Carb Counters - LC Chit Chat Week of 1/14 thru 1/20

01-14-2008, 03:02 AM
Back from PlayOff Beer Guzzle :dizzy: . . . did pretty well eating OP . . . basically didn't eat much.;):cool:

Swilling water and ready to give 'er another go!:carrot:

How did your weekend go gals?

Ready for a brand new week?

I sure am . . . think I'll re-invent myself.

01-14-2008, 03:48 AM
Hi aud. Weekend was boring ): but i did buy Metabolife Ultra, something new to try out, and i bought the richard simmons sweatin to the oldies 20th aniversay dvd. did the video was great! i did the whole video non-stop!! (:

As for the brand new week, i say bring it on! (:

01-14-2008, 09:10 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

jlk~ :welcome3: I just seen those dvd's advertised yesterday. I used to like them.......might have to have another look at them.

I had an uneventful weekend Aud. It was quiet :) Getting psyched up for hubby's surgery on tuesday. Just his shoulder, but Id still rather his shoulder was happy and healthy, and he didnt need it.

I climbed on the scale this morning......and its only down .5lbs. So thats 1.5lbs for the week. Im not happy with it at all. But I do think it is because of my evening of rice cakes last monday night. :( Now I remember that a free meal or snack will stall me out for an entire week. :eek: Im sorry, but I didnt work this hard all week for some crappy bag of cheesy rice cakes :p

Im Ok with it all. I know better, and I am not going to dive into a bag of marshmallows because of it. Which is something I would have done before.

The positive in all this? Im down 1.5lbs :D and minus 2.5 inches from my waist and the old baby belly :D

What am I going to do today to feel absolutely wonderful? Im going to wear red :D ;) Gotta get hubby's attention before his surgery :lol:

Have a great day ladies!

01-14-2008, 09:18 AM
Hey everyone!

My weekend was good. Tomorrow morning is day 7 and my first weigh-in OP. I think I have been doing well, but not as well as I think I could have. I think I will really look closely at my food choices this week (aud - maybe a little reinventing for me too ;) ).

Also, I haven't exercised during this first week and I am wondering if this week is a good time? I didn't want to overwhelm myself at first with diet AND exercise. I thought maybe it was best to get used to one before jumping into both. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Oh and...


01-14-2008, 10:57 AM
Hiya CrabbyCakes, I always leave the first week to just getting my bearings with my food, and kinda psyching myself up for exercise (cuz I hate it) Then start my workouts the 2nd or 3rd weeks. So I think you are on the right track.

Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: :cb: I tossed my superfat jeans, and now Im into the next size down!! :cb: :cb: I havent fit into these jeans in over a year!!!!!!!! Mind you they are tight, and I had to lay down to do up the zipper..........but it counts, I got'em on and got'em done up this morning :cb: :cb: :lol3: Yah!!! Nope I am not wearing them today :lol: But I will wear them to my next ladies networking meeting with my new sexy boots :D This is just so frickin cool!! :cool:

Definitely a feel good about yourself moment.

01-14-2008, 12:36 PM
Hey RobinW, yeah thats kind of what I was thinking as far as getting my bearings and all that. I'm not a HUGE fan of exercise and it takes a while to get started, but its always taking that first leap. Blech, wish me luck!

Grats on getting rid of those jeans! I have a pair I that are slowly moving toward the trash can also and I can't wait to chuck those suckers, haha!

01-14-2008, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone,

Robin, big congrats on fitting into the next smaller size jeans! Also, I hope your DH's surgery goes very well and he makes a speedy recovery!

Crabbycakes, good luck with your first OP weigh-in.

I had mentioned the other day that my SD (Shelbey) has poison Ivy on her face. We spent almost all day yesterday at the medical clinic gettin her seen and started on a Medrol Dose pack. It was getting worse instead of improving and she won't quit scratching it!

My eating and exercise are still very good. I have lost a total of 4 lbs. since Jan. 1st. I have done 9 gym workouts in the past 12 days , plus lots of swimming and lots of walking my doggies. It feels great to be OP and for the scale to be rewarding me.

My son saw his bio dad this weekend. Gary is a sick/twisted man even if he is a doctor. He gave Shane a t-shirt that says "I like cats but I can never eat a whole one by myself". Now who would purchase something like this, or wear it for that matter? His other gifts were also pretty absurd. A car windshield protector, WWII brass Russian Army buttons, a war board game, caffeine energy bath soap, a 5# Hershey bar, and a wooden puzzle box that had $500.00 in it. Personally, I think Gary has more money than he has sense!

01-14-2008, 01:31 PM
Wow lilybelle... thats quite the assortment of gifts...where in the world does this man shop??? and what the heck is caffeine energy body wash??

I am truly baffled.

beach bum
01-14-2008, 02:43 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Thanks AUD for starting us up this week. Slept late this morning and now the whole day is flying by and I have a lot of do today. Can't see with the cream in my eye.

On another board I joined the woman in a Valentine & Lental Challenge. I going for a 8 lb loss, 4 for each month. Wish me Luck in doing this,as I have to get the scale moving down to the 150's again.

AUD-Didn't do to bad this weekend,as I didn't do much with this bad eye.Watched football & golf as best a I could. Didn't drive so I was confined to the house:flame:with cabin fever.:flame:

JKL-Welcome to the thread. You did great with your new video.I going to start my WATP's tapes again.

ROBIN-Prayers for your DH shoulder surgery tomorrow,My friend is going to have her heart valves replaced tomorrow also. You lost so nice the last couple of week,maybe your bod is resting before it goes onto some more big losses. Congrats:carrot: on your 1.5 weight loss. Another congrats for your NSV. Inches are just as important as weight loss. Happy for the big toss of jeans.

CRABBY CAKES-Crossing :crossed: my fingers that you have a good W-I tomorrow. I don't think it makes a difference if your exercising the first or second week. I guess it depends how much exercising your talking about.

LILY-OMG hope your SD is under special care and the meds work.I never had poison ivy but my mom did and its very very itchy.Hope she heals soon.Congrats on your 4 lb loss since Jan 1, Hoper I see good results next week.

Have go start my laundry

Hugs :) BB

01-14-2008, 02:57 PM
Hi everyone,
Slight set back this weekend. We went out with a group of friends on Friday for a late dinner. I was, of course, starved, by the time we got there. It was a steak house with peanuts on the table. I thought: "Nuts are pretty low carb." and even though I knew they weren't on induction I started eating. I didn't look them up until Saturday when I had already checked with the keysticks and got a negative reading! Really dumb!

Other then that I did all right eating out. I had a sirlion salad which was yummy. I did have a diet coke (after bragging about giving it up!) but I didn't have a beer like everyone else. The rest of the weekend we ate at home so I stayed on plan and cleaned house. DH invited the neighbors to meet at our house! He doesn't consider that it means I have to clean our house! We'll have to use the family room (teenager territory) because it's larger, so that was another whole floor to clean! The thing that's so depressing about cleaning is that it never stays. I wish I could enjoy my clean house for more than one day, but it only takes one day of hauling firewood through the living room and letting the teenager pile up dishes in the family room to undue a weekend of work.

Since the 15 yo moved to basement, I'm taking over her bedroom as my own office. I can't wait to get it ready. DH has always had an office (he has a home business) and he'll sit in there in front of the computer and watch T.V. He thinks it counts as working! I'm looking forward to getting all my projects in one place where I don't have to pick them up when company comes in.

I'm a premature empty nester. I'be been very upset that the two older kids are in their own apartments, but now I can see some perks coming my way. Of course, I know just about the time I get used to the idea of my own room, one of the older kids will move home and throw me out! That's the way it works, right?

I'm filing the sty and gold band info. I used to get sty's and never heard that one. I know I would have tried anything when I had them. I hate thinking about the superbug issues, but I guess everyone needs to be careful in this day and age. Take care, everyone. Lynn

01-14-2008, 03:30 PM
Crabby cakes, it's bath soap that is supposed to have caffeine in it that will give you an energy boost when you bathe with it. LOL, what will they think of next. As for Gary's shopping, he finds his crap in magazines and on the internet! My MIL did say this morning that those Russian Brass Buttons from WWII are probably worth a lot of money and to hold onto them for Shane. He also has given Shane several Gold coins to collect over the yrs. Plus German Army Uniforms and Switzerland Army Uniforms.

BB,thanks for the congrat's on my wt. loss. I really am trying to get back to goal. I think from Thanksgiving to Christmas was all one big Carbfest for me! I'm glad that is over and I do feel better now that I'm eating right again and moving my butt more. BB, I also hope your friends surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery!

lynnar, Hi, I had a problem with nuts the other night myself. I went to the gym and came home starving. I grabbed a small handful of cashews while I was cooking. After I ate some, I looked at the can and thought "OMG, these aren't LC at all". Also, I haven't had a problem here with Empty Nest. Every time we have a kid move out, we have another one recycle back in! BTW, my 15 yr. old DD is being a PITA right now and I wish I had a basement, LOL.

01-14-2008, 03:37 PM
Hey all- thought this might be the place to re-introduce? I'm Marie and I was on the site a couple years ago--some of these names still sound familiar! I went off on my "world tour of dieting" and ended up back here, hoping for some before summer weight loss.
I love this site- I've been to them all and I can tell you it sure doesn't go over big on other ones, when you say "Hey guys! I was feeling peckish, so I mixed some peanut butter with heavy cream and drank it!" they get sore! :)

01-14-2008, 03:48 PM
Must get sexy boots . . . must get sexy boots . . . *rinse*repeat* . . . :D

Everyone who hasn't seen me in awhile LOVES my new, short & tres sexy hairdo . . . I love it too . . . still pouring out waaaaay too much shampoo and conditioner!

I am beer-logged and happy . . . Gosh I love watching playoffs at the bar with my family & old friends . . . very cold in the counrty but just had the best time and think I needed the getaway from "city" stresses and work . . . definitely feel the bloat today but just gonna keep on re-inventing and mooooove forward, eh? GO CHARGERS - back up receiver? Back up quarterback? NO problemo for these boys . . . played with heart!:carrot:

LOVE your avatar pic jkl! Made me smile - welcome to LC!:hug: I used to do Richard Simmons - need to start doing him or SOMETHING!;) Let's re-invent ON this week!!!:carrot:

Hiya CrabbyCakes - congrats on the sticktoitness!!!:carrot: The exercise will come - I like your idea of tackling one and then the next. LOVED the Classic Pack In The Snow Game too!!! Loved me some Brett Fav-RA!:carrot:

Is it a month or two weeks to make something a habit?

Shout Outs to everyone else here @ LC - enjoyed reading along, as always, over my "morning" coffee and identify with so many things in each others lives.:)

Will be thinking of Poor Shoulder Robin-Hub Tuesday . . . surgery is always worrisome - Hang in there Girl!:hug: - and RIGHT ON with your fat jean tossing self!!!:carrot:

You are doing so faboo lynnar! Nuts always stall me too - but don't let a few make you NUTS!:dizzy: You're doing so good. Had a nice smile over your thoughts on empty nesting - got a feeling my 21 yr old DD may be on her way back to the nest . . . we'll see. SOOOO know what you mean about a "clean house" too - Grrrrrrrrr is all I can say!:mad:

lily does your son and bio-dad have some kind of inside joke and/or relationship that explains this *ahem* ecclectic assortment of gifts? I'm a cat hater and so must admit that I kind of snorted to the cat shirt . . . must say that I would never buy or give that as a gift tho' - especially to my kid. Just wondering if maybe they have a memory or something and/or a relationship that would explain some of the stuff?? What did your DS say??


Alright gang . . . must get on with the InterventionRe-Invention - it's Monday . . . it's MID JANUARY already . . . the week . . . month . . . year . . . infinity is stretching out b4 me . . . must go for the gusto (that isn't in a 12 oz Bud Light can, that is!!:dizzy:)

ttya after the night shift!

01-14-2008, 03:55 PM
Hi LCers. I'm still lurking around here, just haven't felt like posting. Still struggling to get back into my LC groove.

BB, I've had stys before too and they Suck! I will have to try the ring trick next time. Usualy I just keep a warm cloth on it as much as possable to help it get better faster.

YAY ROBIN!!! It's so nice to go down a size! (I hear ya about the marshmallows, those little fruity ones get me everytime)

Lily those buttons could be worth a lot , I saw on program on TV once about a button colector and some of her buttons were worth thousands, just for one button!

It's nice to se so many new posters. I'll try to post more offten You all realy help to keep me motivaed.
My 5yr old nephew is comming today to stay with me for the week so that should keep me prety buisy.

01-14-2008, 04:02 PM
:wave: Aud. Posted at the same time. :D
I must get sexy boots too! I have been wanting a pair for so long, nice tall ones, but never able to find a pair that I like that fit my calves. even when I was 140 still couldn't find any that fit.

01-14-2008, 04:06 PM
Hiya Marie :wave: Welcome back!!! I remember you :hug:

Lily~ I have to give you credit, I dont think I could drive 25min each way to the gym. I would just be so stiff and sore by the time I got home. Kudos to you, and on getting those christmas lbs back off!! :bravo:

BB~ warm wishes and healing thoughts for your friend tomorrow.

Aud~ sexy boots, sexy boots, sexy boots :D

I snuck in, now I have to sneak back out......its been a very busy day at the shop. :cheer: no going home early for me.

01-14-2008, 04:08 PM
:wave: Aud. Posted at the same time. :D
I must get sexy boots too! I have been wanting a pair for so long, nice tall ones, but never able to find a pair that I like that fit my calves. even when I was 140 still couldn't find any that fit.

thats what I always thought too.......but I bought the ankle kind to wear with pants. Very nice :D They will do until I have human sized calves again :dizzy:

01-14-2008, 04:09 PM
aud, my son's dad is very eccentric. He has quite a passion for anything that is related to history or Wars. He passes his love of this stuff on to his kids. Shane always just laughs at his dad's gifts and thinks they are funny. Shane always buys his dad some type of book about War or War game. I guess it's just a thing between the two of them. As for the cat t-shirt, Shane thought it was funny. But, Shane is nicer to our cat than anyone in this household. I'm a dog person myself. Gary has 4 cats, he just thinks it is humorous!

Gary collects all kinds of guns , especially any type that was used in a war. Plus, collects Gold Bars.

Punce, Wow, I think my son should actually look up all the stuff sometime that his dad has given him. I'm sure it would be worth a lot of money someday.

Robin, thanks for the kind words and thanks for your positive attitude, it is rubbing off on me as well.

01-14-2008, 04:43 PM
My ex eccentric as well lily . . . when DD Molly was about 14 he bought her some expensive NASCAR model . . . she was thrilled because it was from her Dad but ummmm, Moll has never watched a NASCAR race to date (21 now) so at least your bizarre ex hs some thought for your DS, ya know?

14 year old girl does not = NASCAR!:(:mad: *basTURD

I am nice to cats . . . I am nice to cats . . . always had a barnful of outdoor cats and fed them just enuf to keep them hunting.

Hiya puncie!! And Welcome marie!:carrot:

How's your cuz doing punce?

