Weight Loss Support - 300+ and Ready To Try Again....#128

02-03-2002, 04:13 AM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts

02-03-2002, 04:27 AM
I found QueenB's post on the second page of the last thread and didn't want anyone to miss it.
I realize that some of you probably found it on the third page. LOL
I forget not everyone has reprogramed their forum to 30 posts per page.
It doesn't matter where you found it... LOL.... I just want to be sure that Tina finds it again. :)
Here is QueenB's post...

12:57 AM 02-03-2002

Hello everyone. :wave: Not sure if I should say good morning or good evening. Where I am at is 1:50 in the morning. I just re-read over the post I put in last night and geez what I whiner I must have sounded like. :nono: I can't promise that I won't ever get that down on myself again, but that is not usually like me. I really try to be an upbeat person, but it seems like I've just had a little more than my share lately & I needed to go somewhere & pout for awhile. I am much better today though. :p

My husband, kids and I went out to eat dinner with a friend that I dearly love and haven't seen for awhile and that just made my day. And then, if I hadn't had enough giddiness, my husband decided to rewallpaper the bathroom. I'll have to tell you how I feel about that once it's done. I havent seen the finished product yet. I would like to say that it feels so good to be posting again and talking about things. It was also very nice to see TT and 2cute...these guys have been here for awhile and seem to be a never ending source of inspiration. Thank you so much for being something very constant. I know I'm not the only one who appreciates you. I will try to get the water thing going this week along with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Lord knows I need more of that in my life. You can only live on gravy and biscuits for so long, you know. :lol: Well, I guess I will go for now. Thank everyone for responding back to me. I really appreciate it and once I get better at this & get to know everyone a little better, I will try to respond to you individually. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. :p


02-03-2002, 11:15 AM
Tina Stay out of the bathroom!!! I know couples who have tried to wall paper together and they almost got divorced.:eek:

The sun is shinning already here so, with luck it will warm up enough that I can get a walk in.

I found all of my "exercise" tapes while cleaning. I won't tell you how many I have - it's embarrassing:o , lets just say I could open my own exercise libraray!!!

Hope you have a great Sunday....

02-03-2002, 12:55 PM
I hope you all can hear me... I have to whisper this morning. Hubby thinks I am on this computer too much. :rolleyes:
I am just sneaking in for my fix. :lol: He "might" be right. LOL

I am so glad that I found a SMILE here. Ladybug... you are so funny this morning. LOL
Tina.. I have to agree... STAY OUT OF THE BATHROOM. LOL
My husband and I survived wallpapering together... but it wasn't a pretty sight. LOL And I am not talking about the paper. :p

I don't have time to share... Hubby is home... LOL ...but when he leaves... I will be back. :D
OHHhhh... I hear him coming !!! ... I have to R U N N N n n n n n n

02-03-2002, 01:55 PM
Hey everyone :)

I spent the last hour reading all the posts since my last one. Wow, this has been a productive group :)

I had to cut out a lot of things the last couple of weeks and concentrate on huge new projects at work and recovering from this knee thing. My knee is healing up nicely, though, and I almost have work back under control. They even gave me back some of my cut back hours because of the added work load. This is such a good thing.

On the really good side, I made my weight loss goal last month. I lost 5 pounds! Wahoo! I think most of it had to do with getting back to journalling. My memory isn't quite as honest about food intake as my journal. Now don't everyone get all excited about that loss, I'm still a ways off where I was before. But it really does feel good to be headed the right direction again.

There is no way to catch up on all those missed posts, but I'm going to have to read a bit further back and find out how 2cute was burned. Sounds painful! Thanks to Thin for reposting the recipes and adding the raspberry suggestion. Raspberries are my favorite. :) Thanks to so many others for your honest postings. If we can't get real here, we can't do it anywhere. This is such a good, safe place to start. *HUGS*

Time for me to run. I'm a little more mobile right now, and this house is driving me insane with all the clutter. Going to work on it for an hour or so and then put my leg up. Take care all! I'm so happy to be back. :)


02-03-2002, 02:28 PM
Andria Good job on the 5 lbs...5lbs is 5lbs... HOW do you make yourself journal...I need help. I can barely get past breakfast before I give up on it. HELP HELP HELP :^:

"In Cold Blood" is on tonight...I spent many hours doing a book report on that book in high school. I wonder if it will scare me? Maybe I won't watch it...I will have to see.

