Carb Counters - I fell... but Im getting back on on Monday

01-20-2008, 11:52 PM
I BROKE MY DIET! I was doing so good.. I started on Monday and was loosing weight. For the first time in my life, I had will power.

So on Thursday me and my boyfriend went to a basketball game. I had followed my diet and everything, but at the Staples Center I got hungry. So we went to McD's and as tempted as I was to eat a burger, I opted for a salad. I even took out all the carrots. I figured, it has carbs, but less than a burger would (a Big Mac... mmmmmmmm)... After the game my boyfriend wanted tacos. I figured Id order some and eat the meat... WRONG! I ate 4 tacos and 2 tostadas.. they were SO GOOD! But I felt so bad.. (oh and I had 2 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates)

The next day I had a Dr's appointment and they weighed me.. I still lost 1lb.. (9 total since Monday.. 5 days on diet). But Saturday we went to Big Bear ( the snow) and I ate tamales and milk, and sweet bread... I ATE BAD STUFF.. and Sunday was the same.. Im nervous of weighing myself on Monday morning.. but Im getting back on Monday.... I hope I can make it thru the weekend this time...

01-22-2008, 09:51 AM
Oh dear!

Well, heaven knows I'm not exactly a weightloss guru, but I'd suggest 2 things:

1) Think very hard about whether there's any psychological reason that you're sabotaging your diet. It might just be my recollection of Fat is A Feminist Issue talking here, but sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and it's on purpose - because there's something about losing weight that we find threatening.

Worth considering, just in case there's something going on there.

But my main thought is (2) you need to plan ahead. Think about the situations that are going to crop up where your diet can be sabotaged (somebody at work offering you their home-baked cookies and you don't want to offend them, you're ravenous and your boyfriend suggests stopping at a drive-in, you have to eat at a friends' house and you know they'll be making something that's off plan, WHATEVER) and figure out ahead of time what you can do in these situations. You need to be armed with some strategies for how can you avoid eating stuff that you don't really want to eat. Or how you can minimise the off-the-wagon-ness - because the thing is that these situations WILL crop up. They're hideously inevitable!

I was sorely tempted to eat some of the chocolate icecream cake that one of my kids (I'm a teacher) brought in for their birthday today - there was a freaking PIECE sitting RIGHT THERE for me, all yummy and chocolatey with a chocolate-coated cherry, and, God, it was tempting. And I thought about it, but then I thought: No, if I can either lose weight OR eat the cake, I'd rather lose weight. In fact I even said it out loud! And then sent the slice next door to the teacher in the other room, so it didn't sit their looking all seductive and calling to me in its sweet, creamy, siren song of chocolatey goodness. (Not saying that would work for you - but for me that gave me a little moment of clarity and it was enough to kick me back into resisting the damn icecream.)

It helps if you make sure you've eaten already before you go into situations where there's going to be food. If you've had a filling soup, or if you've got some cubes of cheese or something On-Plan in your pocket so that you can chow down on something - this helps.

God, I hope I don't sound annoying! But I so want you to succeed in this - I want us ALL to succeed in this! And I totally get the horrible temptation thing (God, tacos, just READING that made my mouth water!), especially when there's a boyfriend/spouse/kids in the picture to crank up the temptation to the max.

If I'm coming across as a pain, please disregard the above - honestly just trying to be helpful here.

01-22-2008, 10:01 AM
We are surrounded by a world of highly processed carb temptations. Find a way to think of them NOT as "temptations" tho' - I have my best success when I think of all the flour & sugar as poison for my pancreas.

Every day is a new day so try not to beat yourself up (my biggest problem when I slide) and just keep trying claudia. We can do this!

01-22-2008, 11:24 AM
Claudia don't lose hope! You can do this! How did yesterday go? Personally I do daily weigh ins because if I see the scale is up in the morning it motivates me to stick strongt o my diet! Also what about setting mini goals for yourself? I give myself a reward for every 5 lbs I lose and I wrote a list fo the rewards for each 5 lbs so I already know what I am getting and I look forward to that and it keeps me on track.

01-22-2008, 11:02 PM
I think Fay is hitting on an important point. You need to look at how you really feel about losing weight. Is it something that you are doing for you or for someone else? Are you doing it because you think you need to be healthier or because you want to fit in? These are things that you need to think about and discuss with yourself. By discuss with yourself, I mean you should start a journal that only you will see. It can be very tempting to show the bf but this journal needs to be a safe place where you can let out all of your thoughts and not have any fear of backlash.

Also, you may want to consider how to deal with the "suggestions" of in appropriate foods by your bf or anyone else. People may unintentionally or intentionally do this to test you to see how "serious" you are about the diet. When you can resist and show that you are serious, then they may stop but be prepared to always be tested.

This is a life change. Keep reading and posting here for the support you need. Read as much as you can for information. You can do this. You are human and sometimes you don't make the best choice. Today is another day and you can make a better choice.

I say all this as someone who "fell off the wagon" for three months recently. But every mealtime since the beginning of January, I make a choice to eat the way that I need to to lose the weight I know I need to lose.

01-23-2008, 12:40 AM
Winston Churchill said, "Never, Never, Never Give UP" and he was fighting a war against what everyone thought were impossible odds. One day does not a disaster make. S'allright. Start fresh tomorrow. Temptations are the worst. Sometimes you just give in. For me TOM produces horrendous cravings. I can't have anything in the house that might tempt me. At first I literally had to buy my daughter's dinner food on the way home from work and cook it when I get home so I was not tempted with it. My mouth is watering with Fay's description of that danged ice cream cake. I so want to run my finger along a melting edge. AAAgggghhhh.

We are here for you. Hugs.