Weight and Resistance Training - Lift and Chat: January 15 - 31, 2008

01-15-2008, 08:32 AM
Woohoo! New thread. The old one was getting satisfyingly long! It's really nice to see so many people posting and some new folks. But where are our vets???

I managed to wake up up slightly early this morning- the cat had deserted my feet and I was cold. Did a full elliptical session. I've totally committed to a goal of getting 7 pounds off by April. Then I can get back (and look good in) the same clothes I started this job in a year ago. I think December accounted for 4 of those pounds I still find it amazing that what used to seem like an insignificant amount of weight is so noticeable and uncomfortable now. 7 years Ago I would have laughed at moaning about 7-8 pounds. So beware, any of you who just rolled your eyes!

Food packed- off to work.


01-15-2008, 08:39 AM
I'm right there with you with seven pounds off by April. :)

Back from the gym - :brr: - chest and elliptical today. Two years after surgery, I'm finally able to do incline presses with a BB! :carrot: The gym is still ridiculously crowded, even at 5:30 am. Fortunately, it doesn't spill over into the weight room but it's tough to grab an elliptical.

Meals planned, food prepped, exercise done. :D

01-15-2008, 08:51 AM
But where are our vets???l

:wave: Oh, you know, in the usual place when you're just getting up: starting the soup course! Chicken. Also huge salad. And a big pot of tea.

I bought a new set of scales yesterday. Satisfyingly, I'm one or two pounds lower on them.

01-15-2008, 09:34 AM
Thank you for the warm welcome.

Meg: I am in the North Hills. Go to a 24 hour gym there. Meet with my trainer about 1 to 2 times per week. He is very helpful. Try to get to the gym everyday and work for about 1 hour or so. Kind of limited in the cardio I can do. Have been using an arm ergonomiter??? since I can't really do a lot of weight bearing at the present time. Have been doctoring with a massive case of plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome for about 13 months now. Just starting to settle down now and I really am taking the weight bearing slowly. Don't want to aggravate my feet at all. That pain is unbearable. Anyway, thanks for the welcome and hopefully I will be able to change the shape of my body this year. Still in the honeymoon stage of strength training but hopefully it will keep going for me. I really can't believe that in just three weeks I can see and feel a difference. Who knew?? I have tried this before but probably not committed enough and didn't see a change. Thanks again for the kind words. I will look back through your old posts and site to see if I can get some great tips for a newbie. Any help that you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

01-15-2008, 10:29 AM
Bored with the same old workout, ladies? Aphil, one of our 3FC mods, discovered a new routine for us to try: The Goddess Workout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46eZ4W5LoLI).

Don't forget to take your boa to the gym tomorrow! :rofl:

01-15-2008, 10:38 AM
Meg, and high heels!

I'm still sore from my workout the other day. Yesterday I could barely walk but today is better :)

01-15-2008, 11:32 AM
That link didn't work for me Meg but I think I will bring my boa to the gym. I've always thought that the problem with my workouts is that I didn't look fabulous enough. Perhaps I'll wear lipstick also. :)

I'm still doing Phase 1 of the NRLW and will be heading off to the gym in a few minutes. This first workout has us do squats one day and deadlifts on the other, rather than supersetting to two together (which is what I've been doing). Just doing one makes me feel a bit lazy so I'm thinking about doing them together again. Half the time I only manage to do weights twice a week, and only squatting and deadlifting once a week really doesn't feel like enough...Tricky.

ETA: Actually, it looks as though the link is fine but YouTube is down. I'll try again after the gym.

01-15-2008, 12:43 PM
Mornin' ladies, although it is almost noon here. Well, I thought I was tough as nails and immune to everything lately, but a cold has taken hold. I should have known--my mom has had one the last two weeks and though my visits with her were quick, I'm sure that's where I was exposed to the nasty little thing.

I'm not too sick though. Just that little niggling feeling, you know the fuzzyheaded feeling where you feel pressure in your ears and a tickle in your throat and maybe a little runny nose on occasion. Where it's most noticeable is that I feel a little weak and tired.

But still, I went to the gym. IMO if I'm not hacking up a lung, why should I let a little cold stop me. My trainer, of course said I should have stayed home and rested, but I actually feel like a) it was good to sweat and b) it was a good workout. I'm constantly working on my ability to push through.

No weight change last week and a half. TOM and who knows. Low carbs and okay calories (though maybe too few). If it's because they're too few, well that kinda ticks me off, you know. Do I HAVE to eat more? I mean yesterday, egg whites (w/salsa and oz of cheddar), blueberries, apple, peanut butter, fish, salad, and soup for the day and the scale doesn't move? Come on, that's HEALTHY. Ack, makes me resent my body....

But not for long. Training today helped me see how strong I'm getting. Am pleased by that....

How are you all? HEALTHY?

01-15-2008, 01:05 PM
:lol: I just watched that goddess video. How funny. Is that really supposed to count as a workout? I'm guessing you could burn, oh, 12 calories if you did that for 30 minutes. :)

But I am going to start working out in high heels. It just makes sense. Like running with weights.

01-15-2008, 01:14 PM

Running with weights while wearing heels :)

That is a short part of the video, the person who posted that also posted other parts which are similar to belly dancing moves (kind of)

01-15-2008, 01:51 PM
JG, your trainer told you to stay home cuz he doesn't want your little friend the cold, either! ;)

I have an interesting tale about how not planning to take care of YOURSELF first thing leads to a day of chaos. Yesterday, dd2 woke up with a tickly tummy and wanted to wait out the morning a bit before committing to school to see if it was a one time thing or more than that. So we put dd1 on the bus and took dd2 in about an hour later - luckily it was a passing distress. While I'm signing dd2 in, dd1 is around the corner in the nurse's office, and the nurse comes out to see me to let me know she has my other one in there! I get dd2 settled in her KG class, come back to the nurse and dd1 decides she better come home with me as she is dizzy and needs to lie down (which is what she was doing in the nurse's room). So I take her back. OK, finally get back to doing some WORK at home around 10:30'ish. PHone rings at 1:30. Yep, now dd2 isn't feeling well, slight fever, achey. Blah blah blah. BACK to school to get dd2. In between this, yes, I am actually having to be on conference calls, doing email and doing some big project work. I finally shut down the computer at 7 pm, exhausted. They were fed, but I didn't eat well - always something they needed in between my calls, just like one big giant firedrill. I'm not blaming them at all. It's the choice I made to not get the workout done before the day officially started that's to blame. You NEVER KNOW when you will have a day like this, and they are more common than one would think. Thus, the need to get yourself taken care of first, before the little ones wake up. You are just not in control of your day after that point b/w them and work demands.

End of the PSA! But hey, I am still well, even though they are not, so I'm ramping up the cardio (which I DID do this morning, I learned!) in hopes of driving out any little critters that think I'd play a nice host.

01-15-2008, 02:24 PM
But where are our vets???

:dizzy: Huh? What! Did someone say something...? :devil: Actually I'm just waking up from a four day self induced coma from Vicodin. I had my bilateral knee arthroscopic surgery done last Wednesday. How many different ways can we say ouch. Actually, it wasn't too bad. The first day was the worst and DH made me take the pain meds. I hate taking anything and this stuff was really intense. I could feel the muscles in my face slide down to my ankles. :dizzy: It's all out of my system now and I'm finally walking around without crutches. Each day my range of motion in the knees is getting much better although it is still just a little too stiff to entertain the idea of cycling at the gym. Maybe nex week.

As a result of this surgery I learned that I also had arthritis under my kneecaps which they "removed". Actually, they found it in several places and graded it as level 2 to level 4 :yikes: Bottom line, stop running sister if you don't want a total knee replacement in ten years or less. The reality is that my running was only a tenth of what I did to remain fit but boy it was a 90 percent blow to my ego. Squats I can still do as long as I don't go lower than 90 degrees. I really hope that this is true. It will be too much for me to have to work around if I cant do BB squats in addition to being barred from running. Right now I can barely squat to sit down on the couch but hopefully I'll get there.

Anyway, about those seven pounds in April. Yep, me too. I've gained exactly seven since last October when all of this kind of snowballed for me and my workouts became less frequent/intense. It's "only" seven pounds but psychologically it feels like forty. I keep looking in the mirror to see if it shows on my face or anywhere else. I still look like me but I know that I'm up a dress size and I don't like it. I've become too comfortable in my sweat pants during the last four days while sleeping off this surgery and the idea of putting on jeans freaks me out. This is how those pounds start, it's a slippery slope and now I must drag out those jeans put them on and stop feeling sorry for myself. Clean up the eating, drink the water, and go back to lifting upper body next week. Maybe light cardio by next weekend.

Fran: I hope your dds are feeling much better soon. Wow, try not to let their bugs get to you too. Although I think by this time parents are usually immune to anything that could follow our kids home. :rolleyes:

JG: Are you feeling better with your cold too? I've heard that these workouts are suppose to reinforce our immune system against these things but I still find myself getting sick too. Sometimes I get a workout in sometimes I don't. If there is a fever involved obviously, my vote is for the bed and the shades drawn.

Hope you are all staying warm out there. It's sooo cold here I'm actually thinking of puttting on another layer of sweats....uh I mean jeans....right. Oh, and Silverbirch, I'm putting the kettle on for tea here too. Brrrrr.

01-15-2008, 02:44 PM
I'm holding the cold at bay. You know, it's behind the door and I'm holding the door closed by leaning against it in a squat position ; )

Yeah, don't want to give it to my trainer, but he may have given it to me, LOL.

Interesting point he made that working out lowers your immunity during the time of exercise!

01-15-2008, 02:45 PM
Can I just say though that I have chills (and they're multiplying--Grease reference). That's the most annoying part of the cold. I'm going off program and going to have a cup of hot cocoa because I want it!

01-15-2008, 02:48 PM
Wow, sounds like a fever JG. You moved up in the triage levels. I've never heard that about working out lowering your immunity at any time. I thought the higher the body temp, all good all the time, so to speak. Like a fever without the pain!

01-15-2008, 05:53 PM
Welcome to Club Arthritis, Lydia. :hug: I'll be getting my first knee replacement later this year. On a scale of Levels 1 to 4, I'm probably a 10. :lol:

The good news is that there's lots we can still do with lousy knees and in fact, we can really help our knees with exercise. I'm sure I don't need to tell you about strengthening the muscles that support your knees, but my recommendation is to do as many one-legged exercises as possible to really force each leg to carry it's own weight, so to speak.

Unless I'm having a bad week, I can still do BB squats and lunges, leg press, hack squats, extensions, curls, SLDLs etc. But I've been told to cut back on the weight -- no more 500# leg press. :( BB squats and hack squats are limited to 135#. I'm not supposed to go below 90 degrees either and have been having problems lately with regular deadlifts for that reason. But there's quite a bit I can still do. I'd go nuts too if I couldn't do squats. :dizzy:

What I absolutely can't do are walking, running, jumping, or stepups. So I'm the Queen of the Elliptical. :D Is that an alternative for you? Trust me, you can get a heck of a workout with elliptical intervals. :faint:

Did your doctor talk to you about injections, like SynVisc or Supratz? It's synthetic synovial fluid and really helps some people with arthritis if it's not too far gone.

Take it easy on the knees, rest and recover, and you'll be back in your routine in no time. :) And hooray, another member of the Seven By April Club!! :carrot:

01-15-2008, 06:09 PM
There is a Club Arthritis?! I'm in the club too although only a mild case (I hope).

I'm pretty careful with my knees although I did get it into my head that I wanted to run but my knees yelled at me when I tried. So I just do other stuff.

01-15-2008, 06:10 PM
:wave: I'm here, too!

Fran, all my days have been like that since I took this promotion - gads, who's idea was it anyway!? I really need to learn how to get up and moving in the morning before work. NOTICE: Whine ahead! It's dark, it's cold, and today it's snowing. At least the temps are above zero again, and we're nearly up to 6.5 hours of daylight (you know, I guess I really am more of an optimist than I thought. :) )

Baffled - I'm doing stage 1 of NRLW too, and I appreciate having squats and deadlifts on separate days! Much easier on my knees. I found out quickly that I need to add more weight, esp on squats. I'm amazed at how fast I can move to heavier weights (must mean I was kinda slacking before, eh?)

Lydia - Ouch, ouch, ouch!! My ortho said I'd done what I could for my knees with PT and that when I had more bad days than good I should come back and we'll talk more aggressive measures So not where I want to go anytime soon :no: He can see that I have arthritis too. This getting old stuff is not for sissies, I tell you.

My DH is totally opposed to wearing sweats most of the time. He'll put on a pair (his only pair :lol: ) in the evening if he's cold, but otherwise he's a jeans man all the way. Of course, he's a skinny little devil too, and much of the time those jeans are flannel-lined. I do try to mostly wear pants that have an actual waistband and buttons. Does help to keep me honest. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays, and actually lost about a pound (some days!) but I need to get things moving again. This cold weather really makes me want comfort food, though. Somehow, the thought of big salad with grilled chicken isn't as appealing as it is in say June. :rofl: I do have some low cal turkey soup now, if I can get DH to accept it for dinner more than one night. Hmmm, maybe if I make him some cornbread to go with it?

ETA: Meg and Nelie, you were posting while I had this open. I talked to my doc about the injections, and he's not seen as much success as he'd like with them. He's willing to give them if I want to try. I can walk fine (remember I walked that 1/2 marathon in June), but abosolutely cannot run or jump. And if I get down on the floor, getting back up is a real chore unless I have something to pull on... As for one-legged exercises, I did a lot of those in PT, and it's amazing how much my "good" knee carries the other when I'm doing two-legged things.

01-15-2008, 06:48 PM
Meg: Thanks for the list of what you are able to do as a card carrying member of Club Arthritis. Honestly, I was a little down about it yesterday. The news began to chip away at the image that I was attempting to create in my head of how I wanted to live my next two decades. Can I just say again how incredibly grateful I am to know other women such as yourself, Mel, and you too Pat who have already been down some of these paths ahead of me. Anyway, as I was beginning to boohoo myself and thinking I really should just ditch this whole fitness lifestyle because obviously I'm doing more harm than good (not really) or If I can't do IT the way I want to do it then I'm going to sit on the couch. (being a hypocrite never sat well with me) Then, I remembered that Meg has arthritis and still squats:chin: Maybe I can still do this.... Bottom line, I'll keep forging on. Running was only a small fraction of what I did and I can run on the elliptical with the best of them. (when not recovering from surgery) Anyway, I'll be fine after my first successful squat session. I'm a little gunshy. Thanks for the tip about working each leg individually. Interestingly the nurse stated that leg extensions should be avoided. Something about the last ten percent of the movement placing too much strain on the knee...:dunno: Anyway, I have some homework ahead o me but I'm certainly not going to let me stop finding alternatives.

Injections. No one said anything about injections. Mine probably isn't that bad yet. I really think that while they did find my knees shedding a little "teflon coating" I think the nurse made it a bigger deal than the surgeon did when he spoke with DH post op. Anyway, at the end of the day I'm glad to be aware of the situation so that I can act appropriately.

Enjoy the evening everyone and stay warm. Oh, Pat, grilled chicken on tossed greens have been leaving me feeling a little flat the last three months as well. ~sigh~ Time for me too turn to my crockpot for clean meals too.

Meg: I just reread your post. Keep us informed with how you progress after your surgery. :hug: :hug: Hopefully your recovery will be speedy and optimal.

01-15-2008, 06:57 PM
Lydia, my PT is very adament about not using leg extension machines! He feels the torque is too much. He did have me doing a variation with a cable machine however. I'll try to describe it.

Patient sitting on a high bench, back to the cable station. The pulley is at the bottom of the station. Using some velcro contraption (that's scientific, eh?) attach the cable to the patient's ankle, with minimal weight on the cable of course, at least to start. Then the patient does leg extensions. The key is to have a high enough bench, I think. The usual ones, at least in my gym, are not high enough for this arrangement.

At home I do leg extensions with ankle weights while sitting on a kitchen chair (the first time I wrote this sentence, it came out like the chair was wearing ankle weights :lol: )

Oh, crockpot! Dope slap here. I have a crockpot. Need to haul it out and made something warm, yummy, and clean. Thanks!

01-15-2008, 08:09 PM
My knees hurt just reading these posts :hug: I hope we don't discourage anyone! My hands have started hurting, but I'd like to blame that on too much computer time.

Lydia, 4 days on vicodin???:dizzy: The stuff makes me itch insanely after about 2 days. I nearly flayed myself last time I needed it. Your description of your face sliding off was all too familiar!

