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01-09-2008, 01:24 AM
Hey guys,

I know a lot of us are involved with this, so I figured we should have a thread to vent, share, question, or whatever in!

I am so excited. I LOVE the actual show, so am loving feeling like I am part of it now!

Good luck guys! Evern if you're not on my team!

01-09-2008, 07:51 AM
I'm really excited too Amy. I can't wait for it to finally start, and to find out what teams we are on. Good idea to start a thread for it...that way we can remind each other if someone in our group forgets to weigh in.

iowa girl
01-09-2008, 08:46 AM
Hey Guys,
I just started watching my first season of the Biggest Losser on T.V. and love it. Is there a contest on this site I can sign up for? Am I too late? Also, I have no idea how to get a weight ticker to go on my posts. All of you have such great ones. Where do I get them?
Thanks Jessi

01-09-2008, 09:15 AM
This is my first time doing TBL challenge. I need this for motivation! Good Luck all!

01-09-2008, 10:14 AM
Good Morning Ladies. I'm also in this challenge and am so excited to get started. I'm hoping this keeps me focused and OP. I sort of got lazy about my eating habits around the holidays and am now paying for it!!! Great idea for this thread. I hope at least some of us are on the same team. But even if we're not we can at least keep each other motivated and give a sympathetic ear when needed!!! Let's go girls - we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

01-09-2008, 10:57 AM
I also am in the TBL challenge. It is my first challenge and I am so excited about it. I hope that it helps me stay POP and more motivated.

Have you all turned in your starting weight? We have to do this by the 12th ( I think that's the date). See that is why I turned mine in the day I got the message because I would forget. Good luck everyone and lets go loose part of ourself.

01-09-2008, 11:38 AM
There were no prizes when I did it the first time around. The prize was a smaller but and clothes that fit :) It's a good idea to have a thread on here as many times we'd come here and make a post to remind our team members to weigh in by the cut off. On here we can chat about LAWL and TBL challenge as everyone on it is on different plans. There were mini challenges for each team like making sure you exericse 20 minutes a day, drinking your water and keeping each other motivated. Usually it worked out that several of us from LAWL got on the same team but as a whole we'll show them how strong we are.. after all we have the best forum on the boards!!

01-09-2008, 12:10 PM
Can't wait! I Pmd her my starting weight the day she sent out her PM. I wanted it to be as high as possible so I could be losing in the meantime!!

01-09-2008, 12:25 PM
Good morning everyone,

I have sent in my starting weight this morning. I cant wait to get this started. I have a question tho. How do we see whats going on over there? Can someone post the link for me please. Thank you.


01-09-2008, 12:33 PM
Yeah! I can't wait! When does it start? Sorry I forgot what it said? I can't wait! I watched last night and cried the whole time! Ha ha!

01-09-2008, 12:34 PM
Me too Cathy and Amy! I figure I can lose weight from yesterday until the 12th, so I will have a head start! I am such a cheater! Lol.. anyway, I am so excited to get started too! I watched an episode of TBL last night for the first time! So frustrating to watch them not lose! Well, hardly at least. I was hoping to tune in for my first time and see someone lose like 30 pounds. Maybe next time??? ANYWAY, I hope I am on someone in this forums team. It will be like going to an awkward party, but your best friend is there with you, so you have no worries. As soon as I know I will post here. Thanks Amy!

01-09-2008, 12:34 PM
Cecilia we were posting at the same time! Hi!!! :-)

bradleys mom
01-09-2008, 12:36 PM
Hi Jessi! Unfortunately the signups ended on January 5th. But we always have some sort of challenge on this forum. As a matter of fact we have a Valentines Day challenge right now and you are more than welcome to join!

I am so excited about this! DH really wants me to be on the Black team. I want to be on the Blue team. (DH says its just because I like BOB .. be still my heart, lol!) I cant wait to start this!

bradleys mom
01-09-2008, 12:36 PM
HOLY COW GALS! Slow down lol

01-09-2008, 12:47 PM
Try this link to get you to their page. Challenge starts on Monday and teams will be announced on Sunday night I belive. Once you recieve you PM from Chellez reply back with your starting weight. You have until this weekend to submit. All the rules are found on the page near the top.
I was on blue team the first time around and came in second place.. I'm hoping for the same or better this time!

01-09-2008, 12:50 PM
Hi Michelle! I hope someone I know is on my team too! I can't wait to find out! I just kept talking about our challenge while we were watching. ha ha!

01-09-2008, 02:47 PM
Hey all,

I too signed up and sent in my weight. I CAN'T WAIT!

I watched TBL last night and figured since I was going to be watching them workout, I would workout while watching. Managed 30mins on the Elliptical and 50 mins on the Recumbant Bike.

What is hillarious is that my 8 year old son love:crazy:d watching and gets so upset no matter who gets booted off. :crazy:

See ya!

