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01-21-2008, 09:03 AM
Time to start the new 2008 year with a new thread count. We didn't quite get to #52 last year. In years before when we had a full group we would wizz along past that number but nowadays with just 3 regular posters and 1 occasional one we barely get close to a thread a week.

It is cold here this morning, but no where near Jean's temps. It is supposed to get up to near 50 today so that will be nice and it is supposed to be sunny.

I saw over the weekend that Suzanne Pleshette has passed away and the song writer of the Monkee's hit, "Daydream Believer" died suddenly. He was also the lead singer of the old Kingston Trio. I always liked their songs as they had nice tight harmony. It always makes me feel old when clebrities and such that I recognize pass. I didn't know that Suzanne Pleshette was married to Tom Poston. Tom passed away late last year sometime. I guess they didn't marry until the late 90's after her 2nd husband passed away, but they had been an "item" in the 60's but moved on to marry others. I guess she married Troy Donohue but divorced him less than a year later then married some rich oil guy or something and they were married for over 40 years I guess. She sure didn't seem like the Troy Donohue type, but seems like Tom Poston was the other end of the thing for sure. I guess whomever makes you happy, right?

I never got upstairs and cleaned yesterday as Jack was sort of in the way and may be the same today so I might not get to it until tomorrow. I would like to get it done and out of the way, but he didn't come to bed until 1 AM because he was watching something on tv so he will sleep in this morning and muck up my routine! :)

I guess if I am going to get anything done, I probably to get to it. I know you ladies have to work today so try and keep warm and enjoy your day.


01-22-2008, 01:41 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! This will be short and sweet since I went to card club tonight and now am heading towards bed. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and hasn't quit; we had a two hour late start while everyone around us eventually cancelled for the day. We have a lot of out of town teachers who drive in and they were not happy campers. The calling tree fell apart somewhere along the line and I didn't get the call until 6:45 when I was ready except for getting dressed. The wind is supposed to come up tonight so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Bob took me to school this morning and when we came home the highway was starting to drift across by the lake.

"Gma" -- The "white glove committee" is on vacation this week! ;)

Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

01-22-2008, 08:47 AM
Good morning to you all! It is chilly but at least no snow thank heavens. I talked to my brother last night, who lives about 30 miles south of Chicago and he said it was snowing there and they had 2-4 inches. I also had to talk to all three of his kids and it was like a yoyo. The twins are 12 and the oldest is 14. I started with the oldest, Ruth, who has cerabal palsy, but bless her heart she hasn't let that get her down. She told me she is manager of the girls' volley ball team and she said she just learned to skip. To most little kids that would seem like nothing, but to someone with cerabal palsy, that is great and I told her so. She doesn't really have any mental disabilities, it is mostly body and she does amazingly well, though I haven't seen her in a couple years. I then moved on to Cora, who is a real jabber jaws, then back to Ruth again, inbetween talking to dad and rounded it out with Caleb. I don't know why his 3 kids like me so much, but I always have to talk with all three when he calls. Cora told me that two weeks ago the three of them headed for the bread store with their dad, he zoomed right past it and continued driving at around 80 mph on a city street. He came to a stop light and they noticed he was acting funny (he has diabetes) and before they could do anything he took off again. When he stopped at the next light, Ruth put the car in park and took the keys and Cora called her mom on his cell phone, who called the police. Luckily, there was a cop across the street outside his car so Cora started screaming for him and they got him in an ambulance and to the hospital. His blood sugar had dropped to 30! I told Cora from now on to refuse to go with dad unless he checked his sugar before he left the house. He is one of those idiots who eats what he wants most of the time and just sticks a needle in to fix it. My mother did that and it ended up killing her.

Jean: Wondering if you get to sleep in this morning and take the day off due to snow. I hope so. Sounded like you guys were in for some rough weather. Good thing the white glovers are off because I never got anything done yesterday except work on the sweater. I had to tear at least 20 rows out when I discovered I did the decreases wrong on both sides. I found that putting a pattern on a sweater with raglan sleeves is tricky and it took some doing to finally get the hang of it. On top of that, it is a knit3, purl 2 ribbing so on the decrease row you purl 3, knit 2, slip a stitch, knit a stitch, pass it over then continue in your rib pattern to the last 7, k 2 together then k2 then purl three. That is all fine and dandy until you turn it to the wrong side and then you have to really watch it pattern wise going back and that is where I would goof it. On top of that, I would let my mind wander and find I had purled a knit stitch or vice versa and mucked up the pattern so would have to rip back the row and fix it or if it was several rows down, I would have to take the stitch out then use a crochet hook to weave it properly back in. I did that numerous times yesterday and really wanted to get the one side finished, but I got tired and aching by 8 pm so gave it up and will give it a go this morning. I do have to get the upstairs done today though and will get going on that around 9 so I don't wake people with vacuuming. I don't know how noisy a vacuum is to the others as both condos on each side have tile floors throughout so they never vacuum, (or in the case of those nasty former tenansts, never cleaned, don't know which!):)

