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01-01-2008, 11:14 AM
Happy New Year everyone. Well its here and time to start thinking about some positive changes I would like to work on. Thats working out on a regular basis or at least some form of exercise 4 times a week with a min. of 3. I would also like to take a little time each day for me to play in the flower beds in nice weather, read, knit, quilt or something new maybe. Making healthier choices and using my food journal on a regular basis I feel is a must. So many extras tend to slip in when I think I am doing well it just isn't the whole picture. I am going to spend some extra time with my mom either by phone or stopping in for a visit. She is 86 today and I better not just take her for granted anymore. So thats it. I think! Its a pretty tall order I guess but do able.
Today we are going to my brothers for my b day. I am going to try my best to eat healthy and only drink water today and some blk coffee or tea. I enjoyed myself last night with good company and good food and drinks. I did well playing cards and made a few bucks it was all in good fun. I ended the night with a no peek game and had 3 aces so I took the pot of change. I am going to make a healthy dish of some sort from things I have on hand to take to my brothers. I have some shrimp left over from last night to make a stir fry with veggies this week for dinner. Well looking forward to working out on wed. as the gym closed early yesterday and I missed out on my work out. I started sun. so at least one day in. So plans are sun, wed, saturday for this week and maybe a walk on friday at the lake for day 4 to fit in. I am going to try aquatics sat. and then pilates someday soon. Take care and hope your all ready to get started too. Checking in here is a must for me.
Penny it was nice to have one of my daughters say hey where was my soap this year for christmas. I didn't think she really liked it and found out differently. She especially likes the oatmeal, orange peel. The other daughters favorite is vanilla/mint.

01-01-2008, 04:05 PM
Happy New Year chickies! :newyear:

We had a really fun time at our friends' New Year's party last night :celebrate:. I got lots of compliments and that made me feel good, especially as I've been struggling a bit lately. It was a dressy affair with the gals in party dresses and the guys in tuxes or suits. It was nice to see my hubby dressed up for a change. One of my friends who is also a breast cancer survivor was there and we both had low cut (as she said "hot") dresses on. We've both had reconstructive surgery and were giggling and comparing our "girls". Kind of nice to be able to laugh about it now. We went out for sushi before the party and that worked out well as I wasn't hungry and so was not tempted by the party "nibbles".

My resolution for 2008 is basically to consistently keep track of what I'm eating and make healthier choices for snacks.

Marie - Happy belated birthday wishes to Blizzie! I know how special she is to you and she's lucky to have such a caring "Mom". I started my food log about the same time as you did and I'm aiming for around the same calories (1650). Let's hope this is the charm for us to start losing again.

Carol - Happy birthday to you, your Mom, your DH and brother - wow so many birthdays!!! :hb::hb::hb::hb:. Your flax seed muffins sound delish and healthy. I may try making some mini-sized ones for snacks. Your new gym sounds great. I'd love to have a pool nearby, it's so great to do water exercises when your joints are sore. It's nice your daughters appreciate your soaps so much. The oatmeal/orange peel sounds wonderful. I made some pumice/eucalyptus and also some espresso coffee (with coffee grounds) for our DS. He likes those for cleaning his hands when they get real grimy and they don't smell so "girly" as some of my soaps!

Juls - Congratulations on losing a pound! :carrot: Quite an achievement over the holidays with all the extra temptations. I'm glad you didn't let a little bit of family tension get you down - that happens a lot this time of the year. I like your motto of "better but smaller"! I'm looking forward to a year of encouraging each other to reach our goals.

Judy - I hope all is well with you and that you had a great New Years!

01-01-2008, 06:19 PM
Happy New Year

Sounds like we're all ready to be big winners (or losers) in 2008! I'm back from a very good vacation with the folks. I'll step on the scale Wednesday AM for my first weigh-in of the year, then I'll reset my signature and goal. I'm a little overwhelmed right now by the backlog of snailmail and email! Lots is going on inside my head, so I will be spending some time these next few days looking inward, doing all that I can to get off to a good start.

Now that Carol has inspired me, I'll go downstairs to to work out on the bike!


01-01-2008, 07:01 PM
Happy 2008 Chickies

It's great to see everyone back. We definitely need each other. I have been lax logging my foods this long weekend and hence I overate. I over-skied as well so I'm not worried about the calorie indulgence as many cals were expended. We skied HARD on Sunday with DS2. We were more reserved today but with as many runs. Just not the steepest today. My legs need to go back to work for a few days. :) Right now I'm sitting in front of my fireplace trying to not be cold. A few hours flying down a mountain in winter is chilly. :D

Juls, way to go chickie. A pound lost is FABULOUS. Absolutely wonderful. I wish you lived near me and you could use my DS2's treadmill. Mine is better so his is in the garage. Buy it for yourself. I very much love mine. Great for when no other exercise is possible and it's easy on the joints.

Judy, sounds like you had a great vacation. That's excellent. Now that you have a new boss, your life should be calmer. Right???

Penny you party chickie. I love the showing off of the "girls" with your friend. That's so great. I'm very thankful that you can do that.

Carol, your celebration for DH must have been rewarding with all that you've gone through this year. I'm with you on glad to see 2007 gone.

Blizzard thanks you all for your good wishes. We did have a nice birthday on Friday. Perhaps she doesn't get why she had so many special treats but that's ok. Yesterday, DH and I took the huskies out to the mountains snowshoeing. They had a great time running through the snow. There's nothing like watching a sled dog run through snow. They're so beautiful.

Well, all of you mentions of soap and water has made the idea of a bubble bath sounds wonderful. Relaxing on the tired quads. :) So I think I will do that.

01-02-2008, 08:14 AM
Happy New Year everyone I posted on here yesterday but is gone gone.Oh well no biggy. I am sure Marie that the skiing took care of those cals. I am ready to start the new year out right. I went to moms party yesterday and I had the feeling I wasn't alone many people are sick of the sweets etc. So for the hubbies get together on sunday with all the family who knows where I will fit everyone but who cares as long as we are celebrating a happy time and not sad it will be okay. So I am going to do meatballs and sausage sauce and rolls, salad and some pasta for those whom might like it with the sauce etc. Then veggies, instead of cake a pie of his choice apple and then blueberry and a bundt cake with lemon and blueberry. A little wine, water, soda, beer and we are set. Anyone got any good veggie ideas send them my way I am open for new ideas. The hubby is 7 years older than me just turned 60. So thats the reason for a extra celebration this is one of the bigger years to celebrate.
We had the wierdest weather yesterday first it wasn't doing anything then rain, thunderstorm then big snow flakes crazy for here. Oh well it calmed right down after it all and it will be cold for a couple of days then be back up to 40's by the weekend. They say we are going to have a very hot summer hottest in 100 years we'll see. Lots of camping and kayaking this year. Best gift I ever gave the hubby. I think,.
Jud glad you had a great vac. and yah glad I motivated you thats the up swing we all need motivation lets go together we can make some differences for the better in all our well being.
Penny hope your doing well and you too Juls how are yah down under wish I was there for a visit so cool you live there I am jealous.
HI here I come and will be healthier when I get there to meet my little gs.
Gotta go eat my oatmeal.
Todays plans b-homemade oatmeal w/walnuts, cinn, bs
l- romaine lett. w/chicken/ veggies and lowcal dressing
D- shrimp stirfry with lots of veggies
S-tangerine, grapefruit and sugar free jello
Lots of water and blk coffee. Workout 1 hr. at the gym..... add a swim and sauna

01-02-2008, 07:22 PM
Wow, what a pleasure it is to go grocery shopping on a weekday afternoon! This was one of the things I liked about being a consultant, much more flexibility about avoiding the crowds. But it's brrr cold out today! This weird Raynauds syndrome makes my fingers turn blue and painful after just a short time in the cold, even with gloves. I bought a little fresh produce and will enjoy being more of a "vegetableatarian" now that I'm home.

Juls, congrats on starting off right away with a loss! And good for you, not getting caught up in the drama with the ex. I hope you're able to get yourself a treadmill. I had one many years ago and loved it--but don't get a cheezy lightweight one, it's better to spend a little more and get a durable one so you'll get your full money's worth.

Carol, good luck making good choices with all this partying! I vote for green beans for Sunday dinner. You've got such a yummy-sounding menu. Everyone will be happy to squeeze in and celebrate your hubby's birthday (and his recovery).

Penny, I'm glad that your and the "girls" had fun New Year's Eve. Let's hear it for hot dresses! I dressed up, too, but couldn't look too hot, as it was for my mom's church, at their Watch Night festivities. No dancing or bubbly, alas (Baptists...) but lots of great music, and mom was was happy to have me there to hang out and meet her friends and extended church family.

Marie, my work life may or may not be calmer, we'll see. The travel schedule will definitely ease up a bit, and I shouldn't be in the office as many weekends as I was last year. But my new boss has mixed reputation in our field, and while I think that I will like working for her, there's a strong possibility that she will drive me insane. Keep your fingers crossed!

I weighed myself this morning, and didn't like what I I'm going to wait until Monday to post my 'starting' weight. Still pondering long-range and short-term goals. I did an hour of cardio and strength training this morning. So far I've eaten 2 scrambled eggs with salsa and hoppin' john for brunch, later had a bowl of spicy tortilla soup, a dill pickle spear, and some almonds. I'm having my last bit of steak for dinner, with some beets and cabbage, and fruit and cheese for dessert.

See everyone back here tomorrow!


01-02-2008, 11:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

Judy, that is such great news that you won't be traveling as much. You'll really be able to stay in control. You did such a great job with the travels, can you imagine how great you'll do now??? I hope she doesn't drive you insane though. That can tend to lead to mindless munching.

Carol, I totally agree with Judy on the green beans. I get tiny ones frozen from Costco and they are to die for (really not dead like but really good). We have them about 4 days a week. They're great plain and really good with a spritz or two fo I can't Believe it's butter spray. I like beets too. But a do ahead you could just do a fun tossed salad (please do not toss it at your guests).

Well, I came up with a revision of my 1600 cal goal. With the skiing and full throttle exercise thing in the winter, I'm starving. So I realized that I need to have a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. There are days that I expend an additional 1000 cals (like on Sunday where I ate an extra 450). So when I looked at it, I realized that I lost an extra 550 on top of the reduced amount of the 1600. So I changed my database to enter the cals consumed and the cals expended and the consumed minus expended must equal 1400 or less. I always walk 1.5 miles (about 150 cals) so I think that calculation should work for losing weight. Even though I ate more on skiing days, I expended so much more energy, that it was okay. So I entered the exercise cals in the db and have the average going. I think that'll work well. Because I was starting to fall off the wagon because of being ravenous on ski days. So this seemed like the logical solution.

Do you all get Hungry Girl newsletters in your email everyday? If not, you should sign up - google Hungry Girl. or put the two words together and add dot com (I think). Anyway, one of the tips today was on how to avoid the pitfalls of falling off the resolution band wagon. Logging your food was one - but then it added something that is thought provoking. It said even if you log only every other day, it will help. Interesting - it's not all black and white but I think of the "diet" as black and white and it can't be. So maybe I'm finally getting it right (hence the cals expended logging). A gray area is better than all or nothing.

Juls and Penny, hope things are good for you.

01-03-2008, 07:59 AM
Good morning all I am up ready to go to work soon trying to make up an hr. from mon. To save for my HI trip I am really getting excited time to start to ck out the flights etc. DIL is working on that for me.
I again made it to the gym for an hr. work out. Next time will be sat. for water aquatics. It is easier to get there when your meeting a friend except waiting for others is tough I have an easier time of when I end my day than one whom has to bal. the bank first. Thats why she makes the big bucks.
Penny soaps are specailly requested by my directors hubby. He said he's never used anything thats helped his skin so much. Too bad he smells like lavender though wonder if the guys at work notice hah hah. Anyways he wants to buy some from me I am not sure what to chg.? Can you direct me? Also going to let him have a bar of my orange oatmeal to try. It might be the goats milk that did it though? In the past he has suffered every winter and tried many things. So who knows hope I can figure out which potions I put in???? Oh well fun anyways to get such happy folks gotta keep the upper hand happy they jsut approved my 3 weeks verbally yesterday for HI.So I am pleased.
Marie sounds like your getting it together. Hurray we are going to get this ship moving!!! Wow just think if we hadn't slid a bit where we'd all be oh darn but noticing and making changes is such an important factor in life changes good pat on the back for everyone.
Juls congrats! Judy good for you with the new position but hope you still get the Pikes Market? Shopping for healthy stuff makes the difference. I stopped at the store while awaiting my friend for the gym. Bought some huge blk berries and ate the whole container before my work out. But Marie I agree I was so hungry afterwards but did stick to healthy choices except my 10 little peanut mm's their amost gone now their better than some things. I am going to take an apple and eat it on the way home and that should help.
Thanks for the gr. bean idea sounds great. I can eat any leftovers too!
Well take care I have to go now.
Be good and before making a choice take a second to think it over then decide is it really what I want or an emotional choice? Helps me also thinking of the scale helps too. Haven't used it yet. Judy might be salt wt. left from the holidays.

01-03-2008, 12:48 PM
Morning everyone,

Carol, congrats on the approval for your vacation. 3 weeks in HI during March sounds delightful.

I did 4 miles WATP this morning and 1.5 miles walking the dogs last night. I ate 1609 cals and burned 320 so I made my goal for the day. This morning I had a bigger breakfast (as yesterday) so that I wouldn't snack. So far, so good.

Well, I should work. TTYL.

01-03-2008, 04:33 PM
Judy - I like your idea of being a "vegetableatarian"! I'm starting to eat a lot more veggies. I love veggies but am usually too lazy to prepare more than one per meal. There's so many good veggies out there and I plan on trying some new ones. I get very cold hands too and once they're cold they never seem to warm up! Even with the thermostat set at 73 deg. I'm usually sitting on my hands to warm them up (at least my posterior isn't freezing!)

Marie - It sounds like you've hit on a good plan for when you exercise a lot. It makes sense to eat more calories on those days. I've heard that "cycling" calories from low to high prevents your metabolism from going into "starvation" mode. I'll check out the Hungry Girl website, it sounds like there's a lot of good info there.

Carol - I'm glad to hear your director's hubby likes your soaps so much. Perhaps it's because they are glycerin based. As you probably know, but maybe some of the other ladies here don't, glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soapmaking process and while commercial manufacturers remove the glycerin for use in their lotions and creams, handcrafted soap keeps glycerin in. Whenever I clean up my utensils after making soap I get a sink full of soap suds. My hands are always lovely and smooth afterwards, as opposed to when I clean dishes with detergent which dries them right out. You asked about pricing. I have charged up to $7 for my fancier soaps when I sold them in a local boutique store (however, they took about 50% commission!) I usually charge my friends about $3 - $4 per soap.

Juls - I hope all is well with you down in the Antipodes.

I made an unusual but tasty lunch today. We had seared rare ahi tuna with dipping sauce (thai fish sauce, ponzu sauce, green onions, ginger, garlic & sesame oil). On the side we had steamed broccolini and mashed celery root. I love the taste of celery root - it's like creamy mashed potatoes with a hint of celery. It's only 30 calories for half a cup and low in carbs. A huge amount of food for around 300 calories (including 1/2 tbsp. of butter in the mashed celery root). The broccolini reminds me a bit of fiddlehead ferns, which we can't get here.

We're trying to eat out less this year, so it's fun thinking up some different and tasty low cal meals.

01-03-2008, 06:33 PM
I was going to go to the office for a while and then visit one of the museums, but it's even colder out today than it was yesterday, so I've had a glorious (warm) day of puttering, reading and relaxing. I'm going to put in a full day at the office tomorrow, so this is was a good last vacation day.

Carol, I'm sure I'll be back in Seattle at least once this year. I'll probably be out of town once a month, on average, including voluteer work and personal travel, maybe a little less. And yes, some of this weight should come off quickly, so I'll wait until Monday before starting over with a new official number. But I did have too many treats, and could be found eating fried chicken and other staples of my family's body is happy to be on the healthy track once again.

Marie, I'll definitely check out Hungry Girl. Although I'm already getting too many email newsletters, these are the kinds I need to focus on to keep motivated :cheer:. I think you're right to adjust your eating a bit, and since you are committed to tracking calories so closely, you should be able to tell in a few weeks if your theory was correct.

Penny, your dinner sounds so good, I'm heading right to the kitchen to make my dinner! So far today I've had a protein shake for b'fast, beans, slaw and chopped veggie salad for lunch, and an apple and cheese for a snack. I'll have tilapia and more veggies for dinner, and berries and cottage cheese for dessert. This morning I did 50 minutes on the exercise bike. I did well yesterday, but I ate a Balance Bar late, which wasn't on the program.

I'm thinking of setting monthly goals for a while. One of my January goals will be to go back to yoga and meditation. They will help me with work-related stress--and mindless munching. So at least every other day for the rest of the month, I will meditate, do a yoga routine, or both. Now that I have a DVR, I can't use the TV schedule as an excuse to sit up late on the couch...


01-04-2008, 07:55 AM
Thanks for the info. Penny and I will keep that written down. Makes great sense. I am in a hurry this a.m. but will ck in later still on a roll but ate to late last night so that wasn't smart and when I am over hungry I don't make the best choices so I am over about 200 cals. OOOPPPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-04-2008, 05:02 PM
Boo, I'm back at work...and the office freezing :(. My space heater will kick in soon, I hope.

I did a good workout this morning, WATP 5-mile walk. So far I've had oatmeal, kefir, half an apple, a string cheese, a cup of shrimp soup, veggie salad and tofu, nuts and a chocolate truffle...whoops, how did that get in there:devil:? Okay no dessert tonight. My goal is to get back to the weight I was when I left town, and now I'm just a pound away, so every 'slip' will need to be made up somewhere in the course of the day. I think I've beaten my sweet tooth into submission, after letting it roam a bit on vacation. But evenings are a struggle. If I hang in there, it will give up in a few days :carrot:.

I'm excited about going to a first-time homebuyer workshop, hosted by the county, on Saturday. And I received a mail confirmation about another program (NACA) which has a workshop in February, so I guess I'm on the path. I have a very busy weekend ahead of projects and chores. I have a whole list of things to set into motion, like "renew passport" (not that I'm planning to leave the country, but who knows?) and "clean up home office." With any luck, I'll burn a few calories in the process. I also have a new balance ball DVD that I want to try out.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


01-04-2008, 07:08 PM
Hi everyone,

Penny I have to agree about your soaps. I haven't had to moisturize hardly at all since starting to use them. Perhaps I should have you make DH some since he has horrible dry winter rashes. Your mashed celery root sounds interesting.

Judy, I'm sorry you had to get back on the work treadmill. :( I'm not looking forward to a 5 day work week next week. So I'm trying to convince DS2 we should go skiing one of the days - maybe Thursday as he has it off from school. He's checking into whether he works that day.

Carol, you and me both. Hunger equals bad choices. Then I have to work harder on the exercise to make up for it.

Judy you have me beat on the WATP today (so far as I exercise when I get home from work too). I did 4 miles this am. So far I'm averaging about 1275 cals after consumed minus expended. Today I will probably need to exercise more since I went out to lunch with co-workers. My packed lunch was way healthier. :)

01-06-2008, 09:04 PM
Judy hope you enjoyed your home buying class. Just think how exciting it will be to own your home. You'll have a great writer off on the taxes and closing cost I think the first year. You could even have a workout room etc... Just thinking. I love having a home and even though it does take up alot of my time in the good months never have I regretted it. Did the rent thing it was okay but owning worked better for us more control etc...
Marie yah we gotta beat the bad choices huh and being to hungry. I think going back to eating an apple on the way home is smart way to go. I pulled off the hubbies party today and not too many leftovers. We had a few cancelations with folks being sick but still managed to have a house full of family and friends. The cake came out really good made it a couple hrs. before folks arrived what was I thinking????? But it was tasty and many comments. The sauce came out good too not a lot of stuff left but enough for lunch and dinner again. The cookie are going fast now and no more for awhile I do owe the hubbie a blueberry pie I promised for next sunday. Other than that no real baking til easter.
Exercise wise I did a water class for 1 hr. yesterday oh so nice and lots of fun. I think its good on my back and hips than the machines. I have to be a bit careful of what I use. We are going to have a 60 degree day on tues. crazy I say! Global warming for sure. Well I can't fix it so I guess might as well enjoy it. I am planning on doing a swim class and treadmill on tues so around a hr. and a half workout. I am feeling better. Now get the choice making down and I will be good to go. Take care girls.

01-07-2008, 02:58 PM
Carol, I don't know about global warming. After all the CA/OR storms the last few days (I think we're up to 3 since Friday), we're getting our snowiest winter since moving here. And chillier. The ski area we have passes for is closed again today, as they were on Friday. I guess there is a thing as too much snow. They've had 6 feet since Friday. We skied yesterday and during the time we were there, they closed one lift at a time until just one was open and it was quite the wait. We went home - besides I was cold from the snow pelting my face. :) For once I didn't leave due to being tired - I've been doing more quad workouts during the week and it's paying off.

Food wise - yesterday was a nightmare. Cals consumed minus cals burned didn't equal less than 1400 - more like 1900 cals. Bad me. But as I'm going for the average, after 12 days I'm at 1372. Still under the 1400 but a bit higher than last week (thanks to Burger King yesterday and a starving stomach at the ski area (donut)).

Carol, I thought of you last night as I made green beans since that was our recommendation for your DH party. :)

Hope everyone else is doing good.

01-07-2008, 03:12 PM
Hi Ladies-

I am sorry I have not been around. There has been so much going on. It is no excuse for not keeping in touch and not keeping up on my weight loss. I don;t remember what I was at last time I was here. However, with Atkins I dropped down to 148 at some point. I am not sure what I am up to now I was 165 pre holidays. I will post an actual number tomorrow. Anyway sorry again and I hope you don't mind me popping back into things.


01-07-2008, 05:11 PM
Happy New Year, Nikki! It's nice to hear from you, I've missed your voice here. I hope we can help you knock off the holiday pounds!

Marie, I'm sorry that you couldn't get more skiing in this weekend. You must have been very frustrated! I hope your Monday's going okay. Time to work off that donut!

Carol, you sound like you're really enjoying your classes. I would probably enjoy swimming, but I've never learned. I'm with you on the global warming, the weather is totally wacky, too many extremes of heat and cold in a short period of time.

Okay, my official starting weight for 2008 is (drum roll, please!).....221.5. I'm over being annoyed, and ready keep moving it down! My January goals are to work yoga and meditation into my weekly routines, and get to the two-teens, finally, by the end of the month.

Today I did a cardio salsa workout, which I haven't done in a while. Amazing how hard something is if you haven't done it in a long time! Had a protein shake for b'fast, half an apple and string cheese for AM snack, lobster bisque and a steak salad at a lunch meeting, and a slice of tofu and one or my homemade mini-muffins (made with oat flour and round flax seeds) for afternoon snack. I will have a piece of broiled catfish with veggies for dinner, but no dessert, because lunch at the restaurant was pretty big, not to mention quite tasty.

Go, Ohio State!


01-07-2008, 08:56 PM

It is so nice to hear from you as well. Way to go on the cardio. I am going to attempt to o back to cardio tomorrow as well. I want to try to lose 15 lbs before I move in March.


01-07-2008, 11:38 PM
Welcome back Nikki! We missed you. :grouphug: I fell of the wagon too, so you're in good company! I need to lose the 9 lbs. I gained following my trip to England in September. I'm psyched up to lose and have started logging my foods again, which seems to be the best way for me. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Judy - I think the yoga and meditation will help you a lot. Meditation helps me calm down when I get racing thoughts or wake up and start "awfulizing" in the middle of the night! I may try yoga again. I liked it a lot but my wrists and hip couldn't take some of the poses. I may have to limit the type of positions I do next time.

Marie - No global warming here either! :lol: I wouldn't mind a bit of global warming at the moment - it's been so darned cold and damp here for so long and we haven't had our usual sun breaks between the storms. I'm soooo looking forward to Spring! Our daffodils are already poking through, so that's a good sign. That's a good idea to average out your calories, that way it's not so daunting when you go overboard a bit.

Carol - I think you've got us all eating green beans by now! I bought some nice small ones and steamed them. We had half of them yesterday with some chicken and the rest today in a salad with baby lettuce, pear, toasted walnuts and basil. The dressing was quite different and tasty - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, miso paste, garlic & lemon zest. It was from a macrobiotic cookbook. The miso paste is supposed to be very good for you. Send some of your warm weather our way! :sunny:

I'm staying on track and have been eating about 1600 calories per day for the past week or so. I feel much more in control now that I'm logging my foods again. It's a big help in keeping my fat & carbs consumption down and protein up. Hopefully, a loss will soon show up on the scale :goodscale.

01-08-2008, 08:03 AM
First off Nikki welcome back and we all will enjoy having you. We all have slipped a bit but knowing we slipped and can now learn from it is at least some long term success.
Judy not a bad plan yah have there. Guess the salsa workout got my attention. The class I am taking you don't really swim much is more like exerising in the water and let me tell yah its not so easy lifting your legs up and jump in jacks in the water. The instructor is good and makes you keep up as best you can if your not doing it right she tries to help you learn the right way. I really think she is great and I am planning to attend after work tonight first 25 min. on the treadmill then my water time.
Penny glad your all enjoying the gr. beans me too. I also liked the idea of a pear in my salad going to try that. After all that is good fast fiber intake.
Marie I am sorry you have to much snow to ski but look at it this way you will have a longer ski season in the end. I am so enjoying the weather in the 60's here. It is great except my hubby got a cold and now I have a little sore throat. Well ck soup here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterdays intake not real bad but had too much bread. Gotta watch that stuff.

01-08-2008, 11:32 AM
Hi everyone-

Penny- I wish my screw up was 9 lbs. I am sure you will take it off in no time. How was England?

CC- Nice to meet you. What kind of plan are you doing? how much are you aiming to lose? I'm interested in everyones plans.

As for me. I gained 19 lbs since I last logged on here. 6 of which were from
the holidays and 13 after I went off Atkins. I consider May- August a waste as far as dieting went. I was on Atkins and lost 15 or so pounds but once I got sick in August and could not keep it going I gained it all back. I am determined to take 10-15 of it off by the time I move. Since I was last online I split up with my boyfriend and am now dating a guy I have known for 6 years(he was an old flame) and planning to move to Kentucky in March to be with him. So today is day 1 back on track.


01-08-2008, 01:34 PM
WHi everyone, it's a snowy, winter day here. I started off my day with a wonderful walk with my doggies in the snow. As I walked in the door at 5:50, it was my boss telling me school was closed and to post the closing on the district website. I am at work as my contract has me reporting and it's QUIET. Very nice!!!!

:hug:Nikki, welcome back. It's great to see you and I hope that you can eradicate the gained weight. Do it slow and sure and it shouldn't fluctuate much in the long run. I'm like a cat - curiosity and all :o - did the breakup occur because of the court problems with your meds? I've thought about you a lot wondering about the outcome of that mess. BTW, cc is really Carol - she just changed her screen name a little while ago.

Penny, the logging is the savior, I swear. I'm on day 14 and it's kept me in beter line (except Sunday when I was ravenous and the donut was the best choice at the coffee bar at the ski resort).

Carol, I hope you don't get sick. You've had such a nasty fall that you deserve healthy. Take some Goldenseal and echnicea. It always seems to head my colds off. Actually I started to take it every day this winter since DGS was always carrying a bug. But he's moved away, so I suppose I could stop, but why mess with success.

Judy, sorry about your Buckeyes. :( I know your 2008 starting point isn't where you want it, but heck, look at the number that started 2007. You know you're so much farther ahead. Heck, I sort of remember where you started last year and 2007 was a traveling year for you. That makes it ten times harder.

OK, TOM is 2 days late even though I had my 1 day of PMS on schedule. Here I come menopause. YEAH!!!! Maybe a tad early to hope, but I so want menopause to come my way.

Food was good yesterday and exercise good. Within my goals so that is good. BTW, my Darth Jeep might return from the AutoHospital this week.:crossed: It's been over 2 months since the accident and it looks like the Jeep will b healed before my left ring finger. My dr. said it probably will stay swollen and discolored based on the nature of the injury. Not a big deal, it only really hurts when I make a fist or dry my hands to vigorously. But Darth Jeep - I am so EXCITED that I might get me baby back soon. I've made several loan and insurance payments on a vehicle I haven't driven since November 5th. So I am ready!!!!

Well, time to work. Again, welcome back Nikki. Catch us up a bit on your life.

01-08-2008, 02:38 PM
Marie- Thanks for the welcome back and the heads up on cc.

Carol -did not realize it was you.

As for me my ex and I split because I felt like he wanted me to support him financially because he was dealing with lawyer fees. Also, he had no motivation and I could not see marrying him. Fast fwd a few weeks y ex fiance came into town for a conference and we realized we still love each other. So now I am going to move in with him in KY come March. As I said it has been a crazy few months. Today so far I am doing good I have eaten 610 calories for breakfast and lunch combo and rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes. I bought a recumbent bike back in October and have been trying to ride it daily with the exception of the last 14 days when I was in KY. I am more toned now even though I weigh more go figure.

01-08-2008, 07:08 PM
Wow, Nikki, isn't love a many-splendored thing? I always lost a little weight in the first flush of love and, er, vigorous physical activity that made me more body conscious. But then I'd relax and begin to eat and drink as much as the lucky fellow. So I hope you reach your goal, and stay there! I've been biking a lot more, too, and it does help with the toning, but builds nice heavy muscle. The nice brown pants I was going to wear to work are a little too big all of a sudden...will someone please share the memo with the darned scale? :goodscale

Marie, I have been receiving condolences all day! AI was pretty annoyed last night, and cursed enough to last me the next three months :headache: But I didn't munch away the stress, I sewed buttons onto my coat and did other little things to keep my hands busy. Thanks for the encouragement on putting my slow weight loss into perspective--I'm very happy that I'm smaller than I was a year ago! I know you've missed Darth J, but I'm sorry that your finger is still a problem.

Penny, it was 70 degrees here today, so here's some extra warmth: :sunny::sunny::sunny: Your salad sounds yummy. I wish we all lived closer, you and Carol sound like fabulous cooks.

Carol, way to go on the workouts! Aquatic exercise would be perfect for me, the ultimate low-impact aerobics. Plus I love being in water--well, in hot tubs, anyway...

I'm on program today. Did 45 mins or cardio this morning, had a protein shake for b'fast, cottage cheese and blueberries later, a cup of tortilla soup and a big salad for lunch, and just ate some little ginger chews. I hope to get in a little biking tonight (despite the sudden crowd in the exercise room) and will have stir-fired scallops and veggies for dinner.


01-08-2008, 09:33 PM
Nikki sounds like you made a sound decision with the boy friend. It takes two people to work these days or at least give the other person support etc. I hope you are in a better way now sounds like your trying to get back your own life good for you. Taking care of ourselves is a number one if we don't do that we are no good for anyone else either.
My hubbie had some heart surgery in 11/07 and it was so stressful and now things are settling down and I have some time for me. So I am trying to make good choices and make a difference in my intake and joined a new gym with great workout area support and a lovely pool, sauna and hot whirlpool. So working out at least 3 days a week is my goal but 4 is even better. I also am using the stairs v.s. the elevator. Every morning it is okay its the stairs 20 up to my floor at work then a long walk in. Today I was even carrying many things and still did it. I also made some real good choices today with my intake including my 25 min. treadmill then an aerobic exercise in the pool for one hr. We even did some kick boxing moves oh how fun. The instructor is wonderful and really keeps yah moving. My friend and I are starting a savings fund paying a buck each time we go if we don't go we still pay the fund. In July we will take a little casino bus trip fun fun!
I am feeling energized forsure.
Marie glad your getting your baby back soon. Good doggy walk.
Judi wish you were here to go to the pool its so much fun and the hr. goes by quickly. She is wonderful and I am grateful for my friend whom also makes a difference lots of laughing when we get a min. to breath. I feel more in control these days hurrah!
Got some more green beans to steam away for my dinner on wed. Well looks like we are all on a good drum roll here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
Keep it up move it to lose it is my deal. HI is coming soon and I want to be in shape got my hair cut today little shorter and what a difference a trim makes.

01-08-2008, 10:11 PM
Carol- I am sorry to hear about your husband I hope he is doing better now. Yea I am trying to take care of me now and I am finally happy.

I had a good day eating wise I had fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and carrots and brocolli with chicken for dinner. I snacked on some honey roasted nuts < not the best > and had a skinny latte for 90 calories at starbucks.

01-09-2008, 01:31 PM
Nikki, isn't it gread the Bucks is making 90 cal lattes. I had one last week. I make my own mochas that start at 83 cals for 16 oz, but then with a dash of Almond Roca they go up just a tad as I hate the sugarfree sweeteners. :) I'm glad that you hooked up with your old fiancee and figured out what you want and need. That's a big positive step.

Carol, I love water aerobics. Good for you on the "fund". It's the same idea as my database to pay myself for exercising. My 2 year anniversary is approaching in 2 days since I started. I'd guess I'm at about 18 days of not exercising in those 2 years. I still log it daily and buy toys. So far I've earned a new LCD projector for my home theater, the big Ipod, a wood stove and am working for the monthly payments of my new Macbook. DH says nothing about my purchases because he knows I've earned them. so enjoy the bank growing and then the ultimate casino night.

Judy, you are doing so great on the exercise. You're starting to become addicted like myself. Ignore the darn scale. If the clothes are getting looser then you are way on the RIGHT track. I'm not even tempted by my scale anymore. April 25th, the 2 year anniversary of Nikki's 10 pound challenge is my weigh in date. Not a day before.

Penny, are you enjoying our weather yet??? Thank goodness for my light therapy box. The gray would be depressing otherwise.

Dear doggies and I walked again this morning. I wore my Christmas present pedometer that was resurrected after its splash in a puddle. I'd taken it apart and let it dry slowly. And it works!!!! So I'm well on my way to my 10000 steps as I did 4000 first thing in the morning. :) Yesterday I put it on after the walk and only did about 2000 so I'll need to walk more today to make the recommended 10000 steps. Too bad I sit on my butt all day working.

Tomorrow DS2 and I are going over the mountain to pick up his Macbook from repair, shop at Costco, and to go SKIING. :D Guess which one is tope on my list?


01-09-2008, 02:13 PM
Carol - Your new gym sounds so great. Water aerobics are are great workout and such fun. I like the idea of a 'casino' fund. It would be wonderful to go to Las Vegas (or anywhere warm & sunny) right now! This cold damp weather is starting to get to me.

