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01-25-2008, 12:17 PM my favorite food:D

I'm pretty excited that it on plan to use infrequently and I will definately be taking advantage of this! I'm w/ and beer will be a treat for me. Maybe bi-weekly or only monthly.

Anyhow - I hate Pizza Hut and it's the only one listed in my book. Can you guys give me some pointers on other pizza restaraunts I can use? With as much detail as possible (i.e., serving size, toppings, counts).

Also, I was thinking I could make some at home more regularly that would be really on plan. I was going to use whole-wheat pita bread, FF motz cheese, mushrooms, olives and some other veggies. The only thing missing here is the sauce!

Any good on plan recipes for pizza sauce? Should I just buy puree or something and add some spices?


01-25-2008, 02:55 PM
I don't know a good pizza sauce but I recently saw a low calorie/on plan pizza-kinda-thing on Food Network. I made it, and even my husband, who is not "on diet" loved it a lot! Here it is:

You take a 5-inch pita, spread a heaping tablespoon of canned crushed tomatoes on it (I drain them a bit), and then you layer 2-3 very thin red onions slices, few tomato slices, roasted peppers (if you have some left from the last bbq), sprinkle with half-salt, pepper and oregano, and then instead of a regular cheese (mozarella or whatever) you put 4-5 tablespoon scoops of light ricotta cheese (about 1/2 c in total) on top of your pizza.

To the 350F oven it goes, for about 8-10 minutes. It's a fast lunch, I count as 1S, 1 P and 1-1/5 V.

It is a very simple and fast pizza (pita-pizza) :)

Repo girl
01-25-2008, 04:24 PM
For sauce I use a small can of no salt added tomato sauce and add basil, garlic, oregeno, red pepper flakes, and some morton's lite salt. I make mine on a pita, and they turn out great.

For store bought pizza, check out Dominos Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza. Here is a link to the nutritional info: MwNjM4JnBvcz02JnBhcj0ma2V5PURvbWlub3MgcGl6emE.html