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01-21-2008, 04:19 AM
Hi LC'ers!

Getting ready to hit the hay but thought I'd start us up - Have got soooo many things started around here . . . very few finished. Really glad I'm off tomorrow - gotta get 'er done.

PC was inop most of the weekend - but got the new tower installed (FINALLY) and am just loving how FAST things are working and all the colors are different. Just having a ball with it - PLUS got the audio back so have been youtubing it quite a bit (LEAVE BRITTANY ALOOOOOONE!)

Enjoyed catching up with the Chat . . . ttyat . . .

01-21-2008, 08:16 AM
Hi there!

Victory is mine! For I have found a sucralose sweetener! I remembered a little grocery on the other side of town that stocks imported stuff, and I thought - what the ****. And I have found some sucralose thing! It is neither Stevia nor Splenda, but frankly at this point it could be called Dirt (tm) and I'd be delighted. I also found sugar-free jello! It was the only sugar-free or carb-free thing in the store, so I bought it on general principles.

...course, the not-so-virtuous thing is that when I FINALLY made it home, having done two hours of trudging around shops straight after work, the prospect of going to the gym just made me shudder. I cooked dinner straight away (chili beef stir fry, with mozarella and fresh rocket - jings, I do LIKE cooking, it's a damn shame it takes something like this to make me do it) and am now sitting and eating and filling in my Fitday thingy. Possibly after dinner I will go to the gym - although, to be honest, I'm not very hopeful about my likelihood of going to the gym Once I Have Sat Down.

otoh, I was planning to start my go-to-the-gym-every-day thing today. It's not good to flunk out on day 1!

...I'll see how I feel after eating. (All I do is the treadmill, so I figure it's not unreasonable to go after dinner.)

I sneaked another peek at my scales after I got home, half-expecting them to have shot back up - but no. Slightly UNDER 232, it looks like - which is awesome. Low Carbing rocks!

01-21-2008, 09:05 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Fay~ sounds like you are doing good!! Dontcha love fitday!?!?!?!

I climbed on the scale this morning.....I almost didnt get on it. It is too flippin cold in the house this morning to take all my warm fuzzy cloths off just to get on that sucker! :p Well, after I stopped shivering, I was rewarded with another 2.5lb loss :cb:

There is my positive for the day :D

Have a great day ladies, Im off to get ready for work. :wave:

beach bum
01-21-2008, 09:20 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Up early as I had to take my Fosamax this morning before eating breakfast. The temps up here is 16 degrees.and the winds are a blowing.

Nothing new, are you gals weighing-in today. I peeks on the scale and I stayed the same,but I have 2 days to work on that.

AUD-Thanks for starting us up.Do I know about PC.s so we changed to Mac.,No more:comp: woos.

BaB-You have a good plan all around and that 236 will be down soon.

ROBIN-Big congrats:carrot: on your 2.5 weight loss. Hope that happens to me this Wed.

Going to have my breakfast I starving,see you guys later

Hugs :) BB

01-21-2008, 10:23 AM
Good morning all!

I'm going to try to stay on top of the weekly chat better - it's so active that I find it hard to catch up if I am away for more than 2 days. Which is great news, since there are so many new(er) members...welcome :hug:

Beach - I couldn't figure out why it was so cold in the house this morning...until I went outside and saw it was 15 degrees! No wonder.'s 9:20am, I've already been to the gym, I have the day off from work, am meeting a former co-worker for lunch and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl :D I think I'll treat myself to a manicure!

01-21-2008, 10:55 AM
Up and at'em. Or rather, sit on largish rear and check 3FC site while one should already be pulling on woolies and grabbing car keys. I'll rush in a few minutes. It's wrong that I should have to toil today but alas, I must. :s:

I with you on the mani.

Fay: Yahoo about the sweetener. Hey, maybe you can order some of the low carb dry essentials over the internet? Lordy though. I always order stuff and click on US. Never thought to look for Thailand. Maybe I could send you a big box of Splenda? Just your luck customs will pull it aside and arrest you for white powder. Maybe you need a care package with sugar free pudding too. Sorry, they don't make sugar free Cadbury but there are delish sugar free Chocoperfection bars that rock.

Aud thanks for starting the thread this week.

Now I know about the turnips I want to try parsnips. NO! I won't. I can't really have them until later on the diet anyway. I will only be torturing myself.

Sounds like the group is doing smashing with the scales so far! I might hop on tomorrow. I'm off the hook today. My scale is in the Master bedroom and as soon as I woke up DD crawled into my warm spot with her doglies so I can't (read won't) turn on the overhead light. (Yes, of course the digital scale lights up...but don't ruin my excuse).

Well, I'd better hop in the shower, grab my lunch and get out the door. Check in with ya later.

ox SC:dance:

beach bum
01-21-2008, 12:23 PM
Hi I'm back again:)

Changed my menu around as I'm not going out just to buy ready made chicken when I have reg in the freezer. When I made up my journal last week I thought I take the day off from Cooking supper on MLK birthday holiday.I was being lazy,so I'll make my home made nuggets instead.

LAURA-I had the same problem last week ,the chat went up to 10 pages. If I can only stay warm today,tomorrow they are saying at the Cape will be back to the 40's again. Going to do my exercising tapes instead of walking outdoors.

SC-I love turnips and my mom would never cook them for us as she had too many when she was a kid.So until I met my DH I didn't know how wonderful a turnip taste. I think that L/C Luxury web site has a turnip French Fry recipe that would interest you.

* 8 medium turnips (about 2 1/2 pounds)
* 1/2 cup heavy cream
* 1 teaspoon Splenda
* 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg or 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
* 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
* 1/4 teaspoon salt (sea salt works best)
* 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
* Olive oil spray
* Lime juice

Pepper Turnips and Roast Peel the turnips with a vegetable peeler, slice and cut into 2 1/2-by-1/2-inch sticks. Pour 1/2 cup heavy cream into a large bowl and place the turnip sticks into the cream. Fill bowl with cold water until the turnips are completely covered. Add 1 teaspoon Splenda. Swirl a bit to mix and allow to sit in cream mixture for 10-15 minutes. (This cream-soaking step removes the "bite" flavor of the turnips, leaving them with a milder, more potato-like flavor.) Rinse in colander with cool water and pat dry.

Preheat oven to 425F.
Combine turnip sticks with the nutmeg, pepper, sea salt and Parmesan cheese in a large plastic (Ziploc-type) bag. Seal the bag and shake well to coat the turnip sticks.

Spray 2 large baking sheets lightly with the olive oil spray. Spread the turnips in a single layer on the sheets and spray again with the olive oil.

Bake in a preheated 425F oven for 15 minutes. Turn the fries over and continue baking for 15 minutes, until the fries are tender and golden in color. Serve hot with a sprinkle of lime juice.

Makes 8 servings. Approximately 4.5 carbohydrate grams per serving.

Hope I can Post it..I love making these when the rest of the family have the reg ones. Have a good W-I tomorrow. I W-I on Wed.

Have a great morning

Hugs :) BB

01-21-2008, 01:28 PM
BB: Thanks! I'm turnip obsessed.


01-21-2008, 03:41 PM
It took me my whole lunch hour to catch up on the board since I didn't go anywhere near the computer over the weekend. That's O.K. though. I think a busy board is fun.
I'm dreading my next WI on Wed. I checked this morning and haven't lost a thing this week except for losing the one pound I regained after eating Chinese last Thursday. I know from past experience that the third week on any diet is hard. I always lose a chunk of weight the first week and then a decent amount the second week, but I think by week three my body has figured out what's going on and goes into the "OMG, she's going to starve to death" mode which means it processes five or six calories out of every one I eat and stores them all as fat. So the weight loss slows just about the time the menu gets boring and the family starts complaining and it gets easier and easier to "compromise" and eat off plan... But I really feel like this is my last and best chance to make a change. I need to keep focusing on the picture our friends took in Mexico last fall. It was one of those, "who is that fat woman in my bathing suit?" type moments. I WILL do this!!!
Lily, sore muscles retain water and that affects your scale! I'd bet on it!
Fay, you make me wish I had chosen a completely different career and lived abroad at some point. Internet shopping may be the way to go for LC products.
Everyone else, I can't imagine liking turnips. I like lots of other veggies, but to me turnips are those weird things my mother used to try and force us to eat. When I add more carbs I might have to try them — but only if I can figure out how to peel them.

01-21-2008, 03:53 PM
YAAAY & Hi to Laura!!! Been loving the Chat but checking in more often myself!!! So many Great Posts!

Made a Thread about turnips around Txgiving, I think scalm - got like 20 #'s of the suckers at a Country Church Booth - went late & they were closing - lil ole lady & lil ole man gave me almost ALL of what they had left! I turnipped out and forgot about them - but oh, soooo goood! I made the french fries for sure . . . can't remember anything else standing out - but remember getting various recipes from Linda's Low Carb per usual. My Gran - (who died oh so long ago in 1972) - always had turnips in her garden - & always also had rutabaga growing right outside her back door - along with asparagus . . . *wistful sigh*

Tx also for Posting all the things you are making to BE PREPARED, scalm! Already getting a head start on what I think is going to be the key for me in my journey DOWNWARD on the scale! Stocked up late last nite with some OP groceries - gonna get to cooking here in a bit.

I want to be "whole foods" when I grow up Fay . . . sounds like you're getting 'a taste of that when you shop w/o the lc convenience there in Thailand!

WTG on your loss robin!

Didn't mean to send the freezing weather beachie - hope you & leo are staing warm!!! Drive careful!!! (I know you will) . . . my Mom took fosamax for many years - always was careful about staying upright as well. No sign of osteo problems for me yet (knock on monitor) . . . my Mom was already getting what was called a Dowargers Hump at this age . . . my bone density is off the chart youthful (but otherwise am identical to Mom) . . . I credit dabbling on & off with high protein since being a teen in the 70's.

01-21-2008, 04:03 PM
Hiya lynn! We must've Posted at the same time! I like the idea of parboiling the turnips to get them tender and also to lose some of the turnipie taste that scalm did. I miss white potatoes more than I do sweets so willing to trytrytry anything, ya know?

While I'm back on here wanted to say - Hang in There lilyb!!! I know EXACTLY how ya feel with the weight loss part - but agree with everyone that you are gaining lean muscle mass!!! Reading about your work outs has been so inspiring to me - headed for the Y after I finish this latest round of projects and gonna try to get as sore as you, GF!!!

I also agree that you should (if you haven't) do your measurements . . . bet your proportions are really changing in a GOOD WAY!

(I think I'm keeping mine in the '08 Goals Thread for safekeeping! *scared to look* ROTF!)

More projects to finish - bbl . ..

01-21-2008, 06:11 PM
O.K. Sleeping child be darned. I dragged that scale out this morning in the dark and hopped on. If ya'll remember I was a bit freaked on the 17th when I weighed and had gone from 222.5 to 225. It was down to 222 this morning but still waiting for TOM to land. It could be anywhere from last Saturday to Wed. of this week. I've upped water to 128 ounces a day and have only eaten meat today to try to shake things loose. I think I will actually go to the gym tonight and walk around like one of those bad art wide eyed children and maybe get my guts up enough to try some strength training equipment (provided it does not look like a Lunar Shuttle).


CT Cabo Girl
01-21-2008, 07:06 PM
Hi Chicks,
Sort of depressed today, the scale hasn't moved in 10 days despite being on plan. I know it happens, but it's still depressing to work so hard to avoid temptations and see no results.
On another note, my BF and I have been arguing about the marrige question again. I say we've lived together for 3 years, get along great, all the reasons to get married. He says why change things now? Everytime we bring up the subject, he says we wants to get married, but because his first marriage ended badly, he's afraid. I say, what the **** will change? Sigh . . . I don't want to spend my life being known as his "Girlfriend".

01-21-2008, 09:10 PM
Hi everyone,

My girls were out of school today so we spent the day at my friends' beauty salon and all got our hair cut, styled and hi-lighted. I actually wish I had been brave enough to cut more of the length off mine. Oh well, maybe next time.

Last night it was so cold and I was in the mood to bake. So, I made my first ever home-made apple pie. I had just a taste and it was very good. The family ate the rest of it.

