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02-04-2002, 01:13 PM

Welcome to a thread full of humor, encouragement, friendship & fellowship, as we share the ups & downs of raising a family & losing weight! We welcome all new friends & our returning friends too!!

Be sure to go back and check out the Stay At Home Mom's #31 thread to see what has been going on in everyone's lives & meet our newcomers.


02-04-2002, 01:15 PM
Spryng and Misti~ I left a sort of long post on the previous thread regarding the potty training saga. (gotta keep your sense of humor about it!). I hope that your days are going well.
I'd better go finish changing the sheets.
Have a great day!

02-04-2002, 05:56 PM
Thanks Ginny for the advice!! I think I will try a few more days and if nothing is improving I'll go back to diapers. Today has been better. We've been gone all day (getting taxes done) so I just put her in a diaper. The stress is gone right now. My eating has been ok too.
Sorry I seemed so cranky misti. Just had one of those days you know? But it's over now!! :)
Well, I'll write more later. We are getting our satelite hooked up.

02-04-2002, 09:03 PM
Aw, it's ok Spryng. Don't worry about it. We all have those moments. Well, glad to see you back Ginny! That Dh thing was so funny!:lol: I still can't believe I said that!:o I really wish I could get out and walk like you do. It's just not possible with these lil' ones and this weather though. I'm doing alot better as far as the binge urges go, thankfully! Everyone here seemed to stay cranky all day. I gave up on trying to please them all. It was making me miserable. I plugged in a show for the kids and read aittle. They are still quirreling with eachother. I just had to runnoft :dizzy: for awhile! Anyhow I better get and finish up the dinner dishes.

02-04-2002, 10:43 PM
Well here I am - still havent moved! They say sometime the end of this week we will "close" on the house. I guess I have to just wait and see. I cant even express the STRESS I feel! Of course that is affecting my eating too! Still getting no exercise, except for the everyday cleaning and chasing the kids. Spryng, aint potty training the worst?? I was kinda lazy with the potty training (kept putting it off) but by the time I got around to it - it was easy because she was ready! If it feels really challenging and if you both are getting upset, it may not be time yet. You could give it even a few weeks and then "try again" Like Ginny said... She wont wear diapers forever (but they sure are costly! I will be glad to not have to buy them anymore - But I have a long while before we are to the potty training stage!) Well anyway I wish you luck!
Hope everyone is doing well with their diets, and exercising.
Ginny you seem really commited to your walking! Good for you, Cant wait till nicer weather so I can get out there too!
Talk to you all soon.
Take care;)

02-04-2002, 11:15 PM
Well, Cdm, the good thing about you not moving is that we still hear from you regularly. ( I would imagine that you will be really busy right after moving and won't be able to post much). But that is not much of a consolation. It must be tough on you and your family~ having everything packed up and living out of a bare minimum. Chin up!!!!!! It will be over sooner or later!
Misti, I hope that everyone settles down and gives you a good day tomorrow!!!!! And that you did get a few minutes to read (sort of a mental minivacation, eh?) It can be so hard when the kids are fussy and quarrel. After a while I would get so batty from all the crankiness:dizzy: . Maybe it did some permenant brain dammage to me...............what do you think!!!!!!!:lol: (no comment, Jackie, if you are out there................)
Spryng- I hope that I did not sound too much like I was giving a lecture on potty training there.........each child is different and all 3 of mine trained differently. The earliest to train was our son, who gave up diapers at 26 months. (who says that boys are difficult to train?) But that was him and although he was easy to potty train, he sure has been tough to train in other areas. Take homework, for example..........I am still waiting for him to train there!:?: But I must say that the "special" undies thing worked for all 3 of my children, when they were ready.

As for me and walking. It is my sanity. I started with this walking thing 2 1/2 years ago. That summer I had been to the doctor for some routine stuff and my blood pressure was fine. At the end of that summer, I had some really screwy symptoms- in addition to some light headness and bad headaches ( I have a high pain threshold, so needing advil for a headache that persisted told me something was wrong). So off to the Dr I went. A mere 3 months after a very normal blood pressure reading mine was something obscene like 180/120! The Dr was shocked. The only thing that had changed in my life was...............Dd!!!!! Ah, the joys of a 13 year old daughter!!!!!!!!:lol: But seriously (and she is a good kid, good grades, nice friends etc...) her mouth and the total and I mean total disrespect she had (and still has at times) for me was killing me. Long story short, I went on some medication for the Bp (which is quite normal now) and on the advice of my Dr started walking. I live in my walking shoes. And when Dd gets ugly (it still happens,but not usually as bad- or I have gotten used to it and deal with it better) I walk! I would be lost (or dead) if I did not. I love to walk and those early am walks are oh, so peaceful. (all self respecting teenagers are asleep at that 5 am:D !!!!) And I am a winter nut- walking in the cold I enjoy, 'cause it wakes me up. So now that you all know I am clinically deranged................ Thanks for all the comments about being dedicated with walking, but what I am getting at is that it is really very self serving of me.

