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01-17-2008, 07:42 AM
It's Thursday already! I've been running around getting some things done and just put tonight's dinner in the oven. Now I can enjoy my coffee and sit and chat a bit.
We're supposed to get a rain/snow mix this afternoon, I'm not looking forward to driving in that, but the girls both have check-ups at the DR's after school. As long as it stays above freezing, I'm okay though. Amber is supposed to come over this evening with her Girl Scout cookies. I'll let Jake pick out what he wants, but I'm not even tempted by them. In fact, there may be a box stashed in the back of the freezer from last year that I should toss out. ;)

Schmoodle, to answer your question of how I ease back into Phase 2, I'm just adding in some oatmeal this week and maybe a bit of fruit, then gradually add anything else in next week. Like you, I know what foods set me off, so I know what to avoid. It sure feels good to be free of all those sugar cravings at last!

Star, that's a shame that you can't get away to attend your friend's funeral. :( I'm sure it's hard on you, try to hang in there. :hug:

GONNA, I hope you're feeling better today!

01-17-2008, 08:08 AM
Morning, Linda! Have fun with the girls today, and drive carefully! How was your oatmeal???

These weeks are speeding by. I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! Tom's supposed to be working all weekend, but he has off Saturday and Sunday because they don't have too much to do, so we'll get another weekend of family fun. I won't complain about that! We have a friend who is stationed at another base here in Korea and his wife is coming in to visit for a week, so we're supposed to be getting together with them on Sunday and Monday and that should be a blast! We were stationed together in D.C. and haven't seen them since Connor was two years old - four years and two kids ago! They also have a new little one, named Avery no less, so it should be fun to catch up.

I need a shower as I haven't gotten one since my run this morning. :o Better go freshen up!


01-17-2008, 08:29 AM
Good Morning :coffee2:

Cottage Please explain how you are able to have such amazing willpower over Girl Scout cookies. I know every year when I see the adorable girls in green I'm sunk.

Kara Enjoy your time this weekend with Tom and your friends. I was fascinated reading about the major undertaking it will be when you move. Thank you for taking the time to explain it.

Well, I decided I definitely have an addiction. Hello, my name is Dawn and I am addicted to my scale ;) I know I shouldn't and if it would just move ever so slightly on my actual weigh in day I would really stop. *sigh* It doesn't matter what I tell myself I am up to 2 or 3 times a day. O.K. well at least I have confessed that's the first step right?

Have a great day everyone.

01-17-2008, 08:31 AM
Dawn, I'm thinking of putting away the scale for the month of February. Going cold turkey, you know? It seems to me causing me more hassle than it's worth. I'm going to focus on staying on plan and getting in my exercise and see what a month will do for my relationship with the big bad scale monster. Maybe we could make a pact, you and I? Keep each other accountable?


01-17-2008, 08:37 AM
I love that idea Kara. The stupid thing of this is I can tell by how my clothes and I feel so I don't know why I even care what the stupid thing says. I guess I just really want to be in the 170's again. It's been about 11 years since I was there last time. O.K. so tell me the rules and I promise to follow and keep an eye on you too ;) How does one go cold turkey in the battle of the scale :lol:

01-17-2008, 08:51 AM
Good morning! The garbage is now at the road waiting the pick-up. It's supposed to be there by 6:30 but I don't follow that rule as the truck is never here before eight! It's darned cold out there although I threw on a long warm coat over my robe. No snow or other crud here....yet!

I need to do three months of flossing this morning as I have a dental appointment at 11:30, just my regular maintenance thing. Hersh is finally going to the vet late this afternoon for bloodwork and a check-up. She has one of those fatty lumps on her side that needs monitoring.

Yesterday I hauled a mess of beef out of my freezer and am planning to make a big beef stew tonight or tomorrow. I do the meat stewing part, freeze the stewed meat in smaller containers and then thaw and add veggies later. Sometimes it just ends up being a gourmet dog supper. I might be able to do a bit of quilting later.

Have a lovely day, Beach Babes.