Robin, WTG on the 2.5 lbs. that is awesome.

SC, WTG on your scale moving down.

Lynnar, I agree that I'm sure I'm gaining muscle and retaining some excess fluid in my muscles. I didn't go to the gym tonite cause I feel like I have pulled a muscle on the inside of my right thigh and it hurts like the dickens.

CT, I'm in the same boat with you this week with my scale (actually worse, I'm up a lb.). But, I've worked my butt off at the gym and eaten OP so I know I'm doing all I can. Hoping next weeks WI will be better for us both!

aud, you must've sent the freezing weather to me too. It's 20 degrees here with rain and sleet mix. TV reports wrecks everywhere around and for us to stay off the interstate. I'm gonna stay home where it's cozy and warm.

BB, hope all is well with you and Leo.

CT, hope you can work things out with the BF. It's not really an issue that can be compromised on. I was engaged the first time for 8 frigging yrs. So I'm not one to give advice. We eventually had a baby together and split up without marriage. Actually it was his loss and I'm better off without him.

01-21-2008, 10:39 PM
Evening All: 6:30 here in California so later for you midwest and east coasters and even later for Fay. Got home and DH had grilled some New York steaks (since he and DD were home all day). The good news is that made it easy to finish off the meat fast today. The bad news was that he broke into a special gift box of very special, very expensive custom cut steaks that I picked up for a gift for my best friends parents! He about crapped himself and so did I when I found out where he got the steaks. Mind you I have 4 perfectly good fillets in the kitchen freezer he could have used. Instead, he violated the sacred garage freezer where forbidden goodies, the gift steaks and several weeks of low carb meals are stored. I would have enjoyed it more if I had known I was chowin' down on 6 oz of meat that cost $40.00. (each steak was $40.00) Same for him. Worse still, I told him he now has to call the butcher that I got the gift box from (30 miles away) order the same custom cuts and pick up a new box of steaks for me to deliver. I was going to drop them off tomorrow so now it will have to be later in the week. He's like, "Oh, well we're kind of short on cash". I say, "Too friggin' bad. I bought the gift box in December right after I got my Christmas bonus...figure it out". WORSE I have 4 remaining steaks obtained at a horrendous cost that we are going to eat. I would never buy something that expensive for us to eat! Look at me *****ing about having to eat steak. I need to be slapped and sent to bed without a snack (please). Speaking of smacked. My HR employee came in today ecstatic because she had dropped the final four pounds of her 60 lb baby weight. She brought her Spanks (sort of an uber girdle for those of you that don't know what they are) and we lit them on fire in the parking lot and while they burned sang, "Spanks for the Memories". It was a hoot.

Ladies, you have sent the cold weather mojo here. It is windy and cold (o.k. cold for California). BBBbbbbbrrrrrr.


01-21-2008, 10:44 PM
PS: RE: The one day meat fast. I will be weighing officially on Wed. BUT I will tell everyone that as of this afternoon my ketostix were very, very, very dark purple and same tonight. I wanted to try doing a meat fast for one day only every few weeks to try to keep my body fooled. I will let you know if it makes a difference. Meat only (except for my one morning coffee with some almond breeze unsweetened almond milk, dribble of cream and splenda) and about 140 oz of water as opposed to my normal 120 oz. water.

01-21-2008, 10:44 PM
OMG, I do love this place! Apropos of nothing, just - needed to be said. Because in my corporeal life I am surrounded by thin people - not just at school, but THE WHOLE CITY IS FULL OF THEM!!! Which - you know, I knew that would be the case when I was thinking about coming out here, and I don't mind it so much - I mean, ironically I think it's actually harder for the skinny Western chicks who are used to being hotties, and who find themselves suddenly reduced to the status of wallpaper - and find themselves feeling suddenly really fat, and have the all-new experience of not being able to find clothes to fit sometimes. I'm already used to that crap, you know? But still - it does get a bit wearisome, being a source of innocent hilarity to total strangers. It's very nice to have a virtual space where not only is the weight thing not some sort of freakish aberration, but it's actually something that y'all understand, and that we're all working on, and that we're CHANGING, damn it! Love that!

Mmmmmmmmmm, turnips! Yummy goodness! (I've said it before, but I'm saying it again!) I just double checked in Dr A's book, and was delighted to find that parsnips are permissible in the pre-maintenance and maintenance periods. Awesome! Christmas without roast parsnips would be a sad thing indeed.

CT, I wish I had some helpful advice for you. It's a tricky one; but it sounds like to you, marriage is an important confirmation of your commitment to one another, whilst to him it's NOT important - even it feels like a jinx. Do you think it's a deal-breaker for you? Would you rather be married to someone, than be in a non-marital relationship with your BF? Or do you suspect that his reluctance is a symptom of some kind of deep-seated lack of real commitment on his part - that this is sort of a thin-end-of-the-wedge thing?

(Oh, crumbs. That phrase took my treacherous mind straight to cheesecake. I'm grateful that, by and large, cakes are crap here in Thailand*. Baking isn't a normal part of their cooking, you see, so Czech desserts tend to be jelly-type things. Or perhaps crushed ice with syrups and a mixture of kidney beans or sweetcorn or cubes of tamarind jelly sprinkled on top. In my mind, dessert isn't dessert if it doesn't involve flour and/or cream.)

I want to be "whole foods" when I grow up Fay . . . sounds like you're getting 'a taste of that when you shop w/o the lc convenience there in Thailand! It's great, actually, Aud - other than the lc thing. But this is how my mother mostly shops back home anyway, and in Egypt there was much less in the way of convenience food/Western imports than you can find here. And to be fair, you CAN find a pretty good array of imported things (****, there are 7-elevens EVERYWHERE, and of course there's the ubiquitous McDonalds - but also things like Subway and Sizzler and so forth )- just not the more specific niche things like LC stuff.

*of course there are exceptions - and I know where they may be found. But I'm avoiding these places like the plague, understandably.

01-21-2008, 10:50 PM
Fay: You GOTTA try the jello sugar free cheesecake pudding made with unsweetened soy milk and cream. It really does taste like cheesecake. Especially when you have been on Atkins for a week, or two or three.

p.s. My husband is 1/2 Japanese. I always tell him, "Thank God its the top half". His mother is Japanese (and yes, certifiably TINY), his father Texan. Go figure, he looks Hawaiian.


01-22-2008, 05:11 AM
Sounds yummy, SC!

Oooh - does your mother-in-law make yummy Japanese food? I heart Jeapanese food! (Actually, anyone know if Miso soup is allowed on Atkins? I've stopped drinking it to be on the safe side, as I don't know the carb content. Although - o kay, fitday can probably tell me, right?)

Meanwhile - sweet weeping mother of God, a parent has just had a Swensons Chocolate Cherry Icecream Cake delivered for someone's birthday.

God. This cutting-up-and-distributing is going to be hard

(...okay, much time has passed and this window has been sitting here all un-posted, type of thing.)

Once again, not only did I cut up the cake for 20 kids, I didn't even lick any of the melted chocolate off my fingers. And it looked REALLY yummy. And there were kids saying "I don't want my chocolate covered cherry" and I was all "aaaargh!"

I have a renewed sense of respect for those of you with kids. I don't know how the **** you manage to do the diet thing with small people munching down on non-Atkins foods around you all the time.

01-22-2008, 10:25 AM
Hate when the scale doesn't move most of the time cabogirl . . . actually hoping it doesn't move this w/i tho'!!!

Maintaining my most recent gain is about all I have to look forward to - tres pathetique, eh?

So sick this morning, I don't really care. If I don't get much better, will have to take tonight off. Also just re-read my jury summons . . . must call tonight to see if I'm on for tomorrow - which would be exciting (never have served b4) if I wasn't so BLLLLEEECCCHHH.

2 cents on the marriage question: Anyone reluctant to marry you for whatevah reason is a gigantic red flag - be glad somehow that you got the message and think about moving on, girl! Marriages are tough (is it a 50% divorce rate?) when BOTH people are wild about the idea, ya know? Think of the last 3 years as a learning living together experience and run don't walk.

Sorry to be so blunt caboct - like lilyb - I was "engaged" for 7 years one time with the same results she had - wouldn't trade the experience (altho' would have cut it off much sooner) but also wouldn't repeat it - LOL!

Just had the third barf scare of the morning . . . hope this is a quick bug.

Too sick to even sip coffee - now that's sick!

WTG slicing and dicing that cake fay! Just love reading your Posts!!!

sux about the $$$ steaks scalm - but hey - you're worth it!

Speaking of hair color . . . still loving my new short do . . . altho' if I keep gaining weight, noticed I'm looking more and more like dh's ex wife - YEEEEOW! Now there's a motivator, eh???!!!

Didn't get the sexy boots . . . BUT DID get a pair of gigantic gorilla fuzzy slippers that we've named "Phil & Phillip" (after Beloved Stuffed Phil The Gorilla @ the St. Louis Zoo) DD keeps stealing my "Phil's!" Couldn't find any boots that I liked well enuf . . . altho' a boot cut pair were cute, I really wanted the tall ones so will keep shopping.

Did anyone get some?

Hmmmmmm, a mac beachie? I've got a good friend that swears by them! If this sucker goes down, I'll definitely be looking into!

01-22-2008, 11:27 AM
Good morning,
It's icy here so my usual 30 min drive (inc. school drop off) became 70 mins. I hate wasting time like that. So naturally instead of jumping into work, I get on the message board. Oops.

I've been cooking more high carb food and not eating it! Sunday we wanted the 20 year old to come home and fix the new T.V. surround sound system. (It's like programming a VCR-only young people can do it). So I made him pasta Alfredo and shrimp, but I kept the shrimp separate and also grilled some chicken for myself and that worked! I didn't have any pasta.

The harder thing was when the 15 y.o. made herself macaroni and cheese and left a bowl on the counter for her dad, complete with a fork in it. I was hungry and walked by that bowl about five times. It would have been so easy to just grab a forkful (I love Mac and Cheese!) but I resisted.

I think I could resist ice cream cake too, Fay, but then I don't have a big sweet tooth. I also stayed off the scale this morning in the hopes that tomorrow's weigh in will be a pleasant surprise! Hoping realy hard!!

Stayincalm-I've never had a purple keystick reading! The most I get is light pink and lots of times when I'm pretty sure it should be pink, it takes some imagination to make it that way. I guess everyone is different. I wish I had a more decisive reading so I could figure out exactly how many carbs I can add back. I'm still trying to stay at induction --actually a little less than regular induction because I think I'm "weight loss resistant"-- but I've learned the hard way that I need some fiber in my diet. I'd like to move up to two big veggie portions. Now I just eat one salad and only the stray carbs in cheese, coffee cream and lately some celery sticks. But that's just me. I wouldn't recommend to anyone else that they go lower than the Atkins book induction and I will always recommend some fiber!!

01-22-2008, 12:58 PM
Hi everyone, we got lots of ice last night. The trees and fence sure look lovely though. Supposed to get even more tonite and temps staying below freezing for today. Don't know when the roads will clear so I can get back to the gym. I took my dogs out for their mornin walk (actually they drag me) and was so thankful I didn't fall on my keister.

DH heads back to work this morning. So, back to singledom for another week and I don't mind at all, LOL. His new payraise was on today's check and it was quite handsome. Joy, joy, now I can spend the evening paying bills.

calm, I hope them steaks were fantastic. Eat them with enjoyment, you deserve to get to have some expensive ones too.

aud, you and I really do have a lot in common. This particular SOB that I spent 8 yrs. with kept sayin we'll get married after college, then we'll get married after he finished medical school. Turns out we parted and he married a nurse he'd been screwing with about 6 month after we split up. Oh well, they are miserable, have separate bedrooms and just stay together so he doesn't have to split his fortune with her. I'm better off without him.

01-22-2008, 01:34 PM
No sexy boots yet. To bad they don't make Spanx for calves. Maybe then I could zip some up. I actually have a pair that will zip up (Everyone, Target has strechy ones) but the truth is that not only do the heels hurt right now due to my heft but I think the tightness around my lower leg cuts off my blood supply and makes my feet numb. Between 20-40 pounds ago I wore sky high heels all day everyday with impunity. One of the things that made me go on plan was the fact that it used to be that no matter how fat I felt, I could buy a cute pair of shoes. Now I find myself looking for shoes like the kind I used to see my grandmother wearing.

