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02-03-2002, 12:39 PM
Down two pounds today! That's now eight to go to St. V's Day or St. Pat's. I'm not pursuing the St. Pat thing right now but will join up if someone posts a challenge! March is still a long way off! ;)

I'm off to pay bills and shop. I think that'll count as exercise!

02-04-2002, 08:35 AM
morning everyone well it's monday morning so I wanted to weigh in and i'm down 2.5lbs. this week.

so how is everyone doing this week, I've been riding my bike everyday (stationary bike) and lifting weights. Today I have to do a lower body workout,so pretty soon i won't be able to walk.

i'm planning on making a st.pete's challenge but not until after v-day. That way i'll know where i'm at.


02-04-2002, 11:01 AM
Wow!!! I've also lost 2.5 lbs which is remarkable since I've had TOM and a migraine all weekend!!.... well wonders never cease!!!
I've been following ww's so well, and not feeling deprived and eating pretty much what I want. The points seem easy and I love to eat all those low-cal foods. I found a really nice whole wheat bread thats half the calories...so 2pc = 1pt, so even if I was starving and want 4 pc of toast...(not unrealistic,cause I LOVE BREAD... lol) I can!!! So, thats 3 losers in a row....WHO'LL BE NEXT? Have a great day.

02-04-2002, 11:10 AM
well done on your losses, doesnt it give you such a lift when it shows a loss no matter how little but on the other hand its very disheartning when it shows no loss or worse a gain:mad: as if us woman dont have enough emotional ups and downs :) thats why we are undoubtedly the stronger sex because we overcome it all:lol: good luck to everyone

02-04-2002, 05:01 PM
Hey LOSERS.....congrats....that is awesome for all 3 of you.....I am proud of ya....!!! Keep up the great work!!!

How are ya all doing? I didn't get online much this weekend....spent a lot of time with the family and really didnt feel the want to be online.....was getting that tired gloomy feeling that I normally feel when darn ol TOM gets ready to strike.....which it hasnt yet but how I wish it was already done....LOL.....I weighed this morning and was at 175 which puts me up 1lb but not sure if it is from the TOM settling in for his stay.....LOL.....either way thats ok...I am not taking it as a HUGE gain.....it'll go away again!!!

Angel...sorry I havent been on to chat much....glad to hear your doing so well with WW's....and I SOOO agree....it is so nice being able to eat what you want and not have to think of it as CHEATING.....you just have to count the points!!!

Hoping all is well with everyone....I need to go get things going for dinner......going to make (pam) fried flounder fillets, mashed potatoes, and a veggie!!!
I might try to make it to chat later tonight angel...all depends on if B hogs the puter from me.......LOL.....take care all....and keep up you LOSERS......LisaL

P.S> Flumper...welcome to the group......!!!

joshie's mommy
02-05-2002, 08:30 AM

Good morning all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. Don't you just hate Mondays? Ah, well, over till next week!

So I haven't been online much either, just haven't felt like getting on. I've been doing...well, okay...with staying OP...not super, great fantastic I'm so proud of myself...but ok. Could be better, but hey, there's always room for improvement.And I've been excercising & drinking my water, so that's good.

My grandfather is in the hospital right now & isn't doing to well, so that's been a little stressful.

I think I'm going to follow in Crone's footsteps and add a second excercise session everyday...that will help me also with my goal of not going to sleep right after I eat every night! I'll try to start tonight...I'll let you all know in the morning whether or not I manage to follow thru on that!

Well, got to run...I gotta get off the puter & go call the hospital to see how Poppa is doing. Will talk to you all soon.


02-05-2002, 08:41 AM
Hey Kids.....I have been living on Chicken soup....I have been fighting a bad cold/flu thing and my dear old mom showed up with a pot of chicken soup...homemade! Yum...It is filled with good things...so I have really been able to stick with my eating plan...and continue to lose....I look forward to my weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers...I hope the old scale shows as much success as I feel I have.

Staci, How is grandpa doin? I hope he's back on his feet again, soon!

Sheila, how is married life treating ya? Hope you are still as happy as ya were back when we were all helping you plan the big day!

Jo Jo...where did ya go go?

Crone....I am for a St pat's challenge...any ideas?

morrigan, speak to us!

Love you all....Jh

02-05-2002, 09:36 AM
hello everyone

hope everyones doing good today, I decided to go with tae-bo instead of the bike yesterday and boy did I sweat, I forgot how much work tae-bo is, I'll have to do it more often.

