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02-03-2002, 01:25 PM
Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I did good OP until yesterday then really bummed out!!I had oatmeal and milk(4pts) then brownie mix and even licked the bowl..THen I starved myself except for a banana to make up for it...Bad thing yesterday...Sooooooo...my goal for the week is
I took my parents to their first hockey game last night...I think my dad was impressed cuz I knew what icing, offsides, cross checking etc was...I have never been anything of a sports fan until now..Hey, I go to sleep every night watching somebody play and now it is the All stars until the Olympics and then we will go back to the RedWings!!!!!! :smug:

Lauren--That shed will make things easier to put away..Do U have a little yard at your new place???

Well..off to arrange my beads in the bags and tally up if I have enough..What a total waiste of money but oh sooo much fun!!I bought these funny little caps made out of panties..It is my favorite throw this year!!!but..to get one...HE MUST SHOW ME SOMETHING!!!!!hahaha
Have a nice SuperBowl Sunday!!!Glad I am in my bed to watch the game and not downtown N.O.!!!

Backfor 2002
02-03-2002, 03:38 PM
Hi everyone!

RR, It sounds like you had fun with your folks at the hockey game. You are becoming the expert on the game. I am sure Refman loves that you have taken such an interest in it.
Stay out of that brownie mix!

Well I have spent the morning preparing a bunch of food for the week ahead. It seems to be working well for me doing that.

I am not so sure that those skinny cows were such a good idea. I had THREE yesterday! I had the points for them but THREE!

Well I am off to exercise before we head to a super bowl party. I have planned for the party so it should be ok.

We are going wine tasting with friends next weekend. I am starting to stress out about that. It will be two days of tasting and eating out. I need to start planning.

Everyone enjoy the day.

02-03-2002, 06:49 PM
Hi All,

Here I am, still on the iMac...:( PC still isn't fixed...although DH did work on it a little. My mom, aunt and grandparents came over today. It was the first time they saw the place, except for Mom. Grandparents bought us a vacuum, so I was very excited about that. :lol: Go figure, I got excited about cleaning!! :lol: We went to Olive Garden for lunch/dinner. I have not been good this weekend...although how would I know, since I haven't been counting?! I was lazy yesterday, did not do much, besides laundry. Today I got a lot accomplished though, before they got here. I guess I work better under pressure! :lol:

My goal for this week is to drink 3 liters of water everyday at work. I bring 3 with me, but lately I have not been getting all three in...in fact, I'm lucky I get through 1 1/2!!

I went food shopping yesterday and bought some carrots, celery and broccoli to cut up and put in the container I got at the bowling alley. I think I will just put the dressing in a midget and lay it down in the container...hopefully it fits. Will bring them with me to work and much on them in the afternoon. Also have to get some sweet type snacks, like snack wells or something, for the afternoon sweet cravings. I have to get back to pre-packing my snacks by points, otherwise I just blow it off. I've been bad lately, and I feel it. :(

RR- Yes, we have a huge yard now! I don't know the actual size, but I'd guess it's close to a half acre!! :D It's a great party yard for the summer!! It's the perfect yard for a pool, as the sun is on it all day. There's a big pine tree on one side, which kind of gives us a nice little separate area on the side by our side door to have a picnic table. I'm gonna take pictures some day and post them. :D

I forgot to WI this AM...really need to remember to do that every Sunday AM. Will try to remember tomorrow AM. Hope everyone's enjoying Super Bowl, or whatever you're watching!! I'm listening to it while DH is watching...it's just opening ceremonies right now.

02-03-2002, 08:03 PM
Lauren: I forgot to weigh myself this morning too! I usually do it every day and it keeps me focused. Must be why I've struggled lately because I keep forgetting to weigh myself.

Nanci: o.k. what is your all time favorite wine? Missouri has quite a few wineries and vineyards. I pass near Hermann when we go to St Louis and always say "we should stop and stay in a B&B and do some of the tours.

I've got to get back downstairs and pack a couple of orders. - jul

Backfor 2002
02-03-2002, 11:39 PM
Hi all,

Ok back from the Superbowl party and I am happy to say I stayed within points. I was at the very top end but hey I was within.

Lauren, Have you tried the mini rice cakes? I have been getting the carmel corn ones. They are 7 for 1 point. They hit the spot with me.

Jul, What's my all time favorite wine? What a tough question. I guess I would have to ask am I paying or someone else. Seriously it is a tough question. I am partial to supporting WA wineries. For white wine I would say Columbia Grand Estates Chardonnay and red I would have to say Wineglass cellars Merlot reserve or Russell Creeek Reserve merlot or Yakima River 94 merlot or.... I could go on and on. You should definately stop in and do some wine tasting. I am betting you might pick up some contacts to display your art. My dream is to own a wine/gift/deli shop. I keep saying if I get laid off from work with the package I am going to do it. I have actually applied for a couple of wine sls jobs. I would have to take a pay cut but I have been thinking that there might be something to that do what you love.

Ok I guess I better quit now. Do you think that wine I had might be making me chatty?

02-04-2002, 02:50 PM
I sincerely apologize to all you rams fans. That was totally unexpected and so close. I should not watch sports because I always feel so sad for the losing team.

That said....[COLOR=darkblue]YEAY!![COLOR=red]Go PATS!!!

(hmm... I THOUGHT I knew how to do colors!)

We here in beantown had a great time with this one. Best football game I have seen in years too. Usually, the super bowl is not so "edge of your seat". It is all anyone is talking about. Any rams fans know what happened to the last 2 seconds of the game? I would protest!

So, I weigh every day. I usually gain around 4-5 with my period and 4-5 about 2 weeks before. Yuck. Well, I have stayed within the same lbs for the past like 9 days -- But AF came to visit and I didn't gain. So....Think I will drop 5 out of nowhere? Would be nice!

Nanci, Sounds like you had some ups and downs with the program this week. I did too. Planning meals sounds like an excellent idea - especially with the party's coming up! Congrats on the loss!