Nikki - I'm glad your personal life is back on track. I'm sure that will help you to lose as you'll have less stress. You asked about eating plans. Well, I'm not on any particular diet, just counting calories in my Spark People food log. I stopped doing this back in September and started gaining again. I find that if I limit my calories too much it's just too hard to stick to. I seem to lose (very slowly but consistently) if I eat 1500 - 1600 calories with light exercise (3x a week at Curves). The key for me is to enter EVERYTHING I eat as otherwise I get "calorie-creep" and suddenly I'm eating 1800-2000+ a day. It also helps to get the chart showing how much fats, carbs & protein I'm eating, so I can adjust and eat more protein for dinner, etc. if necessary. I could probably lose quicker if I did more exercise, but I don't think that's going to happen long term so I've got to be realistic. Everyone is different, but this seems to work for me, so I'm hoping to start showing lower numbers soon.

Judy - I'm glad to hear you're lighter than a year ago! :carrot: I'm a few pounds heavier, but hopefully that will soon change. You're doing great with the exercise so you're probably building muscle, which, as we all know, is heavier than fat! Keep up the good work - your 'can do' attitude is infectious!

Marie - I love my skinny lattes too. I make one for us every morning. I used to make it with my espresso machine, but now I brew up some fairly strong, good, coffee like Seattle's Best and I make the foam with my nifty Aerolatte gadget. You just heat some nf milk in the microwave and put the little battery operated whisk thingy in and it makes the best, thick foam - much better than the espresso machine. You have to use nf milk as regular or 2% doesn't foam up as good. You're going to have to let me know what kind of light box you've got. These damp dreary days are starting to get to me! It's been a much drearier winter than usual - not all that cold, but grey. Looks like you had a ton of snow dumped on you yesterday. It was on the news here quite a bit how the passes down there were all closed. They were saying it was a lot of dry powder. The skiing must be great!

Juls - I hope you come back and visit soon!

01-09-2008, 02:22 PM
:hug: G,day lovely ladies I was just skimming a few posts and it seems like everyone is in a good frame of mind and ready to :kickbutt: in 2008 :carrot:

Hi Nikki I am looking forward to getting to know you and it is good to see you back we all need all the help we can get.

It looks like everyone had fun over the holidays, New Year aaaahhhh what can I say, more family drama :dizzy: to be honest I just try to block it all out, I think my girls will be much better off when they realise they don,t need a man in thier lives to make them feel worthwhile especially one,s that are ego maniac,s, control freaks that think they are better than everyone else. I taught my kids to like people for who they are not for what they have, I,m not into possessions and material stuff I would rather have someone who has nothing at all but a kind heart and caring soul than all the riches in the world I don,t know maybe I,m weird :?:

Anyway I look forward to catching with you all in this wonderful New Year.
And Ladies we are going to make it our year no more excuses or falling off the wagon for me, enough is enough. I,m sick of saying oh well my DH loves me just the way I am so who cares WELL DAM IT I CARE. I tell myself I don,t have the will power or I,ll start tomorrow, sure I,ve lost 13lb but I,ve been at this for 6thms this time and I should of lost more than that if I was a bit more committed and a bit tougher on myself, **** it is 9 day,s into the new year already and I lost not a even an ounce this week well it just isn,t good enough I,ve ordered a treadmill and I am going to be more active, the bursitis and arthritis aren,t going to get any better so I,ll just have to live with the pain some days are better than others.
Sorry to rave on but I needed to give myself a swift kick up the butt and there is still plenty to kick at the moment but not for long, I don,t want to be super skinny I would settle for 160 hey at 50 I don,t expect to look like Twiggy but I,ll settle for a J,LO behind :lol:

Take care bye for now, JULS :grouphug:

01-09-2008, 07:09 PM
it's good to hear from everyone! I was laughing thinking about Starbucks, which you may have heard is losing money and planning to close up some of its shops--which I guess means one on every other corner in DC, instead of on every corner :rolleyes:. I figured the downturn was my fault. At first stopping at Bucks was a treat for me when I traveled, then became a travel necessity, and habit when I'd go shopping and then..and then...I really cut back the past few months, and suddenly the company stopped growing. Maybe I should feel guilty?

No big news, except I have an enormous cold sore on my lip. Besides hating how it looks, I'm petrified that the flu or something is about to pounce on me. Two co-workers have been out sick this week..pass the Purell and the vitamin C!

I'm rushing home from work now. The New Year's crowd in the fitness room has kept me from riding the exercise bike so far this week. I want to ride it at least twice a week, one weekday and one weekend. Wish me luck! Otherwise I'm on program today with eating, and I did WATP video this morning.

Keep making good choices!


01-09-2008, 09:31 PM
Judy try this stuff from the health food store L-Lysine. It works great one day and the sore is gone. My daughter called in a panic when I was getting out of the gym and said need something right away my cold sore is huge etc.. I went and for 5 bucks and the lady said its great stuff nothing that can harm yah and said take it and try it out. Well with in a day it was almost gone crazy but true. Good luck hope yah don't get sick I have fought off a little sore throat but the hubby really got knocked off his butt again. Wow its not nice many folks around here have been ill. THe weather is crazy 70's yesterday 50's today.
My intake today was B-2 poached egg, ww toast 2, few potatoe chunks
L- nice salad with tuna low cal dressing, veggies /pear
D- Vension, peppers, onions, steamed gr. beans
s- apple and peanut butter on it.
I agree when yah work out the intakes seem to go better to.
I booked my flight to HI today 3/25-4/14 nice vac huh? I can't wait to see the kids and the baby!
Judy everyone at my gym seems to be coming in to it is the new years res. for sure it will slow down quickly especially with this weather I am sure it will snow soon but meanwhile wow its great!
Girls lets keep it up we can do it I know for me its wow bathing suit who me oh no better ck it out quickly and make a difference. I feel like my body is starting to make some positive changes. I still haven't done the scale just going by the mirror and my clothes I know becareful but I don't want to jink myself now do I ? Well my apple is calling me.

01-10-2008, 07:09 AM
Marie - Enjoy your day with your son. How do you make lattes at home?

Penny- You are doing the same kind of plan as I am. I am the same way If i eat right I lose it steadily. Seems easy enough and should be easy to stick to right LOL.

Juls- I look forward to getting to know you.

Judy- You had me laughing about the starbucks. I heard yesterday a lot of people are going to mcdonalds instead of starbucks now. If I want coffee I go there but I have not heards of them offering skinny latters yet.

Carol-How old is the baby now? Good for you on transforming your body.

As for me I am on day 3 of being back on track but got my TOM so I am sure the scale will be wacky the next week or so. I am determined to do it this time.

{{ }}

01-10-2008, 08:15 AM
Nikki the little guy was born on Thanksgiving he was 7lbs 8 oz. His name is Nautis Von ---------------. With a name like that he is going to have to have some real spirit like his gram! What a cutie he is.
I am so excited and will count down the days today till my trip so exciting! Got to workout today. It helps having a friend to meet at the gym as there is an issue with saying oh too busy or not today. This is good for me. So off to the gym after work today even know I am working a bit later normally I would brush it off.
Marie hope you have a blast with your son. Can't wait to spend sometime with mine. I will cook some special meals and make him some of his favorite cookies spoil him and the DIL and the little guy when I can.
Yesterday was a bit stressful at the end of my day and I was proud of myself for not messing up with the choice making. I am trying to be good and its not always so easy. Jumping on here helps when yah want to snack on a forbidden food choice. Just have a little walk away and jump on the sites which help you to make better life adjustments. Well gotta fly.
Plans: B- bagel rye with lowfat cc 2 Tab.
S- apple
L- salad, tuna, croutons, veggies a little ch. and lowfat dressing 70 cals.
s- BEFORE MY WORKOUT 1 FIBER ONE BAR 140 CAL. Helps me not strave and over due when I get home.
Workout plans: treadmill 25 min. machines 20 min. swim 20 min.

01-10-2008, 06:31 PM
Carol, I'm so excited about your trip! That's a good, long stay. Little Knotty will be pleased to meet his wonderful grandma. I read your post jsut before heading to the drugstore so I bought l-lysine, along with some zinc and Oscillo. I felt a bit flu-y this morning so I want to nip whatever this is in the bud!

Nikki, isn't TOM frustrating? I have been blessed by not having a lot of classic TOM symptoms, but the week before I'm usually ravenous (major, major sweet tooth), then retaining water the week of. I'm trying to tell myself that this doesn't mean that I have to feel and act fat for half of every month...

I'm feeling better than I did this morning, so I'm going to try to get home a little earlier tonight so I can ride the ExBike or walk on the treadmill. I had eggs w/salsa, two corn tortillas and buttermilk, for b-fast; tofu and grape tomatoes for morning snack; a cup of lentil-spinach soup, a veggie burger w/cheese and a pickle for lunch, and snow peas with crab-artichoke dip for afternoon snack. I'm having tilapia and veggies for dinner. If I work out for at least 30 minutes, I'll have dessert, too! I've been de-emphasizing beef, pork and poultry, and it's not so hard. Sometimes I have a little beef or chicken if I eat out, but as long as I keep my freezer and frig stocked with healthy options, it's going smoothly. Honestly, I don't know how the vegans do it! They must spend even more time thinking about food than we do :lol:


01-10-2008, 10:09 PM
G,day all you lovely ladies, you all sound in good spirits which is great to see.

I,m not doing to bad after giving myself a good stern talking to, I,m taking my DGS home on Tuesday and hope to get my treadmill then, at the moment I,m doing 30mins on the indoor bike and some Pilates workouts for 30mins they are done with theses resistance type bands I,m doing this every other day.
B- coffee, a banana and some sultana,s
L- tuna and crispbreads and a glass of ginger beer
D- it is very hot here downunder so I,m going for a seafood salad, and a weight watchers ice cream.
Take care everyone bye for now


01-11-2008, 09:36 AM
Juls - Sounds like you have it down. Good job on the exercise.

Judy- Tom is the death of me every month. Especially when trying to get back on track. The scale just doesnt budge or budges in the wrong way.

Carol- Congrats again on the baby !

I was not the best eating wise last night I had 4 small chicken cutlets and a piece of eggplant for dinner. the rest of the day I was real good I had eggs poached for breakfast and lunch I had a chicken cutlet and veggies. So maybe the calories evened out I doubt it though. Nights are hardest for me because mom stresses me out and the instinct is to eat. Oh well another day right. As for exercise it hurts to move riht now so I haven't exercised since Wednesday. Wednesday after I worked out I could not turn my neck to the right more then 2 degrees. It is slowly getting better but still hurts.


01-12-2008, 03:50 PM
Nikki, I'm sorry that you're having so much discomfort--it must be a real pain in the neck :joker:--or have you heard that one already? I hope you're feeling spry again soon.

Juls, tell me again what "sultanas" are. Fruit, maybe?

I'm feeling better today. That borderline "I'm coming down with something" feeling is gone, and only the remnants of Jolene, my cold sore, remain. Yes, I named the growth on my lip....I think the Abreva and the l-lysine (thanks, Carol!) is helping kill Jolene off more quickly than usual.

When my energy level went up, so did my carb cravings. I worked out Friday morning and ate on program most of the day, but I basically had lunch again for dessert. Today is better. I did 45 minutes on the ExBike, had a protein shake for late breakfast, scrambled eggs, veggies and V8 Juice for lunch, and a Balance bar for afternoon snack. I'm having a big salad for dinner.

Tomorrow I go to New York for two days, so if you don't hear from me, that'll be why. I hope everyone is doing well and still on a Fresh Start high!


01-12-2008, 04:57 PM
Judy- I am lad you are feeling better. My neck is slowly starting to get better. Monday I will o back to working out.Enjoy your trip to NY:)

01-12-2008, 05:20 PM
Hi all, wow you all have been busy posting. Thursday's ski day was fun although our googles kept icing up as it was wet snowing. We still had a good time. Costco bit my wallet a big one... Yesterday was horrible at work. If I could have, I'd have quit. But that was yesterday, today is weekend.

Today is puppy day. We planned a good walk, a trip to the vet, and then a trip to the pet store where they could go in shopping. The walk was great. My new boot cleats are making walking on the ice/snow safe. The vet - Kodiak has a severe ear infection. Not a surprise once I figured it out earlier this week. And the pet store was a blast. Apparently I have beautiful dogs. I was stopped everywhere. I forget how majestic and beautiful they are - I just see how loving and wonderful they are. They had a blast at the store. They saw ferrets, mice, rats (icky) and lots of goodies their mommy bought them. People played with them and they thought they were in heaven. Then I came back and did most of our taxes. DH forgot to give m his W-2s so I have no idea what the bottom line is since only my W2 is in there fro income. Right now, it looks excellent but I'm thinking his earnings will knock us up a bracket or two or fifty...

Nikki, I hope your neck is getting better. Do you know what you did to it when you were exercising?

Judy, enjoy your trip to NYC. I thought of you when I was doing the TurboTax questions. One of the credits is a first time home buyer in DC. See you'll get a credit on your taxes. :)

Carol, wow, that's a long trip. You're almost moving in with your new DGS. :)

Penny, definitely loads of snow. Loads and loads with more coming down as I type. BUT, tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy. Guess where I'm going...skiing of course. With a friend from work as DH is working this weekend.

Juls, you need to give that stern talking to me as well. I'm in a sweet tooth fairy costume as I type. Munching seems to make the taxes easier. See how I can rationalize????

As I mentioned, tomorrow is ski day and so might be Monday. If it's now snowing, it'll be great fun as I'll be able to see where I'm going.

And this afternoon my Packers are playing. Here's wishing them good luck!!!!


01-12-2008, 10:32 PM
Marie - Looks like the Packers won! :cheer: I see they played in a total snowstorm. I'm glad for you, even though they beat our 'local' team. I love to see all the happy doggies in Petsmart. The scents and sounds must be wonderful for them and everyone makes a fuss of them. I feel sorry for the poor puppies and kitties on adoption day each Saturday. Last week there was a Bassett Hound with the saddest eyes. I'd love to adopt them all, but I'm sure a lot of them find homes. Sorry you had a lousy day at work, hopefully next week will be better. You deserved a tasty treat for doing your tax work - I'm glad my DH is in charge of that.

Nikki - I hope your neck is feeling better. Don't let you Mom get you down. Just think about how nice it will be to move out in March!

Judy - I'm glad you managed to kill off "Jolene" :lol: I hope you have a good trip to the Big Apple.

Carol - You must be so looking forward to your trip to Hawaii to see your DGS & family - I wish I could come too!

Hey Juls - I'll settle for 160 and J-Lo's behind too! I agree, arthritis and bursitis are a b**ch but we will tough it out and do our exercise anyway! I hope you enjoy your new treadmill. I think treadmills are great for us gals with arthritis since we're already at home if our foot/hip/knee gives out!. There's nothing worse than going for a long walk and coming up lame half way and having to hobble back.

I've been staying on track calorie-wise and have been trying different veggies and types of fish. We picked up some Skate fish at the Japanese market today so will try that for lunch tomorrow. We used to sometimes have skate and chips in England when I was a kid. It was a cheaper fish than cod and it has rubbery bones, but very tasty. It's actually the fins of a stingray. I also bought some unusual mushrooms and made an omelet for dinner. My DH kept asking if they were "special" mushrooms, but so far we're not having any hallucinations!:dizzy:

01-13-2008, 10:18 AM
Hi everyone- Well after a so so week of eating better but not great I am ready to commit to this again. I woke up this morning and rode the mike for 5.5 miles (30 minutes). My goal for today is to drink 128 ounces of water in addition to the exercise. I am going to start with small goals.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

01-13-2008, 02:13 PM
Well girls my flu like symptons got the best of me thurs. fri and most of saturday. I made some great chicken soup and made my homemade polish drop noodles from my childhood days. Everyone here loved the soup but said it was just right on salt oops on my part most likely put too much in if they said its right! At any rate I just had a little bowl as I was into the brownies I made for the kids visit to grams today. Thought they could take the leftovers for school snacks this week. I am trying to contribute in little ways as my SonIL might get laid off from his plant which could shut down perm. Oh so sad if that happens here in CNY it will make such an impact in everyones lifes its a big plant etc... Oh how worried they must be. So a little choc. might help just a little I guess. At anyrate I have now moved over to the soup and ready to make some yummy tea for me. I feel better today of course after misplacing my bank card and scaring myself halt to death what an awful feeling. At any rate my hubby found it on the bench near our door going to the outside must of set it down last night thank G Bear didn't munch on that! I am taking the kids to visit their aunt and uncle while the parents attending calling hrs. for a bit. Doing wash and cleaning my office area in my house and did the car today this 40's weather is great.
Nikki add some hot tea to your day say 2 times its suppose to help us lose faster hey anything is worth a try. Good idea on the plan. Me too gotta keep going no stopping just cause we mess up part of our day. Thats what I do sometimes think oh well already did it in. NO thats not good.
Penny I will enjoy every min. I am on the ground of HI and spending time with the kids and gs. Can't wait.
Jud your food ideas look great. Ever try fish taco's I did in HI and not bad. I was thinking of trying to create some for me here.
Glad yah mentioned the eggs with salsa its been awhile sounded good. Gotta do a breakfast dinner someday this week. Tues is swim night / exercise. I am thinking of a walk later hope to fit it in.
Marie I am getting my tax stuff together thank goodness its only one time a yr. who knows if we will get anything back I am not counting on it but wouldn't it be great? Yah HI will be fun walking on the beaches taking the little guy for a stroll here and there down to the town center. Having folks ck him out and be so proud to say yah he's my gs. Just can't wait.
Well made the hubby his blueberry pie today too. Oh now I will be having some of that but will becareful on only a small piece. The family will help chow that one down too. Thats a good thing. I love to bake but it is tough to stay out of it all together.
Juls I think we are all in the same boat around here wanting to get are wt. off lets keep moving and grooven!!!!
Back to tracking my intakes on monday off for the weekend only cause I wasn't feeling good I guess just lazyness on my part.
Take care all.

01-13-2008, 04:30 PM
I just split off the 2008 posts from your very long thread and closed it. When threads get that long, it slows down loading for folks with dial-up.

If you want to see more than 20 posts per page, check out the Forum Help - Frequently Asked Questions.

Keep on truckin'.

01-14-2008, 04:31 AM
Hi girls- Penny thanks for sending the link to the next thread. I hope everyone finds us over here :)

01-14-2008, 06:06 AM
:hug:G,day lovely ladies

Carol I,m sending my thoughts and prayers to you hope you are feeling better but your soup and noodle drops sound yummy my 2nd hubby was polish, russian and he made a mean stew and great dumplings.

Penny I am looking forward to my treadmill I agree I have been caught many a time wondering how I was going to make it back home after I went out for a walk it is the pits, at least if I do myself in on the treadmill the lounge is just a collapse away :lol:.

Marie OK one stern talking to coming up, tooth fairy bad :devil:, fruit good :hug: taxes suck and you should rationalize how much the taxes are on sweets so say :nono: to sweets and :yes: to healthy snacks, at least the taxes don,t hurt so much when the food is doing you good, now get that exercise mojo that you have into high gear and you go girl :cp: :exercise: :coach: :lol:.

Nikki I hope your feeling better :hug:

Judy sultana,s are a dried fruit grapes actually a handful of them with some almonds make a great filling snack with only about 70 cals, hope your cold sore is almost gone and your feeling better.

Well I,m doing fine in a great frame of mind and body isn,t doing to bad with pain either I,m off back to Sydney for another week taking DGS home and staying for my DD.s birthday but will be back on the 24th of Jan in time for my 5th Anniversary on the 25th, I didn,t get anywhere near my goal weight but I,m looking towards my birthday in Nov as D,Day who know,s I might even surprise myself and make it this time :p:dizzy:;)

01-14-2008, 07:59 AM
Wow I thought I was losing my mind this a.m. when I first tried to post. Anyone whom doesn't find us we can send a private message to just to ensure the support system continues. At any rate I am going to write my intakes and get on the stick with my exercise etc this week. Count down to HI ! Talked with my DIL yesterday they are looking forward to our visit and to having us for 3 weeks. She said her mom stayed 6 and time just flew by. I am sure in paradise that happens easily. The little guy has grown 4 inches in 7 weeks and is over 11lbs. Wow how quickly I am sure he will be tall mom is 5'11 and dad 6'1''. I am looking so forward to going away to see them just not the flights involved in doing so.
Judy I have a flight going into Cinn. Ohio and then AZ. Phon. how are those airports? Oh! My 3 planes!
I feel so much better today that virus think kicked my butt a bit and the hubby landed in the doc's office friday. Needless to say sat. was ck. soup day at least homemade. Thats tonights dinner plans as I am working later today. I have a meeting two folks with special needs want to move in tog. they have 2 yr. old and the one parent set is not happy. All I am trying to do is ensure if it happens there is enough supports etc... I hear its going to be a interesting meeting. I won't take any drinks in case they try to kill the sender hah hah! I am sure it will be okay just stressful. No gym today but I will do the stairs at work and my walk in and out count for a good 15 min. at least of exercise total. Tues. is aquatics etc. back to the gym. Tues. thurs. sat. at least this week maybe another day added in.
Intake plans so far: B- bagel with little butter 400 next time cut that in 1/2
S- apple
L- salad with peppers, steak leftover, cheese, croutons and low fat dressing.
S- one fiber bar on the way home 140
D- chicken soup etc? don't know yet
S- yogurt with raspberries

01-14-2008, 04:19 PM
Carol - Cincinnatti is a nice airport . Big one. I fly into their to get to KY. We live 10 minutes outside of Ohio.

Today is a good day I have drank 144 ounces of water and should end the day with 1200 calories. I also rode the bike for 40 minutes and went up to school and took the stairs < about 4 flights>.

01-14-2008, 04:25 PM
Hi all,

I read a few of the past posts. It sounds like you're doing well and continuing the journey. I'm starting another one called "Beautiful Beach Girls 2008" on the Introductions thread. I gained so much from "Daily Check In" and all of you. I thank you. Funny thing is that when my weight went way down and people started making comments, I started eating again. Sent me on a personal discovery journey to figure out why that happened. I'm up again and ready to start. Good luck to all of you and thanks again.

Daily Check-In early days member - tiredoffat

01-15-2008, 08:11 AM
Tireoffat so glad to hear from you and know you are okay. Keep working toward you goal and know your worth all the effort!
Girls I have to fly will catch up after work and my exercise program today!!!
All is good and a better choice of a hard boiled egg and half of bagel this a.m.

01-15-2008, 09:38 AM
Hi ladies-

tiredoffat- It is nice to hear from some of the people who have been here. I am glad you are doing well.

CC- Way to go on the better choice.

As for me, yesterday was a great day I rode the bike 1 hour and I took in 1387 calories. Also, I drank 144 ounces of water. Today I am on track as well. I drank 32 ounces of water and one cup of green tea so far. I also did my first of 3 20 minute cycling sessions. Tomorrow is my first official weigh in since I started back at this.

Have a great day ladies

01-15-2008, 02:04 PM
Nikki, wow, you're doing great with the exercise and calories. You'll be rid of the derailed pounds soon.

Carol, your trip sounds fun. don't you hate when you're missing the little stuff with the grandchildren. My DGS has been gone only 3 weeks and I miss him. We were to go to Reno this coming weekend but DS injured his hand and it looks like a postponement of a week. But that will be ok as I want to watch the Packers on Sunday.

Penny, the fish sounds icky. Stingrays are pretty cool though. Sort of scary when snorkeling. My motto is you swim with the fishies - you do not eat the fishies.

Skiing was awesome on Sunday. Clear blue skies and WARM temps. We had a great time. No skiing yesterday. I went with a friend to pre-op dr. appointments. Not a lot of fun but we had lots of chat time.

Juls, you'll need to get a laptop so that you can post on your frequent trips to Sydney. Are you having fun on the treadmill. I really like mine but the doggies hate it so I doggie walk most of the time.

Back to work. :(

01-15-2008, 02:39 PM
Marie- I am hoping to get back down into the 150's by next month. I think I finally figured out what will work. The scale will tell tomorrow.

01-15-2008, 06:42 PM
Nikki - Sounds like you are already back on track. I hope the scale is kind to you tomorrow. :goodscale

Carol - I'm glad to hear you're getting over your bug. You must be counting down the days till your trip to Hawaii.

Judy - I hope your trip to the Big Apple is going well.

Juls - I think we call sultanas "golden raisins" here. It's funny how many foods have different names although we speak the same language. I hope everything is going well for you and that you're enjoying your new treadmill. That reminds me, I need to kick myself in the butt :kickbutt: and get on my treadmill more regularly :woops:!

Hi Tiredoffat :wave:. I wish you success on your weight loss journey :goodluck:.

Marie - The stingray wasn't that great - too many rubbery bones, so I'll just stick to my old favorites like halibut, tilapia, salmon and sole. I'd rather be snorkeling with the fishes in Hawaii right now too! Sounds like you've been having some perfect skiing weather.

I'm feeling much better now that I'm logging everything in my Spark People journal. I've even submitted some of my recipes to their recipe page. I came up with a lower cal version of breaded chicken cutlets and they turned out great.
Here is the recipe (they won't let me post the link here):

8 oz. chicken tenders (approx. 6 tenders)
1 slice whole grain bread
1/4 tsp. Italian seasoning
dash salt & pepper
1 tbsp. light olive oil*
6 oz. Portabella mushrooms, sliced
Pam Spray, butter flavored

*light flavor, not lower in calories.

Place the chicken tenders between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound with a meat mallet or rolling pin until about 1/4" thick.

Lightly toast the bread and pulse in blender until fine crumbs. Put onto a large plate and stir in the Italian seasoning, salt & pepper.

Dip chicken pieces into the egg white and then into the ground bread crumb mixture.

Heat oil in nonstick pan on high heat for 1 minute, turn down heat to medium and fry chicken pieces for approx. 4 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the middle.

Meanwhile, spray the sliced Portabella mushrooms on both sides with non stick spray and cook on medium heat in a separate nonstick pan for about 4 minutes per side, or unti soft. Season with a dash of salt & black pepper.

Serve the chicken tenders garnished with the mushroom slices and a wedge of lemon.

Nutritional Info:
* Servings Per Recipe: 2
* Amount Per Serving
* Calories: 254.6
* Total Fat: 9.1 g
* Cholesterol: 65.7 mg
* Sodium: 176.2 mg
* Total Carbs: 11.6 g
* Dietary Fiber: 2.4 g
* Protein: 32.1 g

01-15-2008, 09:31 PM
Nikki I read that tea is suppose to be really good for us. So I am trying to drink it at work instead of coffee. I have a cup of coffee in the morning. Tonight I am having some berry tea made it hot than cooled it down and poured it over ice for my night cap. Way to go with your water and tea intake.
Today was a good choice day no boo boo's in making bad choice hurray I finally accomplished a whole day. I also worked out at the gym only used the treadmill but it felt good did the stairs at work etc. We might start a walking group at work I will see if I can fit it into my day. I don't want to extend my day I just changed my hrs. to meet my needs.
Marie the kids all grow so quickly. Just as long as everyone stays healthy that makes the difference in life thats for sure. Your sunday trip sounded like a great exercise day think of how many cals you burned up.
Penny I think we have the golden raisins but I never heard them called anything differently your right so many wonderful items with the same names.
I hope to get real close to some interesting fish snorkeling myself in HI. Oh just can't wait. Everyday I remind myself that eating well and exercising will pay off. I purchased a marked down pair of white pants for my trip real sporty ones with a navy striped ribbon belt be nice to show off my waist maybe by then we'll see time will tell.
Penny I just bought a big package of ck breast I love the recipe too!
My intake for today: b-1/2 bagel and a hard boiled egg blk coffee
s- 1/2 of a fiber one bar 70 cals
l- salad with london broil slices, veggies, sprouts low cal dressing and a little cheese and few croutons for a crunch
s- 1/2 fiber one bar
d- ck breast cooked in tomatoe sauce, mozz. ch. and 1/2 cup of pasta
s-100 cal yogurt with some frozen raspberries on it
Drinks: blk coffee 1 1/2 cups, water, iced tea, hot tea , green tea iced.
Thats my day and after working out tonight I had so much energy actually cleaned my wooden cupboards one section. Guess its a good thing!!!

01-16-2008, 08:18 AM
Hi Ladies-
I had my first weigh in and I lost 2 lbs this week. I am happy but wish it were more. My next issue is I booked a last minute flight to KY. I will leave on Friday and return the 27th. In 10 days I should lose at least 2 lbs if I stick to it. I am going to need major support when I'm out there as it is so much easier to grab food on the go then eat healthy. What are some healthy ideas to keep around that are not to expensive? This will be a real test for my boyfriend as I as we keep saying when I'm out there we will eat healthy. Now is do or die time.


01-16-2008, 01:23 PM
Nikki, I think while you travel you might want to pack some of the 100 cal pack snacks. And water - drink lots. good luck - I'm terrible at traveling and eating wisely. Heck, I'm terrible at eating wisely at the moment. :) or more accurately :(

Carol, I love snorkeling with the fishies. You'll have fun and you have a good goal. A WAIST? Hmmm I haven't shown mine in years.

Penny, the recipe sounds good. Thanks for posting it. Good for you in sticking to plan and feeling better. I need to get that balance into my head but for now it's still a struggle. But at least I'm still fighting instead of giving up.

Did the doggie walk in the COLD this morning. It was 7 degrees. BRrrr!!!! I also did yoga after work yesterday. I want to get back in that habit - the toe surgeries screwed that up. It felt good.

Well, I'll chat more tomorrow or Friday (tomorrow is ski day and it's supposed to be sunny again).

01-16-2008, 05:31 PM
Hi, I'm back! I just touched a key by accident and lost a very long post, which maybe is a good thing. Anyway, what I'd said was:

Yaay, Nikki!:carrot: I know you can make good choices while you're away. I take nuts, apples, Balance bars and mint tea, but you can find good options almost anywhere. The trick is to remember to not to eat too differently than you do at home. Here's where writing down your intake really, really helps.

Tired, how nice to hear from you! I'll come and visit you at your new thread.

Marie, since my football team is too stupid to be in the playoffs, I'll root for the Packers this weekend.

Carol, you will be stylin' in your new pants!

Penny, thanks for the recipe.

Juls, thanks for explaining what sultanas are! I do like them, especially with nuts or in oatmeal.

More tomorrow--judy

01-16-2008, 09:16 PM
Carol - I love tea (maybe being British has something to do with it!) At the moment I especially enjoy Celestial Seasonings Rooibos (redbush) Madagascar Vanilla Red tea. This is actually from an African bush, not a traditional "tea" bush. It is very high in antioxidants (much higher than regular tea) and has a nice smoky taste which goes well with the vanilla. It's also naturally caffeine free, which is good when I want a "cuppa" in the evening. Your white pants sound nice. It will be a while till I'm game to wear white pants again!

Nikki - Congratulations on the 2 lbs. loss! :cheer: I hope you have a nice trip to KY. The best kind of snacks for me are apples - they are relatively low calorie and very filling. Another easy to pack snack is low sodium beef jerky if you can get it - lots of protein for energy.

Marie - Glad to hear you're still "fighting". That's my motto too - quitting is not an option! You are a real inspiration, especially on the exercise front. I'm thinking of joining my Curves yoga class again as a new one is starting soon. I just have to go easy on the moves that make my shoulder and wrists act up. Next time I will try not to be so "gung ho" about it.

Judy - Welcome back! Don't you just hate it when your posts disappear? :mad: I'm in total agreement with you about writing food intakes down. I thought I could get away with keeping a 'mental list' and look where it got me!

Juls - Hope everything is fine down under!

I've been experimenting with lots of different veggies and recipes lately and I think it's paying off as I feel a lot better and hope it shows up on the scale on Friday. We're eating at least 3 veggies at each meal now and it seems to be helping me a lot with the "munchies".

01-16-2008, 10:00 PM
ah! Judy I just lost my whole page too! What the heck? Oh anyways Nikki sounds like they gave you some solid good advice here and congrats on the trip sounds great. If you eat extra make sure your more active too. Good luck! You can do it.
Penny thanks for the recipe sounds yummy! I love new things to try. I am currently rereading my SB book from the past thought it might give me some new ideas or remind me of some good things.
I went to breakfast this a.m. with a friend and order the special without the potatoes as I read in the book when pot. are cut small they are starcher and aren't good for us at all. So I did raisin toast matted some of the butter off with my napkin and old trick, then had two poached eggs. That was good for me to give up the potatoes its something I do enjoy. That was a smarter choice for me. Everyday I am trying to make a better choice than my norm just a little thing to motivate me.
Marie and Judy the pants will be great if they look good I haven't ventured to try them on they were normally 44 and marked down to 8 so I had to have them.
Penny oh that tea sounds so lovely. I drink so green tea iced today but not hot. I was in and out of my office and then ended my day early as I worked late monday.
My intake today; eggs and toast
blk coffeee
gyro lamb oh now this I am not sure on cals.
stove pipe noodles with a meat sauce homemade by me
yogurt and red raspberries and 15 nuts
Thats it and now I will drink some iced water. Take care and lets keep up the good efforts here we can do it! Just remember if we mess up a little lets not throw the towel in for the day and have a free for all. That hurts in the end!

01-18-2008, 08:26 AM
Well girls I admit I was a little off course yesterday never made it to the gym the cold weather hit and I became a little sissy wanting to get home to my comfort level of warmth. But then ended up taking a gd for her glasses but we had some fun with stories she was entertaining us with. They are so different when their one on one. Cute cute! My other down fall was some chinese food! At least I shared it with my SIL that was better. But not the best choice in the world for sure. I am off to training today which is involving some yoga and floor exercises etc. should be fun. If the exercise isn't satisfying I will go to the gym right after as we will be done at 3 today a bit earlier and mon off. Yeppy!
I am going to be as good as possible at the breakfast bar this a.m. and the lunch I have already thought of what I should do to make it enjoyable but with in my limits. Also a lighter supper if I need to. My preplanning does help most of the time. Take care and have a super day.

01-18-2008, 08:48 AM
Hi Ladies
Carol Keep up the good work. I did not exercise yesterday either. I sat on the bike started riding and my knee started aching bad. So I stopped. Hang in there we can do it.

Penny Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to do this.

I lost another .4 since Wed when I weighed in. I won't record it though. Tomorrow morning I am going to get a scale so I can keep track of my weight while in KY. It will mean ultimately we have 2 but we have 2 bathrooms so it is all good.