Chilly Willy for some of you folks out there!!!!Bbbbrrrrr. It is raining like the dickens here and cold (for us anyway). Cold here is between 30-45. I think that might be a summer's day for some of you folks. I have to drive to a big site and do some things before I head into the office so I'm trying to wait for the rain to ease up.

Commitment phobe boyfriend. Gee. I don't have any straightforward advice on that one. An ultimatum probably won't work(and who would want to have to give a potential lifes partner one...kind of sucks the joy out of it). If you live together you are talking about shaking up your entire life (breaking up) based on the fact that you want to get married and he doesn't. I think there is something to say about that no matter how much we all think you deserve to get what you want. Is the only problem you are having the fact that he does not want to get married? If there are other things going on then I understand why you might want to break things off but part of me says, "hey don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." Besides that. I think if you have had enough and wanting to married becomes your top priority you will probably wake up one day and the decision will be fairly easy. That happened to me with someone in the early 90's. I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be the number one priority and so we broke up. I got married to someone else (an old boyfriend that I ran into on the street outside of a club where I would not have been going at all if I were with my ex BF!). That was 15 years ago. In 2003 the boyfriend who I did not stay with had been through a bad marriage and actually hired a private detective to find me. Can you imagine my shock when I was picking up voice mail one day and I heard this voice say, "I just wanted to hear your voice". I knew who it was instantly. He called me one day and I picked up the phone and we talked. Lordy. Talk about a bad romance movie recapp. Got to hear all the affirming things we think we want to hear but now make no difference, "It was the worst mistake of my life. You made me feel so god about myself. I was a complete idiot. I have thought about you everyday for 13 years. I stood at the alter getting ready to say vows thinking "the wrong woman is standing here with me." We actually became better friends than we ever were when we were lovers. Not that it wasn't a struggle. He spent about a year dropping, "I love you" bombs and struggling with unrequited love issues. He got over it though and now is very happy and has been with a young lady who he seems to adore for two years. A couple of times in 05 he flew up here just for lunch which was a hoot. His marriage was sssssoooooo bad he doesn't want to get married again. So he says. Every now and then, when we are chatting, I say, "Don't be a moron. Just because it sucked the first time does not mean it will suck if you try it again." I think he is wavering now.

I wish I had some better more concrete advice for you. Maybe the answer is to try to enjoy the people we have in our lives the most we can for as long as we can until you reach your drop dead tipping point. Then decisions seem to be easier to make. :(

Amy On a Mission76
01-22-2008, 03:47 PM
LOL about the Spanks fire!!!

Colder than heck here too. I got my Diamond Springs water delivered yesterday ( I LOVE WATER and go to the extra expense of having the dispenser and deliveries, cuz to be honest I am kinda anal about how tap water smells!)
and it froze before the DH could get home to lug them inside!

G Whiz!!

Having a friend over for dinner, the first since I have been back on the plan. But am not worried. I am making tacos, a true favorite of my kids. In fact, every day for the past week, my 5 year old has asked, "is tonight Taco Night, Mom?"
So anyway, I am fixing the regular fare for them, but instead of having tacos, I am having a taco salad (minus the shell of course!) Looking forward to it! Hopefully my pal will not want dessert, cuz it ain't happening right now! LOL

beach bum
01-22-2008, 04:04 PM
Hi Ladies:)

I'm going to make this a fast post,just to report in. I have to go with Leo shopping as we didn't go out yesterday,the temps were to cold to go out for us.

I was on the phone this morning that my friend Pat in still in ICU[1week] after having a 2 valve replacements in her heart. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. We're ally worried,as we never heard of people being in ICU that long.

Sorry to bump my feelings on you guys,but I can't deal with this anymore.Don't need this anguish,that I had for the last 3 months of losing my friends.

Glad we got our shopping done this morning as we expecting some snow showers this afternoon. Is Spring Here Yet?????

Tomorrow is W-I and I scared to get on the scale. I think I was over loading on grain carbs. this last week,especially over the weekends.

LYNN-You me both I weigh-in tomorrow also.
Everyone is different when it come to dieting some people find there balance and lose 2 lbs every week and some have to struggle week after week. I'm on low carbing for now 2 years and I still haven't found my ideal grain carb intake. I have to stay away in order for me to have a good W-I. Hope you find your lose soon,but whatever DON"T GIVE UP.

AUD-No, you didn't send the freezing weather our way.It was coming,and now winter is here.In the future I will not go out doors if the roads are icy.No one in my family has the Big"O",but with the help of Fosamax I'm hoping that my bones won't deteriorate.I'm having another bone density test along with my mammogram back to back some time in March.We never have problems with the Mac. We bought a DELL vista and it was a disaster ,than we but a small desk top Mac and it was great with the dell Monitor & keyboard.Hope your feeling better,soon. Good luck with you jury duty.

SC-Good for you seeing a maintain on the scale than a gain.Stay op as much as you can,with extra water intake will move that scale downward. Hope your TOM shows up soon,so you can get back to your regular routine.

CT-I don't know why our bodies act like that when doing everything rights and no seeing no results. Did you try a tape measure and see if you lost inches instead of pounds. I know I cry when see that stupid scale give me a number,but forget the loose slacks on my waist. Hope you can resolve your wedding plans with your DBF.

LILY-Leo & I are well, just cold. You baking that apple pie must have put some delicious aroma in the air. I love apple pie.I have some canned apple filling in my cupboard,just itching to be used. I think I make the pie about Valentines day instead of chocolate candy. You'll lose that one lb. ,it has to be water retention that in your joints with all the exercising you done.

BaB-Never had Parsnips as a veggy before. I had turnips and leeks but never had the parsnips. Are they like a potato????I guess we'll have to wait until near our goals to have them.

Have a nice afternoon

Hugs :) BB

Amy On a Mission76
01-22-2008, 04:15 PM
Hey Beach Bum
I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Pat. She is in my prayers.

01-22-2008, 04:23 PM
Ugh, I am in such a B*TCH mood today. I'm pretty sure I am about to throw myself on the ground and have a tantrum if carb free chocolate doesn't magically appear on my desk within the next two minutes. I wish Aunt Flo would just arrive already. Today was supposed to be my official WI, but I have a feeling the scale wouldn't survive my wrath after I hopped on. Better luck next Tuesday I hope.

Did someone say SEXY BOOTS??? (ed: I tried to post a link but apparently I do not have enough posts yet BUT for those looking go to Torrid dot com and look at theirs. They have great shoes and boots for those above size 0 :D )

stayincalm - yikes about the steaks! That is exactly something my bf would do. Also, where do I find this magical cheesecake pudding stuff???

aud - I hope you feel better! I have a feeling that your gorilla slippers will do wonders!

lilybelle - Can I send my bf to work with your hubby. I could use singledom for a week. Mine makes me NUTZ sometimes!

HELLO to everyone I may have missed. I am trying to make this a quick one and get back to being a royal B ;)

beach bum
01-22-2008, 05:51 PM
amy on a missions-Thanks:thanks: for the prayers I really do appreciate them for my friend.

CrabbyCakes-Sending :dust: for your next W-I. I don't have to worry about TOM or Aunt Flo,they left me years ago, but I do have problems[Hormones] get that scale to move downward,now that I'm on Post post menopause.

Hugs :) BB

01-22-2008, 07:28 PM
BB: I'm sending my prayers out to your friend. :angel:

Crabby: I'm so with you on Aunt Flo. I know she is close because I am unreasonably cranky and have developed the dreaded "dropsy". I become incredibaly clumsy when she arrives. I was hoping she would land today so I could feel reasonably comfortable about WI tomorrow. Oh well. I'll do it anyway and see what happens. Since I went up to 225 last week and then down to 222 yesterday I am down a whopping 1/2 pound. Suckorooni. Better down than up though.

Amy: The water froze? That is frickin' cold!!!

Lily: I'm thinking I might like that week off from being wifey thing too. Maybe not though. I'd have to take out the trash and clean the litter box (his chores) ugh.

It is still raining like **** here. I was going out to a basketball game with a client tonight but I begged off. I want to go home and cozy up with a glass of wine. My only delimma is that Real Housewives is on tonight and if I drink a glass of wine I won't want to get on that exercise bike. I don't know if I can wait for that little glass of heaven until after the show tonight though. (If I watch the show while I am working out I work out for longer.)

Geez. I'm such a whiner!!! I hope everyone is having a great afternoon. Fay, hope you are having a great evening. :rain:

01-22-2008, 07:52 PM
BB~ lots of thoughts and prayers for your friend :hug:

Im doing alright....but Im tired and cranky :( Its too early to go to bed, and I know if I head off to bed to read for a while, I'll fall asleep. :kickcan:

......anyway, food is good, water isnt as good today, and Im not going to work out either. How's that for a sucky attitude :p :lol3:

I need to pull myself out of this slump!! Gotta wear my sexyboots on thursday! :carrot:

Amy On a Mission76
01-22-2008, 10:03 PM
Stayincalm... I know right!!!

OKay I have some so great news to share!!! Are ya ready? Huh Huh Huh? Okay sorry been around my 5 year old all day!

Today for the first time in years ( and I mean years) I ran. Yes I RAN!! I got on the torchermill, er I mean treadmill. And am just tooling along at my brisk walk listening to my iPod when a great tune comes on and I said heck with it let's got for it. And I kicked up the speed and was a chugging. And instead of instantly going "Whoa girl slow it down", and meekly turning the dial back to brisk, I kept it there. And I ran hard for 2 minutes, then slowed down so as not to die in front of my 5 year old. Then after another 5 minutes or so, I pumped it up again and did another 2 minutes. I did it 3 times. And it felt great!! Baby steps ya know, but my dream is to one day run. Just run for fun, when it used to be the only way you would see me run is if I missed the ice cream truck. LOL I want to run with my kids, not just walk fast and pant the whole way.

I feel like queen of the world tonight. And the best part is when I started running, I am smiling and just chugging it, and I look over and see my little 5 year old daughter, self proclaimed Mom's coach, giving me a huge bustin grin with 2 thumbs up, just a jumping up and down and cheering. It brought tears to my eyes and still does to think of it.
I can do this.... I can beat this hold weight and food has had over me for so long. I really believe it now.

Long winded... but so great to share!

Amy On a Mission76
01-22-2008, 10:07 PM
Oh Crabbycakes, I am so smelling what you are stepping in girl! Hate Aunt Flo, just finished with her, with a 2 lb gain that took me 3 days to get rid of. Gotta love that water weight!

Take a nice hot bath and read something steamy. LOL Feel better!

Beach Bum... Love the willpower dust! I may be calling on you for some of that from time to time!

01-23-2008, 12:25 AM
Good for you Amy!!Hold onto the high. I was virtuous and feel quite superior to DH and DD who are now curled up in the family watching that show from the Devil...American Idol. I do not know how they can stand it. I get so distressed for those people that have no talent. I can't bear it. I feel superior because I got home at 6:30 fed DD, fed DH and I, did an hour on the bike, jumped in the hot tub for 15 minutes with DD, to her dried and hair brushed and braided to avoid hair drama tomorrow and NOW, I'm sittin here with my lusted after glass of wine. I might even have another when the season finale of Real Housewives comes on. But then again...I don't want to cram all of my fun into ONE evening. It is so wrong that I cancelled on a basketball game with a client for this. I'm loving it. I typically love going to pro basketball. We have a fancy schmancy dinner ususally at 5:15 (NO LC EXCUSE BECAUSE I COULD JUST ORDER STEAK AND BROC IF I WANTED), cruise over to the game, get cocktails and have fun. For some reason I just couldn't face the crowds and noise tonight.

Love to all. Swweeeetttttt Drrrreeeaaammmms. (God help me I can hear some poor Bas*&&d on that TV carrying on in mulitiple octaves and he thinks he sounds good). As my granny would say, "God bless him the poor sod."

01-23-2008, 02:58 AM
Living on Diet 7UP and did get some chicken soup down - gosh this is awful. Bad headache with it all & exhaustion to boot.