This is not getting things done so I better hope to it.

Have a great day!

01-22-2008, 01:43 PM
Good morning, ladies! We've warmed up to 40 degrees at noon today so we are having more normal temperatures with rain.

Jean, I hope you aren't snowed in - but have enough to get a day off school!

Faye, I live in a townhouse and I can't hear anything on either side except the dishwasher if I go into my kitchen near the wall. We are well insulated and have thick firewalls between so that may be why. I say the heck with them - clean at will!

Jean, do you think we'll ever make Faye's list for a knitted project? We could pay for the yarn...

Faye, next month is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and one section is devoted to all kinds of yarn - there's usually a booth from Australia and I buy wool quilt batting - it's the greatest. They have demos of people spinning yarn. One lady spins dog hair in with the wool for customers (from their dogs).

01-22-2008, 03:28 PM
Hi FLowers! Some of you might know me I'm Mary and I was one of the founders of this thread. Wanted to stop by and say hello to all! I was thinking about getting back on track with my WW and thought I may as well start here for a little support. It's hard for me to check in daily as I don't have a PC @ my home right now. (I keep it at my office.) I also work 2 jobs.
Hope to hear from all of you ....

01-22-2008, 11:31 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my nap in front of the TV and will head to bed shortly. We had a two hour late start today so the morning classes were shortened again. It's cold and is supposed to go down below 0 again tonight.

"Gma" -- I used to have to teach a kid or two to skip when I taught Head Start and Kindergarten -- not as easy as it looks. I'm betting your brother's kids like to talk to you because you take the time to visit with them and listen to what they have to say. Not many adults do that in this day and age. That was a scary thing for your brother to do; I hope he learned his lesson. I had to just laugh at your description of your knitting . . . like I have a clue what you are talking about! I'm sure the sweater will be beautiful when it is finished.

Susan -- I'd almost rather have a late start or early dismissal day, for snow, because then we don't have to make those up at the end of the year. Many years ago they built a couple of snow days into the schedule but they don't any more for some reason. Our district is the last one to call off school and that is sometimes bad because often the teachers are on the road when the decision is made. Will you get to go to the quilt festival? It does sound interesting.

Mary -- "Hi Stranger!" I can imagine how busy you are with two jobs. Hope to see you here often. Congrats on going back to WW!

I need to fold a load of towels and then I'm heading to bed. Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-23-2008, 08:17 AM
Good morning to you all! It has finally warmed back up where it doesn't blast you when you open the door in the morning. Still quite cool when I took some stuff out to the trash this morning but not cold!!!

Mary: I have been here several years now and don't remember you, so you must have been before my time. Isn't it great to see that the thread has survived though. We hope you can pop in from time to time and let us know what is going on with you.

Susan: All you have to do is ask and I would make you anything that is within my ability as a gift to you or to Jean. Want a sweater???? :lol::lol: I only foist my stuff onto people I figure can't complain like family! :D Of course, I have yet to see anything I made actually on someone. Well, that's not true. I made a sweater for Thomas a couple years back that he actually wore the heck out of and I made a newborn sweater set that the baby wore the sweater part of in a couple pictures. If you go upstairs and are on the toilet in the hall bath, you can hear the neighbors washing machine going in the middle of the night. Several times when I have gotten up at 2 or 3 in the morning I would hear the washing machine. Thing is, I am not sure which condo it is. Of course I can hear her washing machine and dryer downstairs if you are in the downstairs bathroom as they butt up next to that wall and I can hear when she runs her disposal. The worst thing is the food smells. This is a black woman who has her mother living with her and they make some foul smelling stuff that seeps right into the bathroom downstairs, the kitchen and then in my bedroom upstairs. It has to be like chitlins or something like that or else she is one gag cook because the odors are nothing like you have ever smelled. I have Airwicks all downstairs, three in each room and that doesn't even help. I have to go around and light all the downstairs candles and spray air freshner upstairs it is that awful.

