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little chick
01-05-2008, 07:51 AM
Morning chicks.... Coffee and tea are ready, grab a cup and tell us your week end plans....

Me- Just a fast one this morning my girlfriend is coming down from Frederciton and we are going to go shopping. Well I am watching while she shops. Spent to much money last week end. Everyone have a great day and I will be back later to chat. Must do a quick tidy before she comes plus I need to shower and get ready.

01-05-2008, 08:13 AM
Have fun browsing the shops, LC! I bet you can find something to buy! ;)

:coffee: Jake warned me the coffee was terrible this morning, but I think it tastes OK. As soon as he's finished getting ready, we're off to breakfast and and some shopping at Wallyworld. I don't know if Monica and the girls will come over, but I plan to get in a visit with Mom & Dad.

Day 4 for me, and I'm feeling terrific! I did take a wee peek at the scale, and I'm liking what I see. :D

01-05-2008, 08:19 AM
Morning, LC! Hope your window shopping trip goes well! Sometimes it's as much fun watching someone else spend money as it is doing it yourself!

Glad your coffee's not awful, Linda! Have a fun day!

We had an interesting day today. I didn't think I was going to be able to make yoga this weekend because Tom had to (and still is) working today but when I got up I realized he didn't have to be at work until one, so I could go and he could meet me there with the kids before he went in to work. The gym is right around the corner from his shop, so it's not that big a deal. He was super grumpy about it, like I was putting him out. He refused to do it. Why? Because he wanted to sleep in. He sleeps in EVERY DAY. I ALWAYS get up with the kids. I am not exaggerating. I mean, I let him sleep until at least ten, if not later. So, I got the kids' lunches packed, put Connor's uniform (for martial arts) in the stroller, got all the kids dressed and breakfasted, and then went and told him I was going. He wasn't happy, but I left anyway. I deserve an hour and a half of yoga. Plus, it was nine o'clock. It's not like I was waking him up at five and throwing a screaming baby at him. All of the kids were happy, watching a movie with full bellies. By the time he got to the gym with the kids, he wasn't grumpy any more. I think he realized that he was being silly. So, I got to go to yoga and I didn't feel guilty at all about going!

Look what I made:

How funny is she?!

I'm going to go watch some TV and relax.


01-05-2008, 09:08 AM
Morning Everyone....and good afternoon (night?) Kara.(that picture is just too cute!)

Kara, when my kids were little, I was the s-l-o-w-e-s-t grocery shopper ever. On Saturday mornings, I'd get my (ex) husband to watch the kids so I could go grocery shopping. I would take forever in the store and look and stroll and look and stroll. It was really my only "me" time and I really took advantage of it. When I had to bring the kids with me, I was in and out in no time. Which brings to mind my oldest son, Graham. One time I had all 3 kids in the check out line and for some unknown reason, Graham bit my rear end. He was standing right behind me and just chomped down. I screamed and was mortified when everyone turned to look at me. I guess he was the right height at the time and it was just "there" so he chomped. Another time we were in the grocery and I saw a woman who had the biggest boobs of anyone I've ever seen. She was short and I swear I don't know how she even walked they were so huge. I saw Graham's eyes get really big and knew what was coming and tried to get my hand over his mouth, but before I could, He said "MAMA...LOOK AT THAT LADY'S BOOBS!!!!". I wanted the earth to swallow me and of course she heard him and glared at me. We all survived his childhood, but barely.

My plans for today are paint, paint, paint. Yesterday I got my kitchen cabinets touched up and repainted my youngest son's bedroom door and repainted the front of the front door. Today, I'm just going to go around and touch up doors, trim etc around the house that have chips in them and paint the back of the front door and put everything away in the kitchen that was off shelves from yesterday. Then a friend is going to come over and help my husband put up a ceiling fan in the kitchen and I may go back and get another one. I found the cutest little "nubby" ceiling fan yesterday. (,0&op_sharpen=1&resMode=bicub&op_usm=1.7,.5,1,0&iccEmbed=0&$flyOut=0&$shownPrice=&$asShown=&$fanPrice=&$fan=&$estar=0&$product=QHB/3TF24RB) It's only 24 inches. (The one I got has a light on it) I have 2 other light fixtures in my kitchen that are in weird, strange places...really ugly floresent square and one round. I wanted to replace both of them with fans, but one is too close to a wall, so maybe I can put a drop down fixture on that one. Strange house.