Juldiet, Hope those two lbs fell right back off. Sorry to hear about the bad mood, but it must be nice to have the place so clean!

Rabbit: Sorry about the rams. Hope that you have your retainer problems resolved. How did you do at junkfood haven? My sister just moved to the area and tries to have us over all the time. You practically have to sew your mouth shut to get out of there consuming less than 20 points. And she weighs about 115! Go figure... (did I mention she is also VERY active?) Was already to post in Rams colors for you... Maybe next year!

RR: Wow - you are doing great OP. Don't sweat the little slips. Where do you get the beads?? How do you get to be on a float? I guess I never thought about it - just showed up and flashed boys for beads (KIDDING!) But really, how does it all work? I also enjoy hockey, but have fallen out of the habit of watching over the past few years...

Lizzard: Mmmmm... Mac n Cheese! I have been letting myself have it every now and then, but only a cup and it kills me!! Family size? I think not, unless you consider me a family! Love the stuff. If the boyfriend weren't so kind to me, I wouldn't be able to eat it (he is capable of snarfing the whole box minus my 1 cup in about 2.2 seconds - I never get a second chance):D You still have a shot at that VD goal and if not, you will hit it soon AFTER VD day! Good luck with those measurements!

LBH: HOPE the moving is going along. Neat about the shed!

Tech: My best advice: Force yourself to eat 2 or 3 fruits BEFORE any other food and 2 to 3 veggies BEFORE any dinner. I may still eat bad, but at least I get my fruits and veggies in (and take up a little room that could have been filled with mac n cheese!) The photos are wonderful - thanks for sharing.

02-04-2002, 05:35 PM
Hi all!!!

I haven't stopped in for a few days. I've been frustrated. Usually I loose a few pounds pretty quickly before I "taper off", but I don't seem to be loosing anything. I am sure that I will though. I have decided this weekend, that I am not changing how I eat just to loose weight, but to gain health. Nothing can stop that.

My sister-in-law who has lost almost 100 lbs. came over this weekend, and she has convinced me that aerobic exercise(walking) is important to loosing weight. So, I have made a new commitment to work on using my tread mill. I am so out of shape, that it is really hard to do much, but if I am diligent, and push myself, I am sure it will get easier.

I weigh everday too, but it is so depressing to see the scales not budge.

Can't say much about the superbowl, since we don't really watch sports around here. Dh tried to watch some of it, but he was more interested in movies than sports. Congrats to those of you whose team won, and Sympathies to those who lose. Remember, there's always next year!!!

Hockey sounds interesting though. I don't think I would become a big fan, but I would like to go just once.

02-04-2002, 05:52 PM
OK, my life sucks right now...having a really bad day...want to spend some time here, but I can't.

02-04-2002, 07:57 PM
hello all, I am home again from my weekend away. Had a great time.:) Went to a "Trader Joe's" store yesterday & stocked up on some low point things to try - great store. Also did a pilates video with my sis over the weekend - enjoyed it - although it was a killer! Just bought one myself - dying to try it out and see which I like better.

Tech - good luck girl! I liked Bailey's idea of filling up on those fruits & veggies.

Jul - oh my, then you have no microwave popcorn!:(

RR - good luck on op all week! You can do it!

Lauren - sorry you're having such a bad day.

Nanci - whoops on the skinny cows!! :o ~ You are doing so so well! Yeah on staying op at the super bowl party!

Bailey - congrats on the PATS VICTORY! There I did the colors for you! ~ My retainer problem will (hopefully) be solved this Wednesday - I have an apt. then. ~ FYI: my sis is thin too. :)

Lyssalou - wow that your sis in law has lost 100 lbs!! Yes, I agree that exercise is very important. A lot of studies I have read on weight loss say those who keep it off exercise. And by the way, when I started exercising I just did a little at a time so I wouldn't get burned out and then would add a minute every once in awhile. :D

more tomorrow!

86.714 miles

02-04-2002, 09:08 PM
Hello all!!!
BLew the points again yesterday...not over points, but the wrong type of points without veges or fruits...Today...did great again!!!Even have incorporated cooking for the kids and REfman that includes foods for me and I save a few points for tasting!!

Lauren--The yard sounds wonderful!!!!I bought Refman a new vacuum last week!!!HE was soo excited!!!!I see the MD for a post op visit tomorrow and since Christmas Eve was the last time for "quality time' with Refman, I may not be posting in the evening!!Hopefully(depends on what the MD says)!!!!!!!!

Rabbit-Yeah on the shopping and good for U on the video!!!I believe that excercise does make the difference in the right direction!!!For me, it is a mood picker upper!!!!

Lyssa-Keep up the work!!It is a test to determine your determination!!!:D Congrats to your sister!!!!

Bailey--WE actually have bead stores everywhere in N.O.IT is a big market!!!As far as the floats..some parades are all men and some all women...I am in a womans parade...All it takes is a fool that isn't tight on money..My parade is a cheaper one..$300 to ride and that includes costumes..Beads are anywhere from $200-thousands of dollars..Some parades require at least $1000 in throws but mine is laid back..THey have professionals make the floats and costumes..U show up and ride~~~

Nancy--Yeah for OP at a party!!!!!

Off to bathe and sleep!!!

02-04-2002, 11:57 PM
Rabbit: I have an "air popper" that I really like or if I want "Sinful Popcorn" I make it on the stove with real oil and real butter. Mostly I airpop and add some spice salt.

Lauren: I hope your evening is better than your day has been - sorry it wasn't so great.

We went to Harrison AR tonight to eat dinner and do the wal-mart super center trip. Its nice to go down there because its like a 'real town' not a tourist mecca like Branson. - jul

Backfor 2002
02-05-2002, 12:12 AM
Hi everyone,

Bailey, I knew your team was going to win as soon as they came out of the locker room. They came out pumped as a team. It was a very exciting game.