Slept on & off - not real familiar with actor Heath Ledger - his death all over the news this evening. Remember him in Brokeback Mountain.

I DO have to report for jury duty in the morning - can't find the summons anywhere.

WTG taking a run Amy!

. . . saying a prayer for your friend Pat, beachie - off to bed.

01-23-2008, 09:04 AM
Crumbs, BB - your friend is in my thoughts. All the best to you and her.

(On a more trivial note - parsnips are sort of a cross between a potato and a carrot, is the best way I can describe them. Roasted, they are sweeeet and delicious! ****, just boiled or steamed, they are yummy, but roasting - mmmmm! Like sweet potato, a little, but - not. They have their own subtle parsnipy flavour that makes them be not-sweet-potato. Totally recommend them if you are at all fond of root vegetables.)

Speaking of which, I just made the cauliflower puree thing that Dr A suggests as a mash potato substitute?

Holy COW! Instant comfort food! Awesome! Didn't have any leeks, but I blitzed said cooked cauliflower with about a tablespoon of whipped garlic cream cheese and sprinkled liberally with my garlic/pepper mix from the grinder - and, holy mother of scrumptiousness, that was a very pleasant surprise! I'm seeing shepherd's pie - or at least cottage pie - in my immediate future.

If I can have gravy too, then I'm all set for comfort food, actually.

...meanwhile, though, I could do with some advice. On Friday we're celebrating International Day at my school. This means that lunchtime is going to be a great big International Buffet, with parents providing dishes from their home countries. It's going to be a feast. There will be a plethora of cakes and suchlike, but it's the Indian food I'm already salivating over - we have A LOT of Indian parents, and, God, I do love Indian food. (I mean, I'm British, you know? Our national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala!) Samosas. Paneer. Delicious sweets made from milk and carrots and nuts and honey...gah. I know that this is going to test my resolve. AND of course the parents are all very eager to share the food with you, and one doesn't want to insult them any by refusing! But I'm going to have to, and I'm thinking that if I go with "I'm on a diet - and OMG, that looks unbelievably tempting, and I bet it's absolutely yummy - and if I had just one mouthful I'm sure I'd have to eat a plateful, so I'm going to be good and not have any" or something like that, so that egos remain unbruised and all that.

But...Gosh. Already tempted just THINKING about it.

Any suggestions for how I can bolster my resolve here? Because I don't want to go off-plan, definitely. I want to move into a world where I can actually consider buying something other than flat shoes - where sexy heels become a realistic option, rather than an instrument of unspeakable torture. (I'm 232lb and I have quite small feet. That is one **** of a lot of pressure to exert on a few square inches of foot.)

Amy, that's fantastic! Have you considered doing the Couch-2-5k program? Sounds like you're more than ready for it! (I'd like to do it myself, only...not ready. Even slightly.) I did NOT walk in the flat, drop my bag, get changed and go down to the 6th floor to use the gym. I faffed around. Then 2 hours later I got changed and went down...and found it busy. So I waited outside. And was plagued by mosquitos, flying ants and moths, until I was frantically flapping my arms and jumping and trying to brush crawly things off me - I hate insects, and unfortunately it only took 10 minutes or so of flapping and jumping for me to think "Bugger this!" and come back upstairs.

Bad Fay. No sticker.

However, what this teaches me is: I need to go to the gym STRAIGHT AWAY when I get in. Not fanny around.

01-23-2008, 11:29 AM
AF finally made an appearance today, you know, conveniently one my way to work and of course tonight I am starting my new part time job ohhh JOY! I'm going to be a real peach to be around. Oh well, c'est la vie!

beach bum - Thanks for the dust, I need it! Lucky you not having to deal with AF! Mine just seems to be getting worse every month.\

stayincalm - dropsies huh? I am always clumsy so I don't think I would even notice if I got clumsy around that time. Hope you had a good night with your wine and tv. That sounds soooo nice. Unfortunately for me I have sworn off alcohol until next Tuesday (you know, if I don't die before then). Of course, we're having the bf's kids this weekend so a drink may become imperative!

Amy - good for you on the running! I need to get on that myself. Running gives you such a high.

BAB - oooooh Indian food.. so yummy, BUT step away form the eeeevil! Just keep thinking SEXY SHOES! SEXY SHOES!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, OP day!

...oh, and is it just me or is there just waaaay too much crying on The Biggest Loser, I mean really?

01-23-2008, 12:18 PM
I hear ya about the Biggest Loser, ccakes . . . I dozed in & out of that show last nite - seemed like everytime I focussed somebody else was a'bawlin' on there . . . take yourselves waaaay too seriously, much?

I STILL want to be Jillian when I grow up tho'!

Not sure if I'm peri or post menopausal - just sure that I'm nuts w/o Estroven. I miss Aunt Flo - but only because over my menstruating life - I always got a HUUUGE sense of relief when she came, ya know? With menopause, it's like the week b4 at times, but w/o the dayung relief.



The International Feast sounds tuff Fay . . . maybe you could sample stuff that looks meat or chees based & just suck the innards out of the carb laden shells?

Or maybe you could just remember the grossed-out sentence I actually just typed about "sucking innards" and completely lose your appetite? LOL!

I do best when I don't think of LC as a "diet" - but just the way it is for me.

I'm still sick as the proverbial dog . . . the vomiting passed yesterday - still have just an awful yucky sick feeling with fever - chills then hot. Eye sockets feel like dry burned out . . . . what? Yuck, I guess. Worrisome headache is gone tho'.

Settled in for jury duty with a Stephen King paperback ("Blaze") . . . took about 2 hours to assemble us b4 the judge came in to tell us that the parties had settled. Closest I've ever come to serving and will be on call til June . . . the judge thanked us all profusely - saying that something about seeing a jury being impaneled is a great impetus for the parties to settle so don't feel like we showed up for no reason etc. I STILL get the night off work which most don't - guess that's why I didn't mind as much as some grumblers there?

Trying to decide whether to work out or continue resting . . . Caught part of the OC Housewives/Wedding . . . if the replay comes on - may do my floor exercises to it . . . *guilty pleasure*

01-23-2008, 12:19 PM
Hi everyone,

Aud, I've had a horrible headache for 2 full days now. I very rarely get a headache. I'm craving water like crazy so that much is good. Tummy upset too. I have diuresed off that 1 lb. gain that I had last week though. I am so miserable that I haven't made it to go get groceries. I'm out of low-carb food, so just trying to be careful and not overeat til I feel better and go shopping. It's 17 degrees here and just stepping out to walk my dogs gives me a horrible brain freeeze and makes my head throb even more. I figure this is a viral illness cause Shelbey had a horrible headache for 3 days last week!

Lacy is home from school and sick at her stomach today. Gosh, I'll be glad when winter is over and this family all gets well.

My son dropped by for a visit last night and to shower and grab clothes to take back to his friends. Come to think of it , I don't think he lives here anymore, he just hasn't told me yet. LOL.

AMY, WTG on the running. I do the same thing, just run for a few min's, then walk, then run again on the treadmill. The better and louder the music, the more pumped I get. So, cute that your DD was cheering you on. LOL, my 15 yr. old DD is quite the opposite, she'll yell from the living room "mom, slow down, you are drowning out the TV".

Crabby, I usually have to take my own trash out and change the litter box, so it doesnt matter if DH is home or not. He's basically a slug when he's home anyways. He will clean the bathrooms if I ask him.

Later today when Lacy gets up, I'm gonna have her post our little video of my grandsons. Everyone be sure to watch it if you get the chance. LOL.

stayincalm, count me in as one hooked on American Idol. I've loved it ever since our friend Carrie Underwood won. She went to school and was a cheerleader with my oldest SD and used to spend the night with us quite often. I also love to see the silly auditiions and see what the judges have to say.

01-23-2008, 03:33 PM
Good morning, It's WI day and I'm down (drum roll!) eleven pounds. I figure if I can average 3-4 pounds week, I can stay on induction forever! the only problem I have is the social stuff. Like when you're with a group (like last Friday!) and they all want to go somewhere that has no LC choices (cheap Mexican with rice and beans on everything!). For 3-4 pounds a week, I can stay home or go and watch everyone drink beer and eat chips. For 1-2 pounds a week, my will power is less powerful. I know, I know, "You didn't gain it all that fast." and "slower losses are healthier" But I also know my limitations. If I can keep a good rate of losing, It'll be much easier to say "Just water for me, please."

Fay, I know the feeling with pot luck's. It's tough to tell people no when they've made their specialities. I'd use the diet thing. Even though we're not on a diet we have a new way of eating, I'd still say "Oh I wish I could but I'm on a very strict diet."

Amy, Running? I've always wanted to be a runner! I wish I could do even 2 mins on a tread mill! I always thought I'd start running as soon as I lost the weight, but now I'm thinking I may be just too old! I'm somewhere between Peri and post menaupausal too. Too bad I can't spell it.
Gotta go get back to work. Hi to everyone else. Lynn

beach bum
01-23-2008, 04:22 PM
Hi Ladies:)

I have great news about my friend Pat, The operation was successful. Shes coming out of ICU shortly and will be in the cardiac section of the hospital,until she stronger and able to go into a reg room. Weare every happy this morning.Thanks for your prayers gals,there you come though for me again. I really appreciate being with such a loving & caring woman of this thread.Thanks again.

My second news I lost :carrot:1.5-lbs :carrot:this morning at weigh-in Just changed my ticker. Wow this WOE is great I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. I think changing my WI day is the main factor. Being on a Sat the weekends just became a big eating party,and now that I changed to to Wednesdays,I tend to eat just a little over,but nothing I can't handle,plus I think watching the BL on Tues motivates me.

[B]ROBINI went to bed last night,after the Biggest Loser and I was don't stairs in 1 hr. Couldn't sleep. I never do that, I'm going back to my reg time for bed.Thanks for the prayers.

SC-For some reason I don't like the taste of wine to drink and its so good for you heart,but I do use it in cooking sauces etc.Never got into Desperate Housewives either,I watch the Biggest Loser instead,as that show is my biggest motivator. Thanks for the prayer,they worked.

AMY-You did fantastic running on your treadmill,plus getting great music on your ipod. Anyway that gets you going with activity is a great job WTG.Any time you need the Dust I will post it for you.

AUD-Thanks for the prayers,there working as I posted above.Hope you got a good night sleep,for jury duty.That happened to me,when I was called for jury duty.I was waiting int he jury room and the girl I became friendly with was picked and I had to go home.How could you doze off on that show,Now I see you exhausted from the jury duty.Wait until next week the show should be better. Don't like all the commercials,as I think they do that on purpose to put them on more so during the W-I.

BaB.Thanks for the good thoughts for me and my friend Pat,and for explaining what kind of veg a parsnip is. I have to buy and cook them up as I like carrots and they would be good together.

CRABBYCAKES-You more that welcome,I send out dust to any one that needs them. I had lots of problems with Aunt Flo. I Finally had to get a hysterectomy because of her. Let say if was a #@&#@ mess.Happy about that part of my life ended. I don't like the black team on the Biggest Losers.I was hoping the yellow team could knock them off but they won immunity, Hope next week they will be eliminated.Yes this season the couples are cry babies but wait until next week when the couples are going to be separated and they one there own. That should be fun.

LILY-Sorry about your DD Lacy got sick, this it the time of the year. My DGC are getting that from school also.Love to watch grandchildren videos,and the kids get a kick out of watching themselves being their selves.

Hugs :) BB

Amy On a Mission76
01-23-2008, 05:51 PM
Thanks to everyone for the pat on the back!!

Beach... So glad to hear things are looking up with your friend. And HUGE congrats on the 1.5 lbs.

lynmar... 11 lbs, that is awesome! Wa hoo!

Stayin... I am not much of and AI fan either. Watched a few last year as someone in my company in kin to Chris, the one that worked at Hooters, LOL. And the year before watched a few because one of my long time clients worked with Elliott Yamin before he got on the show.

Lillybelle... LOL @ ur DD yelling about the noise!

aud... Hope you are feeling better soon.

Crabby... Good luck with the new job!