01-05-2008, 09:11 AM
Avery is just adorable, Kara. Her smile cheered me up. I'm a bit grumpy this morning (like Tom) but that snapped me awake.

Little Chick I can't believe how much snow you poor Maritimers got! We have lots but not 190 cm! Enjoy the shopping today and keep a close hold on your wallet. I spent way too much over Christmas too!

Cottage, are you off to Cracker Barrel? I love that place and wish we had one in Canada. I could go to the one near Watertown, NY, but it's hardly worth the drive and the border crossing delays. I need to get a friend with a small plane.

Today certainly feels like Monday to me. I breathed a huge "Whew!" when Cousin Cathy left yesterday afternoon. I have had way too much company, way to much food and drink and have done way too much cooking in the past two weeks. Remind me to get into hermit mode before next Christmas.

Donna may come today to clean and help me un-decorate. I also have a Church Bulletin and a TheraPaws Newsletter to do so will have some "on my butt" time. That's good because the knee is giving me grief lately. Never mind three weeks from today she will be gone and I can hardly wait! Sure there'll be pain but it will get better instead or worse. Yippee!

Hershey just came in and plopped on my feet with a big sigh. I guess her plan for the day is to sleep. What a bad influence!

I need to get moving. Have a peaceful Saturday.

01-05-2008, 09:12 AM
Good Saturday morning to ya chickies

Lc I hope you enjoy you day with yor friend even if you can't spend $$$

Cottage I will be making one of those wallyworld trips this morning as dh wants me to make some bean muffins

Kara she is adorable - has a very strong chance at a career

Today will be a busy one for me dh & I have a 9am walk scheduled with a few friends and then I have my workout at 1:30 (a friend want to give it a go) Then theres the trip to walmart, the cleaners, to take my dad flowers and then a pedicure for me. Busy day!

01-05-2008, 09:15 AM
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Cat, that is so funny! Does Graham still stick his foot in his mouth often?

The funny thing is, I really do miss the kids, even if I'm away from them for a couple minutes. At first I relish the quiet and then it's just toooo quiet. No one is asking me any questions or singing any songs or making sticks into light sabers or swords... But I do need my time away. A happy mama makes a happy family!

That fan is too much! "Nubby" is the perfect description!

Ruth, I'm glad Avery could cheer you up! If your bad mood is anything like Tom's, it'll take less than two hours to clear up. I really can't complain. He's not grumpy often. He just likes to sleep.

Gonna, have a great walk! Pick a pretty color for your piggytoes!


01-05-2008, 09:18 AM
Sorry I missed you gals.

Cat when your done painting yur house I have a few things that need some paint as well. Look at as exercise - youll get a good workout.

have a great day Ruth

01-05-2008, 09:40 AM
Thanks for making coffee :coffee:LC. Have a great time shopping today,
Kara I'm glad you got to your yoga class and Tom was quick to change his mood. Avery is soooo adorable.
Gonna Sounds like you have a very full day planned. Have fun.
Ruth I'm sorry you woke feeling less than happy.:hug: Hope your knee feels better. Your surgery is only 19 days away now right?
Femme The ceiling fan is great. Once when I was little I was walking through a store. I thought my mom was in the aisle bent over and I walked up and spanked her as hard as I could. :devil: Only problem it wasn't mom and I was old enough to know better. My mother has said more than once that my childhood and adolesence were more difficult on her and dad than on me ;)
Cottage Have a nice time at breakfast.

Me Usually DF and I spend Saturdays doing something. Last night he didn't feel well though and with the yucky weather I may end up home bound today. I guess if that happens I'll take it as a sign to clean out and organize closets, cupboards and the garage. I'm still hoping he feels up to doing something though.
Have a great day everyone.