Lyssalou, Take the treadmill slow. Make it a game how many minutes today or going farther in the same amount of tiime.

Lauren, I sure hope your day has gotten better! I am sending hugs your way.

Rabbit, Did you find the Pirates Booty at Trader Joe's?

Vick, Have fun on that float. I had to laugh about the beads. You are so right everywhere you go in NO you can get beads. I came home with my suitcase full and then it was like what do I do with these now?

Jul, The Wal Mart Super Store, Oh I would be running in the other direction. We have a regular wal mart here and it stresses me out. I go in and it is like never never land hours of time just disappear. I can never find what I am looking for and end up circling the store about 5 times.

Hope everyone has a nice tuesday.

Backfor 2002
02-05-2002, 12:13 AM
I forgot the good news. Only one skinny cow today!

02-05-2002, 03:26 AM
Nanci: good job on only one skinny cow. Thanks for your top picks in wine - I'll check the local wine cellar and see if they carry any of those. I agree on the "run the other direction" concerning any Wal-Mart. At least the Wal-Marts in our area are very clean and well run (we're pretty close to headquarters - so more likely to get spot checks). Thats also why I like to go down to the one in AR for when I 'have' to go to W-Mart. The W-Mart in Branson is actually one of the 'tourist stops' for all the big tour busses!!! Its crazy buzy!

I did pretty good on exercise today. I ordered a load of gravel for our driveway and moved a bunch of it to cover the area between the house and studio (about 7 feet across and 24 ft long) it was becomming a mud path. We've got more work to do on it in the morning - a great ab workout!!

- jul

02-05-2002, 09:37 AM
I made a major goal finally -- I packed away my size 14 relaxed fit jeans hopefully never to be worn again!! WooHoo!!! Now I'm comfortably in my size 12's (relaxed fit of course!!).

RR, I've had trouble staying OP the past couple of days too. I'll challenge you to staying OP. I don't know what the winner would get but maybe that'll inspire me to be good this week. :D I love hockey too. It's fun to watch the people in the crowd scream and yell. Enjoy MG for all of us!! One of these days I want to make it to NO for the party.

Backfor, Stay away from the skinny cows!!! :lol: I usually try and do prep work on Sundays. This week I decided to try and make my own veggie soup. I'm tired of spending so much on "healthy" soups only for it to be mostly broth with a couple mushy carrots in it. Mine didn't turn it so well -- a little too thick for me. I'll keep experimenting until I get it right. At least it's filling!! Since I live in FL oranges and grapefruit are plentiful right now. I buy big bags of them and sit in front of the tv and peel 2-gallon bag fulls so I can easily munch on them all week.

LBH, I hope your feeling better. I have an Imac at home and I totally regret getting it. I'm hoping sometime this year to get a new laptop (after new bedroom furniture, etc...)

Lys, All I can say is be patient. I'm a super slow loser and it does get frustrating. I just keep telling myself the slower I lose it the longer it'll stay off. Incorporating exercise into your life will be a great help. It'll make you feel better and it's so good for your heart.

Rabbit, Great job on the video and stocking up on LP food. Hopefully that will help you stay OP.

Juldiet, I love Super W-Mart!! I just wish I could learn to get out of there without spending $200. One of my favorite wines (that isn't expensive) is Blackstone Merlot. I went to Napa last September and it was so wonderful. I made the mistake of buying six bottles to carry back with me on the plane. My hands were killing me when I got home.

02-05-2002, 02:39 PM
Hi All,

Well, life is slightly better today, but I'm still not feeling that great. I am questioning everything in my life, I think. I feel like crap about myself, I wonder what's wrong with me that I can't just lose weight without such a struggle. I don't have lots of stress in my life (when my boss isn't around!), I have a loving supportive husband and family, no one's sabotaging me except me. I am not happy at my job anymore. My boss reminds me of my old boss, 2 jobs ago, who was a micro-manager, and speaks condecending to me all the time. I don't like working for a woman. I wanted to pursue real estate as a part time career, hoping that when we have kids, I could quit my job and do that, so I could be a mostly stay at home mom. Now I'm thinking, maybe I should go to college, it's something I regret not doing. I feel like I will never get anywhere in life if I don't have a college degree. I feel like I don't fit in with the other assts. in my office, they're more polished than me, I guess. Maybe it's just that they're thin and can wear expensive designer suits. I could wear designer suits too, but even if I could afford it, I can't see spending $200. on one outfit! I guess I'm cheap...it's my Scottish genes. :lol: I try to dress neat though, and because I'm 5'10", I carry most things well, but fat is fat, and thin people and managers just see that, I guess.

See, I'm starting to ramble, and as you can see, everything is bothering me...oh and then there's the freaking hag...aunt flo...she came and spotted for 15 days, then I had 1 heavy day, 1 light day, and now she's practically gone!! And she was due to come today!! UGH :( I'm ready to go back on the pill!!

Liz- We have an iMac and a PC, DH is a comic book artist (wishes by trade) and wanted it. The PC is on the fritz for some reason...probably because of all the stuff he's got jammed on it!! I get frustrated on the iMac because you can't do all the little functions you can on a PC!! Congrats on the size 12's!

Skinny Cows...these are the ones by Sillouette, correct?? I bought some last time I was shopping, just to see if I liked them...haven't had one yet, but I paid 4.69 for them, which is probably why I don't usually buy them!! But I did the math, and it's really not that bad because it comes out to .78 cents each.

OK, time's up...back to work! :rolleyes: Have a great day all.

02-05-2002, 03:59 PM

Boy is it tough to stay op sometimes!:p

RR - yeah for staying op!!

Jul - glad to hear you have an airpopper!:) ~ Yeah on all of the outside work.

Nanci - hooray for only one skinny cow.:smug:

Liz - woohoo on the size 12 jeans!! ~ how long will oranges & grapefruits stay good?

