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02-06-2002, 05:30 PM
Ok girls...here ya go...for those of you who wish to share your daily food intakes and excerise routines....please post away....A few of us believe that by seeing what others are eating and doing for exercise could be a great amount of help for others!!!
I will post my intake later after I have had dinner!!!
Take care...LisaL

02-06-2002, 08:10 PM
I started last Tuesday at 217. I am now 212 as of Mon. Feb 4. I will be back to let you know of my success.

I have no room for failure.

I may be slow but I am determined not to be a statistic.
The statistic is that there is such a high percentage of obeses people in Appalachia.

Let me know of other successes.

02-06-2002, 09:51 PM
2 fat free hot chocolates 2pts
2 pcs of reduced fat white toast 1pt.
total 3pts

2 slices of reduced fat white bread 1pt.
2 slices of turkey 2pts
slice of 2% cheddar cheese 1pt
slice of tomato
35 pretzels 2pts
total 6pts

4 oz london broil 4pts
2 boiled potatoes 4pts
1c boiled carrots
total 8pts

fudgsicles 3pts
popcorn 5pts
tootsie pop 1pt

Ending total for day: 26pts (banked 1pt)

No bike today.....TOM is making me too tired......but the night is not over yet!!!

02-06-2002, 10:47 PM
Thanks for posting this, Momto2! Ending my eating day at 1765 calories. I don't eat breakfast, lunch and dinner like normal folk, so here's the list in grazing order:

2 EAS Carb Control Protein Shakes (several hours apart), 220

2 cups of Crispex cereal (dry as a snack), 220

2 Slimfast Vanilla Canned Shakes, 440

1 Hershey's Marshmallow Valentine Heart, 130

1 Hershey's Cookies & Creme Bar, 220

1 EAS Carb Control, 110

Lite Tuna & Cheese Casserole, 315 (water-packed tuna, Kraft Cheese Shells Dinner but using only half of the cheese sauce, mushrooms, grated carrots and misc. vegetables, divide into four servings, feed one to dog or you won't get any peace, eat one, freeze the rest)

1 EAS Carb Control, 110

A.m. exercise was 60 minutes of jogwalking outdoors; p.m. exercise was pilates; I didn't watch the time, just worked until I felt better.


02-07-2002, 12:19 AM
Here goes my day.....

4 pc low cal whole wheat toast, 2pt
1 tsp low cal marg., .5pt
1 orange 1pt................total 3.5 pts

2 sandwiches, low cal whole wheat bread, 2pts
2slices healthy choice deli ham, 1 pt
2 cup salad, with fat free dressing, 0 pt
1cup fresh strawberries, 1 pt.............total 4 pts

2 Gortons garlic fish, 4pts
1/2 cup niblet corn, 1 pt
1/2 cup rice, 4 pt
salad, fat free dressing, 0 pts
1 large pc. pineapple/angle food cake, 3 pts.....total 12 pts

2 cup microwave popcorn, 3 pts
1 fudgesicle(small) 1 pt
1 chocolate ww's smoothie with skim milk, 3 pts....total 7 pts

Day total:26.5 pts....and my pt goal was 27
Drank 3 litres of water.

Thanks for the thread Mom. Crone, pls don't feel bad about listing your intake we are not here to judge you. And your tuna/cheese cassarole does sound good.

02-07-2002, 09:39 PM
There really can be no days off like there used to be. But every two days I have a day off. If my work schedule was just that good!

Today I had Breakfast: Dry toast
1 cup of milk

lunch: mashed potatoes,
dinner roll
cottage cheese

Dinner 2 dinner rolls
Shells and sauce

Snack 1/2 a donut. With icing!!

I would like to weigh myself but my DH is a wildlife biologist and there is an injured bird in a box on my NEW scales. Oh gee!

02-07-2002, 10:08 PM
Ok! Hope we get some more participants here. Ending the "eating day" with 1760 calories. It was really a rest day for exercise, as I was feeling a little overtrained and that's not good! I did do 50 minutes of fitness walking with some flexband resistance training for upper body. I broke the 50 minutes into segments throughout the day of 10, 20, 10 and 10 minutes.