01-05-2008, 11:13 AM
Morning gals!

Sipping my java and trying to wake up! I have been sleeping in until 7:30 or 8:00 everyday. Monday morning could be a bit rough on the 'ole body! :)

Schatzi I am with you on the cha cha with Phase 1. I don't know what my problem is, but I cannot seem to get it together! :( BUT my scale was down 2 pounds this morning, so who knows??

Kara My DH loves to sleep in as well. It drives me nuts sometimes, but he does work late.....

Ruth I hope that you enjoy your peace and quiet!!! As fun as the holidays are, I am always a bit relieved when life gets back to normal.

Cottage and LC You girls are rockin' Phase 1- I think you need to get to Texas to give me a butt kicking!

Barb I hope you are doing okay. :hug:

Femme I, too, can take a normal 30 minute shopping excursion and stretch it into a lenghty one if I am without my girls. :dizzy:

Thin Hope that you and DF get to do something fun today!

Gonna Sounds like a very busy day. Good for you for fitting in a pedi- we need to take care of ourselves! :)

Me- Grocery shopping and some cooking are on the agenda for me today. I am going to make several meals ahead of time so they are done for the week and ready to go. Although my house is still in great shape, I am going to dust and vacuum so that when I go back to work on Monday it will be nice and sparkly.

DH and I got the kids to bed at a reasonable time last night and were able to have an "at home" date. It was very nice and relaxing to spend time together. Our session on Thursday went well- I really like this therapist we are seeing. I do wish we had a quick fix, but know that this has been brewing for a couple of years, so it will take time.

01-05-2008, 11:23 AM
Wow, you guys are up and at 'em early for a Saturday! I haven't even had coffee yet! I slept until 8:45 and then decided to lie in bed and read for another hour. The kids stayed at grandma's last night so it's quiet around here. I think I'll clean the kitchen this morning and then drop DS at horseback riding, and do my grocery shopping. I don't like to shop on a Saturday, but if I don't we won't be having any dinner tonight! I plan to go see Sweeney Todd this weekend, maybe this afternoon. DD has a playdate, and DD1 wants to go to Nordstrom's to buy a bra. I think I'll go along and get fitted again, just to see what they say. I also just realized that nobody gave us Harry Potter OOTP for Christmas, so I may need to stop and pick that up today. I wish I'd though of it last night, I was in Kmart. All of their Christmas was 75% off, so I picked up a bunch of things to donate to the PTA holiday gift shop for next year, and also bought a bunch of those re-usable gift boxes - the heavy duty ones, in all sizes. My goal is to do away with wrapping completely. Save time, $, and maybe some trees to boot!

I took a peek at the scale this morning, and the last 4 days of PH1 seem to have undone any damage done over Christmas, so my ticker is not lying anymore. Whew, that's a relief. The headache is gone today too.

Happy shopping, littlechick. You know with all the sales right now, you'll find something great to bring home!
cottage, don't ya love Ph1?
kara, that picture is too cute! I've got a budding America's Next Top Model too. Sometimes I catch her practicing her signature walk and her fierce faces in the mirror!
Cat, I've always loved grocery shopping because I refuse to take anybody with me, and I take my time.
Ruth, thanks for reminding me to add "undecorating" to my to-do list this weekend. Enjoy your down time.
Have a fun busy day, gonnabe!
Hope you find something fun to do Dawn. Wanna come to the movies with us?

Hey, did anyone watch "How to Look Good Naked" on lifetime last night? I don't usually like those makeover shows, but I enjoyed this one. It was different and had actual normal women's bodies. It wasn't about losing weight, or having surgery or a major makeover, more about just learning to love what you've got.

01-05-2008, 11:46 AM
:cp: for the WEEKEND!!!!!
Kara : GOOD 4 U to get some Me/Pee Yoga time in..that should be a news years resolution for you! Cuz if momma aint happy nobody is! :hug: Avery is just Cuter than the capital Q (dont ask what it means I have no idea where I picked that up from!)

LC: SHOoooooping ! I wish I could go with you... have fun doll!