{{ }}

01-18-2008, 05:23 PM
Busy, busy week. I'm sure that feeling rushed and frantic all week is adding to my wanting to sleep in the mornings and nibble all day. Also the weather is a bit cold and gray, the kind that's nice for curling up on the couch with a book, a DVD and bowl of popcorn...This has been a tough week eating-wise. Today I had scrambled Eggbeaters and salsa for b'fast, berries and cottage cheese for AM snack, quinoa salad, a veggie burger and a Balance bar for lunch...and I'm still "hungry." But as Penny says, quitting is not an option. I need to rev up my momentum again. Maybe this weekend I'll try on some of my summer clothes--the ones that will fit nicely in another ten pounds or so.

I need to run back into a meeting, but I missed posting yesterday and didn't want to miss two days in a row. My ISP was down at home so I couldn't go online there. I sure hope it's back up today. It was helpful to jump onto this site when I felt the evening cravings coming on.

Hang in there, chickies!


01-19-2008, 06:11 PM
Well girls I did it I got up this morning and flew out the door after my 1/2 bagel and cereal to the gym. I didn't have my friend with me as she is busy with a new gbaby. But I was changing to go to the pool and long behold my daughters mother in law was right next to me. Now this gym isn't small how crazy I thought and we were both there for the same class. It was fun and we had a good time and enjoyed having a chance to see each other too. The work out is one hr. of aqua fitness. Boy it felt great she really keeps us hoppin I enjoy the class and its at 9;15 so it doesn't take your whole day. Then I grocery shopped a bit got a couple lean cusines had one for lunch not too bad cals were 260. Later had a nature bar 140. Made some banana cookies only ate one. The rest will go to the hubby and SIL and to my sisters for a gathering.
Judy we all get feeling a bit down with the weather changes the thing is not to get off track to bad. I went to a massage, yoga and relaxation conference from work oh how cool it was. I learned some things to try and keep more in control if I want something have it just not too much learn to have the control if I could only accomplish this I would reach a greater goal than I have planned one can only try we are human when we give in its not the end of the world I guess. Good for you Judy jumping back into the swing of things. Nikki we will do this togther this team is going to make things happen we are a strong group. Marie are you off doing the sking this weekend?
Penny I need to make some soap any new ideas for me? I am currently doing a knitting project I started awhile back when my hands are knitting their not up to my mouth!! Hah hah! So I just need to make the sleeves and front bands. Have a great evening I am off to have my homemade meatloaf, potatoes and veggies. Tonight popcorn butter free with a nice movie staying in from the colder weather.

01-19-2008, 09:59 PM
Carol - How fun that you ran into your DD's MIL - small world eh? I bet the time flew by for your workout. I always enjoy my workouts more when one of my workout buddies is there. Your relaxation conference sounds very interesting. I love aroma therapy, massage, etc. I've just found something to try that's supposed to reduce belly fat. You mix 1-2 tbsp. olive oil with four or five drops of cypress essential oil (the real thing, not man-made scent) and massage into your abdomen for five minutes each day at bedtime. If you do this for six weeks it's supposed to 'melt' belly fat. Well, I started doing this last night, so I'll report on whether it works! It was a nice massage anyway and the cypress scent was very relaxing. About soaps - one of my more popular ones is for kids. You get a round mold (about 3-4 oz. per soap) and use any scent (I like to use lavender as it's relaxing and goodness knows most kids need to calm down!) After pouring the soap, I place a mini rubber duckie in the middle. It's a bit tricky as you have to use plastic spoons, chopsticks, etc. to balance on it to keep it steady until it starts to set. You can also use small plastic whales, turtles, bugs, etc. that you get from the toy store, but you can just let these sink to the bottom of the soap. These are popular stocking stuffers at Christmas. Sometimes I leave the soap clear and other times just a drop of blue or green color per batch.

Nikki - Congrats on the almost half a pound lost. Keep up the good work! :carrot:

Judy - Sounds like you've got a bit of the 'winter doldrums' like me. I find I'm having to religiously record everything as the carb cravings are particularly strong this time of year. We'll hang in there together - we CAN do this!!!

Marie and Juls - Hope you're having a fun weekend.

I'm doing fairly well staying on track and I'm feeling a bit more alert, maybe from all the different veggies and fruit I've been eating lately. Had some nice roast chicken, savoy cabbage and a tiny yukon gold potato for lunch and it was very filling. For dessert I nuked half a peeled pear and drizzled it with one square of melted chocolate served on top of 1/4 cup lowfat vanilla ice cream - yum! My DH loved it too and it was only about 120 cals. I bought some very nice Hawaiian thresher shark from Whole Paycheck for lunch tomorrow and I'll serve it with ginger carrots from Trader Joe's and a side salad.

01-20-2008, 09:27 AM
Hi ladies-

Just a quick post for now. I 'm doing pretty good this weekend. I had cereal for breakfast yesterday, ribs for lunch and chicken and a baked potato last night. I'm going to pick up a scale s I can track my weight acurately. I am hoping to lose weight on this trip :). Yesterday we bought a 52 inch tv and today we go pick it up. It will be a long but exciting day.


01-20-2008, 02:19 PM
Penny thanks for all your input and ideas I loved it all. I just enjoy hearing new things and then trying out to see what its all about. I love the soap idea and will be sure to look for some little tricky items to put inside them. I seem to have more energy lately not so tired and run down at the end of my day. I am not sure if its the exercise or the QC10. Today I whipped through the house cleaning it feels great to have some extra energy. I am going to my sisters for a birthday party I plan on taking my appetizers and then walking into the other room to stay away from taking seconds. I am also going to teach my niece how to start to knit so that will take up some hand free time. I am having a few peanuts and a yogurt before going. My breakfast cals were a bit high but then we don't really eat a lunch on sundays so it should balance that out.
Nikki sounds like a cool tv just think how nice it will be if you get a dvd of exercise you'll feel like your at the gym with a big of a tv as that. My hubby would like one in the future but we would have to get rid of our entertainment center. Hope the rest of you are having a good weekend I have monday off so getting the house clean and wash seemed smart to do today. Take care.

01-20-2008, 04:05 PM
Penny, let me know if that tummy-rub does the trick! It couldn't hurt, anyway. Thanks for reminding me how much I enjoy microwaved apples and pears, with a little cinnamon and nutmeg, ummm....

Carol, you keep so busy, I burn calories just reading your posts :). You'll be glad to hear that I've picked up my knitting again. My only aim is to just knit and purl neat rows until I have a beautiful but skinny blue scarf.

Nikki, that's a big TV! I hope you're enjoying setting it up today.

I've perked up some since Friday. TOM started that day, which partly explains last week's cravings. But I was terrible about writing my food down, and allowed myself to cheat on myself :dizzy:. So today I'm back in the saddle. I was good about exercise last week. Today I set another personal record for length of time on the ExBike: 55 minutes! :ebike: It's good for my legs, but I have to really concentrate to keep my heart rate up.

Today I've had Eggbeaters with salsa and Gimme Lean sausage for late b'fast, and I'm about to have lentil soup and a small salad for late lunch. I'm trying this expensive grass-fed beef for dinner, with some greens and quinoa, and will have nuked fruit and cheese for dessert, now that I have it on my mind.

Juls and Marie, I hope that you're feeling good today!


01-21-2008, 09:59 AM
Judy good for you keeping those fingers busy. Its fun to sometimes mixup some different types of yarn and do a few stripes. I woke up this a.m. and started my sleeves on my sweater then its put it together and add the band and button holes and some cool buttons. keep up the good work.
I am feeling so much more in control these days. Yes making a few mistakes here and there with cals but at the same time tracking my intakes and making some positive changes with food choices and increased exercise. I still haven't been on the scale that will maybe be this friday. Meanwhile I am checking in the mirror every morning and doing a clothes ck when I get dressed and am a little scared to do the scale as maybe its just muscle and toning changes and not wt. I don't want to be discouarged. Does anyone else feel this way? This isn't an easy road trying to make changes especially when yah love foods and baking etc..... But in the long run I keep telling myself I will be happier with outcome.
I have started my day with a half of bagel and a small of cereal. Well I will talk to you all later.

01-21-2008, 12:47 PM
Hi everyone-

Carol-Hang in there. If you keep on going it has to show sooner or later.

Penny- I am loving the tv but cringing at the price to be honest.

I am trying to be good today. I was not horrid nut not the best this weekend. Today I had oatmeal and coffee. Salad will be lunch and stirfry for dinner that I am making. I am already on my 1st 32 ounce bottle of water.I will be happy if I can get in 64 ounces a day while here. I am going to buy a scale tonight so I can manage my weight.

01-22-2008, 08:11 AM
Well ready for work at least it is a short week. I plan on working out aqua fit this evening so I will work a bit late as the class isn't till 5:30. I have things to do so no big deal trying to fit 5 days worth of work in 4 this week. I went out for lunch yesterday I slipped a little but didn't fall so bad. Had a sugar free piece of dessert. Not bad I might add but who knows how much fat they usually make up there but it was cheese cake like so maybe not. At any rate I did it then for dinner had a yogurt and fresh pineapple and I was okay with that after such a lunch. I am keeping up on my fluid intake of water and tea blk coffee. Well off to work I go catch yah all later.

01-22-2008, 11:21 AM
Morning everyone,

It's so COLD this morning. 0 degrees. My coworker turned off the heat for the long weekend and it's freezing inside as well. I'm wrapped in a blanket, and extra sweater and have my space heater on full blast. My fingers are freezing.

We went to Reno to see DS, DGS and DIL this weekend. We had a great time (even though the Packer lost - but then now they won't lose in the Super Bowl - looking at the bright side). We skied at Tahoe on Saturday and it was so beautiful. The weather and conditions were great. Food - way too much - enough said.

Nikki, I love the big TV I bought my son for graduation (I watched the Packers on it on Sunday) but I'm with Carol, I'd need to throw out a beautiful oak entertainment unit to get one. :( I hope you enjoy yours though.

Carol, I'm with you on the scale. I'm using my clothes as my marker (and they're telling me that I need to stop overeating). I have a good idea what the scale would tell me but I'm tired of being a slave to it - I don't like the discouragement of when I've been good and it tells me I've been bad. So I'm going for the clothes angle.

Judy, way to go on the 55 minutes on the exercycle. We're looking to give ours to DS and DIL. It hurts my knee and it was $$$ so I don't want it to go to waste.

Penny, I'm glad you mentioned the soaps. I need to chat with you about some for my DH. His skin is in a winter mess and I remember your comment about the glycerin. You tea sounds yummy too. Warm as my fingers are freezing. :)

Well, time to work - almost.

Oh, the big news why I'm at work so early. Darth Jeep is coming home today. DH and I commuted together so we could pick it up. We got the call yesterday. FINALLY!!!!

01-22-2008, 05:13 PM
It's cold here, too, but not cold enough to really snow, just a nasty, windy drizzle, which I'm sure will peak just in time for the evening rush hour! It should be back in the 40s by tomorrow. What counts as a "winter weather advisory" in DC is a joke, but it gives the weatherman something to get excited about.

Nikki, how do you manage with no snacks? I gotta have a little something in the late afternoon to keep me from eating everything in sight by the evening.

Carol, I'm still talking myself out of a funk about not being further along as we start a new year. It occurred to me the other day that my inner shrew has been giving me the business :club: for over a month, so I'm trying to get her to stuff a sock in it, if she can't be positive. So I'm trying to use encouraging words in my head, focusing on my good actions, and not let my inner critic sabotage me. My new refrigerator motto is "solutions, not excuses," and that's been helping, too.

Marie, my condolences on the loss. That was a tough game--and talk about cold! But I know you'll be glad to get your Jeep back.

I'm doing well this week. Yesterday I did a new workout, with an exercise ball . Wow, are my abs aching! And I was really pushing to get through the cardio piece, which wasn't all that tough, just new. I also did 35 minutes on the bike in the evening. I overslept this morning, so I'll have to work out this evening. This morning I had soy milk, half a pear, a string cheese and some almonds. For lunch I had a salad and lentil soup (I've been experimenting with new recipes). Later I'll have celery and hummus, and for dinner catfish and veggies, and maybe a berry smoothie if I'm still wanting something.

Howzit goin', Juls?

01-22-2008, 05:16 PM
Judy-I am doing good. Today with Dinner I will have 1200-1500 calories depending if I get coffee tonight. I bought bananas and salad to keep in the house.Way to go on your working out. I will be happy if I maintain this week.

01-22-2008, 10:44 PM
Nikki - Good idea to get a scale. I've read that it's very important factor in controlling your weight to weigh yourself regularly. In fact this study said that it's important to weigh every day - so I'm glad I'm not in the minority thinking this is a good thing! :goodscale That's not to say I don't swear at and kick my scale quite often! :tantrum: (maybe doing that burns a few more caloires :lol:) I figure whatever works for an individual - scale or no scale is ok.

Carol - I agree with Judy - you're like a human whirlwind! I wish I had half your energy and good attitude. Even with all life throws at you, you just jump back up and keep on truckin'.

Marie - I hope you bopped your coworker on the head for turning off the heat! It sounds like you had to work in a freezer :shocksn:! I'm glad you had a nice time in Reno, even though the Packers lost. :( It was a close game though and I enjoyed watching it even though I didn't understand much of what was going on. My DS used to always shake his head when a football game was on and I'd ask which "inning" it was :dizzy:. It's nice to watch those healthy young men running around in their cute uniforms even though they keep ending up in a heap! :lol: I'm glad to hear you'll soon be reunited with Darth Jeep. If you'd like any soaps for your DH let me know. I can make them with "guy" scents like patchouli, mint, sandalwood, eucalyptus or bergamot (or unscented).

Judy - Sounds like you are having lousy weather too. Don't feel too bad about your "inner shrew" - I have a whole nest of them in my head! I need to put a motto on my fridge too - maybe OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! It sounds like you're doing all the right things - eating healthy and exercising, so you're doing what's right for your body and it will pay off in the long run.

Juls - I hope all is well with you.

I had a busy day of ultrasound tests and visit to a vascular specialist to find out if I can get a vein fixed that goes over my knee and gets very painful. Unfortunately, although it can be fixed, I'll have to jump through hoops to get the surgery accepted by my insurance company. At this point I'd be prepared to pay for it out of pocket, though this could be very expensive. It seems that insurance co.'s think everything to do with veins is cosmetic only - which is definitely not the case here. It's worth trying to get approval as my doctor thinks there's a good chance they'll go along with it.

On the bright side, I went to Panera Bread for lunch afterwards (right near doc's office) and had an onion soup & half a turkey and smoked gouda sandwich, which was very yummy and didn't break the calorie bank!

I think I'll start doing better and losing again once Spring comes and I can get outside more. I'm feeling very cooped up right now. Even though it's been sunny for a couple of days it's been around freezing and 30-40 mph winds!

01-23-2008, 08:12 AM
Marie Reno sounded like fun. Good luck with the Jeep! Scale or no scale we all know what to do lets just do it and do it well!
Judy good for you listening to the good inter person and not the savy one whom just wants us to fail we are stronger than that little voice lets show her whos in control here!
Penny I run out of energy as well but lately I have been a bit more charged lets say. Thats a good thing. yOUR SO FUNNY! I truly enjoy your sense of humor and support.
Yesterdays food intake was around 1400 with a work out of 1 hr and my daily stairs and walk in gathering together for a count of about 80 min. of exercise. I can't count sitting in the whirl pool huh? hah hah!
Off to work and packed a nice healthy lunch. Dinner stir fry with steak and veggies. Yogurt dessert w/ walnuts and berries.

01-23-2008, 04:28 PM
So far so good today. I had oatmeal and a veggie sausage for b'fast, and had the insides of a turkey sandwich during a meeting (they gave us lunchboxes from Au Bon Pain, full of lovely baked goods and potato chips which I shouldn't eat), and when I got back to my office, I had a bit of smoked salmon and some sliced red bell pepper. It was hard not to eat those chips, but I persevered :yay: Knowing that I had food at the office helped a lot. I'm meeting a friend this evening for dinner and a play. I've asked that we meet at one of my favorite Thai places, where I'll focus on soup and veggies for dinner. I did 45 minutes on the bike and treadmill last night, so I just did a short cardio workout this morning.

Nikki, your discipline is very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Carol, you're becoming something of a gym rat...:bravo:.

Penny, just think of American football as rugby for sissies, and it will make more sense to you.

See you tomorrow--judy

01-23-2008, 06:30 PM
Hi all,

Warning**** A long whine to follow...

Yesterday deteriorated to cr*p yesterday. Big time. So here goes.
We go to pick up the Darth Jeep and he looks AWESOME. Beautiful, divine. DH drives it to the gas station since I crashed it on an empty tank. On the way home he's hearing a little noise. He puts it into 4 wheel drive for our remote neighborhood and the little noise crunches and kills poor Darth. He gets it home back in 2 wheel drive but it ANGRY. I get home and he tells me. :mad: The place that's repaired it is closed so no questions last night.

I then go to the mail. A letter from a lawyer. I'm being sued (or my insurance) for personal injury from the the b*tch that left the scene of the accident before I even got the airbag off my face (2 seconds tops). She must have been really injured as she drove away.

DH opens a letter from DMV and he's being warned his license will be suspended since we don't have insurance on his MOTORCYCLE. Hello!!! It's 0 degrees our and ice all over the roads. Yes we canceled the policy for the winter. So he has to get some letter of intent to insure from our company. EEKS!!!

So I'm feeling a bit upset (stretch bit quite a bit) and think FOOD. But no, I choose the treadmill. I will exercise to kill the rampant emotions. Trotting along my knee pops. I FORGOT the #$%#$%# brace. I can not believe I did that. So I guess I should have had the food instead. No exercise this morning but I will walk (with the brace) tonight and give it a go. If nothing else, yoga.

So there's the whine. The attorney letter is faxed to the ins. company and the adjuster and I are currently playing phone tag. Darth is back at the repair shop (going piggyback on a flatbed but he sure did look handsome) and my day has been so-so.

End of Whine...

Carol, oh how I wish sitting in the whirlpool was considered exercise. I'd buy one for sure. sounds like you're doing good.

Judy, excellent job on the eating at the meeting. You did without the bread and chips and I bet the pride feels way better than the shrew mocking you. You mock the shrew chickie!!!

Penny, I'd love a dozen soaps for DH (moisture intense for DH) that are unscented. That would be so excellent. I hope that your dr. can convince the insurance company to pay for the surgery. I believe they paid to have my sister's veins stripped because of pain. So there is hope.

Nikki, you are doing so fabulous on the calories. You should be so proud. Stick your tongue at your inner shrew. Excellent job. Someday my inner hungry shrew will lose the battle.

Well, I should work to pay for all my legal problems.

01-23-2008, 06:53 PM
Thanks everyone. I must confess today was a bad day. I ate what I wanted :( Marie good luck getting the court case and DH insurance straightened out.


01-23-2008, 08:29 PM
Judy nice job not giving in to the devils foods. Now you can truly enjoy your favorite rest. and know you won't go up to high for the day.
Today I was out and about at lunch time so tempted to go buy something yummy but instead I went into the little local market in the not so good side of town and bought only croutons for my salad fixins at the office. My dressing was manidarin orange juice and red wine vinegar and a little garlic powder and a fiber bar of 140 cals. 9 fibers. I felt quite good about my choice after the fact of course. Tonight I managed to have a sm. scoop of mashed pot. pork chop apple sauce and some green beans followed by a cup of tea and some ice water.
Judy your funny about the gym rat hah hah!
Marie that whirlpool is wonderful only if sitting by the jets would giggle off a little how great that would be. But it surely is nice to sit and relax at the end of a crazy day. I wish I could ship you one oh my what a day you have had. Go get some candles draw a nice hot bath put some calm music on shut the lights off and take some you time. Wow what time you two have had. That girl should be ashamed of herself but years ago something similar happened and I was the person in your position nothing seemed fair or right but my stress level was up there let me tell yah hope things straighten up soon. Go in and take a well needed relaxing bath. Wish I could give yah some scented sea salts I made. Your hubbies got to be quite upset too maybe you'd better share that bath????
Well my hubbie is fighting off a belly ache and headache. He is just catching everything in sight. I am going to stay away from him and go read in the bedroom. He is taking off to the spare room tonight. Boy we are getting old!
Anyways I am off to exercise again on thurs. trying to fit in my 3 days a week at the gym.
Nikki hang in there. If we all had a magic wand wouldn't it be grand? All we can do is start in again don't let a bad day turn into two just chuck it up to oh well it happened. There is always the next day which can be better. Good luck!

Judy your t

01-23-2008, 08:59 PM
Carol - Your salad dressing sounds good - I'll have to give it a try. I hope your DH soon feels better. There's lots of bugs going around this year.

Marie - What a rotten day you've had! :hug: Just remember - this too shall pass. We had a similar thing happen with our son when he was 18 and a woman stopped abruptly half way through an intersection and he had to come to a quick stop behind her. She swore he hit her car but there was no evidence of it and no damage whatsoever on either car. She called us to say she had whiplash and we were eventually sued for $50K!! The insurance guy said it was probably a set-up but they settled for her chiropractic visits (which she had with her BIL!!!) for under $2K. I was soooooo mad that somebody would take advantage like that, especially as it was our DS and he was so upset about it, but that's life and in hindsight it wasn't worth all the angst. Luckily the insurance premium didn't go up. I'm sure things will be ok about your DH's motobike ins. so long as he sends them a letter that he's not going to use it in the winter - which wouldn't be a great idea in K-Falls anyway! I hope Darth Jeep and your knee soon feel better. I'll be more than happy to make some soaps for your DH.

Judy - Congrats on not giving in to temptation :devil:!

Nikki - Sorry your day wasn't quite on plan but tomorrow is a fresh slate.

It's still bitterly cold here and I have to keep chipping the ice off the birdbath. The jays were sqwauking at me and trying to peck through the ice - I felt like such a bad Mom. They seem to need the water as much as the food when it's so cold. One of my workout buddies at Curves is off to Cozumel - I'm sooo jealous! My DH is going to Los Angeles for a few days on Tuesday, so I'm peeved with him too! :lol: Although I'd much rather be going to Cozumel!

01-24-2008, 08:09 AM
Penny your birdies are darn lucky to have such a caring person around. I agree accidents aren't always fair I learned the hard way thanks for my ins. company standing behind me it could of been worse. Years ago!
Hope you like the dressing at least its low in cals. I also somedays just do the red wine vinegar and a little garlic powder and pepper. Not to bad a little sour but so low in cals sometimes its okay.
I read an article last night among many this one was about increasing our intake of eggs being good for us that are trying to lose wt. The protien is super and it makes us feel fuller and be more satisfied throughout our day and we will be less likely to indulge in things we shouldn't sometimes. So I am trying it with my 1/2 bagel 2 poached eggs this a.m. I put them on went and finished my makeup came back and their all done. I am willing to give it a try. This was from the Womans mag. that is only about 1.99 and is at all the grocery stores. It always has interesting recipes and info. in it. According to what I read and their 1 weeks worth of menus its similar to sb but this one had ww bread, fruit in it just the egg concept etc.. suppose to lose our belly fat they say. What do you all think about this one????
It snowed a little bit here and we aren't suppose to get much I am glad as I have a client whom I am visiting which is a 56 mile round trip. Off to the gym after work today for aqua. Talk to you all soon.

01-24-2008, 03:34 PM
Marie, I'm sending you a big, big hug:hug:. What an awful day. Today can only be better, right? ;). I hope your knee isn't holding a grudge about going brace-less.

Carol, I've read great things about eggs, too, if you don't have a cholesterol problem. I love scrambling up some Eggbeaters, and a couple of times a week I'll have whole egg with breakfast or a hard-boiled egg in my salad. I buy those women's mags, too, but they make me laugh. Every issue features a miracle weight-loss cure (by some author with a new book) and lots of recipes for fried chicken, chocolate cake, etc. :dizzy: Hope the hubby is on the mend soon.

Nikki, thanks for 'fessing up about the bad day. If you don't acknowledge it to yourself, you might find yourself having a bad week, then a bad month...every day is a fresh start, and you know you can do it!

Penny, if you were in Cozumel, who would help the birds with their water?

I did well at the restaurant last night. Had a cup of seafood soup, about half my order of sauteed veggies with a little rice, and a white wine spritzer. The play was great, and it was great to spend time with my dear friend, who I didn't see enough of last year.

My morning got off to a strange start: Landscapers cut down the huge old pine trees in front of my apartment. I will miss the privacy they gave me, and the way they kept my west-facing apartment from overheating in the afternoons. I loved looking at the greenery, and hearing the birds in the morning. Oh, well, another reason to move soon.


01-24-2008, 08:31 PM
Judy how are you doing on the moving are yah going to buy a house in the future? I think its a good investment and first time buyers get a good break think of the interest you can write off at tax time. I like the mag. too but sometimes the yummy recipes kill me. Oprah had a cake recipe that was over 700 cals a slice crazy huh?
Wonder what BG thought of that one?
I had a good day today didn't over eat my end cals around 1300. I did work out on the treadmill and then 35 min. on machines today a total of 70 min. not bad and I feel great. The exercising on the machines today was the best since I have joined the gym. I am getting into shape must be and stopping in to the gym is becoming easier not such a chore. My friend though I think isn't going to stick with it. She wants someone to teach her about the machines and set her up with exactly what to do to lose. They will only do that if you pay for a trainer. So she might go to Curves. Which is her choice. For me the aqua fit class is good and must be helping me with my back. I am planning on doing it 2 times a week and machines at least once. As I told her dieting and exercising is very individualized what works for one isn't the same for everyone its just the way it is. But any exercise is better than none. And its a proven fact that sitting around surely doesn't do us much good. Well gotta go make my yogurt/ raspberry/ walnuts and a few choc. chips for my snack tonight. Well if I keep up this good eating and exercise by 3/25 I will be doing great. I feel better already and thats super.
Penny hope your salad was yummy. Did I mention to add some almonds with the oranges too? Oh anything goes creative ways so we don't become bored is best.
Take care.

01-24-2008, 11:23 PM
G,day ladies hope your all well and life is being kind to you.
I,m not doing to bad haven,t been on here lately been in bed with the flu yuk, but I thought I would just pop in and say Hi.

Take care bye for now


01-25-2008, 12:20 AM
Hi all, just a quick note. Things are ok and I totally agree with Judy about Penny heading south without her birds. They'd freeze and that would be bad. So Penny consider yourself blessed that you get to take care of the birds that are too lazy to fly south.

Food wise not good today. Not good this week. Maybe this month. I believe I just read that. But I'm thinking maybe something clicked this evening while I was exercising. So we shall see. I ate a small portion dinner so that was good. I always have the munchies in the morning and that's what's killing me.

I'll write more tomorrow.

01-25-2008, 07:48 AM
Marie you have had alot of extra stress don't be to hard on yourself. I think for me having the poached eggs and toast in the a.m. keep me fuller longer. Around 10 sometimes I snack on a 1/2 of fiber one bar. Their actually kind of tasty and they help hold me off to lunch. You'll get back on track I have faith in you after all those miles you did last year knocked me right off the score board you flew by all of us. Good luck and hope the car issues are getting better.
Juls so sorry you had the flu its not nice I have heard. This year was the first in many that I took the shot because of my hubbies condition the doc. thought it the wise thing to do. This time it wasn't painful I think its who gives it to you. At any rate hope your on an up swing.
For me I am glad its friday and am going to just take it easy this weekend other than the gym on sat. I am having one of the gs over on sat. for the night. Have a good one!

01-25-2008, 09:45 PM
It's Friday!!! And it's after 4:00 so I'm happy and at home.

Carol, I always have scrambled eggs before skiing. Other days I'm not obsessive but ski days - I want protein. At DS and DIL's house last weekend no protein and I got sleepy. Between the egg's protein and fat, I stay fuller longer. Perhaps I should switch during the week.

Juls, I hope you feel better.

Penny, do you want me to send you a check for my DH's soap? Let me know.

Nikki, I hope you're doing good and didn't let the little bump throw you off (like it does me...).

Judy, how is the house hunting going?

Work was good today - end of 1st semester and all the non-computer teachers called all day for help to post their grades. But it's over and I was in a good mood so it was pleasant. Only once did I pull my phone from my ear and look at the receiver trying to figure out how anyone could has such stupid questions. I also did an hour presentation to the district administration and that went really good.

DH has DGS's cold so skiing is iffy this weekend. Sunday weather sounds icky so I'm hoping he feels better by tomorrow. I know, I'm a devil. :devil:

Well, TTYL

01-26-2008, 08:23 AM
Marie well sounds like your ready to enjoy some more of Penny's wonderful soaps. This season I have been using the ones I made and my legs don't seem to be so dry and itchy. Enjoy them its so cool to have nice soaps. As far as the egg thing goes it does seem to really work. I am going to pick some up this weekend boiled some for morning when I am in a hurry or on days when I have cereal to add my egg to the lunchtime salad.
As far as friday goes for me it was a good work day but my intake choices weren't the best. Good breakfast but then I ordered out with the girls chinese I had ck broc. with fried rice. Only ate 1/4 of the rice but had an egg roll then to beat the band I had friends over last night and they wanted pizza and wings so guess who had them too. But I only had one big thin piece of pizza it really wasn't worth the cals I like mine better. Then 6 drum sticks. which were really hot. I made a raspberry coffee cake from my frozen picked berries. The recipe was a good one not bad on sugar or fat. So that wasn't so bad. But today I promised myself to be better but with no downs we don't have room to improve so I guess today I do. I am not beating myself up for my ooops just stating it and moving on. I plan on making homemade chili in the crock pot. I am going to the gym today. I am a bit sore from the other day using the machines but thats okay no pain no gain. My friend has lost 5lbs. according to her scale thats great now maybe she will be more apt to stay at the gym. Rome wasn't built in a day that say! So today will be better choice making and aqua fit class 1 hr. this a.m. On sunday I might depending on the weather take Bear around the lake.
Marie hope you get to go skiing. Have some fun and exercise at the same time. How cool is that.
Penny I am soap making soon I want to make some with vanilla and mint. Kind of a refreshing scent I think. I told my girl friend to use some lavender with her mom whom has Alz. it may help relax her. My oldest daughter is going to work with her again now that her mom has come to our area to live. She will be in assisted living. I just hope she does okay its so hard for people to give up some of their independence. Well have a great day and I hope you all enjoy the weekend boy they sometimes don't come quick enough.

01-26-2008, 12:29 PM
Carol - I nearly always have an egg for breakfast. On days I have something else, I get much hungrier. I also love WW magazine. It has so many useful and inspirational articles. Some of the diets are a bit silly, but still there's some good ideas. Yes, it's funny when you turn the page and they have chocolate cake for about 700 cals. a slice!! I just skip through most of the recipes as they are way too high in calories, but occasionally there's something worth trying. I like the idea of vanilla/mint soap. Jasmine is also very relaxing, but the pure essential oil is very expensive (about $30 for 1/2 oz.) Don't worry about going over a bit on calories the other day - sometimes we have to have a little break from our diets, so long as we get back on track.

Judy - What a shame they cut down your lovely trees! Maybe this will help you make a decision about buying your own place. Your night out with your friend sounded like fun.

Marie - I can do the soaps next week. I'll let you know when I ship them - you don't need to send your check yet. It will be exactly the same as last time. Do you want me to send them to the same address? If you like, I can add a little aloe vera. Aloe is very soothing to chapped skin. I hope your DH feels better so you can both go skiing. Looks like you guys are getting more snow. We may even get a little snow here.

Juls - Sorry to hear you've had the flu. I hope you're feeling better. I'm surprised it's going around down under as you still have summer - or is it autumn there yet?

Nikki - I hope all is well with you.

We've invited a friend to lunch but it looks like it might snow and she's a nervous driver. Oh well, we'll play it by ear and if she can't come at least we'll have a good lunch! We've decided to paint our family room/kitchen but I can't decide on the color. We painted the hallway last year and it turned out great - a warm peachy/beige color. I think I'll get a small can of paint and dab some on the walls and see if I like it first. My DH will always go along with what I choose. Have a great weekend everyone!

01-27-2008, 11:05 AM
Penny Jasmine sounds devine maybe a real treat in the future for my soap making. Hope your having a good day. I did pretty good yesterday and did end up with my aqua fit class different instuctor but it made it a interesting few new things added in. Also this gal teaching a kick boxing class so we are going to ck it out next week after aqua fit class just to see what its like. Today I have a nice little pork roast in the crockpot with onions, carrots and I think I will make them mashed potatoes and myself some cauliflower mashed. Maybe I will do extra so for the next couple of days I will have a side dish handy. I heard if you add a garlic clove to the caul. its great time will tell. Later today Bear and I are going to venture to Green Lake for a stroll around the lake. My workout schedule for the week is preplanned to fit in 3 days plus what ever else I decide with todays walk it will be 4 days. Going off to exercise is so much better these days I noticed even going to get the paper I am moving so much better in the a.m. hrs. There was a time not so far back when I was hurting pretty bad and going to get the paper in the a.m. was a struggle hope that never returns. We had a nice breakfast with some of my rasp. coffee cake not too many cals and oatmeal h.m. w/ br. sugar, cinn, walnuts. Well take care and have a super day. I am going to attemp cleaning out some craft area in my office area. That will be a great accomplishment/.

01-27-2008, 01:05 PM
Hi, Chickies!

Good news and bad news. The good news is that I very much on program while I was in NYC on Friday and Saturday. I did have an enormous dinner Friday night, at a traditional Korean restaurant, but only because I ate an enormous amount of spicy veggies. The bad news is that I'm sure that I'm coming down with the flu--Juls, is this your fault? I probably won't go to work on Monday and infect-or re-infect my coworkers. I have a big trip coming up, and if I'm going to be sick, it needs to happen now and be done by the end of the week :club:

Today is the first time I've really been home in the daylight enough to notice the difference without my little stand of trees. Oh, well. When I get back from this next trip, I'll begin the pre-approval process for a mortgage and start going to open houses. The prices here are so very high, I'm not sure I can find something by the spring, but we'll see.

I got up early to do my laundry. I think I'll go sort it, then take a nap. I was looking forward to working out, but maybe not....


01-27-2008, 09:13 PM
HI Ladies-

Judy- Sorry to hear you are sick. Way to on staying on track.

I just got back to NY and while as of thursday I had lost .4 lbs I have a feeling I gained since then. This weekend we went out for a friends birthday and due to running around had fast food a couple of times. Tomorrow I am back to a healthy way of living.

