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01-26-2008, 09:34 AM
Has anyone else dealt with this? Since I have started my weight-loss journey, I have also been walking more (even jogging once or twice!). I was encouraged to "pump those arms" when I walk, to burn more calories and make the heart work faster.

The first day I returned from a work out, I noticed that on my sides (where my arms were rubbing on my fat rolls), my skin was chafed. It never really healed. It gets rubbed when I wear certain shirts or when I work out. It actually becomes really painful at the end of the day or at the end of a workout, and you can see where the skin is rubbing off. (Sorry if that's TMI.) Right now (early morning), it isn't painful at all, but I know that by the end of the day, I won't even be able to touch it without wincing. It's not a small spot, either. It's like 6 inches by 6 inches!

Has anyone else dealt with this? Is there any way to prevent this, or will it just go away once I've lost more weight?? Is there anything I can put on it in the morning or before a workout to prevent the chafing? Thanks for any information you might have!!

01-26-2008, 09:40 AM
My favorite product for chafing or heat rash is Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It is fragrance free and comes in a tube. Although it's a gel, it goes on dry. You may find it in the feminine products section, or the skin care section. It's made by the makers of Monistat. I also use it along my bra line, where I tend to get chafed and itchy, and under my arms when I get heat rash.

You could also try putting gauze bandages over the area before you go for your walk--but I'd definitely try the Soothing Care first!


01-26-2008, 10:38 AM
Same here. It isn't pretty, but chafing is a reality (even for thin people!). I use Body Glide for these types of things. You can buy it at athletic stores, as it's used mostly for runners/triathletes. It comes in a stick, like deodorant, and it's odorless and colorless. It works great for me.

I have a friend who swears by the product that JayEll mentioned, as well. Both seem to work great!

01-26-2008, 11:09 AM
This happens to me also. It just happens to some people! I use both products mentioned above and both work very well. Good luck!

01-26-2008, 12:49 PM
I've used the body glide, which I purchased at Sports Chalet. It worked very well.

01-26-2008, 02:54 PM
I remember wearing pantyhose in the dead heat of the summer and just regular walking would cause my inner thighs to turn purple like they were bruised from the trapped heat from the nylon of the hose. It was part of my dress code back in those days. Since, I used to go outdoors and walk a lot I would get quite a dark tan on my legs. I did try and "sneak in" to work with no pantyhose but I got caught. It used to infuriate me that my male bosses would insist I wear something they would never dream of wearing in that kind of heat. And, no, wearing a tie and button up cotton shirt do not count!

I would make sure that I would try to get that healed up though before you do much more exercising or you could get the area infected from the bacteria from your body sweat. I have tried some good OTC antibiotic creams that will heal it quickly but there is also liquid bandage products that could also provide some barrier between your arms and your torso skin. I would also consider wearing all cotton clothing that allows your body to wick off some of that perspiration. There are a lot of great products on the market to help with the wicking process of body perspiration when you work out. When you can, I would "invest" in those. Make sure you hand wash them though because they are kind of expensive and you want them to last.

I hear your pain though. Great to hear that you are sticking with your work outs in spite of these drawbacks.:carrot:

01-26-2008, 11:56 PM
Uggggh! The nylons bit reminded me of how insanely painful it is for me to wear them. Chafing HURTS!

When I wear nylons, the skin on my inner thighs is so soft and thin, that it kind of pokes through the weave and then the friction just slices it right off. Wearing them makes me BLEED, so I just DON'T do it.

I'm so sorry youre experienceing this. I have heard wonderful things about Body Glide...I think it will help. It also helps to prevent blisters, too.

I hope you find an excellent solution, and when you do...please share! ;)


01-27-2008, 01:06 AM
I'm so sorry youre experienceing this. I have heard wonderful things about Body Glide...I think it will help. It also helps to prevent blisters, too.


That is such an excellent idea! I never thought of it. I get blisters on my feet so easily, even when the shoes fit perfectly.

Rubbing, chafing and blisters are really quite the pain! I hope you find a solution that works for you. Good going for sticking to your exercising even through a setback some people might see as an excuse to quit! :)

01-27-2008, 01:44 AM
Baby powder might work, it may be a bit messy though

01-27-2008, 01:49 AM
Were you wearing a REALLY loose top or tank top or something? I'd get chafing on my thighs sometimes when it was hot out and I'd wear a skirt.. But never when I wore pants and the skin was covered with fabric.

01-27-2008, 03:40 AM
Have you tried that Monistat powder gel? It works WONDERS! I worked on an archaeological dig this past summer, allowing lots of and sweat into skin folds and repetitive work causing much discomfort, and that stuff was my savior.

01-27-2008, 01:27 PM
Since it is on your side would it help to wear a tight tank top underneath the shirt you are wearing to work out in? That way the skin would be covered and nothing would be rubbing against the already irritated area.

Goddess Jessica
01-28-2008, 02:48 AM
It's not just you, girl!

In fact, there was a couple that used to race walk by my house. They always wore arm warmers up high, by their elbows. Then, I tried race walking, turns out that it wasn't for warming their arms it was to prevent chafing near their elbow area! And I have had chafing during water aerobics as well.

I haven't had any luck with the body glide stuff but I do wear long sleeves if I am going to be swinging my arms and bike shorts (under everything).

Good luck!

01-28-2008, 01:47 PM
I don't have arm chafing, but I do get HORRIBLE thigh chafing...

In fact, I went to vegas a few years back and we missed the bus and had to walk half the strip--- I was wearing heels and a SKIRT (obviously not something I'd wear for a walk) and literally by the time we were back at our hotel I was SOBBING b/c I had rubbed away most of the skin between my thighs and my skin was just angry red and full of blisters and bleeding in some areas.


Anyhow---- I wear a pair of spandex shorts when I exercise and I NEVER have a problem. Yeah, you get extra sweaty and stinky... but I'll take that over bleeding blisters ANY day... Maybe you could buy a longsleeve spandex top or those Under Armor type tops? (I don't know if underarmor has the same resiliency as my spandex--- I don't rub through my spandex like I rub through my jeans!!! One pair of shorts has lasted me YEARS)

Good luck!

01-28-2008, 01:59 PM
Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I looked for the Monistat gel, but our Walmart doesn't carry it (which really wasn't a surprise, because I think we have the smallest Supercenter ever!!). I have written that down - along with Body Glide - to look for the next time I'm in the city.

This weekend, I did wear a tighter tank top under my t-shirt and there was no chafing!! Big thanks to the poster who suggested that!!

01-28-2008, 02:00 PM
I've also had terrible experiences with nylons. I truly hate them. BUT, the last time I wore them, I put them on, then used body glide over the TOP of the nylons, and I didn't have any trouble at all! It was great! My friend said she did the same with the Monistat stuff, and it worked for her.

Also, wearing a snug fitting base layer is a great idea. I often will wear spandex-y shorts under my normal running gear, and it keeps my thighs from chafing. Under Armor's compression garments are great for this type of thing.

01-28-2008, 06:12 PM
Body Glide, huh? Interesting... In the summer I never get to wear those cute summery dresses and flowy skirts b/c of the chafing issue... and spandex shorts don't look flattering under any "real" clothing! lol

I might have to give it a try in the name of fashion!!!