Broad... 1st what is the Couch-2-5k? And 2nd, when I have had to sample foods that are not LC I just try to stay with the meatier stuff. And like aud said about the inards, ya know you jusy make it work. Pick things that are made with the best LC stuff you can find on the table and stick with that. Another tip, try eating before you even get to the table of temptation. Pack a little pre meal. Almonds are very filling, maybe a little cheese, some chicken breast. I know I am less likely to eat more if I am already full.

Love to all. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

Amy On a Mission76
01-23-2008, 05:56 PM
Oh and I did my WI today and down another 3 lbs! I am in the 220's!! That is so exciting, met one of my mini goals!

01-23-2008, 07:31 PM
I came back to check in before I head home and re-read my post. I should have been a little more clear. The 11 pounds is a three week total. I only lost 2 pounds this week.
Good news about your friend Beachie. I wish I had a Breakfast group-but they'd think my breakfasts are weird. I eat lots of leftovers in the morning because eggs make me sick to my stomach. I guess I really need to cook tonight since I ate the last of Sunday's pork this a.m.

01-23-2008, 09:40 PM
:devil:Well, Crabby, Aunt Flo decided to make her appearance for me this morning as well. She must have heard about how I was bad mouthing her because she has been 10 times worse than usual. The only saving grace I ususally get is not having cramps but not this time. She woke me up at about 3:00 a.m. absolutely drenched in sweat, vomiting AND with cramps. I'm starving and have not been able to eat today because I know from experience she will make me sick until very early tomorrow morning. I dragged myself to work this morning. If I had not had a 3:00 meeting with a client I would have called in sick. Ugh. Tomorrow is a new day though!

Fay: Speaking of calling in sick...that is how I would deal with international day. I also love Indian food and I don't think I could pass it up. Just the smell of curry would make my mouth water. After I read your post I decided that hubby is going to get his spaghetti squash seasoned with some curry tonight. Too bad I'm too vomitty to enjoy it too.

Aud and Lily: Yikes sorry to hear you are both under the weather. Everyone at work is getting sick and my DD was crying this morning because she didn't feel good and I was making her go to school. I suspectedit has something to do with being tired because she stayed up until 11 last night watching Real Housewives. Regretfully, after I picked her up tonight she came right home and went to bed. Her head is hot and she is deeply asleep. Bad mommy. Add a liberal sprinkling of guilt here.

BB: I'm so glad to hear about your friend's operation. Postive thoughts to a speedy recover.

Lynn: FANTASTIC!!!!!

Tonights Menu (That I don't get to enjoy): Fillet Minon, steamed fresh zuc, pepper, onion and green bean drenched in butter. It is DH's birthday. I'm hoping DD can be shaken awake in a little while to at least have some dinner and give her daddy the gifts she picked out for him.

Have a great night all!!!!:o

01-24-2008, 12:52 AM
Getting spoiled being home in the evenings . . . have soooo enjoyed the time with my lil one - even as sick as I am/was. Dreading returning to the night shift grind tomorrow . . . that's the way it is for now.

Definitely was a viral thing lily . . . was starting to think I had walking pneumonia or something. Still kind of achy and blah-ey - but headache stayed away - so glad of that - don't get them either. CRAVED water too . . . drinking and crunching crushed ice & diet7uppie crushed ice . . . couldn't get enuf . . . still slurping as I wind down for bed . . . trying to stay up a little late to get ready for the reality of tomorrow.

You are really finding your groooove beachie!!! WTG on the loss & w/i day!!!:carrot: Mine is Fridays and Mondays - found I need to hold myself more accountable for the weekends . . . I only change my ticker on Mondays tho' . . . aaaaaand I'm gonna w/i tomorrow just to see what's going on . . . haven't been on a scale in forEVAH it seems like. What good news about your friend Pat!:hug: I just know she'll start feeling better than she has in years with those two new valves working!

Where ya at fay????? It's nice having a LC cyber bud around during my late nights that are prolly your days, right?

I'm so much like you lynn . . . gotta see those #'s. Oh well, at least we know ourselves . . . my focus now is to get my focus, lol!

Just noticed we weigh the same amy! (Actually I'm prolly up but will have to take a peek tomorrow just to be sure.) Looking forward to getting out of the 200's period . . . it'll be fun to do together ~ aud on a mission too!:dizzy:

Loving your Posts scalm . . . inspired to do more pre-cooking and also your menu's sound sooo delish! OY on the guilt - have sooo been there - more than once.

Shout Outs to puncie & crabbyc & marie & robin & all our other LC Buds . . . I'm addicted to Project Runway now . . all the Heath Ledger talking heads (even Nancy!:o) was just too depressing . . . cya tomorrow all!:)

01-24-2008, 01:14 AM
Hi all. This is my first post on the weekly chat. I think I read everything. But what caught my attention, of course, was the talk about AF. I am 41 and in pre-menopause. So, I get occasional hot flashes or everyone else is cold and I am fine. But this month AF showed up a week early and I have been flowing for the past 12 days now. The Kaiser advice nurse wants me to come in but OB/Gyn didn't have an appointment until next Tuesday. I guess they'll figure out what was wrong when they perform my autopsy.

I've been kinda watching Biggest Loser but not every week. They are kinda whiney.

And I am definitely watching the AI auditions. Even though they are such a set up, they are still funny. Is it new this year that they are doing those life stories even for the people that couldn't sing to save their own life?

I have loved turnips since I was a little kid. My grandma used to make turnip greens, too. I should try introducing my kids to turnips.

CT - I really feel your pain. I have been there myself. I think you need to get a journal and write down how you are feeling. What is it that you really want? If it is marriage, are you will to wait for BF to want the same thing? How long are you willing to wait? You need to be happy with your life. If it is not going the way you want, you have to change you, change your life, change something. This was the one thing I finally accepted as truth in my thirties; the only person that I can change is me and life is way too short to sit around waiting for someone else to start thinking like I do. I had to go out an find people that thought the way I thought and wanted the same things I wanted. Good Luck.

Have a great night/day everyone.

01-24-2008, 01:33 AM
Hiya sylvia! Awesome Post - glad I stopped back by - had a lot of long running AF's when meno started - make sure you're taking a multi with iron! The doc mainly said to keep track of everything on a calendar and I think one time I had to have the test where ya drink tons of water & then they do an ultra sound? Nothing but mid life altho' now I'm remembering something called a "cryo" or something after an abnormal pap . . . all a blur . . . sorry. But hang in there girl - you're doing great!:hug: Didja lose all that weight on LC?

Stopped back by to also tell lynnar what an amazing job you're doing!:carrot: Got to babbling earlier and forgot to say how inspiring you are to me!:hug:

One more thing - LOL - thats so kewl to know Carrie Underwood lily!!! I just cannot keep up with Idol but even I know who she is . . . does she stay in touch with old friends??? (Send tics etc?)

01-24-2008, 03:05 AM
Hi everyone, I persisted through my headache and made it to the gym tonite. Did total of 30 min's cardio and 1 hr. UBWO. It was grueling, but I'm glad I did it anyway. Plan to do LBWO tomorrow since we're in for more sleet and ice on Friday. I'm a lousy/paranoid driver and I stay home when the roads are bad.

My youngest lab, Lucy, has taken to piling in my bed. It's so dang cold that I just let her stay there. LOL, but when I have a hot flash, even she scoots away from me.

sylvia, I ended up having an Abdominal Hysterectomy 8 yrs. ago when I was having horrendous periods that were lasting for weeks at a time. Come to find out, my uterus was very much prolapsed. Glad I didn't bleed to death before they figured that one out. I definitely didn't want more kids, but it was still sad for me to have to have a hysterectomy. Now, I think it's the best thing I ever had done and wish I had done it sooner. I elected to leave my ovaries in, hence the menopausal symptoms now.

I did get groceries bought today, so no excuse now to not stick to my LC plan. Tonite, my friends called and wanted me to come over for a friendly poker game. I lost $12.00 , it would have been much worse except I won the last 3 hands!

I'll try to get Lacy to post my grandsons video tomorrow cause she is already asleep now.

Big congrat's to those that lost lbs. this week!

01-24-2008, 04:10 AM
Hey Everyone!!

Just stopping for a quick hello! I haven't been on as much lately. I came down with a cold and it wont stop! I have a fever and those annoying, every 5 second coughs!! I started school on the 22nd!! woop woop!! but with this cold, i dont wanna do anything but rest!

On the other hand, stressin out about bills and work, and all that good jazz!


01-24-2008, 06:48 AM
It's been another busy week and slightly off program :( I didn't get to the market this past weekend and it is a struggle to get there during the week. So I have been trying to make the best of what I have in the fridge/freezer.

Atleast I am getting to the gym almost every day. And all this talk of turnips...I think I'll pick some up this weekend!

Great job on the treadmill Amy! You must feel great. Maybe a little sore, but great too!

Congrats on the 11 pounds lynn!

I am glad to hear things are going well for your friend BB

Happy Thursday!

beach bum
01-24-2008, 10:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Got up early as Leo's alarm woke me up around 6PM.He's going for this cat scan and then we're staying in today,as it too bitter cold out there.

I got to get dressed and get the garbage out,other wise I'd hang around in my dressing gown & robe for the day. BEING LAZY LAZY LAZY

AMYThanks for your well wishes for my dear friend Pat. We're all in static that she out of danger. Happy about my 1.5 loss,didn't expect to find a lose as I lost the same last week.:carrot:BIG CONGRATS on your 3lb loss:carrot: You're doing great,WTG.

LYNN-TWO pounds is a great loss,and having a total of 11 you must do something right. I don't like eggs every day for breakfast either,so I have make protein pancakes & One Min muffins which are eggs but they are disguised in a recipe and doesn't look like eggs. Than when o go,our with my friends for brunch I get egg beaters with sausage or bacon and decaf coffee with H&H.

SC-Thanks for the well wishes for my friend.OMG Aunt Flo really came in with a violence. Isn't there something the doctor can do for you. I used to have periods like that,that why my doctor told me to have a hysterectomy ,but of course I was lot older than you guys.Sorry that you have to deal with such monthly's.

AUD-Good Luck :lucky: and :crossed: finger crossing for your W-I tomorrow. I had no idea :idea:why I wasn't losing,checked my food journal [nothing wrong there],I was exercising everyday [nothing wrong there either],so I thought It must have to be the W-I day and sure enough it was. Yes,I'm sure that she will be healthier & happier now that the procedure is done.Thanks for the prayers & good thoughts for my friend Pat. I wonder what happened to BOUNCY[Shelley]also or DIVA they both aren't around either.

SYLVIA-That a long time to flo,Hope your gyn will figure out what wrong.Now that I w-i on Wed the Biggest Loser is my biggest motivater other than you guys. Don't care if their whinny or not.I was rooting for the pink team all along the couples started but now I see the orange team is the best.Turnip lover, try the turnip fries that I posed a few day ago. Their delish and they are low carb.

LILY-Sorry about you headache,hope it goes away soon. Hows your DD,hope she felling better also.We used to play cards[Canasta]but one of my friends passed away and the other is in the hospital so we cancel the game until early Spring. Thats May or June for us up on the Cape. Miss the fun we was to have,Our stacks was only $1 per meeting. We played once a month,Miss those games.

JLK-Have you been to a doctor with that cold,it maybe something more.I had a bacterial infection and they only thing that made it go away was an antibiotic.Hope you feel better soon

LAURA-I know they feeling when not having the right foods in the house,So I started to load my extra pantry and buy extra foods every week to keep my pantry full. Like I mentioned above its too cold for us to go out so I have the right l.c foods in my pantry for today meal.Just a suggestion.Happy that you could make it to the gym. Thanks for the well wishes for my friend Pat.

Hugs :) BB

01-24-2008, 11:52 AM
Good Morning!!

Congratulations to all the losers out there!! :cb: :cb: :cb:

Been busy, but life is good!!

Have a great day ladies!

01-24-2008, 01:38 PM
BB, glad to hear your friend is doing well and finally getting out of ICU. Hope your DH's CT scan goes well. We all enjoy playing card games here too. Our friends all do a regular Wednesday night Texas Hold Em game. The buy-in is $20.00 per person. I play on weeks that DH is gone to work. As he's too stupid to play without buying in a dozen times and wasting a big chunk of money. I only buy in once, if I lose my money, I'm out and it was a fun night that never costs me more than $20.00. Of course, everyone but me drinks alcohol and I can usually win their money, LOL.

