WW Clubs and Groups - #193 Bale of Turtles Trying Hard!!!!!!

01-28-2008, 03:07 PM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on even when the odds are against us. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

01-28-2008, 03:11 PM
Hi TUrtles,
Oh, I forgot to tell you how much fun the Mystery Party was. The group worked out very well and some of the characters even came in costume. It was hysterical! My dh and I bought these games several years ago and now we felt like playing them, so we rounded up a new group of people who were interested. Everyone had fun, food was secondary, and everyone love the WW-style desserts I made. I made a cherry angelfood cake and a lemon mousse both WW-style and delicious. I was very careful about the amount of dinner I ate, gave away leftovers, and escaped quite well considering I was the hostess!

You all take care, be well and let's all have good WI's this week!
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01-29-2008, 09:04 AM
Morning all and Happy Tuesday!

Not much is new here, rainy day today, Blah! But it is supposed to get cold again and more snow at the end of the week so a bit of rain is not that bad.

On plan this week and will be going to the gym a few times to walk on the treadmill.

I am eager for warmer weather to get here so that I can take my walks outside, I am not the only one gaining weight in my house, I noticed that my dogs are getting super chubby and need to get out and get some exercise also!

Judy: The party sounds fabulous! How fun and great job on the food. Where did you find games like that at?

I will check back later on.

Have a good day everyone!

01-29-2008, 08:53 PM
Hi Turtles,
Today has been a weird day and I ended up taking a long nap. That's not at all like me, but I figure I needed it. It's been pretty cold and windy here in NY, but I feel for Bandit and Princess since they're in colder climes.

Princess, I had four mystery games and we played one this past weekend. I was curious too as to where I could buy replacements. I went online and found two good places. One is Night of Mystery.com which allows you to download online. For about $35 you get everything from invites to guests' nametags. Another source is closer to what I have. For about $30 you get a box including everything. It is called How to Host a Murder. There are several variations and this company is easy to find online. I am guessing that Borders or Barnes and Noble might also sell these, but check because I don't know that for a fact. I hope you do go ahead and round up some friends and family and have fun.

All goes well here. Was really hungry earlier and ate a lot of points, but I think the nap has put everything into perspective.
Take care and be well, Turtles.

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01-29-2008, 10:17 PM
Murder Mystery, continued:
Hey Princess, I just went to Amazon under games and then typed in How to Host a Murder and lots of stuff came up. You might want to check it out.

How's everyone coming through the winter? I'm looking forward to spring, but soup has been great this winter.


01-30-2008, 11:34 AM
Hi turtles:

It is very cold up here & super windy. I had to use 2 hands to steer most of the way to work & there is so much stuff blowing around on the roads (garbage cans, bags etc) & I seen 2 big trees blown down as well.

Watched Biggest Loser last night - anyone else?

Hope everyone is doing great. My gf is coming for dinner tonight & she is bringing dinner & won't tell me what it is - so that should be interesting.
She knows I do ww so should be OK.

Keep warm.

01-30-2008, 12:08 PM
Morning all! Super cold and windy here too Bandit. We had really strong storms come through here last night, rain with thunder and lightening! Tornadoes all over place... once we heard the sirens start to go off we grabbed the dogs and headed for the basement. We were very blessed though with no damage that we can see so far. Once the rain plowed through the temp's dropped 50 degrees in less then a four hour period. Big snow storms heading our way tomorrow night :dizzy:

I am heading home here shortly, they are coming to put in a new water heater as ours is on its last leg and leaking alarmingly! Not what I wanted to spend my money on but isn't that always the way.

Thanks for the mystery info Judy! Boy that sure sounds like fun I will have to check it out!

Hope all is well with everyone and have a happy day!

01-30-2008, 12:18 PM
Bandit: Sorry I keep meaning to answer you on the biggest loser and I always forget. We used to watch it a lot but did not watch it this time around... I have caught a few minutes here and there but not like I used to, lol, we never missed a show!

It is really good this time around?

01-30-2008, 02:15 PM
Hi Princess - this is the 1st time I watched it & am enjoying it for sure.

01-31-2008, 09:18 AM
Morning all and Happy Thursday!

Well, the hot water heater arrived yesterday, the man installed it, then announced that it did not work and he did not know way, then he left! UGH! I was so angry... they are supposed to come this afternoon to see what is going on with it but good grief I hate having to use so much vacation time for things like this! Oh well... hears hoping that I have hot water later today!

Not sure what is going on with the scale... I jumped on this morning just to do a mid week check and it is way up! I have done really well on food this week, went to the gym only once due to the whole hot water thing so I am just frustrated and not sure what is going on. Oh well, I will keep at it!

How is everyone else doing?

Have a happy day!

01-31-2008, 09:33 AM
Hi ladies just letting you know that i am still arounda and reading everyones posts. It is very encouraging to see you ladies keep on trucking and i know that i need to be doing the same.