Unpack that crockpot, Pat! I make ground turkey-black bean chili, pork tenderloin, beef and lentil soup, all sorts of good clean stuff in there!

JG, when I train in "cold season" I incessantly wash my hands. And caution my clients to do the same. Gym germs seem particularly virulent. If you're sick, stay home and don't share! Do a workout at home- you can do a great body weight workout if YOU feel that you have to work out.

Gotta go, I'm starving!


01-15-2008, 08:11 PM
Lydia - :hug: here's a hug for you. I don't have the same issues as you right now but I think I understand the feelings. You're trying so hard to live a certain lifestyle and then something happens and you wonder how you'll adapt and why you need to try. Isn't working out supposed to be good for us? It would be so nice if we could all just be healthy and strong and workout however we want...that doesn't seem like so much to ask now does it?

It's interesting all of this knee replacement talk. My DH had been warned in his late teens/early 20's that with all the damage he's had (sports injuries/surgeries and some Club Arthritis) he would likely need one or more knees replaced at a young age. Now he can't seem to do many types of sports but is reluctant about looking into it because he was told that knee replacements have a life span (can't remember how long) so the younger you are when it's done, the higher the likelihood of needing another replacement in the future. Does anyone know about this?

It's hard because I think he'd like to work out more but he's not sure what he can do. His knees ache, pop and just give out on occasion. But for now he can walk for hours so that's the extent of the exercise.

As for me, I am promising to get to my first NRFL workout on Friday..that's it, I can't take it anymore! Tomorrow is spinning/power class, Thursday might be an off day or a light run and Friday is it. I keep hearing about everyone doing it and I want to try!

I am scared though of that jacknife exercise on the ball....I've tried it before and never quite got a handle on it. Any tips?

Also (and here's a silly question), there's many different cable machines with different attachments at the top and the bottoms, how do I make sure I have machine right for the seated row and what are you sitting on, the floor?? I could ask someone but I'd like to figure it out myself. I hate not knowing what I'm doing! :mad:

Okay, I'll stop hogging this thread - everyone feel better and stay healthy!


01-15-2008, 08:21 PM
Elisa, about knee replacements ... my doctor told me they last about 20 years. Even though I'm 53 (young for knee replacement), he says I'll never be able to put it off for another decade, so I'll be looking at replacing the replacements somewhere down the road. However, he says that only certain moving parts need to be replaced and not the whole knee if you monitor the new knee carefully (at least annually).

My dilemma is that if I'm sedentary, my knees don't hurt too much. The more active I am, the more they hurt. But if I'm not active, I can't maintain my weight loss!

My doctor says that he wants me to be active and thinks it's far better to do the knee replacements now (even if it means twice in my lifetime) than risk me turning back into a couch potato. Not all doctors feel that way -- some won't replace knees on patients my age.

That's great if your DH can walk for hours and hours! It probably means his knees aren't too far gone yet. :) But he might want to check with a doctor and investigate other knee therapies.

01-15-2008, 08:50 PM
Meg - thanks for the information for the "oh, my poor knees" group! ;) My DH is not even 40 but there's so much he can't do. Like I said though, thankfully, walking is not a problem. He can outwalk anyone I know. A couple of years ago when his knee would just give out (painfully) at any time throughout the day, he revisited his old surgeon who said that right now there's not much to do. I may suggest he see someone else someday but getting him to go to any doctor can be a challenge so who knows when someday will come. If sedentary is the only other choice for you, I would also agree with the surgery...even though it doesn't sound like fun. :hug:

01-15-2008, 08:54 PM
Elisa - re: jackknife on the ball. My advice is to be far away from where anyone can watch you. :lol: I felt like an idiot trying to figure out how to get into position, though the second set went much better. The exercise itself was fine, though I'm sure my form could be better. But I felt it in my abs so I did something right. :)

At my gym there are 2 large cable stations, each with 4 positions, so there are always lat pulldowns and seated rowing places set up. But for the seated row, you sit on a bench like shown here (http://weighttraining.about.com/od/toptenexercises/ss/cablerow.htm) I really like the routines, and the fact that I don't have to sit and figure out what to do to hit all my muscle groups - something I so don't have time for right now. I just want to go in, do my weights and cardio, go home and have dinner, collapse. :lol:

01-15-2008, 09:24 PM
Pat - first - thanks! second - alone at the gym at lunchtime? hmmm...probably not possible but I'll see if I can find a corner somewhere! As for the seated row, I'll have to look around more carefully tomorrow because I'm not sure if the machine that I'm thinking of has a place to put your feet, like in that picture. But of course I also didn't realize that we had a squat rack until I paid more attention! If I have to ask someone, then that's what I'll do.


01-16-2008, 01:15 AM
Confession: I haven't been doing those jackknife things. I'm too afraid of making an *** of myself (although why that should stop me now...). I've been doing decline crunches instead, although I'm going to need to start weighting those. I outgrew the swiss-ball crunch a while ago too, so again, the decline crunches. I think I'm only going to do this Phase 1 for 8 workouts rather than 16. I'm ready to move onto something harder.

Also, I too am a member of the crappy knee club. Since I started lifting, my knees have actually been great (hooray quads! hooray hammies!), but I tweaked my knee on the exercise bike the other day and it's been feeling sore and dodgy ever since. I had to be very careful with my squats and step-ups today. One of these days I want to get knee surgery, but I figure it has to be really hurt before I can go to a doctor about it...

01-16-2008, 01:54 AM
I have to admit I did crunches tonight instead of jacknives - too many people in the gym, and no open space large enough where people weren't walking through. Somehow in front of the door to men's locker room didn't appeal! But I did the rest, and was able to go up on weights on squats and seated rows. The step-ups are what really bother me. Silly isn't it - they're not hard but having all my weight one leg and then bending my knee hurts! I may try doing a basic step (from step aerobics) Won't give me the balance aspect, but won't hurt as much either. On the upside, I'm getting better at pushups. I've moved from using the wall to using the windowsill! I'm going to have sore tris tomorrow though. :)

01-16-2008, 07:12 AM
Cold has progressed. Not working out anytime soon. : (

01-16-2008, 09:35 AM
Somehow in front of the door to men's locker room didn't appeal! Why Not? :dunno: :rofl: Thanks for your description of an alternative to knee extensions.:yes: I just recalled that we have a Freemotion cable machine that can work the quads while standing. I'll talk to someone in the know at the gym and see if this may be an alternative for me too.


JG: Oh you poor thing. You really did get sick. Don't cha' hate that! :?:Don't rush yourself back tomorrow either. Drink lots of water and sleep! :^:

Fran: How are you feeling....I hope that your dds are doing better today. It sounds like you have a flu virus over there. Time to break out the Lysol...IT'S FLU SEASON! :yay: Not.

Elisa: You really nailed it for me when you stated "we should be able to any exercise we want..." Yep. Constantly trying to reevaluate what will work safely gets to be frustrating. So, I won't be running half marathons at fifty. Fine, but this does encourage me to explore other forms of cardio that I would not have otherwise attempted. Who knows, maybe I'll do outdoor cycling then or maybe it's time for to take those swimming lessons again.

I am concerned for your DH though. Shoot this is going on in my knees and the only thing I can contribute it to is genetics/ten years of obesity. Trust me, these injuries were not incurred through contact sports. Well, the menisci tears I did, but the arthritis is a surprise. I do hope that he finds another physician who can spend some time with him and offer some options. :chin: It's making me rethink the role organized sports should play iin my sons lives. I want them to be fit, to enjoy a sport, but also to enter their middle lives with healthy frameworks. :^:

Okay, still cold here. Time to decide what to put in the crockpot for tonight.

01-16-2008, 10:58 AM
I hope mine's not the flu. I did get a flu shot! GRrrr. Am forcing myself to go/stay at work, but gym...just cancelled training for tomorrow, no cardio today. I'll figure out Friday when it gets closer. Meantime, my nose hurts from blowing it and the blowing being mostly unproductive, I ache all over and feel weak. I want to be home in bed : (

01-16-2008, 10:33 PM
It's making me rethink the role organized sports should play in my sons lives

I wish I could say that about my son, but carpal tunnel will get him first! :p I do worry about what my dd has done with all the years of field hockey, track and lacrosse, and now running (that short, nike clad blur you see in Grandview, Lydia, is her). Through her years of playing, I became friends with several female lacrosse refs who are in their fifties and sixties now and still ref. Those women do a lot of running! They are all in great shape, although dreading the new start of college lacrosse season in FEBRUARY!

So there is hope. None of us have done ourselves any favors being obese, but the arthritis would probably be worse if we just became couch potatoes again.

I tired to go shopping for tall boots but my calves aren't big enough.....grrrrr.... They're strong, but stick-like. Looks really stupid in big gaping leather boots.


01-16-2008, 11:29 PM
I tried to go shopping for tall boots but my calves aren't big enough.....grrrrr.... They're strong, but stick-like. Looks really stupid in big gaping leather boots. Mel

I have the same problem with tall boots. I have biggish feet, and apparently the shoe manufacturers believe that there is a direct correlation between foot size and calf size. My calves are muscular, too, and not any more skinny than any other part of my body. I've been looking for 3 winters now, to no avail.

<grumble, grumble>

01-17-2008, 08:22 AM
Home sick today. Boss didn't want me in ; ).

Hey, did I tell you guys about the challenge at my gym I'm signing up for? For$999.00 you get 24 group sessions, 8 pilates sessions, 8 flexibility sessions, 4 nutrition seminars, and 4 specialty classes and it's a challenge for what team accomplishes the most (weight loss). Starts 2/08 through Spring.

01-17-2008, 11:15 AM
*sneaks in quietly*

Hi everyone, I'm still here :)

Lydia - Sounds like your recovery is going great, keep up the good work. Swimming is great, I need to get back to doing some of that myself!

Get well soon all you sickies out there :hug:

I have been spotty at best on working out over the past month I'd say. I haven't gained or lost any weight, story of my life it seems these days. Did power class Tues morning and yoga Tues night, I didn't realize how bad of shape I had gotten in. Was too sore to go to the gym this morning like I planned, just going for a romp in the snow with the dog when I get home tonight. 4 - 6 inches expected today, that should make the commute lots of fun :dizzy: Hope to hit the gym again this weekend, should be back on track in another week I expect.

01-17-2008, 11:39 AM
Good morning, LWL! I'm back from the gym and just can't face my work quite yet.

I tried ***-to-the-grass overhead squats today, just for kicks and grins. If you haven't tried them yet, I strongly recommend them. I also recommend starting light -- i.e., with the lightest bar you can find that's long enough to get a good wide grip.

OH squats are one of THOSE exercises where everything seems to be going great and you're feeling all strong & buff & hyyuge and then on the very next rep some little muscle in your pinky fails and you get thrown off balance and before you know it you're sitting on the floor with the bar clattering on the safety rack that you so wisely decided to use and the rest of the gym is looking at you and saying, "dude, that, like, totally destroyed my concentration on, like, my 54th rep of bicep curls."

Not that this happened to me, or anything. :)


01-17-2008, 11:44 AM
OH squats are one of THOSE exercises where everything seems to be going great and you're feeling all strong & buff & hyyuge and then on the very next rep some little muscle in your pinky fails and you get thrown off balance and before you know it you're sitting on the floor with the bar clattering on the safety rack that you so wisely decided to use and the rest of the gym is looking at you and saying, "dude, that, like, totally destroyed my concentration on, like, my 54th rep of bicep curls."

Not that this happened to me, or anything. :)


:lol: I live in terror of having that happen, and not just because it would distract all the men from their bicep curls and shoulder shrugs, but also because I'm pretty convinced that the bar + weights would completely crush me and break my spine. Ugh.

Speaking of shoulder shrugs, it is unreasonable of me to feel very, very resentful about guys using the ONE squat cage in the gym to do their shoulder shrugs??? Why can't they use dumbbells and get out of my way?!!?

01-17-2008, 12:12 PM
Baff -- No, it is NOT unreasonable of you to feel resentful of cage hogging shruggers (or, worse yet, bicep curlers). In my world that there's a hanging offense. Somebody git a rope.

Alas, I have yet to work up the nerve to ask a cage-hog to move. I have, however, politely asked how many sets he -- and it's always a "he", usually one between the ages of 19 and 22 -- had left because I wanted to use the rack for SQUATS. Alas, gym-going men between the ages of 19 & 22 aren't typically known for their ability to take hints.


01-17-2008, 12:35 PM
I have a confession to make. I do bicep curls in a squat rack. :o

But! We have two squat racks, a power cage, and a deadlift platform. And I'm there at 6 am when it isn't crowded.

I just really like doing curls with the Olympic bar. OK, you can hang me now. :lol:

01-17-2008, 01:18 PM
Bad Meg, bad!!! It's probably ok as long as the gym isn't overcrowded and there aren't people waiting to use the squat cage for actual squats (or lunges. I lunge in there too).

I had a minor temper tantrum at the gym the other day. I was waiting for ages and ages for two young guys to stop doing whatever it was that they were doing (probably curls) in the squat cage. When they finally finished, they just walked away from the cage, leaving their weights still on the bar and the weight belt and other accoutrement scattered on the floor in the middle of the thing. I asked them if they were finished with the cage, and after they nodded, I said, very sharply, 'I'll just rerack your weights for you, shall I?'. They looked at me completely blankly as though the idea of reracking their weights had never occurred to them, and, in fact, it is only right that a woman trail around behind them and pick up after them. I kept it to a few dirty looks that day, but in the future I might just have to become confrontational. I hate jacka$$es.

Confession: I skipped the gym today. I'm sick and feel as though I'm suffering enough by having to go to work. Besides, no one wants to work out next to someone with a runny, Rudolph nose.

01-17-2008, 08:16 PM
Confession: I don't do bicep curls.

I ONCE decided to go for a new PR doing bench presses not in a cage, and ended up wearing "the iron necklace". Not painful, but dreadfully embarrassing. I kinda lay there for a while (the gym was pretty empty) before I worked up the nerve to shout for a little help.

Scale victory today!


01-17-2008, 09:15 PM
Umm, Mel? You're doing bicep curls in your avatar!! ;)

OK everyone, that's not REALLY Mel in her avatar, but I couldn't resist!! :rofl:

01-17-2008, 09:39 PM
Mel - :carrot: on the scale victory! psssst....I had one today too.

baffled - I too skipped the gym today. I have also been feeling just a bit under the weather. Nothing I can put my finger on, maybe I'm just tired.

I hope everyone feels better....and re-racks their weights! ;)


01-17-2008, 10:14 PM
Yay for all the scale victories!

I had an exercise victory: I went to the gym and worked out like a good soldier. All the ellipticals and treadmills were being used, so no cardio after I lifted. That's probably ok. People with colds aren't required to do cardio.

I prefer to workout in the mornings, but some days the afternoons work much better. It keeps being a complete MADHOUSE in there though; millions of people everywhere, in my way. Someone please tell me that what I'm seeing is just New Year's Resolution enthusiasm and that everyone will go back to being lazy couch potatoes in another couple of weeks? It's almost impossible to do supersets under these conditions! Harumph!

01-17-2008, 10:57 PM
Have no fear, I have read in numerous places that the majority will cave to the Valentine's Day candy, never to be seen or heard again after about 2/13. It starts with the hot dates or girlfriend nites out on the 14th, and then they pass into the abyss........

01-17-2008, 11:05 PM
Baffled: Its a good bet that some of the crowd is still comprised of resolution enthusiasts. Not a bad thing, I'm always happy to see new faces carving time out for themselves in the name of fitness. So long as they rack up their weights and sign in for the cardio equipment before hopping on for a spin.:s:

Elisa and Mel: Congrats on the scale victory. :yay: Oh, and Mel, I'll be careful not to step out in front of any Nike clad blurs running by Staufs while sipping my blazing hot java. :yikes: Just kidding. My mornings are far too busy for the luxury of a coffee shop. Oh, and don't worry Mel, one day you will find the perfect pair of boots for your calves. I think this has become like a past time obsession with you hasn't it. :p They will probably be the kind of boots I would try on with my big "Helga" calves and think, "Okay, I just want to meet one real woman you would fit into these things" :rofl:

Kim: Too funny about your squat session. Nothing wrong with making a little noise and testing your boundaries. What's the point otherwise? ;)

01-17-2008, 11:37 PM
the majority will cave to the Valentine's Day candy, never to be seen or heard again after about 2/13.