Joannie- married life is about the same as unmarried life. We've been together so long nothing really changed, but It's great.

everythings going great except I realized yesterday i'm not getting enough calories, averaging around 1100 have to add about 200 calories, just don't know how to do that.

anyways hope everyone has a great day.

02-05-2002, 09:47 AM
Hi Ladies. What a beautiful morning, I was up in time to see the sunrise...(lol, doesn't happen that often, zzzz) I've been doing well with the ww's, still can't believe how easy it is. YOu'd laugh if I told you I was scared of the program.....well, maybe not really scared but intimidated for some reason. But...I slayed that dragon and I'm now on week #3, so far I've lost 5.4 lbs AND had TOM!!
Sheila: Try adding an extra pc of fruit.....a cup of strawberrries, or a nice juicy apple, yougurt is also a nice easy choice. Instead of meat slices in a sandwich, opt for tunasalad or salmon salad sandwiches...(non-fat mayo of course) Your body will thankyou for the extra protien and calcium!!
Well I'm off to chat, hoping to find good ol' Mom there. Enjoy the day!!

02-05-2002, 11:01 AM
hello all. congrats on the continued losses!!!! you are all amazing. i am trying to push myself out the door to the gym and not back into bed. it is cooollld here and spending the day in bed with a good book sounds soooooo good. i have tto keep reminding myself that it is the small decisions that i make now that will cause the end result over time. i did pretty well yesterday, so i'll count today as day 2-again. :rolleyes:
ok, i AM going to go to the gym. therefore, i will also weigh myself--here's hoping! (the good scale is at the gym, so i weigh there)
ok, see you all later (as it were). keep up the good work and thanks for being here for me to read and ramble to to make myself go to the gym. just reading here makes me feel more motivated-if you all can do it, i knwo i can.

02-05-2002, 12:38 PM
Hey girls...how ya all doing? I hope all is well.....!!!

Angel...sorry I hadn't gotten on here earlier to find you chatting....I spent most of the morning rearranging the living room since Kail now loves to climb on top of the couch and reach the shelves of photos etc.....I will try to get online tonight to chat....was there last night a bit past 9pm and had fun chatting with L and sweetpea.....but guess you had already been there!!...So glad to hear your doing so well with the program.....!!!

Tae-bo....LOL....I bought those tapes and was planning on using them....well never did...but hubby uses them and I see how badly he gets worked up over it.....I would probably pass out of exhaustion shortly after starting....LOL...will stick to my bike for now until I am more into the exercising!!!

Staci....hoping all is well with your poppa and that he is back to himself soon!!!

Joanie....sorry to hear your feeling so ill.....just worry about getting yourself better....and if its any consolation......when I was on plan last year for the first time....I got the flu for like 3 days....and when I went to weigh in...I had lost 6lbs....LOL....so I bet you will show a good size loss even though your not moving around too much !!!...Get well soon!!!

Crone...I cant believe marlana hasnt come up with a challenge for us.....I thought for sure she would have had a plan by now.....!!!...Looks like we all need to use our noodles and make one that the other groups will join in on with us!!!

Jo Jo and Morrigan....where oh where have you 2 disappeared to???

Well, that was long winded enough for me....I am attempting to get into chat but this darn internet is wacky and wont let me load the chat without downloading a new java plug in......take care all....and talk later......LisaL

02-05-2002, 01:30 PM
well, back from the gym. ::whew::
i'm gonna HURT tomorrow :lol:
having tuna sandwich for lunch (made with low fat mayo), trying to keep the cats out of it. i say this whenever i go to the gym for the first time in a while-it feels so good to get back, why don't i keep up with it???
lost one pound-pretty happy with that as i haven't been the best lately. realized that after a lot of losing and gaining, i am at one pound heavier than when i started many months ago. that's kinda depressing, but i'm on the right track now.(again)
take care, all

02-05-2002, 01:44 PM
Trying to get motivated to get out the door and do some out and about stuff. Feeling blah but had a great 40-minute circuit training workout, medium weights with aerobic intervals. Then crash, but breakfast was so early, I'm trying not to refuel until noon.

Re St. Pat's Party, I doubt if Marlana's planning anything right now. The last I read on their thread is that her computer was down. Maybe she's back up; I haven't had time to check. I had just thought she might want to 'cause she's the one who thought up the idea originally of challenging the whole board. Guess it wouldn't matter who starts it off, though. It could be anything anyone wants to do, I guess, that hopefully won't die out just at the end. To me, St. Pat's Day represents the start of spring, of renewal, of finally getting focused and getting my last pounds off for good, of solidifying my exercise habit and getting really, really FIT for an old broad!