Judy - that sounds like a neat party
Bandit - It has been super windy here to. It has even been kind of scary at
times. We are expecting a snow storm today so i will probably be stuck
Princess - That is scary about the tornado sirens going off. I live in Tornado
Alley so we get that alot.

01-31-2008, 10:36 AM
Hey Cherry! We are in the alley also... Snow coming here also so I don't mind having to leave the office early today now that I think about it... =)

01-31-2008, 07:15 PM
Man, I'm not going to complain about weather. Tornados are really scary.
God bless and God keep you all.

Princess, I can't figure out for the life of me what's happening with your weight. You're not exercising to excess, so you shouldn't have fluid build-up around your muscles. You're eating right, so you should have a weight drop.
Right now I'm hoping it's that the tornado winds have knocked your scale off kilter! Hey, it could happen. In any case, you've got a bit of time before your WI and I'm sending you :goodvibes: and a :goodscale: Do you have hot water yet?

Bandit, how was your gf eat in dinner? What did she bring? Good luck with all you're doing and good luck driving!

Cherry--see, it's not just you. Lots of us have trouble losing weight and keeping it off. Jump in when you can and do as much WW's as you are up to right now. Even drinking lots of water will help. :hug:

I had a nice week and a nice WI I lost another pound and am just about where I was before Christmas. So the almost 4 pound gain is almost gone. Now I don't have any special occasions to worry about and I'm trying to get another good week under my belt. I figured out that there are more than 20 weeks between this week and the week of July 4th. and if I can manage close to a pound a week loss, I can be down 20# by then. That would make a significant difference in how I look and feel.

Here's :bravo: for us getting through the winter!
234.6/217.4/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-01-2008, 12:01 AM
Well when I abandon you guys, I abandon! I am sooo sorry. I started school a couple weeks ago and also watching my sister's new baby, so I am back to barely having room to breathe. I know its not good for me-no down time and hardly relaxing. You know, I forgot how much work little babies are. I am so glad I can give him to his mommy at the end of the day. I don't think I can do the midnight feedings anymore. Thank God mine are all over the age of 5 now.

Still not making much progress on my weight. My sister and I are exercising 3 to 4 days a week. I guess I need to punch that up and work out on my own on the other days. I feel so huge and just *blah*. Totally unattractive and shlumpy.

I'll have to read through the posts tomorrow or Saturday and get caught up on what all of you ladies are up to.

Oh, P.S. If anyone has breakfast ideas that don't involve cereal, bread, or eggs....I NEED SOME! I can eat bread (allergies) and I am just sick of the others. :)

Love you gals!


02-01-2008, 09:13 AM
Happy Friday! Not good news no matter what way I turn... they came to repair the brand new water heater yesterday... it worked for a while but by the time DH got home from work and went to take a shower it was cold again... so frustrated and angry I could just spit! The scale is not budging either... I have only been to the gym once, thought I might get out my walk away the pounds tapes and try them at home. Oh well, I will just keep going.

We did not get the big snow storm that they called for, was hoping for a snow day but am back at work today.

Judy: Great job!

Chris: I eat oatmeal with fruit every morning so I don't think that I would be of much help to you... have you tried looking on the recipe forum?

Cherry: How are you doing today?

Bandit: How did your evening go with your friend?

Ariana: How are you doing?

Have a great weekend!

02-01-2008, 10:36 AM
Have you thought of screaming and yelling? It works great to vent!!
So sorry you're running into a rough patch. Sending you :goodvibes: to get through this.

You sound really busy. Try not to beat yourself up about your weight. You and I weigh about the same, so "I hear your pain", but you can do this. Get the right foods into the house and take those baby steps. Sounds like you've got the exercising down pat.
How about a smoothie? I don't eat them myself, but people swear by them.
WW's sells the smoothie mix and you'll get a milk in that way. Other people combine milk and/or yogurt, some fruit--even frozen and that seems to do the trick.

Bandit, what's up with you for the weekend?

Ariana, are you still checking in?

Cherry, have a good weekend.

I'll be baby-sitting on Saturday night. On Sunday, it'll be quiet here, but at least I don't have to worry about hosting a Super Bowl party. The quiet will be a nice change. Had lunch out twice this week and did well, then overate at home. I'm sabotaging myself and that's really stupid.
You all take care and be well.
Princess, I hope your luck changes around real soon!

234.6/ 217.4/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-01-2008, 10:54 AM
Princess - I am doing fairly well this morning. I am trying to work on keeping a positive outlook. I am going to keep trying.

Chrily - It is nice to see you here. It sounds like you have your hands full. I know how that can be and i have to get up once or twice early in the mornings with my kids.

Judy - Thanks for the hugs and advice.

Bandit - How did the special meal go?

02-01-2008, 04:24 PM
Hi everyone:

It as been snowing steady since last night, so glad I do not have to leave the house.

