Exercise! - Exercise..ouch! Tips..hints..help!

01-27-2008, 05:28 AM
Hi all,

Thought I'd come beg some advice here. I'm only a week into my new life but the execise thing is killing me!! I know it's partly cos I'm a lazy mare and partly cos my derriere is the size of a small country! But I also know I have to do it.

If anyone has any tips on how to get through this I'd be so grateful. I know it will get easier if I persevere, it's just getting to that point that I need help with. I've heard of people getting addicted to exercise and think how fab that would be..I'd be happy just to not dread it so. Do the endorphins really kick in at some point?

Just want to say as well how great 3FC and all the members are. I really couldn't do this without the support and encourgement I get from this site. Well done and good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!:)


01-28-2008, 12:06 AM
Are you looking for tips on dealing with the pain that usually comes with starting a new exercise program or for tips on how to stick with it. As far as the pain goes, that should diminish in a week or so. I know the first time I worked out after years of inactivity, I was in so much pain the next day I could barely move. But after a week or so, it was fine. But if you are experiencing pain, drink lots of water (that will help flush out the toxins in the muscles), try stretching the muscles that hurt (and make sure you stretch after every workout), and take Ibuprofen.

In terms of sticking with it, the only thing that did it for me was paying someone else to make me exercise. I hired a personal trainer and I consider him to be the number one factor in my success. I know I would have quit after a few months (maybe even weeks) if I hadn't had those regular appointments. After a couple of months with my trainer, I was at the point where the results I was getting were motivating enough to get me to the gym.

Another thing that really helped was buying an iPod. I have a special playlist of songs that I only play when I'm at the gym. I look forward being able to listen to my workout music when I'm at the gym (I don't play that playlist any other time).