Hope everyone is well


01-28-2008, 07:57 AM
Judy hope your wrong about the flu but if your right hope your on your way to feeling better. Make some ck soup and have lots of green tea honey if its available. I think you did great staying on program. I did better yesterday my biggest down fall was some french bread. It really wasn't even all that great now that I think back at it. To bad I hadn't thought harder in the first place huh? Well at anyrate I did make it to go walking but not at the lake we decided it might be too muddy. So we did a good walk on the Erie Canal only 5 min. from home for about an hr. I might even go to do my visits today after work so on tues. I can get out at a normal time. That way I can grab my swim night. I have to ck with my friend and see what she would like to do. At any rate the exercise seems to be coming a part of my life more and not such a struggle to want to do it. That is a positive thing I think forsure. We have a trainer on wed. booked to show us which machines will meet our needs and how to best use them. How many times etc. I am still going to con't my aqua class 2 days a week. I like it and it helps my back I truly think. Well still no scale but I feel good and thats big.
Judy when my daughter was buying a house they offered her much more than she'd be comfortable paying in the long run. I think thats something they do often. So houses in your area are quite high? I am not familar with your area. Wouldn't it be nice if someday after all this time knowing each other we could meet? I would love it. I have to get my daughter to post me on here. I don't think I have ever done that. Oh well have a great day everyone and I am going to work on healthier choices and not slipping up. We are planning on going for dinner friday night so if I can think about that as my treat day maybe the rest of the week I can stay on plan.
B- 1/2 blueberry bagel
L- small pork roast sand. w/mustard and onion
D-h.m. chili served over salad greens, salsa and cheese, little sour cream few blue chips tortilla crunched on top
S-yogurt and berries
Exercise? Maybe a walk today.

01-28-2008, 11:13 AM
Morning -

Carol your menu sounds delicious. I have to get to the point you are at where you incorporate healthy snacks into my meal plan.

I hopped right back on task today. I rode the nike 30 minutes and plan to do 30 more tonight. My menu today looks like

B- green tea, curves cereal 1 cup with a banana
S-fruit cup
L-Salad with chicken strips and low cal dressing
S- coffee, 100 cal snack pack
D- Salmon and green beans

Water 64-96 ounces

I hope everyone else is doing well today.


01-28-2008, 01:15 PM
G,day all you lovely ladies you all sound in great spirits.
I have been reading your posts and you all seem to be on track good for you, you all seem to be into this egg thing I,ll have to give it ago.

Judy sorry to hear your unwell hey I don,t think it is my fault my mojo works for good not bad LOL. I finally got DH to take me to our little local hospital as our local Doc is still on holidays and it seems that I don,t have the flu after all it has turned into pneumonia, so at the moment I feel like something the cat dragged in chewed up and spat out again pretty YUK. Well I have lost 4lbs but I could think of better ways to do it and I was so sure that 2008 was going to be bettere than 2007 go figure. I,m so sorry about your trees and I hope your trip goes well, I,m sure you will be fine you don,t stay still long enough to get sick and with your great attitude if I was a bug I would be to scared to even try to make you sick LOL.

Carol I agree with Nikki yout menu does sound good and very healthy and you still inspire me with your exercise activities your doing so well.

Nikki your eating plan looks good to I love red salmon and I could eat greens beans til the cows came home I like them with a little sweet chilli sauce stirred through with carrots and a medium sized roast potato when I want to have just a veggie meal, then I can have a WW,s ice cream to go with it.

Marie I hope all is well with you you guys all seem to be so focused which is good to see, before I got sickk I had gained 6lb and was feeling pretty p***ed off with myself but I can always come here and regain the motivation that I need just by reading and taking all your positive mojo onboard, I am so glad I found you lovely ladies.

Penny we are still in summer heat here downunder but we have been having some real weird weather here, last week when I was in Sydney there were a few hot days and then it rained at night and the temp dropped and it was cold enough for there to be a frost on my car the next morning. I think that is why so many people are getting sick, I started feel off colour when I came home from Sydney on the Thursday and I tried everythin from cough med to cold and flu caps DH was making me hot lemon drinks but I just got worse until I gave in and went to the hospital, for the frist time I,m glad of the extra lbs I have got I had pneumonia before and I went down like a ton of bricks, I can,t eat or sleep but at least this time I have something to fight back with isn,t it funny how we try to get rid of the weight but when we get really sick a little bit extra can work in our favour.

Well I am going to say goodnight for now I,ll catch up again soon all of you take care and look after yourselves, bye for noe big hugs to you all.


01-28-2008, 02:02 PM
:swim:Greetings from home. I would be feeling down about being sick, but I'm happy because this morning my scale caught up with the rest of me, and read (drum roll, please!) 218.5 lbs. :dancer: I know that it's only a number, and it will drift up and down for a while, but it was great to finally see the number that I thought I'd be cruising past last fall. I did the Happy Dance in the bathroom, them quickly sat down, as I was feeling a bit woozy :).

Juls, pneumonia is no joke! I've had it and it left me weak as a cat. I hope you take it easy and allow your lungs time to heal. At least it didn't bother you until after you got back from Sydney.

Nikki, your menu looks good. You were able to get right back on track :bravo:. I'll think of you if I ride the ExBike today :ebike:

Carol, the DC housing market is still very overvalued. Everything is more expensive here than in most parts of the country, anyway, and it's economically stable and prosperous relative to other areas, so some people seem to be able to pay through the nose. Where things are tougher, people have to sell their property at a loss, but here folks just take their homes off the market. So we will see. You seemed to have turned the corner on exercise, good for you!

Penny and Marie, I hope you're doing well.

So far today I've had Eggbeaters w/salsa and corn tortillas for b'fast, with a bit of salmon on the side. I had half an apple and a cup of kefir late this morning. I will have lentil soup for lunch, oatmeal for an afternoon treat, and a burger with veggies for dinner. I would really like to work out a little this afternoon, so I'm going to go pedal the bike in a leisurely way, and if it feels right, I'll do a short work out, and if not, I'll just take a nap :D.


01-29-2008, 07:47 AM
Wow Judy and Juls you both need some of my h.m. soup wish we were closer wouldn't it be grand if I could drop you off some and I would. Hope your both feeling better soon. Judy great job on the scale bet that felt wonderful! Keep it up and before you know it you will be at 215 and then lower. This year we are somehow all going to reach a number we want I can see that happening. I know how much better I feel and don't even know if I have truly lost any maybe its just toning? Soon I will be brave and hit the scale but right now I am okay and will just keep trying to be better with my exercise and intakes.
That baked pot. and beans sounded yummy Juls.
Nikki sometimes posting our intakes are good as it gives the rest of us some ideas. Haven't tried the curves cereal how do you like it? I have seen it in the stores.
Well girls keep mending yourselves and I am sending you all kinds of good healthy thoughts.
Menu for today: B-1/2 of a wheat bagel blueberry, sm bowl of granola cran/almond pumpkin coffee
s- fruit
L- h.m. chili w/ whole grain tortilla chips just 8 at 110 cals 6 fibers not to bad and a oz. of jalopeno cheese melted in.
s- fiber one bar 140 cals 9 fibers
D- salmon caul. mashed with gr. beans inspired by a friend!
Have to do taxes tonight so right home after work but on wed. thurs and sat will be the offical workout days this week and I did sunday. Four is great for me and maybe a walk in there somewhere if I can fit it into my schedule. Have a super day!

01-29-2008, 10:44 AM
Hi Carol- I really like the curves cereal with a banana. Youare doing great Carol keep it up.

As for me I stepped on the scale today and a, showing a 4 lb gain since I went away. This is unexpected and kind of a downer. I'm not going to give up though.


01-30-2008, 12:02 AM
Nikki, Penny once mentioned that she always has water weight gain after traveling. I took note of that and she's 100% right. I bet the 4 pounds flushes away quickly.

Judy, I hope you feel better. At least it's a buyer's market at the moment, but with so many sellers so far over their heads with their ARM mortgages, they're overpricing the houses (our neighbor is a good example). Just be picky and careful and you'll end up with a house you'll love for life.

Juls, I wish you felt better. You were visiting your grandchildren. Right? DGS gets us sick all the time. DH is still pretty sick and I didn't ski this past weekend. First since the season started. For some reason I'm not sick but can feel it floating around me. Probably waiting to hit on the weekend so I wouldn't be able to ski this weekend either. :)

Penny, you are a wonderful lady. Thanks for making the soaps. I just told DH you were shipping them tomorrow and he was excited. Truly pleased as his skin is such a mess. THANKS again.

Carol, you're doing great with your exercise and diet. You'll be a bikini chickie by your HI trip. You are doing awesome.

Today was the first day I was really pretty good. Not great as in months past, but more focused on not giving into the morning munchie monster. I planned a 10:00 snack and when I started moving towards it at 9:00 I forbid myself. At 10:30 I had it, and then made it to lunch. Once at lunch I don't snack the rest of the day, so that was a milestone. I plan on doing it again tomorrow.

I did the 1.5 mile doggie walk in the latest winter storm this morning and then 2 miles WATP jogging DVD and 1.5 miles walking WATP this evening followed by 15 minutes of yoga. I'm pooped. I figure until I can really get the eating back under control, I have to up the exercise.


01-30-2008, 08:36 AM
Nikki try some nice hot green tea to flush out your system. Keep you head up good things are bound to happen if your trying your best.
Marie I hear you with the soaps the other night my legs were so dry I went showered with the soap then shaved wow so much better. Their super! Mine aren't exactly like Pennys but on the same line of thought.
Also I always have my breakfast by 6;30 or so and then try to have a little piece of fruit or a fiber bar to carry me over to lunch. I also try to have some type of afternoon snack especially if I am working later or working out. It seems to work for me. I have read alot about 6 smaller meals a day etc. as long as I stay within my cals which I seem to be doing better at these days coupled up with healthier foods and exercising.
Yesterday I didn't do the gym but walked to the main office and used 80 steps for the day at work in and out etc. no elevator for this girl!
I bought some more eggs last night and boiled 6 this a.m. my breakfast was a half of bagel and 2 eggs. The protein helps alot and keeps my satisfied. Tonight I am meeting with a trainer to discuss which machines I should use and for how long etc. I am going to tap into as much knowledge in a free period of time as I can! Thurs. I will do aqua fit class then saturday again. So its all coming together and thats making a difference I can notice no scale yet but soon. Just not doing it yet! No bikini here not on my body too many strech marks from those kids! Work is going well and I feel great about being caught up lately next month I have more meetings etc.... But this month it was pretty quiet a nice change. Drinking less coffee and more tea these days at work.
B- bagel, 2 eggs boiled = 320 cals blk coffee
No snack today I have appts.
L- sub way veggie on a whole wheat roll no mayo just light dressing lots of veggies and peppers. 400
s- fiber bar 140
D- broiled salmon with lemon/dill and a half of baked potatoe w/ lite sour cr.
S- sugar free jello
Have a super day!

01-30-2008, 01:05 PM
Morning everyone, I hope everybody's Wednesday is good and those that are feeling sick are doing better.

It snowed again last night. Surprise, surprise. Teh ski area I frequent has over 200" now - last year it's max depth was 21" (but that was a ridiculous year on the other side of the spectrum). I'm really getting sick of snow. The 10 day forecast has snow everyday.

Carol, no snack - eeks. I'm thinking and breathing for my morning banana. I'm in the bad morning munchie time. I was thinking of taking a break and going to the Post Office to mail Penny's $$$ and DS's package. That would get me closer to 10 am. :)

I did 2 miles WATP walking and 1 mile WATP jogging this morning. Too much snow and drifts for the doggie walk. Blizzie and Kody were very sad. Perhaps after work if they plow but our road district is out of money so I think eventually they'll make us fend for ourselves.


01-30-2008, 05:41 PM
Thanks for all the good wishes! I was much better on Tuesday, and actually went to work. I think the homeopathic meds really helped, but next fall I promise I will get a flu shot.

Marie, I didn't think I'd hear you complain about snow...but sounds like you're getting too much of a good thing. I'm with you about upping the exercise minutes to make up for too many calories. I had a munchy fit last night (my fat cells fighting back), so I did a short workout this morning and will do a long, hard one this evening, just to show 'em that I'm on to that one! :nono: My fat cells aren't the boss of me!

Nikki, unless you've been gorging on onion rings and ice cream, those pounds aren't going to stick. You're probably taking in more salt or something now that you aren't at home.

Carol, I wish that you could stop by and drop off some of your meals! Luckily I usually have some good homemade soups in the freezer for times like these. You are doing great with your walking, stair-climbing and the gym. I bet you're thinking of Hawaii with every step!

Penny and Juls, I hope you're doing well today.

I was running late and scrambling this morning, so I had to cut my workout short, and only had a cup of kefir for b'fast. I had a South Beach 140-cal bar later in the morning, a big salad and a cup of seafood soup for lunch, and I just warmed up a pear in the microwave with some cinnamon, string cheese and a bit of honey for a very decadent-tasting afternoon snack. I'll have grilled beef and veggies for dinner. It would be easy to work late tonight, but I want to get home for a long ride on the ExBike, so I'll try to leave at a reasonable time despite the piles of work that are about to fall on my head.


01-31-2008, 05:57 PM
Happy Snow Day Chickies. School was canceled again today (but I still had to go in). The powers that be let the poor slobs that have the nasty contract (me) leave at 10:45. It is trecherous and snowing hard. About 2" an hour. DH and I were to go skiing and even they're closing. Many roads around here are closed. So I'm in my warm house with the fire going. I'm going to sew this afternoon as I played hooky for a bit this am and ran to the cloth shop. :) A wine color and a black color skirt - here I come.

I did great with cals this morning again. Only my 10 am banana. I swear I think Judy's pm snack from yesterday sounds awesome. Judy, do you use canned or fresh pears and how long do you nuke them with the cinnamon. I LOVE that concept.

Before the heaviest snow started, I took the doggies out. They can hardly walk in the pool area as there is at least 3 feet of powder back there. It's unreal. I was thinking of taking my snowshoes out there and stomping through some of it to pat it down. And Kody is going to realize that the 6 foot fence is only 3 feet now. :o

Take car.

01-31-2008, 06:41 PM
Marie - It sounds like your part of the world is starting to look like the North Pole! A lot of the passes up here are closed because of avalanches. The mountains are getting 1' - 2' of new snow a day with record snowpacks. Hopefully it won't all melt at the same time or we'll have another flood like in 1996! At least you got to go in to work a bit late - so it's not all bad. Maybe you can get some little doggie snow shoes for your pups! :lol:

Judy - I like the sound of your snack idea too - I'll have to try it. I love pears and have been putting sliced pears and a sprinkle of goat feta in my salads quite a bit lately. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Carol - I always enjoy reading what you've had to eat too. It's good to get some new ideas. I like having boiled eggs on hand in the fridge. I sometimes mix a tbsp. of Miracle Whip (less cals than mayo) and 1/4 tsp. of curry powder to mash into the boiled egg and put it on some wholegrain toast. As Rachel Ray says 'Yum-O'!

Nikki - I'm glad you're keeping a good attitude even though you gained a little. It will come off soon now that you're back to your regular schedule.

Juls - I hope you are recovering well from your bug. It sounds like you were really ill. Take care of yourself :hug:

I've been busy this week. With my DH in California, I've been 'minding the fort'. I got a lot done without him underfoot :lol:. We've had torrential rain here the past couple of days and the higher up places are having real problems with snow. I've been staying on track with my calories. I went to Panera Bread for breakfast the other day but compensated by just having a Lean Cuisine for lunch.

01-31-2008, 08:32 PM
Hi Ladies -

Sorry I have not been around. My subscription must be turned off. I normally get emails when people respond to the thread. I lost 2 of the 4 lbs so far but I wont change my ticker until next week. I have a bad anxiety attack tonight so I am going to keep this short. Have a good night all.

{{ }}

01-31-2008, 10:08 PM
Nikki--I hope you're feeling better. A panic attack sounds scary. I'm glad your losing that weight so quickly. I knew you could do it!

Penny, your part of the world sounds way too interesting for me--floods, torrential rains, avalanches...

Marie, here's my very complicated pear recipe, watch closely: cut a Bosc pear lengthwise into four pieces. Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon and a tiny drizzle of honey. You can also use nutmeg and/or ground ginger, if you like. (Sometimes I use powdered vanilla.) On a covered plate, zap at a medium temperature in the microwave for 30 seconds. Add a bit of shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese, cover and zap for another 15 minutes. Let cool, then devour. Serves one (or two, if you're low-carbing).

I did a good cardio workout this morning, but I'm still feel a bit off, sorta dizzy with a faint headache. I had a fried egg w/salsa, veggie sausage and a corn tortilla for b'fast; half an apple and string cheese for AM snack; large bowl of veggie-bean soup and some nuts for lunch, then absolutely HAD to buy a dark chocolate bar and eat it in about five seconds :(. I think it was the headache, plus another day fending off a barrage of problems at work. Feeling crummy always makes me crave sweets. I'm thinking of taking my hypnosis CD to the office; there's one short bit that's supposed to help with cravings. Later I ate my planned snack--half a grapefruit and turkey jerky. Dinner was grilled fish, green beans and broccoli. I'm still feeling vaguely unwell, so once I'm done online I'm heading for the bathtub and then to bed, as far from the kitchen as I can get :D.


02-01-2008, 09:39 AM
Judy good to hear you feeling better. Wouldn't it be kind of fun to really meet each other.
Snow day for me freezing rain made me decide to take a sick day without really being so sick. I plan on going out when the weather lets up later on and go to the bank pay some bills and grocery shop. I first an going to preplan a few meal ideas for next week. I did get to go to the gym on wed and had a trainer which worked out for filling us in on info. and ask questions. I learned some new equipment to work on and my legs are still very sore. Must of worked its a cardio machine rowing almost sitting on the floor and you pull this rope cord thing and push yourself back to as far as one can go for 20 min. Well let me tell yah I felt like years ago when I used to pull the cord on a lawn mower. Hah hah! Well the trainer said doing a treadmill or that would work out well for cardio then follow up with more machines for another 30 min. or so at least. She also recommended that daily we do 30 min. of some type of exercise it could be walking, stairs, bands, streches etc... Just ensure it adds up to 30. So I am trying to get that in on saturday I am going to a pilates class at 8 with the girls we will try that out and maybe still do the swim class at 9:15 aqua fit. I am feeling good. I have induldged in a little red wine this week and some cheese but I still think over all its not been so bad. I have added broiled salmon into my menu and last night made some ck breast and dipped it in some hot sauce I made up served it on whole w. roll. That was dinner with some pretzel crackers, baby swiss ch. and a yogurt as my dessert. Today I am going to brush the dust off my exercise bands I picked up this summer at a sale and now found a mag. with exercises to try and good rating for using them. I will do my stairs 10 times and use those that will boost my exercise for no gym today day.
Judy keep up your good habits and they will pay off.
Nikki Panic attacks are darn scary have your tried an measure of yoga or self massage to relieve them when you feel them coming on or is there no warnings? Sorry you have had to deal with them.
Marie and Penny I am gearing up to make some soaps soon maybe for valentine gifts for my girls and a few friends. There is just something about them thats so relaxing. Penny I see that Yankee candles have now jasimine scents. I want to ck that out.
Menu for today: b-ww little bagel square 150 cal. 1 hb egg 80 cal. little swiss ch. 80.
s- yogurt 100 cals w/ raspberries plain
L- buffalo ck. salad with croutons 250 cals
d- homemade pizza with veggies and cheese ??? salad with vinegar dress/olive oil spices
s-fudgie 90 cals
Oh I made some great Italian sausage soup the other day. It is about 160 in cals but if you used turkey sausage it would be less. I will try it that way next week everyone enjoyed it and it was so simple

02-01-2008, 10:35 AM
Cariol- I'm trying they are not an atack per se but rather I get real dizzy nausea and a bad headache and feel like I want to die. I thought I was getting dsick but it has remained constant when I am at my mom's house but not in KY so I have deducted they are from stress at mom's.

Way to go on your menu.

Judy- Nice job on all your cardio:)

As for me this is the 5th day this week I am using the exercise bike. Today the scale says 169 down 3 lbs since Monday./ I will not record any weight until my official weigh in on Wed. Buy then I plan to lose 2 more.


02-01-2008, 02:43 PM
Hi all, another snow day. Today I didn't fight the roads to go to work. Many roads are closed and I figure why bother. So I'm using a vacation day. Sewing seems like not a bad way to spend it. Already took the doggies out and used my snowshoes to make them paths in the pool area since it's over 3 feet of fluff out there.

Nikki, when are you moving to KY? Will transferring your teacher's license be difficult. Glad you're feeling better today.

Judy, thanks for letting me know how you did the pear. Sounds easy and tasty. I will get some pears if we venture from the house.

Carol, sounds like you're really getting into your gym membership. Just remember to have fun - that's the only way to stick with the exercise.

Penny, Oregon is getting bombed with weather. It's sort of funny how I read all the national headlines and there's no mention. It's truly a mess and when our stuff melts, there will be flooding. No way to avoid it. And tomorrow another storm is to hit. For now, I saw a streak of blue sky and sun and it was still snowing. But seeing the sun was cool. :)

I'll chat with you all soon.

02-01-2008, 10:55 PM
G,day lovely ladies you all sound so focused and staying on track well done.
I,m not to bad spiritually and emotionally just feek yuk physically, pneumonia is the pits I feel so tired and weak I suppose there is an upside I,m losing weight 3lb in a week but I wouldn,t recommend it as a weight loss program LOL.

Judy glad to hear you are doing better hope you are on your way to recovery. Your pear recipe sounds yummy something I,m going to try when I get my appetite back, it looks like your doing great with your exercise routine and your menu looks pretty good to.

Nikki I feel for you with your anxiety attacks I had them years ago when my 1st marriage fell apart and they are the pits I hope you feel better soon it sounds like you hit the nail on the head with the reason for them being so bad here,s hoping that when you move you will be on the mend good luck, and congrats on your 3lb loss way to go keep it up.

Carol I would love some of your hm soup just the thought of being looked after is wonderful and it is nice that you even gave it a thought thanks, your always an inspiration with your exercise I,ll be glad when I have the energy to just go for a short walk, the Doc says the type of pneumonia I have will leave me feeling tired and weak for quite awhile oooooh well that,s life.

Marie and Penny I don,t like the sound of all you cold weather I love winter but I think here downunder it is cold enough, we are still having very hot days at the moment.
Well I,ll leave it there catch up with you all again soon take care bye for now.


02-02-2008, 12:40 PM
Hi, guys--

Just stopping by to say hi. I'm off to New Mexico for the week. I hsuold be able to check in most days. The hotels have fitness centers, plus I'm taking a few of my workout DVDs. I've just packed a goody bag--nuts, oatmeal, shake mix, etc.--but this trip will be a challenge. Lots of restaurant meals and folks who'll want to go out for drinks...I do not intend to gain weight this week, so I will stay focused on my goals.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


02-03-2008, 12:16 PM
Nikki - I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety attack. I hope you're feeling better. Congratulations on the 2 lb. loss.

Judy - I hope you're over your 'flu by now, especially with your big trip coming up to NM. Try and stay focused, despite all the temptations :devil:! It sounds like you are well prepared with your DVD's and healthy snacks.

Carol - You're doing so great with the exercise - keep up the good work! :carrot:. That's a nice idea to make soaps for Valentine's. I'll have to check out the Jasmine candles - they have lots of Yankee candles at Bed Bath & Beyond (and I have a coupon!)

Marie - You're sure getting too much of a good thing with all that snow! I guess your package of soaps is still stuck in Eugene - even Fedex can't seem to get through. I heard that several of the major roads down there are closed. I hope you're still able to take your pups out for their "walkies".

Juls - I've been thinking of you and hope you soon recover from pneumonia. That's serious stuff and I hope you'll be able to take it easy and let your body heal. Sending healing thoughts your way :angel:.

I'm still "stuck" and not losing, but I refuse to give up! I figure if I keep on recording my meals and working out sooner or later the scale will show a loss. My DH has been traveling a lot lately so I've had more to do "minding the fort" while he's away. Maybe it's the extra stress that's making me hold on to the weight. I also need to schedule a couple of surgeries soon - to remove a painful vein on my knee and I need to get my implant replaced, which is major surgery (not looking forward to that!) Our DS has started his police training, so that's also become more of a reality.

02-04-2008, 08:01 AM
Girls just a quick hello and Marie wow are you getting the snow I think you have some of our share for the year. We are in such a weird year hardly any and when we do get it well its not great.
My intakes this weekend weren't great but I did do my pilates class. It was fun and interesting and I am going again next sat. Doing aqua on tues. workout reg. on thurs and pilates on sat. I will try to fit in some exercise daily for at least 15 - 20 min. working my way to 30. I should have made better food choices this weekend but its over now I must live with it and now make some changes today. Take care and I will catch up later oh I purchased a new lap top now that should help the spending in the country huh???

02-04-2008, 09:30 AM
Hi everyone-

I am still on track I took Saturday off from the bike but will only allow one day off per week. Just wanted to say hi quickly. I have a busy morning/ day. I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

{ }

02-04-2008, 12:47 PM
Hi all, hope everyone is doing good. The snow stopped yesterday morning and is to take a break until tomorrow afternoon then it'll be back. We took the doggies out (using snowshoes) yesterday, then I used the snowshoes to stomp paths in the back yard. So they have paths that are about 2 feet deep. Kody occasionally ventures off the path (but not for long) and Blizzard can't with her hips. At least school wasn't canceled today so everyone has to work - I'm still irritated that my co-workers got free days off and I had to use vacation time. I hate inequitable contracts. Ours is up for negotiations and I've been vocal about that line item

Judy, enjoy your trip. NM should be fun. Taos is supposed to be great skiing. You should go for me.

Penny, Just take a deep breath and schedule the yucky surgeries. Get them over with during the yucky winter months so that you can spring into the nice weather with health.

Nikki, sounds like you're busy. Take care.

Carol, good job on a new laptop. Do you like it? You're exercise is so varied. That will make it fun.

Well, back to work. :(

02-04-2008, 01:38 PM
Hi, chickies! I don't have internet for my computer, so this will be short. I hadn't counted on a snowstorm, so I'm not seeing much of lovely Santa Fe. But I'm staying in a beautiful place and playing spa.....eating on program (except for a bowl of chili and some chips and salsa for the Super Bowl).

I'm very focused on not gaining this week! It helps to have gotten off to a good start.

Have a great day!


02-05-2008, 09:04 AM
Hi Ladies-

Marie-You must be thrilled the snow has stopped.

Judy- Enjoy your week.

I am still on track. Although my foot is bothering me today so I am not sure I will ride the bike. I don't want to hurt it before I move. This week I got my TOM early. That would explain the up and down and up of my weight this past weekend. I decided not to weigh in until next week.


02-05-2008, 12:59 PM
Nikki, the snow stopped for 48 hours. It's supposed to start back up in a couple hours. I was trying to find a season to date snowfall amount on the web but failed. I'd love to know just how bad it is. The front page of hte paper has a picture of a building with it's roof collapsed from the snow. Two of our schools are closed for roof snow removal. The webcam of my ski area looks nice today but alas I have to be at work.

Judy, hope your trip is going nice.

Penny, the soaps arrived yesterday. I was actually surprised since our roads are single lanes but the Fedex truck made it. I used one and kept sniffing it and it truly is fragrance free. I'll stick with my beloved orange blossom. But they're perfect for DH. Thanks again.

Juls and Carol, hope all is well.

Today I am going to be good. There's no mind talking me into eating stuff I don't need. I will be strong. Time to get my food back into complete control. TOM also showed up early for me this month and there's nothing like bloating to make one face the hard (or my case soft flabby) facts.

So I'm going to be good. I took the doggies out this morning. It's hard to believe that it's safer for me to walk in the dark than during the day, but there's no traffic at 5 in the morning. I can see headlights behind me but during the day I don't hear anything with the snow. And they can see me with my bright LED light. So for now, walking is only safe at night. Silly, huh?


02-05-2008, 05:36 PM
G,day lovely ladies it is good to see you all doing so well even with lifes little stresses we face each day.
I,m not doing to bad making the best of it I went to DOC.S yesterday and I,m on the mend from the pneumonia slowly but surely, she put me on 2 different types of antibiotics and told me that after 10yrs of a puffer free life my asthma has returned, I am getting so sick and tired of this body I,m just about ready to give up I,m eating healthy and doing light exercise at the moment, but my poor old bod just seems to be falling apart. I wonder what I,m doing wrong, hey girls any ideas, the Doc say,s it could be stress I really miss my family and that is where I really want to be but I do love my hubby and he doesn,t want to go back to Sydney so at the moment I,m torn I don,t know what to do I have been down with my family alot over the last 3mths and every time I come home I seem to get sick. Anyway enough of that to depressing.
Sorry for ranting just feeling sorry for myself so boring yuk, on a high note I have lost another lb so I,ll take that and go from there.
Take care bye for now.


02-06-2008, 06:17 PM
Juls, I don't have any advice other than to really think about what you want from life. What makes you happy should be your choice. Good luck and know that you can always vent here - we don't have to be sunny all the time or even most of the time. We're all on a journey to find what makes our lives right so you're in good company.

I was so GOOD yesterday. YEAH!!! Today pretty darn good even with going to lunch. No snacking either day during the morning munchie time. I don't know how to figure out the cals for the lunch as it was a mom and pop place. It was called a chicken fajita burrito and I asked for most of the stuff not to be added (no beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole). I'm guessing in the 300 cal range. AND I didn't eat even one tortilla chip and dip!!!! YEAH!!!!

I did 2 miles WATP jogging and 1 mile WATP walking after work. This morning the doggies took me on our 1.5 mile walk and I'll WATP again. Until I'm really in control again and my clothes fit like they're supposed to, I'm a 2x exerciser.


02-06-2008, 07:34 PM
Carol - How was your pilates class?

Nikki - I hope your foot is better.

Judy - Hopefully the weather has cleared up a bit for you in Santa Fe. Ooooh, playing "spa" sounds good. It's nice your hotel has good facilities so you can unwind.

Juls - I wouldn't be surprised if your health problems are partly related to stress. I know that my fibromyalgia and arthritis act up more than usual when I'm stressed - something about the extra cortisol I think. At least you get to see your family in Sydney quite a bit. I'm in the more unfortunate position that the more distance I have the better! I'm sure you'll be feeling more positive once you fully recover from your pneumonia. You're probably still weak from that. Take care of yourself and maybe give yourself a treat like a facial or massage.

Marie - Good for your staying on track and doing all that exercise! :carrot: You're very strong willed turning down all those hi-cal toppings - I bet it tasted good without them and you didn't have the guilt. My DH is in K-Falls for a couple of days on a consulting job. He had to fly down as it was too iffy with the roads down there. I'm glad your hubby's soaps finally arrived. Yep, they are 100% scent free.

I know spring is around the corner because I saw my first robin and the mourning dove family have arrived. It won't be long till "Mr. & Mrs. Duck" come and check out the bird feeder (they've been coming for 8 years). I know it's the same pair as the male has an unusual mark on his breast. Now if this darn rain would just go away for a few days I could tidy the yard a bit! My DH has been traveling more than usual lately, which is a nice change as we work at home and sometimes it's nice just to have some "alone" time. I'm sure he enjoys a change of scenery too now and then. I treated myself to breakfast out and just had a low calorie lunch to make up for it. I think breakfast is my favorite meal.

02-07-2008, 06:36 PM
Ha Penny!!!! I doubt your DH is enjoying this change of scenery. The snow is everywhere. Especially on the roads. They don't believe in thorough snow removal. Take a spot here, leave a pile there. Too bad your DH and I don't know each other better than the one breakfast as I always look for a reason to catch a mocha. :)

I didn't exercise the second time yesterday. It was the snow's fault. DH was shoveling more off the roof and was trying to clear snow under the attic vents. apparently they're very sharp. They sliced through his gloves and fingers. so we spent the evening at the dr.'s and getting his fingers stitched up. Now the snow will just have to stay on the roof. He's ok, but he can't get them wet at all until tonight so he stayed home. Not to mention he can't do anything with both hands in bandages and splints. He and Blizzard are having movie day today. :)

the doggies took me for a walk this morning. It was 37 degrees and I'm thinking, "Cool, I won't freeze my nose off like yesterday morning". But alas, the winds were really strong and it was sleeting. I just plain froze.

Food - I'm doing great. No mindless munching!!!! YEAH!!!! Yesterday I was pretty low since we were at the dr. all evening. Then it was too late to eat much other than a scrambled egg.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

02-07-2008, 11:27 PM
G,day all, good to see your in good form Marie and Penny.

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Marie doing what makes me happy is a problem in itself it means someone will get hurt and be unhappy and I can,t be the cause of that so I guess I,ll just have to suck it up and make the best of a bad situation. I,m so proud of the way you are going with your exercise and food intake you really are focused keep it up.

Penny I know it is stress I am feeling sorry for myself I get like that when I,m not well and my family are to far to pop in and see me. I did what you said and I gave myself a facial at home it made my skin feel good, it helps to come here and talk sometimes and to know that I,m not judged. I was thinking about how my life has been over the last three years and I have to say it hasn,t been to bad, I asked myself why my weight is such an issue and you know what it is,nt until I visit my mother it seems like everytime I see her and she put,s me down I decide to go on another diet and I always fail because I,m not doing it for me, this time I am not going to go for something unrealistic I,m going to try for 170lbs I talked to my Doc about this and she said that is a fine weight for me in my terms it is about 77kgs and that puts me in the healthy weight range, I,m doing OK I,m back to healthy eating going for light options and not beating myself up anymore.

Take care all of you and again thanks for being there sometimes it is not all about weight dam emotions get in the way but I,m not giving up, we all have our own stuff to deal with and compared to others my problems are rather trivial.

Bye for now

02-08-2008, 10:36 AM
Hi Ladies-

I am so sorry I have not been around. I have been so hectic and for some reason the email alerts have not been coming through. Anyhow, I have been riding the bike a minimum of 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. Most days I aim for 50 minutes. This week was TOM so I used that as an excuse to not eat right. NOT good. I'm on my way out to take grandma to the doctor but I'll check in with all of you a biy later.