Dinner with gf was really good. She made beef stroganoff & all we had to do was cook noodles & heat up her sauce & I had a salad made by the time she arrived - so fast, easy & good. And of couse, we had some wine.

Christine - here is a recipe for you to try for breakfast

3 cups all bran cereal
2 tsp baking powder
2 cups water
1 low fat brownie mix

Preheat oven to 350 & spray 12 muffin cups with cooking spray.
Mix 3 cups all bran, water & baking powder. Let sit 5 minutes.
Mix in brownie mix & bake 20/25 minutes.
Each is 2 points WW.

I made these last week & had one for breakfast a couple of mornings & froze the rest. My gf had one for her dessert & we both really liked these.
Very cholately and filling.

I also take frozen fruit with yogurt on top in container & eat when I get to work.

Hope you like.

02-03-2008, 05:12 PM
Bandit, do you have any minor subsitutes for you recipe. I also have a lovely wheat allergy so that kind of kills the all bran cereal. I'd just have to say that dieting with allergies is a pain in the butt.

You mentioned snow...my Brother in Law lives in Washington and went to visit his newlywed wife in Bend, Oregon. They had 18 in. of snow and more falling. He had to put tire chains on to get to her house in his 4 wheel drive truck. Thats alot of snow....:eek:

Thank you all for your breakfast suggestions. I think I'll check out the recipe threads too.

Sounds like you are all having a quiet Super Bowl Sunday too. I don't really get into football so today is a catch up on homework day. Nicole has been sick all week and yesterday we took Kayla in (sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, I might add) and she has strep throat. I'm just T-I-R-E-D. I have to try to stay rested, or I'll be the next sicky in the house.

Judy thanks for commisserating with me. I needed that little internet hug...:hug:. It is so hard for me. This is the largest I have ever been and moving is starting to get difficult. I'm scared to say the very least. It's not just about how I look anymore-it's more about I don't want to die.

Well gonna head on out to the recipe "isle"...check back later.


02-03-2008, 11:25 PM
Hi Turtles,
It's nice to see so much activity on the weekend. :cheers: for us for keepin' on keepin' on.

Had a nice day. Made a very low cal chili and had tacos made with 90% lean beef and all sorts of veggies to top them off. Nice super and all that fiber has kept me feeling pretty full.

Bandit, I love beef stroganoff--sounds so yummy and a perfect winter dish--especially with wine. Hey, by the way I measured out 4 oz. of wine to see where in my wine glass it comes and it turns out that it's not as little as I thought. I usually have a spritzer, so it's good to be able to point that out.

To all of us, let's keep on drinking water, giving each other great recipe ideas, :chef: and move as much as possible. Cherry--I know it's hard to move, but maybe you can walk. You'll be fine--just dont' give up. Keep on coming here, check with your doc for med advice, and keep up your spirits.
We're all here to help you out.

Okay--gotta run, but I'll check in tomorrow.
234.6/217.4/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-04-2008, 11:02 AM
Judy--Thank you for always having kind and encouraging words for me. I do truely appreciate it.

To all the othe Turtles, just keep on moving.

02-04-2008, 12:55 PM
Happy monday all!

Not much new here, did not go to W/I on Saturday as we spent the day waiting for the repair man to come... the good news is that we have hot water!

Watched a bit of the super bowl and enjoyed some of the commercials as always.

Quiet weekend for the most part.

Have a good day all

02-04-2008, 06:12 PM
Hi everyone:

Well, we got so much snow on Fri/Sat but now it is really mild.

Was down .8# this week - so back to where I was a couple of weeks ago.
Going to really be good this week. My gf is away for 2 weeks in Florida, so won't be having our regular Wed dinner so I think I will pass on the wine for a couple of weeks as well.

Christina - today for breakfast I had cottage cheese with pineapple, orange slices and a few almonds - all mixed together. Very filling.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

02-05-2008, 12:38 AM

Yaaahhhh! for HOT water

02-05-2008, 12:39 AM
Bandit-your breakfast sounds good. Were your orange slices fresh or were they mandarin oranges? I think I'm going to get me some cottage cheese at the store. I like breakfast when its cold most of the time. Sounds yummy!!!!

02-05-2008, 12:21 PM
bandit :goodscale: :bravo: :cheers: for a great WI!!!!!
Here's sending you :goodvibes: for another good week.

Okay, now you're on a roll starting with hot water!!!!!!!!! :cheers: Wow, that's something we take for granted until we don't have it. Whew! Glad that's a problem solved.

Cherry, :goodvibes: for a great week!

Chrily, hey, thanks for asking the breakfast question. You're getting good responses.

I'm in a snag again, but I've got my WW mtg. tomorrow and that should help.
234.6/217.4/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-05-2008, 01:54 PM
Chriley - they were mandarin oranges, so the little cup works out to be 1/3 cup which is what I wanted with 1/2 cup pineapple (canned chunks)

Today I had: 1 cup plain l/f yogurt with 1/2 cup sliced strawberries & abit of splenda.