Lauren - yes, the skinny cows are by silhouette - although WW has some out now too.

better go - Rabbit

02-05-2002, 09:19 PM
Hello all..Back from the MD and she gave us the green light to try again after 2-3 cycles..Now I am questioning whether that is meant for me or is it to stay childless and get the BMW Z3 convertible..Hmm..life's decisions...
THere is nothing genetic wrong between Refman and I. it was strictly a problem with the baby...
WEll, stayed OP today..no excercise but that will be tomorrow!!!I am finding that by cooking green beans every night...I pick on them and not other junk and they are 0 points!!!!

02-05-2002, 09:55 PM
Lauren: I'm sorry everything is such a 'crapper' right now. Maybe you should look for a totally different line of work and if your interested in real estate I don't think it takes that long and its something you can do part-time. Real estate people are hard to work with too - its very cut-throat business. I know about being in a job you hate. I was a Bank Manager for 2.5 years (my forgotten years) I went from Suits/hose/drycleaning bills to working for a Sports Camp where we wore sweats or shorts all the time (even in the office).
I was just reading today that sometimes after being on the pill for several years our bodies forget what the hormones are suposed to do and when. Its frustrating to never have a regular cycle again. I deal with PCOS and can't even get a period without being on the pill (or flying - something about flying would give me a period). I'd rather not be on the pill. We're done with our family but I'd rather not have to live by chemicals. I'm very afraid to go off the pill again that I'd pour on the weight again. The pill keeps my hormones balanced and makes it easier for me to lose weight (wierd huh?).

We finished the driveway this morning. It was quite a workout. My UPS driver asked us if we were going to pave or asphalt it now that we had new rock. I said "are you kidding we're too cheap. It took me 9 years to talk my husband into a $100 load of gravel and he has me out here moving it by hand, won't let me rent a little Bobcat". Won't let me buy gravel but the guy is always willing to drop $300 for a guitar or guitar toy.

- jul (who is stuck at 173 again :( )

Backfor 2002
02-05-2002, 11:51 PM
HI all,
Lauren, I am sending you a big giant hug! It just sucks when you have days like that. Remember what a great person you are!

Rabbit, Oh you are so right! Some days are so hard to stay op. So far so good here but I have had some major challenging times.

Jul, It sounds like you have been working hard.

Lizzard, Way to go on the jeans. I am so looking forward to the day I can go into any store to purchase clothes. I am tired of the womens section. How do you store the oranges and grapefruit after you peel them?

RR, Oh my the Z3! That is what I want. The DH and I have been batteling over that one. I caved and bought the Honda Accord sport model but I am thinking that I just might trade it.

Ok where is Legal, Tech, Pyria and Dani and the others who have not been checking in here?!

02-06-2002, 10:16 AM
It's gonna be a tough day for me. My scale is not moving. How can I be at a plateau already!?! I've only lost 3 lbs. I just keep telling myself to give it a month and I'll see results with the tape measurer. Why is it we rely so much on the scale number?? I just finished breakfast and I'm still starving. Mmmmm...this water is so good!! NOT!! One more hour and I can have my mid morning snack...tick tock.

Rabbit & Backfor, I peel the oranges and grapefruit and stick them in tupperware or ziploc bags (separately). I usually peel enough for me and DH to last us about 3 days. I don't know how long it'll keep after that. We go thru it pretty fast. I love grapefruit but never used to eat it cuz it's such a pain and I didn't like the aftertaste. In the morning I take a small bowl and put 3-4 orange slices on the bottom and then load the rest up with grapefruit. That way my last couple of bites are sweet and it cures the tart aftertaste.

Juldiet, congrats on getting the driveway done. It sounds like you put in a lot of hardwork. Why are men so eager to spend money on toys?? My hubby is the same way.

RR, goodluck on whatever decision you make. I love kids and used to want them when I was in my 20's but I was never in a stable enough environment to bring one into the world. Now that I'm 34 I'm too spoiled and stubborn to have one -- I like my peace and quiet. Instead we help out with friends by babysitting their little ones and giving them a night out. It makes everybody happy.

LBH, hang in there. It sounds like your hormones might be going a little crazy.:devil: Maybe the planets aren't in the right alignment for you.:D It'll get better. We're all having our own personal struggles with weight loss. I know...not what you probably care to hear right now. Just remember we're here to support one another.

02-06-2002, 02:37 PM
Hi All,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, busy here at work. At least it makes the time fly! :) Thanks for the hugs and kind words and thoughts. I'll post more later.

02-06-2002, 06:20 PM
hi all. :)

RR - you are doing so great staying op!

Nanci - glad you are still hanging in there and doing so great! ~ I was just wondering about all those people you mentioned too . . .

Liz - great that you eat so much fruit!:cool:

Lauren - hope you are feeling better today.:)

not much else new - more later.


**what am I requiring of myself?**
(my new thought)

02-07-2002, 06:36 AM
Hello all...

Lauren--SEnding U an early morning hug!!!!!!!!!:D

Jul--I have to agree with U on the pill..I could lose weight and keep it off..It is weird..marriage and getting off the pill, plus that brief preg stage..makes it harder than ever...I really want to lose 10lbs.....I was down to 108lbs when I met Refman..Now, I am at 1??lbs and sort of feel miserable....but, I have to admit..not as sick as before with the colds etc~~~~:smug:

Liz===Lifes decisions!!!I am old soo I must choose soon!!!

WEll, I must go save lives!!!!!!Still praying for that darn AF!!!!!