2 Healthy Muffins, 200
w/2 T. Diet Spread, 100

(Adapted from All Bran cereal's basic muffin recipe: 2 cups All Bran soaked for 5 minutes in 1 cup one-percent milk and 1/4 cup water, 2 tablespooons sugar, 3 packets Splenda, 1 tablespoon baking powder, pinch salt, 1 1/2 ounce snack box raisins, 1 cup flour, 1 tablespoon canola oil, 1/2 container Egg Beaters; preheat oven to 400 degrees; spritz a calorie-free oil spray on muffin pan; mix all ingredients, adding a small amount of water if too thick; divide into 12 muffin cups; bake at 400 for approximately 20 minutes or until brown; take out of oven and test to see if the center is too soft, if so bake again at 300 degrees for about 5 minutes; cool & freeze individually in foil. Reheat in microwave.)

1 EAS Carb Control Shake, 110
1 Snack Box of Raisins, 130

1 C. Diet V-8 Splash, 10
1/4 Ounce Pattie, Laura's Lean Beef, 140
1 Hamburger Bun, 110

2 Healthy Muffins, 200
2 T. Diet Spread, 100

1 Hershey's Cookies & Creme Bar, 220
2 Cans Slimfast Vanilla, 440

That's the story, folks! Film at 11.


02-07-2002, 11:19 PM
I can't believe I'm eating so much food for the allowed pts, here is my day.

4 pc low cal toast, 2 pts
2 tsp. low cal p. butter, 2 pts
jam, 0.................total pts= 4pts

1 Cup Spaghetti, 4 pts
1/2 C spag.sauce, 1 pt
veggie burger, 1 pt
salad,ff.dressing, 0 pt
pc. large pineapple/angel food cake, 3 pts.....total pts=9 pts

"cola" chicken breast, 4 pts
broccoli, 0 pt
1 sm. potatoe, 3 pts
salad, 0 pt..................total pts=7 pts

yogurt, 2 pts
1 C grapes, 1 pt
skinny cow, 2pt
8 wafer cookies, 3 pts
1 jam sandwich(low cal bread), 1 pt........total pts=9pts

Total for the day: 29 pts, which is the top end of my range, but I felt the need for some extra foods/snacks. I also picked up 'extra' treats when grocery shopping and ate some of them instead of what I planned for the day. Drank 2.5 litres of water.

02-08-2002, 09:40 AM
Here goes:

Breakfast:(remember I dont eat breakfast normally)

3 cups of Coffee 0
2tsp light creamer 2pts.

Lunch:(bad but TOM made me want JUNK)

Bag of popcorn 5pts
Tootsie pop 1pt


1 1/2 english muffins 4.5pts
1/4 cup pizza sauce 1pt
light mozzerella 3.5 pts
9 turkey pepperoni's 1pt

Snacks for day:
2 fudgsicles 2pts
4 pcs reduced fat white bread 2pts
2 fat free hot chocolates 2pts

Grand total......24pts

See crone.....your not alone....I have some really bad days where I stay within range....but the foods I eat are not what you would call NORMAL!!!

Weighed in this morning now that TOM is just about ended....I am down to 173.5lbs which brings me to 16.5 loss so far!!!(

02-08-2002, 06:40 PM
Boy I do like the sound of this point system.

It sounds like the best thing they have ever came up with!

I am still using my low cal. Diet.

Toast with jam and a glass of milk for breakfast

lunch was a slim fast shake.
(We are getting ready for a major inspection so there just wasn't time for any thing else or time to even feel hungry)

tuna salad on two slices of bread
and a bowl of soup (big bowl)

Start 217

02-08-2002, 10:24 PM
1 C cereal, 2pts
1/2 C fibre one, 1pt
1C skim milk, 2pts........total 5 pts

2 sandwiches(low cal bread), 2pts
2 slices deli ham, 1 pt
salad, 0 pt
1/2 C 1% cottage cheese, 2 pts.........total 5 pts

1 egg and eggbeaters, 3pts
mushrooms, 0 pts
2 veggie burgers, 2 pts
2 pc low cal toast/jam, 1pt...........total 6 pts

1 skinny cow, 2pts
1 pc pineapple cake, 3pts
yogurt, 2pts
sugarfree jello.ff cool whip, 0pts
1 C grapes, 1pt..........total 8pts

Total day pts......24 pts with a few pts to spare. 5 to bank! How much can I eat in one day!!!

