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01-28-2008, 10:28 PM
I am on a low fat to fat free diet. I had a health scare a few weeks ago and decided to change the way that I eat all together. I have a mini-bagel that is 100 calories with Fat Free strawberry cream cheese which is 40 calories and 1/2 bowl of blueberry instant oatmeal for breakfast. I don't eat any snacks between breakfast and lunch. For lunch, I have a pita sandwich with mustard, no mayo, turkey and 1 slice of cheese and maybe a fruit cup with low fat cottage cheese. I don't have a snack between lunch and dinner. At dinner, I like to have 2 helpings, but I have tricked my brain. If I am having chicken or pork, I cut the 1 serving into 2 so that way my brain thinks that I am having 2 helpings, but I am really only having 1 and that seems to do the trick. I eat a snack at 8om, usually carrots with no dip or I'll make a small bowl of salad. I also have low blood sugar, so sometimes I have to have a small handful of raisens right before bed, just to keep my sugar levels safe through the night