02-07-2002, 10:02 AM
Hi All,

I'm gonna try and get a post in here before the madness starts...well, it's waiting for me, I just have to start it!! :D

Jul/Vicki- I dont' know if the pill stabalized my weight or made me lose/gain. I really don't think it affected me at all. Just like quitting smoking didn't affect me either way. I was always irregular before the pill, and they say your body goes back to how it was before...so it seems it's true. Although since I've been doing a lot of reading lately, I've learned soo much about how my body works, and I've learned to track things, not just be surprised when AF shows up. That's good, but it's frustrating, just when I think I've figured myself out, AF throws me for a loop! DH is disgusted!! He thinks she's gonna be here forever!! :lol:

I'm looking into something new...someone posted here once, a new person, about a place called Curves. I had checked out the website at the time, but there wasn't one close to me. Well, now they're popping up all over the place, it's like the new hottest thing going. I got a Val-Pak coupon for a free week the other day, so I think I will check it out. There's 2 not that far from me. I don't know a lot about the details yet, but I did read on one of the location's sites that it's $39./mo. That's $20. cheaper than the gym, and includes some kind of weight loss guidance. I'm not sure what it consists of, I think it's mostly an exercise thing. I think it'll be good for me, because it's an organized thing, not just go there and workout. It's 30 minutes of complete exercise. Anyone checked it out?? Check out Curves (www.curvesforwomen.com)

RR- Thanks for the hug! :D

Rabbit- I like the new thought! :D

Liz- Hang in there! Have some more water...throw some lemon in it, or a splash of cran-rasberry!! :D Hope the scale moves for you soon!

Jul- The cut-throat end of it is one of the reasons I'm not sure I could do real estate. I know I can sell a house to someone, it's the paperwork and cut throat of the business I'm unsure about. I was actually getting myself excited last night thinking, gee, if this Curves place works out, and I succeed to lose weight that way, maybe I'll open one of them, closer to home! :lol:

OK, really gotta get to work now...have a great day all!!

02-07-2002, 12:47 PM
Just thought I would interject a thought (even though it is two days late, LBH). The real reason to get thin is for our health, prejudice aginst fat people is just that, prejudice!!! It does not affect your ability to do your job, or your ability to love, or be loveable. If others have a problem with your weight, let it be their problem!!!! I haven't been here very long, but from what I can tell, Lauren, you are a great person. You are working hard to loose your weight, and you have to give yourself credit for that. And that makes you a better person than the thin, prejudice, vein idiots who think their size gives them any superiority!!!! And about the $200 suits, have you looked at resale shops? I live in resale shops, and you'd be suprised at the name brands, and the quality of things you can find in them with just a little bit of looking.

Liz, don't feel alone, my scales aren't moving either!!! Dh has lost 6.5 pounds since we started this whole thing, i've lost 0 and I've been behaving better than him. It may be hormone problems for me!!

Check ya'll later

02-07-2002, 01:32 PM
hello :)

Op yesterday - woohoo - and 5 points left! I love it when I have a day like that. :D

RR - well, it is good that you're not as sick as before. Maybe you're at a healthy place?

Lauren - we have a curves near here but I have not been to it. I'll be curious to see what you think of it. I do think it is mainly an exercise place like you said.

Lyssa - men just seem to do that, don't they? If you're doing it right, those scales are BOUND to move soon!


**what am I requiring of myself?**
(I want to keep that in mind)

02-07-2002, 02:33 PM
Hi All,

Lyssa- No problem being late! :lol: Actually, there are a few consignment shops right around here where I work, I've gone to one of them and bought a few things...some nice wool pants for $30., a suit for $35, I think it was, and I think I bought something else, can't remember. It's still hard to find stuff though, I was surprised they even had plus sizes. She said they normally don't get much stuff, but this one lady just happened to come in. Another reason I don't wear suits is because I'm just not a suit person. I'd rather wear Khaki's and a sweater. My office is business casual, so I don't have to wear suits, but the other girls do. I don't normally let things like this bother me, usually I could care less what others think of me...I'm the one that goes to church in jeans or sweats, despite the way people look at me, because I know God doesn't care what I'm wearing, as long as I'm there fellowshipping with other Christians!! :lol: (Man, did that annoy my mom growning up!) Anyway, I think the way I was feeling just brought everything around me down, and it bothered me...still does, but not enough to make me upset on it's own!

Rabbit- You had 5 pts. left and still starved yourself?!?! You are strong... :D

I called and made an appointment for 5:30 tonight at the Curves that's closer to work. Didn't get to ask a bunch of questions, but I figure that's what I'll do tonight. Will let you all know how it went.

02-07-2002, 06:16 PM
Good Evening!!!!
Doing better on the OP..I have to work on unconscous picking...I really am noticing about the taste testing during supper!!:( I am saving 5 points/day for those unknowing bites!!
Well, MG parties are happening now..That darn kingcake!!:mad: I am gonna think about that cruise or the trip to Germany for our anniversary....and of cours..STAY AWAY FROM FOOD TABLES!!!!!

BFB--What are U planning?????I worry when U are away for more than a day!!!!!

Lauren--I heard Curves was a good place...Try REading the book"Taking Charge of Your Own Fertility" by Toni somebody..I got mine on Amazon in the used section for $6..I learned soo much..I even saw that the day I thought I got PG to get that boy, noooo way.....I temp and chart and really read that one wrong in October...I understand my body soo much better and If I am correct...AF will come next week about the 13th...We shall see!!!

Rabbit--I must be at the healthy place, but it is different...I felt better when people told me I looked bad cuz I was soo thin~

Lyssa--I agree with your message!!!!

Well, off to the daycare!!!
EXC=43 miles:D

02-07-2002, 08:24 PM
Mardi Gras is a lot of fun. Here in Texas, they have a pretty big celebration on Galveston Island, but I haven't been able to go since we loaded up on the kids (i.e. we have 4 with no one to baby sit for us.) But it was a lot of fun last time we went. Some day, I would like to see it in the French Quarter in New Orleans. My brother lives in Slidell, LA, and he goes every year. At least we get his left over beads!!!

Well, I got a big surprise today. I got on my scales and they were 5 lbs. down. I was so excited!!! But then I got on them later, and they were back up. Maybe it's not me, maybe it's the scales. They're Health O'Meter scales, but they don't seem to work that good. (hopeful thinking anyway)

LBH- if you are ever in Houston, Texas; you should go to Value Village (Purple Heart's Thrift store). They usually have a huge selection of Plus Sizes. Then again, you won't need them much longer anyway. But I thought I would share that with you. Maybe my user name should be "Thrifty".