Jean: So now, if the instructions confused you, you know that I was totally befuddled until I went slow. When I made the yellow sweater, it is from the same pattern, and I started the ribbing and had it so screwed up that I ripped it out and just made the stockinette pattern all the way up because her birthday is in May and my sister's is in April so I needed to get the May one finished and get my sister's done. This time, I decided to make the sweater according to pattern no matter what and it gave me a time of it, but when I finally got it down, it has been a breeze. We shall see now though, if the sleeves are still too short when I knit them as they were with the yellow sweater. I would bet they will be even though it is one size larger. I am now a good halfway up on the back side so it shouldn't be long until I can have it done and sewn up. I saw that they finally shipped the scarf so I am anxious to see how it looks with the sweater. The cute little jeweled apple pin looks grand on the yellow sweater.

I watch the First 48 on tv a lot (not much else to watch) and they seem to have Memphis on there quite a lot. If you haven't seen it, it is a reality show about homicides in different cities. Memphis, Miami, Detroit and Dallas seem to be featured a lot. I had to chuckle last night as they had 2 episodes I think it was and sure enough, Memphis was one of the cities and across the bottom blinked a little sign that said, "Want to meet the Memphis Police Officers? Go to So now our cops are famous I guess!

I guess I better get going and get that sweater done.

You ladies have a great Wednesday!

01-23-2008, 12:52 PM
Good morning, ladies - nice sunshine today and warmer! I wrote a nice long post and then lost it so now I'm about out of time.

Mary, welcome back - join us when you can.

Faye, I was teasing you. I know you would make things for Jean and me because you are a kind and generous woman.

Jean, we have 4 snow days built into our school year and rarely have snow. We do get icy roads and then they close school rather than have a delay (go figure that one).

You know what freaks me out - the way clothes are now sized. I was getting exercise pants marked large - 12-14. I just got some new ones and large is now 10-12 (they fit!). When I was a young girl, large was 16-18.

Have a great day!

01-23-2008, 04:35 PM
Hi all .. thanks for the welcome back! I'm not really going to WW, but I want to follow the program. Any recipes any of you can give me for cooking for one would be nice. It's hard trying to cook for one.
Faye: I was one of the gals who stated this thread - I was glad to see it still up and running. I see you are from the south also! I'm in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I'm really from the Chicago area, but have been down south for 30 years.
Hi Jean - hows Iowa? Haven't been there in years, but I do have some family there. I'll try to stop by as much as I can - love your emails.
Hi Susan, thank you for the welcome back!!! I know what you mean about the sizes changing! It's crazy ....
Need to zoom - see ya'll later!


01-23-2008, 11:13 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I just cranked the furnace up another notch; it's -7 already and the sky is clear with bright stars and full moon. It's a beautiful night outside even if it is cold. Today was a GREAT day at school because my "problem children" were MIA from my study halls. :-) We are invited to Jason's in-laws tomorrow night for supper so we can do some last minute Maui planning. I am soooooo ready!

"Gma" -- Our condo neighbors were Korean and they cooked up some pretty weird smelling stuff! They invited us over for dinner one time and the man asked if we would care for a drink. We all said yes and he poured straight whiskey into a glass full of ice! I let my ice melt, took a couple sips, and let the glass sit on the end table. It was an experience for sure. When we moved to Cleveland in 1972, they were averaging 1 1/2 murders a day. That was shortly after the black riots and around Kent State time. My mother was so worried about where we were living not realizing how big of an area it was. Do you think the knitting pattern sizes run pretty true to ready made garments? I wish the clothing industry would all work from the same sized patterns . . . would make the consumers' lives much easier! :yes:

Susan -- I hate to try on clothes and try to second guess by looking at the item. Sometimes I luck out and other times it is a disaster! :lol: I've done lots of returns in the last few years.

Mary -- You mentioned doing two jobs . . . what is your second job? What is the housing market like in your area right now? My MIL has a house in Tucson she is supposedly trying to sell and the realtors keep telling her the buyers aren't buying right now. :(

I'm off to check my email. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow . . . the weekend is getting closer!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-24-2008, 04:36 AM
Good very early morning to you all! I had another one of those can't sleep nights and gave up about an hour ago, came downstairs and decided to pay some bills and then knit until Jack gets up. I am going to keep the car today and tomorrow to run errands. Fortune has his yearly check up tomorrow morning at nine so hopefully he is alright. My luck with pets isn't doing so well of late. Actually, he is fine except he got ahold of a bone last night again. I know it isn't kids now so I wonder if it is the deranged squirrel I have in our tree.