01-09-2008, 04:23 PM
I'm signed up, but I'm confused, how does the contest work??:?:

01-10-2008, 03:17 PM
Ok i have a question where do we send our weight every monday? Is there a thread that we post on? Sorry! I am soo bad about reading rules or instructions. I have a.d.d when it comes to that stuff? Any info is appreciated!

01-10-2008, 05:00 PM
Hi Girls
Use the link I sent and you will need to check that thread every day. Weights are due at a set time, before it was Mondays at midnight and there will be a thread where you copy and paste template into from the rules section on the main page. Each Monday you will put your new weight in and once you enter it it can't be changed. Everyone has a different weigh in date so some will enter on a Friday, some on a weekend and some on the Monday.. there will be a deadline specified.
Hope this helps and we'll use this thread to send out reminders too!

01-10-2008, 06:06 PM
Kristen, thanks. I am a little slow when it comes to things like that I hate having to read it. But I did read the FAQ's I think I have a better understanding now. But it's still a lot of information and confusing.

01-10-2008, 06:12 PM
I Pmd her my starting weight the day she sent out her PM. I wanted it to be as high as possible so I could be losing in the meantime!!

Me too! I was going to wait until the last minute to have the most accurate starting info...then I realized, duh! I have a whole week to lose if I send it in early. :D

01-10-2008, 06:25 PM
I did the same thing - sent it in as soon as I got the PM. Hopefully this strategy will work in my favor!! I'm looking forward to seeing which team we are all on. Doesn't really matter who's team we're on as I'm sure we'll still be cheering each other on.

01-11-2008, 12:34 PM
I took my Before pics last night. Didn't look as bad as I thought they would. Ha ha!

bradleys mom
01-11-2008, 12:54 PM
Ooh I forgot about the before pics! Gees...

I can hardly wait to find out what team I am on! I am so excited!

01-11-2008, 01:20 PM
Kim tell me about it! Ha ha! Why do you think I made my BF take my pic last night. I am just rushing it along. Ha ha! Can't wait! I just wore jeans and a t shirt in my pic what are you guys going to wear?

bradleys mom
01-11-2008, 01:35 PM
Jeans and T-shirt sounds good to me!

01-14-2008, 01:38 PM
Ok I have a question about weighing in.... Like if I weigh in every Tues, thurs and sat. Should I just use my Sat Weigh in for Mondays deadline? I Am sooo confused! Ha! Someone please help me! Hahahahah!

01-14-2008, 01:49 PM
I'm going to have the same problem Cecilia- I think that's a good idea to send in Sats weight....or i may w/i mondays some weeks.

01-14-2008, 01:57 PM
Amy I think I am going to use Sat weigh in? So should I post that in the week on the 13-19 weigh in?

01-14-2008, 01:58 PM
I am going to W/I on Monday mornings, and use Mondays as my date. Gosh, they really make it so confusing. Once you understand it, it's not that bad! Haha, it's like tennis!

Good luck guys!

I didn't do a before pic but I may today! I'll be in sweats! Until school starts up again next week, no jeans! Only confusing fleece's and sweats!!

01-14-2008, 02:09 PM
Hi Amy! GO RED TEAM! So excited! I got my pics posted last night. Pretty embarrassing!

01-14-2008, 02:19 PM
Yeah, but think of how great you'll feel in April looking at them! Seriously, April will be here before you know it!

I am so excited!!!! And motivated!!!

01-15-2008, 07:52 PM
How's everyone doing? I'm going to post my weight and adjust my ticker on Saturday mornings. I've been POP since the challenge started and the scale seems to be cooperating. Woo Hoo!

01-21-2008, 11:51 AM
Hey everyone! Today is the first deadline for weighing in on TBL challenge.

I'm down 3lbs officially this morning, but suffering some water retention. That's fine, I'll shed it and it will show more next week.

Good luck!

01-21-2008, 12:10 PM
Morning all.. I'm down 4lbs and was so motivated I even watched football (my favorite team the Packers lost :cry: ) but didn't give into the liquid fruit or starches. Got to the gym 4 times this week and worked out a schedule with hubby to get there around the kids.. so these challenges have definitely gotten me back on track.. down 4lbs and feeling much better.. actually even enjoying POP!!
Keep up the great work everyone!

01-21-2008, 12:40 PM
Morning Everyone! I'm down 5 pounds. Yay! I'm guessing a lot of that was water weight after a LONG time straying from plan. It's GREAT to be back OP and working toward my new goal of 145. Hopefully I'll keep off the 5 and keep shaving away at the rest. My Lites are almost gone, so I'll be changing plans soon. Fingers Crossed! Have a great day!

01-22-2008, 01:30 PM
Congrats RED Team on being week 1's BIGGEST LOSERS and to EVERYONE who is sticking with this challenge! Have a great week!

bradleys mom
01-23-2008, 05:08 PM
Congrats Red! Good luck to all teams for the next weeks weigh in!

02-08-2008, 09:29 PM
I am bumping this up! He he!