01-17-2008, 09:12 AM
Ruth, Tom and I were just watching this show last night called Ctrl-Alt-Chicken (which is HILARIOUS by the way) and they made beef stew! It's a guy and a gal who look to be in their late twenties/early thirties and they have NO clue about cooking! The show airs only on webcasts. I would definitely recommend it, although I'm sure you have a better recipe for beef stew than they do (they used a cup of ketchup - yuck!).

Dawn, let's think on this and come up with some rules. I definitely need to have the rule that I have to stay on plan.

I just found the Philadelphia American Idol auditions on the computer so we're going to watch them tonight! It's always fun to see your home town on TV!


01-17-2008, 09:30 AM
Hiya girls! Off to my first day of class! :yikes: I'll be back later to check on ya! ;) Have a great morning.

01-17-2008, 10:01 AM
Top of the morning ladies. I'm feeling better today - not as sleepy/tired and the voice is coming back but now it seems the mono is attacking the muscles so my back is killing me and my legs are real weak - I'm hangin in there.

Cottage thank you for the well wishes. Be safe out in that weather

Kara everyone always told me once you hit 25 the days fly by and they were right. I'm now 30 and it seems they fly by so fast til I don't even see them at all.

Oh Dawn you have an evil addiction - Step Away From The Scale it will make you crazy

Have a great day Ruth!

Good luck today Kim - I hope you have a super day

Hello to all those not yet up and at it.

01-17-2008, 10:03 AM
Hey Girls! I'm up early on my day off (I'm never going to catch up on sleep) because I have a full day ahead of me. It's Ryan's 22nd birthday, so I'm spending a lot of the day with him. We're going to take some tests together to apply to work for the State of IL at 9, then we're going to lunch with Mom and Dad for his b-day, then I have to go shopping and get him something, then teach piano at 4, then dinner with Ryan, Mom, Grandma, and Uncle Tim for Ryan's b-day again.

Cottage, you are so motivated. I don't have anything done by the butt-crack of dawn besides sawing logs. It's almost 8 and I need to get in the shower and I'm finding it hard to muster up the motivation to get up and walk to the bathroom. It's sleeting outside here. I hate this weather. Be careful today, and enjoy your day!

Kara, hope you have a great family weekend!

Dawn, there are far worse addictions to have. I know some people say to weigh yourself only once a week, but I find that it's easier for me to stay on track if I weigh myself every day (knowing that some fluctuation is normal.) Now 2-3 times a day.... that might be a little much. Maybe wean yourself to every morning and see how you do!

Ruthie, hahaha 3 months of flossing. That made me laugh. Good luck at the dentist. I loathe the dentist. Try to stay warm!

Kim, good luck at class! I'll say a prayer for ya!

Oy. I'm tired. I should get in the shower since Ryan will be here soon to get me so we can go test. It's really hard to get a state job because it's so political, but it doesn't hurt to try right? I've never applied, and I really could use a stable M-F 8-4:30 kind of job. Plus you can't beat the benefits. People standardly call them "state employees" because "state workers" is an oxymoron, with 13 paid holidays and all the vacation time/sick time/personal time/mental health days they get. I'm in need of a mental health day, and today's my day off!

Hope you girls all have a great day!!!!!


01-17-2008, 10:04 AM
Whoops, simulposting! Hi Gonna! Glad to hear you're feeling a little better! I'll pray that you continue to heal! Mono can be a real :censored:

little chick
01-17-2008, 10:19 AM
Good Morning chicks... the sun is shinning but it is cold here today. I feel like I have 40 pairs of tap dancing feet in my head.... and of course the wee ones are in a screaming mood today. I am offically in ph 2, but these last few days really have not felt like eating, so I really have not added anything to my menu.

Cottage- Thanks for starting us up this morning. Enjoy your day, drive safe. Those darn cute little cookie sellers, that means that will be at my house soon too. I really don't care much for the cookies, but DH has a weakness for sweets.

Kara- Have fun catching up with your company.... Step away from the scales..:D

Thin- I am a scale "Ho", I have been trying to only weigh in once a week, but once I start doing the everyday thing then I am sunk, have you seen the comerical with the scales chained to the peoples legs. That reminds me of me. Have a good day.