Mary: If you are formerly of Chicago then you are not far from my stomping grounds. I grew up just south of South Bend. My son and dil live in SB as do my sister and her kids. My brother lives in Manteno just off Interstate 57. We go through Baton Rouge when we go to Houston. It is good to see you here and hope you can post a lot. It would be nice to have another lady here.

Susan: I am not sure I would make you a sweater with this rib pattern though. That might be stretching friendship a bit far. It has driven me crazy. Now I know why it takes women who do these shawls and things so long to get one done, they get lost and mess up or don't pay attention and mess up or find a booboo after knitting several rows, etc.:lol: I am finally done with the body and only have the sleeves, thank goodness. Of course, the sleeves are totally the rib pattern top to bottom, but as they are short sleeves maybe it won't be so bad. I like to have tv on or the radio but I have to have dead silence and Fortune has to leave me alone or I end up k the p and p the k for sure! :^: How is Stan coming along??? Good for you, in a 10 no matter what the size says!

Jean: Sometimes I feel like this city is a war zone, but funny it isn't racial killings. It is 90% blacks against blacks here and gang stuff. We have a large Mexican community and there is gang stuff and killings with them too. There is an apartment complex that caters to Mexicans about a block from us and they seem to always have the darn police there. I tell ya, I keep my gate and my doors locked at all times. I don't feel threatened when I go out to walk though. I have never had anyone bother me at all, but then I don't wander in the dark either! :)
Handknit stuff is like everything else, no one thing is the same as the other. It is even more difficult because you make it according to bust sizes for women and if you have a woman with small ones and big hips then you could be sunk! This particular sweater has waist shaping so who knows whether it will fit my sister or not. My friend is pretty small so hers should be ok.

My dil called and said she had scheduled her unmarried sister's baby shower for the Saturday we are going to be there. So, I found a pattern for a little pullover sweater and stocking hat that I am going to make for the baby using the leftover red and yellow from the two sweaters in a striped pattern. She specifically said her sister wants bright colored stuff reds and yellows, etc so that is what she is going to get. They can't tell whether it is a boy or girl so I thought this way either could wear it. I am making a 9 months as the baby is due the end of May. I am old fashioned and feel baby showers for unwed mothers are inappropriate, but that is old me and these days anything goes. Can't say I am pleased that her Saturday is going to be tied up with a shower either, but then..... So, she said I was invited but if we had plans already on that day not to worry about it. Well, my plans during the day were to spend it with my son, dil and the baby, but that will go out the window. Her shower and all the people in and out of the house lasted most of the day as this one will more than likely as it is at her house. I think I will go, but then leave early and maybe make arrangments to visit my friend and take her the sweater for her birthday. This particular sister of hers is not my favorite, but if I don't go, then they will have hurt feelings I am sure. Her mother doesn't like me for some reason anyway so I don't want to compound that by insulting them and not going.

Well ladies, you all have a good Thursday and don't work too hard.
Faye--- in Memphis tangled in yarn...

01-24-2008, 10:25 AM
Good morning, ladies! Back to the low 30's with rain and snow expected today (not that snow will accumulate).

Faye, I guess I'll get out my knitting needles and make my own ribbed sweater. I 'll be able to knit for at least 5 minutes at a time so should have an entirely new pattern developed by the time I finish.

Stan's wound is looking better but still has a long way to go to get healed. It's really gross looking - but has turned pink and healthy instead of red and infected.

Jean, have you been going to the tanning booth to be prepared for Maui? Hawaiian quilts are really beautiful. This is not a good time to be selling a house - people aren't buying because of fear of the recession so it is a buyer's market and sellers won't be getting top dollar. Builders are going into bankruptcy because new houses aren't selling.

Mary, I'm a lifetime WW. I'm tempted to check in this month to get the new program materials. I don't really count points anymore. I follow the Curves diet now (similar to South Beach).