My St. V challenge to me ends Saturday, as I only weigh-in on Sundays, so whatever I weigh on a Sunday, I consider myself to weigh the whole week. It's doubtful I'll get the &*%^**-ing 10 pounds off that I wanted to, but I'll be down, I know!

I liked a lot of the things we used to do on this thread, including Morrigan's daily journal where she and others just listed their food and I think exercise. I guess I just have a need to focus, focus, focus in whatever challenge we think up next. My aging brain needs FOCUS!

:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Morrigan, JoJo2, Babette, Weeesa & All The Missing: Come back for St. Pat!! (Please?)

I wonder how many smiley faces the software will let me make?

:dizzy: ;) :lol:

02-05-2002, 02:33 PM
You guys have all been streaking along and I haven't been streaking at all. My weight has creeped up 15 lbs from what I lost last year, and I found out just last Friday that I am expecting, so my guess is I will creep up a bit more in the next nine months. I haven't even been lurking about on this site lately. I am taking a class that is M,T,W, TH evenings and going to the gym and skiing Friday night, Sat, and Sunday. I have hardly turned on my computer at home.

02-05-2002, 02:48 PM
CONGRATULATIONS MORRIGAN!!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you! Take care of yourself during these nine months- but REMEMBER your baby needs protein/fruits/veggies more than it needs whatever you are craving so DO EAT HEALTHY. (I'm sure you are anyways). :) I'm sooooo happy for you. Hopefully I'll be joining you shortly! I'm on CD 15 and waiting for the egg to drop. ;)

Crone Yeah you're on a roll! Great job on the loss. I'm very inspired!

Joanie Hope you're feeling better and on the mend. How did weigh-in go? Great I hope!

Sheila Great job on the 2.5 pounds down. It's good to hear your marriage is going well too.

HI everyone

I'm kind of in a rush so hurrying as I type. I have not been doing as well as I was. I haven't gained anything but I'm just kinda hanging out at 187-188 which is TOO HIGH. I don't want to weigh over 200 when pregnant. But unfortunately my BOB (Baby Obsessed Brain) keeps getting in the way of my efforts. BOB tells me "It's okay to eat this- you won't be able to lose weight when you're pregnant anyways" or "Go ahead and eat that. Won't be long till you "o" and then you'll be preggers!" ARGH. I keep telling BOB that I'm not pregnant YET! Today has been much better. The good news is that I've made a definite habit of getting my fruits and veggies in. Isn't that great? I was such a fruit hater before- now I can't live without my daily banana, orange, and apple. I seem to stick with those three but hope to try more once summer arrives.

So does anyone have any advice on how I can keep BOB from interfering with my weight loss efforts? I do great on water, exercise, and food choices but I have been overeating for almost four days. Any ideas?

I guess what I really need is a good solid Day One OP again. I think TODAY will be that day. I'll also be joining in the St. Pat's challenge even if I get PG this month. I won't be losing any weight, but I can always challenge myself to eat better and move more.

I hope you all are having a great day! See you all later!


02-05-2002, 03:44 PM
Hello, Hello!

Crone -- It was that last smiley -- I just could not resist any longer. :)

So nice to see everyone popping their heads up (like groundhogs -- does this mean an early spring???). I've been lurking but not posting. I was sick all January and am still settling into my new house. I finally weighed myself post-Christmas last Monday and was up 7 pounds. This a.m. I weighed in 4 pounds down. I know that this won't continue, but if it did....hmmm.... I could be skinny before summer....

Yup, I'm on for the St. Paddy's day challenge. Not entirely sure what I will choose as my challenge -- I think I may try for 10 pounds -- it's a month and a half, so that could work.

I'm still frightfully busy, so I apologize for the lack of personal messages...

Love to all!


02-05-2002, 05:24 PM
Morrigan...how exciting and what great news for us......good luck and keep us posted....and just make sure your doing the best you can!!!

Babette...so glad to see your still with us.....!!!

I am sitting here watching Tell it like it is DR PHIL on Oprah....and man does this sound like me......I thought I was the only one out there in the world who has 100% ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE AT ALL TO BE SEXUAL......and I sound so much like one of the women....she says when her husband says he will give her a backrub...she says thats as far as it is going because she just doesnt have the desire, want, need for sex in her life although she truly loves her husband.....and boy I do that all the time.....glad to hear I am not the lone soldier on that one!!!

I had a pretty good day today....way under points but I am just not hungry...which I am shocked with TOM here and all.....have not munched at all today like I normally would have!!!

congrats to those who weighed in today and lost or maintained......will check in again later.....LisaL

02-05-2002, 09:25 PM
Still working at maintaining iswhat I am doing. And I am being somewhat successful. It isn't easy, but then nothing worthwhile is ever all that easy, is it?