Ruth- DH lugged my garbage out this morning. Have fun at the dentist.:devil: Hope you manged to get all that flossing done.

Star- Good luck on your first day... Hugs to you.

Gonna- take care, you poor thing. Nothing worse than being sick for so long.

Lisa- Good luck with the tests. Have a great day with your brother.

Me- Just working away on my trade show fundraiser, and a few other things we have on the go. One being Chocolate barsI am not looking forward to having 96 of them in my house. Other than that nothing much going on on my towel today.

Have a great day chicks.... off to put in a load of laundry.

01-17-2008, 10:35 AM
Morning chicks. We are supposed to get snow today, maybe a lot, maybe a little.:shrug: I wouldn't mind a lot; we've only had one decent snow so far this year. The kids would like it. :snow4: Fortunately, we just went to the creamery, so we are well prepared for the onslaught of demands for hot chocolate. :coffee:
Only 5 more sleeps until DH leaves.:( Poor guy, he got the vacuum fixed, and changed the spark plugs on the car, but accidentally pulled out a fuel injector, and now we're leaking gas, so he's been working on that since yesterday. He had to order the part for the refrigerator, but it won't be here in time, so he will show me how to install it. :fr: We still have to get his 4 mos supply of medicine before he goes, and that involves a fight with the insurance company.
I started bowflexing yesterday. We took it easy as I'm a beginner, and just learning how to do it. So I am not too sore today. We'll go for 3 days/wk, and work up our intensity.

cottage, I wish I was not tempted by girl scout cookies. I am cookie mom this year and I i will be drowning in cookies in a few weeks. I hate to think how many boxes of thin mints and samoas I put away all by myself last year. I fear it almost as much as Halloween and Christmas.
Dawn, I'm the same way. Fortunately I'm also lazy. So I shove the scale way back up under the clawfoot tub, so I have to get on hands and knees to pull it out, and that helps some. If not, I step on it every time I go in the bathroom.
Ruth, that's a great idea for the beef stew. I could do the same with my beef vegetable soup. Especially with DH gone, I'm afraid the huge pot I usually make will be too much. Don't know why I didn't think of that myself, as I do it with ham bones, and chicken/turkey carcasses - make a "soup starter" kit.
I just love that just-cleaned teeth feeling!
Kara, I may join you and Dawn, cold turkey would be kind of a fun challenge. Except I would plan to weigh on Valentine's Day to see if I made my V-Day challenge goal.
Have a great first day of school Kim. I just love back to school day!
Gonnabe, take it easy. I'm worried DD might have mono, I have to call today and get an appointment to get her checked out.
Hi Lisa, good luck with the testing, and Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Have a great day chickies!

01-17-2008, 11:24 AM
Hello chickie dees----can I join the conversations?! My name is Tawnya and I just joined about a week ago.

Ruthie-I give you props for going to the dentist. I am extremely scared of the dentist. I put if off as long as I can. I absolutely hate it.
cottage--you're so lucky, you get some "me" time I've noticed (yesterday). I've got 4 little ones, 2 that stay home throughout the day so I have no "me" time at all. To add to the 4 little ones, I have 2 dogs where one of them might be pregnant. Not looking forward to the birth of puppies right now. We're supposed to be going out of town with DH on feb 15 but if she has puppies, seems my DH will be going alone.
Dawn-I step on the scale once a day and that is good for me. at first I wanted to do it 3 times a day but that was too much and distracted me. If I do it once a day (usually in the morning) that will help me stay on track. If I see I've gained a pound, I know that I need to cut something out for that day and get back on track. I wish you good luck,
weezle-have fun with ryan today. enjoy!!!
Kara-I see you're moving. Where to? Your DH is in the military? what branch? My hubby was in the marines and regrets getting out. He misses it so much that it has really affected his everyday life (besides the fact that he has PTSD). Have a good family weekend.

