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01-09-2008, 07:53 AM
If I'm drinking 4 slimfast powder drinds a day and a 1/4 serving is 130 calories with water (instead of milk) and my calories are between 1250-1400 and moderate exercise will I still lose weight? I'm 5'3'' and a 150 lbs. I'm kind of still paranoid about the sugars in the slimfast becuase I think they are going to stall my weight loss. I've been keeping my diet this way for the past 6 days now and I haven't checked my weight yet but I'm wondering if I'm just wasting my time or if I should give my diet an overhaul.

My daily meal plan
1 cup kefir
1-2 tbsp honey
2 slim fasts powder (only water no milk)
1 apple
2 slimfast powder (water no milk)
1 cup kefir, or 1 cup tea with 2 tbsp sugar
1 cup curry (vegetables or beans)
1 apple

It doesn't look like I eat alot but I do feel stuffed afterwards and still have energy. But I'm just wondering if the amount of sugar I'm consuming in that 1250-1400 calories will keep me from losing weight?

01-09-2008, 09:07 AM
It is the calories in vs. calories out that cause weight loss-not the amount of sugar grams.

01-09-2008, 11:27 AM
Is making up the Slimfast powder with water advised? Although I do have Slimfast myself I do the ready to drink ones so don't know anything about the powder so for all I know they should be made up with water. However many of the vitamins and minerals from the Slimfast surely come from the milk itself. From what you have put you are having a double quantity each time, is that correct? Why do you feel that's necessary?

Also if you are really concerned about sugar why are you having a tablespoon with tea, or is that a typo and you mean teaspoon?

Hope this doesn't come across as being critical, I'm just a little confused by what you've written.


01-09-2008, 05:42 PM
Thanks aphil for clearing that up!! kforkitty for the powder they have the nutritional information for the powder on it's own and one for the powder mixed with milk. I assume for the powder on it's own you add water. I don't add any milk because of the the added calories. I drink the slimfast mixed with water in place of food because it keeps me full longer and it's low in calories...(lol plus my mom stocked up on cans of it!!). I'm not too concerned about the sugar I was just wondering whether it'd interfere with my weightloss despite lowering my calorie intake.But I was slightly paranoid because when I was researching diets a number of them said to lose weight healthily I'd have to limit sugars and fats. But if it's about calories in vs calories out than I guess I have nothing to worry about anymore.

01-10-2008, 11:19 AM
If you are concerned about calories and sugar, I can't help wondering how using only the powder mixed with water, yet using a double powder serving, helps at all. The reason the nutritional information for just powder is given is because that is what the can contains. Slimfast recommends using milk to mix - hence the nutritional info available with milk.

If you mix the powder up as they recommend, then for 257 calories you are getting 14g protein, 6.6g fat and 32g sugar. That's using Optima French Vanilla - the one I use most often. If you mix two servings of powder with water, then for 254 calories (essentially the same) you are getting 10.4g protein, 3.2g fat and 40g sugar. For me, I'd rather have the protein than the extra sugar. If you are worried about saturated fat in 2% milk then use skim or 1% and add some more healthy fats like flax meal or olive oil. I often use lower fat milk and add flax meal.

Unless you can't tolerate milk then I really don't understand what you're saving this way. Not trying to belittle your decision - I just don't see the benefit. If you don't like using milk products except kefir then why not mix the slimfast powder with that? It wouldn't exactly be a drink, but it would save you mixing sugar with the kefir as it would sweeten it.

Just my opinion - there are many ways to use slimfast, after all, it's just one tool among many. If mixing it with water is good for your program then do so! Best of luck with the weight loss - come and visit the slimfast forum, we can always use more folks.