I have to go and find those recipes myself. I bought all the ingredients but forgot to copy the recipes....do you see why journaling is hard for me??????:?:

2Cute I won't be responding to you because you were never here!!! (That's my story and I am sticking to it)

02-03-2002, 04:53 PM
Wow...there's been a whole lotta postin' going on since I was last here 2 whole days ago! Jeez, I gotta catch up!

QueenB, I was so moved by your post, it brought tears to my eyes. You've come to the right place, and don't be afraid to vent or complain or whine...that's what we're here for! This is the place to come to where we CAN vent to those who understand. I'm glad you are feeling better!

I think it was Syn who said something about individual replies to each person here...don't worry about addressing each one of us each time...I find it very hard to go back and forth to make sure I don't forget anyone, that's how I usually LOSE my post! I thought of printing out the whole thread so I could get everything straight, but my family thinks that I too, 2cute, spend TOO much time here as it is!!:lol: :lol:

Lucky, we could merge and open up an exercise tape Blockbuster! and I had the nerve to buy TWO MORE tapes the other day. I was buying socks at Sports Authority, realized that I had to charge because I had left my cash at home, so I didn't want to "waste" the charge on just socks! I got a "Yoga for Weight Loss" and one called "Fat Eliminator." Will critque them for you guys if I ever open them! :lol: I'm kidding, I WILL try them...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

TT, I find it very hard to journal too. My daughter gave me a beautiful cloth covered journal for Christmas...I've been saving it, I don't know why...I think about writing everyday but don't want to "waste" the pretty journal on my dismal thoughts and food choices...Yeah, I know...exactly why I NEED to journal...maybe I'll just start out with a notebook and work my way up! I tried on-line journaling but it isn't the same for me.

You know, I'm making that my goal for this week...to start a journal...(and to try my new tapes!)

I'd better go...we're supposed to go to my sister's for a Super Bowl party:rolleyes: I WANT TO STAY HOME!!! I need a weekend where I don't have to BE somewhere everyday! I need to do laundry! I want to read the Sunday paper! I want to relax! I could care less about football! HELLLLLLP!

Have a fun Sunday everyone...

02-03-2002, 05:34 PM
I am sneaking in just to read .... and sneaking out just as fast.

I LOVE YOU GUYS ... You alsways put a smile on my face. :D

02-03-2002, 06:05 PM
Well ladies I am here. I went to church with my aunt this morning.
son is going to a superball party nd dh is planning his on party.

I tried morningstar farms pattie sausage this morning and its good dh tried it too which surprised me he liked it.

Had a salad for lunch with tuna on it.

well I better go for now be back later.

02-03-2002, 06:40 PM
Hello everyone! :dizzy:
I have been absolutely TERRIBLE tody, but you know what, that is ok. Because after I sat down and ate that big ol' steak and baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream :smug: and felt my arteries harden. I made a committment. To myself. Not because someone was making me or because I felt guilty, but because it is time . These are the facts. I am 32 years old. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and I weigh.......(hold on and wait for the scream for I am about to go weigh myself) UGH! 328 pounds. But that is ok. Well, it is not ok, but I am not hiding from it. (as if I could) :^: But today ladies, is the fattest day of the rest of my life. I'm going to start small, so I don't burn myself out, but I make this promise to you and to myself. I will drink at least 4-8 oz. glasses of water each day this week. I will eat at least 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of fruit a day. And I won't eat anything fried this week. Now, you say that may be a small start, but this will be a long journey, and since many of my days contain no fruit or vegetables and many fried items, I think it is a very good start. This is the way for me to start out slow and work my way into it. I will try to keep you updated throughout this week and let you know how things are going. And no, I do not expect to be perfect. I don't think any of us are, but I am going to try...and that is more than I can say for myself for a very long time. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and so totally accepted. You guys are the best.

02-03-2002, 06:45 PM

02-03-2002, 07:58 PM
Way to go Tina: I am here for you

02-03-2002, 09:32 PM
Yeah Tina :D

Kat If you journal this week I will. Okay I might only make it until Tuesday but lets splurge and go for Wednesday!!!!!