Do you promise Fran? :lol: So far I've been able to have cardio equipment, though not necessarily "my" elliptical.... And I went last night to do a monthly weigh in at WW - huh! The line was out the door! I had no desire to stand there for at least 30 minutes for them to tell me what I know... I still have til the end of the month. It's just that since I'm over goal, I'm paying, and if I'm paying I might as well weigh weekly or at least every other week. Since I've correlated WW's scale against my gym scale, I know right where I am anyway.

Long day... and I still have a church council meeting to go. I have to leave in about 10 minutes. Had a nice veggie spaghetti sauce over some Barilla pasta, and a nice large salad. :) DH ate a fried egg sandwich, drenched in BBQ sauce, on 2 pieces of white bread toast (homemade bread, though) - and he did have a salad too!

01-18-2008, 06:21 AM
Still sick over here. Won't work out again today and doubtful tomorrow. I'm using the guage that if I feel like I would stay home from work (if I could--can't today, big meeting), then that's when I shouldn't go to the gym. Weight has been holding, last two weeks, so I'm jealous of the scale victories.

01-18-2008, 12:32 PM
Got in the old cardio today, and am thankful that the kiddies are finally THIS YEAR both old enough to go out and sled/build snowmen together. What a relief! It's fun to do, but oy, all the undressing and wetness to get back inside. And they're raring to go back out in another hour. Love the self-service method and the linoleum floored laundry room just off the garage that I shuttle them off to.

Cardio was out to kill me today. My legs were like weights. Luckily I feel well, so I think it's just heaviness from all the lbwo I did on Tuesday nite. I'll hite weights again later today and see if I can't losen that mess down there up a bit. Good day all!

01-18-2008, 03:17 PM
Tomorrow is back to cardio day, it's only slightly painful to walk today. :D The high temp for tomorrow is forecasted at -1 F so I guess that means I'll have to take my butt to the gym. New foster dog is coming home tomorrow as well (Smokey got adopted last Saturday), too bad we can't do the usual long walk to get her accustomed to us and our dog, but hopefully she'll settle in nicely anyway.

01-18-2008, 05:09 PM
The high temp for tomorrow is forecasted at -1 F

At last! Someone is in a colder place than me! :lol: We are actually hovering in the high teens this week, after last weeks -20F

DH is sick with a nasty head cold and I'm furiously washing my hands, scalding glasses, etc. so I don't get it. On the down side he's a man = needy patient. :rofl: I'm going to do my workout at home tonight since I don't need any equipment beyond dbs which I have. I'll get to the gym tomorrow for some cardio.

01-18-2008, 05:54 PM
It's supposed to be cold here this weekend too. But today it is :sunny: The sun is at that angle where I begin to think about spring even if it is January. Very big deal since Columbus is generally a cloud bank for the rest of the country six or more months out of the year.

My knees are feeling a lot better today than they have all week. I'm actually entertaining the idea of a workout tomorrow. I'm not certain I should do much cardio but I feel enthusiastic enough to get some lifting in. I just have to remind myself not to get down on the mats for core work. I can get down but have to do a weird dance to get back up. I'll spare everyone for that.

Have a great evening.

01-18-2008, 07:17 PM
Lydia, glad you are feeling better :hug: Take it easy, tho. Use a ball or a bench for ab work, and don't stress those knees! DD complained endlessly when she first moved to Columbus that it was gray 360 days a year. Everytime I've been there (when it's not snowing or raining) it's sunny and beautiful, tho :lol:

Shan- Welcome back! -1 degree is just too cold! I lived through 2 central Michigan winters and remember those endless temperatures. One year the dashboard of my new car cracked from the cold!

Pat- keep on washing! have a good workout.

Baffled- my favorite gym hog is the guy who uses the side of the cable tower to hold on to while he does tricep kickbacks with a dumbbell :shrug: Like there are no other stable objects in the gym??? It's a HOOOOOGE gym!

My workout today was a non-starter. I really only went to get out of the office for a while. I goofed around on a stability ball for a while then ended up just walking quickly on the track while my friend did her arm workout....I can't convince her she doesn't need to do an isolation arm workout.

Off to make dinner. Have a good night!


01-18-2008, 07:49 PM
I had my first NRFL workout today and I loved it! It was quick and simple, but not easy. I had to tweak it because I couldn't find a cable row machine. I used some dumbells but think a barbell would work better next time if there's not a machine. The book did give alternates so that was good. I also did some variation of the ball exercise suggested, due to the people around. ;)

I'm certain that I could have done more weights for the squats but it was a good first try. If I'm not sore tomorrow, I'll definitely up the weights next time.

It must just be cold everywhere. There's still no snow on the ground (which I like) but it is supposed to be quite cold this weekend. Since I treated myself to a new winter jacket this year (and ooohh, it's so nice!) I don't mind the cold as much.

Lydia - hope your workout goes well for you.

Shan - good luck with the new dog

JerseyGirl - hope you're feeling better soon.

Everywhere I go here, someone is sick. I'm still holding tough and trying to stay healthy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


01-19-2008, 02:26 PM
Can I join you? I just had a session with a personal trainer at the first gym I've ever joined. I'm combining cardio and weight training to help me get off the last of the weight I have left to lose!

01-19-2008, 03:22 PM
:welcome: Modkitnn :welcome:

Your before and after pictures are fantastic. Congratulations on such a successful weightloss and your first gym membership. A combined program of strength training and cardio will certainly help you attain new goals. Having a membership to a gym was really the key component for me. There were no interruptions or excuses once I got there and lots of members who were motivating to watch. Feel free to ask any questions or jump in with any experiences you have as you work out in your new gym.

Speaking of workouts...I went in today. Not too bad, nothing in my knees hurt. I just lacked stamina. I spent about fifteen minutes cycling and fifteen minutes on the elliptical. Pooped. I found a free bench and started lifting. It was one of those rare times when I just wanted to curl up on the bench like a cat and take a nap. :^: I developed some kind of infection that settled in my chest the day after surgery. I probably should have gotten antibiotics for it but was too groggy to go anywhere. This little thing in my chest along with the actually healing process that takes place after surgery may be zapping my energy yet. :dunno:

DH came along just to keep an eye on me. I put him to good use and let him help with the core work. After my first 60 sec plank he squats down next to me and says "Your really out of condition aren't you..." :o Well, duh. July was a long time ago. I've decided that I need to get busy and set my sights on June. Slow and steady. But steady none the less. Anyway, I came home undressed and slept for an hour. :faint: Yep I broke the cardinal rule of getting the clean protein right after my workout. That's a first, too tired for even a protein drink. :rolleyes: Tomorrow I'll try it again and maybe go a little slower now that I have a reference point.

Have a great weekend. Shan, stay warm! Mel, it's another day of :sunny: I'll take it even if its freezing out.

01-19-2008, 03:29 PM
Aww, Lydia, hang in there! I'm going thru kinda the same thing right now with the cardio killing me. Not sure why, but you're not alone!

01-19-2008, 03:38 PM
I've read the book- where is this ball jack knife exercise everyone is so stressed about?

Did a leg workout using a lot of the NRLW exercises. I was pleased to notf that most of the exercises that I do and have my clients do are his favorites. Sometimes we add some evil wrinkles to them, tho. I did WYTL's with two client today...confusion reigned :lol: We found that standing with bent knees and leaning forward is much more comfortable for both of the women who tried it. I'm going to progress them to doing it one-legged, then the other leg for the second set. :devil:

Fighting food cravings today. My back seems to be permanently tweaked and I think comfort food would really help it :lol: Tomorrow we were supposed to go skiing, but weather reports of bitter cold (-10 wind chill) and blustery winds (think swaying chairlifts) have turned me into a wimp.

Welcome Modkitten :wel3fc: Of course you can join us!


01-19-2008, 04:10 PM
Mel - page 215! It's a great exercise, once you "get" it! The set-up is the problem for me. Some of that is just finding a large enough open space that's not in the line of traffic. :lol: My gym has large machines around the perimeter everywhere. I usually squeeze into a space between an unused cable station and the wall that has the board holding all the various cable attachments. It's that or as I said the other day, in front of the door to the men's locker room! When I do squats using the ball agains the wall, I go to a little alcove holding some sort of arm machine that I never see anyone using. I could do most of the exercises in the aerobics room, but of course there are often classes going on when I'm there.

I was talking to my sister in MA by email yesterday. She has had a lapband for 2+ years and has lost over 80 lbs. She is in the middle of a divorce and just sold her house. Her DH (and that's NOT dear) moved to BC to a woman he met online, and my sister is living alone for the first time ever in her life (she's 61). Anyway, yesterday. She joined a gym for the first time and is very excited! The trainers there have apparently worked with a number of lapband patients so are encouraging her. She will be having some minor surgery next week, so she's starting with cardio, but is anxious to get on to WL. She's already looking at gyms that have reciprocal memberships here for when she comes to visit next summer. I love seeing her this excited.

01-19-2008, 04:43 PM
:welcome2: modkittn - I have spent the last year or so doing the same as you, trying to get off the last few pounds. While I haven't succeeded too much on the scale, I've seen other improvements and have learned so much here.

I'm not really sore from my NRFL workout yesterday but I think that just means I have to up the weights next time. I enjoyed it but I too need to get back to a bit more cardio. I've been slacking due to lack of motivation and I really want to be able to hit the roads for my regular 5k runs when it's a bit warmer out.

Lydia - good for you for getting to the gym but try to get lots of rest too. Between the knee and the infection, you probably need to get some TLC too! Tell your DH I said so. ;)

Mel - did you take a look at the jacknife exercise? I've seen my instructors do it in some of my classes like it's nothing. It's really graceful looking when done right. I just put the ball under my feet/shins and pulled my knees it while in a plank position (if that makes sense). It was too crowded to give the jacknife a good try.

Pat - I'm sorry about your sister but I hope she finds some fun and exercise at the gym.

I'm just tired today. I haven't been sleeping too well lately. My DH is out of town though and I'm having some girlfriends over for dinner...should be a nice evening. I'll try not to eat too much!


01-19-2008, 06:50 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome Modkittn! Congrats on joining a gym. I love mine; couldn't manage without it.

I always plan to lift on Saturdays but I usually weasel out of it. Today I exercised my virtue and went off to do my workouts. I think I need to make a habit out of it. The gym was EMPTY! I had all the space in the world. Yay! I did not take advantage of this situation, however, to try those jackknives. I'm not concerned about their being hard (although they're probably harder than they look), I'm more concerned about the space and looking like an idiot. :) And also, it didn't occur to me. I'm still doing those stupid decline crunches which are getting pretty easy. Planks will be a nice new challenge.

I think I'm going to do stage 1, workout b one more time and then move on to the next stage. This is too similar to what I've already been doing, and actually less than what I've been doing so I think I need to push it along a little bit.

Can someone tell me the point of these Front Squat Push Presses required by Stage 2, Workout A (p. 143)? Obviously I can squat much, much more than I can shoulder press. Won't I be cheating my legs with this exercise??? The rest of the workout includes step-ups and lunges so I suppose the legs are still being worked but what is the advantage of combining the squat and the press together?

01-19-2008, 10:39 PM
Elisa: Thanks so much for looking out for me and telling DH a little care may be in order :D He's already ahead of ya. Honestly, he has been incredible. I'm getting all the TLC I need right now. I need to plan a serious treat for him in the next few weeks. :love:

Pat: This must be a very lonely time for your sister right now. Given that, I am really impressed with her plan to add a new experience to her life. It looks like she is choosing to develop a community around herself that will support her healthier lifestyle on a lot of different levels. Tell her I wish her the best as she begins her adventures in weightlifting. :goodvibes:

Fran: Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only with frustrating cardio sessions right now. It will be okay, just keep plowing through and in a few weeks we'll have some endurance back again and be looking for new challenges. :yes:

Wow, I really need to take a look at this book all of you are quoting. I just haven't picked it up yet. I read the NRFL (the original one) this summer but not this one. The jack knife huh....yeah, if you are all concerned about looking like a dork doing this one I can guarantee it would wig me out ten times. :dizzy:

01-19-2008, 11:10 PM
I think I will try to master a plank before a j'knife. I tried a side plank the other day and couldn't believe how HARD it was. Put it in the category of pushup for me right now. THen I did a facing ground plank and that was much more tolerable - for about 10 seconds. Of course, dd1 the swimmer/lax/soccergirl was watching all this and showed me how it was done right after. I made her stop after 30 seconds and told her to save her energy for her 500s in swimming that nite. :rolleyes:

01-20-2008, 01:09 AM
Don't ya just hate those fit little girls! :rofl:

01-20-2008, 05:28 AM

What are WYTL's ?

01-20-2008, 12:46 PM
Rabbit, they involve lying on a bench holding dumbbells and making a W, Y, T and L with your arms in rapid succession. It looks hard!

01-20-2008, 12:57 PM
So my scale victory was short lived. :( But I'm going to continue thinking that I'm moving in the right direction. I hadn't seen 120-anything in so long so that was nice. I guess I'm going to have to stay focused (not including my not so great food day yesterday ;) ) and know that it will come back again. It's still better than a few weeks ago when I was a hovering around 135.

I don't have my NRFL book on me - if possible, can someone list the exercises for Stage 1 workout B? If not, no worries, I should get the book back tomorrow. I just wanted to get ready for my next workout.

Fran - One of the many things that makes me crazy? I love doing planks! I don't know why but I do...but yes, depending on the form/difficultly level you chose, they can be really hard! Good luck and keep trying.


01-20-2008, 02:34 PM
Just did these yesterday:

Deadlift, 2 sets of 15, 60 sec rest
Alternate: Dumbell shoulder press, 2 sets 15, 60 sec rest with wide-grip lat pulldown, 2 sets 15, 60 sec rest
Alternate: lunge, 2 sets 15, 60 sec rest with swiss-ball crunch, 2 sets 8, 60 sec rest (that's way too few reps for me, I did 25)

We have a copy machine at home, so I've photocopied the exercises and the form and have them in a little notebook to take with me to the gym.

Fran, I'm with you on the planks. Very hard to hold for long.

01-20-2008, 03:54 PM
Thanks Pat! I guess I should copy the exercises too. For now I've been carrying the book around but I did loan it over the weekend to a coworker. I have no idea what weight to use to start deadlifts...any suggestions? (yes, I know it depends etc. but I don't even know what to grab to try the first time). Everything else I've done before so I have some idea where to start.


01-20-2008, 05:05 PM
First day back at the gym. Took it light and managed okay. Didn't have a ton of energy. Bumped into my trainer and got the "why aren't you still home resting and getting rid of the bug" talk....

01-20-2008, 08:10 PM
OK, I looked at page 215 again. Jackknife! haha, I never thought of it that way. They didn't make a big impression on me because I do them and have a lot of my clients do them. They really aren't that difficult. I also have a version where instead of pulling your knees in to work your hip flexors, you pull your feet in, keeping your legs straight and raising your butt up in the air. Do a reverse shoulder press from that position, then roll back out again to a plank.

Baffled- the point of the squat push-press is that it's a full body-stabilization exercise. It's like a barbell clean and press with a squat added in. IMO, a dangerous exercise for most women with a barbell( Think broken chins and missing teeth if you don't rotate your arms enough), but quite safe with dumbbells. I really like to do them with dumbbells one side at a time.

Front squats are a whole 'nother story. I can only do them with a neoprene body pump bar, because anything more than 20 pounds sitting on the insertion points of my front delts is screamingly painful. I think it's the fibromalygia for me. My leg partner, who isn't actually as strong and has less shoulder muscle, can do them much heavier and without pain. I've tried putting towels there, foams pads, nothing improves it. I do like doing one legged squats with the body pump bar in the front squat position.

Workout was good yesterday, but my back ligaments and tendons are all inflamed. We worked on painting trim in the basement today and everything hurts. I'm glad I didn't try to go skiing, but bummed that I'm falling apart :(

I have off tomorrow, but made a doctor's appointment for really early in the morning without looking at my appointment book 6 months ago- so I can't sleep in :dizzy: Oh well, at least I'll have the whole day after I'm done at the doc!

Have a good one. Stay warm....


01-20-2008, 08:25 PM
Mel, it's not doing the actual exercise for me, it's the awkwardness of learning how to get into position. :lol: It takes me several tries. So glad I'm tucked into the corner of the room.

Elisa, I started with 10# dbs which were too light. I think I did 20# dbs yesterday (I'm too lazy to go look), which means I could likely use the 45# bar, which I'll do next time.