Morrigan, I am happy for you. Keep us posted on your life as a mommy-to-be.

Others on this forum, I think a St. Pat's Day challenge is a good thing for us to do. Anything that can get us focused on the need for healthy eating is worthwhile. I would participate. But no weight loss for me, I am doing good at maintaining.

I do have a new incentive for maintaining - we have a vacation planned in Florida in early Maarch. This is my husband's old millitary group's reunion, and we are planning to attend. From the frigid hills of Wyoming to the lucious and tropical beaches of Florida, wow. And I do want to fit into that swimsuit, don't I? That is my incentive.

Everybody, please continue to do what we know must be done. This is a forum of experienced dieters, isn't it? Lots of expertise here, no doubt about it.

02-06-2002, 12:02 AM
Morrigan, Congratulations!! Such a wondrous miracle, a baby's life. I hope your pregnancy is a joy and relatively non-eventful....(no morning sickness or quesiness) But most of all, eat healthy and be healthy!!

I just found this recipie that was on another thread. Some of you may have seen/heard about this one, but I thought I'd mention it anyway as it is FABULOUS and soooo easy!!!

***Pineapple/Angel food cake***....(get it, ANGEL... lol )

20oz can of crushed pineapple in its own juice
1 pkg Angel Food cake mix

Empty pkg mix of angel food cake into a bowl. Pour pineapple and its juice into the cake mix. Add nothing else, and mix until moist. Pour into a pre-sprayed (PAM) 9X13 pan. Bake at 350 for 30min.
Remove from oven and cool. Serves 12 with only 3pts per huge slice. !!! mmmm, you'll love it!!! Enjoy.

02-06-2002, 11:48 AM
Angel...that recipe sounds soooo good....I LOVE pineapple.....I eat it on pizza when I splurge......love it....!!! Was good talking this morning and I might try to make it on tonight as well......hope L gets better....nothing worse than having sick kiddos!!!...Have fun doing your household chores......HA HA

how are you all doing today? I have TOM here and man oh man I felt like I could have eaten the world last night and still wanted to eat.....I did eat a lot and thought...."OH DEAR GOD I HAVE GONE OVER IN MY PTS AGAIN"...LOL...but I still was at my midrange and banked 2 pts!!!

I am so glad to see everyone sneaking out of the bushes and posting....its nice to see morrigan jo jo joanie babette joining in with us and those who are new joining in as well.....the more the merrier......and it only offers the rest of us more support and motivation......!!!

I need to go for now and get some things done and hope that Kail will fall asleep shortly so I can go shower......hoping you all have a great day....take care....LisaL

P.S. I think the idea of starting another thread for food journals and exercise journals is great too.....we can learn from the others and get meal ideas as well.....who else is game for that? Let me know and we can start one.......

02-06-2002, 01:09 PM
hello all. here i am halfway through day 2. didn't go to the gym this am, but i did some stretching and stuff before work. i am in PAIN from yesterday-it's great!:lol:
eating well so far today; last night i splurged on a piece of oreo cheesecake-mmmmmmmmmm. though, small as it may seem, i was happy that i left about 2 bites uneaten. it's rare for me to leave food if there's "just a little left-what will it hurt?".
hope you are all doing well. wish i could offer some advice to the mothers to be among us, but it's not something i have been though-good luck to you, though.
take care, everyone.
oh yeah, i also kinda like the idea of logging food/exercise here. be nice to see how others do it, and maybe get some new ideas.

02-06-2002, 01:57 PM
Had a great run, really a jogwalk, today of 60 minutes. Finished last night with 1890 calories and an evening walk. No crash today but have to get working soon.

Morrigan: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEWS!!! It is good to hear from you. Sounds like everything is going well.

Babette: Glad the smiley faces got to you and you are back on the board. I always enjoy your posts! As for spring, it's already here where I am.

JoJoJo2: I think maintaining is just as great a challenge as losing and takes similiar focus. Even though I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I am basically in maintenance mode, too. If I lose the focus, I gain and it's entirely possible to gain the whole 100 back. I don't intend to go there!

Angel-Eyes: Thanks for posting the cake recipe. I hadn't seen it and will try it soon. I like angel food cake sliced and individually wrapped in the freezer for a quick snack. This sounds like a light pineapple upside down cake, in a way.

Sychie: Leaving oreo cheesecake on your plate was a real breakthrough! I don't know if I could have done it. You deserve a round of applause for that!

