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01-13-2008, 11:46 AM
So I am brand new to this low carb thing. And I just completed my 2nd week of induction. I'm not really doing Atkins, per se, I just sort of do my own low carb version...but I do count my carbs and try to keep them under 20-25.
Anyway, I have not cheated. I am very dedicated. I LOVE the way this lifestyle makes me feel. I've had so much energy. I haven't had this much energy in years! It's also been such mood enhancer for me! Everyone around me has noticed. And I'm sleeping better! All good things, right? So I was a tad disappointed to get on the scale to see that I have lost NO weight during induction. I read all of these inspiring stories of people losing 5,6,7,8 and more pounds during the first two weeks. What happend to me? Some of my clothes do a feel a tiny bit looser...but not where I expected to be. I am not giving up. I don't give up that easily, but this has put a bit of a damper on my motivation and happy mood. I will confess that I have not been excercising and do plan to start with this next week. ( We've been out of town, I've been working more hours, my daughter got sick,etc. ) and exercising has not really been an option. However, no more excuses, I am beginning again soon!
But, what gives in the weight loss department? Any thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance.:)

01-13-2008, 11:54 AM
I can understand that would be disappointing. Can you give us an idea of your daily menu? Maybe there are some hidden carbs in there? Are you on any medications?

01-13-2008, 12:05 PM
it will depend on the amount of weight you are trying to loose as well. If you are closer to your goal weight, it isnt going to come off as fast.

or...are you drinnking your water, this also makes a huge difference.

post a menu sample too, like sayincalm mentioned. Maybe we will see something that is holding you back.

01-13-2008, 12:09 PM
Well, here is a typical menu for me:

Breakfast - eggs, black coffee ( sometimes I skip eggs and just eat sausage or some ham.
Lunch - cheeseburger ( no bun or ketchup )
Snack - slices of hard cheddar cheese
Dinner - Salad with ranch dressing and shredded cheese, grilled chicken,
sometimes I'll eat brocolli instead of salad or steak instead of chicken ( if my husband and I feel like splurging )
Snack - slices of cheese or another small salad, or celery with cream cheese
And I know this isn't really allowed on Atkins, but sometimes I'll eat a small handful ( 1/4 cup ) of peanuts or macademia nuts as a snack in the afternoon as well.

I am taking 25 mg of zoloft each day. I have slowly taken that dosage down over the years. I went through a horrible bout of depression and anxiety after my daughter was born 6 years ago. Zoloft helped with depression and anxiety but I didn't like the side effects. I used to take 100mg in the beginning but have been able to get this down. 25 mg has helped with side effects. I do not actually think the zoloft is causing me to not lose weight, because after I took the dosage down from 100mg, I lost a lot of weight just from that alone, because the meds, I feel were causing me to overeat without realizing it. But who knows? Perhaps zoloft is causing a problem? I'm not sure I can go without it...whenever I've tried to quit ,I've relapsed...and relapsed terribly. : (
And I am NOT on any hormonal birth control...I know that can affect weight gain/loss as well.

01-13-2008, 12:13 PM
how many oz of cheese are you eating a day? Otherwise the menu looks good.

If zoloft would cause a relapse, then dont even think about stopping it. Have you googled zoloft and weightloss to see if it actually is the problem? If it is, maybe you can talk to your dr about it?

01-13-2008, 01:59 PM
Smiller, your menu looks almost identical to mine. My only suggestion would be to watch the canned veggies as they have a lot more sodium than the fresh or frozen ones. Also, I eat max. of 2 oz. of cheese only per day and this helps me drop weight easier.

Other than this, you may want to have your Dr. check you for Insulin Resistance. I have this and without Glucophage have a horrilble time losing weight no matter what "diet" I am on.

01-13-2008, 03:32 PM
I think I've read somewhere medications for depression could slow down your weightloss progress. DON'T GIVE UP ON THE ZOLOFT OR LC'ing though!! Especially if it is going to cause a relapse. Resort to the fact you are eating way much more healthier than you were and although you may not be losing lbs. as quickly as you would will lose and when you're not losing more than likely are losing inches. You said yourself you feel so much better with this WOE and you have so much more energy. All the more reasons to keep eating the way you're eating.

Enjoy your new way of eating and soon you will see results on the scale. It just may take a little longer for you but you will see results.'s way much better than gaining weight!!

Best of luck to you!!


01-13-2008, 11:24 PM
I would say that exercise does help in losing the weight because it helps with your metabolism. Another thing that helps that I have not heard you talk about is water. A lot of the weight you lose early on in a low carb diet is water weight. As silly as it sounds you can't lose the water weight without drinking tons of water!

01-14-2008, 03:15 PM
HI SMiller, your menu sounds good. keep it up! I just wanted to say for me nuts stall me, I tried adding a few after the first two weeks and just stoped losing untill I quit eating them. I also noyiced a big difference if I drink more water I lose more. And make sure you are taking some vitamine and mineral supliments especialy calcium, magnisium and potassium.

01-15-2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks for the advice and encouragement, everyone. When I have really sat down to think about this, I realized I am definately NOT drinking enough water. I also didn't add that I do occasionally ( not very often) drink a diet soda. I need to replace the diet soda with water and drink more water. I generally do not like the taste of water and it's really hard for me do this...but I know it's a healthier option all the way around.

Also I wanted to mention that when I put on some jeans this morning, they felt a lot looser where they button. I was elated! These jeans have been tight for way too long! LOL So I know I must be making some sort of progress. I have vowed to not step onto the scales for another two weeks. ( very hard to do) Hopefully I will see better numbers next time. I am trying to convince myself that it isn't all about the numbers, but how I feel and how my clothes fit. But accomplishing that mentality is easier said than done. : )

01-16-2008, 05:04 AM
I think that you are losing weight. Once I went two weeks on the diet,and didnt lose a pound, I was so depressed, but a week later I had weighed myself and weighed 10lbs less.Sometimes it takes the body a bit to actually lose lbs, but you are losing because your jeans are smaller!Keep up the good work,and also if you can't drink a lot of water because of the taste, tea, and crystal light can be added as like 2 or 3 glasses of your water intake, (just make sure you dont use aspertame)The diet soda is fine if it's not very often, and isn't aspertame.