By the way anyone else having trouble with getting email alerts in regard to the thread?

love and light

02-08-2008, 08:59 PM
Hello everyone well I for some reason lost my automatic way to get onto this site and of course for got my password. UH! Well I just got it today thank goodness they were so nice to get right back to me.
Juls your heart will tell you what to do sometimes thats just how life is. Life is not always fair and I will be the first to admit that. Your a lovely lady and I hope that you will feel better soon and soul searching isn't always a bad thing. There are times when doing somethings for ourselves benefits others in the long run too. So thats just some ideas. As far as wt. and health that is something you shouldn't do for anyone but yourself thats just my own thought. You have to want it for you and your worth it.
Marie sounds like your gonna have all of our share of snow this year sorry you had to take your own time off. That isn't so fair now is it. Hope your hubby is feeling better. My hubby lost the tips of 3 fingers about 5 years ago to an accident so scary. Not a fun time that was for sure I helped care for him and it wasn't easy on either one of us. Good for you jumping back into the saddle. Your doing great keep it up. Funny how we get off the beaten path a bit but as long as we return to the right path thats the main thing. I know I surely have been there. Penny hope your hubby returns home safe. Having a litttle time to ourselves once in awhile isn't such a bad thing I actually look forward to that opportunity once in awhile.
Judy your traveling again. Hope your doing well.
I have been to the gym two times this week and will try to get there again on saturday my buddy messed up the bottom of her foot. Sounds like a pulled tendon or something like that quite sore so I am doing it by myself. I feel pretty good lately like I am making some progress. But today I did have some pizza for dinner but only 3 chicken wings. Could of been worse at lunch I had a sandwich but on a half of roll. I feel more in control lately and thats a good feeling. When I go to the gym I am more comfortable with trying new things and the treadmill is getting a bit easier. I have increased my incline and how long I am on it. I try to shake things up a bit never do the same workout twice. I even had salmon again this week for dinner. Yesterday I had a lunchoen at work so I tried to be selective in what I took and watch how much did better than in the past. For dinner I made homemade ck soup. So I felt that was a good thing. The only thing is my dinners on nights I work out are later and thats not so smart I need to adjust that a bit. Well take care and sorry this is so long guess I have missed being on here.

02-10-2008, 08:13 AM
G,day, ladies I hope you all had a great weekend.

Carol :hug: thanks so much for saying I,m a lovely lady, it means so much when you hear it from someone you,ve never met. I go on about my stupid stuff and look at all you have had to deal with by the way how is your DH going these days much better I hope, you really are an :angel: your an inspiration to me. I know your right fixing my weight is something I have to do for me, I had a long talk to my Mum today and after all these years I finally told her how much she hurts me when she puts me down, she said she was sorry and she did,nt realize that was how I saw it. I told her that if she loves me then she has to accept me for who I am and the way I am and if that is a few lb heavier than she thinks I should be well that is just the way it is. I have spent all my life trying to do the right thing for everyone else and never putting myself first maybe it is about time I started listening to my own drummer and following my own beat for a change. I know I,m worth it and thank you so much for reminding me of that. I hope your buddy is feeling better, it sounds like you have your eating plan down pretty well, how do you do your homemade chicken soup I,m always looking for new ideas.

Nikki I hope your doing well you sound like you are getting plenty of exercise, I sort of remember what TOM is like not nice at all but I haven,t had that problem for years ;) it sure is an excuse for comfort eating though, just remember as long as it is in moderation thats OK.

Penny I,m sure you are looking forward to DH coming home but I agree sometimes a little bit of time on our own away from them is good it makes you appreciate each other a bit more.

Marie how are you hope DH is on the mend and I hope him and Blizzard enjoyed thier movies good on you for avoiding the munchies, I love scrambled eggs with a few mushrooms some parsley and Italian mixed herbs.

I,m doing OK getting better slowly but surely still not much of an appetite which is good, just the thought of anything sweet makes me feel ill so for me that is a big plus I,m a confirmed chocoholic :lol:all the things I love even :coffee: at the moment makes me go YUK, DH got some chinese take out tonight I had a little chicken chow mein it was nice but I couldn,t eat to much only about a 1/4 of it so DH had the rest. I seem to be eating a bit of low cal ice-cream and drinking alot of water I have lost 4lb so far since I,ve been under the weather and I intend to keep it of when I,m well again too ;):)

Take care I,ll check in again soon bye for now.

JULS :grouphug:

02-10-2008, 10:33 AM
HI Ladies-

Carol keep up the good work. Progress is Progress :)

Juls- I am glad you are feeling better. Good luck keeping your loss of you can do it !

Yesterday I spent the day packing stuff up and moving boxes etc. My back is pretty shot today. I did not ride the bike yesterday but sure got out of breath often while packing. I have 4 weeks from Friday until I move. I am hoping in that time I can at least drop 5 - 6 lbs. I can see my body is getting a bit more toned then it has been particularly my legs are looking good. My mom said yesterday I looked like I lost weight. I will take toned over pounds I think as long as I lose clothes sizes too LOL. I went to dads last night and indulged a bit. Dinner was pork loin and potatoes with garlic bread. I only had 1 serving of each. Desert was a small piece of crumb cake. It was the chips before dinner that did me in lol. I love chips ! Ok enough for me today.

Marie, Penny I hope you are well :)

{love and light}

02-10-2008, 01:56 PM
Hi everyone,

The weekend is going great. Really great. I haven't been able to say that in a while. We got Darth Jeep back on Friday evening. DH says all seems good. I get to drive it to work tomorrow. So that is FAB news for us. Then I got all my Kitchen Aid pasta stuff last week and yesterday we tried it out. It was so much better and faster than the Ron Popeil machine that I've fought with for years. I bought the plates that go into the kitchen aid mixer and it was amazing. I also bought the extruder plates but decided that I'm going to return those as the plate rollers and cutters are fantastic.

And I went skiing yesterday. First time in 3 weeks - yeah the snow has still stayed stopped. I was to go with 2 co-workers but one was sick and the other bailed. So I went by myself. I really pushed hard and played on the black diamonds. My legs are so tender today (but it didn't stop the doggies from taking me out for a 1.5 mile walk already). Anyway, it was sunny and gorgeous. And because I was single, I got to use the single line that puts you on the lift right away (triple lifts and they pair you with doubles so that none of the chairs are empty). I skied and skied till my legs absolutely burned. Then I came home and worked on about 2 feet of the 6 foot mound of snow on my side walk. Not easy as I had to throw the snow over the pile. Apparently I have triceps as they are tender as well this morning. With the wings I sport on my arms, who'd have ever guessed there were muscles there??? Regardless it's been a wonderful weekend. And I only had 1200 cals yesterday even with all the skiing. I am/was good. YEAH!!!

Today I have to work from home (almost done with 3 hours worth so far) and since I got nailed with vacation time for the snow day, I'm charging the time back to them. I usually don't but until my contract is fixed for snow days, I'm not in a giving mood.

DGS is coming for a visit on Friday - we'll have him for the night and most of Saturday. That's so awesome. I had to give up a ski day but well worth it. DH said he'd be OK with going night skiing on Saturday after DG goes back to his other grandmother. I really like the idea since I'll be flying to Portland on Sunday morning. (Hint Penny) We also might do night skiing on Thursday night. YEAH!!! I love skiing the steep runs. I guess my fears are subsiding. I even drove the Eclipse by myself to the ski area yesterday (after unburying if from the snowbank on Friday night).

Nikki, back away from the chips. Put your hands in the air and back away from the chips. There, I did my butt kicking. :) Aren't snacks just dangerous??? You know, Nikki, while bakcing away from the chips - ride the bike away from them. :)

Carol, glad you found your way back. Sounds like you're doing great. I'm glad that you're exercising on your own after your partner hurt herself. You didn't use that as an excuse to stop. Give yourself a pat on the back!!!

Juls, it definitely sounds like you're doing better. A friend of mine (pretty overweight) just had major surgery and has lost 14 pounds. It's a hard way to do it - like you and her - but you've got to take the positive out of the bad situation. Be glad you have a period of time that you don't even want the bad stuff. Silver lining and all.

Well, back to my work.

02-10-2008, 10:13 PM
Marie so glad you got to ski good for you. Nice exercise. I have finally gotten on line with my laptop. Also did you see now we can ck the cals of things on this site 7,000 items cool huh. I saved it to my favorites for an easy reference. Thanks to my Son IL who got me all connected etc. I did go to the gym today by myself never made it yesterday though. It was a nice workout due to weather conditions like a blizzard not many people were there so I got to go on whatever I choose to do. My intake today was good to. I am just moving forward hopefully getting into a reg. routine at the gym tried 2 new things today.
Nikki take every compiment you can. That should make you feel good and motivate you to even higher sights in the future. You can do it.
Juls my friends mom is really a nice person but sometimes she does say mean things to her daughter kind of like what your mom did to you. I guess I am lucky there as I have never had to deal with that from my mom. But I know how bad it must feel. Sometimes my friend because I said tell her it hurts now everytime she starts in K will say mom maybe we better not talk anymore today as your neg. vibes hurt. Then sometimes it helps to let them know they just rattle it out without thinking sometimes older folks have to much time on their hands. I have never met you in person but can tell your a nice person and I am glad to have such good friends on this site as you and the other girls.
The hubby is doing better kind ot grouchy today guess he's feeling better huh? Overall he is doin much better but the doctor kept him on the blood thinners for another month. He wasn't too happy about that and another blood test on monday not happy about that either. I think the doc. doesn't want to take any chances as that little piece is still in there.
Well my work out today was one hr. 30 of it was the treadmill which said I burned 300 cals. Then I did wt. machines for a half an hr. I felt great today. I will make a difference yet! Gotta get to bed soon girls.

02-10-2008, 11:53 PM
Hi, all, I didn't get lost in the mountains or in the desert! I'm glad to be back home. Santa Fe was beautiful, but I must go back when there isn't a snowstorm so that I can see more. Abuquerque was good, the conference was great. I was in meetings from early 'til late, and my workouts got squeezed out of the schedule. I was up and down with this feverish, flu-y feeling. I felt better on Saturday but worse I'll take Monday off, to see if that will help.

I'll weigh in on Monday morning (preparing for the worst, since I over-ate those last few days, and didn't work out), and will report back, with personals.


02-11-2008, 02:02 AM
G,day ladies.

Nikki I intend to keep it off and fingers crossed be able to lose a bit more, I am feeling great thanks emotionally anyway, I,m still fighting this darn pneumonia but I,ll get there, you can,t keep a good woman down for to long besides it is to hard to get back up agian LOL. You sound like you are staying on track keep up the good work, sometimes your clothes a better guide in telling you how your doing rathere than the scales if your clothes are feeling looser take that on board it all counts.

Marie I agree take a positive over a negative anyday I hope your friend feels better soon maybe it will be an insentive to lose a bit more weight. I bet your legs are sore from all that work you put them through but I bet you enjoyed every minute of it you little snow bunny you.

Carol I hear what your saying sometimes as people get older they think that they don,t have to worry about other peoples feelings but they should ask themselves how would they feel if the shoe was on the other foot. I would never go out of my way to hurt my Mum but I guess it just depends on a persons personality I guess. I,m glad your DH is feeling better grouchy is OK just tune out it is easy remember you know how it goes you have kids LOL, I feel for him blood tests are the pits but he will be off the blood thinners soon and he will be getting better and better all the time. Hey girl don,t you ever slow down you put me to shame, I think you are a nice person to as are all the lovely ladies I have met here and I,m proud to have made such caring friendships with you all.

Judy glad your back and everything went well, bummer that your out of sorts but I hope you get well soon enjoy your day off just laze around for a change.

Penny I hope your doing OK and all is well.

Take care everyone bye for now.


02-11-2008, 08:37 AM
I love how quick my new computer is but will take getting used to the keys etc. I had quite a wind storm last night 50 mph and up they say. I could hear it whisling through the woods and trees etc. I am leaving a bit later than norm today due to it all. Awaiting any drifted snow to be plowed. Spring thats what I want to see soon even though its been a great winter here warmer less snow sorry Marie I think you got my share. I am even thinking so planting etc. What was that about roses you were all talking about the other day a rose once you reach a goal mark
Judy glad your back home safe. Hey a friend of mine is a mtgr. at a bank the interest rate she feels is even going to go down more so buying a house might be a real good move. To bad you couldn't of seen more on your trip. My hubby says this will be his last trip to HI I think he is starting to get a bit worried about wheelchairs etc. Judy do you know if we take a rented lite wt. chair for him do they fold it up and keep it in the front of the plane generally
Usually we just have someone meet us at each site with a airport chair but if we take one it will be more of a security to him that he has what he needs etc. I would be interested in your input if you or anyone else here has any info. Well time to go beat the weather.
Food plans: 2 sprout toast with little marg. 1/2 banana
tortellino salad with italian h.m. dressing/ one orange
s- one yogurt 60 cal
D- salmon broiled with lemon/dill
scalloped potatoes 1/2 cup/ veggies
S-fudgie 80 cals



02-11-2008, 04:20 PM
Hello ladies. Sorry I've been MIA. I'll have to keep this short and sweet as I'm laid up in bed with a bad back. We were walking through Ikea on Saturday when my back suddenly started spasaming and I couldn't walk. I don't know how I got in the car and home as the pain was excruciating - second only to childbirth! :(

All day Sunday I was flat on my back and couldn't move and my DH had to help me to get to the bathroom. Later in the day I could crawl around a bit on all fours, but the pain was awful. Today I'm able to sit up and have put on a support belt and ice pack. I may go to the doctors if it gets better enough for me to get in the car (not possible right now). I don't know what I did to my back. The only thing I can think of is I moved some books from our bookcase on Thursday, but that didn't hurt at the time. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I hope everyone else is doing well. I'll check back in again as soon as I can.

02-11-2008, 06:06 PM
Penny, I hope you're back is feeling better. Wow, that's scary to suddenly be in so much pain--and in one of my favorite stores, too :eek:. Please take it easy...

Carol, once you know when you want to fly, and which airline, contact the special services people there and explain your situation. If you don't think that that using a skycap and the airline's chair will work, you should work out an arrangement before you book your ticket--or try another airline. They may not let you store the wheelchair in the cabin, but maybe they would be willing to check it for you at the gate, and let you retrieve it as soon as you land, instead of at baggage claim.

Juls, I hope you're recovering!

Marie, have you been out tooling around in Darth Vader? I bet he missed you. Congrats on a wonderful weekend--sounds like it was healthy, fun and loving.

Nikki, watch that lifting, you don't want to end up like Penny!

I weighed myself this morning: 221.5 lbs., a three-pound gain, not as bad as I thought. I'll work to get back to 218 as soon as possible. I made two big pots of soup yesterday: one shrimp and veggie soup, one kimchi soup. My kitchen is rather fragrant from the cabbage in the kimchi, so maybe I won't be taking the kimchi soup to the office :sorry:. I worked out for 45 minutes this morning, and am feeling a little peppier than I did earlier, so I'll probably go to work on Tuesday. I have another ginormous cold sore, but it's not as horrific as it was over the weekend, when I tried to keep my face covered liekt he Phantom of the Opera.

See you tomorrow!


02-12-2008, 08:29 AM
Penny so sorry I know how bad backs can be. I hope you are taking something for it. When possible doing a few streches could help. I know standing with my legs apart a bit and hangs on the hips leaning back as far as I could was something which helped me. Good luck thinking of you!
Judy I am trying to jump back on board this a.m. with poached eggs and toast. I had a dounut choc. jump in my mouth instead of my hubbies dang stupid move. Oh well life goes on and I know what I have to do. So I am watching myself closely today and going to exercise if the storm this afternoon holds out for me to do so. Otherwise I will exercise at home but it won't be the same somes better than none. We can do this so lets go girls ! Penny your in a bad way so just feel better you too Juls.

02-12-2008, 08:38 AM
G,day ladies.

Carol we just got a new computer too and I love how much faster it is to. It seems like we are all getting a bit of weather these days we have been having quite a bit of rain and our share of storms to but alas no snow. Your menu looks yummy and very healthy good for you.

Penny I,m sorry to hear about your back please rest up and take care of yourself I hope you will feel well enough to go and get it checked out, I am sending prayers for you and I have everything crossed that I can cross even my eyes LOL for you and a speady recovery.

Judy good that your on the road to recovery sorry about the cold sore they aren,t very nice but you are doing well and a 3lb gain is nothing to worry abotu you can lose that in no time with your exercise and will power.

I had a good day.
Brekki: cup of tea and grapes and a necturine
Lunch: vegemite toast and a coffee.
Dinner: steak and vegies
Snacks: more grapes and a plum
6 glasses water.
Take care everyone I,ll catch up again soon.

Marie and Nikki hope your well.


02-12-2008, 02:09 PM
Judy- that soup sounds great. Sometimes a nice hot bowl of soup is such a comfort.

Marie- I did back away from the chips. I am back on track now.

Penny- I hope you are feeling better.

Juls- I'm lad you feel good :)

Carol- I think they would [probably keep the chair in frnt of the plane. I usually have someone meet me though as I have trouble walking long distances.


02-12-2008, 05:33 PM
Hi, there! I made it to work today, but I'll be leaving early to go and vote, and get home in plenty of time to work out (which I didn't have time for this morning). Except for some baked chips, I am on program this morning. But last night, after a pretty good day of eating, I lost the struggle and went back to the kitchen a few times for an orange and a Balance bar. Not so horrible, but nearly 300 extra calories in just a few bites...I will do better this evening.

The kimchi soup was great, and today's shrimp soup for lunch was also good (but not filling enough, somehow). I'm feeling better, although it's damp and drizzly cold outside, it was very tempting to stay home again.

Have a good day!


02-12-2008, 06:42 PM
Judy your soup sounded so good I decided to chg. my dinner for splitpea soup. It smells great haven't eaten yet awaiting for it to thicken a bit. I didn't make it to the gym as the snow started in. After dinner I will go do our downstairs steps 10 times try some situps and streches and approach using some strech band I have had forever. Some exercise is better than none. Hope your doing well everyone today. Penny hope the back is on a mends as well. Take care!

02-12-2008, 07:56 PM
Carol- Way to go on the exercise.

I got my water in today 96 ounces and ate well. 1200 calories as of dinner and the most I'll have is another 250 which will be yogurt with a banana and some granola for desert. I rode the bike for 50 minutes today. I am getting good at that. I really feel like I should kick it up to 80 minutes a day. I think I'll work on doing that this week.

Hope everyone is doing well

02-13-2008, 07:26 AM
Nikkimy knee but maybe not now. 80 is a long ride. Do you chg. your levels of speed etc. as you ride. I wonder if it would burn even more cals if you could do that. Kind of like the walk jog walk things. Shake it up a abit?
Good for you staying on task.
I read a bit last night in the WD mag. and there is an article on wog which is walk and jog etc. They give you a 7 week plan and its suppose to really raise your metab. I also didn't realize that even when your sleeping the metab. cont's to work if its at a good level. I haven't been sleeping great lately up every couple of hrs. wiggling around uh! Today I will pick up a little something to get me back in the groove of sleeping correctly. This is crazy along with a hot flash here and there! Well I am off to work soon the roads are yuk sleet and rain , snow last night. I am taking my sweet time. Talk to you all later have a great day.

02-13-2008, 09:01 AM
Hi Ladies-

Carol- I vary the speed from 5 to 7 throughout and keep changing it up. I figure if I do 5o at a shot then 20-30 a bit later in the day. We will see how that goes.

I had my first weigh in this morning, I had not weighed in since I came back from KY and I lost 1 pound this week. I'm excited, I know its not much but it is something.

I hope you are all doing well today.

{love and light}

02-13-2008, 05:50 PM
Just checking in to let you know I'm still in the land of the living. My back isn't much better, but I can sit for about 1/2 hour and then have to lie down. I can walk but look like Quasimodo lurching around. My osteopath has surgeries all this week so I can only see him next Monday. He said so long as I don't have numbness and it doesn't get much worse I should be ok. Luckily he has an X-Ray facility in his office, so at least I won't have to take a separate trip to the hospital.

I'll catch up with personals as soon as I can. In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well and staying on track. My DH seems to think that chocolate is the best medicine so he has been getting my favorite kind when he goes shopping. Since he can only cook fried eggs and toast, we've eaten a lot of those and take out. Good thing I can't weigh myself right now!

02-14-2008, 12:10 AM
Penny, your new diet sounds like fun! Hope your hubby is buying dark chocolate, that's the kind that's supposed to be good for you :devil:. I'm so sorry that you're still dealing with so much discomfort, though. I'm thinking of you today :hug:.

Nikki, you're doing great :carrot:! I haven't been biking much this month, between traveling and feeling icky. But you're inspiring me to get back to pedalling! I have to be at an early meeting Thursday, so I probably won't have time for a morning workout. But I could hop right into my workout gear after work and get on the bike :ebike:. It would be great to increase your time--but be sure to mix it up somehow, so you don't risk a repetitive injury.

Carol, thanks for giving me my new mantra--Some exercise is better than none, some exercise is better than none...I took kimchi soup to work today, and folks said it smelled great, not cabbage-y :D

Juls, Marie, I hope you're feeling good today.

I'm bummed that I couldn't vote yesterday. The ice made the roads and the sidewalks so slick in the evening that I was lucky to get home without falling. Everyone was slipping, it looked like a scene from March of the Penguins.

I'm on program today. I did a 40-minute strength training video, and have eaten from the menu, except for an extra SB 100-calorie bar.

Be well--judy

02-14-2008, 09:02 AM
Judy- I am increasing the tension and decreasing often. Yesterday I worked up a good sweat. I think today I am only going to do 30 minutes as I woke up with my back in a spasm. The scale is down another pound today. I could get used to this LOL.

Happy Valentines Day Ladies :val3: . Don;t eat to much candy. I am allowing myself 100 calories worth. I know if I deny myself I will binge later.


02-14-2008, 06:29 PM
Gaack, what a day!:stress: Too many random fires to put out on a day that was already too busy. Oh, well. I did my best, and I'll try again tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day:val1:. I hope those of you with hubbies or sweeties are having an especially great day. Nikki, I had just two little discs of super-dark chocolate that a colleague brought in, so this is the best I've done in years! Good work on moving that scale...go, go go!

I'm on program today. Another very early meeting this morning, so I'll leave work shortly so that I can work out. I had a protein shake with blueberries for b'fast, nuts and orange slices for AM snack, a big salad with tofu (don't gag, Marie) for lunch, and cottage cheese with a little pumpkin and apple chutney for a late afternoon snack. The cottage cheese mix is tastier than it sounds, kinda like pumpkin pie.

Oh, now what? Another fire, gotta run....

02-14-2008, 06:32 PM
Judy- I had 1 piece of chocolate that was a 125 calorie heart. I plannedthat into my calories. I did ,manage to do 50 minutes on the bike too. i may windup eating another heart but hopefully not LOL.

I had to order dinner out tonight but only ate half of it so I am hoping I did not mess up to bad on that.


02-15-2008, 07:24 PM
Thanks for all your get well wishes.

Judy - I hope your "random fires" have gone out by now. It sounds pretty treacherous with all that ice in your part of the world - stay safe. I never would have thought of pairing cottage cheese and pumpkin - but I may give it a try. Did you sweeten it with the chutney? No, my hubby didn't get me dark chocolate - my favorite is Lindt Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate - I savor each piece very slowly and try and limit myself to 2 squares a day.

Nikki - You are doing fantastic with the exercise! Good for you limiting your candy. We can still have a little of what we like, so long as we count it in our total calories. Otherwise life would be too boring....

Carol - I had some problems sleeping due to menopause and I've had success with taking 1/4 tablet of Melatonin. I get mine (mint chewable) from Trader Joe's and cut them into quarters with a pill chopper. I only take it if I'm really having trouble sleeping and take the smallest dose possible. I think it's better than taking strong prescription stuff that can get you hooked. We also keep the bedroom cooler at night now as I still get hot flashes and continuously throw off the covers! I also switched to a cotton nightie as I seem to get hotter in synthetic ones.

Marie - I heard about the buildings caving in down there under all the snow. You must be getting a bit fed up with it by now (even a snow bunny like you!)

Juls - I hope everything is going well for you and that you're over your pneumonia by now.

I'm feeling lots better today. I was able to take a shower and wash my hair for the first time in a week :yikes:. I still have to shuffle around but can stand almost straight now. I hope the doc has some good ideas on Monday. I gingerly weighed myself - after eating chocolate and laying on the couch for a week I was sure I'd gained a ton - but was surprised to see I hadn't gained any. Hmmm maybe I should switch to the 'chocoholics diet' - just kidding :D. I was glad I had made a lot of soup and spaghetti meat sauce before my back went out, so we had enough food in the freezer. My DH is the world's worst grocery shopper and always comes back with the wrong stuff - he means well though, so I can't complain. He's good at getting takeout though! :D

02-16-2008, 08:59 AM
Girls its been a busy week and now I have reached the long weekend hurray! My intakes in the past 2 days haven't been great so today I will work on that. Between taking the girls to see the Hannah Montana movie and out to eat then friends in last night! I am going to go to the gym either today or sunday. I kind of like sun. mornings as I am not rushed and its quiet at the gym. My friend was only on a free pass and has decided not to join. Oh well sometimes its easier to go on your own. You can fit it into your schedule much better etc. I was thinking of going in the a.m. sometimes and that would fit into my day better and be all done too.
I'm going to make out a schedule for the next week with some exercise scheduled in and a preplanned menu. I will see how this works out for me. Just trying to tweek my life style a bit. If yah don't try new ideas you'll never know if that might be just what yah need to keep the wt. down and reach the goal we want easier. So be it I will try this new linIe of thinking. It is going to be extremly cold today but by monday in the high 40's crazy huh?
Judy your intakes sound like creative thinking is going on in your food area. Good for you bordeum always adds to trouble. Hope your work calms down. For me things are so much better in that area. My coworkers are wonderful and my director was telling me yesterday that the past one that left really showed her true colors in the end. She also told me how upset she really was when I had gave my notice. I think that might of really been an eye opener for the dept. and when they wouldn't tolerate anymore crap from her unless it was in writing she crumbled and decided to go. So I feel pretty lucky to of stayed where I am now and its working out well. Sometimes the job is tough but I know my players and the support in the office is great. Hope to keep it that way. Judy I hope your work gets smoothed out too. The daily stress is tough but when we deal with human services its tough.
Marie hope your enjoying some of the snow? Your getting so much you can ski for months to come.
Penny glad your healing nothing worse than a sore back. Don't over due take your time to heal. Hope the doc has some relief in store for you. Thanks for the idea on menopause boy its not nice. It seems to be fading away again thank goodness. Good for you not gaining!
Nikki hurray another lb. good deal huh?
Well I just made some cranberry scones with oj in them. I will have one for breakfast and a piece of fruit my blk coffee thats it for the a.m. other than water. Going to cook something hot for dinner as its a cold one here. I am going to ck out the freezer then decide something within my limits. I might be creative today with spicy chicken or something on that line.
Take care and Juls I hope your feeling much better too. Boy this flu thing is hitting my area hard so far I have been very lucky in that area hope it stays that way.

02-16-2008, 05:57 PM
Hi all, life is just too hectic. DGS is visiting fand we're meeting his other grandparents in an hour to give him back. But the 23 hours we had him has been fabulous. He's currently napping but here's a picture of DH, Blizzard and Ethan walking across the pool.
My diet has been great. On Wednesday, DH and I were planning to go skiing on Thurs night (Val-day) and were talking about dinner. I said, (hope you're all sitting down) "I'd rather stay on my diet than go out to dinner and blow it just for Valentine's day. " Wow, who'd have ever guessed???

We're going skiing after dropping DGW off for a couple hours. As I have a plane to catch in the early morning for Portland, we can't go for long. I still need to wash clothes...

Penny, I hope that you're feeling better. We'll have to get together on the next trip as you're too fragile at the moment.

Judy, hope all the fires are going and good job on the Val-day goodies. You did great.

Juls, I hope you're feeling better and that your weather is improving.

Carol, I know that they say it's easier to stick with exercising with a friend, but I've found the opposite to be true. I need to be accountable to myself and when a friend bails out, then I use that as an excuse. So maybe it's better that your fried isn't joining.

Well, I have tons to do so I'll be back during the conference I'm going to.

02-16-2008, 10:19 PM
Well girls I just pushed the wrong button and lost all my info. Darn oh well I had just let you know it was a fun day with a friend. We had lunch then went to run some errands stopped at the casino. I won 480.00 on a dollar bet. My friend was a bit upset as I win a lot more often than her. But I have to say its always just luck nothing more or less. I am pleased with my win.
Marie your gs is so cute. Glad you had a fun time together I can' t wait to see mine soon! I think your right about the gym friend. Sometimes things are easier to do them by yourself on your schedule not worrying about others. She purchased a gazale machine and I hope it helps her to reach her needs. For me the equipment at home just didn't cut it for me. I think going to the gym and a regular routine is best for me. Different strokes for different folks. Its fine to be different thats what makes the world go round. Well have a nice evening almost this gals bedtime off to the gym on sunday it is less crowded and I enjoy the not being rushed. I am going to try going in the a..m. during the week a couple of days.

02-17-2008, 09:28 PM
Just checking in calories around 1450 today and exercise 1 hr at the gym. I am working on going to the gym for four days this week. I will go again on monday and have set up my schedule for the week to fit in my workout times. This may help me reach that goal for HI. I talked to my son today and the little gs has gotten his first tooth. I can't wait to go. Bought some new clothes today all new tops but short sleeve he said its in the low 80's better get some tank tops and a new suit too. I will wait a couple more weeks before that.

02-18-2008, 01:07 AM
Carol, I love the idea of summer clothes. When the plane took off this morning, it was so white. Landing in Portland, I saw green grass. Such a nice idea...

Food was so-so today as the conf. is boring and the food mass produced. I wasn't horrible but not great. Having munchies at least kept me awake. Tomorrow my co-worker and I are renting a car and playing hooky for the evening and Tues. morning. Something to look forward to. We played a little hooky this evening and took the train downtown. That was fun. We walked a bit. Tomorrow morning we're planning on walking to the airport for Starbucks or we're going to use the fitness center.

Well, time for nighty-night.

02-18-2008, 08:38 AM
Marie have a great time. I read something that was stated when we eat no no's an added half hr. work out for each should be added. Now sometimes I might have to exercise half my day. I am working on trying to tap into my senses to not eat so many no no's. I have been tracking which makes a big difference as we know. Well its 56 today so far at my house crazy weather. Rainy driveway is like a skating rink. I am going to the fabric store today and also going to work on the gd quilt I started about 4 years ago. Wow I think it would be nice to give to her this May but have to get motivated. I will go work out this afternoon too. Day 2 out of my goal of 4. Well take care and have fun.

02-18-2008, 10:17 AM
Happy President's Day, chickies! Our office is closed today, hooray. I was thinking about being virtuous and going into the office for a few hours, but instead I'm being virtuous and doing laundry, housecleaning, and tackling my taxes.

Last week wasn't so awful, but whenever you have a new boss, there's lots of small irritations that people just have to be grown-ups about and get over. In the past I'd let this stuff grind on my nerves, going over and over it again in my mind. Now I'm better at not making things more dramatic than they are, but I have to work hard not to fall into those self-defeating habits.

Good news: I'm back down to 219.5 :carrot:, and plan to be at 218 or lower by the end of the week. The test pants that I choose a few months ago show that the inches are definitely moving faster than the pounds. These pants are wearable now, but they'll fit nicely by the spring.

Penny, I'm glad that you're moving around a little better! I saw an informercial for one of those contraptions that lets you hang upside down--maybe you could look into it ;). I hope your doc has good news for you today.

Carol, your goals for Hawai'i sound good. They say that it's better to set behavorial goals than weight-loss goals, and focusing on "I will do" will get you to "I will be" a lot quicker. Your grandson will love his fit, generous grandma! And congrats on winning at the casino...

Marie, I hope you're having fun playing hookey! Thanks for the photo. I agree with you about exercising with friends. I like the concept, but I prefer using the time to zone out or listen to my own thoughts.

Nikki and Jule, I hope you're doing well today.

Saturday I went to another first-time homebuyers' seminar. It's a great program, and I'm definitely signing up. Thinking of moving is motivating me to starting cleaning out closets and getting rid of some of my extra clothes, books and stuff--little glass vases, appliance I never use, etc.


02-18-2008, 03:05 PM
Carol - I'm so glad things are going much better for you at work. It was a good decision to hang in there. It must be exciting looking forward to your trip to the Aloha State. You must be so looking forward to seeing your darling GS.

Judy - Congratulations on the loss! :carrot: I'm glad you're keeping your cool with the job changes. I certainly think that keeping stress to a minimum is better for our overall health. I hope you're enjoying your day off.

Marie - It's a bummer that we can't get together this time because of my darned back, but hopefully we can meet up next time you're in town. I'm glad you had time to get out and about a bit - especially as the weather has turned so nice. Thanks for posting the cute picture. There's still a lot of snow on the ground down there. Blizzie blends right in.

Juls & Nikki - I hope all is well with you.

I just got back from the doctors and he said I have 'moderate to severe'
arthritis in my three lower vertebrae and severe arthritis in my right hip. The good news is I don't have any bulging discs that could cause nerve damage. He said my back is still in severe spasm and gave me some pain killers, muscle relaxants and some Celebrex. I should be high as a kite by the time I take all three! There's not a whole lot I can do about the arthritis. I'll eventually need to get my hip replaced in a few years and if the spine gets really dodgy I would need to get the vertebrae fused - but that's a long way off. He's given me some exercises to do once the spasming goes away.
I'm feeling a little better each day and will get going on the gentle exercises as soon as I can.

02-18-2008, 05:55 PM
Penny, I'm glad that you have a diagnosis. At least then you know what you're dealing with. Our bodies age much quicker than our personalities. Sometimes I feel so old and then I'm surprised by the thought. We'll get together next time I'm up here. We didn't play hooky after all. Tere are two good presenters so we traded tickets for their presentations. Much better use of the district's money. :)

Judy, I'm amazed at your preparation to buy a home. I'm the type, I decide - I find a house and buy it. I bet you'll avoid the usual pitfall of buying your first home. I remember feeling like I was dropped in the middle of an ocean and told to swim towards the house. You'll have a lifeboat.

Carol, I'll have to exercise an extra couple hours after the lunch at the conf. Boredom really makes me eat and the keynote at lunch was boring. I finally got up and left or I would have started scrounging for other people's scraps. So here I am. Much better.

I got up and exercised this morning. Eeks, the fitness room had to be at least 78 degrees. It was humid and uncomfortable but I did my 1.5 miles on the trademill. I didn't have my regular workout shoes and ended up with a heel blister. Oh how I love to travel... Judy, just how can you stand it???


