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01-12-2008, 11:11 PM
Hello ,

I have been on phrase 1 for 6 days now and the cravings have gone away and the headaches have stopped. I wanted to thank everyone for every piece of advice that has been posted on this site. The FAQ's are wonderful, and I love the recipes that have shared. I printed the current list of phrase 1 & 2 and I went the store to get some treats. I bought some jello which has the South Beach logo on it and some Bunny fudgescicles-Sweet Freedom-no sugar added(sweeten w/splenda. These are the nutritional facts:
Serving size 2 bars

Calories 2 bars per bar
70 35
from fat 0 0
Total Fat 0.5g 0
sat fat 0 0
Cholestrol 0 0
Sodium 90mg 45mg
Potassium 210mg 105mg
Total Carbs 17g 9g

dietary fiber 6g 3g
sugars 7g 3g
sorbitol 2g 1g
Protein 4g 2g

net carb 4g

Are these okay???????????:carrot:

01-13-2008, 02:35 PM
They look O.K. to me.

01-13-2008, 05:05 PM
Thanks, I bought some South Beach ranch salad dressing which has no sugar and 70 calories per serving & 7 grams of fat. While eating my salad, I noticed it has phrases 2 & 3 on it. I thought I could eat salad dressing that has less that 3 grams of sugar. Well, any way I had almost finished it any way. Well, I'm off the store to buy my ingredients for the turkey chilli today, since it's about 50 degrees here & cloudy( sounds like chili weather to me), I thought my husband & I would try the recipe I saw on this site. We need something that has left overs so I won't have to cook every day. We are doing great by the way, and the clothes are fitting less snug. Take care.

01-15-2008, 04:22 PM
i can tell you are trying really hard. You can do this. I did the same thing. I went shopping without my glasses and picked up the SBD ranch dressing as well and I had used it a couple of times before I noticed the little Phase 2 and 3 circle on the very lower right bottom of the back of the bottle!! Gee, could it be any smaller?

Anyway, I figured if that was the worst discretion that I was going to do during Phase One I was okay. In fact what is kind of confusing is that he does mention salad dressings in his book but what he fails to mention is he means salad oil and vinegar. I don't like the taste of viniagrettes so I felt I had settled in a lesser of two evils.

I made chili during week two of Phase One and it just felt like I was eating the way I like to eat: hearty filling warm and oh-so-good smelling kind of food. In fact, most of my meals were really good. I even had chicken breast fajitas without the wraps of course but I got the taste I was looking for.

It can work.:carrot::)