02-03-2002, 10:22 PM
Well... here is the BAD CHILD of the group. LOL
Sneaking around like a 4 year old so hubby won't be mad at me. :rolleyes:
When I grow up..... :lol:

My food was good today. I am going to Missouri to see my parents tomorrow and I am anxious to get to weigh again. I am praying for 3 lbs but know it is unlikely. The last time I weighed it was hilarious...
I drove there praying that it would at the very least be the same. I did want a gain. "Please God.. don't let me have gained!!"
Walking to the scale I prayed "Please God.. if at all possible Please let me lose at least one pound. Something to help inspire me to keep going"
I got on the scale and I was THRILLED that I lost 2lbs !!!!!
Walking back to the car I was very happy I lost not one... but two pounds.
Driving back I thought..." Darn, I wish it had been three or four" :lol:
How quickly I forgot the thrill and "gratitude" for that loss. :rolleyes:

I can't reply tonight. If I get up early enough tomorrow I will try to catch up... but that is unlikely. I am not an early riser... and I am headed to my parents. I will get back just as soon as possible. Heck .. maybe even tonight if I can't sleep and hubby can. :lol: Hmmmm... maybe I can slip something into his drink tonight. LOL Just to make him sleep better of course....he needs his rest. :devil: LOL

Tina... that is a GREAT start !!!! "Determination" grab hold of it and don't let go. ;)

02-03-2002, 10:50 PM
Hi all!!

You are all such a great bunch of people, I love coming here to talk, just wish we could meet!! :D

For those of you starting out again, like me, can I give you one tip that I learned - don't try to do it all in one day!! Remember that you are changing lifetime habits. When I first started this journey over a year ago, I think I tried to change too much too quickly, and would therefore feel like a failure if I couldn't live up to ALL of those expectations. Last year, when I started WW and learnt more about food than ever, I realised there's a lot more to it than "eating well" and "exercising", in that you have to know the in's and out's of everything you eat, journalling to keep track helps, you have to maintain a certain level of exercise, you need to do this and that..... lots!!! So trying to absorb and achieve all that on the first day was near impossible. So I tried to do one thing at a time. For example, when buying lunch, I tended to get a choc milk or coke. So I changed that to low-fat choc milk, or diet coke. That took some getting used to, I can tell you!! The other thing was to accept that ONE sandwich was enough, especially if combined with some low-fat soup, and fruit. Again, reprogramming my way of thinking, and it took MONTHS. And I think, like any addict, there are some cravings and behaviour patterns that will never go away. My desire to eat junk versus healthy will never leave, because that's just my way of thinking. BUT I have accepted that, and learnt to live without (almost!). Because being slim and healthy is more important.... Last year I kinda let it go by the wayside, because I just wanted to relax and enjoy myself for my wedding and holiday, but I knew that I would pay the price. I have - I've gained a few kilos. But I'm now ready to finish what I started. For me THIS IS THE YEAR!! But I'm also aware that getting back into it won't be easy, so I'm just taking it easy. Last week was about starting the exercise again, and slowing down my eating (I was actually fairly good while we were away, as far as quantities, it was the choices that weren't good!). This week it's about getting my portions and choices right back on track - can't find my WW books tho! :mad: And in about 2 weeks I'll start WW again, and begin the weigh-in's again. But after 8 weeks of no tracking or exercise I knew I couldn't just launch straight back into it, because I would've put myself off!!
And as for journalling... well, I have the same problem as a lot of you! Yuck! But I just keep it on me at all times, and I guess that will be next week's new challenge....

Well, enough of me crapping on.... guess I'm also reminding myself of how important it is to take it easy!! :^:

*climbing down off the soap box* ... so how are you all!? :lol:

My weekend was a bit of a drag, as I had some kinda food poisoning, and ended up on the couch most of the time.... but I feel ok now, just a bit headachy. I didn't exercise, but I didn't eat much either - think I'll pay for that in the next couple of days! :rolleyes:
If it doesn't rain, will go for a walk this afternoon. Must get back to the gym too, as my membership has started up again....

Best get back to it... talk to you all tomorrow!

Lynne :wave:

02-04-2002, 03:54 AM
Hi everyone,

Congrats Andria & 2cute on your weight loss. And to you Lucky for those excellent gifs.

Today was superbowl Sunday and I didn't do so well. Tomorrow is a new day. Fresh with new possibiities. Gotta go back to housecleaning.

Monday, monday...

