peggy- I hope you have had some time to rest up from the difficulties with your MIL. I'm sure it is a difficult time for your DH too. The caregiver job is surely not an easy one.

We are going down to Bonita Springs for a few days after the show is over. I know my SIL could use a change of scenery and my DH can stay with his brother while we girls go out for a little shopping. This 24/7 caregiving can get tedious for sure.

Glenda I'm so glad that all went well with your cataract surgery. Are you finding a big change in your vision now? I have one eye that is building up to needing surgery. The other eye seems to be all right. That is the one that had all the laser treatment and shots. Maybe that slowed down the formation of cataracts.

Time to think about bed. Stay warm all you gals.


02-21-2008, 02:22 AM
it is the end of the day for me and I thought I may as well start a new thread, busy day planned for tomorrow.

See you there!