As for me,nothing much. Got some things to do. My 21 month old has been sick for almost 3 days now. Can't do my morning walks anymore. I'm trying to track my walking with my ticker but it's hard to convert my at home workout into miles i've walked. oh well, as long as I'm getting some exercise in. We think we have squirells in our attic. We hear rustling around up there all day and night. Our female dog might be pregnant so I have to clean the kennel, give her a bath and bring her in. She's very tempramental now and is getting a belly. *gasp*. The dishes have to be done and my scrapbooking/craft area needs to be organized and cleaned. I am a baker so I have things I have to make and sell. *gasp* so much to do and don't wanna do them.

Have a good day everyone!!!!!

01-17-2008, 12:18 PM
Hello everyone, I am at work so don't have time for personals, but wanted to say Hi!! I am official on phase 2 but have not added much except for alittle rice and strawberries, always afraid to add anything to breakfast so I normaly add at lunch or dinner.

I have been fighting the scale trying not to weigh I look at it each morning and then say no not today but I end up weighing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make sure weight is correct for that week, can't seem to only weigh in once a week.

Have fun and stay warm- it is raining here but luckily no freezing rain

Schmoodle- I do have to say that I was in Diego Garcia for 8 months back during the Gulf War- the island is only about 8 miles long total- but it is beautiful the ocean- just have to watch out for sharks lol.

01-17-2008, 12:22 PM
Good Morning chick-a-dees!
we actually had a very pretty snowfall yesterday! the best part was that it didn't really stick to anything...but the snow fell pretty hard from 1:30 til about 7 or 8...we don't get snow very often so when it falls everyone gets crazy...rushes to the grocery to buy milk and bread(it wasn't even sticking!) like you could ever get snowed in here in Alabama! LOL people seriously freak out! and why milk and bread! The Brazilian exchange student that's living with us had never seen snow before so it was great for him to see.
I stayed true to my plan yesterday I didn't make the dinner I had intended but instead made a soup that is soooo tasty it's unbelievable! It's called Zydeco Soup..I altered the recipe so that it's P1friendly. and wow was it satisfying. I'll put the recipe in the proper thread for y'all.

Cottage: I never think to start my dinner in the morning! I'm always rushing to get it prepared in the afternoon. That's great that the cookies don't tempt you, I'm kinda like that too...if it was ice cream..then it's gone...but cookies...I could live without!

Kara: I would love to see the world like your being able to, but at the same time, I would miss my family terribly! I hope your move goes smoothly! When is the actual date your moving?

Thin: I hate weighing in! I couldn't do it every day if someone paid me! I get such anxiety just doing it once a week. Bob Greene said on Oprah that he didn't recommend weighing more than once a month! because your weight goes up and down so much. But I gotta know more often than that! So I just do it once a week...I don't even have a scale in my house...I have to go to the wellness center where my DH works to weigh in!

Ruth: Good Morning! Hope you have a great check up at the dentist. Beef Stew sounds yummy!

Kim: Hope your class goes well!

Gonna: must fell terrible! I wish you a very speedy recovery!

weezle: Hope you and your son have a fantastic time together today!!!

little chick: Enjoy the sunshine...take some advil...hope you feel better soon!

Schmoodle: wow...I would definately have a rough time if my DH was leaving for even a week!! I can't imagine 4 months! Good luck with the ins. co!

TK: I know exactly what you mean regarding the "me" has rarely been quiet in my house for 20+ years! But I know that sooner than I want it's gonna be VERY quiet and I'm gonna get more ME time than I really want! I homeschooled my 4 kids for 8 years...til my oldest wanted to go to high school...and I decided to put them all in was nice during the day then! but wild in the afternoons! Now I have 2 left at home! and they are Jr.s in High school, and teenagers are sarcastic and obnoxious LOL but I love em! Makes me miss the busy days when they were just curious and energetic!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

01-17-2008, 02:02 PM
Hey, Cottage! Sounds like a nice morning--hope your drive is safe tonight.

Kara, I'm glad you've got some extra family time! The visit from your friend sounds really fun!