Momto2Boys: I would post on a food and exercise journal. It is a great way to stay focused and get menu and exercise ideas, too. But in the past, I've balked at letting anyone in on the exact things I eat, because my horrible nutritional choices are a bad example for anyone!

Weeesa: BOB nothwithstanding, you seem to be really getting into a state of focus. It inspires me to hear how you've converted to a fruit lover ... I can't seem to eat the stuff at all unless it's all mixed up in a smoothie.

Congratulations to all who've lost, maintained or are just getting their act together! I promise to shorten my post next time. Now for the smilie challenge: How many can I put in?!

:) :cool: :devil: :smug: ;) :dizzy: :lol: :p :^: :s:

02-06-2002, 03:01 PM
Crone.....ok dont feel alone on the bad nutrion.....I will post honestly and I can assure you....your not alone....You will notice that I eat barely a thing throughout the daytime....its after dinner that I want to eat.....so I tend to snack on a lot of small pt items....but the way I see it is.....if its working why change it....LOL.....so until I notice it doesnt help....I will not worry too much!!!

I will start a journal thread tomorrow or later tonight after I have finished my eating for the day!!! And anyone who wants to join along...feel free .... great way for us to share our daily routines and recipes if we want also!!!

Will post again later...bye bye everyone...take care.....LisaL

p.s. sychie....I would have had a hard time not eating the last couple of bites of the cheesecake too......ha ha.....cheesecake has to be my all time favorite cake other than carrot cake and german choc cake......

02-07-2002, 10:01 AM

just checking in to see how everyone is doing this morning. I'm full of energy, already rode my bike for 35 minutes and i'm gonna go shopping later, that has to count as a workout. I'm running a good streak of 19 days now and feeling pretty good. lots of energy. too much in fact lately now my house is spotless, and i sit around thinking what now, already worked out and loaded with energy. where did it come from?

02-07-2002, 11:49 AM
Looks like I probably will be moving, but still not certain, so I really need to keep going on this streak and not give way to the stress of it all.

Today's a semi-rest day, though I'm still doing my two sessions of exercise. I just kind of break it up and go easy on days when my body is in danger of overtraining. I'm feeling very fit and want to stay that way.

I'll post on the food & exercise journal again tonight! No time for messages, just time to write about ME, ME, ME!!!! :lol:

02-07-2002, 12:15 PM
Hey girls....how are ya all? I am doing ok....I have TOM and am soooo exhausted....I felt like I could have slept all morning.....but had to get Jesse off to school and tend to Kail!!!

Crone...where will you be moving for your transfer? Oh and by the way....dont feel bad about what you post for your daily intake.....as long as it is working for you....who is anyone to judge what your eating except for you!!!

Angel.....where oh where were you last night? I finally gave up and quit chat around 10pm or so.....I hope to find you sometime today or tonight maybe....how is L feeling today???

How is everyone else doing? I hope you all venture over to the thread for journaling food intake and exercise journals.......it will be good for all of us !!!

Take care all...time to go do some laundry while I look for stuff on here for ideas on what to do for Jesse's birthday party!!!

Talk later...LisaL

02-07-2002, 02:31 PM
hey all. well, i don't quite know where i am. last night, i decided to go out for steak for dinner-i was craving it badly and decided that as long as i got steamed veggies on the side, and a leaner cut of meat, i would be ok. well, then mr. ex s.o. started a fight, and the next thing i knew, i was eating cheese fries. once i realized what i was doing, i stopped. later in the eve, though, i gave in and got ice cream and ate more of it than i should have. today it's all gray out and i had a bowl of ice cream for breakfast (it counts as dairy and protein, as it has nuts in it, right??:devil: ). i am trying to make myself something good for lunch, but it's hard. i'm also trying to get myself to go to the gym.
i really hate days like this.


glad to hear you are all doing well. it does help me think more positively.
take care, all

02-07-2002, 02:36 PM
just peeked in on the journal thread.
made me feel more positive. thanks.:)
gonna go look for a decent lunch now, and i think i will melt the rest of the ice cream so i won't eat it later

02-07-2002, 02:42 PM
Thanks everyone for the congrats. I am one nervous girl. I have been sick to my stomach all day for the last week. The only thing that cures it is eating. I have pretty much been eating all day long. I would have thought I would gain 5 lbs, but on the scale today I have lost 3 in that last two weeks. It seems pretty weird to be losing considering how much I have been eating.

I have my first doctors appointment today. I am going to stick with my GP and not go to an OB/GYN for the duration.