02-04-2002, 04:39 AM
:wave: hello all you lovely people ive not long signed up on this site and its giving me more encouragement than ive had from classes and husband in years. was reading back there and seen a few people have trouble with journalling . welll ladies there is a great site called www.fitday.com and it has a journal you can fill in it also has loads of other very useful parts .hope youse find this helpful ,good luck to you all:)

02-04-2002, 09:00 AM
Lynne Great Advise....We always want to lose fast and don't want this to be a long process...but we know it is.

It is 6 below zero today...brrrrrr Think Spring!!!

Motivational Monday: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Unknown

Boy, this quote really jumped at me! It's so simple, if I want to be slim again I have to create it...just like I created NOT being slim. :mad:

02-04-2002, 10:27 AM
definitley slow is best i think every other time ive tried to lose weight ive wanted it to all happen to quickly its only now ive realised that is not going to happen no matter how many lotions and potions i buy im on 218 just now . want to get to 100 but i think ill give myself slow goals like 200 first then we'll see after that but fitday worked out for me to attain 100lbs by next yes next july id have to lose about 1.6lbs a week which is not to unrealistic

02-04-2002, 10:40 AM
Morning all
Welcome Flumper we are here for you.

LLB I am thing spring I hate cold weather.

To all the weight losers congrats.

I am holding steady at 210 I was hoping for 200 by Feb. 14 (when I turn 50) but probally won't happen.

I'll talk to all of you later.

02-04-2002, 11:09 AM
Happy Monday!

Did everyone survive Super Bowl Sunday?? I walked away from the party relatively unscathed...I guess I wan't hungry, or something, I don't know, it wasn't a conscious thing...and there was an unbeleivable amount of food there! I don't even want to discuss the desserts!! (I did have two chocolate chip cookies with my coffee...) But I wasn't going to obsess about it, my other choices were fine. I'm just glad all those leftovers will NOT be at my house! :p

New week...time to get back on track...Here's something I read in "Make the Connection,"

" Your excess weight is a symptom of something else, maybe many things, in your life. You must come to understand what your weight represents. It may represent a void in your life or not wishing to let people down, it may represent unhappiness with yourself, it may represent unhappiness with your life. It can represent a variety of different things. But ultimately it is about not receiving enough love. And usually when this is the case, you are constantly in search of love from external sources. The secret is, it must first come from yourself."

One way to love ourselves, I think, is to give our bodies the very best in terms of what is good for it. High quality food,(fruits/veggies, protein, no junk) sufficient exercise, whatever makes you happy, be it walking running, aerobics, etc (I love going to the park and walking in a picturesque setting) setting small, attainable goals; ( I WILL journal today! I will measure out all my water for the day and make sure it is gone by the end of the day. I will plan my menu, I will walk today). These are different ways of loving ourselves, WE DESERVE IT!

Think of the person, or people, that love you the most. What is it about you that they love so much?? Do you agree? Think about what it is about yourself that you don't like so much. Compare. Is your list realistic? Are the things that you don't like changeable? Can you pick one thing from that list and change it today? I'd say that "compassionate" would be one of the traits that people would use to describe me. One of the words that I might use to describe myself would be "lazy." Maybe I should show MYSELF some compassion and realize that what I call laziness might have something to do with being tired from the crazy hours that I keep, and that a possible solution to that could be trying to establish daily routines that include a sufficient amount of rest.

(I'm scaring myself with all this self awareness...not sure where it's coming from, but I think I'm on to something!)

Well, this concludes the psychoanalysis portion of this post...I'd like to address each one of you but my limited memory banks prevent me from doing so! Suffice it to say that I wish each and everone of you a great day!

Keep on posting...

02-04-2002, 01:45 PM
Hello All,

Welcome to the new posters glad to see you here! This is a teriffic bunch of ladies...

I weighed in at 305 this morning... That is making me smile...I too hope to be in the 200's by Valentine's day. Didn't someone else mention that as their goal too?

It is darned cold here today too. Wish it were Spring...I have been going thru garden books and sending for seeds already.
That is always fun to do.

I am at work and can't stay on the computer long...so I will keep this short....

HAve a super OP week everyone..Love to all..............

02-04-2002, 01:55 PM
You would not believe the book I just wrote you all. And then it told me I had too many smilies and it erased my post!!! I am no less than furious!!! Can't stay to re-do it. Know that I love you guys, that's the best I can do for now!