Weather is very strange here. It's nearly 50F, and wind is howling. It's very gray and overcast. We're losing lots of small branches, and I've already retrieved all the trash can lids and a shovel! Good day to be tucked inside. I'm baking bread, and knitting with my audiobook on while it rises. Well, I stopped in here too, on the trip to the basement to put clothes in the dryer. :)

01-21-2008, 05:17 AM
Off to gym for 6am boot camp, shortly. Am feeling a lot better...finally. Not 100%, but who feels 100% at 4am???

Thanks for all the well wishes.

First thought upon waking was to negotiate more sleep for myself, at the expense of the gym--which is exactly why I'm going. Way too easy to lose the habit.

Frustrated with my weight--not moving again. Either I'm not eating enough or something's really wrong with me. Finally going to schedule the endocrinologist consult I thought I might not need. Though my thyroid panel came back normal, maybe there's something else going on. Working out as hard and regular as I do, eating as healthy as I do--it should move. Just baffles my mind.

Hope all are well. Will check midday to see posts. Ciao!

01-21-2008, 08:36 AM
JerseyGirl - glad you're feeling better and I think it's a good thing to see an endocronologist. If you get a good one, they can be a great help. I've been on thyroid medication since I was about 15 but for years my family doctor told me my levels were "normal" and everything was fine, although I didn't feel that way. When I finally went to see my endocronoligst, she helped adjust my medication and has continued to explain to me how there is so much room for opinion regarding normal. Also there are two thyroid tests (can't remember the names) and most doctors only check one. Anyway, it's not a miracle cure but it's a good thing to check out.


01-21-2008, 12:09 PM
Thanks Mel. My left side is significantly weaker than my right side, so I prefer to do presses and things with dumbbells rather than barbells. If I'm going to do them, I should think of those squat push presses as an innovative military press rather than anything else?

Elisa, start with a light barbell for the deadlifts, just to get the form right, but deadlifts are one of those exercises where you should be able to start moving a heavy weight fairly quickly. I just checked my old log, and I started doing them with 25lb barbells but was up to 70lb by the end of the first month.

01-21-2008, 01:57 PM
So I just did Workout B from NRFL. I really liked it. For deadlifts I used a 30lb barbell for the first set but it was too light so I used the 45 lb. olympic bar for the second set. That seemed to be better.

The only thing I didn't like were the lunges. Maybe I need to use a barbell because I only grabbed 18 lb. dumbells but it really seemed to strain my left hand. It's like the weight was too heavy almost in my hand but my legs were fine. I can't imagine there's any real difference to using a barbell on my shoulders?? Any thoughts anyone?

baffled - thanks for the tip about the deadlifts...I just got it too late. ;)


01-21-2008, 02:11 PM
In power pump class we do sets of dead lift/row/clean & press combos, those are fun. I think I only recently got a handle on my squat form, the new instructor sets up so we're all facing the mirror, in the other class we had our sides to the mirror. The front view showed me that my feet were too narrowly spaced, no wonder I always felt like I was gonna fall over :dizzy:

Ran a mile outside with the dogs yesterday. So freakin cold! Did another 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. Slower and with considerable more effort than I'd like. Maybe I need to start hitting the gym early for running too. Why don't I just get up at 5:30 every day? :devil: :shudder:

Enjoying my day off today, hopefully getting some batch cooking done.

01-21-2008, 04:32 PM
Elisa, I think lunges with a barbell are much less awkward (same with step-ups, actually). Sling the bb over your shoulders and go for it. (And when you can lunge more than you can lift over your head, you can do your lunges in the squat cage.)

01-21-2008, 06:40 PM
Good point on the barbell for lunges, Baff. I know that very soon I'll be doing more than I want to hold in my hands. Don't know what to do about squats though. I do them with the ball on the wall, which helps my knees (why :shrug:) and it's awkward enough with dbs, can't imagine a barbell unless someone hands it to me after I'm set up with the ball. (Bodyweight was sure easier. :lol: )

01-21-2008, 07:41 PM
baffled - thanks for the information about the bar...and you're right, I should just do the lunges in the cage. I feel more comfortable there anyway. I think I'm okay with the step ups because I'm not holding as much weight. The step is pretty high so I found it quite the workout with the lower weights. The barbell could work in the future...other than worrying about having the space to do the stepups with a big bar on my shoulders. I'll figure it out when I get there!

I also found the swiss ball crunch exercises too easy. I tried to do them slow and did 25 reps, I think, but it didn't feel like it was too hard. As usual, I'll wait and see if I feel anything tomorrow and then adjust accordingly.

Pat - I wish I could help you with the squats on the ball question but I am not the expert here!


01-21-2008, 09:55 PM
Pat, squats on the ball are killing me so much that I'm still doing well just to eek out 20 with body weight alone. One day I'll get to adding dumbbells, but don't see it coming anytime soon.

But, a vision just came to me of you against a wall that is also located near the barbell rack. You position yourself with the ball against the wall, lean forward, and hoist up your barbell. Or you stand it up on one end next to you and then reach over for it, bring it center still up/down position, and then make like a marching band flag girl and give it a spin into position??? (yeah, and you thought jackknifes were gonna be scary?!?) :rofl: Hey, you asked for input! ;)

01-22-2008, 08:31 AM
Pat- Don't try Fran's suggestion! It sounds like a disaster in the making. If they are too easy, try one legged ball squats. Without any weight first.

Did cardio yesterday but no gym. I'm on a new medication as of yesterday that made me dizzy after I took it. :dizzy: Didn't seem like a good idea to go do presses and push ups. Hopefully it was a once only reaction.

It's COLD here!


01-22-2008, 10:18 AM
Wow, it's cold here too with just enough snow to make rush hour traffic uhm, interesting. Thankfully I can walk DS1 to school.

Lunges, squats, and deadlifts, it's going to be a few weeks before I'm doing those again. Right now the cycle is my new best friend. I did 25 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes on the elliptical. Not too bad. My most embarrassing moment, after I did my core work I couldn't gracefully stand up. A kind bystander offered to give me a hand. I've been humbled. :rofl: I am getting stronger, I can sit down and stand back up in the bathroom much easier. Today the bathroom, Tomorrow the squat rack. :s: Well...maybe more like in three weeks...

I'm still working on those seven pounds too. I dropped two and half last week which I really just water weight. Yesterday the scale showed another pound drop but it came back this morning. :dunno: Okay, maybe I'm retaining a little after my workout. I know better than to be discouraged. Trend, it's all about downward trend. I just want the trend to be over my March. :^:

Mel: I hope that your back is feeling a little less twitchy and that you have success with the new meds. I feel for you though. I really dislike that break in period with a new medication and always question whether I am doing myself more harm in taking it than the good it should do for me. It took weeks for my mother to convince me to take the blood pressure medication that was prescribed for me before I lost this weight. Weeks...:dizzy:

01-22-2008, 11:21 AM
ANd you're off the meds for bp now, right Lydia? Just curious!

01-22-2008, 12:55 PM
Yippeee!!! My copy of NRWL arrived !!!

01-22-2008, 01:40 PM
Very exciting Rabbit! I just got back from the gym after doing Stage 1, Workout B. On Thursday I'm switching to Stage 2, so long as I find a few minutes to figure out how to do the new exercises. :)

Bf bought me a massage for my birthday (which was in November) but I wasn't able to get an appointment until today. So, this afternoon, a 60 minute massage. Bliss! I can't wait. My muscles are going to be extremely grateful. :)

01-22-2008, 02:30 PM
Ohhh, massage! Lucky you! :) Today is my wedding anniversary, but aside from a hug and a "happy anniversary" it's an ordinary day. :lol:

Mel - I like your suggestion better than Fran's (sorry Fran, but I was a klutz with a baton, I'm not trying a barbell :) ) One-legged squats will set me right back I'm sure, at least on the right leg which is the problem knee. When I use dbs, I can set them on the machine I stand near (which is a shoulder press - I finally read the label) and reach for them once I have the ball set. I'm doing squats tonight, so we'll see how it goes.

I've finally gotten through to the shuttle service for our Grand Canyon trip (to and from Phoenix) so I know what times I need to work with for our plane flights. We're looking at places to go for a few days beforehand to acclimate to the altitude of 7,000' - at the south rim, 4,900 where we're hiking - given that we live at sea level! I'm leaning towards Albuquerque (5,312'), and driving up to Santa Fe (7,320') where I've never been. Our other choice is Bozeman, MT (4,712') where my stepsister lives. The airfare is more, the housing obviously less. Tough decisions. :lol:

01-22-2008, 02:46 PM
Pat, I highly recommend the Albuquerque/Santa Fe option. :) DD lives there now and we've made quite a few trips out to NM in the past few years. In and around the two cities you have hot air ballooning, white water rafting, art galleries, hiking and mountain trails, the tramway in Albuquerque, national parks and monuments, museums, and Los Alamos, not to mention margaritas and fabulous food. DH and I hope to retire there in a few years. :D

I really notice a difference when I exercise at higher altitudes, so you're smart to acclimate yourselves before your Grand Canyon trip. Weights are heavier and cardio is exhausting! One word of caution ... be very careful when you drink alcohol at a higher altitude! It will affect you much more than at sea level (don't ask me how I know this :o )

So when is your trip?

01-22-2008, 03:09 PM
I really like Albuquerque, really... I would never touch Santa Fe again.

I highly recommend visiting Tent Rocks and doing the Tram. There are a lot of walking paths near the Tram with some really beautiful scenery.

There is also a lot of hiking near Los Alamos. We took the drive from Santa Fe through Los Alamos to Albuquerque and were amazed at all the greenery, beautiful area.

Denver could also be another option for you? There is tons of great hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

01-22-2008, 03:34 PM
Wow, thanks. Nelie, Denver is "on the list" but DH doesn't much care for it (I've never been). My choice is to fly to Albuquerque, then spend a few days going to Santa Fe and surrounding areas. It's only a short flight back to Phoenix where our shuttle to GC leaves from. Neither of us has any desire to spend time in Phoenix, and besides, at 1,100' elevation, it's not high enough for acclimatization. :)

We have friends who live in southern Colorado at about 7,000' feet and we tried hiking there after only 1-2 days. OMG, it was soooo tiring. Fortunately we were there for a couple weeks and once we had been there awhile it was much better. Hence, the scheduling of a "break-in" period before we try hiking in GC.

Um, Meg, I am unfortunately aware of the alcohol at altitude problem. One glass of wine at Bryce National Park (av ele 8,000') in Utah in 06 put me out of action with a migraine the whole next day....

01-22-2008, 03:56 PM
The first time I visited Denver, I felt horrible. The altitude does do funky things. I don't know how I ended up living there for 3 years :)

01-22-2008, 04:00 PM
Fran: You know, I suggested this to my primary care physician and he was very reluctant to have me stop. It's low, like, 116 or 120/70 kind of low with the meds. While he has acknowledged that I've lost the weight and exercise like a maniac he thinks it will go back up without the meds. When I pushed it he said stated experience on his side, he's seen it before. The high blood pressure is genetic in my family. All our tickers run a little high. I don't know about this. Really, I'm thinking I would like to find a new physician soon anyway. It bothers me to be on it if I don't really need to be.

Vacation. Great discussion. Does anyone have tips for a great family trip. We've done Hilton Head last year. My mother wanted to do Disney this year with the boys but at the end of the day we both felt that DS2 would enjoy it more if he were just two or maybe three years older. Besides, after looking at all of the tour books in the bookstore we realized Disney is something that needs to be researched. :rofl: We both felt stressed just trying to decide with of the parks we would attend much less the hotel. DS1 wanted the Nick hotel:dizzy:,of course, and DH didn't want to drive anywhere once we got to Orlando. The man has spent way too much time in Europe. :s:

Anyway, if anyone has had a great vacation they think may also be enjoyable to an extended family, I'm all :listen:

01-22-2008, 07:48 PM
Sanibel Island, FL. I agree with your impression of WDW having done it a lot recently, and in no rush to go again anytime soon.

01-22-2008, 08:35 PM
Well, I did WDW without kids and found it stressful. :lol: The first time I went, however, we stayed inside the park, and never touched our car, except to get a pair of spare sunglasses. It was very nice to be able to get up and go first thing in the morning, go back to your room and rest, or swim in the hotel pool, then go back to the amusements later in the afternoon. The other 2 times I went, we stayed outside the park, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much. (First time with my mother, once with my stepsister, and once with my mother/stepfather. DH has no interest :lol: ) My sister refused to take her kids til they were old enough not to panic if they got separated, and then she took a friend for each of them, too. She had a boy and a girl who were 5 years apart.

01-22-2008, 09:23 PM
Lydia, I'd wait for Disney World for a year or two also. When we first went, my dd was way too young (4) to really enjoy it. We took ds when he was 8 and he loved it! Those 4 years made a huge difference.

Rent a cottage in the Finger Lakes? The Joisey Shore? Washington DC? DC has a fantastic zoo and I'm sure nelie can suggest some good walking trails.

I've never had problems with altitude, but I feel like SUPERWOMAN when I get back home...for about 3 days :rofl: My mother lives at about 8500 feet, outside of and above Boulder CO. (Another great place for a family vacation!) I hike and bike whenever I'm out there. The only thing I found really difficult was swimming laps. The first time I visited I was in a swimming phase and did 100 laps everyday at home (about 100 feet above sea level). We went to a Boulder rec center where my parents lift, and I swam laps. Somewhere about lap 10 I thought my lungs would explode. Hiking didn't bother me or ds at all, but dd and dh were both nauseous and winded. Hmmm...I didn't notice much difference in the alcohol effect either, but the wine was being sparingly poured.

Did elliptical this morning and a chest workout at lunch. Not very energetic, but I showed up ;)


01-22-2008, 09:26 PM
Wow, all good advice. Thanks Fran and Pat. I did go to WDW about ten years ago and we stayed at the park too. It was actually a business conference for DH but we got a few extra days thrown in as well. It was such a blur though and I wasn't the one who made the arrangements. Forget Cindy's castle, Pleasure Island was a blast. Somehow though I don't think that DH and I would have the same experience if we were to go with the boys this year.

Sanibel Island. Never thought of that. I'm going to go check it out online. My roomate from OSU was from Sanibel. :chin:

Oh hey, just saw your message Mel. Thanks for your suggestions too. Time for me to start researching and brainstorming. Of course being who I am I have to research and compare everything to the nth. In the end I'll likely choose something completely unreasonable just because that's where I want to go. :devil:

01-22-2008, 09:49 PM
I hear Alaska is nice..... :lol:

01-23-2008, 08:44 AM
Morning, LWL. Been a busy week, so haven't had much time to post. Yesterday I was in such a scurry hurry that I only had 25 minutes at the gym. Amazing what you can accomplish in that time, though.

Glad to see the board so active!


01-23-2008, 08:46 AM
Hey, I just noticed that the line under my screen name to the left now says "senior member." I know I'm getting old and I'm not likely to forget with DH & The Boy reminding me on a regular basis, but jeez loueez, does 3fc have to get into the act too? :)


01-23-2008, 08:51 AM
Hey Kim! Go to User CP at the top left on the purple bar. Select Edit Profile. Go to Custom User Title and you can be as young as you want to be! (you can put anything there that you'd like -- Senior Member is just a default) Example: Pat/WaterRat has "working my way back down". No senior member there! :lol:

01-23-2008, 09:33 AM
Pat: :rofl: Maybe if one of the DS decides to have a tantrum while there I could put them on a iceberg for time out. More than likely you would find me on one floating around looking for a moment of quiet. Actually, Alaska did occur to me but I think the boys would still more enjoy a beach this year.

01-23-2008, 10:55 AM
Lydia, if you're thinking of a beach vacation, I highly recommend Avalon, NJ. It's not your usual honky tonk Jersey shore town -- instead, it's quiet and residential, with no McD's :D or Starbucks :( (no chains or franchises). There are wide streets for bike riding and big, uncrowded beaches. It's mostly houses for rent, with a few motels near the Stone Harbor border. Here's a recent New York Times article about Avalon: A Beach Town Without the Tilt-a-Whirl (http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/07/27/travel/escapes/27havens.html)

We rented different houses there every summer for about 15 years when the kids were growing up. It was the highlight of every summer, with kite-flying, mini-golf, and salt water taffy. It's been about seven years since we've been there, but we're all going back this summer. DD and her new hubby and stepson are flying in from New Mexico (he's 9 and has never seen the ocean!), DH and I will drive, and DS will bring a guest. We got a big house two blocks from the beach and I can't wait!

If you need any more info about Avalon, let me know. I can't recommend it highly enough. :)

01-23-2008, 12:23 PM
I have no clue about vacations for kids but I do love DC.