02-07-2002, 03:12 PM
Morrigan....your body will go thru so many changes girl you wont hardly believe it.......haha....but I had morning sickness so bad this past time with Kail that I had to be on meds...but with Jesse....I wore the accupressure bands for like motion sickness....they work ok if you find the right spot......!!!...and I would wake up religously every night at 3am for a bowl of rice crispies with banana chunks....haha....good luck at your appt today!!!

02-07-2002, 04:19 PM
Congratulations Morrigan!! Great, great news! I know how you feel, unfortunatley...I was sick the whole time with both my boys (I know, just what you wanted to hear) The sea-bands helped me too-- took the edge off and they are cheap enough to definitely try. What helped my queasies the most was eating protein...forget crackers! (in my case) Try some lower- fat choices...cottage cheese would be great if you like it. Meat and cheese...scrambled eggs.
I gave into McDonald cheeseburgers waaaay to many times and gained too much with both of them...Don't know if there will be a next time to do it "right". I also felt too awful to exercise much, but I think if I'd have forced myself to do something it probably would have helped to. Good luck!!

Well, I'm starting my streak over today...Had a terrible eating and no exercise day yesterday-- too embarressed to even tell you about it!:o But today so far so good...

02-07-2002, 06:26 PM
Hey everyone....just a quick message to you all.....please post on the thread for your daily food intake and exercise routines....whether you are ashamed or not.....if your ok with what your doing....who is anyone else to judge.....I dont think any of us are in the right to judge.....and I think reading what others do whether it be a bad day or a good day....post away.....because it helps others find new ideas!!!!....Not all of us are going to have PERFECT days.....so please please please.....post what you do daily.....it helps to see it on the big screen too....not just your small journals......!!!

Take care....LisaL

02-07-2002, 07:24 PM
Hey Kids....Morrigan....How exciting....when I heard that news I had to throw up my arms and shout....oops didn't mean to say throw up!!!! Ha ha just a little morning sickness joke there morrigan....you know me, always the joker! Wow, now the fun begins!!!!

Welp, my WW weigh in went really well....4.4 for a total of 10.6 in the first two weeks....Angel, I was afraid to start, too....but I really think that it was the best decision I could have made....I no longer have guilt when I eat....I can manage the points and remain guilt free....It is great!

I am feeling much better....boy was I down and out for two days....I never miss school....and I missed two days! Yikes....Well, gotta go drink some H2O...Yippee Skippy! Later Gators Jh

02-07-2002, 11:28 PM
Wow....drum roll for Joanie!! Over 10lbs in 3 weeks, EXCELLENT!!

I look forward to my weigh in on Saturday. Today I felt very 'needy' for some reason, and ate at the top end of my pt range. So for 29 pts....thats alot of food!!! It could be a little more stress with having a sick boy home for 2 days with dull grey skies and rain. Funny how he started to feel better when the tv came on or when it was 4 pm and his friends came home from school...??? I've decided I don't like to be couped up,.....bring on the sunshine!! I will have to keep that in check for other days. Why is it that the weather affects us so? Tommorow is another day, and I know with better planning I'll be back with a better journal/food day...(afterall, my weigh in is Sat...and I want a good loss!!.. lol ) Hope everyone had a good day. tc

02-08-2002, 09:46 AM
Wow....that is so freaking awesome Joanie.....good for you girl....I bet your gleaming with excitement.....and feeling much better already!!!

angel.....well I missed ya again last night....not sure if you showed but my darn MIL was yapping to me so bad I couldnt keep up along with trying to find pirate pictures so I can make Jesse's bday party invites!!!...I will check in to chat this am though!!!

How is everyone else doing?
TOM has subsided mostly and weigh in was this morning.....I am down to 173.5lbs....I have not seen this weight since the day I had Jesse.....I was 172 the day I had him.....so I am close to that day.....!!!....I just hope it keeps coming off....I dont care if it comes off slowly from now on....but as long as I dont see the scales rise....I am doing alright!!!!