I had an allergic reaction at midnight last night. Not sure what caused it except I ate one slice of Sara Lee Delightful Whole Wheat Bread. Since I try to keep my carbs low, I usually don't eat bread! That should teach me a lesson. It did go away with over-the-counter Bendadryl. Thank Goodness.

jlk, hope you are better soon. If not, BB is right, go see a doctor. There is lots of crud stuff going around right now.

laura, hope you can get groceries soon. With this woe it is hard to "make-do" and still stay on plan. I had the same exact problem the last few days and finally got my groceries yesterday.

01-24-2008, 02:05 PM
Hi check in. I have lunch plans and I'm waiting for my friend to show. It'll be a salad, of course. Probably one with grilled chicken or fish depending on where we go.
bbl Lynn

01-24-2008, 02:35 PM
Hiya all,

I finaly have some time to myself again to post. I had my nephew here for a week which was a little tiring. He is an only child and demands a lot of attention, never wants to do anything by himself.

When you say turnips do you mean the white ones with purple tops? I have only ever eaten those raw never tryed cooking them. I do love rutabegas cooked so I would most likely enjoy turnips . Will have to try them.

I'm giving up coffee ( and the ton of cream I drink with it) to see if it makes a difference, I still haven't lost the 10lbs I gained over Christmas. I have been eating way to much dairy I think.

Amy On a Mission76
01-24-2008, 04:27 PM
Sounds good aud!! We can do it!

01-24-2008, 05:24 PM
oops had to interrupt my quick check in to go and eat lunch. I had a black and blue salad, with steak and blue cheese. It was good, but I wish it had been bigger! I have my two "big kids" coming for dinner tonight (22yo and 20 yo) so we'll be eating late. I'll be hungry!!
The best thing about this WOE is not being hungry all the time. When I was doing Weight Watchers I'd get so hungry I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Usually I don't get that way doing low carb, but the last few days have been been a little worse (hungrier) than usual. I'm afraid it means something bad, but I'll have to wait for another WI before I make any decisions.
I thought I was going to give up coffee too, but I can't quite commit to that. I have cut back some and I only have diet coke when what I really want is beer! I drink it when we're out somewhere. That actually works out well for me. I don't feel quite as deprived because I get a little treat, but diet coke has a lot less carbs then beer!

beach bum
01-24-2008, 06:19 PM
LILY-Thanks for the well wishes to my friend Pat.I really appreciate all the prayers & good thoughts. Hope will be able to play cards again in the near future when every one of my friends is well.Sorry about your allergic reaction. That a horrible feeling as it happened to me once when eating tomatoes.

PUNCE-Glad that you had some spare time to post. We missed you/I never get turnips raw.I use the purple ones to make fries.

LYNN-Eat more protein if you hungry.Thats what I do,I have a protein shake.I read an article some where in CNN saying thats what crubs peoples appetites.Hope that helps

Hugs :) BB

01-24-2008, 07:39 PM
Hey all. Update for me. Low carb has been great--with exercise got me down 32 lbs, but it's just so slow, so after some contemplation, I decided to do Atkins. It's not that far from what I'm doing, just a little more restrictive. I did it years ago, made some mistakes, have learned from this board ways to avoid that (thanks to the other JG for being a "purist").

I started today, but am finishing out some of the produce I have in the house that's not on program, so it's a "soft" start.

Question I have is re: counting carbs. I will continue to log my food in fitday, but the carb section doesn't dilineate to net carbs (via subtracting carbs from fiber). Without doing this with too much effort, do you think I can "get away from counting carbs" if I just stick to the food choices, particularly while on induction?

01-24-2008, 11:25 PM
Welcome Jersey! I think you will be fine if you limit yourself to what is specified for induction and make sure to limit cream and cheese. You might want to use one of those little notebooks though to track carbs. The dreaded carb creep can derail you unless you are trying to keep track. Plus it will help you later on to find things that you can eat without stalling. I call it my, "bank". If I want something higher in carbs but still permissible on Atkins, I try to hold it for the end of the day and cut back in other areas to bank for it. I would not recommend it in induction since you are trying to strictly stick to the list so to speak.

All: The week is almost over! Yay. Mine sucked at work. A work rant follows. :jig:I'm only getting it out here so that I can get it out of my system. I am on day two of aunt flow and as such still desire something I should not eat. Everyone wants something ridiculous and they want it yesterday. Usually it is a stupid request (sorry but it is). Clients calling about landscaping acres and acres of open space because some dork of a real estate agent is screaming he can't sell a house with that open space sitting there like that. Kind of the point isn't it? Having open space...planned that way, natural? No lets change the nature of that and fight with a City and a County and introduce water and water meters where they don't belong, at enormous expense. By the way, no one can sell anything right now so just cool your jets and get over it. Don't blame the subprime market or the fact that both you and your wife decided to be in real estate and lived beyond your means and now have not sold anything for six months. Let's blame the beautiful rolling hillside that God put there for a reason and get rid of that too since we have pretty much raped everything around it to build this development. Then let's make up silly reasons why it needs to be changed, "Gasp...rodents burrow there and might come into my yard." "Horror, a coyote was sighted" "EEEkkk, a mountain lion ate my poodle (Ok...if you've read my previous posts that really happened). But noooooo. We must calculate the cost of throwing good money after bad to appease someone's effing whim. Jimminey. Just say no for criminey's sake. I know I get paid for it but lordy. I hate to see people throwing good money after bad especially when they have now intention of going forward on a capital improvement. Maddening I tell you!

OK my rant is over. EXCEPT for the fact that I hoped to catch up on the episodes of Dexter that I missed and my DD is watching some Disney channel marathon.

01-25-2008, 12:45 AM

Shane, my son, showing off his muscles last night at the gym.

Lacy's new hairstyle.

Lacy and our kitty, Mr. Robo Kitty 3000.

Lacy wrestling with our dog, Lucy.

Click here to watch the video of my grandsons. (

01-25-2008, 02:04 AM
Holy cow, Lily - your boy has certainly got a shedload of muscles right there! Makes me want to get my *** straight down to the gym - not that I want THAT level of muscular development, but a bit less in the way of Bingo Wings* would be fantastic.

The International Feast sounds tuff Fay . . . maybe you could sample stuff that looks meat or chees based & just suck the innards out of the carb laden shells?

This, as it happens, is pretty much what I did. I'm a bit irritated with myself, because I COULD have just eschewed everything except for the roast chicken, I guess - instead I had various different kinds of meat and chicken and cheese (including 3 pieces of paneer, my only foray into the Indian food). I didn't touch any of the cookies, cakes, pies, breads, crisps, doughnuts, candy floss, sweets, pizza, rice, noodles, crackers or any of that, so you could say that I stayed on plan - but the fact is that several of the meat things turned out to be cooked or glazed with sugary things. And, um, I still ate them. Um. But on balance, I think that wasn't too bad. I hope.

1st what is the Couch-2-5k?

Not sure whether the link will get removed - not quite clear on how that works. But if you go to www dot coolrunning dot com and have a search around, you'll probably find it. It's a 9-week program that you can follow to get you into condition to run 5k - sounds really cool, and there's a nice-looking forum over there as well of supportive chat for runners and soon-to-be-runners. I'd like to work up to doing that myself, although I'm a long way off it just yet.

Where ya at fay????? It's nice having a LC cyber bud around during my late nights that are prolly your days, right?

Hi there! Presently in Bangkok, Thailand. We're 7 hours ahead of the UK, and the UK is 4-8 hours ahead of North America, so most of my day is your night and vice versa. Nice to see you on 'my' time, though! ;)

Meanwhile, my kids (they're Year 2, which is the same age as your Grade 1, although we start school a year earlier so it's academically more like Grade 2 - 6 and 7-year olds, anyway) did an unexpectedly awesome job in their assembly - they counted to 10 in Czech, spoke in synch and the 4 who had extra bits to say said them in big loud voices. (We only had 2 minutes - every class in the school went and did a little thing to tell everyone what they'd been learning about in International Week.)

And my Mum and Dad are here! They arrived yesterday, and they're in Bangkok for 4 days before heading off to see other bits of Thailand on their package tour. Yesterday we ate together at a Japanese buffet, which was yummy and impressively on-plan (Go Team Japan!) but tonight I think it's Thai, which is more likely to contain hidden sugar. I think I'll go eat before I meet with them, rather than join them in their dinner. Then on Saturday night I'm hoping to whisk them out for dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant, and on Sunday to whisk them off for lunch at my favourite Thai place. Trying to make sure that I stay on-plan, though - I've been checking out menus and thinking hard. Fingers crossed.

* occurs to me that this may be an Anglicism - do you folks have this expression across the pond? I'll explain, if need be.

01-25-2008, 03:23 AM
Lily: You've got a family of lookers there! I'm still waiting for that video thingy though. My daughter wrestles with our obese English Cocker but it does not appear to be as spirited a bout as Lacy is enjoying.

Hi Fay: Can't sleep (work stress)and caught your post. I'll bite on Bingo Wings. My granny used to use that phrase and I beleive it referred to "unsightly loose skin" in the arm area. She used it specifically in reference to our next door neighbor Mrs. Beeger. I can't however say that it is used widely here. Granny was from across the pond and emigrated here to live with us in 1965.

Good for you on the international day feast. It sounds to me like you did swimmingly. Having your parents there for a holiday sounds lovely too. My mouth is watering from the eating excursions you are describing. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your mum and dad. Sounds better than anything naughty tastes!!!

Everyone is asleep so maybe I can catch up on my Dexter episodes in peace. Odd that something so disturbing may lull me into dreamland.


01-25-2008, 03:39 AM
Fay, I also don't want as much muscles as my son, but yeah, the batwing thing leaving would be good for me too!
Fay, considering all the food at the banquet it looks like you did a great job picking what was best for you.

SC, the video link is at the bottom of my previous post. Check it out, my grandsons are cuties. I'm in the black sweatshirt. This was at Christmas time and I was UP 7 lbs., so I look pretty crappy! My SD, Shelbey was doing the filming. BTW, Baby Gunner was not hurt in the video, he didn't even cry, just ran for Grandma Lily!

beach bum
01-25-2008, 11:10 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Still brutally cold but clear up here,but Leo & I have to go out this morn and get some items[groceries] that we forgot or have to replace.Have to buy eggs for my rev rolls,as I making them this afternoon. I'm now using tart pans for the rolls,they don't come out flat,like when I used the baking sheet.

Nothing new,just trying to keep warm,hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

LILY-Love the photos of your family. You got a nice looking son and two beautiful daughters. Hope everything will be ok with your son be deployed.

JG-I use fit day and I just minus the carb from the fiber and get the actually carb count. I don't think that you have to count carb on this plan,other than in induction is 20 and then when you heading to the OWL[outward weight loss]you add a additional 5 grams each week until you stall & start gaining]After that You might need some one more experience with the plan like Jersey Girl or Lily to help you further.

Have to go,will be back later

Hugs :) BB

01-25-2008, 11:54 AM
Stayincalm - you got it! Bingo wings are the horrible wobbly upper arms. Eek. Oh, how I hate them.

Ack! Well, if lunch went not-too-bad, dinner went not-so-good. My parents paid for me to be included in their trip to a Thai dinner-and-dance-show thingy, where it was a set meal that just appeared in front of you. The soup wasn't too bad (although it did have a little rice in it), and there were stir fried veggies which I ate happily (dutifully seperating out carrot and baby sweetcorn), and I didn't touch the rice, and I politely refused the fruit and stuck to plain water - but there's no way that the red thai curry or the sweet'n'sour chicken or the little wonton thingies were on plan. I mean, they weren't atrocious - still plenty of protein - but they sure as **** weren't Induction foods.


I do hope that I manage to lose this week. I went to the gym straight after work like a good girl, and I'm doing my damnedest to stay as On Plan as I can in these circumstances, but it's not ideal for Induction. Although I'm planning on carrying on Induction for a good few weeks, so I'm not freaking out about this - I've been in Thailand a year and a half and this is my parents' first visit. Normally I can exert more control on my food choices, and I made a conscious decision that I'd rather enjoy a happy social evening and be grateful for their gift, rather than be all arsey about the food.