01-24-2008, 02:48 PM
Hi Flowers,
Hope this finds you all well and staying on track!
Well Jean don't laugh, but my second job is a driver for Papa John's Pizza on a good night I can make as much as $23.00 an hour! and no responsibility!!!
(I was a Pizza Hut manager for 10 years, about 15 years ago.)
The housing market is a buyers market here .. I just had a closing last week
and will have a another one I hope next week. Just waiting on the bank.
Faye, I grew up in Evanston IL and also lived in Long Greve IL. I do know of South Bend, but it has been many years.
Susan, My daughter just became a lifetime member. She really wasn't fat, but wanted to loose for a wedding she was going to be in. I think she lost 30 pounds.
Oops there is my phone ... need to zoom..................


01-25-2008, 01:08 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from an evening with our Maui friends; found out the flight time has changed to an hour and a half earlier! My school day was a challenge in that one of my students that I dragged through algebra last semester has developed an attitude I don't especially care for. I have him for two periods in a row and he did squat nothing; I asked him to stay after the last bell because I wanted to visit with him and he walked out on me. :tantrum: I can hardly wait until he wants my help again. :spin:

"Gma" -- That is too bad about the baby shower being when you would rather spend the time with your son and family. :(

Susan -- I did tan last time; it was just enough that I could tell from my watch band, but no one else seemed to notice. I did wear sun block when we were there so didn't burn. I need to get going again; it takes more time to get undressed than the actual tanning time! :lol:

Mary -- I think pizza delivery people make pretty good money. :yes: I know we always tip whenever we have it delivered, which isn't very often.

Have a fantastic Friday! We have teacher in-service, and we are heading for Sioux City after lunch! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-25-2008, 06:40 AM
Good morning ladies! Another early morning for me I am afraid. I was busy yesterday and didn't get a nap, then wanted to watch Ace of Cakes last night to see the cake they did for the Harry Potter Premiere last year and it didn't come on until 9:30 so I didn't get to sleep until around 10:30 by the time I got upstairs and got arranged. I will be so glad when I can once again sleep on my side or better yet on my tummy.

I have to take the dog to the vet today for his yearly shots and try and get out to Wally's to get carpet shampoo so we can get the downstairs carpets done. Jack's sister and bil are supposed to be here next weekend and I want to rearrange the living room and get that carpet cleaned, which hasn't been done in a year and again tackle the dining room. The dining room is a walk in the park but moving all the living room furniture is a pain so we don't do it as often and I have big area rugs that cover a lot of the old carpet so it doesn't get dirty all that much.

Susan: Glad to hear Stan is coming along. I was so mad at myself last night. I had over half of one of the sleeves done and counted my stitches and discovered I must have made a mistake with the decreases somewhere because I had too many and ended up ripping it back to where the bind off was and starting back over, which was at least 20-25 rows. Well, I had redone about 14 rows or so and counted my stitches to make sure I was corrct when I realized that when I counted before, I was thinking about the proper stitch count for the yellow sweater I had just finished, which is one size smaller so the one I was doing had been correct! :mad::( I could have shot myself!! I can't keep stuff in my head so I make a list and cross off row by row, for ex if it says p1, k2, skpo knit to last 5 st, k2 tog k2 p1 and do this row every 4th row until you have 35 stitches, I make a list on paper like 1- dec (53 st), 2 pattern, 3 pattern, 4 dec (51 st) etc. I cross each row off as I do it so I don't get lost. I did two things wrong when I started it the first time, I wrote down the remaining stitch count wrong on the list, having made it dec 3 each dec row instead of just 2, ie 52 st, next dec 49 st. So I think that is where I flubbed and on top of that, looked at the wrong end count for the size medium instead of large even though I have all the appropriate numbers circled on the pattern! I think I was probably too tired to fool with it last night, but did anyway.

Jean: You have to be getting excited about finally going on vacation and into the nice warm sun too! What kind of things do you guys usually do? They have the most beautiful resort in Honolulu that is owned by the military for our use and the prices are wonderful. It is called the Hale Koa. From what I saw on the website information, it is right on the beach at Waikiki there. For Jack's retired pay grade, he would pay $92 for the cheapest room (farthest from the beach it looks like) up to $182 for a deluxe ocean front room, which I imagine means you can walk out of your room to the beach, which would be cool. The rooms are as nice as any hotel we have stayed in in Vegas. On top of that they have restaurants, dinner shows, all kinds of events and then offer cheaper tickets to things like the boat tours and such. We don't seem to get much advantage being retired military anymore, but there are some things. I know they have a really nice resort in Orlando too. Have a good inservice day and enjoy your weekend!