Hoping everyone else is having a great week....and have GREAT weekends.....take care....LisaL

02-08-2002, 01:43 PM
hello all.
congrats joanie and mom2-and everyone else who is losing so well. :)
yesterday was just a rather dismal day all around for me. i shall count today as yet another day 1. this morning, i really wanted a bowl of ice cream for bfast, but i resisted. i also resisted the urge to go back to bed for another hour before work. i figured that being up just getting small things done around the house was better for me than sleeping-a few calories burned is better than none! i am trying hard to keep in mind that each time we make a good choice, it makes it that much easier to keep doing it, and vice versa.
last night i had an odd dream about being fitted for a formal dress and realizing that in order to fit into it on time (for what? i have no idea) i would have to work really hard at losing weight. when i woke up and was thinking about it, it took me a while to realize it was not real. but, i am trying to keep that sense of motivation with me. winning over the ice cream (and then melting it down the drain) took a lot, but i feel stronger for it. i have now had my sane lunch. here's hoping for dinner. i am going to keep thinking about the feelign i had in the dream-i really can't describe it, but it was another "click". ah well. hope you are all having good days.

take care, all

02-08-2002, 02:04 PM
sychie....good for you on being in control enough to let the ice cream melt away down the drain and not in your mouth.....that must have took a lot!!!

Talk later on.....gotta go to Sam's club tonight to get a bunch of stuff and to home depot to make some shelving for Jesse's movies....Kail has figured out how to get them on the other shelf so they are all tucked in his closet until we can make higher up shelves......take care....LisaL

joshie's mommy
02-08-2002, 07:02 PM
Hello, all...

Sorry I have not posted in so long but it has been a REALLY crazy week for me & I just have not had the time! Yesterday was my grandpa's 90th bday & between working, running back & forth to the hospital which is 45 min. away, being a wife & mom I just have not had any time for the computer.
Thanks to all for your concern about Poppa. He had a stroke on Monday evening & lost the use of his right hand, left leg & lost his speech & swallow functions as well.:( But seems to be getting a little bit more alert every day.

Now...on to news about me...sorry, but no personals today because since I haven't been online since Monday, I had about 50 posts to read & that's a little overwhelming to try to respond to! Anyway...I weighed in this morning...DRUMROLL PLEASE... to find that I had lost EIGHT POUNDS!!!!:D :o :p HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE, MAJOR, MAJOR HAPPY DANCE!!!:p:D :dizzy: :smug: Apparently all that running around I've been doing has paid off !!I've also been trying to squeeze in a walk at night as a second excercise session ...doing fairly well at that. I slept in today & didn't get up & sweat this morning...you know I've been up till 10 3 nites in a row because of going to the hospital...& for some reason, it's just not quite as easy to get up at 4 as it is when I go to sleep at 7!:dizzy: And what is also almost as exciting as the loss is that I was able to wear jeans today! I haven't been able to wear jeans for probably close to a year ! Now, I realize most people wouldn't be too excited about wearing a size 24 jeans... but JEANS... I could fit into JEANS instead of those ugly old stretch pants... Now granted, they were a little tight & I was definitely ready to change when I got home from work...but I'm still excited that I was able to wear jeans.

Sorry for rambling about the jeans...By the way, I don't know about the food journal thing...it would probably gross you all out...I have a tendency to do weird stuff like eat popcorn for breakfast...especially on the weekends...I'll have to think about it I guess.

I gotta sign off now, just wanted to take a second & update everyone...

Have a great weekend, I'll try to check in tomorrow.


02-09-2002, 02:17 AM
Hey Gals and Pals....still going strong...I loved reading your food journals to see how other people use their points or calories and how they get through the day....everyone's battles ar so very different and yet so similar. My weigh in day is going to be next Tuesday and I am trying to be perfect until then. I've been running the kids around and I stayed up to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics....that coupled with the lingering cold, I am exhausted....so I am off to bed....plus, I don't eat while I sleep!!!! See ya tomorrow :wave: ...be good! Jh

02-10-2002, 12:23 PM
Good morning everyone....sorry I havent posted all weekend but I am somewhat busy getting things together for Jesse's birthday party in a couple of weeks....we will be gone the week before for his vacation so I have to get as much done now as I can!!!

How is everyone surviving the weekend? I had an awful day yesterday foodwise.....I wasnt hungry all day and then when I ate...I wanted to eat all the wrong things....but I stayed at my pt range and didnt go over which is fine by me!!!

I will post more later tonight as I still need to go and post 2 or 3 days worth of food journals.....hoping you all have had a great weekend....and CONGRATS TO THE LOSERS!!!

Take care....LisaL

02-10-2002, 12:52 PM
Hey girls...I was over on the buddy up threads....and noticed a group led by snoball and they had a challenge for Valentines day like we did....I wonder if they would be up to challenge our group to a St Pat's day challenge?!?!?!?!!! If ya'll think we should challenge them.....say YEPPERS and I will post a message to them asking if they are game as a group to challenge our group at a 100% ALL HONESTY challenge!!!!