Dawn, admitting the problem is the first step! :hug: The truth is, unless you weigh in the same place at the same time, wearing the same clothes (or no clothes) each day, you aren't getting any real information. Your weight fluctuates a ton every day, so weighing 2 to 3 times a day isn't going to tell you much, hon. It might make you happy or sad, but it's based on false information. Keep telling yourself that. One thing you could try is to get rid of your scale and then weigh yourself once a week somewhere else (at the gym? At a friend's house?). You'll get much more accurate information that way--though the scale doesn't tell you what you gained or lost! I get weighed and tested every week at my nutrition clinic, and they are able to tell me what I've lost or gained. Some weeks I gain, but it's muscle, and other weeks I lose, but it's part muscle and part fat. It's all relative. Anyways, I hope you can break your scale addiction, hon. I'm working on mine--my counselor wants me to only weigh-in at the clinic, once a week. :rolleyes: I'm pretty resistent to that...which tells me I should do it. :p

Ruth, can you put your trash out at night? It must be such a shock to the system to have to go outside so early in the morning. Brrr! :brr: Hope everything's alright with Hersh and with your dentist appt.

:wave: Kim_Star!

Gonnabe...I didn't know you had Mono!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: How awful! I hope you're babying yourself!

Good luck on the test, Lisa! It's different from state to state, I assume, but in at least some states, if you work for them for five years (or more), you will automatically get retirement benefits once you hit retirement age. Cool, eh? My aunt worked for the state for several years (Hawai'i) before opening her own private practice, so she now has health care and will have retirement benefits when she gets old enough.

LC, good luck with the chocolate! :dust: just for you...

Schmoodle, I'm out of the loop--where's DH going for so long? :( That must be hard, hon! :hug: I'm with you on the clean teeth thing!

:welcome3: Tanya! :wave: You (and anyone else) are more than welcome to join in--glad you did! It must be hard staying on track while working as a baker :fr: and doing all the hard work of a full-time mom! Good for you! Can you wear a pedometer and use steps to track your workouts? You can get them pretty cheaply... Sorry to hear about your dog. Is the other one fixed? Getting your pups fixed is such an important thing, IMHO. Especially for female dogs--they can get cancer very easily if they are intact and not being bred. I hope I'm not coming off preachy! :( I know there are usually good reasons why people can't get around to getting their animals fixed, but my heart just breaks for the animals being killed in shelters. :cry: Hope she's not pregnant, for your sake as well as hers--it would be awful to miss your vacation with DH! Glad to have you with us here! BTW, I'm a big scrapbook addict and your area couldn't be nearly as bad as mine...I should take a picture so you can feel much better about yours! ;)

Hi, Pearlrose! I think getting the weigh-ins down to 3 out of 7 days a week is very admirable! Good for you!!!

Phins--good to see you again! The soup sounds delish!

Busy morning at work. I'm off to the gym after work and then home to shower, take the dog for a walk, and, hopefully, then I'll be meeting a girlfriend at a local event called 2300* It's at our glass museum and features live music, live glass blowing, food, and wine. My friend is from my "mood and food" group so it should be easy to refrain from eating much. I think it'll be fun!

DH is out of town tonight so I'm on dog/bunny duty alone and have to get up early tomorrow to give the bun her syringe full of yogurt/juice. He's been sick for a couple weeks and I'm really worried about him. :(

Hope everyone has a great day! :sunny:

01-17-2008, 02:30 PM
Hey Laurie! DH is a Merchant Marine Captain and he is shipping out next week. This is nothing new, he's done this ever since we've been together, 20+ years, and a 4 month trip is normal. But he's been local the last few years, so we are out of practice, so it feels a little more traumatic this time, plus the kids aren't so used to it now, and they are more upset than in the past. But we'll get into our groove and it'll be fine. We're not sure yet where the ship is actually going. He thought Diego Garcia, but he's not sure about that. The company called today and moved his departure up to Monday, so now it is only 4 sleeps. I know the way this goes. They'll probably call tomorrow and ask him to be on a plane in the evening.