Mary: I wouldn't be a pizza delivery person in this town if you paid me $100 an hour. I would be scared to death to deliver pizza here. Are people pretty good with tips? I would have thought they were chintzy. I usually tip about 15% or so of the bill like restaurants. I know Jean knows, but what is your first job??? I am a stay at homer and as you can tell am an avid knitter.

Well guys, Jack will be up in about 20 minutes so I guess I should go. No going back to bed for me as I have to take him to work today so I can take Fortune in. Have to come home and brush his teeth and clean his tear stains before we go.

Have a great weekend everyone!

01-25-2008, 08:29 PM
Good evening, ladies! Dialysis and visiting nurse day today. Things are getting better. Stan's protein and potassium are both low so the dietician told me to give him anything he wanted to eat for the next few weeks. It always falls in the hospital. I swear they know nothing about a renal diet although the sheet on the tray says it is. So far he has requested lasagna, pizza, and peanut butter.

Faye, you have inspired me. I'm going to clean the bedroom carpet this weekend. I have to do it in sections because the the king-size bed. I'm going to do some rearranging and move my quilt frame in and put it near the window. Stan naps for about 2 hours after dialysis and I could sit and quilt up there. Now it's in the family room.

Pizza delivery around here is okay but just a few miles away it's a life-threatening job. They get robbed and shot.

Jean, the Hampton is the next city to York County. One of their high schools just made the list of the 10 worst schools in the USA. On the other hand, York County schools are near the top and people move here to get into the school system...and our taxes are the lowest around. But the County Commissioners were smart enough to take in 3 Walmarts so they pay for a lot.

Have a good weekend.

01-26-2008, 12:55 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We went to Sioux City this afternoon and did some quick shopping. Bob was looking for a new pair of leather gloves, I needed new undies, and "Mom" needed kitty litter from SAM's. I ended up with a new iron and a new toaster to "play" with. :) The stores are showing summer shoes, purses, and some clothing already. The winter sale racks are full of sizes small and medium. :( Bob is going to Jason's and help sheetrock tomorrow; I haven't decided if I am going or not. I should stay home and clean, do laundry, etc. Seeing Ian and Zowie sounds like more fun! :cp:

"Gma" -- The last time we went to Maui we did a lot of the touristy sight seeing stuff. We spent a day in Honolulu which we won't do again. I wonder if the hotel you mentioned is painted pink? If so (I can't remember the name off hand) it was USAF officers' quarters during WWII and my dad was stationed there. When we were there in '69 it was a hotel and we saw it again when we were there two years ago. I would have loved to go inside but it was raining, wall to wall people and cars, no place to park, and so we drove on by. This time we are planning to do a lot more whale watching from the boat. They are so awesome to watch. Our room faces the ocean and last time we were lucky enough to have some to watch from our balcony each day; it's much better being out in the boat though. We'd also like to tour another part of the island that we didn't get to the last time. There is a winery that has tours so may do that. Jason's FIL just fell and tore/broke something I can't remember the name of and ligaments in his knee so is on crutches. They have done an MRI but he can't get into an orthopedic surgeon until Feb. 11 and we leave the 15th. They are trying for another surgeon or possibly Mayo since he had his heart surgery there. I know the athletes who get hurt are on crutches one day, have surgery the next, and are back in school the next so I don't know what the problem is. He says he is going to Maui no matter what!

Susan -- The current debate with the local school board is to eliminate TB testing for children entering the school district. One board member says we need to keep requiring it because of where the immigrants are coming from while the rest say it is a hardship for parents to come up with the $10 fee. We have a "free" clinic here in town that caters to those who have little or no insurance and the fees are based on income and ability to pay. Teachers are upset because we feel they need to keep the testing and shots up to date to protect those already here. It is a mess for sure. Our Walgreen's opened yesterday -- I am so excited to go, but will wait for a few days to let the rest of the population check it out. I hope Stan continues to improve and feel better.

Hope you all have a nice weekend! It will fly by like they all do.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-26-2008, 08:18 AM
Good morning to all of you. We got a little sleet yesterday and I noticed the deck was wet this morning and I haven't ventured out on it in case it is slippery. I will let Jack check it out when he gets up. We have that "heat" stuff that melts stuff, but I worry about Fortune getting into it. I guess I should bring the bottle in and read it. I put down some yesterday before I went to pick up Jack as the deck got slick but I don't want to put down any more until I check.