My Mom had valve replacement in the early 80's and went on to do great beachie - Hang In There!:hug:

okokok . . . reallyreally gotta go now . . . :p

01-14-2008, 05:30 PM
Hi All! New to LC Chit Chat. What a fun bunch. I'm in the second week of induction but measuring not wieghing (can't bear to look at the scale right now). I'm sitting in my office hunched over my computer with spreadsheets around me and the door closed. People can see me thorugh the window but I'm hoping no one comes in with a crisis while I'm getting my motivational fix.

So far so good with the induction, water (water, water, water....) and exercising between 30-45 minutes a night on the recumbent bike. The hardest thing to do is actually get hubby and nine year old to leave me alone for the exercise part.

Decided to cook all the meals for M-F on Sunday and made a few smaller portions of each to freeze. If I don't plan ahead I fall RIGHT OFF THE WAGON AND INTO THE MUD.

Reading all your chit chat notes really is helping me get through the day.

Take Care.


01-14-2008, 05:50 PM
Hiya SC....tell them unless its an emergency, when you are exercising, you are not to be bothered.

I had to tell my dd. But I told her I needed this time to get healthier, and look prettier. She leaves me alone, and then asks me how my walk went when Im done. Sometimes she'll even come in and lift weights while Im walking....with her own mp3 player plugged into her own ears.

Hubby.....well, they can just so stupid sometimes :D Tell him no sex if he keeps buggin you? :lol:

01-14-2008, 06:12 PM
Does my UN really say jkleahi? haha gotta fix that. its supposed to be JLKeahi. hahahaha.

--gettin off track :p--

:wave: Thank you all for your posts! Its encouraging to see all of you write and tell about your days! :cbg:

Aud-- Thanks for welcoming me! :D Im excited to be a part of this forum. Richard Simmons is fantastic and exciting. Ever since i stumbled onto his video when i was ten i couldnt get enough! haha. I'm 20 now. LOL! As for re-inventing, Lets do it!! :D

Beachbum--Thank you for the warm welcome! WATP is great! Still waiting for more DVD's tho :dizzy:

RobinW-- Thank you for the warm welcome. As you can tell im loving the RS: STTO, DVD's, found it at walmart for 10 bucks! But it was the only one i saw:( but maybe there will be more. :D

01-14-2008, 06:58 PM
Robin: What sex? Tee hee. Right now, with my current girth, DH might percieve an offer of sex as a threat. He is lo carbing too though. He can have lo carb meals prepared (lovingly...wink) by myself OR he can have hot monkey sex but he can't have both. Well, I'm not flexible enough for hot monkey sex but as I am 46 and perimenopausal he is familiar with the "hot" part. On any given evening I get lovely hot flashes. Maybe I should just shut the door to the master bedroom, read a magazine and wait for a hot flash. Then when I'm drenched in sweat I can walk out and pretend I've been exercising my little heart out!


01-14-2008, 07:34 PM
:lol: :lol:

you know something tho.......with low carbing it, your hotflashes will lessen. Mine did :)

01-15-2008, 04:27 AM
I'm addicted to the replay of Nancy Grace but need to get to sleep so I can hit the Y early . . . got to get that exercise groove back on - is it two weeks til a habit or a month???:?: I was doing sit ups/crunches and push ups for sooo long - right when I woke up so that they were DONE . . . think they helped with the inches and strength - but got out of the "habit."

I've GOT to start preplanning better - LOVE the idea of cooking everything on Sunday Scalm . . just haven't got it done . . . of course yesterday I was just well . . . ummm . . . TOO DRUNK to cook . . . but hey, there's always next Sunday, eh?:dizzy:

okokok . . . Nancy's back on . . . I think she's gonna get a babysitter for the twins and hunt the missing Marine down herself!!!!:carrot: Right now she's grilling the 41 year sheriff and he's getting TICKED . . .

ttyal . . . gotta watch!

01-15-2008, 08:59 AM
Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful OP night!

This morning was my first weigh-in and I am down 7.4 lbs! If only I could lose a lb a day all the time, haha. Unfortunately I am expecting my TOM at the end of this week/beginning of next, ugh. I hope that doesn't stall things too much.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and wish me luck as I am having my review for work today (fingers crossed for more money!).

01-15-2008, 11:37 AM
Crabby That is Terrific News! Can you send some of that mojo to me? Well, to be fair I'm not weighing myself (even for the first time) for a bit yet. I'm scared it will freak me out and put me off course.

So you are doing great! Puts a wonderful spin on the rest of the day doesn't it?

Best to all today.


01-15-2008, 12:54 PM
Hi Robin! thanks for the welcome- I definitely remember you!

Wow- you all sound so much more organized than I am- I've just restarted and find that I need to find a way to make this a "lifestyle". The first few weeks Im always so confused that end I end up eating only the "staples" eggs, cheese, green beans and meat. This time Im going to learn to cook low carb dishes and make it not so boring. I know this info has probably been done to death, but does anyone have a favorite recipes site?

A little about me. 3 years ago I married a country music singer from Nashville (long flukey story...the eiptome of "you'll never believe this BUT") I have 3 daughters and 3 cats (coincidence? hmmmmm) I live in California and I'm an art/journalism instructor. I've gained 30 pounds since my wedding and when I saw pictures from our xmas vacation to Egypt I cried...its bad when you can't tell the camel from you.

I'm pretty much in this alone, as my daughter who lives at home is alittle girl and my husband doesnt eat anything that isn't fried or sweetened with "real sugar". I need a place where people get it. Everytime I say something about my weight my DH says "Honey. you're not fat" I know he's trying to be sweet but it's not helping me ya know? I need truth to get to where I want to be.

Anyway, Im so glad to be back here I feel hopeful!

p.s. Is anyone here doing Alli? results?

01-15-2008, 01:07 PM
Aud, lol, hope you are sobered up by now. Glad to know I'm not the only one that watches Nancy Grace every night. My DS and DH can't stand her, so they watch Glenn Beck for the headline stories.

Crabbycakes, Awesome job on the 7. 4 lbs. WTG.

Marie, welcome and Congrats on your marriage. You'll have that 30 lbs. off really soon. My DH is the same way , he always says , "honey you are sexy and you arent fat". DUH, I'm smart enough to know I was fat! That plus I was always being asked "when is your baby due" when I wasn't pregnant. Now, that's a Hint!. LOL. As for the DH loving fried stuff and real sugar, so does mine. Plus, mine LOVES pasta. I've had to adjust to just cooking myself something totally different sometimes so as not to deprive him of the junk he wants to eat.

I had another great workout at the gym last night. I'm still hoping for a 2 lb. wt. loss again this week. My WI isn't til Sunday, but I'm gonna keep on track.

01-15-2008, 01:18 PM
I know this info has probably been done to death, but does anyone have a favorite recipes site?

For some of the best low carb recipes on the net...have a look:

01-15-2008, 01:21 PM
My gosh LB and JG!! You have done a wonderful job! That has got to feel fantastic!

Thanks JG- I will look at that site

01-15-2008, 02:55 PM
Yeah, the Nancy Grace replay comes on just about the time I'm settling in after the nite shift . . . OverTime comes back with a vengeance mid February so that will be the end of that.:( I get a kick out of her - plus I think she's sincere if a bit hokey at times. Gosh I can't stant Glen Beck - ick!

To back track a bit (and hoping everyone from last Week finds our New Week of Chat) - patty - so glad your brother saw your Dad waiting - what a comfort that must be and for your Mom too . . . like you lily, (and wow, what a survivor you are GF!) my Big Bro says the whole thing is just one blur . . . he didn't see anybody, I asked him right away when he could communicate again.

That kind of stuff just fascinates me - especially the older I get!

Did my floor exercises but overslept for the gym - determined to go tonight at work and keep this re-invention going.

PS:JerseyGyrl: You're before & after pics are just amazing!

01-15-2008, 03:22 PM
Wow it's great to see so many new posts and new posters. It really is fun and motivational! I've posted on other sites too and I can imagine their reaction to Marie's peanut butter and heavy cream recipe! That's pretty funny!
Aud, I always thought it was 21 days to make a habit, but I think I'm getting into that mode in less than two weeks. I find myself not thinking so much about those "bad" foods I used to like.
Lilly, I wonder if I know your ex husband? We used to have a friend who collected WWII stuff and guns. He had a mannequin dressed in a **** uniform in his living room! Very creepy. But he's still married to the same woman and they have two daughters. We've moved away, but I suspect the mannequin (is that how you spell that?) didn't last through the two little girls. Can you imagine their sleepovers?
I should be on the recipe site too since I'm starting to get a little sick of grilled chicken breasts and pork chops. I wish I could eat eggs without feeling sick!! I grilled salmon the other night, but it wasn't quite done enough. I fight with DH who usually is the grill master because he overcooks fish, but this time I definitely over compensated and it didn't taste all that good. Of course, I could have thrown it back on the grill or even into the microwave but that would have meant admitting that it was undercooked and Grillmaster would have taken that as an admission of defeat. I think I'll have to go back to the pork chops.
And back to work! Tomorrow is my second WI. Wish me luck! Lynn

01-15-2008, 03:44 PM
Hey, all. I used to be a regular around here, too... lately, I've been lurking, but when I saw Marie join back in, and I figured I would, too. ;)

I've started back on the low-carb way of life, and I feel SO much better than I have been. So far, I've lost 7 pounds (since Jan. 2), which I am very happy about! I'm finally determined to lose these last 30 pounds or so that have been hanging around forever.

I also started running (!). I'm trying out the couch to 5K plan, which has been going well so far. I'm really NOT a runner at all, but I really want to be, so I'm giving it a whirl. Plus, I love competition, so I'm anxious to try out my new skills in a race (when I finally get to the point of being able to run 5K, of course).

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Take care,

01-15-2008, 03:45 PM

Hubby and I are back home, and his is looped out on loratabs(sp?) and sleeping.

I knew it was going to be ok, and I didnt have anything to worry about. The Dr. seemed to pick up on my anxiety, and he was really good with both of us. I just cannot deal with stress the way I used to. Ive been checking emails, and getting hubby settled, watered and fed. Now Im ready to crash. I feel like I could sleep for 3 days. Go figure.

Anyway, I did some serious emotional eating today. It started with getting up late this morning, and having to rush around. I didnt have time to pack anything.. No matter, it is all excuses.

On the positive side, my hubby is home and doing well :) I will be back on my eating program tomorrow morning.

Marie~ I had taken Alli a few months ago, and I found it worked very very well. But I wouldnt suggest taking it during induction if you are on Atkins. Save it for when you cut your fats back.......otherwise you spend too much time in the bathroom.

Aud~ya know, there is just something about that woman....I dont know what it is, but I cannot get the channel changed fast enough when she is on :lol:

Im off......I'll catch up with you all tomorrow.

beach bum
01-15-2008, 04:00 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had a late start again this morning.I guess after having the bacterial infection my bod just wants to sleep & rest. My eye is getting better except for the outer corner is where it still hurts. I'm still taking a eye bath and putting the antibiotics in every day.

Doing good on the induction yesterday and today. My craving are going,away.
I'm taking more water by upping my amount to 96 oz instead of the 80 that I normally have. Started exercising again, worked on my arms last night. Today I going to try cardio.

Stayincalm-Welcome:welcome2: to the thread.I measure my food also as it an old WW habit. I only use the scale for protein and carbs.I have the same problem with exercise.Don't want him look at me,so I found a time when he go up to the bedroom to watch is programs I get out my exercising tapes,before my programs start. Hope you'll find some that will work for you.

JLK-Glad :)that you found us,were go good group,and lots of information You find on this board.I found that my service network Comcast has a free exercising fitness channel that on Demand and I go to the exercising tv and Leslie has 2 tapes One of jogging and the other boosters that I did last night.I have no idea if Concast is promoting them for people to buy the program,But until than I will use it until it disappears.

AUD-Never:no: watched Nancy Grey,What channel is she on??? I probably watch a movie at that time.

CrabbyCakes-Big congrats:carrot: on your
7.4-lb.thats fantastic WTG. I no idea if TOM will make you stall as TOM left me long ago.

MARIE-That a very good web site that Jersey Girl gave you,I think most of us on this board use her site. There other low carb web sites that you can go to, Just type in low carb recipes on the tool bar and you find many sites.My DH & I love:love: country music,we listen:listen: to it on our satilite radio to the roadhouse every morning.You'll get those lbs off,if you true to low carbing.It worked for Jersery Girl and for Lily,so why wouldn't it work for you.

LILY-You done so well:carrot:, I sure those 2 lbs will be easy to get off. My W-I used to be on Wed. but now that I'm on a Valentine Challenge on another board I change it to Mon.That when we decided to Weigh-In.

Have a great day,back to washing my linens.

Hugs :) BB

01-15-2008, 05:58 PM
marie, thanks for the compliment. I still struggle with maintaining, even after a yr. and half since meeting goal. I'm more an up 5-6 lbs., down 5-6 lbs. type person, LOL. I'm more on the downward swing again right now! I'm doing Atkins again to take the lbs. back off and hopefully to maintain. With calorie counting it seems I can't lose an ounce without dropping to 1200 cal's and 2 hrs. of exercise a day. I'm just not into starving myself that much just to get to eat a few carbs.

lynnar, it must be a different strange man. My EX has 2 sons and a daughter. I don't know if he has a **** soldier in his living room or not, but I wouldn't put it past him.

Jina, welcome and big congrat's on the 7 lbs. WTG. Join right in here and let us all get to know you!

Robin, so happy to hear your DH's surgery went well. Rest up when you can. Remember the old saying "no one gets sicker than a man". It holds very true at my house, LOL. Of course I'm the model patient,LOL. Don't worry about your eating for today, you will be back on track tomorrow!

BB, funny you mention hating to exercise in front of the DH. I don't even like mine watching me on my treadmill at home or when I do my old Richard Simmons videos. It would be different if he was up there shaking his butt too, LOL. Course, I might actually like that. LOL, you can probably tell he's been gone a week and he'll be home tonite!

My DH had another offer for a promotion at his oil field job last night. He was promoted to Assistant Driller just 2 weeks ago and got a hefty raise. Now he was offered the Driller position. Unfortunately he had to tell them that he doesn't feel he's ready to make the switch yet. He was a litte disappointed cause it would have been another hefty pay raise. But, they said they were very proud of the work he is doing and how quickly he is moving up in the Oil Field business after his only real previous work experience was as a State Trooper. They completely respected his decision to stay as Assistant Driller for 2-3 months before moving up to Driller. They told him a lot of guys would have jumped at the chance for the promotion whether they were ready or not just to get more pay. I made him feel better when I told him that he made the right choice. After all, why bite off more than you can chew and add a ton more stress to your life. I'm very proud he had the sense to make this smart decision.

01-15-2008, 07:12 PM
Hey Jina- I guess we'll know we all came back when star shows back up-lol
and thanks to everyone else- its nice to feel welcome- Im in it to win it this time!

01-15-2008, 09:13 PM
More naughtiness. I swear, since I started this LC thing a couple of weeks ago its all about me, me, me. It is 4:52 here in No. Cal. I snuck out of work at 2:45 today (faked a meeting). Ran to the grocery store, picked up some more produce, meat and cheese, picked up my nine year old and came home. I LOVE BEING HOME DURING TIMES WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO BE WORKIN' FOR THE MAN.:carrot: I even was inspired to cut up all my lettuce and produce, dry it and put it in big zip locks. I feel so Paula Deen.