02-08-2002, 11:09 PM
This is over my streak limit, but I decided it should be a "legal" splurge day as I really needed the extra treats. Calories 2575 (yipes), exercise 90 minutes of walk/run, easy so this amount is not excessive. Skipped the evening workout.

Two slimfast vanilla shakes, powder w/one percent milk, 440

Health Muffin w/diet spread, 150, minus 15 because Old Dog ate about one-tenth of the thing

Slimfast shake, powder w/one percent milk, 220

Cookies & Creme Bar, 220
Two slimfast vanilla cans, 440

Two cups dry Crispex cereal, 220
EAS Carb Control Shake, 110

One Hershey's Marshmallow Chocolate Heart, 130

Two slimfast vanilla cans, 440
Cookies & Creme Bar, 220

02-10-2002, 12:29 PM
3 cups of coffee 0 pts
2Tbsp of light creamer 2 pts

2pcs reduced fat bread 1pt
1 pc of turkey 1pt
1 pc of cheese 1pt
1 small bag of doritos 3pts
fudgsicle 1pt

pasta 12 pts (had to eat a lot to make up points)

4 graham crackers 4pts
fat free cool whip 0 pts

Days total.....25pts used.....2pts banked

02-10-2002, 12:32 PM
coffee with 1 tsp creamer 1pt

too busy.....out running errands and forgot to eat.

Ellio's pizza (1 full sheet) 9pts

6 cookies 12 pts
bag of popcorn 5 pts

Days total.....27 pts used....0 banked

See what I mean....I had the worst day of eating ..... wasnt hungry and when I was....I ate all the wrong things.....but I did not go over pts.....so life goes on.....LOL

02-10-2002, 05:04 PM
3 pc toast, 1.5 pt
jam, 0 pts
low cal margerine, .5 pt.........total 2 pts

2 sandwiches,deli ham, 3 pts
pc cake/pineapple, 3 pts
fruit cup, 1pt...........................total 7 pts

lamb chop, 6 pts
baked potatoe, 2 pts
1/2 C green beans, 0pts
salad, 0 pts
f.f. jello and f.f. cool whip, 0 pts...........total 8 pts

starbucks skim milk latte, 2 pts
carrot sticks, 0 pts
large smoothie/skim milk, 4 pts
orange, 1 pt.............................total 7 pts

Full day total:24 pts and 3 pts banked

02-10-2002, 08:16 PM
Angel-Eyes: Can you post the recipe for "Cola Chicken Breasts," please? I have never heard of such a thing! :dizzy:

Ok, Saturday's calorie count was 1770, exercise was a half day of rest and 30 minutes of easy walking:

2 C. Crispex dry cereal, 220
2 EAS Carb Control shakes, 220
1 C. V-8 Diet Splash, 10

Lunch with brother in fancy restaurant that I wasn't hungry enough for amounted to 500 calories, 100 of them veggies, bite of dip, few corn chips, few bites of a turkey club sandwich, mineral water & lime wedge, one-half piece of extremely good cheesecake.

1 EAS Carb Control, 110

2 Vanilla Slimfast cans, 440
1 Cookies & Creme bar, 220

Ending Sunday with 1760 calories, a full rest day from exercise unless I do some Pilates:

1 EAS Carb Control, 110
1 C. Crispex dry, 110

1/2 can lowfat corned beef hash
topped w/1/2 carton Eggbeaters, 155

2 Vanilla Slimfast Cans, 440
1 Cookies & Creme Bar, 220

Roast chicken, 1 drumstick, 75
1/2 breast, 140
1 thigh, 110

1 Vanilla Slimfast can, 220

1 Bally Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake, 170

No vegetables in two days unless you count the bites of lettuce and tomato on the sandwich I didn't feel like eating. Oh, well. Works for me!


02-11-2002, 12:27 AM
4 pc low cal toast, 2 pts
low cal margerine, .5 pts
jam, 0 pts
1 orange, 1 pt.....................total 3.5 pts

2 sandwiches(low cal bread) 2 pts
deli meat, 1 pt
pineapple cake,fruit cup, 4 pts..........total 7 pts

slice meatloaf, 5 pts
baked potatoe, 2 pts
salad, 0 pt
asparagus, 0 pts
1 bread/marg. .5 pt..................total 7.5 pts

1 C strawberries, 1 pt
celery stalk & f.f. cream cheese, 0 pt
skinny cow, 2 pts
pineapple cake, 3 pts...(love that cake!!!)
smoothie/skim milk, 3 pts................total 9 pts

Total Day pts.....27 pts with 2 pts banked.