Ruth: you deserve some hermit time-just you and hershey ! Isnt if funny how you love your friends and family but after a while you're thinkin to yourself OY I cant wait till you leave!

Cottage: You are an inspiration! :cheer: :cheer2:

Femme: Those stories are Priceless! :rofl: I need you to :kickbutt: I have sooo much to do round here...but Im just sooo over it all... the moving :blah: hopefully I just need some recharging time.. That fan is adorable!

Thin: Enjoy yer day with DF!

Gonna: Yessss! Pedis! Time fer you time! I love that all our chicks are making time for themselves! :grphug:

Schmoodle: Enjoy your day! LEt us know how Sweenytodd is --

Kiko: :hug: One step at a day at a time... glad that things are looking more positive for you !

I'm suppose to be packing for my week in wee people world... I'm procrastinating.. :dz:the thought of flyin to newark 3 hour lay over and then another 6 hours has been in a whiny mood.
My eating is terrible.. I will need to take my lead from Cottage and LC... please :kickbutt: :kickbutt: thankfully I detest "Irish food" the favorite lunch is Mayonaisse Salad with chicken in it and stuffing on 2 2inch thick pieces of bread... CARBalishious Not.... AnyWhooooo:
We went to Furniture land.. they have a 500 foot Dresser as an entrance how hysterical! and floors and floors of all kinds of furniture TOOOO MANY CHOICES!!!! I got a nice office set.. time to return the kitchen table to its rightful place and use... and we picked out a couch and 2 chairs for the formal living room..I suck at picking fabrics so this should be interesting when it arrives.....ok, If I can find a way to connect with my work puter I'll check in during the week..

01-05-2008, 12:19 PM
Hey Ladies:
We had a dinner dance and fell off the wagon a bit. . .no bread or pasta but I had 2 bites of cheesecake a lemon tartlet (love that word!) and 4 bites of fudge cake.
We did do some dancing but the DJ STUNK I mean bad! I will post pics now that I learned to RESIZE!
Speaking of pics Kara Love your pic and Averys big girl panty pic!
Schatzi_ Rule of thumb for Ireland. . .Pub grub or chinese. There's a good restaurant in Temple Bar (are you in Dub?) called the Cozy Kitchen Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche On Brown Bread. or Just go to the Dunnes/M&S food pavillion. Marks and Sparks has some good healthy options just stay away from the baked goods
And could you pick me up a packet of winegums ;) my FAVE CANDY! ok now I can feel the Crave Monster Back! Back Foul BEAST!
Ruth I agree with Hershey! its a good day to nap!
Schmoo let us know on sweeney todd I want to see it but am wondering if its a video pick for the gore factor
Kiko glad the scale is down and home dates are nice! Glad you had a good time
Thin that's what I should be doing!
Gonna MMM pedi!!
Cat love he fan! how was the painting?
Morning LC and Linda I'm off to forage for some coffee!!!!!
ok gotta go rustle DH his eye was bothering him I'm hoping we don't have to hit urgent care!

01-05-2008, 12:26 PM
Dawn, did you end up doing anything this lovely Saturday? Maybe a movie night would suit both of you?

Kiko, have fun with your shopping and cooking! I love the grocery store because I feel like I'm on a shopping spree. I refuse to limit my budget for food, so we build everything else around what we spend at the commissary!

Schmoodle, glad to hear your ticker's not lying! This month I'm updating mine daily so I can see what that graph looks like at the end of the month. Should be interesting...

Schatzi, have a great trip! Say hi to Jersey for me, OK?

Morning, Kierie! Hope your husband's eye is better!

Off to bed with me. It's far too late but we are skipping church tomorrow because Kadyn threw up twice this afternoon. Don't want to spread the germies around if we can help it. Keep the Beach from eroding while I'm abed!


01-05-2008, 01:16 PM
Wow you ladies get moving early. I always feel like I am late when I get on. I hate being late..

Little chick,cottage,ruth-:wave: hope you enjoy your day.

Kara- Avery is a QT. Have a good sleep.

Femme-love your stories of Graham. I have afew stories like that also. Sure alot easier to take them now than when it happens.