Lily: YOU are a true inspriration.
Marie: My! I wish I had your life. Egypt and a sexy crooner. Dang I'm jealous.
Everyone Else: I love your stories and seeing what everyone elses crazy days (daze) :dizzy:are like.

Here are some low carbing things I came up with when I was experimenting. Maybe some of you might like to try them.

Low Carb Cheesecake Pudding: Jello Sugar Free Cheesecake Instant pudding. Instead of two cups cold skim milk use 3/4 cup cold unsweetened soy milk and 1/4 cup heavy cream. Whisk and separate into four servings. Take one square of sugar free chocolate (I like dark and try to find some that has between 10-18 carbs per 3 squares) grate the chocolate over the top (just a sprinkle it adds some uuummppphhh). Put on a dollup of whipped cream. PS: I add extra spenda to my pudding because I like it tasty sweet.

Quick Go To Carbonara Twin: Cook a spagetti squash and separate the strands. Add prepared alfredo mix (pretty much low carb anyway but I check the label). Add four cut up poached chicken breasts. Handful of parm cheese. 4-5 slices crumbled bacon. YUMMY. Freezes pretty darn well too.

Corned Beef Rueben Bake: I made a corned beef on Sunday and we ate some for dinner. Here is what I did with thex leftovers this morning. I baked it for 1/2 hour before I left for work so it is ready to go in the oven tonight just to warm: 9X9 baking dish (glass with a lid) or approximation thereof. Slice four zucchini lengthwise (fairly thin so you get about four slices out of each). Lay 2 of them at the bottom of the dish. Squeeze the water out of some canned spinich and sprinkle that on. Layer some swiss cheese on that. Add a sprinkle of green onion. Thorw a couple of spoonfuls of full fat ricotta in there sprinkled around. Chop up your leftover corned beef and put a layer of that on top. Add another layer of sliced zucchini. Pour about 1/4 inch of chicken broth over and put a couple more slices of swis cheese on top. Cook at 350 covered for about 1/2 hour (this will steam the veggies). Serve with low carb homemade french dressing or just on it's own.

:D SSSsssssooooogoood!

Right now I have another creation in the oven. In dutch oven (mine is a La Cruset that I got on sale at Tuesday Morning marked down from 200 to 110 and worth every penny since I use it everyday) 1 head cauliflower cut into quarters, two large heads broccoli. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. Add uncooked bratworst in and around so the brats are touching the bottom or side of the dutch oven. Throw in some of that famous chicken broth (I use about 1/4 inch). Bake for 45 minutes. More yummy. Makes for easy lunch leftovers.

ox SC

Have a great night everyone! (I should sneak out of work more often, puts me in a good mood)

01-15-2008, 10:03 PM
Robin: I forgot to tell you, you know...Since about the 3rd day of this little adventure I have NOT HAD A HOT FLASH. I just realized that. Aunt Flow should be here next week and typically, this is a hellish (translate that to She- Werewolf) week for everyone around me. For the last six months it has felt like the flu the week before and is a gastronomic **** the first two days after her plane lands. I'm holding off on any HRT until after I get into full blown meno (Dr. and I agree on that).

All: Maybe this diet will help me to avoid commiting a perimenopausal act of violence and ending up being featured on Nancy Grace. That would certainly be a nice feature in People Magazine: "Half her Size and Atkins Saved Her From Inflicting Needless Acts of Violence On Family, Co-Workers and that poor Bas*&RD at Safeway Who Failed to Stock The Heavy Cream."

01-15-2008, 10:29 PM
SC- how much would I need to pay you to come cook for me?? If it doesnt have less than 4 ingredients and one pot...Im lost.

01-15-2008, 10:47 PM
:hug: I just love it when people think I'm domestic. I'm not much of a cook which is probably why I really piled on the pounds over the last four years. Part of my analyzing eating has brought me to the realization that tho' carbs are definitely my downfall processed food speeded up the process. If I think back over the past few years virtually everything that I made to eat in this house was frozen or processed and prepackaged. Convenience took over my life and my body as well. I'm eating lo carb now but I think that if I weren't trying to get a jump start on this weight problem I might lean towards whole foods. It has really made a difference. I have not really prepared food, from scratch, in twelve years of marriage. I mean the occasional turkey and steaks with fries but you get my point. This is a huge effort to me. The cooking part anyway. I've been trying to attack it the same way I attack problems at work. What is the most conventional way to build something, what is the cheapest way to build something, what is the Cadillac version, what is the Yogo version and what is a nice Ford Taurus compromise. Some of the engines have definitely burned with my various concoctions but I have come up with some really interesting recipes that I did not find on the recipe sites and that is keeping me interested.

While off line a in the past hour I just made DH a kind of cool lunch for tomorrow called, Egg Salad Salad. Basically, I made him a salad of spinach, iceberg and spring mix with cucumbers, a handfuld of sunflower seeds and some artichoke hearts. Then I made some egg salad (with mayo, mustard, a dash of curry, chopped dill and a sprinkle of splenda) to throw on top so he doesn't need to use dressing. I'm on a roll here. Of course, I typically test this stuff on him first.

tee hee. :devil:

01-15-2008, 10:58 PM
I!!!! we!!!....what is it like to have a husband who eats like that? OMG- if I put that wonderful salad in front of my husband, he'd cock his head like a confused bulldog and walk away grunting...*sigh* Im jealous

01-15-2008, 11:07 PM
Has anyone read the Atkins book recently? Isn't there something in there about eating small portions of fat for people who just can't seem to lose? Kind of like a fat fast?

01-16-2008, 01:02 AM
Hi Carol: I have heard of a meat fast where basically you eschew the veggies and pretty much eat meat but I'm not sure about cutting down on the fat. What seems to have jump started me has been watching the carbs and the calories (20 carbs or less and 900-1200 calories. I try to stick right in the range of 1000 to 1100 calories. So far that is working for me.


01-16-2008, 01:09 AM
Marie: To be honest I have a feeling that he is cheating quite a bit on the food fest. I have found some Endulge bar wrappers here and there (verboten on induction). He is a mad, mad, mad sugar and sweet fan. Thank goodness I don't really like sweets. Pie, cake and candy could sit around here for a year and I would probably not want any. The only time, in my life, that I have wanted a dessert and eaten one (the cheesecake pudding or cheesecake pudding on top of a little baked pumpkin)has been the past three weeks. Wierd.

01-16-2008, 09:18 AM
Good Morning :coffee: :coffee: <~~~~havent had any in over 48hrs :eek:

I am thoroughly enjoying my coffee this morning!! :D:D

Alright, well yesterday was just an emotional eating day. Not good!! But I did get right back on track this morning. (was missing my coffee)

Today is planned out, and I am all set. Hubby is doing amazingly well. He bounces back good!!! Not bad for an old fart. :lol:

I have a very busy week planned, the shop is really busy this week, and Im pretty much on my own. Hubby is going to come and keep an eye on things while Im out at meetings and sales calls. But he cant pick up the slack.

Have a great day ladies!!!

beach bum
01-16-2008, 11:51 AM
Hi Ladies:)

At my W-I this morning I'm down:carrot: 1.5 lbs.:carrot: and I'm thrilled.Didn't think I was going to lose anything this early in the game,but I did. Now I'm looking forward until next week.

LILY-Thats terrific that your DH got promoted to driller along with the higher pay,that will come in handy with all your money problems.He can't exercise since he went to rehab for his breathing, He knees are bothering him,can't seem to move his joints up & down.Hope fully when the weather get warmer he'll be able to get his walking done along the beach.

Stayincalm-we have another cook among us. I like to cook but Paula Deene is not my style,give me the sweet Rachael Raye 30 mins cooking. I have lots of recipes from here that are low carb,plus it easy to prepare.Tanks for sharing your recipes.

ROBIN-Happy:carrot: that you came back from your off plan day.We all have one of those days. You lost nice over several weeks and you will do it again.

Hugs :) BB

01-16-2008, 12:55 PM
Happy Wednesday!

I have to admit I had a horrible Tuesday. I managed to rack up nearly 70 carbs without touching bread or sweets. I know the main offender was that fantastic split pea soup I had, but I just couldn't resist and when I jumped on the scale this morning I was up .6! So for the rest of the week I will be watching my choices MUCH closer.

Beach Bum - CONGRATS! It's always nice to see the scale going in the downward direction!

RobinW - Good for you for getting right back on plan, now pass me some coffee, LOL.

Jina - I'm getting into the groove of running myself. I would love to have a runners body!

01-16-2008, 12:57 PM
Good morning all!

Robin-Im so glad it all work out for you and hubby-I had the thought this morning that its weird when you realize that your body isnt going to be springy and flexible forever...I had a LOT of trouble in Egypt just going up and down the tour bus stairs- not to mentions hunching over to go inside a pyramid with a tiny knee was screaming and I realized for the first time that somethings going to have to be "done" about it.*sigh* age...dontcha just love it?

SC- wow- I wish it was that way with me...bread and other starches I ignore but its the sweets that get to least its just endulge and now with all the russel stover items, if you can stand the "effects" you're good to go- I hate to confess, but on my last try with Atkins, there were days when I ate nothing BUT sweets....

Lily- We have a LOT of drilling and oilfield work here where I live.I think I can understand his apprehension. Its a demanding and DANGEROUS job, so I guess you need to be in the right mindset. Here, if we know someone who works in the oilfields and they still have all their fingers intact and unmangled, we consider them a miracle.

01-16-2008, 01:23 PM
;) Hi Y'all. Welcome to another fab day!
As you can see by my profile I actually got on the scale today. I didn't want to know what I weighed but after a couple of weeks of cutting way back at the end of December and officially starting Atkins on the 3rd the curiousity began to outweigh (no pun intended) the fear of going into a depression spiral. I went to the Dr. the last week of Dec. but would not let the nurse tell me my weight (I closed my eyes!). I called this morning to see what that weight was so I know my starting weight and current weight. I'm down 7.5 pounds since I started this thing.

I'm stoked. I didn't want to weigh but I really needed to set a goal and also think it will help me stay motivated. I WOULD NEVER HAVE HAD THE COURAGE TO GET ON THAT SCALE IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE PEOPLE I HAVE MET AND BEEN READING ABOUT ON THIS SITE. BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

Started working out on the recumbent bike on the 2nd beginning with 12 agonizing minutes at base speed. Now up to between 30 minutes to an hour (depending on my mood) working at level 3 or four on the bike.

The weighing in actually motivated me to be more careful on counting carbs and calories as well as trying to keep the exercise challenging.

01-16-2008, 01:34 PM
SC-GOOD FOR YOU!!!:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:

I still havent gotten on the scale-and my nurses know NOT to tell me, but I think by the end of next week I will do the same- and call them for my initial weight. You must be thrilled- heck Im thrilled for you!

01-16-2008, 01:47 PM
Marie: Thanks. The curiosity totally caught me by surprise. I thought I would be totally freaked but each day for the past week I toyed with the idea of getting out that scale and today, since I'm headed out into the field rather than the office, I dropped off DD and weighed when I got home. I had decided if the weight I was was not as horrific as I feared then I would call the Dr. to see what I weighed the last week of December.

Robin: So glad to hear your hubby is doing well!

Lily: After reading the posts I discovered how dangerous oil work can be. I'm sending special prayers out now.

Crabby: OMG. Why did you have to tell us about the split pea soup. IT IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. My mouth is watering. I just went to have my slice of 3 carb flax bread with a scrape of no sugar PB and went, "Yuck".

Beach: Go, Go, Go!!!! That is awesome.

OK, my tummy is growling now. (All that talk about split pea soup). Maybe that flax bread and PB isn't entirely without appeal.

01-16-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm on my way to the vet. to have Lucy's staples removed. She's acting fine now and looks well healed. Now if she could learn to be well behaved we'd have it made.

BB, yes, DH's pay raises and bonuses have been great now. We are finally caught up with our finances and able to start remodeling on our house. I hate that his job is dangerous, but so was being a Trooper. He is now home for a week and it's good to see him. I feel like I'm only half-assed married now, LOL. I like being half a wife, LOL, since I only see him every other week.

01-16-2008, 03:22 PM
Thanks everyone :hug:

Stayin' WTG on your losses!!!! :dance: :cb: :cheer: Doesnt it feel good?!!?!!! Awesome job!!!!!!! :bravo:

01-16-2008, 03:39 PM
Loving the Chit Chat over my "morning" coffee . . . had a real late nighter - meeting after work so didn't get to bed til around 5am! Have really noticed what you mentioned marie . . . the things my bod used to be able to do w/o thought are effort - really creaking up on me here @ just turned 47/menopausal nightmare!

Night shift really getting to me . . . thinking of making a major change but gotta be smart about it, ya know? Lots to consider.

LOVING the recipes and especially the thought of getting PREPARED scalm! Tx!:hug: Really loved the corned beefie leftover idea . . . determined to remain UN-sloshed this football weekend and get the freezer at the ready.

21 days of preparedness will make it a habit, eh lynnar? Let's start COOKING!:carrot:

Think I toldya my other Big Sis has a 30 day on/off marriage lily? Has it ups and downs but she reallyreally has grown to love her time alone and is quite ready for her dh to leave near the end of his stay - he's on a barge. Keep Healing Lucy and robins dh as well!:hug:

Glad you chalked up your emotional eating day robin - just like you should dust off your split pea soup too crabby cakes! (At least you chose a vegetable! LOL!:D)

How's your friends valve surgery go beachie? Has the storm blown over that was headed your way?

What IS Metabolife Ultra jlkeahi?:?: Forgot to ask you that the other day.

*slurping down coffee and headed out for another night at the grind*

Hump Day & Pay Day - here I come . . . .

01-16-2008, 03:46 PM
Hi, busy thread today. It's great.
Just wanted to check in real fast and report another good Weigh In. Down another 3 pounds for a total of nine in two weeks. If only I can keep losing three pounds a week, it'll be great. I started induction on the second so my second week is done, but I plan to stay on this level for all of January. It's worth it if the weight loss keeps steady.
Last time I did this (last fall) I didn't WI to start because I knew it was going to be very bad, but I was sorry the whole time I stayed OP. I didn't have a starting weight so I didn't know if it was really working. I usually have my best loss the first week so by the time I got on the scales I was having the little losses. It never occured to me to have a "blind" weigh in at the doctor's office, but I guess I probably wasn't at the doctor last fall anyway. I saw him the spring before which was another time that I started Atkins.
I am doing a lower carb version of Atkins because I am convinced that I'm resistant to weight loss as described in the book. I average 10-12 carbs a day, including at least one salad. I don't count calories or fat. I always understood that the Atkins WOE kind of required more fat then traditional "diets." I haven't had any kind of desert since I started, but I do drink herbal tea with splendor about every night. That helps when you're looking for something sweet. I've never had a huge sweet tooth, so I may be easier to please then some people.
I'm pretty happy with my eating. I think if you don't feel real deprived you can stay on longer. I do miss the conveince of a fast food burger or egg McMuffin. But it is the conveniece I miss more than the food. A little planning helps with that.

01-16-2008, 04:01 PM
PS: I'm glad LC'er came back/stopped lurking/whatEVAH too lynn!:carrot: The Chat has been amazingly motivating for me already this week - Congrats to Everyone showing a loss!!!:carrot: Don't forget to get the tape measures out and get those starting inches recorded - can be HUGELY motivating when the scale isn't showing much, ya know? I kept losing my numbers so Posted them in the New Years Goal to have handy.