02-19-2008, 08:11 AM
I am so proud of all of us really doing great with our exercise and well being. Now Penny for you my thoughts are with you I remember that back pain all to well. In fact last night I purchased 8 bags of wood pellets and carried them into the house. A year ago no way could I have done that. But someone has to and the only one to do it is me. So I was careful and did it. I felt good that I could was a good sport and just did it. The heat will feel good that they produce. I am getting quit used to my new lap top. I love it. Oh so I didn't go to the gym I was right with you Judy cleaning my computer/sewing room. I am going to purchase an area rug I think to doll it up a bit. I am feeling good about how my clothes fit still no scale but friday I have a doc appt. so that will be my scale day. Judy sounds like your searching well for info. years ago they didn't have those buyers classes I am with Marie we just looked and bought. But the classes would of taught me some info. which I am sure would of been valuable. Good for you cleaning out. I purchased 7 new tops just tee shirt style some rounded neck and v. Lots of new colors I am going to pitch out my old ones. These were so reasonable with a sale and a 30% off coupon. Well gotta fly oh gym day today. Juls hope your doing well and Nikki you too. Catch yah later on.

02-19-2008, 10:04 AM
Oh, I don't want to go to work...but I do like to get paid!

Penny, all that stuff with your back sounds serious, but at least you know what the challenge is. Hope the pain meds are helping.

I'm doing so much "preparation" before diving into home ownership because I have a hard time making big financial decisions, and i'd be doing this by myself. Reading up and going to these programs help me be more confident about my decisions. And the NACA program (for info, try the initials online with a dot com) includes a great mortgage rate and and someone to hold your hand, for free, so it's just what the doctor ordered.

Hope everyone is doing well today!


02-20-2008, 08:12 AM
Good morning everyone. Well I went to the gym yesterday. I discovered that when its a week day at least yesterday I had to really push myself a bit to accomplish my treadmill at the weekend rate. Oh well once I got to 22 min. I thought okay I will make it to 25 and cool down once I got there it was a push to 28 min. 300 cals and the 2 min. cool. I felt good once it was done an then went off for 30 min. of abs, machines w/wt. res. I will go again on thurs. and fit in fri. a.m as well that will give me my first goal week of 4 workouts 4 hrs. plus of exercise. Now for me thats an accomplishment. I tried a few diff. machines last night. And my intake was within my cals for the day. I made chicken caccitori sp wrong. Oh girls it was great done in my pressure cooker had it for dinner 2 nights and ck in my salad for lunch today.
Penny hope your feeling better make sure you follow the exercises if they gave you any they helped me.
Judy how exciting buying a house will be once you get into the looking stage scary but I think a positive move good for you!
Marie are you working or playing in the snow this week. Couldn't remember if your schools are out. GK are off all week they all went bowling with grandpah yesterday.
Nikki hope your doing well.
Juls are yah out there miss hearing from you!
Well gotta get out the door. Its nice to see a beautiful sunrise this a.m. even though it is very cold outside 23. The birds are quite greatful that I spent lots of cash on new food and some feeders the hubby counted 50 birds plus at his feeders yesterday. Be good make healthy choices exercise if you can and drink some water thats my deal today.

02-20-2008, 08:02 PM
Good day though stressful one piece of choc. the rest of the day on plan. Dinner was salmon and a little pork chop, german pot. salad. Some french bread still with in cals. Snack berries and yogurt. Have a good evening.

02-21-2008, 01:45 PM
Hi everyone, I returned from my conference ok but without my diet resolve in the best of tact. But certainly not in bad resolve. Right on track today so that's good. Yesterday was a little more flimsy as the pretzel rods screamed my name.

Carol, usually I exercise before work during the week and never have a problem. Yesterday I refused to mosey out of bed and had to exercise after work. It's WAY harder so I understand your weekday exercise dilemma.

I made beef burgandy on the rotisserie last night. Holy, moly it was fabulous. I chose a lean cut of tri-tip, then made the burgandy sauce minus anything fatty or high cals (in other words, the broth, wine, onion and garlic was it). then I put the meat on the rod and it turned in the pot of au jus while it cooked. It was so moist and wonderful. I really could have had 3 or 4 more servings. But I did stay in control.

This morning the doggies were thrilled as we doggie walked. They hadn't gone since last Friday. Poor puppies. And poor puppies as tomorrow we're going to Reno thru Monday. I will take them out tomorrow tomorrow morning though. But I feel bad for them.

Judy, your home buyer program sounds great. With all the housing problems, being well informed is so smart.

Well, I need to get back to work.

Nikki, Penny and Juls I hope you're all well or at least continuing to improve.

02-21-2008, 03:06 PM
Things are going well. I ate on program yesterday, and so far today I'm doing well. Oatmeal and smoked salmon for b'fast, half an apple and string cheese for AM snack, a big bowl of kimchee soup (from the freezer) and a bit of dark unsweetened chocolate for lunch. I'm have veggies and nuts for afternoon snack, and a big salad with seafood for dinner. This morning I did one of my newer videos, one of Turbo Jam ones with the fitness ball. Quite the ab workout! It's good to shake things up, I guess. I'd really wanted to do two full workouts some days, but that's just not happening very often, so I'll stop pretending that it will.

Marie, I hope you win some money in Reno! Carol seems to have the knack. Keep on track--it will be spring before you know it, and you'll want to look lovely by the pool:swim:

Carol, your workout routine sounds great. It's nice to hear that your hubby can hang out and bowl with the kids :).


02-21-2008, 09:01 PM
Marie - Your beef burgundy sounds yummy :drool:. I hope you have a nice time in Reno.

Carol - You're doing so great with the exercise and your food always sounds delicious but also healthy. Feeding those birdies gets expensive, doesn't it? I've started buying mine at Costco as they go through it so fast.

Judy - I'm glad things are going well for you. I hope you get some good advice at the new homeowner's seminar.

Juls & Nikki - I hope everything is going ok and that we'll hear from you again soon.

I drove to the store today! :carrot: I managed to get most of the things on my list. My DH is out of town for a couple of days. He did the grocery shopping before he left, but I was getting stir crazy and it was good to get out. I'm hoping my back will continue to improve and then I can start my back and abs strengthening exercises. Apparently, it's important to have strong abs to protect your back. I'm staying on track food wise so that's a good thing since I haven't been exercising for about two weeks now.

02-21-2008, 09:37 PM
Marie nice recipe I have been trying a few new ones myself. Trying to shake things up a bit in variety of foods and cook lighter without other knowing kind of. Good to hear you jumped right back into things.
Penny good deal on the abs and exercises. Take it slow though. I hope your back to yourself in no time flat.
Judy good for you exercising and we have to fit it in when ever. I do think that Marie and I will both agree after work is tougher. I fit in my 3rd day for this week and need one more to reach my goal either friday or saturday. I might try to do it fri. just to have it done. My goal from here on out till Maui is working out 4 times a week for one hr. each time at least. This isn't so easy the best way for me is to schedule it into my work week. That way no excuse and its starting to be more of a routine and habit. I am becoming a regular gym rat. I am trying to shake things up a bit and try new things and at higher wts. or different levels. This will make it be more benefitical in the end result hopefully. I have my doc. appt and blood work in the a.m. then off to work. Normally I would take the day off but with Maui around the corner no way. My friend went to the docs they say her feet bothering her can be many things and being they go num and get heavy its not good. So she is off to the podiatrist soon. I miss having a buddy at the gym but its okay I am determined to go do what I should be doing. Food wise I am doing okay and thats an improvement. I do think working out makes me think better with choice making. Well have a good evening and yes spring oh spring hurray on in!!!

02-23-2008, 09:14 AM
Just checking in on this saturday morning. Glad its the weekend. Short weeks at work always seem to be the longest.
I am going to fit in today just to prove to myself that its due able. Last night I did have a naughty bowl of ice cream but that was my choice. And once in awhile yah just have to get what yah want or we over eat with things trying to make up for what we didn't take that was wanted so much. At any rate I will try today to stay on task. Working out and making healthy choices. On sunday I am going with a friend to take her son to college and then we will eat out now that might be challenging I haven't been doing that much. I am going to get on the scale mon. I went to the docs but didn't ck that when they put me on. Its funny but I am not as focused on the wt. as much as the inches this time around. I am noticing a change and that is a positive thing regardless what the scale reads. My tummy is still flattening down a bit and I think some curves are starting to show. Wow what a good feeling that is and it should motivate me to continue down this path. I have 4 weeks untill HI. Well I hope your all doing well and Penny my soap is almost gone I think this week I will have to pick up some stuff to start my process again. I made a pinwheel type and it came out really cool with raspberry/vanilla. Now if I can remember how I created that one. Hah hah! Always experimenting and not putting it down.
Marie hope you had fun in Reno.
Judy how long before you go house hunting? Good for you learning so much before making this step forward. I hope you enjoy the looking it can be lots of fun. Make a list of the things you love in some houses maybe down the road you can recreate that in your home you buy.
Nikki hope your doing well.
Well take care ladies and have a super day!

02-24-2008, 08:55 AM
WHERE IS EVERYONE??? Hope everyone is on vacation and not ill. Well I am still here hanging around. This a.m. I decided to have some cereal and ww english muffin w/ a little butter. My staying away from the dounut box was good my accomplishment of the morning. I woke up had breakfast and decided to watch the cooking channel. I got some new ideas which something I will try for dinner soon. Spicy Macorni and cheese with spinach and onions and mushrooms. I will recreate it with ww pasta. Well no exercise today I am going with a friend to take her son back to college this afternoon. I will eat a yogurt before I go and take an apple for the trip as we will stop for dinner on the way back. Last night I entertained friends for dinner I was able to keep it pretty healthy other than the steak and I broiled that. I served for snacks pretzels and mustard, dip for the dip lovers, scoop chips and salsa. My friend brought pumpkin pie for dessert but I had the smallest slice and left most of the crust. Okay thats it hope there is some interaction on here soon I am lonely!!!

02-24-2008, 06:31 PM
Don't worry, Carol, I'm here:wave:. Friday was another frenetic day at work, and I was running around all day Saturday. You're right, once in a while you have to have what you really want. I really want to spend an evening watching the Oscars with a bowl of hot popcorn, so I'm treating myself to the microwave so-called healthy version. I find it incredibly addictive, so I stopped buying it altogether....I feel so decadent!

Penny, I'm glad you're moving around a little better! I hope that all of our other friends in this thread's sick ward are feeling better, and that Marie is enjoying her trip.

My weight this morning: 217.5 lbs., hooray! That was my goal for the week, but it's been so long since I reach a goal when I said I would, I don't think that I believed it when I set it. Isn't that deep? Anyway, that means that my goal for the month (215) isn't beyond the realm of possibility. The front end of the week is loaded with meetings, meals out and a receptions, plus it will be hard to find workout time. But I will do my best.

Carol, I'm not ready to house-hunt yet. I have to do a lot of preparatory paperwork, do a little financial organization (like finish my taxes) and have my first meeting with a counselor, which might not be until April :mad:. But I might be able to get in earlier. The time will fly by.

I'm on program today. A 60 minute cardio and weight workout; Eggbeaters, salsa, and tortillas for b'fast; cottage cheese for a snack; soup and nuts in the late afternoon, and I'll have stir-fried catfish with snowpeas and peppers for dinner--and popcorn for dessert:devil:.


02-24-2008, 07:12 PM
Carol - your pinwheel soap sounds lovely. It's always fun to experiment. I'm glad exercise is become a routine habit for you. It's great your tummy is flattening and your clothes are looser. I'm looking forward to being able to go back to my Curves routine. I'm already feeling flabbier.

Judy - Congrats on reaching your goal for this week :cheer:. It must be doubly hard for you as you're on the road so much. I hope things fall into place for you so you can find the perfect new home (at the perfect price - as it's a buyer's market right now).

Marie, Juls & Nikki - I hope you're having a nice weekend.

My back is improving although still quite sore. Still, it's way better than it was a couple of weeks ago. My weight has stayed steady but I've been eating too much chocolate lately - especially swiss milk chocolate with hazelnuts! :devil:. I must nip this new habit in the bud and convince my DH that chocolate IS NOT medicine! :lol:

Have a good week everyone.

02-24-2008, 09:47 PM
Good to hear from you girls and really glad your doing well. Judy hurray for you just think how far you have come and routines and changes make a difference. I will be thinking of you and the popcorn. My intake today hasn't been totally off the wall but the dinner and after dinner choices could of been better. But its sunday and I guess once in awhile we deserve a little break as long as everyday doesn't become a sunday. I had breakfast which was good, no lunch , dinner prime rib oh not such a healthy choice, ice cream 1/2 cup or a little more a little piece of choc. then my rice, potatoe, veggie chips which aren't totally bad 130 cals. I am now done for the snacking its over and I will get back on track in the morning. Packing a good lunch too. to follow up a healthy breakfast. Veggie soup for dinner with beef stock. snacks will be yogurt and a fiber bar. Preplanning always makes my life more in order.
Penny so glad to hear your on a mends. Curves will come when your ready don't push yourself to quickly you don't want a relapse. Well I am sitting in bed with my laptop and a nice glass of ice water at least away from the kitchen. Hah hah!! Marie hope your enjoying your vac. Nikki and juls hope your well.
Exercise for this week hopefully 4 times. But I didn't get my sunday start so it might be tough. At least some exercise at home on non gym days might get me 4.

02-25-2008, 09:17 PM
Hello girls I am happy to report I had a good intake day today. I started off with 2 poached eggs, canadian ham slice low fat, ww english muffin, L- falafel platter out for lunch, 1 slice of hm pizza for dinner, yogurt with 10 choc. chips, little granola ice water, oh one cappachino sm. Also exercised today for 25 min treadmill and 25 min wt. resistance. So about 400 cals at least burned off.
It was a bit stressful today the hubbies fall the other day landed us at the docs today. Due to the blood thinner he is currently on he had a swollen arm and very blk and blue concerning me. They xray'd and said to continue to use warm paks on it till the swelling goes down. I wasn't broke and that was good news. Friday is the last day on the blood thinners that makes both of us feel better hopefully it did the trick to have layers grow over the object left behind during surgery and hopefully it stays forever right where it is located. This will be an on going wonder at times for us. Well it won't belong and we will be on the Maui beaches soaking up the rays.............!! I can't wait we did get a presp. for a lite wt. wheelchair for temporary rental. Well hope your all doing well. My stress today didn't add to over indulging and that I was happy about. Control is something I sometimes lack and hopefully will learn to within trying to eat better. We had leftover night due to my workout night. I have them in training now plus I am sick of throwing away things.

02-25-2008, 09:34 PM
Carol - I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's fall and his bruised arm. It's good he'll soon be off the blood thinners - they can make even a small bump into a big bruise. You're doing great with your food choices and exercise. I wish I could come with you to Maui! I don't know if I mentioned it but we almost became residents there. We had a condo in Kamaole Sands, Kihei for several years and enjoyed many wonderful times there with our son when he was little. He would often bring home the big cane toads! We would have loved to settle there but it's hard to find a job in my DH's line of work (plastics engineer). We were almost "Kamainas". We had a car there and driver's licences but in the end we decided we had to live on the mainland. I'll never forget the wonderful scent of plumeria in the air. We especially liked the 'upcountry' and the Iao Valley. It's amazing all the different climates and scenery on such a small island.

I had a bad attack of IBS today so I'm hurting front and back! I think it's maybe because I haven't been careful enough of what I've been eating while my back has been bad. I'm trying to stay positive as I know this too will pass and it won't be long till I'm back to "normal". :dizzy:

I hope everyone else is doing well.

02-26-2008, 08:38 AM
Hi! I have to get to work really early again today, so no time to workout. I did get in 40 minutes of aerobics yesterday, but I got to work later than I wanted. I did okay with nibbling during the meetings, not great, had a scotch at the reception, and a small amount of excellent beef with black bean sauce at dinner. Today is the last day of the meetings, hooray. They are going well, and I looked quite fetching in my blue and black suit last night.

Carol, I think you are a champion, staying on course despite so much stress and such a load of responsibilities at home and at work!

Penny, I know that you can't wait to get back to your normal activities. I guess all that yummy chocolate irritated the IBS (but not your taste buds). Hope you are on the other side of this stuff really soon.

Okay, time to get moving! See you all later.


02-26-2008, 06:11 PM
Hi all, i'm back from Reno. I loved the comment about winning money. No, no, no. I don't gamble - bugt I lose the money just the same. I bought loads of house stuff for my DS, almost DIL and DG. My wallet is so much lighter. :) They're doing great and the skiing on Saturday morning was fabulous but horrid on Saturday afternoon as a winter storm decided to attack. Wind pelleted snow on the face is painful. sunday we shopped (and only I paid...), then we drove home yesterday. It was good weekend but I fell off the wagon, hit a few rocks and then the horses and wagon trampled me. But I exercised all through it. Thank goodness for exercise. Now to get back on the wagon if I can chase it down since I can barely see it over the horizon.

Penny, I'm glad you're feeling better. I think of you often. I just told my co-worker who hurt his back at his desk (in other words as goofy as walking through Ikea) about you. I think he's recovering faster. I think we should all work on those abs because that is the key to a healthy back.

Judy, :carrot: You are the golden chickie today. Congrats big-time on the weight loss. I bet you looked beautiful in your black and blue suit.

Carol, I'm glad your hubby is ok. My father has extreme psorasis (sp?) and if he bruises or cuts himself he looks like he'd been through a war. Good job on the exercising. I definitely was happy to exercise this morning. Definitely starts my day off right.

Nikki and Juls, I hope you're both doing ok.

The doggie walk this morning was great. My pups are so happy that I'm home. I'd been home only 2 days when I left again so they're quite pleased. Yesterday we took them to the mtn and let them run wild before their vet ($$$) appointment. so they were happy until the rectal thermometer at the vet came out. :D

Back to work as I'm drowning.

02-26-2008, 09:37 PM
G,day ladies, hope your all well, sorry I,ve been AWOL for awhile. I just thought I would sneak my head in and say a quick Hi. I,ll check in again soon. Bye for now, Carol, Penny, Marie, Judy and Nikki all of you take care.


02-27-2008, 01:09 PM
Hi all, things are going good. The eating is getting back on track and the exercise it good. Work is slow which is good as my 2 main computers are having issues so today I'm going to rebuild the laptop and the desktop tomorrow (perhaps).

Juls, good to hear from you. I hope eveyone else is doing good. I do have the munchies this morning but I'm fighting them. I will continue to fight. :)

02-27-2008, 08:48 PM
Well girls we are someday going to be saying yes its spring. THe snow has been awful the last couple of days and tonight the coldest night of our winter yet. Yuk!!! Penny sorry about your health I know thats no fun. I hope soon you will feel like yourself again and that will be great. Gardening and getting some fresh air in the spring.
Judy thanks your always so sweet. Good for you trying to do well during a conference thats never easy.
Marie going to ski will help with the exercise thats got to burn lot of calories. Thats okay I gamble once in awhile and thank goodness I tend to be a bit lucky its always a laugh between my son and I. As he is also pretty lucky but controling how much you spend is so important and not to over do. Glad you found some fun stuff to buy.
Juls good to hear from you even if it was quick.
I did exercise # 2 today at the gym. I will try my best to get in two more times this week. I did well with choices till dinner then it could of been a bit better chinese dinner but I shared it with my SIL. So there goes half the food. Could of been worse. Well it won't be long til HI gotta keep moving on the exercise front and at least I am eating most of the time better than the past. Well take care girls . Oh just got a tip emailed from the gym on how important sleep is in having good health etc. The email even commented on how well I am doing as far as attending the gym on a regular basis making the best out of my membership. Hurray they noticed............!!! I have been increasing my machines I am using trying to shake up my exercise a bit not to get bored but know I am making a difference for the better lifestyle.
Catch yah all later hang in there.

02-27-2008, 10:29 PM
A quick late-night hello, since I hadn't checked in all day. I was on program today, and did a hard new exercise ball workout--managed 50 minutes of the 60 minute total--and rode the ExBike for 35 minutes this evening. Trying to end the month on the upswing..

Juls, what have you been up to? Inquiring minds want to know!

Marie, you are spreading good cheer everywhere, in Reno and in doggie-land.

Carol, it's turned very cold here, too. But I bet it's worse up where you are! There was lots of snow in New England. I was on the phone earlier with folks from Vermont, who got a couple of feet of the stuff.

Penny, I'm sending you good wishes for continued recovery.


02-27-2008, 11:37 PM
G,day Ladies hope you are all in good spirits.

Penny I hope your feeling better I,m sending good thoughts and best wishes your way. I wish hazelnut choccy was good for us I love it once I start the whole block is gone before I know where it went LOL.

Marie good for you fighting the munchies, I know how you feel the weather here downunder is starting to get cooler and I just love all that winter food I love curries with rich creamy sauces and all that lovely fresh bread to soak it up with OK now I made myself hungry. I think I better go and have a nice bowl of vegie soup.

Carol I,m sorry to hear about your poor DH he is certainly having his share of woe,s hope he is on the road to mending and will be off the thinners soon. Just look foward to the sunshine in Maui, you deserve it.

Hey Nikki hope your doing well.

Judy way to go with all your exercise and A BIG CONGRATS ON YOUR weight loss keep it up. I haven,t been up to much feeling a lot better still tired from the pneumonia but very much in the pink. I went to Sydney for my DS,s birthday it is valentines day so I went down the next day, I spent a week there with my DD and my beautiful DGD she is just to cute. I,m back home now I,m trying to get a handle on the fact that they are 5hrs away and that I miss them so much, I,m going to just accept things the way they are and even though I can,t spend as much time with them as I would like the time I do spend with them is so special. I have a great family a very loving DH and it a lot of way,s I am so blessed, I haven,t lost any more weight over the last few weeks but I have,nt gained any either so that is great. I hope your inquistive mind is happy sorry I,m not more interesting but hey I,m sweet and cuddley or so they tell me LOL

Take care catch you all later. A BIG HUG TO ALL


02-28-2008, 08:14 AM
Juls sometimes its so hard to lose and keep it off so at least look at the bright side your stable. That is also important. When you have been sick its tough to get back in the full swing of things take it slow don't over due or sometimes you get right back sick. So enjoy like downunder as its sounds like you are and all the rest will come into play when your ready. Just watch that choc. oh how it slips right on my behind. Hah hah!!!
Judy good for you thats great you got the exercise ball. I would like to get one too and a good tape. I tried pilates but the other girls stopped the gym and I never returned to the class. Maybe I will try that again. We used the ball there it was fun and great exercise.
Marie sounds like your doing well. Oh computers how much fun. My new laptop is nice I can sit in front of the fire and be with the hubby and on the computer too.
Nikki hope all is well with you.
Penny are you keeping yourself busy with other stuff while your not able to exercise as much. Reading health benefit mag. or books sometimes will inspire me to stay on track while not able to exercise as much.
My gyms tip this week is make sure we get enough sleep. They said warm milk the old fashion idea wasn't wrong. They encourage a dairy product or oatmeal one hr. before bedtime nothing more than 200 cals. A yogurt is my norm. Gotta go warm up the care it is bitter cold out there only 8.

02-28-2008, 12:29 PM
Judy - Maybe you're right about the chocolate irritating my IBS. I'm feeling better now it's all gone! I'm also sensitive to white flour and my DH was buying things like english muffins - which I have now tossed and we're back to our normal healthy whole sprouted grain bread. You're doing great with the consistent exercise!

Marie - Your trip to Reno sounded like fun. I bet your puppies were sooo glad to see their Mom & Dad when you got back. Hopefully the weather is better for walking now. We need to have a getaway soon, we haven't been anywhere together for so long. My DH travels a lot, but I get to "mind the fort", which is ok by me but I'd like to see some new scenery soon.

Carol - Good idea to mix up the exercises a bit or it can become boring. I hope your weather has improved and you're soon seeing signs of spring. It's been really nice here the last few days and even the birds seem happier. I agree about the oatmeal before bedtime. My DH and I always sleep better if we have a small bowl before bedtime. I like the steel cut oats. It takes longer to cook but I like the texture better. I make a big batch that lasts almost the whole week. I especially like it with a splash of vanilla coffee creamer - yum!

Juls - I'm glad to hear you spent some time with your family in Sydney. Our son is 5 hours away too, so I know how it feels. :hug: I love creamy curries too but they are usually loaded with calories (like most yummy things!) When I get a craving for curry I make a big batch of boiled eggs and mash them with a little lowfat mayo a pinch of salt and some Bolsts curry powder (in my opinion the very best curry). We sometimes have this on toast for breakfast or a snack. It's so tasty a little goes a long way.

Thanks everyone for your get well wishes. I'm feeling better today and it's tempting to get outside in the sunshine and do some gardening. I'll have to be ultra careful though as I sure don't want to undo my progress so far. I'm starting to do the back/abs strengthening exercises. I have already been doing ab clenching exercises when laying down. My girlfriend, who has had really awful back problems including two surgeries said that just clenching the abs in a rolling motion for about 30 sec. whenever you think of it during the day (kind of like kegel exercises) really tones the abs if you do it regularly.

02-28-2008, 07:51 PM
Hi everyone,

The workday is almost over - yeah!!! It's pretty and sunny. Penny, take a chair outside and sit in the sun for a bit. Light therapy is excellent for the mental health. Just because you're outside doesn't mean you have to exercise. Just enjoy the idea of spring coming.

Judy, way to go on the exercise ball exercise. I had one and DGS played with it - it rolled into the heat vent and voila I had a dead ball. :)

Juls, it's interesting - both you, me and Penny have sons 5 hours away. I figure it's a good distance. Not too close that I'm dumped on and not far so that I can visit to my heart's content.

Carol, my first thought with your gym's tip - cool another decaf mocha. :) I look for excuses you know. Mine are under 200 cals so I could do it...

The doggies took me out again this morning. I replaced the headlamp batteries and could make out more of the holes and ruts inthe dirt road. If the snow ever melts and then the roads dry up some, they'll grade them and walking will be safe again. Til then I just hope the doggies don't lead me astray.

Food is pretty good today. I had a 2nd mocha (the first is 91 cals) and the 2nd was a skinny from the Bucks. 110 cals then I doctored it and added about 50 cals. So not too bad on the splurge. I had a salad for lunch and a light yogurt. So I'm doing pretty good.


02-28-2008, 09:01 PM
Well girls we have a new nutritionist at our clinic which I send clients too. So the new gal says watch the caffine intake, add fiber and protien to the breakfast time, mult vit. daily, evening snacks healthy ones available. So some good info. shared with my group home staff to assist people with special needs. I think I will learn along the way with them all.
Marie I agree the sunshine does nice things for us. It was very cold again today then tonight down to 4 burrrrrrrr! I am so glad its friday tom. oh its been a long work week. Just a lot of stuff going on lots to keep up with. But a good week as far as accomplishing things.
Judy your doing great keep it up.
Penny so glad your starting to feel some relief. Don't over do. I am jealous of you girls who have sons living so close. Mine is 14 flying hrs. away huh!!!! Bah hum bug! I can't wait to see the baby and them. I am going to do some baking for them and special cooking too. Should be fun maybe we will make some polish pierogies while I am there. He has attempted to make them in the past. Well my intake today was pretty good I did get into some corn curls but thats still better than some crunchy snacks. I had some sugar free jello tonight for my snack.
My son inlaw has decided to take a buy out from his company my daughter called me and got upset when I said it was concerning what about ins. etc.... she got mad hung up. So my stress level tonight was elevated abit needless to say. But emotional eating was controlled to green sf jello not choc. not chips etc. that is an improvement. I just worry about their future and the kids etc.... I guess I will go call her so she knows we are okay no words will be exchanged just chatt hopefully. Boy being a mom isn't an easy job!!!
Have a good one!

02-29-2008, 07:06 PM
What a week! I'm so glad it's over...Next week will be so much calmer (knock wood :crossed:).

Juls, I'm so glad that you're feeling better! I wish chocolate was healthy, too--we'd all look like Halle Berry in Catwoman...

Carol, it must be hard to be a parent to adults and seem to be meddling...she'll be fine, and you did well not to munch!

Marie, you sound like you're right back on the wagon.

Penny, thanks for telling us about Bolst curry powder! The one I have is so-so, it's good to have a recommendation.

I'm managing to work out most days despite the crazy hours. Eating hasn't been great, I'm taking in a few too many calories. I'll see what my weight is on Sunday. I can tell that I'm smaller around the middle, and my arms and legs are feeling more toned, so whatever the poundage is, I've had a good month.

This weekend: chores, chores and more chores!


02-29-2008, 07:50 PM
Hi all, the work week ends in 15 minutes but I'm not really working here... :)

The doggies and I walked this morning and food has been ok. I've had a headache all day and that's just not loke me. I rarely get them since I went decaf a few years ago. Then I looked at the calendar and realized the tomorrow or Sunday TOM will be visiting and that sort of explained it even through I usually don't get PMS.

Carol, good luck with your daughter. It's hard not to worry. But you did great on not eating the choc chips. I'd have been in that choco bag pretty quickly. Sometimes though I exercise instead so occasionally I do the right thing too.

Judy, good luck on next week being better. I have work to do on my website. A couple weeks ago I killed the announcement dynamic page and I thought I'd fixed it. But alas, not all the pages are working. Eeks. I really don't want to fix it so I'm thinking my next week isn't going to be as fun. So hopefully yours will be.

Penny, Juls and Nikki. Hope all is well.

03-01-2008, 11:11 PM
Marie - I didn't realize that like Juls, your DS is also 5 hours away. We ought to have some kind of "5 hours of separation" club going! :lol: I hope your headache went away.

Carol - That's handy to have a nutritionist you can get some good tips from. That's funny your DS trying to make pierogies - I guess he misses your good home cooking! They are going to be real spoiled with all your good cooking when you visit. I hope things have smoothed over with your DD. People get emotional when they are facing a big life change - I expect that's why she got upset.

Judy - I hope you get a nice calm work week next week. Don't worry what the scale says on Sunday, the main thing is you're getting toned so that means you're gaining muscle - a good thing! I hope you can find the Bolst curry. I bought mine in an East Indian shop. I asked the owner what was the most popular kind as they had so many. I love shopping at ethnic stores, you find all kinds of exotic and interesting things. We're lucky to have an Uwajimaya store near us that has foods from 8 different Asian cultures. It's a giant store and they even have live fish and all kinds of live shellfish. The Japanese candies are always interesting and have interesting names such as "Chocolate Colon" whatever that means! I think the Japanese people just like to name things in english and they don't really know what they mean. If you ever want a good chuckle, look at

Juls - I hope you're doing fine.

I'm feeling lots better and I'm hoping to start going to Curves again next week and just take it a bit easy on some of the tougher machines. I have three meetings next week which include lunches, so I'm going to have to plan on having a snack first so I won't be too tempted.

03-02-2008, 09:29 AM
Girls I have managed to get a little cold oh bah hum bug!!! Today I am going to venture to a lovely garden show. A guy I used to babysit many moons ago is a landscaper and quite great at what he does. I would love to go see his display which is always wonderful and he is so talented. I think I will take my camera for sure. His mom is a best friend of mine whom lives in FL so he looks forward to my coming each year as she can't. I missed last year and he knew it and I heard about it. Funny how people really want your input and praise I really think thats nice.
Marie your doing great and the little shops sound wonderful I love different foods to bad the others I live with are such simple food lovers meat /potatoe. I did manage to bake some homemade sweet pot. and white pot. fries with spices and olive oil. They were well liked by all. I made some fish too. Not a bad eating day stayed with in my cals. No exercise due to not feeling well.
Judy hope your week is well this week and less stress than last. I am so looking forward to my trip 23 more days. Started tanning yesterday so I will have a good base and will look nice when I go. Curry dishes are so nice something I have never ventured into for myself but my daughter loves them. I should try some any good ideas for me. I would like to try something new and I love spicy stuff.
Penny hope your doing better everyday. Starting to get back of the swing of things is great. Don't over do.
Does any here do the ball exercise where you use the smaller ball and do lifts and swings , crunches etc? I have seen people at the gym do it and I think it would be a great exercise to do at home.
My intake hasn't been to bad about 100 cals more than I thought but I have been tracking and thats always better. LESS would be better and I will strive for that today.

03-02-2008, 07:57 PM
This weekend was too, too short...I've wasted half of Sunday moping that I don't have more time :rolleyes:. I've been on program, and got an extra workout in on Saturday. I'm going to try to have at least two days a week where I do a second formal workout. i've been remembering about my rowing machine, and using that more for a shorter, 30-minute workout some evenings.

Carol, I've seen routines in magazines that use those smaller, heavy balls. Should be good for the back, abs and obliques.

Penny, when I was in Japan a few years ago, the grocery stores, billboards and tee shirts kept me in stitches. But I had to admit that even so, people there know a lot more English than I knew Japanese. It's good to hear you talking about Curves again.

Marie, your doggies must have been happy that you didn't leave town yet again! Good luck with this work week. If I just focus on "now," instead of what happened a few days ago or what might happen a few days from now, I'll do better work and not get so stressed.

A huge ongoing challenge is to eat a little something sweet and satisfying in the evenings but not too much. My PM smoothies were growing too elaborate (and calorie-laden); popcorn, oatmeal and other grains after dinner set of intolerable cravings. I've tried cottage cheese and fruit, or nuts and string cheese, but I would find myself rummaging around in the kitchen about 45 minutes later. I'm getting plenty of calories otherwise, I know it's just my fat cells in revolt. Any suggestions? Last night I put a square of dark chocolate, two orange Fiber Choice tablets and three little ginger hard candies on a dessert plate. That sort of worked, but it does feel a wee bit dotty. I grabbed some knitting as soon as I was done.

Be well--judy

03-02-2008, 10:51 PM
Judy - I've been struggling with the munchies too - which is not so good given my lack of exercise! I found the food that keeps me feeling satisfied the longest is oatmeal. I make a big batch of the slow cooking kind (4c water to 1c steel cut oats), which seems to be more filling. Sometimes I don't want to stand there stiring it for half an hour, so I just make a batch before bedtime. I bring the water to a boil, throw in the oats and raisins, give it a stir, put a lid on the pan and turn off the heat (important! :lol:). In the morning it's ready to warm up in the microwave for breakfast. The rest can be refrigerated for several days. You can slice half a banana or other fruit on it too for an extra treat. Sometimes I even have it for dinner if I've gone a bit overboard on calories earlier in the day.