Gonna-You are one busy person

Thinby- Keep your flippers handy I may need to borrow them. Are you getting alot of the rain? Az. doesn't drain well so I am hoping for a steady rain not a long down pour.

Kiko- Hope you your cooking done. I was thinking of trying to get 2 or 3 meals premade:crossed: for next week to since we are all back to the rat race.

Schmoolde-Didn't get to see the show. Saw the previews. The kids are on xbox until school starts so I don't get much tv time right now. I am glad your ticker is on again. This is another thing I want to figure out on the computer.:book2:should just let the kids tell me.

Schatzi-Love getting new things for the house. My kitchen table is the drop off for ALL the kids things. Hope yours works like it is suppose to.

As for my last weekend before back to normal life I need to do all the things I have put off for the last two weeks!! Must love to work under pressure because I have this terrible leave it for the last minute disease.:dizzy: So I am off to get started. First is the cup of cocoa. Have a great day in everything you do and keep it safe.

01-05-2008, 04:11 PM
Hiya girls. Just a quick fly-by for me. Smart person that I am, I stayed up until 4 am to finish reading a book. DH woke me at 10:30 because we had errands to run, but now that it's all over I'm going to catch a nap and then work out. I'll come back for personals later! Happy Saturday!

01-05-2008, 04:21 PM
It sure is busy around here today - I like that! Just wanted to check in and see what everyone was up to. Got my errands done, both scheduled workouts out of the way and my pedi appt is at 4.

Kiko I'm glad thursday went well. I love the at home date idea time together is a much needed thing.

You gals have a great afternoon and I'll check back later

01-05-2008, 05:14 PM
Hey everyone!

I am on Day 2 today, and so far, so good. I can't wait to go shopping next week so I can get a little variety.

Not doing too much today- we did go to a fund-raiser event and of course all the food was off limits, so I made sure to eat before I left and I treated myself to a diet soda.

Feeling pretty good!

01-05-2008, 05:34 PM
Piper that was great will power you had. Keep up the great work.

01-05-2008, 05:34 PM
Hi chicks, I got my kitchen cleaned and shopping and some other errands done, but didn't get it together with my SIL in time to see the movie today. :( We will try again tomorrow. Hope you are all having a great day!

01-05-2008, 07:44 PM
Well I ended up homebound today. The only freeway between me and DF was closed due to flooding. He's still talking about coming up here but I don't think it's stopped raining long enough to dry out. So, I spent the day cleaning out and reorganizing every closet, drawer and cupboard in the house. I only have the nightstands, master bathroom and garage left. The garage though will have to wait for a warmer day. Sounds like evryone else has had a very BUSY day. Laundry just stopped and since I don't have a nifty combo model like they do in Korea ;) I guess I have to go deal with it.
Have a nice evening everyone.

01-05-2008, 08:58 PM
Sorry your plans got sidelined, Dawn. There have been quite a few flooding problems this season, huh? We took one trip down south when we were living in California (Tom was stationed at Beale AFB) and we loved it! We took Connor to Legoland and Sea World for his fifth birthday - had a blast at both places - and hit the coast at a couple different places as we were driving up and down.

Maybe you can schedule your movie in for tomorrow, Schmoodle? What's this one about? Tom and I cheated and watched National Treasure 2 off the computer the other day and weren't impressed. The first was much better, in our opinions.

Piper, you're awesome! :carrot:

That must've been a good book, Kim, to keep you up so late!

Hope the rain doesn't hit you too hard, Phoenix!

I'm up and about for the morning. I'm planning a run today and then we're going to have a family game day this afternoon. I'll have to make up some fun snacks. Poor Kadyn is still in bed. She got up to get a tissue earlier and then I found her asleep on the living room floor, so I put her back in her bed. I hope she gets better soon. She's been under the weather for a week now. Nothing big, just runny nose and cough, but it's still not fun. :(


01-05-2008, 09:05 PM
Hey Girls:
DH is fighting an oven fire somewhere in the next town over (He's a volunteer) so I have a little down time. we went out looking for lamps and came back with a desk lamp, a floor lamp and an Area RUG! I love Marshalls! we're trying to get our office to look like an actual room and not like a hurricane!
I'm exhausted tho it's my first time doing a lot of walking since my flare and I came home and conked much to the cat's delight! I awakened to him laying across me giving me the "I'm so comfy don't even think of moving" Look!
Tonight we're going take it easy leftovers and a movie at home. I made a rockin london broil the other night and a spinach and white bean salad. . .I took care of the salad but I'll see what I can throw together for a side dish.
Off to finish waking up!