Hope everyone is doing great. Calling for more snow up here tonight.
Hope is OK for driving.

Also I saved the juice from oranges & pineapple to make a smoothie tomorrow for breakfast.

Hope some of these suggestions helps.

02-05-2008, 09:08 PM
Bandit, you are truly a a food guru! :) I had never thought about saving juice for smoothies either. I'm having alot of DUH? Why didn't I think of that moments....lol.

I have got to figure out something for me during the day. I don't go running around that much because I have my baby nephew I take care of so I am snacking on bad bad stuff....:devil: you know, mini reese cups, chips, a little dab of this-a little dab of that. He has my schedule so far off. I sneak in bathroom breaks and a load of laundry here and there throughout the day. He seems like he wants a bottle every 1 1/2 hours and then it takes him a 1/2 hour to drink it. By the time you get a couple bottles in...the day is shot and so is my diet.

Okay..nuf compaining for now. I have to go work on some of my homework....My classes aren't too bad yet. Thank the Lord!

02-06-2008, 11:27 AM
Chrily- I know exactly what you mean about your baby nephew. I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and a little boy that is 8 months old and he is eating some baby food but really goes through the bottles. I don't have much schedule to my day except take care of one kid and then the other.

Bandit - those breakfast ideas sound yummy. Also Bravo on your loss. Hope you are able to do well this week.

Judy - hope your able to get to your ww meeting and that it gives you the encouragement you need.

Princess - great to hear that the HOT WATER is back. That is definately something you need when it is so cold outside.

02-06-2008, 02:59 PM
Hi Turtles,
Boy, do I know what you young mothers mean! Getting food ready and bottles, etc. for babies and toddlers is difficult. The food is tempting and that's what happens when I go to my dd's to babysit my grandson. It's very easy to get off track when I'm there. I think I feel catapulted back in time when I had my own very busy household to run and tiny kids to take care of==I didn't do well with my weight then and babysitting triggers those feelings. However, planning and preparing (sometimes I pack my own food when I go there) is the answer. So I'm sending the young moms and those babysitting lots of :goodvibes: to get through the days and to put yourself at the top of the to do list! Please find a way to take care of yourself--you're worth it!

I got to Ww's today. Yesterday was such a stupid day that I thought I'd go to the meeting and not even weigh in. Then luckily I hopped on the scale and saw it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Yay. So I got on the :tread:
and then headed to my meeting. I WI'd and was up 1.2# but I honestly think that if I keep track this will be a temporary gain!

I'm sending :goodvibes: to everyone. Bandit, keep up the good food suggestions and Princess, hope you're doing well.

Take care and be well. :cheer:
234.6/218.6/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-06-2008, 11:57 PM
Hi Turtles
Sorry its been so long just very down again, my doctor told me I was extremely obese and I need to help myself now before its to late.
I know I am big and need to lose weight but hearing the words it hit hard how fat I am and how much I need to lose.
I am sick and tired of been fat no obese
I dont want to be a obese mummy
I HATE HATE HATE being this big I feel lost in my own body the fat has taken over my life. sorry if I went on & on

02-07-2008, 01:06 AM
INVU-Hey I get it! I've been crying and feeling sick to my stomach and crying some more. My weight just keeps climbing and I have no idea where to turn or what to do. I haven't weighed myself for 2 weeks now. I have been exercising and but not really tracking what I eat so much and I have managed to add 7 lbs to my weight. The dr. can find nothing out of the ordinary with me, but I just don't get how my weight is climbing so fast. I honestly don't know what to do or where to turn. I don't have a support system. My sisters are all skinny and I have no friends. Hubby isn't much help.

I'm scared. Panicking. Crying. Upset. I don't like myself this way. I hate it and it makes me hate me. My life was not supposed to be like this. With each new pound, I am losing more and more of me. I just don't see anything to look forward to. I'm so embarrassed by what I see and embarrassed for my family. Sorry all...I've just been hiding the bad stuff with all the "I'm doing fine" talk. It's not fine and I'm not fine, and I don't know what to do.

02-07-2008, 09:45 AM
Morning all and happy Thursday! Cold here again and gloomy, ready for spring to get here but I fear it is a long way away thanks to that rotten ground hog! :D Who ever thought of asking a ground hog anyway :dizzy:

Ok well I am struggling too ladies, have been since this whole thing with my back... I make excuses to eat things that I should not, I make excuses why I don't have to work out, blah blah blah!