Enough babbling, Ginny!!!!
I had better go and try to get some sleep. I am hoping to get up early again for another walk tomorrow.
Have a great nite!

02-04-2002, 11:18 PM
And, speaking of Jackie!!!! Where are ya, girl!!!!!!!! We miss you!

02-05-2002, 10:54 AM
I was kinda wondering about Jackie too. I hope the flu hasn't gotten her down to awful bad. We miss you! I really am considering trying to get up at 5 am and begining walking. Our children usually aren't up until 7 am. Yoga was my sanity but it seems to be slipping, I still love it though. I'm just needing more. I have a really terrific friend (Levi Garrett, my dog) who would love the time with me too. I believe I'll give it a try tomorrow morning. Thank you Ginny for the inspiration. The family seems to be better today. It was very unusual for them to act so yesterday. Our Dd's are always such great friends. It's a faze I'm sure. The oldest and I always have problems at breakfast. We do more of a brunch, she and I do. We seem not to have much of an appitite first thing in the morn. We usually get the morn chores done. Then come in and fix our brunch. She in sisted on grilled cheese and french fries today! Funny but that's what she wants. I fixed it and one for me but I can't seem to bring myself to eat it with all the fat in it. Well hope you all are having a good mornin'!

02-05-2002, 11:36 AM
Good morning!
Misti- glad that the kids are doing better. You'll love an early am walk. It is oh, so peaceful!!! I did not get mine in this am- it was icy out there, so I did a walk aerobics tape instead. But I have a walk planned for tomorrow.
:) Great that all that fat in food is bothering you (makes it easier to resist).
Gotta go, I have a busy day ahead. See ya later!

02-05-2002, 01:19 PM
Oh! Golly, Gee! I sure feel "special" after reading how much you gals missed me! This darn virus really has taken a toll on me. The only nice thing about it is that I have kept the 6# off for more than a week! Yeah!! Thank you gals for your concern. During the time that I was extremely sick, I had no ambition to take my anti-depressants & so....I turned into a basket case, very depressed & wanting to give up! I was also very, very tired & had to take tons of naps. Well, I've been back on the meds for almost a week now & I'm starting to feel like my bubbly self again! (Well, almost!) We FINALLY had Christmas with DH cousin & his family last night. On both sides of the family we had to cancel 4 times due to sickness or school functions. I'm sure glad that the visit is over & done with. I thought that it would be next Christmas before we got together. All my preparing is out of the way, thank goodness. I pulled a good one yesterday. I had them over for dinner & went thru all the trouble planning the meal, cleaning the house & to top things off: I absent mindedly scheduled my perm yesterday & also....this is the same evening that DD has Pom's practice & dance class! Talk about hyperventilating!! So....I'm glad today is a little slower for me! Ginny: Now you know why I didn't make any funny comments in regards to your comment about yourself! Back to me: I was doing real well staying OP for the past week until Super Bowl Sunday came along & I cooked up a storm & also made a large batch of Chocolate Chip Toll House cookies! I couldn't leave them alone, so I'm sure the 6# will be back on my bod in no time! Just in case-I'm going to eat extremely light for the next few days & maybe it will balance out. CDM: I'm not sure if you answered my question on where you live or are moving to. I live near Milwaukee, WI Are you moving in that direction? You can drop me a Private Message if you'd like. Ask Ginny:
You can trust me! Maybe you mentioned it in an earlier post & I didn't catch it. I hope that your move goes smoothly for you. I really give you credit for trying to cook a well-balanced meal for everyone during the "moving process".
(For the most part, at least!) Lil'Sunshine: Again: Thanks for your concern over me! I had to keep on telling myself to "hold on" & that things would get better. Baby steps, baby steps!! And sure enough, the meds kicked in, my laundry is all caught up, my main floor is in good shape, (thanks to having company!) & all I have to do now is the upstairs. Still haven't finished DD's room & it looks like I haven't even made an attempt in there! Today is garbage day so...after this post I'm in a throw-out mood & the game of trying to beat the garbage man! Lets see how many G-Bags I can fill up before the garbage man gets here! Glad to hear that you made it over the family hump too! (No more quarreling?) ;) Spryng: I think that I'd wait with the potty training until after the taxes are filed. What worked best for both of my kids is to keep them in their underwear & of course-try & keep them on a hard-floor area so that you are not constantly scrubbing the carpets! My kids hated the feeling of the potty running down their legs, so....It didn't take them long & they were trained. My DS was trained over the summer, so I didn't mind if he "watered the lawn" from time to time. He also thought it was funny to hide behind the Evergreen trees & go. We live out in the boonies & our whole yard is outlined in Evergreen trees, so no one can really see anything either. And in the house...He always tried to aim for the "Cheerio's" in the toilet bowl. Of course, this only works for boys. (Unless you have a DD like mine, who used to think it was neat to try & pee standing up!) For DD, I used to keep M&M's on hand & if she stayed dry & used the "potty" she got a small hand-full of them. I'm so glad that those days are over! Well gals, I posted longer than I should have & I think that the garbage man came thru already. I sure hope that it was the recycling guy instead. So.....just in case, I'd better sign off for now & start throwing out things in DD's room. Until later, TTFN!!