01-05-2008, 09:06 PM
Kara a big :hug: for Kadyn Poor little one asleep on the floor!

01-05-2008, 09:19 PM
Kara, poor little Kadyn, I hope she starts feeling better real soon! The picture of Avery is just too precious!

It sounds like we're having a thunderstorm, and the power keeps fluctuating. It's a good thing my laptop is wireless!

I had a pretty good day, although I spent most of it curled up with my book while Jake dealt with the sea of leaves in the back yard. It felt so decadent! I did go visit Mom & Dad for a while, they wanted me to stay for lunch but I declined. I had my yummy Taco Bake waiting for me at home! Besides, they were having sandwiches made on white bread and eating a soup full of white pasta. :( I've tried to get them to switch to ww grains, but Mom said they just don't like them. And they were even on South Beach for a while and doing great! :?: I get really upset with them, but they're so set in their ways.

01-05-2008, 10:34 PM
Kara :hug: for sweet Kadyn, I hate it when my kids don't feel well.

Cottage Sounds like a well deserved break for you today. :)

I am getting ready to curl up with a book myself. I jst broke out into some weird rash all over my torso, inner arms, neck and inner thighs. What the heck???? I just took a big chug on the girls' Benadryl. I don't know what could have brought it on....

Night chickies!

little chick
01-05-2008, 11:20 PM
Hey Chicks just a quick pop in before I head to bed, really should have been there an hour ago as we are getting up at 6 am, so we can get to the ski hill by 7:30 which is an hour away. Know that I think about it I will probably have to be up by 5:30. I had a great day shopping. I did give in and buy a sweater but it was only 15.00. I seen a great pair of red boots that were only 35.00 ( on sale for 1/2 price) but I stayed strong. I am not buying anything else till I lose weight. I have so many clothes now I don't wear half of them. And I have more foot wear than I can shake a stick at.
We did go out for lunch and I had only a salad and a chilli. Yeah me. But then the strangest thing happend while we were shopping this was after lunch. Anyway I got a headache, which I figure is due to detox then out of the blue I said to my friend. I have the strangest craving for Betty Crocker chocolate icing. Go figure. Took me a half hour to get over it. Strange. Well I must get off to bed so I can get up to hit the slopes. Have a great healthy lunch and snacks packed and lots of water, V8 juice. I am ready I don't want to cave in. Tomorrow will be day 5. Enjoy the rest of your week end. I don't imagine I will make it in tomorrow.

01-05-2008, 11:50 PM
Have a fun ski trip, LC! Good for you, packing those snacks!

Kiko, Avery had a weird rash all over her belly the other day. It went away over night but this morning Connor has one on his chin. I hope you didn't catch it from us!!!

Kier, I hope your husband came home nice and safe!

Linda, it's hard to make the switch to whole grains if you don't like them. Tom can't stand whole wheat spaghetti so I still get the regular kind for him. We have it so infrequently and I figure one or two servings over a two or three week period won't hurt him. When we got married, he was a Wonderbread fanatic, so I've done some good since he eats whole wheat bread and tortillas now!

I'm back from my run. Made it in one piece!


01-06-2008, 04:27 AM
Oh, this is a good night! :woohoo: We just finished dinner - Taco Bake vegetarian-style :drool: - and it was so good that I wanted more. Then I thought to myself, "Self (not really, but that's funny :D), you'll still taste it even if you don't eat any more, plus you'll save the calories." And it made sense! :carrot: And I was fine with it! :broc: And then I had a sugar-free Jell-O for dessert!!! I love feeling in control. :sumo: (That's me stomping out cravings.)

Connor took my picture when I got back from my run today. He wanted to take a picture of something and I wanted to see what I looked like in my exercise clothes. I thought I was much plumper. In the mirror I look a lot flubbier. So, I guess we have a good camera!

Good night all around. I've got strawberries for an evening snack later on (sorry all you Phase 1ers). Mmmmm!


01-06-2008, 08:23 AM
Happy Sunday!

Just a quickie for now! LC, you did good yesterday! We're starting to gear up for ski season, too. I guess we'll be out on the slopes a lot. Have fun!

You look great, KARA!

Day 5 for me!

01-06-2008, 08:26 AM
:wave: :coffee: I'm off to the tub, then Church where we will "un-decorate", then to visit Harry and THEN to relax. Yesterday was pretty good - no company - but I did get lots of phone calls.

Food has not been wonderful but I'm working on it.

Have a sunny Sunday no matter the weather where you are.

01-06-2008, 09:54 AM
Good morning everybody :coffee2:

:wave: Cottage and Ruth

Kara I love Sea World. My cousin and his family live in San Diego and we go visit at least 6 times a year (it's only about an hour and a half from here) You look FABULOUS in your picture.

LC Have fun skiing. I've only been once. I loved it so I'm not sure why I never did it again :chin:

KO Hope you got some much needed rest and DH got home safe and sound.

Schmoodle What time is the movie today? I think I can get to your side of the states by about 3:00 pm your time :lol:

Kim Hope you got some rest last night.

Piper How's Phase 1 Day 3 going for you? I got a headache on day 3 from my system detoxing (not to say you will) but you might just keep the aspirin handy.

Phx Are you getting any rain yet? Today is supposed to be the last day here.

Well since I got my house clean and organized yesterday I am going to make the drive to DF and we're going to do something today. No real loss to the weekend plans just kind of reversed the order. I've also decided to be more grateful for the rain (I was kind of mad at it yesteray for ruining my weekend) We desperately needed it and I got my plants and yards watered for free ;)
Have a great day!!

01-06-2008, 10:59 AM
good morning chicks, this lazy morning thing is becoming a bad habit. It will have to be broken tomorrow as it's back to real work and school. Even though we started up last week, we only had three days. Tomorrow my customers are back and work and things will be hopping. People always feel like they have to catch up from being off for 3 weeks. I've got a trip later in the week, but it might get canceled due to funding issues. Hope not, I really need to attend this meeting.
I'm going to do some cleaning this AM, then go to the movies and bra shopping.

Dawn, you'd better start running, we just decided to go to the 1:30 show. I'll be sure and come back and give a review (no spoilers, though). Doesn't it feel great to be all organized? I really appreciate the small accomplishments. I got my kitchen curtains up last night and a new light fixture, and I keep walking in there to admire them.
Happy relaxing, Ruth!
Have a fun day, lc. You'll probably be too busy to think about food. I get those weird cravings sometimes too.
Here's 5 for us cottage, :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: I'm making your spinach frittata right now, sure smells good. No mushrooms though, ick!
You look great Kara, sure, rub it in about the berries! They had them BOGO yesterday at the store, but I don't buy them this time of year anyway. I remember last year at strawberry picking time, I was doing Ph1 and couldn't go picking. This year I will pick a ton, and freeze for the year!
Kiko, hope the rash is gone today.
Kier, it's so fun to get new stuff for the house. My office is a disaster area, one day I'd like to make it nice too.
Hope I didn't miss anybody, have a great Sunday, chicks!

01-06-2008, 02:17 PM
Hey everyone! Sorry for not coming back and posting last night. I ended up sleeping for 3.5 hours and woke up with a huge migraine. I was able to walk 2 miles, but pretty much layed on the couch all night after that. I'm going to try and get some stuff done today, but the migraine's hanging around and doesn't care that there's laundry to be done. :( Well, I'd better get some food in me. Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

01-06-2008, 02:50 PM
Kim, I hope the migraine disappears soon, maybe it will fade away after you've eaten something.

Kiko, how's that rash today? I hope it's gone!

Schmoodle, how'd the frittata turn out, did you like it? Let us know how you liked "Sweeney Todd", too. My son-in-law directed the music for it when the play came to Philly, and I saw it several times and loved it. I haven't seen the movie version yet, I hope they didn't change it too much.

:wave: Ruth, Thin and everyone else!

I'm enjoying another laid-back day while Jake is happily puttering around out in his workshop. Dustin and the baby are coming over later for supper, so I just made him and Jake a Black Joe cake, and while I was at it, I made a pan of Black Bean Brownies for myself. The guys are going to have Chicken Snitzel and Spaetzel, and I'm having Chicken Piccata over shredded cabbage and sauteed chickpeas w/ tomatoes. :drool:

01-06-2008, 05:59 PM
Cottage Look at you and your Phase 1 self. :) Doesn't it feel good to be in control?? (Not that I would know right now!!)

The rash is pretty much gone although I feel pretty yuck. I am just tired and achy. I tried to nap on the couch this afternoon, but Megan wouldn't fall asleep and Abigail kept pestering me. The good thing is that I should be able to get them both to bed early. We moved Meg out of her crib a few days ago and she has realized she is no longer contained!!

I am cozied up on the couch watching football and getting ready to grade papers. Back to the real world tomorrow!

01-06-2008, 06:01 PM
BTW Kara- you look like solid muscle!!!!! :workout:

01-06-2008, 07:45 PM
I agree Kiko, Kara looks great!!!!

01-06-2008, 07:53 PM
Quick check in for me as I have been busy today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

01-06-2008, 09:00 PM
I've got a totally Ph 1 compliant Spinach Gratin in the oven. . . I winged it so I'll let you guys know. It's been a long day DH and I had a fight. . .his fault of course but i didn't fall off the wagon! YAY and we made up so thats good. . . I have some deadlines to meet so I'm hoping he fixes my computer tonight.

01-06-2008, 09:06 PM
cottage, the frittata was super yummy, and DH thought so too. I had to hide a piece from him so I could have it for breakfast tomorrow. I left out the mushrooms (icky), and used goat cheese instead of feta.
The movie was really good. I never saw the musical, but it still had a very "Broadway" feel to it. JD was great, of course, as was Alan Rickman. It is very bloody, so be prepared, not in a slasher movie kind of way, but a Tim Burton, Broadway musical kind of way. Lots of dark humor. And that's all I will say about that!

I did get fitted for a bra at Nordstrom today and I was buying the wrong size and I did pay way more for a bra than I ever have in my life, but I am sitting here in absolute comfort. DD found 3 on the clearance rack that worked for her. She is hard to fit also, in the opposite way than me. I have a broad rib cage and small boobs, while she is narrow with big boobs. Now I will go find this make and model on ebay and buy some more!

01-06-2008, 09:28 PM
I got home from my day of errands. I decided to light a fire in the fireplace and relax awhile before cooking next week's food. About 20 minutes later the house is getting a little smoky. I know the flu is open so I'm guessing the wood was a little damp. Just then the smoke detector starts going off. My smok detector is hooked up to my home alarm system an then that starts going off. Now, I'm deaf and having to exain to the home security people what is going on because they call when the alarm goes off. So much for relaxing :dizzy: It's always a comedy of errors in my world. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

01-06-2008, 09:29 PM
I'm glad you liked it, Schmoodle. Both the movie and fritatta!

Dustin and Tyler just left, now I'm getting ready to watch The Amazing Race.

01-06-2008, 09:34 PM
Hi everyone,

I know this is late late but hey when I try to fit all the stuff I was suppose to do the last to weeks into the last weekend!!:rolleyes: Had a real good weekend waaayy did not finish but that is ok. It sounds like everyone had a good day today.

Thin- We had NO rain today.:( I was looking forward to it. The rain WOULD OF kept me indoors.

Got my grocery shopping done and then went to have dinner send off for my nephew that will be going back to MN. tomorrow. He really enjoyed our weather.

Well got to get the kids to bed so I can get there earlier since 4 will come early tomorrow. Night all.