I have very little in the way of a support system, DH fell off the wagon way back when and has never gotten on it again, and I have next to no friends also... a few but not many and those that I do have are busy with their own lives. So all of that being said where does it leave us... well I guess it leaves us with ourselves and this chat forum. So we can continue to gain weight and make excuses, we can continue to watch our health go down the drain, we can make excuse after excuse or.... we can look into ourselves and get back on the wagon. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN DO THIS, NO ONE ELSE. We gained the weight and we are the ones that have to lose it. We can help each other, go to meetings or if you can not then make it a point to do it yourself at home... maybe make a day to weigh yourself and read something on the internet to kind of have your own meeting... exercise on a regular basis even if it is just for a couple of minutes to start. Take your measurements weekly as part of your "meeting" and also to track none scale victories...

I don't want to die of a heat attack or a stroke or end up with diabetes... period... I still have things to do in this life.

If you are struggling with depression, and I fear that most of us are in one way or another, then all of this will help, no question about that. The more we gain the worse the depression gets... we know that for a fact!

Start slow, climb back on the wagon, go to meetings if you can, come here often...

Just my ideas and suggestions but it is what I am going to go... 2008 is my year to hit goal or at least get darn close to it.


02-07-2008, 10:26 AM
Thoughts on what to do instead of eat...

Clean out a closet, drawer or cupboard
Take a hot bath =) if you can ;)
Walk around the block or if at work, around your office building
Take your child or pet to the park or for a walk around the block
Dust your furniture and run the vacuum
Do a load of laundry
Knit or crochet something
Write a letter to a friend or relative
Set yourself up to do some volunteer work
Work in your yard or garden

Get 7-8 hours of sleep! So important for our mental and physical health and weight loss!

Before you go to bed, pack your lunch for the next day if you work outside of the home or are going to babysit... maybe try this even if you do work in your home... put it in the fridge with the points amount and it is ready for tomorrow and you won't have to think about it.

Make a new recipe... try something new, who knows, you might like it.

Any other thoughts???

02-07-2008, 12:27 PM
Princess- your posts were very insperational. You are right. We are the only ones who can get ourselves out of this situation we have created. When i want to eat one thing i sometimes do is a craft project. I like to scrapbook. Or i have a puzzle i work on.

INVU and Chrily - I am so sorry you ladies are having such a tough time. I have clinical depression so i know where you are coming from and sometimes i cry because i hate what i have become but i REFUSE to give up.

Judy- Just wanted to say Hi. Thanks for your continuing encouragement and support.

02-07-2008, 05:29 PM
Okay Turtles,
Is this 2008 or what? This is the year we are all working in to get to our goal (or at least close).
I am extremely sorry that so many of us face emotions and depression more than anyone would ever want to face. However, please read Princess' post again, and again, and again.

We have a built-in support system right here on this site. We know how you feel, have felt it ourselves, and can help. And remember, you help us too!

A man at my last WW mtg. said this and I think it has merit, "I make believe that my mouth has a built -in camera that records every bite of food I take. If I shouldn't be eating it, it's on record." I thought that was hysterical, but then I thought about it and I think he's got something. Our leader tells us that every morsel is a choice--to get us closer to or further away from our goal. If our goal is to be fit and healthy, then this bears thinking about.
What are your challenges? Are they daily? What can you do besides eat?
Will getting a walk make you feel better? Do you need more sunlight? How about getting those little guys out to a park or even a mall where you can all walk and get exercise. Pushing a stroller is absolutely fun and attitude is everything. If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

Right now I'm using the WW pass system where I pay for my mtgs. monthly and that includes use of WW e-tools. Then I track my food points and my activity points and get little smilies when I eat the healthy guidelines foods. It cheers me up to see I'm doing the right thing.

For things to do, I love to read a book. I bring a cup of tea or a Diet Coke out to a quiet spot and read away.
I answer my e-mails and get carried away and forget about food.
I call a friend or e-mail a buddy.
I plan meals for the next 7 days and make sure I have the ingredients in the house.
I freeze leftovers so I'm not tempted to eat them and it gives me a fast dinner or lunch when I need one.

We are here. Let's do this! Princess, you're the best. I remember when your dh went on the WW wagon with you and when he climbed off the wagon. I know that makes it harder for you., but you're right--we're doing this for good health and fitness and what other people do can't really matter all that much. We can do this!!!!! :bravo: :cheer: :hug: :goodvibes:

:goodscale: :tread:

So to Chrily and Princess and Bandit and Cherry and INVU and NEWYEARNEWME and Ariana, I'm pulling for all of us. It's up to us to do the right thing.

Here's a suggestion that might help others. When I get on the treadmill, I put a price sticker (round circle--same color for the whole month) on my calendar. Then as I look at the month as it goes by, I see how often I've done the right thing and it feels good and encourages me to get on the :tread: again!

So, if you have any little tricks, let us know what you do.

By the way, here's what I do with a rotisserie chicken :chef:from the super market:
1. eat some of it hot for dinner
2. make a yummy chicken salad w/reduced fat mayo, celery, and apple for lunch the next day
3. Take whatever's left and make a yummy chicken soup w/ couscous as the grain. Absolutely delicious and easy.