02-04-2002, 03:14 PM
Hey everyone :)

Stitches come out this afternoon! Wahoo! I am soooo tired of them catching inside my pants. Just too odd a sensation. I'm also going to ask the doctor how long I need to wait to begin my walking program again. Hopefully they will be giving me more strengthening exercises as well. This knee feels odd and wobbly still, even if the pain is mostly gone. But I am about desperate to get moving for real.

Welcome to Flumper :) fitday sounds similar to what I use. Yesterday I was messing around to see what it would take to get me to 270 by the end of May. I have a devastatingly gorgeous dress that I'd love to wear to a friend's graduation, and I know it should fit well at about that weight. Anyway, my program said I'd need to lose 1.8 lbs. a week between now and that time. Doesn't sound so insane broken down like that, does it. :)

Syn, you are so close to your goal! I'm glad you shared your smile with us. :)

Katrina, sounds like you really are on to something. Go with it!

Mary, 210 is closer than you were when you set that goal, right? You sound like you've been having a lot of fun getting to your goals. Remember to celebrate the doing, not just the achieving. Also, thanks for the Morningstar review. I'll have to check those out.

Lucky, oooh, good quote! I've been reading through the other thread you are with as well. Good stuff all around.

Prism, isn't it a good thing Super Bowl happens once a year? I swear we normally have twice the food out for it as any get together around here. What's with that? Good for you, remembering to start fresh today.

Lynne, it is soooo good having you back! Thank you for writing out your perspective shift. It is really different than the beginning of this journey, huh. :) I think we've all come a long way. It still blows me away to think how many things in life don't have the same power over me any longer. Glad you are getting over the food poisoning. *hugs*

2cute, you just make me giggle. I can see you sneaking around the house, trying to be inconspicuous as you slide into the computer room. I also had to smile as I went through the weighing scenario with you. How many times have I sworn I'd be thrilled with a single pound weight loss, had just that, and then kicked myself around for it not being more. I can almost hear you saying it now... Attitude of Gratitude!

Tina, sounds like you are in the perfect place to make a real commitment to yourself. Good for you! Sounds like you know all the steps as well, and to take them at a reasonable pace. Some people can start out running, but I think they burn out quickly. The rest of us seem to benefit from taking it slowly and relishing each step along the way.

I'm out of time for replies now. Hope I didn't miss too many of you!
My day is beautiful and my attitude is sunny. :)


02-04-2002, 07:27 PM
Hi everyone! :wave: I'm back and hoping to have the patience (and the memory) to at least write some of what I wrote before. :eek:

Yesterday I went to lunch with mom and my cousin. It was a burger place and usually I have a grilled chicken sandwich, but yesterday I went with the burger. I figured out I haven't really been missing anything special!!! :)

WI this morning was good. I am down another 2 pounds! I'm doing the happy dance. :) :D :) :D :) That 2 weeks in a row with a loss, maybe I've finally gotten my act together. Hey, wouldn't that be good???? ;)

I have so many things going on this spring and summer. I would like to get to around 250 for some of them. Confirmations, graduations, showers, weddings, and my class reunion. Lots of good reasons to talk myself out of bad behavior!!! :^:

02-04-2002, 07:31 PM
Mary: What's this "probably won't happen" business??? Where's the positive self talk??? You have come along way and done a really great job, don't discount your success!

Malia: That's it. Today IS a new day and we have the power to make it better! * Did you get your housecleaning done???

LuckyLadyBug: Let's pull our resources, we could have quite a little fitness store going, you with your tapes (heck, I've gotta bunch too) and me with my books I've never read. Hey, can't ya see US running a fitness store???? * I do the same thing with recipes. I go and get all the ingredients and then can't find the darn recipe. So I put the ingredients in the pantry and then 6 months later I wonder what the heck I bought capers for!!!! Oh well. Someday I'll get my act together.

Tina: You are so kind! :o * As for your plan, it sounds good to me. Just a couple of little changes will make for some BIG results! * If it makes you feel better, you and I are about even right now. I weighed in at 328 this morning, I'm about 5'3" (if I stand up straight) but I do have a few years on ya, I just turned 48. So let's work on this together. We CAN do this!