Talk later....LisaL

02-10-2002, 05:12 PM
Down a half pound, putting me a long way away from my St. V. goal weight, which I reset several times anyway, so I'm happy enough! :)

I only weigh in on Sundays, so this is the end of my St. V. challenge to me. I'm now challenging myself to go 10 pounds lower by St. Pat's Party Day and to stay sane waiting to see if I'm going to move or not, which depends on whether I get the job a certain paper keeps dangling in front of me. If so, I go, if not I stay.

Momto2: Not sure whether I'll join, but I say go for the challenge with the other board. Best get a'going, L'il Leprechaun Ladies (or Laddies if there be any out there), as St. Pat's Party is only five weeks away. That's five weeks to find that skinny pot o'goal at the end of the weight management rainbow.

To All: You are a great group o' streakers and I find it amazin' how you hang on to your dreams and goals through all kinds of ups and downs. Congratulations to all of us! Happy Valentine's Day. Don't forget to eat some chocolate (or better yet, vanilla). :dizzy:

02-10-2002, 06:29 PM
Hey ladies....how are ya?

I got a pm from Marlana and she said her puter had been down and she is back up and running and had time to conjer up a challenge for st pats day....she said she will try to post it tomorrow morning.....PLEASE join in on it girls.....we as a group have the will to make a group goal happen......I know it!!!

crone....congrats on the half pound loss....and dont be hard on yourself about not making your mini challenge goal.....you gave it your best shot and thats what counts......and I sure do hope you join in with us...even if you pledge to lose a pound....at least you will still be a part of the group!!!

angel.....I will try to make it into chat tonight...not sure though....got a couple of movies to watch.....but I will come into chat around 9am tomorrow if I dont see ya tonight.....tell L sweetpea and the others I said hello!!!....7lbs down the drain eh......good for you.....have you made your challenge pledge yet for this st v day challenge???? You must have or your pretty darn close!!!

Gotta go start dinner.....will post my journal either later on tonight or first thing tomorrow morning......hope all is well with all of you!!!....LisaL

02-12-2002, 10:51 AM
Hi Ladies. Boy....yesterday just never seemed like it was going to end....and all I did was eat all day!!! I was just really really hungry all day. I planned what I was going to eat, and then ate it and some, but still managed to stay in my pt range. Thank heavens for a low pt supper, that way all my snacky stuff could fit into my day. I even had one pt left over...(lol, honestly don't know how THAT HAPPENED!!, but I'll take it) Today, is back to better eating and planning. HOpe everyone is doing well, and hope to see those journals on the other food/journal thread. Writing every little bit down sure keeps you honest!! tc

02-12-2002, 01:07 PM
hello all. seems a bit quiet out there.
things are ok here, i guess. getting a cold. doing ok on the food; didn't make it to the gym this morning as i had to come into work early. did a short but pretty good worout yesterday, and some yoga in the evening. i managed to just eat the lunch i brought today and not to give in to the urge to go out for fast food. i'm getting better each day, i like to think.
i hope you are all doing well.
bleh. i'm ready for a nap!

joshie's mommy
02-13-2002, 09:02 AM
Hello all...
How is everyone doing this morning?
I'm doing well. I had a very bad eating day on Sunday, but picked right back up & got right back OP Monday morning & had good days Monday & yesterday. I've been doing about 45 min of aerobics in the morning & then taking a 30-45 minute walk after dinner every night. And also I'm back into my work-wife-hospital routine so that doesn't leave much time for extra snacking! I guess I gotta find one positive thing about Poppa being sick, right?:)
Anyway I need to go get ready for work, just thought I'd check in & let you all know I'm still alive!


02-13-2002, 09:05 PM
Hey gang....another 3.6 gone for good...that means 14.2 in the first three weeks of WW...Yahoo...guilt free sensible eating....I love it! Hope everything is going well for everyone....I struggle guzzling my H20....any suggestions :dizzy:???? See ya, Jh

02-14-2002, 11:56 AM

Congratulations to everyone of you LOSERS!!! I'm so happy to report that I have been one of them too. This thread has been a lifesaver for me, although I came in mid-way to the Valentine goal. I know myself, with all the kids candy.....I will likely have some ....but will not allow myself to go hog wild and crazy as in the past. I have been really giving in to my 'craves' and giving myself permission to have anything and everything that I want....BUT IN MODERATION!! On the ww program I can. And just knowing that I can, is my saving grace. I can now CHOOSE to have a pc of chocolate.....as long as my pts allow it. This is a big realization for me. In the past, I would have no problem with overeating past the pt of a normal qty. Good luck to you all on one of the hardest...AND SWEETEST DAYS!! Take care .....bye

ps...count me in for the St. Patricks Poundage Pledge!!!