I almost forgot, dh sent home a notice that his weight loss group at work sent out. The person who has sort of become the leader used to be an aerobics instructor; and she said that two short (30 min.)exercise workouts are better for loosing weight than one long one. She said that the short one has the same affect on your metabolism as a long one, and if you do it twice then you get twice the benefit of raised metabolism!!! (Just thought I would share)

02-07-2002, 09:48 PM
Hi All,

Well, I went to Curves tonight and joined. I think it's gonna be a good thing. You can go as often as you want...as if it was a gym. There's 8 hydrolic machines that form a big rectangular shape. In between each machine is a bouncy-ish, cushioned board. There's a tape that plays, probably on a loop, and every 35 seconds, it tells you to switch stations. So you go from machine to board to machine...and so on. You can do whatever you want on that board, jog in place, march, whatever you can think of to do in place. Each machine targets something different. You go around 3 times, They stop you every now and then to check your heart rate...this is all on the tape. When you're done, you go over to another area to do about 5 minutes of stretching. They measure you when you first join, and they take your measurements every month, to check your progress. They take a profile of you also, asking you all sorts of questions, to figure out where you are physically now, and how ready you are for the program, etc. They ask you what your short term goals are, and if there's a particular area that you're most concerned about. I don't think the people that run the place have any particular qualifications. I asked the skinny little thing that signed me up how she got into this and she said her dad bought it and asked if she wanted to work there! That kind of disappointed me, but she was really nice, seemed genuine about what she was saying...and I'm pretty good at picking out fakers. She did my profile, but she'll do my measurements tomorrow night when I go for my first session. I'll let you all know if I end up liking it. I will say that there were all sorts of women there, an older woman, about 70, that went slow, but did it...and she's recovering from a shattered elbow. There was a really big lady there, I mean, really big, she wasn't doing it while I was there, but her friend was signing up. The girl told me that she started a couple weeks ago, and she was having trouble getting on and off the machines at first, but now she does OK. It was very motivating, just to watch these women doing it, even though they were heavy, not skinny minnies!! I mean, a couple were thin, but some of them were talking like they were friends that got together to exercise, some just did their thing.

RR- I have TCOYF, bought it quite awhile ago! Have read it a couple of times!! :D I learn something new everytime I go through it! That's one of the ways I've learned soo much!! I just started temping...or trying to remember to temp...this cycle. Everytime I tell DH I'm gonna start temping, he says, why, you don't like your job?! He's soo retarted some times!! :lol: :lol:

I bought the Kashi shakes, don't know if I mentioned that or not. I tried one for breakfast yesterday and it was horrible!! I mixed it with water in my shaker cup, like the directions said. I threw it out it was soo bad! So tonight I mixed it in the blender with milk and a couple icecubes and it was better. I don't love the taste, it's kinda funky, but not too bad...something I can deal with. They're 6 pts. made with 8 oz. skim milk. They get really thick, but airy in the blender.

Anyway, have a great night...

02-07-2002, 10:16 PM
LBH - I am definitely interested in what you think of Curves. I just found out that they started here in Houston, and that there is one not so far from my house. Did you notice if they had child care? The one near here is closed already, so I will have to try to call them tomorrow during the day!!! Hope it works for you anyway!!!

Backfor 2002
02-08-2002, 12:37 AM
Happy Friday EVE!

We are back from WW. I was down 2.2 and DH was down 1.2.

Liz, I am going to try the oranges and grapefruits. I love them both but really dislike peeling them.

Lauren, The curve sounds nice. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Lyssalou, Great job on the 5 lbs. Sometimes the scale takes longer to catch up to how well we are doing.

Rabbit, Great job staying op. Saving points is a good thing!

RR, What is King cake?

Well we are off tomorrow for the weekend wine tasting. I am still trying to figure out how we are going to do this one.

Everyone have a great weekend!

02-08-2002, 12:04 PM
Nanci: enjoy your weekend of wine tasting...it sounds like such a nice adult thing to do. I'm so looking forward to wednesday when I leave for Philly. That is my week to be an adult, eat at great restaurants, hang out with other wonderful artists....and best of all DH is home with the kids for the week (evil laughter).

Does anyone remember those exercise places that were the rage 12-15 years ago? I don't remember what they were called but they had different machines that you'd go around to and the machines were motorized and basically did the work for you, you were just suposed to resist to get a better workout. Curves sounds better, they are really springing up everywhere. Even Branson has one that opened 2 weeks ago. They seem a little more woman friendly than most of the gyms. Lauren, I'd be interested to hear the history of Curves, who started it and how and why. I hope you enjoy it. Keep us posted then maybe I'll call the one here in town. - jul

02-08-2002, 12:53 PM
Hi All,

Jul-They tell the whole story of the history, etc. on the website: Curves For Women (www.curvesforwomen.com)

Nanci- Congrats on the big loss!! You've been having big losses all along, haven't you?! You're just kicking butt! Are you still doing that boot camp stuff?

Lyssa- No, they don't have child care. They're small store front type places...the website says they only need 1000 sf. of space. They have a rest room and changing area...I didn't see either yet, so I don't know if it's separate changing rooms, or just an open area. Basically you go there dressed to exercise and shower at home, if you're that sweaty, or you change there, and go home...no locker room setting.

02-08-2002, 01:13 PM
Hi all

I have no idea what I am doing right now, but I am still around. Had a scale blip, 4lb loss one week and then a 5lb gain the next. So currently I am keeping misery company.

02-08-2002, 02:09 PM
hi all!

I had a loss last night at weigh in, .5 pounds. I was so thrilled (even though it wasn't much) because I LOST WEIGHT AFTER SPENDING THE WEEKEND AT MY SISTER'S!! That has to be a first for me - I always really struggle then. But it can be done!:smug:

Lauren - I wasn't starving with the 5 points left. And I needed to make up for the weekend. ~ The curves place sounds great, keep us updated.