Oh 2cute: UR2funny2B4real!!!! What a hoot! I hope your hubby didn't suspect anything!!! :lol: And the story of the scale! YIKES! So many times I'll WI and be down 1/2 or 1 1/2 pounds and think, dang, if I wouldn't have had that extra tablespoon of butter on my baked potato last night would I be down 1 or 2 pounds instead of the 1/2???? Sometimes, we're our own worst enemies!!! :( Hope your trip to Missouri is safe and that your folks are doing well. And most of all, that the scale behaves itself!!

Andria: 5 pounds is GREAT!!! I know what you mean though, I hesitate to get too happy with these past 2 weeks, after all, I'm just as heavy as I was 6 months ago. But on the other hand, we have to look at the bright side and that's that we are losing again! So here's to US!!!

Lynne: You are so right about us all having to re-program ourselves to do things differently. It took alot of years of learned behaviors to get where we are and it will take months to break each of those behaviors and do something more healthy.

Katrina: I don't blame you for not wanting to mess up your beautiful journal with what you ate. I have several very nice journals and I use them for my collection of motivational quotes. Then when I feel down, I grab one of my books and read. It doesn't take much of an attention span to read quotes!!! :lol:

Flumper: Welcome to our humble corner of 3FC's. We love to 'see' new faces. Hope to 'see' yours around here often.

Katrina: That was a great piece from the book. Apparently, it would be a good read, eh???

Syn: I'm glad you stopped in. Sounds like it is bitter cold in Minnesota too. They said 19 degrees here.

Well, I hope I caught everyone. It isn't the post I wrote before, but it will have to do. I think I'll copy it so I know I won't lose it this time!!! :D You all have a good night.

"Courageous risks are life giving, they help you grow, make you brave and better than you think you are." - Joan L. Curcio

02-04-2002, 09:30 PM
Hi again...

I found a really intersetning website, radiantrecovery.com, concerned with "sugar addiction." It sure sounds like I'M addicted! Take the test...

Are You Sugar Sensitive???

Take this test! Check Yes or No.

I really like sweet foods
I eat a lot of sweets
I am very fond of bread, cereal, popcorn or pasta
I now have or have had a problem with alcohol or drugs
One or both of my parents are alcoholic
One or both of my parents are/were especially fond of sugar
I am overweight and don't seem to be able to easily lose the extra pounds
I continue to be depressed no matter what I do
I often find myself overreacting to stress
I have a history of anger that sometimes surprises even me

If you checked:

3 or more, it is very likely that you are sugar sensitive. Explore the rest of this site and see if you recognize your self.

5 or more, you have come to the right place! Let's explore an answer you have been looking for a long time. You don't have to live with the craziness you have experienced for so long. You can work with the simple solutions and change your life.

6 or more, I am thrilled that you have found us. Let's get moving on solutions that can help you now!

Who knows? I'll give it a try. So far today, I have eaten protein at each meal and the only carbs I have consumed have been complex...no white flour, sugar, pasta. It seems that the more sugar (in any form) that you eat, the more you crave and that the addiction to sugar is very similar to alcoholism. At one point in my life, there was a good chance that I could have gone that route, but for the love of my (now) DH. Unfortunately, I may have traded one addiction for another. Looking back, it seems that from the time that I stopped drinking to excess, my weight steadily increased.

So, I'll give this a shot. I must say that there is a box of fund-raiser candy bars sitting here on my kitchen table that I have resisted. It wasn't hard actually, but then again, I'm not PMSing at the moment.

One day at a time...I will celebrate today's successes (ate well, journaled, and exercised) and deal with tomorrow, well...tomorrow!

As always, thank you all for being here!

Someone mentioned gardening on an earlier thread...anyone know of any good websites to order stuff from?? This cold weather has got me dreaming of tulips and spring flowers!

love to all...

02-04-2002, 11:09 PM
At the risk of monopolizing the board, I just wanted to take time to congratulate myself for meeting the goals i set for myself today. I actually cracked open one of my new tapes, put it in the VCR and exercised with it for 45 minutes...cardio/strength training! I actually opened my pretty journal and wrote a page, including all the wise food choices I made today.

I am weighing in tomorrow AM @ WW...Like 2cute I will be PRAYING HARD for any kind of loss, but I think I really will be happy (and surprised) if there is ANY loss. ;)

I'm feeling back on track, and rejoicing in the baby steps I took today. I think I'll take a few more tomorrow!