Carol - I hope your cold went away and that you had a nice time at the garden show. That was a sweet story about the guy you used to babysit. He obviously respects your opinion about his work.

I managed to do a little bit of pruning in the yard today as it was a lovely sunny day. It felt good to get outside. We have someone coming to quote on our new patio tomorrow and I'm really excited about that. Our old concrete slab looks so awful.

Have a good week everyone.

03-03-2008, 05:12 PM
Hi all,

Judy it is so sad that weekend is over. Two days just isn't enough. We had company for dinner on Saturday and it was also doggie day (the doggies spent the whole day with me including a trip to Petco for a new toy each). Then yesterday we skied. And we skied hard. 14 runs, 13 of which were on the black diamonds I was pooped. so I took a doggie nap in the late afternoon. I slept in the sunshine. Very decadent, me and blizzie snuggled for an hour. so it was a great weekend.

And now back at work.

I had my 6 month dentist visit and cleaning. The dentist said my teeth looked "great". I've never received that praise. How cool, I'm finally getting healthy teeth and gums now that I'm old. Sort of silly.

Penny, I'm glad you're getting back on your feet. I hope you have some good exercise to strengthen your back so it doesn't happen again.

Judy, I'm with you on the moping that the weekend is so short. Hopefully our weeks will be smooth sailing.

Carol, I hope the cold goes away quickly. You want to be healthy for your HI trip. That's only 3 weeks away.

03-03-2008, 05:34 PM
Okay, so I've gotten over it and am embracing the fact that it's Monday--which is easier now that the workday will be over soon! Marie, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend--athletic and relaxing.

Penny, I'm glad that you're feeling up to doing a little yard work! Take it easy, though, no lifting. I love oatmeal, tool. The Quaker Oats Weight Control packets are fast fixes for mornings I want something substantial but have no time to even fry an egg, but I bought some steel-cut oats and will try your way some mornings. I can't tell if whole grains are good desserts for me--I think they just make me want more food--so I tend to have oatmeal when I'm on my way out the door and away from temptation :devil:.

I did the IntenSati workout this morning. Lots of lunging and big arm movements, but the instructors constant exhortations ("Feel it! Believe it") are starting to wear on my nerves. I had a Curves shake with soy milk for b'fast, oatmeal and almonds for AM snack, a cup of shrimp-veggie soup and a salad with salmon for lunch, and a little chickpea salad w/string cheese for afternoon snack. I'm feeling like a burger and veggies for dinner.

This morning's weight is 218.5. I was a little bummed that it wasn't lower, but the pants I'm wearing today are much looser than they were last time I wore them, so I'm happy!

Carol, I hope that your little cold is even littler today.

Juls and Nikki, I hope you're doing well today!


03-04-2008, 12:13 PM
Wow Judy, "Feel It. Believe It." I'd throw something at the TV. I'd suggest you not change careers and become their salesperson. I have a hard time with WATP Leslie's chattiness. I'm glad that you persevered and finished. You are doing so great and are staying on track. With all your traveling, how do you do that? Everytime I travel and return home, I feel like I'm starting over and it doesn't happen overnight. I'm so impressed with your ability to stay on track.

That said, it's clear I'm still struggling on the food front. Yesterday I was searching my office for food like a mouse, I'm surprised I didn't get down and sniff every corner. :) Luckily there was very little here and I couldn't munch into oblivion. Today I'm hoping to be less focused on food.

The doggies and I walked again this morning. The road district put piles of rocks on the roads and didn't smooth it down. I swear the morning walks are going to injure me some day. Luckily DH had gotten me a good LED headlamp and I saw the traps along the way.

I hate Tuesdays. I don't know why other than most work gets dumped on my on Tuesdays. So I woke in a b*tchy mood today and I'm thinking that many truffles would help. Thankfully there aren't any in my office. :)

03-04-2008, 05:22 PM
Marie, the affirmations get worse..."Every day, in every way, I am better and better, YES!" Or "I desire, I focus, I intend, I become!" But you gets into my head, and at other times I'll hear myself saying, "I! Am! Stronger! Now!" Good thing I never joined a cult :cool:.

I'm taking a break to eat my afternoon snack: sliced half an orange pepper, some hummus and a big kosher dill pickle. Although the pickle was in its own snack baggie and inside a larger plastic bag, I still managed to get pickle juice in my purse :?:. This morning I had Eggbeaters and salmon for b'fast, oatmeal for morning snack, and at a lunch meeting I had a cup of sausage soup (yum!), a small salad and a side of sauteed spinach and artichokes. I'm feeling very virtuous. But I didn't work out this morning. My body says that it needs a morning off. Maybe I'll work out this evening.

Hope all the other chickies are having a good day!


03-04-2008, 09:08 PM
Girls I am doing better with my cold must of been all your warm thoughts coming my way. On sunday I did make it to see his show and he and the wife did a super job. I now anm the proud owner of lots of spring potted flowers. My house looks like a florist. He gave my friend in I most of his potted flowers at the end of his show. We wheel barrowed them out of the place and helped him take his display down. Nice trade off. They aren't only pretty but smell lovely from white tulips with purple trim to pink, red and some pansies and another kind my house smells lovely. Picks us up spirit wise thinking of spring. I am feeling better though my tummy was a bit out of sorts today but no time for that I had a major client emergency and ended up at the hospital half the day. So after work I managed to go work out and then went tanning for a little bit all for the future trip. 21 more days!!! Its coming quickly. The hubby went back to the docs for a reck yesterday. It will take double the time to heal due to the fact he was on the blood thinners. This doctor said that was risky giving some that whom has the ability to fall more often etc. Well looks like your all doing well from oatmeal to salmon. We are on a roll I tell yah together we are all working out more and totally on board in a positive way. Slowly but surely we will make a difference in our life styles. Hurray everyone for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Well gotta go ck something for the hubby. Talk to you soon. Oh I found some pitas which are thin and have flaxseed fiber too and only 60 cals. Tasty for lunch.

03-04-2008, 09:14 PM
Marie - I bet your doggies enjoyed their trip to Petco. I love seeing the happy dogs there when we go to get our catfood - like kids in candy store! Good for you skiing the black diamonds. I would have loved to learn to ski. The only skiier in our family is our DS and he loves the black diamond runs too. Funny how you were searching the office for food. That's what I do at home so I have to limit what I have on hand because I can get quite inventive when it comes to the munchies (i.e. handfulls of shredded coconut!)

Judy - Hey, I tell myself "Every day, in every way, I am better and better and healthier and healthier" - I figure it can't hurt and maybe my body will start to believe it if I say it often enough :lol:. Although it sounds like your IntenSati tape could get on my nerves with a bit too much "affirmation". I guess you could always turn the sound down.

I had a good day food wise and chose the healthy stuff from the salad bar at our lunch/meeting potluck. I'll have some more yummy curried egg salad on toast for dinner - I've been hooked on that stuff lately.

I hope everyone else is doing fine.

03-05-2008, 12:45 PM
Hi all.

Judy, "I desire, I focus, I intend, I become!" was a bad motto for me this morning. I desired a cinnamon roll, I intended not to eat the cinnamon roll, then I became the cinnamon roll (or it came to my hips). Bad me. But it was so good. And I knew I was being bad, so I ate it very slowly, enjoying every savory bite. I think that was good as I usually snarf down the naughty foods as though if I don't see them for long, they won't end up on my hips. Now I'm focused on not licking the plate. :o I do think that your new video would find it's way into my garbage can.

The doggies and I walked this morning. It was cold, 15 degrees, but so quiet and peaceful - except for the thriller novel I'm listening to. Nothing like kidnapping and murder to stir the peaceful surroundings.

Carol, I'm glad you're feeling better. I eyed some pretty garden stuff this week but held strong (now if I could do that with cinnamon rolls). Bambi eats everything that the desert doesn't kill. Every year I thought $$$ out the window on my garden quest. This year I vowed no gardening. I'm hoping my lilac bushes will start to grow as they're now fenced in like every other landscaping that we wanted to keep. BTW, fencing is ugly...

Penny, sounds like you're getting back into the swing of life. How is your back? Did your dr. prescribe any exercise to try to make it not happen again?

Well, I guess I should work...:(

03-05-2008, 07:07 PM
Marie, you're too funny:lol3:. The IntenSati movements are actually pretty good, but I am watching to make sure that my knees aren't feeling stressed--I don't want to go back to limping like I did late last summer. Soon I'll know it well enough to turn the sound way down and listen to my own thoughts, or to NPR, while I do the routine. This morning I did the Kickin' Core ball video, featuring that Turbo Jam lady who you couldn't stand, either! After a while I can tune the talking out, except for the shrill Walk Away the Pounds lady. I can only play that one with the "no voice" option.

Penny, I haven't had egg salad in a long time...hmm...I'd have to experiment with options that don't use tons of mayo and pickle relish. How do you make yours?

Carol, wow, I'm so envious of your fragrant house! When I win the Lotto (if ever I remember to buy a ticket) I will have big, fresh bouquets in every room, all the time. It sounds like you had a nice time on Sunday. Hope your hospitalized client is okay.

I am feeling munchy today, and had a few handfuls of trail mix (too much fat, sugar and salt) and tortilla chips (empty carbs and yet more salt) left over from meetings :(. I'll do an extra workout when I get home tonight, and have a light dinner.


03-05-2008, 11:24 PM
Carol - I missed your last post. I think we both posted around the same time. The garden show sounded so much fun. How lovely that you got to keep all those flowers and plants. A great way to celebrate spring! It must have been nice to visit with that young man you used to babysit. You must still have a soft spot for each other. We still keep in touch with our DS's babysitter and she loves to get a photo of him each Christmas. I hope your hubby is doing better. I'll have to look for those flax seed pitas - they are so low in calories!

Marie - Wow it's cold down there 15 deg. brrrrr! I've been trying to picture you as a cinnamon roll :lol: At least you savored every bite. Life's too short for food guilt. I used to wish we had deer around here. I'm sure they are nearby as we are in a very rural area, but they don't seem too come near our property and we have lots of roses (which I know they love to eat). I saw a big coyote the other evening - he ran across the road and stopped in the field and stared back at me - quite a magnificent animal! Probably just ate someone's cat :(.

Judy - Gosh, I could never have trail mix in the house - I just love it and could easily scarf down about a 1 lb. bag :dizzy:. I just make quick and easy egg salad with about half a dozen boiled eggs a dash of salt & pepper, a tsp. of curry powder and a couple of tbsp. miracle whip smashed with a potato masher. The miracle whip is a bit sweetish and that goes nice with the curry - also way less cals than mayo. It keeps for several days in the fridge and sometimes I eat a couple of tbsp. when I'm feeling "snackish".

Juls - I hope all is well with you.

My meeting went well yesterday and the salad bar had lots of healthy choices. We bought an old computer (early iMac) on Craigs list for only $25 for an older friend who is on a limited income. Her old computer died and so we got her this one, which my DH has checked out and it works great. It's amazing how much stuff is for sale on Craigs list. We got our son a really nice coffee table a while back for $15. It's supposed to be 65 deg. tomorrow so I'm definitely going to get out and do some yard work, just no heavy lifting!

03-06-2008, 08:37 AM
Girls I still haven't done the scale thing. Yah know I am just worried I will be upset so I am going on my rings, clothes and feelings. And I feel great! I am wearing a pair of pants that have hung in my closet all season which weren't so comfy. Well today they are! Wow I have somehow started to be serious and the results are nice to see. I am not perfect by any means Marie if I want the cinn. bun I have it just fit it into the days cals or workout a little longer. Giving up everything I love has never worked for me and most likely never will. So moderation and mostly healthy choices , increased exercise seem to pay off in the end. Good for you Marie you didn't eat two but one there was a time which if I liked something I had no control to not have a 2nd etc. I think we all hold that control now good for us. Some stuff but not the whole thing hah hah. Judy do you have the small ball that looks like a bowling ball in size or the big floor ball? I think when I get a chance I would like to get one for off gym days. Let me know if any of you have the small one and what yah think or is the big one better? Penny whats with those coyotes lately??? The other night we heard them when we were in bed and the next night also. Thank goodness not since then but I don't like it one bit. They scare me a bit. Sounds like you and the hubby have a big heart nice thing you two did for the other person. I know they are lucky to have you in their life. Sometimes the things we take for granted others can't even have. Give your self a big hug from me for being so kind. I have never bought anything from his list but browsed it when looking for a kayak.. Soon I will be out there paddling wow I can't wait. My intake for today is going to be good as last night I had some chinese taking leftovers to my mom this a.m. so out of sight and mind. I am off to a healthy day and exercise and tanning after work along with a vet visit for Bear. He is due for a shot and visit I think he has a ear problem keeps shaking his head in the morning for a bit time will tell and my pocket book too.
My client is sitting in the hospital til next week and will have surgery then. Never a dull momment. Work is super busy and I have set myself a quota to seeing 10 clients this week and next to complete my visits by the 24th and wrap it all up for my supervisor. Oh 3 weeks in Maui with my family and that new little guy I am truly excited beyond belief. I purchase a transport wheel chair for the hubby as the insurance laws you have to stay one step ahead of them. With medicare and my insurance if he used the presp. for a temp. chair it would take away from his chances of an electric scooter in the future. Thank goodness I asked and am used to the system so 130 out of pocket was worth it I think. I didn't expect to do that but thats life and sometimes we need to explore before doing and thats what I did and this time it will pay off in the end. Being in my field pays off sometimes with knowledge to use outside of work. Well take care all and we are doing so well I am proud of all of us!!!! As a team we are making a difference working on feeling better being healthier and look in good too!!!

03-06-2008, 01:08 PM
Hi all, I'm off to a good start food wise today. No cinnamon roll but I did sniff the package. I'm a person that LOVES the scents of things. On the flip side, awful smells send me off to a tizzy.

Penny, I wanted to tell you that the soap you made for my DH worked like magic. His skin is dry this winter but the rash and cracks are gone. He's definitely sold on your soap talent.

Judy, my knees are just so-so and video workouts, including WATP can really wreak havoc. So I do them just occasionally. Luckily I love my doggie walks and if the conditions are atrocious, I love my treadmill. More time for me to listen to my audiobooks. I hope your munchies are gone and stay away for a long time.

Penny, take it very easy in the garden. Straining your back will just make you miserable.

Carol, 3 weeks on the beach. Oh how I'm drooling. I want to go to the beach so bad. DH points to the west and says it's only a few hours away but I want a WARM beach, not a frigid Oregon beach. I looked at FL vacations on ebay but couldn't get myself to buy since the finances are hurting with the helping support of DS1 (w/GS and almost DIL) and the cost of DS2 still living with us. But, oh, how I want to join you in HI.

Well, I suppose I could work. I would rather not. :D

03-06-2008, 08:46 PM
Well I am a bit upset with my recent blood work up. I couldn't believe that my cholestrol was up with pretty good intakes and exercising. The doctor wanted to add zocor to my pills I already take tricor. I said no lets give it 2 more months and then I agreed to have it ck'd again and we would talk. The meds get so expensive and the side effects are healthy either. Boy life sometimes isn't so fair huh? Oh well so I guess now I need to really becareful I thought things were going better. Never know huh?
Well thats it I had to vent!!!
Marie I can't wait work has been super stressful this week. I wish I could take everyone with us fill up the plane how much fun would that be? Picking fruit etc...

03-07-2008, 07:17 PM
It's a quiet day on the thread, huh? Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't exactly fallen off the wagon, but I seem to be leaning over the side a lot...taking in too many calories, and not working out every other day to give my knees a break. This was a much more stressful workweek than I anticipated, so I'm sure that added to my calorie intake and sense of lethargy. 'll do my best to perk up this weekend!

Carol, I'm sorry to hear about your cholesterol. What a drag! Re your question, I use the balance balls, the ones you can sit on or use for push-ups. I have two, 'cuz I'm a little too tall for the first one I bought, but for the video routines I have been doing, it's turned out to be useful to have the different sizes.

Penny, I will try your healthy egg salad. Hey, maybe that's what attracted that big coyote :D.

Marie, your husband has a cruel sense of humor. Last weekend the travel section of the local paper featured Caribbean vacations, it was lovely to think about lounging on a hot, sandy beach with nothing better to do than to put more ice cubes in my drink....


03-07-2008, 07:37 PM
Carol - I'm sorry to hear your cholesterol is still up. Mine is a bit high at 220 but I have very high 'good' cholesterol, so that evens things out a lot. My good cholesterol (HDL) went up from 65 to 85 after I started taking resveratrol supplements (the good stuff in wine - but you'd have to drink about 1,000 glasses of wine to get the same amount!). That's the only thing I did different. Of course it may not work for everyone. I hope your new meds will help get yours down. Sounds like you've been especially busy with your clients this week. I bet you are raring to go to Hawaii!

Marie - I'm so glad to hear the soap has helped your DH's skin. Wouldn't it be nice if the Pacific here was as warm as it is in Hawaii? I'd definitely live at the beach.

Judy - I hope you get a chance to unwind and relax after your busy week.

I have a dinner to go to tonight with some out of town guests from our organization. Luckily it's a seafood place, so I'll just have a seafood salad of some kind. My DH has kindly offered to drop me off and pick me up so I can indluge in a glass of wine. Tomorrow is our big Annual Council Meeting, which goes on for most of the day. I'm stepping down from my position on the Board as I've done the job for four years now and feel I need a break and let someone else take over. It's the 80th anniversary of our organization in Oregon. We just recently found out that our very first meeting in 1928 was in Klamath Falls!

03-08-2008, 09:01 AM
Penny oh I wouldn't take the new med due to the fact I don't want one more med. So I will try to lower it on my own. Some of it could be due to menopause it does so much to us. For me I will reach the two year mark with that in Nov. I am trying to eat a few less eggs, inc. oatmeal in my intake, con't to exercise and just try to be better. I was ,ff my tricor for a bit and who knows it could be just taking longer to get things back to a normal level. My total chol was 270 my good chol being only 45, tri's were down a bit 175 when I was off the med they were 400. Oh not good. I am also going to up my intake with seafood. I purchased 1,000 mg of fishoil pills. I am going to take two a day one in the a.m. and p.m. Are you saying you take a supplement instead of the glass of red wine ? Now the wine would be nice to have every night with dinner. So lets just see what I can do to make a difference between now and April 25th my next blood work up. My return to the doctor to discuss this is 5/6. Any input on ways to get my numbers down will be appreciated if you have any. Oh I also am working on inc. flaxseed to my diet and cinnamon to my coffee or cereal. I have cut down during my work week with coffee. Only having two cups. Now HI is well known for their lovely coffee so thats going to be tough to keep to. But the fruit in my diet will inc. and at least that is natural sugar.
Penny I am thinking of making some soap soon. Something summer like and then everytime I use I may feel refreshed like sunshine on my face. Hah hah!
Judy hope your doing well. Thanks for the thoughts on the ball. I would like to get one just for my non gym days. Yesterday it got crazy weather wise. So instead of exercising I went to tan, stopped at the fabric store. I am finishing up a quilt I started for the oldest gd 4 yrs. ago. It was such small squared 2'' ones oh what was I thinking so the whole top which covers the top of a twin bed was all these squared. I guess thats why it took so long cause I didn't enjoy working on the little things. YUK! But I took it out the other day and started bordering it and wow how fast it came together inc'ing my willingness to work on it. So hopefully I get it put together and start to hand quilt the squares randomly. Then the edges I am going to put a wavy hand st. around it. After this one I need to make one for her sister. Now I got a bit brighter on this one. It will be bigger squares and will go together much quicker. My daughter just put in a bamboo floor in their room and painted the room a purplish gray color. The master piece of time is pinks, greens, yellows, purples etc.. With a cool looking purple haze flowered mocked on. Well I hope your all ready to have a lovely weekend this was one of the longest work weeks ever. I ended my day with knowledge from a parent that she will be going after the company for her daughters fall. I wish it could of been different but I knew it was coming.

03-08-2008, 09:03 AM
Enjoy your weekend do something spring like to get rid of our winter blues.
Marie, Nikki and Juls hope your doing well.

03-08-2008, 01:06 PM
Hi everyone, it's weekend. A quiet one for me. DH and DS2 have guard weekend so I have the house to myself. I just took the doggies for a walk and it was light out. No headlamp needed. That was sort of cool. I had to make DH's birthday cake this morning. I have a hair weave/cut appointment in an hour so I had to do that first.

Penny your organization should have it's meeting in KFalls again. It's been a while. :) For now I don't have any plans for Portland. We'll get together someday.

Carol, DH takes the fish oil and it doesn't seem to help. His chol. is a little high but he's not on meds yet. So work at it and see if you can do it on your own.

Judy, it's weekend. Now do NOT mope tomorrow that the weekend will end. Just really, really enjoy both days.

Well, I'm going to do a little studying. I'm doing a course on photoshop.

03-09-2008, 12:17 PM
Marie yah I am going to give it a shot on trying to lower it myself. A glass of red wine each day with dinner. Fish oil 3 times a day 1,000 mg. and cinn. in my diet, inc. the oatmeal. I will give it a whirl ! I went to exercise today as the rest of the week wasn't as good as its been due to weather conditions. I love the gym on the weekends its great less folks. I am shaking up my workout a bit adding new things changing my incline etc.. So hopefully its getting me somewhere. I read an interesting article on it was about the scale thing. For some it helps keep us on track, for others it disappoints us as if we have inc. our exer. fat weighs less than muscle and the numbers might not move. But if we see inches leaving us with clothes fitting better, noticeable changes in the mirror and we know we are ex. on a reg. basis go for continuing our drive in this direction. So I guess its okay I haven't used the scale. Last night we had friends for dinner I made spanish rice. We had cherry pie for dessert so I cheated a bit. But I was careful for breakfast and lunch. I actually had lunch out but after my workout and ate pretty healthy blk bean soup and 1/2 chk. sand. ww bread. So I am trying to make some changes hopefully they work trying is all I can do it my just be in my genes. Dang! Aging is a pain in the butt! I am not giving in quickly I can tell yah! We all need to fight it with good lifestyles and changes we can control.
Marie sounds like you had a full day. Did you say in the past hair weaving is similar to highlights or is that extentions I am a bit confused. I am going to dye my own hair and put a few lighter highlights in the front and top due to the sunshine in Maui my color always lightens up. Why spend the money on highlights I figure. So I am going to experiment just a little hey who knows maybe I will like it and save myself a bundle or hate it and have to live with it. At any rate I will take the chance and not do a drastic chg. just a couple shades lighter than my norm. Marie sometimes its nice to have the house to yourself or time to just veg yourself and not worry what others would like to eat etc... or do. Hope you enjoyed your day.
We are having a storm here but nothing like Ohio hopefully they get rid of all that before we fly in there. Our flight leaves Syr. N.Y. - Cinn. Oh- Arz. - Maui. Oh one can only hope. We got the hubbies transport wheel chair the other day purchased it out right as the ins. would mess up his chances for an elec. scooter in the future can't do both. Thank goodness I know this stuff from work cause the norm. person might not and the outcome wouldn't be good. I looked for an exer. ball the smaller one it was 8lbs. and it seemed king of heavy does anyone have one and if so do you know what wt. we should get?? If not I will research it.
Thanks and have a nice day.

03-09-2008, 02:23 PM
Carol - I think you're on the right track with the fish oil (my DH swears by it for lowering his chol.) Also, the flax and COQ10 are good - we take all of these. Also, the cinnamon is good against diabetes. We take the resveratrol supplements because you'd have to drink 66 glasses of wine to get the same amount! Red wine is good in moderation, but I think you'd be in trouble if you drank that much! There's a lot of info on the web about resveratrol. Anything we can do rather than take medications (which can have their own problems). Another thing we avoid completely is corn oil and corn syrup (HCFC) which is in so many prepared foods and restaurant foods because it's cheaper. If you Google the words 'corn oil syrup health danger' you can get some pretty scary stuff about what they do to your hormones. Some scientists think that corn syrup causes metabolic syndrome which is extra abdominal fat and high cholesterol. Mice fed on corn syrup and corn oil in their diet get enlarged uteruses and their female babies get breast cancer. I think it will come out in the future that we've been poisoning ourselves with some of these highly processed "frankenfoods". If you read how they make this stuff it's mind boggling! Ok, I''ll get off my soapbox now :soap: :lol:.

Marie - Let me know how the Photoshop course goes. I've been thinking of doing that too. I do quite a bit of work with photo for flyers, the website, etc. and I'm sure there's a lot easier and more imaginative ways I could be doing things. I like hair weaves as I think it looks more natural. I changed my hair color a little darker (slightly more auburn than reddish blond). I also got a new style with thicker bangs and a little shorter in the back and longer on the sides in a longish bob. I got loads of compliments on it yesterday, so I think this style is a keeper, for a while at least.

My meeting went well and the food was pretty much on plan. I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of mauve roses when I stepped down from my job on the board. I'll still be doing the website and all the printing, so I don't feel too guilty about it. I think some people were ticked that I didn't stay on to take over the President's job, but that is way more work than I'm prepared to commit to with all the other things on my plate. My DH is pleased I'm starting to learn how to say "no".

Judy & Juls - I hope you're having a good weekend.

03-09-2008, 02:54 PM
Hi, this will be quick, because I'm procrastinating and need to get off the computer and do some things. Thanks to a tremendous windstorm, I've been without heat and hot water since yesterday afternoon. All the power was out briefly yesterday, and but the transformer that controls some of the building-wide power hasn't recovered. There's been a steady stream of Dominion Power trucks up and down the street for the past few hours....I shouldn't complain, though--my folks in Ohio really caught it! Everything has been shut down for a few days, and that rarely happens, people are generally very stiff-upper-lip about blizzards.

I'm eating on program and working out a bit more, after resting my knees for a few days. Sounds like you chickies are doing well. I think I'll give up, take a chilly sponge bath, and find my trusty space heater. My plans of doing laundry, playing home spa, etc., will have to wait. I've been curled up on the couch, hoping for the sound of the HVAC, but I'll just have to layer up and tackle some chores. That should warm me up a bit, at least.

Personals later. Be well!


03-09-2008, 06:12 PM
Penny many thanks for your ideas. Boy so much stuff isn't good for us. I currently am making some homemade blk bean soup veggies style going to share with my daughter. I think it will be a good fiber filler for the week healthy too. I will watch for corn syrup I know that they always try to trick us by changing the names of items on the labels to throw us off to buy the bad items. Life is tricky. Your hair cut sounds cute. I also wear a bob with banges. I recently had it lifted a bit in the back shorter and will do a little more before my trip for a nice change.
Judy you poor thing thats not fun our lights flickered a few times during the wind storm and the hubby said better go to bed off he went I stayed up for a bit we never lost power which is unusual for us. Well off to my daughters for dinner yah Ohio got it bad. I fly into and out of there on the 25th. hope it isn't bad then hope your folks are doing okay.

03-09-2008, 10:48 PM
Hi everyone,

The weekend was great. It was supposed to be misty/rainy and instead sunny and not a cloud in the sky. So my co-workers/friends and I went skiing. I'd gone with one in January and she's more of an intermediate skier and slower. So I knew that. The other is my skill level. When we exhausted #1, we had a bit of fun on the black diamonds. I'm tired and have a little sunburn. I forgot to re-apply sunscreen at lunch. We really had a beautiful day (about 55 and no wind and no clouds).

DH's BD was nice. The German Choc Cake is too die for. I think it'll be a temptation for a while. My piece was a small as I could slice it so that is vey good. Maybe a 1/2" slice of the layer cake.

Judy, I hope your power is restored. Icky - cold sponge bath.

Penny, congrats on the "no". That's wonderful. I look forward to seeing your new hairstyle someday. It sounds very pretty.

Carol, Weaves are sort of like highlighting. They take a small slice of hair, then weave out half of it (like if you took a knitting needle and wend up and down across a 2" line) then they color only a little bit of the weave using foil pieces. What it does is totally blurs any root line. Mostly I have dark blond wove in so that the sun highlights that take over my hair are darkened. She'll do some of the weave with hightlights so that the lighter blond from last summer is melted into the darker roots. It's pretty cool.

Well, time to work on dinner and tomorrow starts another week. :(

03-10-2008, 09:34 PM
Marie how cool the hair do sounds. I am not sure if they do that here. I have never heard of it. Only high lights and streaks etc.. I will ck it out. Sounds really cool! I stopped at my moms tonight god bless her the wig was all mated down on her head. She bobby pins it so much to ensure it doesn't fly away if its windy oh my. Well I decided to wash it for her I think she was a bit nervous but I did it anyways. She stuck the spare one on and I think after it dries she will be pleased with it. Mom is still recovery from last falls awful hairdresser whom left her just about bald with her already thin hair. We woman have to care about hair way more than any man I know. Todays intakes weren't too bad but we have company staying with my SIL so I baked a box white cake tonight. I will have a little no frosting some fruit on top. Marie you out door activity sounded like fun and some sun too. Good for you fresh air and outside winter conditions is suppose to burn more cals than norm. Talk to you all soon.

03-11-2008, 06:46 PM
G,day all hope everyone is well I just thought I would pop in and say Hi,
Marie the hair sounds good here downunder we just call it foils weaves are more like hair extensions.
Carol I hope your mum,s wig came out OK god love her, I agree men just get a trim and away they go, but some are a little bit more fussy 1 of my daughters her boyfriend is worse than a women his hair has to be just so, he is a real pretty boy or so he thinks he is LOL.
Anyway not much happening food intake not to bad, it is still hot here even though we are in Autumn the seasons are all over the place, sometimes we get them all in one day.
Take care everyone
G,day Judy, Penny & Nikki


03-11-2008, 07:40 PM
Hi, ladies! Another somewhat chaotic work day is coming to an end. I have to figure out how to keep my new boss from taking up all of my time....she loves to travel, so maybe I'll just keep her on the road all the time :devil:. It's not that bad, I just need to let her know when I'm too busy to sit and yak.

The power outage kept me from doing laundry, so this morning I got up super-early and washed four loads. No workout this morning. I'll ride the bike tonight. I did the IntenSati video yesterday, but I kept thinking of Marie and laughing, so it wasn't very aerobic.

Carol, it's all about Hawaii, isn't it:cool:? I'm sure they'll have the runways clear in the Ohio airports in plenty of time for your trip, unless they get another huge blizzard this month. Good for you, having a tiny slice of cake :carrot:. It was nice of you to bake one for your sis-in-law.

Juls, it's good to hear from you. How can you decide what to wear when the weather's so crazy? It was 70 degrees here just a week ago, but I had to pull out my winter coat this weekend, and I wasn't too happy about that!

Penny, the next time you have to say "no" to your husband, remind him that he was supportive of that before ;).

Marie, it sounds like you had another excellent weekend. I tried not to mope too much, but it was hard--apparently I owe a lot in taxes (and I was thinking I had refund coming :(), I was in a panic that my cable service wouldn't be fixed in time for the finale of The Wire (it's all good), and of course, there was the no-heat-or-hot-water thing. But the weekend wound up a good note despite it all.

I'm really struggling with my intake. I bought a book to help me with stress and eating (focusing on breathing). I've been on program today, but I just had a bad of baked chips, which is totally about feeling frenzied. So I definitely have a challenge!

Okay, time to go home and work out.

take care--judy

03-12-2008, 08:20 AM
Judy I did get into a bit of that dang cake at least it didn't have frosting just plain I am all over that now it doesn't thrill me anymore. Funny how things just reach out and grab us low control I tell yah all no will power sometimes could of been worse. Little plain white box cake. I didn't get to the gym last night no workout clothes with me. But they are packed and ready today. I agree with you Judy my work has been nuts. One emergency visit, another in for surgery and others having staff that need reminders of what their jobs are. I wasn't very well liked by a group home staff system this week but if they were doing their jobs properly they wouldn't need me riding them to do so. It kills me that people can be so careless with other peoples lifes. Darn them and shame on them the worst is they don't even see it as being wrong. Oh well I am paid to ensure safe and healthy lifes and thats what I do like it or not. But stressful needless to say this week. I am hoping for a much better day today even with the little snow flakes falling this a.m. Well take care pretty much on program with intakes other than my little cake plurge.
I am on a count down and thats truly exciting. Got the suitcases out , tanning is started, shopping for the baby etc....

03-12-2008, 08:03 PM
Judy - Boy, if you find anything that helps with stress and eating, let me know! I sure could use some help in that department. As for my DH encouraging me to say "no" - well, he figures that rule doesn't necessarily apply to him ;).

Carol - Sounds like you've had a particularly stressful week - just keep thinking nice thoughts of tropical Hawaii.

Marie - Your skiing weekend sounds like fun and you must have burned a bazillion calories.

Juls - Good to hear from you. I hope you've fully recovered from your pneumonia.

I've been keeping fairly on track but the scale still won't budge. I started working out again on Monday - in a limited way. There are several machines I just can't do yet, but it felt good to get back in the swing of things again. I can move around a lot better now and even did a little light yard work.

03-12-2008, 09:42 PM
Half-way through the week and counting...

This has been a horrible week. Monday started with the stupid in-service I got to co-teach with the co-worker that doesn't help with preparations. Good thing is I complained enough to get myself off the team next year. I was so excited and my boss just shook her head at me. Now she's worried it'll fall apart with the other person taking charge. Well, duh... But I'm off and thrilled!!! Yesterday was trying to catch up from Monday and get ready for an all day meeting today. And today was the meeting. How's a girl to 3FC at work is she's working???

Judy, I'm so sorry I ruined your video workout. Really ignore me. Just be it... :) Feel it. :) Do it. :) OK, I'm mean, I know it.

Penny I'm glad you're getting around better. Stay away from the machines that could hurt. Someday the scale will move. Mine did - straight up. (OK, I lie, I haven't stepped on it in months - but I do know the truth).

Juls, good to hear from you. What are you doing these days?

Carol, conscientious workers always look at people who don't care with a shake of their heads. In education, we have young students future in our hands and it blows my mind (on a daily basis) how incompetent and uncaring some of the staff is. It's very frustrating, but HI is coming.

Speaking of the beach, I don't get to go this year. I resigned myself to that last week. BUT, being exited from the techteam has another side benefit. I won't have to go to the Portland conference over President's Day next year. That means I can go to Daytona that weekend. DH will joyfully go with my to Florida because I'll bribe him with the Daytona 500. Ooo-la-la. Next February, here I come beach. And I do like the idea of the race. Small price to pay for sun and warmth in the middle of the winter. See how wonderful complaining worked. :)

Take care everyone.