Good luck. I mean it--chime in when you're feeling bad, we'll help you. If you're having success, please let us know--that helps us all. take care and be well.
234.6/218.2/thinner into onederland :cool:

02-08-2008, 08:54 AM
Good morning, turtles:

Sounds like our group is in "extra struggling mode" right now. Maybe the time of year is a factor. With everyone being busy & socializing over Christmas with family/friends & now there is a lull in all the action & planning for everyone else, I think maybe we don't know how to make ourselves a priority at times.

Maybe we should make "us" be the focus for the next while & treat ourselves like we would treat a friend in need.

I have always had no problem with journalling (good or bad) and I find that helps to keep me on track. I have had bad weeks & know exactly what the problem was & most of the time there was an "emotional" trigger that started the backslide.

Lets start each day with a new ww can-do attitude & not keep dwelling on our past mistakes.

New day, new start, new journal, new way of thinking.
If you can get your head focussed, everything else should follow.

Have a great WW turtle Friday.

02-08-2008, 08:55 AM
Good morning ladies and a very happy Friday to you all... any plans for the weekend? DH and I are thinking about going to a dog show that is in town, we both love dogs and at some point, down the road, will be getting a German Shepherd. We currently have three old girls and when they go on to doggy heaven we will take a break and then go pick out our GS... either from a rescue or a pup from a breeder. I am for the rescue of an older dog but DH would also like to have a pup so you never know... at some point we may end up with two :D. Other then that not much is planned except I am going to make it to W/I and stay for the meeting Saturday morning. Most likely will do some cooking over the weekend.

I did not mean to come on too strongly yesterday, I truly did not, but I am struggling too and I just had taken a really long hard look in the mirror and thought to myself "How long are you going to let this go on before you do something about it?". Then I logged on here and saw some of the posts and I thought... well, I guess this is a sign that I need to get my butt back on the wagon pronto!

Judy: Great post! I do the monthly pass with e-tools also... it is a wonderful thing.

All: Have a great day, look inside yourself and figure out what you want... then start moving towards it, keep the faith - we have the plan so lets use it and lean on each other and once the scale starts going down that is a great motivation to keep going!


02-08-2008, 11:14 AM
Hi TUrtles,
Bandit, I love that you journal all the time and see exactly what triggered a lapse in good eating. Weigh to go!
That "can do" attitude is just what we need now.

I thought your post was perfect. I've been "struggling" for years now and it's tedious. It really doesn't matter that my thyroid stinks, etc. I know that if I keep on program and exercise 5x aweek I'll lose about a pound a week. On those weeks when I get down and eat more than I should and abandon the :tread: I gain faster than it can be believed. None of this is easy, but it's all doable.

Come on Turtles!!!!! We can do this. Let's Start in wherever we are and drink that water, get that exercsie, plan and prepare those healthy foods and give yourself a chance!

02-08-2008, 02:32 PM
Thanks Judy!

Well I am out of here early today, DS is coming home from school for the weekend, complete with large amounts of laundry and all... well I did say that I should keep busy instead of eating didn't I =) Not exactly what I had in mind but I will take it.

You know... I have felt like crap ever since Thanksgiving... I am tired of feeling crappy... this is my weekend to work on my home, get it cleaned up, organized and the fridge stocked with some good stuff. W/I and a meeting on Saturday, dog show on Sunday and cleaning and organizing in between... that should keep my hands out of the cookie jar I think.

I will make it a point to pop on here over the weekend to see what is going on and chat for a bit also.

Have a great weekend turtles!

02-09-2008, 11:39 AM
That's a long time to feel crappy. I hope your body is healing. Here's some :goodvibes: to help. Hey, on the bright side you'll have a heck of a lot more to do this weekend than you imagined on Thursday! Aren't kids wonderful? LOL. It'll be good to see your son.

As for me, I avoided some temptations yesterday, tried to make good choices, and am heading for the treadmill when I'm finished writing here.
It looks like it will be a quiet weekend since dh is tired and needs time to recharge. It'll be okay because a new movie is coming in from Netflix, I have a good library book to read, and there's always TV. Mostly I'm trying to put the words and thoughts expressed here lately into place and action--think about what I eat before I eat it (so there's no guilt and remorse) and be prepared with good healthy foods.

Onward and Downward!!!!!!!
Take care and be well.
Bandit, thanks for the reminder that the very season makes it tricky to do well with foods--less fun, worse weather, less sun, and all that makes February a tricky month.

02-09-2008, 02:12 PM
Happy Saturday all!

Went to W/I and stayed for the meeting even! Did not do well on the W/I, I was up 1.2 lbs but am back on track and doing well so far.

We are going out to supper with MIL and DS and really hoping to go to Appleby's since they have the WW menu and it is sooooo easy to eat well there... but DH does not like it there so much so we may pick another place... you never know though, I may get lucky!