I was at 248 - all time high . . . got down to 212 b4 Txgiving & Holidays hit and went back to sameole/same ole cycle . . . creeping back up to 230 and putting the brakes on this sh!t gals!:mad:

Quick Shout Out to jdogg! I want to be a C25K at some point this year - Grats on getting it going!:carrot:

01-16-2008, 04:51 PM
Hey, all. Thanks for the warm welcome! And, Marie, you are right -- we need to see Star around here again.

This is such a busy thread -- that's awesome. Congrats to the losers this week -- great job!

Thanks for all the great recipe ideas -- those sound delicious and pretty easy. I'm always looking for new recipes.

Last night I had a softball game at 9 p.m., but since yesterday was a running day, I was determined to get my C25K program in. Well, after getting off late from work, I had just enough time to get to the gym and run before rushing the softball game. Needless to say, last night I was pooped. :p But, I was really glad that I fit my running in. I think, in the past, I've let SO many things get in the way of exercise -- my BF, in particular; but also just life/work/whatever. It felt good to make a point that exercise/running is a priority, and no matter what, I'll fit it in. It makes me feel like I have a little control over my life anyway... :D

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Take care,

01-16-2008, 05:02 PM
aud, there are definitely perks to only being a half-wife! LOL. Usually by the end of each week, I'm ready to pack his happy butt back off to work! Big benefit for us too is he's home less to spend money! Plus his check goes direct deposit in my account and I can keep all bills paid on time and have a little for extras. His housing and meals are totally paid for when he's on the job, so he is lower maintenance now,LOL. Of course this leaves me at home alone with 2PMSing teenagers half the time.

My dog Molly is getting really fat since being spayed 4 weeks ago. I wonder if Atkins would work for her , LOL. Today the vet told me to lower her dogfood and start giving her some carrots, green beans and lettuce. She's not gonna be a happy camper. I just hope it doesn't give her gas cause she can already clear a room!

lynnar, WTG on the 9 lbs. that is awesome.

stayincalm, that was a good idea to get your starting weight from the Dr. Im wishing now I knew for sure what my exact starting weight was when I got back on Atkins. I waited probably 4 or 5 days after being back OP until I knew I was losing before I made myself actually step on the scale. So, in actuality I was probably more than 6 lbs. over goal to begin with (realistically probably more like 10).

I'm gonna have my body fat percentage tested at my gym later this week. I'm fearing that what I think is loose skin may actually be loose fat. Even though I've lost a lot of weight I expect my BF to be around 26-28% (just guessing). My BMI is 22%. I want to get my baseline BF so I can tell in a few months if all my gym workouts are improving it.

01-16-2008, 06:14 PM
Hey everyone! :hug:

well today is hump day. kinda going slow. didnt really eat much today, not much exercise too. (unless walking around in a casino counts, LOL)

work called me to do an out of state job. so i agreed. well a shorter version that night is i was having chest pains and ended up going to the hospital. turned out it was just strains or stress. my company had to leave me in that state and my parents had to come get me. :(

the mangers of that job site were DISRESPECTFUL, did not handle my situation very well at all, and all together did not care. basically should i sue? whats everyones input.

sorry for rambling everyone. i know this forum is for LCers. :(

BUT NOW, im just taking it easy and relaxing,

Well if you have inputs or suggestions or you missed something just let me know!

(BTW, if you want full details just message me.)


01-16-2008, 07:03 PM
wow! thats sounds like it was really scarey for you- sue? not enough info- what kind of job, why was it out of state, what was the job protocol for going to hospital, why did your parents have to pick you up and not someone from the company, on what grounds do you think you could sue and by disrespectful, what kind of rules do you think they broke?
egads...sounds like a lawyer.

But honestly- anyone can sue for anything....what matters is- do you have a CASE. you've gotten me hooked into this like the next episode of desperate housewives...more info please!!!

01-16-2008, 08:26 PM
wow! thats sounds like it was really scarey for you- sue? not enough info- what kind of job, why was it out of state, what was the job protocol for going to hospital, why did your parents have to pick you up and not someone from the company, on what grounds do you think you could sue and by disrespectful, what kind of rules do you think they broke?
egads...sounds like a lawyer.

But honestly- anyone can sue for anything....what matters is- do you have a CASE. you've gotten me hooked into this like the next episode of desperate housewives...more info please!!!

well i work for W.I.S in Las Vegas, its an inventory company so we go to different stores and count their merchandise. We also do out of state stores, and well this store was located in Victorville, about a 2 and a half maybe 3 and half hr drive from our W.I.S office.

My chest pains started around our lunch hour which was 12am but about 2 to 3 am i started getting more frequent chest pains. I had told the Area Manager of the california crew that i was having sharp chest pains in my left side from the breast bone to the shoulder area. This is how my conversation with the manager went;
ME: "Hey *****, I am having sharp chest pains and i was wondering if i could sit for a little bit."
Manager: "Well, didnt you just get back from lunch?"
ME: "For the Las Vegas crew?? We went to lunch at 12am"
Manager: "Well didnt you just get back from break??"
ME: "yeah about an hour ago..."
Mananger: "No it was more like 40 minutes ago. Well i dont see how you are now having sharp chest pains when you just got back from break, so yeah go ahead and sit down."

(mind you she had an attitude while talking to me)

so i didnt like the tone she was speaking to me in, so i immediately went to the Floor manager of the crew and this is our conversation;

ME: "Im having sharp chest pains can i take a little break?"
F.C.M: looks at me with the "stupid" look. "Well I dont want me to do about it, but sure go ahead and sit down...... AFTER you finish your tag..."

by that time, im fed up, im getting ready to walk off the job and i had just started crying, thinking what is wrong with these so called "managers". neither one of the managers, i think, had the right attitude about the situation. i mean what would have happend if i indeed had a heart attack? Im pretty sure what was going thru their heads; "oh shes overweight and young, and she just doesnt want to work and shes coming up with an excuse.." pretty sad that these managers are not concerned about there employees and really i dont think they deserve to be managers with that kind of behavior.

so by that time, im still crying, and the head Manager comes over and has me sit down asks me whats wrong, and proceeds to call the peremedics

they find nothing wrong with my heart but i had high blood presure. then i go to the hospital, and one of my friends come with me, get hooked up and everything, did some xrays and saw nothing wrong, just the high blood pressure. At this time my friend is on the phone calling my parents letting them know what was going on, calling the driver of the company van, which is my close friend. After calling around, the Driver finally called us back and got told by OUR office just to leave me there. By that time, im livid!! Ive been up for more than 24 hrs, no sleep, nothing to eat in about 12 hrs, and thats when i finally decided that i cant work for a company that does this to their employees. So i think i should take them to court.

Hopefully this answers your questions, if not let me know! :)

01-16-2008, 08:32 PM
Hey Gang: Wrapping up another day here in sunny California. Today was drop dead gorgeous. I'm so glad it was a field day for me (running around a couple of big housing projects). Means I got to leave home late and drive around talking into my little tape recorder for 5 hours and then get some hiking in too!(Hey, where you can't drive ya gotta walk...some of the roads are not done yet!) I just got home and it is 4:17 and it feels like another day where I played while working for the man. Except this time I was working as opposed to yesterday when I was fibbing. I can't complain. I have the best, best, best boss on the planet. Been working for him for seven years now. I'm exempt from overtime and usually have a lot of night meetings for planning but with building down right now I feel like I'm on easy street.

This morning (after I thoroughly enjoyed the a.m. chat) I jumped on the exercise bike and did 40 minutes then made my way out the door. I didn't shower...what the heck, I was going to have to hike through some mud and drive around a lot so I figured if people were not really going to see me then they probably would not smell me either. Had a nice surprise though. Came trotting out of a little wetland restoration area surrounded by about 2000 homes and abutting a oak woodland area. I was standing there enjoying the vista (OK, gasping for breath too)when I heard this chittering noise. I looked over and saw this RATHER SIZEABLE mountain lion with a dead, what appeared to be, poodle in its mouth. Thank God it's mouth was full! He or she could have snacked on me for the next six months. I meet with fish and game on this project all the time and this is the first time I have seen, let alone ever heard of, a mountain lion in this little piece of heaven. I always carry a snake stick and those little New Year's eve poppers with me but didn't have to use the popper. I think the lion was just afraid I was going to steal dinner. You know, I could have! It looked low carb:D

Aud: I don't know how you do it. Not to bed until 5? Yikes. I don't know if I could adjust my body clock to work nights.

Lyn: Waaaayyyyyy to go!

JCP: Is there any crying in softball? (Since I remember the Tom Hanks movie where he said there is no crying in baseball). Let me tell you, if I had to haul my sizeable rear around some bases at a dead run you would see some crying. People in the stands would probably be crying too.

Lily: I want to try that part time wife thing. This is so sick but I will admit it here. Sometimes on a Saturday when DH says, "Hey me and DD are going out to Target" I want to dance after they leave. I often have the same feeling when I've dropped her off at school in the morning and wave merrily as I'm driving to work anticipating my secret ciggie in the car. How decadent.

JLK: I'm with Marie on this...desperate for details. What caused the chest pains, out of state OMG, are you o.k. now? I wouldn't get a lawyer I would probably look for a new job (of course this comes from the woman who faced down a lion today albeit with a poodle stuffed in its mouth.

01-16-2008, 08:50 PM
Forgot this tidbit: I did a whole hour on the bike last night (burning by its calcs 500 calories) BECAUSE I was watching "Real Spoiled Housewives Of OC". Uh, I mean, "Real Housewives of OC". O.K. I'm 46 now and lived in Huntington beach until 7 years ago and I never had that kind of life.

The show made me do something I have never done in seven years though. I went to bed and could not sleep. I tossed and turned until about midnight and then got up. DH turned to me in a semi coma and asked, "where are you going?" Answer, "I'm going out to the Jacuzzi". DH: "Want me to come with you?" (a hint of hope here like maybe he might get some). Me: "No. In 7 years I have never gotten into the jacuzzi alone." My but it was relaxing. Of course, I froze on the trek through the backyard and shivered while opening up the lid. Worth it though!

01-16-2008, 08:58 PM
Forgot this tidbit: I did a whole hour on the bike last night (burning by its calcs 500 calories) BECAUSE I was watching "Real Spoiled Housewives Of OC". Uh, I mean, "Real Housewives of OC". O.K. I'm 46 now and lived in Huntington beach until 7 years ago and I never had that kind of life.

The show made me do something I have never done in seven years though. I went to bed and could not sleep. I tossed and turned until about midnight and then got up. DH turned to me in a semi coma and asked, "where are you going?" Answer, "I'm going out to the Jacuzzi". DH: "Want me to come with you?" (a hint of hope here like maybe he might get some). Me: "No. In 7 years I have never gotten into the jacuzzi alone." My but it was relaxing. Of course, I froze on the trek through the backyard and shivered while opening up the lid. Worth it though!

SC-- I LOVE THAT SHOW!! I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH!! I even got my mom hooked! LOL! When I see someone exercise on TV, that motivates me...oddly enough! lol. I am o.k. I just know this is not a company i want to work for now. who knows what problems they will get when other ppl get hurt on the job.

01-16-2008, 09:07 PM
JLK: I have had a few jobs. Big and small companies. A couple with really good reps. You know, I went to work for this guy thinking that I would skate for a year or two and then jump to a big public company. He was do dang generous, he has turned out to be the best boss I ever had. EVER. I am so fortunate to have found my perfect working life niche. Not the right or perfect job...the perfect boss and corporate culture. It makes putting up with the day to day crap called, "work" worth it.

You are right. You don't need to work for a company that does not give a crap about you. Don't waste your time thinking about legal recourse just look for something else and get out. The other stuff takes too much negative energy.

I'm sending you some positive mojo!!!

01-16-2008, 09:17 PM
SC-- thanks! you put a smile on my face. Well I did enroll myself in school. Im going to High- Tech Inst. which is a branch from The Bryman School. Im going to be a Medical Coder and Biller, which i think is right up my alley!:) Orentaion is this Friday the 18th, and I start on the 22nd. Im nervous but i know i made the right decision to go back to school.

I gotta admit, its kinda wierd going school supply shopping after almost 3 years! :lol:

the only thing that sucks is finding a job that can work around my school hours. (i only go for 3 and a half hrs a day)

01-16-2008, 09:21 PM
Right On!!!

01-16-2008, 09:23 PM
The very last thing I would do is depend on someone else's opinion if I was having chest pains. Its my chest, I'll call the paramedics. I could care less what the managers thought.

Do I think you should sue them. No!

If this is how you are being treated, its time to find something else. Doesnt sound like an employee friendly place.

01-16-2008, 10:56 PM
6:47 and all is well. Dogs are fed. Cats are fed and DH And DD are fed. Menu? We all (meaning DH DD and Me...not the dogs and cats) had grilled New York Steak. One 6ozer for DH with a banana and 4oz each for DH and I with, of course, the requiste cheesecake pudding. I had mine on some pumpkin cooked with cream cheese and splenda. :YUM.

Of course, with left over corned beef rueben in the fridgy I had no business grilling the steaks but afterall, I had the CB on Sunday and Tuesday. Plus, we wouldn't even be having steak if it hadn't been on immense sale at Safeway yesterday.

Right now I'm having a glass if wine and chillin. DH and DD are hooked on American Idol coming on at 8. So maybe I'll get another 1/2 in on the bike and hit the jacuzzi alone again.

Sweet Dreams All.....zzzzzz


01-16-2008, 11:54 PM
jlk, from what you described, I wouldn't bother with trying to sue. Yes, they were jerks, but you have no proof that they caused the chest pain or that you suffered injury because of them. I would definitely find a different job because of them leaving you stranded. That alone might be good enough reason to quit and be able to draw unemployment while looking for another job. But, call the unemployment office and ask, don't take my word for it!

In the future if you're having chest pain, get to a medical facility regardless of what anyone else thinks or says! You have to stand up for yourself and take care of yourself cause no one is gonna do it for you. It's great that you are going back to school. I hope you find a career choice that you will enjoy.

calm, your dinner sounds yummy. I cooked spaghetti, corn and french bread for the family. I didn't eat a bite of it. Instead I cooked 4 chicken winglets and made a salad for me. I didn't feel deprived, all I could think about was wanting to lose 2 lbs. again this week and that was enough motivation to keep me on track.

01-17-2008, 04:41 AM
Prediction: If Nancy Grace didn't just have the twins - she would ALREADY be on her way to Mexico to personally track down the Marine!

2nd Prediction: Dog The Bounty Hunter will try to redeem himself (and get back on the air) by tracking the scoundrel down.

robinrobinrobin . . . join the Nancy-Love dangit!

jlkeahi-WHAT IS METABOLIFE ULTRA? Asked this earlier and now I'm worried that whatever it is - it's causing you chest pains/high blood pressure!!! I can't take anything that has that phenylproplopomamime sh!t . . . even when I was young . . . had anxiety like crazy.
I have advice too . . . I'm in a fairly strong union and if you were a union worker the best you could hope for would be documented travel expenses . . . so not worth the $$ of a lawyer (unless you know one.) More advice: There are NO WOMEN in skilled trades - will give you the same advice I gave my own beloved DD MOLLY - 21 - (ummmm, how the he!! did I forget lily's dogs name - HELLLLLOOOOOO LUUUUUUCCCCY WHOoo(?????):dizzy:) Unless you feel some kind of higher calling to devote your life to - like helping the homeless/nursing etc & blah blah blah (and no offense - but are you really that passionate about medical coding/billing?) why not become an electrician/plumber/carpenter/bricklayer etc? You could always go into administration if you didn't like the hands on part - but google around - see the big money and job opportunities for women - mega medical & benefits and did I mention big $$$$$????? You would also then belong to a union that would protect you from mindless managers, eh?