RR - I made a kingcake last year, it was fun to do. ~ Do you think those people were just jealous of your weight loss?

Lyssa - wow on the loss!!:eek: ~ That was interesting about the workout info.

Nanci - congrats on your loss!! :cool: You guys are going to be skinny minnies. ~ Have a fun weekend!

Jul - have fun in Philly! Enjoy yourself!:D

BPB - good to hear from you.

gotta run.


**I will require more of myself!**

02-08-2002, 02:24 PM
Hi everyone, I am so glad Friday is finally here. My energy level is so low today!! Hopefully I'll have a chance to recover over the weekend.

Backfor, I invested in a $0.49 orange peeler and it's the best money I've ever spent. Sad news for me though....I think I'm gonna have to stop eating them. Over the last week I have had the worst itch on the roof of my mouth and my palate and tongue are killing me now. It's really strange and I've never experienced anything like that before. I did some research on the web last night (thank goodness for the internet!!) and I found out that it's a symptom of a food allergy. I'm pretty sure the citrus is the cause.:(

Welcome back BPB!!! You just got keep on trying. Don't give up.

LBH, have fun at Curves. It sounds like a great place with lots of diverse people.

Lyss, thanks for the support!! I finally lost a pound yesterday morning but then went on an eating binge last night -- I caved into my mac & cheese craving!! So needless to say the pound had disappeared this morning. What is with me?? I always seem to binge on Thursdays. I just don't get it. Anybody else have this problem of no control on a specific day of the week? I have no problem Mon-Wed staying exactly on plan and even the weekends I splurge a little but I eat a lot less. Thursday's I'm outta control!:o I'll have to try some changes next week.

Oh well, Have a great weekend everyone!!

I have been telling myself lately..."what is gonna feel more satisfying? eating that candy bar or fitting into that pair of jeans I want in so bad?"

02-08-2002, 03:56 PM
Have any of you REALLY thought about how you use your points? Here is what I am thinking:

Weekly total points = 161 (18-23/day)

I am trying to get in 2 fruits and 3 veggies each day. I usually have 1 point fruits and 0 point veggies, but sometimes have a banana or corn, and often put 1 point of "stuff" on my salad-- So, I am estimating 3 points a day for fruits and veggies, or 21 a week. (points left = 140)

I am also trying to get in 2 milks a day. I am a chocolate fanatic, so I have been facing facts and having 1 slimfast shake a day (4 points) which also counts as my vitamin. For another milk, I try to have yogurt (2 points), but often have a "mini sundae" (4 points)...So: for milk (and the most important food group - chocolate!) I use say 7 points a day on average or 49 a week (points left = 91)

Now, I don't always get all my fruits and veggies and milk in, but if I did, I would be using 70 points on these items, leaving 91.

Alcohol: I am trying to be good, but also realistic here. I decided to give myself a "total # of drinks per week" number and see if I could stick to it. I set the number high, so I would not get discouraged and quit. I have had every single one every week since I started this, so: Alcohol = 14/week = 28 points (points left = 63)

So, this leaves me with 63 points (or 9 a day) for ALL protein, starch and non salad/dessert related fats.
Good thing I like sushi and pita's with almost no meat!

How about you guys - how do you use em? My new goal will be to cut down to 10 alcohol a week (saving 8 points) and to only have one chocolate-related dairy each day (saving about 7 points per week) which should allow me to round out my diet better.

Sorry to go on and on. Will catch up more later!

02-08-2002, 04:19 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm still around. K decided we needed to use a different internet program and so all my cookies were gone and I needed to find my password, so I've been reading but not posting :).

Went to WW on Tuesday and lost .8 for the two weeks. I was pretty suprised all things considered. I talked to my leader about being off track and not seeming to be able to get back on and she strongly recommended small steps, and challenged me to keeping a journal for 3 days this week. I've decided to up the challenge a little and make it 5 days and drink at least 6 glasses of water. So far even if I'm over on points, I've been able to stick to that plan. I've also been noting the times I eat to see if there's any meaning to that. I'm just having such a rough time being home all day with a limited schedule. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.

LBH - sounds like you're doing better. I'm going to check out the curves website, I know for myself I always feel "happier" when I'm exercising regularly, hang in there.

Rabbit - Congrats on loosing even when at your sisters :D!!

Nanci - have fun wine tasting, my mom's making plans for us all to go up north the weekend before Memorial Day, I can't wait :D. Congrats to you and your hubby on the loss :).

RR - Have fun at MG. a BMW or a Baby Hmmm tough choice good luck. (we got married 9/22 and were gone thru 10/5)

Baily - I try not to think about how I use my points. Sounds like you've got a decent plan, like my leader told me start small, baby steps will get us there while giant leaps will land us flat on our a**.

Lizzard - orange peelers are definately helpfull, have you thought you might just want to cut back on citris not necesarily out? I'd think all the acid in the grapefruit might agrivate a small sore. But I'm not a doctor so it's just a thought....

BFB - Hang in there, I'm on that up-down-up-down rollercoaster with you.

Lyssa - 4 kids :eek: I have a hard enough time keeping up with the pets :lol: just kidding. K looses a lot faster than I do w/o paying attention as much I'm not sure it's fair, but it just is...

Jul - Congrats on finishing the drive.

To anyone I missed, hope you're having a great week :D.

- Tech :spin:

02-08-2002, 09:03 PM
Hope everyone's been doing well. It's been a busy and not too great food week for me. My husband's away and I've seemingly gone completely off track. Well I guess not completely since I've still been good when I've been at work and I didn't go nuts but I've certainly snacked my fair share. I don't think I'll make my Valentine's Day goal but I haven't given up. I want to get as close as possible and I desperately still want to see that 140something so I'm NOT GIVING UP. I just might not get on the scale for a couple of days (tough for me) and hope I can make some progress over the next week.

Sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone but I'm thinking about you guys and I'm proud of all the "losses" out there. You guys are great!

Bailey - I will say that's an interesting question you asked about the daily use of points. I know I don't get enough fruit or vegetables but I'm trying to be better. I also know that I tend to be hungrier (or maybe it's just snackier) in the evenings so I plan my day accordingly. Since I'm getting closer to the next lower point range I've been trying to get used to that. I try to aim for between 20 and 23 points per day and they're usually like this. For breakfast either cereal or oatmeal, maybe toast and I try to use no more than three points. Lunch is soup or a Subway sub or maybe chicken and rice or something like that - hopefully no more than 6 points. Then after work if I'm hungry maybe a salad with a point or two for dressing and dinner of pasta or chicken or more soup (I love soup) or some vegetarian products I love (because they're low fat and a good source of protein) with hopefully some veggies at about 8 or 9 points and leave 2 or 3 points for snacks in the evening of either popcorn, light jello (if I'm out of points) or low fat oreos. I think this is fairly healthy eating but as I said I could probably use more fruit or veggies, AND WATER but I think it's not bad. It fills me up and seems to work for me.

Talk to you all again soon........Have a great weekend!


02-09-2002, 10:44 AM
Hi All,

Have to be quick this AM...FIL is coming over at around 11 to help DH put the shed up. DH got the floor done himself, after work, in the few minutes of light he's had left each day! :lol: DH is getting a haircut this AM, so I have to get showered and dressed before FIL gets here!!

Curves was great! It was fun, and it went really fast. I mean, it's only 30 minutes to begin with, but it's fun because you're talking to people while you're doing it. There was only a few women there when I went, guess Friday's aren't that busy, but the girl went around with me and made sure I was doing each machine correctly. She helped me find my pulse to do my heart rate every ten minutes. She told me that 25 was too high for me, but we chalked that up to me being really out of shape and that it will probably come down once my body gets used to it. She took my measurements: 6" down from my shoulder on my arms, bust, waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. She got me a little annoyed doing my waist, I showed her my waist, which is where my pants come to...my belly button, right? Well, what constitutes abdomen? She was confused, so decided to just stick with the one measurement...whatever. I feel OK today, not stiff, just like I need to stretch a lot, you know what I mean?

Anyway, have a great day!

02-09-2002, 11:01 AM
Yeah for U Lauren!!!!!! :D Stick with it and U will be a new woman!!!!!

Well, off to sack up the beads for my brother to bring to the float!!!Can't wait!!The weather is great!!!60's and should be fun!!!!Did good at the MG party last night..Noo KingCake or junk, just carrots and a few nibbles of cheese dip!!!!

Nanci-KingCake is a big cinammon type roll..filled with pralines and cream, cream cheese, liquid chocolate, blueberry or any other kind of filling...then it has icing on the top inpurple, green, and gold. Then it has colored sugar sprinkles on top..In the middle somewhere is a little plastic baby...whoever gets the little baby has to buy the next cake!!!Delicious!!!!If U want to see the sights...go to www.mardigras.com and look at the live camera shots tonight when the big parade Endymion rolls!!!!
Have a great weekend all!!!!

02-10-2002, 08:17 PM
Hi all!! It has been a busy few days, so I haven't checked in. Our 8 mo. male puppy started marking his territory in our living room, so we decided it was time to clean out the back yard for him to live in. Which was really great because it forced us to finish the kid's play ground that we started last summer. It is really cool. It is one of those wooden fort types that some one had given us (their kids had out grown it, so they wanted to get rid of it). It was a big jig saw puzzle!!! No instructions, and it came to us in pieces - what a chore!!! But it is mostly done now. Just a few more minor pieces and it will be better than it probably was in the first place!!!

Now for the really exciting news!!! My scales maybe wacko, but my jeans don't lie. I was able to put them on with out having to dance and lay on the bed to zip them up!!! That is really cool.

Also, another really big accomplishment is that we ate out a lot, and I was able to make wise decisions. I am learning to leave of the fattening condiments (mayo, s-cream, cheese, etc.) And there is this Ice Cream I have found that is fat free, no sugar added, and it is really good (Blue Bunny is the brand name). So, when I need chocolate, that is what I use. The flavors they have are wicked, and only 90 calories per scoop. That is only 10 calories more than a cup of skim milk!!!

LIZ et al - When I started this "diet" 2+ weeks ago, I was really nervous!!! I have tried to diet before, but there were certain times that I simply couldn't leave the food alone. At night and on the weekend especially!!! So, I reluctantly started this diet. Two things helped (so far) 1) My prayer has not been to loose weight, or even to get healthy, but to gain a right relationship with food. It is not the enemy, but niether is it the comforter!!! 2) I read a really great article about emotional eating!!! The purpose of the article is to sell a program, which is well out of my price range (most programs right now are!!!) But it made me really think. I don't know if it will help any of you or not, but here is the link. Weight Solution - Article (http://www.weightsolution.com/NewsFlash/shape.asp) I am not sure whether or not any of this will apply to ya'll, but there it is.

Tech - I have 4 kids, and one dog. The nice thing about the kids is that they get to a point where they can ALMOST clean up after themselves. HA HA! And they turn into really nice people. At least that is the direction mine seem to be heading.

BPB - You're here because you know we have all been there, and we care. Keep trying, and your scales will start going the other way.

I was talking to my mom who has never really been over weight, and she said that weight is something she has fought all her life. It was sort of comforting to realize that even thin people have to fight the same battles we are. Can't wait until my fight is successful. And I know this time it will be!!!

Just for fun, I am including a link to our family pictures.
FAMILY PICTURES (http://community11.webshots.com/album/2511601jnpnHesidh)

Hope all of you had a great weekend, and that you all have a great week.

02-10-2002, 09:30 PM
Lyssalou: Congratulations on the pants!!! And on the playground thing and the new eating habits. Sounds like you are doing great. We have moved to a new thread (we do every sunday) dated Feb 10th.