Cold and windy here today so not sure that I will get a walk in outside. they are calling for snow tonight and the temps are supposed to take a nose dive into single digets... peachy! I will keep busy in the house instead. I sure wish that I had a treadmill at home... boy oh boy what I would give for one of those =)

Have a great weekend!

02-11-2008, 11:05 AM
Happy Monday All!

Oh my word but it is just soooo cold here in the Midwest. We went to another restaurant on Saturday instead of Applebee's but I had a salad and salmon so it was ok.

DH and I went to the dog show on Sunday and had a good time with the exception of the weather.

I am on track and feeling pretty good so that is a good thing.

Have a great day ladies!

02-11-2008, 11:38 AM
We have been working on organizing the house here to. We woke up this morning to a thunderstorm only it was raining ice. How wonderful. I sure do miss the sun.

I looked at myself in the mirror last night and thought "I can do this" I have done it before and i was doing well. I know how to lose the weight and I know it is possible i just need to get a handle on my emotional eating and other behavioral problems.

Judy and Princess - Thanks for keeping this board going. Looks like there hasn't been much posting since Saturday morning. Hope everyone is doing well. Don't give up.

02-11-2008, 04:45 PM
Hi Turtles,
Don't give up! Keep on trying! We can do this. :cheer:

You're on the right track and that's what counts. I think it's great that you were able to eat well while dining out. :chef: Weigh to go! Hey, we were given a couple of gift cards to Appleby's over Christmas and had a chance to go there recently. It's fabulous to be able to eat out and not worry about the points or food prep. I had shrimp and asked for a baked potato instead of the rice pilaf and had a yummy meal.
Princess, you're doing great! :goodvibes: for coming through that back misery and :goodvibes: also for helping us out here.

Cherry, I'm so happy that you looked at yourself and gave yourself some positive self talk! Weigh to go! :bravo: Yes, you've done this before. Yes, you know what to do. Now baby steps to doing it. Emotional eating is a kick in the head, so tell us what you'll do instead of eating the next time emotions get to you. I'd love to know so I'll have some new ideas too. Yay! You can do this and you'll feel so good about yourself. :cheers:

Bandit, how are you doing driving in the Canadian snow? Brrrrr, seems like we have a lot of cold weather Turtles in this group. Spring's on the way--I can feel it.

Chrily and INVU and New yearnew me and Ariana--:grouphugs: to you all.
Take care and be well.

I'm doing great. I've been recording all points of the food I eat. Even when I made less good choices, I still recorded it, looked at it and said, "Well that's what the 35 points are for," and kept on going. I had to really talk to myself a few times, but if I can lose weight this week :goodscale: it'll all be worth it!
I've also added ten minutes to my treadmill time. Soon I'm going to try using my one pound weights and see if I can't do something about my upper arms.
Wow, that would be great.
Okay--I'm rambling enough here.
Take care, be well and keep on turtle-ing along.

02-12-2008, 09:37 AM
Morning all and happy Tuesday! It is a snowy icy day here, cold and gray, but like Judy said, Spring is on the way... it is just taking it's good old time getting here :D

Judy: you are doing great and a huge inspiration to us all! Yup, I like the no-brainer of Applebee's also! Keep going, you are doing great! I have to start working on my arms too! I have serious "granny" arms, always have, it runs in the family... Blah!

Cherry: Congrats! I know it is the hardest thing in the world to do... look in that mirror and be positive and honest instead of demeaning and negative to ourselves... but you did it, step one down!

All: How is everyone doing? Anyone have any game plans in place to get back on track or stay on track? If so I would love to hear about them!

Bandit: Good Lord girl but you have got to be more tired of the cold then even I am... LOL. How are you doing these days? Any new recipes?

Ok - Biggest Loser question - last episode - I think - they had a chef on, he had the winning team cook a meal - the dish with the pink lentils, curry sauce, grilled peppers and steak is the one that I am interested in. I have looked and looked but can not find a recipe on how they did that... any suggestions anyone? I have never made lentils or curry sauce in my life, the beef and peppers I can handle but the rest... well I need help.

I will be making it a point to check in here a few times a day, it really keeps me going and helps me to remember that I am a Weight Watcher, keeps me on track and helps me to be accountable.

Post when you can... no matter what! Good day or Bad day! It helps us all the more you post!


02-12-2008, 09:51 AM
Just a quick test to try my new avatar and ticker... yup, it is true... with the holiday's and my back problems I have gained 6.6 lbs since Thanksgiving... but you know what? I don't care at all, not one little bit, that is the past and I am back on track!

Anybody else going to jump on the wagon with me?

Have a very happy day ladies!

02-12-2008, 10:15 AM
I found this on another site and thought that is applied to the Turtles... enjoy!