Please feel free to totally ignore me - just like my DD!:p

01-17-2008, 05:51 AM
. . . It felt good to make a point that exercise/running is a priority, and no matter what, I'll fit it in. It makes me feel like I have a little control over my life anyway... :D

I have just got to get to this point/place, jdogg. Awesome Post!:carrot:

01-17-2008, 10:41 AM
Morning All: 6:14 here and getting ready to run out the door. Aud: Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. I used to watch her all the time. Maybe I need to get back to it. I did see her talking about her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago on GMA. The babies look pretty precious. The only thing about her show is that I used to get kind of uncomfortable when she squabbled with her producer (embarrassing on air humiliation):club:. Didn't Dog get in trouble once before for chasing a suspect down in Mexico? He is one odd duck for sure. I used to be hooked on several evening news shows. Greta, Nancy, Dan Abrhams. Somewhere around Thanksgiving I just sort of stopped watching news period. Come to think of it, I pretty much stopped watching TV. I think that the fat gods should have granted me a few lost pounds just for that :dunno:but alas, that did not happen.

I hope everyone has a terrific day. Hey, I heard a quote last night on the radio that I'm dying to use today on someone, "You don't have the right to a negative opinion, or any opinion at all if you haven't researched all the data." I just loved that. Lord knows I have enough employees and co-workers that jump right in with opinions about things (ususally while gossiping about someone else)...I hope someone steps into my lair today bringing their little black cloud opinions with them so I can use the phrase!:ziplip:

01-17-2008, 11:08 AM
"You don't have the right to a negative opinion, or any opinion at all if you haven't researched all the data." I just loved that. Lord knows I have enough employees and co-workers that jump right in with opinions about things (ususally while gossiping about someone else)...I hope someone steps into my lair today bringing their little black cloud opinions with them so I can use the phrase!

I love this........this is the perfect quote for all those people who make negative comments about Atkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-17-2008, 12:30 PM
Well: It is 8:30 and I've been here in the office for almost two hours without getting to use my phrase yet but I'm hoping!


01-17-2008, 12:53 PM
Morning everyone- but if youre not on the west coast then good afternoon!

I guess the jury is in on the chest pain thing....and I agree , but if youre going to go back to school (or continue in school-) then why not be a teacher? Great supportive unions, you work 180 days and are OFF 180 days....all summer, 2 weeks at xmas, 1 week at thanksgiving, 1 week at easter and numerous other days around the calendar. I've been a teacher for 20 years and think I have it all....

01-17-2008, 01:00 PM
Good morning!

Wow, the board sure is busy these last couple days. I can't keep up, but I have the feeling I am the only one on the board NOT watching Nancy Grace! What am I missing???

So, I having a minor crises these last few days. My first week I wasn't journaling my eating, just making (seemingly) low-carb choices and going about my day. I lost 7.4 lbs on this method and figured I was doing fine. This week, however, I have been tracking my progress in FitDay and I am finding all of these little carbs that are adding up to more than 25 or so. Admittedly, some I knew were bad, but others like squash I didn't give a second thought. Now I feel a bit neurotic about the whole thing and its making me kind of frustrated. I'm wondering if I shouldn't get a little notebook and just write in my food there? Just curious what everyones opinion is on tracking.

Well I hope everyone is having a great day! :goodscale

01-17-2008, 02:08 PM
Crabby~ I dont watch Nancy Grace either.....I think she's just scary!!!
....keeping track, I use to keep track. Helps me see if Ive been eating anything I shouldnt when the weightloss slows down.

Im doing better today, I stayed op yesterday and got some exercise on the treadmill. That helped.

Im doing my best today, to keep it positive, and try not to dwell on anything that will upset me. Maybe I just need a good cry....get it all out. Then start fresh.

I talked about my husband's surgery with my daughter last night. She started crying as soon as I told her he needed it. It didnt matter how minor the surgery was going to be, it upset her alot. But talking to her about it last night, helped me too. She asked me if I cried. I told her no, I didnt, because I didnt want hubby to worry about me. Im thinking I probably should have....done it in private, and be done with it. It seems to be sitting there waiting. kwim? Now its relief I feel that all is well with the world again. (mine anyway).....and the need to cry for that reason. Maybe its hormones? Who knows!

Anyway, like I said, Im back onplan. Ate 100% yesterday, and today isnt an issue either. I wish I was one of those ppl who couldnt eat when they were stressed Id be stick thin!!! :lol:

Have a great day ladies.......send positive vibes my way, Im needing help with that. :hug:

01-17-2008, 03:17 PM
aud-- Metabolife ultra is a weight loss pill. its supposed to block carbs, give you energy, and supress apetite. But i didnt have any that day..(i forgot to take them! :lol:)

beach bum
01-17-2008, 03:41 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Can't believe that we're on the 6th page already. You guys a little chatty Kathy's. Thanks for all the congrats I hope that I will be able to continue losing even if small week after week until I finally reach my goal.

JLK-OMG What kind of people are you working for.I don't see any compassion from any of your managers while you were having chest pains. People now a days have no idea how to handle unexpected situations, espeically now that these company's only look for means to make lots of money and not care about there fellow employees. I agree with the rest of the ladies,I would quit,and look for another career.Happy to hear your going back to school. Sending [[[[good vibes]]]] your way.

StayinCalm-I don't like the American Idol and was upset when they took my off the air for that show.

[B]LILY-That what I do,I sever what ever dh wants and than I stay clear if it as I want to lose 1-2 lb each week will make me happier than the pc of temping food.

CabbyCakes-I don't watch Nancy Gray either.I don't know what time it on or what day,but I don't care as I watch Comcast demand movies that that time.BIG BIG CONGRATS:carrot: On your 7.4 lbs loss:carrot: You're doing terrific WTG. I have to have a food journal[old ww trick] or I will stray some where. I just eat all what on the journal for that day and I always allow for extras.I me the starchy veggies carbs don't bother me either. Its a veggies and to me that a good carb. I use fitday also.I'm playing around with a calorie range between 1200-1500,and according to fitday I'm just in the middle.

ROBBIN-Thats whats helping me,I thinking positive and I have to hand it all to you thanks.Its really better than being negative or a pessimist . I feel for once my head is on straight with this WOE.

Hugs :) BB

01-17-2008, 03:42 PM
Morning everyone- but if youre not on the west coast then good afternoon!

I guess the jury is in on the chest pain thing....and I agree , but if youre going to go back to school (or continue in school-) then why not be a teacher? Great supportive unions, you work 180 days and are OFF 180 days....all summer, 2 weeks at xmas, 1 week at thanksgiving, 1 week at easter and numerous other days around the calendar. I've been a teacher for 20 years and think I have it all....

you know right after i graduated high school, i worked for the school district, working with autistic children as a para-ed assistant, i loved the children, it was great, i was actually going to go to school behind it too, i would not do anything to jepordize them or my employement, but i made a mistake and got fired behind it. it makes me never want to work with kids, or anything in the education field for that matter, again. :(

01-17-2008, 03:49 PM
BB-- thanks for the good vibes, i need them! like everyone else i have bills to pay and im stressing out hard! and this job didnt give me any good take home pay!

well everyone!! how is it that i miss everyone in the morning? lol. maybe i should start getting up earlier! :lol: but i called a local gym here and i have a free consultation class at 230 and kinda scared on what to expect...

01-17-2008, 03:52 PM
You know Robin...I have to say that there are days...both stressful and lazy when I realize after *****ing (sorry) and moaning and acting up that all I need is a good cry...I remember days when hubby would try to hug up on me and find out why I was acting so "strangely" and even though I loved him to death I wanted him to go AWAY....and then...after just fighting against it for most of the day, I would just break down- shut myself in the bathroom and sob....and come out 20 minutes later feeling SO much better....Poor guy would actually FLINCH when I walked into the home office because he wasnt sure what to expect next...and he would be totally joyous when he saw that I was "ok" go ahead and let it out- it feels so much better once its gone....

01-17-2008, 03:57 PM
Hi everyone, it's really cold here. I'm hibernating and drinking coffee.

I do plan to hit the gym again tonite for my upper body workout and cardio. I am determined that a yr. from now my butt will look like it belongs on a fit woman instead of a 90 yr. old grandpa. And my arms won't keep waving to people for a minute after I've stopped waving. LOL.

DH is home and has his happy butt glued to the recliner watching Harry Potter movie. I wish he'd volunteer to help clean the house, but I don't see that happening. I really thought that since now he has every other week completely off work that I'd get more help. Nope, it takes him all 7 days of rest to go back and do his next weeks work. LOL.

01-17-2008, 04:28 PM
I got addicted to Harry Potter thru my 10 yr old DD lilyb . . . read them all last summer and so enjoyed. I've only seen the 1st HP movie so looking forward to a movie marathon at some point to see the sequels. I've got a 3 day weekend coming up - may be just the thing as I cleancleanclean and organize this mess of a house - my dh is a disaster in this area but does the best he can so can't complain (tooo much!;))

Got my floor exercises in this week but saw by the Jan ex chart sticky that I have NOT been to the gym/weights since the 2nd.

MUST change that!

Gotta remember how great it feels to make it a habit, ya know?

Ready to get this Thursday OVER with already . . . Hope you're having a great OP day everyone!:carrot: ttyal!

01-17-2008, 05:17 PM
Happy Afternoon All: We ARE chatty aren't we? :blah.

Crabby: I use the notebook. Fitday freaks me out. If I hit a stall though I will probably enter things in to see where I'm off.
Robin: :stress:. Hugs. I agree with some of the others. Sometimes what is needed is an all out sob-fest. I hope you feel better later on today.
Lily: Sounds Chilly Willy. I always feel like an absolute sloth when I read about your workouts. You don't even use weather for an excuse! Good for you.

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. As I said I haven't watched her in awhile (since the berating of her producer on air during that alleged Duke University Lacrosse rape case). DH won't watch because he gets tired of anger being misdirected at law enforcment and others instead of being directed primarily on persons committing the crimes. Of course, I think that is kind of human nature.

Another sunny, gorgeous day here. I'm getting spoiled. No fibbing today though. I will work my full day for the man. :spin:

01-17-2008, 07:22 PM
Funny little afternoon I had today. I was reading a marketing book, and after one particular paragraph, I just lost it. I got myself into the bathroom, had a nice little cry. Scared poor hubby, got hugs and kisses, cleaned up my face, made a cup of tea and settled in for the rest of the afternoon.

Then about a 1/2 hr later ....mind you I look like poop warmed over, ok?.....this fella comes in, and I considered hiding in my little corner of the shop and letting hubby take care of him. Well, I didnt, and chatted with the customer, sold him a $3.25 coaster. He stayed and chatted a little bit. When he finally left, hubby says to me, "I think he liked you" I got that same distinct feeling. Which I thought was just hilarious....this is about as bad as Ive looked in a very long time. :lol3: :rofl: Now there wasnt any boogers left over from my crying fit....but you all know what you look like after had a cry?! :lol:

Tonight I am going to get on the treadmill, and then do some baking. Baking is always calming for me....I'll just make stuff for hubby to have for the shop.

Thanks so much ladies :hug:

01-17-2008, 09:38 PM
:shrug: Why can't we look attractive when we cry? People don't tend to look like crap on tv and in the movies when they cry. Its good you got the cry out though.

It must be in the air. My afternoon turned to crap with a flood of calls with different directives from 3 partners on a project. I swear I am so frustrated right now I could strangle someone (I will be redirecting my anger on the recumbent bike. Don't be surprised if I pedal so hard I end up coming through the wall of one of your living rooms though):tantrum:.

I have a big zit growing right under my nose (which means Aunt Flow is coming to town but since I didn't write down the day last month I have no idea when.) I'm just cranky as ****. At this point in the rant my husband usually looks at me and says, "Whhhhaaahhhh Me Too. But my problems are worse. Everything bad is happening to me AND my feet stink and Jesus does not love me anymore". Then I realize I'm being ridiculous. Deep breath. Have to ask the Client, "Which silly, time consuming and expensive task that will result in nothing would you like me to undertake first?"

Seriously, this one revolves arounding hiring 24/7 patrol and cameras for a large community (cost of about 200,000 a year but who knows) all because some moron had a family dispute in their single family home and domestic violence ensued. They want three competitive proposals for patrol (of course they don't know what post instructions they want...what the want the patrol to do) and installation of about 40 cameras (forget about the wiring, location, how these cameras will be monitored etc.) BY MONDAY. Are you kidding me. Geez.

OK I'm over it. Looking at what Robin and Lily deal with this is just a cakewalk. It is not my family or my pet or my health. Puttin' it in perspective will help me "Stay Calm".:censored:

01-18-2008, 01:06 AM
calm, you wouldn't be envious of my workout tonite. My gym workout turned into a 2 hr. nap on my couch. I was having some nausea and diarrhea and decided to stay home. I felt a little better after dinner and ended up just walking 1.5 miles on my treadmill. I could have done more, but I keep telling myself that I'll hit the gym tomorrow for my UBWO and cardio both. For some unknown reason my tummy has been a little sick. I hope I am not coming down with something. I feel like I'm dehydrated and can't get enough to drink.

Robin, glad you felt better after the little cry. It makes me feel better sometimes too. So that man was flirty with ya, WTG.

My son left for his Army Drill tonite and will be back Sunday. He has 3 days drills every weekend now before going Active Duty on Feb. 9th. With this plus his job, I feel like I never hardly see him. I miss him already!

01-18-2008, 06:55 AM
Lily: Maybe you are sressed and its effecting your tummy? Nothing gets me more depressed than my baby growing up. Looks like we were both early birds. I fell asleep at 9 but woke up at 11:30 and could not get back to sleep. I also feel a little sick to my stomach. I tried 1/2 hour on the exercise bike, two episodes of Will and Grace, 1/2 hour in the hot tub, relaxation clips on Youtube, herbal tee and reading. It is 2:51 a.m. right now. I thought I would check the board and give snoozin' another shot. I hope yor feel better later on in the a.m.

01-18-2008, 07:35 AM
Um, hi there?

This is me delurking - I'm new to the forum, and new to Atkins, but you all seem like a very nice bunch of people and it's really encouraging to see the progress people have made - and also to read about people having similar concerns and problems!

Marie - I meant to ask: where abouts in Egypt did you go? I'm assuming Cairo, if you went into a pyramid - did you get down to Luxor too? And I hope you had fun?

01-18-2008, 09:05 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

OMG its cold here this morning. I can almost feel the wind whipping thru the house!!

Broadabroad~ :welcome3: I think you'll like it here :D

Im feeling quite a bit better this morning. I didnt get my workout in last night, but I did get a big pot of low carb soup made, and some muffins for hubby. It felt good :)

Im still eating 100%, and water intake is still very good. Just need to climb up on the treadmill.