Still. It's a shame that I haven't done a better job of Induction so far.

01-25-2008, 12:46 PM
Fay, you shouldn't feel so bad about special occasion like your parents visiting. It's when the special occasions happen two or three times every week that you need to be careful.

Actually, I guess that's kind of where I am this morning. I did a mid week WI (bad idea!) and "found" the two pounds I lost for the last offical WI. I fixed dinner for my "big kids" last night. We've been eating out a lot with them (they're both living in apartments 20-30 mins from the house). But I insisted on eating at home so I could control my food better. I had stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with ham and chesse) and plain steamed broccoli so it was pretty much on plan. Maybe too much sodium?

I am a little worried too because I seem to be hungry a lot more lately. My theory is that the hunger is tied to insulin resistance. I did Weight Watchers off and on for years. When I compared my food to what others were eating on the Weight Watchers board, I was always eating way more and yet, I was always very hungry. I'm pretty sure there's something going on, but I don't have a doctor to talk to about this. I saw my family doctor last spring, before I started on Atkins for that go round, and made him do blood sugar tests and thyroid tests, but I'm pretty sure he just wrote me off as another fat person who just "eats too much." I assume my tests were normal, but he never did give me any results.

I think the thing that attracted me to Atkins was the first part of the book where he described some of his patients and I saw myself! I wish there was a doctor around here like that!

(warning: venting here)
Every diet and/or eating plan I've tried has worked well for two or three weeks and then it's like something happens, something "adjusts" and the weight loss slows. I can't stay on my even lower than regular induction plan forever! It interferes too much with my life (and my digestive process that really does need some fiber!), but if adding a second salad or a few stalks of broccoli makes me regain weight, what can I do? I know I'm panicking prematurely. I need to stay OP until my next WI and then I can panic, but I like to be prepared!!! Just venting. I gotta get to work now and pretend that I'm not really hungry!!!

01-25-2008, 01:51 PM
Hellooooo :wave:

Just a quickie....things have really picked up at the shop, and Ive put a few things to the side to say hi here!!

Food isnt all that good right now, exercise has slipped too. BUT in my defense Ive been so tired. Just too flippin' tired to do anything.

So......of course because Ive been so tired, I started questioning my food intake again. Hey girls I lasted alot longer this time, than last!! :cb: Ive added some carbs/sugar, but in healthier ways than before. Ive added some apples, oatmeal, and pb in the evening w/dark chocolate. Ive noticed considerable differences in my moods, and my energy levels. So I pulled out some old eating for life and low fat cook books. Its time to adjust the food intake.....more good carbs, and lower fat stuff.

K........Im off to get some stuff done.

Have a great day ladies!!

01-26-2008, 03:47 AM
BB, Lily-- yeah im starting to get over it. Ive been taking airborne, vitamin c, day quil, night quil, and gettin some rest. Im alot better now, Thanks!!!

01-26-2008, 10:03 AM
Heyya LC'ers!:hug:

Sitting here playing catch up with coffee and just got done watching your vid, lily - just toooo cute - so glad I've got my 'puter fixed (knock on monitor) or I would have missed . . . yes, I could tell lil one wasn't really hurt & just needed some G'ma Lily time - was that Gunner? Cute names too . . . as far your son Shane - WOWZA! Seeing that physique made me feel like Koo-Koo-Ka Choo Mrs. aud ROBINSON!:o Please don't tell him about perverted-menopausal cyber-space buds, ok?:p When I first went shorter with the hair - mine was cut like your darling Lacy's - but didn't flatter me - hair too curly - so I went even shorter. I think a similar cut would be cute on you lily - if you're hair is as straight as dd's looks.(??)

My dd has promised forevah to help me Post some pics - I'm just clueless still.

oooops - rambled too long already - I'm up at this hour getting this lard-buTTOCK (aud-Gump? LOL!) to the gym - had an eye opeing w/i (new contest at work) - up to 234!!!!:o So have resolved to get going b4 I creep back up to 248, ya know?:mad:

Cya a bit later . . .

01-26-2008, 12:03 PM
Good morning all! (Good afternoon to some). Lily. Duh. Like the video post was not right there at the bottom of your post. I feel like a moron. I was so busy looking at the attractive children I overlooked the video. Oh my goodness that was cute and made my day. The best part was that poor little one tumbling off the back and calmly laying there looking up at everyone. Meanwhile the other just drives merrily on. I really enjoyed watching it. I want to bury my nose in their little boy hair and take a deep sniff of that "I'm barely leaving babyhood smell". By the way you did not look terrible. You looked like a youthful and attractive lady. It is not fair for grandmas to look as hot as you.

I'm glad the weekend is here. Aunt flow should be finishing up today but she did cause me more distress than ususal this month. My chest feels swollen and sore still (and my bras feel tight and uncomfortable) and my back is still pretty sore. I did'nt do WI this week because she landed on my normal day (Wed.) so maybe I will check the scales tomorrow or Monday. If I'm smart I will double my water this weekend and just hold off on the weighing until Wed.

On a side note: OMG. I ordered 12 Chocoperfection bars from netrution as recommended by Jimmy Moore and they are pretty yummy. Well worth it. We broke into one last night (I avoided during the worst of TOM because the dark chocolate craving I was having was so bad I thought it might set me off !). They are rich and decandent and if you are not on induction really, really, really worth it. Only two carbs and not the fake deflated two carbs but really two carbs. They taste like dark European chocolate. I only ate one square. I have had to hide them or DH will chow down on them while he merrily continues to cheat. Drives me nuts. "Don't eat the expensive or prepared in advance low carb stuff I'm making if you are going to cheat. Just eat what you wanted to eat instead."

Work was so crazy and with aunt flow I did not focus on my plan as much as I need to. I didn't go off plan at all eating wise (though I did skip my bike workout on Wed. and last night) but I decided to make this WOL my number one focus and priority and give it 100% for at least six months and I need to move it back up the food chain (no pun intended). I think carb creep and not holding myself accountable result when it is not in the forefront of my mind so I'm trying to refocus. Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low Carb Youtube videos really help me. I reviewed a few last night after I fed everyone, slowed down, and decided to take stock. I really, really have to work on not letting work/client/employee worries take over. I really bring it home with me and chew over them all evening and through the night.

Have a terrific weekend everyone. :carrot:

01-26-2008, 12:44 PM
Mrs. aud Robinson, LOL. No, you can't babysit him, LOL. I'm gonna post his face pics for you today. He really is a gorgeous little heartbreaker. At least that's what all the girls think. I think he should have been a male model instead of a Sergeant in the Army! Of course, I'm prejudiced.

SC, glad you took a peek at the video. I think the grandsons are soooo cute. Taylor sure learned how to dump his little bro out of that truck, LOL. Did you notice my DH, he's the one that went and helped Gunner up. My DH is HOT! (for an old man, LOL).

I had a major stressful night last night. Lacy had her first major heartbreak with her now EXBF. She was sobbing uncontrollably and it hurts me so much to see her pain. How do we help a young heart through something like this?

I went to bed with a tiny fever blister. I woke up with a monster fever blister! Any ideas how to shorter the course of this? My mouth is so swollen it hurts to even eat!

My eating is on track and I think my scale is slowly moving down. I snuck a peek yesterday! I would head to the gym today, but don't want to scare off folks with my swollen/diseased looking mouth!

01-26-2008, 12:50 PM

Aud, just for you, LOL. A frontal view, these are before he started working out like crazy and getting so Buff!

beach bum
01-26-2008, 04:05 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Leo & I slept in until 8:30 ish and than we discussed world issues when looking around we noticed it was 11 AM and it was time to get dinner ready.Now its 2:57 and in 3 mins I going to watch golf on the golf channel.

Nothing new,since its late,I going to spend the rest of the day by being LAZY.

LILY-You have a very good looking son.I guess the young girls are keeping him in sight.Oh Dear,I remember those days when my DD had her heart broken,Hope she finds some comfort shortly.

JLK-Glad that you feeling better.It takes time to lose those nasty colds.

Have to go,the golf game is on

Have a nice weekend

Hugs :) BB

01-26-2008, 05:25 PM
Thanks BB, yeah, he's broken a few girls' hearts. I end up always feeling sorry for the girls. I wish he could find a nice, single lady without kids. Seems everyone he dates already has kids and are wanting instant marriage. He's not at all ready for that yet!

I'm coming down with the crud stuff again. I should have known from the look of this fever blister. Now I'm coughing and runny nose . I feel like taking some Nyquil and going to bed for a day or two.

Good news is my jeans are looser today.

01-26-2008, 09:52 PM

Lily, Your kids are both very goodlooking! You can buy lysine capsules at the health food store, They make a huge difference for feverblisters, gets rid of them faster and keeps them from spreading. Hope you feel better soon.

01-26-2008, 10:21 PM
Punce, thanks. I'll try to get some Lysine, cause this thing just keeps getting bigger, it's making my lips all swollen and sore and goes down onto my chin. I'm thankful I dont have anywhere that I have to go. I'm embarassed to leave the house.

01-26-2008, 10:41 PM
*Ahhhhhhh sitting here enjoying The Frontal . . . *fanning self* . . . ;) lily!:p WHAT a HUNK!:carrot: You can really tell Shane & Lacy are b&sis . . . they must have your eyes? My two DD's have certain "looks" that let you know they're sibs - but look dramatically diff - Molly has flaming red hair & blue eyes - Tessie has brown hair & giant brown eyes - someday I'll get "techno" enuf to Post.:crossed: Tx for sharing your family - this was fun!:hug: (I use what my parents used for any kind of fever blister/mouth sores: Campho-Phenique - in the little green glass bottle? (The "modern" tube version doesn't work near as well. Especially if you put it on at bedtime - dramatic difference by morning!)

You & Leo are the cutest beachie!!:cheers: . . . how many years have you been married & STILL having discussions & lose track of the time!!??? So rare.:val2: I'm going to try a different pan when I pre-make some LC stuff this weekend - have you ever made your Revolution Rolls in a mini-muffin pan? I've got two pans like that but may have to cut the recipe in 1/2 or won't the batter/whites "fall" while I'm waiting to reload the muffin tins?

A Biggest Loser contest started at work Friday - could not have come at a better time - all the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish so I can feel good about that & LOVE to compete! I bring the turmoil of work home with me too scalm - coming here helps me to get my focus-on but lately (see gain - LOL!) I've been all over the map. (All the beautiful farms are becoming subdivisions/gated communities/garish "estates" etc here in my neck of MO . . . with the depressed market I see lots & lots of crazy looking fountains/topiaries in the front yard straight out of The Shining etc being added to the places for sale - never thought about it until you pointed it out - kind of needless things - (more Stephen King references?:p)

Soooooooo've contest (& all of you) have definitely got my focus groove back on . . . headed out for the gym on 4 hrs sleep and treated myself to a brutal work out - but also sauna/pool/shower time for me. We also took a long FAST walk on the riverside trail - Westie Gingie PULLED our 10 yr old on her scooter - Happy to report that Gingie didn't try to commit suicide (like she did on her first trip there earlier in the week) by jumping into the ice jammed MO River!!! YAY!

Enjoy your parents while you got 'em Fay - miss mine so. You're doing great & are conscious of your intake so its not like a full on mindless spree, I think?

Sooooooo, I'm a little heavier than I thought Amy - how are you doing over this weekend? Hope the stalls don't hit you lynn . . . not sure how HEAVILY :^: you should rely on my advice . . . but water on weekends is hard for me - are you drinking LOTS?

Off to shop . . . Lil One just came in with some kind of rash all over her belly (????) - not sure what this is about but out of Benadryl.:?: Another WILD Saturday nite . . . *Hmmmmm :bubbles:. . . *wishing I was babysitting . . . *:sssh:


ttyal . . .

01-26-2008, 11:25 PM
Aud: You are cracking me up. Lily: Yum. And I'm not talking about food. It is no fair to have a foxy DH and a foxy DS. Did I just say foxy? Hey, I'm not making excused for my outdated vocabulary at 46. My DD just turned 9. It is hard enough when "mean girls" don't include her now and then and we are only talking tweenie stuff. I don't know what I will do when she is old enough to get her heart broken.