STAGE #1: Honeymoon. When you're in the Honeymoon stage, you feel eager to do whatever it takes to lose weight. You can't wait to get to your goal, and you feel completely committed to your efforts. You probably always stay within your points Target and, control your portion sizes. And it's likely that you track everything you eat in your Tracker, plan your meals and exercise. Keep it up!

STAGE #2: The Thrill Is Gone. This is the most frustrating stage. You may be saying: Why do I have to be so careful? It doesn't seem like it's working. Why can other people eat what they want and still stay thin? Why can't it happen faster? I can't get motivated anymore. If you're at this stage, stick with it. Do what it takes to get the support you need, and see if you can reconnect with the reasons you decided to lose weight in the first place. Review your materials you'll learn something new you didn't know before. Try new foods in your day or a new recipe or try a new exercise.

STAGE #3: Renewed Resolve. This is the time when you have a clearer set of expectations, with the added benefit of understanding how the process works. When you're at this stage, you know that weight-loss doesn't come easily, and you're prepared to work hard. You're ready to be more consistent about exercising, tracking your point values, controlling your portion sizes and everything else that goes along with building healthy new habits.

STAGE #4: Lifestyle Change. At this stage, you keep up your new habits even when you've had a bad day or week. You cope with stress and emotions in a healthy way. And you're always on the lookout for healthy things to eat, and for ways to get in extra exercise. This is a great place to be!

Stage # 5: Divorce Stage. This is the stage you don't want to be in. You have divorced yourself from the program. You have gotten relaxed, old habits came back in, some of the weight has came back, you say you will start again tomorrow or the first of the month. At this stage you need to stop everything and think about what you are doing. Get the materials back out.

Copied from a post by awsum34

02-12-2008, 10:33 AM
Loved all your posts. Hey, with all you've been through since Thanksgiving, I think your weight loss is okay. Last year I gained 8# in January alone. Ugh!
So, I love all you've got to say and I hear that you're going to give this your best shot! Weigh to go. You've had a great weight loss and now you're working on the next phase of losing weight. I think the stages of weight loss make a lot of sense. The nonsensical thing is to give up and overeat when I feel like I've disappointed myself. That leads to more weight and more guilt and a stupid cycle.

Right now I'm in a good spot. I'd like to lose a pound this week and I'm working on it. It's not at all easy right now--food is calling to me all the time.
But I WI tomorrow and I know I can do this. Thanks for the pep talk Princess.

Let's all do this!

02-12-2008, 12:38 PM
I have decided to get back on the wagon if i have to jump from a tree to get on it.LOL I cannot continue on the path I am on. I am going to weigh in on Tuesdays. I am not sure when everyone else weighs in. And like Judy I want to "record all points of the food i eat even when i made less good choices, I still recorded it, looked at it and said, well thats what the 35 points are for, and kept going"

If i am having trouble with emotional eating distract myself I am going to
1.) work on my puzzle
2.) Scrapbook
3.) Exercise
4.) Draw
5.) Take a hot bath
That is the plan anyway. We will see if it works well enough. Well here i go. I will try to post how i have done for each day this week to get me started.

02-12-2008, 01:51 PM

You rock! I am so glad that you have your plan together! It will work, we just have to be patient and keep going no matter what... if we have a bad meal or even a bad day... so what, we just keep going!


Love your list, I think I will be stealing one of your ideas... I am going to pick out a puzzle the next time I am at the store and set up a card table in the spare bedroom so that I can work on it when ever I need to...

Thanks again! By the way, I weigh in on Saturday morning but what ever works for everyone is fine... Just post how you are doing on your W/I day and I will do the same.

02-12-2008, 04:09 PM
Hi Turtles,
I am so thrilled with the extra support right now. I sure can use it and I think it's helping us all.

I'm going to print out that list of stages of weight loss leading up to life style changes. It is clear cut and right on! It bears looking at when we get down
because it points out what we have to do. Long ago I realized that if I were to succeed I needed to eat foods I like (and learn how to make new ones) and couldn't allow myself to be very hungry. Eating "diet foods" and feeling starving all the time couldn't work for me since I had done that too many times in the past and it just didn't work.

Cherry, thanks for your great list of things to do to avoid emotional eating. I like them all and the list made me realize that I want to get my quilting out again. Last year when I was planning my dd's wedding I let my quilting go and I miss it. It's true that I also like to crochet, but right now I've tackled a crochetting project that's a little tough and it takes effort to do it right. So that's not a comforting thing to do. Also, I am reading much more lately and that's working out well--me, a book, and a cup of tea is just the ticket!

I'm sending good vibes to all and I'm going to see if I can't come up with a lentil dish with curry sauce.

Good luck and best wishes to all our wonderful turtles!
(My internet connection keeps on giving out on me, so if I'm not here as often it's because I've lost my connection.)
Ps My WI is at WW's on Wednesdays and I post my losses or gains because that helps me keep on track.

02-12-2008, 04:09 PM
I'm going to start a new thread. See you all at #194!!!!