Off to make more coffee, then get hubby dressed :D Have a wonderful day ladies!!

01-18-2008, 11:23 AM
Welcome Broad! Hope everyone has a fine, fine day. Here are my goals today:

1. Don't slap the S&*^ out of client.
2. Don't pick at that humongous zit (I feel like I should put traffic cones around it).
3. Stay on plan.
4. Try to be positive.


01-18-2008, 11:42 AM
calm, hope you finally got some sleep. I did although my younger lab. crawled in bed with us and we just let her stay there. It may be stress that is causing my tummy upset, but I do feel OK this morning. I plan to get a gym workout today while DH goes to get a haircut. I had planned on sleeping in late but my doggies needed walked, so I bundled up and did that. I'm sure I looked quite a site. I had on my PJ's, then DH's sleep pants over my clothes, then a hooded sweat shirt with DH's thick camo jack on top of it all. LOL, this is one good thing about living in the country. It's 20 degrees here and I hate to feel cold.

Broad, welcome to our forum. Glad you came out of lurkdom and joined us. Post often so we can all get to know you.

Robin, LC stew sounds good. I need to learn how to make that.

My goals today:
1. eat on plan
2. get my gym workout done
3. dress in something I think I look great in
4. sing my butt off at Karaoke tonite

01-18-2008, 11:51 AM
Welcome broadabroad! (Such a cute nickname you have!) You're right about this being a nice bunch of people. I'm a newbie myself and I really love this board.

stayincalm - I think I may go to the notebook idea for a while and see how it goes. I wish there was a FitDay specifically for low carb-ers, maybe that would make me feel better!

As for me.. I've come to the decision that I need to make my bf take the scale away from me (not the first time) and since TOM is imminent in a couple days I may skip my week 2 weigh-in until next Tuesday. Can I live without my scale for a week and a half (I'm such a scale whore!)? I think I really need to though. I almoast had an F-It moment on my way to work (Evil DUNKIN DONUTS!), but I've made that decision too many times and I won't make it again!

Wish me luck!!!

I like the idea of listing my goals for today (thanks stayincalm and lilybelle):
- eat on plan!
- not kill bosses for yelling all day
- avoid scale like the plague
- do something with rats nest I call hair so I don't look hideous for my own birthday tomorrow

01-18-2008, 12:50 PM
Lily: Your goals are better than mine. I said I would be positive but my goals were kind of negative. I need to take a leaf from your book. Heres to you looking totally hot tonight and singing "Crazy" better than Pasty Cline ever could.

Crabby: I am so with you girl. Due to my zit and crankiness and boob ache, I know TOM is coming in the next few days. I still got on that damn scale this morning. It was up two pounds. I KNEW better. I'm not freakin' as much as I could have though. I think I need to put it away for a week so I'm not tempted to do the daily thing.
P.S. You are lovely. I don't think you could look hideous if you tried.

Have a terrifc day everyone.


01-18-2008, 12:53 PM
Welcome broadabroad!- cute name- so Im assuming you are abroad? ( the travel sense.) We started in Cairo and outer areas and then had a few flights and saw temples in Luxor, Edfu, Com ombo, Philae, Dandara, Giza was 2 days on land in Cairo then a 9 day nile tour and 2 days back in Cairo at the end. Fun? Well it was very different than the US- I was really glad I went and glad I saw what I saw, but if you've been there ( sounds like you have) you know Egypt is not a place you "hang out" for the atmosphere.

Robin- Can I ask what kind of shop you have? I have a very tiny one- sell Victorian Antiques and mourning items- not a great money maker and Im thinking of going totally internet.

They have treats in our lounge every friday and this week it was the cafeteria ladies turn to make it- they had buscuits and gravy that smelled GREAT! I went and got a diet coke and even brought back some B & G for the teacher next to me, but I didnt touch it!

Don't you all think sometimes that we should get credit (weight taken off) for all the foods we WANT to eat but dont????

01-18-2008, 01:42 PM
. . . Decided to cook all the meals for M-F on Sunday and made a few smaller portions of each to freeze . . .

LOVE this idea and making it one of my goals, scalm!:carrot:

01-18-2008, 01:48 PM
:wave: Aud. Posted at the same time. :D
I must get sexy boots too! I have been wanting a pair for so long, nice tall ones, but never able to find a pair that I like that fit my calves. even when I was 140 still couldn't find any that fit.

I've got sexy boot shopping pencilled in on my To-Do List Saturday Morning (tx for the idea robin!:hug:) - how 'bout you puncie?:p (Hope your cousin is making a recovery?:?:)

I've had my trusty pair of brown cowboy boots w/heel for far too long . . . feel like a Marshall Tucker song, ya know? I'm looking for black & sleeeeek girls!:D

01-18-2008, 01:59 PM
Who ran into the mountain lion with poodle in mouth?:?: (Sounds like a still life title) . . . was thinking about that as I chased our deranged Westie Ginger for about 2 frigid hours this morning!:mad: Bring on the Dog Whisperer AND the mountian lion!!!!!:o Crazy thing dove thru traffic - weaved in & out of yards - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . all started with a squirrel & broken collar.

At least I got some aerobics in . . . not to mention FROSTBITE!:p

Soooo glad your ds's deployment changed lily.:hug:

Welcomewelcomewelcome broadabroad!:carrot: Ahhhh, travel! Sounds so great marie . . . PLEEEEZ CALGON - take me away somwhere!!!:dizzy:

OTC Estroven has been wonderful helping me to balance out my weepy periods robin - not the generic either . . . everytime I don't think I need them anymore or don't want to spend the $$$ . . . I end up feeling blue and realize I haven't taken in a few days - dh has even gone out and bought the extra strenght!!! LOL!:D (Thinking of my booo-hooo 47th birthday specifically - what a gift!)

Seriously - a really good supplement & safe now that hormone replacement is out the window, ya know?

01-18-2008, 02:07 PM
I am 6 days away from 48- not sure I get the menopause thing!- I had a few weeks last year of what I THOUGHT were hot flashes- but in retrospect I think it was too much partying....the only thing that seems to bother me is TOM that show up every 3 months and lasts ( in a minor form) for 8 days or so- I want to be one of those women who just glides through it-...I'm making that my mantra-
you know, when I was on this site in the beginning- some of us actually made a time and place for a get together-kind of a celebration- Vegas? anyone?

01-18-2008, 02:52 PM
Happy Friday, all! Work's been busy, but I'm still exercising and eating right. Made it through week 2 of the C25K program. Softball tonight, if we don't get rained out. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Welcome broadabroad (I agree... cute nickname)!

Awesome, Robin. You can still get the men when you feel you look your worst! Did you have the sexy boots on?

Oh, and Marie: I'm always up for Vegas, baby!

01-18-2008, 02:56 PM
I think the anxiety and whatnot the last couple days had to do with the stress of dh's surgery, and my period on the way. Im alot better today tho. I take st.john's wort everyday 3x a day. I notice a big difference when I skip a couple days.

Marie~ we have a vinyl sign and custom printing apparel shop. I started a blog before christmas, it has photos and stuff if you want to take a look. I'll pm you the addy if you are interested in taking a look. We are on facebook too, but I dont remember if I have before and after photos of the shop in the blog....just on facebook. We opened up in June after being in the house for 6yrs :lol:

Gina~ nope :lol: no sexy boots, I actually had my big wool sweater on, and my daughters fuzzy slippers(I was cold!) :lol:

01-18-2008, 02:56 PM
* . . . vamps into casino . . . struts to black jack table in sexy sleek sky high boots . . . tosses a $5 chip down & purrrrrrs "Hit Me Daddy!"*

gets slugged.


Outta here for yet another early (unpaid) meeting - :mad: . . . decided with dh the next plan in my union official career . . . gonna run for reelection . . . didn't go into it here but had a lot of options b4 me and wanted to choose the right one with so many factors.

w/i tonight . . . think it will be predictable stall or small gain . . . just haven't been "with it" this week . . . not a disaster but nothing to write home to the 3fc's about either!;)

The 3 day weekend will belong to moi tho'!


01-18-2008, 02:58 PM
marie-- im in. i live here! LMAO!

but can we wait til july 29th, thats when i turn 21! LOL!
ugh, i totally binged this morning. so not good. i mean i woke up with good intentions but i didnt follow through....le sigh! haha.

hows everyones TGIF??

01-18-2008, 03:10 PM
I WANT SEXY BOOTS!!!!. Can I dump my previous goals and change to sexy boots? Lordy. I'm glad its the end of the week. I did it to myself though with that meeting fibby and then a full field day. I'm not AS cranky today.

Marie: I'm with you on the meno thing. I have to consider myself peri. Since by definition Menopause is the complete cessation of your period for one full year. I still get it every month the only difference is that some things happend that never happened to me befeore: I'm now irritable when its coming. I get naseous and have the squats the first day. My boobs kill me.
I itch! I get a couple of zits. I wake up with back pain during the night a few days before. Yuck. I left out the sweating profusely thing. That happens on a regular basis but only have had a few isolated full blown hot flashes.

Aud: I cop to the mountain lion. I LOVE THE DOG WHISPERER BY THE WAY. My two dogs are totally spoiled. Lily if it is any consolation I have a very fat english cocker and a corgie mix who both sleep on the bed everynight. I end up curled up like a boiled shrimp.

I'm up for Vegas.


01-18-2008, 03:14 PM
I never even made it to posting yesterday. All of sudden work is busy which is of course only because I complained about being bored for too long. It's my own fault!
Marie, I've had that exact same thought about credit for food not eaten. You should be able to deduct it or something when you pass up a food that you really like!
Last night I went to a Chinese buffet with my oldest daughter (I guess Thursday is now our night to eat out!). I thought I could stick to the grilled stuff (they'll let you chose the ingredients and grill it right in front of you) and I didn't do too bad. I did have a few too many of the shrimp with cream cheese from the buffet part. Probably ate about four or five days worth of cream cheese carbs, and I sampled a couple of things with breading, but they also had some plain pork.
I was up a pound this morning-but since it's not WI day I won't count it. I think it might have been water weight because the food was salty anyway.
I promised myself I would use Fitday this time! I know I underestimate some of what I eat. I know I should keep track!! But the truth is I find Fitday a little too time consuming. Right now I don't have my own computer at home except for a laptop and that's an extra couple of minutes to pull it out and set it up. And I can't take the time at work every day. I do a lot of this kind of posting from work while I eat lunch and it takes most of my lunch time. I guess the next time I'm on this board whining about not losing, I should remind myself about Fitday. Or one of you can yell at me. "FITDAY, YOU FOOL!"
Well, back to work.

01-18-2008, 03:25 PM
jlkeahi- I forgot you were a local- I often wonder because the DH and I come often and stay down on freemont cuz we love the binnions cafe after 11pm....but for you it must be so boring...although i think we could make it crazy!

Jdog-I think we need to make this a reality- everyone who's interested...well maybe we ought to have jlkeahi get us some info on what kind of places we can eat?

egads the meno thing- the sweating...that was last year when I thought I was full blown- then I think I realized that when I quit partying like a 21 year old I actually stopped sweating....

01-18-2008, 03:35 PM
marie-- LOL!! im not gonna lie, i think its boring, only because there is nothing for me to do. :lol: as far as places to eat, depends on what your up for. :)

01-18-2008, 03:41 PM
Wow! The thread is hoppin' I can't keep up. I'll have more time next week when my nephew is gone. I'm still strugling to get back OP, can't seem to controle the evening snacking.

I'll have to wait on the sexy boots, the only boots I'll be wearing for the next months are my big pink and silver snow boots :devil: HOT!

My cousin is doing geat, they have sent him home with his parents. he is healing good but still has some trouble from the head injury, can't focus his eyes as the optical nerves are streched, and his saliva glands are paralized so he has a dry mouth all the time and has a hard time eating. but he is getting better every day.

beach bum
01-18-2008, 03:57 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Can't believe how the chat thread grew,welcome :welcome2: all newbies. I just stay away one day and I don't think I can catch-up with all the posts.

Its another day for Leo & I to relax. The weather isn't so nice,its a dark gloomy rainy day. Luckily we did lots of grocery shopping,earlier this week, our cupboards are filled to the brim.

My Goal today

1)to stay OP as much as possible
2)exercising every day even if its only 15 M.
3)drink at least 80 oz of water per day.

Crabby Cakes-I used to go on the scale everyday and than average my weight for the week. BAD MISTAKE,DH saw that I was really getting cross[scape going up] and my mood would change back to happy when the scale went down. Now I stay away on only go on on W-I day which is Wed.,and my mood doesn't swing day by day.I;m a happier & healthier person.Here some :dust: and :luck2you: for you to stay away from Dunkin Donuts.

AUD-Hope you have a good W-I tonight.If not, ""just pick yourself up and start all over again"".

Time up,I have to get my rev rolls out of the oven

see you guys later

Hugs :) BB

01-18-2008, 04:00 PM
Hey P- I think pink and silver snow boots rawk!

I missed this obviously- is your cousin ok? accident? So weird what even simple ( much less severe) thinks can do to your brain....hope he's healing well....

01-18-2008, 04:04 PM
BB- Cape cod...for those of us out in cali- (or at least me) I feel like Im missing something with all the actual 'weather" out your way . Out here it goes about 4 degrees either way....

thank you so much for the wonderful welcome- I assume the newbie position for all of you who have been doing this awhile.....OUCH! please ma'am may I have another? ;)

01-18-2008, 04:43 PM
PHEW!! i just did the Leslie Sansone (sp?) Walk away the lbs dvd, after much procrastination :lol:, and it feels excellent!! but boy did it whip me!! i cant believe i used to do this like nothing and now, OMG!! lol. and it was only the 1 mile!!! hahah. well its better than nothing.

01-18-2008, 04:47 PM
Marie, Yes my cousin rolled his truck in early December . Many broken bones and head injury. very lucky to be alive.

As far as snow boots go , mine are the coolest.
Going to put them on right now and go shovel the walk before DH gets home.

01-18-2008, 07:41 PM
Yippee, I made it to the gym and got my workout done. My only food today has been 2 slices of bacon and 1 egg for brekky, 2 celery stalks for lunch, 1 with laughing cow cheese and the other with PB. I am hungry now after my workout. DH and I are going out to dinner and I'm having a lovely grilled chicken salad. Yummy!

I'm all for the trip to Vegas. Hey, DH's XW lives there reckon she'd let me stay with her,LOL, NOT! Let me know in advance and I'll plan for a trip and join everyone!

I've now take my shower and done my makeup. Will soon be getting dressed up lookin hot (hopefully without another hotflash) and head out for my fun night of dinner and Karaoke.

I'm amazed how many of us are 47 yrs. old right now. It's menopause city here at the LC chickies, LOL.

01-19-2008, 02:19 AM
Thanks for the lovely welcome! And glad you like the username! Yes, I am indeed a broad abroad - you could even say I'm a broad broad abroad, if you wanted to be painfully accurate! I'm an expat Brit, working in Thailand at the moment. I've been here a year and a bit, but before that I was in Egypt for 3 years - so glad you got to go down to Luxor, Marie, as that's my favourite part of the country. Man, I remember when we rounded a corner and the temple of Luxor was just THERE, and I just burst into tears. I actually found the temples of Luxor and Karnak more awe-inspiring than the pyramids, just because they're so much more human - I mean, they're recognisably buildings, with writing and purpose and all that. Anyway, yeah - I loved Egypt, but I do understand that it's a bit of a shock to the system at first, and if you're only there for a couple of weeks you don't neccesarily have time to get beyond the initial 'OMGWTF?' thing about all the day-to-day craziness.