Pearlrose, he's been in Diego before and didn't mind it. He liked riding his bike around the island, lying on the beach, and the Navy has a ham radio club there, so he can hang out at the shack. Actually sounds like kind of a nice tropical vacation for him!

Welcome PHinsUP! and Tawnya!!

01-17-2008, 02:33 PM
Laurie, when did you slip past 100 lbs. lost? That is fabulous!!! Don't we need to have a celebration?

Good luck with the bunny!

01-17-2008, 05:16 PM
Hiya girls. I've been trying to post most of the day and have been interrupted. They buried my friend Robert this afternoon. I have been getting phone calls about how crowded it was. I'm so happy that so many people were there to show their support and love.

My class went well. My professor is an immigrant from Africa who has a wonderful accent and speaks in the third person. He's a hoot and should make Statistics more bearable.

I've been quite distracted today, so I need to at least try to work. Again, thank you for all your prayers and hugs and happy thoughts. It has truly helped me through this time.

01-17-2008, 06:01 PM
I've got a busy evening planned for tonight. After work I need to get milk and stuff and then pick up Brian and pizza and I have a couple of scouting friends coming over at 5:45 (with one 8 year old). Brian and Adam will eat pizza and watch DVDs while I teach leadership training for an hour and then I have a couple more people coming over and we're going to work on registration for Twilight Camp. We're going to try to put as much as possible online this year. If there is any time afterwards, we'll work on the budget.

Tomorrow and Monday I'll need to work from home as they are school holidays

01-17-2008, 06:40 PM
We have a winter wonderland here! We were supposed to only get a rain/snow mix, changing to all rain this evening, but it's been snowing hard since noon. We have at least 3" so far. Cindy came home at 2 and let me go, and I'm sure glad I left when I did. The roads I have to take are like a roller-coaster in the best of weather, they were deplorable today! It's very picturesque outside, though!

01-17-2008, 08:36 PM
Well I got home a little early and thought I would drop back in.

Gonna Rest, drink lots of fluids and hurry and feel better :hug:

Lisa Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the new job is yours.

LC Hope the headache got better.

Phinsup Good job on staying on plan. Soup sounds yummy.

:welcome2: Tawnya. Glad you're here and hope the kids are better.

:wave: Pearlrose

Laurie Your event sounds like loads of fun. Much better than my evening plans (which are none)

Schmoodle How did you like the bowflex?

Kim I'm glad class went well and there were so many people at your friend's services.

Barb You sound like you are keeping yourself really busy. Stay strong.

Cottage Could you mail me some snow? I really want some but I don't think I stand a chance of getting it any other way :lol:

Well, I finally told my mom that the wedding is indefinitely postponed. She took it really well and I am so grateful for that. Now I just have to figure out what to do about the dress. It's already been ordered and I'm expecting them to call anyday and tell me to come pick it up. Not looking forward to that at all.

01-17-2008, 09:46 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick post for tonight, I'll post more of an update tomorrow morning. I'm back on the beach! It's been a while since I kinda got away from the beach, but I've put on a few extra lbs and have decided it's now or I really want to get back into this pair of jeans I have. Hope to post more tomorrow...I hope you all are having a wonderful evening!!:)

01-18-2008, 12:52 AM
Hey gals! Just checking in real quick. Connor's supposed to be doing German but he's helping Kadyn clean up her puzzles so I can scrub the kitchen floor, so I'm going to just post a quick note.

Tawny, Tom's in the Air Force. We're in South Korea right now but are leaving on the 6th to come back to New Jersey and visit with the family for about a month while Tom finishes up his year here. Then he'll get a short time at home (probably around about a week) before we all go to Germany. We're moving to Ramstein Air Base, near Frankfurt. Can't wait! This will be our ninth move in eight years of marriage, so it's not so stressful any more. I've actually thought about writing a book about moving or about moving with kids since we're such pros. This one actually seems easy because the Air Force (or rather, their contracted moving company) is packing us up and moving all our junk so all we have to do is heft our suitcases to the airport and then fly off to Europe! Sounds really tough, huh?! :)

OK, time to get the kid back in school-mode...