02-05-2002, 01:24 PM
Good morning everyone! Well I am taking your advice Ginny and putting off the potty training for awhile. I'll try again in a few weeks. So everything around my house is peaceful again. I thought she was ready, all the signs were there but when it came down to it she didn't mind peeing on herself. So that shows she isn't quite there yet.
My day for dieting yesterday wasn't fantastic but it wasn't horrible either. We had mexican for lunch. I ate quite a bit but then I came home and had nothing else the rest of the night but water. I'm retaining because of my oncoming TOM. Today we are suppose to have a nice lunch at olive garden so i'm splurging again. But then that's all I will eat besides alot of water the rest of the day. But tomorrow all goes back to normal and I'll stay at 1000 like usual.
Taxes are finally done. We pick up our check today. That's nice. It turned out that we got more back then expected!! That was great to hear!! Now we can catch up on the dreaded bills.
Well, I hope everyone has a great day. I'll check back in later.

02-05-2002, 03:04 PM
Welcome back Jackie!!!!!!!!!!
Got a ton of stuff to do now, and I will respond later to you and Spryng.
See ya!

(just could not resist welcoming you back!):D

02-06-2002, 12:38 AM
Good evening everyone!! Good to see you back jackie and feeling better!! And I'm taking your advice, I'm waiting on potty training for a few more weeks. I already have the panties put away awaiting the day my dd would rather wear them than a diaper.
But today has been great for me!! We got our tax return back and it was much more than expected which was heaven!! So we have been running all day paying bills and shopping. I went clothes shopping tonight. It was so nice to buy a pair of brand new size 8 jeans!! The ones I was wearing are alomst 4 years old!! I keep everything! :) But I bought two new pair and it felt so good!! I also bought a size 8 dress. It's summery and very pretty. I can't wait until it warms up so I can wear it!!
My DH took me out to lunch at the olive garden. It was delicious!! But I did ok as a whole on dieting. The kids were even good through lunch. They were starving like us and was quiet as they devoured their food. So we had a really nice time.
You remember me complaining about not getting much of a winter this year?? Well I have to take that back. It has been snowing all day. They are calling for 10-18 inches by morning!! I'm glad. Then my DH gets to stay home yet still get paid and we can take the kids out for some snow fun!! This is my ds first snow. So it's exciting to see it through his eyes!! He doesn't know what to think of it, but he likes it.
Well, I'll see you girls here tomorrow!! Take care!! :D

02-06-2002, 10:42 AM
Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, now to respond to the posts.....................

Jackie- first of all, I am going to buy one of those medicine thingys that are labelled for all 7 days of the week. Then I am going to insist that you, yes you, put your meds in there at the beginning of the week and take them! And if that is not reminder enough I'll get in the van and start driving................all the way out to personally harrass you!:lol: Ok, you might have been too sick if you had the stomach bug to keep anything down. But promise me that you will take care of yourself, ok? Please?????? I am glad that you are feeling better though! We sure missed you!
I love your overscheduled day~ the perm and company and Dd's practices............ sounds just like something I would do! (and for me, somehow think it was a normal day..........a real type A personality here). Hope that you dig out Dd's room. And I enjoyed your potty training stories.........