Here is what I made today for freezing and eating next week:

Cauliflower/Grulyere soup (pureed in the food processor with cream, chicken broth, butter and onion then put into the crock pot to cook slowly with diced ham, celery, diced red pepper and some zuc and fresh green bean.

Chicken tenders marinated in coconut milk (overnight) then dredged in low carb bake mix and crushed macadamia nuts, deep fried and baked to finish them off.

Kosher turkey breast (bone in) slow cooked my my wonderful La Cruset dutch oven. 1/2 has been sliced and half was turned into turkey salad with capers, chopped celery, mayo and a bit of curry.

Mini cheeseburgers. Stuffed with a bit of cheddar and pre-cooked.

Found another dandy little product courtesy of Jimmy Moore. It is called True Lemon (they also have True Lime which I purchased as well.). It can be found next to the splenda. It is terrific. I mixed some with DH's famous cheesecake pudding. Yummy. Now it is like key lime pie. I also (naughty) just mixed a vodka cocktail with the true lemon some water and of course, vodka. Ttttaaasssty. I wish I had tried some of the true lemon on the chicken I made.

That is about all. It was a lazy day. I reread some of my DANDR chapters, did a mellow low carb shopping stock up (since I have so much in the freezer) and picked up some paperbacks at the thrift store. (I read so much that buying books at the bookstore is sinful...even though I do it all the time. I can read a couple of books within a five or six hour period so thrift store books make me feel less guilty.I take books I have read to an active adult community and they always crack up when I arrive because it is typically two or three huge hefty bags full of books every month or so).

I have a kind of cool biography I found written by a woman who was an American spy in Spain during WWII through 1966. Really entertaining.

I hope everyone is doing great. I am sending out some motivational mojo since we all seem to kind of be in the hibernating/nesting or coming down with something mode.

01-27-2008, 03:09 AM
Ahhhh, Living La Vida LC . . . think I read a lot there b4 finding 3fc . . . think I'll youtube it - tx for the idea scalm. Your food always sounds so yum - I'm getting it together (finally) - slow cooked some corned beef & cabbage for some pre-made din-dins today . . . shopped & stocked up to make up a bunch more tomorrow for the week. You got me thinking of soup.

BTW - is real lemon high in carbs? I always have some in my green tea and never thought much about it.

Inspired by your chocolate treat (what site are you shopping at again?) . . . I got something in for when I get an attack of the late nites/woe is me/deprived syndrome. Made like a paste in my trusty Magic Bullet: splashes of heavy whipping cream/big scoop of protein powder/vanilla yogurt/water - meanwhile boiled International SF Mocha Coffee in the microwave - mixed the paste into the coffee & whipped which then became like a melty/frothy lattee. I know, I know - a cup o' chemicals but very satisfying & felt decadent.:D

beach bum
01-27-2008, 09:40 AM
Hi Ladies:)

Once again,I slept longer than intended to do.Now its getting late and I have to rush to get out to church.

Today at 4 PM or around that time the winds of 60 MPH is going to rush in, blowing freezing rain to the Cape with snow accumulations of 2 ins, than tomorrow we are expecting 6" followed by 2" more in the evening So Monday is going to a wipe out.In other words a BLIZZARD is heading out way.

We have lots of food so,but hopefully the electricity won't go out.Or we will be eating canned foods again.But the most important is that I 'll be in Limbo on Monday if I can't reach you guys.

Leo is suppose to go to the Chemo doctor on Monday,but I guess we'll have to make another appointment for that.

Have to go,get ready for church,and if the storm comes & if I don't post you know what happened.

Hugs :) BB

01-27-2008, 10:57 AM
Aud, my kids do both have my brown eyes. I think they do look like bro and sis. Lacy's hair is darker than Shane's. When Lacy's BF dumped her the other night, I wanted to seriously kick his litte 16 yr. old butt. Then I had to remind myself of all the girls that Shane has dumped! Of course, Shanes advice to Lacy is "leave men alone, we're all a@@holes!" Lol, even he admits it.

SC, LOL, I hadn't heard the word "foxy" in years. My kids crack up when I slip and say "groovy". Lol, that tells our age!

So today was my official WI day. I am down 1 whole pound. I guess that's much better than last week when I was UP 1 whole pound. My totals this past 4 weeks.

Week 1, lost 2 lbs.
Week 2, lost 2 lbs.
Week 3, gained 1lb.
Week 4, lost 1 lb.
For a grand total of 4 lbs. lost in 4 weeks. That seems like very piddily wt. loss, but it's doing the best that I can do.

SC, your food sounds delicious. I get in a rut of eating a broiled chicken breast every dang night.

BB, stay home and out of that blizzard. Our forecast is for 60 degree weather tomorrow. Yeah , right. The weather forecast here is always wrong.

Guess I'll stay home again today. Don't want to scare off people at the gym with my huge crusted fever blistered lips. I told DH about it last night when he called. He had his usual response of "I've got a cure for that". I responded with "I don't think I could get my mouth open that far". LOL, why do men think that cures everything. Sorry for the porn, so early on this Sunday morning. LOL, I'm gonna go to **** for that.

01-27-2008, 01:06 PM
Lily: Good for you! Hey, I had a huge zit last week (never broke out my whole life but of course it has to happen now). There was no covering the thing up. Forget it. Nothing worked. I felt like I was going to have to put traffic cones and caution tape around it. A fever blister is worse. You aren't even supposed to try to cover it up.

Aud: I poked around a bit and ended up buying the Chocoperfection bars at I think it was 12 of them for 27 bucks or something. The chocoperfection site wanted you to buy a lot more of them and I think the basic cost of around 79. Too dear for me! At the same Netrition site I bought some low carb hot chocolate (4 carbs a cup) and a low carb bake mix. DH is very fond of sweets and really likes sprinkling the hot chocolate mix on top of his coffee and cream or on top of my version of the low carb latte(made with soy milk,vanilla, splenda, dash of sugar free hazelnut syrup and dash of cream).

BB: The coming storm sounds scary but also kind of cozy in a wierd way. Of course, we don't get those kinds of things here in CA. We recently had a pretty severe wind storm and power was out everywhere but we never really have to add ice and snow into the mix. My family has had a home in Old Saybrook for about eight years (where my Aunt typically goes to stay the summers) but I have never actually gone there. We talk about it every year but never get around too it.

It is cloudy and a bit chilly here today. DH and I are sitting here in the living room, he with the paper and I with the laptop. I could happily sit here for the rest of the day.

01-27-2008, 05:14 PM
Hi, I'm spending my Sunday setting up my new home office (formerly DD15's room). It's a real pretty day too, but I'm happy eoungh inside. Maybe I'll walk the dogs later.
Lily, I think the worst heart break we had to deal with was older DD who was about 20 when her long term BF broke up with her. It was awful especailly when I could see her making mistakes (like begging him to come back to her) and couldn't stop her. They did get back together She's been dating him for over five years now. DD15 hasn't had a BF yet and that's fine with me. Your kids are cute. I wish I knew how to post a pix of mine. My work computer won't do videos, but now that I'm on my home computer I'll have to go back and check out the grandsons.
I've stayed off the scale since Friday (who needs the disappointment?) but my key sticks aren't showing positive. I don't think I've gone over normal induction limits, but I have gone over my lower than normal limits. I'm really really hoping for a decent loss come Wed. Next weekend we're out of town at a dance competition and that's always tough to stay OP. Between the fast food when there's no time for real food and the temptation to destress in the hotel bar at night, it's a challenge. This year will be interesting because DD22 is going along as a teacher. We can leave DD15 in the room and go destress together! I'm such a bad example. Off to walk the dogs. Lynn

01-27-2008, 05:42 PM
Hey all :wave: Im here just been busy......trying to keep my stress level down too!

beach bum
01-27-2008, 08:56 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Just had my supper and the blow is out side our home to do some snow removal. The keep on saying the Cape & the islands are going to get hit hard this evening into tomorrow and the worst will be at 5 AM when the winds will whip around. Leo is playing a amateur meteorologist by checking the charts on the computer and he can't see what they're talking about.

Lily-Your son will meet the right one,my son has the same problem alway winds up with a married woman with children. I praying hard that he will meet a single girl and be happy and not alone when he gets old.We will spend the day indoors & keep warm as we own a fire [gas insert] place. But I concerned about the electric going out,we have so many frozen foods in the freezer.Congrats on your weight losses you doing great.

AUD-Thanks that was a sweet compliment.Yes we been married for a long time its going to be 42 years this year.and we will spend it once again in Hawaii.

SC-Hope they're wrong and the storm turns around and goes out to sea.Never heard of Old Saybrook,where is its location???

Going to close the computer and hopefully will see you guys in the morning.

Good Night

Hugs :) BB

01-27-2008, 09:19 PM
Hi BB: Old Saybrook is in Conn. Absolutely gorgeous (from all the photos of the house I've seen anyway). I get the wonderful stories of walking down to the pier to buy 5 dollar crabs all summer. The flip side is the stories every couple of weeks of how everyone is worried that the septic tank needs to be replaced.

I braved the rain today (though nothing like what those of you in the east and midwest are facing) and took my first trip to Whole Foods this morning. Lordy. I was overwhelmed. I only picked up a few things. An organic mango (looks delish), some organic mixed berries (to give DH some variety on his low carb pudding) a huge leek (not sure what I'm going to use it for yet), some unsweetened coconut (had a devil of a time finding it anywhere) and some coconut oil (same story). I heard the coconut oil is great for cooking at high temps so I'm giving it a whirl. I made some low carb macroons using Da Vincis hazelnut syrup, cream cheese, roasted slivered almonds glazed with spenda and then grated some chocoperfection bar on them. DH likes them but I'm on the fence. Not being much of sweet fan I'd rather spend the 2 carbs somewhere else!

I have some korean spare ribs in the oven for dinner tonight (it is only 5:13 here right now). I want to get on the exercise bike but I have had a nasty headache all day. I've had so much water I feel like I'm drowning but it is not helping the headache any.

I have a terrible time taking vitamens (they normally make me ill and something about how they smell makes my throat close up when I try to swallow them) BUT, reading everyone's comments about the importance of supplements drove me to buy a multivitamen today at Whole Foods. Not so bad. It was easy to break in half and swallow down that way. Let's see if I can keep it up.

I guess that's all for now. I wish the weekend was not over so soon. I feel the need for cocooning (yes, I made that word up).

Heres to everyone on a week ended (survived) and to a wonderful week ahead. BB: I will be checking the weather on my computer!!!


01-27-2008, 09:37 PM
BB, we have a fireplace too. It helps knowing we have one cause there is times the electricity goes out due to the winter storms. A few yrs ago we had a major ice storm and were without electricity for 2 weeks. Right after that I bought us a generator for future emergencies like that. I hope you're able to stay inside and warm and that your freezer gets to stay on.

SC, I wish I could eat at your house. Your food sounds better than mine. I agree with your DH, I'm a big fan of sweets.

BB, thanks for saying that I'm doing great. My wt. loss is very slowly, but I'm being super diligent and feel like I'm trying my best to get off the extra holiday lbs.

01-27-2008, 09:40 PM
Hi ladies , I'm living in a deep freeze its -26 (-13 F) here and WINDY and it's been snowing all day. it's like "The mist" out there. DH and I went out for groceries and the roads are terrible. I think I'll be canceling my Dr. appiontment on tuesday as it's supposed to be like this all week.:cry:

I haven't been doing to good staying OP struggling with the late-night munchies at least I got a pretty good workout today grouting the basement bathroom, what a nasty job. I'm sure my arms will be sore tomorrow. We've been renovating our house for about 5 years now. I should work this hard more often , I'd be in better shape.

I hope your all staying warm.:D

01-28-2008, 02:32 AM
Up late as usual but also 'cause I'm STILL cooking - getting ready to get 6 Parmesan Chicken Breasts out of the oven. Anyone ever use McCormicks "Rotisserie Chicken" seasoning? Looks & smells delish - I'll let you know how it tastes sometime this week.

scalms' recipes make my mouth water too lily!

Not trying to be a Thread Starter Hog . . . but just noticed it's after midnite - think I'll start us on up - brb with a link: