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02-01-2002, 12:08 AM

Welcome to a thread full of humor, encouragement, friendship & fellowship, as we share the ups & downs of raising a family & losing weight! We welcome all new friends & our returning friends too!!

Be sure to go back and check out the Stay At Home Mom's #30 thread to see what has been going on in everyone's lives & meet our newcomers.



02-01-2002, 12:22 AM
This is great! We are going into a new thread every couple of days. It is good that it is so busy.:)
Lilbit- sounds like you are doing well with your eating, especially with eating out. Hope that you got motivated at last, especially after those 3 cups of Earl Grey. ( I am a tea drinker too!!!!)
Spryng- I think I have mentioned before that the body can go into a starvation mode or sorts, when calories are cut a lot (anyone else ever heard of it?). It is just when the metabolism slows down a bit to hold onto the fat stores that are in the body.
WW advises increasing the excercise when you hit a plateau- even 15 minutes a day helps. Great for you that you are feeling so well and that turning down bad foods is almost effortless (I love it when I am that locked in!). You are doing great, the weight will come off!!!!
CDM- sounds as though you have found an eating plan for yourself! And one that seems reasonable and will work.
No problem with the lack of a scale. As long as you feel good and get to a weight that feels good and you are happy with, the actual weight is almost irrelevant! Keep up the good work!
Jackie- I am so glad to hear from you! Glad that you are feeling better too! Keep an eye on that cough and take care of yourself.
Yes, I know that Gary really likes the house clean, but please take the time that you need to get well. All those wonderful little dust mites will wait for you (of course, they will invite some friends to join them while they are waiting:( ). Enjoy the quiet house too.

Quiet house????? What's that????? My house was a zoo today, with 3 kids who were all bored. And boredom really brings out the best in kids personalities, eh?:lol: Well, we survived it,and had a few laughs too.
No walk today:( , I will have to make up for it tomorrow.
I am off to twinkie land now, time for some rest.
See ya tomorrow!

02-01-2002, 12:38 AM
Well I sure got my exercise today!! We got about 10 inches of the heaviest snow last night. I decided to go out and clear the drive way - oh wow!! Now that was exercise! I have never lifted such heavy snow! My eating was ok today I get through the day ok I really like the slim fast - cause its chocolate! By around 3 I feel starved though! Then I made dinner which was very yummy tonight baked chicken, corn, stuffing, gravy
but oops - I over did it on the gravy! Next time I dont think I will even make it, it tasted so good but we really did'nt need it! Wont it be nice when its Summer? I cant wait to take my girls for walks and bike rides - its exercise, its free, and my 4 year old will love the time together OUTSIDE!! I think I have a bad case of "cabin fever". Well have a good evening, I am off to bed.

02-01-2002, 12:44 AM
Hey CDM!
Send some snow my way,eh? (sounded so pretty!!!!!!!)
All we got was ice.
Nitey, nite!

02-01-2002, 11:57 AM
Good morning everyone! The sun has finally decided to pop back out today!! It's freezing out there but gives the illusion of warmth.
I increased my calories yesterday and lost 1/2 a lb!! I'm almost to 133. I ended the day at almost 1200 cals. (I had a big mac and fries too, so that's pretty good.) Does anyone know if there is more calories in tuna or chicken breasts?? I don't have a can of tuna to compare it to.
I'm glad to see so many posts again!! It sounds like everyone is doing really good today. I'll check back in later to see how everyone's day was.

02-01-2002, 02:36 PM
Well, I thought that today was going to be so sane.......and now it has become a bit out of control. A former neighbor of ours passed away (we were not all that close, but I see his wife in town from time to time) so I am going to the viewing this afternoon. Then I just got a call from work......... so I have to do write modifications to a procedure to them and quick email that in. And then I have to go pay Dh's speeding ticket (he is too angry about it to do it himself:( , as a matter of fact refuses to even drive thru that town because he is so annoyed! So, my nice peaceful afternoon of wallpapering............going, going, gone, goodbye!!!!!!!:lol:
It is misting out here now, so when the sun comes out(and they say it should) I am going to get a walk in!! I will! I will!

Spryng- I am not sure about the calorie thing. I that if the tuna is water packed, a 3 oz serving is probably less than chicken breast. But, I doubt that the difference is much (like 20 calories or something like that). Glad to hear that you ate a few more calories yesterday. We want you to stay healthy too! And a big congrats on losing that pound. You are doing great.
Gotta go and do that email.
"See" ya later!

02-01-2002, 03:59 PM
Hi everyone! How are ya all? Hope hings are getting lined out for you there Ginny. Glad to hear you added some cals Spryng. I'm not sure about difference in cals there, but I'm with Ginny it can't be much. While I'm here... Hope you don't mind. I'll voice alittle concern, sorry in advance. I just got worried about you and your low cals. I care is all. Are you taking a vitamin? It really is important. I was just reading about all these low cal diets and the side effects it can have on us (women). It was scarey. It totally changed my feelings. I will be sure and take my vitamin after seeing it. I'm going to do some more research on the subject, tonight if I get time. I'm curious what my cal intake should be, to be healthy and still lose weight. Anyone know how to figure this out? Please Spryng be careful, and I hope I didn't make you mad. With all that said, I'm doing very well today with the diet. Exercise has been poor today though. I've been so lazy:lol: if that is possible with these youngin's. I don't know what is the matter with me! Usually I'm the first person up in the morn' and a busy body all day. But here lately I'm doing just the opposite. I just feel pooped! Oh and another thing I realized (brought to my attention by my Dh) I'm drinking way to much diet soda. Almost 4 a day! Wow! That has to change. CMD I hope your moving is moving along well.;) And Jackie, get better soon we miss you! Have a great day! Misti

02-01-2002, 07:26 PM
Good evening everyone!!

Sorry to hear your day has been so crazy Ginny! I really feel for you. Life can be so stressful sometimes.
You didn't hurt my feeling or anything Misti. I'm pleased that you care about me and my health!! :) Yes I do take a multivitamin every day and extra vitamin C to keep my immune system healthy. Dieting can make you more prone to sickness. So I take an extra 1000 mg a day. I know that low cal like I have been doing isn't the healthiest way for some but it is for me. I eat three meals a day and a snack they are just low cal versions of everything. Except dinners sometimes. I may eat a tuna or hamburger helper that I love. But all in all I eat plenty!! Really I do! I'm going to keep my cals at 1000 now. As close to it as possible. I'm most comfortable there. But I promise to be careful. I'm just ready to shed this weight and start maintaining. You know?? But as slow as I am losing I don't think I'll have these 4 lbs off by Feb 14. But that's ok. At least I know I'm doing it right. :)
And I do know several sites that you can go to to see how many cals you need a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week. You can go to www.ediets.com and take their free assesment test. It's very good. Then you don't have to sign up!! Or you can go to www.foodfit.com and take one there. Let me know if those didn't work for you ok? ediets said I should be at 1400 to 1500 cals a day to lose 1 lb a week. That's why I figure 1000-1100 will get me to lose 2 lbs a week. Even though I haven't lost two lbs in a week in a long time now. I'm scared to go up more cals and not lose anymore for several weeks.
Well, I hope I was some help and thanks fr being concerned but really I'm drinking my 8-10 glasses of water each day, no sugar, multi-vitamin, and three meals plus snack. I think I'm fine. But I will take your advice and be careful. Thank you so much! :D

02-01-2002, 10:02 PM
:) Glad to know I didn't make you mad Spryng. I read those articals and began to worry if I was getting enough too. It sounds like you are, with 3 meals and all. I really think you are doing great with your weight loss you have came along way. It's hard, I really know. But it's never worth hurting our bodies over. Ok, I'm done:dizzy: But I'm so glad you're not mad. I really just care is all. Now, I had a pretty good day. Dd's 1 and 2 were both good. Dh has been kinda edgey though (taxes). I did well with my diet, but the exercise is still kinda in a slump. I guess I should get to bed. Nghty nite!

02-02-2002, 12:16 AM
Thanks again Misti for caring!! I appreciate what you said and I'm glad you felt the need to tell me. That means that this *support* site is doing it's job!! :) Believe me, I couldn't do any diet without friends to lean on and/or support. And I find all of you to be very special friends.
I'll see you girls tomorrow! :p

02-02-2002, 10:22 AM
Good morning!
Spryng and Misti~ what a nice conversation you had going. (now I am here to mess it all up!). But, Spryng, I hope that you will put me in with Misti. I think I might have come down a bit heavy handed on your calorie count, and I do hope that you know it was only because I care and do not want to see anyone get sick.
We all face the toughest and most important job in the world, shaping the next generation -being mothers, and should be as healthy as we can be to do that job well!

Spryng~glad that you are taking your vitamins! I like the ediet site too, and their daily emails can be useful and encouraging.
Don't be hard on yourself with having the 4 pounds off my 2/14.
Really, the challenge to get off 5 # is meant as a kick start for us all, something to help get our minds focusing on weight loss with a bit more seriousness. Your mindset is already there. And those 4 # will come off!:) You are doing great.

Misti~ aren't income taxes fun????? Can't do ours yet, we are still missing one form. Sorry that your Dh is stressed out about it.
Hopefully he will not take it out too much on your and your family.
Feel free to unload on us here if need be, that is why we are here!:)

I have another busy day ahead. Ds has a basketball game (and I have to man the admission table). Dh went off early to his parents house to help with some repairs, and hopefully will be done in time to meet us there.
I had better go and unload the dishwasher- then off for a walk.
Have a great day/weekend!

02-02-2002, 01:41 PM
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Things around here are pretty slow, they usually are on Saturdays though. We put in long days all week farming and sorda shut down on the weekends. Dh is hanging in there with the taxes. All he asked was to keep the kids out of the office while he tried to concentrate last night. It wasn't to difficult. Hope yours come out better than ours are Ginny. We need to get an accountant. Dh insists he can do it although they get more and more difficult each year with the farm and all. Anyhow, I'm having urges to raid the fridge. So I decided to come post. It's boredum. Kids are down for a nap, Dh is off planning a trip to MD next week and I'm trying to find something to occupy myself with. Well, guess I'd better get have a goo day

02-02-2002, 04:17 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!! I am in a great mood today!! we finally have all of our tax stuff together so that is done. (we take ours to professionals. ) And my Dh went and bought my anniversary present!! A new fender guitar!!! I have wanted one for so long!! I will get it tonight. I can't wait!!
My day started off rocky though. I put aside a burrito for me for lunch today and while I was getting some groceries DH fed it to the kids. So I was a little upset. He knew I was saving it. But it's just food right?? So I had a healthy choice pizza. They are really good. So I felt better after I ate. It's just one of those days sometimes but it has brightened up alot. First when I checked the mail and saw our last W2 form in there and when my DH called to tell me he was buying my gift. I think he was sucking up but that's ok, it worked!!
OK, this is day two of potty training my 2 year old. I need advice!!! After I put training pants on her yesterday she wouldn't go to the bathroom at all. She held it in for 5 hours!! Then found a place in her room and peed on the carpet. I can't get her to pee not even once in her potty. What do I do?? I know she is ready. I just have no clue how to start. Those of you that have succeeded please give me some helpful advice. I'm ready to put diapers back on her and call it quits.
I weighed this morning and still 134. but I must be losing inches because my jeans are feeling more comfortable. I have a feeling I might be 133 by tomorrow. Hopefully.
Thank you Ginny for caring also. I am very careful with my diet and am trying to increase calories. Just not by alot. I'm comfortable at 1000. But don't worry. I'm not being hard on myself about these 4 lbs. I know I won't be at 130 by feb 14 and that's ok for me. I'm in the size of my dreams and that does it for me. So even if it takes me three months to get four lbs off that's ok because my size 8 fits great and that's all that matters. :) You guys really help me have a positive attitude toward all that.
Well I'm off to search the net for guitar tabs. talk to you later!!

02-02-2002, 04:39 PM
Hey Spryng, what kind of music are you interested in? My Dh plays and I pick alittle. He has found alot of really good tab sites. We like everything, I can play a few of Jewel's songs. He plays mostly bluegrass, Alison Krauss and the Union Station Band. Dh has 2 Fenders. They make a great guitar. I have my moms very old Fender. It's sentimental, I never play it. Well glad you are having a great day! I'm still trying to avoid the fridge:p Have a goo:?: day!!!

02-02-2002, 04:42 PM
Hi misti!! I would love to play jewel! Can you tell me what tab sites you use? I am searching everywhere for some good ones. I also like alternative that has alot of guitar and some older rock like white lion and skid row and such. But I like just about every type of music out there.

02-02-2002, 05:01 PM
Try this one for Jewel
Dh is off hiking and he has alot more saved so I'll ask him when he gets home. He might have something you are interested in. I play mostly by ear. Good luck! Oh hey I about forgot, I got some tips for you about the potty training too. But I'll have to post them tonight when the kids go to bed.

02-02-2002, 05:04 PM
That sounds fantastic!! I really need help!:?:

02-03-2002, 12:03 PM
Ok, I had a really bad night. Sorry for not getting back with you Spryng. Dh had an awful tummy virus and needed taken care of. We all know what rotten patients men can be. So about the potty traning. I didn't use the training pants until Dh was as I put it aware of what was going on... about a week ago. What I mean by that is she knows to go sit on the potty and do her "buisness". Now is the time for her because she can easily pull training pants up and down by herself. She stayed in diapers until now. I'd say she pretty much potty trained but we are still working on staying dry all night. Some tips. Leave her in diapers until you think she can go alone. Pick a time to start training her when you know you will be staying home alot (every minute counts). They get confused easily. I began by introducing her to the potty chair... I let her sit on it with her clothes on. Play, whatever makes her comfy. Next I sat her on it with out her diaper and asked her if she needed to potty, when she finally went we praised her, let her look at the pee so she could understand she peed and what pee was. Funny I know. But it works. The first few days I would just keep reminding her if she needed to potty. Soon enough she was telling me when she had to go. Most important though you have to repeat the process over and over don't give up. They learn everything by doing it over and over. I sure hope all this helps you. You might want to check out Dr. Spocks baby care book. It has helped me alot. Well I'll post again later I hope. Ginny how's your weekend going? I missed church this morning:( we got up late where Dh was so sick all night. He kept us all awake running back and forth to the bathroom. I was glad when he finally went downstairs on the couch, the girls and I finally got some rest. Ok I gotta go dissenfect the bathrooms! Big Big Fun!!!!:s:

02-03-2002, 12:09 PM
:lol: I meant Dd! My Dh is already potty trained!!! Ok I'm really going now! :o

02-03-2002, 02:09 PM
Thanks for your advice Misti!! How did your DD go for the first time in the potty?? I can't get mine to go even once so that I can make a huge deal about it and start the praising. She is wearing toddler panties and loves them. She can pull them up and down with ease. I say, Do you need to pee pee and she will pull the panty down and sit on her potty chair but that's all. I can't get her to actually go. How do I do that??? I take her to the bathroom with me and show her what I am doing and let her flush when I'm done. I don't know if it's helping her any though. Now don't think this is insane but last night I peed in her potty to show her how to do it and what it looks like and all that. I read that that helps some. She thought it was funny (I'm sure I looked like a crazy woman!!
:lol: )
But I need help on getting her to go just once in the potty chair and I think she will be set to go. She is so smart and catches on quickly.
My day wwent well yesterday. Today has started off ok. I had a big mac and med fries so far. I treated myself. But I will still be under 1000 by the days end. I will probably have a large salad for dinner.
Well, I guess I'll get off here. Just wanted to see if lilbit posted anything and potty training!! Thanks again!!

02-03-2002, 04:39 PM
:lol: I'm still laughing that you actually peed in her potty chair. I'd never thought to do that! I'd never have fit on it either though! You crack me up! I just kept filling her sippy cup, the more you drink the more ya pee. And finally she couldn't hold it anymore. It will happen just be patient. I'm having a really dull day. My eatting has been good so far but I'm still having urges to raid the fridge. Well just thought I'd check in.:dizzy: Misti

02-03-2002, 05:01 PM
I never thought I would do that either!! :lol: But desperate people do desperate things huh?? :) Obviously it didn't work. I have been sitting next to her for the last hour while she sat on her potty. But that girl has will power!! I finally gave up and now she's mad. She was enjoying all the attention. So I left her room and just went in there to check on her and guess what?! It hasn't even been three minutes since she was sitting on her chair and she peed on her bed!! I don't know what else to do!! I'm getting really stressed out.
Fight those urges to raid the fridge. make you a low cal snack and indulge in it so you won't think you are hungary and eat more than that. You have to curb temptation with something else. Maybe you could go for a walk or play your guitar or something to keep your mind off food. I have to do that. When I really want to cheat I clean. It keeps me busy and burns calories!!
Well I'm frazzled at the moment. I think I may lay down for awhile. I need some down time. This potty training is for the birds.