DC has tons of free museums and a free zoo. Baltimore (not too far from DC) has a great aquarium. The DC aquarium is only a few bucks but its dinky.

The Air and Space Museum (grrr, we need a free weekend but I really want to go there, they have some new exhibits), Natural Science Museum and the Zoo are all free and great for kids. There is another Air and Space Museum in VA not too far from DC that is free (although parking $12?) which is different but I've never been there.

There are also lots of places to walk and of course there are all the monuments that are also free to visit. The metro system in DC is awesome and nonscary like some other metro systems I've been on.

There is some good walking inside of DC but there is also some good hiking outside of DC. One of my favorite spots is along the Potomac river, its only a few minutes from DC by car. It is called the "Great Falls" area and I think it is also considered a National Park although its free to the public. There is a VA side and an MD side, I've only been to the MD side. Another great hike is Sugarloaf mountain which was a civil war lookout and you can see for miles on top of this mountain which isn't too difficult since you can drive within 100 ft of the top or so.

If you are interested, let me know and I can fill in some details :)

Edited to add - One thing about the metro system is again it is awesome. You can stay in DC but you can also stay in VA or MD and metro into the city.

01-23-2008, 12:47 PM
I used to love hiking Great Falls! Rock Creek Park is nice too and not to far from my former home in Bethesda. Never did get to too many of the museums, but I found my way to DuPont Circle and Adams Morgan once in a while, fun neighborhoods.

We stopped in Albuquerque on our way to CA, the tram ride is a really fun activity. Plus it's just a cute little city. I think we visited the natural history museum there as well

Going for a run on the treadmill again today. Negative temps for the most part till Friday, when we'll have more snow to look forward to. ;)

01-23-2008, 02:04 PM
Morning. :wave: I bagged the gym last night. I had that horrible, horrible bone-weary tiredness that often precedes a cold. DH has had one all week, and I really don't have time to have it! :lol: So I went home, took it easy and went to bed early. I feel less beat up today, and I'm hoping I escaped....

Shan - it's still warmer here, though in the mid-20s today, not 40's like the past 2 days. And we had 3-4" of new snow overnight.

Lydia - I agree with Nelie on DC too. Lots of things to do, and very easy to get around. Meg's Jersey shore town sounds great too.

01-23-2008, 05:48 PM
OK, so remember last week (?) we were talking about the NRLF cover model's back? Well, I decided it's high time to follow up with a picture.

Thanks to an accommodating gym-goer, here is a shot of my better side. In case you're curious, I'm doing OH squats with just the bar. Not the best pose for a back shot -- rows would be better -- but you get what you can get, eh?

Anyone else? Please? :)

01-23-2008, 06:01 PM
Looking good, Kim!! :strong:

OK, here's me - DH took this I think last year:


I think we both have the cover beat!! :lol:

Who's next?

01-23-2008, 06:32 PM
LOL - I thought the same thing - I was like, what, the AARP called 3FC??? Did I have a qualifying b'day? lol

Maybe long-timer would be better, or established member? Seriously, I think it's great - better than registered user.

01-23-2008, 06:33 PM
In my case, I think "Big Mouth" would be appropriate. :lol:

01-23-2008, 08:46 PM
Great backs! I have about 4-5 pounds of fat to peel off again before I post any pics :o Kim, nice shoulder definition, too! :strong:

Lydia, I second Avalon. It's a very "family" Joisey beach town, and close enough to Cape May and Wild Wood that you can make evening trips to each end of the spectrum from trashy weirdness to Victorian decorum. Just plan on spending as much as you would to go on any other major vacation. I always used to think of "goin down de shore" (as they say in South Philly) as an inexpensive vacation, but it's not. And beware of the fresh Kettle Corn and Boardwalk fries!!!!

And Meg and Lydia if you do go- stop in and visit me :D I'm only a few miles off a turnpike exit and I know you both have to take the PA turnpike to get there!

My lunchtime workout partner bailed on me today, so I got a longer workout that didn't include talking or showing her new exercises. I love having someone to go with, but it was nice to be on my own again for a day. Much more intense workout. My shoulders may actually be sore tomorow.

Food has been good- I want this December fat gone!


01-23-2008, 08:47 PM
Ask and you shall receive! Thanks so much Meg and Nelie for your vacations suggestions as well. Wow, Meg, 15 years to the same location is quite an endorsement. I think it will be so wonderful to share this experience with your new son-in-law- too. I'll check this one out.

Nelie: I've never been to DC. Not even in junior high when most of the schools here plan trips to the capital for a week. The year our class was eligible the teachers said NO WAY. My class was just too rowdy. :rolleyes:

Kim: OMG and Mel: OMMG. How did you do that! I have so much work to do. :faint: Okay, so give me the secret. What took you from being eh okay fit to that. Is it lower bodyfat, is it heavy lifting, should I look for a specific type of trainer. There is no one and I mean no woman at my gym has that kind of definition but I'm ready to be the first. I've been around here long enough and I should already know this but obviously I'm missing something key here. WOW! Oh, and thanks for posting the pics. This has helped a lot. You ladies rock!

Gosh Mel, I keep missing your posts. If I find myself in Avalon I will certainly let you know. Post your back photo anyway. It's not about perfection here. Just don't ask me for mine. :s: We don't want to go there. Or, I know, I could use mine as the "before" shot and do an "after" shot in June. :chin: Although I'm sure I would be able to hear the shrieking laughter from all corners of this forum. At the very least a "Oh Lydia, really, you shouldn't have" :o:D

01-23-2008, 08:55 PM
Lydia -- Mel? Not Meg? :cry:

01-23-2008, 09:03 PM
Oh. Oh I DID ! OMG and I KNOW BETTER! :oYes, I meant you Meg. I am SOOO sorry. It's Mel who is hiding right now. :p (just kidding) I guess I better do a better job of proofreading my material. :dizzy: Now making the sad crying face go away. It's too much for me, I can't take the guilt. :^:

01-23-2008, 09:03 PM

I think Lydia discovered that you and Mel are really the same person... Megl...

I do love the back definition. It is definitely a mix of lower body fat and lifting. Without the low body fat, you wouldn't see the definition and without the lifting, you'd look like a bag of bones.

Lydia - I do highly recommend DC. I remember in school they had a DC trip too but we were in CA and that was way too far for my parents to allow me to go.

01-23-2008, 09:04 PM
So much to say! ;)

Lydia - You've never been to DC? I'm Canadian and I've been there!! You should be ashamed of yourself. ;) Really though, it was somewhere I was going to suggest as well. There's so much to do and see. I loved it when I was there (yes, a school trip for the Canadian girl) and I hope to go back one day soon.

Meg (not Mel) & Kim - Holy mother of #$@! I don't even think I will get to where you are in my wildest dreams but wow! Now that's inspiration! I have to imagine that very low body fat is key. And I'm definitely not there but I'm working on it!!

There continues to be sick people wherever I go but I'm still fighting the good fight...hope everyone else is doing well too.

Good workout and food week for me too. I really enjoyed my NRFL workout on Monday. Yoga was great yesterday and there was a new Power workout today so good fun and good workouts all around.


01-23-2008, 09:16 PM
Now making the sad crying face go away. It's too much for me, I can't take the guilt. :^:

:D :D :D :D :D :D

How's that? :D

I forgive you. Actually, we confuse ourselves sometimes. :lol:

I agree that it's low BF and heavy lifting, but I'm also lucky because I'm a pear and all my fat is in my bottom half. So I get undeserved muscle definition. ;) I'm not all that strong compared to say, Mel (a/k/a The World's Strongest Woman), but I lift to my max.

But it sure makes me happy that a middle-aged, former morbidly obese woman like myself can get MUSCLES!! :strong:

My day WILL start with an hour on the elliptical tomorrow or I'll come back here and 'fess up.

01-23-2008, 09:53 PM
Awww, thanks Meg. I feel so much better. I'm a pear too. Classic really. I don't start to carry weight until you hit the hips and then boom, there it all is. :chin: So I'm thinking that it is quite possible I could work a little harder and get a little more definition than I have.

Body fat is such the key here I'm wondering though if I broke my workouts up into more of a four day split and just concentrated more on one area during each workout if I might improve mass. :chin: Anyway, it's six and one half dozen which is good because for continued results we must tax our muscles in new ways. That might be part of my "stunted" growth as well. I just haven't taken enough time to change things up since last summer.

Wow, Kim and Meg thanks again for posting the pics. It has certainly given me something to think about this week.

Elisa: Even YOU have been to DC. I really need to get out more. (muttering to myself)

01-23-2008, 09:57 PM
And if you go to DC, you get freebie time with Nelie AND me!!!! Mel might even be willing to come down on the Amtrak - 90 min pretty ride, and can't speak for Meg but, maybe??? We could at least do a 5 person reunion in the lobby of your hotel & anyone else who wants to fly in is also welcome!! (Stalkers beware, you have seen Meg's back, right???)

01-23-2008, 09:58 PM
OK, seriously? Can we not just get a chat room added onto here to go with the bb's? That way we could all ramble together instead of tripping over each other to post!

01-23-2008, 10:08 PM
I have back envy!!!!! You both (I'm not naming names! Don't want to get into trouble with Meg) look amazing.

I think my body fat isn't low enough yet. I'm not a pear, I'm an hourglass and carry fat evenly everywhere, including my arms and back. Very annoying. I should get bf to take a picture of me just so I can see what I actually look like back there, but I'd need to do some push ups or something first, just to check that there are actually muscles under the flab. :)

I'm starting Stage 2 of NRLW tomorrow. Watch out gym: I'm going to be doing DB 1 point rows (p. 205). :eek: Beware! Definitely an exercise that needs to be done in the relative quiet of the morning. If I tried it in the afternoon, I'd get knocked over by a gang of idiotically brawny youngsters.

01-23-2008, 10:08 PM
Tripping over one another indeed! 3 new posts appeared while I was writing mine. Hooray LWL!

01-23-2008, 11:05 PM
OMG Fran could you imagine. I could easily turn my family's vacation into a LWL gathering. That would be a blast. Then I could really prove to my mother that you are all not fictitious characters living in my head. But even with the status of my mental health in question with my parents, I'm still dreaming of some place with sand. It's easier to keep the boys occupied without having to actually take them somewhere to be entertained. I do think though that a trip to DC will be in order in the upcoming few years. I mean if Elisa has been there :p then well, there is no excuse for me.

I'm out of battery reserve. Have a good evening everyone. :wave:

01-24-2008, 03:24 AM
:lol: Lydia, we had a gathering from another board I post on, and one gal's husband was sure at least one of us was a 300# man - he made her bring pepper spray! And Elisa, she's a Canadian.... :rofl: We've met up several times since, and he now teases her about it.

Baff - good luck with stage 2. I'm finding most of stage 1 pretty easy, except the dang step-ups. My knees just can't handle them. Otherwise I'll be ready to move on in another week.

You can all relax about the weather now. Alaska is back into a normal winter mode. It's in the mid-teens, and about 4" of snow. Looks better.... :)

Okay, it's nearly 10:30 pm - past my bedtime. Good-night.

01-24-2008, 05:42 AM
:lol: Mel's DH calls us her Imaginary Friends. :lol:

Any time you have a DC get-together, let me know. I have a sister who lives there and who would love a visit. :)

01-24-2008, 05:43 AM
Mornin LWL. Off to training shortly. FYI, I signed up for a gym wide challenge. We got a team together, will do 6 weeks of training with other classes thrown in, and whoever accomplishes the most wins gym and spa services. I've decided to go more toward Atkins during this period, than just plain low carb. Will be in it full force by the weekend. Hope it will peel the pounds off. Don't worry, won't be doing the misinterpretation of Atkins (all fat no fiber). Will load up on the veggies.

01-24-2008, 08:34 AM
I could definitely do a DC or Jersey meet up! That would be fun.

I'm an apple and store all my fat on my very short torso...and it's not budging this week :( Not even 1/2 pound off since last week. The weekend pb has to go :(:( I'll try to take back and quad shots this weekend, but the weekend is already looking packed. (there's my excuse, I'm trying to go skiing!)

Olympic lifts and legs lite today. Did my 45 minutes on the elliptical. I know my body is just adapted at this point, but I can't switch to running due to injuries. I'm not sure what to do. I REALLY don't want to cut calories any lower. That's just asking for binge troubles.

Have a good one,

01-24-2008, 09:04 AM
Mel, if you're still getting your HR up to where it should be, then you're still burning calories on the elliptical. I think cardio is different than the muscle adaptation we get from lifting weights. As we lift, the muscles adapt and get stronger and need to be stressed in different ways. But with cardio, calorie-burning is all about the HR.

So if you're checking your HR and still blowing the top off your zones, then you're burning calories and it's good. You may have to push harder to get into your target zones, but I don't think it matters that you're always using one kind of cardio. The elliptical is about all I can do with my knees and I still can kill myself on it. :D

01-24-2008, 11:31 AM
We should get together sometime soon.

I did kettlebells last night. Same workout I did last week that had me sore for 4 days. This morning, I'm slightly sore although my butt is complaining.

01-24-2008, 12:52 PM
Mel: I've been flirting with a one pound loss all week. It's Thursday and if it's not gone by the weekend I'm goingto need to do some real tweaking to my diet to see what is going wrong. I may be back to tracking daily on Fitday just to come clean.

Meg: Thanks for sharing your tip regarding cardio. It helps me know that while I may become acclimated to the intensity, the actual form of low impact exercise I chose will still be effective. Its probably one of the reasons I'm having trouble with this loss this week. I'm coming back from this surgery and I'm not really able to dial it up yet on the elliptical. Two weeks, I'm giving myself another two weeks before I wig out about it. :dizzy:

Wow, even if we don't schedule our family vacation in DC it sounds like that this is a convenient location for a lot of us to meet up. :chin: Dare we set a general time of year or month. :devil: If I meet up with you Mel the deal is you have to guide me through some Olympic lifts. So lets make sure its a time when my knees are dependable and your back is feeling great.

Pat: I love it, "a 300lb man" :rofl: well, nothing would surprise me. :s:

Nelie: You will need to bring your kettlebells. Okay, we will also need to find a gym that would welcome all of us. We would really just kind of take over the place if enough of us arrived. :devil: Being the cardio monsters we all are I can just image how long the regular members may have to wait for something to open up.:p We should also find a place that would allow us to play our music over the sound system. I can't do squat without my ipod but II really won't want to wear it with all of you around me. :no: That's saying something because I don't take my earbuds out for just anyone.

OMG. I heard running water in the basement. DS2 is having a playdate and I just found that they have opened up bottles of washable paint and have been stamping bumble bees up and down the stairwell. "If you need to go back upstairs Mommy, just follow the bees..." :rolleyes: Heeeellllpppp.:^:

01-24-2008, 02:03 PM
I wanna come too! :o But only if it includes some group workout sessions.

You tell me where and when and I'll see what I can do. I might be Canadian but I know my way across the border and I have a valid passport!


01-24-2008, 03:04 PM
Morning everyone. DC is about a million miles from me so joining in is out of the question. :( I shall entertain myself with mental pictures of the lot of you out to lunch, eating plain chicken breasts and comparing your muscles as the other diners look on in confused amazement. :)

I did Stage 2 W1 this morning and I am seriously tapped out! For whoever was concerned that the workouts seemed short, this one today took me 38 minutes, not including the 15 mins of intervals afterwards. I've never done any isometric stuff before and I'm surprised by how exhausted I feel given that I didn't move anywhere near as much weight as I do during an ordinary workout. Those squat-push-press things are a killer! I fell over once doing the 1pt DB rows (even with a relatively light weight) and the cable wood chops felt a bit strange, but otherwise, it was all good! Plus, I burned 300 cals during the weight part and another 150 doing intervals. Hooray for 450 cal workouts!

Also, I found the official NRLW message boards this morning. http://forums.jpfitness.com/new-rules-lifting-women/

01-24-2008, 03:18 PM
Thanks everyone for the welcome! To be honest, I forgot to subscribe to this thread and I just thought there was not any posting going on here.... there's been about 4 pages! :o

I was set up with a training circuit at the gym - Nautilus machine set up in a semi-circle. I've been 2x this week and I'm going tomorrow to use them as well. I'm hoping I get to the point where I can do some more advanced lifting, but I know it will take a while. So now I've done weights 2x this week, and cardio 3x so far. Planning on heading over there tomorrow night as well.

01-24-2008, 04:19 PM
DC is about a million miles from me so joining in is out of the question. I shall entertain myself with mental pictures of the lot of you out to lunch, eating plain chicken breasts and comparing your muscles as the other diners look on in confused amazement.