Fortune has a clean bill of health for another year. Cost me $151 to find that out. That didn't include shots. Because we have been there a long time they gave him his bordatella booster and his parvo booster to us free, saving us $20, but when I got home and looked at the receipt, I saw they didn't give him his rabies, distemper, etc so back we went and because they goofed up, we got those free as well, which saved another $50. So, if I would have had to pay the whole thing, over $200

Jean: The pictures don't look like the hotel is pink, but it I looked at the website and it says it is built on a parcel of land that used to be Fort DeRussy, an old army base so I don't think it is the same thing. It says something about Fort DeRussy being an army museum now and the parcel of land and something called Battery Randolph is the hotel. It looks pretty good size. I hope Jason's fil can get some help and maybe get things going before he goes. It will be a miserable trip for him though no matter whether they fixed him up last night or not until next week. I broke my foot years and years ago and was miserable for quite awhile before it settled down. If he messed up his knee he is in for trouble for sure. I can tell you he isn't going to want to be walking around much. How many of you go together? I guess I thought it was just you, Bob and a couple who are friends of yours.

Susan: I dread moving all the furniture around in the living room, but Jack hates where the couch is, says he can't see tv very well and the living room is actually a den and doesn't have one solid wall to it so putting furniture around can be difficult. I have one wall with the door to the outside and a huge picture window, the next one has the outjut of the fireplace a tiny alcove then a built in closet under the stairs, the next one has the door to the hallway and the other has the opening into the kitchen. Makes decorating difficult at best, but I will do my best! lol Hope Stan gets to eat all his favorites and gets to feeling lots better. Jack is upstairs hurting this morning with his hip and knees. I imagine it is this cold weather, but I can always tell when he really hurts as he asks for Ibuprophen. Otherwise he never says a word even though his knees hurt all the time.

I am tired of knitting sweater pattern even though I only have sleeves yet so I bought yarn yesterday and started an adorable apple hat for my dil's sister's baby for the shower. I can't wait to finish it and post it. I have to tell you Susan, I don't see how you knit socks. Those teeny needles kill my hands.

I think I am going to go and take a shower and change my bag this morning. Have a good Saturday all!

01-26-2008, 06:45 PM
A cold good evening to you all!
After reading all the posts I just had to pop in with some info on Hawaii.
The 'pink' hotel in Honolulu is called the Royal Hawaiian. It may have been turned over to the military during the 2nd World War but as you said, Faye, it is not the military hotel now. The military hotel is called Hale Koa Hotel and it is on Wakiki but about a mile away from the Royal Hawaiian. When we were in Honolulu in '83 we were not yet eligible for it.
Jean I hope you will have a wonderful time in Maui. We were only there for 2 days which wasn't really enough to see it all. Maybe someday we will get back but I hava my doubts.

Faye you seem to be doing well in the health department and I hope it keeps up and you pass your tests with flying colors.

Susan: I am very happy to hear that Stan is improving even though he has a way to go yet. Good health is one step at a time. I think moving your craft table to the bedroom would be a great idea as you can quilt and keep company with Stan at the same time.

Mary: I am a once in a while poster from MA. We are retired and are the oldest in this group. Just celebrated our 50th Anniversary. This winter DH and I have been hit hard by arthritis and hope summer heat will bring some relief.

Take care all and keep warm.

Gloria in MA

01-27-2008, 12:48 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! The only things I accomplished today were two loads of laundry, getting the papers read, and a 5 hour car ride! I did have a good time with Ian and Zowie; Amanda, Zowie, and I went to the mall and you would have thought it was Christmas shopping time! I think everyone must have cabin fever and with a nice day decided to get out. I need to iron something to wear to church tomorrow and I'm heading to bed. :yawn:

"Gma" -- Ft. DeRussy is where we met the guys coming for R & R! They bussed them in from the airport and the wives made a tunnel for them as they got off the bus. As I recall it was 4 AM or close to it! Now that Gloria said the Royal Hawaiian, I remembered that is the name of the pink hotel. We go to Maui with Jason's in-laws, Ann and Denny. He came to help sheet rock today w/o the crutches. He favors the knee but says it doesn't hurt. I would think he would be doing more damage to it by using it, but what do I know?

Gloria -- It's nice to see you again! I hope Arthur Itis takes a vacation from you and your DH soon!

Have a relaxing Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!