Spryng-Congrats on the new clothes and the tax refund! That dress sounds pretty and great for showing off your newly regained figure. Olive Garden has great food, doesn't it? I could live on their salad, the dressing is devine (please don't tell me the calorie count!!!!!!!!). But actually they do have some entrees that are marked low in fat- so as long as you do not pig out totally sanity can prevail. But then, you have been so discplined in your eating that one meal out will not matter and is well deserved.

Today I have to attempt to get this house in order............ (Jackie, help please!!!) And I am not really inspired to do so. Maybe once I get started it will not be so bad. I did get another 5 am walk in, it was cold but nice. My problem is that I could walk for an hour.... maybe longer but have to get back to make breakfast for the gang.

I had better scoot and go tackle the kitchen. See ya later! Have a great day!

02-06-2002, 01:15 PM
Good Day, All!

Well, so far today, I've been doing pretty well staying OP. It's almost ll a.m. here, so I have a long...day ahead of me, but for the most part, I think I'll stay accountable. I'm a little slow on my water this a.m. (Due to shopping 'til I dropped this a.m.) I plan on just about drowning in it this afternoon. :dizzy: I didn't do any form of exercise for days. (Unless you count running up & down our stairs & pushing a shopping cart around the store for nearly 2 hours!) :eek: For inquisitive minds: I didn't go grocery shopping & eat all the samples that are around every corner! I'll save this for tomorrow! :lol: Spryng: Good for you that you went shopping & bought some clothes for yourself! Wow, a size 8!! I haven't been an 8 in 10 years!
Just hearing about your success gives me motivation to keep on going! I hope you have/had a blast in the snow with your family. Walking thru all that snow is a good workout for your legs & buttocks! Oh!, make sure that your little one's don't eat any of the yellow snow!:o What a great way of firming them up & have some fun in the process! ;) The Olive Garden is one of my favorite places to go for a salad. I don't even think about the calories once I'm there.(Maybe a few days later, though.) Ginny: FYI: I do have one of those 7-day pill keepers, it's just that I was too darn sick to even think about taking one of them! Well, for my sanity: I'm "faithfully" taking them again! You know what?
I should have kept my mouth shut about having one of them. I would have finally had a chance to meet you! Oh well!! I'll keep that in mind for the next time! :smug: DD's room is just about done & then I'm going to go thru DS's room again. Once their rooms are in order & if I have some extra time, I'll go thru & pick out some more things to get rid of. (Yah, right!!) Sorry Ginny, I don't think I'll have any free time to fly to NY & help you. I'm really sorry!! Some words of advice: Once you get started, you'll be on a roll.

Well gals, I've been @ the 'puter long enough & unfortunately, I have to go & finsh DD's room. See yah all later!

02-06-2002, 11:14 PM
Good evening!
Woo hoo!!!!! Jackie's back!:D Sorry that you were so sick that keeping track of your meds was impossible. I hope I did not come off as too much of a pain before. I chew you out because I care, that's all. It's great to see you back to your own self. Go easy on the work outs until you are sure that you are back to full strength. Ok?

I had a fair day. Got a nice walk in this am- but so much running around. Next to no housework.:( I think I am going to have to lock myself in the house for a few days to dig out. My eating was ok,although I did not really keep track of points, I should have done ok. Yes, I do have to get back to logging my food. I do so much better that way.

Gotta go!!!!!!!!
See ya tomorrow.

02-06-2002, 11:27 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome back Jackie! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. We really missed you. I'm still trying to sneak off for that walk Ginny. So far no luck! The Dd's both got up with me this morn. I was disappointed but tomorrow is a new day! I'm happy to hear all the good things going for you Spryng. I always love to buy new clothes after I lose weight. I'm funny too though, I still have clothes from 10 years ago! I know they will come back in style again! Bell bottoms did! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. New clothes is always good motivation for me. As for me... I'm doing great. I splurdged some today. Dh took us out to dinner tonight. I know I went over 1500 cals. I was craving everything on the menu! It's about TOM for me. So I skipped the weigh in this morn. I'm retaining water and didn't want to discourage myself. I'll get on sometime in the next few weeks. I know I'm very close to my first goal. I put on a pair of jeans I hadn't been able to get on in years. I even buttoned them! They were snug though. It was a good feeling. My Dh even commented today to say I looked as though I was getting my old (before children) figure back. It was nice. Well hope you all have a good night!