Nighty night...:yawn: :yawn:

02-05-2002, 01:35 AM
Here I am ... back home again. I had a nice visit with my parents. Both are holding their own.

I did get to weigh :( I just stayed the same. :rolleyes:
After the initial disappointment ... I told myself how it was just one week ago that I had lost what I gained plus 2 pounds. That is 5-7lbs total. I should NOT be disappointed. I should be grateful for a maintain after a loss the week before.
Then I remembered a quote that I read in here.... "Don't should on yourself today". Soooo I'm not going to.
I AM GRATEFUL for the better eating habits I am establishing.
I AM GRATEFUL for a maintain after a week with a loss.

I "almost" stayed on program all day. :rolleyes:
My sister made me a homemade pecan pie for my birthday. My birthday is not until next Tuesday but I won't see her again before then. I ate a LARGE slice. I don't feel bad about it. I even thought about eating a small piece... but said.. "nah". :lol:

I am writing off line so I have not read any posts yet. I just wanted to drop in. After I read I will try to get back in here.
I need to be on good behavior and keep this house clean ... and do some of the things that hubby wants done. He has a legitimate point... I have procrastinated on some important things needing done around here. :o

I am going to go read all that I missed now. Be back tomorrow. :wave:

02-05-2002, 03:39 AM
This thread is going to be continued at 300+ and Ready to try again ... #129. See you all there. :wave:

OOppsss... QueenB posted after this and it went to the next page for many of us. Be sure to check it out. ;)

02-05-2002, 03:50 AM
Hello everyone!

Well, I first I thought I would tell a lie, I mean.....who would know? I mean, its just the computer and I could tell everyone that I did absolutely great my first day.....drank my water and ate my fruit and vegetables and all that good stuff. But I didn't. :devil: After I posted yesterday, and I was ALL fired up :spin: my stupid, ignorant but oh so crappy husband (who I love dearly) said he was making fried chicken for dinner. :devil: Did you hear what I said? FRIED CHICKEN! It is one of my absolute downfalls. And his is to die for! So, I conveniently told myself that "Well, I'm starting "tomorrow" and it won't really matter what I do today......so this will be my farewell meal." So of course, I ate not only one but two boneless skinnless fried chicken breast and mashed potatoes and corn. I guess I did keep part of my resolution though. I ate a helping of green beans also and I washed that lovely meal down with ice water!
So, of course I got up today and feeling much like a slug, I guess I didn't do too bad. Well, that's a lie too. I won't tell you what I ate, but let's just say. It was bad too. But the good thing that is coming out of this is that I'm being honest. After making my firm committment to you guys yesterday and then being so terrible today, the "old" me probably might have lied (so as not to be embarrassed) :^: and tell everyone that I did very well today. So for me, just "fessing" up to you is a definite step forward. It is so hard. But I guess you know that. I thought about not even posting, but I really needed to. I want to thank you guys for all your encouragement. All the "You go Tina's" and "We're behind you" made me feel like a loser when I first starting typing this, but them I started feeling better knowing that I could tell you guys and you would understand. :) I am calling WW tomorrow to see if they have a meeting place in my area and what it would cost to start. Right now, I need some stability and someone to "answer to". I am just way too easy on myself and I let myself off. Well, I hope you guys aren't too disappointed in me. :( And even as I just typed that, I know you aren't, because you know the road that I'm walking down, for you've walked down it to. It means so much to me to know that. I hope you all have a wonderful day today and I will talk to you tomorrow.

03-14-2002, 03:42 PM
:wave: Hello ,
I hope I am doing this right ... I would love to be a part of your group it sounds great ... I totally identify with that whole fried chicken thing .... I am just starting out and I need to lose atleast ATLEAST 70 pounds .... I am so weak though ... I really need the support so if I may ... Please can I join ??? You all sound really great and honest !!!!!! :cool: I just got wieghed at the docs office the other day and was shocked to know between this last thanksgiving and now I gained 21 pounds on top of already having to much to begin with ! UGHHHHHHH ... well I hope I will be accepted to join your group and that you all have a great day today .....:D

03-14-2002, 04:16 PM
Lona... it is so good to have you want to join our group.
We are an ongoing thread. This one was back in Feb and is #128... we are now on thread #142. Please come and look for us under 300+ and Ready to try again #142. Next we will be #143 etc,

By the way... I loved your signature....Thincerely, Lona. ;)