I'm with Baffled, at least for this spring. I do however, go to the east coast most years, and can't be totally ruled out. :lol: When you live here, you need to get out at times, and you have to become resigned to the costs! Luckily my work usually pays for me to go at least once a year. This year it's a week in Minneapolis in late March. :shrug:

Tonight's gym is a Stage 1B workout and cardio. Tomorrow night I have a reception for our the officials visiting from our Japanese sister city. All the dept heads were "invited" (read: you'd better have a good excuse for not coming! One is in Mexico, the rest of us will be there..... ). I'm already getting concerned about the food. Given our City Manger - it's at his house - I don't think there will be much if any alcohol so no temptations there. :) At least the dress is 'business casual' so I'm good there.

01-24-2008, 05:30 PM
Baffled: Don't forget the :broc: Which reminds me the other night I went out to dinner ordered the grilled chicken, of course, and requested the vegetable of the day instead of the side of fries. The waiter says, "I can do that but uhm, :sssh: it's stewed tomatoes so you might want to change your mind." :barf: Sometimes they really don't make it easy for us. :no:

Elisa: Your welcome to join us but you have to agree to eat my stewed tomatoes if anyone is threatening to serve them to me. ;) Just kidding. But really, Stewed Tomatoes, what is that all about. Who eats that! :dizzy:

01-24-2008, 05:35 PM
stewed tomatoes as a vegetable? Very strange. How about a small side salad instead?

01-24-2008, 05:56 PM
Tomatoes are now officially a fruit, according to Brenda Song on the Disney Channel! :)

01-24-2008, 06:24 PM
i have the plan!! How about going to one of the nice hotels in DC and using THEIR gym? I've stayed at the Hyatt, and it has a great gym - cages, racks, lots of cardio, free weights, a pool! - see the photos.

We could spend one nite to get gym access, workout together, see the sights, and let Nelie show us some good healthy eating spots. I just can't think of any other way to all get in to the same gym.

Choose the hotel at the top, Washington Grand Hyatt, then choose the photo images, and look at images 8-10 of their gym.

01-24-2008, 06:45 PM
Wow, that's the biggest hotel gym I've ever seen! :eek:

01-24-2008, 07:40 PM
sportmom, they always were a fruit!

01-24-2008, 08:08 PM
Or better idea, stay in a cheaper hotel and get a 2 week membership to a washington sports club, its $19. (Who charges for a trial membership?!)

01-24-2008, 08:14 PM
But really, Stewed Tomatoes, what is that all about. Who eats that!

Stewed tomatoes were a staple as a veggie in our house growing up. My mom canned her own. I remember summer days peeling tomatoes - and not necessarily fondly. :lol: I like stewed tomatoes - but I certainly will allow you your dislike Lydia. :)

And, yes, botanically tomatoes are fruit. I've actually yet to meet a way I don't like tomatoes, though grilled as part of breakfast like the Brits do is not high on the list.

01-24-2008, 08:53 PM
Hey Chicks!!

I just wanted to say hello. I see lots of familiar names out there! :-)

I've been using our bowflex consistently for about 10 days now (look out!!) and I am sometimes sore and I feel like my muscles are harder although that is probably wishful thinking. This is a really long thread so I will probably just try to read from here on and check in now and then.

Strength training has been surprisingly satisfying for me and I wish I would have started sooner. My shoulders are sore tonight and I would like a massage.

I should ask---does bowflex use qualify me to join in here???

01-24-2008, 09:09 PM
You betcha! :wave: Hi Midwife and welcome! I love what you said about strength training being surprisingly satisfying. Better watch out or you'll get addicted too! :carrot:

01-24-2008, 09:54 PM
Welcome, midwife! Of course bowflex qualifies you! Do you have that fancy new "revolution" one or the rods type that looks like a giant garden trellis?

As Mg said, watch out, or you'll get addicted! Strength training is satisfying. and so are the results ;)


01-24-2008, 10:05 PM
Hi Midwife and :welcome: to our corner of the site. Lifting is surprisingly satisfying. That is a great way to describe it. Just wait, there all kind of wonderful surprises that occur as you begin to gain strength. I have experienced hidden benefits such as better hand and eye coordination, improving my posture when standing/sitting, and after a really good leg and core workout my gait is more relaxed too. Not to mention it allows us to get up off the floor or couch more gracefully too. "Look Ma, no hands." Well, that is if your not just recovering from arthoscopic surgery :sssh: but I won't go there. :s:

Fran: That is an amazing hotel. :D I checked availability for some weekends in June and it came back as already full. :dizzy: Either this is like impossible to get into or I am just being encouraged to contact them directly. Anyway, it looks wonderful but I think maybe Nelie suggestion could also be considered. I am so on board with this though. Does anyone have a specific month they do or don't want to do this. :stir: Wow, this would be a great incentive to work really hard the next few months if I knew we could all meet up in the end.

01-24-2008, 11:33 PM
I can go anytime - just need notice so I can make sure dh is in town with kiddos. Lydia, they get alot of convention groups in the summertime as a host hotel, as they are right across from the convention center. But yes, Nelie has a great idea too & no hotel even required for the locals! Nelie, can you tell us the location of the nicest/newest one?

You guys & your fruit tomatoes! MEH! Is everyone here just too young to remember, hmm was it President Reagan, who declared the ketchup qualified as the vegetable on school lunches?? It truly was considered a vegetable while I was growing up and is still that way on pyramids! (I just checked & this is the one they're teaching from in the schools)


01-24-2008, 11:56 PM
No Fran, I'm not too young...:D I remember this too. Oh the abuse of the poor tomato. Loved and hated, feared and revered. Great on pasta but not slopped on a plate after being steamed in a big pot for hours.

Pat: My grandmother canned tomatoes too. I'm from Ohio remember? :D Root cellar and all. :yes: I used to help her can these as well as beet and peaches because my "little hands" could fit so easily into her Ball and Kerr jars. Honestly, I loved every minute of it as well as the memories of those summers. Stinking hot as they were. :dizzy:

01-25-2008, 08:29 AM
I actually like stewed tomatoes. I grew up canning peaches, tomatoes, applesauce, anything that would fit into a Ball jar, also. Continues it until I was in my 30's and we put a pool in where the vegie garden was, lol. It was actually one of the happiest sights I've ever seen: the backhoe running over and scooping up all the tomato and zucchini plants. After so many years of it, I dreaded August. But I do miss having a basement full of homemade tomato sauce and applesauce.

An alternative to hotel gyms is here. I have a key to the "gym" where I train and on Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons it's usually empty.

Meg- I know my body doesn't adapt to a particular KIND of cardio, but I think I've just trained myself to be incredibly efficient at this level of exercise. No more hours in the day to do more...tho I did do a 1.5 mile treadmill walk in addition last night :dizzy: My heart rate is up there- I wore the monitor this morning and I'm between 140 and 155 in my fast or hard intervals, and 130-135 in my low- once I get going. The tables indicate that my heart rate should be between 109-134. lol, same as yours. We should be dropping dead any moment.

Anyway, 1/2 pound down for the week...groan...this level of effort and eating used to give me a 2 pound loss!

Have a good one!


01-25-2008, 08:42 AM
My heart rate is up there- I wore the monitor this morning and I'm between 140 and 155 in my fast or hard intervals, and 130-135 in my low- once I get going. The tables indicate that my heart rate should be between 109-134. lol, same as yours. We should be dropping dead any moment.

I get such a kick out of those stupid charts. :lol: My goal each cardio session is to hit 100% of my max HR (167), even if only for a few seconds. I'm just dying to see if I implode, but it hasn't happened yet. I don't always get to 100% but I try to average 150 for the 30 minutes, which is about 90% of max (and yes, I know that max HRs are obviously only estimates ;) ).

Congrats on the half pound -- it's more than what I lost this week. :rolleyes:

I still have a stinking cold but did the elliptical and threw in some bike for good measure. Along with new ellipticals, our gym got new recumbent bikes with -- get this -- armrests and fans. It's like working out in a Barcalounger! :rofl:

01-25-2008, 09:07 AM
Wow you guys post a lot in here! :D

I like stewed tomatoes as well. Sometimes I will have a cup as an appetizer before dinner. I've always considered tomatoes to "count" as a vegetable even though I know that technically they are a fruit. And on WW they are 0 points, so I can't get enough :)

I didn't make it to the gym last night. Cooking dinner took WAY longer than I thought (thank you whole chicken that was not completely thawed even though I transferred it from the freezer to the fridge over 2 days ago). Heading there tonight for some cardio and 1 round of weights. I try to keep my heart rate between 135 (65%) and 155 (80 or 85% can't remember!).

I'm going to have to travel at the beginning of March and the ONLY hotel that I can stay at in the area (literally, I only get so much to spend on the hotel depending on the area of the country I am in) does not have a gym. But they offer passes to a local place for $6 a day. I figure I will try to go 3-4 times that week, as I plan on doing for the whole month of February. Remember, I just got the gym membership. But this week I have gone Sun, Mon, and Wed and am going tonight. I think this is going to be my routine schedule for a while.

01-25-2008, 05:27 PM
Ha! I must have imploded already! If you use the 220 minus your age, my max HR is 157. I've been over that many times (maybe not for long, but there)! :rofl:

Whoops.... gotta run

01-25-2008, 05:49 PM
Hi Mel,

I have the garden trellis one. That's a great description. :-) Shows you how long I have had one and have NOT been using it.

It is funny about the fruit vs vegetable thing. Isn't the rule of thumb: if it contains seeds it is a fruit, and any other plant part is vegetable? Would green bean pods be fruit then? Enquiring minds want to know!

Mod, good for you for planning ahead on your trip. I finally followed your linky today and your pix look great.

Howdy to everyone else!

01-25-2008, 07:17 PM
I thought the rule was above ground/below ground for fruits vs veggies, but I'm sure someone can find an exception if we think long enough. :?:

So, the venue has changed to Philly. Last time we chatted this up, I don't believe you had the key so we were going to have to fake being potential new clients! :lol:

I'm feeling better in the thighs. I decided to quit doing a 3x/wk fbwo and switch to 2x/wk, which still gives me more total workouts in a 2 wk period than a split would (at least by MY math!) So now I will lift on Fridays & Mondays, and still do my cardio 6x/wk. I'll see it that makes things feel better and makes me feel less achy.

01-25-2008, 07:44 PM
I work in Philly. Would be happy to meet folks there once in a while!

RE: heart rate and implosion. I'm okay getting my heart rate to 160, but 165-175 and I get scared. THat's usually when a) I want to cry and b) I express my fear to my trainer that I'm going to pass out. He reminds me I haven't yet.

It just is scary to feel it like that, but if it's good for me, okay. However, getting there on my own and alone, nah. Unfortunately, I would rather play it safe and comfortable a bit ; )

01-25-2008, 07:45 PM
~whew~ I am so glad that I am not the only one who ignores the heart rate max guidelines on the machines. I really felt guilty about this for a long time like I was doing something illegal. OMG what if I really did keel over during my workout but they decide not to resuscitate me just to teach me a lesson. :club: It's your own fault showoff. You know you were going over your max HR. Now your in permanent time out. :o

Mel: You have KEYS! :devil: We'll be there instead. :D What better place than the workshop of one of the masters. ;)

Midwife: Everytime I think of the bowflex I remember an Ellen episode where she tries to pawn herself off as a personal trainer to some guy with one of these in his office who has no idea how to use it. She doesn't either. She is flying off and around this equipment making it up as she goes along trying to convince the guy that this is how you are supposed to do this. Getting all tangled up is part of the workout.

Mod: Your pictures are just amazing. Did I tell you that before? Probably. Anyway, you are doing such a great job you deserve to hear it again anyway. ;) It just amazes me how different we all look in the before and afters. Just amazing. :yes:

01-25-2008, 09:17 PM
Hmmm. I don't know that I've hit my max HR. That would be 188. Usually if I do intervals with full sprints it gets up to 174; that's as high as it usually goes. I'm a slacker! :( One of these days I need to sleep with my HR on so that I can get my resting heart rate. That's supposed to make the formula more accurate. (Also, because of my smoking, I'm quite convinced that all the usual fitness guidelines don't apply to me. With the abuse my lungs have suffered, it's a miracle I can do cardio at all.)

I'm in great pain today after my stage 2 workout! My abs and my ribs are sore and my shoulders are surprisingly sore. I'm guessing this is from the squat-push-press. I always do military presses but I think the explosive element of it tortures the delts in an entirely new way. :)

I didn't make it to the gym for cardio today. This is what comes of super-cold mornings where I really, really don't want to run with my dog before work. I'M READY FOR SPRING!!!!

01-25-2008, 09:45 PM
Modkitten- I followed your pictures link to. You look fantastic, except for the Boston jersey. You'd look much better in a jersey sporting this:
http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/2779/flyersgl4.th.gif (http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=flyersgl4.gif)



01-25-2008, 09:55 PM
Ok meetup at Mel's house!!

01-25-2008, 10:12 PM
Mel - do you really want to go there? Because if you do, here's a little something you might like? ;)

01-25-2008, 11:46 PM
My hr always exceeds the recommendations too, but i always assumed that was bc i wasn't in great shape! I just feel like it's a good workout tho. You know, can talk, but not comfortable enough to where you'd want to have a conversation? Just enough to yell at your kids in regular outbursts! :lol:

01-26-2008, 07:36 AM
Resting heart rate--I haven't done that. It was always my almost resting heart rate, when I was sitting but not just after sleeping. I will say the almost resting rate went from 90-60 in the first 2-3 months. Amazing, huh?

01-26-2008, 08:11 AM
Remember the song, "beans, beans, the musical fruit"? Turns out the 6-year-old lyricist who wrote the song wasn't just looking for a convenient rhyme for "toot."

Fruits have seeds encased in an energy source -- food for the plant -- that we eat. Veggies also propagate by seeds, but we don't typically eat them. Cucumbers, green beans, peas, and tomatoes are, by this definition, fruit. (Above ground vs. below ground doesn't work, because you wind up with broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, spinach, etc. as fruits.)

Luckily, the fruit vs. veggie distinction is not botanically important. Fruits are what people agree are fruits, veggies are what people define as veggies. Hence the fate of the poor tomato, which becomes a vegetable or a fruit depending on the political rhetoric surrounding nutrition in school lunch programs.

Whatever they are, they sure are tasty and healthy!


01-26-2008, 09:15 AM
Aww shucks ladies, thanks for the compliments! I really need to take some new pictures though. I think I look different now, even though I only weigh a couple pounds less. I can see it in my face. Also my hair is longer and not in that horrible "growing out" phase ;)

Oh Mel, I am at work and they are blocking whatever link you had to another NHL team's picture, so I can't comment on your team! But I can comment on the Maple Leafs and how I try to make sure I NEVER miss a Bruins/Maple Leafs game. They are some of the best! I used to play hockey myself, but now I have two bulging discs in my back and some hip issues. It wouldn't be a wise decision to get back on the ice. I could probably play pickup but to be honest - I am just not interested in doing so at 5 in the morning (really the only time adults can get the ice for pickup). I also used to study aikido and can't anymore because of my back and hip issues (it was actually how I injured my hip :().

I ended up going to the gym last night even though I was exhausted. I did 1 set of each of the weights and 40 minutes on the treadmill (HR at 135, the low end of where I should be keeping it). Afterwards I was awake - it actually kept me from going to bed on time ! :o

01-26-2008, 06:35 PM
modkitten- It was a Flyer's jersey. I know all about the 5 am ice times- my dh who is an uprooted Canadian, plays at 5:30 on Wednesday mornings:p as well as late Saturday nights :p I was so tired of being a hockey widow that a few years ago I decided to start playing. I was a good skater during the Pleistocene era, so I got equipment and started practicing. :rofl: The first time I got on the ice with the guys and one other woman, I skated one shift trying to avoid any contact with people or puck, then got the h*** out of there! They all looked bout 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Elisa- I cried over the Leafs for too many years. You are probably way too young to remember the Harold Ballard era...it was sad. They had some of the greatest players and the worst teams.

On the fruit and vegie issue- everything kaw said is botanically correct, but there is one major distinction: fruits must be pollinated. As the bees (which I loathe and am allergic to) seem to disappear, so may our fruits. There was a year here about 10 years ago when there were virtually no bees. All our local orchards went under and became housing developments. Fran, remember the one at 926 and 352? It's big houses now.

I did legs this morning- lots of squats, presses, curls and those jack knife ball pulls. I hope I'm not too sore- I AM going skiing tomorrow. Unless it's really cold. Or I wake up and want to sleep....