02-06-2002, 11:34 PM
Hey, Lilbit!!!!!!
I was just getting to shut down and saw that you left a post.
Congrats on getting those jeans on! And comfortably buttoning them too. You have been doing great, so I am sure that tonites splurge will not be a problem. Just get up tomorrow and start fresh again!!!!
Gotta go get some sleep. Take care~

02-07-2002, 07:43 AM

I thought that I'd check in now before my day really begins.
We are leaving for a long weekend to the "Northwoods" to do some snowmobiling & get the much needed "R&R"! We are going with several other families that snowmobile. We stay at a Condo/Recreation facility. It has a central pool location so that the pool is located right @ your doorstep! It also has a central hot tub, exercise room, laundry room, party room, steam room & Volley/Racket Ball court. This is our second year there & we had a blast last year! We're very much looking forward to getting there! We are sharing a unit with another childless couple, which very much love children being around. The wife loves to cook & has prepared most of the meals already, so all I have to do is split the bill with them. She is very "health conscious", (sp?), so I know the food will be tastey & in my points range. (This is my kind of weekend!) :) Ginny: I didn't take you the wrong way @ all. It actually felt good to have a few of you "care about me"! I'm so used to my lifestyle @ home of the "thankless" position that I'm in, that once in awhile, it feels good to be pampered! I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way once in awhile, right? And for the workouts: I know my limits & I haven't done any "real" workouts for over 2 weeks! I plan on starting this weekend if I feel like it. Otherwise I'll wait 'til Monday. Oh!, Ginny: Don't worry about the house, just take baby steps, it's so much easier that way! Lately, I've been working on smaller goals & found out that I can actually accomplish more this way than looking at the big picture. This works out for housework & the weightloss thingy too! It's great that you are getting your walks in for the most part. You've come a long way & are doing such a great job at losing weight in the past year. How much have you lost so far? I'm sure your walks have helped you quite a bit. You are so faithful to your walks & the best part to them is that it's a great, natural antidepressant. Keep up the good work! I hope that you got a good nights rest. Take care of yourself! Lil'Sunshine: Thanks for your concern over me & I'm glad that you missed me! I hope that you are able to get a walk in today, you'll feel so much better! And for the jeans: Way to go girl! Isn't that a great feeling to be able to put on a pair of jeans that you haven't wore for awhile & can actually get them zipped again? I think this is much more rewarding than seeing a number on the scale. It sounds like you made the right choice by not hopping on the scale. As long as you feel good & "TOM" is about ready to put you over the edge, it's not worth getting depressed over the #'s on the scale. You should be so proud of yourself that you are so close to one of your goals & to be able to zip those pants too! I hope you enjoyed "splurging" at the restaurant last night. What did you have anyways? It's great that your DH noticed that your figure was changing for the better. Doesn't that give you more incentive to just keep on going? Well, it's almost wake-up time for DH & DS, so I'd better get going. I'll check in with you all on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone! TTFN

02-07-2002, 11:57 AM
Jackie's going away for the weekend!!!!!!!
And this thread has gone to a second page............ see ya at the next thread!! SAHM's #33

02-07-2002, 04:15 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!
I am so glad you are feeling like yourself again Jackie!! I always enjoy your posts and thank you for saying my sucess is motivating you to keep going!! You girls is what keeps me going everyday! :)
Wow the last few days for me have been so busy! After getting our tax return we have been running non stop! But we are done now except for a couple bills I'm paying via the internet today. then we are officially caught up for the new year!! That is a great feeling. Yesterday went so-so for me as for dieting. We had chinese for lunch which is packed with empty cals and then my DH bought the nintendo game cube (someday we'll grow up :) ) and I ended up staying up so late playing it after the kids went to bed that I ended up snacking on some chips and dip. That's not like me at all but I felt the need to splurge yesterday. Today I'm back on track. I had a multigrain fruit bar for breakfast (130 cal) and two sandwiches for lunch (a total of 230 cal) So I'm doing good. I have four more glasses of water to drink and then dinner and I'll be good for the day. I'm hoping to be really good this week and see another lb gone by next thursday. I'm not weighing until then.
other than that everything is the same around here. The snow melted away and we are left with a mud puddle for a yard. I really can't wait until spring now. I figure once it warms up and I can get outside with the kids these last 9 lbs will melt off. I just need the exercise :)
Sounds like you are busy cleaning house jackie!! I get into grooves like that sometimes. I start cleaning and can't stop. I need to re-clean my kitchen. My ds is officially broke from the bottle and I need to go through my cabinets and clean them out making new room for more unused junk :dizzy: But at least it won't be bottle space anymore :)
Well, I'll check in later! I'm off to take my guitar lesson (on the computer) and pay those bills!!

02-08-2002, 11:53 AM
There is a new thread started. See ya there!