03-12-2008, 10:17 PM
Juls it was good to hear from you. How is the weather down under at this time of year?
Marie how true it is that some coworkers just don't care as much etc. I took it into my own hands to call the girls supervisor then advised my director that I had done it. She had no problem with it and understood that it had come to the time that I felt something needed to go higher up. Well after I called her i had to contact that house and she was on top of her game and friendly. I mentioned to the supervisor that I had assisted with residents at that house for 8 years and I know my job. When I call for something its not just oh something I just came up with but need to ensure safety, health or well being of a person. She told me that it would get worked out and offered for me to contact her when ever I had a concern so I will and not get to the level of frustration. Hopefully the new girl learned that she needs to be a team player. Marie you must of been a bit upset whats with this week??? and
last wk???
May intake today wasn't to bad stir fry for dinner. But lunch I did have a half of corn beef but small was better than big. Oh well its almost ST. Pats day......... Have a good evening I am off to bed! Penny the scales not always nice so I am protesting it currently. So far the exercise is coming along. I see some postive changes. I got to the gym tonight and will set forth to go on saturday too.

03-13-2008, 12:40 PM
Morning all, it's another fun day at work. The state report that is closing tomorrow is not working (at the dept of ed's end). So I called their helpdesk and got voicemail. I can't work on it and it's what I planned for the day, so here I am. :)

It's a icky day out so the doggies didn't go walking I did 2 miles WATP jog and 1 mile walking this morning. They were bummed but I bribed them with their toys and treats before work. They were being so cute playing with their toys I was cracking up so maybe it'll be ok and they'll forgive me.

Carol, I think it's the time of the year. Winter dragging on - everybody I know is cranky including myself. I think if I didn't have to work I wouldn't be cranky, though. :) Definitely don't let others push your frustration meter into the red zone. You have an outlet with that supervisor so that is good.

Food intake is lousy and I'm cranky so it seems I don't care. Oh, I need to get past this.

Well, I suppose I'lll find something else to do today or at least for now.

03-13-2008, 07:21 PM
Wow, what a week! It's almost over. I've been crabby, too, thanks to problems with every bureaucracy I come in contact with. Don't get me started on the cable company! :mad: If I weren't moving in a few months, I'd be on busy switching service to another company. I'm too busy right now, or boy, I'd...I'd...well, I'd do something!

Carol, hang in there are keep fighting for your people. It's good to know that folks like you are there for elderly and disabled people.

Marie, maybe I will follow your lead and commit to a vacation way ahead of time. I'll probably need to pinch pennies this year, but it would be fun to watch a little vacation fund grow over the months.

Penny, if you look at Collage Videos on line, I think they have some special workouts for bad backs that might be useful. The scale will budge after a while!

My eating has been so-so, but I had a good hard workout this morning, and my knees are continuing to improve with the lighter workout schedule. I'm heading out to the basketball game, then up late to pack for my trip to Oakland, back home on Tuesday. I will do my best to check in when I can. I'm taking workout gear and music, and packing munchies for the long flight (a middle seat the whole way there :(, which makes me feel conscious of every one of my extra pounds. I will be in meetings, but I will see a couple of friends, too, so that will be fun.

Be well--judy

03-14-2008, 01:13 PM
Happy Friday Everyone!

I, for one, am not sorry to see this week end. It's been long and sort of torturous. I do see an end in sight, in about 7 hours. :)

Judy I hope your trip goes good. I don't envy you. In my eating struggle, the worse thing I could do is travel where I seem to believe all my excuses why it's ok. But you're WAY better at traveling than me.

I took the doggies out this morning even though it was flurry-ing. They were quite happy. DH (and me a little bit) started on the mammoth stained glass project last night as UPS brought most of it. We're going over the mountain tomorrow morning to pick up the rest. It's going to be awesome.

BTW, I'd really like to win the 275 million Powerball. I even BOUGHT a ticket. :)

03-15-2008, 07:45 PM
Hello girls guess everyone one was glad to end this week. Wow those poor people in GA crazy huh? Doesn't sound like its totally over yet. I only exercised one time at the gym this week a little slower pace I was also fighting off a little cold. I didn't totally get it yet and hope I don't just hanging over me a bit. I went grocery shopping this a.m. for Easter and for foods for my SIL. Next week I am going to try to eat healthy and exercise more. The kids called today and are extremely excited as we are about the visit. We are going to rent a car its cheaper if they do it for a whole month they get an island resident discount. So 300 for a month not to bad. It will be are biggest expense of the 3 weeks so thats not bad. I can't wait to hold that little one he is so precious. Judy it must be the week of the battles of bad services. I had my own input with a doctors office too. What the heck is it in the air. I would think folks these days would be trying harder to keep people happy to keep them as clients etc. But it doesn't seem that way. Marie good luck on that power ball I wish you all the luck in the world. I am going to take a nice relaxing hot bath and get my pjs on and relax the rest of the evening. Marie how great to start such a nice project together that is something I have never tried but love how pretty it looks and how it is so neat. What exactly are you making? and how big is it going to be? Take care girls and enjoy the rest of your weekend there never long enough. I have only 6 more work days then I am off until 4/15 wow thats so cool. I set up my banking so I can pay my bills while I AM away pretty cool that we can do that these days. I think managing bills online could be easier. Time will tell. Take care and enjoy!!!!

03-15-2008, 11:13 PM
Hi everyone, I'm just exhausted. Such a busy day. DH and I went over the mountain through a bit of snow, but DH was driving so all was good. I wouldn't have gone if I'd had to drive. Costco emptied our bank account like usual. They didn't have the glass we wanted so we'll order if necessary. But did I find the deal of the century. I planned to look at ski boots (end of season and mine aren't as adjustable as the newer ones and my feet floated in the old ones. So Sports Authority has a sign that they're 30% off, lowest marked price is the sale price. So I tried on about 10 different pair and found the most-est best-est I've ever put my feet into. $280 bucks. DH is leering at me and I'm hoping that they'll do 30% off the 280 but heck, they were so comy, I'd pay the whole thing. That really got me a leer. So I bring them to the checkout (not trusting him to carrying them as he offered but I thought he'd chuck them in the swimsuit aisle). They scan them and say $109!!! I screamed what and they thought I was mad. I told them no, are you sure that's all you want to charge me and voila, I paid 109. I'm SO excited. CH is moving my bindings on my skis as I type.

Carol, I love paying my bills online. I only use checks in dire need now. I go through about 20 a year. Let Mr. Banker write my checks for me. I set up anyone or any business, and they remember the data and now all I do is put in the amount and hit send. One of the best advances in technology. I'm not sure I remember how to spell numbers anymore. :) So when do you leave for HI? I am jealous...

Food bad as we went to Red Robin for lunch but it's past dinner time and I have no desire to eat so it'll balance out ok. Exercise - 4 WATP miles and a short yoga. And walked Costco and the mall. :)

03-16-2008, 01:07 PM
Marie - Congratulations on the great buy! It's even sweeter that they were less expensive than you even thought and were comfy to "boot" (pun intended). I'm jealous of Carol too! I've been craving some warm sunny weather. A couple we know is off on a Caribbean cruise next week - sounds soooo good. My DH may get a contract in Florida this year, so maybe I'll swing it to go with him this time. I'm a big fan of online banking too - it's so convenient and also saves on postage.

Carol - Sorry to hear about your battle of the bad services last week. It's too bad when people don't care. Good thing there are people like you who stand up for those less fortunate. You must be so excited about your trip - it's approaching fast. You got a really good deal on the car rental. My DH pays a lot more these days for car rentals when he goes on trips.

Judy - Sounds like you had a frustrating week. I hope your trip to Oakland goes well. I'm glad your knees are getting better. Thanks for the tip about the exercise link.

Juls - I hope everything is well with you.

My back continues to get better and I'm so relieved. We went out last night to watch our friends who were in a dance competition. My DH and I both don't dance but it was fun to watch all the different dance styles and they had some exhibition dances by professionals - absolutely amazing! The food there was not good - so that wasn't a temptation. It was surprising to see how many elderly people were zooming around the dance floor - it certainly seems to keep them young. Our friends took 3rd place, so that was nice.

I read a good tip the other day that when you are tempted to eat a piece of cake, bar of chocolate or buy a food that is not on your plan, just say to yourself that you are giving your body the gift of saying "no" to the temptation. I'm not talking about the occasional little treat that we all need but the major blow out that I am prone to. I was in line at TJ Maxx and they had dark chocolate covered cashews next to the check out - I grabbed a bag and then thought of that advice and just told myself to put it back as a 'gift to myself' - and it worked! I was so tempted, but it felt good to avoid all those unwanted calories - I know I would have eaten the whole box in no time flat.

Have a good week everyone.

03-17-2008, 01:18 PM
Penny, way to go. Isn't it amazing when we put back the temptation how long the good feeling last??? Way longer than the lovely taste of something. I will try to keep that in mind.

Skiing was fabulous again. A beautiful day devoid of many other skiers. I don't understand why - perhaps the economy and it's a spendy sport. But regardless, it was wonderful. DH found my binding was broken when he was re-doing them for the new boots, so we drove back via Medford and bought new bindings. The old ones worked for the day as DH had to snap them in. Looking at the other, it was cracked and ready to break. Then we looked at his and his were cracking too. so we bought two sets of bindings and new boots for him. I was blown away on how much more stable I was with excellent (read not cheap) boots. I insisted he get some too. He was against the idea, but when he tried them on in the store he was sold. His deal was better than min - originally they were $10 more and they'd taken $20 more off than mine. Great deal.

Last week I realized I deleted my exercise database by accident and I was really sad as it was on a USB drive and was pretty much gone. I recovered data through 1/10/08 and I found an old version of it on DH's computer. So I used the old version, added the data till 1/10/08, then used my food log to piece together the last 2 months. Most was easy. If it wasn't something other than walking, I remember the exercise thoroughly, so I think I'm back in action. That took a while.

Penny, I'm glad your back is feeling better. Did you ever get any answer what happened and how to avoid it in the future?

Well, I suppose it's time to work. I'll chat with you all later.

03-18-2008, 08:17 PM
Oh girls I guess when everyone else was sick I was just buying some time. I felt pretty lousy at work today. I felt it coming on for a bit sinus stuff today I felt a bit achy and run down. I was already to go work out but thought it best to relax tonight and just drink some hot tea with lemon, gingerale and water have dinner and go to bed really early. I still have plenty to do at work 3 more folks to see and reports to tighten up.The green tea and hot shower is helping. Oh thank goodness cause being sick right now isn't so good. I wish I could tell you how many folks want to go in my suitcase. Guess the kids picked a real special place and many folks would feel pretty lucky to get to spend 3 weeks there. I guess for me I love it but in my mind I would rather have them closer to home. But I look forward to seeing the family and meeting my new gs. I have 3 planes to go on and that isn't so thrilling either two Delta and then United on the way there. I am not sure if we can take 2 suitcases a piece or one? Anyone happen to know? I am thinking of taking my computer. What do you all think? Or will it be a pain to take? Any thoughts? My intake today was okay. Last night I had some cornbeef. But made a sandwich of cornbeef and decided two days would be really naughty so dropped the sandwich to my mom for her lunch.
Marie great deal on those boots good for hubby to look how much better your doing already.
Penny glad you having some relief with your back. Exercise has improved mine. I notice my posture is much better lately.
Judy sounds like your doing pretty good thats great. When do you think your going to be ready to start looking at houses? Maybe the interest rate will be to your benefit.
I hope to exercise on thurs. by then this sickness will hopefully be behind me.

03-19-2008, 02:08 PM
Morning everyone - almost halfway done with the work week. I'm recovering form the weekend non-stop. Resting up for it to start again Saturday morning. :)

Exercise is good. Yesterday 2 miles WATP Jogging and 1 mile WATP walking. Today I doggie walked for 1.5 miles. It's so nice of my pups to take me out in the drizzle. ;)

Food stinks but I did something different. Yesterday I logged every bad thing I ate. Wow, it was bad. Ok, I logged it until I ate properly for dinner. Good thing for skinless, boneless chicken. Helped the total to be less horrendous. I promised myself to keep logging it no matter what until my brain shifted into the eating properly gear. I'm hoping it will move that shift along quicker.

Carol, I hope you're feeling better. I understand your desire to forgo the trip to HI if they lived closer. You could always take a trip there if they were nearer, but you can't always hug your family when your there thousands of miles away. Maybe you could convince them to move... BTW, are you going to go ocean kayaking. That would be such a blast.

Penny and Judy, hope you're both doing ok.

03-19-2008, 07:10 PM
Carol - I hope you got over your bug ok. Your corned beef sounded good - I haven't had that for years. When are you off to Hawaii?

Marie - I'm glad you've had some good skiing weather. You asked about what was wrong with my back. It's severe arthritis of the three lower vertebrae and i'll need my hip replaced in a few years. There's not much that can be done about the back problem except back and ab strengthening exercises, which I've started doing. I have a lot less pain now and have started working out at Curves again. I'll just have to be careful when lifting heavy objects. I even did some yard work - moving some small plants to get things ready for our new patio which they will hopefully start on in a month or two. I'm really looking forward to it, our old concrete slab is so cracked and awful.

Judy - I hope you're having a good trip to Oakland. I looked at the videos you mentioned on the web and have ordered one that looks easy. It's filmed against the backdrop of the pacific ocean, so that will be nice to look at.

I went to my plastic surgeon today to talk about getting my implant replaced (I need a smaller since I've lost weight.) I decided to wait till later in the year, by which time I hope to lose 10-20 lbs. This will give me an added incentive to lose weight as I've been stuck for such a long time now.

03-19-2008, 08:29 PM
I am feeling better thank goodness the 8 to bed and some nite time meds. surely knocked it out of me a little still hanging in but I am on a mend. Today I got a lot of work done and feel much better about that a light at the end of the tunnel. One more report to finish then just progress notes for the month and I have been taking notes to what my supervisor needs to watch for in my mail and what needs to be sent out, I will review that with her on monday. We fly out on tues at 5:50 am and land in HI at 2:30 in the afternoon with a 5hr. time change. We have to fly from Syr. NY to Cinn. Ohio, Arizona to Maui. The airlines are Delta for the first two planes then United. I hope we have no issues with flying then maybe I can talk him into going again he hates the flying and airports its hard as with his trouble walking he has to depend on others and look different well thats life and yah can't stop living. Oh how well I know that! Guess thats why I am such an on the go person.
Marie to me this week is flying fast and before I know it tues. will be here. I have so much to do packing, hem a couple pair of pants for the hubby, Easter etc... Oh don't feel to sad about your intakes I ate a brownie today oh so good. Hahh hah
Penny you can do it keep working on it. Look at how far you have come. If you want something bad enough its worth working toward no matter how long it takes.

03-20-2008, 12:44 PM
Morning all,

Today is my Friday. DS2 and I decided to go skiing tomorrow so I took a vacation day. It's a good thing as work is not fun with all the state reports. Skiing is way more fun!!! On Saturday, Obama is to be in Medford so I'm trying to find out how to get tickets. So far, they haven't released details. DS2 and I both want to go. I'd like to see Hilary and McCain as well. I've never gone to a polical rally before.

Food was ok yesterday. Not as out of control as Tuesday. :) DS2 and I did yoga when I got home and it was more difficult as we hadn't done it in a while (except the two times in 2 months for me). I lost my balance on the triangle pose and fell over. I knew I was going and rolled with it. See??? Skiing has helped. No boo-boos or anything. I sure did laugh though.

Doggies took me out this morning for a walk. Brrr. There was some wind which was unusual for 5 am. I'm still chilled 3 hours later (and one skinny mocha later).

Penny, my mom's back problems were arthritis in the lower vertabrae. Took 3 surgeries but she is pain free now. I think they're fused and have a rod. I hope your back continues to improve. Do you take Glucosin Chondritan (I have no idea how to spell it). My father in law has had countless back surgeries and was nearly unable to move from an accident. He started taking the stuff and is quite a bit more mobile. And then there's Blizzard, my doggie who was diagnosed with severe arthritis and hip dysplasia at the ripe age of 10 months. Our vet put her on it and said she wouldn't live long. She's now over 7 years old and moves better than at 10 months. I'm a firm believer in the stuff.

Carol, I hope the flying goes ok. Just remember if DH doesn't want to go again, it doesn't mean you can't. I bet the brownie tasted yummy.

Well, time to work.

03-20-2008, 03:48 PM
Happy first day of spring! I'm finally checking in. The "business center" at the hotel was basically one computer in a little closet, and I read your posts on my BlackBerry but it's no fun responding that way, too hard to use the little smilies :cool: and sometimes the pages have too much data for a handheld. The trip was great, good conference and meetings, and I got to have dinner with one of my favorite people--a guy I think of as my big brother who just happened to grow up in a different family in another state.

I worked out a bit, mostly walking, walking, walking around in Berkeley and San Francisco, but I wasn't focused on my program, and I totally fell in love with a particular gelato place :drool: I wanted to end every evening there. So I'll have my work cut out for me to finish this month with a net loss. I'm traveling next week, too, just to keep the pressure on.

I'll do personals next time. Sounds like everyone is hanging in there!


03-20-2008, 10:24 PM
Carol - I'm glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not looking forward to the surgery, but it's actually a good incentive to get back on track.

Marie - Good for you to take a day off for skiing - you deserve it! It must be even more fun with your new boots. I've been taking glucosamine/chondroitin for a couple of years but I think I need to take a higher dose. I'm glad your Mom overcame her back problems, even though it took a lot of surgery. I'm hoping to put it off for as long as possible. I'm going to do all I can to strengthen my back and abs as I feel that may postpone the surgery or I may not even need it. Also, losing more weight can only help.

Judy - Good to hear from you, I'm glad you're having a good trip so far. My video arrived today and I'll start on the new exercises tomorrow. I fast-forwarded through it and it looks do-able with some good but fairly gentle ab and back exercises.

I'm feeling reinvigorated with my new goal for October. I managed to do some more yard work (between rain showers) without my back hurting much.

03-22-2008, 08:35 PM
Happy Saturday everyone!! Well, I went skiing on Friday and today. So right now I'm totally tired. I came home and took a 2 hour nap with Blizzie and Kody. I forgot sunscreen today and I have a slight pink. OK, I did put on the oil of old lady last night with SPF 15, but I don't think it helped. Luckily my SPF lipbalm was in my pocket and my lips aren't burned. Tomorrow I plan on being a bum the entire day. Maybe play with stained glass or stare out the window. We've been on a go, go, go ride all winter.

One funny story from the ski hill. As DH and were getting ready at our car, another couple was next to us and were so obnoxious. Every detail of them getting ready was dissected. Hubby: Do you want a snack? Wife: no, I have a protein bar for right before we hit the slopes. Hubby: Do you want to put a banana in your pants? I cracked up at that point. I literally couldn't stop laughing. Banana in the pants... I can't look at the bananas on my counter now in the same light. I know, I have a dirty mind...

Penny, it rained up there? We've had 2.5 days of gorgeous sunny weather. It's amazing how 280 miles can make. Good luck with your new video. I hope it helps the lower back.

Judy, good luck on your program. You made me laugh at the business center descriptions. Hotels do take a big leap in some of their descriptions.


03-23-2008, 01:47 PM
I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I know that this is an important spiritual time for many people, but if you just want a good laugh, Google Washington Post Peeps Contest and see some of this year's entries.

It feels good to be working out and I have finally chased the sugar out of my system from this last trip. My weight's back up to 220 :( but I think I can get if back down to where I was a month ago, 217.5, if I'm really focused this coming week. So far so good! The first blossoms are out on the trees, which always makes me feel optimistic and energized.

Carol, the big day is almost here! I'm very excited about your trip to Hawai'i'.

Penny, you are being very brave about these surgeries. I'm such a baby about them that it's acutally good incentive to stick with the journey and not totally relapse. I've had two knee surgeries and the only way I can avoid another one is to continue to chip away at weight loss. I hope the video helps with your back.

Marie, I hope you're having a fun day being a bum and thinking about bananas. I'm worried about you and the sunburns. Maybe you should stash extra sunscreen in your pockets and your car? You don't want to be one of those old ladies with skin like beef jerky.

I had a lazy day yesterday, and caught up on some movies. Things We Lost in the Fire was really good, and that Benicio Del Toro, hot-cha-cha! Time to run errands and do chores.

See you tomorrow! judy

03-23-2008, 10:44 PM
Girls its really crazy I can't get over I am really leaving in one more day oh my. So much to do so little time. Wish my wt. were down a bit more but oh well no time any of that now off I go to the beaches at least in better shape than a few months ago. Looking forward to seeing that little baby and my grown kids. I will be glad when the flying is over and we land safe and sound in the island of pardise. The weather there is around 80's cooler at night and the a.m. hrs. I need to purchase a new sweatshirt zip up on my way home mon. cooler on most plans so I plan on taking it aboard. My Easter was abit wild 23 of us wow. I ended up making a turkey breast in the crock at the last min. as I had added guest the day before. But it all worked out good company and nice family get together. The turkey and ham excellent I must say and my desserts were great.
Hope you all had a super day. Marie I loved the banana story I would of died. Hah hah Judy good for you exercising this last week got away from me with work etc, no extra exercise here. Too busy but I will go for some nice walks daily on vac. the baby and me...
Penny hope you enjoyed the holiday too.
2 bathing suits packed one new one old just in case I need an extra. I am taking my computer as a carry on and will keep it close to me at all times with my camera too. The kids by the way had 80 stuffed plastic eggs to find they had a ball, my dgs said can you believe I found money in my eggs I really did and it was a dollar and then some quarters and pennies in another on all the rest had candy. We had a good time and though it was busy I would do it again in a min. its what life is all about enjoying good times with the ones yah love. Well talk to you all soon aloha.

03-24-2008, 12:48 PM
Carol, I hope your trip is absolutely perfect. I freeze on planes so definitly get the sweatshirt.

Judy, you're so right about the sunscreen. The bad thing was that I had sunscreen in the car but it's torturous to walk to the parking lot in ski boots more than necessary. Luckily the burn was slight and gone by morning. But I decided that putting on oil of old lady every morning would be good for my dry skin regardless, so that's my new resolution. I did it yesterday (and before I went and sat by my pool (yes, the snow has FINALLY melted and it was warm yesterday) and this morning (a rainy day). Hopefully that will be much better.

I brought a banana for my morning snack. I swear that couple ruined bananas for me though.

I did 2 miles WATP jogging and 1 mile walking this morning. I promised doggies if it wasn't raining this afternoon after work I'd tak them out. Poor Kody moped all morning while I got ready fro work.


03-24-2008, 07:48 PM
Aloha, Carol! And bon voyage! I will have a Spam sandwich with pineapple and think of you :cool:.

Marie, I used to be very cavalier about sunscreen, but a few years ago I finally got serious about sunscreen. Although it doesn't sound like too much sun will be a problem for you today.

Penny and Jules, I hope you're doing well!

Being a more disorganized than usual Monday morning, there was no time for a workout. I forgot that I had a lunch meeting, so the big salad that I mistakenly packed just became an early dinner, so I can work out when I get home this evening. I'm heading back out of town in the morning, returning home on Friday. I'm expecting a nice workout facility in the swanky hotel "spa" we're meeting at, and I bought a few protein-rich snacks for the plane and for those times when I'm "starving" and need a healthy option. I'm determined to do better than I did last week--no daily trips to the gelateria, or to Mississippi's equivalent (sno-cones? or plain ice cream)!


03-24-2008, 10:04 PM
Carol - Have a fabulous trip, you must be so excited! Sounds like you had a great Easter with your family.

Marie - I hope you don't give up on bananas - they're full of potassium ;) :cb:
That's such a funny name - "oil of old lady" - I'll never think of it the same again.

Judy - Thanks for sharing the info about the peeps competition, the entries were hilarious. Some people definitely have too much time on their hands. :lol: I'm sure you'll start losing again now you're away from the gelato bar. I also think Benicio Del Toro is a hottie - he doesn't have the usual movie star good looks, but he for sure has a certain "something"! :carrot:

I've been faithfully doing my ab workouts and can really feel it! I saw an interesting show on TV last night on TLC "I Can Make You Thin!". Some british guy who is a motivational speaker and teaches people how to do "tapping" to stop food cravings and emotional eating. It was a bit gung-ho for my taste, but I'm going to try the tapping next time I'm headed for a binge.

Juls - I hope everything's fine with you.

03-25-2008, 12:27 PM
OK, what do they mean "tapping". I'll try anything at this point. :) I'm so lucky I really like to exercise or I'd have gained back everything I'd lost over the last 2 years. My food intake (or at least desire and thinking about food) is at an all time high. I guess I haven't eaten as much as I've been dreaming about it. That's nearly as frustrating. I can't get my mind off food. So I'd tap, dance, whatever to get my mind on something else. Even skiing lately I'm dreaming about food. But not bananas... eeks.

We took doggies out after dinner last night for a 1.5 mile walk. Added to the WATP in the morning, I balanced out the food dreams. This morning, my heel spur was so painful that when I stepped on it getting out of bed, I almost fell on Kody. So I did yoga instead. tonight I'm going to start doggie treadmill lessons. That should be entertaining. I'm thinking of videotaping it. I'll probably use the exercycle so my heel gets a good break. As I'm sitting here, it's throbbing. I guess too much use of it yesterday.

Judy, I'm usually obsessive about sunscreen as I had two severe burns and the derm. dr. said I could never get a severe burn again. I usually where sunscreen to bed, all winter long and slather it on every couple hours in the summer whether or not I'm outside. The change came when I changed my bathing schedule. About a year ago I switched from showering in the morning to washing my hair in the evening so it could air dry (so that it would grow longer as I have fine hair). That left the mornings to style it and get ready for work. That's when I stopped using the sunscreen first thing. I'd remember if I was going to spend the day outside - unless like Saturday I forgot. So I came up with a new routine - always put old lady oil on before the makeup. The derm dr. would appreciate your reminding me to be more careful. And yes, I put it on this morning before the make-up. Three days straight now.

OK, I suppose I should work. :(

03-25-2008, 03:13 PM
Marie - The tapping technique was originally meant to help against depression, but some people find it helps with compulsive eating and smoking. Basically, you tap different places on your face, collar bone and hands, while making certain eye movements and humming. Sounds weird, but it apparently helps to "reset" both hemispheres of the brain in a positive way. There is a video on Youtube dot com watch?v=6r7OZwhcqxY. As you say, anythings worth a try! The first time I saw it was when we were watching the Little League World series and one team's pitcher was using it to relax between innings (his team won!)

03-26-2008, 03:57 PM
So Penny, I watched it then went to tapping dot com. It's pretty cool. I'm going to try it during the morning munchies. After doing the video for 15 minutes, I'm definitely relaxed and not too into the thought of food evn though it's lunch time. Hmmm. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing it.

I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill this morning. My heel hurt again when I got up (feels fine now) and that surprised me. It didn't hurt last night at all when I went to bed. I hope whatever is bugging it stops. :)

Food was average yesterday. No so bad at all this morning. Now that I've got the tapping idea, we'll see if that helps.

03-26-2008, 06:30 PM
Marie - I just checked out the tapping dot com site a bit more. There's quite a few interesting (if New Age-y) things on the forum there that I might try. I think my eating problems are definitely linked to lots of unresolved emotional stuff. I did the intro tapping video and felt quite a bit more relaxed than when I started, though my DH came in when I was in the middle of humming "happy birthday to you" and rolling my eyes, so he thinks I'm completely off my rocker now! :lol:

03-26-2008, 11:34 PM
Tapping, huh? Okay, I'm game! I'm not doing badly on this trip. I'm in the south, and all the meals have been heavy on the flour, butter, cheese and gravy (and yummy), but I'm managing to eat relatively lightly, not load up my plate (all buffet meals so far) and only have little bits of dessert, if any. I worked out yesterday but I probably won't get one in today. The weather's in the 70s so I have been able to wear sandals for the first time this year :cool: after getting a pedicure during an airport layover.

Penny, I've seen that British guy you're talking about, he was interesting but a bit much. I have also seen You Are What You Eat, on BBC America, which I like better, although seeing the colonics is probably TMI :eek:.

Marie, sorry to hear about your heel spur, that's gotta be a drag. What can be done about it?


03-27-2008, 01:05 PM
Morning all, things are going ok today. Another icy commute to work and it's cold (19 degrees). I did the 2 mile WATP jog and 1 mile walk this morning. Yesterday I began training Kody how to use the treadmill. After a bit of jumping on me, he got it and his tail was wagging. He did 8 minutes yesterday and this morning after WATP, I had him do about 5 minutes. He jumped off a couple times this morning and it wasn't quite as wonderful as yesterday. But he sure did like the treat after. He got that part down quickly. And my right thigh is streaked with bruises from his nails. But if I can figure a way to use some of his energy, it will be well worth it.

Judy, the heel spurs (both feet) are a long time thing. My orthotics usually take care of it. I haven't really thought about them in a couple years (sinc ethe orthotics) but Monday's doggie walk irritated it somehow (even with the orthotics).

Penny, I did it at my desk while there was no one around. I'm going to keep trying the tapping and see how it goes. It sure can't hurt. I thought your DH already knew you were off your rocker...

Judy, good job on passing the heavy foods. That's so hard when traveling. Heck, I'm finding it hard at home as well these days. I did a good thing this morning. I wanted another mocha (my slilm one I make is cheap cals) and almost went to 'Bucks but instead rinsed out my home mocha cup and made decaf tea. NutraSweet and a touch of light lemonade and I have a hot drink and no cals. Yeah. That is progress.


03-27-2008, 03:15 PM
Judy - You must have a lot of willpower to resist all those good ole rib-sticking southern foods! I'm jealous of your nice weather - we had snow flurries this morning and it's going to be colder tomorrow brrrrr. Yes, that brit guy is very obnoxious and I don't think I could stomach watching too many of his shows, but I'm glad I found out more about "tapping" through the show and I recommend the tapping dot com website if you're interested in giving it a try.

Marie - That must be quite a sight with Kody on the treadmill with you! If his tail was wagging he was probably enjoying it immensely. You're a good doggie mom to put up with the bruising in order to give your puppy some exercise. I'm sure he appreciates having a chance to let off some of his energy. Good for you resisting Starbucks. Your no-cal drink was a good solution. I'm ok with just ordering a non-fat latte, but it's the pastries that get me so I don't go out for coffee very often. I just can't resist pastries if I see them sitting there calling my name. I suppose I could start tapping, but they might send for the little yellow wagon! :lol: I hope your heel spurs have settled down. I have them on the tops of my feet (arthritic spurs) so I know how painful they can be.

I'm feeling a bit more in control since I started the tapping. It's probably just a placebo effect, but I'll take it!

Carol - I hope you're having fun in Hawaii.

03-28-2008, 11:35 AM
Nothing wrong with placebos, if they work :D.

Ice and snow after Easter is not good. Carol got out just in time, there's a snowstorm in her part of the country. Today is the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, so I go home to snowfall today I will be very upset!

I ate more on target yesterday. I'm in a different city and in an okay but not so swanky hotel, so the breakfast buffet isn't nearly as tempting...I worked out in my room for 40 minutes, and had 2 hard-boiled eggs and a tiny yogurt cup from the continental b'fast buffet. I'll be checking out in a few minutes, going to one last meeting, then off to the airport and home.

Here's one funny piece of news: I officially "went out" last night, with someone I met earlier this week. I hadn't thought of it that way when I asked him to suggest a nice place to hear music, but it quickly morphed into a date with romantic overtones. He's interesting, we laughed quite a bit, but the musical part of the evening never materialized, and we couldn't even find a decent movie (God, I could never live in a small town!). I felt like a teenager as we wandered around in a Barnes and Noble and eventually ended the evening in a cafe drinking coffee (him) and hot chocolate (me). He's a nice enough fellow, but there were no sparks for me. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I sent emailed him a note of thanks, and hope that he doesn't feel too badly. Anyway, perhaps I'm ready to start thinking about men that way again, after a long hiatus, and at least one guy was eager to think of me that way, too, so this is a big milestone. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Time to finish packing. Have a good day. Jules and Nikki, check in when you can.;


03-29-2008, 11:58 AM
Wow Judy, that's pretty cool! A date. No sparks are ok, you played the game. I like living in a small town but lack of entertainment would be hard for an extrovert. I'm an introvert and like to be at home. (As I type this from Reno...)

Apparently 3FC ate my post yesterday. I saw it there after I hit post, but it seems gone. At the last minute, we decided to come to Reno and DS1 and family will be coming up to our place the weekend we were going to come down. In other words, we swapped weekends.

Well, DGS is awake and is pointing to my computer as to play with it. So I'll say bye for now.

03-30-2008, 12:28 PM
Judy - It was nice to hear about your date. As Marie said, it's fun to play the game and even if there weren't any sparks, it sounds as if you had a very nice time. I bet the cherry blossoms are gorgeous at this time of the year. They are out here too, thought not as many as where you are, I'm sure.

Marie - I hope you had fun in Reno. Too bad the internet ate your post - that's frustrating!

We had the weirdest weather yesterday. One minute the sun came out and we went to Bed Bath & Beyond. By the time we got there it was snowing and hailing so hard we couldn't get out of the car and by the time we got home there was about 2" of wet snow & slush on the ground and it was very slippery. The sky went almost as dark as night and yet there was sunshine in the background. I wish I'd had my camera with me - I've never seen such a dramatic sky. I hope it drys up soon as I'm itching to do some yard work. We're having two large trees taken out tomorrow to make room for our new patio. I'll be sad to see them go as the birds & squirrels love them, but they are way too close to the house. Our back yard is a real mess as we had two outbuildings demolished last week and some of the debris still needs to be taken away and the area graded. I keep trying to visualize how it will look when it's all finished and I'm sure it will be a big improvement. I'm going to start using the treadmill again today as my hip is feeling a lot better. I'm hoping that if I go slowly and start with 10-15 min. it won't start things off again.

03-31-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi everyone, I'm back home and spending the day cleaning with the doggies. I've done the floors and kitchen, and am halfway done with the laundry. I'm starting to get tired. I've been really good with the food this morning as I have to face the fact I need to buckle down and get more stringent with my food choices.

Skiing was great on Saturday. We had a wonderful time. The whole weekend was really nice. DS started getting sick yesterday so I'm hoping that it passes DH and I. DGS was so much fun. I love toddlers!!!!!

Penny, the weather is a bit better down here at the moment but I know that Portland had nasty weather on Friday (I didn't know about Saturday). Good luck on the treadmill and don't push it at all. Just a nice stroll. We'll make Kodiak treamill today and I'll push him. :)