OK, meet up at Mel's. Let me get the basement renovation done first.

I've been good with food yesterday and today. I'm determined to pick up the losing pace faster than a measly 1/3 of a pound per week!


01-26-2008, 06:48 PM
I am just not interested in doing so at 5 in the morning (really the only time adults can get the ice for pickup).

Ah, in my recent promotion, I now oversee our city's ice arena. We have ice available mid-morning, but of course, all the adults are at work. Shinny games are late night usually. It's the economics.... Scheduling ice is a nightmare - and I fortunately have an admin assistant who is a real stickler for detail and makes it work. Plus we require 30 days notice for cancellation. As for me, I get to public skate once in awhile (noon time on weekdays, sat eves, sun afternoon) but I'm only a step above a rank beginner. My DH skates several times a week, but is going to take some lessons when they start next week.

And Ms. Modkitten, just keep wearing that Boston jersey!! :) I'm a transplanted New Englander and I still root for all our teams. My neices and nephews actually worked at the Foxboro stadium all through high school.

01-26-2008, 08:14 PM
Mel - you're sweet but you've underestimated my age! But that's okay, better than way than the other way. I absolutely remember the Ballard era and, just to give you persepctive, my family has had seasons tickets to the Leafs since the 1960's so we too have spent many years crying over the leafs. Something for us to share. :(

I've had a good food and workout week and my previous scale victory is flirting with me again ;) I hope it sticks around for more than a day. I'm going to Nassau with a couple of girlfriends in three weeks...and that means all you can eat and drink for 5 days. Yeesh.


01-26-2008, 10:48 PM
Mel, wasn't that Pete's Produce??? I remember he had to move from was it Shiloh Rd, bc they decided to build that new hs there, and then he moved to 926 and set up a really nice place. I took my dd1 to the one on Shiloh for her first halloween photos and then onto 926 when my 2nd came along. Then there was the apple orchard, it got creamed in the 90s. Hey, I have a friend whose husband does that crazy hockey thing, your dh probably knows him, John Sweatman. She complains that she is a widow too. Unfortunately, also a newlywed!!!

01-26-2008, 10:54 PM
Oh no no no Mel - it just HIT me - you mean the one a little further down 352 on the way to PSU-DCC where they used to do the huge haunted house and hay rides every year?!?!?!? Oh noooo. People used to come from all over (even JERSEY!) to visit that place. UGH..........

I just realized you meant that one. Oh wow.

01-27-2008, 01:30 AM
fruits must be pollinated

As must many veggies! Squashes all have blossoms, as do peas, and potatoes and peppers and more I'm not coming up with right now. Without bees we'll be very limited in our produce.

01-27-2008, 09:25 PM
Squash, peppers and peas are technically fruit. I don't know if potatoes HAVE to bloom....kaw? Does a tuber need to bloom to produce the tuber?

Fran- Pete's produce is still there and big. So is the one way down on 352, tho they do much more hayrides, mazes, and Christmas trees than orchard at this point. I must have my decades mixed up- I was thinking of the one on the corner of 926 and 352.

I DID go skiing today! I had a fantastic time and used better equipment than last time. I might as well have had 2X4's last time, I was fighting them the entire day. I found a great sale on the last pair of 2006 boots in my size in a high performance boot about 2 weeks ago. I rented skis but told the rental lady that I was an "expert" (30 years ago) and got much better skis. I skied every slope on the mountain- well it's a mountain in Pennsylvania- except the long, flat bunny trail. I never would have tried this on my own 10 or even 5 years ago. Strength is POWER! And going by myself, I rode the lifts mostly with ski patrol guys and instructors :cool:

I'm tired...it's a good thing the drive wasn't 15 minutes longer cause I might not have made it!


01-27-2008, 11:00 PM
Squash, peppers and peas are technically fruit

I stand corrected (she says, bowing humbly :lol: ) I liked whoever said that what you think are fruits, are fruits, etc. :)

I was a happy camper today - nice big, just the right ripeness avocados on sale! And my CSA box this week contains a butternut squash. Oh my gosh, I went to a reception Friday night and they had awesome sweet potato aioli as a dip for snow peas and baby carrots. It was to die for!! I asked the caterer (who I know) what was in it - "sweet potato and some other things" Hmmm, how can I get her to give up her secret. :lol:

01-28-2008, 09:58 PM
Hmmmm...slow day!
I took a much needed rest day today. 20 minutes on a recumbent bike before work just to get the blood flowing and wake me up.

Back to the usual tomorrow!
My scale and I are at war right now :(


01-29-2008, 05:25 AM
Hello, LWL. Off to the gym. Woke up looking forward to tomorrow when I take a forced day off from working out. How's that for looking ahead.

01-29-2008, 08:49 AM
I'm here...it was slow yesterday! Where is everybody? :p

I did Workout B from NRFL and today my "cheeks" :o are a bit sore. Is that the deadlifts? I do love them. Although I'm worried about being able to carry the bar to a quiet area as it's getting heavy. I think I only did 45 lbs. since it's still new to me. Seemed like a decent weight, although I could probably go up a bit. The next bar was 60 and it it's such a long bar and awkward to carry, I'm not sure how I'll get it to where I need it, when the gym is so busy. Weird to me that I can do the deadlifts okay but not easily carry the bar around between people. I'll figure it out somehow!

No gym today :( I have to go to the dentist later and that takes care of my lunch hour and after work time. That's okay, there's always tomorrow.

Hi to everyone!


01-29-2008, 09:32 AM
Well I made it to the gym last night, but it was my night off from the weights. I did 60 minutes on the bike, though. Tonight I'll do the weights and the bike again most likely. The trainer set me up with weight machines (Nautilus) to get me started and he said after a while they could move me over to the more advanced stuff. Fine with me! I have back and hip problems, so I want to take things slowly and not injure myself :)

elisa - I only get to a few Bruins games a year because Boston is about an hour from where I live. Plus tickets are :o expensive and so is parking!

Mel - I've never been intimidated on the ice, but maybe thats because I started playing hockey when I was 4 or 5. My parents took me out when they could start checking. I started playing again on in college on the girls club team. It was fun! I grew up in MA (moved to RI 5.5 years ago) and I've never been skiing. It kind of scares me. I'd like to try snowboarding some day. But what I'd REALLY like to do is snowshoeing! Now if only I could DH wanting to do that one.... I'm just happy he goes to the gym with me. :)

Pat - I think I'm going to join a CSA this summer. It is just DH and me, so I'm thinking a 1/2 share should be enough for the two of us. What do you think? I'm worried that there might be stuff in there that I don't like, and then I won't use it. But I'm pretty determined!

01-29-2008, 02:35 PM
Mel: So you did get your ski trip in after all. Good for you. One of the trainers at the sports clinic asked if I skied as he took out my stitches. I muttered no, I would probably just injury myself doing that too. My ACL is just fine and I'd like to keep it that way thank you. He suggested that it really wasn't that hard but, I'll think I'll wait on that one.

Elisa: I love deadlifts for the very reason you mentioned, sore glutes. I'm doing mine with dumbells for now and more of the straightlegged variety since I'm still babying my knees a little. We really don't have a lot of space for work with an Olympic bar either. Well, enough for one person doing them but it gets tricky if three are trying to find a spot. Honestly, the free weights area could just use more elbow room in general. Cardio gets all the real estate but I won't go there since I'm a bit of a cardio bunny too.

JG: I'm glad to see your up and hittin' the gym again. That must have been some kind of bug you were tackling. Good it's over.

I'm still struggling with the scale this week. I'm just maintaining and I hate it. I know what to do I just need to be consistent. Will someone remind me of this battle next October when the Halloween candy rolls in to the stores again. It began with that. :rolleyes:

But you know, I really need to keep it in perspective. I went shopping over the weekend and found that in some cases they just didn't have my size on the racks. Interpret, everything was too big. I look just fine in my clothes and I really haven't gone up much in my dress size, like just half a size really but complacency is not the answer. I don't like the way my legs look without the clothes right now and it has all to do with muscle definition and just a slightly higher bodyfat than I'm comfortable with after this past summer. I'll get there. Consistency. Almost everything else will take a back seat until I'm there again.

I did get a workout in both yesterday and today. Upper/lower splits all this week. The lower body is still mostly cardio but I did get deadlifts, stepups, and one legged squats in today. The squats and stepups were a little dodgy around the kneecap area but the quads were feeling much stronger than they did before surgery. :dunno: Anyway, I'm hoping that by two months I'll be better than before like the Bionic woman or something. :D

01-29-2008, 05:10 PM
I think I'm going to join a CSA this summer. It is just DH and me, so I'm thinking a 1/2 share should be enough for the two of us. What do you think?

I think that would be about right. I get the "small" box from mine, and I only get it every other week (today, in fact, YAY!)

To give you an example, here's what I'm getting today (it's a little heavy on the fruit because I swap out some veggies as we had a garden and have a bunch frozen):

0.34 pound Braising Mix (kale and other greens)
2 each Red Bell Peppers
1 pound Purple Top Turnips
0.75 pound Roma Tomatoes
1 bunch Bunched Carrots
2 each Ruby Grapefruit
1 each Butternut Squash
4 each Jonagold Apples
1 each Green Leaf Lettuce
3 each Cara Cara Oranges
1 each Yellow Onions
3 each D'anjou Pears
1 bunch Broccoli

Elisa, I like the stage 1, B workout a lot too. I'm doing it tomorrow night, and going up on the weights for deadlifts. I may do one more week on stage 1, as I've adapted the A workout to accommodate my poor knees. I don't know if it's the weather or what but they've really been bothering me the last couple days. Grrrrr.

My DH figured out how many trips he'd have to do on the 5 flights of stairs he uses for cardio some days in order to simulate the change in elevation we'll encounter in the Grand Canyon. It's something like 75! He did 25 yesterday. Me, I'm counting on the weight training (which he doesn't do) and good cardio conditioning to do it for me. We hike in (i.e. down) and then do day hikes while we're there, then there's the hike out (i.e. UP) for which you can pay extra to take a helicopter, which I will at least be prepared to do. :) The luggage goes in and out by mule.

01-29-2008, 05:15 PM
I'm joining a CSA this summer and going for a full share. I eat lots of veggies.

01-29-2008, 09:57 PM
LWL, I need your support. I mentioned that I'm participating in a challenge at my gym. I've coordinated a team and in 8 weeks we'll be getting training, classes, nutrition, pilates, etc and the winner (greatest changes) wins 20 sessions PT. I want this. I want this bad.

We'll be working with my trainer and nutrition continues to be my big issue. I just am very slow at losing. THe nutrition classes won't really address my needs. They're based more on balance diet and I just don't lose on that, no matter my calories. Anyway, I'm going Atkins and hoping that will help me reap the most results.

I'm writing to ask for your ongoing encouragement and any advice of what works for you. Please post on my blog when you feel like it and just cheerlead me on. THX.

01-30-2008, 08:30 AM
:wave: good morning! Still in a locked death match with my scale :p

Cardio done, food packed, gym at lunch...gee, nothing new here!

Lydia, sounds like your knees are coming back :hug: I really admire you for rebounding so cheerfully and with such dedicationfrom all your injuries.

JG- Glad you are feeling better and back to your routine. Good luck with the challenge!

Pat- your vegies box makes me hungry!

Off to work-
have a good one

01-30-2008, 09:33 AM
Mel: Oh please don't admire me. If you could have seen me yesterday, :rofl: I sat on the bench mentally preparing myself for my first 1 legged squat. I swear those things are 95 percent mental just imagining how to to manage getting yourself up and the muscles it will call upon. I also relied upon a lot of upper body squared shoulder strength to pull myself up if that makes sense. I think I'll keep those as throw ins maybe once a week for the next three weeks. They felt a little achy afterward and not in the good way. I know better...I will now do better. :yes:

JG: Your challenge sounds so exciting. OMG free PT sessions certainly is something to be excited about. Good luck with this. You so deserve this. :hug:

Pat, ModKit, Nelie: I'll think I'll steer clear of the CSA discussion. :chin: considering the debate I've already started regarding my fondness of squishy tomatoes. :stir:

RANT: I'm up a pound today. I can't believe it. I was even squeaky clean yesterday. Well, that settles it, it really is true. I can't walk by a plate of cookies without them sticking to my glutes. I had to bake yesterday or a couple of upcoming PTO activities this week and next. I ATE NONE OF THEM. HONEST. In fact just to make it less appealing, I did the unthinkable for me and purchased the "break and bake" kind of cookies sold in the grocery. My rationale was that the less personal investment I had in these little things the easier it would be for me not to touch them. I was right about that but ~sigh~ I'm still up. For everytime that I think that losing this weight was sometimes easy, I'm going to fall back upon this month as a reminder. Now, time to put the scale behind me and hit the gym where my real efforts are instantly rewarded.

Have a great day everyone. :sunny:

01-30-2008, 09:38 AM
Went to the gym last night. 2 sets of weights, and 45 minutes on the bike. I used a different bike this time. The pedals are below (like a normal bike) instead of in front of you (like the bike I had been using) and on this one you had to sort of hunch over to reach the HR monitor. My upper back is not happy with me for doing this and also trying to keep my head up in order to watch Law and Order on the TV.

JG - Good luck with the challenge!

Pat - That sounds like a good mix of veggies. I don't really eat turnips. Don't know why, I guess they just haven't been in any recipes I've made! Also, I can't eat grapefruit. Interacts with my medication. And I love it too and miss it! I'm jealous :p

Lydia - You know, I had the same problem recently. I went to Kohl's on Saturday and it was actually kind of hard finding things in a size 8. They had more than enough of things 10 and above. 8 and under was kind of hard to find, and I'm just getting into 8's! I think I might have to start shopping elsewhere if that continues. I was so surprised! :eek: Your pound up might just be fluctuation, I wouldn't worry about it! Obviously the cookies were not the problem and :bravo: for resisting them!

Mel - Isn't it great when you have a routine? I love having a routine. The problem is when I break it, it seems SO hard to get back on.

01-30-2008, 10:44 AM
Morning all,

I had a pretty good workout last night. This morning, I was driving into work and thinking that the wire of my bra was digging into my chest. The only thing is I wasn't wearing a wire bra... It was just soreness.

Nothing much going on otherwise. I'm working on getting hold of my food before it gets hold of me. I hate when I get in a funk like this though.

01-30-2008, 10:50 AM
Morning everyone!

I also don't like turnips much. I've prepared them in several different ways to give them a full on chance, but I don't like the bitterness. We're not sure if we're staying here for another year, but if we are, I'm signing us up for the CSA! I want a box of veggies each week. You can only sign up until April, so hopefully our job situation will be sorted by then.

I had a good workout yesterday. That stage 2, workout A is a tough one. Especially the one-legged db rows. I have very poor balance. :) I did tweak my lower back doing the horizontal cable chops though. :eek: I think I need to ask one of the trainers to check my form.

Happy Wednesday.

01-30-2008, 11:47 AM
:wave: LWL!

What I had for breakfast: I began with a set of OH squats, followed by a main course of delectable front squats served with Romanian deadlifts tossed in a light vinaigrette of pain. For dessert, luscious Bulgarian split squats with a topping of donkey calf raises.

How about you? :)


01-30-2008, 11:53 AM
Breakfast was a back fricassee. :D Grilled lat pulldowns, with a side of seated cable rows. Pullups cleansed the palate in preparation for rows, done a la Free Motion. The meal concluded with an elegant ending of DB pullovers with a long, slow finish. Hyperextensions were served with port and a lovely cheese plate.

I so love breakfast in the gym! :strong:

01-30-2008, 03:57 PM
Kim & Meg :rofl: on your :strong: breakfasts! Me, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a side of orange..... :)

Lydia - it really is true then that just smelling cookies causes weight gain? :lol: I'm sure your pound will be gone in no time.

Baff - I'm not crazy about turnips myself, but DH likes them. I think they're too watery. Rutabegas are much better. I'm made because I got shorted one grapefruit! And the tomatoes don't look any better than those in the store. Oh well, it's January, what should I expect. Rest of the stuff looks good though. THe lettuce is esp nice as we've been getting some really mediocre stuff in the grocery, and who knows where it's grown....

No excitement here today. DH broke another tooth yesterday and so is off to the dentist. The chemo and radiation have damaged the tooth enamel I'm sure, plus he no longer produces enough saliva which among other things, protects your teeth. I'm going to the Chamber of Commerce luncheon to be part of the city's annual report to the members. Each department director gets 3-5 minutes to talk. I get to cover all my sub-departments in that time: library, ice arena, airport, golf course and parks. Yikes. I'll be speed talking!

