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01-11-2008, 12:00 PM
Well, I went off plan yesterday with stupid chocolate. My food scale broke 3 days ago and I thought I was estimating my oz right with the protien. I knew it was risky but threw all care to wind thinking it would be fine. Today my scale says I gained 2 lbs. Now after a month I have to go to the COD tomarrow and face the reality that I have once again stayed the same weight for a month! My goal weight feels like a couple hundred light years away and I'm just depressed amd disapointed in myself. Sorry to be a downer.:(

bradleys mom
01-11-2008, 12:20 PM
Tinkertoy! :hug: Dont get down! I too went off plan with chocolate yesterday. So I went home and exercised for 45 minutes to work it off. I know I am probably not the perfect poster girl for LAWL, but here is some adivce I have followed this past week.

Pick a buddy on here to PM or email whenever your feeling like a cheat or just need to talk. Or just come on here to rant and rave. We all do it at one time or another! I realized that the times I was cheating was when I was emotionally distressed or just plain stressed out and wasnt letting it out!! Being able to talk to someone or come on here to vent has helped me tremendously this week!!!

Also plan ahead! Sit down with your journal and plan out your meals for up to a week in advance. The get to cooking. Make sure you have plenty of plastic baggies and tupperware. I cook enough chicken and eggs for up to 3 days in advance. Then pack it the night before. If you have to, invest in a small cooler or something to keep your food cold, and with you!

Most of all try to think about what your doing before you do it. My cheat yesterday was a Valentines sampler from Russel Stovers. I didnt really even realize what I had done until after I had ate the pieces! And I made my DH purge our house of the snacks and candy, or made him put it out of my sight. Because it is really does help, Out of Sight, Out of Mind!


01-11-2008, 12:26 PM
Don't worry about it Tinkertoy... I went off my diet yesterday because I had planned lunch and dinner dates with friends... I thought I did really well, but turns out I gained more than I'm willing to admit right now... more than you did... much more.... I had no clue I could gain so much weight in one day. I've also not been walking for the past few days so I am presently attempting to talk myself into doing that today. Just know you're not alone in the depression zone, but we've got to get out and move on! It's just a set back, and lets face it, life is filled with those. What do we do? We get upset, learn to deal, and move forward! We can do it :)

01-11-2008, 12:51 PM
Tinkertoy - don't worry, we've all done it. For me, I've had more bad days than good days in the past few months, but I'm back on track now and thats all that I can do. I can't change what I've done in the past, and you cannot change the last few days. You have come a long way and done an amazing job! You should be very proud of yourself!!! Each time I start, I do well, then get lazy after some big event. I'm working hard right now before our 4th annual trip to Chicago Cubs Spring Training games in Phoenix at the end of February (by the way, if you're anywhere near there, I'm jealous. It's beautiful!). I know I'll do well up to that point, but when I come home I need to get myself back on track.

Anyways, don't feel down. PM me if you want to chat. I know sometimes I need a pick-me-up after a bad few days on the scales, but you have to look at the big picture - because your total loss is inspires me so I'm counting on you to keep going! You and I are the same height with the same goal. You're halfway thru your journey and I'm barely started!!! Good for you.

01-11-2008, 01:11 PM
Thanks you so much. Just what I needed to hear. You are so nice. You just made my good for noThin day a good for someThin day!.
AJ i am 2 hrs away from Pheonix and its 51 degrees out. Not to bad. I love Arizona, but Nashville is nice too, I been there once.
Your right mara, we can do it...thanks.
Bradleys mom, your so nice you made me cry.

01-11-2008, 01:53 PM
Any time Tink!! And I feel tons better too... I jut got back from my 45 min walk! We really can do it!:D:carrot::D:carrot::D

01-11-2008, 03:47 PM
Tink, I think it is soooo common to hit a plateau after about 35 pounds, that your counselors will not be surprised at all. Look at how much you have lost! How can you ever consider that a failure? The longer you stay at one weight the more "real" you make it. As in if there was some water weight loss, you might have replaced it with real fat loss. I bet you are continuing to shrink. Are your clothes fitting looser? Lots of time we are making a lot of progress when the scale is not moving. Especially when you have already dropped a big amount of weight.