Hi Crone. The "cola" chicken recipie is very easy and quite tasty!!
12 oz diet cola
1 C ketchup
4 Chicken breasts (no bone, no skin)

Spray a non-stick frypan and add all ingrediants. Bring to a boil and then cover/simmer for 45 min. Remove cover and let sauce thicken. Even my two young boys loved this and it was sooo easy to prepare. Enjoy!! 1chicken breast = 4 pts

02-11-2002, 07:40 PM
hi everyone,

I thought i'd jump on the band wagon and try posting my menu. It will probably seem weird because I eat six times a day (or I try too).

meal 1
eas-muscle drive shake w/strawberries

meal 2
lean cuisine-meatloaf

meal 3
3oz. lean steak
green beans

meal 4
healthy choic meal

meal 5
eas "results" shake

only got in 5 meals, so i only had 1130 calories. kind of low but one day of low calories can't hurt anyone.:dizzy:


02-12-2002, 10:45 AM
4 pc low cal bread, 2 pts
jam 0 pts
b&b marg., .5pts................2.5 pts

2 sandwiches, 2 pts
f.f. cr. chease, 0 pts
strawberry jam 0 pts
banana, 2 pts
2 snackwell cookies, 2 pts.................6 pts

egg beaters, 1 pt
mushrooms, 0 pts
2 veggie burgers, 2 pts
3 toast,jam,marg., 2.5...................5.5 pts

yougurt,banana, 4 pts
1 orange, 1 pt
2pt bar, 2 pts
slice of meatloaf, 3 pt
xl smoothie/skim milk, 4...................14 pts

Total food pts for the day.......28 pts and 1 banked pt
I sure seemed I was hungry all day and therefore I seemed to eat all day. Supper was an after thought, as I really wanted to have pizza, but kept everything in check with a low cal meal that I love. Its really nice to know that on my 'out of control' days, I can still eat within my pt range. I thought for sure I was going off plan, but.....I still was successfull!!!

02-12-2002, 12:49 PM
well my eating was good and I also rode my exercise bike and lifted weights for my upper body.

meal 1
eas-muscle drive shake w/ strawberries

meal 2
chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat

meal 3
ww frozen dinner

meal 4
3 oz lean steak
brown rice

meal 5
low-fat cottage cheese

meal 6
chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat

for a total of 1367 calories. well within my goal.


02-12-2002, 10:38 PM
4 pc low cal toast, 2 pts
banana, 2 pts
jam 0 pts, marg..5 pts................total 4.5 pts

hot chicken sandwich.................total 5 pts
(f.f. gravy, 2 pc bread, sm. chicken breast)

chicken breast, 4 pts
mixed veggies, 0 pts
salad, 0 pts
2 bread/ marg. 1.5 pts
pc cake/fruitcup, 4 pts.............total 9.5 pts

2 pt bar, 2 pts
1 orange, 1 pt
1 fudgesicle, 1 pt
xl smoothie/skim milk, 4 pts............total 8 pts

Total food pts for the day.......27 pts and 2 pts banked

02-14-2002, 01:34 PM
1 lowfat waffle, 2 pts
1 T syrup, 1 pt
yougurt, 2 pts..............total 5 pts

2 sandwich, 2 pts
2 deli ham, 1 pt
1 C strawberries, 1 pt............total 4 pts

1 C pasta, 4 pts
spag. sauce with meat, 3 pts
salad, 0 pts
2 veggie burgers, 2 pts
1.5 C strawberries, 1 pt.............total 10 pts

skim milk smoothie, 3pt
2, yes 2!!! skinny cows, 4 pts
1 jam sandwich(ff.cr.cheese), 1pt........total 7 pts

Total pts for the day....26 pts, and 3 banked.
I couldn't help myself with the strawberries....they were on sale and so good!! I discovered the mint version of the skinny cow....going to have to watch those ones!! But still within my limit