01-30-2008, 04:30 PM
Hey everyone. Im looking to build some muscle and lower my body fat. What do you guys think of this book: New Rules Of Lifting For Women.

What equiptment is needed, can i do this at home (don't have a gym membership)

01-30-2008, 08:42 PM
Hi all, I just had an omelet and a dog walk for breakfast. Very boring! But I did have one-legged db rows for dinner last night, so that counts for something. :)

Welcome Sportsfreak. I'm loving the NROLW. I did the man program last year and now have started on the woman program (along with several others here). It's a very good, comprehensive and basically simple program and, at least, my body comp has completely changed since I started doing the workouts. If you read through this whole thread, you'll see that we've been talking about it quite a lot.

That reminds me. My weight has been fluctuating a bit recently but I think I'm starting to look a bit more cut. Might be time for another bf test, perhaps after I've finished Stage 2.

01-30-2008, 08:52 PM
I had an exquisite lunch of shoulders grilled. Starter course seated on a ball doing alternate arm dumbbell presses, followed by a palate cleanser of one legged lateral raises. Third course was served while standing on the other leg doing front raises, followed by a saucy dessert of bent over rear delt raises. To increase the piquancy, the next round was a repeat of the entire meal standing on the flat side of a bosu. And it was soooo good, that I repeated it all again standing with heavier weight. For my finishing round, I sat in an upright bench for the overhead and went heavy. Full fat, double cream. Then a dollop of laterals with cables, front single dumbbell down the rack, a soupcon of rear delts with the cable again, some abs, and outta there! They should tip me :rofl:

Welcome, sportsfreak! We aren't usually this silly.:dizzy:

I saw your question is your other thread- The New Rules of Lifting for Women is a great way to start. Even if you don't have all the equipment called for in his workouts, the discussion of nutrition and exercise is one of the best I've ever read. For home equipment, you can go from minimalist (bands are cheap and we have a band workout from Meg posted at the top of this forum) to full home gym. If you are just starting and are on a budget ( I think you said you were 16) bands and household items like milk jugs refilled with clean sand work great. A stability ball is inexpensive- usually between $12-20. If you have a good sturdy chair with minimal padding and a straight back you can use that for a lot of exercises. A small wooden box or bench is also useful for step ups, jumps, etc. Take a look at the exercises in the book, look around your house and get creative.


01-30-2008, 09:16 PM
You all are a bit nutty today! :dizzy:

sportsfreak - yes, there are a few of trying out some of the workouts from the NRFL. I'm still on stage one but I'm really enjoying it. I do have the advantage of going to the gym though. I think there are a lot of options on a lot of the exercises for using dumbells and working out at home. I imagine as you go up in weights, it might become more difficult but maybe by then you'll have a good idea of whether or not it's something you want to continue with. If it is, maybe you'll want to make a small investment in some equipment for home.

I'm continuing with my usual routine this week. The NRFL workout twice a week, once yoga, once power and then a spin class or some running thrown in. It's actually less intesive than what I had been doing. Less cardio and easily sustainable. I still have the feeling that the cardio will kick up when the weather gets a bit better.

Scale update? still flirting with the same pound or two but still down from a few weeks ago. 15 days until a bathing suit comes out of hiding...sigh...I'm nervous about the food etc. while I'm away but also very excited. For the first time ever, I'm packing my workout clothes and shoes and I expect to use them! Just being able to play a little tennis outdoors and go for a run sounds so exciting!!

Hi to everyone! :wave:


01-31-2008, 08:29 AM
Morning :wave:

Elisa- Where are you headed? Warm weather and bathing suits sound wonderful right about now. :sunny:

I need to change SOMETHING, but I'm at a total loss as to what. despite eating clean and working out regularly, I'm up a pound since last week on a food-workout routine which should have me down about a pound a week or more. This isn't fluctuation- it's just not budging and when it does, it goes up :( I doubt I'm gaining muscle and I really don't want to! My bag of tricks isn't working for me any more. I changed meds about 2 weeks ago and am really afraid that the answer may be there. If it is, I really need to seriously rethink my priorities. I hate this.

Sorry to be so glum so early.


01-31-2008, 09:31 AM
Morning everyone

I read most of the book last night to see what it is about. This book is a complete 180 from most programs I have looked at. Apprently I have to eat 1800 the days I dont work out and 2000 the days i work out. It looks like these are preety big numbers. I'm only 5'2". s it maybe that i am not accustomed to eating this much. Are you guys following how much the book says to eat.

I am going to invest in a bench, dumbells and barbells so I can do this at home. I may also see if i can purchase a gym membership or join the weight room club at school (the guys, the girls is really just a yoga studio). The problem is i dont want to be the only girl in the body weight room i our school, they are so cocky and i fell intimidated because i am i the gys weight room, where as in a gym it is co-ed. The problem then becomes its 30 to join the weight room club for the rest of the year and 300 to join a gym.

01-31-2008, 09:46 AM
Mel - :hug: that's for your struggles. I know that you know this whole thing better than I do. I can only assume (other than possible issues with a new medication) that if you stick with it, you'll see the results. Maybe it will just take a bit more time. I don't know what else to say because you've done this before...you know what you're doing, and I know that there's not likely any "more" you can do. Maybe a bit different? But not more. Good luck.

As for my trip, two weeks today I leave for Nassau for 5 days with some girlfriends. Yes, it's Valentine's Day and I'm going without my DH but really? It's just Valentines Day and it was a weekend that worked out for all of us. 2007 was a "big" bday ;) year for some of my friends that I've know for 25+ years. It took us a while to plan it but we're finally going and I'm really looking foward to it. I'm scared about the "all inclusive" part of it but we'll see how it all plays out!

sportsfreak - admittedly, I'm following the workout part of the plan right now but not the food. I agree with some of what he's saying but you have to see what will work for you. I made some minor changes to his plan just to make it work for my lifestyle but I think the basic theory is sound and I've been enjoying the workouts. If you think you can do this at home, do it. If you think a gym will help, don't let the guys intimidate you! It's been a discussion we've had many times around here....they might be men, but that doesn't mean they know any more than we do about the weights...they just think they do! ;)

Have a great day everyone!


01-31-2008, 10:09 AM
Morning :wave:
If it is, I really need to seriously rethink my priorities. I hate this.Mel

Mel: Boy, I don't like the sound of that. :hug: :hug: Maybe it could be the new meds. :dunno: I really hope that this can be stabilized for you. There must be an answer somewhere though. Is this a known side effect of these meds, could your physician suggest something else?

I could blather on about all of the wonderful aspects cardio/lifting, all true, but at the end of the day we need to see the results of our efforts. It's not exactly a vanity thing either. Many of us have experienced a life with weight challenges and have no desire to flirt with it again. It's just so frustrating when we have invested so much effort into getting and keeping ourselves fit and at a certain bodyfat only to have something like this sideline us. Keep us posted with how this continues or improves for you. I think we all run into these bumps and it is helpful to know that it happens and how we can work around/with them. Hang in there Mel. Something's got to give here soon. :^: But what ever happens here Mel, don't ever quit, just adapt. (I really feel so silly about even trying to offer you advice but I just want you to know I am concerned with what your going through) :^:

So while all of you were having these wonderful brunches yesterday I was serving up humble pie during my session. :devil: I just finished my bicep curls with 25 lbs dumbbells when one of the retired male members walks over to me shaking his head. He told me I had to stop because I was making him look bad...he had just finished his set of reps with the same weight. :p Then he started with the "be careful I don't want to see you hurt yourself doing that.." Valid concern since he has knows my track record for the last two years. :rofl: I assured him that I can really only do seven reps with these before I need to back down to the 20's to finish my set and :chin: I really don't see myself curling the 30lbs anytime soon. I think this made him feel a little better. :^:

01-31-2008, 11:17 AM
LOL Elisa! THat's funny. Doncha just love it when the seniors have no inhibitions about telling us what we're dong wrong in life?!? I had a woman comment to my roommate & I in college about the food that was in our cart - typical college food, please. It was just so funny to get counseled by a complete stranger!

01-31-2008, 11:19 AM
Morning everyone!

:hug: Mel! I'm sorry that you're struggling. That's very frustrating.

Sportsfreak: the idea behind the nutrition plan is that eating maintenance calories is the best thing for improving body composition. If your maintenance calories are lower than 2000, you would eat those. If you were trying to lose more than a couple of pounds, I think there are better nutrition plans, but if you're mostly trying to lose fat and build muscle then the high-protein maintenance-cal plan is probably as good as any. As far as the gym goes, well, you have every right to lift weights alongside the guys. Most weight rooms in most gyms are dominated by men, but if you want to lift weights then you have absolutely every right to do so.

I'm off to the gym in a little bit. It's workout B again today. Let's see if I can't have a better, more uplifting workout today. :)

01-31-2008, 12:52 PM
%&@#!!! Stymied! I went to the gym, started my deadlifts (with the olympic bar--I've decided it's time to stop screwing around with the barbells) and, during my second set, PULLED A BACK MUSCLE. ARGH! It hurts! And I can't bend or sit. I must have jerked or something. Very, very annoying. Gotta go lie down in the living room with a hot pack.

Happy workouts, everyone.

01-31-2008, 02:08 PM
Mel - maybe your meds need time? When I switch BCP, I gained 10 lbs and those 10 lbs didn't budge for 3 months of proper eating/exercise and then woosh, they left (with a few friends).

Lydia - I used to love the old guys when I went to a gym. They'd always come up and say things to me. When I started going to the gym with DH, he told me that he thought I was lifting too much weight...

Baffled - ouch!! hope you feel better.

As for me, I've been doing various kettlebell exercises. Last night, I did some ones focusing on the upper body and they killed me. I also mentioned to DH that I think I need a bigger kettlebell, he agreed since he has been doing them too. This weekend, we may go in search of kettlebells.

01-31-2008, 03:43 PM
Baffled: OMG. I hope you are feeling better this afternoon. See, these are the things that really worry me. I think I know what I'm doing and then wham, sidelined. Hopefully you'll be fine soon.:hug:

Nelie: Have fun shopping for new equipment. Its great that DH is using the kettlebells too. Now, talk about wrenching your back. I know I would through my back out doing those the first time.

I saw my friend from yesterday during my workout this afternoon. He sat down on the mats and asked me if I even left yet from yesterday. He's a good guy and kids everyone like this. I told him that wrote about him in "this forum I post in" with other women and that I'm glad he has a sense of humor about it. Honestly, he made my day yesterday because there are so many things I can't do yet with my lower body. I tried to do a simple standing quad stretch today. Nope. Not happening. Still too soon. I'll get there in a few more weeks though.

Sportsfreak: I understand your dilemma. It's one thing to lift at a gym with men of various ages and another to lift with your peers in high school. I will tell you this though, I really wish I could have had this when i was a younger woman. So what ever you choose, make it a choice to lift somewhere because you deserve to treat your body well too. Is there a time when the room may be less crowded or is there another friend who could spot you. I think though that after time they will get used to having you there and I have found that as your skill and strength improves you may gain respect from them as well. Not that we need their validation but it may just make being there easier for you. I remember some of the gems I went to school with. :rolleyes: I do understand.

01-31-2008, 04:57 PM
Hi guys,

I know you're not doctors but I could use some advice on this back thing. I've spent the morning lying down with a hot pack, guzzling ibupofen, but my back still really hurts and it hurts to sit for longer than a couple of minutes. Is this a 'toughen-up-and-push-through-it' situation, or should I consign myself to lying down for the rest of the day? Since my brain is fine, I feel that I should go to the office and get some work done, but I'm daunted by the prospect of scrabbling over snow and ice to get there and then sitting for hours once I get to my office. I just can't tell whether I'm being lazy or whether I'm better off resting. Advice?

01-31-2008, 05:33 PM
Baff, I'm most definitely not a doc but I live with someone with a bad back. Bed rest is no longer recommended for back injuries because it makes the problem worse. I think it's now recommended that the person (carefully) try to maintain her usual routine. In your case, I don't think that means the gym! But perhaps some walking?

Not wanting to scrabble over snow and ice makes perfect sense, especially because you really don't want to fall and damage anything else. Can you work from home? Take breaks, walk around, and see if you can stretch a bit?

Most back injuries fix themselves in a matter of days. You're doing the right things and hopefully you'll feel some improvement every day. :hug:

01-31-2008, 05:35 PM
baffled111: Make sure you don't push your self to the point where the muscle does will not heal. If the pain is extremly bad and you know that you will not be able to sit at the office all day, then you should consider not going. However, if it just some mild pain with slight discomfort you can go if that is what you want. Just don't over do things, you already have a soar back, you dont want to make it worse by overusing the strained muscle.

I have finally decided to invest in a barbell, dumbell and a bench. Just wondering if any of you ladies are drinking whey protien with your workout plan. Is it safe for me to take it too since im only 16. I just want to take it on the days i lift- no more than to one scoop. And one more question, how long do the workouts in the NRLW take to do on average.

01-31-2008, 06:07 PM
Well, I can't answer your whey protein questions beyond the fact that what I use when I use any type of protein drink is whey based, but I use it seldom enough that I buy premixed.

As for the workouts, I find they go pretty quickly, especially after you don't have to look at the directions for all the exercises. :) I can finish the ones in each of the Stage 1 rountines in 30-40 minutes, even allowing for moving to various parts of the gym. That's one of the nice features - it doesn't take hours! I usually warm up on the bike or elliptical for 5-10 minutes, the I have to go downstairs in my gym to use the weights, and move to other areas to have room to do some things. I usually end up by adding on some exercises my physical therapist gave me specifically to strengthen my knees.

01-31-2008, 06:13 PM
Thanks Meg. I think I'm going to skip the office today and make up my work over the weekend. Sitting hurts. I just popped a percoset and am doing some light picking up around the house--perhaps that will loosen things up. Actually though, my back feels stiffer the more I wander around. I wish bf were here! He's out of town until tomorrow night. The good thing about this is that I can't send him out to get me pity-party salt & vinegar chips or Ben & Jerry's. :)

01-31-2008, 08:25 PM
Ouch! Baff :hug: If I'd been on earlier, I would have suggested ice first...yeah, I know that sounds awful, but 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off is the usual prescription. I use frozen peas wrapped in a kitchen towel. RICE=rest, ice, ibuprophen and elevation (in the case of a lower limb).

Thanks for all the commiseration and well wishes. Lydia, I think you got the opposite impression of my intentions:
But what ever happens here Mel, don't ever quit, just adapt.
I'm MUCH more likely to stop my medications! They aren't for anything life threatening, just chronic pain and insomnia. I'd rather go back to the pain and insomnia (maybe not the insomnia!) than quit working out. And it would be counterproductive, anyway. Exercise actually decreases my pain levels unless I get stupid again and go for bench pressing records!

Sportsfreak- I'm not sure what I'd do in your case. Being the only girl in a high school gym sounds pretty dreadful. If you could convince a friend to join you, that would be great. Are you sure you would be the only girl in there?
I think a whey protein drink after workouts would be fine as long as you are eating a balanced diet. Do you have any idea of how many calories you are maintaining on now? You are tiny, but you do want to build muscle, and that takes fuel.

Tomorrow is Womens' Heart Health Day...wear red! Of course all of us here are treating our hearts kindly through vigorous cardio, lifting and proper nutrition!


01-31-2008, 09:59 PM
Well right now to maintain my weight i eat around 1300-1400 a day. 1800- what the book sugessted seems to be a bit much and this is on the non-working days. The days when i do work out i need to eat 2000. Do i really need this much food to build muscle even on days i dont lift

02-01-2008, 12:32 AM
Sportsfreak, are you really tiny? I can't imagine a teenage girl maintaining on so few calories. Are you sure you can't eat more? I'm 32 and I maintain on 2000-2500 a day (but I'm also tall).

02-01-2008, 06:19 AM
hi LWL,

Good to read all the posts on the thread!

Mel - I hope things are working out for you. Did you ever try stuff like meditation for the insomnia iso meds ?

Baff - how awfull about the back! I hope you are improving. I have back * arm problems as well this week, too much stress from work, too much sitting in inappropriate chairs & too much comp[uter. I am taking the day off to rest & recommit to NRWL.

sportsfreak - I cannot add anything to the posts of the others, but I want to wellcome you & encourage you. i think it is great that you want to workout.

Have a great day all,

02-01-2008, 07:51 AM
baffled: I am 5 foot 2 and i have a small frame. Well I'm off to school, just had a few days off after exams