02-03-2002, 10:55 PM
It really will. Don't give up just yet. Believe me it really doesn't happen over night. You might want to put her back in diapers while you train her. Just until she gets the concept and begins going in the potty. This way it won't be such a big deal when she has an accident. Mine had one today, she peed in her pull up. It was no big deal though. We just changed it and that was that. She was more upset about it than I was. It will come in time. Just don't jump ahead to fast. Let her wear a diaper and just suggest she use the potty alot. Oh, and when you catch her strain or being still... when you suspect she is trying to move her bowels hurry and sit her on it. That is a good begining too. Well, I did really well today as far as not over eating. It was very hard though. I made sure to fix a dinner I wouldn't be tempted with too. Sometimes I forget and make something I really like when I'm having a day like today. Then you can guess it. I over eat. My cal intakes have been good under 1500 a day. I'm kinda excited to weigh in on Wednesday. I really hope I hit 125. That would be great. Well enough from me. Nighty nite!

02-04-2002, 12:12 AM
I think the stress of potty training got to me today. I ended this day at 1600 calories. That's horrible for me!! :( I finally got my DD to go pee on her toilet. I was so thrilled!! I praised and hugged her and everything. I was sincerely happy about it. Then as soon as she finished and we wiped and flushed she ran in the living room and peed again. Then again a few minutes later. Like she had stored away some just to get me back. Agh! We changed 4 times tonight. So needless to say I did a little stress eating. I'm a bit out of it now.
Hopefully tomorrow goes better. We will be gone all day so she will be in a diaper. That is a relief on me but confusing for her. She really likes her pooh panties. :) But as soon as we get home we'll start again. I'm not giving up. I'm just tired. But I know she will use the bathroom consistently someday.
Sounds like your night went well Misti. I'm happy for you.
I'll see everyone tomorrow.

02-04-2002, 10:43 AM
:dizzy: My day is off to a good start!:lol: Everyone here is so cranky. The baby kept me up all night. I can't seem to do anything to make her happy. I'm sorry to hear you did that stress eating. Hope today is better for you. My main focus today is laundry. It is always out of control by the time the weekend is over. Well I'm off to yoga. Have a great day everyone!

02-04-2002, 01:12 PM
Good morning!!!!!
Well, first of all I am so glad that all your Dh's are potty trained!!!:lol: Sorry, I just could not resist. I had a lot of fun (at poor Spryng's expense) reading the potty training saga.
Misti~ thanks for hanging with her and giving all the advice and a shoulder to cry on. (glad that Dh is feeling better too!)
Spryng~ if it was my call to make I would back off on the potty training. Your dd, while physiologically ready to potty train is not there mentally yet. My youngest was that way. I would put away all the potty training stuff- except the potty itself and go back to diapers. The pull ups ( in my opinion) should be reserved for when she is serious about this (and she does not seem to be yet) and you are say going on a long car ride and are concerned about her getting upset about having an accident in her new "big girl pants". What I would do is chat with her about training- and explain all the advantage of wearing big girl pants in the spring summer. How much cooler they will be~ no water wet diapers in the sprinkler/pool, how much easier wearing light summer clothes, the independance she will have when she wants to go out and play and you do not have to change her........you can come up with as many reasons as fit for your situation. And ask her what kind of big girl pants she wants- what character- Pooh, Cinderella whatever is her fancy. I made a BIG deal of that and ordered them from the Hanes Catalog (so they came in the mail for them- mail is such a big deal to kids). And then hold out (wait until spring to order the undies- I would give her lots of time to forget these past few days).
Then in the spring- start over. Misti had great ideas. Lots to drink. Bring books in the bathroom to read to her. But she does not get those new undies until she really wants to train.
Best of luck. And remember~ noone goes to High school without being potty trained. This too shall pass

I had an ok weekend. Got up at 5 am for my walk (and am I feeling it now!).
Gotta go face a grungy house. And I will start thread # 32........see ya there!!!!!!!!!!