Gosh, Puncezilla, that's awful about your cousin. I had no idea that a person's saliva glands could be paralyzed - holy crap, the things that can happen to a person! I'm so glad he's doing okay, but it must have been a real shock for you all!

Sexy boots, incidentally, are an EXCELLENT idea. Go get 'em!

I like this thing of writing your goals for the day. Good idea. Let's see:

1) Find some weighing scales so I can weigh portions out properly.

2) Either go to the gym or go for a swim. (Or both!)

3) Pay my water bill.

4) Take some things to the dry cleaner's

5) Start to prepare materials for next week's International Week lessons (my class is doing The Czech Republic).

And maybe

(6) Chuck out the cheese and the sour cream. Because I'm onto Day 6 of Induction, and I've lost maybe half a pound. And I would NOT have said I ate excessive quantities of cheese or sour cream - but that's all I can think it is. I am pretty damn depressed by my lack of progress, frankly.


01-19-2008, 04:40 AM

I've had a thought, and I wonder if anyone here might know anything about this: I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a few years ago. Does anyone know whether that might possibly contribute to this weightloss on Atkins being a bit slower? I mean, I successfully shed about 30lb when I was in Egypt, 2 or 3 years ago, doing WeightWatchers and exercising regularly - so I've no reason to think that I CAN'T shift the weight. But I was wondering why I haven't lost more during Induction.

PCOS, maybe? Or d'you think it's just the cheese and cream? I mean, I'm going to cut those way the **** back now, and crank up the protein still further (really, I'm not much of a carnivore normally, so I was thinking feta salad was a nice option - but maybe I should have been eating steak?), but I wondered just now whether the PCOS would have any impact. I've had a look around the PCOS forum and not seen anything there that seems to imply this is likely - just wondered whether anyone here has had any experience of this?

01-19-2008, 09:06 AM
:moo::coffee:BAB: That is frustrating. I think I have seen something about your condition on the Boards but I don't know what effect it has a lc. Have you tried writing everything down to see if there are more carbs in what you are eating than you thought? Is it wierd to try to shop for food and read labels in Thailand? Geez. I have enough trouble at Safeway. ;). Getting that kind of start on induction would make me want to cry like, "I gave up cocktails for this?"

Well it is 5:00 a.m. here. I developed a nasty cold yesterday :no:so I took a soak and went to bed right after dinner. I will have to catch up on some exercise today (that's ok. Real Spoiled Housewives of OC has a repeat of this weeks new episode this morning).

Doesn't BB have a birthday today? I thought that is who it was. If so Happy Birthday!!!!

:coffee:Anyone craving a latte? I made one last night. In a saucepan, 1/4 cup non sweetened soymilk, splash of heavy cream, sprnkle of cin.,some Splenda, a drop of vanilla, a teaspoon of sugar free coffeemate hazelnut creamer. Whisk over heat until boiling. Pour into coffee. This was so yummy really! I just made another one for my wake up coffee.:stars: I just started experimenting with the soy milk and did not think this was going to taste as great as it did.

Goals for today:

1. One hour on the bike.
2. Do the weekly big LC grocery shopping at Trader Joes and Safeway.
3. Drink as much water at home as I do at work (126 oz)
4. Stay on plan.

Have a great day.


01-19-2008, 09:10 AM
Not BB (Sorry, I'm fuzzy headed) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRABBYCAKES!!!

01-19-2008, 09:40 AM
Morning All :coffee:

its 537 here, got some coffee in hand! :woohoo:! lol. couldnt sleep. i had a very wierd dream. :sigh: but everythings going alright. i only did WATP: 1 mile last night, but it kick my butt!! i need to learn how to eat on a scedule so i could avoid garbaging the whole kitchen like last night! :lol:

How is everyones saturday morning??

01-19-2008, 10:41 AM
stayincalm - Thank you for the happy birthday!!! It's been a good one so far. BF and I woke up early and had western omlettes (minus peppers for me, ick) :D Your latte sounds yummy btw.. I tried soy milk once and wasn't thrilled, but maybe I will give it another shot.

broadabroad - You know, I am thinking about giving up my cheese for a few days. I have a feeling that its stalling out my loss.. that or impending TOM, ugh.

jlkeahi - Nice job with the WATP. I checked one out from the library but its the 3 miler, yikes. Right now I only make it through 1.5 miles. Its a great workout though. I really like Leslie Sansone. Keep it up!

Goals for today:
- Do not eat birthday cake!
- Do not get (too) drunk
- Do not cut anymore hair off while drunk
- Eat on plan!

Hope everyone has a happy Saturday and stays OP this weekend!

01-19-2008, 10:42 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Broad~ I have PCOS, and I find that after my first 2 weeks on induction, I need to cut the fats down by more than half to get the weight to keep coming off. I eventually get my fats down to my 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee, what ever fats are in my meats, and then a couple tablespoons of salad dressing, my eggs....thats about it. Are you drinking your water? Maybe post your typical day's menu, maybe we will see something you dont.

I seem to have pinched or put too much pressure on a nerve in my leg. On the treadmill, I thought maybe my shoe was too tight, and making my foot a bit sleepy. But I ignored it and kept on :rolleyes: I should have retied my shoe, because now part of my foot and a part of my calf feel a bit weird. :(

Food is great, and I got my workout in last night. Water is 100% and Im feeling soooooooo much better :D

Have a great day ladies!!

Happy Birthday CrabbyCakes!!!!!!!!!!!:bday2you::woo::hb: :celebrate: :gift:

01-19-2008, 01:05 PM
Evening all!

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in microwave, served with smoked salmon.

Lunch: (For the first time this week, something I didn't prepare myself) Steak, with a couple of fried mushrooms and a pepper gravy (first time I've had anything remotely gravy-like, but I poked the pot experimentally and it was mostly meat juice with peppercorns in it; I decided, since I was virtuously ignoring the whole box of bread that came with my order, that the gravy was probably okay). A small green salad.

Dinner: Half a bowl of homemade mushroom soup. Most of a chef's salad (lettuce, cucumber, chicken, ham, one slice of cheese, some boiled egg).

No snacks. Water - I guess I've had about, what 6 or 7 330ml bottles of club soda by now? And I've got another on the go as I type.

Does this sound excessive?

Actually, mostly the stuff I buy has English labels - if we're talking cans of tuna/corn/beans/pasta sauce etc. Fresh produce is pretty straightforward too. I'm mostly eating whole foods, at least when I make them myself. Either that or restaurant meals, but not so much with the processed or pre-packaged. It's fine - I mean, you can get plenty of Western goods here, not like Egypt (where I used to live); but, that said, you CAN'T buy lots of Low Carb treats or convenience things. Which does rather suck. Does anyone know, would diabetic foods be a good thing to look for? Or are they generally just as high carb? There might be some out there I could find...

Awesome job with your workout, Robin! Although I'm sorry to hear about your foot!

Impending TOM, you say...hmm. I'm having a permanent case of TOM at the moment (intramenstrual bleeding, oh joy, which I had 6 years ago for a while, and the doctors said 'yeah, whatever, we don't know' and then eventually said 'oh, yeah, your mum's right, it's PCOS. So's the hair loss. No, nothing we can do. Suck it up'). I mean, just light, not like a proper TOM, but it's ongoing. Wonder if that would have an effect?


OMG, meant to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRABBY CAKES! Have a fabulous day!

beach bum
01-19-2008, 01:18 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Nothing new,just trying to keep OP this weekend as that the worst time with every one eat snacks in front of me.Going to exercise this afternoon With my WATP's 3 mile tape.

Marie-We love living in Cape Cod. We hardly get the bad weather snow and ice like they do in Boston,But we do get the Northeaster where the winds blow up to 50-70 MPH. In the summer its another story the nice cool breezes in the air until hot & humid Augs comes around and right after that the temps are beautiful when all the tourist go back home in Sept & Oct.

CRABBYCAKES:bday2you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MANY MORE How are you going to celebrate today?? Not matter, hope you have the best day ever.OH No birthday cake on your birthday.Maybe you could find some thing on Linda low carb web site.

JLK-I love Leslie's tapes I have several in my exercising library.From 1-4 miles WATP's and than several of Express ones and toning.Now I thinking about getting the 1 M jogging tape. You'll get use to them,and she says is it too hard at first or you missed a step go back to walking. I used to do the March to Fitness with Kathy Smith that another good dancing workout.

PUNCE-I haven't seen you posting in a while,good to see you back.Sorry about your brother hope its ok now. I have to buy a new pair of booths I'm had a hole it it and I thought them away.Not going for the fashion ones, at my age & my speed to get reg booths to keep my feet dry.

LILY-You're doing so well with going to the gym you'll soon be at goal and than beyond.Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas,never been there.

BAB-I agree with the gals,it could be the cheese that causing you to stall or lose less.Another cause is that you lost nicely on WW[30 lbs big congrats for that] that your starting low carb, the bod is trying to understand what you doing.Third might be that you are close to your goal.I think that you'll lose better next week. It happened to me just recently I stall one week trying another diet and when going back to Low carbing I lost 1.5.

SC-Didn't crave a latte but i do use Silk Soy Milk and I love it.I used to buy the Slender brand with 1 net carb ,but I was using it up too fast as it came in a small box instead of a carton. The Silk brand have 7 net carbs.

ROBIN-OUCH!! Sorry about your foot Hope you on the mend real soon

Got to go, start making dinner

Hugs :) BB

01-19-2008, 01:34 PM first thought is....isnt there alot of sodium in club soda? This could be a huge factor!! Drink regular water instead. Also, more protein. The salt in the ham could be doing something too. Drink water. I find the more water I drink the more I loose.

I get the hairloss thing too, but when Im eating low carb it grows back. Right now I have all these little funky hairs sticking out along my hairline. Looks pretty funny, but hey, its growing back! As for the periods, all my life they have either been non-existant, or perpetual....since lowcarbing Ive been like clockwork for 6 yrs. Never has this ever happened to me. I can now actually mark stuff on the calendar, and see when the next one is due!! But no, I dont think that has anything to do with whether or not you are loosing. I suspect as you get into gear with this plan, things will ease up a bit.

Hope this helps.

01-19-2008, 01:35 PM
:hb: crabby cakes! :woo: ROTF @ your B-Day Goals!:rofl: Hair + alcohol = be careful! :yes:

I'm watching the Real Housewives as I coffee up scalm . . it's the "zip line" eppie - *going on the must-do b4 I die list* . . . Anyone here ever done it? I like Bravo Channel - working nights I just don't make the time to dvr shows etc & I like how they marathon & I can catch up - especially Top Chef & Project Runway type shows all in a row.

I'll trade ya some gloomy weather for the FREEZING weather here, beachie!:coolsnow: Yep - w/i was predictable but heading out to start the 3 day weekend - we have Monday off for MLK Day - trusty protein shake in belly - shopping then Y.

Expat in Thailand - forgive in advance my visual of Bridget Jones, broadabroad!:^: (Walked many miles to those books on tape - movies were just as good - which is unusual!) Not familiar with PCOS . . . my Induction woes are always caused by not enuf Induction suitable veggies/fiber & not enuf water. Hang in There - I'm sure an "LC WHOOOOOSH" is on the way - we'll figure this out!:cheer:


01-19-2008, 02:38 PM
Happy Birthday Crabby Cakes!

BAB, did you ask your doctor about being put on Glucophage? I have PCOS which is usually accompanied by Insulin Resistance. It makes it extremely difficult to lose weight without Glucophage (metformin) to regulate your production of insulin. Before being put on the Glucophage and being specifically told to eat Low Carb, I couldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried. For people with PCOS, Low Carb is considered the diet of choice by most physicians. So, you are doing the eating right. Lookin at your menu, I would suggest eating more fat, less salt, and drinking more plain water.

I had fun last night and sang a few songs at Karaoke. I didn't get to eat my grilled chicken salad though. The restaurant was overcrowded and I ended up eating from the buffet. I had baked fish, a piece of baked chicken and 2 servings of spinach. DH drank too much and got rip-roaring drunk. He got sick after we got home. I left him passed out on the couch all night, LOL. The man knows he can't handle tequila but it didn't stop him when they were having the $1.00 special on tequila shots.

I'm going to the gym at 2PM today to do my LBWO and cardio. My son's GF , Laura, joined my gym yesterday. She plans to work out with me often while DS is deployed. She's not really overweight, she just wants to tone up. She has a 3yr.old and a 2 yr. old son. Our gym has free daycare for her to use, which will definitely help.

Hope everyone has a great onplan weekend. My weigh-in is tomorrow and I don't feel like I've lost any weight this week. I did workout hard and ate right though.

01-19-2008, 09:03 PM
CC-- happy bday!! hope you got everything you wanted and more! :)

well i just did my 1 mile WATP. Im tellin you its kickin me in the rear, but i feel soooo good afterwards. i just want one BIG HUGE TALL glass of ice water!! mmmm, yummy!!
Well today I didnt suck up the whole kitchen..

Breaky: 1 plain donut and a cup of coffee.
Lunch: 2 quesadilla on wheat tortilla and a sierra mist soda.
Dinny: nothin yet. debating on what i want to eat. a salad sounds great tho :)

01-19-2008, 09:33 PM
I made it back from the gym and my butt it is a draggin. OMG< I am sore! I did 30 continuous min's on the stairstepper, 1hr. of Lower Body workout with weights, 40 crunches on floor, 80 crunches on crunch machine then 10 min's on treadmill. After the same Ab stuff yesterday and Upper body workout with weights, I hurt all over! I think I've overdone it and will let tomorrow be my rest day.

Laura met me at the gym. I no longer feel like such a weakling cause she only made it 2 min's on the stairstepper and had to use less weights to lift than I did.

01-19-2008, 11:37 PM
Morning all! (er, in Bangkok!)

Aud, no worries - I *loved* the Bridget Jones books, and you could do worse than imagine me as a fatter version of her! (looks around hopefuly for her very own Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. Cat pauses in grooming and stares back.) Hey, actually the author went to my school, a few years ahead of me! Small world, eh?

lily, go you with the karaoke! Man, I sing to myself ALL DAY, I'm sort of infamous at school for wandering around singing randomly (generally jazz standards, but it varies)...but karaoke? Scares the CRAP out of me. When I lived in Egypt my flatmate and I used to go out to a pub that had karaoke twice a week, and twice a week for A YEAR I'd go along and flick through the book and look at songs I liked and just be Too. Damn. Scared. And then after like a year I drank my own body weight in vodka, sang 'Fever' in a terrified voice, stumbled over and fell asleep on the bar. And had to be poured into a taxi. And fell asleep on the bathroom floor. And was woken up about four hours later by my flatmate knocking on the bathroom door because it was time for us to go to work.

That was my Worst Morning Ever. I looked like Night Of The Living Dead. Luckily I had non-contact time for the 2nd and 3rd sessions 'cause the kids had Arabic and then PE, or something, so I just lay on the carpet and prayed for death., the next time we went to karaoke, I drank LESS than my bodyweight in vodka, and had another go. And after a while I was able to go up without more than half a glass of Dutch Courage, and eventually after just a cup of tea. BUT! This was because we were going regularly, and it was our mate's pub. Once we STOPPED going regularly, I found that I was scared stiff all over again! Argh!

And the funny thing is I do sing to myself and to the kids ALL THE TIME. And it's not like me to have stage fright in any other part of my life - I've no problems with public speaking, and I love acting, but the singing? I just - for me, actually, I think it's because I'm paralyzingly self-conscious about physical skills (what with being The Fat Kid at school and all that crap), like anything sporty, and for me singing feels like that - because it's about being able to control your body. Isn't that silly?

Sorry! I'm rambling! I just meant to say - Go You! And Glucophage, eh? Well, I'll wait until the end of induction to see how it's going - and if I'm still having no joy, I'll go find a doctor and ask about that. (I've not got a doctor of my own here, although I've got medical cover through my school - but it WON'T cover the PCOS, specifically, because I 'fessed up on my form that I'd had issues with it in the past.)

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about it and I suspect that I should just be eating a lot more meat than I have been doing so far. I hadn't really been doing meals that were mostly protein, even though I KNOW that's the whole damn point - so although I had upped my meat-intake quite a lot (I'm not much of a carnivore normally) I haven't been having great lumps of steak before yesterday. So today I'm going out to buy a shedload of big lumps of meat/salmon steaks. And I'd been assuming that my soda water was just water with carbon dioxide in it - but since the only writing is in Thai, maybe it *does* contain sodium. I'll be sticking to regular water.

Robin, it's VERY good to hear about your positive experience with low-carb! My hair is now way thinner than it was when I was wee - but luckily when I was wee my hair was so thick it regularly broke my hairbrush. So long as no more falls out (please God!!!) I just count myself lucky it didn't get any worse. If it could actually get thicker again - that would rock mightily!

I'm actually feeling pretty upbeat about it all. And I sneaked a peak at my scales this morning (even though I KNOW this isn't a good idea) and they seem to be down a bit, so...well, we'll see. Fingers crossed!

Edit: Oh! BAB is a bit awkward as a name, isn't it? Call me Fay?

beach bum
01-20-2008, 09:56 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Overslept this morn and now I'm rushing like chicken that lost its head. Have no time to read your post as I'm rushing to get ready for church.

We have snow on the ground and I 'll have to go slow while driving.

Hope you all have a nice Morning and I will post this afternoon.

Hugs :) BB

01-20-2008, 11:32 AM
Morning All: Back from the dead and that cold in the head. Still there but not as bad as yesterday. Still managed to get my hour in on the bike (yes watching Real Housewives). I'm sippin one of my lattes now. :twirly:

Everyone seems to be doing well, Fay, that kareoke story cracked me up. So I did what I call the "base" grocery shopping for the week yesterday (meats, produce, eggs, cheese, unsweetened soy with only 4 carbs per 8oz great for lattes) and this afternoon the other shopping (mostly sundries). I made some of the weeks food yesterday and will finish up today. Here is what's on the menu this week::stir:

1. Eggplant lasagna (without noodles of course but I did fry the eggplant). (Done)
2. Rack of lamb (Cooked and now sliced into portions to have with salad dinner or lunch). (Done)
3. Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash. (Done)
4. Chicken wings dredged in almond meal and crushed pork rinds fried up with spices. (Not done yet I have to figure this out!)
5. Deep fried zucchini. I thin sliced it and cooked like potato chips then drained and sprinkled with garlic salt. DH had for a snack. Loved em'.
6. What I'm trying today: I read somewhere about someone that cut up a turnip like a french fry and cooked it like one. I have never used a turnip in my life so I bought just one and I'm going to give that a shot today.
7. Final Item: Baking a turkey breast.

As ususally, about three servings of each item goes into the freezer so I have food for the week and also frozen meals for another time. I will have about 12 meals in there by the end of today so next Sat. I will shop and cook less and use some frozen food for the following week.

:strong:Everyone's exercise is inspiring me. I know I should be doing some strength training as well as the bike. I belong to a lovely gym that has everything including tennis, sauna, pilates, indoor and outdoor pool. I just never go there to work out. We use it mainly in the summer so my daughter has a nice place to go swimming. I think I might figure two evenings a week to hit it on the way home. Afterall with premade dinners DH can just grab something out of the fridgy. Dr. told me heat does raise the metabolism for about 3 hours after being in !!!!!:yoga:

Everyone have a great day:)

01-20-2008, 11:35 AM
Whoops, I cut off part of what I was saing. The Dr. told me that being in the hot tub or sauna raises the metabolism for 2-3 hours after you get out so maybe I will go into the sauna as well as the hot tub. Every little bit helps. I wonder if that is why some of those specialized yoga studios are so hot?

01-20-2008, 12:04 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm up already and have taken both dogs out for a breezy walk in 20 degree temps. Today was my official WI and I'm up 1 lb. I figured this would happen cause I'm bloated and constipated. I'm still disgusted. I had 5 very hard workouts this past week and never had more than 35 carbs or 1500 calories. I couldn't possibly have gained a lb. of fat! It just makes me sick, sick, sick to see a rise on the scale when I've busted my butt and done the very best I can possibly do. I would head to the gym to work out my anger and frustration but I'm so sore that I can barely lift my arms or legs to get my clothes on. In all likelihood my muscles are probably retaining some fluid from all my hard workouts on Fri and Sat. But, it doesn't matter. I wanted to lose more weight this week and I feel like I've failed.

Sorry to be such a downer this morning. I'm having a bad WI day.

01-20-2008, 12:06 PM
Good Morning :coffee:

SC~ We are doing signs for one of those Bikram Yoga places....and there is no way you would get me in that intense heat to exercise. OMG, Id be so sick!! If you can do it tho, more power to ya! Great going on your cooking ahead of time. That's awesome.

Things are going good here, my foot isnt feeling as weird today. I cut my cardio short yesterday. But I still got some thats good.

Food, and water are 100%

Have a great day ladies!

01-20-2008, 12:09 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm up already and have taken both dogs out for a breezy walk in 20 degree temps. Today was my official WI and I'm up 1 lb. I figured this would happen cause I'm bloated and constipated. I'm still disgusted. I had 5 very hard workouts this past week and never had more than 35 carbs or 1500 calories. I couldn't possibly have gained a lb. of fat! It just makes me sick, sick, sick to see a rise on the scale when I've busted my butt and done the very best I can possibly do. I would head to the gym to work out my anger and frustration but I'm so sore that I can barely lift my arms or legs to get my clothes on. In all likelihood my muscles are probably retaining some fluid from all my hard workouts on Fri and Sat. But, it doesn't matter. I wanted to lose more weight this week and I feel like I've failed.

Sorry to be such a downer this morning. I'm having a bad WI day.

Lily!!!! If you are that sore, you know you are building muscles!! Remember that muscle takes up less space than fat. Get your measuring tapes out and start keeping track of the changes. Remember, Meg, and Mel, and Ilene, are all very lean ladies, and are all at higher weights than they thought they would be at.........because they have built muscle while loosing the fat. I know you know this........remember it, and do not let yourself get into that negative place and stay there. Go work it off, and know that you are going to be one lean mean kareoke machine!! :D

01-20-2008, 12:31 PM
Lily: I don't know much but I know you have not gained a pound of fat. There is no way on this earth. You work out more than a Marine! I think it's just a fluctuation. I know this sounds goofy but I swear it helped me the other day when I could not sleep (I was frustrated with a work issue but frustrated if frustrated). I got on Youtube and seached hypnosis or positive thinking hypnosis and did a few of the things that popped up. I couldn't fall asleep right away but it did stop me chewing over my frustration. The hard thing about making working out and weight a priority is that it is a priority when you get negative news as well as positive. Nothing to do about that. Just keep on keepin' on. Maybe you should give yourself a treat instead of a workout. Like a massage or pedi? I was going to weigh in today but something told me not to and this time I listened to that still, small voice. I am going to try to keep off that scale until Wed. TOM begins today or tomorrow, all the more reason to avoid the scale (except due to TOM emotionality I feel DRIVEN to weigh).

You are a fablous inspiration. Amazing.


beach bum
01-20-2008, 03:45 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Made it to church this morning alright,but none of my friends were there for our Sunday brunch so I had my brunch with Leo..

There wasn't any people at the Mass this morning either. It must of been the icy streets that kept them home. I almost took a dive getting into my car at the churches parking lot.

AUD--You got your wish I now have icy weather where them temps are close to 0 degrees up at Foxboro for the football game. We on the Cape have temps are 28. Wish I could keep warm.

LILY-Don't be disguised with your not losing.You worked so hard these last couple of weeks and you weight dropped, maybe you bod is resting before going to lose again. Robin is right,Did you ever think that your building muscle and muscle weight more that fat. Stay on the POSITIVE SIDE.Sending your :dust: you way.

ROBIN--If your foot is feeling weired,it might be telling to cut the exercising for a while. Please with ever you do,don't over do activity using your foot while its trying to heal.

CC-Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday.

Going to watch the foot ball game

Hugs :) BB

01-20-2008, 04:17 PM
Thanks ladies, I am feeling a little better now. My stomach at least seems to have straightened itself out. My calf muscles are tight and my jeans are snugger in the thighs than usual so I am probably building muscle or at least retaining fluid in my muscles.

I went ahead and baked home-made cinnamon rolls for DH and the kids this morning. It took all my willpower, but I didn't eat any of them. I did cook some Oats for me and only ate half of my bowl. I'm making LC meatloaf for dinner with salad and green beans. I'm outta groceries and my choice was either the Oats or the Cinnamon Rolls. So, I feel like I did OK.

I totally forgot that Monday is MLK day. DH was supposed to get paid tomorrow and now the bank is closed. Dang it. I am bored outta my skull today. I can't work out cause I'm too sore. It's too cold outside to even go for a walk. I may just say to heck with it, curl up in my cozy bed and take a nap.

Amy On a Mission76
01-20-2008, 04:21 PM
Newbie here, but had a great weekend. I do home parties and had 2 this weekend that were both good. Ate well (all lo or no carb) and I started back on the treadmill this week. Why oh why did I just let it sit there and stare at me sooo long! It doesn't even bite, like I kept telling myself! I got 3 days of 45 minutes in this week, and plan to be on today. Okay no planning, I WILL be on it today. Planning for me, gives to much room for Oops!

Nice to meet you all!

01-20-2008, 07:17 PM
Welcome Amy:

OK EVERYBODY...TURNIPS ROCK! I had not friggin' idea. As I stated I only bought one turnip because I heard if you fry them it is like a potato. Plus, I had the deep fryer out to make some chix wings for next week so I figured I would test the turnip after I did the chicken. Mamma Mia. First I boiled the whole turnip until it was slightly tender. Then I let it cool and cut it up just like you would a potato. Then I deep fried the pieces until the were golden brown. Drained them on a paper towel, salted them and stuck them in the oven for about 10 minutes to get crispy. Dang that is good. DH would be at the store buying more turnips but since we have chix wings and I fried the eggplant for the eggplant lasagane last night I don't want to go to "fried heaven overload". There are about 7 carbs in 1/2 a cup of mashed turnip. One turnip mashes into a quarter of a cup.



01-20-2008, 08:41 PM
I dont know stayin' I have a hard time just breathing in the air turnips have been cooked in :lol: I feel the same way as John Pinette when it comes to turnips (I hope youtube links are ok mods)

01-20-2008, 09:40 PM
Since I've never done this before I don't have a history with turnip smells (tee hee). I fried chicken first so that smell permiated the house while the turnip boiled. Maybe it only smells like chicken because I only cooked one turnip? What do you think would happen if I fried rattlesnake first? (tastes just like chicken...get it? ).

Lame. I know. Just returned from a 40 minute walk with the dogs. Made DH and DD hold the leashes because I was using my 2lb hand weights. I'm not used to this fried food though (eggplant last night and chix wings and the turnip today). I think I'm going to protien fast tomorrow (meat only and maybe boiled egg). I'll let you know how it goes.

ox SC

01-20-2008, 11:30 PM
I was going to start a new thread for tomorrow but was scared I would screw it up and it would end up in the wrong place!!!!! I will be looking for you all tomorrow in the morning:). For Fay of course, that would probably really be tomorrow afternoon (since I think she is six hours ahead in Bangkok).

I hope everyone has a lovely sleep (and Fay is probably already in dreamland as I type...unless of course she is crocked out of her gourd at a kareoke bar...tee hee). I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate Martin Luther King Day in Thailand so I bet Fay is working tomorrow. Like me and probably like those of you who have a shop or work somewhere else in the private sector. My DH and DD are off tomorrow. She is off from school and he feeds at the public trough (for the County). Always nice to come home to a house that has been completely trashed because they were home all day. Maybe tomorrow is the day I should go to the gym for the first time after work.


01-21-2008, 03:01 AM
Hi there, Amy!

Lily, everyone else beat me to it, but yeah - I totally agree that it sounds like it's a case of increased muscle, which is Of The Good!

(And you're absolutely right, StayinCalm - no Martin Luther King day for us! But I shouldn't moan, because we do get other days of holiday that you folks won't get, so it evens out. I hope! ;) )

Turnip - yes, I think it's yummy too! I fact I never met a vegetable I didn't like, and I'm very fond of root vegetables. God, I adore parsnips! I'm not missing the root veggies just yet, but I can't see myself going through life without ever having another parsnip. Just - no way! And mashed turnip is yumminess!

I have purchased a cauliflour, somewhat dubiously, with a view to making this fake mash potato thing that Dr A describes in his book. Might be nice to have something not-salady once in a while (although on the whole, I'm enjoying salad and maybe soup - because, hey, it is HOT here!) I forgot to buy leeks, though - might get some tonight. I teach Drama Club after school tonight, but then I'm going to get a taxi to Tesco Metro in search of (1) weighing scales to measure portions and (2) search for splenda/something similar. Because I've not looked there yet.

Meanwhile...where has my ticker gone? Colour me puzzled! Must try to fix this. I'm very cheered to say that according to my scales this morning, I'm down 4lb this week - which I'm a bit suspicious of, and maybe if I weigh myself this evening they'll say otherwise.

(thinks), I'm not going to weigh myself this evening! I'd rather make it a morning thing - I just forgot, on Day 1, and ended up doing it at night. So, right - let's say I'm down 4lb! Which - yay! And phew!

Meanwhile, I'm cranking up the carbs like nobody's business. Steak for lunch, with a small side salad. Steak or perhaps Salmon fillet for dinner, or maybe stir-fried beef... Oh! And from people's mentioning it here on 3FC I discovered Fitday, which is TOTALLY MADE OF AWESOME! What a fabulous resource! VERY useful!

01-21-2008, 04:13 AM
'Morning Fay! And Welcome Amy!

Let's start a new week of LC Chat, shall we?

ok . . . brb with a link:

Amy On a Mission76
01-22-2008, 03:34 PM
Hi guys, thnx for the welcome!

Ooh I love turnips. I love all veggies. And turnips are so versatile. I dhop them for salad, steam them with brocolli (had that this weekend), even use them in roasts!